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May 13, 2024 35 mins

Eddie talks about taking his kids to a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band but telling his son’s they were the real band. Bobby lets the show guess the valuable pop culture card he pulled this weekend. Actor Steve Buscemi was punched in the face by a maniac, someone tried to travel with a hollowed out grenade and a man busted driving a lawnmower while drinking. Plus, why Bobby is thinking of selling his Bronco.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
It's time for the Bobby Bones post show. Here's your host,
Bobby Bones. I was watching TikTok yesterday and I saw
guy hit a fish tank, one of the big rectangle
ones full of I think Monster energy drink and he

was drinking the whole thing with a fork.

Speaker 2 (00:27):
That it.

Speaker 3 (00:29):
It's hilarious.

Speaker 2 (00:31):
I don't understand he can't. You can't get anything with
a fork. You can what are you talking about a
little bit?

Speaker 1 (00:37):
Yeah, you never liked the talk something like a soup
or cereal with a fork. No, because you have no
clean spoons. No, sure you can get a little bit.
It's small, flat surfaces. But he was drinking the entire
tank with a fork. So how long How long did
it take him?

Speaker 3 (00:53):
I think it took him at least eight hours. That
was where and then it just kept getting smaller and smaller.

Speaker 1 (00:58):
Yeah. I didn't get to the end. I just had
to laugh in the movie Wow you.

Speaker 4 (01:01):
Mean a spork and watched that for eight hours a
live Styeah.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
He did, like good time.

Speaker 3 (01:09):
The upper part of the fork. You can hold more there.

Speaker 1 (01:12):
Oh yeah, okay, definitely get some liquid in that thing.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
I've never done that.

Speaker 1 (01:16):
You've never had to like use a fork for anything
like whatever.

Speaker 2 (01:19):
H you've never had.

Speaker 1 (01:21):
Hard times, buddy, I guess not. You never had no
clean dishes and all you got some fork. I hate big,
big spoons. I don't like using in my cereal those
big fat spoons. We have like one hundred big spoons,
like five normal for what, right, like one of those
big ones for I can't think of a single time
we use those big ones. Maybe when you come over,
do you have like a massive amount of big spoons?

Speaker 3 (01:42):

Speaker 5 (01:42):

Speaker 1 (01:42):
And do you hate using them for normal spoon things?

Speaker 3 (01:44):

Speaker 5 (01:45):
I used a kid's spoon last night because I didn't
want a big spoon.

Speaker 1 (01:47):
I had the big spoons. They're the worst thing.

Speaker 3 (01:49):
But the normal spoons go missing because people don't put
them away in the dishwasher, hidden under couches and.

Speaker 1 (01:57):
Talking to me like I do that.

Speaker 2 (01:58):
I don't do that.

Speaker 5 (01:59):
I feel like, no, I don't.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
I put it on the sink. Here's the thing that
I do that annoys my wife. I have a can
of something. I turned it upside down in the sink
hole so all the stuff comes out of it, whatever
it is, and.

Speaker 2 (02:11):
I just leave it. Oh that's not good.

Speaker 3 (02:13):
You rinse it out the can rinse out the sink.

Speaker 1 (02:16):
No, she doesn't like I leave the can in there,
Like she'll come back to the sink and there's a
can upside down that well, because I'll dump it in
and as it's pouring itself out whatever it is, I'll
just leave, you know, forget about it.

Speaker 2 (02:28):
That's like I hate it when we go to parties
and people would drink beer and then throw the empty
ones back in the cooler.

Speaker 5 (02:34):
What do you do?

Speaker 1 (02:34):
That sucks?

Speaker 2 (02:35):
I hated that.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
That sucks, just like having the milk or something in
the fridge and go to it and grab it. That
doesn't happen at our house. Although I did drink grapefruit
juice out of the bottle the other day and I
was like, I did it and started doing it. Then
I was like, oh, she's watching me. I thought I
was getting away with it, and I put it back
quickly and I was like, I won't do that anymore.
She never said a word, probably because I said I

won't do that anymore. But I understand that's not what
adults do. They don't grab it and drink it. They
pour it in the glass, or they take the can.
They throw the can away after they're done with it,
but yeah, we have all big spoons and seemingly no
normal size spoons. Over the weekend, Eddie, I know you
went to watch the Free Bird Tuesdays Gone.

Speaker 2 (03:20):
Man, it's a tribute to Leonard Skinner.

Speaker 1 (03:22):
I went. We've been talking about this for weeks because
we had a guy call in and he was like, hey,
I'm from the fire department. Will you donate? And I
was like, sure, I'll donate. So I donated, and they
said you can either have this or these tickets, and
he goes get the ticket.

Speaker 2 (03:37):
I thought it was Leonard Skinner.

Speaker 1 (03:38):
He said get the tickets, and we're like, okay, we're
gonna get the tickets, but you have to use them.
And so Eddie promised he'd use them. And the night
finally came and Eddie went to watch Tuesday's Gone, the
Leonard Skinner tribute.

Speaker 2 (03:47):
I asked the family, who wants to I got six tickets.
Who wants to come with me? And two of my
boys said I'll go, And so the whole time I'm
like Leonard Skinner. On the way, we played all Leonard
Skinner's songs and they thought we were gonna go see
the real So I never told them we didn't go
see Leonard Skinner. So still today they think we saw
Leonard Skinner.

Speaker 1 (04:06):
Lunchbox thinks he went to disney World and he was
a kid.

Speaker 5 (04:09):
No, not disney World. The circus. So it was a
circus lot.

Speaker 4 (04:15):
It was at the Erwin Center, and my parents would
take us there and we'd pet the elephants and see
them walk around the parking lot and then we get
in the car and go home. We never went in
the circus, and I did not know that until I
was older, I mean probably twenties and went into a circus.
I was like, oh, we never saw the circus. Circus.
We just saw them in the parking lot.

Speaker 1 (04:36):
But to you that was the circuit.

Speaker 5 (04:37):
It was the circus, and we did it every year.

Speaker 1 (04:40):
And to your kids, that was Leonard Skinner it was.

Speaker 2 (04:43):
And then you know, we were front row, so we
could see the front row seats. Oh yeah, dude, you
know it. We're gonna go.

Speaker 1 (04:48):
We're gonna go all the way rights. No, I know,
but I never saw the tickets. Now general mission got it. Oh,
we just found three seats up front. And then the
band was hanging out, you know, kind of like in
the backstage. Area, and I said, look, boys, there they
are skinnered, and lucky for me, they were wearing hats
and had long hair kind of look like the band
because I guess they do that for being a tribute band,

and so they look just like the real bands, Like
Google the band showed him.

Speaker 2 (05:11):
Like and they're like, yeah, Dad, that's him. That's the
lead singer.

Speaker 5 (05:14):
That's him.

Speaker 2 (05:14):
They didn't know he's dead.

Speaker 1 (05:18):
Did you take him and introduce them?

Speaker 2 (05:20):
No, they wanted to meet him. Like now, guys, let
them have their space.

Speaker 1 (05:23):
Does Tuesdays Gone live in Nashville.

Speaker 2 (05:25):
No, they're from Charlotte, North Carolina. Because they said that,
and they see and the more they talk like we're
Tuesday's Gone, I'm like, sh my kids think you're skinnered.

Speaker 1 (05:35):
Every time they talked yellow in here. How was the
music good? Man?

Speaker 2 (05:40):
I mean good, sound like skinnered except what I don't understand.
They played like a lot of songs and not all
the hits.

Speaker 1 (05:49):
They played like random B sides.

Speaker 2 (05:51):
Yes, And I'm like, if you're gonna play a tribute
to Leonard Skinner, like open up with Sweet Home Alabama,
like then go straight to Freebird and then do you
know like the don't.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
Go straight to free Bird. Three Birds, give Me the
last song. I've seen Skinner live a couple of times.
Pretty Bird is always the last song.

Speaker 2 (06:05):
But I mean, like the first three songs, I'm like, dude,
we don't know these songs.

Speaker 1 (06:09):
So I would go if I were doing, if I
were a Skinner tribute band with no list in front
of me, I would do gimmetk gimme gimmet tune. I
do that. I do ooh that smell.

Speaker 2 (06:23):
I didn't know the song.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
Can't you smell that smell? Ooh that smell, smell that's
around you. I do that one. Yeah, I do turn
it Out.

Speaker 2 (06:37):
I do Sweet Sweet Home.

Speaker 1 (06:39):
I do Tuesdays Gone when my baby is gone. Yeah,
they did that one pretty early. Yeah, maybe they started
with that since they're too because that's the band when
Tuesday's gone.

Speaker 2 (06:51):
They didn't.

Speaker 1 (06:52):
Maybe you do simple Man?

Speaker 2 (06:53):
Yeah, simple Man's a gym.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
They do that one.

Speaker 2 (06:55):
Yeah, they did simple Man? What they I mean they
ended up doing. I mean I didn't stay the whole time.
I don't know what they close.

Speaker 1 (07:00):
Well, you didn't know.

Speaker 2 (07:01):
We got it. It was getting late, see and it
said show started at seven, So we got there like
six forty five, and there was an opener, and so
they really didn't go on to like.

Speaker 1 (07:11):
Eight ten and so like you watch a tribute opener. Yes,
and they were good. They played just the all classic rock.
Did they do Battle of Curtislow? The Ballad of Cardislow
Bill Bill will Wim? No?

Speaker 5 (07:28):
No, not?

Speaker 2 (07:29):
While I was there, Curtis was a black man, was
a bit not.

Speaker 1 (07:35):
You know that song?

Speaker 2 (07:36):
I know that song? Yeah? Did you know they sang
it is?

Speaker 1 (07:39):
He was the finest picker devil plays blues Bam.

Speaker 2 (07:45):
Did you know they sang what's my name?

Speaker 5 (07:47):

Speaker 1 (07:48):
Little girl? Little girl? Yet? And I think it's two
steps not three steps.

Speaker 2 (07:51):
You kept saying, Jimmy, two steps.

Speaker 1 (07:53):
I think it's two steps. You said, I don't know, dude,
give me give me three.

Speaker 4 (07:58):
How do they make money if they gave these tickets
away to everyone that donated?

Speaker 2 (08:02):
No, no, no, So the Fire depart the Fire Fired Association
or whatever. Three steps, there's a fundraiser for the three steps.
Give me three.

Speaker 1 (08:10):
I think I said three? Said two? Now I'm confused.
I don't know. And so yes was a fundraiser for
the fire They played for free.

Speaker 2 (08:16):
Yeah, so basically a lot.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
Of people to bought tickets. All the money went to
the fire department.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
Correct, But that means that the fire department paid for
the band to show up, right, and whatever they left
is what they keep.

Speaker 1 (08:29):
Yeah, because I'm assuming those guys will come play for free.
Give it three, give it to It's gotta be three steps,
give it three steps. Give me what three? Give me
three steps?

Speaker 5 (08:39):
Give me so.

Speaker 1 (08:40):
I think Eddie was yelling too at the beginning, threw
me off? Or I was yelling to and three Eddy off?

Speaker 2 (08:43):
Who knows?

Speaker 1 (08:44):
Man one of the two happened? Ood, I think it's
country song. Give me two steps, that's probably what I
was a mine and signing for my lafe. I wasn't
shaken like a leaf on the tree because he was big.

Speaker 5 (08:54):
Mean him, bad boy and putting that done to me.

Speaker 1 (08:57):
Yeah, I know, likepress if you know a lot of that,
but then not the two steps a minute, wait a
minute and missed. I didn't even kiss.

Speaker 3 (09:05):
Don't want no trouble with you.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
Give me, give me.

Speaker 1 (09:10):
Steps, give me three steps a missed that's.

Speaker 2 (09:12):
What it is. And Amy, it was at the Municipal
Auditorium where we did the thirty as.

Speaker 3 (09:18):
That's where we broke a Guinness World Record.

Speaker 2 (09:20):
Yeah, have a plaque there. Yeah, I didn't see one.

Speaker 3 (09:22):
Oh well, we have a plaque though as a show?

Speaker 1 (09:24):
Is it there?

Speaker 2 (09:25):
Though? How many records broken in that place? Elvis played there?
He did? Yeah, that was cool. They have his ticket
up there. Really one night with Elvis Presley, every I
guess that was the venue in town for a long time, Mom,
Petty and the Heartbreakers, Metallica, everyone played, Doobie Brothers. Everyone
played there.

Speaker 1 (09:42):
That was it. That was the old like rock and
roll venue. If you didn't play the country ryman, you
played that there center. I got another box of those
pop cards and I got one worth like four hundred dollars.

Speaker 2 (09:56):
Oh I saw this.

Speaker 1 (09:58):
You didn't see which one I have though?

Speaker 2 (09:59):
Is it the one that you you texted to us?

Speaker 1 (10:01):
No? I didn't text the pop century cards?

Speaker 2 (10:03):
Oh the pop one?

Speaker 1 (10:04):
I want to like celebrities. No. I bought this box
Eddi's talking about. I bought this box of like twenty
fifteen cheap box of cards and I opened up a
Michigan Tom Brady signed card with like four thousand dollars.
Couldn't believe it.

Speaker 3 (10:17):
So what are you gonna do with that?

Speaker 2 (10:19):

Speaker 3 (10:19):
It can sell it.

Speaker 1 (10:20):
I sent it off to be graded. Once they're graded,
they're worth a lot more because then when people buy them,
they know what they're getting exactly.

Speaker 2 (10:26):
Are you scared though, when you ship it, they're gonna
like bend it.

Speaker 1 (10:29):
I'm scared that something's gonna happen to it. But they
have insurants on this stuff. Okay, but no, I do
you want to play the game real quick? Yes, this
one's a dual auto and it was an eBay right
now for four hundred and ninety nine dollars. So it's
a dual auto. That means these two people both autographed it,
and that means they did this. They're affiliated. Okay, you

can tell us that they did something together. They're affiliated, right,
they did something together. Twenty questions? Yep, go, Eddie can
go first.

Speaker 2 (11:02):
Is it's gonna be hard. It's a duel. I'm gonna
ask the duel atto? Are they both female?

Speaker 1 (11:10):

Speaker 2 (11:11):
Boom wow, I already got my guess.

Speaker 1 (11:14):
You do if you got it after one?

Speaker 2 (11:16):
But but can I can I just have the guests.

Speaker 1 (11:19):
In this one instance? Yes?

Speaker 2 (11:20):
Go, okay, I'm gonna go with the twins, Little Michelle twins.

Speaker 1 (11:24):
That'd be awesome, though, Mary, No more guesses, but that
would be legit. Amy.

Speaker 3 (11:29):
Are they athletes?

Speaker 1 (11:32):
Lunch bokes?

Speaker 5 (11:33):
Are they married to each other?

Speaker 1 (11:35):
No? Eddie?

Speaker 2 (11:38):
Are they actresses?

Speaker 1 (11:40):
Yesude, good question.

Speaker 5 (11:42):
Got it.

Speaker 1 (11:42):
That's four you can guess, but I'll cost you I guess.
Go ahead.

Speaker 3 (11:48):
Were they on a show together for long time?

Speaker 1 (11:52):

Speaker 2 (11:52):
Long time?

Speaker 1 (11:53):
That's five lunch.

Speaker 4 (11:54):
Box, not on the same show. Never mind what you
have Monica and Rachel.

Speaker 2 (11:59):
That's what you're thinking, Amy?

Speaker 3 (12:00):

Speaker 5 (12:01):
Uh? Did you do we know their actresses? Amy?

Speaker 2 (12:05):
Is that yes? Actresses?

Speaker 1 (12:07):

Speaker 5 (12:07):

Speaker 2 (12:07):
Why not asking me?

Speaker 5 (12:09):

Speaker 4 (12:09):
I because Amy just asked what they were on the
show together? Are they known?

Speaker 5 (12:15):
Oh? Are they known as?

Speaker 2 (12:17):

Speaker 5 (12:17):
Or nose? Movie stars?

Speaker 1 (12:21):
Yes, movie stars?

Speaker 2 (12:22):
That's good. Movie stars.

Speaker 1 (12:24):
Six you guys kind of dialed in this one quick, okay.

Speaker 2 (12:28):
Are they over the age of forty?

Speaker 1 (12:33):
Yes? Seven?

Speaker 2 (12:36):
Older movie stars? Guys.

Speaker 3 (12:39):
Are they in a movie together?

Speaker 1 (12:41):

Speaker 5 (12:41):
Eight? Movie together? Hey?

Speaker 2 (12:47):
Who are those the ones in the convertible? Tolman Louise Helman, Louise.

Speaker 5 (12:53):
I don't know who the people are?

Speaker 2 (12:54):
Yeah, you know who the actress? Yes, Susan Sarandon And uh,
that doesn't move in Davis.

Speaker 1 (13:00):
The brad Pitt's first ever movie, like I have small
role in that movie, Mike, do you know.

Speaker 2 (13:08):

Speaker 1 (13:11):
That's eight questions lunchbox.

Speaker 5 (13:12):
Oh it's my turn in a movie together over forty gosh.

Speaker 4 (13:18):
I mean, I don't have any idea. Guys, Are they
married to other celebrities?

Speaker 2 (13:29):
That's tough because there're two you know one could be.

Speaker 1 (13:34):
And you google it.

Speaker 2 (13:36):
That means he knows.

Speaker 5 (13:36):
That means he knows.

Speaker 2 (13:38):
That's what I means he does.

Speaker 5 (13:40):
He does this.

Speaker 2 (13:40):
Crowd, let me know that's.

Speaker 5 (13:43):
Exactly who they are. But he doesn't know if they're married.

Speaker 2 (13:47):
And Sarandon is married to Tim Robbins, I wouldn't know that.
When I'm just telling you of this comes.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
What's your question?

Speaker 5 (13:54):
Are they married to other celebs?

Speaker 2 (13:56):
Okay, it's not.

Speaker 1 (13:57):
They both are not married to other celebrities.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Got on their vote.

Speaker 1 (14:01):
They both are not married to other slave.

Speaker 2 (14:02):
Okay, you know what, screw it is one of them
married to another celebrity. You're just going back to google.
He just look, I think I'm on it because Susan

Sarandon is.

Speaker 1 (14:29):
Standby. Who's Susan's rand his husband, Tim Robbins.

Speaker 2 (14:39):
It says right there on your phone.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
The answer is no.

Speaker 2 (14:42):
Oh dang, Okay, neither married. Just forget forget it, guys,
it's not susans ran.

Speaker 3 (14:47):
Or are they both alive?

Speaker 2 (14:49):
Good question?

Speaker 1 (14:50):
Yes, question how many is that?

Speaker 5 (14:54):
I don't know? Four?

Speaker 1 (14:56):
No, that's okay. Eleven, let's talk to you.

Speaker 5 (15:04):
Are they currently.

Speaker 4 (15:09):
No, that's not a good question because what does it
hit TV show?

Speaker 5 (15:14):

Speaker 2 (15:14):
Movies movie movie.

Speaker 5 (15:16):
Known as movie stars. But you can still be on
a team.

Speaker 3 (15:18):
Ran a movie together.

Speaker 2 (15:19):
They were in a movie together, so that's probably what
the cards about.

Speaker 5 (15:22):
Is the movie over ten years old? Yes? Old movie?

Speaker 3 (15:27):
So they were younger.

Speaker 2 (15:28):
Yeah, but dude, that could be like twenty ten.

Speaker 5 (15:32):
I understand that, Eddie, I don't know.

Speaker 2 (15:33):
I okay, bones, who are good for?

Speaker 1 (15:40):
It's number thirteen from Eddie?

Speaker 2 (15:41):
Have we watched this movie on the Bobby Bone Cinema Club?

Speaker 1 (15:45):

Speaker 4 (15:46):
No, so dumb, they're like four we've watched We watched
five movies, and three of them.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
Steele Magnolia is.

Speaker 3 (15:56):

Speaker 1 (16:00):
Just question fourteen?

Speaker 3 (16:02):
Is is it known that I'm obsessed with one of them?

Speaker 5 (16:12):

Speaker 1 (16:13):
Dang lustbox question fifteen.

Speaker 3 (16:15):
That eliminates two people for sure.

Speaker 5 (16:17):
Withers Roberts. Oh was the movie a comedy? No?

Speaker 1 (16:26):
Any question sixteen?

Speaker 3 (16:28):
Good question because that helps.

Speaker 5 (16:32):
I have no people.

Speaker 2 (16:35):
A great point, Amy, did this movie win an Academy award?

Speaker 1 (16:40):
Have no idea I can look.

Speaker 5 (16:42):
That's not gonna help me.

Speaker 4 (16:43):
What you sally said, didn't win Best Picture because they
could win Best Sound.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
Well, that's true.

Speaker 1 (16:49):
That's a great point.

Speaker 2 (16:50):
Didn't think about that wardrobe? Yes it did. Yes, I
knew it.

Speaker 5 (17:01):
Guy, I knew it.

Speaker 2 (17:01):
I'm onto it.

Speaker 5 (17:03):
What really?

Speaker 1 (17:04):
At sixteen?

Speaker 2 (17:05):

Speaker 3 (17:15):
Are they both Caucasian?

Speaker 5 (17:17):

Speaker 2 (17:19):
He got it.

Speaker 5 (17:22):
No, you don't.

Speaker 2 (17:26):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (17:28):
Let's fox.

Speaker 5 (17:31):
They're both female.

Speaker 2 (17:35):
We discovered that long time ago.

Speaker 1 (17:37):
I know.

Speaker 5 (17:37):
I'm destroyed.

Speaker 2 (17:38):
Two people's sound, they're alive.

Speaker 5 (17:43):
Got me?

Speaker 2 (17:43):
Award man? What movie is like? Two people?

Speaker 5 (17:50):
I don't know? I have nothing?

Speaker 3 (17:54):
Oh, I know.

Speaker 5 (17:57):

Speaker 1 (17:57):
We have? Three questions left eighteen nineteen to twenty. You
have ten seconds for question eighteen. Okay, what's lunch? Watch
this question?

Speaker 5 (18:05):
Amy? Well tell me what do you want me to ask?

Speaker 3 (18:08):
Does one of them are because they could also be musical?

Speaker 4 (18:12):
Did they have are they known for any are they
known outside of acting for doing?

Speaker 3 (18:17):
But they're not married to someone else famous? There goes
j Lo.

Speaker 1 (18:21):
Two questions left, Eddie, Yeah, yeah, yeah, only actresses? I
know I know.

Speaker 2 (18:26):
I'm trying to think of the Academy Award two actresses,
romy Michelle? Was that a movie.

Speaker 3 (18:35):
They win an Academy award?

Speaker 2 (18:37):
Who knows? Wardrobe? Maybe?

Speaker 4 (18:39):
No, I don't think Romey and Michelle was up for me.
This is so dope.

Speaker 3 (18:48):
Two people who've never heard of women.

Speaker 1 (18:52):
Ten seconds, Eddie Bones, have you watched this movie? No?
But I haven't seen any movies.

Speaker 2 (18:57):
No, that's not true. But you've watched the big movies out?

Speaker 1 (19:00):
Really but okay, I never seen Star Wars. I haven't
seen any of that stuff. Amy last one, dang, why.

Speaker 3 (19:14):
Golly are they superheroes? No?

Speaker 1 (19:19):
All right, that's it, guys, called your answer.

Speaker 2 (19:20):
I guess we all have a guess.

Speaker 1 (19:22):
No, one guess by the group.

Speaker 4 (19:24):
Okay, guys, guys, it's definitely Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts.

Speaker 2 (19:27):
Why yea, But.

Speaker 3 (19:28):
Kate Hudson's is married to someone else.

Speaker 5 (19:29):
She's not. She's not though currently not Kate were they?

Speaker 3 (19:34):
I have no idea it's not Julia Roberts because he
knows that's old.

Speaker 5 (19:37):
You're obsessed with Reese Withers.

Speaker 3 (19:39):
I feel like you would know. I'm obsessed with Julia Roberts.

Speaker 5 (19:43):
No, Amy, it's Julia Roberts for sure.

Speaker 3 (19:45):
But what were they in?

Speaker 1 (19:47):
I don't know, Well, that'd be a big part of it,
like what they were in because Julia Roberts fifteen seconds. Guys, Eddie,
if you're going to leave the team.

Speaker 2 (19:56):
What what what?

Speaker 1 (19:57):

Speaker 2 (19:57):
What are you thinking? They were in Mother's Day in
twenty sixteen, more than ten years ago.

Speaker 3 (20:04):
Stet Mom, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

Speaker 4 (20:08):
That's it, Meryl Streep, you love Julia Roberts Roberts.

Speaker 5 (20:14):
Meryl Street.

Speaker 2 (20:15):
You got to give me the answer, Meryl Streep, Julia
Roberts and correct, what is it?

Speaker 1 (20:20):
Delman Lois, it's you idiots. It's Gina Davis and uh Susan.

Speaker 2 (20:28):
She was married to Tim Robbins. You lied to us.

Speaker 1 (20:30):
First of all, she was never married. They're not married.
Now you said, are they married? And they're not. She's married.
So neither one of them married to anybody famous? Right now,
they're not married and they were just partners.

Speaker 3 (20:40):
What but a common law marriage?

Speaker 1 (20:42):
No, and they weren't. They're not married.

Speaker 2 (20:43):
Now they have kids.

Speaker 1 (20:43):
You said, are they married to anybody? Are they married
to somebody famous? The answer is no. Neither one of
them are.

Speaker 2 (20:48):
That's ridiculous.

Speaker 3 (20:50):
I can't believe you.

Speaker 2 (20:51):
That's so dumb.

Speaker 3 (20:53):
I was like, god, get off the Susan Sarandon.

Speaker 1 (20:56):
It was the only two, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon.

Speaker 5 (20:59):
Did you know the other girls?

Speaker 2 (21:00):
I told you Geena Davis Sin Seranna had written down.
Look you had Gen David, Cincerna, Dana Davis.

Speaker 4 (21:06):
So your question eliminated it because they're married.

Speaker 5 (21:10):
Yeah, that's where.

Speaker 3 (21:11):
We screwed up, that they were partners.

Speaker 1 (21:14):
Yeah, you should be question was are they married to us?

Speaker 2 (21:18):

Speaker 1 (21:18):
No, you're right, I'm saying, and want them are married celebrity?

Speaker 4 (21:22):
You got Eddie got us off the track because you
know what I'm saying, because his question was he thought
they were married, and when you said they weren't married,
He's like, oh, it can't be.

Speaker 5 (21:29):
Susan Sarandona they're married.

Speaker 2 (21:32):
They weren't. I thought they were married, but they're not.

Speaker 1 (21:34):
But also you said are they married present tents?

Speaker 4 (21:37):
Yeah, because Geena Davis used to be married to Jeff Goldbloom.

Speaker 3 (21:40):
Really they ever hooked up with a celebrity?

Speaker 2 (21:43):
Well that's everyone, right, everyone in Hollywood? Hey, bones, So
what was the Academy Awards Original Screenplay.

Speaker 1 (21:49):
Dang, they were nominated for six but they want original Screenplay.
They don't win any the big ones.

Speaker 2 (21:55):
Did you bring the card?

Speaker 3 (21:58):
I have my laminade Willie thing. If you want to
buy it, I don't.

Speaker 2 (22:01):
You're laminated, Willie?

Speaker 3 (22:02):
I laminated.

Speaker 1 (22:04):
I have no idea.

Speaker 3 (22:04):
I guess when I was in college, I was into laminating.
Right here, I laminated it on top of the newspaper
clipping from the show.

Speaker 1 (22:15):
You laminated it. That's not good for the value. Well,
why you have to be able to get to it,
can't you?

Speaker 2 (22:20):

Speaker 3 (22:20):
Texas native Willie Nelson played for a crowd at the
Texas Hall of Fame and Brian on Sunday night. I
was there and then on the back, I have Pat Green.
This is two for one.

Speaker 1 (22:32):
Dang. But you laminated it. So you kind of run it?

Speaker 2 (22:35):
Or did you save it from damage?

Speaker 1 (22:38):
I guess it's hey. You took the value way down,
but you said different being completely lost the value?

Speaker 5 (22:43):

Speaker 2 (22:44):
Was that a backstage pass?

Speaker 3 (22:46):
Yeah? Full access media. I told you my cousin was
married to his fiddle players.

Speaker 2 (22:51):
Did you did you talk to him? Who?

Speaker 1 (22:52):

Speaker 5 (22:53):

Speaker 3 (22:53):
We were back there, he said, Amy.

Speaker 2 (22:56):
No, no, no, what are you say in person?

Speaker 3 (22:58):
Remember? But he signed it something something Wally.

Speaker 2 (23:02):
That's pretty cool, Pretty cool?

Speaker 1 (23:03):
All right, let's take a little midroll here.

Speaker 3 (23:05):
Oh it was March fourth.

Speaker 2 (23:07):
Look at that.

Speaker 1 (23:08):
Steve Boushemi was punched by a maniac and a random attack.

Speaker 2 (23:11):
H one on Earth.

Speaker 1 (23:12):
It seems no one is safe on the streets of
the Big Apple from the New York Post, not even
hometown actor in Brooklyn native Steve Boushemi, sixty six, was
strolling through Kip's Bay last week when somebody walked up
broad daylight popped him. The actor suffered swelling to his
face and left eye and was taken to Bellevue Hospital
for treatment. Meanwhile, Hiss deranged a sailent took off and

it's still on.

Speaker 2 (23:35):
The lamb on the loose, on the lamb.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
Why do they say the lamb?

Speaker 1 (23:40):
I mean? The NYPD released surveillance photos of the alleged attacker,
a bearded me and wearing a baseball cap, a blue
T shirt, and black sweatpants.

Speaker 2 (23:48):

Speaker 1 (23:48):
The dude's jack too. He's wearing like a skin tight.

Speaker 2 (23:50):
Blue T shirt.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
Looks like he's coming from the gym.

Speaker 2 (23:52):
So completely random.

Speaker 1 (23:54):
Yeah, I figured it'd be like a homeless guy or something,
but it's not. This dude looks well put together.

Speaker 3 (23:58):
It evolved from nineteen oh four to mean being a
lampster or fugitive.

Speaker 1 (24:03):
Oh that's what you're talking about.

Speaker 3 (24:05):
So it's not LAMB like I googled it is lam.

Speaker 1 (24:09):
Passenger tries to take a grenade on a plane, a
hollowed out one.

Speaker 2 (24:14):
Oh yeah, yeah, that's okay though, right, that's just a souvenir.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
Hollowed out grenade was found in someone's luggage and Connecticut
the terminal was briefly shut down. See I don't think
that's okay.

Speaker 2 (24:24):
But bones, if you have like a souvenir and you're
taking it home with you because you went to a
World War two like, you probably check it, but you
don't check anything. What have you got this? On a break?
TikTok dorm dude's break. You got a grenade?

Speaker 1 (24:39):
But why would have you getting it there and coming
home with it?

Speaker 2 (24:41):
Just go with the story, man, Like, I think it's okay, right,
I think that they're doing their job by shutting down
the airport thinking it's a real gannade.

Speaker 1 (24:48):
They don't want to have to take it. Through and
have them shut down the airport regardless. I don't know
how you get that through you mail at home?

Speaker 4 (24:54):
I guess, oh, but yeah, when they go through the
extra machine at the post office, they see a grenade
in the box.

Speaker 1 (25:00):
Might bail old grenades? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (25:04):
How do you think people get him? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (25:06):
Everything does, every personal The person with a grenade so
that it was supposed to be a present for someone, adding
they had no idea could be brought to the airport.
The grenade was confiscated, no charges were filed.

Speaker 5 (25:16):
W T n H.

Speaker 1 (25:17):
The grenade is still on the lamb. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (25:20):

Speaker 1 (25:21):
A woman sues over pistachio ice cream having no actual
pistachio in it.

Speaker 2 (25:25):
It's just pistachio flavor.

Speaker 1 (25:27):
A New York woman is suing cold Stone Creamery. She
said that instead of the nuts, the dessert has pistachio flavoring.
Her lawyers, By the way, who's representing her right? Her
lawyers wrote in core filings that she would not have
purchased a product if she knew it did not contain
actual pistachios. A federal judge in Brooklyn ruled that the

class action suit can move forward. He said the ruling
is a delightful dispute, but it raises a deceptively complex
question about reasonable expectations.

Speaker 3 (25:59):
Did it have a pickture of pistachios inside the ice cream?
Because the picture could be deceiving.

Speaker 1 (26:05):
I don't have an answer to that.

Speaker 2 (26:06):
But even if like they have like coconut flavor stuff
and there's a picture of a coconut, the coconut is
not in the ice cream.

Speaker 1 (26:12):
What you know, Pistaschio's kind of a flavor off. Started
to like in the past, like five years, a.

Speaker 3 (26:16):
Good pistachio ice cream recently, and it's just green, like
the colors weird.

Speaker 1 (26:22):
The name's weird. It shouldn't be ice cream, but it
is pretty good.

Speaker 2 (26:25):
Do you like the nut? Just kind of like peeling
the and eating the nut out of the shell?

Speaker 1 (26:30):
You take it or leave it? Actually, don't know. Had
it enough?

Speaker 2 (26:32):
I love it.

Speaker 1 (26:33):
I think I've had more pistachio ice cream than I've
had actual pistachios because all I demand is pistasio flavoring.
But I don't know that they seem too small A
lot of shell. Yeah, it's just the whole. It's like
sunflower seeds, you know, like you put them in your mouth.
Crunch them.

Speaker 3 (26:48):
But my kids, you back in the mouth.

Speaker 2 (26:50):
No, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 3 (26:51):
Don't do it in your mouth.

Speaker 2 (26:52):
Yeah, they're really hard teeth.

Speaker 1 (26:55):
Got it say that.

Speaker 2 (26:57):
I'm saying. It's the process. It's like sun flowers. It's
kind of fun, the process us of like getting that
set out.

Speaker 1 (27:01):
I had an uncle that had a pair of like
it looked like nut crackers. Yeah, it looked like like
plyers for walnuts, or maybe it would be plyer the
handles and we just break walnuts and there would be
shells everywhere.

Speaker 2 (27:13):
Yeah, that's awesome, all over the all over the place.

Speaker 1 (27:15):
But I never liked them enough. They were Yeah, there
were walnuts, but but I kind of like bitter. It
didn't feel like the work. It's almost like if you
go to a broil, like a crawfish. Crawfish broils are
so good and it's so good, but to take the
tails off or shrimp and it's just too much work.
Give me the food part of the experience, man, Yeah,

I don't like the experience.

Speaker 2 (27:38):
You just like to eat it.

Speaker 3 (27:38):
Just like the flavoring.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
Yeah, give me lobster flavoring or shrimp flavoring or crawfish flavoring.

Speaker 2 (27:46):
Crab leggs. Don't you like doing the crack?

Speaker 1 (27:49):
I hate it having to pull it out. Yeah, I
like it already out there. A man's accused of riding
a lawnmower on a Georgia highway while drinking beer. Nice
On April thirty, the deputy stopped Willie Langwine's sixty four
after they noticed him riding a lawnmower on the road
Highway one to eighty six. They noticed that he put

a black can from his mouth. They noticed he put
down a black can from his mouth and steered the
lawnmower off the road. When authorities asked why he was
on the road, he said he was trying to get home.
His bread smelled like alcohol. He had a bag lying
by his feet in the lawnmower. He threw the beer
can on the side of the road. He then showed
deputies the remaining cans of beer in the bag. Oh,

that's what was in the bag.

Speaker 2 (28:31):
So you can't ride the lawnmower on the road.

Speaker 1 (28:33):
It's deep, did you I yeah, I think you're just
drunk but motorized.

Speaker 2 (28:38):
Well, what if you drive it like on the side
of the road, like on the grass?

Speaker 1 (28:41):
What if you drove a car on the side of
the road.

Speaker 2 (28:43):
Yeah, but it's a lawnmower. Would they even think about
pulling you over?

Speaker 5 (28:46):

Speaker 1 (28:47):
So you're saying, what if you're actually mowing? Correct, Like
if you have it on and you're mowing one strip
the hallway up next level, thinking like.

Speaker 2 (28:53):
They can't tell me I can't have a beer while
I'm mowing my yarder.

Speaker 1 (28:57):
See you on the yard? Do they know you're mowing it?

Speaker 2 (29:00):
What I'm saying, they wouldn't even know. They wouldn't even
think that to even think to pull me over.

Speaker 5 (29:03):
Well, it depends. I mean, what time was it again?

Speaker 1 (29:06):
If it said it doesn't say in the middle of
the night. Yes, he was arrested in charged with DUI
alcohol and OPA container low speed vehicle violation. He was
booked in jail, so he was in Turtle w SB TV.
I mean he could have been in Cheetah. But still
Cheetah is still whatever. Cheetah, man, she is the fastest,

but she is still slow.

Speaker 2 (29:27):
I've never seen Cheetah.

Speaker 1 (29:30):
You ain't been strong enough mower yet to feel where
fresh people need to spend sixty seven minutes outside every day.
Where are you falling that?

Speaker 5 (29:38):

Speaker 1 (29:39):

Speaker 3 (29:41):
I guess when I walk the dog try to go outside. Yeah,
I hope I get that. I for sure get that
on the weekends, but I need to. Yeah, we've hit
that now that the sun is out, I get that
for sure. But in the winter that's more difficult because
it gets dark at like four pm.

Speaker 1 (29:58):
We have pol chairs now and so we just got them,
so now we try to sit in them a little bit.
But I don't think I reached that. We do our
warm ups from working out outside. I don't think I
hit sixty minutes outside.

Speaker 2 (30:08):
What about like you have the open Bronco. I have
a jeep account.

Speaker 1 (30:12):
I've paly driven it like twice, but it counts. I'd
sell it anybody want it?

Speaker 2 (30:18):
No, No, why are you selling it?

Speaker 1 (30:20):
I don't drive it enough?

Speaker 2 (30:22):
Dude. I feel like you're really happy when you drive it.
Like I saw you driving in the other day and
you have the music.

Speaker 1 (30:26):
Blaring, and yeah, it's fun to drive. It's awesome. There's
put a lot of work into it, so why are
you getting rid of it. It takes up a whole
garage spot and we get to drive it like six
months a year. You can put a top on it
and drive it more I just don't want to take
the top off and put it back on.

Speaker 2 (30:42):
You have to screw it on.

Speaker 1 (30:43):
Yeah, I don't want to deal with all that, So
I just drive it for like six months and it's
from like nineteen seventy four, and I'm not enough of
a car got to answer the questions people ask me.
That's probably the big reason I'm kind of embarrassed. Hey,
what year is that? It's a I don't know. I
forget seventy fours if I don't know what you got
under the hood, And it's like, yeah, the last few questions,
I don't even know that the quest question. Yeah, And
I'm like, ah, my wife made me change it.

Speaker 3 (31:06):
Change what now?

Speaker 1 (31:06):
It's automatic?

Speaker 5 (31:07):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (31:09):
You walk away.

Speaker 1 (31:10):
I don't know what people are even asking me.

Speaker 2 (31:11):
That's the way I am with all my college shirts. Man,
all the college shirts I get from too much access.
People are like, hey, Florida State, man, did you see
what we are? Like, nope, I didn't see who we
just got.

Speaker 1 (31:21):
Oh, people think you're a fan of the team. Yeah, yeah,
so I would get rid of it anybody wants it.
Let me know anything else I think I've done here?
What are you doing?

Speaker 3 (31:35):
To do you get your happy light? So that's sunlight
just doesn't count. It doesn't count.

Speaker 2 (31:39):
No, do you like that thing yet? Is it making
happy or is it pissing you off yet?

Speaker 3 (31:43):
Oh? That's aggressive.

Speaker 2 (31:44):
I kind of like the camera. It looks like it
does look good on camera.

Speaker 1 (31:48):
At first, I was kind of weirded out by it,
but I kind of like it now. I like anything
other than the camera they use for the ABC Landy
Wilson documentary. Right right, I look like free Willie.

Speaker 5 (31:57):
Man, it's not.

Speaker 3 (31:59):
Like you're seeing we're seeing it.

Speaker 1 (32:01):
Look on, I haven't seen the kids yelling free Willie
Michael Jackson singing the theme song?

Speaker 3 (32:06):

Speaker 1 (32:06):
Does they show me?

Speaker 2 (32:07):
Let me see the case? How did that song go?

Speaker 1 (32:11):
Remember what was the Free Willy song? I bet I
could sing it if you just tell me the song?

Speaker 2 (32:17):
Okay, Oh you did a little video to it. Yeah, see,
let's see, let's see. You're in the way of it.

Speaker 1 (32:22):
Yeah, I move, don't worry.

Speaker 2 (32:23):
Hold it. You haven't moved yet. You're still talking. Huh
are the world you're still talking?

Speaker 1 (32:31):
I'm about to move. Don't worry.

Speaker 2 (32:33):
You don't look happy. I'm definitely not happy. Dan, dude,
what are you saying you're still talking.

Speaker 1 (32:38):
I know, just wait for it exactly when Shambo jumps
out of the water at Freaking Sea World.

Speaker 2 (32:47):
You ain't Bobby exactly and lady Golly, I feel.

Speaker 3 (32:51):
Like you all have dysmorphia.

Speaker 2 (32:53):
It's not that bad, dude.

Speaker 1 (32:54):
How does will you be there? From Free Willigo?

Speaker 2 (32:57):
Will you be here?

Speaker 1 (32:58):
You're lying, You're just making something up.

Speaker 3 (33:00):
No, that's I'll be there.

Speaker 1 (33:02):
Let me just let me type it in. Oh, I
know this song. Oh, this song is a jam. But
oh yeah this yeah, this song's awesome.

Speaker 5 (33:18):

Speaker 1 (33:18):
And then there's that the whales swimming around a little
baby like, come on, Willie, you could do it. I
don't know so much from the movie. I just know
the song from Michael Jackson dumb. That was the chorus, though.
I think it's just the same melody.

Speaker 2 (33:31):
So they just kept that one thing. Yeah it's an
easy right.

Speaker 1 (33:34):
Yeah, it's kind of kind of right. I like, uh
So we listened to the Cranberries a lot, and so
my wife is like, man, what were they doing back
then making these intro so long? Because like lingers like
it's like like crystal crystal hitting and it goes around.
Why did they make songs.

Speaker 2 (33:51):
So, yeah, you're right, it goes and then it goes again.

Speaker 1 (33:53):
Forever fifty seconds before that comes in. I had the
guys from lit over to the house. I did an
interview with them, and I was like, you guys have
like I would say, one of the most known introt
to any song from nineteen ninety on. Yeah, that, and
I put a few on the list. I was just
coming up off the top of my head. But the
other ones I put on there, sixties don't count. No, no,

not their songs. Sixties don't count. But like it smells
like teen spirit. Tell them but thumb thumb thumb thumb
thumb bum dum tum that one?

Speaker 2 (34:23):

Speaker 5 (34:24):
What other one? Born in the USA?

Speaker 2 (34:28):

Speaker 1 (34:31):
What a what are you doing? Nana? But is that
interest with drums?

Speaker 5 (34:35):

Speaker 2 (34:35):
Just drums?

Speaker 1 (34:36):
But is that too old? I said, nineties on?

Speaker 2 (34:38):
I think nineties on.

Speaker 5 (34:39):
Oh, I don't know when that was. I thought that
was ninety two.

Speaker 1 (34:41):
Definitely eighties. You thought it was ninety two.

Speaker 5 (34:43):
I have no idea.

Speaker 1 (34:45):
Can you think of Mike? Gim me the other ones?

Speaker 2 (34:46):
I said, mm hmm, sorry, I just had that mats.

Speaker 1 (34:50):
All right, m Red hot chili peppers. I did uh
under the bridge, under the bridge, that's good. Down down
down to down down bomb bomb boom down down home
to down down boom boom boomm.

Speaker 5 (35:03):
Did you do smack that? By Akon?

Speaker 1 (35:05):
Alright, we're done, all right, thank you all. We'll see
you tomorrow. Goodbye, everybody,
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