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June 21, 2024 45 mins

We admit the normal things that most people can do but we struggle with. Then, we share our thoughts on Bill Belichick's new girlfriend who is much younger than him, and listeners call in to give their opinion and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
A story about things that are easy for a lot
of people but difficult for a few. Uh. For example, huluu.
Some people just can't hula hoop. Hulloop is a little
harder than it looks. It takes me a second. I
can get it going, but definitely not great at a
hula hoop. Chop Stix is one that makes the list.
I can do that. I'm pretty awesomtic I if I'm not,
I stab the meat. I'm a stab of it. Yeah. Yeah,

I go about twice and then I just stab. But
I feel like shuffling cards is something that people can struggle.
Rolling their rs some people just can't do. Mostly those
people would be white.

Speaker 2 (00:39):
Yeah, because I was born that way, dude, But you know, yeah,
Pert puc that would be what hold on, hold on
you got. I'm not worried about you. And Eddie's Mexican
today is young.

Speaker 3 (00:53):
But you Puerto Rico.

Speaker 4 (00:55):
What Puerto Rico sounds like you're saying Puerto Rico.

Speaker 3 (00:58):
No, he said, Porto Rico, Puerto Rico, say burrito, but
roll the R okay better he had to.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
He had to again. But now you're rolling extra parts
of it.

Speaker 5 (01:10):
I think, actually, like probably not what brito.

Speaker 3 (01:18):
Hey, I'm gonna get chips and salsa and the burrito.

Speaker 1 (01:22):
I think you're rolling a different part of it.

Speaker 6 (01:24):
You're on.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
Yeah, that's what you do. Rolling. You are you don't
roll the b Are you rolling?

Speaker 3 (01:35):
Hold I'm gonna get chips and salsa and the brito
that it.

Speaker 4 (01:41):
Doesn't sound right.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
The point is there are difficult things to some that
most other folks can do.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
Uh me.

Speaker 1 (01:48):
For example, parking, you're so bad at what.

Speaker 4 (01:54):
I don't understand the r the park good like the
parking spot here bones you literally go straight into it.

Speaker 1 (02:00):
No, That's why I picked it in my contract because
I can drive right into it and I still I'm
either off a bit or I'm so far from the wall,
yeah that my butt stays out into the park. I'm
so bad at parking. Pick something that you're pretty bad
at that most people are pretty good at, and I'm
gonna go parking because I can try as hard as

I can and I still struggle. Could it be I
have bad vision, bad depth perception. If so, I should
have a driver's license. So that's why I'm not going
in on that one so hard.

Speaker 5 (02:30):
Amy like RS and w's.

Speaker 1 (02:32):
Like saying not rolling them, just saying them.

Speaker 5 (02:34):
In general, if there are multiple w's in a row
for something, it's very very difficult. I have to pat
like I have to speak slow in my brain and
pause and slow everything down and say real world correct
road rules.

Speaker 1 (02:50):
If that a snow wide in the seven Dwarfs. Oh
you did good on that one. What about like where
you put your clothes and you open it?

Speaker 5 (02:57):
Oh dwarfs?

Speaker 1 (02:58):
Yeh see god right.

Speaker 5 (03:02):
It's war y'all. Don't like the way I say war.

Speaker 1 (03:07):
No crown, that's crayon, crown, crayon. Right again, I can't park,
she can't speak. Problem is we speak for a living.

Speaker 5 (03:16):
It was really problematic when I was endorsing West Walk.

Speaker 1 (03:19):
Coffee West Rock Coffee for a launch. It's a commercial
right up to this, like a Chinese restaurants. I got
the walk. You know that they have the walk, the
Chinese restaurants. Yeah, everybody thought it was like the walk, lunchbox.
Go ahead.

Speaker 3 (03:35):
Writing an email like if I had to reply to
an email like from a boss or something, I don't
really know how to format because I don't know, and
I just write like one, and my wife will be no, no, no,
that's not how you do it and she'll get in there.

Speaker 1 (03:48):
What you mean is basic human communication, because you also
don't let people in the eyes when you talk to them.
A lot of time, you don't know off the show,
you don't. You hold your head down, you like stare
at the ground and talk to people unless you're yelling
at them because they're a celebrity, or.

Speaker 3 (04:01):
I'm just looking for an out, like how did I
get away from this? Like I don't really want to talk.

Speaker 1 (04:04):
To them, Eddie, I can't whistle. Oh interesting, Like people
have tried to teach me how to whistle and I
just can't do it. Let's get back to back lunchbox.
You say burrito follow by Eddie's whistle.

Speaker 3 (04:13):
Go again, I got mine.

Speaker 1 (04:16):
I'm changing, okay, flap a beat rhythm, general rhythm. I
would agree with that. That's it struggles with if I
make a sequence of collaps, he cannot repeat it back,
even if it's not difficult. For example, Oh that's tough.

Speaker 3 (04:37):
That was pretty good.

Speaker 1 (04:37):
Slow, But you know what, I was pretty good because
I gave you a two hard on one about this.

Speaker 4 (04:40):
Yeah, oh common.

Speaker 1 (04:51):
Stop at some point yeah yeah yeah, yeah, Well you
went too many. You were like, no, but I did
that bump bump? Everybody know what I was doing. Yeah,
bump bump, bump bump. But I get the first part
of that, like this now wrong here. Let me whistle

for you.

Speaker 5 (05:16):
There's no whistle in you at all.

Speaker 4 (05:18):
It's crazy because I can sing really well, but I
don't think it's like I can whistle two different ways.

Speaker 1 (05:24):
Yeah, they're not related at all. You mean, it's like
I can balance one foot, but I.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
Cannot can a bird sing.

Speaker 1 (05:29):
I can drive, but singing with a voice, a bird
whistling is hit the bird singing. That's this. That's what
we think of birds singing is if a bird was like,
I'm too sexy for my shirt, it'd be like, dang,
that bird can sing and whistle a bird like that?
Yeah exactly. But so who was that as Amy? Probably?

Speaker 5 (05:45):
Yeah that's about as good as I got.

Speaker 1 (05:47):
So I could whistle. I'm not a good whistler and
coming from but you can sing coming from the country.
Everybody could whistle with like their fingers. Oh yeah, it's
a loud one. I couldn't do that, but I could whistle.
It's weird. In a microphone you need a lot of wind.
I can do this type which is like that, or
I can do this kind of which is more of

a round. Oh yeah, that's the cool one. It is. Yeah,
if I if the dogs are kind of do though.
But my uncle Uncle Rick, I know Uncle, he whistle
across town. He'll be like, Rick must be calling.

Speaker 4 (06:21):
This was Rick singing?

Speaker 1 (06:22):
Like was he whistling tunes?

Speaker 5 (06:24):
That's what my dad could do that he was.

Speaker 1 (06:26):
Bird is not singing when people can whistle a song.

Speaker 3 (06:33):

Speaker 1 (06:34):
I can't.

Speaker 3 (06:36):
All right, I got.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
On the phone. It's Aaron. Hey, Aaron, I'm super happy
that you called. What would you like to talk about?
I want to talk about like the suits?

Speaker 4 (06:47):
Am Oh yeah.

Speaker 1 (06:48):
We've had a couple of conversations. Do you think that
Amy spoiled suits? Without saying no spoilers here? Do you
think that Amy spoiled Suits?

Speaker 6 (06:57):

Speaker 4 (06:57):
I think she did.

Speaker 7 (06:59):
But isn't there like a ten year.

Speaker 8 (07:04):
Where like if something's older, because like if somebody says like, oh, yeah,
in the.

Speaker 7 (07:06):
Titanic, like Jack dies on the boat, like yet we know,
like you know.

Speaker 1 (07:10):
What I mean, Like that's what I spoil for for movies.
There's a but there's nuance to that too, because Suits
has now just been put on Netflix. Yeah, minding out
another season of it, but not new they're putting up.
They're putting up it's old, but a new season for Netflix.
And so you make a great point. I'm glad you
brought that up, because there are times where it's like,
what about this movie? Is it? Okay? If I say

the end of it, and we'll look at the year
and go, yes, I do think this was a bit different.

Speaker 5 (07:36):
Yeah, I agree, it was a little different because it's
like kind of an update of the you know season
and also the one that's coming out like season eight
or seven.

Speaker 1 (07:44):
Or something and into twenty nineteen, the whole series.

Speaker 6 (07:46):

Speaker 5 (07:46):
No, I definitely am not in a Titanic category. But
also I think my new rule for myself, it doesn't
matter the decade that the movie came out. I just
not allowed the same.

Speaker 1 (07:58):
Mind they're allowed to give reviews of anything ever, the
rest of her life unless we ask yes or no.
Not even me. I can only ask yes or no
questions to her why because we'll beat her the old trickery. Yeah,
you can't trust you guys, not to be trusted, not
to be trusted. But Aaron, I appreciate you bringing that up.
A lot of listeners are asking that, so thank you
for asking it publicly so we can answer it publicly.

I've never seen suits, Aaron, is it good?

Speaker 6 (08:23):
I kind of got bored with it in the middle.

Speaker 7 (08:25):
I'll be honest, I say something.

Speaker 1 (08:30):
I'm spoiled. I didn't want to get bored with it.
Though it's good. Amy like suits? I like it? Okay?

Speaker 4 (08:37):
Yes or no?

Speaker 9 (08:39):

Speaker 5 (08:40):
Yeah, shoot, we got a practice.

Speaker 1 (08:41):
Yes? Have you seen every season?

Speaker 5 (08:45):

Speaker 1 (08:46):
Have you seen more than five seasons? Yes? Have you
seen every season that's out on Netflix?

Speaker 5 (08:52):
I'm in the.

Speaker 1 (08:56):
She can't do it.

Speaker 5 (08:56):
Wait, we can't get the Can you rephrase the question?

Speaker 1 (08:59):
Please? Have you seen every season out on Netflix?

Speaker 5 (09:01):

Speaker 4 (09:01):
Okay, boom, that's easy.

Speaker 1 (09:03):
That's easy. But sort of have you seen most more
than half? Yes? Seen more than six? Yes, yes, more
than eight?

Speaker 5 (09:11):
Sort of?

Speaker 1 (09:11):

Speaker 4 (09:12):
Do you agree with the caller where it's kind of
feeling like in the middle.

Speaker 1 (09:15):
You cannot answer a question. Simon didn't say good job, Simon,
don't fall for the re it's silent.

Speaker 4 (09:21):
Got a girl, good job, had a girl.

Speaker 1 (09:23):
You made us proud, Aaron, hope you have a great day.
Thank you for listening.

Speaker 8 (09:27):
Thanks so much.

Speaker 6 (09:27):
I appreciate you guys taking Michael.

Speaker 4 (09:28):
All right bye.

Speaker 1 (09:31):
Do you know who Bill Belichick is?

Speaker 5 (09:32):
Yeah, he was the coach of the Patriots.

Speaker 1 (09:35):
Nice. Guess his age?

Speaker 5 (09:37):
I don't know, probably sixty three, seventy two, Well, not bad.
I saw him on the roast. He looked a little
older than I remember from the sidelines, because I guess
it's been a minute nine years.

Speaker 1 (09:50):
Parentlan stress Bill Belichick, you have in the last rough
few for him, seventy two years old, like still doing
his thing. He has a new girlfriend.

Speaker 5 (09:58):
Oh, also learn about that during Tom Brady roast, she's
twenty four. Yeah, wasn't he seemed like sneaking out of
her ring Her door is like on a ring cam.

Speaker 1 (10:06):
Like yeah, now, but they're opening at it now. He's
seventy two, she's twenty four. What but no, I'm just
I thought love is love? Yeah, because well.

Speaker 5 (10:17):
I'm forty three and I'm just not into seventies.

Speaker 1 (10:22):
Maybe I haven't Maybe I haven't met the right seventy two years.
It don't hate you're saying that he was a football genius.
Don't shut that down.

Speaker 3 (10:28):
She was a cheerleader. They in common.

Speaker 5 (10:30):
Honestly, maybe I need to be more open, but.

Speaker 1 (10:33):
The retired New England Patriots coach seventy two former cheerleader
twenty four, spotted heading aboard his two hundred and twenty
five thousand dollars vessel, named eight rings Wednesday. And that's
so lame.

Speaker 4 (10:46):
What do you mean eight super Bowl rings?

Speaker 1 (10:48):
That's awesome?

Speaker 5 (10:49):
No, no, I get it, But I feel like that's I've.

Speaker 1 (10:51):
Named a little lame my boat from that to five,
Cstle says, I call this live Steam.

Speaker 5 (11:00):
I don't know. I feel like that's a little showy.

Speaker 1 (11:04):
No. Yeah, that's the coolest name ever. And also that's
not the headline. The headline is seventy two. She's twenty four,
and you've assigned the boat to be in the big story.

Speaker 8 (11:12):

Speaker 5 (11:12):
I don't know. I guess. I mean, I don't I've
never named a boat like that, so I guess that's
probably what people do.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
What about? So this is a twenty four year old,
she's an athlete because she was a cheerleader, in great shape.

Speaker 5 (11:23):
His body is that what you're sing?

Speaker 1 (11:25):
What about? Like when their bodies are both naked and
she's like, I put a lot of work into this
and it's young, and he's like, I'm seventy two.

Speaker 4 (11:31):
I don't put any work into this.

Speaker 1 (11:32):
Well, and he did, I'm sure at some point, but
I think your body just reacts differently. I can feel
my metabolism sewing down a bit, and I still go
pretty hard. And I'm forty four, So it's seven. Good
for them. I'm not a hater. I just wanted to
see how you felt about it, and is there any
chance that that I'm not gonna say any chance. Ten

means it's true love. One means give me a break.
One no, no, no, they finish it. Ten means true love.
One means give me a break. He's seventy two, she's
twenty four. What do they have a colon? He's rich?
That's one? Go ahead? One? Okay, right, see that's what
you said. I'm looking at him shirtless right now after
he walked out of her ring camp. Not so bad,
I mean, yeah, I mean yeah, not so bad? Really?

Speaker 3 (12:16):
Yeah, how does that start?

Speaker 1 (12:18):
I would say for a seventy two year old top
five percent? Wow, that's not a.

Speaker 4 (12:26):
I mean, what do you think? What's your number?

Speaker 1 (12:29):
Three? Three?

Speaker 4 (12:30):

Speaker 1 (12:31):
Because I do think that someone like her or I
don't mean I don't know her, but somebody any any her.
There could be things other than money. Oh yeah, like
they could have like a daddy issue or like fetish.

Speaker 5 (12:51):
Work through that, then they're not.

Speaker 1 (12:52):
But they haven't worked they haven't worked through it, right,
So there is But I'm probably not gonna work through something.
I'm gonna die not working through some of my stuff.

Speaker 5 (12:59):
Oh I know, I'm still a constant work in progress.
I'm just saying. But then doesn't that still kind of
make it a one?

Speaker 1 (13:05):
Because you think she's a football fan. I think she
could be a massive Patriots fan.

Speaker 5 (13:11):
Is he a good personality?

Speaker 1 (13:15):
What he does not in press conference? He's actually kind
of funny away for press conference. I mean he sounds
like this, we showed up and we won the game.
That's literally how he does press conference, right.

Speaker 5 (13:23):
I mean I've seen bits and pieces of him, but
I didn't know, like maybe there is a side of
him we.

Speaker 1 (13:28):
Don't She's seen bits and pieces too.

Speaker 5 (13:30):
There's a side of him, like we don't know, Like
maybe he just has it a really awesome yes personality.

Speaker 1 (13:36):
It could be amazing. So anyway he does, feel I
give it a three on that scale. You give it
a one. It averages out of tude. We have an
official standard here that.

Speaker 5 (13:43):
I feel good with that because I should give her
a little bit.

Speaker 1 (13:46):
You're right, I don't know her seventy twenty four though.
Let's just step back again.

Speaker 5 (13:51):
Does he have kids? Oh yeah, yeah, that's that'd be
so hard for me as a kid if my dad
is dating someone but.

Speaker 1 (13:58):
It has grandkids, her age. If we look this, I'm
just guessing. What about like his ex wife, that's his
son was on his staff, so we know what a
son looks like. You have the mullet. Well, God bless you.
If you're happy and you're not hurting anybody. You're hurting

kids or animals.

Speaker 3 (14:19):
Who are you talking to?

Speaker 4 (14:19):
Because he's happy anybody anyways?

Speaker 5 (14:23):
True, I want everybody to be happy. I just yeah,
it is quite the difference.

Speaker 1 (14:29):
Cindy is on, I can take this car real quick.
She says. She's Bill's age, so she's seventy two. Hey, Cindy,
are you seventy? Okay?

Speaker 3 (14:36):
Would you what if a twenty.

Speaker 1 (14:36):
Four year old dude, the twenty four year old dude
love like the Roaring forties or whatever. I'm not sure
people are born anymore, the fifties or something, and he
was do you think you could hit it off with
the twenty four year old dude.

Speaker 8 (14:49):
No, no, no, no, I wouldn't put myself in that solution,
and shame on Bill. Co'mon, Dale, you've been around for
many years doing this. I don't get it. I don't
get it, and I like fail. I'm a big football fan.
I like fail, but it just totally blows my mind

that he's putting himself in this situation and he gets
to not strick.

Speaker 6 (15:16):

Speaker 1 (15:16):
I appreciate your input there, and I don't think it
deserves a shame on you because nobody's done anything bad.

Speaker 5 (15:21):
Well, the brain isn't fully developed till twenty five.

Speaker 1 (15:27):
On Talk to Alyssa, Alissa's talking about that Bill Belichick,
do Heylssa?

Speaker 7 (15:37):
Hey, what's that? Are you guys?

Speaker 1 (15:39):
Pretty good? Thank you for colling. What do you want
to say?

Speaker 6 (15:42):

Speaker 7 (15:42):
My first off, I totally agree with me that it's
a warner and it's discussing. But I think, well, think
of the one in Big Daddy where he like kills
his girlfriend about the old old b al ball away. Yeah,
I would, Yeah, I don't know if I could say it. Yeah,
It's like pedophiles exist and there are people who like

irrationally are attracted to.

Speaker 1 (16:07):
I don't think we can even compare it as a
pedophile pedophila. I'm gonna letter talk, but I don't even
want to make that comparison. And she's not comparing it,
but she's saying, if there's something like this, why wouldn't
there be something a little more more normal. That's lee.
I just don't think in any.

Speaker 5 (16:20):
Way this is even an elderly man are attracted to
young that hole.

Speaker 1 (16:24):
It won't stop talking about this in a way that
is derogatory towards the two people that love each other.
I don't like it.

Speaker 3 (16:29):
You gave it a three action here.

Speaker 5 (16:37):
I'll say something that like, I'm sory, I'm gonna let
less talk.

Speaker 1 (16:40):
You're not gonna let you talk. I just thought, all right,
let's go ahead. I'm sorry.

Speaker 7 (16:45):
But my take was, though, if there are people who
are like irrationally attracted to the old people.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
Yea, or is it because they're so knowledgeable.

Speaker 7 (16:56):
The wisdom it might be might make them more like Shaggy.
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (17:01):
Yeah, I absolutely hear you. I think we all agree
with her kind of the guys just don't want to
admit it because it's like guy good for him. Nothing
is happening. That's the least shared did it with like
a twenty five year old and she's seventy I was,
I was like, that's awesome. So it's this is not
a guy girl girl guy because it's happened with share

a Madonna good point where they've had much much younger men.
And I'm like, you know what, go to town, don't
hurt anybody who cares. We all like different things. Share
seventy seven. He's forty years younger than.

Speaker 5 (17:37):
Her, so what does that make him forty Yeah?

Speaker 1 (17:45):
Do math with a hater hol okay.

Speaker 5 (17:48):
Fifty seven, forty seven, thirty seven, okay, thirty seven. I
mean it's not.

Speaker 4 (17:52):
Jordan Wore, But like I want to know what they
talk about, Like, what are they talking about me too?

Speaker 5 (17:56):
The Patriots?

Speaker 4 (17:57):
The talk Drake May Like I can talk to my
son who's sixteen, like for five minutes and I'm done.

Speaker 1 (18:02):
But there again, I don't want to have to defend
this because it's all it's weird. It's weird. I don't
want to be that one that defends it, but I
feel like I have to because they're both enjoying life.
For whatever reason, you get with someone who makes you
feel good in different ways. There's a difference in a
sixteen year old who has not even graduated high school.
There's a lot of development. It would be like dating
a twenty year old versus even a twenty four year old.

There's a lot of difference in that twenty to twenty
four because there's a lot of life that happens in
that span.

Speaker 5 (18:28):
Here's some experience that I have that I don't think
anybody else in this room has.

Speaker 1 (18:32):
Give it to me. Drop a bomb, right about to
drop a bomb? Date right now, go ahead, let's go
you and Kevin Costner, Let's go.

Speaker 5 (18:41):
No, But he's pretty good looking ahead. So I cared
for my dad and he was in his seventies.

Speaker 1 (18:50):
Want to much illegal I had?

Speaker 5 (18:57):
I bathed him, I did things. He was in his seventies. Again,
my dad, back in the day. I found him to
be very attractive. He's fit at one point. Then later
seventies like things changed. Like I was everywhere, you know, and.

Speaker 1 (19:13):
I was like, wow, she's in everywhere.

Speaker 5 (19:17):
I guess I'm just saying, I know what a seventy
year old man, but.

Speaker 1 (19:20):
Not all are the same. And I would say wow,
though Bella check. You can probably imagine Belichick again, maybe
not the greatest looking dude because he's seventy two or
seventy four. He's in okay shape for an older guy,
just on the shirt off. He also was completely healthy
in his brain. He's not suffering from any diseases that

we know that would anyway. It's still a three. It's
still weird. I'm not gonna hat. That's all I'm saying.
I'm not hating U. Let's what. We appreciate that call
and hope you have a great morning.

Speaker 7 (19:51):
Thank you, guys, Do you have a good one.

Speaker 1 (19:54):
Bill Belichick seventy two, won eight championships with Patriots. Just tired.
He's the most successful coach ever. He's that dude. And
he's got a girlfriend and she's twenty four. She's former
cheerleader of the Patriots and he's seventy two. And then
you know she was. They were together and they first
was spotty, walked out of the doorbell camp. But now
they're on a boat together. They're open. It's love. There's

nothing illegal about it. Is it a little weird, yes,
but who cares? Who cares? We're on the same Patriot
It is weird, but I don't know why people like
what people like, and I think it's pretty cool if
they found love.

Speaker 5 (20:27):
Stop they found love.

Speaker 1 (20:30):
And let's go over to Maria in Massachusetts again, she's
from Massachusetts, New England. Maria, let's go.

Speaker 8 (20:42):
That's Patriot anyway, morning studio.

Speaker 6 (20:44):
I love you guys, Thank you, Amy, You're amazing.

Speaker 7 (20:47):
No, no, no, I believe.

Speaker 6 (20:49):
Love is love. However, there are boundaries, and this falls
on Bill.

Speaker 1 (20:54):
He should know better.

Speaker 7 (20:55):
I have children.

Speaker 1 (20:57):
My oldest is forty.

Speaker 6 (20:58):
They would una liie me if I did something like.

Speaker 1 (21:01):
That, But that's a that's okay. They can feel that way,
but they shouldn't do that because you love him and
he's twenty two, Maria, and you know what you guys have.
He's an old soul and maybe the Bill, she's an
old soul when a young but yeah, but the perfect
the young, the old soul, the young but young. But yeah, no, Marie,

I hear you. It is weird. But I am for
anybody that's making themselves happier in ways that are legal
and not hurting anybody and maybe even helping other people.
Maybe they're in such a good mood after spending the
evening together, they go ahead and give to charity works
the Suit Kitchen. About that, right?

Speaker 5 (21:39):
They think they're making each other happier, but I wonder
if they really.

Speaker 1 (21:42):
People are made happy by different things.

Speaker 5 (21:44):
I get that, Marie.

Speaker 1 (21:46):
I appreciate that call. I appreciate your passion. I want
to I want to talk to Anthony real quick. Anthony,
you're on the show. What's going on? Buddy?

Speaker 6 (21:55):
All right? What's going on? First? I listen to every
morning and they work and I love every one of you.
As far as Bear and his girlfriend, I mean, you
can't really be mad at them. Man, he's twenty four,
he's in his seventies. I don't think there's love. I
think there's more or less, kind of like a playboy
type thing was in his U still had era. And

as far as the girl, she's gonna be able to
tell her grandkids one day that she dated Bill Belichick
in her twenty So, I mean, I'm good with it.

Speaker 3 (22:23):
I can have you wed it out.

Speaker 5 (22:25):
But at the stories we look forward to.

Speaker 1 (22:27):
But uh, he makes a great point, which is which
is what he's there for it.

Speaker 5 (22:34):
Then what do you say, stood era stud era?

Speaker 1 (22:37):
I would say it is beyond a stud era. Uh,
some people stud eras stud Sison lasts so longer than others.

Speaker 4 (22:43):
Geriatric Era's in love right, like he's in love?

Speaker 1 (22:46):
No, not, maybe it doesn't. Who cares why two people
are together if they're enjoying each other and it's making
their lives better, listen.

Speaker 5 (22:52):
And I'm sure they're great people.

Speaker 3 (22:53):
It is weird.

Speaker 4 (22:54):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (22:54):
I think it's weird.

Speaker 5 (22:55):
I would say this to my own dad if he
came home with a twenty four year old and he
was seventy two, I be like, Dad, I love you,
but this is like this is so hilarious and not okay,
but I'll hang out with y'all. I'm sure she's nice,
but this is crazy.

Speaker 1 (23:09):
This is what I would say your dad, I came
home and he's seventy two with a twenty four year old,
I'd be like, wow, yeah, that is a little weird
than amy to walk away, and I'd be like a
respect I do want to talk about this story. There's
a woman she went to a thrift shop and she
bought a little vase. The vase was like three ninety nine.
It turns out to be a priceless mayan artifactor mayan artifact,
like somebody says priceless, Like that's weird because this maybe

there's just not a price on it. Oh, it's got
a price, but that means it's very expensive. A Marly
woman scored a vase for three dollars at a thrift store.
I should go through my house take a picture of
every single thing I have, just if any of it
happens to be, because I would ever look and if
I bought something for three bucks, look to go, I
wonder what this is worth.

Speaker 5 (23:48):
So you've sort of done that with doctor Lori before.

Speaker 1 (23:50):
Yeah, but that was for like a bit, and for
stuff I thought had value, or we got in our
heads like what do we have that might be? And
then Eddy brought in like some glasses and more than nickel, yeah, bottles,
old bodels. So she was in this thrift store Maryland
she bought it, and when she bought it, she thought
it was like a reproduction of one. So she saw
some on a website and contacted Mexican officials and she

said it was They told her it was a vase
a ceremonial earn used by the Mayan people more than
a thousand years ago. Whoa Wusa nine. That's amazing that
is what. So you saw that immediately, right, I mean
there's yeah, what do you want to You go to
Heritage Auctions or gold where and you go auction this
off gold and Sacks whatever it's called whatever that Bank

of America you know who knows, but you you auctioned
that off and then your set. I'd imagine it gets
four or five million bucks.

Speaker 4 (24:45):
Like what, yeah, something that old amy.

Speaker 1 (24:48):
Yeah, I would. And it looks really cool. It's kind
of it's has intricate paint on it, designs, it's it's
really cool. I mean i'd give it. I give one
hundred bucks for it and she'd make ninety seven dollars. Wow,
profit off that. I do. Want to say one other
thing to bring it up. We have this Pip and
Joy stuff. It's very American. We hope that you buy

some because we don't keep any of the money. It's
helping a it's a hero and we're building a home
our military. He went and served, he came back with
like long damage damage in his foot PTSD. Then he
had a house built for him for the reason that
we're doing it, and the hurricane hit it and wiped
it away. So now he's bouncing around, so we're like,

let's build him a home. So all of the money
that we raise with Pip and Joy and our stuff
there and there's all kinds of stuff it is going
to him.

Speaker 5 (25:38):
And to be clear, like, I know you and Eddie
built your pickleball court, but this is like legit, like
a nonprofit building homes for heroes.

Speaker 1 (25:44):
Like what do we have to do with us? It
sounds like because it sounds.

Speaker 5 (25:47):
Like you're saying like we're building a home.

Speaker 1 (25:49):
Doesn't Why is that hater hole moving again? We're gonna
unveil our pickleball court probably today. We're gonna do it yesterday.
Betty forgot to count the house.

Speaker 5 (25:57):
I'm just saying it's it's an organization that helps so
many veterans.

Speaker 1 (26:01):
And how she got to take the shot on us.
She can just say it's a great organization.

Speaker 5 (26:04):
Then they do eighty A certified homes, which are much
needed when there's just yeah, so it's a great place.

Speaker 1 (26:11):
Please if you have it's Friday, so payday. If you
have twenty bucks twenty five bucks disposable income and you
want to get a cool shirt, you get a time
fourth of July. It's very American. We would love it
if you did. There was a weird thing too, I
think Morgan because Lunchbox never keeps any of the Pimp
Joy stuff, right, No, he.

Speaker 3 (26:28):
Always gives it away or donates it.

Speaker 5 (26:30):
Like we we take our photo. He's like, okay, go
and take this.

Speaker 1 (26:32):
Is a good wol I'm gonna wear it right, go ahead. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (26:35):
So I saw him the other day leaving the studio
with like five shirts in his hand, and I was like,
where are you going with that.

Speaker 1 (26:41):
He's like, oh, my friends want it, big donation.

Speaker 3 (26:45):
Yeah. Someone my cousin said, two of her friends are
huge fans of the show. Do we have any like shirts?
And I was like, wow, well we just got these
new Pip.

Speaker 1 (26:56):
And Joy show. It was just about the show. So
you just grab those because they were close.

Speaker 3 (27:00):
Yeah, So they were right there, and so I grabbed
like three sweatshirts and three T shirts.

Speaker 4 (27:05):
Did you ask Amy though?

Speaker 1 (27:06):
Because yeah?

Speaker 5 (27:07):
I thought, I said take some for your wife.

Speaker 1 (27:09):
And yeah, but what about people that know him through Second?

Speaker 3 (27:12):
But I don't know them. I've never met that.

Speaker 1 (27:13):
I'm saying, like a second and my.

Speaker 3 (27:15):
Cousin's friend, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I got
a mail to my cousin who will then give him
to her friends.

Speaker 5 (27:21):
Here, pimp and joy is all about spreading joy, and
that spreads joy to others. Then I guess yes it
fits the bill. Well, Amy, if you see a bunch
of goodwill, you know that came.

Speaker 1 (27:29):
From more sold on eBay. Remember his parents just got
samed at fifteen hundred bucks. I'm thinking he's funneling stuff
back to them so they can sell it to make
their money back.

Speaker 3 (27:36):
Oh theory, maybe there's some of the sizes that are
sold out and I got those sizes.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
Eerie. Please Bobbybones dot com. I rarely say please. If
you have the disposable income and you want to help,
go to Bobbybones dot com and let's help him. Let's
let's build him a house. He deserves it. Thank you, guys.
So I want to start by saying, lunchbox assassinateed me
last night at that water gun. But he almost died
himself in a real way because what he did not know.

My softball team was all law enforcement, and they almost
killed one guy knew what was going on and stopped
like two of them because I had never met them,
and they were like, come play softball, and they don't
want to say what they did. I had the guy
on the show, and there was a reason he didn't
say his job, so I almost say law enforcement. And

so we get there and they're like, hey, people are
doing to mess with you. I'm like, no, not really.
If anything, people are awesome, and they asked with pictures
and happy to do it.

Speaker 4 (28:30):
He failed to mention that you could be a victim.

Speaker 1 (28:32):
Well, I think they were on one percent high or
alert because I'd never met him. Some of them were
fans of them, had never heard of me, but they
were like, hey, if anybody messes with you, we got you.
Don't worry about it.

Speaker 4 (28:42):
Oh God.

Speaker 1 (28:43):
And so we're in the we're playing softball, and I
didn't think woul assassinate me because I said on the
show where I was going to be at two cameras there.
We were shooting content for the show, so I felt like,
you see the cameras, that's work, and how my gog
was in my pocket. So I'm like, there's no way
anyone's going to show up. And lunchbox runs up. It
goes eh. I thought he was going to die. And
he runs away and I'm like, where were you were you?

I was coaching thirty runs.

Speaker 3 (29:08):
And there was a girl someone round and Thirty's going
to go home in the middle of the play and
he's running down the line with her and I came
running on the field.

Speaker 1 (29:14):
Which we're going to kill him?

Speaker 5 (29:17):
Yeah, I mean that would be like going on the
field when there's an active game and play like you are.

Speaker 1 (29:23):
It was smart though he came on. It was like
the last out. It was happening, But he also did
it strategically where he wasn't running on where someone else
could have hit him, like he knows sports enough to
know not to jump on right in the middle of
But still the guy's freaked out because I thought somebody
was attacking me, and so I'm wet. He runs off

and one of the guys like, what what just happened.
I'm like, no, it's a morning show game.

Speaker 5 (29:47):
I'm like, y'all you're not like y'all don't play.

Speaker 1 (29:49):
And he said this he goes, He said, oh that's
what you do the law enforcement of Yeah, he said,
I knew you were something because the guys were like, hey,
if anybody messes with them, because I think too they
thought somebody might try to fight me on another team
or throw it or hit me. I don't know. I
don't know, but they were just super cool and super protecting,
which I thought was super kind. And I think Amy

or Mike or somebody said it because I was telling
them when I say law enforcement, I can't say much
more than that, but it was not It was something
more than And so they were like, it's like one
of those boneheads where the person is doing shop with
a cop and someone's shoplifting.

Speaker 4 (30:27):
Yeah, he went to the place where there's law enforcement,
or they steal a car in front of the police baber, yes.

Speaker 1 (30:34):
And so if it would have happened, if they would
have tackled luckily. Also, his gun was colored.

Speaker 3 (30:39):
Yeah, it was orange and.

Speaker 1 (30:41):
Like another smart thing. It's like when I bought to
shoot Morgan it was orange.

Speaker 3 (30:45):

Speaker 1 (30:45):
But anybody running on the field, I.

Speaker 3 (30:48):
Mean that other team too, had to be thinking what
is this dude doing? Like what is going on?

Speaker 1 (30:53):
The other team were more fans. They actually knew what
was going on. Oh yeah, they were like, uh l,
not law enforcement, just like normal people. But we almost
had a death or at least a hole down.

Speaker 4 (31:07):
You guys understand, like we've had two assassination attempts. One
of them was my house. I almost ran into my
garage like I was. I was parking my car. I
could have ran my car into my house. Could have
been totally bad this time. Lunchbox could have gotten shot.

Speaker 1 (31:21):
Nobody had a gun on him. I don't think any
of the I don't think anything else had a gun
on him one of them, but one of them was
close to tackling him.

Speaker 4 (31:28):
It's crazy, dude, this is getting out of control.

Speaker 1 (31:30):
No, it was just bad luck. This one was just
bad luck. I did not even know. Again, I didn't
know what their job was. I got on said hey,
I want to play softball, and they were like the
one guy messing. It's like, hey, we need a couple players,
come play. Couldn't play because I was gone last week,
and so I played two games last night. And I
get there and we're shooting all this content and he

and the reason they tell me that what they do
specifically is because I don't think that they want to
be on camera for the most part, and so I'm like,
no problem, I just put myself on camera anyway. We
don't really put a bunch of people on and we're
just like recording at bats and whatever, and he's like, okay, cool,
And that was pre the guy running on the field.

But that was almost really hilarious or really tragic. Yeah,
played two games last night, played it eight and a
fifteen and nine to fifteen.

Speaker 4 (32:26):
Were you falling asleep?

Speaker 1 (32:28):
No, but a lot of fast twitch muscles that I
don't usually use as often. And I was playing left field,
not my team, so I go wherever they tell me
to go. I don't see very well, and I played
pretty good. I mean I only one ball did it.
I never saw almost him in the face because it
went above the lights. It came below the lights, and

I don't see very well. Never saw the ball luckily
didn't hit me in the face. But I played pretty well.
It's fine, made some plays. No, I think there were
short a bunch of players, so we had just enough.
First game we lost by a couple. Last game we
lost by it.

Speaker 5 (33:05):
Wait back up, I want to hear. So the pop
fly comes and then it didn't hit you in the face.
Where did it go?

Speaker 1 (33:12):
I don't know what I heard. He was duck No,
I never no, I heard it. It almost hit me
in the head because I had to go, and then
it hits the ground. I'm like, oh crap, so I
grabbed it, okaying, Like like, no, I never saw it
to dodge. First of all, went to dodge. I would
have caught it. Other than that, I would give myself
a be I think I had aided bats. Think I

got I went six for eight. You should probably do
it good. You should probably do at least that in
slow pitch. It's oh it's slow pitch right right, But like,
what a bunch of dudes, I'm playing fast pitch. I
can't see you.

Speaker 5 (33:45):
Got on base six of the eight.

Speaker 4 (33:47):
Yeah, are people drinking? Is what kind of league?

Speaker 1 (33:49):
Like they had that kind of league. But I don't
think that you can't drink on the field. But there's
big music cranked.

Speaker 4 (33:55):
Oh fun, it's fun.

Speaker 1 (33:56):
Yeah it was. It was a lot of fun. And
the angry competitive me didn't come out, but probably because
it wasn't my team. But it's a lot of fun.
My ankles are sore, my lower back was a little
bit sore. But I didn't hurt anything, thank god. And
but okay, and we had fun and uh we was

we almost at death.

Speaker 3 (34:20):
But we did see a death. Someone was assassinated in
front of.

Speaker 1 (34:23):
Well, let me go to the board. I had my
goggles in my pocket and we're shooting content.

Speaker 5 (34:28):
So is that why the goggles are in your pocket?
Because when you're on video, you can just have goggles
around your neck, right, correct, That's.

Speaker 4 (34:34):
Why are they supposed to be around your neck? Is
that the you guys decided. I don't know, I thought,
or I mean I do remember Bobby saying, like I'm
gonna play softball, I'm gonna have goggles on me, so
you can't shoot me.

Speaker 5 (34:44):
Yeah, maybe means and.

Speaker 1 (34:46):
Like he said that he would have him around his neck.

Speaker 3 (34:49):
He said he would have him around his neck, and
the rule was we had to have him around our neck.

Speaker 1 (34:53):
But on the content we were shooting, we were shooting video,
So I thought, surely people are going to see the
two cameras and the sound guy and go, we can't
shoot Assassin here.

Speaker 3 (35:03):
That is not a work event. That is a your
enjoyment event.

Speaker 1 (35:06):
But like Mike and I, if we're recording anything for work,
that counts as content and we're shooting it for a podcast, Joe,
I don'tkay. The judges can say whatever they want.

Speaker 3 (35:14):
I mean, I've played it out perfect. I planned it
out perfect because I guarantee. When he got there, he
probably thought, man, is someone here, is someone here? Let
the game start, Let him get comfortable, start playing the game.
Forget all about Assassin. No one's gonna come in the
middle of the game.

Speaker 6 (35:28):

Speaker 1 (35:29):
I thought if someone did come, that would come in
the middle of the game. But I never thought about
Assassin because we were shooting content and we're like, if
anybody does, it won't count. And it had goggles and
I tried to show them to him. He's like, I'm
not looking on.

Speaker 3 (35:39):
You if they're not on your neck, like the rules said.
I had my goggles around my neck last night.

Speaker 1 (35:44):
If your wallet's on you, where is it in your pocket?
Thank you?

Speaker 3 (35:48):
But the rule when you stated it said they'll be
around they have to be around your neck.

Speaker 1 (35:52):
Let's remove that role though, let's do let's recording content
for the podcast. What do you think about that we're
doing interviews with the players, we're shooting me. Does that
not count? Mike wouldn't shoot me. Mike was my last one.
He wouldn't shoot me doing the bobycast because he said
it was against the rules.

Speaker 3 (36:05):
Well, yeah, that's it, that's work. I'm not working. But
this is but this everything you do is work. Every
time I phone pocket, I could potentially record the board
Mike and Scooba.

Speaker 5 (36:15):
No no, no, no, no, no no no. It's not just that.
It's like he's.

Speaker 3 (36:18):
Are we going to release the assassination.

Speaker 1 (36:21):
We can't. I can't put the people on camera.

Speaker 3 (36:23):
The we can blur them. I mean, the assassinations all
on camera.

Speaker 1 (36:26):
Let's go to scuba. Scuba you can if you want
to kick me out, that's okay. But we were shooting
content with a full camera crew. That would be like today,
when I do my hun day shoot, someone comes and
assassinates me. Yeah, that that you're working as you're getting paid, well,
I get I get paid for content too. I don't know.

Speaker 9 (36:42):
I just this is almost like, I guess the best
way to put this is like playing beer pong at
someone's house. Everywhere everyone's house has got different rules and
they're always changing, and it's hard to follow all the
rules I bought. I've like silently pulled myself out of
the game because of one. I don't care anymore. And
there's just too many rules. I mean, if we're gonna
go looking at the black and white, if you if
you're saying the goggles around around your neck and then
not around your neck.

Speaker 1 (37:03):
But the goggles don't matter. Let's remove the gog okay.

Speaker 3 (37:05):
And also when did the goggles coming.

Speaker 1 (37:06):
I don't remember that we said you go our goggles
one time.

Speaker 3 (37:09):
Okay, I don't have goggles.

Speaker 1 (37:10):
But if we if we're recording content, which we were,
which we get, we have to do it, we get
paid to do it. Is that not work? It is
to see him the CMA fest When you guys are
doing that, that's not really work. But you guys were
there work on the air, but you were out there
for the same reason.

Speaker 3 (37:29):
And someone like somebody board member, I'm gonna make it
easy on you. I assassinated Bobby. But if it to
make it easier, I am now resigning from the game.

Speaker 1 (37:38):
He's getting his little thing where he gets all he
gets all winny because I don't get upset, and.

Speaker 5 (37:44):
He's already like, let's just I've heard of him getting.

Speaker 1 (37:50):

Speaker 6 (37:51):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (37:51):
I don't think it would be rage full. So I'll
step out. Hey, I'll get I'll go down. We had
a full crew, we were working, but I can't have
him turn into the monster.

Speaker 9 (37:58):
Just kiss each other and make up like it's like
a it's like A tis cool.

Speaker 1 (38:02):
I can't everybody their money back?

Speaker 4 (38:03):
Wait, so now only Morgan and Rare.

Speaker 1 (38:05):
And that's fine because I'm not going to have him
do it.

Speaker 3 (38:08):
Do what I do. You are bending the rules once again.
We were shooting content, then you're then you're shooting content
all the time. Then you're always off limits because you're
always working. It's an That's why I'm not going to
get mad. And that's all I'm mad. You're mad right now.
You're mad because you got got you got caught sleeping,
and you're mad about it.

Speaker 1 (38:26):
Sleep where I was going to be?

Speaker 3 (38:29):
You didn't You didn't say yesterday on the show?

Speaker 1 (38:31):
Yeah you did.

Speaker 3 (38:32):
No, Absolutely you did not.

Speaker 5 (38:33):
Okay, it doesn't it maybe Whistles, Yeah, maybe on Whistles Studio.

Speaker 1 (38:37):
We did it on Whistles.

Speaker 3 (38:39):
You did not yesterday say you were going to be
anywhere I had that mapped out.

Speaker 1 (38:42):
Getting mad, I get I'm out. I resigned.

Speaker 3 (38:44):
I'm out with you. Okay, I'm resigning. I resigned first.

Speaker 5 (38:48):
If I designed.

Speaker 1 (38:51):
Him when he does that, you can't.

Speaker 5 (38:56):
So since I resigned a couple weeks ago and I
wasn't going to get my money back. How do I
get it back?

Speaker 1 (39:00):
Everybody can have their money back.

Speaker 6 (39:04):

Speaker 1 (39:05):
Everybody guarantee ed you kind of lost her.

Speaker 4 (39:07):
Dude, I'm the only one that got assassinated her.

Speaker 1 (39:08):
Like, legit, legit, thank you. I rest my case. Bobby
Bone show up today.

Speaker 3 (39:15):
This story comes us from Tampa, Florida. A woman was
stealing in a Toyota Corolla from a dealership in the
middle of the night. She was like, man, this is
highly illegal, but I'm going to call someone let him
know I'm doing it. That makes it legal. So she
pulls out her cell phone, calls nine one one and says,
I just want to let you know I'm at this
dealership and I'm stealing a car. This makes it legal.

Now I'm going to continue doing it.

Speaker 1 (39:38):
I've never heard that rule me either. I'd never heard it,
so maybe it is true. I don't know every law.
I have a feeling that's not true and that's not
how it works. Did the person that was answering that
on one but I think it was a joke.

Speaker 5 (39:49):

Speaker 3 (39:50):
They were like, okay, we'll send someone out to see you,
and the police arrived as she was trying to get
the croll off the lot.

Speaker 1 (39:55):
She wasted.

Speaker 3 (39:56):
They believe she was under the influence. She said she
was training for Black Ops.

Speaker 1 (40:00):
Yeah yeah, yeah, Okay, so she could have just been nuts.

Speaker 5 (40:07):
But black ops a lot of times secret stuff we
don't know about.

Speaker 3 (40:10):
What if what if.

Speaker 1 (40:14):
You're right that's not getting a license to kill? I
don't know if we think that's not real, but some
people may actually have one. Okay, I'm lunchbox.

Speaker 3 (40:21):
That's your bonehead story of the day.

Speaker 1 (40:24):
What's weird about traveling international because it's not like I've
done it for many years in my life, but work
sends me on this trip and you have to have
your passport everywhere. I don't leave. I don't even go
to the restaurant to a meeting all the time because
I feel like I'm gonna be abducted by a foreign
country and thrown in prison. And then I get given
my passport just to get out. Oh we're going anywhere
with my passport?

Speaker 5 (40:44):
Yeah, I mean, I just get worried that if I
don't keep it with me somehow, it's gonna get lost
to the hotels and someone's gonna take it and then
be stuck in the country.

Speaker 1 (40:51):
I'm not meant for other countries I'm just gonna be
honest with you. I'm not meant for it.

Speaker 4 (40:54):
But that's like your idea, right, Like it's your like
your driver's license here when.

Speaker 1 (40:58):
You're traveling, we have if you know the country, I'm
not meant for other countries. I'm bounced with you. I'm
not meant for about ten miles out something house.

Speaker 5 (41:04):
Where do you keep your passport in America? Look at
your house?

Speaker 4 (41:07):
Well, you can't say that.

Speaker 5 (41:08):
No, no, where do you keep it?

Speaker 1 (41:09):
I don't know? You put yours on ice? Is that
what you're thinking?

Speaker 5 (41:11):
I keep rinding the freezer.

Speaker 1 (41:13):
I just feel like, even if I was in America
and agents from another country try to rest me, I
still need my paspert real quick on a Melta, you know.
But yeah, it's your ID. You got to show it
all the time where everywhere. It's like going into a
bar here, going to a I guess not a bar,
but anywhere it's over like twenty one, you got to
show them yeesport. They won't take your driver's license. I
tried and they were like, oh, we don't take that

at all.

Speaker 5 (41:35):
What about Snapchat?

Speaker 1 (41:37):
I don't have Snapchat? I mean I guess I have it.
Why what do you mean what?

Speaker 5 (41:39):
I don't know. My niece, she's living with me for
the summer. She's twenty one, and she had some friends
in town and they went to Broadway for lunch, like,
and so they decided to go in some honky tonk
as well, and since they originally just went for lunch,
she realized, so, shoot, I don't have my ID, and
the bouncer said, uh, you got snapchat and she pulled
it up and like showed her birthday or something, trying
to hit on her. I have no idea, but he's like,

that works, and she's like, Okay, interesting.

Speaker 1 (42:03):
I don't think you can change your birthday. I mean,
so whatever you put in as your birthday is there,
and I've never thought about it like that, and I
guess you really could. I guess change. But it's a process.

Speaker 5 (42:15):
Yeah, I definitely don't think that that's that's it's probably frowned.

Speaker 4 (42:20):
Upon, not legal.

Speaker 1 (42:21):
It's hard. No, No, I know the time about the
bar thing I'm talking about, Like, that's pretty permanent in
your snapchat once you put it your birthday in.

Speaker 4 (42:27):
Yeah, but if you first lie about it, then you're
just always lying about.

Speaker 1 (42:30):
You're probably not gonna lie about it that when you
get a first snapchat, unless you're setting up a snapchat
just to get in a bar. But like if.

Speaker 4 (42:36):
My son sets up a snapchat, he's gonna be like,
I'm twenty two on the snapchat.

Speaker 3 (42:40):
I think it's in the bar.

Speaker 1 (42:41):
We're done, thank you.

Speaker 5 (42:43):
I don't think snapchat usually works for you to get
in the bar.

Speaker 1 (42:45):
No, I should we all think that. Though we all
think that, we all agree that that's hilarious. I think
he was probably Loki hitting on your knees. And she's cute,
so that definitely could have been anything. Did you take
a picture of it?

Speaker 5 (42:58):
No code?

Speaker 1 (43:00):
No snap code?

Speaker 5 (43:01):
No, oh, I get it to get her snaps there,
I got venmo.

Speaker 1 (43:04):
It's it's not like QR covid. It's the closest thing
to it. So I can go places now internationally with
out my passport. Just a snapchat, all right, I show
up to the airport. No, no, no, I got a snapchat.

Speaker 4 (43:15):
You can let me get on the plane.

Speaker 1 (43:18):
I'll say this to I have a sports show called
twenty five Whistles. On that show, there was a segment
that we did because I told you I met Andre
three thousand. I mean, I said hi to him at
the airport, but I didn't take a picture. It didn't
spend any time with them. My wife sat next to
him on the plane. I was so jealous. I said
that right, my wife sat next to him. Yes, I
was so jealous while I was in the other country
for work. I was in France for work. It just

feels so fruitful to say that. Hates saying when I
was in France that was awesome. It doesn't. I don't
feel like so when I work sends me on a
deal and I'm standing, I won't tell you who. You
can listen to twenty five whistles.

Speaker 5 (43:51):
I'm standing, wait, I have to go listen to twenty five.

Speaker 1 (43:53):
I don't have to, but any listener, okay, because you'll
just never know because you're not gonna listen. And when
I can tell you. So, I'm standing next to somebody
and I'm like, I think this is somebody, and I go, hey,
I'm Bobby, and he says his name, and I told
my wife I think this is Da Da Da, and
so we hang out. He's waiting for Uber after this
party that we had to go to for work, like

to meet clients. Is Uber picks him up but before
the uber picked him up, He's like, my phone's done.
I was like, we can just ride back into town
with us, like it was a thirty minute driving back
and we're all standing near the same place and he's like, no,
Mom'm cool, I'll get the uber. I don't know if
that meant like you're a weirdo or so. Then I
message him like four minutes after that on Instagram DM,

I'll tell you this one point six million followers, and
I'm like, hey man, good to meet you, Like I
messaged him like somebody crazy does after a.

Speaker 5 (44:42):
Date, like after we had also just invited him in
your car.

Speaker 1 (44:45):
I know, I know, but but I got a response
back from him, and then we went through and evaluated
the response to see if it meant we're going to
be friends in the future. It's a whole situation. It
just feels like I'm twelve. But you can hear who
it is on the on twenty five Whistles, the podcast
that we do.

Speaker 5 (45:04):
Yes, all right, I was just gonna say initials, give
me something that got.

Speaker 1 (45:08):
To listen to the podcast day and got to twenty
five Whistles.

Speaker 5 (45:10):
You just earned yourself another download.

Speaker 1 (45:12):
Thank you, stream or whatever. Unless you download it.

Speaker 4 (45:17):
Good for you, that's cool.

Speaker 1 (45:19):
It's like people on the iTunes chart when they're like,
I'm number one on the iTunes chart. There's like eleven
people that download songs at this point, you know, but
you get you, you can download it. It does download automatically
with some people. Thank you, goodbye, that's all. See you Monday. Bye.
The Bobby Bone Show Bobby Bones
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