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June 21, 2024 53 mins

Josh keeps this IN HIS HOUSE - wait til you here this!!

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And you're here.

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Thanks for choosing the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast Day
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Ready to be amazed by the wizard of Weird Strange
Things with Joshua Warren.

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I am Joshua B. Warren, and each week on this show,
I'll be bringing you brand new mind blowing content, news, exercises,
and weird experiments you can do at home, and a
lot more on this edition of the show. This object
contains a living spirit. I have an item which is

in my house right now that is very special and
strange in fact, for years. It was in my mystery
museum in Asheville, North Carolina that we had to shut down.
I got, I guess about four years ago because of
flooding and some other issues, and it actually timed out

very well given how the past four years have gone
for the world. But anyway, this object was made just
for me and given to me as a gift by
my friend Santero David Longley, and I actually interviewed him

on episode sixteen of this podcast called Strange Things, and
that episode is called Meet a Real Santaro. So if
you haven't heard that, go listen to episode sixteen. And
you know what's funny is that I moved to Puerto Rico,
I think in twenty thirteen and lived there for five

years before you know, coming back to the mainland, and
of course now here I live in Vegas. But I
actually knew Santaro David Longley for years before that, so
I probably have known him like maybe fifteen years or something.
And it's it's odd how I met him because on

my very first trip to Puerto Rico, I met a
friend of a friend who was a tour guide, and
the tour guide knew that I was into all this
kind of unusual metaphysical stuff. And so the next time
I visited the island, he introduced me to his friend
Santeraro Longley. And it turns out that even though I

met Santaro Longley in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on this
island out there, guess where he was born Asheville, North Carolina,
same town where I was born, And so there are
no coincidences. But this object that he created for me
years ago is called a ceremonial ha. And let me

just sort of explain to you what it looks like,
because I don't have the hall in front of me
right now, but I do have a picture of the
haw in front of me right now, and it's basically
sort of it's a magic wand. Is really what it is.
It looks like it's a wand made out of straw
bundled together. It's about twenty eight inches long, and it's

decorated with sort of little seashells and beads, and it
very much looks like something from the tropics, and the
seashells and the beads are kind of black and white.
In fact, I'll see if we can get a picture
of this up on my Instagram page for you the

Joshua Pee Warren Podcast Instagram, so you can take a
look at this. But when he gave this to me,
he explained to me how special this was because he
said there was a living spirit inside the object. I
put it in a display case with this description. There

is a living spirit in this object. Authentic Santero tool
from Puerto Rico. Joshua P. Warren spends a lot of
time exploring the Bermuda Triangle. This rare piece was handmade
by artist David Longley, Ifa Priest of Oya, who has
roots in Asheville but now lives in San Juan. It
is called a ceremonial ha. It is used in the

African Yoruba tradition. It is used to protect the righteous
and sweep illness upon the immoral. So during a festival,
a representative of the deity will enter a village in
a storm of dust and this is symbolic of his
power to bring pestilence. And he then can use his
ha to sweep away any diseases and by a mere

touch cure leprosy and other terrible afflictions. So even though
I say that this is a wand it actually kind
of has a broom like appearance because it's made of
all these these pieces of straw that are bundled together
into a wan and form. By the way, my allergies
are acting up today, so forgive me if you can

hear that in my voice. And so David Longley, who
created and donated this piece and through very extensive ritual
imbued it with this living spirit, said that this spirit
is called something that is called I guess I'm pronouncing

this right, and assay as assay that term means living spirit.
It also can be interpreted as may it manifests. So
it's sat there in my museum for years as this
very special, highly honored, sacred piece, and it was viewed

by thousands of people. It had never left the display
case until finally, when you know, four years ago, when
my museum had to close down, I shipped the best
items out here to Las Vegas for my personal collection. Someday,
I you know, may, I don't know, I might open
up a museum or some kind of an exhibit around here. Again,

some of my items are occasionally loaned to places like
the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center that
sort of thing. But I put this haw, the ceremonial haw,
into my well, into this part of my living room
and this house that I bought a little over two

years ago, and so it was right not too far
from the entrance, so everybody coming and going would catch
a glimpse of this ceremonial haw. And we recently, as
you may or may not know, purchase some kind of
big items when we were on our trip in San Diego,
and one of the things that we bought was this

vintage Italian porcelain fountain that has these little sort of
angelic beings around it, and it makes this lovely sound
and is very relaxing and calming. And Lauren has been
redecorating our house. We have a lot of ideas for
how we're going to redecorate certain parts of this house

over the coming years, and so Lauren and I felt
that this fountain would be perfectly positioned in that spot
where for the past two years, this ceremonial ha has
been sitting in its case with a picture of Santaro
Longley with that description saying there is a living spirit

in this object, and we always treated it with great reverence.
But we figured that that would be a better spot
for the fountain, and that we should find another spot
for the ceremonial ha So one morning I got up
and Lauren was in there working her tail off, and
she had moved all kinds of stuff around, and she

had moved the case with the ceremonial haueg. And this
is about a twenty eight inch long object, as I said,
and it's not you know, the case is not that like,
but you know, it's light enough for one person to live.
She had moved it, oh maybe fifteen feet away, but
she felt uneasy about even touching it because she is

so respectful of the fact that this has a living
spirit inside of it, and it's exotic and it's mysterious,
and it's even though it's it's meant to wipe away negativity,
there's something spooky about that concept. So anyway, she right

after she moved it that night, and actually the place
she moved it to was right below our major staircase.
And I have one of the most advanced security systems
money can buy, you know, I've got sensors and cameras

all over the place. And that night the sensors on
our stairs started going off, making these alarm sounds as
if somebody were coming up the stairs. Now, the only
other time that this has happened was right after we
got the doll Kennedy, but that calmed down very quickly.

But there must have been four or five occasions when
these monitors on my stairs started going off to the
point where I was, you know, looking around the house
with a weapon, thinking, you know, making sure somebody had
not somehow breached our security. And so the next day

Lawrence said, maybe the something's wrong, maybe something needs to
be reprograms and batteries need to be changed. But nope,
everything was perfectly fine. And she said it had to
be the haw. It had to be the haw. I
shouldn't have moved that thing. And then right after that,
some other weird things began to happen. This led me

to call Santo David Longley and tell him what was
going on and get his opinion. And when we come
back from this break, I'm going to play that phone
call with you. And this is just the beginning of
this particular story though, because look, we probably shouldn't have

moved that thing, but it just can't stay glued into
that spot for the rest of our lives, so you
have to treat these matters very delicately. We'll get to
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Keep it here on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast
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The Wizard of Weird will be right back.

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The Internet is an extraordinary resource that links our children
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Hey everyone, it's producer Tom of Coast to Coast AM
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Speaker 1 (14:16):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, Joshua P. Warren, beaming into your
wormhole brain from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada,
where every day is golden and every night is silver.

A Gietato zume And I told you, I think in
the last podcast that you know, after I brought some
of these antiques from San Diego into my house, a
series of odd things began to happen, not necessarily all
comfortable things. But you you can't always just judge something

at face value as good or bad, even though it
can be annoying. Because sometimes if a lot of weird
things start happening, that are, you know, just things that
are perhaps irritating. Then it may just be because the
energy is shifting, and that means room has to be
made for the new energy to come in. Old energies

have to break down. You get some momentum, there's a
little electricity in the air, and you don't want to
jump to the conclusion that you have grimlins chasing you around.
But what do you see where this story is going.
When it came to this ceremonial ha that Santero Longley

had given me, I mean that was a very specific thing,
you know, Lauren moved it under the steps, and then
that night we have all this incredible activity on our stairs,
and so that seemed to us to be pretty directly
related to the haw and we were trying to figure out,
you know, how to handle this properly, and so I

decided to call Santaro Longley. It hadn't talked to him
in a while anyway, and he no longer lives in
Puerto Rico. As a matter of fact, It's another one
of those highly synchronistic stories, is that when I was
living in Puerto Rico, one time I produced a retreat
and some people came down to the retreat, and we

hung out with Santaro Longley, and he became good friends
with one of the people on the retreat and ended
up basically becoming roommates and moving back to western North
Carolina where he was originally from. So he now lives
up in the mountains of western North Carolina. He went
off and had this big, exotic life, and now he

told me he kind of lives like a hermit, and
so I called him to have a little chat now,
because I guess in part he's in a remote part
of the mountains there. I will tell you the quality
of this call is kind of poor. I'm not sure.
He was probably on a landline that maybe had some imperfection,

So this is going to sound a little bit crummy,
but you'll still be able to understand what he's saying.
So here's part of my conversation just the other day
with Santaro David Longley. Years ago, you created something for
me called a ceremonial paw. You gave it to me
as a gift. I've got it right here in my

house as we speak. What is a ceremonial haw.

Speaker 5 (17:43):
The ceremonial ha is an influent used by the arisia
O saints, and he is the protector of the forests
and medicinal herbs, and so he has all of that
knowledge and what have you. That is one of his
sacred items. It is used most commonly to get rid

of pestilence diseases. And what they do is they take
to by the handle and they sweep the ground and
create deaths. And then there there is always an entities
that represents for saying, and he dances around with that
ha and the ha actually contains his spirit. So you

can say that he lives within that item.

Speaker 1 (18:28):
Yeah, that was always so fascinating. You told me that
there was a living spirit inside this object. Now, how
how does the spirit get inside the object?

Speaker 5 (18:40):
Well, it is done with with ritual and I can't
go into the uh the wherefore and wives for? But
the sentader or the bubble, as me being the senader,
I will put my energy into it and call him
down to enter that item, or I should say, which

is a vital piece.

Speaker 1 (19:05):
Recently, when Lauren moved the ceremonial haw to an area
temporarily at the bottom of our stairs, our security monitors
on the stairs kept going off all night long. H
what are your thoughts on why that might happen.

Speaker 5 (19:26):
Well, my ritual items, I keeps them in a permanent place.
You I might take them from their places, and it
may be if you have had disturbed his piece and rest. Therefore,
he was telling you, I want to go back where.

Speaker 2 (19:42):
I was.

Speaker 1 (19:45):
Now. Shortly after that call with Santio David Longley, guess
what happens. The porch light on my house blew out
all of a sudden, of course, as it usually happens,
but at the same time, a totally separate light. These

illuminated numbers outside my house that show the address they
went out, and then, oh maybe thirty minutes later, our
practically brand new air conditioning system stopped working when it
was one hundred and ten degrees outside. I'm not exaggerating

by the way. It broke records here in Las Vegas.
At least tied the record for the hottest day that
on that particular date, one hundred and ten degrees. And boy,
when it's one hundred and ten your house, it heats
up pretty darn quickly. And within a short period of time,

I mean, it was over ninety degrees, and of course
we called the air conditioning company and they said, oh,
there's no way we can come out until tomorrow morning.
So Lauren and I got our little dog, Dolly, and
spent the night in a hotel, and then the next day,
the next morning, we got back over here and the
air conditioning folks came and we started at eight o'clock

in the morning and they were here until after nine
o'clock at night and installing a whole new furnace and
repairing all this stuff on what is it the compressor
that's outside that was only two years old, and they
still couldn't get it to work. This one tech who

had been working doing most of the work, he said,
you know, he'd been doing HVAC for almost ten years,
and he'd said, I can't explain why this isn't working,
and so he just, you know, apologetically said, you know,
I don't have a part that I need that I
think I might need. So anyway, we ended up spending
a second night in a hotel room, and then on
the third day the tech came and he finally, after

working for a couple hours, says, I'm stomped. I just
don't know. I've never seen this. It's a mystery. And
we were starting to get terrified that this was going
to become some kind of a you know, an epic
situation here. But fortunately, like within an hour later, he
figured out a couple of things. I won't go into
the details. And so as I speak, the air conditioning

is back and up and running, and everything seems okay.
And trust me, I am knocking on a lot of
lucky wood when I say that something. I just heard
him a strange sound outside my studio right when I
it may be jump. Right when I knocked on the wood,
I heard this booming sound outside of my studio. I

kid you not. I don't know if you can hear that.
I doubt you could because my studio so my microphones
and stuff are so well insulated. But oh, that made
me jump. I don't know what's going on here. So okay,
everything right now seems to be fine. But I believe

there is definitely something that needs to be done here spiritually.
I don't want you to worry about it, though. We
are working on it, and I will keep you updated
if anything notable occurs. But a ceremonial, ritualistic blessing seems
to be in order. It's going to happen, and you know,

here's something about the idea of the haw. Even though
the haw is meant to remove negative energy, it makes
me wonder if sometimes the haw picks up negative energy
that needs to be cleansed from it, kind of like
cleaning your broom occasionally. And even though this haw was
made for me in Puerto Rico and it's never been

taken out to some village, you know, to wipe away pestilence,
it has traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to
ashvill to Las Vegas. It's sat in some pretty creepy
places along the way and maybe it just naturally picks
up uh, negative energy. And again it needs to be cleansed.
So that's going to be happening very soon. There will

be a cleansing and I'm going to uh I'll let
you know, and maybe I'll even give you some tips
about what I do if everything seems to work very well.
And again, if you want to see a picture of this,
I plan to have it posted, if not now, very
soon on my the Instagram page for this podcast, it's

just Joshua Pee Warren podcast dot com. Actually it's not
dot com, it's it's it's Instagram dot com. Forward slash
Joshua Pee Warren Podcast. I don't do much on Instagram,
but Lauren does, so she is going to occasionally put
pictures up there. You know what, I had an experience
I want to tell you about real quick, and maybe

I've told you I'm probably told you this before, but
with an object that will from Africa that had a
spirit in it, but this was a very negative spirit.
And I encountered this object on a television show that
I was on about twenty years ago called Possessed Possessions.

And when we come back, I want to tell you
about a harrowing experience I had on the set of
that TV show. And then I have the results in
from our mass UFO manifestation experiment that we did right
there at the end of May beginning of June. I

asked people all around the world to meditate in some
way for about three days to see if we could
create some kind of massive UFO sighting or sightings, and
even I did not expect what happened. I'll tell you
about that and more. I'm Joshua pe Warren. You're listening

to strange things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast
AM paranormal podcast network. I will be back after these
important messages. Don't go anywhere. There's more strange things coming
right up.

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Hi, this is George Norian. You're listening to the new
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Speaker 4 (27:32):

Speaker 1 (28:00):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua P. Warren,
and this is the show where the unusual becomes usual,
going out to high strangers around the globe. And I

had a strange experience about twenty years ago. I got
a call from this production company working with TLC, the
Learning Channel, and they were making a two hour Halloween
night special called Possessed Possessions, and it was sort of

like an antiques road show for haunted and cursed items.
And they wanted me to be the paranormal investigator geek
with all of the equipment who had come in and
take measurements and try to give some objective feed back
on if there were anything measurable around these devices. And

so I flew to California. As a matter of fact,
they filmed the whole thing on the Queen Mary the
Haunted Ship at Long Beach. The show was hosted by
the famed psychic James von Prague, and it was great
to meet him and hang out with him for days.
He's a really nice guy, very genuinely a warm person

and certainly fascinating. And it was a big production. I
mean it, it was one of the biggest I've worked on.
That's also where I met two of the best, most
legitimate psychics I've ever met in my life, Karen Reese
and Laura Lee. But anyway, I could sit here and
tell you all kinds of stories about that shoot, and

I'm sure if you go back and dig you'll find
the whole show somewhere out there. Possessed Possessions TLC two
thousand and five. But I bring this up because there
was this one object in particular that everybody was buzzing
about on the whole production for days leading up to
it being revealed. There was a man, and I can't

remember now where he lived. He was here in the US,
but he had spent time in Africa, and he ended
up obtaining this really intimidating kind of grimacing. I don't
remember exactly what it looked like, but I know it
was just a really scary looking African mask, one of

those big wooden masks, and you know how scary some
of those things can look. And apparently this particular mask
was designed as a guardian mask to harm people who
would trespass on a certain piece of property. And so

this is a mask that would be used in some
kind of a ritual filled with negativity, and then the
mass could be hung on a tree or put on
a post or something like that, and of course the
locals would know what that was and they would stay away.
And if they didn't and they continued to pass this
boundary into this territory, well then something really bad would

happen to them. And it turns out with this particular mask,
it seemed like that anybody who touched it ended up
getting cancer. And the I don't recall exactly how he
obtained it, or if he knew what he was getting.
He may not even believe have believed in the power
of this thing. But he got this from a man

who was dying of cancer, and he brought it back,
and sure enough, everybody who came into contact with that
mask over the next few years got cancer. Most of
them were dead already. This guy who brought it to
the show he had cancer and he didn't have too

long to live, and so this mask was always kept
in this big, heavy glass case. And the whole thing
was don't touch it. You know, being around it is
one thing, but just don't touch it. And so everybody
was tiptoeing around this mask. And then finally when it

came time for them to shoot that segment, and I'll
never forget it. It was so darn hot. We were
in this section of the Queen Mary and this was
like summertime, and they had big bright lights on all
day and it had to be one hundred degrees in
that room and everybody's sweating, and of all people, the

producers came up to me. I guess because you know,
I'm a relatively big guy. They came up to me
and they said, Joshua, when we start filming, we want
you to walk over and lift this case up off
of this mask and set it down and take some
readings with it. And I go, oh, please tell me
you're joking, and they, you know, they they insisted in

you know what, nowadays, if I were a part of
a production like that, I'd probably tell them to go
jump off the ship, you know. But you know, I
was still pretty early in my TV career and I
wanted to keep doing TV and I wanted to comply,
so I said okay. And after that, like everybody on
the set was really worried about me, you know, like

the hair and makeup people and you know some of
the grips I've become friends with, and the pas, and
everybody's like, don't touch it, don't touch it, don't touch it.
I'm like, yeah, no, no kidding, duh. So anyway, finally
it comes time they're taping. All eyes are on me.
The guy is sitting there on the stage with James
von Prague. He's just told the story about everybody in

cancer and here I come out. My hands are sweaty,
and this mask is tall. I mean, it's probably like
two and a half feet tall sitting on the stand,
but it's got this big, heavy glass case over it,
so everybody's kind of holding their breath. I walk over.
I'm behind kind of behind the statue of the mask,

and I put my hands on it and I start
lifting it up and lifting it up and lifting it
up very slowly. And I realized at a certain point
that the only way I can get this off of
the mask is to tilt it backwards a little bit
so that it clears the mask just barely, you know.
So I got to get this angle just right, and

so as I'm bringing it up, I just I'm like,
oh God, I'm so sweaty, and I'm probably a little
shaky and nervous. And I think as I was bending
it back, I just barely graze that mask with the
glass case and it wobbled just a little bit, and
I mean everybody was just like you could hear them
take a breath. And finally the mask steadied and I

got that big heavy glass case off and I set
it down, and I was just like, I'm never doing
that again. I don't care how much you pay me,
gives me the Hebgbi's just remembering that. And then afterward,
sure enough, I took out all my devices and that
thing was just radiating every type of energy you can imagine.

I mean it had I had had all these erratic,
jarring pulses of electromagnetism, and I'll have to go back
and watch the show myself to remember exactly what I got.
But after that, I told them like, no, I'm not
putting that back on. I took it off for the
show on camera because I was talent and I'm the
investigator guy. But you're gonna have to get somebody on

the crew here to put that thing back on. So
obviously I fared, well, that was twenty years ago. I'm
doing fine, but but I didn't follow up to see,
you know, what the fate of the owner was. But
I feel confident that he is no longer with us. Yeah,

that was one of my first encounters with these objects.
And you know, the reality of this stuff. I guess
that's you know, the whole point. There is a reality
to this and and just to give you an update also,
you know what Kennedy, the doll that I got from
George and Orient Tom dan Heiser, he has been calm
for a long time now, for months. I mean, we

haven't had anything particularly bizarre happened around him. So we
feel like he is definitely a home and I don't
know what's going to happen when we move him. You know,
these little objects they don't like being moved around sometimes.
But there is this whole other world of mind, body
environment relationships that is usually invisible, and you it goes

both ways. You can use your mind to manifest things
to make energy occur. It's good or bad, or good
or bad. Energies can hit you and change your physiology
and change some of the circumstances of your life. It's
a very complex give and take, and that's why I
like to focus so much on experiments to do positive

things with manifestation power. And as you may recall, especially
if you're a subscriber of my Free e newsletter, I
talked about this on the podcast one time, but then
I also emailed everybody a few days before and I said, look,
on Thursday, May thirtieth of twenty twenty four, I will
all of us around the world to try to manifest

a UFO sighting or UFO sightings of some caliber benevolent
UFO sightings sometime over the next three days. Okay, so
either May thirtieth, which is Thursday, or May thirty first,
which is Friday, or June first, which is Saturday, you know,

sometime but before June second or third, you know, just
doesn't have to be real hardline and cut and dry.
So I told everybody to sit down at I think
it was five pm Eastern time on Thursday, May thirtieth,
and to try to manifest the UFO. What's ironic is

that as I was sitting there getting ready to do this,
they also on television right around that time announced that
Donald Trump had been convicted, and I was like, well,
this kind of kind of sucks because if if a
bunch of UFOs show up now, the news is probably
not going to cover it. They are distracted by this.

But anyway, we all did this on May thirtieth. I
don't know how many of you participated around the world.
But then guess what this story from the international news
outlet came out on uh It was published on June.

The first tm Z UFO allegedly filmed in Nevada shimmers,
dips and disappears. Guess when it happened the day before
on Friday. Yeah, the day after we decided to do this,

a UFO appears and next TMZ Okay, when we come back,
I'll tell you all about it. I'm Joshua P. Warren.
You're listening to strange things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal podcast network, and I will be
right back.

Speaker 3 (39:56):
Don't go anywhere. There's more Joshua P. Warren and Strange
Things coming right up.

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Speaker 1 (40:35):
Enjoy your search.

Speaker 6 (40:36):
And have some fun at Paranormal Date dot com.

Speaker 3 (40:46):
And we're back with Strange Things and Joshua P. Warren.

Speaker 1 (41:17):
Welcome back to the final segment of this edition of
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM
Paranormal podcast network. I am your host, Joshua P. Warren.
And sure enough, the day after we did our manifestation
experiment around the world of all places, UFO News is

made twenty minutes down the road from my house. TMZ
reported on June first, twenty twenty four. UFO allegedly filmed
in Nevada. Shimmers, dips and disappears. UFOs are seemingly all

around us these days. I'm reading the article and the
latest sighting of one of these unidentified saucers occurred in
Nevada on Friday. Here's what happened. A woman named Katrina
and her buddies were hanging out in the city of
Henderson around ten pm when they suddenly saw a bright
round light shimmering high up in the sky. And there

is an image of it, and it's you know, it
does look very weird. It almost does have a metallic
sheen to it. Of course, they have the TMZ watermark
on it. It says, check out the video obtained by TMZ.
The glistening object started flying in a diagonal pattern before
moving up and down. At some point you can see

a plane streaking by, but it never gets too close
to the alleged UFO. Okay, so it says. Then the
shiny light slowly begins to dim and descend until it
completely disappears from sight. Katrina and her pals are totally
wowed by the visual experience, as you can hear in

the video. By the way I would play the audio
for you, But I don't have permission to do that,
and I know TMZ would come after me for says
like we said, this is the latest possible UFO sighting,
and I mean that. Here's what blew me away. I
figured that, Yes, I knew I would get people, and

I did get people contacting me from various parts of
the world telling me that they'd seen a UFO right
during that three day period. But I had no idea
that the first national news story that I would see
would come from Henderson, Nevada, which again I could get

my car and drive to Henderson in about twenty minutes.
That I just I was and expecting that, and listen
to this email that I got as an example of
other people who knew about the experiment who were seeing
really weird things. This came to me from Susan and

Port Richie, Florida, she wrote, along with many others that
follow you. I did my meditation for five minutes. At
five pm. After I finished and continued reading my magazine,
a ball of light went from the hallway partially into
the bedroom and turned and went back. It was fairly large,

I would guess, about six inches across. Did anyone else
experience something like this, any idea of what this could
have been right after my meditation with all of you,
Thanks for any input. Again, that's Susan port Richie, Florida. Well,
it's one thing to look up in the sky and
see some weird object or light, but she had a

ball of light that appeared inside her house right after this,
and it sounds very much like what we would call
ball lightning. But you know, in some cases, ball lightning
may be just a natural phenomenon that we don't really
understand that can't be fully explained. In other cases, ball

lightning may just be a description of the illuminated spherical
form that certain interdimensional beings or spirits take on when
they are traveling. So that's why, you know, it's kind
of like I always I kind of like to use

this as an example. If you go to like an
IMAX movie and you have Harrison Ford on the screen,
and then the real Harrison Ford walks up to the screen,
and they're both the same size and they pretty much
look the same. How are you going to tell which

one is the real Harrison Ford? Well, the real Harrison
Ford he is conscious and unpredictable, and he has free will,
so he can do whatever he wants to, and you
don't know what he's going to do next. The version
of him that's on the screen is a fixed version,
and so it can only do the same thing over

and over and over again. So just because two things
look the same, that doesn't mean they are the same.
So sometimes ball lightning may be again, just sort of
a natural, mindless phenomenon. In other cases, it may be
the type of form that a conscious being takes on.
I don't have enough information to distinguish in this particular case,

but boy, this is something amazing that happened from a
listener here right after the meditation. And yeah, I got
lots of messages from people saying that they had seen
this stuff, but that that again that I was not
expecting to see Henderson, Nevada in there. And let's see,

here's an email that came to me. I'll just read
one more from Rick and he said, I want to
share this video I took at Hinckley, Barstow, California on
May thirty first, next to the fifty eight Freeway and
Community Boulevard. My girlfriend and I have no idea what

flew over us. It made no sound that we could hear.
We are near the freeway, and that's the background noise
you hear. I am also a former military pilot and
familiar with helicopters and airplanes, which this light anomaly didn't
match anything I've ever seen. The glow is what attracted
our attention beyond any aircraft we've ever seen in the
seven years living at this location. You can see the

stars in the sky were not affected by any clouds.
The humidity he was very low. You can hear Sherry
say it was only four percent. The craft flew slowly
and did not change direction. Then it just disappeared. It
came from the west to east in a straight line
without deviation. The movement is from me moving my phone
as I was recording. If I were to guess a

flight path, it would be from Mojave Airport KMHV Majave,
California to Barstow Daggett Airport kd ag EUMO Daggett, California.
I have not come across a logical explanation as of yet,
and you know, I could probably get permission from him.

I'm actually playing it right now. I mean, I don't
know what it's just it's one of these big bright
lights and yeah, I know you can't see this, but
I'm telling you, it just looks like a big bright
light in the sky that's moving in this weird way.

So look, this is not a TV show, so I
can't show you everything that I'm looking at as I'm
looking at it, and I understand that there are people
out there who believe, well, hey, look this could just
be some kind of government technology that's causing all this stir.
There was one guy who emailed me and said, I'm

not surprised that people are seeing all of these saucers
and things. He said, don't forget about Project Silverbug, the avrocar.
Do you do you know what Project Silverbug was. Here's
one little article about it from crystallinkx dot com. Project
Silverbug was the American black project version of the Avro

Aircraft Canada. Basically, the Air Force got together with the
Army in nineteen fifty three and they created Project Silverbug
as a code name given to this experimental saucer shaped
aircraft in the nineteen fifties built by Avro Aircraft in Malton, Ontario,

Canada for the military. You've probably seen pictures of this
thing flying around. And if you haven't, I mean, the
footage is really quite phenomenal. Just go to YouTube and
just type in project silver bug. But it looks like that.
It just looks like a very typical This is black

and white footage of a very typical looking perfect flying saucer.
And I can't tell it. Maybe it's about ten to
twelve feet in diameter, and there is a pilot sitting
there and he's flying this thing around and it's hovering.
It looks quite maneuverable. And they had, you know, a

few turbo engines in there, and that was it didn't
work out well enough for them. They were designed to
travel twenty three hundred miles per hour an altitude of
eighty thousand feet. That's crazy. And though this was designed
in nineteen fifty five, the papers describing the designs were
not declassified until nineteen ninety five, so this was a

top secret project for forty years or more. The thing is, yes,
there's military stuff flying around out there, but when we
get together and we go out and put our minds
together and try to manifest something and it appears, I
think we can probably rule out military technology. Well, the

clock has got us. It is now time for us
to take a deep breath, relax, close your eyes if
you can enjoy the good Fortune tone. That's it for

this edition of the show. Follow me on Twitter at
Joshua P. Warren Plus visit Joshuapwarren dot com to sign
up for my free e newsletter to receive a free
instant gift, and check out the cool stuff in the
Curiosity Shop all at Joshuapwarren dot com. I have a
fun one lined up for you next time, I promise,

So please tell all your friends to subscribe to this
show and to always remember the Golden Rule. Thank you
for listening, Thank you for your interest and support. Thank
you for staying curious, and I will talk to you
again soon. You've been listening to Strange Things on the

iHeart Heart Radio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.

Speaker 3 (53:13):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
till you hear the next one. Thank you for listening
to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
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