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March 21, 2024 43 mins

Sara Evans stops by the show and gets vulnerable about the time her husband was arrested, her time on 'Dancing with the Stars,' her new music and more! Then, find out how Amy's feeling after her first birthday not receiving a message from her ex-husband. Mailbag: Listener is having difficulty saying "I love you." He really cares about the person he is with, and doesn't want to lose her. Bobby shared his experience with this.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Transmitting welcome to Thursday show morning.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
It's Eddy's birthday to da half birthday. Hey, thank you
man Ed, you have a chance to lose his birthday
gift by gambling lose it, you could lose your birthday gift.
Oh boy, yeah, that comes up. But first let's go
around the room and check in with everybody. He says
his parenting tips that he has we should apply. But
he took his son sports cards and made him cry.
It's pretty suready, everybody, let's go. Not my idea, not

my idea.

Speaker 3 (00:36):
But my wife wants to try something, and I think
we're gonna do it.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
No, not like that.

Speaker 3 (00:41):
It's not like that. She wants to get a box
like almost like a lock box, put it on our
dinner table, and once or twice a day she wants
to lock our phones up for like two hours.

Speaker 2 (00:53):
You've talked about stuff like this, right, I think that's great.
Did you ever do it?

Speaker 4 (00:57):
Never know that I locked it up and talk about it.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
My wife.

Speaker 5 (01:00):
They caught these, they do. They sell them on Amazon.
It's like a safe, like it looks like a food
safe because I guess some people will walk up like
chips and stuff.

Speaker 2 (01:08):
Really, but you can put your cookies candy. Yeah, and
it would only open if, like you know, the code
or a timer. It's But the problem is as soon
as I put it in and it's like only the
timer lets it go, then I need to take a
picture or something that is right. But it's for you
and all the kids. Everyone.

Speaker 3 (01:25):
I like it, per the kids, me, everyone. But I mean,
I don't have a problem with my phone. So what
I don't understand is if I don't have a problem,
why do I have to lock my phone.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Up just to lead by example? Since you have a problem,
who cares? But you lead by example? Your kids are
like dad does it? Because they then they won't go
with Dad's not doing it. That's true, that's true. I
hope she does it let us.

Speaker 3 (01:43):
Know, And I guess it should be easy for me
since I'm not I don't have a problem.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
But you can't do it all right, He's got a
couple of screws loose and now online he's leaving negative reviews.
It's leuch phone Amy. Happy blated birthday. By the way.

Speaker 6 (01:56):
I know we celebrated earlier this week, But as I
was saying around the other day, I had something pop
in my head and I I mean it's not I'm
not trying to be unkind kind right, Yeah, but my
question is on your birthday, does your ex husband text
you or call you and say happy birthday? That's a
good question, like you text your friends, you text your

family members, and I don't know where.

Speaker 2 (02:20):
The line is. Great question, not unkind by the way.

Speaker 5 (02:24):
Yeah, this was the first time in like seventeen years
I haven't ye gotten a happy birthday from him.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
And did you think about that?

Speaker 5 (02:33):
I mean it crossed my mind because I think on
his birthday I sent a text. But it's fine, Like
I understand, like there were in different situations right now,
So I don't know. I thought it was a little odd.

Speaker 2 (02:49):
There's a lot of pausing here.

Speaker 5 (02:50):
I can feel it because it's just to be honest,
you know, the divorce happened a while ago, like last summer,
but you expel operience a lot of firsts throughout, and
so when you do, it sort of hits you and
there's a like a moment to grieve that. But it
doesn't mean that this wasn't the right thing for us

and we're not both moving forward. It's just sort of like, oh, okay,
we haven't experienced that part yet pause, let me grieve
this part and then it'll get easier.

Speaker 4 (03:21):
But I've had several.

Speaker 5 (03:22):
Moments over the last you know whatever nine months where
I'm like, why does.

Speaker 4 (03:26):
This feel weird? They shouldn't feel weird. We've been to
force who were planning the divorce. I should know.

Speaker 5 (03:30):
But when you spend a long time with somebody, there's
just things that you do sort of sting for a
second and then you move on.

Speaker 2 (03:36):
So it's dung a bit, a little bit.

Speaker 5 (03:38):
But I don't I understand why he didn't want them
back that. I don't think that means that, Oh.

Speaker 2 (03:44):
I don't at all. I was just kind of making
a joke. Yeah, well, I mean, I mean I don't
think it.

Speaker 4 (03:48):
Means that I liked Bucks is curious about this?

Speaker 6 (03:51):
No, No, I literally I don't know why that kind No,
it is something that I never had thought I would Yeah, why.

Speaker 2 (03:58):
Would he think about it?

Speaker 4 (03:58):

Speaker 2 (03:59):
But also here's a is he being kind by or
is he being kind about by trying to think of
extra things about people to bring it out to be
like I was thinking about you.

Speaker 5 (04:06):
Because I think when other people come into the mix
and there's like dating, like I think that's where it
just a lot can change. And I will say he
was My kids were with him for spring break and they,
you know, if they're not always on it with like
birthdays and whatnot, but they were like, hey, we got
you gifts when we were at the beach, which I
know that was probably him being like, hey kids, let's go,
oh cool, get your mom something. So I understand.

Speaker 2 (04:29):
And also maybe what you miss is just having a
consistent someone to rely on more than a romantic missing.

Speaker 4 (04:40):

Speaker 5 (04:40):
And then there's also just it's another reminder that what
you thought was going to be your life isn't.

Speaker 4 (04:47):
And so I think that's when those moments pop up too.

Speaker 5 (04:50):
You're like, oh wow, this is hitting me because now
I'm reminded that something I thought was forever is not
and that that is okay, but let me process for
a second.

Speaker 2 (05:00):
Welchbok's pretty kind. Do you think about her though on her feelings? Oh? Yeah,
thank you. Yeah, I didn't know we were going to
get you think it's the opposite. Yeah, absolutely, I thought
it was like him being super kind, like thinking about
how could I I think let Amy know I was
thinking about her.

Speaker 3 (05:12):
If it's if that was the case, he would say that.
In this case, he said, I'm curious. Did he say happy?

Speaker 4 (05:18):
Curiosity isn't unkind?

Speaker 2 (05:19):
Was he trying to spark an awkward emotion? Yes, well,
I'm still going to go with kindness. I literally had
no idea.

Speaker 5 (05:26):
I'll think lunchbox for the opportunity to share that, because
I know other people are probably going to experience similar
things if they're going through a divorce, and I'm just
able to give a heads up that, like, yeah, throughout
the year. I feel like, once you get through a
full calendar year, you kind of experienced a lot of
different things. But you never know, stuff pops up and
you just need to be with it.

Speaker 2 (05:44):
So I thank you too for letting her lunchbox share
that emotion. That's pretty kind of you. Thank you one
step closer to driving that Lamborghini. Sure her daughter goes
by a different name in school. We all got to
admit the new name is pretty cool. It's Amy everybody.

Speaker 5 (05:57):
Okay, So sitting next to an underperformer will decrease your
productivity by thirty percent?

Speaker 2 (06:03):
So are you thinking a lunchbox in the same way
for this segment he was thinking of you. I got
no comment, no what do you sit, Eddie? Well, no,
you are also by each other, like Amy than Lesbos and.

Speaker 5 (06:15):
Eddie whatever, I'm between you and Mike d I am productive?

Speaker 3 (06:18):
Oh yeah, I mean I'm productive because my neighbor is
I'm not productive, but.

Speaker 2 (06:24):
I don't.

Speaker 3 (06:24):
I mean Morgan's productive in his own way.

Speaker 2 (06:27):
No, what does he do? He does? Nothing?

Speaker 3 (06:29):
Like nothing, he does crossword puzzles. Is that productive?

Speaker 2 (06:32):
Do you feel like he has the absolute easiest job
on the show, the easiest job in the world because
he does he gets paid to do what though, to
just say whatever he wants to say? That's it?

Speaker 4 (06:42):
Well, technically he can't say whatever he wants to do it.

Speaker 2 (06:44):
Do you think there's this skill he can say whatever
you want? Is there a skill? Has he had to
develop a talent to do this? No, it's just him. No,
he even says it, I'm just being me. How hard
is that, Eddie?

Speaker 5 (06:58):
Yeah, it's sort of like improv.

Speaker 4 (07:00):
He's shown he can like off the Cuffee's so good.

Speaker 2 (07:02):
You talked about each other. We started rating his timing
was a little off there. Yeah, yeah, his timing is terrible.
Ahead what I don't know, it's all about time and Edie.

Speaker 1 (07:13):
Yeah, get it.

Speaker 2 (07:14):
I get it, Lunchbox. He wants anything.

Speaker 3 (07:16):
Man, you're not good at your job at all, you
want say anything like that.

Speaker 2 (07:21):
That's great if you think that Lunchbox is continuing to
be kind and also not be unkind Right there, right,
challenge for two weeks.

Speaker 5 (07:28):
The more positive side of this is try to sit
next to productive people because that will increase your productivity
by fifteen percent.

Speaker 4 (07:35):
But you're sitting next to someone who's not.

Speaker 2 (07:37):
Yeah, imagine what if he did fifteen percent more Eddie?
Like yeah, you feel like he's toxic to you.

Speaker 6 (07:42):
What's crazy is I should be like he should rub
off on me because Eddie is so busy all the time.

Speaker 2 (07:47):
I mean he only does his work. Now, you could
sit next to Bobby and one will rob off. Oh
he's like that's it's nothing like a force field. Not positible.
I mean you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 6 (07:56):
No, no, no, I'm just saying Eddie does work all the time.

Speaker 2 (07:58):
All he does his work. Rang A Buddy from Mount Pine, Arkansas.
His comedic timing is the best. He always is better
than the rest. Bobby Buma. You so a couple things.
You'll see where it's going. I think you'll find this
interesting gaming. So we go down to Tampa a couple
of days ago and we shoot too much access with
a guy named Logan Ryan. I mentioned it yesterday. He
won two super Bowls with the Patriots, went to Super

Bowl the forty nine ers last year, right and so,
and he has the super Bowl rings that we're wearing them,
big awesome Patriots super Bowl rings. And I'm looking. I'm like,
oh man, And there's a documentary about the Patriots where
this ring that I was wearing, but it's not his,
it's the owners. The owner goes to Russia and Putin
stole his ring.

Speaker 4 (08:36):
What do you mean stole it?

Speaker 2 (08:37):
So Putin's like, oh, let me see it, and he
puts it and then at the end, Putin puts in
his pocket and walks walking. He never got the owner
of the Patriots never got his ring back. Putin in
front of everybody to show like how strong he was.
He just stole it, put his ring in his pocket,
and walked off. And it's in the documentary. And it
got to be so weird and such a big story
that apparently the White House called the Patriots. Owner was like,

you just need to say that was a gift and
he's like, it wasn't for the piece of our relationship.
He just stole it.

Speaker 4 (09:05):
Oh my gosh, that's wild.

Speaker 2 (09:06):
It's wild because he was just like, look what I
can do? Oh this looks good, put in his coat
pocket and walked off. That's crazy. Man. In Russia, what
would you have done?

Speaker 4 (09:14):
Would you have said, hey, putin.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
I've knock gone to Russia? Yo? First of all, Secondly,
no one else would be touching my ring. I don't know.

Speaker 3 (09:22):
I've seen like World Series guys like at a bar
just like passing that ring or not in Russia.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
No, you're right, not in rusted, right in any other country,
I no one's touching my ring. So but I thought
that was an interesting thing. We had the ring that
Putin stole his. Yeah, that same super Bowl wild. All right,
that's it, thank you guys. Let's get started.

Speaker 1 (09:39):
Let's open up the mailbag.

Speaker 2 (09:40):
Fan game mail and we read it all the air.

Speaker 7 (09:43):
Pick something we call Bobby's mail bag.

Speaker 2 (09:46):
Yeah, hello, Bobby Bones. I'm a guy in my late twenties.
I'm in an awesome relationship with an amazing woman. We've
been together for a while now. Things are going well. However,
there's something that's been weighing heavily on my mind. Despite
my deep feelings for her, I've never been able to
say those three little words. You know what they are?
I love you. It's not that I don't feel it.
I do very much so, but for some reason, I

just can't seem to bring myself to say it out loud.
Feels like a big step. I try to show my
love through my actions, but saying those three words is
like lifting a cement truck off my body. The truth is,
I've never said I love you to anyone before. It's
not something that was common in my family growing up.
I've always found it difficult to express my emotions in
that way. I'm hoping you might have some advice or
guidance for me. How can I find the courage to

express my love for her? Is there a way to
show her how much she means without necessarily saying those
three words? Signed deeply in more than like, get it
more than like?

Speaker 8 (10:40):

Speaker 2 (10:40):
I can't say it. Well, it feels like this is
me from a time machine. Yeah, this is my exact story.
This is a pretty easy one for me too. In
that again, same thing. Never said it growing up, never
said it to anybody until my wife, but I would
say people not just like people need to hear those words,
very important words, and you kind of got to get

over yourself. And it's a tough love because I had
to do it myself. You kind of got to get
over yourself because this is all a you think. And
if you do feel it, yes, it's extremely uncomfortable because
you've never done it before, but you want to do it.
You feel it. There's nothing about it that is wrong. Yeah,
it should feel uncomfortable, but you gotta get over yourself.
You gotta let the concrete, whatever the analogy you made,

throw the concrete off your body, because once you do
it is like ripping that band aid off or whatever
they then it's just so much easier. I used to
practice on my dog before I said it to her.
I would just talk to the dog. But then I
did love my dog, That's what I'm saying. I loved
Stanley my dog. I loved Dusty my dog, and I

knew I'd never said it to anybody, but I did
love those dogs, so I would say it so it
didn't feel completely foreign that if one day it ever happened,
it wouldn't be that I just wasn't saying it. I was.
I loved those dogs, and so I would be like,
but yeah, I was weird to say it the first
time because you're it's so vulnerable. There's a vulnerability issue here.
I get it. You know. I don't have a dad.
So it wasn't the masculinity thing that I was like, oh,

I gotta be a man. No, it was a vulnerability thing.
And this is extremely vulnerable. You've never said it, but
you have to get over yourself, and if you mean it,
you better say it because if you don't, you're gonna
lose it. How often do you say it?

Speaker 8 (12:20):

Speaker 2 (12:21):
All the time, all the time. And I still probably
don't say it enough in my mind as much as
I feel it, But I say it all the time,
four or five, six, seven, ten times a day. Who knows.

Speaker 3 (12:32):
Oh wow, iteah, because you saved all those I.

Speaker 4 (12:36):
Can't y'all end every phone call with I love you mostly.

Speaker 2 (12:40):
Unless he's mad at me.

Speaker 3 (12:41):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I.

Speaker 2 (12:42):
Feelt that okay, and then I'm like, I love you.
I do some real stupid stuff sometimes, though, guys. Yeah,
So you get over yourself and just say it. The
more you build it up to like the perfect moment.
You need to say it too more. It's not gonna
go very good and you're gonna keep waiting. Just go
home today for dinner, lunch, whatever, and be like, hey,
well that this great. Hey I made this dinner for you,

or you made the dinner for me, or I love
going out. Man, this is I love you. That's it.
Spit it out the end and suck it up, or
you're gonna end up losing her. And no, you can't
just do it with actions. You can also do it with actions,
and you should also do it with actions. She can't
do what about written I Again, you're looking for ways
to get around it, and that's gonna feel like to

her that you're looking for ways to get around it.
So maybe you don't suck it up, Buttercup, thank you.
That's tough. Luf. Yeah, I'm the opposite of that.

Speaker 3 (13:35):
Like I say, I love you way too much to everything,
Pizzai before I eat it.

Speaker 2 (13:38):
I love you so good. I love you Pizza. We
got your game mail and read on your air Now
find the clothes Bobby failed. Yeah, so Bobby Bones show
interview in case you didn't know, which I'm assuming maybe
you do know because I do know Sarah Evans. So

what's talking with Sarah? Which, by the way, she just
got an invitation to become a member of the Grendal Opry.
Is pretty cool. But before the interview started, because we
recorded this in my house, it was our fault. I
don't want to say that for legal reasons. Back up,
but well it's not. She sat in this chair that

we have that we sit in and it dumped over.

Speaker 3 (14:23):
The chair is perfectly fine, but if you sit on
the perfectly fine, but it's old.

Speaker 2 (14:27):
It's an anti chair, but it's an oiler chair. She fell,
She fell backward and spilled her coffee everywhere, and it
was just like, oh my gosh, here's that I know.
Have I met you? Yeah?

Speaker 6 (14:38):
Yeah, No, no, are you okay?

Speaker 2 (14:42):
Oh my god? Oh no, first, are you injured?

Speaker 1 (14:51):
Don't move her for next?

Speaker 2 (14:52):
Broken? Oh no, no, that is, let's let insurance know.
Don't got your next. She grab her neck. Everybody. Luckily,
luckily our personalities, that dynamic worked because I didn't go,
oh my god, are you okay, let's stop the interview.
I should have. I honestly should have, but I didn't,

and I made some jokes and then she made some jokes,
and she kept saying she was gonna assume me like
it would just so happen. We're both kind of messed up.
And we did the interview and it's been great. I mean,
as soon as she comes back up in the chair,
we had to talk about that fall. Is it? Is
it that fair? Why not let me have it?

Speaker 1 (15:35):
Amen? And she don't.

Speaker 2 (15:38):
The thing is that she had dumped over. She duped over,
but she saved her coffee somehow.

Speaker 8 (15:42):
Yeah, And so I handled it all. I mean, you
should have seen what my muscles were doing. It was
just they were all working holding the coffee.

Speaker 2 (15:50):
It was she wiped out and the coffee above her
head still pointed in the direction of up, and it
was like a whole new respect for Sarah. Like once
she walked down, I was like, Sarah, good to see.
I'm already know everything about you because usually I like
prepared and I did, but as I was looking at
the prepared notes, I was like, already know all this stuff.
And then she said, oh, it's good. She fell backward,
and then I was like, oh God. But then I

saw her holding the coffee above her head, and I
was like, I'm so torn on what to feel right now.

Speaker 8 (16:15):
I'm dying of embarrassment, honestly, because my legs were straight
up in the air.

Speaker 2 (16:21):
You have pants on, thank god, So that does.

Speaker 8 (16:24):
I almost didn't wear pants, like nothing, Wow, I almost
just wore this shirt the.

Speaker 2 (16:30):
Pooh. You know when someone jumps in the lake and
they hold their beer over their head. Oh, yeah, that's
what it reminded me of, like some because of the
false went out. But again she was holding it up
until like half the coffee was saved priorities the coffee
was sick.

Speaker 5 (16:41):
And that I said, what came out of around She
was like, oh my gosh, I worked so hard on
this coffee.

Speaker 4 (16:45):
And I was like, I feel that. I feel that.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
Once we got the interview on track, you know, she
was on Dancing with the Stars. She had to leave
her like some controversy there, but we talked about our
time on Dancing with the Stars. I was on I
think six weeks. That was a long time. I was
gonna win, you think, So.

Speaker 8 (17:00):
We have inside information that says I was winning and
it was gonna win.

Speaker 2 (17:06):
Would it be for you? I could give you this gift.
You can hold my mirror ball and act like you won.
Wouldn't that be fine?

Speaker 8 (17:12):
I don't even want to see it.

Speaker 2 (17:13):
We opened that curtain right there, Mike, No, noo, my
chair again, No no, just look just just like she
says she didn't want to see it. It's right there.

Speaker 8 (17:20):
That is beautiful.

Speaker 2 (17:24):
Could have been it was. It was really hard. She
then opened up because we got pretty deep. This is
Sarah Evans. We got pretty deep talking about her relationship
and her husband getting arrested. I kicked him out.

Speaker 8 (17:33):
I just knew that we were going to a place
that was very bad. And so we stayed separated off
and on for two years. And then January seventeenth of
twenty twenty one, right or twenty.

Speaker 2 (17:46):
Two, he had arrested.

Speaker 8 (17:49):
We were across the street at our neighbors having a
bonfire and we were walking back home across the street,
and so he was there. He shouldn't have been there.
He knows that it was after one, A mean.

Speaker 2 (18:01):
So nothing good happens after exactly right.

Speaker 8 (18:03):
And so one of my children who was with me
jumped out and started, you know, why are you here?

Speaker 2 (18:08):
Because you know, she was.

Speaker 8 (18:10):
Scared, and police came and we were like, it's fine,
now he's gone, and I think we both knew that
we were meant to be together and we should be together,
but we both knew that there's a serious problem. And
he started realizing, I've got a serious problem, and I'm
going to lose everybody if i don't get this figured out,
if I don't change.

Speaker 2 (18:30):
The interview was so good, so in depth. She was
so generous and vulnerable, and the whole We can't play
the whole hour long version here, but it's on the
Bobby Cast if you want to search it. But I
do want to play her new song. And I'd asked
her it's called Pride. I'd asked her why she wrote
this song. Here you go.

Speaker 8 (18:45):
I wrote Pride because I wanted to write a song
that talked about my marriage, everything that I've been going
through for the last four years. And I also wanted
to write a song about the really scary time topic
of abuse and addiction and what that can do to
a family, and more importantly, what pride can do to

a person into relationships.

Speaker 2 (19:11):
So after we did the interview, you know, she had
fallen at the very beginning of the interview. We got
through it as a great interview, and she had texted
me later on in the day and was like, Hey,
my next still hurts. Who should I call for insurance?
And I responded I sent her a picture of a
very expensive chair that just looked like the one I had.
I was like, who should I invoice for my chair?

Speaker 5 (19:32):

Speaker 2 (19:33):
She's funny. She has a podcast called Diving Deep with
Sarah Evans, and I can just imagine like how Ray
gets at times in like the most hilarious way too.
You know, we talked about her marriage and where it
is now because she did talk about abuse, and she
talked about how her marriage now led to the center
song for the album.

Speaker 8 (19:51):
Right after the arrest. I sat there and I said, well,
I want to write a song about pride, about because
that's my husband's is you is? He's so prideful, he
was raised to be prideful, and so I told him
the whole story about the arrest. I was crying and
we would start writing. So there's always a center song

for me on every album, and like Born to Fly
was a center song, says in the Bucket was a
center song for that album. I knew that this was
the center song. So we've been in therapy for a
year and a half and we've been back together, living
together since November, and so we will be in therapy
till we die. And it's a miraculous change. And obviously

it doesn't Statistically that almost never happens, you know, it's very.

Speaker 2 (20:40):
Rare to end up where we are now. Really enjoyed
the time with her, and once I got on track
is great, but it was really one of the more
awkward early on experiences ever. I don't mind awkward, but
I do feel bad for other people when they do
mind awkward. And I could tell even Amy Ray if
you play that clip and when she fell listen to Amy,
oh my god, oh I was on yeah, yeah, my,

oh my god, oh my god.

Speaker 5 (21:07):
My hands are over my face and I'm just like,
I think my hands stayed over my mouth for a
solid minute because I couldn't believe it.

Speaker 2 (21:14):
What were your thoughts when she dumped over in the
chair and wiped out completely?

Speaker 5 (21:17):
Well, so I sit in that chair sometimes, and that's
why I'm like, it's a little sensitive. You just kind
of have to know how to sit. And I immediately.

Speaker 2 (21:24):
Filed Sarah case you're listening.

Speaker 5 (21:26):
No, no, no, you have to know how to sit
on the chair. Oh no, no, Sarah knows.

Speaker 4 (21:29):
How to sit.

Speaker 5 (21:30):
But I immediately felt I think, my oh my god in
my hands in her mouth is like, oh shoot, I
should have said something, but I just never could have
anticipated that that would happen.

Speaker 2 (21:40):
Crazy now that she didn't get hurt, hilarious, Oh yeah, yeah, hilarious.
Sarah Evans, she has an album coming at June seventh.
Her tour is happening now through the middle of September.
We played her new song Pride, and just go over
to Sarah Evans's website or social media. It's time for
the good news produce already.

Speaker 3 (22:02):
Randy Small's of South Carolina has a daughter in the
seventh grade, and you found out that she was bullying
somebody in school.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
Oh, she wasn't getting bullied, No, she was the bully,
and she was making fun of a kid because of
the way they dressed and the way that she did
her makeup. So what did the dad do.

Speaker 3 (22:17):
I'm going to contact their parents and he got a
hold of the of the victim and said, we're going
to take you on a shopping spree and we're going
to get your new makeup, and my daughter is going
to come with us, and she's going to help you
pick out clothes and pick out your makeup.

Speaker 2 (22:32):
So they did.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
They went to the mall, and the bully took the
victim to the mall and bought her clothes, helped her
with makeup, and that's how he taught her a lesson.

Speaker 2 (22:42):
It's a really great dad. And I wonder about that,
how that's going to affect every I couldn't have done
that if I were the kid I got made fun
of for all that stuff. But I was still like,
I was prideful in fact that nobody had to help
me or I didn't want help. There's no way I
would have done that. I was a help. Yeah, I'd
have been like, oh, now you want to pay for

my stuff, and then you're gonna make fun of me again.

Speaker 3 (23:04):
Well, well, the thing was it was it was the
daughter's money. So the dad took heck, yeah let's go. Yeah, yeah, okay, okay,
what most money is his daughter got? Well it's probably
an allowance money.

Speaker 2 (23:16):
So I try all of it plus some more of
his Yeah, Like the lesson is there. I get a
little like triggered by that. I get. You know, when
I was a kid, we would go to yard sales
and buy clothes. I went on the school kids will
make fun of me. You're having their clothes on. They'd
be like, oh, I used to have those shoes, I
used to have that shirt, and I would never have
let them take me to them all buying me stuff.
But I guess if handled properly and healthfully, it's a

really great thing. And it sounds like that was the case.
What a dad. That's pretty cool.

Speaker 3 (23:42):
And both parents were involved too, so I mean that Hell,
oh yeah, what a dad though.

Speaker 2 (23:45):
That's that's a that's a great story. And hopefully the
girl learned something. I don't think she'll ever do it again, honestly.

Speaker 5 (23:52):
And then maybe they connected and that helps them, like
they'll have a relationship at school, and maybe you'll keep
her from getting bullied by other people.

Speaker 2 (23:59):
Boy some nuances. Yeah that's crazy. Yeah, good story, that's
what it's all about. That was telling me something good.
Elder versus Millennial a trivia game of the generations. We
had a tie last week. Let's introduced Lunchbox are Elder.
He's a captain of Cringe who claims all he does
is when he's trying to go two weeks being kind.
So if he's mean to anyone, it'll bite him in

the behind. He gets no Lamborghini.

Speaker 1 (24:23):
If you know what I mean.

Speaker 2 (24:24):
It's Lunchbox, Lunchbox. Here are your questions? Play me aga, Yeah,
my hands are full of papers. Play the game. I'm
doing cameras over there, Lunchbox. The's are questions, and you
probably won't know the answer to it. She will God
her generation. Lunchbox. Lucy Hale played Aria Montgomery and What
twenty tens TV drama. Lucy Hale played Aria Montgomery What Show?

Lucy Hale. I know who that is? Who I've seen her,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That isn't correct, Lauren, pretty little
liars correct. She's been on the show before, she's been
in the studio. I couldn't. Yeah, let me move Lunchbox.
What pop stars associated with the internet meme the left
Shark Katy Perry correct ye. From Katy Perry's twenty fifteen

Super Bowl performance, it's now one to one, yeah, Lunchbox.
Who was the first member to leave? One direction? Malick Malick,
I'll take it ain't Mallick? Wow, Wow, big fan, that's
a day. When that happened?

Speaker 6 (25:34):
I have no I just know that he left and
then oh yeah, I don't know, secretly loves it, can't
get enough of it. Everybody expect me to say, Harry Styles.

Speaker 2 (25:45):
No we didn't. Actually all right, Next up Lunchbox's opponent.
She's our youngest producer. It would be the ultimate wedding
gift for her to get a special appearance from Taylor Swift.

Speaker 1 (25:57):
It's swifty, Lauren, A.

Speaker 2 (26:00):
Clock for that one.

Speaker 4 (26:02):
Yeah, I did?

Speaker 2 (26:04):
Oh, I thought you said, Amy, I'm back to the
cameras though, God, go back to the yah, Lauren. How
are you good? Good? You said? Pictures of Taylor and
Travis on vacation, Yes, as they should be still going strong.

Speaker 8 (26:17):

Speaker 2 (26:17):
Do you feel like they will get married?

Speaker 4 (26:19):
I still think so. Yeah, I'm still rooting for them.

Speaker 2 (26:22):
If you had to bet money on it, which you
bet they get married? Yeah? I bet I bet on it. Okay, Lauren,
your questions will be older generational questions. You do? You
do pretty good at the show?

Speaker 8 (26:31):

Speaker 2 (26:31):
Oh? This?

Speaker 3 (26:32):

Speaker 2 (26:32):
This category? What does CD stand for? Compact? This? Correct? Good?
Darn a strong? Lauren? Which movie featured creatures that shouldn't
be fed after midnight? What movie featured creatures that shouldn't
be fed after midnight?

Speaker 1 (26:55):
Where wolves?

Speaker 2 (26:56):
That's incorrect those we can steal? Yeah, Rimlins. Correct, I've
got that. Came out strong, hit a wall because she
made a comment about coming out strong and tough. It's
been tough. Okay ready, If you get this, you're tied,
and we go to tie breaker again again. If you
miss it, wow, he automatically wins. Okay, Okay, no pressure.

Linda Hamilton aka Sarah Connor as she goes bying the movie?
Was the name of the protagonist against Arnold Schwarzenegger and
what nineteen eighty four action movie The Terminator? Correct? Woo wow, lunchbox?
You got three questions. She doesn't get to steal he's

wearing her category. Are you ready? What was the name
of the character played by Kristin Stewart in Twilight the
main character? What was the name? Uh? She was Bella Correct?
Whoa wow? Wow? Big fan of the movies, never seen him? Okay,
o cord, I haven't lunchbox. What was the name of
the popular dance video game series first released in two

thousand and one that evolved timing and balance and players
use their feet so you think you can dance? Incorrect? Yes?
That TV show?

Speaker 7 (28:15):
Yeah show?

Speaker 2 (28:16):
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 6 (28:18):
I even played that last Week man, last Week. Yeah,
it's at the Science Center.

Speaker 2 (28:24):
That's cool, all right, Lunchbox, Oh, I got cocky? Which
band's debut album, Hot Fuss, was released in two thousand
and four and featured the hit song Mister Brightside the Killers? Correct? Wow,
I should have gone three for three. You should have
gone three for three grounded? Who? Lauren? What West Coast

NFL team won the most Super Bowls in the eighties,
with a total of four the forty Correct Jesus Lauren.
What does v H yes as a v c R VHS.
What does v HS stand for? HS? Video video system,

video hire system, almost video home system?

Speaker 4 (29:20):

Speaker 2 (29:21):
And final question? Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Bonham?
We're in what classic British rock band? Jimmy Page, Robert Plant,
John Bonham, we're in what classic?

Speaker 4 (29:37):
I've definitely heard those names before.

Speaker 2 (29:40):
That for the time The Who and Craig he was
again hit that song No matter what bus everybody and

I will say Lunchbox, I don't hear anything what he's
running cameras. He can't you know a lot.

Speaker 4 (30:15):
Yeah, he likes to think that.

Speaker 2 (30:16):
He like he'll go in and be like, oh, I
don't know that much, I'm not gonna be good.

Speaker 4 (30:19):
But then he comes back and he like he knows
all this stuff.

Speaker 2 (30:21):
And I respect possum, but he knows a lot of
stuff that he acts like he doesn't. Shouldn't even be
one direction, one direction crushing it. You went again, I
get it. Do you know how I know that stuff
is because of this show?

Speaker 6 (30:34):
I would never have known, Like.

Speaker 2 (30:39):
Here a twilighter, we play mister brightside on this.

Speaker 4 (30:42):
We circle back on Lunchbox grounding himself because I feel.

Speaker 2 (30:45):
Like I was just being funny. I was just being funny.
I was just what did I miss?

Speaker 1 (30:48):

Speaker 4 (30:48):
You missed?

Speaker 2 (30:49):
Him grounded his brain question.

Speaker 4 (30:50):
He goes, oh you're grounded.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
I didn't do that.

Speaker 3 (30:54):
Yeah, And I said, who's ground He said, my brain
is a copy.

Speaker 2 (30:59):
Ungrounded you you did?

Speaker 1 (31:01):
I mean I had it to get in.

Speaker 2 (31:03):
A corner brain Lunchbox, congratulations, Lauren. Good job though, Lauren
to get it A good job better? All right, thank
you all, lunchbox, good job. On the phone. Right now
we have Tyler. Tyler, welcome to the Bobby Bone Show.
What's going on?

Speaker 4 (31:22):
Good morning morning.

Speaker 7 (31:24):
I was curious that you guys ever consider going to
a concert by yourself.

Speaker 2 (31:30):
I have, I have done that. It's never the plan
to do that. And I think I struggled with that early.
And I don't think I had some awakening where I
was like, I am strong enough to do things by myself.
I just think I don't have much friends, and so
I would go for off. I want to go. I
gotta go for myself. But then as I did things
by myself, I realize what I had preferred to have somebody. Yeah,

but I would prefer not to miss it more than
the other way around. And yes, the answer is yes,
I've done a lot of stuff on myself. I just
I just that's who I dated. From yourself.

Speaker 4 (32:02):
Yeah, all that like date yourself, take yourself.

Speaker 2 (32:05):
And I always consented to myself, so if I never
had to worry about back end of the night. But
yes I have, and I what I prefer to have
a friend. Sure, but I had some really cool experience
with music when I would go by myself. Would you
go to a concert by yourself?

Speaker 4 (32:17):
I would. I don't think I have, but I'm not
against it.

Speaker 2 (32:21):
Oh that's a fun experiment. We should don't have to
go to a concert by ourself at some point, Okay, cool.
But the problem is I might have to go to
that cover that Leonard. You have to go to Leonard
Skinnered show. No, I'm saying by myself. Want to go
with me to that? I think that's the move. You
do that and report back and then if you liked it,
then maybe Amy or the rest of us can do something. Yeah,

well I have four tickets, have you guys? You know
you should go by yourself. What happened with that was
somebody called up and was like, hey, I worked for
uh like it was a number that called Morgan.

Speaker 4 (32:51):
Yeah, the Nationale Fire Department did.

Speaker 2 (32:53):
And we thought maybe they were calling let her know
she had a fire. So that's not how they operate.
Apparently they just show them put it out. So she
called them back on the ship and they were like,
we wonder if you want to donate, but we were
on and I was like, well, we can't say no,
we're on the air, and so I felt bad. Morgan
wasn't that place. So I said, here, I'll just donate
the money. It was like one hundred and fifty bucks something,
yeah bucks, yeah, yeah, yeah. So we donated to their
cause and they said, you get tickets to Leonard Skinnered,

except I heard him say Leonard Skinner tribute. I heard Skinner.
All lady heard was Leonard Skinner. Let's go. Blady goes
get to Skinner tickets. So he has the tickets.

Speaker 3 (33:23):
Yeah, and it's not Skinnered. It's Tuesday Gone a tribute
to Leonard Skinnered. And when is that?

Speaker 2 (33:28):
That's on May eleventh. Okay, so you will go to
that by yourself? A great day. What day of the
week is that?

Speaker 4 (33:33):
He keeps pushing him over on my desk like he's
trying to get rid of him.

Speaker 2 (33:36):
Nobody goes to Eddie has a Saturday. Dude, come on
Tuesdays ago they should do They should only do shows
on Tuesday for sure. Yeah, Tyler, are you thinking about
going to a show by yourself? And you're wondering this?

Speaker 7 (33:48):
Yes, months ago, my one of my favorite artists released
his tour d Eights, and so I asked my best
friends we should go to this and they were like yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nothing came up of it, and not a few weeks
ago I learned that they're going for another friend bachelorette.

Speaker 2 (34:06):
That's messed up.

Speaker 7 (34:07):
It's like, wow, well, I'm going to a coach's conference
in that same city on that same weekend, and I thought,
thank you, I could still go to this culture.

Speaker 2 (34:18):
I think early artists, like what show is it? Okay,
i'll tell you what. I'll call Riley. Also get you
meet and greets. You can go meet Riley if he's
doing them, but you have to go by yourself. But
if you want to go by yourself and you commit
to going by yourself and Riley's doing a meet and greet,
I will get you back to meet Riley.

Speaker 7 (34:34):
Oh that would be awesome.

Speaker 2 (34:36):
But you have to go by yourself.

Speaker 7 (34:39):
Going by myself worth it.

Speaker 2 (34:40):
Okay, let's get her information. I'll text Riley and we'll
get her back to meet and greet.

Speaker 6 (34:45):
And that's gonna be so awkward when Riley's like, hey,
who you were here with by myself?

Speaker 2 (34:50):
No, No, I don't think so, not at all. Value
meet greets all the time and people are by themselves,
and I.

Speaker 5 (34:55):
Think it's easy to say, yeah, I'm in town for
a work thing, and it's.

Speaker 2 (34:58):
Not going to go really it's it's literally not it's
not going to.

Speaker 4 (35:01):
Be like so that's how you could answer it quickly, he.

Speaker 2 (35:03):
Goes your say anything about it?

Speaker 4 (35:06):
You're telling you true true.

Speaker 2 (35:08):
Uh, Tyler, stay on the phone. I will get you
set up. We'll find the data and stuff and then
call us back after the show and let us know
how it. Wait, can you do that? Oh?

Speaker 7 (35:15):
I can definitely do that.

Speaker 2 (35:16):
And then Eddie you updated is on Tuesday's agoing. Yeah, man,
can't wait. May love it? Tyler, do you want to me?
I'm good with a tribute vand okay, put on hold.
We'll get that set up. Thank you, guys. Pile of stories.

Speaker 5 (35:30):
Right, So if I find ants in my kitchen, I
immediately freak out try to get rid of them. But
some food scientists are saying, hey, wait, you may want
to keep the ants crawling around, but not just to
have them on your counter.

Speaker 2 (35:42):
No, there's no wait.

Speaker 5 (35:43):
They want you to add it to the food that
you're cooking, because, yeah, research says that they have a
very distinct flavor profile.

Speaker 4 (35:52):
That can enhance a dish.

Speaker 5 (35:54):
And they're also nutritious like they're high protein, fiber, they've
got vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and magnet.

Speaker 2 (36:00):
I'm sure. However, it feels gross to us because we've
always been taught that ants are an annoying bug that only
is around if there are unclean things. Now, I'm sure
if our culture taught us we could eat ants and
it would be beneficial. But it doesn't. It's hot, and
so your food scientists don't know where you're from, where
you went to school. I need we need to revoke

that diploma.

Speaker 5 (36:22):
When I was in college, we took I took it entomology,
and we would eat. He would have this pot luck
day and we'd have termite pizza and like ant brownies.

Speaker 2 (36:32):
Well they were cooked. These are like raw. Well I
think he's also saying cook them. I don't know. He
just grab them into a handful of like some use
them in dishes, lure them into your plate, do honey
up until your plate. Again, it does feel weird and gross,
but you have to understand we also pick and choo's
what animals we eat, and some are gross and some
are it's just the culture that we've grown up in. However,

what if I fed you answer you didn't know it?
Like I was like Gus, we having a spaghetti dinner and
you come over, you like, dan't spaghetti's good? And the
next day I show pictures of me preparing it with
ants that have been not that I like found in
a healthy place, but like it's showed up.

Speaker 5 (37:05):
Because that's so we've all consumed it at some point
or another. Like I think there's a certain percentage that's
like allowed to be like in peanut butter or something.

Speaker 2 (37:15):
For example, when I worked at a restaurant, it's very damp,
wet back there. I'll not use the M word, and
it's it's food. It's warm, it's wet, it's food. And
there are bugs. It's hard to keep them out, and
so I'm sure some bugs gott into some soup, you know, Yeah,
not that I know, ye, all right? What else?

Speaker 5 (37:33):
So there's a pill. I feel like we get one
of these every once in a while. That could totally
replace working outs. Researchers are working on it. It's in
a trial phase, but they say it could replace workouts
as we know them. So if you're tired of sweating
at the gym, I am.

Speaker 2 (37:48):
Yeah every time. You know what, I don't need fault
you to say anything. I'll take it. I don't need
any tests. I'll take it. I think the problem would
be like muscle density. I could understand it that boosts
your metabolism or it I mean more so that because
it's not like people that because people will take ozempic
to lose weight because that is meant for people with diabetes.

Therefore it curbs their appetite. Therefore they're thinner, which is
what a lot of people want to achieve when they
exercise and work out. So I think probably if the
pill works, it's that I don't think it makes you
like workout. We have to define a workout means, not
like Eddie who's ripped Yeah, yeah, thanks to yeah.

Speaker 5 (38:23):
And you know, so far they've only tested it on mice,
so I meant I'll.

Speaker 4 (38:26):
Be that guy not quite ready for humans.

Speaker 2 (38:28):
I grow a tail starts speaking.

Speaker 5 (38:30):
But they did say that it wouldn't just replace working
out altogether, Like to your point, Bobby, it would be
like for the days that maybe you can't get to
the gym or you don't, it'll help you keep the
benefits of the days that you've done the squats and whatnot.

Speaker 2 (38:41):
Yeah, there aren't a lot of benefits, although my pants
do fit a lot tighter in my quads. Our group
does say our group work because we've done a lot
of legs for a year and a half, Like we
really focus on.

Speaker 4 (38:51):
Legs training team.

Speaker 2 (38:53):
Way too much. Yeah, me, Eddie and Ben Rector we
work out three times a week at least, and so
but we do so much that we're not bragging. But
our normal pants are our quads. They're tight. They're tight,
and legs never grew on me like I would do.
Like my calves are still that of a bird, but
my quads are definitely tighter.

Speaker 3 (39:10):
My wife mentions it all the time, like, oh, your
legs is just like I've never seen them, like all.

Speaker 2 (39:14):
The time, all the time. Oh my wife doesn't really,
I mean I don't stir that.

Speaker 3 (39:17):
But I've had skinny legs my entire life and she say,
just now, like it's just unrecognizable.

Speaker 4 (39:22):
So how does it feel, Eddie?

Speaker 2 (39:24):
I mean I don't feel different.

Speaker 5 (39:26):
Hey, well I saw this A six They did this
whole poll and it said that like seventy five percent
of adults think working out is a chore and they
dread it.

Speaker 2 (39:37):
I mean, I hate it.

Speaker 4 (39:38):
If they were talking about.

Speaker 5 (39:39):
How they pulled a bunch of kids and like intory
five percent of kids are like, no, running around, riding bikes, playing.

Speaker 2 (39:46):
That's mine, that's activity.

Speaker 5 (39:47):
But when does it turn from fun? We were kids
running around to being a.

Speaker 2 (39:51):
Chore whenever we have to dedicate a specific time to it,
so we feel like it's an obligation. Yeah there, and
then we want to get the most out of it
because we're an adult. We know that work puts in
equals benefit gained.

Speaker 4 (40:02):
But we should just start childlike your question. I get it.

Speaker 2 (40:06):
But if we if it was like, hey, let's work out, Eddie,
I got us to go six, let me go. Yeah, okay,
what else? People even know what a pogo stick is?
You try to think of like a super dated rep.
We didn't eve have pogo sticks when I was a kid.
Well you know what a pogo stick is? Yeah, it's
where you stand on you jump. I don't know. They
probably stop making those in the eighties, I guess because

you probably die on one of those. No, we saw
a halftime shows, so they still do them. But I'm saying, like,
just to buy one at Walmart. Remember pogo balls, Yes,
you would stand on it. It was just a ball and
you would stand on it. You can get a pogo stick, man,
they're so old school. A pogo ball was like a
ball and it had a round like look, think of
Saturn the planet. Yeah, you jump up and down on it.

I did have that with your ankles, like you could
trot up.

Speaker 4 (40:53):
That was fun.

Speaker 2 (40:54):
Yeah I sucked at that. Oh if you did it now,
you would break.

Speaker 4 (40:56):
And what about roller skating in the garage?

Speaker 2 (41:00):
That sounds like a workout to me. I don't my
garage of crap in there? What else? Okay?

Speaker 5 (41:04):
Well, backyard retreats are a thing apparently, and Costco wants
to help every body out and they're selling these sheds.
But the thing is they look pretty cute. So that's
why it can be called a backyard.

Speaker 2 (41:16):
Retreat like a man like a man, okay, a she shed? Yeah.

Speaker 5 (41:20):
And so look, if you're wanting to add this to
your backyard for maybe a workspace, a workout space, zen,
whatever you want to use it, sports memorabilia. But they're
pre made and they look really cool. I mean they're
going to run you a couple of thousand dollars, but
it's already prefabricated, ready to go. You just PLoP it
down in your backyard. And Costco I went online. They
have some super cute ones. I was like, well, it

looks like you could even make it a little guest.

Speaker 2 (41:44):
It does look really cool. Yeah, can I turn mine
into a bar. Yeah, I've always wanted to do that.
I'd be cool. You could do or or like a
little dungeon for your big quads. But your wife, they're saying,
you do whatever you want.

Speaker 1 (41:59):
Okay, that's it.

Speaker 4 (42:00):
Yeah, I mean that's my album.

Speaker 2 (42:02):
That was Amy's Pile of Stories. It's time for the
good news, munchbox, the lottery.

Speaker 6 (42:12):
Everybody dreams of hitting the lottery, hitting it big, making
all that money.

Speaker 2 (42:16):
Well, there's a mom in Illinois.

Speaker 6 (42:18):
She has a couple of kids, and she's like, you know,
I'm gonna play my kid's birthdays. That's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna use numbers from their birthdays. And the other night,
the baby woke up crying. She rocks the baby back
to sleep, tucks the baby in. Then she's like, man,
I can't sleep. Let me get on the lottery, Yap
of Illinois. See what the numbers were for tonight, six, eight, sixteen, seventeen,

and twenty.

Speaker 1 (42:43):
I won one point four million dollars.

Speaker 2 (42:47):
No words. She bore the baby up, screaming, that's crazy.
You just look to check and you went over a
million dollars. Oh my gosh.

Speaker 6 (42:56):
And I'm sure, a lot of people do the birthday thing.
A lot of people. Yeah, And I don't really. I'm
trying to figure out, like so six eight six.

Speaker 2 (43:05):
I wonder if she looks back and goes, you know,
I'm so glad we induced Jonathan, Yeah, because it came
out a day earlier, or or you know that eight
eight or a million bucks.

Speaker 6 (43:14):
Yeah, like maybe the baby birthday is six sixteen seventeen
and then eight sixteen twenty day.

Speaker 2 (43:22):
Oh just maybe the day, maybe she has five kids,
just the day. I just I'm just trying to come
up with steal her strategy. All right, there you go.
That's what it's all about. That was telling me something
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