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April 12, 2024 52 mins

The Wizard helps you learn the truth about numerology!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Welcome to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM paranormal
podcast network. Now get ready for us Strange Things with
Joshua P. Warre.

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Speaker 1 (00:55):
Ready to will be amazed by the wizard of Weird.

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This is Range with Joshua Warren.

Speaker 1 (01:09):
I am Joshua FEE Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news, exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the show. Can Numerology
Make You Rich and Happy? What is the truth about numerology?

I found out years ago that this old theater in
Utah was being torn down. It had been around since
the nineteen fifties, and somebody got a hold of all
of these big, giant like black plastic letters and numbers
that were used on the Marquee and so so I

bought all of the sevens from that person. And if
you walk into my house you will find in my
living room I have three big sevens mounted on the wall.
Seven seven seven. Now, obviously I live here in Las Vegas,
so that is considered lucky because traditionally that is often

a jackpot when you get seven seven seven. And in fact,
you know, when the slot machine was invented in the
late eighteen hundreds by a man named Charles Faye in
San Francisco, California, he only had five symbols, horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts,

and a liberty bell. I don't know who the first
person was to put seven on a slot machine and
to determine that seven seven seven would be often a
jack I haven't been able to figure that out. Maybe
you can find it, but I can see why. And
that's because the number seven has always been considered well, yeah,

always holy, sacred for a number of reasons. And then
also the number three is considered sacred among Christians because
of the Trinity, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit,
and so therefore three sevens has often been considered lucky.
Here in America. But why is seven considered kind of

universally lucky and sacred? Well, obviously, going back to the Bible,
it's said that God created the earth in six days
and rested on the seventh. But if you just start
looking at science, I mean, there are seven colors in
a rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. There

are seven continents. In fact, the neutral pH balance is seven.
Less than seven is acidic, Greater than seven is basic.
There are seven notes in the diatonic scale of Western music.
Do re mi fas so la tis seven notes? We

always talk about the seven wonders of the ancient world.
This is kind of weird and random. Seven is the
number of spots most commonly found on lady bugs. It's
the atomic number for nitrogen, which is crucial to our
life here on earth. And you know, in psychology, especially

here in the Western culture, seven is consistently listed as
people's favorite number, and magicians know this. When you ask
somebody to guess a number between one ten, the number
seven is the most likely to be picked. So keep
that in mind if you want to freak somebody out
with your mentalism skills. The list goes on one thing

that I find especially intriguing though, since you know we're
talking about mystical stuff. Uh. Some of you probably have
heard of a man named John Dee and he lived
in the fifteen hundreds early sixteen hundreds. He was an
English mathematician, astronomer, teacher, astrologer, a occultist, alchemist. He was

a wizard and as a matter of fact, most people
believe that Merlin the Wizard was based on the life
of John d and I could do a whole show
about the life of John d But he also worked
as a spy for Queen Elizabeth I. He advised her.

He was very trusted in from what I understand, when
he would go out and he would use all of
his esteem to enter these various circles throughout Europe and
get information and send her private notes back. He would
label the envelope of the package, if you will, with

a symbol. He would put two circles which represented eyes,
and that meant for your eyes only, and then for
good luck. He would always put a seven at the
end because he believed that that was going to be fortunate.
Anytime you could incorporate seven, you should do it. And
that is where double O seven comes from. So again

the list is pretty insane if you look at cultures
all around the world and you start to realize just
how fortunate they think seven is, or just how important
it is. And then, of course you may have also
heard that something like the number eight represents great abundance,

because eight is really just an infinite loop. And in fact,
you know in photography, if you have a sideways eight,
that represents infinity. And the idea of abundance is that
you have a never ending supply of good things coming
to you, but you have to also feed it, and
you have to give back. You must give to receive,

and so eight becomes infinite abundance. And I for years
years I've carried a number eight in my wallet. And
if you have never done that before, give it a shot.
Just write the number eight down on a piece of
paper and put it in your wallet, and I can
tell you that since I have done that, and I

probably first did this twenty years ago, that wallet has
never been empty. So what I'm talking about here is
the idea that there is some great significant to numbers
and the things that they represent about real life, and

that maybe we can sort of tap into that and
learn from it. Why is it that some people see
eleven eleven all the time? Well, I'm going to get
into that in a minute, because if we start using
numbers as a tool to improve our lives, it might
simplify this process, taking something that seems big and vague

and abstract and giving you something to work with the
same way that scientists they take these big abstract concepts
and they reduce them down. E equals MC squared. Now,
granted those are letters, but it's the same concept of
using symbols to reduce something gigantic down, even though there
is a two in the squared part. This is called numerology,

and if we just look up the Wikipedia definition of numerology,
it says it is the belief in and a cult divine,
or mystical relationship between a number and one or more
coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical

value of the letters and words and names. So, as usual,
Wikipedia really sort of kind of downplays this sort of oh,
it's an occult, mystical thing. But if you actually look
at it from the point of view that I've been

talking about, how certain numbers are very prominent, like this
number seven being associated with the colors of the spectrum
and the notes on the scale. And we even have
you know, we divide our weeks into seven. Why do
we do that. It's more than some kind of a
mystical cult thing. It's a way of actually kind of

labeling these forces around us because they have some kind
of a physical trait or characteristic that we find intriguing.
I have this book in my hands. It's called eleven
eleven The Time Prompt Phenomenon Mysterious Signs, Sequences and Synchronicities,

written by two great authors, Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman.
And when I decided to do this show about numerology,
I said, you know what, I'm going to get that book.
I'd read it before, but i'd moved since then I
couldn't find my copy. So I bought the copy of
it again, and I opened this book up to start

doing some research, and the first thing I saw when
I opened it was my name. Turns out that when
this book was published over five years ago, I actually
had written a blurb about this. I got an advanced

copy and they sent me an advanced copy, and I
had this blurb that I wrote and it's published here
in the book, and it says, see eleven eleven all
the time. How about three three three or four four four?
This book covers the mysterious world of numbers and what
they might be trying to tell us individually and collectively. Okay,

time for a break. When we come back, I'm going
to tell you how you can take your birthday and
turn it into something that will tell you give you
some insight about yourself, or you can learn about things
that you may not know about somebody that you love

and you care about. Oh, there's so much to cover. Hey,
you know what, there are many different ways to tap
into the mystery and the magic of this universe. And
if you don't know where to start, hey, look, it
doesn't cost you a penny. Go to Joshua P. Warren
right there on the homepage. You'll see in the slimer
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am Joshua P. Warren and you are listening to Strange
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Speaker 1 (14:08):
Hi am your host, the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren,
beaming into your worm whole brain from my studio in
Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, where every day is golden
and every night is silver. Giatatos zume. You know, Nikola
Tesla said, if you want to find the secrets of

the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
I think that plays a role in this topic, because
all we're doing with numbers is trying to represent these
frequencies and vibrations. You know. Going back real quick to
lucky seven seven seven, as I was researching for this show,

it turns out I read here because seven seven seven
is considered lucky. Banknotes with a serial number containing seven
seven seven tend to be valued by collectors and numismatists,
and the US Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing
seals uncirculated seven seven seven one dollar bills for that reason.

I thought, what, the government doesn't have enough money. They're
printing money and then selling you the money at a
higher rate. Sure enough, I'm looking at the Mint's website
right now. The US Mint website says that you can
buy a lucky It literally says one dollar lucky seven

seven seven note, lucky money, and the Mint will sell
you one of these dollars for five dollars and ninety
five cents. And I was I was going to buy one,
but then it says It's expected to be available in
the summer or fall of this year twenty twenty four,
so it's not out, but you know me, I'm impatient.

I was like, I want one now, So so I
went to eBay and I found one there and I
bought it for twenty dollars. And that's how much of
a sucker I am. I bought a one dollar bill
for twenty dollars. But that's going in my wallet and
I'm going to try my best not to spend it accidentally. Hey,

before I get back to eleven eleven, I want to
go ahead and give you a heads up on something
that we're going to do a little bit later in
the show. We're going to talk about your birthday. And
I want to give you an opportunity to think about
this and maybe you start writing some stuff down, taking
some notes. I want you to figure out what your

birthday number is and what the birthday number is of
somebody that you care about. So for here's how you
do that. Like, my birthday is October twenty fifth, It
doesn't matter what the month is. All that matters is
the day, the twenty fifth. That's two and five. So
I add two and five together and my number therefore

is seven. That's my birthday number. My wife Lauren was
born on September twenty fourth, so I take the twenty fourth,
add two plus four. Her number is six. So go
ahead and start working on that. Figure out what your
number is if you just add those two together, and
then do the same thing for anybody that like I

say that you're interested in, because in a minute, I'm
going to tell you what the number means for that person. Supposedly, Okay,
all right, back to this book, the eleven eleven the
time prompt phenomenon. I just want to read you some
short passages, says here. There are those who see eleven eleven, two,

twenty two, three thirty three, you know, like times, and
so on twelve twelve, twelve three, twelve thirty four, which
would be one two three four and possibly the most
popular an oft reported number sequence eleven eleven. If we
did pay attention to our math teachers, we would have
heard them say that numbers and number ratios are the

language of our universe, and that if we were to
someday be visited by some extraterrestrial civilization, they likely would
not speak to us in English or Chinese. Or Dutch,
but in the one language that is truly recognizable no
matter what planet you come from. Numbers, Well, that makes sense,

doesn't it. And then let's you know, let's go to
that eleven eleven. Most people talk about it, and I'm
one of those people. I see it a lot. I
know it might be that phenomenon like when you buy
a new car, you start seeing that car everywhere because
you just didn't pay attention to it until you owned it.

I mean, I know that that kind of a phenomenon exists,
and that's what all the debunkers would say. But regardless, look,
here's what this book says, by Marie D. Jones and
Larry Flaxman. Why eleven eleven eleven eleven is pure, symmetrical
and pretty to look at? The number one often refers

to God, source and creation. Well, that kind of makes sense,
doesn't it. One represents unity, one cohesive universe, and God.
Numerologists claim the number eleven itself points to spirituality, revelation, enlightenment, idealism,

and intuition. So maybe that is why this particular sequence
has a more profound effect on us than twelve twelve
or you know, five point fifty five or whatever, and
then they go on to talk about how that this
number eleven eleven may be even more important because it says,

aside from the mathematical importance, our spirits and minds resonate
with the number one, whether alone or doubled as an
eleven or symmetrical as an eleven eleven, in a much
different way. On a symbolic level, we feel it is
a connection to a higher power or source, a god source,

if you will. We sense it has importance as a
foundational building block to human life and even consciousness. We
claim to feel a sense of resonance with the frequency
the number sequence gives off based on our already scientific
understanding of how important the number one is, but added

to our understanding that there is another side to our
existence that goes beyond the mere physical. Maybe it gives
us a sense of balance in our world. And basically,
you know, I think what I can say is that
the gist of this eleven eleven thing may be that,
and this is partly my opinion here, it may be

that it's it's an acknowledgement from the divine, from the
source from the universe, that you're taken care of. Everything's
gonna be okay, You're not alone. Don't lose faith no
matter how bad things may seem, This too will pass.

I mean that kind of thing. It's a reassurance. It's
a way of the universe speaking to you. Yes, it
would be great if a bright, glorious angel would appear
surrounded by radiant light and speak, you know, English to you.
And I say that because I'm speaking English.

Speaker 3 (21:49):

Speaker 1 (21:52):
Maybe it's more it's more realistic, and it's it's more
common for the universe to speak to you through expressing
these number patterns, as you know, is sort of being
suggested here in this book. And so since I don't,
I mean, I definitely don't have some kind of a

big background in numerology, so I decided I would buy
this book. This other book called A Beginner's Guide to Numerology,
and it says, decode relationships, maximize opportunities, discover your destiny.
This is by Joy Woodward. And by the way, when
I talk about books like, I'm not making money off

of these, I'm not endorsing these books. I'm just telling
you what I've been reading and you know, and giving
you some information that you might find intriguing. So Joy Woodward,
She's written a lot of stuff. I did look her
up and she has a really impressive resume. And she
says that numerology helps you tap into your highest potential.

It guides you to better understand yourself and those around you.
Tap into your intuition, make smarter choices, maximize your potential
on certain days and in certain years. Understand compatibility with
friends and romantic partners. Take advantage of auspicious timing, and
decide when to act and when to wait. Numerology will

lead you to uncover your talents and gifts, understand the
cycles of your life, spot karmic lessons, et cetera. Okay,
so she's saying, like you know, But she also says
numerology is not a crystal ball. Remember that it predicts.
It predicts potential. The rest is up to you. Numerology

depends on the high and low vibrations of the numbers involved,
and its rewards are directly correlated to your efforts. It
will not help you win the lottery. Although many people
choose their lucky numbers based on birthdays and significant dates,
it will not predict the time or date of your death.
It's okay, so, but here's the thing that I thought

would be kind of cool to bring up here on
a podcast as an example to see if this seems
like there's some you know, some reality here, if there's
anything to it. Your birthday number. So I told you
already what you do. You take the day you're born,
and you add the two numbers together and that's going

to give you a birthday number. So for me, I
was born on the twenty fifth. That's two and five.
Two plus five equals seven. Seven is my birthday number.
So in a minute, I'm going to read down a
list of the numbers, and there aren't that many, so
don't worry and tell you what each number means. And
you might think like, well, that sounds boring, guy, because
I don't want to listen to everybody else's number. That's

why you need to think about your friends and you
can listen to what it says about them and see
if that sounds accurate. But there is a caveat to this.
There is an exception. I'm up on a break. When
I come back, I will tell you that there are
three different numbers here that do not apply. Well, let

me put it this way. The rule that I just
gave you does not apply to these three numbers. They're
called master numbers. I know this is some weird stuff,
but when I come back, I might tell you something
profound about yourself or someone that you know, and you
might say, WHOA. This numerology stuff really can be put

into practice. I'm Joshua Pee Warren. If you're listening to
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal podcast network, and I will be back after these
important messages.

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Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
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Speaker 1 (27:29):
I'm your host Joshua P. Warren, and this is the
show where the unusual becomes usual. When you're calculating your
birthday number. If you were born on a single digit day,
you know, like let's say you were born like my
sister was born on November the fifth, Well, then you

don't have to do any math. That means five is
your number. You know, if you were born on March
the first, that means one is your number. But if
you have two digits like I do the twenty fifth,
you add them together to get seven. That's how you
get your birthday number. And she says here and this

is again from Joey Woodward, her book called A Beginner's
Guide to Numerology. She says, in numerology, we work with
the belief that your soul chose the day you were born,
giving you the gifts, tools, and lessons you need to
fulfill your destiny. The significance of your birthday number cannot
be overstated. This number provides you with information about who

you are, your talents, and your higher purpose. Your birthday
number comes with a gift or a special talent that
has a big impact on your life. Now, I've been
telling you how to get your birthday number, but she goes, oh,
by the way, there are some numbers that are exceptions.

If your birthday happens to be on the eleventh, or
the twenty second, or the twenty ninth, then you don't
do any of this math stuff because those are called
master numbers, and they remain potent just the way they are.

So forget everything I told you if you happen to
be on the eleventh, twenty second, or twenty ninth, She says,
Master numbers are a blessing and a burden. Those born
with master numbers are given extra gifts and talents, which
come with harder lessons and bigger expectations. The obstacles you
must overcome are greater than those with birthday numbers of
one through nine. For all of the opportunities impossible potential,

there is an equal perspective for deceit, duality, and pure evil.
History is filled with examples of both, from presidents and
dictators to famous missionaries and certified super villains. Good lord.
Uh so, she says, from a compatibility percon respective, two

people with master numbers will have an instant understanding of
one another on a deep vibrational level. I read that
and I thought, well, why are those master numbers? And
so I got online and I started looking into it,
and it turns out, I mean, I couldn't find an
explanation for why these are master numbers, but numerologist I
did find this. Numerologists say that another master number here,

and this is not surprising, is the number thirty three. Now,
obviously that's not going to apply to our birthdays here,
because you're not going to have a thirty three and
a birthday. But just as a side note, let me
say thirty three is a very special number. It's according
to the Newtonian or the Newton scale. It's the temperature

at which water boils. A normal human spine has on
average thirty three. Vertebra Jesus supposedly was crucified when he
was thirty three years old. Of course, if you are
familiar with Scottish right masonry, that's an appendent body. The

highest degree, the honorary degree in Scottish right is the
thirty third degree. So that's also a power number, but
that will apply to other stuff than we're talking about. Okay,
all right, so let's go through this as a pretty
short description of each number. So I'm assuming by now
you have your your birthday number. Here we go. If

your number is one, and I guess that means you
just have to be born on the first. You are independent, competitive,
and a natural leader, full of original ideas. You like
to stand out. You take initiative and are able to
get people excited. You can also be stubborn, selfish, and moody.
Your great lesson is to learn about boundaries, sharing and teamwork.

All right birthday. If your birthday number is two, kind, patient, sensitive,
and highly intuitive. You do better in a couple than alone.
You are a team player, considerate, and supportive. You do
not crave the spotlight. Your lesson is to learn how
to stand up for yourself. If your birthday number is three,

you are friendly and energetic and your creativity has no limits.
Your very social, joyous in the life of the party.
Your lesson is to learn to manage your emotions. And
to stop seeking instant gratification. Number four. You are practical, reliable,
hard working, honest and fair. You are organized and prompt.
You like to have a plan and always want to

know what to expect. Your lesson is to learn to
release control, and it says there's also a little section
here in this book about karmic debt and procrastination, but
I won't get to that. If your number is five,
it says a sense of adventure is your calling card,
and boredom is your Achilles Hill. Life needs to say

to stay interested or you check out and move on.
You are resourceful, You embrace change, and you can be impulsive.
Your lesson is to learn to take responsibility. Birthday number six.
So this is my wife, Lauren. You are responsible and
family oriented. You also love animals. Loyalty, perfectionism, and thoughtfulness

are all part of your nature, although you tend to
meddle in affairs that are not yours. You will learn
the lessons of surviving betrayal and minding your own business. Well,
I can tell you right off the bat. They nailed
that first part, especially her loving animals and all that.
All right, Now here's me. Number seven. You overanalyze everything,

try to find deep meaning in all you do, and
are always learning and reading. You love a good conspiracy theory.
You are both inquisitive and fiercely private. You need what
can seem like an excessive amount of sleep, and are curious,
bordering on Meddlesome lesson is to learn to work with
others in a selfless way. Who I think they nailed

me on that one?

Speaker 5 (34:07):

Speaker 1 (34:07):
Okay, number eight here? If your number is eight, success
is important and attainable for you. You love nice cars,
labels and name brand anything. Your lesson is to find
balance between the spiritual and material, and to learn patience
and loyalty. You don't always have to learn the hard way.
And if your birthday number is nine, you are generous, creative, sensitive, sensitive, tolerant,

and open minded, and take a unique approach to solving problems.
You are a humanitarian with a desire to make the
world a better place. Be aware of coming across as
a know it all or condescending. Your lesson is to
learn the art of forgiveness and letting go. Now we

get to the three master numbers, the exceptional things. Okay,
are you ready?

Speaker 4 (35:01):

Speaker 1 (35:03):
The same description supposedly applies to the eleventh or the
twenty ninth if you were born If you're on the
if you were born on the eleventh or the twenty ninth,
here's the description. Your intuitive gifts are abundant. You are kind,
and you are a peacekeeper. You are capable of spotting
trends and pushing boundaries. You can also be manipulative and

capable of extremes. Your lesson is to learn decisiveness and
to not give up on your dreams. Okay, and lastly,
here is the master number twenty two. If you were
born on the twenty second, this is for you. You are
a master builder. Many epic firsts have been accomplished by

this birthday number. You may be the youngest or first
ever accomplish a major milestone. You think outside the box
and have true vision. You are power powerful and always
have the potential of abusing this power. Your lessons will
involve your ego. Well what do you think about that?

I mean, if if you want to email me and
let me know if one of these just nailed you,
you know, you can just email me through my website
Joshua Peewarren dot com. You can scroll down there and
find my email address. So that's pretty cool, right, And
if you go through this book, I mean, she has
all kinds of other stuff like that, like, for example,

there's a life path number. And but in the back
of the book, she says, here are some things to
keep in mind. If you keep seeing a number over
and over, if you keep seeing one one one, just
one one one, she says, that means uh, it represents
a beginning and a time for you to take action.

Two to two two represents uh, the you have you
are in harmony, relationships, cooperation, patience three three three is communication, creativity, emotions,
four four four. That's an angel number, she says, divine
support from source energy, five five five change, movement, shift, travel,

seven seven seven spirit, investigation, expertise, self care, ten ten
like a time ten ten she says, it's the new
eleven eleven represents spiritual awakening. Eleven eleven, she says, is
a doorway to spiritual enlightenment, enhanced intuition. And if you
see one, two three four like twelve thirty four, like

it's twelve thirty four PM or twelve thirty four am,
that means progress and advancement. Cool book. A Beginner's Guide
to Numerology, Joywoodward. There's a lot to be learned in there.
But you know what, there is a very creepy and
eerie side to numerology as well. Well. I'm you've probably

heard of something called the twenty seven Club, and I'm
talking about this well sort of informal list of popular musicians, artists, actors,
and other celebrities who died at the age of twenty seven.

And you know, I always kind of hesitate to talk
about stuff like this because that I don't want to
create some self fulfilling prophecy. I don't want you to
you know, tomorrow's your twenty seventh birthday, and you go,
oh God, what are you saying? Have I gotta die
next year? No? No, no, no no. I live past twenty seven,

and I did some pretty crazy stuff. When we come back, though,
I want to talk to you about that and some
other things I find eerie, and then my big summary
of what I've concluded so far about this whole thing
called numerology. I'm Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening to strange
things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal

podcast network, and I will be right back. Don't go anywhere.
There's more Strange Things coming right up.

Speaker 3 (39:20):
My name is Mark Rawlins, president of Paranormal Day dot Com.
Over five years ago, George Nori approached me with a
unique concept, a dating site for people searching for someone
with interest in UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal.
From that, Paranormal Day dot Com was born. It's a
unique site for unique people and it's free to join

to look around. If you want to upgrade and enjoy
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Speaker 4 (39:54):
Hey everyone, it's producer Tom of Coast to Coast AM
and more of the Wizard of Weird starts right now.

Speaker 1 (40:27):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
paranormal podcast network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and you've probably heard of the infamous twenty seven Club.

All of these famous people, especially musicians, artists, actors, celebrities,
they die at the age of twenty seven for some
reason or another, like, for example, Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin,
Jim Morrison, Kirk Cobain, Amy Winehouse. I mean, you'd be

surprised how long this list is. Why why is that?
I don't know. I really don't know. It may just
have something to do with, you know, getting famous when
you're young, and you know, if you just go too hard,
you start wearing out. Sometimes around that point, I don't know.

You know, it's funny because I do this podcast and
sometimes people expect me to sit here and explain everything,
and I say, look, hi, this is a podcast about
what we don't know. I can give opinions sometimes I
can speculate with you, but I wouldn't be talking about
something if it weren't a mystery. And so I don't
have an explanation. But there are times when it seems

like that certain people resonate with other people, even if
it's from a different era and they've never met each other,
and that can be a positive resonance or a negative resonance.
And I'm sure that you have probably seen at some
point in your life all of the uncanny, eerie, unsettling,

spooky coincidences between the lives of Abraham Lincoln and John F.
Kennedy And in this book by Marie D. Jones and
Larry Flaxman called eleven eleven The Time Prompt Phenomenon, they
have a section at the back devoted to this. And
I thought I knew all of the connections, but they

have four pages of these connections, and each connection is
just you know, a line or two, like for example, Okay,
Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in eighteen forty six.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in nineteen forty six.
Abraham Lincoln was elected president in eighteen sixty. John F.

Kennedy was elected president in nineteen sixty. Both were concerned
with civil rights. Both were shot on a Friday. Both
were shot in the head. Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln. Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. Andrew Johnson, who

succeeded Lincoln, was born in eighteen o eight. Lyndon Johnson,
who succeeded Kennedy, was born in nineteen oh eight. John
Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in eighteen thirty nine.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in nineteen
thirty nine. Both assassins were known by their three names.

Both names were composed of fifteen letters. Lincoln was shot
at a theatre in named Ford. Kennedy was shot in
a car called Lincoln, made by Ford. Lincoln was shot
in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in
a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his
assassin ran and hid in the theater. Both Oswald excuse me,

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials. A week
before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland. A
week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.
You could have worded that also differently, but that's okay.
Let's see here. Lincoln's name has seven letters. Kennedy's name

has seven letters. That's page one. There is four pages
of this. It is it's it's absolutely shocking. So but
you see how how the numbers res with each other.

There are resonant energy patterns, and sometimes people resonate with
each other for better or for worse, and we're all
resonating with a bigger thing, the universe. For better or
for worse. So here's what I think at this point. Okay,
here's the best I can do for you in a
podcast based upon what I have learned just sort of

looking into this topic. You live your whole life around numbers.
That's the truth. I mean, let's just start with money.
You need some form of money to live, and when
you need something, you say how much, and you get
a number, and you give a number of something, whether

it's dollars or sheep or diamonds. So I mean, numbers
are more than just numbers. They represent and describe real
matter and real energy and real matter energy relationships. And
when matter and energy is designed a certain way, we

like it and good things happen. Musical notes are frequencies.
How many times does a note vibrate per second? That's
a number. And certain combinations of numbers sound like an
unpleasant noise, and other combinations of numbers sound like beautiful music.

And that alone is proof that numerology is a valuable
study of the meanings in life. So I believe it's true.
If you want to look into this, this may be
the handle that works for you. Start paying attention to numbers,

you might hear the universe speak to you. You might
be able to judge things better, and you might be
able to use this to improve your life. That's how
I feel. And I don't know if this is relevant
or not, but I figure i'll bring it up just
because I don't know. It kind of seems like it

might fit this topic. So you know, recently I took
a I took a trip and Lauren and I rented
a car, and then when we dropped the car back
off at the rental place, I looked over as we
were waiting to get all checked out, and in one

of the seats in the waiting room there was a
single penny, just a penny, sitting in the seat. And
you know, that's kind of unusual. I mean, if you
often will find you a penny on the ground, it
makes sense that a penny would be in a seat.
But it also is kind of weird because if a

coin is going to fall out of somebody's pocket when
they're sitting in a chair, you'd think maybe it'd be
a heavier coin. Anyway, look, there was a penny there.
And we've all heard the whole find a penny, pick
it up, and all day long you'll have good luck.
So at first I ignored it, and then I was like,
why am I ignoring this thing? I need to go
and what do I have to lose. I don't like

to carry coins around, but I go over, I pick
up this mysterious penny, put it in my pocket, and
I actually looked up, like, what is the origin of
that whole belief? Like, find a penny, pick it up,
and all day long it brings good luck. And here's
what I've discovered so far, just by doing Internet research.
It says that the origin of that is uncertain, but

some suggest that it may have originated in ancient times
when metals were deemed precious and discovering a coin was
a fortunate event. I go, fine, Well, our rental car
place was right across the street from this casino. And yeah,

I know, if you listen to me, you're like, this
guy probably has a gambling problem. You know, he's always
talking about gambling. I really don't gamble that much. I
gamble very small amounts, and then I frequently win large amounts.
I mean, it's rare for me to gamble, you know,
one hundred dollars or more than one hundred dollars, and
I just do that for fun, because it's like, okay,

here's one hundred dollars, and okay, here's what happened. We
went to the casino right after I got this penny
in my pocket, and we really weren't there to gamble.
There was this bar that we liked that had good
craft cocktails and some good appetizers. So we sat down
at the bar and I put my hundred dollars bill

in there, and they had a kino machine, which is
where these balls drop and they hit certain numbers, and
so I bet five dollars and the balls dropped and
I think I hit it maybe three times. I maybe
bet fifteen dollars and I got seven out of eight balls,

and boom, I just won. I think it was twenty.
It was over twenty two hundred dollars and hand pay
you know where they come out and you got to
fill out a tax form and the bartender goes. You
just sat down. I swear it's true. So if you
find a penny, pick it up, put it in your pocket.

I've kept that penny in my pocket. I haven't even
looked at the penny again. I wonder what the date
on it is. Anyway, look here we go, Guys into
the show. Let's resonate with something positive. Take a deep breath.
Here is the good Fortune tone. That's it for this

edition of the show. Follow me on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren.
Plus visit Joshuapwarren dot com to sign up for my
free e newsletter to receive a free instant gift, and
check out the cool stuff in the Curiosity Shop. All
at Joshuapwarren dot com. I have a fun one lined
up for you next time, I promise. So please tell

all your friends to subscribe to this show and to
always remember the Golden Rule. Thank you for listening, Thank
you for your interest and support. Thank you for staying curious,
and I will talk to you again soon. You've been
listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to

Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (52:26):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
till you hear the next one. Thank you for listening
to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
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