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March 29, 2024 52 mins

If you enjoyed last week's program, wait til you hear what The Wizard has for you in part 2!!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Welcome to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM paranormal
podcast network. Now get ready for us Strange Things with
Joshua P.

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Ready to be amazed by the wizard of Weird Strange
with Joshua Warren.

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I am Joshua PE Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news, exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the show. Part two
of a Wild History of Ghostly and Spectral Animals. On

the last show, I started reading some portions from this
book I published in two thousand and six called Pet
Ghosts Animal Encounters from the Beyond the Grave, and I
started telling you about the history of what I call phantomals.
These are animals that appear to be ghosts or ghostly

and I had a feeling as I began telling you
about this vast history that I might run out of
time because it's a huge story. Well sure enough I did,
and so now I'm going to pick up where I
left off last time, and of course I'll add some
commentary in there, and maybe even i'll tell you about

another personal experience that I had with a phantomal But
before I went through ancient times, and i'd made it
up to the Middle Ages and the Victorian period, so
let's start back there. Of course, the most chilling of
black dogs, and perhaps the most well known, are the

hell hounds or devil dogs. These massive black canines with
searing eyes of fire have been considered members of Satan's
hunting pack. They are always associated with negative events. In
many cases, it's not even important to actually view the beasts.
Simply hearing their blood curdling howls break in midnight's stillness

is enough to appreciate their impact. According to legend, such
beasts not only guard the Devil's most sacred secrets, but
aggress toward any party Lucifer targets for spiritual attack. In
some cases, the packs are even headless, and the most
outstanding have frequently been sighted near Cornwall, England, though the

earliest report of a black dog probably came from France
in eighty eight fifty six, a creature that briefly appeared
during an evening church service, eyes glowing when the room's
torches suddenly extinguished. The most outstanding early experiences were in
England August fifteen, seventy seven. Strangely enough, these encounters also

occurred during church services. The creature in France harmlessly appeared
and disappeared, and we have no clear understanding of its implications,
but the animal that interrupted a stormy Sunday morning service
in Bungay, England was certainly a hell hound. Without explanation,

the beast, physically described as a typical giant raven dog
with blazing eyes, appeared in an aisle of Saint Mary's
Church and violently sprung on a member of the congregation.
By the time the hysterical patrons realized what was happening,
at least three members of the church were dead, some

with throats and limbs torn away, some crushed by fallen
masonry due to the leaping beast's weight, and others scorched
and shriveled by the phantom's energy. The region's storm churned
with according to a pamphlet of the day, quote darkness, rain, hell,

thund under and lightning as was never seen the like.
Shortly thereafter, a black dog, perhaps the same one, interrupted
another church service at Blitheburg Church in Suffolk, only around
ten miles away. Mauling and murder continued there, and once

its bloodthirsty work was done, the powerful hound galloped out
a door, leaving deep black burn marks on the surrounding wood.
An old verse records the Bungay event all down the
church in midst of fire, the hellish monster flew, and
passing onward to the choir he many people slew. These

kinds of stories are particularly interesting. The incident at Bungay
made such a realistic impact that the hell hound was
incorporated into the town's coat of arms, and to this
day the supposed marks the burn marks, can be seen
at Blithebirg. The dog's purported ability to savagely kill and

having a weight heavy enough to destroy parts of the
Bungay building undeniably implies its solid existence and our physical realm. However,
the fact that severely burned humans and the wooden doorway,
plus the sheer scope and magnitude of its chaotic destruction
and mysterious origin, are not consistent with any known normal animal.

This curious combination of dare we say, natural and supernatural
qualities makes it extremely difficult to understand such a being,
regardless of whether or not such beasts spend most of
the time in some other realm non physical to us.
When they do assume a presence in our realm, they
are absolutely tangible and even augmented by physical powers. Misunderstood

by presence scientific views, they are certainly phantomals, and yet
phantimals are not exclusively non physical. On the contrary, they
seem to shift between the frequencies of our physical dimension
and others, fully interactive and participating in whatever realm they

occupy at any given time. Now, despite the documentation of
ghost dogs in Europe, such creatures have been seen around
the world. South Africans have long told of the vulherhand,
which is considered an omen of doom and is generally

described as a shaggy beast, usually seen from a distance,
only fully recognizable if the unfortunate observer gets within feet
of the apparition as opposed to classic black eyes that
may only have excuse me, opposed to the classic black
dogs that may only have glowing eyes. The Vulharan's entire

body is surrounded by devilish crimson light. Such an appearance
is more typical of traditional apparitions materializing in these luminous,
almost electrically enhanced forms. Though it is never surprising that
dogs and cats should be recognized in spectral literature, given

their long histories as pets, modern humans may be surprised
by how horses are prominently mentioned in that context as well.
After all, the presence of a horse is a novelty
for most in our era of automobiles and airplanes, but
in days past, even a person with no desire or

need for a dog or cat often relied on a
relationship with horses for transportation. It's therefore not surprising that
horse apparitions may be the most widely documented of all.
Of course, we must wonder whether this is due to
an increased presence of equine spirits or the simple fact
that such large creatures are easier to observe. This is

a question that frequently crops up in the discussion of
animal phantoms. Given the fleeting and the fleeing nature of
so many creatures, how can we be sure whether or
not an animal briefly observed is actually a normal physical
specimen or a ghost. Well, quite simply, we cannot. Horse

apparitions are frequently seen with ghostly human counterparts. The best
examples may be the headless horsemen. Tales of galloping pitch
black steeds mounted by furious, decapitated writers have lingered for
hundreds of years, especially found in some of the earliest

German and Scandinavian legends, as documented in the seventeen hundreds
by a folklorus named Carl Mussaus. Such specters are usually
the product of wars. A revered officer set on battle
who suddenly loses his head exists in a state of
delirious confusion. Energy of the tortured man, frustrated by his

inability to complete the fight, especially with adrenaline pumping, may
burn a hole between this dimension and the next. Headless
horsemen are unable to tell the difference between friend and foe,
and so attack anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths.
The strangest part is the very fact that they ride horses.

If a soldier is beheaded but the animal survives, why
should the creature be doomed to appear as a misty
slave of his master? If the horse is killed at
the same time that it makes sense. Otherwise we must
wonder if to be headed chooses from some stable of
phantasmal equines in the nether world, or if the soldier's

horse instantly transforms from a physical to non physical beast
by means of a process misunderstood by science. On the
other hand, in some cases, they might simply be imprints,
therefore negating the necessity for the horse death. Regardless of
the origin, these creatures carrying tormented human souls are certainly

impressive phantoms, and when we come back from this break,
I'll give you some rather chilling stories about these kinds
of phantoms, including one I bet you've never heard of
that comes from there where I grew up in western
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and you are listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio

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Hi, this is George Norrigan.

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Now let's get back to Strange Things with Joshua p.
Warren MM. Welcome back to range Things on the iHeartRadio

and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal podcast network. I am
your host, the Wizard of Weird, Joshua pe Warren, beaming
into your wormhole brain from my studio in Send City,
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surprises for you. Let's get back to these. Tales of
headless horsemen and the like. Headless horsemen of the United

States were popularized by Washington Irving's eighteen nineteen fictional short
story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and in the eighteen
sixty nine publication of a book called The Headless Horseman
by Captain Mayne Reid. Unlike irvings tell Captain Reid's book

is based on true accounts from Texas personally investigated by
the author, but among Native Americans, wraiths astride horses were
not an uncommon sight, even if the writers were not beheaded.
Perhaps the most dramatic example comes from Chimney Rock, North Carolina.

Chimney Rock is lush with Cherokee Indian legends. The most
outstanding is a terrible battle that sometimes rages in the sky.
At sunset, the horizon turns to whispy, bluish fog, and
from the seething clouds emerged two armies with hundreds of horses,
engaging head on in a desperate clash. This epic struggle

was observed by Whites as early as eighteen eleven. Being
tiny figures on the ground, Pioneers would gawk up at
the churning, purplish scene playing out in the heavens on
a vast awesome scale, and though there is no historical
basis for this original event, those who witness the rare

display are most impressed by the snorts and cries of
the distressed horses encompassed by rampant death and murder. Another
well known ghost horse and non headless writer duo is
Herne the Hunter. In England's Windsor Park, apparently around the

year fourteen hundred, a great forest keeper for King Richard
the Sis second was a rugged man named Herne. He
spent most of his time alone in the woods, concealed,
looking out for poachers and trespassers, with whom he dealt harshly.
With time, due to gradual loss of his youth and
outdoor skill, or fear of being disgraced by some perverse offense,

he hanged himself from an oak tree. Since then, the
Mighty Hunter's charging apparition highest ride of black steed, has
terrified hundreds of trespassers. The protective Herne is said to
wear a stag's skull on his head, its long twisting horns,

making the whole display beastly and surreal. In eighteen forty three,
author W. Harrison Ainsworth described the site in his novel
called Windsor Castle quote a wild spect object possessing a
slight resemblance to a human being clad in the skin

of a deer, in wearing on its head a sort
of helmet formed from the skull of a stag, from
which branched a large pair of antlers. It was surrounded
by a blue phosphoric light end quote. But this chilling
apparition was even recorded much earlier fifteen ninety nine by

none other than William Shakespeare in The Merry Wives of
Windsor quote. There as an old tail goes that Herne
the Hunter, sometimes a keeper here at Windsor Forest, doth
all the winter time, at still midnight walk round about
an oak with great ragged horns, And there he blasts

the tree and takes the cattle, and makes yield blood,
and shakes a chain in a most hideous and red
full manner. You have heard of such a spirit, And
well you know the superstitious, idle headed eld received and
did delivered to our age this tale of her and
the hunter for a truth. Well, I don't read Shakespeare

very often on this podcast, and I think you can
see why. It's easy to imagine horses on land being
utilized by humans, whether in this life or the next.
But amazingly, not all horselike shades or fantibles are restricted
to the dry earth. This is best exemplified by the

Scottish kelpie. These creatures are often called water devils and
are basically deceptive aquatic spirits that manifest as young, healthy
horses grazing about waterways. When someone inevitably tries to climb
on its back, the creature bolts for water, splashes like thunderclaps,

and intentionally drowns the human. At that point, the horse
may transform into a more evil humanoid form, having successfully
lured the person to doom. No one knows why kelpies
hate humans, though they have been seen for hundreds of years,
even described by author Stuart Grant an eighteen twenty three's

book called Popular Superstitions of the Highlanders of Scotland. Some
Scots believe that if a man is strong enough to
strap a bridle on a kelpie, the creature will submit
and be a valuable resource the rest of its life. However,
if the bridle is ever removed or somehow slips away,
the escaping kelpie will place a horrible curse on the

man who restrained it. Though cats, dogs, and horses have
been popular phantomals in history, it is of course impossible
to completely address the whole wide variety of animals documented.
Virtually every kind of creature has made a spectral appearance
in some culture. When it comes to variety of species,

I must at least mention the kirk grim. For hundreds
of years, especially in Europe and the Americas, it has
been customary to kill and bury an animal, or simply
bury one alive, at the site of a newly constructed
church or graveyard. The spirit of the sacrificed creature is
intended to guard the property against vandals and others with

disrespectful intentions. In some cases, even humans were murdered for
the task, and in that case the resultant wraith was
called an anku. An important to state may require multiple
animals to be sacrificed, and some of the most prominent
were lambs, pigs, cows, goats, and chickens. In eighteen ninety three,

author T. Thistleton Dyer wrote about these fanoms in his
book called ghost World, and he specifically common on lambs
and churches, saying they often resided in the building's tower.
If the lamb's vision is seen leaping about the grounds
when service is not in session, it is an omen
that a parishioner's child will soon die. Perhaps the most

difficult phantomals to put in perspective are those with wings,
which as familiars have often been owl's. Vampires have their bats,
and ancient Greeks and Egyptians revered the phoenix, a bird,
probably an eagle or a peacock, that would die every

few years in an inferno and then rise alive from
the ashes. It's virtually impossible to draw conclusions about winged
organisms because they are so fleeting and transient. The remote
exception is birds that appear by their own will at
or near the time of someone's death, such as crows, ravens, swans, owls,

or robins. In particular, if the same animal perpetually visits
the same family. It's generally easy to see such winged
creatures and draw subjective conclusions, but it is difficult to
study them from some stable, controlled perspective. Such is definitely
the case with insects. I mean, how would you know

of an insect at which you've been swatting is a ghost?
In fact, annoying insects do frequently vanish all of a sudden.
Might these be specters? There is really no reliable research
into this subject. Nonetheless, take a look at the European spunkies.
Spunkies are ghosts that supposedly materialize as small white moths.

Best known in Scotland. They are the spirits of unbaptized
children who met with untimely deaths. These lost entities aimlessly
until judgment day, sometimes filling the innocent role of helping
newly deceased human spirits transition, and sometimes leading ships off
course to disaster. Ves sol lights shining on a cloud

of spunkies can reflect and appear like a beacon light.
Such a confusing sight makes some ships steer into craggy,
treacherous rocks. But whether or not this is an invertent
or the spunkies inten to harbinger such doom is unknown. Clearly,

the idea of exploring subtle insect ghosts presses into the
extreme fringe of paranormal research. When we come back from
this break, I have just a few more sentences for
you that I'm going to read, and then I'm going
to tell you about a personal encounter that I had

twelve years ago with what I believe was a phantom.
And there's I You know, I say this a lot
when I tell a story that if I just gave
you the experience as it happened, as I witnessed it.
That would be wild enough, but turns out there's actually

a twist to this as well. And then and then later,
I've got a wild email that I want to read
to you as well. It's just a wild, wild show,
but somebody's going to bring you this type of material.
I'm Joshua P. Warren. You're listening to Strange Things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal podcast Network,
and I will be back after these important messages.

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Speaker 1 (27:16):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast a paranormal podcast network. I'm your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and this is the show where the unusual becomes usual.
All right, here's just a few more sentences I'll read
to you sort of summarize this section of my book.

When addressing these phantomals from the past, we are greatly
limited by mankind's infantile understanding of ghostly activity, not to
mention difficulty in clarifying exactly what was observed. Even now
with our superior technology, the nature of phantoms is deeply mysterious. Nonetheless,

phantomals are experienced now as much as ever. Okay, that's
all I wanted to read to you from this book
that I published in two thousand and six. If you're
interested in reading the whole book, I think you'll love it.
It's got all kinds of interesting pictures of animal ghosts
and that sort of thing. Just go to Amazon and

search for pet ghosts and my name Joshua pe Warren,
and you should find the book amazon dot com search
for a Pet Ghost and Joshua pe Warren. It's a
nice about two hundred and fifty page book. And you know,
I want to tell you here that this is not

in the book, but this is a story that certainly
fits the topic. A few years ago, I was asked
to be an expert on a TV show called Demon
in the White House, and this was on the Discovery Channel,
and I am considered by some an authority on supernatural

phenomena at the White House. In fact, if you've been
to my YouTube channel, you may have seen a video
report that I did some years ago about what I
believe maybe the ghost of Abraham Lincoln caught on film
back around nineteen fifty.

Speaker 4 (29:26):

Speaker 1 (29:26):
But if you want to know more about all that
sort of thing, I actually did a podcast. Let's see.
It was episode forty eight of this show called Strange Things,
Episode forty eight. The show was titled white House Ghosts
that Will Surprise You. And if you go back and
listen to that, you can hear me tell all kinds
of crazy stories about the White House. But one of

the stories that I tell in there is about the
demon cat of the White House. And this is a
tale that goes all the way back to the eighteen hundreds.
A p in the basement of the White House. There
is this black cat with kind of fiery eyes that
appears most often around this framework that was used to

hold the coffin or the casket of Abraham Lincoln when
he was on display, you know, his corpse was on
display there. And this cat, it just he's so creepy
because there are people like guards who have claimed that
when they've seen this cat that sometimes the cat just
immediately enlarges it to the size of a panther and

tries to attack them. It's the scariest thing you've ever seen.
And this cat only appears just before tragic things have
happened throughout history. So it appeared right before Lincoln was assassinated,
It appeared before the stock market crashed, It appeared before
the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima, uh and Nagasaki, it

appeared before JFK was assassinated. That kind of thing an
ominous harbinger and a guardian of something there. And in fact,
this is especially interesting if you go to the official
website of the White House Historical association, which is white
Househistory dot Org. They actually have a whole article I'm
looking at it right now called Demoncat the telle of

a wanderlust feline ghost. I'll read you this just the
beginning of this. It's by Colleen Shogen. The Demoncat apparition
is one of the best known ghost stories in Washington,
d C. It refers to an oversized, menacing cat that
appears sporadically in prominent federal government buildings. According to the legend,
the Demoncat conspires to frighten unsuspecting people. Other times, the

Demoncat's appearance has been considered a prophecy of impending disaster
or tragedy, and the Demon Cat is also sometimes known
simply as DC. According to an eighteen ninety eight article
in The Washington Post, the Demon Cat appears as a
regular sized house cat initially, but then can quickly expand

to quote the size of an elephant before the eyes
of a terrified observer end quote. The first recorded appearance
of the Demon Cat was in the United States Capitol
in eighteen sixty two. During the Civil War, the US
Capitol's basement was used as a bakery to feed soldiers,
and the Demon Cat appeared there several times, a guard

reportedly fired a gun at the cat and it disappeared.
Since its initial manifestation, the demon cat most frequently shows
up in the basement of the Capitol Building. The cat
is sometimes described as a tabby, although others who have
claimed to have seen it believe it as black. But
of course it appears a lot in the White House
as well. So go to White househistory dot org, or

you can just search for the Demon Cat of DC
if you're interested in that. But I felt I needed
to mention that while we're on this subject. But you know,
here's what I want to say about about this book
and this history that I've given you. You know, in
this book, for example, I mean, I tell the story

of this woman who owned a house, she had a
farm in South Carolina with all kinds of fantomal activity,
including pictures of what may very well be the ghost
of dinosaurs. You get to see these in the book.
So when you talk about phantomals, I mean, and this
is a place that I went to and I personally investigated.

We're not talking about stories that go back only hundreds
or thousands of years ago. Phantomal reports are still happening.
And I believe personally that even creatures like Mothman and
Bigfoot may be considered fantimals because both of them have
animal like qualities. Mothmen is a given. Yes, they say,

you know, it's it's like a man, hence the word
man being that it's upright and all that. But people
either say it looks like an awl or a moth,
so there is that animal element. And the same thing
with Bigfoot. Bigfoot may kind of look like a human,
but he also looks kind of like an ape or
some kind of big, you know, hairy creature along those lines.
So that's why I think that even those things can

be accurately studied as phantomals. But let me just tell
you about this personal experience that I had. I have
been working in radio and now podcasting for a long
long time, and back in the day for many years,
I created and hosted this live radio show in Asheville,

North Carolina, my hometown, and it was called Speaking of Strange. Yes,
this word strange has been with me a long time,
and speaking of strange. It was broadcast out of News
Radio five seventy and see the Talk of the Mountains
and the show had come on Saturday night. Since it

was live, it would come at usually it would come
on to like maybe nine o'clock and it would end
about midnight. I think that we had to vary a
little bit from time to time, but that's usually what
it was like. It come on like nine o'clock. I think.
So frequently when the show was over late on a
Saturday night, we would have, you know, an hour or

two to go out afterward with some of the staff
there with the show and go to a bar and
have a drink, you know, have a nice Saturday night drink.
Because the bar is in Asheville close at two am.
So that was pretty common for me to go out
after the show. And sometimes, you know, I'd just go

with one person. Sometimes I'd have a whole group of people.
It just depends. Well, I believe this incident I'm about
to tell you about happened on September the first of
twenty twelve. And I'll tell you in a minute. How
why I think I know the date? Twelve years ago? Okay,
So I had finished the show, and that particular night,

the only person who wanted to join me for a
drink at a local bar was investigator Shelley Wright, who
was a sponsor of the show, and she frequently set
in and provided all kinds of great talent and commentary,
and so she was an on air personality. And so

she said that she would follow me to this bar
from the radio station. I'll just tell you the name
of the bar. I guess it's still called this. It's
called the Bywater. And it was down by the river,
you know, in kind of the River Arts district there
around the French Broad River. And so we went on

back roads and so I left the station. Here it is,
you know, probably like twelve fifteen, you know, a little
after midnight, and it was a desolate Saturday. I don't
know why, you know, it was cold, but there was.
I don't remember passing any other cars. And so as
I'm driving ahead of her, and my car is going

parallel to the river, I was coming up on this
bridge that goes over the French Broad. And right as
I almost got to the bridge, I was shocked. I
slammed on my brakes because suddenly, standing in the middle
of the road was this creature the likes of which

I had never seen before. I can only describe it
as looking like Okay, you know what a Boston Terrier
dog looks like. If not look it up. It looked
like a big black Boston Terrier type dog, except the

side of a black bear. It had this face that
looked like a bat with these little sharp ears, and
it had these eyes that glowed and best I remember,
they were really really bright white and then they glinted red.
It was the strangest thing, and I mean, I was

just shocked. It looked demonic. I mean, I'm talking like
some of the size of a black bear. And now
minds you. They say like a Boston Terrier, and I'm
using that just as a reference. You know, an average
Boston Terrier might be nine inches of foot tall on
all fours. Black bears could be you know, three feet
or more on all fours. This is something huge. This

is not a normal dog, huge muscular, bulky thing. I
jumped out of my car. When we come back, I'm
gonna tell you what happened, and then I'm gonna see
if we have time to read you an email. I'm
joshu wa Pee Warren. You're listening to strange things on
the Eye Heart Radio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal
podcast Network and I will be right back. Don't go anywhere.

There's more Strange Things comed right up.

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Speaker 1 (39:54):
Hey everyone, it's producer Tom of Coast to Coast AM
and more of the Wizard of Weird starts right now.

Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and being born and raised in the Blue Riche Mountains
of western North Carolina, I have been around black bears

my whole life. Yes, I've seen lots of black bears.
I even spent years camping on a black bear reserve
around Brown Mountain, and on two occasions I've even unexpectedly
walked up on black bears in the wild just you know,

it was just one time it was just myself. Another
time it was me and another guy on a trail
and you know, in the thick wilderness, and one of
those things that was talking about terrifying, where you're standing
there and you're looking at the bear, the bears looking
at you, and you don't know what's going to happen. Fortunately,
in both cases of the bear ran away. But I've
seen bears. What I saw that night standing there in

the middle of that road was not a black bear.
It was at least as big as one. But once again,
it looked like this hulking black creature on all fours.
I don't remember seeing any kind of a tail or
anything like that, with this big, giant, ugly, scary bat
like face that I can roughly relate to something like

a Boston Terrier in terms of shape, glowing. And I
know that the average person would not jump out of
the car, but I'm not the average person, and I
just knew I had to try to get a picture
of it. So I'm scrambling for my phone. I opened
my door. In the meantime, I've stopped in the middle
of the road. Shelley's behind me. She stopped wondering what

the heck is going on. So I jumped out of
the car and I'm motioning back to her for her
to get out of the car. And as soon as
I got out, this thing it tore off. And there
there was an embankment there with a bunch of vegetation,
and it just tore off into that vegetation down toward
the river. And again, this is right next to a

big bridge that takes you across over to the bywater
for those of you who know the area. So I
took out my cell phone. I was not able to
get an image of it, but I waited there for
a while and Shelley's like, what's going on? Is everything okay?
And I said, yeah, there's some kind of creature up
here on the road. So we waited there for a
while and it never re emerged. It was so freaky
it gave me goosebumps. So at that point we just

went onto the bar and she never got to see it.
But I was describing to her what I had seen
and how I would have given anything to have had
a dash cam back than those days. But again, this
is like twenty twelve. I guess they were around, but
I didn't have one. So as We're sitting there at
the bar and I'm talking over and over again about

like how freaky this was and how weird this thing looked,
only then, and this is the twist ending, only then
did I realize that. Earlier in that night on the show,
my primary guest was my buddy Nick Redfern, who had

come on to talk about black dogs, devil dogs, demon dogs,
hell hounds, and similar creatures, and he had said that
they are often seen around bridges and therefore waterways. There's
some connection between these creatures and these bridges, and without

getting into to why that may be, you know, you're
talking about water is flowing, and there's a lot of
electromagnetic electrostatic energy that's flowing, and bridges are sort of
you know, crisscrossing that in some way, and there's a
lot of strange energy patterns around waterways that we are
not familiar with. And when I I can't believe it

took me, you know, like thirty minutes for this to
occur to me, like, holy crap, we were talking about
this on the show tonight and boom this happened. I
don't know if I just manifested it subconsciously, or you know,
just by talking about it I somehow attracted that experience,
or if that was just God placing some bit of

evidence in front of me to show me that this
topic is real or there's something to it. But I,
to me, I mean that was a I consider that
a phantomal experience, even though this creature looked absolutely physical
and tangible to me other than perhaps its bright, shiny

glowing eyes, which you know, it's always hard to judge
that because you know how animal eyes are at night
and headlights, But that experience that really stands out. So
I've had a number of these kinds of encounters that
I would consider phantomal or possible phantomal encounters throughout my life.

And I told you in both cases they were even
though I call them fantomals, they were physical to a
certain extent. When I was fighting those snakes I told
you about in the last podcast, those were physical snakes.
I had my hands on them. That doesn't mean they
still can't be phantomals, and the same thing with this
thing that was crossing the road. So anyway, look, I

hope that you've learned something the course of the last
show part one and now this show part two about
my concept of the phantomal and about how many weird
variations of this exist all throughout history, going back to
ancient times. It's just a part of life, and you
may have witnessed them even when you didn't know that

you were witnessing them, And I find that fascinating. And
it's another example of just how incredible the wealthy. I
would call it the animal Kingdom is, but it's really
the kingdom of life and living creatures. But this is
one I don't think i'd thought about before. I want

to read you an email that just came into me
days ago from a woman named Emily, and she says, Hi, Joshua,
I'm up too late with random questions. She says, my
husband and I are going to take our girls and
their ages ten eleven and almost four to Phoenix, Arizona,

to the Great Wolf Lodge Adventure, along with some other
cool explorations. And I was searching for things to do
in that area and came across some articles and links
about UAPs and tours and whatnot that take you out
to a spot at night to observe all the activity

in the airspace, and she says, I had a random wondering,
are these craft ghosts of alien intelligence? I'm thinking of
orbs and balls of light. They often accompany hauntings, right,
She says, I just watched the newest expedition ex investigation

of Mackinaw Island in Michigan, where we were originally from,
and they documented a speeding ball of light that disappeared offshore.
She says, if UAPs are ghosts of alien intelligence, objects
can deceased a I manifest as a ghost? That is

a whole separate wondering. Now I'm going to repeat what
she just said here. Okay, she said can deceased a
I manifest as a ghost. She continues, it might explain
quite a bit of the defiance of physics that is
observed and sometimes intelligent slash interactive nature versus disconnected slash

automatic behavior observed. I am thinking AI because perhaps organic
aliens would be terrestrial and ghost of repetitive nature tend
to follow the same tracks as in life. From what
I've read and listen to blah blah blah. She goes,
So aerial alien ghosts might then theoretically be AI, she said.

She goes on to say, I tried searching keywords on
the topic and my question, but nothing came up. Ghosts
and UFOs slash UAPs seem to always be in separate discussions.
Have you come across researcher had a similar discussion with
any folks? More questions that keep me up at night.
Hope all is well with you and yours, And that's
from Emily. You know what, Emily, this is very interesting.

This kind of thing takes us into that basic question
of what is life? You know, I was just talking
about the Kingdom of living beings and now you got
to throw away this curupball because now I'm thinking of
like you know, R two, D two and C three
po from Star Wars. They probably believed that they were

alive and had a soul of some kind. They probably
believe that, and how do we know that they don't
when they reached that point? At what point is do
we even humans create something that is intelligent enough that
it almost becomes an antenna and takes on a soul?
I don't know the answer to that, but I think

that it's a good question to ask because you're right, Emily.
A lot of these times I see I see behavior
among these craft that seems part machine and part organic.
It blurs the line. It's like a little flying saucer

guys from Batteries not included from that movie. I think
that you're onto something here. It makes sense to us,
but we're still not quite there yet because it's too
advanced for us to understand at what point manufactured AI
is going to actually start taking on the personality that

we associate with having a soul man. Thank you for
that message. That's good stuff. Think about that, everybody, and
now think about something positive. Take a deep breath if
you can't, close your eyes, and listen to the good
fortune to That's it for this edition of the show.

Follow me on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren. Plus visit
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you next time. I promise so please tell all your

friends to subscribe to this show and to always remember
the Golden Rule. Thank you for listening, thank you for
your interest and support. Thank you for staying curious, and
I will talk to you again soon. You've been listening
to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast

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Speaker 3 (52:27):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
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