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March 26, 2024 3 mins

It's Monday, so it's time for a #MotivationMoment!

Have you ever had a day that changed your life forever? What about a day that made you realize the importance of taking care of yourself? In this week's motivational moment, I share two incredibly significant Good Fridays that shaped my journey as an entrepreneur and as a person. From the birth of FUBU to a life-altering health scare, these experiences taught me valuable lessons that I believe everyone should hear. Join me as I reflect on these moments and discuss why prioritizing your well-being is essential to achieving your dreams, no matter where you are in life.


Host: Daymond John

Producers: Beau Dozier & Shanelle Collins; Ted Kingsbery, Chauncey Bell, & Taryn Loftus

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What's up everybody. This is the people Shark. Here a
Damon John with another motivation moment for you. Courtesy of
that Moment with Damon John, a production of the Black
Effect Podcast Network and Fiveheart Radio, we are coming up
on Good Friday, the day that changed my life. Fast
forward many years after that. It was the day that
would define my life. Nineteen eighty nine Good Friday, three

fifteen in the afternoon, I would stand outside on a
corner of the Coliseum Mole on one hundred and sixty
fifth Street in Jamaica Queen's and I would sell a
bunch of hats that I made by hand the night before,
and one hour I sold eight hundred dollars work of hats.
I was on to something. Now. I would think that
I would never work again. But between that time, I

worked at Red Lofser and I worked at Red Lofser
and I started a company called Foobu. Well was the
name on those hats that I sold a from nineteen
eighty nine. It took me eight nine years to get
to be the person that was the CEO of a
large company, and that all started on nineteen eighty nine
Good Friday. However, two thousand and seventeen Good Friday, three

fifteen In an afternoon, I would go into the hospital
to get a small nondule removed off of my thyroid,
and the one hour surgery became five and a half
hours of removing a golf ball size of stage two cancer.
And when I came too and the doctors tonally that
they removed the golf ball size of stage two cancer,

I realized one thing that entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and hardworking people
also have in common. We are so busy working for
others and serving others well, our customers, our boss, that
we don't take care of ourselves. And I have to
urge you that Good Friday meant so much to me
and so much to so many because of the sacrifice

of maybe the religion that you practiced, but also I
think it's a good day to remember that you are
supposed to take carry yourself. Now you may say, damon,
that is not for everybody, but take care of yourself
within your means. And how do you do that? Well,
just like any business, you don't wait until something happens
to respond. You create a business, you check inventory, you

do what you can do at the time you can
do it. With the amount of money or time or
effort you have in hand. So whether you're working at
a fast food restaurant and you get one annual checkup
allowed to you to check your blood, check your blood.
If you can't take these expensive cold plunges in you
have enough money to take a cold shower in the morning,

do what's within your means so you can get to
the place where you are very happy and you don't
need any of those other things besides your health. That's
all that you can depend on. Tune in every single
week for more episodes of That Moment with David John
brought to you. Buy the Black Beck Podcast Network, check

it out wherever you get your podcast
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