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May 11, 2024 25 mins

Morgan and Mike D answer listener submitted questions! Morgan shares shoutouts from Kaitlyn and Kathy. Then Morgan, Jen, and Jaime want to talk movies with Movie Mike the expert. Sara and Lauren have Mike D talking all about his love for Post Malone and Trent wants to talk about punk shows.


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Speaker 1 (00:01):
The best bits of the week with Morgan.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
It's listener Q and daytime.

Speaker 3 (00:04):
We're Morgan in a show member answer almost all your questions.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
Welcome, y'all. This is a listener Q and A time.

Speaker 4 (00:12):
Were you just saying something like no, I said, it
feels weird where I'm sitting right now.

Speaker 2 (00:16):
I thought you were doing like a little whisper. It
was like ASMRMS.

Speaker 1 (00:21):
Some people would be into.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
That we should do the whole listener Q and A
and ASMR.

Speaker 1 (00:26):
I never got fully into that. I dabbled.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
You did like it?

Speaker 4 (00:29):
Yeah, you go on YouTube and it's like, I like
the ones where people open packages and they're taking off
the plastic off like a like a TV.

Speaker 2 (00:35):
And it's like, oh, so you like the noises.

Speaker 1 (00:38):
I don't like actively seek it out, but I dabbled
in it.

Speaker 2 (00:41):
You dabbled. I think you might have dipped your toes
in a little bit. First.

Speaker 4 (00:44):
That was whenever I was going on YouTube and I
would watch those muck bangs where it's people get a
massive amount of food, like they go to Taco Bell
and order everything on the menu and then just do
a video where they sit down and each eat each
individual item.

Speaker 2 (00:55):
I thought you're about to say eat like poop.

Speaker 1 (00:57):
No, but you know what I mean.

Speaker 4 (01:00):
Yeah, So from those, I kind of dabbled into ASMR videos,
but it never fully got into them.

Speaker 2 (01:06):
You know, I did get into the crazy cleaning videos,
so I loved those. Can't say I got into ASMR,
but all the cleaning organization one, all.

Speaker 4 (01:12):
The organization ones, I love those. I'm like, why are
people needing this many amounts of cheeses?

Speaker 2 (01:17):
But then it looks so good and I was like,
you know, I kind of want to do it now.

Speaker 4 (01:19):
I would like to, but it's so much effort to
go into like buying all those things, and I would
just lose track of it all.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
I think I got like halfway there.

Speaker 1 (01:26):

Speaker 2 (01:27):
Well, as you guys are hearing, Mike is in here
with me, and this actually isn't part one. This is
part three. Yeah, we got a listener, Q and I happening.
Mike and I could sit here and talk forever. But
that's why you gotta go listen to part one, because
we do do that.

Speaker 4 (01:38):
Yeah, as you get into deep Babs on YouTube, I
could do a whole podcast series.

Speaker 2 (01:42):
I'm going to make a note to make sure we
talk about that. In part one some YouTube situation. All right,
so shout out from Caitlin in Boston. She says, Mike
is the sneaky star of the show and I love
it and his wife is so cute too. That's very kind,
and we start with shout out. So sorry, this makes
me uncomfortable.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
This is like my worst thing. I hate any kind
of compliment.

Speaker 2 (02:01):
But this is even more reason for me to include
it here.

Speaker 1 (02:04):

Speaker 2 (02:04):
Kathy and Tennessee loves to hear Kelsey with you on
your podcast, and she loves your laugh.

Speaker 1 (02:09):
I try to do that.

Speaker 4 (02:10):
I just normally do that when I because I do
most of my podcasts by myself, so it's like trying
to keep some kind of energy and I don't know,
I just do it. A lot of people find it annoying,
is what I found early on Your laughs. Yeah, Like
the biggest review I got early on was you need
to stop laughing to yourself. You're in a room by yourself,
why are you laughing?

Speaker 2 (02:29):
Okay, Well, Kathy and Tennessee loves it, so.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
I can't help it. At this point.

Speaker 2 (02:34):
All the haters Kathy likes.

Speaker 1 (02:35):
Those people unsubscribe to that point, so I'm good.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
Okay, time for some questions. If you could direct a movie,
what genre would it be? Morgan from I believe MS
is Mississippi and it's not me.

Speaker 1 (02:49):
I've thought about this a lot.

Speaker 4 (02:50):
It would probably like if I was legit directing a movie,
it would be an independent like slice a life movie.
I've been like thinking of a movie, like I literally
I'd just been thinking about this recently. I've always like
wanted to direct a movie whenever I first went to college,
like that is what I wanted to do.

Speaker 1 (03:06):
Study film.

Speaker 4 (03:08):
So I think a lot of people say to make
something that you know, like do your story. So I
think I would make a movie about growing up in
the trailer park and just like all the different people
you encounter there, what it's really like, because I've never
really seen that depicted in a movie of like what
it's really like to live in a trailer park, how
people really interact, what it's like to be in that

financial situation. So I think it'd be like this little
indie slice of life movie basically covering my childhood.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
Do you feel like South Park? It all kind of
touches on it, but in like an animated humor way.

Speaker 4 (03:40):
Yeah, they're not in a trailer park. But I guess
some of them are a little lower income.

Speaker 2 (03:45):
Yeah, I didn't know if you felt like that one
was at all. No, No, that was not a listener question.
That was a mean question.

Speaker 4 (03:51):
No, not fully, but along those same lines, Okay, I
like it.

Speaker 2 (03:54):
Indie film Mike d Style your life story. Would you
have somebody else acted out or would it be like documentary?

Speaker 1 (04:00):
Almost I'll definitely get some people to act it up.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
Okay, So like real fiction, live fiction. I don't even
know what kind of genre that is.

Speaker 1 (04:07):
Yeah, like a nonfiction any movie.

Speaker 4 (04:08):
Okay, but if I could do any kind of movie,
like if I had like totally crazy situation to be.

Speaker 1 (04:14):
A superhero movie.

Speaker 4 (04:15):
Ooh, but I feel like that's so hard to do
because it's a two hundred and fifty million dollar budget.
Managing all those people is probably insane, And to have
any kind of vision come through from like something I
could write to seeing how large of a scale that
would be on would be incredibly difficult for me to do.

Speaker 2 (04:32):
Is there any particular superhero movie that really made you
be like, Okay, I want it. I would want it
to kind of be like this.

Speaker 1 (04:38):
Probably that's a good question.

Speaker 4 (04:40):
Probably more in the vein of like the darker, like
The New Batman, like The Batman and Joker is probably more.
I lean to lean towards because when I read comics
and read graphic novels, I like the darker stories. And
I've read a lot that could be like, why isn't
this a movie and the re and usually is because, yeah,

it's R rated. They want to make superhero movies that
appeal to everybody, that appeal to kids, So a lot
of stories that are out there don't get made. But
I would love to make a really hardcore R rated
movie based on probably a DC character.

Speaker 2 (05:14):
I feel like yours would lean into the grittier, very
thriller type kind of superhero side.

Speaker 1 (05:20):
Yeah, definitely.

Speaker 2 (05:21):

Speaker 4 (05:22):
Like they did announce they're going to make an R
rated Ninja Turtles movie interesting, and I think it's.

Speaker 1 (05:26):
Gonna be It's weird.

Speaker 2 (05:27):
I don't know why, just you saying it feels weird
because I'm like, Ninja Turtles, they're turtles. How do you
make turtles are rated?

Speaker 4 (05:34):
Well, Like, if you can look back at the comics, the
first story was pretty brutally violent, even the first movie, like.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
They really, yeah, they're turtles.

Speaker 4 (05:43):
They've been changed over the course of the year, like
even throughout the first iteration of them in movies, they
went from being a little bit more hardcore to being
more cheesy and kid friendly, and then you have a
cartoon and then as Nickelodeon bottom, they got more and
more kid friendly. But I think the root of the
Ninja Turtles in the original comics was pretty.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
Okay, there you have it, Dark Nita Turtles, Trenton, Nashville
wants to know your first punk email, show your last
and you're most anticipated.

Speaker 1 (06:09):

Speaker 4 (06:10):
My first concert ever was was the Warped Tour, So
that's all encompassing and that was a crazy experience because
I was probably twelve years old. Should not have gone
to a concert at this level. My mom did not
want me to go, but I have an older brother
who's about seven years older than me.

Speaker 1 (06:27):
He was going.

Speaker 4 (06:27):
He's like, I'll take care of him. I won't lose him.
First band I saw a Warp Tour was the starting line.
Immediately lost my brother. So what happens at warp Tour
is essentially they would put these stages in just empty
parking lots, so it was all these kids in the
heat just listening to bands, and as soon as they
started playing, a mash pit formed around me.

Speaker 1 (06:47):
And I'm talking like a.

Speaker 4 (06:48):
Huge circle pit where people are just going around going nuts.

Speaker 1 (06:52):
I loved it.

Speaker 2 (06:53):
This is where the love of the mosh pit.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
Yet I loved it.

Speaker 4 (06:57):
There was a lot of people older than me, and
they were like worried about me, like you okay kid,
I was like, let's go. So I lost my brother
probably for like two or three hours, and couldn't find
him because this was two thousand and three. I didn't
have a cell phone, he didn't have a cell phone.
It wasn't until later we were going to see another
band that I finally ran into him again.

Speaker 1 (07:17):
But I was just wandering around.

Speaker 2 (07:19):
Did your mom ever find out about that?

Speaker 4 (07:20):
I think she found out maybe like ten years after that,
because then I came back. Everything was good, and then
we went every single year probably until like two thousand
and seven.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
Yeah, because if you would have told her, you would
have never been back.

Speaker 1 (07:31):
Yeah, never.

Speaker 4 (07:32):
And I was exposed to so many things, people drinking, people,
smoking things, and it was fun.

Speaker 2 (07:37):
Okay, all right, So that was first last last.

Speaker 4 (07:41):
See, I don't really go to a whole lot now
because nobody comes to Nashville anymore. I think the last
one I went to was a band called Joyce Manor
and I went and I took my wife and she
had never been to any kind of show like that.
She was like, all right, I'll go, but it's not
gonna be too crazy, right, because she's seen the shows
I go to, yeah, where it's people crowdsurfing, there's mash pits,
there's people jumping on and off the stage. And she's like,

if it's not like that, i'll go. But she ended
up enjoying it. Probably would never go to another one again.
But that is the last one I went.

Speaker 2 (08:09):
To, Okay, and now most anticipated, and that can probably
go a few different ways.

Speaker 4 (08:13):
Yeah, I don't have any The one concert I'm going
to this summer, going back to talking about my brother
who got me into punk rock, We're gonna go see
Green Day and Rancid, who are coming to Nashville.

Speaker 1 (08:24):
Oh fun. They're playing the Soccer Stadium here. I've never
seen Green.

Speaker 2 (08:26):
Day well, and I've heard the concerts there are pretty awesome.

Speaker 1 (08:29):
I've never been to one.

Speaker 2 (08:30):
Okay, I haven't either, but i've heard so not a
for my opinion, it's just what i've.

Speaker 4 (08:35):
Heard, and they're doing like their biggest album, Dukie in
its entirety.

Speaker 2 (08:38):
The bogess album is called Dookie.

Speaker 1 (08:40):
Yeah, I get it.

Speaker 4 (08:43):
I had to gig on that. So they're doing that
album from front to back. And then Rancid is another
big punk band who going back to that first warptar
I went to, they played that one, so it's kind
of like going full circle of back to my warped
tour days and also back to one of the bands
that got me into punk rock and getting to finally
see them live.

Speaker 2 (08:59):
Okay, well, there you have it. It's Mike D's punk
emo minute.

Speaker 1 (09:04):
Yeah, is that what it is?

Speaker 2 (09:05):
I want to call it on Okay. Amy from Wisconsin
would like to know if you've done any comedy shows
where you were the only comedian.

Speaker 1 (09:13):
The only one.

Speaker 2 (09:14):

Speaker 4 (09:14):
I've done a lot of open mic nights where you go,
you sign up and they pick a bunch of people
at random to go on and do like four or
five minutes, But I've never done one where it's just me.

Speaker 2 (09:24):
Okay, I think yeah, I think she's relating to like
a headlining show. Do you feel like you're gonna do
any more comedy coming up? We've we've briefly talked about
a few times.

Speaker 4 (09:32):
Yeah, it's just hard to write and go out and
test it out. I would like to, but I think
of all the things I've taken on recently, I haven't
found the space for it. As far as like, the
hard part about it is the schedule, because it's like
you got to go late at night and we work early.
It's hard to go do that and also do this job.

You'd have to do a lot of that stuff during
the week because open mic nights are usually like on
a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. Hard to find them
on the wa weekends, which is where I have my
free time. So I'm always writing. I'm always coming up
with ideas or anytime I get any kind of thought
or hear somebody say something weird, I'm like, that could
be a joke.

Speaker 1 (10:10):
So I've been consistently writing.

Speaker 2 (10:12):
So your phone notes is full of jokes.

Speaker 1 (10:14):
Yeah, I could pull them up if you want. They're
probably terrible.

Speaker 2 (10:17):
Yeah, give us like two jokes.

Speaker 1 (10:22):
Let's see.

Speaker 2 (10:23):
I like you, I can like sit here in buffer
if kneel that breath through.

Speaker 4 (10:25):
I had one about I was trying to do a
joke about if anyone's ever calmed down after being told
to calm down?

Speaker 2 (10:32):
Oh, I think.

Speaker 4 (10:33):
I was telling I heard somebody like at a restaurant
tell somebody to calm down. Like, I don't think that's
a good thing to tell anybody. Like, nobody's ever told you, hey,
calm down.

Speaker 1 (10:41):
Oh yeah, you know, most of the time.

Speaker 2 (10:43):
It's men telling women to calm down.

Speaker 4 (10:44):
I feel like this one was really random, But I
wrote ding Dong Ditch turned out to be a very
different game as an adult.

Speaker 2 (10:52):
Okay, elaborate on that one.

Speaker 4 (10:54):
I think I was going to write a joke about
probably about dating ding Dong Ditch is like.

Speaker 2 (11:01):
Well like ghosting, kind of like ding Dong bite.

Speaker 4 (11:04):
You hook up with somebody and then you ghost them.
Literally different when you were a kid.

Speaker 2 (11:08):
Okay, that's good, but that was obviously a while back,
like before you were dating Kelsey and then getting married.

Speaker 4 (11:14):
Yeah you go back and yeah, I just I hear
things and I'll just write them down.

Speaker 2 (11:19):
That's funny. You should start turning them into tweets.

Speaker 1 (11:21):
At least, that's true, even if.

Speaker 2 (11:23):
They don't become a comedy show. You can start having
tweets or well ex's that.

Speaker 4 (11:28):
Is actually how I used to write very early on.
I would just tweet things, and the things I would
get retweeted or like the most, I'd be like, Okay,
I'll use that in my set.

Speaker 2 (11:36):
Yeah, because they were the most like connecting to people
or whatever.

Speaker 4 (11:38):
And it's always the dumb things, right, they didn't people
into liking, so true.

Speaker 2 (11:42):
Okay, we're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back.
All right, We're gonna talk posty for a minute. And
I don't mean post show this time. I do mean
post Malone because sometimes I write posty on the post
show title and people get are there like post malones?

Speaker 1 (11:57):
There got them?

Speaker 4 (11:58):
No, it's just the post You would not put them
in the post show. We got him, I know.

Speaker 2 (12:01):
And I just call it the posting because I like
the name of it. But we're speaking post Malone. Mike
D's like number one favorite person in the world. Is
that fair to say?

Speaker 1 (12:10):

Speaker 2 (12:10):
Okay? Have you convinced Bobby to have post Malone on
the Bobby Cast yet? Sarah in Arkansas?

Speaker 4 (12:15):
I don't think I had to convince Bobby. We had
to convince post Malone.

Speaker 2 (12:19):
Has that ask been out on any level? Do we
feel like if we've asked like if he'd come on
this show or even than Bobby casts I don't think so,
more because we just know he's gonna probably say no.

Speaker 1 (12:28):

Speaker 4 (12:29):
I mean that relationship has been formed now with Bobby
and him, So I think it's more so making the
form Alaska gay because we've tried to get him on before.

Speaker 2 (12:38):
Because he's getting he's getting more and more integrated into
country music.

Speaker 1 (12:41):
So he's around songs out now.

Speaker 2 (12:44):
Yeah, and he's going to be at the ACMs.

Speaker 4 (12:46):
So there's a lot happening now. I guess I'm I
don't know. I guess we're not actively pursuing it.

Speaker 2 (12:51):
Yeah, okay, all right, Well Sarah in Arkansas, I don't
know if you're got to answer. Speaking of Posty, what
are you doing with the beer can? Lauren in Arkansas,
also Arkansas, wants to know.

Speaker 4 (13:01):
So, I has a beer can out of my house
and I went and bought like this. It's like a
shadow box, like a display case where you normally put
like figures inside of it, but now I'm gonna put
the beer can inside of it. And I also got
a pop toy. I found a post mylone one. I
have another one, an old one, but I found what
specifically for this, So I'm gonna put the beer can
and the pop toy inside of it, and then I

want to get like a little plaque, okay, to like
explain it, because I feel like if people just come
to the house and they see it, they're like, what
is this?

Speaker 1 (13:30):
You have a beer can in the alone.

Speaker 4 (13:32):
So some kind of plaque that like says like the name,
the date to what it is. And then I want
to try to find a picture from that night of
him actually holding the beer can, kind of have it
like in the background, like the back of the box.
So it's the picture the two figures and then a
little plate at the bottom, so it's like this little
post of Malone Shrine.

Speaker 2 (13:49):
What about the picture of you and post you? Are
you gonna like frame that? Is that going up somewhere?

Speaker 4 (13:53):
Yeah, I'll probably print that out and frame that maybe
around disagree. I have a lot of stuff, like I
have those pop toysted all his canes cups that he
put out limit edition. How many canes cups are there
I have? I think there was like six total, but
I got three of them. And the hard part about
that is you actually have to buy the meal to
get the cup. So like my wife tried to go,

just buy me the cup, and they're like, now you
got to buy the meal. Neither of us eat meat.
So I was like, all right, so you just had
all this cane. I had a get other people like
my sister and my brother all went to go eat
there and got the cup and saved it for me.

Speaker 2 (14:27):
Okay, got it. So you've got quite the post Mallon
collection going on over there.

Speaker 1 (14:31):

Speaker 4 (14:31):
Now the goal is to get the beer cans signed.
So whenever it finally happens that we get them on,
here's the beer can.

Speaker 2 (14:36):
I was gonna say, I feel like it's the only
thing you don't have as an autograph. Now you've met him,
you've got your picture, you have a like memorabilia from it.
That's unique.

Speaker 1 (14:45):
Yeah. I get the autograph and then I get the
autograph tattooed.

Speaker 2 (14:49):
Oh wait, but how are you gonna do? How are
you gonna get it from the can?

Speaker 1 (14:53):
You probably get two things.

Speaker 2 (14:54):
Signed, like okay, sign this and the I need to
sign this because I'm hat Yeah, are you gonna have
them right? Something that you'd have tattooed like should be
like hi, Mike posty or do you just want to
say posty.

Speaker 1 (15:06):
Probably just the signature.

Speaker 2 (15:08):
But what if you can't read it? What if he
has like a crazy scribble. Oh no, okay, say questions.
We're gonna take one more quick break, but we are
at back all right. What was the most impressive thing
in your tour? Since you're a major fan and the
Texas facilities GM from Texas with the Hooke Horns, I think.

Speaker 4 (15:29):
Any time you get to walk on that field is
an amazing feeling. Like just being on a field where
there's no one else around is a weird feeling. Because
we got out on the field and there was like
people working. I think they were having a concert there
and they were just working there and we just kind
of walked on and we're walking around like I can
do whatever I want, Like this is the same place
where they play games. I can just go and take
a picture in the middle of the field. I can

run up and down, I can do whatever. So just
like being there and how big it is. But the
facility itself is like massive. Out of all the schools
we've been to, even the NFL stadums we've been to,
it is by far the nicest, really, and there was
just so many levels of it that we were going
on this tour and they were showing us all these things,
and it's like, how is there more?

Speaker 1 (16:12):
It just kept going and going.

Speaker 2 (16:13):
Do they have like a lot of technology or robots
or anything.

Speaker 4 (16:16):
They have like a lot of just sports medicine technology.
So they have like these tubs you can get into
that are filled entirely with like salt water. They have
like that chamber you get into where it gets freezing cold,
like this whole wing of the They have their own
doctor there that works. They can prescribe things to you.
So it's like this whole little community. If there was
like a zombie apocalypse, I would go there just because

they have everything.

Speaker 2 (16:38):
And now this is the facility for all the sports
of Texas.

Speaker 1 (16:41):
This is just football. This is just just football.

Speaker 2 (16:45):
Do you think like the baseball team or like, you know,
the basketball teams are like, why don't we get to
be part of that?

Speaker 4 (16:52):
I mean, I'm sure theirs are really nice too, but
it doesn't compare to how much, yeah, how much they
spend on football and how much the football program makes
for them. But I think out of everything, coolest thing
was probably the game room, Like they have their own
like the basketball shooting game with like their logo on it.
They have like the pool table with their logo, and
then right next to that they have a barber shop
with like two Texas chairs where it looks like totally

like decked out chairs.

Speaker 2 (17:16):
Dang, that's like a movie. But you guys weren't able
to film here, right, No, it was just a tour,
just like hanging out seeing it.

Speaker 1 (17:22):
So that was cool for me. It's also like my favorite.

Speaker 4 (17:26):
So I don't know if I have a bias on
that of like saying it was the best, but it
looked the most expensive that we've been to.

Speaker 2 (17:32):
Well, Eddie said something similar, but he he'll say something else.
He said something else that I don't know if I
should repeat.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
They doesn't like Texas, no not.

Speaker 2 (17:41):
He's not sure how how they have such great facilities,
but they're not very good.

Speaker 4 (17:45):
I think his quote was they should be winning every chance.
Yeah he is as much money.

Speaker 2 (17:50):
Yeah, he was talking about like Alabama's out here like
winning and their facilities aren't like that crazy nice like
what's happening.

Speaker 4 (17:56):
But it's like it's so enticing for somebody thinking of
playing there. You see that and then you see that
as in Austin. You're like, why would I not come here?
M hm, you have everything, you know.

Speaker 2 (18:07):
Fun fact, Mike. I when I was looking at colleges Texas,
it is between Texas and k State. I don't know why.
I don't know where that came from. I think I
saw them playing and I loved the orange and I
loved the idea of Texas. And then I saw the
college twitch.

Speaker 4 (18:22):
I was like, never mind, yeah, it was mine too,
but I couldn't afford it.

Speaker 2 (18:26):
I was little like Colt Good.

Speaker 4 (18:27):
It's like I wasn't in the top ten percent to
be able to be accepted there. And then also I
just couldn't afford it.

Speaker 2 (18:32):
I was waiting to take my like I had had
that like idea before I took my ICT's and then
I took my acts. I was like, cal stay in
Ky State. I'll stay in here. So I did have
that little like random Texas connection. Don't yeah, don't know
where it came from, though, weird how that happens. Who's
the one actor that makes a movie a must see?

From jin in Oklahoma?

Speaker 4 (18:54):
I think right now my must see actor is Ryan Gosling.
I just saw him in the Fall Guy and last
year with Barbie, I think he's kind of solidified that
place in my head of being somebody that not only
I'm going to enjoy every movie he's going to be in,
but he's also consistently doing movies that are different from
his last role, because him and The Fall Guy is

way different than Him and Barbie and way different than
any of his other movies. So I feel like he's
constantly evolving. And then I was listening to him in
an interview recently saying that he's no longer going to
do movies where he gets put into a bad mental state.
So I mind that interesting that actors who take on
darker roles that actually affects like their personal life, and
he's not going to do those roles anymore, which is

a bit of a bummer for me because I do
like his darker roles.

Speaker 2 (19:39):
I was gonna say, which would have been his darker
roles that he's maybe referring to.

Speaker 4 (19:42):
I would say maybe him in Drive, where he plays
a stuntman, a getaway driver, and there's some more violent
things that happen in that movie, So maybe having to
do those scenes maybe affect his personality, or maybe Blade
Runner twenty forty nine, which is a little bit more
of like a dark sci fi movie.

Speaker 2 (20:01):
Maybe just I don't think I liked Blade Runner.

Speaker 1 (20:04):
Really, that's one of my favorite movies.

Speaker 2 (20:06):
Might it's either that one or there's another one that
had a similar movie cover.

Speaker 1 (20:11):
Either that or dude, was it kind of similar?

Speaker 2 (20:13):
I liked Dune, didn't I liked There was one that
I watched and it was like three hours, and I
was like, what did I just watch?

Speaker 4 (20:19):
It could have been Blade I didn't like that one
when I saw it in theaters, but I rewatched it
within the last couple of years, and I enjoyed it
a lot more.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
Okay, maybe I need to give it another run.

Speaker 1 (20:30):
I really like it.

Speaker 2 (20:32):
But he was dark in that movie.

Speaker 1 (20:33):
Yeah, it's a darker movie.

Speaker 2 (20:34):
Okay. Ryan Gosling shout out. Kind of weird because I
feel like he's had a spike before. He's kind of
having a spike again.

Speaker 4 (20:40):
Notebook was like two thousand and four. Everybody thought he
was just gonna be like a rom cam romance guy, and.

Speaker 2 (20:45):
He was in a lot of those. And what was
the sports movie he did?

Speaker 1 (20:49):
He didn't remember the Titans.

Speaker 2 (20:50):
Yeah, not a big role, but he was in that. Yeah,
so he kind of had a spike kind of in
their own.

Speaker 4 (20:55):
If I just had one actor to pick, if I
picked him, I'd have a variety of things. The only
thing he had does like a superhero movie, which he
probably wouldn't do.

Speaker 2 (21:03):
That's true. Yeah, the other Ryants have kind of taken
over the superhero Yeah.

Speaker 1 (21:07):
Yeah, Reynolds has been Green Lanyard. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (21:11):
And what's the other There's there's a few Ryan's. There's
Ryan Gossling, Ryan Reynolds. Who's the other famous Ryan's. Maybe
I'm thinking of the Chris is Chris. There's like five
Chris Evans.

Speaker 4 (21:22):
Been Captain America and in Fantastic Four, and Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth at Store, and then Chris Pratt's been in Guardians.

Speaker 2 (21:30):
So maybe I'm thinking of.

Speaker 1 (21:31):
The similar Chris and Ryan.

Speaker 2 (21:33):
That's basically the same. And this is our last question.
Have you ever gone to review a movie you weren't
interested in solely for the podcast? Jamie Tennessee, as.

Speaker 1 (21:42):
In just go watch one for the joy of it?

Speaker 2 (21:45):
No, like have your I think you weren't all interested
in it, but you went because you needed to review
it for the podcast.

Speaker 4 (21:51):
Oh yeah, I've done that a lot, because I go
to movies at least once a week, and then there's
some times one that I'm like kind of on the
fence about and I'll go watch it anyway. But there's
also a lot of streaming movies that I watch that
are probably not what I'd be normally into, and I
end up enjoying them. I think the last one was

The Idea of You, which is on Amazon so good. Yeah, Like,
that's not a movie I would typically seek out to watch.
But if there's a big movie coming out with somebody
like Anne Hathaway, a lot of people are going to
watch that movie, so I have to watch it as well.

Speaker 1 (22:26):
And I ended up enjoying that movie. The only thing
I find.

Speaker 4 (22:29):
Kind of funny that I would pick out about that
movie is it's always weird the way they portray like
pop stars. Yeah, it's so even, like obviously they filmed
that movie not in California, not at Coachella, but they
had to make it look like it's Coachella and just
the thing surrounding the music business and like how big
a pop star is. I just find that so hard
to buy into because it just feels so forced and

feels so like they're faking it. Once I get past
that and just buy into the love story of that movie,
I ended up liking it, you know.

Speaker 2 (23:00):
I will say though, there there was like one night
when I was out with some friends and they happen
to be friends with like Morgan Wallen's people, so we
all ended up in the same place, and that was
my first time I'd ever really experienced what that kind
of looked like. And I will say, they're not far off.
It's a little bit insane, Like the ways that people
treat them and like go about like interacting with them

is kind of like that movie. Like you know how
in the movie they're in like the art gallery kind
of situation and the crazed fans. It was like that,
and I was just kind of like, what is this?
So I do? I do think they have it. It's
a little bit more dramaticized in the movies, but they
do have it, like there is that. It's just weird
to think that it exists that way.

Speaker 4 (23:42):
I guess because the part of his career that they
find him in in that movie, I feel like doesn't
match the level that they were following them around with,
like paparazzi, because even like the daughter.

Speaker 1 (23:53):
In that movie says he liked him like in yeah,
like he was he was.

Speaker 2 (23:57):
Like a like an in sync like a like now.

Speaker 4 (24:01):
So if it would have been at that time, at
that level, I feel like, oh yeah, that would have
been more right on.

Speaker 1 (24:06):
But if it's a little bit past.

Speaker 4 (24:07):
That, I feel like you can kind of get by,
especially today's where there's so many celebrities all like everywhere
that it's really not like that anymore, of like people
getting followed around unless you're at a massive scale, like
like a Morgan Wallen right now probably gets that.

Speaker 2 (24:21):
Yeah, you're right.

Speaker 1 (24:23):
So that was the only.

Speaker 4 (24:23):
Issue I had of like him dealing with fame and
being chased around and doing all these things.

Speaker 2 (24:29):
But the but all the like the negativity that came
with that fame, that's real.

Speaker 1 (24:34):
Yeah, that's right, that was real.

Speaker 2 (24:35):
So they got some of it.

Speaker 4 (24:37):
And then like the meet and greet was kind of weird,
like you only met five people in this whole me greet.

Speaker 2 (24:43):
Yeah, without giving too much away, it was really good though,
really good. Okay, I like a good romance every now
and then all right, well, oh I was gonna but
I'm gonna save it for part one. So if you're
listening to this and you want to go, I want
us to talk about the movie Unfrosted on part one.
You do, Yeah, I do, because I think I'll be hilarious.

Speaker 1 (25:02):
I didn't even Yeah, I'll save it.

Speaker 2 (25:04):
Yeah, well coo, we'll talk about it on there. All right, y'all,
thanks for hanging out, Mike. Tell them where they can
find you. Hear you? All that good stuff.

Speaker 4 (25:11):
Listen to my podcast, new episodes every Monday, Movie Mike's
Movie Podcast, follow me on All the Things at Mike Destro.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
Love It, and you guys can check out the show
at Bobby Bone Show on Everything and myself at web
Girl Morgan. All right, bye, Mike, see you for like
two minutes.

Speaker 3 (25:25):
Okay, that's the best bits of the week with Morgan.
Thanks for listening. Be sure to check out the other
two parts this weekend. Go follow the show on all social.

Speaker 1 (25:34):
Platforms and followed

Speaker 3 (25:36):
Web Girl Morgan to submit your listener questions for next
week's episode.
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