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July 8, 2024 50 mins

Find out why Lunchbox had drama at a charity golf tournament, the free items he may have taken too many of and the exclusive one-on-one interview he got with a celebrity. Then, we discuss how long you can wait for a parking spot before you have to drive away and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
There we go, Mom transmitting.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
What's up everybody, We're back. I hope you guys had
a good fourth July. Good break, morning studio. Okay, I
want to go to Ray Mundo, our audio producer, Raymundo,
what was your pastor talking about?

Speaker 3 (00:20):
Yeah? So are you talking about heaven and Hell? And
I think that's a classic pastor.

Speaker 4 (00:25):
Book, a revelation and seal of approvals and getting into heaven?
And he said, what mark would people say you've made
on society?

Speaker 3 (00:32):
And he just asked that question to everybody.

Speaker 2 (00:33):
So we challenged everybody at church to think about what
mark they say they leave on society. That's a good question.
So if I were to pitch that around the room,
am you want to go first?

Speaker 1 (00:42):
Mean, gosh, I'm nothing in society, but just in my yeah,
my small society. Like Ben and I adopting our kids,
Stevensons to Shira, I think while our marriage didn't work out,
because it's something that crossed my mind all the time,
like I can't believe that we didn't make it, can't
believe to make it. But some thing beautiful that came
out of it was their lives and seeing them evolved

into these humans like my daughter's almost an adult in
her life. The trajectory of life is totally different because
we chose to adopt her at eleven from Haiti, and
now she's gonna be she's looking at colleges and she's
gonna have opportunities, and so that's that's what first popped
into my mind.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
I think mine would probably be how and where you're
born doesn't have to be exactly how and where you die,
meaning you know, people come from all different places, all
different socioeconomic all different educations, and some people have to
start and it's a little harder than others. And hopefully,

like people can take something away from my story and listen,
there weren't a lot of advantages, didn't have any money,
not a good parental system, Dad left, all those things
that we talk about. But that it doesn't have to
end that way. You don't have to stay in a
cycle because a psych exists. You can actually break the cycle.

It's going to be very hard to break the cycle,
but you can do it, and you can actually thrive
regardless of what the people around you were doing or saying,
or what is kind of placed upon you by where
you come from. So I would say that I think
that it doesn't matter where you come from. It can
matter where you come from, but it doesn't have to
matter where you come from. It kind of is where
you're going and where you get to. And I think

that's probably my mark if you just show up. I
saw a story where it's like, Jen, what's this Z?

Speaker 3 (02:29):
Is it gen Z? Now there's so many gens yea
millennials and then there's no gen X is old. That's like,
that's me, Morgan, what are you right on the cusp?
But yeah, gen Z is the one below me.

Speaker 2 (02:40):
They're like five to ten minutes later on time. And
that's fine for you to think that, but you're never
going to get ahead doing that.

Speaker 3 (02:46):
That's what I grew up thinking.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
But that's not even gen Z. Then that's just Eddy family.
But it's like, if you just do the fundamental, the
small fundamental things right for a long period of time,
small fundamental things are going to do right for you.
And so that's been my story. It's like I have
a great vast amount of talent, but I show up
all the time on time with a good attitude. I
control the things I can control. I share what my

goals are. I don't think there's anything I can't do,
So I would say that doesn't have to matter.

Speaker 3 (03:16):
Where you come from. That would be my mark probably Lunchbox.

Speaker 5 (03:18):
Oh, I've brought so much happiness to so many people
in this world. Like every day, every morning I come
to work, I put people in a good mood. People
have had hard times in their lives and they've tuned
into this show to hear me say something that has
gotten through so much. And we meet people all the
time that tell us that that, oh my gosh, without
you guys, I'd have been lost. This that you just

shifted from guys though, from just you to guys. Well,
it's mainly Meyke and so yeah, I've made a difference
in so many people's lives. And that's what I would
say is my mark on society. People look at me,
I'm like, I want to be that dude. Wow, women
want you, men women want me? I mean, oh, and
I've yes, I've had more mark on a lot of women.

Speaker 6 (04:01):
Eddie want to wrap this up, Yeah, well mine doesn't
really compare to Lunchbox. But you know when we opened
up our house to be in a foster home, that
was kind of cool.

Speaker 3 (04:08):
My wife and I did that.

Speaker 6 (04:09):
We ended up fostering two kids, ended up adopting them,
so now they're part of our family forever. And I
think that's a big deal and different from the way
I grew up. Like I'm a present dad, like and
I'm kind of with my kids all the time.

Speaker 3 (04:23):
My dad, I never saw my dad. He was always working.
He was really like rarely at home and with me.

Speaker 6 (04:28):
I make it a huge effort to be there all
the time with my parents, with my kids. I don't
miss any of their games, most of their games if
I'm in town. But like I try my best to
just stay president and being a really really good dad.

Speaker 3 (04:39):
It's a good question. Ray, we're talking about having her. Hell,
we just talked about life. I'm kind of like Eddie,
I adopted two dogs. There we go. I'm kind of
like Eddie, I adopted a bunch of goobers in this room.
You got it, you Amy?

Speaker 1 (04:52):
Yeah? Thanks, Yeah, I'm just thinking like what we were contributing.
And she can start crying.

Speaker 3 (05:01):
That's okay, Like.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
It is interesting our own little things that we have
going on. And Eddie, probably people have fostered because.

Speaker 2 (05:08):
Of you that I hope, So that's cool. And women
probably have told many a story about you.

Speaker 5 (05:13):
Oh plenty in women, said man, I hooked over that
the legend of Lunchbox.

Speaker 3 (05:16):
Sure, let's start the show. You friend an email and
we read it on the air.

Speaker 1 (05:23):
Get something we call Bobby mail bag.

Speaker 3 (05:26):
Yeah, we get this email a lot.

Speaker 2 (05:28):
I don't read it very often, but every once in
a while I have to address it just so people
can hear our feelings about this email. Hello, Bobby Bonds
Lunchbox is such a self centered individual. He detracts from
the good things that your show and other hosts do.
I love the show. I enjoy listening to it every day.
But my question for you is why do you continue
to keep him on the show? Signed lose the Lunchbox? Hey, Mike,

you run the mail bag. Might gets thousands of them
every week. This happens a lot, right.

Speaker 5 (05:58):
Number one complain, we get it's about lunchbox, which is
that's okay? I mean, that's we understand that we got
some soft salies out there. Would you like to defend
yourself before we answer it. I don't even really understand
what the email is upset about about me having my
personality just because they don't like my personality, that's fine.
I don't like soft, sensitive salies that you know can't

take criticism or the truth, or you know they don't
not everything is rainbows and I'm not going to paint
everything is rainbows.

Speaker 3 (06:25):
But you want cliches, he's just if you cliches.

Speaker 5 (06:29):
If you want everything's rainbows, go watch Reading Rainbow and
that will be Everything's happy or Bob Ross.

Speaker 3 (06:35):
Anyway, here's the thing.

Speaker 1 (06:37):
You're not positive Paulie.

Speaker 7 (06:40):

Speaker 3 (06:41):
My question for you is why do you continue to
keep them on the show. That's a good question question, Yes, no,
it's an easy question.

Speaker 5 (06:46):
The reason that Lunchbox is on the show is because
I'm good at it.

Speaker 2 (06:50):
People like him. People also don't like him. But he
has his moments where he's funny. He has some once
we want to kill him. But yeah, and general he's
a good person. Can it be very obnoxious? Yes, But
he was a bad person, he wouldn't be on the show.
Nobody would be on the show. I wouldn't have anybody
here that was a bad person. And if you ever
turned bad, I will fire you. Eh well remember that,

thank you. So everybody is free to be who they are.
You may not like Lunchbox, but you may like, let's
say you love Amy, there are people that really don't
love Amy and love one. You know, there's kind of
somebody for everybody, But what about the whole positive side
of it?

Speaker 5 (07:28):
Like, oh, I do, I do understand that, But I
think he weighs he he is entertaining enough that that
makes up for the fact that he brings down a
lot of what we try to do as a show.

Speaker 3 (07:43):
But the whole world is not positive.

Speaker 2 (07:45):
Claiming it is, But the reason that we try to
be positive is because the whole world's not positive.

Speaker 3 (07:49):
That's why. That's actually the reason why I try. I
do tell me something good.

Speaker 2 (07:53):
Yeah, so I would say we keep him on because
he's an entertaining guy.

Speaker 3 (07:58):
He's a good dude. Is he abnoxied? Yes? But I
am too, and I'm good looking.

Speaker 5 (08:02):
We need clicks on the website because those numbers are
not it.

Speaker 1 (08:05):
You're random and funny. Yeah, it's like lots of things,
they're so unexpected.

Speaker 3 (08:09):
There are lots of things.

Speaker 2 (08:11):
But if anybody on the show was actually a bad person,
they wouldn't be on the show anymore.

Speaker 3 (08:14):
We had a couple of a couple of bad people.
They're not here anymore. Remember Duke. Oh man, Duke didn't
last long.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
You push out, ol lady down. He was out of here.
I fired on the next day. Yeah, so we're not
going to lose The Lunchbox is not today. May reevaluate
again tomorrow. Yeah, thank you for the email.

Speaker 3 (08:31):
Close it up. We got your email and we ran
it on the air.

Speaker 6 (08:35):
Now let's find the clothes Bobby email.

Speaker 1 (08:37):
Die damn.

Speaker 3 (08:40):
Lunchbox got a one on one with Walker Hayes.

Speaker 5 (08:42):
Yeah, one on one exclusive. So no one else has it,
no one, no one has this. I was doing a
bunch of interviews get a charity golf tournament.

Speaker 4 (08:49):

Speaker 3 (08:50):
He didn't answer these questions with those people. Oh but
that's not one exclusive interview. But it's not.

Speaker 2 (08:55):
They only answered your specific question. It means you're the
only one who got it. That would be an exclusive question.

Speaker 5 (09:02):
Oh yeah, so it's not an exclusive interview.

Speaker 3 (09:05):
Correct, because other people at the same event got interviews.

Speaker 5 (09:08):
Oh so, like when someone gets out of jail, like
Martha Stewart and it's.

Speaker 2 (09:11):
A one on one, she's only giving one interview, that's
an exclusive interview.

Speaker 5 (09:15):
Ah okay, Well, then this was non exclusive interview.

Speaker 3 (09:18):
Was an exclusive questions?

Speaker 2 (09:20):
No one else was allowed to ask the questions because
that would be why it would be exclusive.

Speaker 3 (09:24):
He's just the only one that thought the question. Let's
just get to a club, right, how is the club? Oh?
It was just me and him one on one. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (09:32):
Yeah, Like I grabbed him randomly on the golf course
when he was trying to tee off.

Speaker 2 (09:36):
Walker Hayes has a fancy like Apple Bees.

Speaker 3 (09:41):
The date.

Speaker 5 (09:41):
Yeah, okay, here we go, Walker Invitational, Doug, Yeah, okay, annual. Yeah,
we're exclusive interview. We're gonna do three questions with Walker
Hayes here. Gosh, yeah, I know you're supposed to be golfing.
I'm bothering you, but let's go. What's the weirdest thing
about Walker Hayes.

Speaker 3 (09:55):
I'm a I'm a counter.

Speaker 8 (09:58):
Like I know, I can't sleep in an odd number
hotel room, and I count every single thing every day,
steps upstairs, drinks, chips, everybody.

Speaker 3 (10:09):
I know the number, seriously, seriously. So is it a
little bit of OCD? They might be.

Speaker 8 (10:15):
I've never seen a therapist about it, but yeah, I
never do anything odd numbers very interest.

Speaker 3 (10:21):
That's hey.

Speaker 5 (10:22):
Fact number one about Walker summer vacation.

Speaker 3 (10:24):
Where are you taking the family of the summer.

Speaker 8 (10:26):
I'm trking him to work, Brom. They come on the
road with us, no fun will be had.

Speaker 3 (10:30):
They just go to work. And last, but not least,
what's the hardest thing about being Walker Hayes.

Speaker 8 (10:35):
Uh, that's pretty easy, man. I don't think anything is
hard about being Walker Hayes.

Speaker 5 (10:41):
So I'm good.

Speaker 3 (10:42):
Yeah, I a good answer. That's a fun answer. Yeah,
like that.

Speaker 2 (10:44):
Hey, what was the drama Morgan at the end of
this tournament? Because one of your friends saw Lunchbox there.

Speaker 9 (10:49):
Yeah, everybody always thinks I'm kidding when I come on
here and I'm like, Lunchbox took twelve of one of
these things. Well, a friend of mine witnessed him doing
this in real life that I was not lying or
making anything up, and he was taking There was hats
there and apparently, you know, just like every time you
go to an event, you take one thing to take
home with you. Well, there was different colors of the hats,

so Lunchbox took every single color of the hat at
this charity golf tournament.

Speaker 6 (11:14):
He doesn't wear hats though, I don't know if you
take all the hats.

Speaker 3 (11:17):
No, not gifts.

Speaker 5 (11:20):
There was a blue hat, a gray hat, and a
white hat. And it was this company, like Little River
Clothing company.

Speaker 3 (11:31):
And it was like a kid yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
that's what I'm saying. It had like American flag and
it was like, OK, but why did you take all them?

Speaker 5 (11:38):
I couldn't decide on which color I wanted, and so
they had three sitting there and they're like, oh, just
take it. I was like, man, I don't know if
I want the gray or the blue, but that white
looks pretty good.

Speaker 3 (11:48):
And are you doing this out loud? Yeah? I mean
they say just take all I.

Speaker 5 (11:52):
Said it out loud, and they're like, well, you can
take more than one. I'm like, are you sure? Like yeah,
I'm like, I'll take a blue and a gray, but man,
that white one looks pretty good man. And they're like,
well take a white one too.

Speaker 3 (12:02):
Then I'm like, I mean, if you insist. And so
I took all three. Is that what you heard? Something similar? Yes?

Speaker 9 (12:09):
But I don't know that the people were as agreeable
about it. It was more that they didn't know what else
to do, and they just kind of let him.

Speaker 5 (12:14):
Sure would like that blue one, right, And so when
I golf, I wear a hat, and so now I
have a variety of which one to wear.

Speaker 3 (12:24):
Hey, it's a blue day, a white day, a gray day.

Speaker 10 (12:26):
I want to bring Aby up because this is a
similar ish type story because that was at the Walker
Race tournament where Lunchbox took everything Abby.

Speaker 2 (12:32):
What did you see? They kind of contradicted how he
lives his life.

Speaker 11 (12:35):
Yeah, all of this is hilarious because he blew up
and somebody else did something similar on the show. Like,
so they brought in Raising Caine's food, like a whole
two trays of chicken fries, coal slaw and all that,
and everybody was eating it after the show, Like everyone
was in there but Ray and Lunchbox because they were
doing sore losers. So they came in after and like
there wasn't.

Speaker 5 (12:56):
Much left boys left, there was two chicken tenders. Well
that's on you guys. No, no, it's not okay, go ahead, Abbie.

Speaker 10 (13:02):
But Noele.

Speaker 11 (13:03):
You can see what he's doing right now. He freaked out,
freaked out. He went, yes, I mean I got part
of it, incredible hawk, Yes, but I didn't get all
of it because Eddie did take some home for his kids.

Speaker 3 (13:15):
So he got upset that Eddie took stuff home to
his kids.

Speaker 6 (13:18):
Yes, and I did it knowing that they were doing
their podcast. And he's gonna get out and only see
two chicken strips, and now understand how it feels to
be the person.

Speaker 3 (13:27):
That gets taken advantage.

Speaker 2 (13:28):
And he does take a bunch of stuff in from here
and people are like, where is like the coffee?

Speaker 11 (13:32):
Where is Yes, every time I've every event I've been
with him, he takes something home.

Speaker 3 (13:37):
Yes, but I wait until everybody has theirs.

Speaker 5 (13:39):
I usually take the leftovers that are going to be
thrown away, and I'm like, it's.

Speaker 3 (13:42):
Not gonna go to waste.

Speaker 5 (13:43):
I'm gonna be thrown away. No, we're not talking the house,
but we're talking the food. Like if it's gonna be
thrown away, I'm like, oh, give me it to go box.
I'll take that for the family. I can take that
for the family. I would never go at the beginning.
What about Saint Jude when you took all the backpack
that was at the end. But again, those aren't going
to They'll just.

Speaker 1 (14:00):
Use them again.

Speaker 3 (14:01):
They have to go pay more money to make more
for different events.

Speaker 5 (14:04):
I don't think I've never seen another event where Saint
Jude has been giving away back You go I've got
a lot of Saint Jude events, okay, but I'm just saying,
like Eddie should have waited until everybody had gotten their
servings and then you take it faded.

Speaker 6 (14:16):
I waited everyone that was in the room eight and
then whatever. You don't even know if they're going to
come eat it.

Speaker 5 (14:21):
No, we do, because we were given about six emails
and we said yeah, we'll be there. Morgan even stopped
by the podcast and I said, yeah, we'll be in
there when we're done with the podcast. So everybody knew
we were coming to eat. And if there's free food,
you know I'm coming in there to.

Speaker 3 (14:33):
Get it and steal it.

Speaker 5 (14:34):
Now, I didn't say steal it, but this dude, I'll
feed his family, and everybody asks like it's okay.

Speaker 2 (14:38):
No, I think we would say something if it was
to anybody else, but you who does this to everybody else?

Speaker 3 (14:43):
I mean poor Rabe and I had to piece. Yeah,
one chicken tender, Yeah that's more. I mean, you pay
for it's free. I left you guys lemonade, a nice tea.
Yeah you want the audio of lunch flipping out? Oh man,
it makes you feel U comfortable. No, we don't need
to play. Okay, go ahead, there were Okay.

Speaker 5 (15:05):
I don't have family.

Speaker 1 (15:10):
No, they brought two things of chicken. They brought two things.

Speaker 6 (15:16):
Listen, listen to how he talks, drop it death words
out in the studio and he's he's so angry.

Speaker 3 (15:23):
Can you hear that? Yeah? Anybody else? I think we
have a word. But you knew what you were doing exactly.
Guess everybody else I got him? Are scared again?

Speaker 1 (15:34):

Speaker 11 (15:34):
I was, But you guys didn't hear the like crazy part.

Speaker 3 (15:37):
That was when he calmed down. You have this crazy part.
I didn't believe that and set it off a ship model.
Thank god? Did he threaten me at all? Abby?

Speaker 9 (15:45):

Speaker 2 (15:46):
So now I'm uncomfortable. I think we should play. Walker
is fancy? Like now, just that makes me feel good.
And we just talked about Walker and now I'm happy
he has three hats.

Speaker 3 (15:56):
It's time for the good news.

Speaker 1 (15:58):
How much box?

Speaker 5 (16:02):
Thirty three year old Tempest is driving down the road
when an animal runs in front of her car.

Speaker 3 (16:08):
She's like, oh, I don't want to hit the animal.

Speaker 5 (16:09):
She swerves er and then boom crashes into a pole.
Pole catches on fire. Car starts to catch on fire.
So there's a driver behind her, jumps out and starts
helping her out of the car. She goes, oh, you're
my old teacher. The teacher's like. Teacher's like, yes, I

am mister Sousino, and I'm here to help you. It'd
been two decades, says she was in his class.

Speaker 1 (16:35):

Speaker 3 (16:36):
And then two other drivers Susina must be one hundred,
maybe he was even if he was like forty. Good
for mister Susino.

Speaker 5 (16:44):
Who are the two other drivers Shane McCoy and Michael Petrie.
And Michael Petree put a tourniquit on her leg. She
suffered a broken legs and chest pain, but they got
her out of the.

Speaker 3 (16:53):
Car as it was going up in flames.

Speaker 1 (16:55):

Speaker 2 (16:56):
Thankfully, Misressuzino, changing the world after twenty years Grace.

Speaker 5 (17:01):
Remember when the teacher says, oh, he was be there
for you, mister Casino.

Speaker 3 (17:04):
A minute, No, he quite said there. But like when
teachers say I will always be here, you just understand
your words as they were being strung together.

Speaker 1 (17:11):
Really yeah, okay, though, did y'all teachers tell you that
I will always be here?

Speaker 4 (17:16):

Speaker 1 (17:16):
I can't.

Speaker 3 (17:17):
I always thought teachers like you can. I'll do anything
for you, and that there is your teachers ever tell you?

Speaker 5 (17:21):
That's not my teachers, okay, not mine.

Speaker 3 (17:24):
They didn't really like me though, Was it because you
were them? It's probably them. They just don't have good personality.
That what you told your parents they hate me?

Speaker 5 (17:32):

Speaker 3 (17:32):
I did. In fourth grade.

Speaker 5 (17:34):
I used to tell Miss Kanus hates me, hates me,
and my parents didn't believe me. Then my mom came
up there on Valentine's Day and she realized Miss Kingus
hated me.

Speaker 3 (17:41):
But did you do something to make Miss Kangus hate you?

Speaker 5 (17:43):

Speaker 3 (17:43):
Our Yes, I was a male. Okay, so what's the nausi? Mister?
The heroes are mister Susuzi?

Speaker 5 (17:54):
Yeah, hey yeah, Zeno, Shane McCoy and Michael Petrie.

Speaker 3 (17:58):
Thank you. That's what it's all about. That tell me
something good. Let's play a game.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
This is trivia about lyrics of famous country songs. So
we'll go around the room and I'll sing it. Answer
the trivia question. Amy in Strawberry Wine by Dina Carter,
Where was the guy working through.

Speaker 1 (18:20):
College on her grandpa's farm?

Speaker 3 (18:24):

Speaker 2 (18:25):
Working to college and my grandpa's farm. Good Lunchbox and
before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood. What name brand object
does she use to destroy both headlights?

Speaker 3 (18:40):
Oh, it's a Louisville slugger.

Speaker 5 (18:42):
Correct us, a Louisville slugger on both headlights.

Speaker 3 (18:45):
Could y'all get job? Good job Eddie?

Speaker 2 (18:49):
In Song of the South by Alabama, what kind of
pie makes them shut their mouth?

Speaker 3 (18:55):
Oh that's sweet potato pie. Sweet potato pie. Shut no mouth?

Speaker 2 (18:59):
Go guy with the wind, good job, Amy, What food
do they poison? And goodbye Earl by the chicks in
order to kill him.

Speaker 3 (19:11):
Black eye peace, black eyed peas, black eyed peas? Yeah
that was it wasn't colored green?

Speaker 2 (19:22):
No, no, the answer is black eyed peas because we
said it there. Yeah, you want to challenge it? No,
no challenge, No challenge, lunchbox. The devil went down to Georgia.
He was looking for a soul to steal. That's song
by Charlie Daniels tells the story of the devil's failure.
Just still a young man's soul in a fiddle contest.
What's the name of the young man in the song?

Speaker 3 (19:46):
What? Who's the devil? Battling? Devil went down to Georgia
is looking for a listen, Tim, I'm the best there everyone.

Speaker 5 (19:57):
No, I don't worry. Listen, Jim, They'll start a Mark Aaron,
I'm the best ever? Was Phil? Charlie, Wait, Charlie, I'm
the best I ever?

Speaker 3 (20:09):
Was David? Is he really gonna do this? Three? Aaron later,
Walter g g George, Okay, you got a clock to

Johnny crack.

Speaker 1 (20:32):
Shut up.

Speaker 5 (20:33):
There's no way that My name is Johnny and it
might be a sin, but I take yours on the
best ever again?

Speaker 3 (20:40):
Play possible?

Speaker 6 (20:42):
How did he go through this alphabet and they hit
Johnny when he was counting down?

Speaker 5 (20:46):
I swear to you that was just the name that
popped in my head at that second.

Speaker 3 (20:49):
Crazy, the Claude cat anything. I don't know, Johnny. It
went for like five minutes. You're in Oh my god,
that's ridiculous.

Speaker 1 (20:58):
Did you see the little when you're under pressure and
I feel like Bobby gets down to the two seconds
and then the one.

Speaker 5 (21:04):
Like literally popped in my head.

Speaker 3 (21:10):
Eddie, come on.

Speaker 5 (21:11):
In the song Fancy by Reba, the singer recalls the
summer when she turned what age, Oh gosh.

Speaker 3 (21:21):
Summer I turn okay a possible.

Speaker 6 (21:24):
No, I really don't know this. I really don't know this.
I mean, is she an adult? Like summer she turned eighteen?
Let your answer, Yeah, she's eighteen.

Speaker 3 (21:40):
I remember it all very well looking back. It was
the summer I turned eighteen.

Speaker 5 (21:43):
Oh, thank goodness, Amy and check yes or no? By
George Strait. What was the name of the girl he
used to sit beside in third grade?

Speaker 7 (21:54):
I used to sipisode, pink bo match, pink bow, pone
match dress, and pone do I used to sit behind.

Speaker 1 (22:09):
All looks at my head is Emmy lou Hayes. But
sometimes I don't know that I hear things right, and
then I've been singing that that way for however decades.

Speaker 3 (22:18):
So yes or no? The name of the girl, I.

Speaker 1 (22:20):
Mean, I don't know if this is her name, but
this I've been singing, Emmy lou Hayes.

Speaker 3 (22:26):
The answer is Emmy lou Hayes.

Speaker 1 (22:27):

Speaker 5 (22:30):
I sip side Lunchbox and wagon Will by Darius Rutger.
The singer catches a trucker out of Philly who is
headed west from where?

Speaker 3 (22:45):
And wagon Will by Darius Rutger.

Speaker 5 (22:47):
The singer catches the trucker out of Philly who's headed
west from where?

Speaker 3 (22:55):
Where is he going there? The Cumberland Gap he's going
to the Cumberland Gap. Picked up a trucker out of Philly,
heading west out of I mean Cumberling Gap. Who's screwing?

It has to be Cumberland. I don't know whether the
Cumberland Gap is though, or was he heading west? I
mean it's got to be Cumberland Gap. What Cumberland Gap? Correct?

Speaker 2 (23:26):
Dude, that's crazy. I got a trucker out of Philly,
had a nice long talk. He's adding west from the
Cumberland Gap. City Eddie in Summertime by Kenny Chesney. The
singer describes items and an old ford. What is the
location of the you who bottle?

Speaker 4 (23:44):

Speaker 3 (23:44):
That's that's what I thought. The question was that you
uh you who bottle?

Speaker 6 (23:51):
Okay, summertime? And then phone and then on the floorboard
and the you who the dash?

Speaker 3 (24:02):
What's the location of the uh bottle? Oh?

Speaker 6 (24:05):
The dash sounds familiar. The dash, isn't that the dashboard?
There's the bottle of you on the dashboard. There's a floorboard.

Speaker 3 (24:18):
Man, I really don't know this. I'm gonna go with
the dash floor ward. No, you said it right the
parst time you're saying it.

Speaker 1 (24:25):
Yeah, also makes sense?

Speaker 3 (24:27):
Why well, we wouldn't be on the dash fall off, man, Eddie,
you're out?

Speaker 1 (24:32):

Speaker 3 (24:33):
What's up?

Speaker 8 (24:35):

Speaker 3 (24:36):
Game? Up? Those music champions?

Speaker 2 (24:38):
We are Amy and Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson. They fog
up the windows. And what branded?

Speaker 1 (24:43):
Truck mouth Chevy something something something heavy, Chevy Chevy.

Speaker 2 (24:50):
Chevy lunchbox and body like a back road? What speed
are they driving?

Speaker 4 (24:58):

Speaker 3 (24:59):
Man, body like a back row going singing? Man, I
don't hips like honey and gas don't do that.

Speaker 1 (25:10):
That's confusing.

Speaker 3 (25:11):
Hold on what hater?

Speaker 7 (25:14):

Speaker 3 (25:15):
They're going fifty five thirty five going slow? They're in the.

Speaker 5 (25:22):
Back rows, hind body like a back road? What speed
are they driving? Because they yeah, because.

Speaker 3 (25:29):
A thirty hips song thirty like hips like honey thirty
and honey? Is that rhyme? Thirty five and honey just
thirty and honey? Rhyme to you? I don't know.

Speaker 5 (25:38):
I'm trying to say it out loud now, I'm asking
if it rhymes kind of thirty honey?

Speaker 3 (25:43):

Speaker 1 (25:43):
No, there's so many songs and they both go and
why and body like a back road?

Speaker 3 (25:48):
What speed they're driving? Oh? Back road? Forty five thirty
five fifty five? Amy? Do you know it?

Speaker 1 (26:03):
I can't get to it. My brain's trying. I'm trying.
I'm trying.

Speaker 5 (26:06):
Fifteen, fifteen, thirty, Music Champ, What happened?

Speaker 3 (26:13):
Music Champ? You want the last two?

Speaker 5 (26:14):

Speaker 3 (26:14):
This is for you only, Amy Only. I had it
in dust on You answer like seventeen, no, no, but I
had fifteen but then I was dust on the bottle.
What was the name of the guy who lives?

Speaker 1 (26:25):
Creole Williams down?

Speaker 2 (26:26):
Wow Williams show off in the chorus Have I had
some help? By post Malone and Morgan Walland they say
teamwork makes the blank work?

Speaker 1 (26:40):
Well, it's dream obviously, Okay. I thought it was more complicated.

Speaker 3 (26:47):
Get Lunchboks. What's the parking spot issue?

Speaker 5 (26:50):
I want to know how long you can wait to
turn into a parking spot?

Speaker 3 (26:55):
What do you mean?

Speaker 5 (26:55):
Because I was going to a restaurant where you turn
from the street and it's right in the parking lot
and there's a parking spot and I'm holding up traffic. Oh,
so you're sitting in the road with my blinker on
because it's a small parking lot and if not, I
got to park two blocks down the road and these
people are getting in their vehicle, so I'm like, oh,

left turn, blinker, let's put it on. These people are
taking their time. Cars behind me are starting to stack up,
horns are starting to be honked. Single lane, yeah, one
lane this way, one lane that way, and they can't
get around me because there's a parking lot on the
right hand side, so they're just stuck. And I just
sit there and sit there, and I'm probably there for

about two minutes, and they are honking.

Speaker 3 (27:42):
I look in the.

Speaker 5 (27:42):
Rear view getting the bird from the person behind me,
and I'm like no, I'm just like I'm just sitting there,
like I got my blinker on. I'm waiting for that spot.
I'm not parking. Two blocks down the road and the
car backs out and I go to turn in in
that car and like hog says, they're going by again,

And I was like, well, I was waiting for a
parking spot. I had my blinker on. Sorry, you are
not waiting for that parking spot. So what's the etiquette?
How long can you wait? So?

Speaker 3 (28:13):
How long can you hold traffic up for a parking spot?

Speaker 1 (28:16):
A question I would not do that is there you
can a little bit because it's not a long situation in.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
The room, but it's like taking the left of the light.
Take a breath.

Speaker 2 (28:29):
Sometimes if I have to parallel park and I soak
it parking and your there's one lane, you all turn
your your I think, don't think, don't you, because then
you got to back up and you're holding everybody s people.

Speaker 3 (28:40):
So but you're moving, I know.

Speaker 2 (28:43):
But sometimes you just got to sit there for a
second until, like people For me, especially because I suck
at parking eight degrees.

Speaker 3 (28:51):
I don't think the answer is no time. I think
you guys are wrong on that. Really. I think he
probably waited longer than I would.

Speaker 2 (28:56):
I wouldn't have held it up for six but I
think I would of rolled my window down and said, hey, guys,
are you guys almost done with I'm gonna use your spot?

Speaker 3 (29:04):
Not in the mean way. Did you do that at all? Nope?
Why because they came to their car.

Speaker 5 (29:10):
There was like four people, there were adults, and they
got in the car and they turned their lights on,
you know, and then they just sat.

Speaker 3 (29:16):
There for a minute. They stalling on purpose? No, I
don't think.

Speaker 7 (29:19):

Speaker 3 (29:19):
Maybe they were like looking up directions where they were
going next. I don't know.

Speaker 5 (29:22):
I wasn't inside their vehicle, but it took them a
little while to reverse, and I was like, I'm not moving.

Speaker 3 (29:28):
Okay, So this is what I would saying, thinking about
this for twenty seconds.

Speaker 2 (29:30):
Now, as long as it looks like there's a forward
motion with the car that's coming out, meaning that people
are in emotion to go to the car they're in,
they put the reverse lights as long.

Speaker 3 (29:40):
As you see.

Speaker 2 (29:41):
But if at any point it doesn't look like they're
coming out, like backing out, they're having a conversation in the.

Speaker 3 (29:47):
Car, you gotta go on.

Speaker 2 (29:48):
Yeah, so I don't know that I'm assigning a time
to it, but if ever they get in, it's like, oh,
maybe they're not going to move right. You have to
just go on. But I would have held it up
for a minute, but not too much.

Speaker 3 (30:00):
It was definitely two minutes. On a single lane.

Speaker 2 (30:03):
You deserve the bird, for sure. Would you have birded him,
I would have honked. I think I would have understood.

Speaker 1 (30:09):
I would have too, but I would be like, huh,
this is a little frustrating. I'm not going to get mad.
I'm not honking. I'm not giving the bird. No, I'm
not hounk. I'm not not a honker.

Speaker 3 (30:19):
Just one little and I get it. You need to
do the dead as somebody's looking at the phone in
a red lie.

Speaker 1 (30:25):
Oh that's it, I'll do that.

Speaker 3 (30:26):
That's what I said.

Speaker 2 (30:27):
But I'm a believer that we should now put a
second horn of a different tone in cars.

Speaker 3 (30:33):
Friendlier, friendlier for that reason.

Speaker 2 (30:36):
So when I hit the small horn, that is somebody going, hey,
I got your back, take a look up.

Speaker 3 (30:42):
We have a go.

Speaker 2 (30:44):
Yeah, we need we have traditional horn. That's hey, here's
a noise.

Speaker 3 (30:50):
Pay attention, idiot, stupid head.

Speaker 2 (30:53):
Sure yeah, then you or when you hear the high pitch,
when you're like, oh that that's the looking out for
you horn. God, hey the light just turned green. You
can go ahead and go. You can look up from
twitter like I felt that. I think we need that
in cars.

Speaker 3 (31:07):
Horn. That's the bigger one. That's just and the longer
you hold it, the bigger it was being held.

Speaker 6 (31:12):
But what if you like accidentally hit the mean horn
when you really meant it, do you say like, that's
on you.

Speaker 3 (31:16):
That's you, Yeah, that's on you. It's sort of like
when you cut someone off, you throw your hand up like,
oh my bad. You just got to say my bad.

Speaker 1 (31:22):
Well that's you feel like if you accidentally hit the
mean when you follow up with the nice one, that's his.
I'm sorry.

Speaker 2 (31:26):
Sometimes when someone cuts me off, they do my bad.
I think they're like flipping me off because it's such
a hot you can't tell.

Speaker 3 (31:31):
Sometimes you can't.

Speaker 2 (31:33):
It's also there's a fine line because, like you're describing life,
you were just sitting there being cool because you just
had to show coolness. If I, like, pull too far
in and there's a light and somebody needs to drive through,
but I'm blocking it, I'll just act like I don't
see anything except right in front of me.

Speaker 3 (31:47):
Oh my gosh, it's my fault. It's my fault.

Speaker 2 (31:49):
I pulled too far up and the traffic lights holding
cars back, and now cars need to come through the intersection,
but I'm blocking it. I'm not looking anywhere but right ahead,
and I'm not acknowledging anything in the world is happening
around me because I know I messed up. That's all me.
I'm just gonna look forward. Sometimes it's like somebody coming
to your car on the side.

Speaker 3 (32:08):
Of the road. Oh yeah, you just they're not there
when they get out.

Speaker 4 (32:12):

Speaker 2 (32:12):
No, someone like if they're like asking for money, depending
on the situation. I don't want to give everybody money.
Sometimes I don't believe you, he says, serve in Vietnam War.
You know, look at day over thirty, sir, But why
not say hi to them? They're already lying? So why
a you're believing in the else they're saying. See, I'd
be I waved doing Like, how's it going?

Speaker 3 (32:26):
If they have a dog? Give him my wallet? Here,
take the wallet for the dog.

Speaker 2 (32:29):
Yeah, take the wall, but you better buy all of
the all right, So I'm gonna say lunchbox. As long
as it's four movement with the person leaving the spot,
You're okay. I think you run a little too long,
but I'm still on your side more than they are
their haters.

Speaker 3 (32:39):
Fifteen seconds. Thank you. Here's a voicemail from Hannah good
more about bones show.

Speaker 12 (32:46):
My name is Hannah from Port Wayne, Indiana, and I'm
gonna try to get through this joke without dying laughing.
But what is a chicken's favorite brand of clothing to wear?

Speaker 3 (33:00):
That's a good one to me.

Speaker 5 (33:01):
I hope you all enjoyed that.

Speaker 3 (33:03):
A plus delivery too, Hey plus did good? All right,
here's the next one.

Speaker 12 (33:06):
I had a question for bodies.

Speaker 3 (33:09):
I know a while back that you had some shoulder
pain and then you had.

Speaker 12 (33:13):
A chiropractor come out and adjust you. When I was
just wondering how that's going, if you're still seeing.

Speaker 9 (33:19):
Him, or if the shoulder pain it's assalved.

Speaker 2 (33:22):
Log My shoulder pain wasn't really like a like a
bone thing or a setting. I tore muscles, So I
don't think a chiropractor resetting anything is actually going to
fix the torn muscles. What I was doing is trying
to make sure my body was in line so my
muscles could heal faster, which I'm ninety five percent better

of the problem is I keep throwing the ball.

Speaker 1 (33:47):

Speaker 2 (33:47):
Yeah, And then what happened then was I was throwing
the ball in a different way because my shoulder was
hurting from the tears. And now I've hurt my elbow
because I'm throwing in a new way. But I don't
think you end up needing shoulder surgery amputation. Oh, get
rid of the ionic arm, we hope before h Yeah,
the chiropractor that comes in is was there to kind
of reset my body so I could heal. Has nothing

really to do with the tears in the shoulder, but no,
I love him. I love when he comes in because
it's free.

Speaker 3 (34:14):
It's nice. That was a good part. All right, let's
do number four.

Speaker 12 (34:17):
I just want to know him. Wait, bring you back?

Speaker 1 (34:20):
Just football season, lunch blogs versus the ladies.

Speaker 5 (34:23):
I thought it was so funny and I always played
along with it.

Speaker 3 (34:26):
Who was just like in my car? So yeah, lunchblogs
versus the ladies.

Speaker 6 (34:30):
I think we should bring it back.

Speaker 12 (34:32):
Let me know what you think.

Speaker 2 (34:34):
It just turned into such domination. Yeah, because he's really good,
like he knows a lot about football. But like the
last two years that we did it, he didn't lose.
So it was such domination. Not only that he talk
so much crap to the women on the phone.

Speaker 1 (34:45):
I oh, okay, so that people would call in and
they were real confident in their football knowledge and then okay,
got it. I was I needed to recap.

Speaker 6 (34:53):
There were women and they thought that they could beat lunch. Yeah,
he just dominated.

Speaker 2 (34:56):
Well not even that he screamed, no woman can beat
mem Yes again, women called and then he just dominated them.

Speaker 3 (35:04):

Speaker 2 (35:04):
Oh yeah, So I'm open to the idea of bringing
it back, but.

Speaker 3 (35:08):
We'll think about it. But I mean, it's any woman
that loves to shave her head. That'll okay, Okay.

Speaker 2 (35:13):
We will think about that. Thank you for suggesting it.
I'll go talk to the staff. Do you want to
do it?

Speaker 3 (35:19):
I mean, yeah, so good man, But I don't. I
don't think anybody can be I do.

Speaker 1 (35:24):
There's somebody out there that can be in what's not somebody?
A woman? There is a woman out there.

Speaker 3 (35:29):
It's not football season yet. We'll see.

Speaker 2 (35:30):
Uh well, I'll put it on the board to have
a discussion with the board about Okay, it's just me.

Speaker 3 (35:38):
I'll talk to talk to the board. The pile of stories.

Speaker 1 (35:46):
Bobby, I know your allergies are really bad. Do you
wax or tweeze your nose hairs?

Speaker 3 (35:51):
Yeah? I pull them out on the fingers. Okay, say
you wax them? No, I don't. I'll rip them out
on the fingers.

Speaker 2 (35:56):
I do have a nose like little clipper that I
remember to use about once every three months. If I'm
happening to be in my bathroom and my noses are
so long I've touch my lip, I'll be like, oh,
I should get that. Otherwise I would just grab my
fingers and rip them out and deal with the eyes
watering well.

Speaker 1 (36:10):
Experts warn that tweezing nose hairs may make allergies worse.
The hairs are there for a reason. They trap dust,
pullen other airborne particles.

Speaker 2 (36:18):
No, it looks like a mustache on me. They get
so long. I would rather deal with.

Speaker 3 (36:21):
The allergies than have those nose hairs coming all out.

Speaker 1 (36:24):
Well, it helps filter the air, and so their thing
is causing some issues for people because more and more
people are doing the thing where they put the wax
up in there and let it dry and then rip
it out and then you have no protection. It also
helps with moisture. It like creates like this humidity in
your nose, which is good for your respiratory system. So
who knew there's all kinds of issues if you wax

or tweeze your nose hairs.

Speaker 2 (36:46):
You know why we have hair like under our arms
and stuff to have a scent, so that scent is
attractive to people like cave man daise. That's why you
had hair to hold scent. The bo is attractive well
than the cave man day. Although some people like that
musty smell and that is bizarre.

Speaker 1 (37:03):
Oh yeah, I don't.

Speaker 3 (37:04):
I like mine.

Speaker 2 (37:05):
I don't like anybody else gross.

Speaker 1 (37:07):
All right, so three doctors in Houston or just find
like fifteen million dollars because they would have two surgeries
going at the same time, what and they would kind
of go back and forth and leave really complicated like
heart surgery type stuff to other younger surgeon type people
through in the room or people not as qualified. And

there was a whistleblower.

Speaker 2 (37:29):
I'm surprised that's illegal, not that it should be, but
with doctors, they're balancing room to room. Yeah, sometimes letting
the nurse do all the work at least FA I
guess I'm surprised.

Speaker 6 (37:39):
And I would think you'd get someone just to do
the easy stuff, like hey, just do that for me,
not the easy part.

Speaker 1 (37:44):
FBI in Houston was involved in this, and there was
three surgeons, it says to her quote, they engaged in
the regular practice of running two operating rooms at once
while delegating key aspects of extremely complicated and risky heart
surgeries to unqualified medical residents. So they were like, yeah,
this is not good. In the whistleblower they get a
cut of that. So when fifty million goes out, the

whistle blower gets three million dollars.

Speaker 2 (38:08):
They hold on, hold on, define happens and if it's paid.

Speaker 1 (38:12):
Yeah, there's something called the False Claims Act.

Speaker 2 (38:14):
Well insurance would pay like malpractice insurance. If it happens,
insurance would pay that, so the money would probably be paid.
I like it that there are rules that you can't
do two surgeries at once. I'm surprised there are rules
based with how spread then our doctors are.

Speaker 3 (38:27):
Yeah, but good for them.

Speaker 6 (38:28):
And these guys were double dipping, just trying to get
double like the money.

Speaker 3 (38:32):
Or the pressures on them, or they lose their job.

Speaker 1 (38:33):
If they don't know it's quantity over quit.

Speaker 5 (38:36):
At surgery, or they get the surgeries done on Wednesday.
That way they have Thursday and Friday off.

Speaker 3 (38:40):
That's not a bad idea, but I don't think that's
really it.

Speaker 1 (38:43):
Sometimes you can come in and they need a surgery.

Speaker 2 (38:46):
Yeah, yeah, those aren't no surgery days in general. But
I would think that probably if I were doing the
I'm going to assume the best in folks. It's the
pressure of being a doctor and getting all this done,
and you're held to a certain standard by the board
to get this many surgeries done unless lunch is right,
and they're just like trying to buy another cattle hack.
You know, but I like that one surgery at a time. Yeah,

all your focus on one. Up to three a day,
no more than three? Okay, what else?

Speaker 1 (39:13):
So study found those sitting all day may not kill
you if you drink enough coffee along with it. So
coffee drinkers who sit all day are twenty four percent
less likely to die young than people who said all day.

Speaker 3 (39:26):
Tank you buy the coffee makers of America. There's no chances.

Speaker 4 (39:29):

Speaker 1 (39:29):
I saw this. I saw this story five different places.
So I'm just bringing it to you in case you
have a sedentary.

Speaker 2 (39:36):
Job, drink more coffee, Bill Proud, stay there and just
drink coffee.

Speaker 3 (39:40):
That's the way to fix it. Yeah, okay, I Mamy.
That's my pile. That was Amy's pile of story. It's
time for the good news produce.

Speaker 6 (39:49):
Already, realtor Nick was working in Arizona. He was showing
a house. Dude's so close to closing the deal. He's
showing in the living room, the kitchen. He looks out
the wind and he's like, whoa that house nearby that
that's on fire.

Speaker 3 (40:05):
So he steps out two houses down. He's working like
he's showing you how there's people.

Speaker 6 (40:09):
Look at the house that everything. He runs over to
the house. Sure enough, it's on fire. Him and a
couple other neighbors run out. They knock on doors, make
sure no one's in there, because he thinks that hey, valuables,
they can be replaced, but not humans. Goes in the house, searches,
finds no people, but he finds a dog. They save
the dog, save the dog, and sure enough the house
was engulfed in flames and gone, gone, gone. But the

town is calling him a hero. But you know what,
Rick Nick said, I'm not a hero, man, I'm just
doing my job.

Speaker 2 (40:37):
Real heroes say they're not a hero. That's why we
know he's a hero. Right, that's right, that's a good story.
I bet that family, h yeah, they're probably destroyed because
their house is gone. Yeah, but I bet they're also like, dang,
that's awesome. He saved our dog.

Speaker 6 (40:50):
And the people that were looking at the house are like,
they have to buy it now, right because like realtor Nick,
he's the man.

Speaker 2 (40:56):
Well, they've got to buy one with him. It may
not be the one they were looking at, but they're
not leaving realtive.

Speaker 3 (41:01):
Correct. Okay, good story, that is what it's.

Speaker 2 (41:03):
All about that was telling me something good. I hear's
the voicemail from Brandy and Louisiana.

Speaker 12 (41:10):
I started cracking up thinking about lunchbox today because my
termline inspector came to do their yearly termite inspection for
our contract, and about ten minutes after he left, I
got an email and it said how did your termine
inspector do? And you could ate them? And then the
next question was would you like to leave your termite

inspector a tip? I'm starting to laugh and I thought
about a lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (41:39):
How would you even if you're a terminates inspected to
doing a good job right? You leave tips for people
that do quality service. How would you know if he
inspected correctly? You have no idea, nothing. That's a weird
thing to get an email going when you leave a tip.

Speaker 5 (41:51):
How she replied to me like, no, I'm not gonna
tip me his job. This is so stupid. I'm not
using your company anymore. I don't even review things. Yeah,
you could just say no to no, you can just
not pay attention to the email. But I don't even
look at those emails, like what you reviews? I don't
review things. I should I guess do you guys do that?

Speaker 1 (42:07):
Sometimes they'll give you a discount if you leave a review.

Speaker 3 (42:10):

Speaker 1 (42:10):
I got thirty dollars off something the other day for
going to Facebook and saying you gut scammed.

Speaker 3 (42:14):
I don't know what you're about to say, but you
got scammed. Whatever's happening.

Speaker 1 (42:17):
No, I just had to go to the page and
say specifically, Charles did a great job, and I got
thirty dollars off.

Speaker 3 (42:24):
That's it. I'm reviewing.

Speaker 2 (42:25):
No everything, you just go right, Charles is a great
job on everything to see if we don't even have
a char.

Speaker 1 (42:31):
I mean company, you worked there, Charles.

Speaker 3 (42:33):
All right, let's go. It's time for Amy's Morning Corny,
the Mourning Corny.

Speaker 1 (42:41):
What do you call a detective who accidentally solves all
his cases? Sheer luck Holmes, that.

Speaker 3 (42:51):
Was the morning Corny.

Speaker 2 (42:54):
You're selecting songs that get stuck in your head. We're
doing a draft. Lunchbox, won the dice, roll backstage, lunchbox
will go first.

Speaker 3 (43:03):
Lunchbox songs that get stuck in your head?

Speaker 5 (43:06):
Go ahead, Uh tub thumping, I get knocked down.

Speaker 3 (43:12):
Gonna keep me I'm never gonna keep me down. Yeah,
A sort of stuck in there. Well, not right now.
It's not stuck in my head right now, but I
got it. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (43:20):
Oh yes, chumba wamba, tub thumping. Yes, I get knocked down,
but I get up again.

Speaker 3 (43:25):
It's a jam.

Speaker 5 (43:26):
Yeah, it has a second part, pissing way, both both parts.
It's a whiskey drink good ones, drink Eddy most annoying
songs to get stuck in your head.

Speaker 3 (43:36):
This is so easy. Who Let the Dogs Out? That
would have been my first pig. I hate that song.

Speaker 2 (43:43):
It's played it sporting events, over the top, and I
hate the song and I sing it for three hours.

Speaker 3 (43:48):
It's too much. Man Good Morgan.

Speaker 9 (43:50):
I cannot believe the number one pick made it all
the way to me. Guys, it's baby shark, baby shark,
d baby.

Speaker 3 (44:00):
Great pick. I was saving you because you didn't have kids,
so I didn't think you'd take it.

Speaker 1 (44:04):
Everybody knows every single person that.

Speaker 3 (44:06):
Doesn't have kids. Sure, I'm gonna do like that.

Speaker 5 (44:09):
I'm just gonna go. I was saving it. If I missed, No,
I really had doing that. I was saving it, but
I have kids.

Speaker 3 (44:14):
I was definitely wow, great baby short.

Speaker 4 (44:17):
They're older guys, Raymundo, Yeah, that kind of screwed me
those all three. Yeah, I'm gonna just do a country song.
Give me fancy like Walker Hayes.

Speaker 3 (44:29):
Oh wow, that's good. I'm liked Applebee's and Applebee's. Okay,
is this the.

Speaker 1 (44:34):
Title of the song. Barbie Girl? Okay, I'm a Barbie girl.

Speaker 3 (44:38):
Barbie Girl aqua I like that one. Yeah, it's okay.
Barbie go to a party.

Speaker 5 (44:45):
Oh no, no, that's not that. I don't make fun
of him, don't know, that's not it. Okay, Barbie, let's
go party. Let's go party. Don't make fun of lunchbox
if it's stuck in my head. Now, okay, so now
we go backward.

Speaker 3 (44:57):
Hang it.

Speaker 2 (44:59):
Amy had Barbie Girl, and you'll go first since you
went last. Go ahead, m m Anson BOP's good.

Speaker 3 (45:08):
We got it, We got it, We got it. Ray
Mundo for Eddie Macarena.

Speaker 5 (45:15):
Because he's Mexican, like shout out to Mexican Eddie, shoutina.

Speaker 3 (45:19):
Yeah, Raymundo Cockarina is a Macarena. Ray Mundo is not
Hispanic Mexican Latin anyway. He just invented the name, right,
and it's mock got in it.

Speaker 2 (45:30):
And then people people think Ray Mundo's Mexican dude, it's
so dumb.

Speaker 3 (45:35):
Mockerina Okay, was that big and your culture? Ready? No man, okay,
no Morgan. Yeah, another one. I'm not sure how made
it to me.

Speaker 1 (45:43):
But Friday, right, get down on Friday.

Speaker 3 (45:47):
That's what the week I was saving that one right here,
that's what I had circle for the most second round
Baby Shark and Friday by Rebecca black Well.

Speaker 6 (45:55):
Eddie, I don't have to go Disney, let it go.
It goes frozen, so annoying. Let it go frozen.

Speaker 3 (46:05):
Lunchbox, you have top Thumping from Chumbawamba. Yeah, are you ready?
Call me? Maybe call the bay Jefson. That's a good one.
I just met you. This is crazy. Here's my number,
so call me maybe.

Speaker 2 (46:18):
I like that one, but it gets stuck in your
head top Thumping and call me maybe so far Lunchboxes team,
he gets to go one final time here, Lunchbox, you
go first round?

Speaker 5 (46:27):

Speaker 3 (46:28):
Go ahead? Yeah? What other songs get stuck in your head? Yeah?
What are you looking at my list? He's got scribbles?

Speaker 5 (46:42):
Yeah, I got them all scribbled out, and I'm trying
to figure figure out what I got left.

Speaker 3 (46:46):
You got a clock. That's not the guy think I
enjoy listening the drums.

Speaker 5 (46:51):
Yeah, I should listened to more music.

Speaker 3 (46:54):
I'm trying to think. What the.

Speaker 5 (46:57):
Seconds if you're googling, No, I'm not googlingally this is
all on my list. Three seconds you get pooped.

Speaker 3 (47:02):
Give me I'm gonna be. I'm gonna write that five
thousand that Proclaimers. I don't know how he said. I'm
not gonna be said, he said he has the Proclaimers.
I don't know that. I will walk five hundred miles
and I will walk.

Speaker 2 (47:21):
Five hundred more called I'm gonna be. I'm gonna r
five hundred miles.

Speaker 3 (47:26):
Thank you. That's a good one, because yeah, you can
like him. It's not the worst annoying annoying.

Speaker 5 (47:33):
In this okay, but still it's annoying that they get
stuck in your head.

Speaker 3 (47:38):
Eddie have who Let the dogs out and let it
go from frozen.

Speaker 6 (47:41):
Okay, now that you've clarified, I'm gonna throw this is
never not clarified.

Speaker 3 (47:45):
See I thought I had it classified.

Speaker 6 (47:46):
As annoying to you thought yeah, yeah, yeah. So now
that that's out of my head, give me whoop.

Speaker 3 (47:51):
There it is whoo there it is there. It is
tag team. We like that. I could be in trouble
Morgan Yeah, yeah, another one.

Speaker 9 (47:59):
I'm not sure how mes me Gangham style Yeah, gang
style by side Raymundo.

Speaker 4 (48:07):
Anytime you land in LA it's in your head. Party
in the US at a strong round three pick?

Speaker 3 (48:13):
Right there?

Speaker 2 (48:14):
Good one, Amy, you have the final pick. You have
Barbie Girl and Bob. Who's gonna be your your third
pick here on your team?

Speaker 1 (48:19):
I just have it in my head. Look at this photograph,
nickelback photograph photograph anytime you do?

Speaker 3 (48:27):
What makes me last annoying?

Speaker 2 (48:30):
Joey his head and Joe I know Joey from that
Who's joy Joy moy?

Speaker 3 (48:35):

Speaker 2 (48:35):
Like I think he said that? No, Joey, and like
what is on his head? He's a pretty snickel back
back in the day.

Speaker 3 (48:41):
Is that the I'll take the burrito? No, that would
be rock star.

Speaker 1 (48:44):
Yeah, I love that one.

Speaker 3 (48:47):
I like a nickel back to you pick photograph though.

Speaker 1 (48:49):
Well that's just how it came to me.

Speaker 3 (48:50):
Yeah, okay, let me let's look at the teams here.

Speaker 5 (48:53):
Lunchbox has tough thumping, I get knocked down, call me
maybe I just met you and I'm gonna be now.

Speaker 3 (49:00):
I would walk five hundred miles.

Speaker 5 (49:02):
Eddie has who Let the Dogs Out, Let It Go,
Let It Go, and Whoop there it is.

Speaker 2 (49:08):
Morgan has Heaby Sharp. She could have picked that one
song and I think that wins by myself. She has
Rebecca Black Friday and then also Gangdam Style. Raymundo has
Fancy Like Macarena dedicated to Eddie and Party in the USA.
And Amy has Barbie girlton bopping photograph from Nicobac. Probably
Amy finish his last and goes from more but see,

we'll see.

Speaker 1 (49:30):
Five hundred miles guy over here. But I know that's
a good song, but I don't know that people read it.

Speaker 6 (49:35):
And now it could be close between lunchbox five hundred
miles guys.

Speaker 3 (49:38):
She called him, all right, go vote to Bobbybels dot com.
Thank you, uh go vote. We need your votes.

Speaker 10 (49:45):
And that is the end of the first half of
the podcast. That is the end of the first half
of the podcast. That is the end of the first
half of the podcast. You can go to a podcast too,
or you can wait till podcast who comes out.

Speaker 3 (49:58):
Thank you all.

Speaker 10 (49:59):
This is me let you know because of all the
messages that this is the end of the first half
of the podcast.

Speaker 3 (50:05):
Thank you all right. This is the end of the
first half of the podcast.
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