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July 1, 2024 40 mins

Find out how Amy's son sold her out when someone came to their front door! Plus, we have a new Employee of the Month and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Good Mom, transmitting the.

Speaker 2 (00:07):

Speaker 3 (00:10):
Hey, welcome to Monday Show Morning Studio Morning. I hope
everybody had good weekend, Amy, How was your weekend?

Speaker 4 (00:15):
It was good, except for now I know no longer
can trust my son because he straight up sold me
out to door to door salespeople. And I'm just like what,
I don't know what he didn't understand about I'm not available.
There was no denying we were home, so someone had
to go to the door and he's like, I got you, mom,
I'll handle it. And I said, yeah, just say my
mom's not available. Can you come back another time or
we're good, and so.

Speaker 1 (00:36):
He's like okay.

Speaker 4 (00:36):
So he goes out there, meets them and they're like, hey,
I hear it is your mom or dad available. He's like,
my dad's not, but well my mom's here.

Speaker 3 (00:45):
Hold on mom, oh oh, I forgot He just like
I sure of the moment.

Speaker 2 (00:51):
A lot of pressure.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
So it's like, dang it, Stevenson.

Speaker 4 (00:54):
But then my niece is right by me and she's like,
I'll handle it.

Speaker 1 (00:57):
So she walks out. She's twenty one, and I guess
she did like she was the mom and she just said, yeah,
we're good. We have internet. They were just door to
door selling internet or something.

Speaker 3 (01:06):
Your name probably got out because remember when you spent
all that money on those magazines or something.

Speaker 2 (01:10):
Yeah, like I came to your door and you bought
you know.

Speaker 1 (01:13):
You never got it was no, it was fruits and veggies.

Speaker 5 (01:16):
Is that it was amy?

Speaker 1 (01:18):
It employed uh.

Speaker 5 (01:20):
No prisoners.

Speaker 4 (01:22):
Yes they had. They were actimating to life and it provided.

Speaker 1 (01:27):
Work and food.

Speaker 2 (01:28):
I know what he's saying.

Speaker 1 (01:29):
And he had a.

Speaker 4 (01:30):
Binder with laminated packages. And then I tried to swipe
my credit card and his thing wasn't working, so I
had to enter it manually.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
Now this is honestly like lamination.

Speaker 4 (01:39):
Right, guys, this is why I don't make myself available anymore.

Speaker 2 (01:43):
Can't mess up if you're not there.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
Right, So if I.

Speaker 4 (01:45):
Just send my son now sun out and say yeah, hey,
she can't talk, she's not available. But I think I
guess maybe how they asked it, is your mom here?
And then he's like, yep, she's here. And then he
didn't know how to say she's not available even though
I told him that, So he's right up sold me out.
But my niece got me.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
She covered she's here.

Speaker 2 (02:02):
But she said to tell you she's not available. I
love that. I have been the honest way to do that. One.

Speaker 3 (02:07):
Yeah, she's here, but she does not want to talk
to you, and she actually is available, but she's had
to say you're nuts, it's not available.

Speaker 2 (02:12):
Guys, it's easy to deal with those people.

Speaker 6 (02:13):
Just get a phone and act like you're on the
phone and say something like, oh, so the lawyers are
there right now?

Speaker 2 (02:16):
Is like, hey, can what I'm real busy right now,
and like, have I just I'm not interested? Thank you?

Speaker 6 (02:20):
Or don't answer the door no, because they say like,
can I leave a pamphlet with you?

Speaker 2 (02:23):
And then they start going through the pamphlet it's too much.

Speaker 1 (02:26):
Why is your go to so the lawyer?

Speaker 2 (02:29):
Why is it a lawyer? And I'm like, so the
lawyers are there right now? Hey, man, I'm really busy.
The rash is going to make me do what.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
The doctors say. She's gonna die exactly to make it serious,
I get it.

Speaker 4 (02:40):
I mean I need something because clearly my kids are
not going to be good decoys for me.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
So I yeah, I am vulnerable to door to.

Speaker 2 (02:46):
Door and spoilers things giving up spoilers and door to
door salesman, I glad you guys are here and all
the air. It's something we call Bobby's Mails.

Speaker 3 (03:01):
Hello, Bobby Bones. I'm a new listener in Georgia. I
wanted to see if you could offer me some advice.
My boyfriend and I have been together for a year.
When we first started dating, his ex wouldn't let us
kids come around when I was there, which I understood.
But now we've been together for a while, it seems
ridiculous that I can't meet my significant other's children. I

think that she wants them back and she knows this
is the only way she can't control him. At what
point is it no longer reasonable for her to insist
their children cannot meet me for contacts? The kids are
eight and ten, they know who I am. We've never
actually met signed girlfriend in Georgia. Andy, I'm gonna let
you go. It's not exactly similar, but you and parent.

Speaker 4 (03:43):
Yeah, yeah, So I would say, yeah, you've reached that point.
I think she asked, at what point is it reasonable
for me to meet the kids? And it's now I
think that you should be able to spend time with them,
And he is half of this situation, so he should.

Speaker 1 (03:57):
Have a say.

Speaker 4 (03:57):
And I think there needs to be conversation, and hopefully
it doesn't have to go this far, but maybe there
needs to be a third party involved of like you
need to now allow this. I don't know the exact
custody arrangements, but I would think at this point it's
pretty wild that it's not allowed.

Speaker 5 (04:13):

Speaker 2 (04:13):
Also, like that's on him a little bit too.

Speaker 1 (04:15):
Yeah, that's what I'm saying, he needs to have a conversation.

Speaker 2 (04:17):
I just a crazy X.

Speaker 3 (04:18):
We'll call it that. We don't know our it's not
just a crazy X. But I also get Hey, I
would rather the kids not meet random people you're dating.

Speaker 1 (04:24):
Yeah, but a year is okay, a year.

Speaker 3 (04:27):
Absolutely it's up to him to now put his foot
down and say no, they are going to meet her
because she is a definite and definitive part of my life.

Speaker 2 (04:36):
And if that's the case, cool.

Speaker 3 (04:38):
Now what you need to maybe take a look at
is are we sure that she's not or is he
just using her as yet?

Speaker 2 (04:45):
That could actually be a reason too.

Speaker 3 (04:47):
And once you can determine that's not the case, then
it's up to him to grow a pair.

Speaker 4 (04:51):
And some of these conversations can be exhausting. So yeah,
a scenario could be that he's avoiding it and it
just needs to happen, and even say, hey, if she's
wants to meet me, I'm willing to meet with her
as well so she can see.

Speaker 1 (05:03):
That I'm normal.

Speaker 4 (05:05):
But then I guess if there's a thing, if she
maybe wants him back, that might be dramatic.

Speaker 3 (05:08):
And I think that's probably just her inserting that. Okay,
that would think.

Speaker 1 (05:11):
Because I would do that. I would say, Hey, if
if I.

Speaker 4 (05:15):
Started dating somebody that has kids and the mom is
unsure about me, I feel like, well we can all meet.
I would love to have a healthy reward.

Speaker 2 (05:23):
But you need it. It need to You should meet
the kids.

Speaker 3 (05:26):
If he is in and it's not him holding it back,
because that definitely Kubiaporovi good point. Then it's time to
meet the kids. If you're going to be a definite
part of his life, they deserve it.

Speaker 2 (05:35):
You deserve it. He deserves to have his major forces
come together. Yeah, so it's.

Speaker 3 (05:41):
Gonna be awkward, but it has to be. This is
one of those things you have to push on a
little bit.

Speaker 2 (05:44):
Good luck with that. Thank you for listening, and thanks
for sending in that to the mailbag on the phone.
Now we have Sarah. Sarah appreciate your call and what
can we do for you?

Speaker 7 (05:54):
Well, I am starting become a school a sony speaker,
and I would try to to call a couple weeks
ago when there was I Taka tailand is some discussion
about Lunchbox being a bully?

Speaker 1 (06:07):
Does that?

Speaker 7 (06:07):
Does that ring a bell?

Speaker 5 (06:08):

Speaker 2 (06:08):
We had on.

Speaker 3 (06:09):
I wrote a book about how to stop adult bullies
and Lunchbox tends to at times overtake people, especially Abby
and bully her a little bit amongst other people.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
But yes, that was what was happening.

Speaker 7 (06:19):
Cool. Well I didn't I didn't catch what he said.
So I would love to teach you guys at games
about how to stop bullies. And it'd be interesting to
see if there was any overlap.

Speaker 2 (06:29):
Okay, well what the book author said, Let's give it
a run. How do we play?

Speaker 7 (06:33):
Okay, A game is called to Stop It. It was
invented by school counselor Iby Kalman and uh So I
would be at the school assembly and I would say, Hey,
I need somebody to volunteer. Who's going to be willing
to be mean to me? Someone could be going to
be mean to me. You, you and over there, lunchbox.

Speaker 5 (06:53):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, your hand? Yeah? Why are you so dumb?

Speaker 7 (06:56):
Okay, we're going to play this game called to Stop It,
and the way we play is it's you keep being
mean to me, then you win, but if I stop you,
then I win? Okay? Who who do you think is
going to win? Everybody?

Speaker 3 (07:13):
We think that what I know, it's pretty good to
be a mean I think lunchboxes. Get lunchbox, lunchbox?

Speaker 7 (07:20):
Okay, lunchbox? Are you ready? Do you understand the rules?

Speaker 5 (07:23):
I think I understand the rules because I'm already. I'm bored.
I'm very bored being.

Speaker 1 (07:27):
Mean to me.

Speaker 7 (07:28):
Okay, you can say anything you want to say, you
can just but you have to keep on being need
to be. You can't let me stop you.

Speaker 5 (07:36):
Okay, when when do you want me to start? When
do you want me to start?

Speaker 7 (07:39):
Okay? Call me an idiot?

Speaker 5 (07:41):
You're an idiot, You're ugly, you're boring. This is so dumb.
This game is for losers. Why are we playing this game?
This game's never going to end because you are so
boring and annoying, and I mean, I don't know why
we took this call. You're wasting our time all morning
I mean callers want to hear something interesting, and that's
what I'm saying is you are just so boring. Yeah,
and your voice is annoying when you're going but it's
very annoying. So I don't know why this game is

going on, but everybody is annoyed by your voice. So
I'm not going to stop. No, see, we can't even
hear you. This is what I don't understand. The should
we just hang up on her? I mean, I don't
understand what.

Speaker 2 (08:14):
I don't know who.

Speaker 5 (08:14):
He's never gonna stop, He's never gonna I don't understand what.

Speaker 2 (08:17):
Everybody take it back, let me happen.

Speaker 1 (08:19):
How does this work?

Speaker 2 (08:19):
I don't know how it ends? Because how does it?
He's never gonna take a breath.

Speaker 1 (08:23):
I thought she was just gonna hang out.

Speaker 2 (08:25):
Okay, go ahead. I'm sorry, Sarah.

Speaker 7 (08:26):
So next time lunchboxs do do? Let's have some back
and forth like there was a microphone passing the.

Speaker 2 (08:32):
Treat it so, oh.

Speaker 5 (08:35):
Oh, I didn't understand that, got it? Okay, Okay, let's
try it again.

Speaker 7 (08:39):
Let's yeah, let's try again. Okay, Okay, you're an idiot
one that time, but no question who won.

Speaker 2 (08:45):
That Lunchbox da he never took a breath.

Speaker 7 (08:47):
Lunchbocks won, Lunchbog. Okay, let's let's try this again, see
if I can do better this time.

Speaker 4 (08:51):
Okay, okay, Lunchbox.

Speaker 7 (08:53):
I'm an idiot.

Speaker 5 (08:55):
You're an idiot.

Speaker 7 (08:56):
You know you're right. Sometimes I do like sin silly things.
I get that. Thanks for giving me the feedback is at.

Speaker 5 (09:05):
The end of the game. You're stupid already. I was
confused because he wasn't He wasn't used to that approach.

Speaker 2 (09:14):
You hit him with the surprise er, Sarah.

Speaker 5 (09:15):
I was confused because she'd like, she's handing me a
microphone back, but she didn't. There you go.

Speaker 2 (09:20):
No, yeah, so Sarah, what is that you want? So what?

Speaker 7 (09:22):
Want to do it again?

Speaker 2 (09:23):

Speaker 3 (09:23):
No, no, I don't wonder ever, Get what what do
we learn from this? When you do it in front
of people.

Speaker 7 (09:29):
When someone is trying to dominate you or being aggressive
to you, you can respond by not getting upset and
being kind and it will shut a bully down every time.

Speaker 2 (09:42):
I think that's a good lesson.

Speaker 1 (09:43):
I think too.

Speaker 4 (09:43):
I mean, even if it doesn't shut them down, at
least for your mental health and well being, Like you're
not giving it power like you're also you're not allowing
it in.

Speaker 1 (09:51):
You're saying thank you for the feedback, and you're moving on.

Speaker 3 (09:53):
I like to Sarah's like going out trying to help
folks studying, to be in a position that's helping kids.

Speaker 2 (09:59):
Sarah, we appreci that call. Well, I knew once he
got we had done that for thirty minutes, he would
not have stopped.

Speaker 3 (10:05):
Yeah, he had have just been on. Yeah, it's probably
tough on the phone. We kind of got that idea,
and I feel good we learned something there.

Speaker 2 (10:09):
I like that. No, I don't, but I don't react
like she said to react.

Speaker 3 (10:12):
No, sometimes something Now, sometimes I might just be quiet,
But then I'm gonna plan to kill you.

Speaker 2 (10:17):
Mind your bag? Oh my god, maybe I kill you
literally like I'm gonna own you. I'm gonna dominate you.
Later try it's time for the good news.

Speaker 3 (10:24):
How much.

Speaker 2 (10:29):
J C.

Speaker 5 (10:29):
Johnson's working at Taco Bell and Prior, Oklahoma. Thank you
for choosing Taco Bell. Can I take your order? Working
the drive through, someone pulls up and they dropped some
change in the floorboard. As they're bidden over to get it,
they get tangled up in their seat belt and can't
get out and like choking.

Speaker 3 (10:48):
He grabbed his throat, but no listener could see that. Yeah,
and here's the problem. Now, couldn't reach the break.

Speaker 5 (10:54):
So the car starts going and it's heading towards that
busy street.

Speaker 2 (10:58):
I sound like something I would do, I'll be honest
with you. Tangled in the seatbelt. Yeah, and then I
can't stop my car.

Speaker 5 (11:02):
Yeah, and so Jac's like, I gotta quit taking orders.
I gotta drop the headset, throws it off, runs out
the door, gets to the car.

Speaker 3 (11:14):
And stops it before it rolls into traffic. Awareness a
lot of awareness saved a life. Probably saved the life
of a car driving down the street too. They didn't
even know that was happening. That's some crazy awareness.

Speaker 2 (11:24):
And what do you do?

Speaker 6 (11:25):
You like, open the door and then jump in and
your hand to hit the brass.

Speaker 5 (11:30):
I was thinking you dive heads straight down to the
end of the floorboard with your head. I saw thinking
to hit the brake because one of the doors locked,
and if you're the seatbelt is usually attached to the doors.
You open the doors.

Speaker 2 (11:41):
I bet the door's not locked though, because they were
planning to open up and or they were coming to
a drive through. I think the door's unlocked, so you
pull the door open. Then you stick your foot in,
probably your left. You slam on the brake, and then
you unchoke after that when you put it when I
did it but didn't share it with you guys, that's okay.

Speaker 5 (11:58):

Speaker 2 (11:58):
And when you put in park after you slammed.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
The break, okay, great questions. You slammed the break first,
then you under the show. I would think that's a
great story.

Speaker 2 (12:07):
Good John.

Speaker 3 (12:07):
Let's it's got a cool name. What's her j C.
I thought it was a dude.

Speaker 5 (12:12):
I did it too, so I let it got down
here and it said her great actions, and I was like, oh,
my badge. I'm gonna say employee of the month, boom.

Speaker 2 (12:21):
Got the year, oh decade, great job. That is what
it's all about.

Speaker 5 (12:26):
That was telling me something good.

Speaker 2 (12:29):
It's time for the Employee of the Quarter award for
one of you guys gets a chance to win some
money for being the best employee here of the show.
So some highlights from some of you guys.

Speaker 3 (12:38):
Amy, one of the strong segments that you brought was
the awkward DM that you got from Rodney Atkins wife
because she commented that Lunchbox was being brutal about Rodney
Atkins cameo price it. Yeah, and Rodney sings make me
want to take back ros hardest sing with the song.

Speaker 2 (12:56):
Yeah, you've been revealing more more details about your divorce
being super open. What hurt you though, was spoiling suits. Yeah,
so that alone kind of eliminated you. Yeah, Deel spoiler, that's.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
Okay, I know.

Speaker 4 (13:09):
But the good that came out of that is I'm
never going to be able to spoil a show ever
again because we have new boundaries around what I can
and can't say, which is pretty much nothing. Bobby has
to asked me a question and I can say yes
or no about a show.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
We had a good quarter, but you can't be employee
of the month.

Speaker 1 (13:27):
Okay, thank you.

Speaker 3 (13:28):
Morgan revealed she had a boyfriend, brought in several big
updates about her man in uniforms. She did the final
smell test her smells finally returning from COVID. We had
over ten million views on our social media channels.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
A big deal. Like, it's really done well, Morgan, You're
still on the running.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
Yeah, let's a I'll talk about.

Speaker 3 (13:43):
Abby has the saga of the concert and somebody hit
her in DMS offered her fifty thousand dollars to put
a concert together.

Speaker 1 (13:49):
Oh yeah.

Speaker 2 (13:50):
Also, she offered Eddie the job and then backed out
on the air. I remember that she didn't win the
sexy voice off between the ladies, but her offering Eddie
the money and then backing out kind of took her
from contention.

Speaker 5 (14:00):
Yeah, that was tough.

Speaker 3 (14:00):
He's a bad vibe in the room. I like them,
so Abby's not in the running. Lunchbox. He got an
exclusive interview with Thomas Redd at CMA Fest. True that
he got a really cringe worthy interview with Daughtry when
he chased him down holding his coffee drinks.

Speaker 5 (14:14):
Oh yeah.

Speaker 3 (14:16):
He proposed a new bathroom rule after claiming he can
hear the ladies on the show use the bathroom.

Speaker 5 (14:20):
And which you can and it's gross.

Speaker 8 (14:22):

Speaker 2 (14:22):
I agree with him on that.

Speaker 5 (14:24):
But he failed at eating three pounds of food. But
I tried, I did my I mean, I.

Speaker 2 (14:28):
Know, well was it walk them all it?

Speaker 5 (14:29):
Oh my gosh. I haven't loved at walk the same
And he did say he could do it and he
did fail, big fail.

Speaker 2 (14:34):
So Lunchbox, you've been eliminated for contention.

Speaker 5 (14:36):
We all knew this was coming. Do'n like it's stunning.
What are you doing? I'm reading my speech, you know what.
I'll give you a second. If you would have one,
this would have been your speech. Yeah, go ahead. We
all knew this was coming. Don't act like it's stunning.
Eddie fixed his birth defect. Nobody was voting for that. Reject.

Speaker 2 (14:53):
I don't understand.

Speaker 5 (14:54):
Let him go his bald head. He fixed it.

Speaker 2 (14:56):
Voting for it.

Speaker 5 (14:58):
Voting for him is employee of the month. I'm saying
he didn't win. No one, Okay, if you explain it, no, no,
defect and reject they run. So Eddie fixed his defect
and reject.

Speaker 2 (15:07):
Don't rhyme.

Speaker 3 (15:08):
They kind of sound alike. They don't rhyme. They kind
of r They sound alike, but they don't rhyme. Eddie
fixed his birth defect. We heard that nobody was voting
for that.

Speaker 2 (15:16):
Reject, defect and reject. Don't rhyme.

Speaker 3 (15:19):
Go ahead, but infect, inject, defect, reject.

Speaker 2 (15:24):
It doesn't matter. Go ahead.

Speaker 5 (15:25):
Amy spoiled another show. Now we all know why her
ex was ready to go.

Speaker 2 (15:30):

Speaker 5 (15:31):
As for everyone else on the show, I have to
be honest. They just kind of blow. I'm just on
another level. Even though a lot of people think I
am the devil.

Speaker 2 (15:42):
There is there is. You did not win, but thank
you for reading your speech.

Speaker 3 (15:45):
You Raymundo. He creeped out Sam Hunt in the studio,
which was funny. He spotted the country Star at the
liquor store, took a kind of creeper photo. He blindly
sacrificed his vehicle for two months, yes, blindly, and now
it came back and it was worth it. Blindly sacrificed.
But great bit, Raymond, You're in the running. And then Eddie,
Eddie got his hair system installed. Eddie ate one hundred

and eight shrimp. Eddie brought a new segment. What is
this crap?

Speaker 2 (16:14):
Oh? I forgot about this one.

Speaker 3 (16:15):
You had to sign a one million dollar industry secret.

Speaker 2 (16:19):
I forgot about that one too. I still haven't told
anyone that secret.

Speaker 3 (16:23):
No, no, the secrets out. And Eddie you're in. Come on, Amy,
who would you vote to those three?

Speaker 4 (16:30):
Because I had I had had Eddie in my mind
for all those reasons.

Speaker 2 (16:35):
It's Eddie. Yeah, okay, okay, you're ready, you ready? Employee
of the Quarter speech? Oh yeah, go ahead.

Speaker 6 (16:45):
Employee of the Quarter should be easy for yall to pick.
Only one of us stepped up for the best bit.
Actually there was more than one, so let me list them.
The first one has to be my new hair system.
Oh nice, Yeah, Lunchbox tried to eat three pounds of
food but ended up looking like a wimp.

Speaker 5 (17:03):
Not me.

Speaker 2 (17:03):
I ate one hundred and eight popcorn.

Speaker 6 (17:05):
Shrill, Oh good, rye Abby getting a gig for twenty
thousand dollars fee was pretty cool, But the one that
brought it up to the show was me.

Speaker 2 (17:15):
Fool. The bomb is to the voting committee. Do what
you will. Just speed it up so I can spin
that wheel. Struggle with the first ryme backeh what I
got there? I got there. You are the employee of
the quarter, so you have a choice here. Do you
want to spin the wheel of cash? Do you want
to promote whatever you want? Or do you want to

block someone from contention for the next war? Dang, I
forgot about that auction A buck Lunchbox again?

Speaker 8 (17:43):

Speaker 2 (17:44):
Or you can spend the wheel and win some money.

Speaker 5 (17:45):
You could win up to.

Speaker 2 (17:48):
One hundred and fifty bucks on the wheel. The highest
is one hundred on there. Oh you went three hundred miles. Yeah, dude,
one hundred dollars, and I can spend it three times.
Let's spin that wheel on the wheel, there's all the
money from one dollar five dollars all the way up
to one hundred, and there's a spin again times three,
which means you get all the money from those three spinds.

Come on, baby, come on, I think next time we
add another spin again times three. But we also have
one that you owe me five dollars. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa whoa. But that's not now you're the employee. It's
an award. All right, Here we go, let's.

Speaker 5 (18:22):
Spend where Come on, baby, three times?

Speaker 2 (18:26):
Spend three times.

Speaker 5 (18:27):
Oh, it's coming, it's coming, It's come on.

Speaker 2 (18:32):
Yes, come on, spin again three times, let's go. I
cannot believe that just landed on that. I've spent this
hundreds of times. I've only gotten one dollar. This is amazing.
I can't believe it just landed on. Spin again times three.

Speaker 5 (18:45):
So does that mean you spend three times? With the
next spin is worth three times?

Speaker 3 (18:50):
I spend three times and he gets that amount and
then the next amount, and then it's not.

Speaker 2 (18:54):
We added up, dude.

Speaker 1 (18:55):
And it could be one plus one point.

Speaker 2 (18:57):
If it lands on spind again times three again, you
get three more plus. That's what I'm talking about. So
six total spins, what it can go to one hundred five?
Oh my goodness. Okay, well the next three spins ddy,
Oh my god, this is the amount of money you get.

Speaker 5 (19:08):
Come one hundred.

Speaker 2 (19:09):
Spin whears, one hundred dollars. Oh my goodness, I could
be rich today. There's a hunt.

Speaker 3 (19:17):
Oh five dollars. It was right next to fifty five dollars.
Let's spend it again. You get two more spins. Let's
spin where.

Speaker 5 (19:27):
Come on Vegas. Let's go Vegas.

Speaker 2 (19:30):
About about ton of one. Oh my goodness, twenty.

Speaker 5 (19:35):
Good one.

Speaker 2 (19:36):
This is huge, twenty twenty five bucks, dude, I'm so excited.
One more spind Yeah, yeah, what do you want?

Speaker 5 (19:41):
Do you want one hundred? Do you want to spend again?
Times three?

Speaker 2 (19:43):
Well, I mean either one will be really nice.

Speaker 3 (19:45):
I take one hundred spin again. I'll tell you what
you're twenty five. I'll give you five more bucks to
not spend again. What make it even thirty?

Speaker 8 (19:52):

Speaker 2 (19:52):
No, no, okay, let's spread.

Speaker 5 (19:58):
This is it.

Speaker 2 (19:59):
This is it, mom, I'm coming home with money. One dollar. Hey,
twenty six dollars graduates employ every quarter.

Speaker 3 (20:11):
Eddie, good job. We'll see everybody next quarter. Keep up
the good work. Yeah, you guys, step it up. Guys,
got it up, and you're.

Speaker 5 (20:18):
Right it colding. That hair's terrible.

Speaker 2 (20:20):
It's kind of like it. I'm very grateful for the
time we have a doctor on with us.

Speaker 3 (20:26):
This says doctor Zalie from South Dakota. Doctor Zollie, thank
you for being with us this morning. And you've seen
the pictures of both Amy and lunchboxes rashes, right, and
do you think there's some sort of contagious virus that
they've been rubbing on each other?

Speaker 2 (20:42):
Like, what do you think this is on their body?

Speaker 8 (20:45):
Well, to me, it looks like a bacterial folliculitis. But
you can see I think it's on lunchboxes that you
can see like little hairs growing out of the little pustules,
say pustule.

Speaker 1 (20:59):
That pustule, that's a good word. That's what mine looks like.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
It's like puss and then a tool like okay, okay,
so I'm sorry to interrupt you. So this hair coming
out of his puss ball pill it that.

Speaker 8 (21:09):
Way, but it's not really super contagious. I don't think
they've been like rubbing on each other. I think maybe
they just have like gotten some bacteria under their fingernails,
maybe scratched that area, or there is bacteria on their skin,
and then they're clothing rubbed a little bit too hard.
Sometimes you can see that with waxing or shaving too,

So just be careful if you guys have started to
do any different personal hygiene things or none.

Speaker 2 (21:38):
But yeah, they had their clothes on when they were wrestling.

Speaker 3 (21:42):
Hey, so question for you here, well, how do you
get rid of it?

Speaker 8 (21:45):
It's theirs looks very superficial, so it's not very deep.
Just plane washing with soap and water and trying not
to irritate it should take care of it. Or you
can get some over the counter antibiotic ointment like bass
tray or clinton Myasin, like what you use for acne,
and that would clear it up even faster.

Speaker 2 (22:06):
Did you what she said, you have chlamydia?

Speaker 1 (22:08):
Yeah, she said clinton myasin.

Speaker 2 (22:11):
Or clymydia or he has.

Speaker 3 (22:12):
There was a theory in the room doctor that it
was something called leg herpes, and you're saying it is
one not that.

Speaker 2 (22:19):
No lurpies, No lurpies. See well, that's the medical term
that we use, lurpies.

Speaker 1 (22:23):
Yes, okay, well good to know.

Speaker 3 (22:25):
And you did you see Amy's pictures too, so we
think it's the same thing.

Speaker 4 (22:29):
I mean, I feel like she's she's sort of nailed it.
I I've been doing a lot of stuff around my
house and maybe I got a bite and then I
scratched it with my nails and maybe there was maybe
my hands were dirty or something, and it caused an
irritation I did. I don't know what cream I put
on it last night, but I did wake up and
it was better of some sort of you know, who

knows what was in it. I found it in my
medicine drawer. It's awesome se pill. Sometimes I wonder if
this was It was also expired by two years, but
I googled and I think that's fine.

Speaker 1 (22:59):
So is it inspired cream? Okay?

Speaker 2 (23:01):
And pills?

Speaker 8 (23:02):
Usually yes, it just loses its strength and effectiveness. But
as long as it doesn't look dirty or moldy or
like broken down. You know, sometimes creams can have like
a little bit of clear fluid, like it looks like
it's separating a little bit. Then it's too old.

Speaker 1 (23:18):

Speaker 8 (23:19):
But if it still looks like it's normal cream. It's
probably just not as strong as it was two years ago,
but it's probably not going to hurt.

Speaker 2 (23:24):
You on with us now, doctor Zali, I can I
ask you a medical question, doctor Zali? First of all,
what is your your practice? What is your specialty?

Speaker 8 (23:32):
I'm family medicine.

Speaker 2 (23:33):
Perfect because I'm in a family, so it works.

Speaker 3 (23:36):
So about nine months or so ago, I got on
a medication for my OCD. It was kind of out
of control. I started taking it. I started putting on
a bunch of weight because of US.

Speaker 2 (23:44):
I don't like it anymore. I'd rather be OCD.

Speaker 3 (23:46):
They feel copy about myself, and so I'll probably gain
like nineteen twenty pounds and I probably lost like ten
of it back already. Does different medicines do different things
to different people's bodies because one of the things wasn't gained.

Speaker 2 (23:57):
A bunch of weight? But sometimes does that happen with folks? Yeah?

Speaker 8 (24:00):
I tell people that any medicine can do just about
anything to you. So even if it's not listed as
a side effect, just let me know if that is
something that you think is happening to you, and we'll
need to see if set is bad enough or important
enough that we need to change your medicine. So yeah.
Sometimes you know, it says like, oh, this medicine will
cause constipation, Well it gives somebody else diarrhea. Well that's

still very real to them, So yeah, you might have
to change your medicine.

Speaker 2 (24:27):
Diarrhea is very real. Mine was weight gain.

Speaker 3 (24:29):
I had to pull out all the bloated closet at
a time when I'm usually summertime feeling good. Dang exactly,
and the medicine said no way. But I'm telling you again,
twenty pound. I stopped taking it started work. It started
slowly fading away. Lunch about you have a question for
the doctor? Yeah, I mean Morgan sent you another picture
of my hip.

Speaker 2 (24:46):
We're back to this yeh off again.

Speaker 5 (24:48):
No no, but my hip has like these bumps on
it and they're sensitive to the touch. Morgan sent you
the second picture. Do we know what that is?

Speaker 8 (24:57):
If you pick at those does it look like there's
clear fluid that comes out or puscular fluid like yellow
or cloudy?

Speaker 2 (25:04):
I haven't picked on.

Speaker 5 (25:06):
But literally, like the other night I had my I
was I didn't sleep negive for some reason, and the
the band of my underwear was touching them and I
woke up in the middle night because it hurts so bad.

Speaker 8 (25:18):
Okay, that could be shingles.

Speaker 2 (25:20):
Oh my god, Oh my god. And that is contagious
as a mum. And I'm sitting right next to them,
and I've never gotten chicken.

Speaker 4 (25:26):
Talk to the doctor because it is it, because I
know it's brought about by stressed Bobby's had it. I've
had it before, but I didn't. I don't recall it
being contagious.

Speaker 2 (25:34):
It's very.

Speaker 8 (25:37):
Is that contagious, doctor, Yes, because in the fluid of
those little vesicles is the chicken pox virus. So you
should stay away from pregnant women and women that have
not or anybody that has not had chicken pox.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
That's me.

Speaker 8 (25:52):
I've never had the chicken pox.

Speaker 4 (25:53):
Okay, So Lunchbox needs to get on valtrex again. Whoa,
That's what I had to get on. I had it
on my face and I was in Las Vegas for
iHeart Festival, and I had to go to the pharmacy
on the Vegas Strip to become my val trex from
my face because oh, you know, because.

Speaker 2 (26:09):
You thought they were getting your herds Vegas.

Speaker 4 (26:11):
I was in Vegas oh my god, it's unfortunate.

Speaker 2 (26:15):
So to get that checked out, doctor Zali. Shit, so
he's not sitting in a room with us and being
pussy well, I.

Speaker 8 (26:21):
Mean technically, if it's under his clothes and he's not
picking at it, then it's really not as transmissible.

Speaker 6 (26:27):
He has pants down right now, like just exposed and Doc,
I've never had chicken pox. So if I get it
at forty five years old, what happens to me?

Speaker 2 (26:35):
You die?

Speaker 8 (26:36):
Ooh that could be bad. But most people in their
forties have been exposed to chicken pox and just maybe
not had the rash. So you should go to your
doctor and get the blood tests to see if you've
been exposed to it, and if not, then you need
the vaccine.

Speaker 1 (26:51):
Surely the next those sad.

Speaker 2 (26:52):
Now you're anovaccill Why do I have shingos?

Speaker 5 (26:54):
Shingles is from stress, right?

Speaker 4 (26:56):
You know?

Speaker 8 (26:57):
I got it when I was forty nine too. It's
not fun, but it happened.

Speaker 5 (27:01):
Man, because I mean, and then I was wrestling with.

Speaker 8 (27:03):
My son was eighteen when he got it.

Speaker 5 (27:05):
Yeah, because shingles. I was wrestling with my kid the
other day and he just kind of tapped my hip
and I thought he broke my leg.

Speaker 8 (27:11):
Yeah, it can be very painful. The sooner you get
on medicine, the better it is.

Speaker 2 (27:15):
Fat Ye. I would get blood test too, Yeah, I'm
gonna do that. Yeah, we have one.

Speaker 3 (27:19):
Anybody have one final medical question from my new favorite doctor,
doctor Zoli.

Speaker 2 (27:22):
I have one. Do you go ahead? Okay? Doc? I
broke my foot about four or five weeks ago.

Speaker 6 (27:27):
You fractured a toe, Yeah, but I think I tore
a late ligament in there. But I told the doctor
don't worry about the MRI, like it's too expensive and
it's my pinky toe that's not moving. If I did
tear a ligament in my pinky toe, am I okay?
Do I need to fix that?

Speaker 8 (27:41):
Probably not, because you don't do a lot of weight
bearing on your pinky toe, But if it continues to hurt,
then you need the MRI.

Speaker 2 (27:49):
Cool, We're good, doesn't hurt well?

Speaker 3 (27:51):
And also, you went to a doctor and the doctor said,
it's probably not that you're just inserting that from your
own brain. No, you thought you had cancer, but it
was a pop popcorn church not too Yeah.

Speaker 2 (28:01):
Okay, doc.

Speaker 6 (28:02):
So also to and it's another question, I've had pain on
my right side like right under my rib for like
months now. And I realize that when I eat a
lot of popcorn and go to a movie because we
have a deal with two buckets, you get two buckets
for free.

Speaker 2 (28:15):
And take advantage of that deal. And after the movie,
my stomach hurts for like three days afterwards. What is that?

Speaker 8 (28:20):
You just could be eating crap. You probably just need
to not eat so much grease and salt. But if
it hurts worse, it could be your gallbladder.

Speaker 3 (28:31):
He was convinced it was cancer. Doctor, Oh, you couldn't
need your gall butter. Hey, doctor jall, I thank you
for calling, especially because of the first thing, which was
it's not a version of leg herpes, but it's some
sort of clean yourself.

Speaker 4 (28:43):
Coincidentally, we both had bites that maybe we got infected.

Speaker 2 (28:47):
And second of all, Lunchbox probably has shingles, and Eddie's
never had chicken pox, got him right next to him.
I got a whole drama happening in here, doctors only,
thank you so much for calling in and giving us
your medical expertise.

Speaker 8 (28:57):
Anytime, all right, I got that my number, give me
a call.

Speaker 3 (29:00):
There's just doctor. There's a train system in Salt Lake city.
It takes you around the city. A really good one.
Been on it. My brother in law DJ used to
take it to work. Really yeah, he's like one part
of Salt Lake. Take them all the way over to Universe.

Speaker 2 (29:12):
That's also cool. I want to take the train.

Speaker 3 (29:13):
To work and it's like, it was cool, it's clean,
it is awesome. Some dude got on the train and
was like, Okay, I missed my stop. I need to
go back to that one, and they were like, no,
you missed your stop. The train doesn't go backward, and
so he tried to break into the cabin. Oh to
go back to this to make that, to make the
engineer drive them back.

Speaker 2 (29:31):
So he hijacked. That's considered he tried to hijack the train.

Speaker 3 (29:35):
He was booked into the Salt Lake County Jailing charges
that include felony assault with an intended to hijack a vehicle.

Speaker 2 (29:39):
Oh my goodness.

Speaker 3 (29:40):
Now my assumption will be those charges will be lessened
because hijacked.

Speaker 2 (29:44):
To me's like I got a gun, take us to
an island. I'm holding you a hostage.

Speaker 3 (29:48):
But that's a if you're trying to get in to
make the engineer take this somewhere else, that's kind of
a hijacking.

Speaker 6 (29:54):
At one time in Boston, I got on the train
and I didn't know where we were our stop was,
so I just went until it ended stopped.

Speaker 2 (30:01):
I was at the end of town and it started
going back the other way. Did you just stay on it?

Speaker 6 (30:05):

Speaker 2 (30:05):
Or on it for like forty five minutes? Didn't think
about hijacking it though? Ever, No, that's from Fox thirteen.
A pile of stories.

Speaker 4 (30:16):
So someone wrote into an advice columnist saying, hey, I
just started a new job and my manager confiscated my
phone and said, hey, you'll get it back.

Speaker 1 (30:23):
At the end of the shift. Like, what is up
with this? This was in the New York Post, and
the columnist was like, no way, this cannot happen.

Speaker 4 (30:30):
But a lawyer weighed in and was like, well, actually,
in general, I mean.

Speaker 1 (30:34):
There's local laws at play.

Speaker 2 (30:35):
Different every dead cold hands you mother.

Speaker 4 (30:39):
Well, that's sort of what the lawyer is saying, that
a manager can take the phone, but they definitely can't
wrestle it or steal it from you, so and.

Speaker 2 (30:46):
They have to wait till you put it down and
then just take a They're not children, I understand. If
they're morons or bad employees, but not children to take
somebody's property.

Speaker 3 (30:57):
I think you should be able to demand, Hey, put
that away. You're working in this place where I'm paying
you for every minute, So don't be on your phone
or your phone's loud or extracting, no chance, put it
in a locker.

Speaker 2 (31:08):
Give me your phone, no way.

Speaker 6 (31:10):
How do they do that for like football players, because
they can't have their phone on the side of the
on the side of the field.

Speaker 3 (31:14):
They say, you can't take them out there, right, it's
a longer room.

Speaker 2 (31:17):
That's not the same thing. It is the same thing,
because like, where are they going to put them? Well,
if the boss in their pants. But there's also a rule.

Speaker 3 (31:24):
There's also an NFL role you can't have digital devices
for cheating reasons.

Speaker 5 (31:27):
Oh yeah, good good.

Speaker 2 (31:29):
It's a little different then.

Speaker 4 (31:30):
Yeah, it wasn't a Joe Montana or whatever that you
used to call his wife from the sideline from the
actual phone.

Speaker 2 (31:35):
He just tried it at one time.

Speaker 3 (31:38):
Oh okay, I guess I also seen that some them.

Speaker 4 (31:41):
Yeah, okay, so half Americans work while on vacation.

Speaker 1 (31:46):
I think it was the last week or so that.

Speaker 4 (31:47):
I told Jill that America was number one, and like
not cashing in on the vacation days, which we shouldn't
be proud of. But if we do take vacation, apparently
not only do we feel guilty about it, but we
just continue to work anyway because we have anxiety about
not checking our emails and that's causing mental health issues,
on and on. But some people choose to work on
vacation because they actually love their job, and then others
do it out of fear.

Speaker 1 (32:08):
Of losing their job.

Speaker 3 (32:09):
I do it because I don't want to fall too
far behind, because that means when I get home it's
gonna be doubly miserable then, so I'll deal with a
little bit of it so I don't have to deal
with all of it when I get back, but also
try to get ahead of it as well. But like,
I also love my job, and this is a performance
based job where if I do a lesser good then

we all suffer. Like I have all of you guys
to worry about too, so I kind of have the
pressure field jobs.

Speaker 2 (32:36):
It's not the same as non pressure field jobs. It's
just not. If you want a job is full pressure
and you want to try to make good money, then
you're gonna have to do things that probably aren't the
best for your mental health, like that showbiz baby, like
CEOs of companies, absolutely pressure.

Speaker 3 (32:50):
It takes sacrifice to get anything that you want to
have it at a high level.

Speaker 2 (32:55):
If you just want to be a great dad, take sacrifice.
If you want to be a great ceo, take soccer.

Speaker 3 (32:58):
But you're gonna miss out on things in order to
get extra in a certain area. So yeah, I do okay,
mostly I have ibs. I do it on the toilet.

Speaker 2 (33:06):
I'm there anyway, So let's double up you go ahead, okay.

Speaker 4 (33:10):
So Arkansas often is like the worst it is and
the worst at that you know, but to tell you what,
Arkansas is the best at being.

Speaker 2 (33:16):
The worst of stuff. No, on the state of being
go ahead.

Speaker 1 (33:20):

Speaker 4 (33:20):
So there's this whole article about the worst behave flyers
on airplanes, like the states that they come from the
worst states Iowa, Illinois, Virginia, Texas, and Georgia. And then
people from Arkansas they are the best behave flyers, so
they know how to act on an airplane.

Speaker 3 (33:33):
We'll watching, We're gonna take folks down. Give us an
We're gonna take you down. We're not being a holes,
we're being heroes.

Speaker 4 (33:40):
Oh and if you're traveling this week on a plane,
these are the things to think about.

Speaker 3 (33:44):
Like where's my closes are Kansas? Think about that because
they will step in and save you.

Speaker 4 (33:48):
If you have to go to the bathroom and someone
next years of sleep, do you wake them up or
climb over them?

Speaker 2 (33:53):
Wakem on? Wake them up? Okay, because you don't want
to be straddling them and may Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (33:58):
Do you take stinky food on a fly?

Speaker 2 (34:00):
Yeah? No?

Speaker 1 (34:01):

Speaker 3 (34:01):

Speaker 1 (34:01):
Can you watch a movie with steaky food in here?

Speaker 2 (34:04):
We're talking about boiled eggs. I will not take that
on a plane.

Speaker 3 (34:06):
Okay, movie, so you respect them more than I. Yes,
you have a movie with you have to you have
to turn the I don't watch movies, but I'm saying
if something pops up, you have to be like, oh God,
like tilted screen, removing shoes. Do you have socks on?

Speaker 1 (34:25):
And then letting a kid run around during the flight?

Speaker 2 (34:27):
No, but I don't have any. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (34:30):
As tornado outbreaks continue across Oklahoma, a group of storm
chasers come together to try and stop tornadoes in their
path and save lives. We're talking about from Universal Pictures,
Warner Brothers and ambul And Entertainment the new movie Twisters.
It was made for the big screen. It was shot
on location in Oklahoma. They consulted actual storm chasers during
the production. All star cast Daisy Edgar Jones, Glenn Powell,

Anthony Ramos. You don't want to miss this and the
soundtrack has new music from Luke Combs, Laney Wilson, Jelly
Roll and many other great artists. Don't miss Twisters in
theaters July nineteenth. Get your it's now.

Speaker 1 (35:01):
I name, that's my pile.

Speaker 5 (35:03):
That was Amy's pile of stories. It's time for the
good news.

Speaker 8 (35:07):

Speaker 2 (35:12):
Jemmy Nolan.

Speaker 6 (35:12):
He has two kids and about twenty five years ago
he got his arm amputated because he had cancer.

Speaker 2 (35:18):
And he wants to play golf. But it's okay. He
only has one arm. Hey, that didn't stop him.

Speaker 6 (35:23):
He is one of three hundred members of the North
American One Armed Golfer Association. He's continued to play golf
and is really.

Speaker 2 (35:30):
Good at it. And he's telling his kids, Hey, it.

Speaker 6 (35:32):
Doesn't matter what obstacles you have in your life, you
can overcome it. And now I'm telling all of America.
Listen to this guy. He has one arm and still
play golf. You can do anything. So a couple of things.

Speaker 9 (35:42):

Speaker 2 (35:42):
It's a great story too. Sometimes I think I would
play golf better with only one arm.

Speaker 4 (35:47):
I saw a guy on TikTok. He did have two arms,
but he had a one arm swing and it was crazy.

Speaker 3 (35:51):
Yeah, I think because I'm sometimes my other arm runs it.
I love this guy's story. Guys, I played golf with
a one arm golfer. We had a producer who had
one arm. We just played with the golf with him.

Speaker 2 (36:01):
Oh really, before you who's got two and it's life's easy.

Speaker 6 (36:05):
Well, this guy, the guy I played with, he had
a club where he'd hit with it and then he'd
go to the ball and he'd turn it over, and
he had a suction cup on this that you know,
grab the ball, so you're gonna have to bend over.

Speaker 2 (36:15):
He just but that has to do with an arm.
That's just like not one. Yes, that's so smart. I guess.
Jim Abbott only had one arm. He was a pitcher
amy in the major leagues and a pretty good one,
but only had one arm. So he would put his
glove on his like non arm like his nub to
do his elbow. I'm not sure if that's a PC term.

Speaker 5 (36:34):
But he put a.

Speaker 2 (36:34):
Glove on he would throw and after the ball come
out of his hands, he'd slide it into the glove.
And they made a movie about him and everything back
in the day. They should redo and make that movie again.
It's so cool. But he was a major league pitcher
with only one arm. The drummer from def Leppard has
only got one arm. Was in a car wreck, yeah,
almost died, learned how to make drums with his feet,
has a drum set that's feet and one armed correct

a bunch of pedals that he uses. And I think
I could probably be a at times a better golfer
one armed. And how about the North American one Armed
Golfer Association?

Speaker 5 (37:05):
Who knew?

Speaker 2 (37:06):
I like it. I like it.

Speaker 3 (37:08):
They're just committing and they're showing people that just because
of the bad happens, like that's not it.

Speaker 2 (37:12):
That's right. Yeah, great story, that's what it's all about.

Speaker 5 (37:15):
That was tell me something good.

Speaker 2 (37:19):
Here's a voicemail from Shane, just.

Speaker 9 (37:21):
Wondering if after a long breakup, I want to date someone,
but I want to be exclusively single with her. Is
that okay to say up front, like, we're not seeing
other people, We're not going to talk to other people.
You know, we're not going to entertain other people. We're
gonna concentrate on us. Anyways, let me know, thank you.

Speaker 2 (37:40):
I think his language about it is not the same
as ours, and.

Speaker 1 (37:44):
He definitely shouldn't tell her I want to be exclusively single.

Speaker 5 (37:46):

Speaker 2 (37:46):
Yeah. I think he means he wants to be exclusive
with her. Yes, yes. I think.

Speaker 3 (37:52):
Having that communication is rare and awesome and awkward, but
awesome if you have it, especially if she wants to
have it too, I think you just say it.

Speaker 2 (38:02):
I think generally in life, if you say how you feel.

Speaker 3 (38:05):
Generally in life, more times than not, if you say
how you feel, it's going to work out the healthiest
way possible. It may not always be in your favor,
but it may not be good for it to be
in your favor. If you feel it, I think you
should say it to her. If it comes to being
in a relationship, I think the biggest complain about relationships,
especially in new relationships, is that you don't really know
what the other person's thinking.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
You're curious, do they really like me? Do they want
to be with just me? Do they?

Speaker 3 (38:29):
I think having those lines where you draw them and
you say this is what I want, this is what
I'll do, this is what we can do. Like that
helps so much. I wasn't the best at it. I
love ghost of people back in the day.

Speaker 1 (38:40):
What I mean like dating and just disappear. I mean,
I know what ghoste means.

Speaker 2 (38:44):
It was a lot. I wouldn't like set them up
for the ghost, but I'd be like, you know, it's
not working like a ghost.

Speaker 5 (38:50):
Where did you go? And where did he go?

Speaker 3 (38:53):
But if you want to be in a relationship with
just her, you deserve to get her honest feedback. Generally
in life, if you hear how you feel, it's gonna
work out for you more than not.

Speaker 2 (39:02):
That's what I say.

Speaker 4 (39:03):
Date one day two he starts to get these feelings
of love, does he.

Speaker 1 (39:07):
Say, I love you?

Speaker 3 (39:07):
Also, don't be crazy on date one d eighty two
because you don't really love her.

Speaker 1 (39:13):
I want to be with you forever.

Speaker 2 (39:16):
Yeah, you can't be psychotic. There's a fine one.

Speaker 3 (39:18):
But generally, as I say, if you're honest about things,
that will work out in the healthiest way more times
than not.

Speaker 2 (39:23):
All Right, there we go. Let's go down to the
Morning Corny.

Speaker 5 (39:29):
The Morning Corny.

Speaker 1 (39:31):
How to fleas like to travel around?

Speaker 2 (39:33):
How to fleas like to travel around? Oh? That's good.
That is good. Do you think that was the Morning
Corny nice one traveling flea circus?

Speaker 3 (39:47):
Oh no, it's shacking is awesome. That's a good, soaking
good job. I'm blown away. That's a good one. Impress
the crab out of me. And that is the end
of the first half the podcast. That is the end
of the first half of the podcast. That is the
end of the first half of the podcast.

Speaker 2 (40:06):
You can go to podcast two or you can wait
till podcast two comes out. Thank you all This is
me letting you know because of all the messages that
this is the end of the first half of the podcast.
Thank you all right, This is the end of the
first half of the podcast.
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