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March 22, 2024 52 mins

The Wizard brings you ghostly animal stories, and wait until you hear about abilitles the animals have!!

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Welcome to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM paranormal
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Joshua P.

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Yes, ready to will be amazed by the wizard of Weird.
This is a Strange Things Joshua Warren.

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I am Joshua B. Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the program. A wild
History of ghostly and spectral animals. I bet some of

you know what a kelpie is, But how about a
galley trot or have you heard of a spunky? Or
how about a Volharand surely you've heard of demon cats,
fairy dogs, black dogs, devil dogs, old Schuck, But have

you heard of the Horrible Horseman Herne the Hunter. Well,
if you don't know what those things are, or you
want to know more about them and a lot more,
well you are listening to the right show right now.
I can tell you that in two thousand and six

I published a book that I wanted to call Phantomals. Now,
those are just phantom animals. I created that term. The
publishers decided to call it pet ghosts because they thought
pet ghosts would be more marketable. I didn't like it,

but that's how it goes when you sell your work
to a publisher. And don't get me wrong, the book
does have lots of ghostly pet stories in it, but
it also has a lot more, I mean stories about
some of the weirdest creatures you can imagine, even dinosaur
ghosts and cryptids like Mothman. Well, a listener of this

podcast contacted me recently and asked me if I'd ever
done one of these shows about ghostly animals, and I
immediately wanted to say, well, yes, of course, I mean
I've talked about that sort of thing from time to time.
But I immediately said yes because I did episode twenty
seven of Strange Things, which was called The Talking Mongoose

and Amazing Animals, and then I did a part two
episode twenty eight called More Paranormal Animals. But you know what,
I went back and listened to those shows, and actually
I really wasn't talking mostly about ghostly and spectral animals,
one of my specialties. Instead, I was talking more about

incredible abilities that animals have that we humans don't have,
that seem almost paranormal, and so I realized, Wow, I
guess I do need to focus on this topic that
is so fascinating to me and to so many of you,
and so I hope you enjoy what I have in
store for you during this show. There is a chapter

in my book called a History of Spectral Animals, and
I'm going to kind of skip around and sort of
read through that chapter as a guideline, adding some spontaneous
commentary behitting the highlights some of these most fascinating creatures.
And it's really a gigantic story, the whole history of
spectral animals. So let's get started here we go. I

will point out that when it comes to phantomals, you
really have two different types. You have ghost animals, and
just like with people. A ghost animal could be an
entity or an imprint. So an entity is an animal
ghost that seems to be interactive and unpredictable and aware,
kind of like a disembodied spirit. And then you have

the imprint animal ghost, which seems like a recording in
the environment that just to replace itself from time to time.
But there's another main category, which I just call ghostly animals,
and they differ because it seems like that they do
not necessarily have to be the apparitions that appear apart

from some physical form that used to exist, like for example,
one of the categories of ghostly is what we call
an elemental. Okay, this is a ghostly animal that may
have never even occupied a physical body, like for example,
some of the hell hounds. They have these features like

glowing red eyes, and they're gigantic and they're vicious, and
they don't look like any physical dog that we've ever seen.
Another category of ghostly animals is what I call the
harbinger ghostly animals. Now, these may be physical animals in
our realm, but they carry with them spiritual energy. So

such creatures might have been specifically charged with paranormal energy,
such as a witch is familiar or a minion, or
a messenger of a magician's spell. Or it's possible that
some creatures are simply attracted to concentrated pools of energy,
either good or bad, due to some sensitivity we don't
yet understand. So it reminds me of like the Amityville horror,

where when the paranormal activity was heightened, all of a sudden,
flies would show up around there. And so these were
real physical flies, but the presence of these harbinger animals
can also indicate the presence of these more paranormal energy.
So it's unclear whether the creature brings the energy or
is just attracted to it, but there's a connection there.

And I had the misfortune of personally encountering what I
think were most likely harbingers. Now this was an early
the early two thousands, due to a personal and professional
falling out with an old friend. I felt that he
intentionally placed a curse on me. This man often practiced

magic and even introduced me to the reality of the subject,
and so it came as no great surprise when I
was struck by a long, rapid string of bad luck
one after the other. I suffered mechanical failures with cars
and a well pumped dying, electronic mishaps, financial difficulties, some

problems with other personal relationships, and as you know, without
delving deeply into magic, I believe that thoughts are as
solid and physical as bullets. In the long run, you
can really focus that. And I think this black magician
was apparently focusing some very nasty things in my direction.
And it all came to a head one day when

the Harbingers arrived. Now, at that time, I was living
in the rural Blue Ridge Mountains where I grew up,
and having stayed up late, I napped in bed on
a lazy Sunday afternoon. My girlfriend Lauren, who is now
my wife, rested beside me on the bed watching television,
and she listened to the tube via headphone so I

would not be disturbed. She laid on the bedside facing
the room's only doorway, with me on the opposite side.
At one point during my shallow slumber, I heard strange sounds,
like a crisp plastic being crinkled. It was finally so
distinct that I awoke, and I tugged on Lauren's sleeve,
and she slipped down the headphones and I asked her
if she'd heard any kind of a weird noise. She

was kind of nonchalance that she may have heard some
slight noise, but then she just replaced the headset and
returned her attention to the television. Now here's one of
the weirdest things about how this began. So here, I
am half asleep, satisfied with her response, and I rolled
back over to continue napping, and at that point something
extraordinary happened. It's the only time I recall anything like

this happening to me. A voice spoke to me, and
the voice said, very calmly, there is a snake over there.
The voice was unfamiliar, sort of androgynous. I opened my
heavy eyelids, leaned toward the side of the mattress, and

I was horrified to find a thick, black snake easily
six feet in length, only inches from my face. His
cold eyes stared directly into mine body length, pausing in
mid slither, heading straight toward me, and instantly I sprang forth, cursing,

amazed and dizzied by this sight. The sound of the
crinkling plastic was from his length passing over some thin
plastic bags on our floor. Like some grocery bags. We
had some stuff in well. For the next ten minutes,
this epic battle ensued. I wrestled with this snake. I mean,
at the moment our eyes locked, this struggle became clear

to us both and this thing, this serpent, hissed and
struck repeatedly, the musky stench of his reptilian fear oozing
in the air. And though such snakes are not venomous,
I understand their mouths are full of rotting bacteria, and
their strong teeth are so curved and sharp that, once
lodged deeply in flesh, the creature often cannot even pull

its own diseased mouth from the prey. So, trying to escape,
the snake would shoot under furniture, and I'd grab his tail,
whipping him back out, and his muscular arched forms striking
at me again, scales shining. Eventually, thanks to the help
of a long gripping mechanical device, you know, one of

these things you used to remove objects from high shelves,
I got a hold on his neck, dumped him in
a trash can, and hurriedly, trembling with adrenaline, I rushed
outside of this house. We were out in the middle
of the woods and I got rid of him, so
I was just sort of a nervous wreck. Can you
imagine waking up to them? So here I am. I

walked back into the house and wait till you hear
what I saw when I walked back in. That still
gives me shivers thinking about that experience. Oh my goodness,
so many stories you're going to hear in this particular
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Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren beaming into your
worm whole brain from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver.

Gia tacto zoo me. Upon my return to the house,
Lauren and I were a nervous wreck, especially because I
woke up to this drama. I went to the bathroom
on the opposite end of the house to wash the
snake's stench from my hands, and then I heard Lauren shriek,

Oh my god, there's another one, popping my head out
of the bathroom. I could not believe my eyes. As
a child, U I remember weathered old time mountaineers speaking
of snakes with a seasoned hatred, saying, if you bother
one another will come along to avenge it. But sure enough,

less than ten minutes, whether that's true or not, here
we go. A second black snake was slithering in from
the opposite end of the house. To this day, I'm
not sure how they gained access, but here I was.
For me, it was back to square one. Same kind
of struggle ensued, ended with the same result. I finally
got this snake outside, and you know what, h Having

personally handled them, I can assure you they were physical creatures,
And yet once the initial shock of the event wore off,
I was struck by many extraordinary qualities of the encounter.
I mean, for days after that, I just assumed that
it must have been Lauren's voice that told me a
snake was slithering toward me, even though it didn't sound
like her. I mean, she was the only person there,

so I just thought it was a warning from her
that would be natural. But she heard me recount my
experience to others, it was surprised and said that she
had not given any kind of warning like that. She
didn't know that the first serpent was there until I
sprang up after seeing it. So whose voice gave me

the warning? I do not know. Could that have been
an angel whispering in my ear? Why were there two snakes?
Why did the first one, perhaps having traveled through the
entire house, slither right past Lauren's side of the bed
and go straight for me. And to compound the complexity
of the situation and discussions reflecting on the event, it

was revealed that the physical position of the second snake,
in terms of its body's orientation to the room, appeared
different to each Lauren and me. So there are all
of these bizarre aspects to that encounter. And just so
you know, I utilized after this some ceremonious exercises to

deflect the curse back to its source, and things quickly
improved in my life. In fact, if you are like,
wait a second, Josh, what did you do? How did
you do that? Well, go back and listen to episode
eighty one of this podcast called Strange Things that has
called If You Are Cursed. You'll get all kinds of

recommendations on how to deflect the curse, Episode eighty one,
If You Were Cursed. So I was never plugged again
after this, and that's why you can see why I
felt like these may have been some kind of harbingers. Now,
one of the oldest and certainly paranormal documents is the

Holy Bible. Only a couple of pages into the book,
in Genesis three, a serpent acting as the instrument of
Satan is portrayed as completely altering the fate of mankind,
diabolically tempting Eve to eat forbidden fruit against God's wishes.
We all know how that story goes. What's even weirder, though,

is that in the description there, the story implies that
snakes once may have had legs or even wings, because
the story says God penalizes the creature by proclaiming, quote,
because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle,
and above every beast of the field. And upon thy

belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all
the days of thy life end quote. This is very
bizarre because it implies the serpent somehow, you know, participated
in the process of conducting the devil's wishes, hence the punishment.

Speaker 5 (18:51):

Speaker 2 (18:52):
There's a lot of perplexing stuff about snakes and serpents
in the Bible. Snakes are used again early in the
Bible for important roles. They kind of contradict the symbology
of Eve's encounter. In Exodus chapter seven, Moses confronts the
tyrannical Pharaoh, demanding freedom for the Israelites, and to demonstrate

his divine power, God instructs Moses to toss his staff
on the floor before the Pharaoh, transforming it into a serpent.
Now Moses does so, and the royal sorcerers duplicate the
feet with their rods. However, Moses is snake then devours
theirs and the creature turns back into a staff, so

as the story proceeds, the staff is used as the
symbol of God's power because Moses is told to incorporate
the instrument when triggering miraculous events like turning all of
Egypt's water into blood. So in this case, the serpent
is apparently worthy to represent God's will. And there are
all kinds of other miraculous things that Moses does with

his staph, the staff that can turn into a snake.
These kinds of situations with even Moses may be some
of the earliest scenarios differentiating an animal from a pet.
No sense in getting into all that. But regardless of

the creature's presence in this physical realm or some intangible
dimension and genesis, the serpent is cooperating with some entity Lucifer,
and in the Exodus story, the serpent is cooperating with God.
Very peculiar. There are other phantomals in the Bible, but
despite the Bible's overwhelming fame, many scholars consider the oldest

known manuscript to be the Epic of Gilgamesh. It's a
sweeping adventure in Babylonia based It's based on earlier Sumerian
legends and not only does it include a prominent ghostly encounter.
The entity is that of Incadou, a hairy manlike creature

similar to our modern concept of the sasquatch, and Incadou
is an animal because he was not identified as a human,
and yet this beast could speak, and we could sort
of think of him as a fantomal at very least
because he returned from the dead to visit with his
old friend, the great King Gilgamesh. Another really bizarre story

that's very old with this concept of the fantomal. But
the ancient culture applying the most extensive spirituality to animals
may have been the Egyptians. They believe the variety of
gods and goddesses occupy particular species or species hybrids. For example,
dog headed baboons represented Thoth, the god of writing, and

Consu the moon god. Crocodiles exemplified Amut, who punished evildoers.
But a sacred animal especially associated with the after life
was the cat. Whether wild or domesticated, they were called
meu or me which means he or she that muse.
Simple enough, thousands of cats were mummified to facilitate their

existence in an afterlife. In fact, the creature was so
sacred that, according to scientists at the Natural History Museum
in London, X rays reveal that many cat mummies had
their necks intentionally snapped to expedite journeys to the other side.
That's an unfortunate irony for a beast being considered sacred.

Though literature from the African Middle East is some of
the most popular and well recorded, less specific tales originate
from most parts of the world. Chinese astrology is famous
for its association between animals and spiritual characteristics. Creatures like dogs, rats, goats,
and monkeys are used to eximbity theoretical personality traits. The

only one used today that we are not familiar with
is the dragon. Does that give the dragon more credibility
being that it was grouped with animals that we know
to be real? You know, dragons respected in Asian culture
for thousands of years can clearly be called fantomals. They're

serpentine beast that can fly and breathe fire, often considered auspicious,
and even though it's so prominent in Asian culture as
even the Bible mentions the fire breathing dragon Leviathon in
Job forty one. It says, out of his mouth go
burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out out of
his nostrils, go with smoke as out of a seething

pot or cauldron. His breath kendleth coals, and a flame
goeth out of his mouth. He maketh the deep to
boil like a pot. He make it the sea like
a pot of ointment. In modern times, we know of
no animal that can breathe fire, certainly a phantomal characteristic.

Ancient Americans strongly based their culture on the appreciation for
animals mystical traits. They see animals as windows to the
great Spirit, each type offering different views, as exemplified with
totem poles. Totems are the spirits that manifest through animals,
such as power through the bear and planning via the squirrel.

Various aspects of life are facilitated by these invisible forces.
Perhaps one of the most chilling apparitions in ancient American
culture has been the wind to go, and this beast
blurs the line between humans and creatures. Windigoes are hairy
giants that were once normal living persons. However, these people

died at very least in a spiritual sense, after resorting
to cannibalism. Such a horrible practice transformed them into deformed,
bloodthirsty animals, similar to the European concept of humans becoming vampires.
And just as vampires can shape shift into other creatures
such as bats and wolves and owls, well, windy goes

can shape shift even back to their original human form.
We got to take a break when we come back.
Did you know that there was this belief in wind
to Go is so strong that it apparently inspired a
real serial killer. I'm Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening to

Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal podcast network, and I will be back after these
important messages.

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Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coasta M Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and this is the show where the unusual becomes usual,
supposedly when seen in true form a wind a go.

These shaggy monsters have glowing eyes, long yellow fans, and extended,
dripping tongues, and this spectral animals relationship to humans places
it in a special category, as is so often the
case in these ancient tales. In It's noteworthy then, even

even in modern time, belief in windigoes has been so
strong as to inspire serial murderers. Jack Fiddler, a Canadian
Cree Indian, claimed to have killed at least fourteen quote
windigoes in his life, and was tried in nineteen oh
seven for the murder of a woman in his tribe.

He and his son said she was in fact a Windigo,
but Fiddler was imprisoned for murder at the age of
eighty seven. Such instances reinforced the connection between ancient culture
and even present ideas regarding humans and animals. You know,

the Australian Aborigines revered animal spirits as much as other
ancient cultures, applying mystical meanings to creatures, especially those visiting
an dreams. The Yowi was a mysterious, hairy animal like
spirit that represented death. Its specific origin is unknown, but

in Tasmania a more familiar type of phantomal has been
reported near the Richmond Bridge. They're a hulking black dog
haunts and he appears at night when potentially vulnerable people
like petite women or small children intend to cross, and
escorts them over safely, and after the helpful k nine

wanders off, he just dissolves into the evening air. These
stories about black dogs are especially prominent in Europe, though,
and they are well recorded in the Middle Ages and
the Victorian era. So let's move up to that stage
of history, shall we. Of course? Understandably, in ancient or

specific kinds of animals are not always clearly identified, but
due to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in
fourteen fifty six, some of these stories from the Middle
Ages through Victorian times are some of the best early
documented accounts clarifying these creatures. As in the ancient Egyptian civilization,

cats played a prominent role in that era. The idea
of cats being associated with spiritual evil was greatly enhanced
by the publication of a book called the Malleus Malefikaram.
You've heard me talk about this before. That's called the
Hammer of Witches. It was published in fourteen eighty seven.

The authors were a couple of Dominican Catholic friars, and
they helped spearhead the witch hunting craze of the fifteenth
through the seventeenth century. This was the handbook see during
that time. Cells of this book were only exceeded by
the Bible, which the Bible says thou shalt not suffer

a witch to live, and up to millions of people
may have been tortured and killed due to the influence
of the Malleus Maleficarum as a handbook for finding these
witches during the Inquisition, and in this book, cats are
often directly described as possible tools of the devil. There's
this one story, for example, I'm going to read it

a section verbatim. A workman was one day chopping some
wood to burn in his house. A large cat suddenly
appeared and began to attack him, And when he was
driving it off, another even larger one came and attacked
him with the first more fiercely. And when he again
tried to drive them away, behold, three of them together

attacked him, jumping up at his face and biting and
scratching his legs in great fright, And as he said,
more panic stricken that he had ever been, he crossed
himself and even his work, fell upon the cats, which
were swarming over the wood, and again leaping at his
face and throat, And with difficulty he drove them away
by beating one on the head, another on the legs,

and another on the back. So that's a passage from
that book. But it goes on to say that after
the incident, the workman is suddenly arrested by town magistrates
and thrown into a dungeon, And days later a judge
accuses him of beating these three women respected women in

the town, and the astonished man says, well, I remember
that I struck some creatures at that time, but they
were not women. And then he goes on, and I
won't read all this to take me forever, but he
goes on to convince everybody that these he didn't beat
these women. These women had transformed into witches. Or actually

these witches, these women were witches who transformed into cats.
And it says in this handbook here they use the
phantasm of a cat, an animal, which is in the
scriptures an appropriate symbol of the perfidious. You know what
that means. Perfidious means tending to betray. And then it

goes on to say, just as a dog is the
symbol of preachers, for cats are always setting snares for
each other, and the order of preaching friars was represented
in its first founder by a dog barking against heresy.
So in this book when they said that cats are perfidious,

tending to betray, but dogs are, you know, they're helping out,
They're on the good side. That's where that like rivalry
between cats and dogs really began historically. And what you
find is that obviously all throughout European culture evident to
this day, there's this connection between traditional sorcerers and cats,

especially you know, black cats long fault to harbor bad luck. Unfortunately,
they're popular targets sometimes for Halloween tricks. And it's no
wonder that cats and dogs are not only our favorite
pets because they've gotten so much interesting attention and they're
so useful in so many ways, but also they're associated

with ghostly activity. But of the two, dogs are more
most often mentioned as apparitions. From this period to this day,
the most famous canine apparitions in Europe are those of
the United Kingdom, especially what they call the black Dogs.
That's a general term for shadowy canine like creatures often

accompanying doom. And the concept was especially popularized in the
Sherlock Holmes mystery The Hound of the Baskersvilles How to
the Baskervilles, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an author
who publicly upheld a lifelong interest in the paranormal. And

these creatures can fulfill a wide variety of purposes, from
revenge to protection to omens. In his nineteen thirteen book
called Animal Ghosts, author Elliott O'Donnell makes the following important statement.
He says quote. As to what class of spirits the
specter dog belongs, that is impossible to say. At the most,

we can only surmise, and I should think the chances
of its being the actual phantasm of some dead dog
or an elemental are about equal end quote. In other words,
we can't say for certain whether these phantomals are the
products of once living canines or originating from another realm altogether. Personally,

I suspect they are indeed elementals, because they're often larger
than usual dogs and exhibit behavior apparently driven by purposes
transcending mere survival instincts of a normal animal from our realm.
Some particular examples are the fairy dogs from the Highlands

of Scotland. These are large dogs with short tails and
long feet, and are actually a mossy green in color,
despite the popular moniker of black dogs, and these fairy
dogs appear to be guarding a cavern of some sort
on the Isle of Tyree and bark three times before

viciously attacking. Therefore, obviously no one can say what happens
past the third mark. The idea of these beings is
foreboding guards is a common theme also exhibited by the
galley trot. Gally trots are tall, eerie specters that appear
as hounds walking upright, sometimes with body parts seen human like.

They are most often seen around ancient European burial grounds
or sites of hidden treasure as is such, Whereas as
usual with these beings, a siding is considered a freakish
omen of death, so observers usually flee in terror, and
we therefore have little information about such beings. But they

are sometimes dressed in human clothes, they may even be
capable of speaking, and they are certainly different than any
ordinary creature on our physical planet. Well, my friends, I'm
going to pause right now because I believe we're going

to turn this into a two part podcast. We still
have some great stuff to go as we move through
the years. I'm about to get into hell hounds and
Spunkys and volharounds and Herne the Hunter. But I've got
one more segment left in the show, and so what
I want to do when we come back is I

want to read at least one or two emails I got.
I received an email from a man who is a listener,
and he's a police officer, and he had a pretty
he's an emotional experience just days ago that he thought
I should share with all of you. That gives some
insight into the way reality works. And so I'm going

to read that when we come back. But when I
do the next show, next episode, next week of Strange Things,
well it'll just be a History of Spectral Animals Part two.
I had a feeling that was going to happen because
the history of spectral animals is a big history. It's
a giant story to tell. So when we come back,

I'll read the listener emails. I'm Joshua pe Warren. You're
listening to range Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to
Coast SAM Paranormal Podcast Network, and I will be right back.

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Speaker 2 (40:27):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast am
Paranormal podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and I honestly I think this book that I published
in two thousand and six called Pet Ghosts Animal Encounter

is from the on the Grave. I think it's one
of my more interesting books. It's two hundred and thirty
pages long. You wouldn't believe how much content is in here.
If you go to AMMA and just search for Pat
Ghosts and Joshua P. Warren, you should be able to
find the book on Amazon today. But as I said,

next show, we will continue with the history of ghostly
and spectral animals. But I wanted to definitely get to
some listener emails. This comes to me from a man
who is a police officer and he's corresponded with me before,
so I know who he is, but he's active. He's

an active police officer, so he doesn't want his name
to be used here in this story. And I also
know where he lives, but I don't want to say
that either. He's in one of the northern states here
in the US, he writes. In our previous correspondence, I
mentioned that I have been involved in law enforcement for
over twenty years. A few years ago, I wanted to

go back to the village where I had begun my
part time career. Although I had left in good standing,
they decided they could not bring me back. At the time,
this was very disappointing, but there was nothing I could
do about it. In August of twenty twenty three, I
decided to go talk to the chief of a neighboring

village with a population of about eight hundred people, and
he gladly welcomed me and I started helping out immediately.

Speaker 4 (42:30):

Speaker 2 (42:30):
This past weekend, while on regular patrol, a young man
ran to my cruiser. His truck had just been stolen
from the local store and his two year old son
was in the back seat. I immediately gathered as much
info as I could and got all the adjacent agencies

involved looking for the vehicle. Shortly after this, I got
confirmation from an eye witness and we got a location
on his cell phone that was still in the truck. Well.
We immediately converged on the location that was five miles away,
but to our disappointment, the phone had been thrown out

of the truck. At this time, we spoke to the
eyewitness and got a description of the suspect, and then
a lady from town called in and said she needed
to speak with an officer and might have information for us.
Myself and a state trooper went to her house and
obtained a description of the man who was visiting her brother.

And her description matched that of the eyewitness, and now
we had a name. We started to head back to
the area where the phone had been tossed to look more.
On the way there, a camera twenty two miles away
got a hit on the license plate of the truck.
Myself and the state trooper proceeded to the location as
fast as we could. Five minutes away from our rife,

we received word that he gave the name of the
town police. Another town's police there had the child and
he was safe and the suspect was apprehended. I got
to the child and immediately called his mother, and the
two of them were able to face time and see
each other. He was checked out, and I very happily

drove him back to his parents. From the time his
dad approached me to the time I had the child
in my arms was exactly two hours and ten minutes.
Things always happen for reasons unknown to us. Had my
old apartment taken me back, I would not have been

where I was this weekend. Things may have turned out
the same. But I like to believe I was there
for the reason of being able to get information out
immediately and getting all the nearby law enforcement agencies involved
for a quick and happy ending. And he also points out,
I want to be clear, this was not all me.

It was one hundred plus officers from a dozen different
agencies all working together to make this happen. Everyone played
a role. Wow. I applaud you, sir, Thank you. I
can't imagine the horror of the parent or the parents
knowing that some scumbags stole the car, and the car

is not even what you care about. The most precious
thing is the child in the back. I mean, that's
just I'm so glad that had an amazing, happy ending.
And you know, I watch a lot of these true
crime shows, and I don't know how realistic some of
them are, but they seem like they're pretty accurate in
many cases, and seems like that most of the time,
if you're going to crack a case, the most valuable
thing you can have is some some witness who comes

forth and says says something you know that's even better
than a fingerprints or DNA or cameras. You know, So
if you see something you know, don't don't be afraid
to speak up. You know. One of the great things
about your message, sir, is that it gives me an
opportunity to say to people that when you're using manifestation
tools like a wishing machine, sometimes I warn people be

very careful not to wish things for other people, because
sometimes what seems like a bad thing that's happening to
a person is actually a good thing. So let's say
somebody gets sick. You know, we've we've heard these kinds
of stories like, Oh, I was going to go on
vacation to Orlando, but I got sick and I couldn't go,

and it sucked and then it turns out that the
airplane that I would have been on crashed and everybody died.
You hear these stories a lot, so sometimes bad things,
the things that seem bad, happened to you to actually
protect you in the long run. And it's I think
it's different wishing for yourself. You're the captain of your

own destiny. Do all you want to wish for yourself
and your visions of what you want out of life.
But when you start wishing for other people, you just
cannot know all of the circumstances. And there's a big
difference between you, you know yourself, I think therefore I am,
and you trying to understand what's going on in another
person's head or a life. So it's just one of

those stories that you have to keep in mind. If
you're going to start manifesting things, you never know what
the big picture is. You're not able to always see
the big picture. So thank you for that message. I
also received this message from Dawn and Wisconsin. She says,
good day, Joshua. She is so she bought an electrom ring,

and she said, I am so pleased with my ring.
So far, I've noticed interactions go more smoothly. I am
a massage therapist and for the last twenty seven years,
really can't wear rings. This past Saturday, after work, I
put it back on, and I noticed drivers were extremely

friendly and courteous on the road and at four way stops,
giving me the right of way when clearly it was
their turn. And during my work day I've been putting
the ring on a necklace to keep it close. Last
night I had to pick someone up afterwards. It was
after nine when I left. What should have been twenty

minutes ended up being over sixty minutes of driving around,
getting lost, being in some sketchy areas. The person's phone
was dead, so I couldn't call. At some point I
realized I forgot to put the ring on my finger,
and I regrouped, put on the ring, I connected to

the elements, put on the GPS, and decided to go home.
And that's when the pickup person managed to give me
a call and everything sorted itself out. And she says, anyway,
the purpose of me writing this is are you you're
going to have other electron products coming out, And she
goes on to inquire about that. She said, so far,

I've even had some luck with scratch off tickets. I
just like the energetic feel from wearing the ring. Thanks Don,
you know what, Thank you for sending that feedback. Don,
that's a very interesting question. You would not believe the
overwhelming positive feedback that I have received from people who

just absolutely love the electron ring. And so I am
talking to the artisan about the possibility of creating some
other electrom products. And as I mentioned not too long
ago on a podcast, I also am soon going to
be giving marching orders to everybody who owns an electron ring.

We are all going to work together to try to
manifest some really great stuff for the world. That's part
of the project. Getting an elect the electrom ring is
a stafe. And now we have all these people, hundreds
of people all over the place who have an electrom
ring that they got from Joshuapwarren dot com. And soon
I'm going to contact all of you and say you, yeah,

you're wearing an electron ring, but you are part of
a group, an elite group of manifestors that we call
the electroum Ring, and we're gonna work together and we're
gonna start making some amazing stuff happen. And so I'm
just really excited about that. So if you own an
electrom ring, stay tuned. I have some amazing stuff in
store soon that only you can participate in. All right, Well,

we've had a lot to think about as usual on
this edition of the show, So now it's time to
try to make your next week the best week ever.
Take a deep breath if you can close your eyes.
If not, that's perfectly fine, but I want you to
just meditate for twenty seconds on the original, the one
and only, the famous good Fortune tone. That's it for

this edition of the show. Follow me on Twitter at
Joshua P. Warren. Plus visit Joshuapwarren dot com to sign
up for my free e newsletter to receive a free
instant gift, and check out the cool stuff in the
Curiosity Shop all at Joshuapwarren dot com. I have a
fun one lined up for you next time, I promise,

So please tell all your friends to subscribe to this
show and to always remember the Golden rule. Thank you
for listening, Thank you for your interest and support, Thank
you for staying curious, and I will talk to you
again soon. You've been listening to strange things on the

iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 3 (52:28):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
till you hear the next one. Thank you for listening
to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
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