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April 5, 2024 52 mins

Enjoy the Wizard's details of his amazing trip…and meet Alan!! 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Welcome to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM paranormal
podcast network. Now get ready for us Strange Things with
Joshua P. Warre.

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Welcome to our podcast. Please be aware the thoughts and
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Speaker 1 (00:54):
Ready to be amazed by the Wizard of Weird. Strange
Thing is Women's Joshua Warren. I am Joshua B. Warren,
and each week on this show, I'll be bringing you
brand new mind blowing content, news, exercises, and weird experiments

you can do at home, and a lot more on
this edition of the show, Visiting Spirit Mountain and High
Speed u f O's Boy. I got a surprise out
of this. I told you recently that I was planning

to visit a sacred location that I've been wanting to
visit for a long time. As a matter of fact,
about two years. That's how busy I am, It's taken
me this long to finally get this trip put together,
and it was just a day trip. Have you ever
heard of Spirit Mountain, Nevada? Well, I had not heard

of it until about two years ago. I own the
Haunted Boulder City Ghost and UFO Tour, which is a
walking tour, and Boulder City is a beautiful, quaint, charming
little town about thirty minutes away from Las Vegas, and
one of the guides for the tour is a man

named Alan Goya. We call him Alan Zoltar Goya because
he likes to dress up as Zoltar the Fortune Teller
when he gives his tours. That's because in little old
Boulder City they make all of those Zoltar machines that
you see anywhere you are in the world. There are
all kinds of interesting things about Boulder City. But Alan

has lived in Boulder City for decades and he knows
a lot about the history of the area. And at
one point we were walking around he was telling me
stories and he said, well, you know about Spirit Mountain, right,
And I said, no, what's that? And he goes, oh, yeah,
He says, if you drive, you know about an hour
and a half south of here, there is this Grand Mountain,

and he said, all of the Native Americans around here
say that it is basically a portal, and this is
the place from which all life emerged. However long ago.
That was thousands and thousands, some would say millions of
years ago, who knows, But however, long ago, all life

emerged from this one spot. It is the most sacred
spot in the universe to them, and that we presume
that is where the spirit will go when you die,
it will return. This is the Grand Portal Spirit Mountain.
I was entranced. I said, oh my gosh, this is amazing.
I can't believe that I had never heard of this,

you know, And I was like, we have got to
plan a visit. And then, well you have to realize
when you start traveling around Nevada. I mean, once you
get out of these towns, you know, like Vegas or
a little town like Boulder City or what Arena, most
of this is treacherous, deadly land. It's just it's rugged desert.

I mean, we are practically right next to Death Valley here,
and you often do not have a cell phone signal,
and you really need a reliable vehicle, and you need
a lot of resources in case you break down somewhere,
or you know, something disastrous happens. You don't just haphazardly
jump into a car and take a casual road trip

out into the desert. So we started planning that I
would rent a large suv and that Lauren and I
would go with him and Nick Weird, who also guides
the tour, and our friend Jason Sarachi, who of course
does the Vegas UFO skywatches, and so we were all

just going to make time to get together, get in
this suv and go down, drive down, and explore this
mountain best we could. And before I tell you what
happened when we did this, let me tell you a
little bit more about Spirit Mountain. Okay. Now, if you
just go and you look at say a regular basic

article that gives you the stats, like a Wikipedia article.
Here it says Spirit Mountain, Nevada, also known as Avi
qua Ame, which basically just means highest Mountain, is a
mountain within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area near Laughlin, Nevada.
It is listed on the United States Register of Historic

Places as a sacred place to Native American tribes in
southern Nevada. Spirit Mountain is the highest point in the
Spirit Mountain Wilderness and is the highest point in the
Newberry Mountains, with the summit peak of five thousand, six
hundred and thirty nine feet, which is one thousand, seven
hundred and nineteen meters. Furthermore, it says environmentalists have sought

designation of a significant area, and they basically are saying
that everybody for years wanted this to be considered a
national monument so it would be protected because there were
miners who were wanting to go in, believe it or not,
and start invading this area, and so there was a
big battle to keep this protected and finally it was

established as a national monument just last year on March
twenty first of twenty twenty three. And it's so this
is historic, federally protected land now, and that's wonderful. There's
really nothing there though. I mean, honestly, this is just

you go down a long dirt road for a long
time and then finally you're at the base of this
huge mountain. But I'll get to the experience of being
next to Spirit Mountain in a minute, but to really
make sure that I sort of had the fuller context
of what the real story was here. I wanted to
dig into some authentic Native American literature, and I didn't

find a lot of in depth stuff just by doing
internet searches. So I knew that I had to take
this much more seriously than that. So I started contacting
people with various tribes. And by the way, it says
here that Spirit Mountain is the center of creation for

all human speaking tribes. Human is spelled why U M
a n human speaking tribes, So if you don't know
what that means, it says here Yuma is the native
language of the people of south eastern California and southwestern
Arizona in the lower Colorado River Valley and Sonoran Desert.

And so we're talking about a number of tribes here
that all spoke this language, the human language, and that's
what sort of united them. So I started contacting people
with tribes, and I finally, I think I contacted the
library at one of the Mojave areas there, and I

guess this was probably I can't remember. I contacted a
lot of people, but I contacted one of the official
tribal libraries, I believe it was the Mahave, and I
talked to a libraryan on the phone and I told her,
I said, I really want to know what I need
to do to truly understand the history and the legacy
of this sacred place. And she said, well, there is
a book. She says, it's hard to find. She said,

it's called Spirit Mountain Anthology of Human Story and Song,
published in nineteen eighty four by a small press. She
said that is the one I would recommend. So she
was right. I started looking around and it was hard
to find this book. I finally did locate it somewhere
on the internet, and I paid a lot of money,

but it was worth it. And when this book arrived,
I have it in my hands right now. It's a
large book and it's laid out horizontally, so it shaped
like a rectangle, you know, but it's horizontal, and it's
like three hundred and fifty pages, big, thick, floppy book
and Spirit Mounted and Anthology of Human Story and Song.

It was published in nineteen eighty four and it was
published by Sun Tracks and the University of Arizona Press
in Tucson, Arizona. So you can see what was kind
of hard to find. This is, you know, university publication,
and this was put together by Leanne Hinton, Leanne Hinton

and Lucille J. Wataham, and it was put together in
a very interesting way. First off, let me just say
when I got this book and I opened it up,
the first thing that surprised me is that on the
title page both of these ladies who put this book
together had inscribed this book and signed it. And one

of the inscriptions says, it looks like they're writing to
somebody named a Nie, and it says, it's been a
joy having you in the classroom, blah blah blah, keep
up the good work. So I actually have a signed
copy of this, signed by both of the editors. It's amazing.
And when you start looking through this, it's laid out
in a really interesting way, and some of the stories

in here caught my attention. What they did was they
talked to all of these elders from all of these
different tribes and they got them to tell stories that
had been passed down through oral tradition. And when you
and they have pictures of some of these elders, and
when you look through each chapter, on the left side
it has it written in the native language, and on

the right side it's written in English, So how authentic
is that? And when we come back from our break,
I'm going to tell you what this book says about
the real story behind Spirit Mountain, and then something that
really struck me as especially unique, and then I'm just
going to tell you about what happened when we went there,
and I had no idea that my trip there would

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Don't go anywhere. There's more strays things coming right up.

Speaker 1 (13:07):
H Hey the Coast to Coast channel to Coast to
Coast AAM dot com for more information. Hi, this is
George Norrigan. You're listening to the new iHeartRadio on Coast
to Coast DAM Paranormal Podcast Network. Now let's get back
to Strange Things with Joshua P. Warren mm HM. Welcome

back to Strange Things on the iHeart Radio and Coast
to Coast AM Peradormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren, beaming into your
wormhole brain from my studio and send City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver

agiatatos zume, And I just should say right up front,
now you have to forgive me if I mispronounce some
of these Native American names and terms. I'm certainly not
an expert in that arena. I'm just a guy with

a microphone doing my best here. In this book called
Spirit Mountain and Anthology of Human Story and Song, the
editors start out here with an introduction, and I think
that this summarizes it quite well. This one paragraph from
the introduction Spirit Mountain represents the beginning. It rises from

the desert floor at the Colorado River near what is
now Davis Dam, capped by white granite bluffs dwarfing other
landmarks at its base. Inhabitants long since gone have left
behind a rich legacy of petroglyphs as an account of
human origins. Versions of the name Wikame the Highest Mountain

Range are known to exist in Hulapai, Havasupai, Mahave, Dirueno, Maracoppa,
and Paipai. It is known as a sacred place to
all the tribes. Human oral tradition names Spirit Mountain as

the source of human emergence from the Earth. Narratives describe
the original unity of the human peoples, as well as
the events which led to their dispersion over the land
from Spirit Mountain. So there you go. That's coming from
this official book here, written by people who know more

than anybody about Spirit Mountain. It represents the beginning, the
source of human emergence from the earth. Powerful words, and
you know what they mentioned here. It rises near from
the desert floor at the Colorado River, near what is

now Davis Dam. You've heard me tell the story about
many years ago the first time I used third generation
night vision goggles and how that I went out in
the field not too far from Laughlin one evening about
nine to nine thirty pm with Dean Warsing, and we
saw this huge V shaped UFO that flew over our heads. Okay,

that was the first first major UFO I ever saw.
In fact, I would say that's still the biggest UFO
siding I've ever had. That was off of Davis Dam Road.
So that already is a clue that this area you know,
around Davis Dam is an active area for UFO and

UAP type sightings. And if you've never gone out into
the field with an expert and viewed the sky with
third generation and a bunch of other great tools. If
you're in the ever in the Vegas area, go to
Vegas UFOs dot com Vegas UFOs dot com and Jason
Sarachi might be willing to take you out and show

you something that will just blow your mind. Now I
want to read one more portion here. This is a story. Actually,
this is the This is the first story that they
go to that comes from an elder and his to
have a picture of him there. This is nineteen eighty four,

so he looks like he's already you know, a pretty
darn old man says, his name is Paul Tulahy, and
here is what he passed along from oral tradition. And
as I mentioned, on the left side we have the
Native American language. On the right side is English. Says

here water water, it rained and rained, it rained and rained,
flooding the whole earth. There were people who roam this land,
people making their living on this land. When the water
covered them, all killed all the people, raining day and
night during the flood period. All those people were destroyed,

so it said. And then it goes on to say, however,
that there was one man at least who survived says
that one man was getting old and he lived in
this house there toward Davis Dam, the mountain they call
a Kami Spirit mountain, and it says when water covered everything,

very lonesome he really was. But there he remained there,
at the very place he lived, and there he was,
he remained there. One evening he was gazing toward the
east and he saw something descending, small and dark. What
on earth is coming? And then there it was. It arrived.
It was a dove that came. And the dove starts

speaking to him and says that he has been sent
by the Creator. And the dove instructs the old man
to go onto the mountain and find a sheep's horn,
and then to go to a certain spot and dig
a big hole in the ground with the horn to
drain out all the water. And that's what the old
man did, and that's how he restored life to the land.

And I thought, how interesting is that, Because you know,
this story of a great flood appears in almost every
major culture all around the world. It seems undeniable that
something like a singular great flood happened thousands of years ago.
And what I found even more interesting was that in

the biblical version of this, when Noah's on his arc,
he's sending out of all creatures, a dove to see
if there's dry land out there, and this dove is
helping him define dry land. And so I don't know
which came first, if this story came first, or if

the one in the Bible, or if one inspired the other,
but I just thought that was really interesting that we
have two completely separate cultures in different parts of the
world and they both talk about this flood thing involving
a guy and a dove and all that. So fascinating
book if you ever get your hands on a copy
of it, so you can see how you excited I was,
why I was eager to go to this place, why

I felt drawn there. And when it comes to petroglyfts, now,
a petroglyft is an image created on a rock by
removing part of the surface, picking, carving, a braiding it somehow.

Outside of North America, scholars sometimes just call it rock
carving or engraving. But you know, these are very special things.
And in fact, you know my land up near Rachel, Nevada.
Actually my land is in Rachel, Nevada. It is near
several sites where you find this one petriglyft that is
only found in that part of the world, paranagat Man,

and paranagat Man looks a lot like some type of
a man in a spacesuit, only found in that sort
of region around area fifty one. And as I was
doing research to go to Spirit Mountain, I got on
YouTube and I found this video that was posted six

years ago and the tidle of the video is alien
petroglyphs three fingered aliens Navada Spirit Mountain. I was like, what,
so this would have been about twenty eighteen, And I
watched this video and these guys go out at night
and by the way, they're apparently snakes everywhere, But these
guys go out at night and they hike up this

trail and they found some of these petrick lifts. And
a lot of times the location of petrick lifts are
kept secret because there are people who will go and
deface them. It's sad but true. And I'm looking at
one of these petrick lifts that these guys showed the video,
and my gosh, it just looks like the head of
some kind of a gray alien, a big, huge oval
head with the big eyes and little mouth. I mean

it really, it really does. And then they have another
one which they call the three fingered alien, but it, honestly,
to me, it looks like it might just be kind
of like a lizard or something with three toes on
each foot. So I think that might be a stretch
to call that an alien, but I was more impressed
with the face. So anyway, I'm just giving you more

information about how special this whole area is and it's
connection to you know, spacey topics. So finally all the
pieces came together, right. Laurene and I rented this big,
brand new twenty twenty four Dodge Durango with all wheel drive,
meaning that all the wheels are working all the time.

I'mlike four wheel driver where you have to kind of
engage it, and we had so we had plenty of
space for everybody in this very reliable vehicle. Everybody was psyched,
we were all excited. And the day before, however, sadly,
Alan Goya, he's a very active man, he had gone

hiking and he slipped and fell and he hurt himself
and so he was not able to join us. So
on Tuesday, March twelfth of twenty twenty four, Laarne and I.
We picked up Jason and Nick and we began our
journey at ten am, and it started out as kind
of a cloudy, dreary day. I was sort of disappointed

because I wanted to shoot a lot of cool footage.
But gradually, as we got closer to Spirit Mountain, it
just became a perfect, clear, sunny day, and I just
started to get that feeling that like something's going to
happen today. Maybe I manifested it. If so, it would
not be a surprise, since I had this expectation of

feeling some kind of spiritual connection to this mountain, some
kind of purity. So as we were driving south, we
decided to make a pit stop. There are only a
couple of pit stops on that route, and one of
them is at this old place called the El Dorado
Canyon Mine. And you have to turn off the main

highway and you drive about oh, fifteen minutes or so
down this road until you finally get to this old mine.
When we come back for the break, I'm going to
tell you what we discovered at the mind. I was
not expecting to find anything supernatural there, but I just
what can I say, it's wherever I go, the supernatural goes.

Right when the going gets weird, the weird go pro
and I just stumbled into something pretty bizarre there, and
then other interesting things started happening before we even got
to Spirit Mountain. Stay tuned. I'll give you the rest
of the story in a few moments. I'm Joshua pe Warren.

You're listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal podcast Network, and I will be
back after these important messages.

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Speaker 1 (27:15):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast a AM Paranormal Podcasts Network. I'm your host,
Joshua P. Warren, and this is the show where the
unusual becomes usual. When you're driving south from Boulder City, Nevada,

headed toward Spirit Mountain. Along the way, you have the
opportunity to turn off and drive about fifteen minutes down
this road. It turns into quite a scenic drive actually,
to the old Eldorado Canyon Mine, established in eighteen sixty one,

right at the start of the American Civil War. Says
here on their website, Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours is based there.
It's the oldest, richest, and most famous gold mine in
southern Nevada, and they have tours there, photo shoots, movie backdrops,
barbecue area, rental, wedding chapel, so it's a tourist attraction.

Now I'm sure there's still some gold there, but the
cool thing is that if you stop there, they have.
It almost looks like a set from a Wild West
show or a movie, and people use it for that.
And they have like this big old house that's been
converted into a general store and you can go in

there and you can get snacks and beverages, and they
have a gift shop of all kinds of really cool
stuff in it. In fact, they have got a lot
of really nice crystals. I bought some of their crystals there,
so did Jason. And one of the funny things is
they have a bath room outside that is it's kind

of like a nice outhouse. And when you're done using
the bathroom, you go to the sink and the faucets
got a clamp on it, and you can't get any water.
And there's a sign there that says, apparently the politicians
have decided that unless the water is connected directly to
their supply, you're not allowed to wash your hands. Blah
blah blahlah blah. I thank your politicians for this, But

you know, there was some pan sanitizer, so I was
not about to go into a mine though. Look, I
have been into a lot of caves and stuff in
my life. I grew up exploring around Brown Mountain in
North Carolina, the Lynville Caverns, the Lost Sea. I think
that's what in Tennessee. I've gone through caves in Puerto Rico,

and in fact, one time at Puerto Rico, I got
on my hands and knees and I crawled into a
cave up this little muddy slope. I was filthy. I
barely fit through it. But when I got past this
certain point, it opened up and there was an incredible
column of these sparkling white crystals. There was beautiful, but

everything in the cave was covered in giant cave spiders. Yeah,
Lauren and I both did that, and I would not
do that again. So I don't have an interest in
going into a mine. But we were walking around and
we were looking at a lot of their like kind
of old Memorabilian artifacts, and at one point Lauren says,

did you see this? And I look over and here
on the wall they have posted this picture of this
terrible looking creature. It says hell dogs of El Dorado Canyon.
And this looks like a big black wolfish creature with

glowing eyes and big white, sharp fangs, back hunched, and
it says these dogs were abandoned by miners over one
hundred years ago, believe to live and abandoned mines scattered
throughout the canyon. They are nocturnal, seldom seen in the daytime,

a wide range of sizes up to seventy pounds. They
generally stay dormant up to two weeks, and when they
do emerge, they hunt in packs of two to ten dogs.
Since they stay underground for long periods of time, light
hurts their eyes. And then they just keep giving all
these details about it, like they have short wiry hair,
patches of hair missing. Coyotes tend to be scarce in

El Dorado Canyon And anyway, anyway says if one is
shot or killed, the pack will devour its own nothing
will be left of it. Not known to confront large
groups of people and generally attacks the smallest person in
the group if it happens. So that's pretty cool. So

there are these hell dogs. I'd never heard of this
one near Spirit Mountain, haunting this old gold mining town.
So anyway, that was a really cool stop and we
enjoyed that tremendously. Then our very last stop as we
continue to Spirit Mountain, is this town called search Light.

And you know there are a few little restaurants and
gas stations and a couple of casinos there. And what
was really interesting Jason, he is he almost exclusively eats pizza,
so he was like, I'm hungry. We got to find
some pizza. And so there was like this one casino
and this little town called Searchlight that had pizza. So

we went in there. We actually ended up hitting both
the casinos because we went to the first one they
didn't have pizza, and then we went to the second
one they did. And my casino, I mean, these are
very small casinos, but they still had like the big
regular games that you find in Las Vegas. And you
know what, I gamble all the time, uh, but Jason

and Nick do not. And while we were waiting on
on the pizza, I went up to a mummy game
and I think I put twenty bucks in it and
within a ten seconds I'd won two hundred dollars. Cash
that out because I got a bonus. And then after that,
Jason he sat down at like a Buddha machine and

he hit a bonus and he came out with a
lot of money. And then Nick sat down at another
machine he hit a bonus, and then Lauren sat down
another machine and she got a bonus. We were there
for a short period of time and all of us
got a bonus, and I thought, boy, this this is
feeling good. I like the way that the energy is

flowing on this trip today. So anyway, after we got
the pizza and stuff, we headed on down. Finally we
got to the spot where you turn off the road
onto a dirt road heading towards Spirit Mountain. You're driving
like thirty minutes down this dirt road and let me
just tell you, the sky it just became so beautiful.

It was just turning to a perfect day. So as
we're slowly going down this dirt road, there it is
in the distance. You can see Spirit Mountain. It almost
kind of looks like twin peaks. I think it's only
one peak, but it's like there's a section on it
with a smaller peak, and like they say, it towers
above everything. The sun was hitting it just right. It

had with all these striking contrasts and shadows. And we
finally drove until we found this one spot right there
near the base of the mountain where we were happy because,
like I was saying, I think I told you this,
if you want to go up to the top of
Spirit Mountain. You have to go on a serious hike,

and not the kind of thing that we were prepared
for that day. There's no road you have to hike
up there. And plus I don't really hike anymore. I've
done a lot of hiking in my life, and I'm
just not a big hiker these days. And as I mentioned,
there are a lot of rattlesnakes. I've been told around there,
and I've seen the footage. So here we were standing

there at this majestic spot in the presence of this
sacred place that all the ancient tribes said was so
special that the Huma people's the human people speaking people.
And so anyway, we found this perfect spot and at

that point we got out, we sat down for a
little while and just meditated, you know, we just breathed
it all in. It was so peaceful. It was just quiet.
There was a slight little breeze, just an absolute sense
of peace. Everybody just felt great. Then eventually we started

taking out some of our gear. I actually took out
some very special objects that I had brought just for
this occasion, and I charged them in the energy of
the mountain with a ritual and I'll be mentioning more

about that in the future. Jason had a DT meter,
a differential time rate meter, which is the type of
meter that I used to find the Vegas time warp
years ago. This is the meter that was invented by
Ronald Heath, and Jason is looking for time anomalies and
he wasn't finding anything. I was getting some weird electromagnetic fluctuations,

but I couldn't trust them. I was using a trifle meter.
I couldn't trust them because I did see some towers
and antennas nearby which could be giving me some kind
of interference, so I couldn't rely on that. But I
took out my little Sony RXO two high speed camera
that I've had for years now. This is a high

speed camera, and I took eleven exposures one thousand frames
per second, two seconds each. This is around one thirty PM. Now,
let me remind you what a high speed camera is. Is
a high speed camera. Literally, if I say it's a
thousand frames per second, that means in one second it

takes one thousand pictures. And even though it's called high
speed photography, when you play it back, it is true
slow motion so you might shoot two seconds, but when
you play it back, it takes you know, a minute
or more because it slowed the footage down. It captures

the data incredibly beautifully. This is not like filming something
and then slowing it down after the fact. High speed photography,
this is the kind of photography that you would use
if you wanted to capture a bullet speeding through the air.
You know, you see this on TV shows. A thousand
frames per second, so you're able to pick up things
that are moving so fast that they would be invisible

to the naked eye. And in fact, last year, I
used my high speed camera to pick up some anomalies
that I posted on YouTube that were flying around over
my back yard. And what you have to understand is
that when you're when you're out there filming like this,
I mean again, you can't. You cannot see anything with

the naked eye. But pilots are saying that these things,
these UFOs, these uap can travel over one thousand miles
per hour, and you know at my house and Las
Vegas is less than one hundred miles as the crow
flies from area fifty one, and so if a craft
for flying one thousand miles per hour. It could go
from Area fifty one and be over my house in

five seconds. That's that's the kind of speed we're talking about.
When we come back, I will tell you, if you
don't know already, what I captured that day using my
high speed camera flying in the sky above Spirit Mountain,
and boy did it start a ruckus. I'm Joshua Pee Warren.

You're listening to strange things on the iHeart Radio and
Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Network, and I will be
right back. Don't go anywhere. There's more strange things coming
right up.

Speaker 3 (39:16):
My name is Mark Rawlins, president of Paranormal Day dot Com.
Over five years ago, George Norri approached me with a
unique concept, a dating site for people searching for someone
with interest in UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, conspiracy theories and the paranormal.
From that, Paranormal Day dot Com was born. It's a
unique site for unique people and it's free to join.

To look around. If you want to upgrade and enjoy
more of our great features, use promo code George for
a great discount. So check it out. You got nothing
to lose. Paranormal date dot com.

Speaker 1 (39:51):
Hey everyone, it's producer Tom of Coast to COASTAM and
more of the Wizard of Weird starts right now. Welcome

back to the final segment of this edition of Strange
Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal
Podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren. And
after we finished taking some readings and I finished my pictures,

finished my ritual charging these special objects I'll tell you
about a little later, we just we just felt fantastic,
and so finally we decided to head back. We drove
back to Boulder City and we had dinner at one
of my favorite restaurants there, Fox Smokehouse Barbecue. Loved it.

Laurenie and I had these gigantic baked potatoes with all
this barbecue on them. You know, Nevada is next to Idaho,
so they must get them straight from Idaho. Well, that
evening we started dropping off Nick and Jason at their
houses and guess what, all of a sudden, the car,

the Dodge Durango, the suv, this brand new suv that
we rented began to misfunction or to malfunction. There's this
main computerized display behind the steering wheel there that shows
your speed, which is pretty important to know, and it
just went blank and we couldn't figure out what was
going on. And it reminded me of a similar experience

I had a long time ago. I went to Brown
Mountain one night and Brown Mountain in North Carolina, and
the next morning, my car and Lawrence car woke me
up because both of their horns were just blaring out

in the driveway. Nobody was near the cars. And this
is not like back in the days when like my
one of my cars was my car was an old
GMC Jimmy, so it's like like an old mechanical car.
Weird things happened to cars sometimes after you visit portal locations. Well, anyway,

that night I sat down and I started looking over
my footage and oh my gosh, let me point something
out right now, A lot of people don't like this
word UAP, and UAP actually stands for unexplained a nomalous phenomenon.

And let's see. No, no, I'm sorry, even I got unidentified.
That's what it is, unidentified anomalous phenomenon, and a UFO
is an unidentified flying object. I do kind of understand
why that UAP might be more appropriate in some cases,

because object means it's something solid, and phenomenon means it
could be something like an optical illusion, or maybe something
that's not so solid, I guess. But another thing is,
oddly enough, you know, the word phenomenon is singular, and
that's like saying I have a case here that's a

singular thing. Phenomena is plural, so that's like saying I
have cases here, And so you actually could say there
is a UAP if you're talking singular, or you could
there are UAP if you wanted to use it plural.
I'm getting into grammar police territory. But I just that's

just something interesting. If you start talking about UFOs and UAPs,
you might want to keep that in mind. Also, UFOs
doesn't have an apostrophe s. It's just the as on
the end. I got off on a sidetrack there. You
can see. I used to be an editor, all right.
I start playing these clips and lo and behold, here

is this object, this silvery object that seems to be pulsing,
and it's zipping across the sky at an incredible speed
in multiple videos from different perspectives. And you know, I'd
already gotten similar stuff before. But this one was just

particularly clear and zooming at such a rate of speed
that I mean, like I can't tell exactly how fast
it was going because I don't know how high up
it was in the sky, but it covered a large,
large swath of the sky in less than one second.
And I mean I posted this thing online and after that,

George Norri, Tom dan Heiser, Lex Lonhood, they posted on
coast to coast am the thing blew up. Next thing.
I know. It's an international news It was the most
read news story in the Irish Star in Ireland. It
got picked up by a tech publication in Michigan, and
thousands of people started watching this footage. If you go

to my YouTube channel, you can watch it right now.
The report that I put together. And some people said,
this is absolutely wonderful, This is amazing because I believe
this is what we need to do, start using high
speed photography, pointing these cameras at the sky. And then
of course there was a lot of criticism, and but

you see I say, don't don't believe me, go out
and do it for yourself. One guy says, oh, he's
a director of photography and this is this is this
has got to be a bird. Well, anybody can be
a director of photography. I'm a director of photography. I
was a director of photography on a film that won
awards and was in the New York Times. It was

called Inbred Rednecks. Okay, that doesn't mean you're an expert
in high speed photography. Not one person, not one person
who got on there and trolled and said, oh, this
has got to be a bird or an insect or whatever,
has actually shown his or her own footage of birds
or insects at a thousand frames per second. Nor have

they sent links to birds or insects shot at one
thousand frames per second. I did. I posted footage saying,
here's what a bird looks like, Here's what an insect
looks like. They are very clear, and they're very obvious.
At a thousand frames per second, you can tell what

they are, even a hummingbird. As fast as they are,
you can tell this is this is not one of
those things, because it doesn't look like it and it's
traveling too fast, you know. Jeff Wilson, great engineer, friend
of mine. He said that it's possible that it looks
like there're may be thrusters on this thing, which are

keeping it oriented properly as it's flying across the sky.
Is this something that's man made? I don't know. I
can't say. But when I posted this stuff online, I mean,
you know, okay, let's say these things were super close
to the camera so it looked like they were going

faster than they were. Well, then fine, then they would
have been even more clear and detailed. But the fact
that we do not have that clarity and they are
traveling that fast, yeah, you can still see what they
are shows you these are not explainable. And we're talking
about footage shot during broad daylight one PM. And also

at one point I captured this footage of the object
going in the opposite direction from farther away, and you
still see this pulsing sort of action as it's traveling
in the other direction. One person posted and said, well,
why isn't there a sonic boom if it's going that fast?

And I thought, these are people who have no idea
what they're talking about. The whole idea behind the potential
for extraterrestrial or interdimensional craft is that they don't use
the same type of technology in terms of the matter
energy relationship. They've learned to transcend that somehow, which is

why they're able to get here to begin with. They're
not going up against air resistance in the same way
that human technology does. It's a different kind of technology.
One person said they are just like jose Eskimia's rods
from back of the Day. No, not at all. Jose
Eskimia was shooting, in my opinion, pictures of insects using

a low shutter speed or a normal shutter speed, but
too low for that, and they would cause a streak
as the insect was going too fast for the shutter speed.
And you can go out and you can take pictures
at sixteenth of a second, all day long, a snapshot
of insects around the lamp, and you'll get the same thing.

This is not like rods. But again, look, don't believe me.
I'm not saying I know what they are. But if
you're going to have an opinion and act like you
do know, well, then show me your evidence to prove
you're worthy of criticizing what I've captured. And I am
going to continue doing my best to capture these things
in the sky, and I'll keep you updated on how

it goes. And you know what I mentioned to you
that I took these very special objects with me up
there to charge them. I am going to do something
with them very soon. It's really special, something I've never
done before with these objects, and you will have an

opportunity to participate. So if you want to know what
it is, go to joshuape Warren dot com sign up
for the free E newsletter and you will know. This
is a big story. I could talk for another hour,
but as often happens, the clock has got us. So
that gives you the gist of my trip to Spirit Mountain.
It exceeded my expectations. I'm so grateful for everything that occurred.

So now let's end on a really high note, as
we always try to do. Take a deep breath, if
you can close your eyes, meditate on this sound. It's
the sound of the good Fortune tone. That's it for

this edition of the show. Follow me on Twitter at
Joshua P. Warren. Plus visit Joshuapwarren dot com to sign
up for my free E newsletter to receive a free
instant gift, and check out the cool stuff in the
Curiosity Shop all at Joshuapwarren dot com. I have a
fun one lined up for you next time, I promise.

So please tell all your friends to subscribe to this
show and to always remember the Golden Rule. Thank you
for listening, thank you for your interest and support. Thank
you for staying curious, and I will tell talk to
you again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (52:23):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
till you hear the next one. Thank you for listening
to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
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