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November 30, 2021 3 mins

Introducing a documentary series from host Robert Evans investigating the events of the Capitol insurrection. Stories of instigators and extremists who deployed mob violence to subvert American democracy.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
I'm Robert Evans. I'm an investigative journalist, and in my
new podcast, I dig into the capital insurrection of January
six in forensic detail. In the Assault on America, I
investigate the who, the why, the how behind the first
mass breach of the US capital since the British stormed

Washington in eighteen fourteen. I identify key players who spread
disinformation and pulled off one of the biggest gas lights
in modern American history. Who came up with the January
six I meet the trolls who will do anything, and
I mean anything for clicks and likes, even if it
leads them down the road to sedition. I investigate militia

leaders who run vast national operations and whose foot soldiers
pierced the U s Capital like a human bayonet. We
have been already stationed outside d C as a nuclear option,
so I've got good men on the ground. All we've
been freak on their last week. I also speak to
some experts who can explain how we got here. I'll
tell you now, they're more than a little anxious about

what's coming next. These anti government militia groups are getting
more agitated and more active, and they're fully capable of
conducting mass violence on the scale that you see without
Kada and others. So join me as I traced the
stories of instigators, insurrectionists, and extreme right wing influencers on
both sides of the law. Patriots are taking self east

together with Capitol police inside the Capitol. From the team's
at Cool Zone Media, I Heart Radio and novel premiering
on December eight. This is the assault on America. It's
a fraud and it's a shave. I'm talking about some

massive straight lines up in the vote tallies after they've
supposedly stopped counting. Still shut down this country if we
have to the mic Pats does the right thing we
went in the election. I've been plotting, I've been planning.
I've been scheming to damn today, It's the day American

patriots start taking down names and chicken ass is on
the ground here where being on the capital overran the Capitol,
and the Capitol They've got the gallows that upside of
the Capitol building. Its time to start fucking years and
up serving the Capitol and the revolution. We will we

will stop the steel. Listen to The Assault on America
from December eight on my heart Radio, Apple Podcasts, or
wherever you get your podcasts.
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