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May 31, 2024 53 mins

Enjoy this week's episode as the Wizard talks about something he will not tell you!

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Now listen to this.

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Speaker 4 (01:04):
To be amazed by the Wizard of Weird Strange Things
with Joshua.

Speaker 2 (01:18):
I am Joshua be Warree, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more. On this edition of the show. I shall
not say the name unnameable entities. Now. I want to

tell you right off the bat that I value you
as a listener and I would never do anything to
harm you or to cause you to harm yourself. And
so I am not going to say the name of
this thing that I'm going to tell you about in

this podcast because well, I'll explain why later, So don't
worry about listening to this. You're fine. It's tricky for
me to talk about something without naming it, but I
am if you are curious. I am going to give
you later on a little puzzle that you can figure

out a little mystery to solve if you want to
go and learn for yourself what this name is, and
I'll tell you the pros and cons of doing that.
Maybe it's just for research purposes, but there is no
harm in listening to this particular show. It is not reckless.
But just remember, no one is forcing you to listen

to this particular show, So if you have a bad
feeling about it, just stop listening. I am going to
tackle this without creating havoc in your life. Nobody needs
any more havoc right now, right, And this all begins
with the fact that words are magical. And if you've

been following my work for years, you know that I
talked about this all the time, the power of words.
I did a podcast about that once, and we're talking
about vibrations. You know, when you have a thought, then
that thought turns into a signal that becomes a vibration

that exits your mouth and it passes through the air
and to somebody else's head and then it goes into
their brain. It's a very physical process in that sense,
but it also depends to some degree sometimes who is
receptive to the particular vibration that you put out. For example,

if I walk into oh, I don't know, I walk
into a Chinese restaurant and I scream something in Chinese, well,
some of the people in there are going to understand
what I'm saying and some are not, and they will
act differently based upon understanding it. So sometimes words have

to be specifically tuned from the sender to the receiver.
But in other cases, it seems like there's something powerful
about just the vibration of a word in general that
on a monopoia that they talk about. You know, I
can and goes boom, you know, uh, water goes splash.

It's that kind of thing. Some words may carry some
intrinsic vibration, regardless of whether or not anybody understands it.
But names are very special because names resonate with a personality.
You know, I wrote a book which is also an
audio book called Finding Your Magic. And in fact, if

you go to you will manifest dot com you can
see what this book is about. I'm going there right
now as a matter of fact, Finding your Magic how
to hack reality through lucid Living. And if you go
there and you get the book, actually it's a package.
You get the ebook of the audiobook and you get

a movie that comes with it where I actually stand
there and because I did a program and I talked
about this and I recorded it, and the book, you know,
it's got all kinds of information about wishing machine secrets
and remote viewing and psychokinesis and wands and scrying and
dallasing and prayer. But it's got the special test in
it that you take that you can use to figure

out what kind of method of magic or manifestation might
work best for you given your type of personality. So
you take a little personality test on your own, and
then you use that to figure out what kind of
personality you might be. And one of those is called
the spellcaster. And this is what a spellcaster is. I'm

reading this right now from the audiobook. As a spellcaster,
the sounds that come from your mouth can hurt heal,
make peace, or disrupt. Regardless, you are able to connect
and project your intentions via words and sounds, however meaning
full or nonsensical. The spellcaster is able to take a

thought and transform it into something that makes a tangible
impact on others. The simplest example of this would be
saying to someone your mom just died or you just
won a million dollars. It doesn't even matter whether or
not what you have said is true. It's about the

physical reaction that your words and sounds can and will create. Okay,
so you understand why that. I'm always trying to look
at the power of words in a very practical way,
And of course I talk about things like speaking in
tongues and that's all there. If you want to go
check that out someday at you will manifest dot com.

But if there's any doubt that names have always been
considered powerful things, well just look at the Ten Commandments.
For example, one of the ten commandments in the Bible
thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy
God in vain and uh it actually if the full

thing says thou shalt not take the name of the
Lord thy God in vain for the Lord will not
hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. So
it's always scary when when you hear that, isn't it
God doesn't like that for you to say his name

in vain? But you know, when is it really in vain?
And when is it not in vain? I guess you
have to figure that out on your own. But on
the other hand, well, just in the same way of thinking,
people have always said, don't talk about the devil. If
you speak of the devil, he shall appear. And and

many years of research, I have been to places on
this planet, some of them are even in parts of
Puerto Rico, where there was a general mentality that, look,
don't even talk about the devil, or even things that
might be considered a little spooky, like ghosts or aliens,

because the idea is that by talking about them, you
can attract them. And there are certain books that I
own that I have read before and I wouldn't want
to go back and read them again because they do
have spells that are used to conjure things up. And
that doesn't mean you have to go through the ritual.
But sometimes you wonder if you just think about that stuff.

If it could be anick, you could attract something irresponsibly
into your life, something that you don't really want to
be there. And of course there's this tradition that goes
again all the way back to the Bible, that if
you're trying to gain control over a demon, then you
would like to know the name of the demon. That's

a handle on the demon. If you know the demon's name.
Always reminds me, of course, of the story of Rumpelstiltskin.
You know this, This goes back to the eighteen hundreds.
It was a brother's grim story. And you know, in
a nutshell, there is this miller in this town who

brags to everybody that his daughter can spin straw into gold.
And so the king calls for the girl and locks
her up and says, here's a room full of straw.
If you don't spin all this into straw, if you
don't spin all this straw into gold by morning, we're

gonna have you killed. Yeah, So that's what it is.
So he puts her in a room. Spin this straw
into gold or I'm gonna kill you. Well, she can't
do it. So in the middle of the night, this
little empt, this little goblin thing pops up and he says,
I can do that for you, but you got to
give me something, and she says, what do you want?
He says, how about that necklace? So she gives the

little guy her necklace and he spins the straw into gold.
And then the king locks her up the next day
and he says, well, I want more. He's not a
very nice guy. This king is a jerk, so he
puts her in a bigger room with even more straw,
and then she still can't do it. Of course, so
the imp comes back and she says, I what do
you want now and he says, well, give me that

ring you have, so she gets the ring off of
her finger she gives it to him. He spins the
straw into gold. The king is such a jerk that
he locks her up for the last time and he says,
this time, if you don't do it, i'm gonna kill you.
You have one night, but if you do do it,
I'm gonna marry you and make you a queen or

something like that. So here she is. She's got everything
on the line. Rumble still, Oh sorry, I can't say
his name yet. The little guy shows up and she says,
I don't have anything else to give you. Unfortunately, this
is not an adult movie. Rumblestillskin said, I want your

firstborn child. She had no choice, so she said, okay,
I will give you the child. He spins the straw
into gold, and then, uh, well she gets married. And
when we come back from the break, I'll tell you
the end of this story. You probably know it, uh,
and then we'll move on to the good stuff. What

this show is really about. Okay, And you know what.
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listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to
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Stay right there, there's more Joshua P.

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Speaker 6 (13:55):
And now back to the iHeartRadio and tost AM Paranormal
Podcast Network and Strange Things.

Speaker 2 (14:30):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird Joshua P. Warren beaming into your
wormhole brain from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver.

Agiatato zume. Sometimes people email me and they say, what
does that word mean? And they say he can't even
spell it, of course, And I say, if here's my
the only answer I give to that question is go
listen to episode one twenty four of this show, Episode

one two four. It's called a new magic word, and
that will tell you the explanation for what that means.
All right, So back to the story. So all right,
so this this woman says that, yeah, she will surrender
her firstborn child to this imp, and everything at that

point seems like a kind of a happy ending because
sure enough the king's happy, he has all this gold.
Now he marries her. Things go well until finally, you know,
the day arrives. She has a child and pooff, guess
who shows back up again, the little guy and he's
come to claim his baby, and of course the queen horrified,

and she tries to offer him all the riches that
she has access to instead of this child. He says, nope,
we made a bargain, absolutely not, and she keeps on,
you know, going back and forth with him, and then
finally he goes, okay, let me show you what a
generous little fella I am. And he goes, I'll give

you three days to guess my name, and if you
get it, then you win. You don't have to give
up this baby otherwise, you know, the baby's mine, and
who knows what else he was gonna take. So she
says all right, And so for three days she's trying
to guess his name, and of course he's getting nowhere.

And then finally, one night she ends up walking out
into the woods just trying to see if she can
figure out where this guy lives or something, and she
starts hearing this little voice singing in the woods, and
it's his voice, and he's singing, tonight, tonight, my plans
I may tomorrow, the baby I will take to the

queen will never win the game for Rumpel Stiltskin is
my name or something like that. So then he goes
back and he's like, okay, it's your last chance, and
then she says, hmmm, I don't know, and she's so
finally she says, Rumpel Stiltskin and he flips out. He's

just so enraged that he kills himself. Yeah, it's a
good kid story. This is why I'm not a parent.
I would tell my kids stories like that. I think
one time in one of the versions, he like grabs

is one of his feet and pulls it up in
the air and rips himself in half. Anyway, look, sorry
to get off on that side topic, but you know
it's relevant. It's an example of the power of learning
the name Rumpel Stiltskin. But when I think of things

that are unnameable, I immediately think of, of course, the story
by HP Lovecraft. And you know Lovecraft he wrote this
short story in nineteen twenty three. And if you don't
know who HP Lovecraft is, go back. And I did
a whole podcast about him at one point, or at
least he played a prominent role in a podcast. I

did a one episode of this show, which we're getting
close to two hundred episodes of this show, so I
can't remember everything off the top of my head. But
HP Lovecraft he wrote this story called The Unnameable. It
was published in Weird Telles, and the basic plot is

that this guy named Randolph Carter, who's in a lot
of the different stories. He meets with his friend named
Joel near this old, dilapid, dilapidated house in this town
called Arkham, Massachusetts, which, by the way, that name Arkham,
you know, that's that's a fictional place that H. P.

Lovecraft created for his stories that became so popular that
if it sounds familiar to you, it's because that DC
Comics later used Arkham for Arkham Asylum, which is where
the Joker is kept in the Batman series. So anyway, anyway,
they're sitting on this tomb and Carter tells his buddy

Manton the tale of an indescribable entity that haunts this
house down the road and the surrounding area, and he
contends to because this entity cannot be perceived by the
five senses, it becomes impossible to quantify and accurately describe.
Thus they only call it the unnameable. And as the

narration closes, they get, I guess, close to this house
or whatever, and this unnameable presence attacks them and they survive,
but they wake up at the hospital with all these
cuts and scars and bruises and hoof prints on their
backs and then the story closes by saying it was
everywhere a gelatine, a slime, a vapor. Yet it had shapes,

a thousand shapes of horror. Beyond all memory. There were
eyes and a blemish. It was the pit, the Maelstrom,
the ultimate abomination, Carter, it was the unnameable. Well that
kind of gave me goosebumps. That was turned into some
kind of a movie. I don't remember ever actually watching

it in nineteen eighty eight, a horror film. Lovecraft was
very interested though, in the power of words. He was
always coming up with really bizarro words he liked to take.
He knew it was uncomfortable for us in the English
language to have a few consonants together, consonants together, so
he would have like a like Cthulhu is uh it

starts with like C T D. That's weird to us
in English. And then he had like he worked like
I don't even know how to pronounce this R L
Y religion or something like that. It's a language that
he came up with, and all these ancient beings would speak.

So anyway, Look, the point is there's this legacy of
you know, if if you see the name of something
you're taking a bit of a risk.

Speaker 4 (21:38):

Speaker 2 (21:38):
What if there are beings that you don't like that
you say something bad about and they hear it, or
you just say something that is I don't know, you
think is harmless, but they don't like it for some reason.
What happens when a politician uses another politician's name. You know,

if you say something bad about a politician in your
home privately, and I bet you have, the politician doesn't
hear it, so really no harm done. But what if
there are beings And I know some of you are
thinking like, oh, yeah, they do hear it. They're listening
to everything, but you get my picture. But my point is,

what if there are beings that are all around us,
and some of them they can hear it when you
say their name wherever you are and whenever you do it. Now,
you just say a certain name, and that thing pays
attention good or bad, and that thing is on you

like a chihuala on chick fil a. Hey, I just
made that up. I think I'm going to use that.
That gives you an idea of how things work at
my house. So I got a puzzle for you, a mystery.
As I lead up to this thing the main topic

I wanted to tell you about this podcast before I
get to it though, Before I started learning more about
this unnameable being, it kind of reminded me of a grimlin. Obviously,
we think of Grimlins now and we just think of
the movie and that's one of my favorite movies. Who

does it love Grimlins? But just as a side note,
we've got time for me to get off into some
side notes here. Do you know exactly where the word
grimblin came from? It's alluded to in the movie Grimlins.
You'd think that maybe a griblin is a word that
goes back hundreds of years or thousands of years or something.

You may it just kind of has that ring to
it out that it's a mischievous folkloric creature invented at
the beginning of the twentieth century. We're talking about the
early nineteen hundreds to originally explain malfunctions and aircraft and
later in other machinery processes and their operators and so

all throughout you know, World War One, world War II,
when there were mechanical problems, especially in airplanes, they would say, oh,
it's a grimlin. And apparently they believe was folkloros and whatnot.
In people who study language, they say that this apparently
derives from the Old English word grimion, which is g

r e M I a n grimion, which means to vex, right,
to vex, to confused, to confound. So that makes sense actually,
And what I didn't realize until I just started skimming
over an article about this is that apparently the term
grimlin was popularized a lot by Roald Dahl, who wrote

Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. You know, he had some
encounters with this sort of thing, the Grimlins, during that
time period, and he even wrote a story called the Grimlins.
I don't I don't think i'd ever heard of that before.
Is this a book? Yeah, okay, it's a picture book,

The Grimlins. Man. You see, we're learning things together, all right,
But enough of this blabbering on. When we come back,
I'm going to get into it, all right. And it's
going to be tricky for me because I'm going to
tell you about something but I shall not say the name.

And as I told you, I'm going to give you
a little puzzle. So if you really care that much,
I'll tell you how you can go and find the name.
I don't think there's any harm in looking at it.
I'm just not going to say it. I'm Joshua Whippee Warren.
You're listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast

to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network, and I will be
back after these important messages.

Speaker 6 (26:28):
Hang in there. Josh is coming right back on the
iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 5 (26:39):
Before the Art Belveault has classic audio waiting for you.
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Speaker 4 (27:05):
Hi, it's don your sky. Keep it right here on
the iHeart Radio and Coast to Coast AM Ironormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 2 (27:42):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeart Radio and
Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host,
Joshua P. Warren, and this is the show where the
unusual becomes usual. I have a couple of good friends
who are boy, they're smart. They are scholars of all

forms of legend and folklore and magic and ritual from
all over the world really, but especially from I know,
like those areas like well, it's the old Celtic law,
the old English law, the lore of the Channel Islands

that part of the world, and they were the ones
years ago who first told me about this particular being.
And I just want to point out something now, this
is not the kind of being that like, if you
were to say, I don't even know if it's a

if it's a his or a her, or I'll just
say his name, okay. So if you were to say
this being's name, it's not like it's going to show
up like some HP Lovecraft monster and shreds you to pieces.
This being is really more of a trickster type spirit.
The reason that I have to be so careful with it,

and the reason that I decided to focus on it
is because it seems like that this type of being,
for some reason is just especially sensitive to having its
name called. Some of these beings are more or less reactive,
and this just has a reputation for being very reactive.

No matter where you are in the world, I'm sure
it's magnified if you're that part of Europe, especially if
you already are very aware of what this thing is.
But when I say it's a trickster, let me just
sort of define that for you. In mythology and the
study of folklore and religion. A trickster is a character

and a story. Could be a god or a goddess,
to spirit, some kind of weird human, but some kind
of a being who exhibits a great degree of intellect
or secret knowledge and uses it to play tricks or
otherwise disobey normal rules and defy conventional behavior. And often

you know tricksters, well, sometimes they'll show up and they'll
just do things to amuse themselves, move stuff around your
house and what you run late for your dental appointment
or whatever, you can't find the car keys, you know,
that kind of thing. But some of them are more

mean spirited. And my understanding is that this one is
more mean spirited. And in fact, this one actually, I
mean there are cases where it has killed people. I
think these are rare. But they told me about this thing,
and they wouldn't say the name, of course, but they

told me how to find out for myself. And that's
kind of what I'm about to do when I give
you this little mystery to solve. I'm not even going
to tell my wife Lauren how to solve this mystery.
If she wants to do it on her own, that's fine, okay,
let me try to tell you what I found about
this being without accidentally saying this being's name. I gotta

be very careful here with all right, I told you
the name of this thing goes back to the lore
of Old England, the Celtic Channel Island folklore. And what's
weird is that these types of beings are considered to
possibly be bringers of both good and bad fortune. They

can help or hinder. What makes them especially difficult to
grasp is that they are apparently shape shifters. They can
take the appearance of of horses, goats, cats, dogs, hares.
They may also take a humanoid form, which sometimes includes

animal features such as animal ears or a tail. There
is a depiction of one I'm looking at right now,
and it looks like a weird little alien with sort
of a beak. Yeah, imagine like a little black alien

with sort of a bird beak. Obviously I can't get into, well,
you know, what the name might derive from, but it
says that they are often considered to be menacing. All right,

They're hard to figure out. Sometimes they would appears horses,
kind of like a kelpie, and then you know, you
would try to get on top of them, and then
they would run off st to some area, dump you
off a cliff, and kill you. At times, little bad

boys and girls were warned not to eat overripe blackberries
because they said this was a sign that this spirit
was protecting those berries. I have been so careful about
exposing people to the concept of this being that I

can't give you any real personal stories about what they are.
But what I have read is that there are some
who describe them as being vampire like creatures, man eating beings,
hunting down, killing and eating human beings. But almost everybody
says they're shape shifters, and times when they start appearing

around your house, they do appear as little shadowy forms
that are darting around, kind of like I guess the
illustration that I was just describing to you. Now, what's
interesting is that some people on these territories claim that
they have befriended these beings. And I don't know how,
but somehow they I think that they would leave a

share of their crop or something like that to placate them,
leave a little sacrifice of some kind, and then these
little beings would reciprocate and they would do helpful things.
So there's a lot of confusion over the exact nature
of them. Maybe it's just like people are you know,
are humans good or bad? Well, you tell me, right,

it depends on who you've met and what you've experienced.
You know, if you're an alien who comes down here
from another planet and you land in the middle of
a bad neighborhood here and you get robbed, you're gonna
say suck. But on the other hand, you know, if
you meet the types of people that I usually meet

in my life, they're gonna be very kind. And you know,
I've always talked, especially with Lauren, about how that I
really believe you attract certain types of people because of
the way that you behave And I have very good
experiences with people most of the time, the vast majority
of the time. So these beings, like I say, if

you attract them into your life, for one thing, it
seems pretty obvious that what they are going to do
is at least cause some problems for you. They're going
because they enjoy this, and they may not be thinking
it's mean spirited, but they are going to make things
stop working in your house. They're going to blow your
well pump, They're gonna mess up your car. They're going

to do grimbling kind of stuff. They might give you
a cold, they might make you have a fight with
a loved one. They find it to mess with us
at very least, and who needs more of that in life.
That's why I say you shouldn't say their name, because
even if they don't come and eat you up, they're

gonna hear it. Apparently, no matter where you are in
the world, if you say their name, they're gonna hear it.
And you don't know if one is gonna show up
or not, but there is a likelihood that it will.
And that's all I'm gonna say about this thing. But
if you want to know this name, if you want
to research it, well, here's the little puzzle. You know

me obviously, I hit it in my curiosity shop at
Joshua peewarn dot com. If you go there to the
curiosity shop, you'll find a little puzzle. The name is
currently hidden there in a certain way, all right, in

a certain way, And I'm going to give you two
clues if you're interested. And I don't think there's any
harm in you going there and seeing this name. But
I just figured this would be a fun way if
you want to know it, to go and see it
without me telling you. Clue number one is the proper

spelling of this, and because there are different versions of it,
but the proper spelling has four letters. And Clue number
two is that the first letter is P, as in Paul.
My name is Joshua Paul Warren. That's so it P

is the first letter of this being's name. And if
you decide to go there and learn about it, and
then you decide to say it, well that's on you.
Just remember, if you give him ouse a cookie, he's
gonna want some milk. And if you give him that milk,

he's going to want a straw, And if you give
him that straw, he might shove it. I think you
get the picture, So be very very careful how you
use that power if you decide to do it. But
you know what, if you're crazy, and I know there
are people on YouTube who do crazier things. If you

decide to go around saying this all day long and
shoot a YouTube video, then I'd love to watch it
and see what happens to you. But don't hold me
responsible for it. Okay, it's almost break time. When we
come back, I've saved some very interesting stuff for the
end of the show. I think I want to wrap

up a couple of things here regarding how we get
targeted sometimes by dark things even though we try to
be good people, and how that applies to the spirit realm.
And then I've got something that's I don't know. I
thought was kind of cool because it has to do
with words. Don't look us up, Okay, but what do

you think is the name the longest name of a
town in the world. I'm going to try to say it.
I'm Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening to Strange Things on
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To be.

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This is ufologist Kevin Randall, and you're listening to the
iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. Welcome

back to the final segment of this edition of Strange
Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Parhinormal
Podcast Network. I am your host, Joshua P. Lauren. And
whenever I start thinking about this idea of other beings
out there and us sort of attracting them to us,

it's weird because I'm always thinking about how that you
should be a positive person and project positive things and
do positive things in order to attract more positivity into
your life. That's the general rule, you know, that's sort
of the gist of the law of attraction. And yet

it is true that bad things happen to good people.
Bad things happen to everybody, even Mother Teresa. And I
think that has to do with the fact that, yes,
you can make your life a lot more pleasant. But
the reason you're here to begin with is because this
is a classroom, and during life you have to learn

certain lessons, and sometimes you learn them by the carrot,
sometimes by the stick. I mean, let's go back to
the Bible story look at Jesus even he was personally
visited by the devil. Doesn't it make you think that
sometimes if you are doing a really good job, and

you're being very outstanding and upstanding, then you become a
beacon of goodness and that makes you a target also
sometimes for dark entities that want to come and try
to knock you down or steal your thunder. So sometimes
I think, you know, if you're doing a really good job,

that bad things might find you appeal. You know, in
the Bible they tell this story about Jesus. He gets baptized,
then he goes up into the mountains by himself to
fast for forty days and forty nights, and the devil
himself comes to Jesus and tempts him. How would you

like it if the devil showed up in your kitchen? Personally,
It's like, I'm kind of a big deal, but I'm
here because you're kind of a big deal also, And
you know, Jesus is hungry, So the devil says, why
don't you just turn these stones into bread if you're
so great and eat that? And Jesus says, men shall

not live by bread alone, And then the devil says, well, hey,
if you're so great, why don't you jump off this
mountain here and let the angels catch you and protect you.
And then Jesus says, thou shalt not tempt the Lord,
thy God. And then the devil says, well, let me

shay you all the riches of the world, this great kingdom,
all the wonderful jewels and pleasures. All you have to
do is worship me, and all this is yours. And Jesus,
I think at that point just said, hey, Blake, you
and I think that's what the Bible said. I don't

remember exactly. He think that you think that Jesus whatever,
cuss like that. I bet you that God would say
you should always use a good language around around everybody.
Oh except for that guy. Yeah, you can say whatever

you want. As a matter of fact, you could do
whatever you want to that guy. Cuss that Satan guy out. Yeah,
there's my little comedy routine. Sometimes this is like you know,
Joshua's playhouse. Dad da da da dad do do do
do Eric Dan dun't don't dun't. I promise I am

not high. I'm just about to go on vacation. So
the point is you know, if you have bad things
that are happening to you, it seems like, uh, it
may not just it may not be that you're attracting
it to yourself. It may be because you're doing such
a good job in certain areas that you're polarizing the

energy and you're you're occasionally going to have to fend
off bad stuff. I write about this in my book
Use the Force, which you can read for free through
my website. Something else that's kind of funny when when
you think about the idea of a spirit realm. You know,
I mentioned uh by Chihuahua Dolly, and uh, whenever Lauren
and I go off, we have a little ring cam

that we put in the areas where Dolly likes to
hang out, so we can check on her remotely and
see what she's up to. And of course, one of
the fun things about a ring cam is that occasionally
you can you can talk to her. And this is
a dog she has, for one thing, she has no

idea that she's being observed all the time, and you know,
learning and I could be in China and you know,
let's see how the dog's going on our phone, which
is miraculous. And then we can hit a button and
say hey Dolly, and we do that sometimes just to
mess with her, and it's because for her it's got

to be like the voice of God speaking to her.
Where does this voice come from? And if we have
that kind of a relationship with our pets now, with
this technology that is so prevalent and practically ubiquitous, then
and is it not possible that the same kind of

situation exists between us and the spirit world and when
you hear maybe a voice from an angel or God
or like that. Basically, our technology is sort of a
physical condensation of these principles that exist in other ways
we don't understand as humans. And that's kind of our

relationship to other beings observing us and listening to us,
and how you might get their attention if you do
and say certain things. Well, this has been a show
pretty much about words, and so I was just kind
of looking up things, yeah, you know, just kind of
general stuff about words, and I found something that I

thought was kind of interesting. I said earlier, I ask
you if you knew the name like the longest name
of a talent in the world. Well, actually that's not
exactly true. It's the longest place name found in any
well at least any English speaking country. It's in the

Guinness Book of World Records. This place is in New Zealand,
a place called Hawk's Bay, New Zealand, and it is
a hill. And the name of this hill, oh boy,
it has eighty five letters. And let me just kay, like,

here are the first, like some of the first letters.
Ta Uma, ta wha. That's the first ten. So it's
impossible for me to pronounce this. I've never tried, but
I'm going to do it because why not. I have

a podcast. This is an experiment. I'm going to try
to pronounce the longest and eighty five this is like
total nonsense. And then I'm gonna tell you what it means. Okay,
you're ready. Tauma, towaka, tannga, henga, kuwaha, teya, tura, pukakuakumu

on horuku poo. Guy, when a kei a tea on
a tahu, I'm never gonna tip that again. By the way,
can you believe that, I'm sure a native would probably
rattle that off way like poom like maybe in a

few few seconds.

Speaker 4 (49:42):
The name.

Speaker 2 (49:44):
That I just read you translates roughly into let's see
quote the summit where Tama Teya, the man with the
big knees, the slider climber of mountains, the land swallower
who traveled about played his flute to his loved one.

End quote. Wow, you know I know nothing else about
this other than what I just read to you. Maybe
I don't know. Maybe someday I'll make it to New Zealand.
Then I'll find out why the why the flute player

with the big knees, the land swallower is so honored there.
It's pretty weird stuff. Well, I have a long list
of other things to talk about. At some point, I'm
just gonna do like a totally random show where I
just like it's a grab bag of things, sort of

like one of my my mental manners. But guess what,
we're out of time on this particular podcast show. So
as usual, if you like this podcast, you better tell
your friends about it, and please go buy something for
you or a loved one and the Curiosity shop. Now

we've talked about some things that are a little spooky,
little mischievous, some somewhat negative. It's time for us to
end the show by meditating together wherever you are. We
are not separate because we are connected by space time.
Let's meditate together, take a deep breath, and listen to
the one, the only, the original, the world famous good

Fortune tone. That's it for this edition of the show.

Follow me on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren, Plus visit
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for you next time, I promise, So please tell all

your friends to subscribe to this show and to always
remember the Golden Rule. Thank you for listening, thank you
for your interest and support, Thank you for staying curious,
and I will talk to you again soon. You've been
listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to

Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 1 (52:58):
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