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June 10, 2024 43 mins

Lunchbox got an "exclusive" interview with Thomas Rhett where he said he asked him three "hard hitting questions" and got info no one knew! Plus, we share our stories from CMA Fest, how Lunchbox acted backstage, reasons why he doesn't get invited to do things and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Show surgeons have.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Well, they went and they did surgery on this guy
and he is prostate cancer and he had abdominal surgery
and he got it all back, and so he goes
back out and lives life and he sneezes really hard,
and his colon fell out.

Speaker 1 (00:20):
Just like what it's in it.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
I mean all that butthole colon, rectum, all that stuff
kind of blends together for me.

Speaker 3 (00:27):
It just falls out.

Speaker 2 (00:29):
Yeah, So surgeons have successfully placed part of a man's
colon back into his body after it fell out following
a hard sneeze.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
I don't even know what a colon looks like.

Speaker 1 (00:37):
It's just like he gets the Yeah. I think it's
like the piping, right.

Speaker 4 (00:40):
Yeah, so that just comes out. Oh my god, it just.

Speaker 1 (00:42):
Like falls out.

Speaker 2 (00:43):
The sixty three year old guy was enjoying breakfast at
a diner with his wife because I guess the colon
goes all the way up in and it looks like
a rattlesnake.

Speaker 3 (00:51):
Yeah, that's a big thing to fall out.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
Well, I don't think the whole thing fell out. Don't
think the whole.

Speaker 5 (00:54):
Brown probably just like.

Speaker 6 (00:59):
No, no, got to his nose. He thought it came
out of his nose. When he sneezed his body, I said, man.

Speaker 1 (01:10):
Sneeze or a cough or anything that.

Speaker 4 (01:12):
So the rectum had to go up his stomach through.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
His He's like a tissue. Oh God.

Speaker 3 (01:17):
But still, what in the world that.

Speaker 2 (01:20):
The guy had battle prostate cancer, had abdominal surgery. During breakfast,
he sneezed forcibly, then coughed, and then there was a
wet sensation and pain in his lower abdomen. Looking down,
he observed several loops of pink bow.

Speaker 5 (01:33):
No, no, no, no no.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Thankfully, the fluoridian reported little blood lost and his rushed
to the hospital.

Speaker 1 (01:37):
He's all good.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
They carefully reduced the eviscerated bowel back into See that's
another one. The bowel, the bow, the rectum, butthole all
of that.

Speaker 4 (01:46):
But isn't the bow the No, that's stool, forget it. No,
stool's poop, right, That's what I thought bowel was because
they say bowel movement.

Speaker 2 (01:53):
But that's like a I picture the bow as being
like the two like the I don't know the answer
and I don't want to even google it. But the
bowel to me is like where like the last bowl
at the bowl, the ball where it comes.

Speaker 1 (02:02):
A bull bowel.

Speaker 3 (02:03):

Speaker 2 (02:04):
Interesting, but I do not know, and I do not
want anyone to DM me about this.

Speaker 4 (02:08):
Because they would. They usually about yeah.

Speaker 2 (02:10):
Anytime I'm like asking questions are wrong, they do, and
I like it. I like it, but I'm good here.

Speaker 1 (02:16):
I'm good here. But I thought that story was pretty wild.

Speaker 7 (02:18):
They are all very different and specific the because like
when my mom had cancer, she really wanted hers to
be colon or colon. That was probably the favorite of
the options. She had anal cancer, and she kept asking
the doctor, can I say I have colon? And he's like, no,
you don't have colon. And then she's like, what about

rectal because that even sounds better. He's like, no, you
don't have that. You these are very different. And then
I remember when it metastasized to her liver. She's like, okay,
so can I start saying I have liver cancer? And
he's like, well, technically you don't. You have anal cancer
in your liver.

Speaker 4 (02:53):
No, doctor, just let her say whatever she wants.

Speaker 7 (02:55):
Well, she started to say, I have what Farah Fawcett
had because that's where Farah Fawcett.

Speaker 5 (02:58):
Had that, and there's a whole document.

Speaker 2 (03:00):
Yeah, weirdyone that like almost it's like almost like twelve
year old part funny.

Speaker 1 (03:05):
Yeah, no, the word anal.

Speaker 5 (03:07):
Yeah, it's weird.

Speaker 7 (03:08):
It's like what she's like, there's no you know, there's
fun runs for like breast cancer and stuff.

Speaker 5 (03:13):
She's like, what do we do?

Speaker 4 (03:14):
Oh, there's got to be fun runs.

Speaker 1 (03:15):
Well no, and.

Speaker 5 (03:18):
You know with brown ribbons you can't do anal runs.

Speaker 3 (03:23):
I mean it's like annual anal runs.

Speaker 5 (03:27):
I mean all we could do is laugh, you know,
it helps.

Speaker 2 (03:31):
Nick Cannon has ensured his uh jewel family jewels his
nuts balls for ten million bucks.

Speaker 4 (03:37):
Who's that?

Speaker 3 (03:37):
Nick was like twenty six kids.

Speaker 1 (03:40):
You know that Nick Cannon and Mariah carries part of
his story. Sure, but also he's now artist TV house.

Speaker 3 (03:48):
Yeah yeah, America's got talent.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
Yeah, he did that too, his host America's got talent.
I mean he's got twelve kids with six different moms,
and he has ensured his his this stuff.

Speaker 1 (04:00):
Yeah, for ten million bucks.

Speaker 4 (04:04):
Explain he's not done like I would think he'd be done.

Speaker 1 (04:06):
No, he wants to have more kids.

Speaker 3 (04:09):
Yeah, and these women are okay with him, just all
these other women.

Speaker 4 (04:12):
But I mean, like if you're not going to hang
out and be their father, Like, yeah, what's the problem
for him?

Speaker 3 (04:17):
Yeah, he just gives him money, right.

Speaker 2 (04:19):
I guess I don't know the answer if he does
or doesn't. I don't know if he I don't know
what his.

Speaker 4 (04:23):
You think he's doing. Daddy don't day with all these kids.

Speaker 1 (04:26):
I honestly don't know.

Speaker 3 (04:26):
How does he get across town in time?

Speaker 4 (04:28):

Speaker 8 (04:28):

Speaker 1 (04:28):
I don't think they do it the same day, most
schools do. I don't think daddy don't. And they're not
the same age. But I don't know what he does
and what his priorities are and with whom.

Speaker 4 (04:36):
And mamas probably aren't like just in the same city,
probably all over the place, I don't know, Like Bob Marley,
he had kids all over the world world.

Speaker 1 (04:44):
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
A former FBI agent reveals the agency had a truck
driver serial killer initiative. So, like, what job do you
think has the most serial killers? Like, what kind of
job would that?

Speaker 4 (04:58):

Speaker 1 (04:59):
Oh you think, oh, like you're so quiet.

Speaker 4 (05:02):
You know they just read a lot and they think
a lot, probably read murder stuff.

Speaker 2 (05:07):
Interesting, Well, so truck drivers, that's where a lot of
them were connected to. Over eight hundred and fifty murders
across the nation over the past few decades are connected
to long haul truck drivers. That's from the Highway Serial
Killings Initiative. They spent a year in and being in
trucking to kind of investigate.

Speaker 8 (05:28):

Speaker 2 (05:29):
Like the isolation of it, there are twenty five truckers
serial killers in prison.

Speaker 4 (05:33):
Now you can probably kill and get out of dodge.

Speaker 5 (05:37):
Yah, you're on the move.

Speaker 8 (05:37):

Speaker 1 (05:38):
The problem is they're forensics now in video. So that's
the thing.

Speaker 2 (05:41):
Back in like the fifties or sixties, you can murder
all you want, just cross state lines.

Speaker 1 (05:45):
Was it wasn't Ted Bundy.

Speaker 2 (05:47):
I do a kill, Just do a wehaw land that
land the car like they do in that what's that
show the hazard?

Speaker 1 (05:55):
Nate's free to go.

Speaker 5 (05:56):
But they could even track them.

Speaker 4 (05:58):
You think you'd be a good detective.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
I think i'd be a good serial killer.

Speaker 2 (06:01):
No, a detective, I don't think so. I wouldn't have
the patients really mm hmm. I'd be like, I think
it's him, let's just commit to that. Then I'd be like,
if all right wrong, at least we'll learn from our mistake. Yeah,
And somebody somebody now has got the chair because I'm like,
let's just commit to it and see.

Speaker 4 (06:14):
We've got to talk more like us in here, just
about like who hates us? Like who doesn't like us?

Speaker 1 (06:19):
Serial killers rolling.

Speaker 2 (06:20):
Out on people who go after hate though they're not
they aren't emotion based, they're not reactive like oh you
made me feel this way, I must now kill you.
They identify. Sometimes they have no relationship at all. It's
something they see. It's it's a bit different.

Speaker 4 (06:34):
Cereal just means like kill more than one.

Speaker 7 (06:36):
Person, right, Yeah, there is an exact definition. I think
it has to be more at least two in a
certain timeframe.

Speaker 2 (06:42):
There's a book called long Haul Hunting the Highway serial
Killers from MSN. Does sound good, but I think like
a police officer will be a good serial killer, yeah,
because they know everything and they'll be like overnight, you know,
no one suspects.

Speaker 1 (06:56):
You could go look in windows, you can.

Speaker 2 (06:58):
I'm just doing ding police officer, police officing, That's what
I was saying, and officing.

Speaker 4 (07:03):
Police officing. You're right though they're the last person you
think did it.

Speaker 2 (07:07):
The tad body stuff's crazy because again he would kill
and go to a new move to New state and
they'd have nothing on him. He'd be clean there and
they'd have to call another state and be like, hey.

Speaker 1 (07:15):
I don't know what do you know what? There was
no like system.

Speaker 4 (07:19):
Yeah, they didn't communicate. But you know, I did see
an old black and white movie where like the cop
was the detective was the murderer, and the way they
found out was when they'd go to the crime scene.
He knew exactly where the body was, and they'd be like,
how do you know.

Speaker 1 (07:31):
They don't walk them right to the body.

Speaker 4 (07:32):
Every time they're like, we said it was this way.

Speaker 1 (07:35):
Jim like, that's a dumb that's a dumb serial killer.

Speaker 9 (07:38):

Speaker 4 (07:38):
Yeah, it was a movie. It wasn't based on any No, No,
it's just a movie, not a true story. I don't
think so.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
Squatters are now taking over airbnbs.

Speaker 2 (07:47):
So if there's a house and you're runing it out,
nobody's in there, they'll just kicking the door and go
stay in it.

Speaker 1 (07:53):
And then you have to pay all this money to.

Speaker 2 (07:55):
Evict them, and the laws got to get involved, and somehow.

Speaker 1 (07:59):
They just they just live there. They're protected.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
It's wild, but I've not heard about it happening at airbnbs.
So This story comes from ABC seven New York. A
month long Airbnb rental has become a nightmare for a
North Carolina host because the runners refuse to leave. They
just went in, paid for the Airbnb for a few days,
and they're like, we're not leaving.

Speaker 1 (08:20):
That's crazy.

Speaker 5 (08:22):
Yeah, well, and I do wonder did they plan on
doing that or they just liked it so much.

Speaker 2 (08:26):
A single parent in the triangle is out money and
now having a fight to get the property back.

Speaker 1 (08:30):

Speaker 2 (08:31):
Now they're refusing to leave until there's an eviction order.
I think they're just trying to gain time to stay
for free because they haven't paid. This all started when
the most recent airbnb guests made a long term rental
reservation through Airbnb. They checked in in October and they
were going to stay for a few months, and the
cleaning lady went and they were still there and said, okay,

we're gonna leave the first thing in the morning.

Speaker 1 (08:56):
Then the next morning they weren't gone.

Speaker 2 (08:57):
Instead, they put a handwritten no trespassing on the front
door that said we will vacate the property when you
file the proper paperwork with the civil magistrate for an eviction.

Speaker 1 (09:07):
For we are legal residents of the home.

Speaker 2 (09:09):
Wow, you can own it, you can take care of it,
you can pay every bill on it. But if someone
gets in there, if they just like penetrate and get in,
they can just be like, I'm here, now, this is mine.
You got to pay more money to get me out.
That is wild. See, I know what I would do,
and it wouldn't probably meet what the law allows. I'd

hire like dog, the bounty hunter type person like I
know nothing about it, out handle some business. And that
would not And if it ever happens, and that is
what happens in my life, don't hold this against me.
We will delete this as soon as its segment's over.
But that sucks that you can just get inside the
place and be like I now I am here, I
own it. This isn't like the fourteen hundreds. You don't
go to a new Land and put a flag in
and go this.

Speaker 1 (09:50):
Is now mine. I declare this Bobby Landia.

Speaker 2 (09:54):
Even at Airbnb, I'm surprised more people don't go in
with just guns and go get out the my house.

Speaker 5 (10:01):
Didn't you say this is like a single person like
I'm trying to think of, like, oh, the owner, Yeah,
the owner is a single mom. You think she's going
to go in there with her gun?

Speaker 2 (10:10):
Anybody or get a friend, Like, they won't get out
of my house. It's more people just don't go on
with guns and be like get out of the house.

Speaker 1 (10:15):
But it must be illegal to do that. Oh yeah,
they were illegal to do that. No, but it shouldn't
be illegal to go into your own house and they
do to get out.

Speaker 3 (10:21):
With a gun.

Speaker 10 (10:22):
It shouldn't be like, it shouldn't be illegal, I'm saying.
So there has to be some reason they don't do it.

Speaker 4 (10:28):
How is this not priority one in like the law making.

Speaker 1 (10:32):
There should be no.

Speaker 4 (10:34):
More daylight saving time.

Speaker 2 (10:35):
There's like a few of them that you don't even
need to declare a party and you can just say
and you get elected.

Speaker 5 (10:40):
Yeah, no more squatting.

Speaker 4 (10:42):
Yeah, this is crazy.

Speaker 2 (10:44):
There should be like a squatting like three or four
people on a squatting task force. You don't have to
hire because you know, apparently there's not a lot of
taxpayer money just hanging on trees.

Speaker 1 (10:53):
But they they have a partial job. Their new job
duties are the squatter tax force or task force for
that area. Yeah, here we go. Squatters' rights.

Speaker 2 (11:03):
Homeowners who use lethal force against anyone illegally occupying their
home could end up being prosecuted for charges as serious.

Speaker 4 (11:09):
As murder home.

Speaker 7 (11:09):
Okay, squatters and rights should not be in the same
like squatters don't how do they have rights?

Speaker 9 (11:15):
You know?

Speaker 1 (11:16):
It sucks. We were based on squatters in this country.

Speaker 4 (11:19):
Yes, when we got here. Yeah yeah, well well you
got here. I didn't. I was already here.

Speaker 2 (11:23):
You're Mexican. Yeah, you just came up. Wait what you
just came up to vote?

Speaker 1 (11:31):
Yeah? We just declared this was ours.

Speaker 4 (11:33):

Speaker 2 (11:33):
I guess we all kind of gore, kind of hypocrite.
I'm just like, get squad. We're like the number one
squads of all time.

Speaker 11 (11:38):

Speaker 2 (11:38):
Yeah, that sucks. It's a legal friend. Landlord Tart removed
squatters by force or threat of force. I'd leave a note.
I'd leave a burner note, but they already put it.
No tristas, I'd leave another note. Hey, I'm going to
trespass with the gun. You have no idea who this is.
You should probably get out. That's terrible story.

Speaker 1 (11:55):
Time for the news Bobby stories.

Speaker 2 (12:00):
Here are things, according to Yahood, the dads don't want
for Father's Day. Now, you guys can say true or false? Okay,
these are things dads don't want. Any type of fishing
equipment that was identified as a number one item to
get dad.

Speaker 4 (12:14):
I don't take that.

Speaker 3 (12:14):
Why is that bad?

Speaker 1 (12:15):
I don't take that? Do you fish?

Speaker 10 (12:18):
I mean when I go to the lake, So you
would want fishing equipment? I mean it's not something I would.
I mean we use it maybe once or twice a year.

Speaker 2 (12:25):
Would be disappointed if you got it probably golf for
later products.

Speaker 3 (12:31):
No, I wouldn't be disappointed at all. I like that.

Speaker 2 (12:32):
I feel like these are like cool things that could
be used. Hawaiian shirts I'm in I'd.

Speaker 3 (12:39):
Wear a Hawaiian shirt.

Speaker 1 (12:40):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (12:40):
I mean tools, it depends. I have a lot of
tools already.

Speaker 10 (12:45):
Yeah, I got a lot of tools. I don't really
use them that often. Gift cards to take them, no,
because that means you're just gonna spin them on the family, like, oh,
you don't want anything that could actually go back into
the right because basically it's just like here, take us
to dinner at this place.

Speaker 2 (13:00):
Gifts that what if it's like a golf gift card though,
Like no, that's different.

Speaker 1 (13:04):
Gifts that you have to build.

Speaker 4 (13:06):
I don't want that.

Speaker 1 (13:07):
No, you want to do worse.

Speaker 3 (13:09):
It just takes too much time.

Speaker 10 (13:10):
And when you have kids running around the house, you
have trying to build anything happy.

Speaker 2 (13:13):
Father's take guess, thank you man. Bad hair days equal
bad days. Research links bad hair days with entire bad moods.
Studies found that bad hair days led to increases in
self doubt, social insecurities, and self critical thoughts. Even jow
performance was affected. Both men and women are negatively affected
by bad hair days, but women tend to feel more embarrassed.

That's from Yale University Amy thoughts.

Speaker 5 (13:36):
Oh yeah, this is fact.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
I would think women would be more embarrassed, mostly though,
just because they have more hair. Like it's just a
if guys generally had as much hair, or the societal
expectation on them was to have it prepared like a woman,
then it would be the same.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
But we don't. We have short hair or no hair.

Speaker 3 (13:53):
So does Eddie not have bad days?

Speaker 4 (13:55):
Well, it depends if his hat's dirty or not, or
every day could be bad because I don't have hair.

Speaker 5 (14:00):
It depends on how you look at Are.

Speaker 1 (14:01):
We doing one the hair transplant? You said?

Speaker 2 (14:05):
I think you said, no, We've already made a decisionay,
and then two, what's the deal with the get in
the two page?

Speaker 3 (14:09):

Speaker 4 (14:10):
Where is it?

Speaker 1 (14:11):
Do we just say it? Then nobody followed out like
that could be on me. But you'll wear a twopee.

Speaker 4 (14:16):

Speaker 7 (14:17):
You'll ever have this like where y'all are having like
a bad day and then you just wash and do
your hair and then you're like, oh, my day isn't
bad at all, or I'm not.

Speaker 5 (14:24):
Really sad or mad or anything like, I feel great.
I just needed to wash my hair. No, no, I'm mad.

Speaker 2 (14:29):
No. Oh yeah, you're not even allowed to be in
that conversation heading your microphones off for this topic.

Speaker 1 (14:34):
I would say, no, the hair.

Speaker 2 (14:36):
I don't even fix my hair, or like if I
eat sometimes, if I'm having a bad like not feeling good,
I just eat some cereal.

Speaker 1 (14:44):
I love cereal. I would eat twenty bowls of cereal
a day if I could.

Speaker 7 (14:47):
Okay, I would say yes, certain foods can change the mood.
Fresh hair wash and a spray tand can.

Speaker 2 (14:54):
Spray tand rocks change my Sure you nailed it us.
A man mistakenly drives a stranger's car. Oh, this is
hilarious after picking up pizza. It was the exact same
car and the keys weren't it and he got in
and drove off.

Speaker 4 (15:07):
Oh no.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
There's always something weird though, like because I've done it
before too, where I've opened a car like mine and
you get maybe you don't even get in, but you're
looking like I don't really drink yahoo or you who's
because it's like in the middle and you're like, that's weird.

Speaker 1 (15:20):
You're like, oh my god, that's not my car.

Speaker 4 (15:22):
It has a different smell.

Speaker 1 (15:24):
It is in the right spot, like to the gas pedal.

Speaker 5 (15:27):
But sometimes there's not enough indicator here.

Speaker 1 (15:29):
Hey, there we go.

Speaker 2 (15:31):
Vincent Zepeda was on his way home after picking up
pizza and he was like, oh, this is that's so
funny because I think we've all been there or been
close to that.

Speaker 3 (15:42):
Oh I've put the key in the roll hole.

Speaker 2 (15:43):
Even when we're like grabbing the doorhandle, we're like, I
don't why is this not opening that? And they're not
mistaken that somebody stole it, but you parked in a
different place.

Speaker 1 (15:52):
That's pretty we do that, right.

Speaker 2 (15:54):
I've never done really like somebody stole my car and
then you didn't even park there.

Speaker 4 (16:00):
Usually what happens is like my wife. I can trick
her by walking up to like another jeep that kind
of looks like mine, and she'll get in, sit and
wait for me, and I'll just walk off.

Speaker 1 (16:08):
Okay, that's a funny joke.

Speaker 4 (16:09):
I do it all the time.

Speaker 1 (16:10):
A funny joke.

Speaker 2 (16:11):
The guy drove a vehicle that was identical to his,
He said, he got down the road and was like,
this is not right and turned around. I went and
parked in the parking spot again and got in his
own car. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (16:20):
What made him realize it was there was a dog
in the back seat.

Speaker 1 (16:22):
There was a dog. That's right.

Speaker 3 (16:24):
But I'm like, how do you not see the dog
right away?

Speaker 1 (16:27):
What if it's the exact same dog that he has
at his house?

Speaker 2 (16:29):
Oh, fifty one percent of Americans have never inhaled helium.
This is from you, gov. I think most of us have.
I also think it's an thirty five and older thing.

Speaker 5 (16:42):
They don't do it anymore.

Speaker 1 (16:43):
I don't think for fun.

Speaker 2 (16:44):
I think they have more fun things I do, like phones.
And we started doing it. We'd go to like pizza inn.
Do you guys have pizza in?

Speaker 3 (16:51):
No? No?

Speaker 1 (16:52):
No, they had the little blimp. That's when it started.

Speaker 2 (16:55):
We used to do helium karaoke on the show, and
then we got in trouble by lawyers because we were
basically killing our brain cells that type of thing, helium
from a balloon. Oh yeah, we're all over thirty five
except for Morgan.

Speaker 1 (17:07):
Morgan helium.

Speaker 4 (17:08):
Yeah I've done it, Ray, Yeah, I.

Speaker 1 (17:10):
Did it on this show. True.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
Get swifty Lauren, because she's the youngest one of our group,
she would be the one that maybe hasn't done it.
Just ever come to your microphone, Romunda Munda, Hey, Lauren,
have you ever had helium? Have you ever had helium before,
like sucked it out of a balloon, like with a balloon?

Speaker 1 (17:30):

Speaker 5 (17:30):
Oh he changes your voice.

Speaker 1 (17:31):
Yeah okay, And not about you specifically. We went to
the youngest person here, which is you.

Speaker 12 (17:36):
Oh no, yeah, I've taken like a balloon and sucked
in the air and then it makes your voice all
high pitched.

Speaker 2 (17:40):
Yeah yeah, yeah, okay, thanks long, No problems like what.

Speaker 1 (17:43):
Is a trick?

Speaker 4 (17:43):
Yeah? I think that studies wrong.

Speaker 5 (17:45):
Then I know weird.

Speaker 1 (17:46):
It is weird.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
A gut feeling leads to a three hundred thousand dollars
lottery win for a South Carolina man. His unique lottery
strategy paid off by winning three hundred thousand bucks. He
said that he does not have a regular lottery game
that he plays. He says, I take whichever ticket is
sticking out the furthest and he did. He won three
hundred thousand dollars. I will say this. I was waiting
to announce it at a later point.

Speaker 4 (18:10):
You won the lottery.

Speaker 1 (18:10):
Hold on you, hold on.

Speaker 3 (18:13):
Don't make me flip the table.

Speaker 4 (18:15):
You can't flip this. Hold on, I'll figure.

Speaker 3 (18:17):
Out a way.

Speaker 2 (18:18):
I did announce that I'm going to start playing the lottery,
just to see what the deal is, see if I
can hit one of these for fun, and because Lunchbox
has never won over tw hundred fifty bucks and he's
played his whole life.

Speaker 1 (18:26):
So I went and I bought six scratch offs. No
is it.

Speaker 2 (18:31):
Don't I'll post it on my Instagram. Just don't put
me in a bad mood. I let me just say this.
It was a is a pleasurable experience. I have to
I have to have tickets. I need to take somewhere today.

Speaker 4 (18:42):
Dang hey, that was quick, and tell me.

Speaker 2 (18:47):
Just say it.

Speaker 1 (18:47):
Yeah, I'll post it on my Instagra. Don't worry about it.

Speaker 2 (18:49):
Than you.

Speaker 1 (18:49):

Speaker 2 (18:49):
If you don't want to hear I want to hear it,
all right, give me next secondent, let me finish the news.
A gift from a daughter earns a maryly woman fifty
thousand dollars in lottery price. She's an our regular lottery player,
but her daughter gives her a five dollars gold Rush
Triple seven scratch off ticket and hid fifty thousand dollars.

Speaker 1 (19:05):
That's so cool, crazy. And then the power of human
touch is my final story.

Speaker 2 (19:10):
Touching someone with their permission obviously reduces pain, depression, and anxiety,
and has been shown to reduce blood pressure and a
person's heart rate. The most beneficial touching is holding hands
or a good, meaningful hug. It's also great to high five,
pat on the back, and touch someone's shoulder when you're
talking to them. People who don't experience touch regularly show
signs of loneliness and weren't as connected to a particular group.

That is from nature human behavior. So touch away as
long as you're allowed.

Speaker 4 (19:37):
So do you get there?

Speaker 7 (19:38):

Speaker 4 (19:38):
Can I grab your shoulder while I talk to you?

Speaker 2 (19:40):
I think it's the relationship is like if I grab
damis shoulder wouldn't a big deal because we have that relationship.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
I think you need to know.

Speaker 4 (19:47):
Can I hold your hand while we talk?

Speaker 2 (19:49):
You and I for sure I wouldn't push it with
anybody else there.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
All right, Bobby's.

Speaker 2 (19:59):
In North Carolin. There's a woman she has an airbnb.
These people moved in, they did not leave. They left
to know. It was like, we live here, now you're
gonna have to evict us. And we start talking about
squatters and squatters' rights and how crazy that is. Someone
dm me and it was like, in Louisiana, we don't
have squatters.

Speaker 5 (20:15):
Oh, they take care of it.

Speaker 1 (20:16):
We have neighbors and they take care of Yeah.

Speaker 4 (20:19):

Speaker 2 (20:20):
Maybe I feel that way too because I'm a Arkansas
and I just it wouldn't be an issue where I'm from,
not in a good way or bad way, it just
would not be an issue. That's like your house, you
own it and someone else just lives it. That's crazy
to me. So we have a couple of calls. Jonathan
is on in Illinois. Hey Jonathan, what's up, buddy.

Speaker 8 (20:37):
Hey morning studio. What you got We got a couple
of stories. One is a tenant of ours lived in
a house for a long time, and they moved out
without telling us, and we didn't know about it until
they didn't pay rent the following month, and I called
them and they're like, yeah, we moved out, you know,

like a month ago, and so I was like okay, Well,
so I go to the house to check on it,
and there is a Walmart grocery order on the front
steps and a dog in there and everything else. So
I didn't really understand what was going on. I had
to call them and they said they didn't live there anymore.
Nobody that they knew was there. So the squatter had

moved in and started ordering groceries and and everything else.
What did you do at one of these houses? Well,
and elan Lorny. I was told that they have to
be there for at least thirty days before they have
any rights, and so I was able to get the
cops to remove them.

Speaker 2 (21:37):
Okay, so if they hide for thirty days in Illinois,
like if they can hide out for the.

Speaker 5 (21:41):
But why do you think we have any rights?

Speaker 10 (21:43):
If you amount of time.

Speaker 1 (21:46):
If you hit a threshold of hiding, you win, you
win rights.

Speaker 7 (21:49):
So you make it to day thirty two and the
police are like, sorry, body, I don't get it.

Speaker 8 (21:55):
Yeah, I don't get it either. And then another time,
this poor ladyship, single mom with a couple kids that
lives in one of the houses and there's a detached
garage in the back, and she went out back to
put some of her things back there, and some guy
had moved in and pitched a tent and his detached
garage and and everything.

Speaker 1 (22:13):
It was.

Speaker 8 (22:14):
It was kind of wild. It felt bad for her
because it's living at the town.

Speaker 2 (22:19):
Like Jonathan said, this is like a squatting game show
where if you can last for thirty days, you've just
won rights, Like if you can hide where they know,
and I'm sure every state's different. If you can hide
out improve that you've been there for thirty days, you
have now won sixty days of living before they can
evict her.

Speaker 7 (22:36):
And then if you do things, isn't it doesn't help
your case as the squatter. Drug me if I'm wrong,
If you get mail there, if you like maybe your deliveries,
it's like, well it's a bizarro world.

Speaker 1 (22:47):
Oh my gosh, Hey Jonathan, we really appreciate.

Speaker 4 (22:49):
That call, buddy.

Speaker 8 (22:51):
Yes, thank you, Thank you guys.

Speaker 2 (22:52):
Thanks buddy. Diana import Saint Lucy is on the phone.
I do want to go over to Diana. Hey, Diana,
welcome to the show morning studio.

Speaker 11 (23:01):
So really quick. I feel bad for the single mom.
I went through something similar to myself. She does have
the right, though, to turn the electricity off and to
turn the water off. They can't get it turned back
on unless they can show some kind of mail or
address stuff. And usually if you catch it pretty quick,

I just turned the electricity off on the water off.
It took them about a week and a half to
realize they weren't getting it back on and they left.

Speaker 2 (23:29):
Okay, So let's say though they've been there thirty days,
as the new game show is, thirty days in one house,
can they turn it on then themselves?

Speaker 13 (23:37):
If they have, they'd have to have proof of residency,
so they would actually have to have a bill in
their name or something, you know, a credit card, something
with the address in their name to turn it back on.

Speaker 11 (23:53):
So that's why I'm saying it's got to be done
pretty quickly, because if they start getting the smarts but
they can't they can't get it turned back on.

Speaker 1 (24:02):
They can apply for a credit card, put the address
on it.

Speaker 8 (24:04):

Speaker 1 (24:04):
Maybe it take a few weeks.

Speaker 5 (24:05):
But they do that day one.

Speaker 1 (24:06):
Then Oh yeah, Diana, thank you so much for the call.

Speaker 8 (24:10):
Yeah, you're welcome.

Speaker 11 (24:11):
I hope it helped her.

Speaker 1 (24:12):
Yeah, thanks. I don't.

Speaker 2 (24:14):
I don't. This is something I just don't understand. Then
we need to have a Squatter's task force in every
city that is not new people hired. It's just their
job to go in and figure out if the person
is paid a bill actually lives there and if not,
you have to go.

Speaker 7 (24:26):
And also let's just like change whatever this law is
so they don't even think they have a chance of
like being able to stay there permanently.

Speaker 5 (24:34):
Just be like, no, squatting doesn't happen.

Speaker 2 (24:36):
You know what, I'll be, mister squatt if I need
to be the person they come to, and you run
the data by me and I'll tell you if they
need to be kicked out or not.

Speaker 1 (24:43):
The fact that you can be the thirty days like
you just hide out here, You just hide out long enough,
that blows my mind. That's crazy. Lunchbuck said.

Speaker 2 (24:50):
He brought it an exclusive one on one interview with
an A list star that no one else had access to.

Speaker 1 (24:55):
I'm ready to hear it. Was it post malone Mipe,
machine Gun, Kelly Milpe. Okay, who was it?

Speaker 3 (25:01):
Thomas Rhett?

Speaker 1 (25:03):
Okay, okay, love love Thomas htt.

Speaker 10 (25:05):
But I found out information that no one has ever
asked him in an interview.

Speaker 1 (25:09):
That no one has how'd you get the interview?

Speaker 10 (25:12):
I saw him backstage and I saw him go in
the bathroom, so I waited outside the bathroom.

Speaker 1 (25:16):
Boy, and I.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
Shouldn't laughed, because all it doesn't encourage him to do
this stuff. How long is the interview?

Speaker 10 (25:21):
It is like one minute, it's maybe less than a minute,
and it's three questions.

Speaker 1 (25:26):
You didn't know about Thomas Rhett out of the bathroom?

Speaker 3 (25:29):
Well you don't have to say that.

Speaker 1 (25:30):
You just said that.

Speaker 10 (25:31):
But yes, when he came out of the bathroom, I
got him three hard hitting questions and I said, hey, man,
go ahead and go to stage.

Speaker 2 (25:37):

Speaker 3 (25:37):
There, he has two reds in the building. He's ready
to rock with him. How are you doing, buddy? I
got a question?

Speaker 1 (25:42):
Do you know those bugs that.

Speaker 3 (25:43):
Light up at night?

Speaker 1 (25:45):
Stars? He calls them fireflies lightning bugs?

Speaker 4 (25:49):
But you know, okay?

Speaker 3 (25:50):
And how do you do when you go camping?

Speaker 1 (25:51):
Do you make some'mores and you put the marshmallow? How
do you do it?

Speaker 2 (25:54):
Do you do?

Speaker 3 (25:55):
How you make your small?

Speaker 4 (25:55):
First comes the Graham Okay, then comes to my level.

Speaker 7 (26:00):
You know what?

Speaker 1 (26:00):
Maybe I'm referencing right now. No, the Sandlot.

Speaker 3 (26:03):
I was gonna say that, but I didn't want to
be wrong. I'll be on to her.

Speaker 2 (26:07):
She's in between the Graham mallow in the bottom way.

Speaker 3 (26:10):
All right. That's Thomas Rett and how he has summers.

Speaker 8 (26:12):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 3 (26:13):
You're going on family vacations going to Africa.

Speaker 1 (26:16):
Oh that's cool.

Speaker 3 (26:17):
What are you gonna do?

Speaker 13 (26:18):
Plan taking the whole family?

Speaker 4 (26:19):
We're gonna go to Canada a safari A little bit.

Speaker 3 (26:23):
Shit, I'm not really funny. I'm gonna go to the
laker in the Stay Lifestyles.

Speaker 1 (26:30):
Okay, So have a couple of questions. Great job, heck
of an interview. Do you know he was going to
Africa on safari this summer? Nope?

Speaker 4 (26:36):
Nope, I didn't know that.

Speaker 1 (26:38):
Nobody knew that.

Speaker 5 (26:39):
Okay, Well I talked to him backstage. He said that
they were really excited.

Speaker 7 (26:42):
I was talking to his wife that this is gonna
be the first time that their adopted daughter is going
back home.

Speaker 1 (26:46):
You didn't record this for the show.

Speaker 7 (26:47):
Really, it's a really special it's on video.

Speaker 1 (26:52):

Speaker 2 (26:52):
My thing is you were waiting for him when he
came out of the bathroom, Like, he's so nice to
just stop in humor whatever you're doing, would you agree?

Speaker 10 (26:59):
He was very nice, very friendly, and he enjoyed the interview.
He enjoyed it. It wasn't too long. He enjoyed the questions.
It wasn't like, oh, tell me about your music, Like
we got down to like nitty gritty life stuff.

Speaker 1 (27:10):
Yeah, like how do you do your smores? Because it's summer.

Speaker 10 (27:14):
I figure that's a good thing that people are gonna
be sitting by campfire. So if you want to make
your smore like Thomas Rhett, now you know how.

Speaker 2 (27:20):
Hey, Scubast, we come up to the microphone. I wasn't
going to go to this now, but I think I will.
Scubas sent me a note about Lunchbox at CMA fest.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
Oh yeah, we don't have to go to it now,
we can go to tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (27:31):
No, it just was Lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (27:34):
At times gets upset that he's not invited by the company,
the executives that don't live here to do certain privileged
things like Amy will host a national album release.

Speaker 10 (27:47):
Yeah, that's true. I've never done one of those. Now
that I'm still flabbergasted.

Speaker 1 (27:50):
Scuba, will you read?

Speaker 2 (27:51):
Because Scuba sent me a couple of notes about Lunchbox
a weekend and he's like, this is why go at
number one please?

Speaker 12 (27:56):
I got four things here about Lunchbox. The first one
I'll at rayplay the audio. This is his first stage
hit in front of thousands of people at Nissan Stadium.

Speaker 1 (28:03):
Okay you oh, we havn't run, Oh we haven't one.
He's not He's here.

Speaker 13 (28:23):
To nine.

Speaker 12 (28:23):
He starts with Happy New Year.

Speaker 1 (28:28):
It's June like ninth. Why did you say Happy New Year.

Speaker 10 (28:31):
I haven't seen most of those people this year, so
it's the first time I'm seeing him in the New Year.

Speaker 3 (28:35):
So Happy New Year.

Speaker 5 (28:36):
And he shouted out his cousin you mean the crowd.

Speaker 3 (28:38):
Youah, the crowd.

Speaker 1 (28:39):
You've never seen him in your life, So happy New life.

Speaker 4 (28:42):
And then his cousin that he references.

Speaker 12 (28:44):
He asked me like, almost like an hour before the show, hey,
think you can give me some free tickets. I'm like, yeah,
if you would have asked me to be a week or
so ago, not right before the show starts. But so
I had to make all these phone calls to get
his cousin set up for tickets.

Speaker 2 (28:54):
So number one he goes out and neils Happy New Year,
which apparently some inside jokes that the crowd didn't know
about it, and two demanded his cousin, Okay, what's the
next thing?

Speaker 1 (29:01):
Second thing is so.

Speaker 12 (29:02):
During a break we go to see that cousin in
section one thirty four. We say, hi, we talked for
a little bit, and hey, we gotta go back up there.
We're gonna do another stage.

Speaker 1 (29:09):
Shit. He's like, all right, So we're walking out.

Speaker 3 (29:10):
He goes.

Speaker 12 (29:11):
He sees these two girls that are coming into their seats.
Both of them are holding a basket of fries and
chicken fingers. You know, you know I've never seen in
my life, and he's never seen him in his life.
And he goes, he grabs a French fry and says,
can I get one? After he already has the French
fry in his hand and he's eating it, and he
goes to the next girl. He goes, these are good
and grabs another French fry and the girls just stand
there awkwardly, like, uh, didn't they offer me one?

Speaker 10 (29:32):
I'm like no, But then they offered scuba fries, so
obviously they're friendly people. It's like a token like, oh
to good bye, you gotta give me a fry, sort
of like a call a tool.

Speaker 5 (29:43):
Road if that have been some man or he had
taken his fry.

Speaker 1 (29:47):
Okay, next one's scuba. The next one.

Speaker 12 (29:48):
We heard that interview that he did with Thomas Rhet,
But what he failed and mentioned was to get that
they were in the middle of a prayer circle. It
was quiet and they're praying, and lunchbox walks said.

Speaker 10 (29:58):
Ah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and everyone said, hey,
quiet down the praying.

Speaker 12 (30:02):
He's like, ah, interrupts the prayer circle and then notices
it's Thomas Rhett and then he's he literally is in
the corner like like a like a fiend, waiting for
him to come out of the bathroom and has that
camera ready to then throw right into his face and
ask him these questions.

Speaker 1 (30:14):
You busted up a prayer.

Speaker 10 (30:15):
Oh well, I didn't know they were praying, like they
were all circled up, and I came walking in. I
was I came from another room, you know, and walked
in in the middle of the prayer. No one said
outside like hey, wait or doing a prayer. That's not
my fault.

Speaker 1 (30:27):
But whenever you went in and they were like, hey
did you did you hate? Oh?

Speaker 10 (30:30):
I hate it. I calmed it down. Then I saw
him go to the bathroom and I was like, got
him another one.

Speaker 12 (30:34):
And then the final one is as we're leaving, so
he sees post Malone side stage, there's Post Malone, Blake Shelton,
Gwen Stefani, MGK, Johnny van Zant, and Lunchbox goes to
pull out his phone and rises about to yell post Malone.
This guy taps him on the shoulder and goes, hey, man.

Speaker 4 (30:50):
What are you doing?

Speaker 1 (30:51):
And he's like oh.

Speaker 4 (30:54):
He goes how long have you been recording that for?

Speaker 12 (30:55):
And he makes him take his phone and put it
in his pocket, and then he went, wait noodle, you.

Speaker 1 (31:02):
Think I went wet noodle?

Speaker 8 (31:03):

Speaker 4 (31:03):
You think I went wet Okay, we heard he did
into your normal life.

Speaker 10 (31:07):
Do you want to see the video and see if
I went wet noodle or if I kept recording?

Speaker 2 (31:11):
Well, I don't know, did you like fake the recording?
He's saying, you were you held it out? Uh?

Speaker 3 (31:16):

Speaker 1 (31:16):
I what I did is I what I do?

Speaker 10 (31:19):
Is capture content because like I mean, I have issue
with Morgan being called head of digital. But that's okay,
well that's for another time. I get the best content,
and so Gwinn, Stefani, Blake Shelton, Post Malone, Machine Gun
Kelly all back like side stage. No one's got all
of them in one video one time. So I rolled,
I said, what's up. There's Gwyn, there's I had Blake

Shelton's back and then I turned around like, oh, machine
Gun Kelly, and I got DAPs from machine Gun Kelly
and some guy. That's when he goes, hey, are you
recording that. I was like, yeah, I'm recording. He goes,
how long you've been recording? I was like nine seconds.
He goes okay, and then I walked over and I
was like, oh look, Post Malone and Blake Shelton. I
caught them giving a toast and then taking a drink together. Boom,

all in one video. Called great content. That guy tried
to stop me and I stop recording.

Speaker 3 (32:06):
Absolutely not.

Speaker 1 (32:07):
He says he didn't go wet noodle.

Speaker 12 (32:09):
Okay, I mean I saw a different version, but I
guess the video would.

Speaker 3 (32:12):
Like to see it. Video.

Speaker 12 (32:14):
It was a normal video where he holds it up
and you can visibly see it. He's probably like, got
it down because he's trying to hide.

Speaker 10 (32:18):
And still I'm gonna you don't care that much about it.

Speaker 1 (32:22):
Yes, that video doesn't even sound that exciting.

Speaker 12 (32:23):
I guess my point is that those are four great
examples as to why he doesn't get jobs, doesn't get
these hosting dates and stuff like that.

Speaker 5 (32:31):
Whoever Lunchbox.

Speaker 1 (32:35):
That we turn the mics off.

Speaker 5 (32:37):
Okay, so here's.

Speaker 7 (32:38):
Post Malone's security person definitely had his eye on Lunchbox
because we were just walking down the stairs like as
we do, because we had to go back and forth,
and and I don't even think Lunchbooks was going to
do anything to post Malone or say anything, but the
security guys still grab Lunchbox's shoulder and pushed him to the.

Speaker 5 (32:54):
Side, like, oh, here comes this guy. It's almost like
he's on like they have.

Speaker 1 (32:57):
A list of face. Don't take on this person, yes
station if this.

Speaker 5 (33:00):
Person comes near.

Speaker 7 (33:01):
And so then at one point, I I was I
want I wanted to get a picture with post Malone,
and he was so kind and he was taking pictures
of people.

Speaker 5 (33:08):
And lunch was like, Amy, I'll take you, And I
was like.

Speaker 7 (33:10):
No, no, because I feel like if you take me,
I'm gonna get asked to leave, Like, because that's just
the reputation he builds backstage.

Speaker 3 (33:18):
Now can you ask Geddy if I went he watched once?

Speaker 4 (33:21):
You know, I never want to agree with Lunchbox, but
he didn't go wet noodle on this. This video is
pretty awesome. Well, like you you can see the guy
come up and be like, hey, turn that off, and
he's like okay, and he keeps rolling.

Speaker 1 (33:31):
There's no what noodle. There's no no what noodle. Okay, Well,
then maybe I ever tracked my wet noodle. I just
went off scuba Steve, who gave me his recollection.

Speaker 4 (33:39):
Is there any way we can make Lunchbox the head
of digital?

Speaker 1 (33:42):
I mean this video he has a wrong idea.

Speaker 2 (33:43):
What head of digital is. It's not just who records
the best video. Oregon does the website, the social media.
She manages all the digital properties. It's not a video
shooting context, it's a videos.

Speaker 10 (33:54):
I didn't know if it was like, hey, we need
to get content for the website. So that's why she's
had a digital job. No, that's I just didn't.

Speaker 2 (34:00):
Know okay, but we understand your point though. Yes, thank you,
all right, thank you hard Needing interview. We'll post this
on our Instagram.

Speaker 4 (34:07):
How about that you want to see the interview?

Speaker 2 (34:09):
No, no, I'm good. We'll post it on our Instagram. You
can be vice president of digital this week. This week
they found a bunch of tunnels near Tampa underground. They
don't know why they exist. I'm imagining it's I mean,
I always think it's drugs. I always think everything's drug.
If it's a tunnel, it's got to be a drug

or something that's not good, some sort of moving something
they shouldn't be moving.

Speaker 4 (34:37):
Otherwise, why would it be underground bugs, Bunny, Probably not
the case.

Speaker 2 (34:42):
I think like they'd be trafficking something, drugs or people
or something.

Speaker 4 (34:46):
Oh gosh. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (34:47):
The tunnels were hidden for decades until different construction projects
near Tampa started. When they would dig places, they would
be like, well, that's weird, this a little tone, and
then they started to slowly find this tunnel system. The
tunnels are made of brick, they're tall enough to stand in.
No one knows for sure who built them.

Speaker 1 (35:06):
This guy who.

Speaker 2 (35:07):
Is a professor at the University of Southern Florida thinks
they could have been used to smuggle Chinese laborers and
Chinese Cuban prostitutes.

Speaker 1 (35:14):
There's something well, this wasn't.

Speaker 2 (35:16):
Used for you know, taking candy, you know, good things.
But how weird if you find a tunnel under your house?
If you found a tunnel under your house, would you
get in it and walk it and find where it went?

Speaker 5 (35:28):

Speaker 4 (35:28):
Not not alone?

Speaker 5 (35:29):

Speaker 4 (35:30):
Oh you guys, if you don't want to do it together,
I'll do it.

Speaker 1 (35:33):
Oh do you guys say?

Speaker 2 (35:33):
Not alone?

Speaker 1 (35:34):
Like I'm going to show up and go with you.
There's no chance.

Speaker 2 (35:38):
So if you found a tunnel under you're like digging,
like like Eddie and I built a pickleball cork and
we had to dig into the ground to do that.
If we found a tunnel, if you were doing that,
would you be curious?

Speaker 5 (35:48):
Yes, I would be curious.

Speaker 7 (35:49):
But that doesn't mean I'm going to venture into the
tunnel alone, not knowing where it leads.

Speaker 5 (35:53):
What could be back there? Am I ever going to
see my family again?

Speaker 2 (35:57):

Speaker 4 (35:57):
When I walked from West Virginia to Tennessee with Scooba,
there was a train track that went into a tunnel.
And you know that it just went through like a mountain.
But you look in that tunnel and it was pitch black,
and I go scuba.

Speaker 1 (36:08):
So you just don't like tunnels, then no.

Speaker 4 (36:10):
Dude, if you see nothing in there, were you really
going to go in there? No chance?

Speaker 1 (36:14):
Well, at least you know that tunnel comes out on
the other red tunnel.

Speaker 4 (36:17):
You look through it and it was just black. That's scary.

Speaker 2 (36:20):
Although that story was scary and bizarre because who knows
all bad things that have happened there.

Speaker 1 (36:24):
Here's another one.

Speaker 2 (36:25):
Now this is from LAPD, not that something bad is happening,
but they are showing off.

Speaker 1 (36:30):
It's their patrol robots.

Speaker 2 (36:32):
The LAPD like RoboCop UH non lethal policing robots, two
legged humanoid robots and four legged canine robots, talked about
how they can de escalate dangerous situations without the use
of deadly force.

Speaker 3 (36:47):
Yes, that's cool.

Speaker 1 (36:48):
Somebody's gonna hack one.

Speaker 4 (36:49):
Of these, Oh I didn't think about that.

Speaker 2 (36:52):
Or it's gonna make a it's gonna make a wrong
decision and accidentally kill somebody.

Speaker 5 (36:56):
Oh gosh, they said, you said it's a non lethal
and it's there.

Speaker 4 (37:00):
A person controls it like the robot doesn't have his
own mind to make a wrong decision.

Speaker 2 (37:03):
Yeah, but if a person's controlling it nearby, they could
just walk up and do it themselves.

Speaker 5 (37:08):
No, but then they're in danger. So like my d
a has a robot dog. Like his business.

Speaker 7 (37:14):
They have a robot dog and they brought it by
the house and it was really cool to like watch
them maneuver it and all the different things like it
can do. And it helps keep humans out of danger
when the dog can go in and do something that
a human would do.

Speaker 2 (37:27):
But if they're going to go into a non lethal situation,
a human can do that if it's near. We're you
going to send a robot hum on a remote control
like he's driving a car.

Speaker 5 (37:34):
Yeah, that's exactly what it's like.

Speaker 7 (37:36):
But you're you don't know that where you're going in.
You're non lethal, but you don't know going in what
you can face, like you don't know what your enemy has.

Speaker 1 (37:44):
This is like jaywalking though no, no, no, it's like still.

Speaker 2 (37:49):
The the but these are what they're being used for
are small things where people they're not even in trouble. Really,
like I'm reading, I'm looking at the video of the
story too, it's they're not sending these into bomb situations
or oh they can go and does every day stime
like they're just gonna walk around on ticket like you
you are now parked over the line.

Speaker 5 (38:05):
I'm not gonna lie.

Speaker 7 (38:06):
I know, I know that it's a robot, But the
more you hung out with it and looked at it,
it was like kind.

Speaker 4 (38:13):
Of cute you're talking about the dog.

Speaker 5 (38:14):
You felt for it, and I thought, this is weird.
This is really weird.

Speaker 7 (38:18):
This is a robot dog, and I'm going to be
sad if it gets hurt.

Speaker 4 (38:21):
You guys, remember when we were in Vegas and they
had robot servers.

Speaker 1 (38:23):
That was the craziest thing I've ever seen. It came
right up to your room. I rode the elevator of
the one.

Speaker 2 (38:30):
So what it seems like some of these robots have
tasers on them too, so they're non lethal until they
need to be. So I think they do send them
into bad situations. They also have them walking around like
just police in the streets.

Speaker 4 (38:48):
Really do have a robot, a non lethal robot. Try
to give me a parking to guy, just shut up, malfunctions,
But he.

Speaker 5 (38:55):
Might be the dog might be filming you, all right.

Speaker 4 (38:58):
I didn't think about that.

Speaker 1 (38:58):
But this is terminator.

Speaker 4 (39:02):
Oh boy, RoboCop man.

Speaker 1 (39:04):
This is yeah, Terminator and RoboCop. They're gonna start a war. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (39:09):
So anyway in LA they're gonna walk around with it
and they're dressed like clothes on like humans.

Speaker 4 (39:15):
That's crazy.

Speaker 8 (39:16):

Speaker 4 (39:16):
So now you have to ask you, like, are you
real or your robot?

Speaker 1 (39:21):

Speaker 2 (39:21):
I mean they look like robots still, but they're just
like you, Like their head is a robot dive head,
but that would be bizarre. It's like the cars now
that are self driving, where they're wanting to send people
or the drones or dropping stuff off. But now they
have the cars that they want to self drive people
with ubers with no driver in them in certain areas.

Speaker 4 (39:37):
It's crazy, man.

Speaker 1 (39:38):
It's all gonna get there eventually, right.

Speaker 5 (39:41):
Take like the test market.

Speaker 2 (39:43):
Every every generation is the test market. Think about airplanes.
What they said when the first airplane, We're like the
test market. They're gonna put us in the air in
this one thousand pound piece of metal. Right, so every
generation is the test market for something, for something, for something.
And he's gonna fall in love with one of these
police police officers. She's already said she's leading us to.
He's like everything, that guy's just kind of cute and

you fall in love with it. Yeah, that's where we
go on everybody, Bobby Bones show up today.

Speaker 10 (40:11):
This story comes to us from Nashville, Tennessee. Ay thirty
one year old man walked into a waffle house, pulled
out a knife, and said, give me all the money.
They gave him three hundred and eighty eight bucks in cash.
He ran away, and there's a red roof in down
the street. He's like, that's where I'm gonna hide. And
he climbed up in the attic and he's walking around
up there, and he stepped on a ceiling tile.

Speaker 4 (40:33):
And you have to stand on the board, you know that,
Like everyone has.

Speaker 1 (40:36):
Someone who's worked in a bunch of attics. You have
to stand on the boards because you'll fall through.

Speaker 4 (40:40):
Yes, go ahead.

Speaker 10 (40:42):
And then so he's dangling over someone's hotel room and
they see him.

Speaker 1 (40:46):
He's like, hey, don't tell anybody.

Speaker 3 (40:48):
He starts throwing cash at him, but he.

Speaker 2 (40:50):
Only had three hundred and eighty bucks. Like the cash
probably runs out pretty quick. Never walk on insulation an attic.
That's that story is as old as the time itself.

Speaker 4 (41:00):
Can you imagine you're in your hotel room chilling after
a long day and then a foot comes through the
ceiling and then.

Speaker 1 (41:06):
They say, don't tell anyone, right, So what happens to him?

Speaker 3 (41:09):
Oh, police game and got him out of the attic obviously.

Speaker 1 (41:12):
Okay, I'm Lunchbox.

Speaker 3 (41:13):
That's your bonehead story of the day.

Speaker 1 (41:16):
What's the dumb debate of the day.

Speaker 4 (41:18):
Do you lick or do you bite a popsicle?

Speaker 1 (41:21):
Who bites a popsicle? Psycho killers?

Speaker 2 (41:23):
I do. But from the start, well, you get it
if it gets way down and it's like week and
it's falling apart.

Speaker 3 (41:28):
No, no, no.

Speaker 4 (41:28):
As soon as you unwrap it, you like get in
you bite it off. And that's kind of how you
eat the whole thing. See, we were eating and Scuba
bought a popsicle and he was biting it too, and Lunchbox.

Speaker 1 (41:37):
Goes, hey, that is so bizarre.

Speaker 4 (41:39):
How are you not looking that? And I'm like, well,
who licks and sucks on a popsicle?

Speaker 1 (41:43):
I bet you it's ninety Licking.

Speaker 5 (41:45):
Sucking seems uncomfortable.

Speaker 1 (41:49):
For your teeth.

Speaker 10 (41:49):
It hurts your teeth. It gives me the chill seeing
someone do it. I definitely lick and I definitely suck.

Speaker 1 (41:55):
Yeah, you need to go look in you guys's laptop
because you're up to no good. If you're biting Popsy.

Speaker 4 (42:00):
As an adult, you're still licking.

Speaker 1 (42:02):
And that's like saying to that about a sucker.

Speaker 4 (42:05):
Yeah, yeah, well you don't buite that because that's hard.

Speaker 1 (42:07):
Some people wind up bite. Okay, let's pull the room. Amy.
What do you do with a popsicle? I lick it, Eddie,
I bite it, Lunchbox, lick it and suck it. Morgan,
I lick it right right.

Speaker 4 (42:20):
I'm a bier.

Speaker 1 (42:21):
You're a bier.

Speaker 9 (42:22):
Yeah, wow, wow, I'm not patient. I'm gonna eat it
probably as fast as I can. I don't just sit
there and have all day to lick it.

Speaker 1 (42:29):
But I feel like a popsicle something you should spend
your time with and do it right.

Speaker 9 (42:33):
But you get more of the power from that, like
the flavor, the ice cream, all of it. If otherwise
it's like you don't really get that much from a lick.

Speaker 1 (42:40):
But then you can go eat ice cream if that's
what you want. You get a spoon and eat ice cream.

Speaker 9 (42:43):
Yeah, popsicle is not my go too. If I have
one it's not because I bought it somebody else.

Speaker 4 (42:47):

Speaker 2 (42:47):
That's wild that you guys eat a popsicle. You're not
supposed to sink your teeth into it. Oh, your teeth
are not supposed touch it, ask Scuba.

Speaker 1 (42:53):
No, and you already told me.

Speaker 2 (42:56):
But what's wrong with you guys that you don't have
the patience to like enjoy a popsicle like it's meant
to be enjoyed.

Speaker 4 (43:00):
I think I think Ray nailed it. Man, we just
kind of you got the popsicle, let's eat it. Like,
what do you You don't get a cheeseber liquid?

Speaker 1 (43:06):
It's like chugging soup? Hot soup?

Speaker 4 (43:08):
Do you get pizza and liquor?

Speaker 1 (43:09):
But you're supposed to eat and chew pizza.

Speaker 5 (43:11):
It was never meant to.

Speaker 2 (43:12):
But it's about hot and cold. Things are supposed to
be eaten with a pattern. Slow, do you just chug
hot soup?

Speaker 7 (43:20):

Speaker 2 (43:20):
No, you take it and you go yeah, Yeah, a
popsicle is the same thing on the other side of
the spectrum.

Speaker 4 (43:29):
All right, I guess they're different.

Speaker 1 (43:30):
Yeah, that's the dumbest debate we've ever had. All Right,
thank you will see it tomorrow, by buddy, get your
bobbed bones on
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