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June 10, 2024 39 mins

Lunchbox gives us an update on the show Bobby and Amy went in on recently. Lunchbox is confused about it splitting. They debate on what to do with their profits up to now. We then play some music trivia from a box of cards Bobby has on his desk. A caller says a streaming service is trying to do our podcast dirty. Bobby reveals when we will be able to eat the M&M’s with his face on it. Ray shares why he is emotional about our show photo shoot tomorrow. Bobby talks about buying 6 scratch off tickets and how much he won.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
It's time for the Bobby Bones post show. Here's your host,
Bobby Bone.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
Have we done our stock over there lunchbox?

Speaker 3 (00:14):
Well, I'm so confused.

Speaker 2 (00:16):
Oh no, that's not how we start once we put
in all this money. No no, yes, it's yes, no,
no, no no.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
What I mean by confused is you tried to explain
something to me the other day and it makes no sense.
Your your logic is flawed. So the split happened with
the video. So we went from having four shares, so
now we have forty.

Speaker 2 (00:37):
Shares, correct, but the same exact value, right.

Speaker 3 (00:41):
So why did we buy it when it was one
thousand dollars apiece? So like, right now you can get
it for that, like if you buy it for a
hundred right now, it's one hundred dollars a piece, one
hundred and twenty two dollars per share. So why didn't
we just wait and buy it for one hundred and
twenty two dollars a share.

Speaker 2 (00:54):
Because you're not getting the same amount. You're getting a
tenth at one hundred and twenty two dollars a share.

Speaker 3 (00:59):
I bought it. If I bought one hundred and twenty
one dollars, i'd get a full share.

Speaker 2 (01:02):
Yes, but a share is now valued at a tenth
of what it was. Then it would be like if
I have a piece of bread and this piece of bread.
You could buy all of this and it's one piece
of bread. Or I could split the bread into ten
pieces and now each of them are considered one piece
of bread. You could buy one of the ten and
that's a full piece of bread. But it's not near
as big as it was when it was all together.
It's not value the same as one whole piece of bread.

All they did was split it into more so it
could there would be more shares that existed, but we
didn't that you all bought they got split. We didn't. Yes,
we didn't gain or lose any value right at all,
But I mean you should have more. We would have
waited and just bought it at one hundred dollars. We
would have not had near as much in the video.
We would haved one tenth of what we have. Now,

what do you mean?

Speaker 3 (01:47):
I don't understand how that's because we'd still have forty.

Speaker 2 (01:49):
Shares, but the shares don't matter. They split it and
each share is worth way less.

Speaker 3 (01:53):
Now, then why would we want it to split?

Speaker 2 (01:59):
They wanted to split so they can have more shares
to be able to sell and move around. It affected
us in no way whatsoever.

Speaker 4 (02:06):
Man, I'm sort of having here.

Speaker 3 (02:07):
No, no, I know, that's what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (02:08):
Like he went over the other day, but then we
talked about that.

Speaker 3 (02:11):
Okay, no, no, but then we went over it.

Speaker 2 (02:13):
But he's like, your logic is fault. It's not my logic,
just how it works.

Speaker 3 (02:16):
Because I'm like, I, what are we up today?

Speaker 2 (02:21):

Speaker 3 (02:21):
Overall thirty nine dollars and twenty eight cents overall?

Speaker 2 (02:25):
So is the video is all of our money? And finally, yeah,
it's in logon when you look to make sure we
are up nine hundred and twelve dollars on the video
overall overall, you guys are since we put it in
or since total return in total return logan, what do
you see there?

Speaker 3 (02:42):
Yeah, we have forty shares. Our market value is four thousand,
eight hundred and seventy five dollars. What are you doing?

Speaker 2 (02:50):
It's how much? Okay, but hold not say it again.
I'm working value his.

Speaker 3 (02:53):
Way four eight hundred and seventy two dollars.

Speaker 2 (02:56):
So now we have a couple options here. You can
I don't know how much we've put in to Navidia
thirty six hundred, I know we did all together and
then some others.

Speaker 3 (03:05):
Well, we've made nine hundred and seven dollars, so just do.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
That, okay, And so how much what do we have now?
Let's say nine.

Speaker 3 (03:10):
Hundred bucks, so thirty nine hundred bucks what we put in.

Speaker 2 (03:12):
Okay, so we could take nine hundred so how I
don't know that. Write the numbers down. Forty nine hundred
and thirty nine.

Speaker 3 (03:20):
That we put in is thirty nine hundred.

Speaker 2 (03:23):
Okay, we put in thirty nine. But how much we
have now?

Speaker 3 (03:26):
Forty eight sixty eight, So.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
We've made nine hundred, right.

Speaker 3 (03:29):
We've made nine hundred and three dollars.

Speaker 2 (03:30):
We could take that nine hundred out as profit and
do what then we still have another four thousand sitting
in there. We could start to chip some profit away.

Speaker 5 (03:40):
That sounds nice, Eddy, I'm just I'm an outsider man,
like all our listeners, just me and the listeners listening
to you guys make money?

Speaker 4 (03:47):
Oh, we can this sort of the long game.

Speaker 2 (03:50):
I don't think what stocks really is ever a long game? Really?
Why unless you're buying big for sure? Apple, Well we
are big.

Speaker 3 (03:57):
This is the biggest company in the world right now.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
I think you mean it is the the company that's
growing the fastest. I don't think it's the biggest in
the world.

Speaker 3 (04:06):
It's valued more than Amazon and Google together, is what
I said.

Speaker 2 (04:13):
No, I think that guy said that if it were
to go ten times its values. What the question was,
I don't know. Navidia is not the largest company in
the world. It is not second largest either. At its
growth now it is the third. I'm looking at it here.

Speaker 3 (04:30):
Well, you may have different facts than me.

Speaker 2 (04:34):
Okay, I'm moving off this. So we've made nine hundred
bucks so far, so we're just gonna sit and let
the money go up or down. We don't want to
take any out and go and start chipping away.

Speaker 4 (04:41):
I don't right now, do you you got well?

Speaker 3 (04:44):
Okay? Sorry, Navidia is worth more than Amazon and Tesla combined. Sorry,
ok I had that wrong.

Speaker 4 (04:49):
Okay, But Bobby, so if we take that out, we
each get three hundred bucks.

Speaker 2 (04:55):
And then we have no, no, no, we don't have to
do it.

Speaker 3 (04:57):
But then what But my question is, so I would
have to sell shares of the video to get that money,
or I'd just say, hey, I want that nine hundred
profit back.

Speaker 2 (05:09):
Who would you say that to?

Speaker 6 (05:10):
I don't know, mister Robin Hood.

Speaker 2 (05:13):
You would sell like, for example, I got online. I
just sold some stuff.

Speaker 3 (05:16):
You did you sold your in the video? Or did
you buy more?

Speaker 2 (05:19):
I did not buy more. But I had something called
Ali Baba.

Speaker 4 (05:22):
What is that?

Speaker 2 (05:23):
I don't know. I just bought it one day, a lamp,
and I just sold it. And now I have that
money so I can put it in my account or
I can rebuy.

Speaker 4 (05:31):
Why did you decide to sell?

Speaker 2 (05:35):
It was red and it was down like sixty bucks,
like I bought some Peloton and it sucks.

Speaker 3 (05:40):
That fall apart.

Speaker 2 (05:41):
It's I mean, it's it's big time. I bought it,
not today, I bought a long time ago.

Speaker 4 (05:45):
Do you think it'll revive it?

Speaker 2 (05:46):
I don't know. It sucks. It's lost eighty percent since
I bought it.

Speaker 6 (05:50):
That's why you need to cash out now for a
little bit.

Speaker 3 (05:52):
No, guys, my my sixty two analysts that I talked to.

Speaker 2 (05:57):
What do you mean? Are they people that are like
writing a column that you'reating right now? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (06:01):
Ninety percent of them say bye.

Speaker 2 (06:03):
Right, so but you can you can?

Speaker 3 (06:06):
So should we put some more money.

Speaker 2 (06:09):
Good. No, no, you guys are playing with fire. But no, no,
you're just going straight all or nothing. You want to
lose it all. There's no number for you though that
you don't want to pull it out.

Speaker 3 (06:19):
I did ten thousand, but we're almost to a thousand
profit if we can get to ten thousand.

Speaker 2 (06:25):
But you said ten thousand a share.

Speaker 3 (06:29):
Well, now, because they split, I didn't know it was
going to split. That was before I knew it was
gonna split. Okay, so do you guys want to put
three hundred each? Ye, and we get like nine more shares.

Speaker 2 (06:38):
No, I'm good. You don't have to do it per
share either digitally like we're doing, because you can just
buy a tenth of a share you put fifty bucks in,
so you don't really have to go full share for
to be effective. Anyway, I'm moving off this. I did
buy some game stop over the weekend because someone.

Speaker 3 (06:55):
On Instagram told me we should. I should get on.

Speaker 2 (06:57):
That, but don't because Kitty was the kittie I was back.
Watched the movie. Yes, good, he's back, but he was
also showing how some of these stocks dump with just
code words and keywords and algorithms, and as he was
talking about it. That was like bottoming out. First time
he's been back since then. So I was like, oh,
le's see what happened. So I bought a little bit, okay,
but just barely a little bit. Yeah, his name is

Broring Kitty.

Speaker 5 (07:19):
That movie's good and he was moving the market based
on little things that he was doing.

Speaker 2 (07:25):
No, he was just talking about it, and it's like
everybody that's by it. So they all did. And it
was a company that's falling apart, and everybody was just
kind of waiting when do we sell? When do we sell?
And it just kept growing, growing, growing, growing growing. You
can watch the movie. It's called Dumb Money. A couple
questions here from the card box. Rapper Maclamore teamed up
with which producer for the hit single thrift Shop, released
in twenty twelve.

Speaker 3 (07:46):
Uh yeah, yeah, his name was god Storch.

Speaker 6 (07:48):
No, no, no, no, it's not I know it's not him.

Speaker 3 (07:51):
That was a joke.

Speaker 2 (07:53):
It didn't feel very joking about.

Speaker 3 (07:54):
Liked it.

Speaker 2 (07:55):
Uh. Rapper Maclamore teamed up with which producer?

Speaker 6 (08:00):
Gosh it was on the song?

Speaker 4 (08:03):
Yeah, do you have a hint?

Speaker 2 (08:05):
Yeah, like, what's the first letter of his name? Well,
nobody gets it. I can give you hints, but nobody
gets this way. It starts with the R correct. Ryan Lewis, Yeah,
that's okay. Which West Coast American rapper had hits including

who am I? What's my name? And Jen and.

Speaker 6 (08:29):
Juice Eddie Eddie Snoop?

Speaker 3 (08:31):

Speaker 2 (08:34):
Who does Whitney Houston want to dance with Eddie?

Speaker 4 (08:37):

Speaker 6 (08:37):

Speaker 2 (08:38):
Well, we didn't say name, so Amy, you get that
one that I know, But we didn't say buzzing with
your name. That's what we always do, you said, Snoop.
I think the time before that saying your name, I said,
Eddie Snoop. Not sure, I said, Eddie. You guys wonder one.
You can say your name now, But we never declared
that as a rule. Okay, I'm sorry. If there's one
thing I am, it's fair. What looks like a lady? Correct?

According to Aerosmith, what's the real name.

Speaker 6 (09:11):
Eddie slim Shady?

Speaker 2 (09:13):
Incorrect? What's the real name of Canadian singer The Weekend?
Oh oh, go ahead, go ahead ahead.

Speaker 3 (09:25):
You didn't ever you didn't know your name?

Speaker 2 (09:27):
He didn't go Mark Jones and correct, Amy, you get
to guess here? Is it a August test Fay b
Aubrey test fay or ce able test fay al correct.
Amy takes the lead.

Speaker 3 (09:43):
At least you're tired, Eddie.

Speaker 2 (09:45):
Yeah, because I got to you didn't I got to dude, Yeah, Udell.
Good for you, buddy. Thanks. I can be convinced. If
there's one thing I am just like that, I got too. Okay,
I believe you. Alex James, the bass guitarist from Blur,
turn to what profession after the band split? Blur has
a song wool lunchbox preacher incorrect? Was he a just

wait for the multiple choice. Was he a a butcher,
be a cheese farmer or see a milkman Eddie, Eddie,
he's a butcher incorrect?

Speaker 4 (10:22):
Okay, he is a milk farmer person whatever.

Speaker 2 (10:27):
The milkman incorrect?

Speaker 4 (10:29):
Cheese farmer all right, technically milk.

Speaker 2 (10:33):
Let's keep going. I don't have any of the cheese. Later,
Ray play your voicemall the third one please.

Speaker 7 (10:40):
Hey, Bobby, I was listening to the podcast and you
said to go over and rate it, So I go
over to Spotify to rate it, and Spotify is trying
to do you dirty. When I have five stars selected,
it will not let me submit it. When I take
away one of the stars to submit button comes up,
so at this time I'm not rating it, gonna pick

a pause. Why y'all check on that?

Speaker 2 (11:02):
Let me know, thank Spotify, that's funny. Let me go
try that.

Speaker 6 (11:05):
Spotify was like, we won't let him have five stars.

Speaker 2 (11:07):
I can't do it, not our guy. Let's see here,
that's messed up. Bobby Bone Show. It's got a well
we have a four point nine rating.

Speaker 6 (11:17):
Yeah, because we can only go four point nine.

Speaker 2 (11:19):
I mean, but let's see how do I rate this though?

Speaker 3 (11:23):
Go to the three little dots on.

Speaker 2 (11:24):
The main Welcome to Unfiltered the JBO Podcast. What the
crap is?

Speaker 6 (11:28):
That sounds cool?

Speaker 2 (11:30):
One minute? There's some weird trailer up on our type.
I hate when they put stuff up on our It
drives me crazy. I just want to punch a hole
in the wall when they put random crap on our feed.
I put enough random crap on our feed. And here's
one classic replay.

Speaker 4 (11:45):
Oh yeah. I was getting a link for my podcast
this weekend to share and I went and I was like, oh,
what's this episode I did? And I'm like, I don't
recognize this title? And I was like, oh, oh, right,
show mine.

Speaker 2 (11:56):
Okay, let me try here right five submit, oh let
me oh okay, yeah, but thanks for letting us know.
But yeah, if there's one thing that drives me bananas,
it's random stuff being inserted on our feed. I will
punch a dog happen not mine, somebody else wants, and
no shelter ones. I will not go to the Yeah,

no that. I don't even know what that is, okay,
so thank you for that. I do have a bottle
of Minem's on my desk. People keep asking about when
we're gonna eat them. You guys know the rule, right,
did I say this on camera on Mike. We only
get to open this bottle of Eminem's with my face
on it when it's time to celebrate.

Speaker 4 (12:34):
Something, So like what, don't give an example.

Speaker 2 (12:38):
It's got to be something big enough that there's a celebration.

Speaker 5 (12:40):
Like Amy gets married again, someone else has a baby,
my birthdays in July.

Speaker 3 (12:45):
I don't know that.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
I don't know if any of that counts. I don't know.
It's at work. This is a wine champagne bottle of Eminem's,
no champagne. All them knows my face on it, and
people are like, when are you gonna eat it? And
we're not gonna eat it until it's time to celebrate.

Speaker 3 (12:58):
When did you who got you those?

Speaker 2 (13:00):
When I hosted Ihart Country Festival, it was in my room.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
And people were there.

Speaker 2 (13:06):
They were yeah, everym and has my face on it, little.

Speaker 3 (13:09):
Little a little weird eating you don't you don't.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
Have to eat them, but we will celebrate. That's when
it goes. I did go toward our new studios.

Speaker 4 (13:19):
I wasn't.

Speaker 3 (13:20):
It's a lot of metal.

Speaker 4 (13:22):
The rooms are up like with metal. Is that what
he means?

Speaker 2 (13:25):
There's more than metal, analys there's like dry wall and
stuff and they have holes in the ground where they're
putting stuff.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
She could do that thing where we we we we
write what on two w's in a row. We should
go do that thing where we write messages on the
drywall and they paint over it, like you know, for
us to have a good show what to.

Speaker 2 (13:46):
Write messages and then they do like a time capsule.

Speaker 6 (13:49):
But somebody can.

Speaker 2 (13:52):
It's like, yeah, well, Ray's already weird about our photo
shoot tomorrow. He's like getting all sentimental, right, tell him why?

Speaker 1 (14:01):
Well, I was just doing the math and we do
these about every what five six years and you just
signed your contract.

Speaker 2 (14:07):
I get that. So it's good.

Speaker 1 (14:08):
We're doing the photo shoot. But I don't know if
I see us doing another photo shoot, like this could
be the last one.

Speaker 3 (14:15):
Well, he does every photo shoot like it seems like
someone leaves right after the photo shoot.

Speaker 6 (14:20):
Oh is that right?

Speaker 2 (14:23):
So it's a double one. We do the photo shoot,
then somebody usually gets or decides to leave on their own,
and then second late. I don't know. I mean, will
we ever do another one? Maybe not?

Speaker 1 (14:33):
Yeah, because we've been here in Nashville. We've only done
one here. We one in Austin too.

Speaker 2 (14:37):
To a first one, you can get a budding kidding,
I'm kidding, but okay, that's still that logic though it
makes sense.

Speaker 1 (14:44):
And also this picture last five years. It's just a
random Tuesday. We're gonna go film it and then etched
in history.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
Tell me about it, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (14:51):
Telling me about it. Still got to pick up figure
out clothes.

Speaker 2 (14:53):
I've done anything. I haven't looked as a single thing.

Speaker 3 (14:55):
My wife texts me right now, like literally as we're
doing this, she goes, have you picked out your outfit yet?
And I was like no, She goes, great, I see
a bunch of crumpled, dirty clothes on the floor. I'm like,
well that's what I got. She's like, you should have
taken them of the dry cleaner. So I was like,
well that was the plant.

Speaker 2 (15:08):
Yeah. No, I felt that My wife like two weeks ago,
it's like, hey, do you have me to help you
with this? And I just didn't feel like doing it.
And I was like no, I'm good and she's like, okay,
well I'm not checking back in like you got. I
was like, yeah, I just don't feel like doing it
that day, but now it's it's it's I've forgotten about
it and it's tomorrow, so we'll be grabbing whatever out
of the closet. Did you always say yes to that
that I didn't feel like doing it then, but you
just say yes. That means I had to get up

and do it right then go through the closet or
go to the store. That didn't mean like I'll do
it for you, No, it means we do it. We'll
do it together.

Speaker 6 (15:34):

Speaker 2 (15:35):
Yeah, yeah, I get that because she knows they have
issues with colors.

Speaker 4 (15:38):
But we're just supposed to be neutral.

Speaker 3 (15:40):
And I got to get a haircut today.

Speaker 4 (15:43):
But not too much.

Speaker 2 (15:44):
Don't do it, don't do but whole shade whatever you
called it. No, it was scary, getting tight high whatever
it is. Don't do that. It is right there.

Speaker 4 (15:57):
Yeah, you don't need a haircut.

Speaker 2 (16:00):
I canna see that picture on the neck and we're
not gonna see that the picture I gonna get. Okay,
that's fine, that's fine.

Speaker 5 (16:05):
You do you like his bangs where they're at, Yes,
because he's gonna come in with with whatever that's vulnerable,
what hole whatever he calls their cut, and it's gonna
be weird because it's.

Speaker 2 (16:13):
Too it's too tight. Yeah, no, no, no, no, I gotta
like calling it vulnerable. But hole. I go yesterday and
I'm going to try to win the lottery. So just
a scratch off lottery. I want to win more than
twenty and fifty bucks. That's my goal, because that's all
that's the most lunchboxes ever won. And he's played for
years scratch offs a lottery. So I go and I

buy six scratch offs and what which was the dollar ones? Okay,
by six fifty dollars ones, and I take them.

Speaker 3 (16:47):
That's how you win.

Speaker 2 (16:49):
But if you don't make more money than you spend,
you don't win. Like, that's not winning. And you have
to win more than two fifty on a single ticket
in order for lunch for to count against what he's done.
So I scratched the first one, no win. I scratched
the second one. Two hundred dollars bill doesn't count, not

two fifty and I'm not.

Speaker 3 (17:11):
But he's still up.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
But I still have four to go. Yeah, okay, scratch
the next one fifty dollars. Oh I'm a two fifty now,
but I haven't. But again, it doesn't count because it's
not one ticket. It has to be one ticket. Scratch
the next one, free ticket.

Speaker 3 (17:25):
That's a good one. So stay in the game, man.

Speaker 2 (17:29):
So now that's like two fifty plus a tickets. I'm
just saying three hundred bucks. I got two tickets left.
I'm feeling pretty good. Scratch the next one loser. It
all comes down to the final ticket. Like right now, bro,
I'm I'm breaking even. Scratch the final one.

Speaker 3 (17:44):

Speaker 2 (17:45):
So I'm even, and I'm gonna take that money and
put it back in today. What about three ticket too?
All of it three hundred. It's a three hundred spent.
I'm gonna put him back in and try to hit
it again. All right, I'm gonna try to hit one
ticket more than two hundred fifty bucks so I can
beat him. As much as we talk about these ord
you would think that everybody.

Speaker 5 (18:00):
Wants lottery, yeah you. I mean they're hands selected. Those
stories are.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
It's not their hands wants to do win. They make
a story out it, right, But.

Speaker 4 (18:10):
Out of all the people that are losing, yeah.

Speaker 3 (18:13):
I hear you.

Speaker 2 (18:13):
They don't want losers. They don't put those in the news.

Speaker 5 (18:16):
That'll be funny if one day that did let all
the stories out of all the losers, John seven dollar
stch Offs, it didn't hit.

Speaker 2 (18:23):
It coming up. Okay, let's see, I got ray and
emotional Ray. What's the deal. Why were you gonna thank me?

Speaker 3 (18:34):

Speaker 1 (18:35):
I wanted to give you props just because I heard
a story about upstairs.

Speaker 2 (18:38):
I guess I was just take it for granted that
our host shows up.

Speaker 1 (18:41):
So apparently, oh boy, I was told that the rock
station host, no text, no call, no show.

Speaker 2 (18:49):
Really, so the producers were just like, uh, what do
we do? He's not here. I would have thought he died.
If that wrapping me, you're dead. Yeah, We're like, I'm
on medicine of some sort, and I just was not,
that's crazy.

Speaker 1 (19:01):
I mean, Lumbermill, you don't come back after that. You
never going to talk to you again.

Speaker 2 (19:06):
I think he's on suspender right now.

Speaker 1 (19:07):
Oh really Yeah, it's pretty serious. But I was like, dang,
we're blessed with bones. I gotta say thank you, thank
you for showing up, because that would be weird. What
would me and Scuba do, like we're just like running
around in circles.

Speaker 2 (19:18):
It'd be crazy. I know what Scuba would do. He
probably probably already prepared, but have a bunch of best
of bits firing off? So what do you we send
lunchbox on the mic live? God, I would that's risky.
I don't know if that would.

Speaker 3 (19:29):
I'm next to Amy's pile his stories. Amy, what you
got nailed it?

Speaker 2 (19:34):
Not that nailed it? Wait, so he didn't show up
at all, Like he just didn't show up. Is this
hear saying?

Speaker 1 (19:39):
No, no, no, this is we heard it from the producer.
He then showed up at seven and then it didn't
really give an explanation. But he's gotten in trouble now
since for that. But it was a busy week. He
was seeing a week maybe he had a lot going
on in his personal life. I don't know, but it
is odd to no call, no text, no show.

Speaker 3 (19:53):
I mean, that's right after he ran over Chris kirk
Patrick and broke his hand.

Speaker 4 (19:59):
Dude, TMZ.

Speaker 2 (20:00):
Was he like making a point to not come in
on time? Like? Was he like I'm standing my.

Speaker 1 (20:04):
Ground, I'm I'm just gonna it seemed like at that
event people were celebrating having fun. Maybe they were drinking
a little bit. Maybe he drank too much all leged.

Speaker 2 (20:13):
Huh. I don't know. I never met him.

Speaker 1 (20:16):
First time I saw him was on TMZ and I
was like, well, he's upstairs, he's in our building.

Speaker 2 (20:19):
Yeah, he's the one that barreled through Chris Kirkpatrick.

Speaker 6 (20:22):
Yeah, his hand.

Speaker 2 (20:23):
He must come in the back door. Was he upset
about something? Did they hear that he was upset about something?
With that TMZ story?

Speaker 3 (20:28):
I don't know. Was he Uh they didn't shout out
the show.

Speaker 2 (20:32):
They didn't even say his name or they no, they
said his name. They name checked him, but just not
the radio stag.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
At the station of the show name.

Speaker 2 (20:39):
But what's the difference.

Speaker 3 (20:41):
I don't know. That's just what I was told.

Speaker 2 (20:43):
No, no, I'm just saying, like to him, why was
he mad that they said his name but not the show.

Speaker 3 (20:46):
I don't know. I haven't talked to him. I was
talking to the producer and he was like, man, they
didn't even say our show name. Isn't that messed up?

Speaker 2 (20:51):
And would they?

Speaker 5 (20:52):
Has anyone met that guy? Have anyone you've met him?

Speaker 2 (20:57):

Speaker 3 (20:58):
It's a nice dude. Yeah, he's like, dude, I gotta
come down and say hello to you guys. I was like,
we got to show up to do that.

Speaker 2 (21:04):
He said that that no, because he didn't say what
is he a big dude?

Speaker 1 (21:10):

Speaker 2 (21:11):
Oh, I'm watching him slide in and it's not really
a slide. He got on his knee and forward like
I think he tried to slide but he didn't know
how to slide.

Speaker 3 (21:18):
Yeah, it was like an.

Speaker 2 (21:19):
Awkward watching it. He's Pete Rose in the middle of
a celebrity softball game. Oh, he's got long hair and
he's like looks like an eighties rocker. He's a rock dude,
classic rock. His station is oh it is yeah, take
the let Out all that stuff. That's cool, but now
they play like Sublime and Food Fighter. It's like, Yes,
sometimes off is he suspended or fired?

Speaker 3 (21:42):
Why are you pointing me?

Speaker 2 (21:44):
I didn't I heard suspended?

Speaker 3 (21:45):
You did, I've heard nothing.

Speaker 2 (21:47):
Hopefully that's all they do. They suspended. He learned his lesson.

Speaker 1 (21:50):
And also, you got to think, man, back in the day,
wasn't that the culture where sometimes the hosts didn't show up?

Speaker 2 (21:54):
Dude? It's still somewhat the culture depending on how much
uh gravi atass you have? Can you get away with
that being a rock dude? Like, hey, it doesn't matter,
you still got to do the work.

Speaker 6 (22:04):
I got drunk last night.

Speaker 7 (22:05):

Speaker 2 (22:05):
Mostly people that say that they just fake it. They're like,
I'm so stone. They're really not got. That's why they're
good rock guys. Like I didn't even come into nine.
I've been so stone. But all morning long they've been
meticulously putting together. Like that's what you want? You got it? Okay,
let's do a little midroll here. So we're in the
midst of playing this Assassin game, which might take a
whole year. Who knows, you could go on forever. Lunchbox

killed Eddie. I tried to get Morgan, No.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
Luck, dude.

Speaker 6 (22:33):
The video is hilarious.

Speaker 2 (22:35):
I couldn't even watch it. You ought to see my
video that have any posted yet? The video over door
vocam is great. Did you see me on it? Yeah, dude,
you come out and you're like, oh, devastated, Like mister oh,
I planned it all and then thirty seconds I was
off thirty seconds. I thought your gun could shoot like
one hundred yards away. She was hiding behind a freak.
Why not take a shot. But she thinks she's gonna

admit it, and I did shoot that way. Do you
think she's gonna be like Sprinkle got me? I'm dead?

Speaker 6 (23:01):
Oh, you have to admit it if you get hit.

Speaker 2 (23:03):
Okay, you're dead.

Speaker 6 (23:04):
You're right, I'm dead.

Speaker 2 (23:04):
Yeah, So okay, I have a couple of things. We're
in the middle of that still. But there was a
story that came out A Kansas team is paralyzed after
the girl's dad shoots him because they were playing assassin
and that maybe the gun looked like a real gun.

Speaker 3 (23:24):
No, that's not what happened.

Speaker 2 (23:25):
It's not what happened.

Speaker 3 (23:25):
She was like walking into Walmart and he pulled up
with his friends and said, hey, I'm the assassin, your
assassin and shot her. But she went in Walmart, called
her dad, scared and dad showed him and shot the kid.

Speaker 2 (23:36):
Oh, I thought it was because the gun looked like
a real gun, and so the dad just shot at him.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
No. Wow, So the girl called up called her dad.

Speaker 4 (23:43):
Dad scared, but she knew she was playing.

Speaker 2 (23:45):
Let me read this story. Hold On, a high school
senior was left paralyzed from the waist down when a
furious father shot him in the Walmart parking lot after
the team fired a toy gun at the man's daughter. Anakin, eighteen,
was in the car with two other mails outside of
a wal Mart when they spotted two teens walking towards
the building and conducted a drive by shooting with jail blasters.
A passenger inside the car shouted, I am your senior

assassin as the two teens, a girl and a boyfriend,
were shot multiple times with water filled yeah.

Speaker 3 (24:13):

Speaker 2 (24:13):
The daughter, identified as Essa, said she saw her father
walking towards the car and put her head down to
to being scared of what might might happen to her dad.
The scared daughter heard a loud pop before watching the
Blue Spark drive away. I don't see her going into
the store or to tell her dad.

Speaker 3 (24:26):
She called the dad from the store and her dad
drove up there.

Speaker 4 (24:29):
That's crazy.

Speaker 6 (24:30):
And the guy stuck around for that long.

Speaker 3 (24:32):
Well, the I think they went to a restaurant next door,
like a win somewhere.

Speaker 5 (24:35):
Oh yeah, that's from kWh. So I wonder if the
girl just didn't know she was part of the game.

Speaker 4 (24:41):
But she got squirted with water.

Speaker 2 (24:43):
Yeah, but also, why do you go tell your dad
if you get scored with water?

Speaker 3 (24:46):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (24:48):
Anyway, we're playing this game, but let's nobody called her dad.

Speaker 4 (24:52):
Well, this is the part where whenever my daughter started
playing a few months ago or towards the end of school,
that I was worried about someone getting act like literally
hurt by a real gun because they're running around town
with these fake guns. And apparently my daughter said, Mom,
you're the only parent worried about this.

Speaker 2 (25:10):
Not true, No, that's true. Checked every parent, every parents
only one word.

Speaker 5 (25:15):
It's like when lunch box got me. Dude, like he
was really worried because I just pulled into my garage.

Speaker 3 (25:19):
I'm so scared you're gonna crush your wall. I really know.

Speaker 2 (25:22):
He wouldn't highlight.

Speaker 3 (25:27):
Like what would have happened, though, what.

Speaker 2 (25:29):
Do you mean I would destroy my house?

Speaker 3 (25:30):
Right, no, no, I understand that, But what would have happened.

Speaker 2 (25:34):
I would have to pay for it.

Speaker 3 (25:35):
Like you would like that would be the weirdest, Like
it would be like anger forever because his house is destroyed.

Speaker 2 (25:41):
All houses have to destroy forever.

Speaker 3 (25:43):
But but like, really, I mean I I thought about that.
I was like, oh, my gosh.

Speaker 2 (25:47):
Like he knows he's playing the game, right, every right.

Speaker 3 (25:50):
Right, I understand that. But in that moment, if he
hits his house, you think he's gonna be like, oh
ha game where he's gonna get out and be like
if you lunch box, Like.

Speaker 2 (25:57):
He knows the game he's playing. Yes, you have to
emotion at the same time. Oh man, my wife, you
can have too emotions at the same time. They contradict
each other, but are both both equally balanced. So funny
and mad. I would have driving home.

Speaker 3 (26:09):
I thought about it. I was like, gosh, I could
have ruined his house.

Speaker 2 (26:11):
You can be mad. Eddie could be like, dang, this sucks.
But Eddie then also has to go like I was
playing the game and this is on me.

Speaker 4 (26:18):
It's kind of funny.

Speaker 2 (26:19):
It's on me. Oh, it would have been on you
play the game.

Speaker 5 (26:22):
Honestly, like, I'd have been so mad, like you look
at the wall, my cars.

Speaker 2 (26:27):
Would Yes, you'd have been frustrated, but you would have
also you were playing the game. It's like injurying yourself
playing sports. You tear a hamstring playing football, Yeah it sucks,
but okay, well you're playing. You're playing football, and it
happens sometimes.

Speaker 4 (26:38):

Speaker 2 (26:39):
And then on top of that, my wife hurt him, yell.

Speaker 3 (26:42):
You're dead, you're dead, freaking out and I was like, like, oh,
what's going on out here?

Speaker 2 (26:47):
This good thing?

Speaker 4 (26:48):
Never go like, not play?

Speaker 2 (26:50):
You can back out and leave your twenty bucks in
the pot. Ok So here's here's the why would we
not play? Why would we not?

Speaker 4 (26:58):
I don't I don't like you.

Speaker 2 (27:02):
There's also a lot of good stories, like people having fun.
I pictured, but it also didn't happen.

Speaker 3 (27:08):
I told myself, why did I just wait till you
put it in the park? Why?

Speaker 2 (27:11):
I mean?

Speaker 3 (27:11):
I have him dead to rights, like there's no need
to shoot him when he's driving.

Speaker 4 (27:15):
And Bobby, we saw the video of you Morgan's it
did not look like you were having.

Speaker 2 (27:18):
Fun's angry You're mad dude. At the end, I was
so mad. Yeah, I can watch it because I had
been there, and I'd been planning and scouting, and then
has she just not driven up In that one split second,
I had her, had her dead and so but my
gun's also big an orange, So no one's going to
confuse that. That's purposeful. No one's going to confuse that
for a real gun. I get that.

Speaker 5 (27:38):
But you're a forty year old man, baby, and you're
hiding a bush to play assassin.

Speaker 2 (27:43):
If I was Morgan's.

Speaker 5 (27:43):
Neighbor, didn't know your story, didn't know you guys were
playing a game, I'll be like, there's a grown man
in the bush right out.

Speaker 2 (27:49):
I but I'm with a gun.

Speaker 3 (27:50):
Like they probably know that she's a single woman.

Speaker 2 (27:52):
But I'm holding the gun close. They know water gun.
It doesn't matter if it's a nerve water gun, dude.
But that's the risk I take a lot of fun. Yeah,
that's the risk we all take. You guys can back
out now if you'd like, no, I'm dead, You're dead.
Backing out, so well, you just say I'm out, and
your Monday stays in the pot and you're not playing
the game anymore. Okay, are you out?

Speaker 4 (28:12):
I wonder who has me? Though?

Speaker 2 (28:14):
Well, here's the thing we're supposed to redraw.

Speaker 3 (28:16):
No, no, we don't redraw. Why would you redraw?

Speaker 2 (28:19):
They have to redraw. You're not even chasing your next person. Whoever,
how do you know that? Because you told us You're like,
if I want to get them, so but no, we
said that. We said that we don't rewarded for getting
your target. The beginning of the rules we said in
three weeks were redrawing. We literally said that before we
started the game. So that is what we said. Now
we can choose not to, but that was the rule
that we stated before we ever played the game. In

three weeks were whoever was out was out, and there
was a redraw and everybody had to get somebody new
in case they figured out who their people were. Can
I anni back in. I'm just kidding. I don't want
to do that.

Speaker 4 (28:50):
I don't like, can you take my spot?

Speaker 2 (28:54):
Yeah, but you don't get the money if.

Speaker 4 (28:56):
You want I know. That's what I mean. He's he
takes over my twenty if he wanted it, but he
because that's three.

Speaker 2 (29:04):
You just want out. You can be out. Just take
out of the game, okay, you're oh, yeahs out?

Speaker 4 (29:09):
Were redrawing him.

Speaker 2 (29:10):
Ount Okay, Amy's out.

Speaker 4 (29:11):
Because can I say who I had?

Speaker 2 (29:12):

Speaker 4 (29:12):
I had, Mike, d Well, that's easy.

Speaker 5 (29:16):
Whyn't you just go to the movie, Go to any movie,
any movie theater, any half a day, any.

Speaker 2 (29:21):
Just wait, he's there with your little gun?

Speaker 4 (29:25):
Who had me?

Speaker 3 (29:26):
Why did you just say because now Mikeney knows he's safe?

Speaker 2 (29:28):
I know? Like that is Oh?

Speaker 4 (29:29):
I thought you said we could say because y'all were redrawing.

Speaker 2 (29:31):
Well again, we said at the very beginning of this,
we were redrawing in three weeks, right, Mike, that was
the role that was stated at the beginning.

Speaker 4 (29:37):
Definitely been three weeks.

Speaker 2 (29:38):
Yeah, and so far we've only had two attempts. No,
I think people have a tent. Oh and yeah, you
do you want to pay her twenty bucks and take
her to twenty bucks get back? No? No, I don't know. No,
I can't be a part of this. There's one hundred
and sixty bucks in the pot. We can redraw it.
Do you want to redraw now? Mic or tomorrow? Especially
with a bad foot? Can you imagine? Dude? When do
you get that off? I got an appointment on the seventeenth.

You wanna do it now? Or how many who's left
everybody me?

Speaker 3 (30:07):

Speaker 2 (30:08):
The amy's out?

Speaker 4 (30:09):
Who had me?

Speaker 2 (30:11):
You could say I had her?

Speaker 8 (30:13):
Oh, and I attempted multiple times?

Speaker 2 (30:15):
You did? I just did it.

Speaker 8 (30:17):
I wasn't gonna give myself away, so I was very
sneaky about how I was doing it.

Speaker 3 (30:20):
Did you ever know?

Speaker 4 (30:21):
No? How did you almost get me?

Speaker 8 (30:23):
Just a few different places that I had heard you
were going to be at, and.

Speaker 2 (30:27):
Then I just missed you by a few minutes. Damn,
good job, good job. It sucks when you've been like
waiting and working and then all of a sudden it's
run and the stupid duck jeep drives up to you.

Speaker 4 (30:37):
I was like, please, God, were you in a decoy car? Yeah,
she was in a decoy car.

Speaker 2 (30:41):
Oh yeah, no, you'll see her cars get freaking ducks
when Lunchbox said she can't drive because all the ducks,
and I saw all the ducks immediately it came out
on the corners of the jeep. I just saw ducks
coming at me, and I was like, you heard the choir,
There's no way that's not her. And also, who had me?
My theory was it was Ray. It wasn't who had me, Must.

Speaker 4 (31:05):
Or Mike Mike's out.

Speaker 2 (31:07):
It's tough for Mike. Mike's in my house all the time.
Did you have me? Yeah, that's tough. He was like, yeah,
that's that's tough. He does have the gate code though. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (31:23):
It's a lot of money, man.

Speaker 2 (31:26):
Kevin had the list. Yeah, so what's up. Yeah, I'll
draw he take a me out. Yeah, all right, got mine. Hey,
mine's going to be real easy. Put them all back. Then.

I should have looked earlier. You could ben suicide. Okay,
So yeah, I'm good.

Speaker 6 (32:12):
I'm dead man, I'm out.

Speaker 2 (32:20):
Two people down, one hundred and sixty bucks in the pot.

Speaker 6 (32:23):
That's good money.

Speaker 2 (32:24):
It's good money. I think it'd last a year. I'm
traveling with weapons.

Speaker 6 (32:35):
You have the little you have the pistol too.

Speaker 2 (32:36):
Got them everywhere. I got them in my house, I
got in my cars. I got one in my butthole
right now, waiting at anytime, just keep straight out, start firing.

Speaker 6 (32:46):
How do you get that one?

Speaker 2 (32:47):
I want to help me out this morning, Give me
a second, Kevin. He's gonna talk with people, talk with people.
He's just gonna get them from everybody. Talk with people
like you're just gonna get hum from everybody. Okay, yeah,
all right. I have a question though, Yeah, I need
some clarification with something, because we get what we can

do teams. What I was asked by somebody about some
rules go ahead. So I got a text one time
that said, hey, I'm off limits for an hour? Is
that a thing?

Speaker 3 (33:16):

Speaker 2 (33:18):
Why would that be a thing? That's what I'm asking
Who did that? Who texted you on off limits for
an hour? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (33:25):
I don't know who.

Speaker 2 (33:26):
I don't know who do that. Why would you say
you're off limits for an hour? Because I told somebody
on the show where I was going. So that's show
biz though. Yeah, and then you got upset because I
didn't know the rules, he said, got it? Okay, cool,
We're good, all right. We could also do where every
time somebody gets got we switch again, like when somebody's killed,

you switch out, because then then no one has an
understanding who has who I?

Speaker 3 (33:50):
Or do you want it to be a free for all?
You can get anybody.

Speaker 2 (33:52):
You can definitely do that. That's definitely a rule option
as well. If you see him out, you can just
shoot him like anybody can get anybody who had me?
I had you originally, so lunch had me this weekend. Dude,
I was out on Broadway Friday and Saturday. How did
somebody not get me? That is terrible gameplay. It's so bad.

I just want to see how serious people are taking
the game. Yeah. I spent way too much time not
getting moregan, if I'm being honest, the dumbest thing. Okay,
So why Bro?

Speaker 1 (34:27):
You could have got me at Gars, You could have
got me at the river Front.

Speaker 2 (34:30):
You could have got me at my at So Bro.

Speaker 6 (34:33):
Can you take a water gun like downtown?

Speaker 2 (34:36):
I would take a small if you're gonna do it,
I would take like a little small one, like the
one half of my butt.

Speaker 6 (34:40):
Yeah, that's a.

Speaker 2 (34:41):
Kind of take. They got me at the diner, Diner.
I don't mind free for all as well. That's maybe
after the next person gets got, the next round is
free for all. That's fine, good luck. Amy just backs out.

Speaker 6 (35:00):
He's done.

Speaker 2 (35:01):
Choose against it from the start, though.

Speaker 4 (35:03):
It just makes me nervous, Like did you can buy
a guy got shot? A kid got shot? This is
what I told my daughter. Look at this just makes
me nervous, Like I don't like being nervous. I'm already
nervous enough of all things.

Speaker 2 (35:19):
Like I feel you, I feel you. Let me address
on another thing before we wrap. Lunchbox made the comment
on today's show that he doesn't know why Morgan is
the head of digital I heard that one.

Speaker 3 (35:28):
Yeah, yeah, because I thought her thing is supposed to
get stuff from our social media's and it seems like
like when we go to these things like CMA Fest,
she doesn't get any unseen footage. She just gets video
of normal video. She doesn't get any backstage like cool content.

Speaker 2 (35:47):
And I think you're misunderstanding what her job is. I
think that could be some of what she does, but
it's also.

Speaker 3 (35:52):
But she needs content to post, so I feel like
she should be doing that instead of just you know,
so she should be head of posting, not ahead of content.
Is that what we're saying?

Speaker 2 (36:03):
Well, she's what's your title, Morgan, digital director?

Speaker 6 (36:06):
Yeah, so that's not content.

Speaker 5 (36:08):
My title is actually in my titles is digital content producer.

Speaker 6 (36:11):
And I'm like, well, I guess that's what I do.
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (36:13):
We make content, you produce it up.

Speaker 6 (36:14):
Yeah, yeah, we all.

Speaker 2 (36:16):
Can get content. But she also anything we talk about.

Speaker 3 (36:19):
She yeah, I just wondered about like when she goes
these like shouldn't she be capturing different.

Speaker 8 (36:24):
Visits, capture some content.

Speaker 2 (36:26):
What do you think he should do? Like his job,
I do.

Speaker 3 (36:30):
I nailed my job.

Speaker 8 (36:32):
I don't mind. Lunchbox is content, but that's like you're
supposed to be cringey. Like the show as a brand
is not cringey. So I'm not supposed to be going
up in people's faces.

Speaker 2 (36:41):
And like Thomas Rtt tell me how you eat your smores?

Speaker 3 (36:43):
Well that's you can listen to the podcast or do
you want to hear that?

Speaker 1 (36:46):

Speaker 8 (36:46):
You know what I mean though, Like the brand of
Bobby Bone show. If I go up to somebody to
do that, that's coming back to Bobby. That's coming back
to the show. I have to represent the entire brand.
You're just representing Lunchbox.

Speaker 3 (36:57):
Okay, I just didn't know. I just I got the
coolest video and I'm like, I didn't see her even
filming when post Malone's standing around because I'm not gonna
be up in his face.

Speaker 4 (37:05):
He's backstage.

Speaker 2 (37:07):
Right next to he was like.

Speaker 3 (37:08):
Twenty feet away.

Speaker 2 (37:09):
Like, let's content creator, Okay, time we all are. I
think what she does is handle the social media and
the website and the mail back whatever it is. Anything
digital she's in charge of Why are you playing at me?

Speaker 3 (37:23):
What was this guy?

Speaker 2 (37:24):
I got finger guns at.

Speaker 3 (37:25):
I thought I was like, okay, like got it? Like
I thought her job was to get the content.

Speaker 2 (37:30):
I also do get content.

Speaker 8 (37:31):
I got the Thomas Red prayer circle that you were
talking about and other clips of people.

Speaker 4 (37:35):
But I all about it.

Speaker 3 (37:37):
People to film the prayer circle.

Speaker 4 (37:38):
Then you interrupted the prayer circle.

Speaker 3 (37:41):
But I mean I didn't different. Is it weird to
film the prayer circle? Like, hey, look they're praying?

Speaker 2 (37:46):
Was there before stage thing? That's something people want to see.

Speaker 8 (37:49):
They don't necessarily want to see your face in every
single video, and your face is in every video you take.

Speaker 6 (37:53):
Did you pray with him?

Speaker 3 (37:55):
No? I didn't even know.

Speaker 6 (37:56):
I could have mattered for your lottery thing.

Speaker 2 (37:57):
Yeah he could.

Speaker 3 (37:59):
That's not sure.

Speaker 2 (38:00):
You mind if I say something to you r and
ps to the lottery gods A man, why did you
do that?

Speaker 3 (38:10):
Now? They werelread in the middle of it. If I'd
have known right when, if i'd have been in there
when it started, I would have got in there.

Speaker 6 (38:15):
But people take prayer requests all the time.

Speaker 3 (38:17):
He didn't ask for any requests.

Speaker 1 (38:18):
You have.

Speaker 2 (38:18):
The worst prayer request is when someone wants an uh
an unspoken and you're like, they're like, I want to
do an unspoken and I don't want to I don't
want to.

Speaker 6 (38:25):
Want to talk to so you pray for an unspoken.

Speaker 2 (38:27):
So it's like you want to say that there's something
going on, you want us to all hear and see it,
but you just want to say it spoken. That's always
always a word wining to me.

Speaker 4 (38:35):
People say like, hey, you know what sin seems like
Bobby's going through something really hard right now, whatever it is,
I don't need to know. I'd like to know, but
you know, and then you pray for that. That's how you.
I mean, you just pray. I don't know.

Speaker 2 (38:46):
Well, when someone's like please give me an unspoken, No,
you just spoke and we know.

Speaker 4 (38:50):
Something but the details cannot be shared.

Speaker 2 (38:52):
It a little weird. Yeah, that's all. It's like someone
on Facebook is like, man, I just don't know about
this anymore, just just I'm just oh feeling it, and
you're like, okay, well that could be interpreted ninety seven ways.

Speaker 5 (39:03):
Yeah, somebody's put well. One of my high school friends
posted like I hope I'm gonna be okay.

Speaker 2 (39:07):
I like, what are you. That means that could be
on two different sides of the spectrum. Yeah, I hope
I'm gonna be okay, Like, uh, you're a big Mavericks
fan and the Celtics are up to zero, like, oh,
I'm gonna be okay. Or it's like you're thinking about
doing the work.

Speaker 4 (39:21):
Oh yeah, that's hard.

Speaker 2 (39:23):
Yeah. When you're just generic like that, like it's been,
it's tough.

Speaker 4 (39:27):
Yeah, an attention seeking thing.

Speaker 2 (39:29):
It feels a bit attention seeking. Yeah, take it from
us attention seekers. There's one thing we know. It's attention seeking.
All Right, we're done. We'll see you guys tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (39:37):
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