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April 26, 2024 52 mins

The Wizard brings us knowledge on crystals, minerals, and more in this week's episode.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Welcome to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM paranormal
podcast network. Now get ready for us Strange Things with
Joshua P.

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Speaker 4 (00:56):
Ready to be amazed by the wizard of weird. It
is Strange Things with Joshua Warren.

Speaker 1 (01:09):
I am Joshua with b Warren, and each week on
this show, I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news, exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more. On this edition of the show, The Amazing
Crystal Shaman Miracle Grid. This is a special podcast because

I have created something that is now a permanent part
of my daily routine, and I've been so impressed that
I've been dying to tell you about it for a
long time. But now I'm finally ready. This has to
do with my recent trip to Spirit Mountain, Nevada. I
talked about that in episode one eighty one of this

podcast called Strange Things, and that episode was titled Visiting
Spirit Mountain and High Speed UFOs. So if you haven't
heard that, go back and listen to episode one eighty one. Now,
I know that crystals have been used for what scientists
call pseudo scientific purposes for many years, and yet I

think we can all agree if there is something truly
magical about crystals. I mean, do you marvel at our
current technology? Well, you've heard of Silicon Valley in California
where our modern tech exploded, right, And what do you

think silicon is? It's a crystal? And hey, you know
what if you if you want to get a jump
on everybody else listening right now, go to my new site,
crystalgridpower dot com. That's crystalgridpower dot com. I'm going to
tell you more about that, of course soon. And before

I continue, you know, you hear all the time about
gym and mineral shops that do you actually know the
difference between a gym and a mineral? Most people don't.
It is my understanding that when a mineral is regarded
as rare and exceptionally beautiful. We refer to that example

of that mineral as a gemstone. So for instance, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire.
In fact, say, like ruby and sapphire both come from
the same mineral, which is called corundum. So all minerals
can be gemstones, but not all gemstones can be minerals,

because there are exceptions, like, for example, amber is a gemstone,
but that is that was once tree sap or pearls
can be gemstones, but pearls come from oysters. So usually
a gemstone is a great example of a mineral, but

not always. So now you kind of know what the
relationship is. All right, Well, let's let's look a little
more deeply before we continue here with Okay, what exactly
is a mineral? You hear about how you know, what
does a mineral even mean? Well, in geology and mineralogy,
a mineral is broadly speaking, a solid substance with the

fairly well defined chemical composition and a specific crystal structure
that occurs naturally in pure form. All right, So a
mineral has a crystal structure, fine, what does that mean?

Speaker 2 (04:56):
All right?

Speaker 1 (04:57):
Well, a crystal is a so solid material whose constituents
such as atoms or molecules or ions, are arranged in
a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that
extends in all directions. You've seen the pictures, you know

what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a highly organized
natural shape. It cruly is sort of miraculous how that
crystals form into these beautiful designs over millions and billions
of years. And when it comes to these special properties

that crystals have, there are lots of them, some of
the most famous, of course. Well one of them is
the Pizo electric effect, meaning that when you apply pressure
to a crystal, it produces electricity, and if you apply
like tricity to a crystal, the crystal vibrates. I think

this has something to do with a lot of the
amazing earth lights we see at places like Brown Mountain,
where we have the Brown Mountain lights. There's a lot
of quartz crystal there and other crystals, and you've got
some fault lines around there. You have these powerful winds
that go blowing through and it kind of makes the
mountain resonate, which produces electricity, which probably gives life to

some of these plasmas like ball lightning and such, so
you have all this weird stuff there. There's a whole
section of study devoted to crystal optics, where you know,
you could look at some crystals and see a double
image that appears. Crystals are used in so many different
weird ways to create technologies X ray diffractions and so on,

that they're truly unique. Can I could just do a
whole show on nothing but the weird qualities of crystals
and to just demonstrate how bizarre they get. And this
is a bit of a side note, but I figure,
what the heck, I'll bring it up. Have you heard
of a time crystal? This is one of those things

that is so bizarre. I don't you know. I can't
even really fully understand it. I've been reading about time
crystals for a while and here's the best I can
come up with to explain to you what we're talking about.
It's a quantum construct. And well, here's an article that
came out a couple of years ago. I found by

the Science News department of NBC News, what a time
crystals and why are they so weird? And at the
subheading here, physicists and Finland are the latest scientists to
create time crystals a new phase of matter that have
some truly strange properties. And it starts by saying that

these time crystals, a newly discovered phase of matter that
exists only at tiny atomic scales and extremely low temperatures,
seems to challenge a fundamental law of nature, the prohibition
against perpetual motion. And here listen to this paragraph. The

particles in a time crystal exist in one of two
different low energy states depending on just when you look
at them. That is, their position in time that results
in a regular oscillation that continues forever, a true type
of perpetual motion. If you did not understand exactly what

that means, don't worry. It's quantum stuff. It's Schrodinger's cat
Heisenberg uncertainty principle kind of stuff. But basically they're talking
about this thing that can be called a crystal that
is constantly vibrating and it appears to be something that's
like perpetual mode. And look, I'm not going to again

try to pretend I can explain exactly how this works,
but it's almost like it's reached a state of energy
where it's just sitting there resonating with the universe. Itself
and that's because it's resonating in space and time. Okay,
just another example for you of how bizarre crystals are. Okay,
crystals are magical. They have a memory. I mean, this

is what data storage is. And it kind of reminds me.
I think there's a similarity between the structure of crystals
and the design of DNA. And you know, in fact,
I was reading the other day, and I've talked about
this before, the idea that DNA is a type of
code coding like computer coding, has been switched from computers

to DNA and vice versa, uploaded and downloaded. According to
researcher Billy Carson, look up doctor George Church. He was
a guy. He was able to download and upload a
book he wrote seventy billion times to a tiny portion
of DNA, even through Wi Fi. And another scientist, doctor
Bruce Lipton of Stanford Medical School, has been also trying

to program DNA for various medical purposes. And I think
it's interesting that that may be why that something in
our DNA resonates with crystals. By the way, here's a
little factoy for you. How many miles of DNA do
you think is in the human body. Apparently. Let's see,

each person has around sixty trillion feet or ten billion
miles of DNA inside of them. The Earth is about
ninety three million miles away from the Sun, so your
DNA could stretch to the Sun and back sixty one times.
This is one person's DNA. And you know you programmed

this DNA with words and thoughts. That's part of genetic tuning,
tuning your own genes like guitar strings. And I think
there's a connection between what goes on within our mind
and how energy is stored there and data is stored there,
and what happens inside these crystals. Are we getting weird

enough for you yet? Well, okay, when we come back
from this break, I'm going to tell you about how
all of this applies to planet Earth and your relationship
to Planet Earth, and why that I took some crystals
to Spirit Mountain and I charged them and then I

built something. I created something with those crystals, and I'm
going to explain to you what I created and a
lot more. Boy, it's one of those shows that's going
to right by. And you know what, I have so
many amazing projects coming up the rest of this year.
I'm even going to be giving away some random free
stuff to people all over the world. But you know what,

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Don't go anywhere. There's more strange things coming right up.

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H Hey the Coast to Coast channel.

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Go to Coast to Coast AAM dot com for more information. Hi,
this is George Norri and you're listening to the new
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let's get back to strange Things with Joshua P.

Speaker 4 (13:33):
Warren mm HM.

Speaker 1 (14:02):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Parinormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren, beaming into your
worm whole brain from my studio in Send City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver

agietatos zume. And don't forget, your body is not only
filled with this amazingly designed code called DNA, but your
body is also full of minerals magnesium, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc.

I mean, the list goes on and on, and those
are are all crystalline structures.

Speaker 2 (15:04):
And so.

Speaker 1 (15:06):
You are made of crystals and code, and that means
that you are in sympathetic resonance with other crystals and
minerals out there. Sympathetic resonance is something I've talked about
a lot, for example, in my book Use the Force.
How that basically the best example is maybe if you go, well,

if you take a tuning fork, let's say it's in
the key of C, and you strike it on a
table and he goes ooh, And then you take another
tuning fork and the key of C and you just
bring it near it, it will also start resonating even
though you haven't struck it. It's pure broadcasting. You have

two pianos in a room, A guy goes in, he
bangs the chord on one piano. The second piano, we'll
start playing that court even though he never goes near it.
That's basic broadcasting. It's sympathetic resonance. That's how your relationship
with the universe is formed. That is what ultimately ends
up being expressed in some form of karma. Then everything

that goes back activates some type of a reaction that
is comparable. All right, so you are in sympathetic residence
with all of these crystals of the Earth, and crystals
have absolutely astounding memory. You know. I remember reading this

article in Scientific American from twenty thirteen. I went back
and dug it up. The headline is data saved in
quartz glass might last three hundred million years. Silled in
quarts information might be retained as long as three hundred
million years. This is by Timothy Horniac published January first,

twenty thirteen, and he said Hitachi recently announced it has
developed a medium that can outlast not only this old score,
old school format, but also CDs, DVDs, hard drives, MP
three's semi perpetual slivers of quartz glass that can preserve

information for hundreds of millions of years with virtually no degradation.
We're talking about a tiny sliver here. They say, this
piece of quartz is two centimeters wide and two millimeters thick,
and they've used a laser to code this thing, and

it says, I mean, not only is the amount of
information that it can store unbelievable, but also it was
undamaged when exposed to one thousand degree heat for two
hours in a test. That's how arrible this is. And
scientists are now creating some version of this called five

D optical data storage, where they are using fuse quartz
and again the laser here to I mean, you're talking
about a tiny sliver can hold three hundred and sixty
terabytes worth of data for billions of years. So it

makes you wonder, doesn't it about like the stories regarding
crystal skulls and all that you know, is there some
information in a crystal skull and some of us can
resonate with it and pick it up. Well, you are
a part of this planet. You are a living thing,
and you're full of code, and you're full of minerals

and crystals, and so is this planet. And our planet
literally seems to be a living thing, especially when you
compare it to the other planets in our Solar system.
They look very dead by comparison to our planet, don't
you think. And that's why that some places provide more

life force, more bio energy for you. That's why sometimes
I have to get out of the desert and go
to the ocean. And then there are times for the
oceans too much and it's nice to go back into
the dry desert. You got to balance it out a
little bit. But let's talk for a second about this
power that we find on planet Earth. There's a book

that some of you might find very interesting called The
Giza power Plant Technologies of Ancient Egypt, written by Christopher Dunn.
I have a copy in my hands right now, and
let's see when was this published nineteen ninety eight, so
it's been around for a while. And basically he's talking

about how the pyramids may have tapped into Earth's vibrational energy,
and he's got all kinds of thoughts on that. But
here's one section that I thought was kind of interesting.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
Let's see at least one, all right.

Speaker 1 (20:21):
He says, there has been much discussion of late about
the increasing frequency of the pulse of the Earth. There
are speculations that the primary mode frequency appears to be
gradually shifting higher, which therefore lends support to the belief
that we are in for some significant Earth changes known

as these Schumann residents, after a German physicist Wo Schumann,
who predicted the phenomenon between nineteen fifty two and fifty seven.
These fundamental vibrations are the result of the electrical activity
between the Earth and its upper atmospheric layers, collectively known
as an electromagnetic cavity. The elements that make up make

it up are the Earth, the ionnisphere of the troposphere,
the magnetosphere. And he talks about some of the frequencies
seven point eighty three hurts. There are other frequencies that
are overlaying fourteen, twenty, twenty six, thirty two, thirty seven.
And he talks about how that these little frequencies at

certain places can resonate at a certain rate that reinforce
each other to cause big changes. And he says, you know,
of course, you know, Tesla always talked about the power
of vibration and how that was the key to everything,
and he says here in this book. One example of
the potentially destructive force of resonance is the instruction for

soldiers to break step when marking when marching across the bridge.
So each step of an individual soldier acts as a
force on the bridge. If the rest of the company
joins this soldier in marching and unison across the bridge,
the energy provided by that one step is amplified many

times over, and the bridge will vibrate and timed the march.
The pounding foot on the bridge is known as the
forcing frequency. If the frequency of the marching feet happens
to coincide with the natural frequency at which the bridge resonates,
the absorption of energy will be maximized and the vibration

of the bridge will become much greater, and it could
potentially cause the bridge to collapse. This is the power
of vibration. And this whole earth is vibrating. But there
are some places that vibrate at at a different rate.
Some are higher, some are lower. You can fill it.

What do you resonate with? That's the Giza power Plant.
That's the name of that book. Christopher Dunn. Well, there's
another book here that I started reading that I thought
was pretty fascinating that ties into all this. It's called
Crystal Grids, How and Why They work? A science based

yet practical guide written by Hibiscus Moon, and she is
considered one of the great authorities on crystals. What is
a crystal grid? She writes here, She says, now, listen

to this. A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of
energetically aligned stones, charged by intention, set in a sacred
space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective. So,
in other words, what she's saying is, if you go

out and you find some crystals that feel good to you,
and you organize them into some kind of a pattern.
Let's say you take out a glass plate and you
just organize these crystals in a geometric pattern, and then

you take those crystals to a place that has sacred
energy and you focus on them and you saturate them
with an intention. Then this crystal grid somehow records that

intention and maybe used to help you manifest this thing.
It's almost like you can take a piece of that
sacred intention with you that you have stored in this.
It's kind of like stopping by the river to fill
up your canteen with water, so that when you're in

the desert, you're not near the river anymore, but you
still have some water. When we come back from this break,
I'm going to tell you more about crystal grids and
then what I did. I took some crystals to Spirit Mountain.
You can probably tell where this is going, and this

is some really powerful stuff and that's why I'm so
excited to be sharing it with you. If you're bored
during the break, like I say, just go on check
out Crystal grid power dot com. I'm Joshua pe Warren.
You're listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast

to Coast I am Paranormal Podcast Network, and I will
be back after these important messages.

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Speaker 1 (27:21):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and this is the show where the unusual becomes usual.
I'm talking about crystal grids. You know, in the same

way that a frequency can shatter a wine glass, a
frequency can also resonate with your cells and spirit in
order to create a positive, powerful manifestation aur around you.

In this book Crystal Grids, How and Why They Work
by Hibiscus Moon, she goes on to talk about the
energy field of a grid and actually, first off, she says,
here's the section on crop grids. She says, although they
don't involve crystals per se. Crop formations or grids, also

commonly known as crop circles, even though they're not always
in circles, may also be geometric patterns of energetically aligned
formations charged by intention, set in sacred space, and may
have a connection to crystal grids in how they work.
I think we can all see that connection. And then

she says, whether we are speaking about crop grids, world
piece grids, or traditional crystal grids. Some scientists have noted
that a three dimensional energy radius exists around all objects
or beings. This energy field can be described as a
trus or a virtual doughnut of energy surrounding the object.

This energy field corresponds to the objects or beings e.
Mf aka aura. The field size is dependent upon the
size and molecular makeup, etc.

Speaker 2 (29:28):

Speaker 1 (29:29):
So I guess you know she's talking about this connection
between crystals and designs and sacred geometry and even these
cosmic things we find, these messages and crop circles. She
has a section on sacred geometry, referring to, as she says,

geometric structures holding a cosmic significance. Many ancient as well
as modern cultures adhere to sacred geometric forms and their
archet texture. Let's see here. Oh, and then she has
a whole section on how to set intention. One of
the first steps you must take before constructing your crystal

grid is to firmly decide what your precise intention is.
And she says, here's a list of some possible intentions,
but the sky's the limit. Prosperity and abundance, health and vitality,
compassion and love for others, romance, self love, mental clarity,
purification and protection, confidence boost new career climbing, the career ladder,

chakra balancing, mother Earth or world healing, relationships with the
angels or spirits, spiritual growth.

Speaker 2 (30:47):
Okay, So.

Speaker 1 (30:52):
I had been thinking a long time about this special
trip that I was going to take to Spirit Mountain, Nevada,
and I couldn't think of a better place to bring
some quartz crystals. And so I spent months collecting quartz crystals,
and I went through and hand picked the ones that

I really liked. I don't know how many I had
that I picked out. I mean, there were hundreds of them,
and I attained a metal altar and I would meditate
on these crystals every day, and so would Laren and

we would think about these crystals being energized with the
power to produce positive results for whoever owned them. And
so let's see what date was it. March the twelfth

of twenty twenty four. When I went to Spirit Mountain, Nevada.
I took this large altar of authentic quartz crystals with me. Again,
this is what I talked about in episode one eighty one,
but I didn't mention the quartz crystal thing. I wasn't
ready yet. Here's a little write up I did about this,

the Crystal Shaman Miracle Grid. I took these quartz crystals
afterward back to my workshop on Spirit Mountain. I prayed
over them, I meditated on them, and back in the workshop,
Lauren and I started turning them into these crystal grids,

which are these sort of palm shaped formations with it
looks like something out of Superman the movie, you know
when he said in the Fortress of Solitude. Here's what
I wrote. It can be used to quickly manifest whatever
you want, but it is only capable of manifesting good,

positive things. It is impossible to manifest anything bad with this.
So you can use it every day with no worries.
It's handmade in my workshop here in Nevada in the USA.
Let me explain to you why it's so beautiful and
special and how you use it now. Of course, Spirit

Mountain is a sacred place. I personally took these crystals
to Spirit Mountain. I personally conducted rituals praying for these
crystals to be charged with the ultimate positive manifestation power.
I have video footage of this. Amazingly, I found out

afterwards that a UFO flew overhead while I was doing this,
and I captured that UFO and slow motion using high
speed photography at one thousand frames per second. That went
on to make international news. By the way, So these
charge crystals were brought back to my workshop in Vegas

and painstakingly hand crafted one by one into a crystal
shaman miracle grid. Each one is unique, no two are like,
and in the tradition of sacred geometry, a crystal grid
is a pattern of these energetically aligned stones charged with

intention in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting
a pure objective. I have been using my personal crystal
miracle shaman grid every single day to quickly manifest everything
you can imagine, and let me just pause here to say, look,
I'm just like you. You know, I have personal problems,

whether it has to do with money or health, or
relationships or you know other people. If I'm a doin fine,
there's a friend who's suffering, there's a relative who's suffering.
And I now take my crystal pyramid, excuse me, my
crystal shaman miracle grid, which kind of looks similar to

a form of a pyramid, and I will put it.
I'll put it on top of my wishing machine after
I make a wish, or often I will just use
it by itself and as long as what you want

is good and positives. I mean, you can simply write
your wish on a piece of paper and just place
it on top of this thing and just say thank you,
and just leave it there and see how quickly your
wish comes true. Or you can write it on a
piece of paper and put it beneath it, just set
the crystal grid on top of it. You can use
it over and over the rest of your life. You

can use it for yourself or your friends, your loved ones.
But there are even more basic ways that I found
to use it. You know, you can just hold it
in your hands and just speak what you want to
manifest out loud, or you can keep it in a
sacred place in your home and then just stare across
the room and mentally project what you wish into it.

And so we made a small set of these from
just whatever I could take up there to Spirit Mountain.
Each one will come with instructions signed by me. I
will personally sign them so you know you're getting the
real thing is you're handmade from my workshop. Of course,

it's a small batch, and when they're gone, they are gone.
And also this is really cool right now. If you
get one of these, it's also going to come with
the free bonus gift that you'll get instantly. Okay, so

you have to go to the site and read all
about it. But look, here's the thing. The moment you
get one of these, you're going to fill a shift
in the force. When you hold it in your hands,
you will feel the energy. This is extremely rare and
so if you want, I mean, look, even if you
don't want to get one of these things, just go

look at it. Just go learn about it, all right.
Go to crystalgridpower dot com Crystal Gridpower dot com and
like I say, I don't have many. When they're gone,
they're gone. Maybe in the future I'll go back to
Spirit Mountain and I'll bring some more with me and
charge them again. But that is certainly I mean, it

took me. It took me two years to get up
to Spirit Mountain to begin with. And this crystal shaman
miracle grid is I actually have let's see one, two.
I have four of them that I'm now using. I
sleep next to one. I don't want to tell you

how I use mind because it's a very personal thing
when you make a personal wish and you're trying to
manifest things that way. But I incorporate it into every
single manifestation ritual that I do now. And even if
you don't get one of these that I brought to
Spirit Mountain and all that that, look, I hope I've

taught you something here that you find so interesting. You'll
be able to take this knowledge and you'll be able
to create something for yourself using this. But you know,
I'm talking about the power of crystals, how they seem
to record time, how they store data, how they have

a memory, how they have a personality. And when we
come back from this s break. I've talked before about
time cameras. Can you imagine that a camera that you
can use the photograph things that happened in the past.
I'm Joshua P.

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Speaker 1 (39:03):
You're listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal podcast network. I will be right back.

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There's more Strange Things coming right up.

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Hey everyone, it's producer Tom of Coast to Coast AM
and more of the Wizard of Weird starts right now.

Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things of the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren.
And if you are a poor speller, well, crystal is
spelled c R y s t A L.

Speaker 4 (40:57):

Speaker 1 (40:58):
Just look at this thing, Crystal gridpower dot com. Just
how much memory can be stored in a crystal? And
how do you resonate with it? You know, that's one
of the key components of the wishing machine. The wishing

machine is full of very special crystals, and that is reminiscent. Well,
that reminds me. That reminds me of inquiries that I
get sometimes about what's called the time camera. You know.
Speaking of time, my friend Jason Sarachi, the UFO videographer,

He's always asking me to go out to the Vegas
Time Warp with him, and I just I'm so busy.
I just don't have the time to do it. I
haven't been there in quite a while. But if you're
ever interested in going out for an evening with Jason
to the time Warp or similar places in the Vegas

area with night vision, you can just shoot me an email.
Go to Joshwapeewarren dot com. You'll find my email address
there and you can email me and I'll send it
on to Jason. But I did an episode of this
podcast Strange Things. It was show thirty four that's been
a while a while back, and it was called the
Last Werewolf and time Travel cameras two different subjects.

Speaker 5 (42:35):

Speaker 1 (42:35):
It wasn't like you got a time camera and went
back to see a werewolf. No, those were It was
like chapter one, chapter two. But you know, the whole
thing was about this true story, supposedly true story, a
true claim at least about this man who was he

was a priest at the Vatican who and I don't
recall all the details, but he claimed that he somehow
created a time camera, which literally is a camera that
he could use in order to view scenes from human
history as they actually occurred, like of course, the crucifixion

of Jesus, or some of the stuff that the Roman
emperors did, or even you know, things that were a
little more recent, like some of Napoleon's battles. You have
to go listen to episode thirty four to understand. But
I do get emails from time to time from people
who ask me if it is possible to build something

like that, and I guess it is. But look, honestly,
I have never tried to do that, and it's just
because again I don't have enough hours in the day.
Pretty soon I am going to be doing a whole
new slew of experiments and I would like to add
this in there. But let me just tell you, if

you're interested in trying out a time camera and you
have a wishing machine, here's kind of the technique that
you might want to use. Because there are these obscure
anecdotes out there about people who claim they've done this,
Like one guy said he took his wishing machine, turned
it into a time camera and he was able to
get a picture of his wedding. So I think that

what you would basically do if you had a wishing
machine and you wanted to attempt this, you'd need some
pretty raw photographic skills or experience, I would imagine, and
I would say, what you'd want to do is take
the whole setup into something like a dark room, and

you would put an undeveloped piece of film on the
output plate of your wishing machine, and then on the
input plate you would represent as vividly as possible the
date and time and place, and a description of what

you want to see. Now, I understand that when you
do that, you may just be manifesting something from your
mind that develops on the film. That's still pretty cool.
But what if it's not that, I mean, like, what
if it's something you don't know about. That would be
how you would test it. You would go back and
you would say, Okay, I want to see what happened

on this date at this time, something historic perhaps that
you don't know that much about, and then you could
verify it that way. I don't know, I'm just tossing
this out here because I would like to think. I mean,
so many people listen to the show, so many of
you have wishing machines. And if you don't know what
a wishing machine is, if you're new to the show,

if you go to my curiosity shop on my website,
you can you'll find all about You'll find out all
about wishing machines. That's what I would do. Put an
undeveloped piece of film you might even be able to
go get like some old polaroid type film that's undeveloped,
and put that on the output plate and try to
represent what you want to capture on the input plate

and just tune the machine and leave it there in
the dark room for a few days, and then develop
it just like you would any other piece of film
and see what happens. And if stuff like that sounds
just too crazy, just too insane to you, you have
to understand that. You know, it's very difficult sometimes for

me to even do this podcast because I'm reading all
of this breaking news about science and technology, and some
of it just sounds like it comes straight out of
the Marvel universe. I mean, have you ever heard of
an X point? These are portals that are hidden in
Earth's magnetic field. Now that sounds like some kind wacko

stuff that a crazy guy like me with the podcast
would say. But no, I'm telling you. I'm looking right
now at an article about this from phizz dot org.
This is physics dot org. Okay, there's even a NASA
page about this hidden portals in Earth's magnetic field. It says,
A favorite theme of science fiction is the portal, an

extraordinary opening in a space or time that connects travelers
to distant realms. A good portal is a shortcut, a guide,
a door into the unknown, if only it actually existed, Well,
it turns out they do sort of, and a NASA
funded researcher at the University of Iowa has figured out
how to find them. Quote we call them X points

or electron diffusion regions, explains plasma physicist Jack Scudder of
the University of Iowa. Quote. They are places where the
magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of
the Sun, creating an uninterrupted and uninterrupted path leading from

our own planet to the Sun's atmosphere ninety three million
miles away. So observations by NASA's THEMIS spacecraft and Europe's
cluster probes suggest that these magnetic portals open and close
dozens of times each day. They're typically located a few

tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth, where the geomagnetic
field meets the on rushing solar. When most portals are
small and short lived, others are yawning. Vast and sustained.
Tons of energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating
Earth's upper atmosphere, sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras.

So what does this mean exactly? All right, Well, look
I don't know exactly, but go look this up. Okay,
one of the things about this show, it's a podcast.
I'm just telling you stuff to look into more deeply.
Look up X points. What they're saying is that there
are these places that have been discovered around Earth where

the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field
of the Sun, and somehow it creates a portal which
is an uninterrupted path that leads directly from our planet
to the Sun. Now, does that mean that you can
just zoom through that thing and travel to the Sun,

And does that mean that we're looking at a smaller
scale of similar things that are available all over the
universe that are like wormholes that connect everything together. All
I can tell you is this is real. Uh NASA
has again, they have a whole page about this on

their website X points. If you talked about some of
this stuff twenty thirty years ago, people would think this
was the wackiest stuff, like if Art Bell had been
bringing this up on Coast to coast am back of
the day's pseudoscience. But we're finding out that the universe

is just as mysterious and weird and complex as we
always thought it was in our science fiction. And so
whether that means teleportation or time cameras. It's all worth
looking into, and I do believe we're going to find
more and more that we have a resonance with this

earth and that we are part of this living creature. Now,
let us take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the
good fortune.

Speaker 2 (51:05):

Speaker 1 (51:28):
That's it for this edition of the show. Follow me
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I have a fun one lined up for you next time,
I promise, So please tell all your friends to subscribe
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Thank you for listening, Thank you for your interest and support.
Thank you for staying curious, and I will talk to
you again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal podcast network.

Speaker 3 (52:31):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
till you hear the next one. Thank you for listening
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