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May 17, 2024 53 mins

An amazing story of a man vanishing in 1880!!

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To be amazed by the Wizard of Weird Strange Thing
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I am Joshua P. Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the show. People who
have teleported and time travelers. I realized I kind of

have to address the time traveler thing as well if
I'm going to talk about teleportation. Years ago, when I
was a much younger man, I heard this story about
a fellow named David Lange. Have you heard this one? He?
It was said to be a farmer who lived near

this town called Gallatin, Tennessee, which is less than an
hour's drive north of Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee. And on September
the twenty third of eighteen eighty, he supposedly vanished into
thin air while walking through a field near his home.

His wife, children, and two men who were passing by
in a buggy all supposedly witnessed his disappearance. And there
was a book published in nineteen fifty nine called Stranger
than Fiction. The author, Frank Edwards, included this description. I'm

going to read this. It's like a couple of paragraphs,
but you know interesting. David Lang had not taken more
than a half a dozen steps when he disappeared in
full view of all those present. Missus Lang screamed. The children,
too startled to realize what had happened, stood mutely. Instinctively.

They all ran toward the spot where Lang had last
been seen a few seconds before Judge Peck and his companion,
the judges brother in law, scrambled out of their buggy
and raced across the field. The five of them arrived
on the spot of Lang's disappearance almost simultaneously. There was

not a tree, not a bush, not a hole to
mar the surface, and not a single clue to indicate
what had happened to David Lang. The grown ups searched
the field around and around and found nothing. Missus Lang
became hysterical and had to be led screaming into the house. Meanwhile,

neighbors had been alerted by the frantic ringing of a
huge bell that stood in the side yard, and they
spread the alarm. By nightfall, scores of people were on
the scene, many of them with lanterns, and they searched
every foot of the field in which Ling had last
been seen a few hours before. They stamped their feet

on the dry, hard sod and hope of detecting some
hole into which he may have fallen, but they found
they found none. David Lang was gone. He had vanished
in full view of his wife, his two children, and
the two men in the buggy. One second he was there,

walking across the sunlit field, and the next instant he
was gone. Eventually, the grass around where Lang had disappeared
turned yellow in a fifteen foot diameter circle, suggesting that
some form of energy had mysteriously transported him away, and

seven months later, his children were said to have heard
their father's voice faintly calling out for help as they
played near the spot of his disappearance, but eventually the
sound of his voice faded away. They never heard his
voice again. According to the website hoaxes dot org, a

lot of people think that this was just a made
up story. They say it is more likely that the
tale of David Lang was invented by the mystery novel
writer Stuart Palmer, and in July of nineteen fifty three,
Palmer published the earliest known account of the Lang story

in Fate magazine. Palmer claimed the tale had been told
to him by Sarah Lang, the daughter of David Lang,
but hoaxes dot org says in reality, Palmer probably lifted
the idea for the tell from a short story by
Ambrose Spears called The Difficulty of Crossing a Field. I
don't know what to believe. It was too long ago.

These are anecdotes, right, But I tell you one thing.
When I first came across that story, it sure did
remind me of what happened in my own family back
in the nineteen thirties. You've probably heard me talk about
this before. My great uncle Claude Calloway was, well, I'll

make it as brief as I can. I mean, he
was in the yard on a summer day in Barnardsville,
North Carolina, reading a copy of his favorite magazine. He
was actually kind of sitting on the steps of the porch.
The magazine was called Western Magazine, all Gunslinger tells, And
he was conversing through an open window with his father

named Jack. And Jack was in the kitchen of the house,
fixing lunch for the two of them, and they were
just talking back and forth. And when lunch was ready,
Jack went outside to serve Claude. And you know, there
was Claude's magazine on the porch, but no Claude. And

my great uncle Claude Calloy was never seen or heard
from again. It was like he had vanished mid sentence
in the blink of an eye. I've always just, you know,
obviously thought that those two stories seemed to resonate with
each other. And recently I did a podcast about the

life of Charles Fort, and Charles Fort coined this term teleportation.
Teleportation is a transfer of matter or energy from one
point to another without traversing the physical space between them,

and if you go to the etymology, says here. American
writer Charles Fort coined that word in nineteen thirty one.
He joined the Greek prefix telly, meaning remote, to the
root of the Latin verb porte reportar, meaning to carry,

and in his book called Low, which is l exclamation point.
Fort says, mostly in this book, I shall specialize upon
indications that there exists a transportory force that I shall
call teleportation. I shall be accused of having assembled lies, yarns, hoaxes,

and superstitions, and to some degree I think so myself,
to some degree I do not. I offer the data.
Pretty typical of Fort, he was always trying to cover
his behind by just saying like, maybe this is crazy. Yeah,
it's just a story. Just I'll give you the data,

you figure out what to do with it. And at
that time, in nineteen thirty one, you know, the idea
of teleportation seemed ridiculous, even though of course decades later
it would show up in TV shows like Star Trek.
But now we actually have achieved at least some version

of this. Quantum teleportation is a technique for transferring quantum
information from a sender at one location to a receiver
some distance away. And you know, I started reading this
article about quantum teleportation, and I thought maybe I would
try to get into this and and explain it. But

you know this is a podcast, and trust me, you
do not want to hear me try to get into
quantum teleportation. You can look that up on your own
if that's your cup of tea. But the point is information,
apparently it has been transferred from one point to another.

That this has been done scientifically in what appears to
be I don't know, maybe similar to that spooky action
at a distance that non locality and really matter and
energy are the same things. That's sort of what Einstein
was always trying to tell us, that matter converts to

energy and vice versa. So if we can do that
with energy and information, then why can't we do that
physically as well? And maybe it happens all the time.
When we come back from our break, I'm going to
tell you about some of these other instances in which
it seems like people may have teleported and not just

traveled through space, but also travel through time, And of
course then we get into time travel. John Teter, do
you think there was. Do you think that story was true?
I'll tell you what I think about that. And also
when we come back, I have the news, I have

the report on the Wizard off between myself and doctor Moulder.
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Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
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the Wizard of Weird, beaming into your wormhole brain from
my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, where every
day is golden and every United silver. I' ziatatos zume.

You know what, During the break, I had to take
some nose spray. You know it's funny. I was talking
to my mom and dead earlier today about the fact
that when I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, Ashville
is a very vibrant place, full of vegetation, and it's
a lot like well, frankly like parts of England and Ireland,

which is why a lot of the Scotch Irish type
folks moved to western North Carolina. And I always had,
you know, allergy issues with all the trees and all
the plants, especially in the springtime. And then of course
I moved to the tropics. I moved to Puerto Rico,
and that was like living in a terrarium, and so

you know, I had issues there. I finally moved out
here to the desert, and I thought, well, this will
be a hypoallergenic place, you know, there's no vegetation. Turns
out it doesn't matter. They have, like there's a red
alert tree pollen level right now, and it's so dry

here in the desert that they have these winds to
worms that come whipping through and all these particulates get
in the air. And it's funny as a guy who
talks for a living, I mean, I still have to
deal with with allergens living out here in the desert.
It never ends. So does everybody have to deal with that?

I don't know. Of course, I am just a sensitive
naked man. But another thing we have here in the
desert in Las Vegas is gambling. And if you listen
to my last show, you probably heard that I challenged
the Great Doctor Mulder to a wizard off. And basically

what that meant was, I said, Okay, let's put our
manifestation powers head to head. I'm going to go to
a local casino. And we determined that he was going
to try to make a roulette ball land on the
color and I was going to try to make it
land on the color black. So I actually ended up

doing it that same day. I went a few hours
after I talked to him, and it was kind of
funny because I put one hundred dollars down on black,
but Lauren walked up and she put one hundred dollars
down on red to represent Doctor Moulder's bet, And of

course the people at the roulette table didn't know what
was going on, and they're like, you guys are betting
against each other, and so, you know, I was having
fun with that because I think it was pretty clear
that we're a married couple, and so I said, oh, yeah, yeah,
we're settling an all dispute here. So then these people
at the roulette table started taking sides with me or Lauren,

and I'm thinking if they only knew what I was
actually doing, this is too far, too complicated to explain.
But anyway, I put one hundred on black, Lauren put bread,
adds one hundred on red doctor Moulder's hundred, and they
spun the wheel, and what do you think it landed on?

It landed on black. So I won the wizard Off,
and that that does not mean that you should think
any less of doctor Moulder because I am a seasoned
manifestation roulette master. Okay, anybody who knows me and has

been to a casino with me knows that I'm pretty
good at that. But so that's the answer. When I
did the wizard Off with Rilock, neither one of us
won because it hit green. But I did win the

wizard Off the other day with doctor Moulder. So there's
your update on that. And thank you doctor Moulder for
being a good sport and playing along. I'm sure that
he's going to try to challenge me to something else
someday to get back at me. All right, so let's
move on to the topic at hand. People who have

teleported about twenty years ago. Actually, you know what, let
me just I want to read you this first. I
think this is really interesting. Nikola Tesla was such a
genius that he may have just been an alien in
my opinion, And in nineteen twenty six he pretty much

predicted the modern smartphone. There's a quote here. I've seen
this in a number of places, including geek wire dot
com and where he was interviewed for Collier's magazine, and
he said, quote, when wireless is perfectly applied, the whole

earth will be converted into a huge brain, which is
which in fact it is. Wow. Let me read that again.
That's pretty amazing a guy in nineteen twenty six. When
wireless is perfectly applied, the whole earth will be converted
into a huge brain, which in fact it is. All

things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We
shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective
of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony,
we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as

though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of
thousands of miles, and the instruments through which we shall
be able to do this will be amazingly simple compared
with our present telephone. A man will be able to
carry one in his vest pocket. Is't that cool? So

you know we're talking about we've already achieved something like teleportation.
Maybe it's not one hundred percent teleportation because there is
a little lag time still, but you get the picture.
We have quantum computers now that are being developed. At
some point it will be true teleportation. But we're close
enough there with information. And again, information is energy and

energy is matter. So I mean use that when you
open your mind to the possibility that sometimes there have
been occasions of which people may have traveled through space time.
And about twenty years ago I was producing these paralormal

conferences at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.
One of the people I hired to be a speaker
was Patrick Weige, and Patrick Weige was the co author
of one of my favorite books. It's called The Field
Guide to Ghosts and Other Apparitions. He wrote it along
with Hillary Evans, and this book was published by HarperCollins

in looks like two thousand and I was. This is
the only book, by the way, that I am aware of,
that has one of my books called Plausible Ghosts included
in the bibliography. I was very honored by that, and
so in the Field Guide to Ghosts and Other Apparitions

by Patrick Weige and Hillary Evans, And if you can
get your hands on a copy of this, you should
definitely do it. It starts with one of my favorite quotes,
why shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction? After all
has to make sense. It's divided into ghosts of the past,
ghost of the present, ghost of the future. Let's see here,

all right.

Speaker 3 (23:12):

Speaker 2 (23:13):
When you you know, when you see a ghost, have
you teleported to their time or have they teleported to
your time? And when you see a ghost, are you
a ghost to the ghost? In other words, is it

just a shocked to see you as you are to
see it? You know, maybe sometimes you're seeing someone from
the past and they are seeing someone from the future. Again,
it's one of these, you know, it's almost like a
chicken or egg scenario. And yeah, ghosts from the past
or what we usually talk about, Oh, I saw a
person who once lived a long time ago, and then

you have this sometimes you see ghosts that appear to
be from the future. They might be harbingers, they might
give you some kind of a warning. Then you have
doubles what your ghosts from perhaps the present, where you
see two versions of the same person at the same time.
But then there is this category they talk about this

book called time slips, and time slip is different because
it seems almost like that you don't just teleport before
another being, you teleport into an entirely different landscape. Let
me give you an example. Okay, here's something that happened.

They're writing about this in this book. Here's an incident
that happened on August tenth of nineteen oh one and Versailles, France.
There were these two English school teachers, one named Annie
Moberly and the other Eleanor Jordain, and they were visiting Versailles,
which is Louis the fourteenth's Grand palace, just outside of Paris,

and they're wandering through this park and they kind of
lost their way despite the guide books they were carrying.
And then they claimed they felt this strange oppressiveness was
how they described it, and they just attributed that to
the summer heat. And then they started noticing that the

staff of the park surprised them with their out of
date costumes, and one man in particular seemed unpleasantly sinister.
I got to take a break when we come back.
I think you see where this is going. It seems
like these two ladies were walking along at Versailles and

all of a sudden they found themselves back in time.
They had teleported through space time. I'll finish that, and
I got another one for you when we come back.
And uh boy, this is a big topic teleportation space time.
I'm Joshua pe Warren. You're listening to Strange Things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network,
and I will be back after these important messages.

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Hi, it's don your sky keep it right here on.

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The iHeart Radio and Coast to Coast AM Pronormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (27:45):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeart Radio and
Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host,
Joshua P. Warren, and this is the show where the
unusual because usual. So we have these two English school
teachers named Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jordame. They're at Versailles

back in nineteen oh one, and it says Moberly was
surprised to see a pretty, fair haired lady in an
old fashioned dress sitting and apparently sketching. She wore a
broad brimmed white hat, a light colored scarf around her shoulders,
in a low cut dress with a full skirt. Moberly

felt there was something strange about her, but by this
time their entire visits seemed to have taken on the
character of a dream. Later, upon realizing just how strange
their visit had been, the two ladies began to research
the palace and its history, and over a period of
years they reached the conclusion that although they had been

walking through the park in nineteen oh one, they had
seen it as it had been, probably in seventeen eighty nine,
at the time the French Revolution. In fact, the sketching
lady could have been Marie Antoinette herself, and other individuals

could be tentatively identified. Okay, so, and there's a lot
more detail there. How about this story another incident from
nineteen seventy seven, Hammer Springs, New Zealand. This is a
witness named Alan Kennington. He was a night porter and

a lodge there called the Hammer Lodge, which featured a
hot springs and a golf course nearby. And at two
point fifteen am, early one August morning, Kennington, in the
course of his usual chores, was carrying a bucket of
coal from outside into the smoking room and he pushed

opened the glass doors and he saw two people he
did not recognize sitting at a table at the head
of the old fashioned, heavy legged table. Was an elderly
lady and a long gray smock with lace around the neck.
And a young boy about twelve, wearing trousers tied just
below the knee, sitting there at the side of the table.

I just couldn't believe it, said Kennington. They were sitting
there about seven meters away, like two normal people having breakfast.
At the table was halfway through the wall in the
dining room, and the portion of the wall where the
table was going through was all shimmering, sort of vibrating.
The two were eating out of large bowls again breakfast.

Apparently there was a toast rack on the table. The
woman turned toward Kennington and smiled, and he noticed that
her face was very lined, and there were fresh wet
stains down the front of a smock. I don't know
what that means. The boy was about to turn his
head toward Kennington when suddenly the scene vanished completely. So, okay,

is this ghostly? Yeah? But maybe you know ghostly phenomena
is a part of teleportation. Where do we draw that line?
I mean, this is interesting in that particular story that
the guy talks about, how that the scene of them
sitting at the table almost it may have been like

a recording from another point in history and space time,
because the table was sort of in the scene and
out of the scene, And it makes you wonder if
maybe the structure had been changed over time. These kinds

of stories, believe it or not, they go on and on.
There's a lot of them. In fact, a long time ago,
I went to Chicago and visited my friend Grandmaster Tom Cameron,
and he took me to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. I've been
there a couple of times. I went back at least
one other time with Laren, my wife, and there's a

similar type of thing that happens there. Let's see. If
I go to ghostcitytours dot com, they talk about what's
called the phantom Farmhouse. Some people call it the magic House.
It's this white, one story Victorian house with a porch

swing and a picket fits around it, and it just
sometimes appears next to this swampy area. The house usually
appears transparent with yellow orange light in its windows that
flickers as if flipped from a candle. Many reports say
that it shrinks away and eventually disappears when approached. Some

say there's a legend if you enter it, you'll never return.
Going back to teleportation, and I remember this story in
eighteen seventy, a farmer was plowing a nearby field with
his horse when the animal became startled. The farmer was
caught off guard and, having become tangled in the reins,

was then dragged as the horse plunged into the adjacent
pond and they both drowned, and the ghostly figures of
both can be seen on the surface of the pond
beside the cemetery. So again it gets tricky defining how
much of this is a recording of the pastor or

or a glimpse of the future, versus a teleportation where
you actually go through and you know, you end up
in another place and time. To some degree, it might
be minimally physical, where in other words, you're just seeing
the information, or in other cases maybe it's like you know,
Michael J. Fox and back to the future. National Geographic

has a page about this topic that's on their kids page,
and it says teleportation is very real, but it's not
the kind that appears in science fiction. Real life teleportation
uses the principles of quantum physics, a set of rules
that describe the strange behavior of photons, electrons, and other
minuscule particles that make up the universe. Okay, and then

they get into the you know, entanglement and all that.
But do you think it's possible that some people have
traveled through time in the way that John uh or
the way that Michael J. Fox travel through time and

back to the future. John Teeter is a name that
some of you will surely recognize, especially if you've been
following Coast to Coast, am pseudonym used on Internet forums
between the year two thousand and two thousand and one
by an individual claiming to be an American military time

traveler from the year twenty thirty six. John Teeter's post
discussed various aspects of time travel. So, in other words,
this guy claimed he was from twenty thirty six and
had come back to two thousand and two thousand and one,
and he was saying that he had come back because

there were all these future calamitous events, including a global
nuclear war. And of course there are a lot of
people who say this whole thing has been huge hoax,
but there's no conclusion. As a matter of fact, if

you go and you look at some of the things
that he predicted, some of it doesn't seem to make
a lot of sense. He said that some kind of
a great war, like a civil war in the US
would start in two thousand and five, and that didn't happen.

And then and then he says there would be a
huge war in twenty fifteen, similar to a World War three,
you know, which that didn't happen. And so people could
look at that and say, well, he is on a
different timeline. Maybe maybe not, But I you know what,
I've always felt that the John Teeter thing was probably bugus.

That's just my personal opinion. I just have not felt
that that there was anything to it. But I'm kind
of surprised that all these years later, you know, twenty
twenty five or almost twenty five years later, nobody's come
out to take credit for the popularity of that. Would

you would you take the opportunity to travel through time
if somebody put a big box in front of you
and they said, we can you walk in here and
we're going to teleport you, and even if it's not
a different time, necessarily, I mean, you can't separate space
and time. Let's say, you know, we all hate getting

on airplanes. They're a huge pain. Let's say instead of
getting on an airplane to go travel to this beautiful
beach in New Zealand, you walk into this room and
we flick a switch and boom, you're going to pop
out there, you know, star trek kind of style. Would
you do that or would you be a friend of

the kind of scenario that we we were told about
in like that movie The Fly? You know, I guess
the first one came out in nineteen fifty eight, and
then in nineteen eighty six, Jeff Goldblum, you know, was
in that movie, and basically a fly gets in there
when he's being teleported. It kind of reminds you of
the of like the Philadelphia experiment, and then and then

somehow or another, your molecules get mixed up with the flies.
And then now you got, you know, some horrific inseparable
molecular structure here. But I have an idea about something
that I think would be even more horrifying and terrifying
than that, if you actually were to take a chance teleporting,

which would include traveling through time. When we come back,
I'm gonna tell you about that. But you know what,
this is one of those topics that it can be fun,
it can be disturbing. But I've got some positive emails
that have come in and I want to share some
of them with you. And I just have so much

stuff here to go over. It's amazing, never enough time.
I'm Joshua P. Warren. You're listening to Strange things on
the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast am Peronorma podcast network,
and I will be right back. Hang on, josh will

be right back.

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Speaker 2 (41:06):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren.
And imagine if you have this box in front of

you and these brilliant signists say this is the teleportation machine.
You step in here, yeah, you're gonna pop out instantly
in New Zealand, and you say, let's do this, and
you step into the box and what appears to be
you steps out of the box in New Zealand and

everybody applauds and says that was a big success, and
they all think it worked. But actually from your point
of view, the the conscious being that you are. You
step into the box and then you get somehow frozen
in space time forever. It's like a purgatory, and this

reproduction of you comes out the other side. But from
your point of view, you are imprisoned in this space
time block because that somehow, your your molecules have just
been I don't know, frozen in some way. That's that's

some horrific stuff, and that may make you never want
to try it even if it's available.

Speaker 4 (42:45):

Speaker 2 (42:48):
But I've often wondered if some of these stories I
get about shadow people might be people who are teleporting
time travelers, because a lot of times these shadow people,
you know, they're just sort of like slinking around and
lurking in the hallways in the corners, and they don't
want you to see them. They seem to be just

barely tangible. And it would make sense that if people
from the future were traveling back to the past, maybe
they wouldn't want to make a big impact because they
don't want to accidentally change things that are going to
impact how the future turns out. So they're just kind
of like creeping around, just watching us, like a bunch

of voyeurs. This is all very unpleasant stuff, isn't it.
Let's talk about something positive. I did a podcast not
too long ago, let's see episode one two, and it
was called Numerology Make You Rich and Happy Truth, And

I got a cool email from that. I guess before
I read this email, I don't know. I feel like
apps I should try to summarize or wrap up the
whole teleportation thing. Look, here's my opinion. We can teleport
information right now basically, maybe not one hundred percent, but
almost one hundred percent. And we know that quantum physics

tells us that spooky action at a distance and non
locality is real, and the big picture is the same
as the little picture, and information is energy, and energy
is matter, and you're a matter, and so eventually you're
you know, humans will be able to teleport if we're
not doing it already by these you know, haphazard conditions.

So I have no problem whatsoever believing in teleportation, whether
it happens naturally and you you stumble into it, or
if someday that's how we will create technology to travel.
But I still don't think I would step into the
teleportation machine for the reason that I gave you episode

can numer Al Did you make you rich and happy? Truth?
Listen to this. This comes to me from a man
named Tommy, and he's in Saint Louis, Missouri. He says,
First off, I gotta say I love to listen to
your podcast and trying all the cool experiments. I listened

to your recent episode about numerology, something I've always been
interested in, and one of the coolest, craziest things happened.
I broke a twenty dollars bill after listening to that episode,
and in my change, I received a one dollar bill

with the first three numbers being seven, seven, seven. I
thought it was interesting that you spent twenty dollars for
a seven seven seven dollars and I just received one
after breaking a twenty Even crazier, when I broke the
five that I got back, I received yet another seven

seven seven dollars. That is crazy, and it is true.
I did spend twenty dollars to buy a bill on
eBay that had the serial number that included seven, seven, seven,
and eight. But that's I just love that. Like stuff

like that makes my day when I get a story
like that. He's to the point, right on target. I mean,
you don't have to admit. I wasn't going to bring
this up, but I guess I ought to. The ninety
nine point nine percent of the emails that I get

are very positive, but sometimes, you know, I get messages
that from people who I don't know. It's it's like,
you know, if you listen to me, I understand that
you like you know me, but I don't know you.
So even if you follow me on Twitter, slash x
or Facebook or whatever, when you write me, just keep

that in mind. Sometimes people send me emails and say
things that are weird, and sometimes it ticks me off.
I'm not your bro, I'm not your dude, and if
you're going to take some time to contact me, you know,
show a little bit of professional respect. I try to
ignore the very few emails that I don't like. But

you know, I'm not a minister, I'm not running for office,
and as Tony Robins said, I'm not your guru. I'm
just a podcast host. And so if you send a message,
you know, realize I'm a real person and I'm going
to read it. And if you send me positivity, you'll
receive positivity in return. And if you send me negativity.

I might just summon some terrible things upon you. No
I'm joking, okay, but you know I might write something
that will hurt your feelings or whatever. But what's important
here is the golden rule. And I love reading your
positive emails. And that's a good one right there. In fact,

I have a letter here, I might be able to
squeeze this in. By the way, if you if you're
going to write me, email me. Don't send me a
physical letter. Long story, but most of the time, if
you send me a physical letter, there's a higher chance
that it's going to get lost somehow and I will
not receive it. So email me instead of writing me

a physical letter. That's just the way it is these days.
I got this letter, physical letter from a man in California,
and he says he's been having I don't know, interactions
with I guess, well, just space aliens, you know, beings
from beyond. And he says they're back, the insectoids. This

time they invaded one of my lucid dreams, or caused
it to be a lucid dream. I saw one of
their praying mantis beings in a group of what appeared
to be a group of four law enforcement officers. He
says American slash European men, very big and tall, about

six or five each, with large arms, legs, and bodies
in general, wearing all black clothing. And as I walked
away from the insectoid, one of the officers walked with me.
I walked over it to what appeared to be a
vine of some kind with fruit, and I asked the
officer what it was, and he said it was a
hybrid alien food for us to eat. And I said

back to him, we don't need their food because we
have our own food. And he said, well, it's to
cool you. But I said I don't understand, and he
said it's to cool you. He didn't seem to be
able to answer other than that. And after I had
awakened after the lucidream, I pondered what this meant. And

it seems to cool you means to docile you, mister Warren.
I had often wondered lately about the scores of alien
ships that have been crashing on the Earth. Why would
an obviously highly advanced race of beings let such technology
fall into our hands. Well, the answer I believe is
that they are doing what we our government has been

doing with our old World War II in Korea and
Vietnam era equipment. We give it to third world countries,
helping them to advance. But in this case it might
be to help the world's government to gain super control
over the people that make us subservient through advanced technology. Wow,
what do you think about that? Does that make sense

to you? He says, I think these beings have just
tipped their hand to me. What their plans are now
is how to gain control over us. Maybe this batch
of hybrid food may have health benefits. Who knows. Maybe
it's addictive. It would make a lot, It would make

it a lot easier to gain control over us. Let
me know if that resonates with you. It's kind of
funny you're thinking about fruit, the Garden of Eden, all
that kind of thing, the forbidden fruit. Oh well, I
read your stuff. I do. All right, it's the end
of the show. Relax, if you can take a deep breath,

close your eyes. Here it is the good Fortune tone.

That's it for this edition of the show. Follow me
on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren, Plus visit joshuapwarren dot
com to sign up for my free e newsletter to
receive a free instant gift and check out the cool
stuff in the Curiosity Shop all at Joshuapwarren dot com.

I have a fun one lined up for you next time,
I promise, so please tell all your friends to subscribe
to this show and to always remember the Golden Rule.
Thank you for listening, thank you for your interest and support,
Thank you for staying curious, and I will talk to
you again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on

the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast am Paranormal Podcast Network.

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