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April 19, 2024 52 mins

There is something the Wizard has been wanting to tell for a while….. he tells in this episode!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Welcome to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM paranormal
podcast network. Now get ready for us Strange Things with
Joshua P. Warre.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
Welcome to our podcast. Please be aware the thoughts and
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Speaker 1 (00:55):
Ready to be amazed by the wizard of weird. This
is Strange Joshua Warren. I am Joshua pe Warren, and
each week on this show, I'll be bringing you brand
new my glowing content, news exercises, and weird experiments you

can do at home, and a lot more. On this
edition of the show Dead Aliens. You will not believe
what I received in the mail a few days ago.

This is one of the weirdest stories that I've ever heard.
I think it will be one of the weirdest stories
that you've ever been told. And so you know what
it means when I say something like that. It's time
to grab your soda pop, pour your cup coffee, pour

your glass of wine, grab your bottle of whiskey, turn
down the lights, do whatever it is you do when
you prepare yourself to hear something that's going to make
you say augietato zume. It's one of those stories. And
I've been dying to tell you this for a while. Okay,

where do I begin. I was recently contacted online, initially
through my Facebook page, by a couple named Nathan and Angel,
and they live outside of Phoenix, Arizona. And the first

message I got this was a public post. Nathan says, Hey, Joshua,
have you ever heard the name John Edmonds in the
OUFO E T World? If so, I have a crazy
story about him. God rest his soul. And my initial
response was Nope, never heard of him. But it turns
out that I had heard of him. I had just

forgotten about it. It was a long time ago, so
I'll get back to that later in the story. So
he wrote back and he said John Edmonds had a
place here in Arizona called Star Dust Ranch, said to
have been visited by aliens numerous times, and he killed

several and had alien DNA that he got tested, he
was on Ghost Adventures. He had a lot of strange stories.
But he goes on to say that recently John Edmonds
died and that Nathan and Angel were part of the

team to go in and repossess this ranch after it
went into foreclosure. And he said that when John Edmunds died,
his wife just walked out the door, basically leaving all
of their possessions behind, including the DNA test results from

the alien DNA. And I was like wow, So I said, look,
please contact Mobius and tell him more about this, to
see if we can examine anything you have. Because you
have to understand, I get so many messages that it's
absolutely impossible for me to read all of them, and

so I at least stri if I can't correspond with everybody,
I'll pass them often to Mobius and let him be
that first point of contact and look over things and
figure out whether or not it's something that I need
to pursue. You know, I have to have to guard
my time like that, and so uh and you know,

and it is funny. You never know what you're gonna get,
what kind of reaction you're gonna get. There was a
guy one of these fellows about a week ago who
emailed me and he said, hey, I saw your UFO stuff.
You know, may I send you this clip of a
UFOI shot to get your opinion? And I said, sure,
you can send it to me, and I have a
team that will look over it and we'll give you
an opinion if we can. That's how this works, I do.

I have a team of people. They're all experts. We've
been doing this a long time, people who have college
degrees and all kinds of stuff, experience working in TV
and movies. And so this guy sends this clip. I'm
talking about a different person than Nathan here. Okay, this
is just another guy who sent a clip and we

open it up, we all look at it, and it's
just one of these things where's just like a white
light in the sky and he's telling me it's shape
shifting and all these faces and stuff. And we just
wrote him back and said, well, I'm sorry, we're not
able to deduce anything from what you've said here. We
don't have enough information. And then I got one of
those well strew you emails back. That happens a lot.

So you trying to be nice and courteous and somebody
asks you to look at their thing and you say, well,
I'm sorry, I don't know what you know. I don't
have anything for you, I don't see what you're saying,
and they just hate your guts for it, you know.
So you never know if you're going to be dealing
with somebody who's sensible or not. Well, fortunately, Nathan and
Angel are very sensible people from what I can tell,

and so Nathan he contacted Nathan and Angel, they contacted
Mobius and they explained what this was all about. And
Mobius and I became immediately intrigued because there is a
heck of a twist to this story that you're going
to hear about. You might not even believe it. You

wouldn't believe what I'm holding in my hands right now.
I'm serious, Okay. I bought this book. I started researching
this guy, John Edmunds, and the reason that I at
first that I hadn't heard of him was because I
just forgot his name. And I do remember, however, seeing
him on this episode of Ghost Adventures back in the day.

I'll tell you more about that later. And I thought
it was weird because the Ghost Adventures wasn't doing too
much in the alien et world, and it was unusual
for them to go to this place called Stardust Ranch.
And Dave Schrader was on that show. And anyway, I'll
tell you more about that later. But this guy, John Edmonds,

he wrote this book. Apparently he just passed away a
couple of years ago, and he wrote this book called
Stardust Ranch The Incredible True Story, authored by him and
Bruce McDonald. I got this on Amazon dot com and
I also started watching videos with John Edmonds and listening

to podcasts. And here's the gist of the story. Okay,
I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert and I
know all the little ins and outs, but this is
what I've been able to gather as the basic story.
John Edmonds was a counselor and a therapist who lived
in Arizona and is late. He was in his late

thirties and he decided that he didn't want that kind
of stress. He wanted a more natural life out in
the country, making money off of horses and outdoor activities.
And so he and his wife, Joyce bought this horse
ranch in Buckeye, Arizona, almost an hour's drive outside of Phoenix.

And they purchased it I think around nineteen ninety six.
Now this ranch had been built in the late nineteen seventies,
so it was about twenty years old. And it was
not originally called Stardust Ranch. That's a name that John
gave it over to. I'm due to the sort of
cosmic activity there. And it's one of those things where
in his book he says, we just bought it for

a really good deal. You know, ten acres, three and
a half thousand square foot house with five bedrooms, three bathrooms,
a big living room and kitchen and storage areas and
an inground swimming pool and plenty of accommodations for all
the horses. And you hear that sort of thing a lot,

don't you, When when somebody buys something and it's just
a really good deal, you just can't refuse, couldn't turn
down that bargain. It might be a haunted or cursed
idol our location. Some people just give it away. And
when John and Joyce went into this house, they were

even more surprised because it was fully furnished. All the
furniture was in there, even the kitchen was stocked with food,
and a realtor told him, although the previous owners just
used it once in a while for vacations, and they
were okay with just you know, selling everything in the
house along with it. So he said, look, we couldn't

turn down this still, and so he was just jumping
for joy to buy this house. But his wife, on
the other hand, had a bad eerie feeling from the beginning,
and you know how that goes. That happens often as well,
And sure enough, not long after they got settled in,

all kinds of spooky, ghostly stuff started happening on this ranch.
It was just a two of them. They would see
shadows moving around, objects would be displaced, and he finally
found out at some point many years before, a seventeen
year old boy who lived in the house had put

a shotgun in his mouth on graduation day and killed
himself in this house. That's just the beginning. That is
the tip of the iceberg. When we come back from
this break, I'm it's really if you think this is
a weird story, it's really starts getting weird. Wait till
you hear about who he meets this strange man outside

of his house and how this seems to be the
harbinger of what is to come. Oh boy, I kind
of get goosebumps when I think about this story, especially
when you hear what I'm holding in my hands. Hey, listen,
I have a big announcement I think probably on my
next show, and this is something I've been working on

for probably almost a year, and before I put it
out there on the air, I'm going to give you
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I am Joshua Pee Warren, and you are listening to
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM

Paranormal Podcast Network, and I will be right back.

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Speaker 1 (13:59):
Welcome back Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to
Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host, the
Wizard of Weird, Joshua pe Warren, beaming into your wormhole
brain from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver.

Gietato Zume. Do you think you'd be a little freaked
out at night being on this ranch, this stardust ranch,
just you and your husband, kind of in the middle
of nowhere. He describes this is being one of the
more remote and undeveloped areas, and he talks about how

that there's not really much around. He says, if you
look at Stardust Ranch in the satellite view of Google Maps,
you'll see dry, hard land with very little green, a
kind of orange red and brown. It's the kind of
land you'd see in an Old West movie. And when
you have your feet on the ground in Buckeye, that's
exactly what it feels like. Except for the house itself,

which is fairly modern, my ranch looks like it's from
an Old West movie. It's the kind of hard, scabbed
land that a man looking for true solitude would feel
comfortable then. And when I saw it, I saw my dream.
So they're out there in the middle of nowhere by themselves,
on this ranch, and now all this weird stuff is happening,

spooky things. The list is too long to go down,
but you can imagine the typical spooky stuff, and then
it kind of really kicks off after a couple of months.
I want to read to you this portion from his
book called Stardust Ranch, The Incredible True Story See what

was this published? This was published twenty nineteen and twenty twenty,
not too long ago. I like a I say, he's
only been dead a couple of years. I believe so.
He said he'd been carrying a gun around on the property,
a three point fifty seven magnum And he said sometime
in our second month at the ranch, I was home
alone while Joyce was at work in Phoenix. I saw

a man come off the road and begin walking up
my long dirt laneway. Right away I knew there was
something off about him. He was about five feet nine
inches tall. He wore a military style shirt with the
sleeves cut off over a T shirt. He had on
a very well worn pair of jeans that looked as
though they had not been washed in some time. A

very worn pair of lace black boots adorned his feet.
He had long gray hair parted in the middle, sort
of like Willie Nelson, and somewhere between a one and
a two week salt and pepper beard over very gault cheeks.
I put the gun into the back of my pants
and walked out of the house to meet him on
the laneway. And as I got closer to him, I

could see an intensity to his eyes, something I'd come
to equate with the many psychotics I met in my
counseling practice. His teeth were in horrible condition, yellow and broken,
marking him as someone who had lived rough for a
while years maybe. But what caught my attention most was
the well used twenty four inch machete he was carrying

in his hand. He did not appear to have a
scabbard for it. A man walking around with a machete
was not out of place in a rainbow valley, but
a man walking around holding a machete was unusual. It
made me tense up in the way I used to
feel when I was walking around my old neighborhood, a
place where anything could happen. I had to be prepared

for immediate spontaneous violence. So anyway, he says, we both
came to a stop around the midpoint of the one
hundred yard laneway, ten feet between us, squared off like
a couple of gunfighters, cautiously studying each other. I spoke first,
Can I help you? I live here? He said, Excuse me,

I asked. I tried not to be too rude or incredulous,
because I did not know what the guy was talking about.
He pointed up with the machete, off to the deaths
off the to the distance there, stating he lived there.
I took a glance behind me. I assumed he meant
the storage shack about twenty five or fifty yards from

the main house. I had already taken a look inside
of it. I did not see the makings of any
kind of squat for this homeless man. I had the
sense that he was a veteran. In any case, I
was extremely tolerant of him. I'm sorry, I said, I
don't have an arrangement with you. Did the previous occupants
allow you to live on the land. Did you help

out around here or something? He then said something that
made my whole body tighten up. I killed the monsters,
know why, but even thinking back about this all those
years ago makes me uncomfortable. I quickly became impatient with

the man and said, look, I don't know what arrangement
you had with the previous owners, but I don't want
you living here. He sort of cold caught me with
a thousand yards stare and simply said, you're going to
regret that. Then he turned around and walked away, as
he had come between the man with the machete in

my lane way and the entire contents of the house.
I still did not connect with Joyce's intuition about the place.
I guess I should have seen it. It could not
have been a stronger fore warning by the law of
circumstance and synchronicity. The only thing missing was the crazy
old man from the Friday the Thirteenth movie franchise warning

the teenagers not to go to Camp Blood. Well that's
that's not a good sign, is it, you're dude. Dude, Well,
sure enough. Not long after that, this is when the
activity picks up. And you know, again, I could go

into a lot of detail here, but I got one
podcast to tell you what's going on here. They finally
start seeing some of these ghostly figures become more and
more tangible, and then they realized that when they can
get a better look at them, they're actually seeing what
look like the grays, the gray aliens, you know, the

typical ones that have the big oval head and the
big black eyes. And one of the weirdest things is
that he said it began when they started catching glimpses
of them, and that when they would see him, it
would look like that. Sometimes they were peeking out from
behind a shower curtain in the middle of the room,

except there was no curtain in the middle of the room,
so it was almost like that they were literally partially
cloaked and occasionally peeking in and out from another dimension.
And then things really ramped up when they began to
feel like they were becoming abducted. As a matter of fact,

here in the back of the book, his wife Joyce
actually wrote some about her experience, and she said it
was horrifying for me. She said, the grays make a
hissing sound, and I could hear things moving around at night.

John and I woke up in the morning and both
of us were extremely raw and chafed on the inside
of our thighs, and we figured out that we had
been abducted. It proceeded to the point where I was
being taken multiple times, right, So this continues. John even
says at one point he goes into the house and

he actually sees he goes into the bedroom at night,
and he actually sees his wife levitating out of the bed,
and he doesn't know what to do. And this is
the point where he starts trying to attack whatever these
things are. Almost every night they're popping up around the property.

He ends up shooting at them on a number of occasions,
but the shooting doesn't really seem to phase them, and
they're hopeless, you know, they're thinking about just leaving the property.
And then one day he was driving home on this

you know, rural road, and he said there was a
truck in front of him that was just packed down
with a bunch of junk, just way too much stuff,
and he just knew that something was going to fall
off this truck. And sure enough, at one point, a
couple of items tumble off of the truck in front
of him, and so John lays on the horn and
the guy just keeps on going. So John gets over,

He pulls over, he gets out of his car, and
he goes to see what's falling out of this truck.
And here in the road is a samurai sword, a katana,
and I actually owned the samurai swords. And so you have,
if you're that kind of person, you know, you have
your three different types of blades. You have your tonto,

which which is a short one, and then you have
your wakazashi, which is the medium sized one, and then
you have your katana, which is the big long one
with the nice curve blade on it, and he just
immediately felt there was something beyond synchronistic about the fact
that he you know that literally, this this katana just
fell out out of this truck at his feet, and

so he picks up this mystical sword. He has in
no way of tracking down the man who dropped it,
so he says, I guess I am now the owner
of this katana. So after that, whenever these aliens appear
at his house, he runs out and he starts slicing
them with this katana, and guess what it works. It

kills them, and all kinds of fluids go everywhere, and
then the alien hits the floor, but then immediately it vanishes.
It's like they're from another dimension. Matter and energy are
flexible and transient, and so every time he kills one

of these things, the body just vanishes, and then some
of the fluids and stuff will vanish as well. So
this puts him in an even weirder position because now
he's killing these things but he can't prove that they
exist physically. He and his wife are starting to feel
like they're going insane. But then he discovers something. He

discovers that if he chops the head off of one.
It does not disappear, and when we come back, I
will tell you what he did when he chopped the
head off of one. He said it wasn't easy. He
had to whack it a few times. But well, stick around.

I'm Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening to Strange Things on
the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal podcast Network,
and I will be back after these important messages.

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Speaker 1 (27:19):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paronormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and this is the show where the unusual becomes usual.
How would you like to live at this ranch that

John Edmonds basically describes as a place where anything and
everything is happening. It's like a portal. It's like Skinwalker Ranch.
You've got You've got ghosts and aliens and UFO and
psychic phenomena. It's like Brown Mountain in North Carolina. It's

like Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the nineteen sixties. It's
like perhaps even my own land in Rachel, Nevada, where
I'm working on building my portal machine. A little bit
of everything's happening here, and so yes, you have various

interdimensional interactions. And here he is fighting like crazy for
this beloved ranch, trying to protect himself and his wife
who are being abducted. They even believe that their experiments
being done with their private parts. And you know, these
things are running around hissing like snakes. These grays and

he's happy that he can at least kill them with
the sword, but he's stunned when he finally chops the
head off of one and the body does not vanish. Okay,
this is this is a game changer. So he takes

the body and the head and he packs them up
and he puts them in this big freezer. And now
he's saying, this is my opportunity to do something to
prove what's happening here. And I don't know if he'd
been telling a lot of people about this what was
happening to him or not. So he's tried to figure

out what do I do? What do I do? And
he said, you know, you might think if you had
a dead alien, that you would just call the news
or call the cops and go out and tell the
whole world. But he says, that's not the way it
is that honestly, right off the bat, you think, is
it possible that somehow, some way what I've done here
is illegal? Because you didn't want to mean, you never know,
you might get into some kind of trouble for during this. Secondly,

he says, I don't want the entire world to dec
end on my property tomorrow. That's become a huge circus.
You know what, how do you handle something like this?
He was clueless, He even wasn't he thought about maybe
even you know, destroying it. But apparently he back in

his days when he was working with you know, like
corrections officers of people like that, he ended up working
on some cases and he met this guy who became
a good friend, who was high up in the military somewhere,
and this retired military man was was trusted, and so
John Edmonds. And by the way, I should have done

this to begin with. But if you ever look this up,
Edmunds is spelled well, John is spelled j O h
N and Edmunds is spelled e D M O N
d S. John Edmonds calls up this military guy, and
the military guy somehow says, well, here's this scientist that
you can send this stuff to. And I think he's
he's the man. His name is doctor W. C. Levin Gooode.

And Levin goood had been around for many, many years.
He was already an old man. He was up in
his eighties, I think. And he said, and I'd seen
actually Levin Wood's work. He'd done a lot of work
on crop circles, and even though he had a lot
of credibility, he was very open minded to strange and
metaphysical things. So John decided to send some of the

body to this scientist, Levin Goood, and he goes to
the freezer and guess what, the body has vanished. So
even they still apparently vanish even if you cut their
head off, but it just takes a little longer. And
he says he's not sure if they come back and
collect the dead or what. But he still had some

tissue left over. As a matter of fact, there's a
picture of his samurai sword with kind of like a
pool of blood. So he gets some of these tissue
samples and he sends them to doctor Levin Goood, and
Levin Goood studies them and sends back this big report
and says, I've never seen anything exactly like this, except

maybe around animal mutilation sites. He goes to paraphrase and
this is a very long detailed report, but he basically
says that these these molecules from this tissue, it almost
looks like an animal plant hybrid, doesn't It doesn't quite
look like any life form here on Earth. It's a

mix of these things. And this is very exciting, and
so they're going to continue pursuing this and then all
of a sudden, Leven Goood dies. Now from what I know,
from what I've heard, it was just natural causes. Like
I say, he was an old man. Well, what happened
to all these tissue samples and stuff? Well, apparently his

wife had access to them. And then right after that,
Levin Good's wife died and they ask well what happened
to her? And somebody said, oh, she slipped and fell
or something very general like that. Yes, here we go
down the road of conspiracy. Is somebody trying to cover
this up? Or are or some truths just not allowed

to be exposed by Mother Nature because the universe doesn't
want them exposed? Or is this just all too convenient
and it's just a bunch of boloney to cover up
a baloney story. Well regardless, after all this happens, John

Edmunds he decides that he look, he's got to just
tell the world about this and see if what needs
to be done. He gets frustrated. He ends up going
on ghost adventures, which is really weird. You know, I've
been on ghost adventures a number of times. I've worked
with Zach Began's on a lot of different projects over
the years on the Travel Channel, Paranormal Paparazzi and Paranormal Challenge,

as well as Dave Schrader and Dave Schrader was on
this episode of Ghost Adventures. It came out on July
thirtieth of twenty sixteen. The episode was called Stardust Ranch.
And on my TV, if I go to Discovery Plus,
that is my Roku Discovery Plus, it's listed as season fifteen,

episode three. I think if you go to different places platforms,
that might be slightly different, but it should be somewhere.
I think in season fifteen Stardust Ranch. And in this
in this show, well, the guy John Edmonds is there
with Zach Begans. He takes out the Samurai sword. I

have all these screen captures of the two of them
holding this sword and John is talking about, you know,
killing this thing. I'm actually looking at pictures of them
right now holding the sword. I have this picture also
of the sword and a pile of blood or some
other kind of fluid. And then at one point in

the show, like Dave Schrader goes out by himself into
the desert at night and tries to see if anything happens,
and you know, they captured a lot of weird, creepy stuff,
but you know, nobody got like abducted or anything, and
they didn't you know, they didn't capture a video of
a grape. Well after that, John he started coming out

and talking more and more about this. He would go
on radio shows, podcasts, and I don't know, honestly, if
he was actually out there trying to make money from
this story. I just don't know. But I do know
that finally he put his ranch up for sale and
they just had to get out of there. Put it
up for I think it might have been somewhere in

the neighborhood of five million dollars and nobody ever bought it,
and I wonder, why would you want to live there?
I don't think I would buy it. And then it
is my understanding that he died February of twenty twenty two.

And I don't know how old he was, but I
think he might have been like in his early sixties
or something like that. And then apparently from what I
was told by Nathan and Angel, after that, like I say,
his wife, who never wanted her face to be shown,
who never wanted to be identified with this stuff, and
it's I've heard through the grapevine that she may actually

have some law enforcement connections that she was sort of
worried about being connected with this. She just walked out
and left everything, which is weird because when they found
the place, it almost looked like the same thing had
happened with the last folks who owned it, that they
had just walked out and left everything, And that apparently
is what she did. And as I speak, I'm looking

at Zillow and this property, this ranch is listed on
Zillo for sale for one point three million dollars, And
I was wondering, like, what are the real estate disclosure
laws at Arizona regarding stigmatized property, you know, because I
did a show about that episode one forty five Stigmatized

Properties the Facts, and I looked it up and it
says here for Arizona, UH, under the Arizona Stigmatized Property law,
a seller, a landlord, and any real estate agent are
not required to disclose that a natural death, a suicide,
or a homicide occurred in the home. So anyway, I

said to Nathan an Angel, can you send me any
of this kind of DNA stuff that you know I
could have tested. And this is when Nathan and Angel
blow my mind. Nathan says, oh, I uh, I've I've
got the sword. Uh exqueeze me. He says, yeah, I've

I got the sword from the house. You know, this
is apparently the sword that he was killing aliens with.
And I said, could you like swab it and send
me some samples of it? And he said, he's such
a supporter of the show. He and Angel are such
supporters and fans of the show. He says, look, I

will gift this thing to you because you know how
to do something with it. You know it'll be significant.
I'll send it to you. And I said, oh my,
uh yeah, please, let's make this happen. Well, guess what
I got in the mill three days ago. I received

the sword in the mill and I'm holding it in
my hands right now. And when we come back, I'm
going to tell you what happens next. I'm Joshua P.

Speaker 3 (38:59):

Speaker 1 (38:59):
Your list need to strange things on the iHeartRadio and
Coast to Coast dam Paranormal Podcast Network, and I will
be right back. Don't go anywhere. There's more strange things
coming right up.

Speaker 3 (39:21):
My name is Mark Rawlins, president of Paranormal Day dot Com.
Over five years ago, George Nori approached me with a
unique concept, a dating site for people searching for someone
with interest in UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal.
From that, Paranormal Day dot Com was born. It's a
unique site for unique people and it's free to join

to look around. If you want to upgrade and enjoy
more of our great features, use promo code George for
a great discount. So check it out. You got nothing
to lose Paranormal Day dot com.

Speaker 1 (39:56):
Hey everyone, it's producer Tom of Coast to Coast Dam
and more of the Wizard of Weird starts right now.

Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua pe Warren,
and yes I am holding it in my hands when
I went to FedEx and picked us up. Let me

just tell you talk about a kid on Christmas morning.
But here's the thing. I got this back to my house.
I took out this sword and this man, John Edmond

said that he killed eighteen or nineteen aliens using a sword.
And I took out this sword and I looked at it,
and I said, you know what, this doesn't look like
the same sword that was on TV. And so I
got the screenshots of him holding the sword and Zach

Began's holding the sword, and this is not the same sword.
I mentioned. I collect samurai swords, and the one that
he has on TV, and the one that he showed
in one of the pictures online was a very traditional

looking katana with the typical sort of black and white
wrapped handle and a very certain looking guard, and the
blade had that slight curve to it. This is very similar.
This is definitely designed to be a katana, but it

is a lightweight wooden handle, there's no wrapping on it.
The guard is very different. It looks it's looks like
it's made of brass or something like that. It's a
very brass colored, brassy colored metal, and it has some
flourish and then the blade is much straighter than a

typical katana. So I thought, well, this is really odd
that this is not the same sword. And yet I'm
looking at this sword and it's got all these weird,
nasty stains and and spots all over it that really
do look like some kind of blood or tissue or

something like. And I contacted Nathan and Angel and I said,
if you look at these pictures of the sword that
he was holding, this is a different sword. And they
were like, oh wow, man, that's you know, I can't
believe that. We thought we had the smoking gun. And
I go, but wait, you know, this could be good
because this guy was scared to death of these things,

and he was stashing weapons all around his house, and
the one that he showed on TV was being handled
by other people. It's probably the one that he took
rubbings off of that he may have sent to the doctor.
This may be even better because this has not been touched.

I mean, I can look at this blade and it
does not look like any anybody has wiped on it,
or there is one little section where it looks like
a scraping may have been taken. And this is at
a thirty five inch long sword from top to bottom.

It's very well balanced. It feels good in my hands.
And by the way, you know, I keep this compass
on my desk here that I bought years ago when
I was in Transylvania in Romania, and when I lower
this blade down near my Transylvanian compass, it just goes bonkers.

It's the compass goes bonkers. It's so cool. I know,
that's you know, that's probably just because it's a big metal,
you know, big piece of metal, but it just it's
just such a cool thing when I lower this sword
to see that compass just go crazy. So I'm holding
in my hands this sword that was obviously used, like

I say, with spots and stains and god knows what
kind of little rust like tissues. I see fingerprints on it.
There's a lot on this blade. Okay, I'm holding this
in my hands, and I am going to do everything
in my power to have this properly tested. And I'm

going to start by talking to some of my contacts
at the University of Nevada Las Vegas UNLV and then
take it from there and figure out like the best
way to have this sword tested, because this may actually
be the real smoking gun, because this is not the

one that was handled by Hollywood, but he obviously was
cutting up something with this, and this is now one
of the most weird and potentially amazing items that I have,
and who knows what is going to be revealed. At

some point I will post pictures of this sword, maybe
even a video and that kind of thing online for you.
When I'm ready to give my complete report and kind
of tell you what the outcome of this, whether it's
something earth shattering or not, I will give you the report.
And I don't know how long this is going to
take to get this properly done. I don't know how

much it's going to cost, but that's okay. I'm going
to do it. And I just you know, I can't
thank obviously Nathan and Angel enough for being you know,
my kind of people saying like, look, if you can
do something with this thing here, it's yours, it's a gift,

go take it. Let's see what you can find out.
And I believe this is such a great opportunity that, look,
we may determine that there's nothing here of it's extraterrestrial extraordinary,
and if so, that's fine, But what if there is

DNA on here from a gray what is that gonna
mean for the world. You have to stay tuned. And
I was thinking, you know, if I actually if I
killed an alien, I don't even think I don't have
a freezer big enough to put the alien in. I

guess I could cut him up in little pieces. I
was talking to Lauren the other day about our dog,
our Chihuahua, Dolly, and you know how sometimes people they'll
cry o freeze their dog so they can put it
on the shelf, you know, after it's dead. And I
said to Lauren, I said, you know, Lauren, I think
we should cry o freeze Dolly before she dies so

she looks more life like. Now now, is the process
going to kill her? Of course it is. I mean
she'll freeze to death in an instant. But it's a
lot like what happened to Han's solo and the Empire
strikes back, except well he survived, and well obviously you

know Dolly's not going to But you know, that's just
a bitter pill. And look, I'm joking, everybody, I'm joking.
Please don't email me. That is a joke. Of course,
I'm not gonna freeze my dog. That's ridiculous. It's like
one time they told me and Lauren our dog was
too heavy for the airplane, and I said, hold on

a second, will cut her legs off, all right, that's
ridiculous humor. I grew up hearing jokes like you know
what's red and green and goes around and around a
frog and a blender. That's western North Carolina blue rich
mountain humor. That's how I was raised. And trust me,
it gets a lot worse than that. But no, seriously, gosh,

what if you could kill one of these grays and
cryo freeze it. Would that make a difference? Would that
prevent it from vanishing? Or is there some other technique?
And this is the thing that also, I mean, John
Edmonds was talking about if these are beings that are

not necessarily one hundred percent here and they're not one
hundred percent and another dimension, well then how does that
affect the body when it dies? And again it sounds
very convenient to say, all right, well the guy says
he's killed eighteen or nineteen of these things, and yet
you know, we don't have the body or even a

picture of a body that I know of. Is that
what happens to a lot of these creatures like Bigfoot
and these other beings that die. And by the way,
I was I was told by Nathan that in the
house when they went in there to do the repossession,
and they had to go through everything that all the

cameras he had camp quarters there, but all the tapes
were gone, All the computers were white clean, all the
stuff was in the house, but no imatry. All of
that stuff was gone. So what's going to happen with
this sword and my data? You, my friends, will be

the first to know because you listened to this show
called Strange Things. So once again, that book if you
want to read all about this on Amazon, it's called
Stardust Ranch The Incredible True Story. Thank you Nathan, Thank
you Angel. I'm still in shock. So now, however, we've
talked about some pretty twisted and weird stuff. Shall we,

as usual relax and let's end the show on a
very positive and uplifting note. If you can close your eyes,
take a deep breath, let us all meditate together on
the one the only original good Fortune tone. That's it

for this edition of the show. Follow me on Twitter
at Joshua P. Warren. Plus visit Joshua Pwarren dot com
to sign up for my free e newsletter to receive
a free instant gift, and check out the cool stuff
in the Curiosity Shop all at Joshuapwarren dot com. I
have a fun one lined up for you next time,

I promise. So please tell all your friends to subscribe
to this show and to always remember the Golden Rule.
Thank you for listening, thank you for your interest in support,
thank you for staying curious, and I will talk to
you again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (52:30):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
till you hear the next one. Thank you for listening
to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
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