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June 20, 2024 49 mins

A listener called into the show to inform us that Amy spoiled a TV Show for them, and they think she should be punished for it! Plus, we share the topics we're so informed on that we could give a presentation about it and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Tommy transmitting, Yes, Aliska, everybody, welcome to Thursday show morning studio.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
Mine. All right, your get to know you topic of
the morning. If you could give a thirty minute presentation.
They said, you have to go and do this presentation,
but you get no prep time, but you need to
be really good at it.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
What would that topic be?

Speaker 2 (00:23):
Immediately you're thrust on a front of three hundred people
for a thirty minute presentation, what is your topic that
you're so well versed in? I would say minus probably
ninety sitcoms.

Speaker 4 (00:34):

Speaker 2 (00:35):
I could probably go a thirty hard doing sitcoms from
the nineties, including spinoffs and the arcs of the actors
and other shows they've done.

Speaker 3 (00:48):
Whoa and they have it be pretty funny.

Speaker 2 (00:50):
I could do some of the simples, like Arkansas Rays
back football, but I don't think the crowd would really
enjoy that.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
Oh, now we're worried about what the I am.

Speaker 2 (00:56):
I'm an entertainer, man, I'm there, I'm ready to go.
I'm going to start nights. I'na work my way all
the way through. That's probably mine. No prep needed. I
could do thirty minutes on Oh, also nineties music, just
maybe the nineties.

Speaker 3 (01:08):
You know Eddie pearl Jam straight up the band l Jam.

Speaker 5 (01:12):
You want to know about Pearl Jam, I'll tell you
how it all started, how they all met, where they
came from.

Speaker 2 (01:16):
What's the most famous song? I would say their most
famous is Jeremy just sing it.

Speaker 5 (01:21):
Jeremy spoke Clerse today.

Speaker 3 (01:26):
Who who's the lead singer? Eddie Vedder nice yep.

Speaker 5 (01:29):
They formed in nineteen ninety where in Seattle, Washington, and
Eddie Vedder was from San Diego and they had heard
of a guy named Eddie Vedder and Amy, you're.

Speaker 6 (01:38):
Topping all right, I'm just leaving at where my brain went.
The first thing that pops into my head was processing Greece.

Speaker 3 (01:46):
That's okay.

Speaker 2 (01:48):
And then then you're like that's quality yea, And principal
Eddie's doing like Rockets of Sacramento.

Speaker 6 (01:56):
And I was like, well, okay, first you're probably gonna
be angry, and then you're gonna be a.

Speaker 7 (02:00):
The depressed, and then there's some you're bargaining with things.

Speaker 3 (02:02):
Here Christ for twenty minutes of it.

Speaker 6 (02:04):
There's denial and acceptance and all you've been.

Speaker 7 (02:07):
Through in your life years.

Speaker 6 (02:09):
Just also too that it does get better, like I
would want to be a thirty second quick like a
dose of hope too and encouragement.

Speaker 3 (02:17):
Thirty minute?

Speaker 2 (02:18):
Oh thirty minutes?

Speaker 3 (02:19):
Oh the whole thing's that'd be thirty minutes cool?

Speaker 2 (02:21):
Yeah I can go.

Speaker 7 (02:22):
I'm nervous about thirty seconds.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
I could up thirty minutes for sure. Okay, Lunchbox, you
had to do a thirty minute presentation?

Speaker 3 (02:28):
No prep?

Speaker 2 (02:28):
What is your specialty topic? How to hit on the ladies?

Speaker 3 (02:32):
Interesting? How would that start? Like, everybody, I.

Speaker 2 (02:34):
Want to introduce you, guys. This is our speaker today.
He's brought thirty minutes of his expertise. Everybody, this is
a lunchbox. A lunchbox walk come to this stage.

Speaker 8 (02:41):
Yeah, I guess there's gonna be ladies in the crowd.
So I mean, I'm gonna teach them. I'm gonna give
away a lot of the guy's secrets, but I'm gonna
teach people how to approach women at a bar, how
to break the ice, you know, how to get your
foot in the door, how to flirt with chicks. Because
I mean, I was the master of meeting ladies.

Speaker 2 (02:57):
How would you start up?

Speaker 3 (02:58):
Though? Like I just introduced you, Like, how would you
start Lunchbox? Everybody.

Speaker 2 (03:01):
Look, you guys are struggling.

Speaker 8 (03:03):
You know you're thinking, Oh, I can't get that hottie,
you can't have that mindset. Wow, tell us more lunchbox.
Oh so listen, guys. A woman likes someone with confidence.
So you walk over dur and you say, hey, I
want to buy you a drink. Or if she's sitting
by herself at a table group of women, send them
a glass of water, Say that's on me, and that
breaks the ice.

Speaker 2 (03:21):
They think you're funny. It's funny. Oh I get it, Yes, Amy,
it's humor. They like humor. If you just send them
a drink, you don't know what they're drinking.

Speaker 1 (03:28):
They I any questions from the crowd.

Speaker 2 (03:31):
We do have a woman in the audience. Amy, have
a question for lunchbox, a master of the ladies.

Speaker 6 (03:35):
Could I also ask you how I, a single woman
could meet a man.

Speaker 8 (03:40):
Well, yeah, I just heard your speech about death and
like and I think you're in a deep trouble.

Speaker 2 (03:45):
Yeah yeah, maybe, wait a little bit.

Speaker 6 (03:47):
Okay, you're gonna need some By the way, processing Greek
doesn't have to do with death.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
They could be the death of a marriage. Eddie.

Speaker 3 (03:55):
Question for lunchbox. Yeah, lunchbox. So when's the last time
you hit on a lady?

Speaker 9 (03:59):

Speaker 2 (03:59):
Man, his way back when, you know. I can't tell
the year.

Speaker 3 (04:02):
I don't know how the nineties. I was doing my TV.

Speaker 7 (04:04):
Just probably the time you hit on your wife.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
Have you hit on anyone since?

Speaker 3 (04:09):
That's it?

Speaker 2 (04:10):
Have you hit on anyone since you married your wife? Oh? No,
not hit on No, but I mean course sent the water.

Speaker 8 (04:16):
Yeah no, But like you know, you throw some jokes
and flirt with them a little bit at the counter,
you know what I mean.

Speaker 2 (04:21):
Yeah, I'm trying to get an upgrade on the plane.
No problem. Well, everybody, let's go on our tour. It's
go on our speaking tour. We got two hours of
quality material right here. Let's open the mail bag. You
send the game mail and read it on the air.

Speaker 9 (04:36):
Get something we call Bobby's mail bag.

Speaker 2 (04:38):
Yeah, hello, Bobby Bones. I found weed in my sixteen
year old's room. He's in high school. I found a
bag in the drawer. I'm angry and confused. I feel
like I failed as a parent. We live in a
state where it's legal, but I don't want my team
smoking it. I believe it's still a mind altering substance
that could impact his developing brain.

Speaker 3 (04:55):
Same reason that I'd be upset of a cottom with alcohol.

Speaker 2 (04:58):
What would you do if you found it in your
sixteen year old son's room, Signed devastated mom in Massachusetts.

Speaker 3 (05:04):
The first thing I'll say is, don't puts on you.

Speaker 7 (05:06):
Yeah, it doesn't make you a failed parent.

Speaker 2 (05:08):
Yeah, I would say a lot most sixteen year olds
are seeing it, or go close to it, or do it,
especially alcohol. There's a lot you don't know. It doesn't
make them a bad kid. You can actually have that.
You can have a conversation. You can be mad about
it too, you can not in the house. Don't want
you doing it, But don't think that's a you thing,

and don't think it's a bad kid thing.

Speaker 3 (05:32):
I think those are two important things.

Speaker 6 (05:33):
Yeah, I was reading something and this was actually from
a weed advocate, I guess you would say, And they
were talking about just that and the brain developing, and
that it's not fully developed until twenty five. And yeah,
it can alter things if you're adding substances before twenty five,
and you're definitely not a failed parent. A lot of
people under twenty five are doing things like that. But

it is a valid point, maybe just sitting them down
and explain it to him. It's got to be so difficult,
especially now certain things being legal in your state and
now you have to address it in a different way.

Speaker 2 (06:08):
I would first think about you at sixteen, Oh yeah,
before you go hand on him, think about yourself at sixteen.

Speaker 6 (06:14):
It's always sure, it was certain, like something like that.
It's easy to say this.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
Is illegal, and what is your version of that? Though
when you were sixteen that you're not you but you're
the oh mom. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (06:26):
I think that I have to approach that with myself.

Speaker 6 (06:28):
With certain things, I catch my kids and I'm like,
oh my gosh, well what my kids are way better
than me. Like last day of school this year, my
daughter was at the house with her friends making slime,
and I was like, when I was seventeen, I was
definitely in a field at a party on.

Speaker 2 (06:42):
The last day of school. And that didn't mean even
if your mom would have caught your being drunkn I
mean your mom's a bad parent. No, I was the
one making those decisions.

Speaker 7 (06:49):
I had good parents. My dad.

Speaker 6 (06:50):
Actually my mom cared. My dad, he'd let me drink.
That's so wild to me. I wish my dad was
still alive, so I could finally look.

Speaker 7 (06:58):
At him and be like, why did you let you
do things like that? Really?

Speaker 3 (07:02):
Maybe it was like a letter I wanted to go
and learn and.

Speaker 7 (07:05):
Did he not care?

Speaker 2 (07:06):
I know he cared.

Speaker 3 (07:07):
Of course, different parenting styles.

Speaker 6 (07:09):
I know, but that's wild to me now being a parent.
I remember thinking he was way cooler than my mom.
But now that I'm an adult, I'm like, Dad, why how?
I can't imagine I just.

Speaker 3 (07:20):
Probably parented that way.

Speaker 7 (07:22):
I don't think it's a parent Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 3 (07:24):
Yeah, yeah, slushbox your thoughts.

Speaker 2 (07:27):

Speaker 8 (07:27):
My parents always said I can't tell you not to
do it because I'm not going to be there. You
got to make your decisions. I think sixteen year olds
are going to be around it. You got to expect that.
It doesn't make you a bad parent. I think you
just have to say, hey, look, if you do this,
you need to call me. Do not get in the car.
That's the main thing you need drinking or we yea

altered Yeah, because they can't stop you when you're at
your friend's house from doing it. So just say hey,
I will give you a ride and we can No questions.

Speaker 2 (07:55):
Asked again a parenting style. I don't be devastated because
you did not do a bad job as a parent.
Your kid is not doing a bad job as a kid.
There is no reason that you should feel less or
feel like they're less.

Speaker 6 (08:10):
I would see this as an opportunity finding it in
the drawer.

Speaker 7 (08:14):
This is a gift.

Speaker 2 (08:15):
This is a gift from.

Speaker 7 (08:16):
The Lord for conversation.

Speaker 2 (08:18):
Like it opens the door for not comfortable conversation and
probably not good conversation.

Speaker 6 (08:22):
But conversation because passive parenting at times would trust me.

Speaker 7 (08:28):
I've done it, Like I just want to ignore this
that I don't have to deal with it. Like, but
this is an opportunity now.

Speaker 2 (08:33):
And it is extremely nuanced and there is no one
right way to live it or do it or have
it or the decision to make This is not a
world of accepted nuance anymore. Everything has to be yes
or no or this or that. But it is there's
so much nuance involved in this. But you are not
a letdown as a parent. And he's not or she's
not a bad kid.

Speaker 3 (08:50):
Right there you go.

Speaker 2 (08:51):
We got your GM mail and we laid it on
your air. Now it's found the clothes Bobby failed that year.
What's your caffeine consumption? How much do you depend on it?

Speaker 7 (09:03):
I drink about two hundred milligrams.

Speaker 3 (09:06):
I don't even know what that means.

Speaker 7 (09:07):
What do I really know?

Speaker 6 (09:08):
Because on my bottle, like I buy this cold brew
and it says on there like how many ounces and
the milligrams and I barely ever finish it now, So
I maybe a cup a cup of coffee. If I
get a latte one shot, I maybe won't even finish it.

Speaker 2 (09:21):
Do you need caffeine every morning? Yeah?

Speaker 6 (09:23):
I like to have it, and I will get a
tiny headache if I don't consume some SIPs.

Speaker 2 (09:29):
I guess ed of your caffeine consumption.

Speaker 3 (09:31):
A cup of coffee every morning? Just one cup? Whatever
that is. That's more than a cup. No, no, no, it's
not full, it's not full. I just do My machine
is just one cup.

Speaker 2 (09:40):
Pretty normal, I would assume, Well, i've lunchbox and are
less than what the normal person. Yeah, I ever not
have caffeine. I don't have caffeine ever. Oh you don't
say there's zero caffeine stimulant free. About half the time,
I'm not caffeine. I hate coffee, but I'll do like
a pre workout sometimes, so that'll be free.

Speaker 3 (09:59):
Workout shake no in water? Oh, like I pray workout
like a ray? What do you do?

Speaker 2 (10:04):
This little drink I have right here is one hundred
and then I already knocked off a seventy, so one
hundred and seventy. So here are the biggest caffeine drinks.
Rain three hundred or maybe it's just called rain has
three hundred milligrams in it. Bang has two hundred milligrams.

Speaker 3 (10:19):
In I've seen that one.

Speaker 2 (10:20):
I've seen Bang.

Speaker 3 (10:21):
I thought it was a joke. There's something called Bang. Yeah,
it's in a can, like a blue can with orange
on it.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
Three hundred milligrams five hour energy, two hundred milligrams celsius
two hundred milligrams. I like the celsius. Uh, let's see
full throttle one sixty. Oh, I don't want that, but
that's like half of a freaking bang.

Speaker 3 (10:38):
You have a full throttle do yeah, But that's the
thing a Bang throttle in that don't want.

Speaker 2 (10:43):
Red Bull's only eighty wow as compared to a Bang,
it's three hundred wow. Those are the most popular canned
energy drinks rated by content. There Monster's not in there.
Yeah it was like middle bang, but the can of
monster is so big. It's like you gotta drink a
lot of that. Caffeine is associated with mini benefits, reducing fatigue,

enhancing exercise performance, but consuming too much is dangerous to
your health. Keep caffeine to about four cups of coffee.
That's around three hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine. So
you can even have the biggest drink of that, I guess,
but there are other things in that. There's other things
in that too. I'm just saying caffeine. Yeah, but if
you're gonna do it, you got a bang. You gotta
go bang. Yeah, go bank. I've never seen a bang,
but I can't wait. Oh, we go to the grocery store.

They're a convenience store. Gets a bang, Yeah, bangs there.
Exceeding this limit could result in heart rate rising, irritability, insomnia, jitternus,
and nausea.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
That's from stat pearls.

Speaker 2 (11:34):
Anybody have a crazy caffeine You would think we'd have
more just waking up.

Speaker 6 (11:38):
Oh, it used to be worse, but with a age,
I had to cut back, like I you.

Speaker 3 (11:42):
Do my year back? What do you do do?

Speaker 2 (11:45):
Four bangs a day?

Speaker 3 (11:45):
I do close to the limit. I dance with that
four hundred limit caffeine.

Speaker 2 (11:48):
All in the morning, I do two cups of coffee,
and then I'll do an afternoon coffee. An afternoon coffee,
like a cold coffee doesn't keep you up.

Speaker 3 (11:55):
No, that's I'd never do an afternoon bank. You don't.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
I know it's bad.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
When the heart starts to flutter a little bit.

Speaker 2 (12:01):
I'm like, Okay, I think I had a little bit
too much coffee today, Morgan. No, I don't drink any coffee.

Speaker 3 (12:06):

Speaker 2 (12:06):
No in the bank, no caffeine.

Speaker 7 (12:08):
Do you have caffeine gummies or something.

Speaker 6 (12:10):
I have caffeine gummies that I don't think they actually
work for anybody else besides me, because I am just
used to not drinking coffee.

Speaker 2 (12:17):
Yeah, so they'd work for like me and Bobby. How
boring are we that we're so low caffeine and we're
except for Mike, who's giving himself palpitation at two pm.

Speaker 3 (12:25):
Right, you're on natural cuppers, But I'm not up. I mean,
it's all fake.

Speaker 6 (12:31):
It's time for the good news produce already.

Speaker 3 (12:37):
Zach Henson.

Speaker 5 (12:38):
He's from Brooklyn and back in twenty eighteen, he adopted
a Schnauzer mix named Luna, seven years old, and after
a few weeks realized Luna had a special little talent.
Luna could hunt rats. So so Zach would take Luna
for walks. Luna would be like rat, rat Ratoha, catch it,
eat it.

Speaker 3 (12:57):

Speaker 5 (12:57):
This is crazy and New York City, this is a
really good trait to have. So in that much time,
Luna has caught over two hundred rats, and so the
city admire the dog to come out and rap.

Speaker 3 (13:08):
No no, no, no, no, no no, she's not hired. She
just doesn't because she likes it.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
So the rats there, they're not like the mice here.

Speaker 3 (13:14):
No, no, no, no, they're real.

Speaker 5 (13:16):
Yeah yeah, yeah, And the city council has honored Luna
said she is a hero, and thank you for helping
us with our rat problem in New York City.

Speaker 3 (13:23):
That's funny.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
Ella's dog we adopted and she's part hoound, and she'll
catch a rabbit.

Speaker 3 (13:29):
I've seen it multiple times. It's in her DNA.

Speaker 2 (13:33):
And if there's a rabbit outside of a window and
she starts going crazy, I don't even have to know
there's rabbit out there. I'll just know there's a rabbit
out there, and because she starts to talk different talk
than her barking when someone drives up. So I'll let
her out do her thing. Yeah, and she'll she'll track it.
If she doesn't get it, she'll track it and then
she'll know where it comes and she'll wait grab it.

Speaker 5 (13:56):
See my dog Coachella, she's a Schnauzer mix too, but
she hunts molds, and so that means she digs holes
in the yard. Oh, she'll put her ear down and sniff, snip, snip,
put her ear down and she can treat and track
the mole down, dig and find it.

Speaker 3 (14:09):
Yep. Yeah, we have moles at our house.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
Oh yeah, can you bring your dog over because I
got moles. Yeah yeah, Lunchbox has their infestation.

Speaker 3 (14:17):
Yeah, dude, they take over.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
Maybe I have them.

Speaker 3 (14:19):
I don't even know.

Speaker 5 (14:20):
I don't you ever see like dirt piles kind of
show up in your yard.

Speaker 2 (14:23):
I've only ever tried to whack them at chuck it cheese. Yeah,
I don't know, I've ever seen them all. I've seen
a bunch of rabbits, bunch of debtor have them.

Speaker 3 (14:32):
My dog can find them.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
That's a good story though. I like that this dog
is being rewarded by the city. Yes, Luna, Luna, good job.
That's why she should adopt a dog. You never know
what it's gonna kill. They should that not be the Okay,
that's what it's all about. That was telling me something good.
Older versus millennial trivia, the battle of generations. Lunchbox, you're ready,
I'm ready. These are questions that the much younger Morgan

will know the answer to. Most likely. Question number one,
look at you? You have a baby in a bar?
Is a quote from what two thousand and two romantic
comedy Sweet Home, Alabama? Correct? Favorite movie, Top five all
time for sure, Lunchbox. Who played Lucas Scott on One

Tree Hill? Chad Michael Murray? Correct? How do you get
these really? Uh?

Speaker 8 (15:28):
He dated Sophia Bush and I always thought she was
smoking hot.

Speaker 2 (15:32):
But you watch these shows secretly, right, I was. It's
hard for us to believe that when you nail it
like this, And it's okay if you do. You know,
One Tree Hill, I don't even know the plot. Gibby
was a character and what Nickelodeon show that often appeared
shirtless Gibby. Gibby was a character and what Nickelodeon show
that often appeared shirtless Hannah Montana incorrect, Morgan, can you still? Yes?

I carly correct? I was gonna have questions. Yeah, he's
always like I hate those movies. He nailed.

Speaker 3 (16:06):
I forgot to do your intro lunch.

Speaker 2 (16:08):
I don't need any introduction. Everybody knows who I am. Okay,
good enough, all right, let's do his opponent. She runs
our digital she rescues dogs from out on the street,
and her boyfriend we have still yet to meet. It's Morgan.
I am Morgan ready, I think so. What animal was
featured in the Napster logo? Oh? Oh, I can see it.

I'm pretty sure as white.

Speaker 3 (16:37):
What animal was featured in the Napster logo?

Speaker 4 (16:40):

Speaker 2 (16:43):
I have a lot of animals in my head. Now
I have a mouse, a cheetah, a monkey. You need
an answer? Yeah, I know you do. A monkey? Incorrect?
Let's watch you to steal. Yeah, that's what animal was
featured in the Napster logo? A cat? Correct?

Speaker 7 (17:00):
Oh wow?

Speaker 3 (17:01):
Nap oh wow, Morgan.

Speaker 2 (17:06):
AquaNet is a specific brand of a product that became
very popular in the eighties. What product was AquaNet hairspray?
Correct is now three to two. Morgan needs this to tie.
Magic Johnson squared off against what superstar rival in the
NBA finals three times in the eighties in the eighties
in Magic John's Magic Johnson squared off against which superstar

rival in the NBA finals three times in the eighties?

Speaker 3 (17:36):
Three times in the eighties, Maggie A Magic Johnson. Yeah,
it's a little older than you.

Speaker 2 (17:42):
Yeah, that's the point, Okay. I'm like, between two possitives,
you can talk it out. What do you got, Michael
B Jordan? No, Michael Jordan, Michael B. Jordan's actor, Michael
Jordan or Shack Okay A Magic Johnson? Who is magic rival? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?
Who is this? Right? Can you tell me who Magic
Johnson played for?

Speaker 3 (18:03):
No, I can't give you any hints.

Speaker 2 (18:04):
Okay, Magic Johnson.

Speaker 3 (18:07):
And except that he was a magician magic.

Speaker 2 (18:10):
Well yeah, okay, repeat one more time. Who is Magic
Johnson's rival playing the finals multiple times in the eighties?
I feel like Michael Jordan had rivals? Sure? Nah, but
if they don't even those two Michael Jordan incorrect? Larry Bird,
you lose what Larry Bird? There? I got a Larry

Bird ball back here? Yeah, I only know him because
of you.

Speaker 3 (18:36):
Watchbox is winning two to nothing? Is he's dominating.

Speaker 2 (18:39):
He's dominating all these uh, for lack of a better term,
chick questions. I think he loves yes.

Speaker 3 (18:44):
Yes on the Bobby Bones Show.

Speaker 2 (18:47):
Now Brandley, Gilbert Brandley, how are you, buddy, It's been
a minute. I've seen your persons to show you, brother, Yeah,
you look good.

Speaker 4 (18:52):
Thank you.

Speaker 2 (18:53):
I like at you on Instagram. Sometimes that's a weird
way to say that, though. Yeah, it's a weird way
to say that.

Speaker 3 (18:56):
I mean, I'll watch your Instagram and see what's up.

Speaker 4 (18:58):
I'll take it either way. But well, I appreciate it.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
I saw alligator wrapped around your neck?

Speaker 4 (19:02):
What was that it was asking for?

Speaker 2 (19:05):
First of all, the picture is him and a gator
around his neck. It's probably had to be.

Speaker 3 (19:09):
I don't know how long would taill?

Speaker 4 (19:10):

Speaker 3 (19:10):
How long did that thing?

Speaker 2 (19:11):
Six feet?

Speaker 4 (19:11):
That was an eight eight?

Speaker 2 (19:13):
Yeah it was live before you killed it.

Speaker 4 (19:15):
Yeah, but it earned it.

Speaker 3 (19:16):
So what happened?

Speaker 4 (19:17):
It was?

Speaker 10 (19:18):
Well, I'm from Georgia, you know, I live about fifteen
minutes from Athings, and one of our rivals is the
Florida Gators, and uh, we were riding bying a golf
cart man and he just was popping off in the mouth,
you know, and it had to go down.

Speaker 2 (19:33):
Like you Okay, see now you're just playing.

Speaker 6 (19:37):

Speaker 4 (19:37):
Yeah, I felt for it.

Speaker 2 (19:40):
No, I know, I was gonna let him just breathe.
I have that have it for a second, you do you?
Is it gator hunt? Yeah? And do you gator hunt
with your with what?

Speaker 4 (19:48):

Speaker 2 (19:49):
What munitions?

Speaker 4 (19:51):
That was a way? We had a fishing drid and
a knife.

Speaker 3 (19:54):
Really yeah?

Speaker 2 (19:55):
So were you purposefully looking for gator or were you
out fishing and you saw a gator?

Speaker 10 (20:00):
For all those folks out there with Peter love youings
were we looking for yes.

Speaker 2 (20:06):
Sir, okay, is it a d Would you feel like
it was dangerous with.

Speaker 10 (20:09):
This guy we were with. I mean he'd been bitting
ahead before. Really, he had an elevator didn't seem to
go all the way up.

Speaker 4 (20:15):
Yeah yeah yeah, but he was awesome, dude, I love him.
We're gonna do it again.

Speaker 2 (20:18):
Is that scary a little bit?

Speaker 3 (20:21):

Speaker 4 (20:21):
You don't really do reptiles.

Speaker 3 (20:23):
It's big, it's big.

Speaker 4 (20:24):

Speaker 2 (20:25):
Think about the eight foot long gator, yeah, wrapped around
his neck and I wasn't even brought it up wasn't
an Instagram.

Speaker 3 (20:33):
Well out like, you're not going to jail for it.
You put on Instagram.

Speaker 4 (20:36):
I don't have my Instagram password.

Speaker 2 (20:38):
Oh so somebody else put it up that one. Now
you can't take it down. Yeah so you got a gator.

Speaker 4 (20:43):
I like that.

Speaker 3 (20:43):
I saw you. You're holding a picture of uh ultrasound.

Speaker 2 (20:47):

Speaker 3 (20:47):
Really how you feel about that?

Speaker 4 (20:49):

Speaker 10 (20:49):
Well, it was a little bit of a surprise, but uh,
you know, God does this thing, man, and uh I
really am excited.

Speaker 4 (20:58):
It took us both a minute the wrapper hit around it.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
You know, God doing his thing wasn't the only thing
that happened. It made that happen right like, it was
also Brandley doing his thing. I'm just saying. It wasn't
just right, you know what I'm saying. Mama says, Okay, yeah, yeah, no,
I hear you. But that's happening every time I got it.

Speaker 3 (21:12):
Got it.

Speaker 2 (21:12):
But it wasn't just God, like you were involved. Yeah, yeah,
he's making sure it was awesome.

Speaker 3 (21:17):
Yeah, he says, Brandley doing his thing.

Speaker 2 (21:20):
Yeah, well, it wasn't just God. I mean, God had
a big part of it. But you can't just go
God was doing this because Branley was also doing his thing.

Speaker 7 (21:26):
You know what I mean, it's like three to tango. Yeah,
do you feel like your Brandley's wife?

Speaker 2 (21:31):
And god, oh okay, no, we got you.

Speaker 4 (21:35):
I looked at her kind of.

Speaker 2 (21:36):
Funny, he did, how does she tell your wife?

Speaker 3 (21:39):
Tell you?

Speaker 4 (21:40):
Uh, dude, this is kind of bad.

Speaker 10 (21:42):
So we we had like a little difference of opinion
the night before and uh, I don't know if you've
ever done this, but I had to leave that night.
I was a little frustrated, so I shot a little
frustrated text over, you know, from from the bar before
I left. And the next morning I woke up in
a difference day on the bus and looked at it

at my phone, and all she replied to my it
wasn't a raged text, but to my frustrated text, all
she replied that morning was a picture of her positive
pregnancy death.

Speaker 2 (22:13):
So I was like, oh, so, then my question is
how because I feel like if that happened and my
wife and I were in about a frustration and she
sent that I don't know if I would automatically forget
the frustration. Do you forget it and automaticly like we're happy,
we're not fighting anymore?

Speaker 3 (22:34):

Speaker 10 (22:34):
Absolutely, especially with this one too, because we didn't know
what was happening. So it was a lot to wrap
her head around.

Speaker 3 (22:42):
How long?

Speaker 4 (22:42):
And it surprised me, But I don't have to care
it for ten months?

Speaker 2 (22:45):
Yeah, Well, wht she get that secret from you?

Speaker 10 (22:48):
I don't think she kept it long. She probably kept
it in the pocket for a day or two.

Speaker 3 (22:51):
She was waiting to the next fight.

Speaker 4 (22:52):
My wife.

Speaker 2 (22:55):
Strategically this new song. I see you have Ashley Cook
on it. Look at We like Ashley a lot.

Speaker 4 (23:01):
Oh man, she's a rock star. Man.

Speaker 2 (23:03):
Yeah, so we're about to play this thing. I don't
know over when it's we're sober. I mean, you've been
sober for so long. Yeah, so I don't know. Just
kind of give me an idea about the song here.

Speaker 10 (23:13):
Well, so we wrote the song at a retreat. We
did a retreat at Lee Brice's farm, and uh, it
was for an album with me and Jelly We've been
working on it for a minute, uh, and we had
a couple of songs that just weren't good for the
two of us to sing together, this being one of them.
If you can only imagine me and Jelly Roll singing this.

Speaker 2 (23:36):
Yeah, yeah, we like that.

Speaker 10 (23:39):
You know so uh we uh you know, when we
came out of there, it was one of those that
I was like, man, you know, we were back and
forth on which one of us might cut it, and
I was like, hey, if if you're not working on
a release right now, like we could really use it.
I love this song. And he was cool with it. So,
you know, next steps finding who to do it with.
And everybody had ideas and brought them to the table.

They were all good ideas, but brought Barry Hill, my
producer had worked with actually before, and turned me on
to her. And man, the first thing I did was
went and checked out her record. It was like twenty
four songs, and I was like, that's that's impressive.

Speaker 4 (24:17):
Like, you know, I like big records.

Speaker 10 (24:19):
I'm a I'm a big fan of big records, and
you know, I listened through the album and saw that
she wrote a bunch of it and heard her voice
on it, and it's just like, man, you know, if
we get somebody that's really setting the world on fire
and coming up like she is, that didn't work the
song with us, you know, that's a that's a big benefit.
And you know, her just being the rock star she

is man, she knocked it out of the park in
the studio and you know all the content Gat and
we've done together.

Speaker 4 (24:44):
She's just man, She's been awesome.

Speaker 2 (24:46):
Now time for our straight talk wireless question, Brandley to
stay grounded.

Speaker 3 (24:51):
Who tells it to you straight?

Speaker 10 (24:52):
There's some people that tell tell it to me straight.
But I don't trust anybody. I got trusted.

Speaker 2 (24:57):
But do you trust anybody to tell you when you
did it right?

Speaker 10 (24:59):
There are people I've whose opinion I value. My manager
and my tour managers standing in there smiling or do
a pretty good job, would being pretty honest with me
for the most part us they think it's gonna put
me in a really bad mood.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
Now, you're a teddy bear.

Speaker 3 (25:12):
Didn't you tell them that you're I'm a teddy bear?

Speaker 4 (25:13):
Try to tell them every day. Apparently I'm hard to
wake up.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
You know what about your shows? You have like booms
and pals and stuff, and you ever you ever get
a little too close to the fire or booms, and yeah,
I don't want to be near booms and palace because
I'll get lost. I'll be wandering.

Speaker 3 (25:31):
Do you have to have like where you can and
can't go at certain parts of the show.

Speaker 10 (25:34):
We have it taped off on stage, but every now
and again, you know, you kind of worked up in
the moment and forget there's tape there. Yeah, and it
gets a little you know, I made it trims my
beard for me from time to time.

Speaker 3 (25:47):
That's why we don't do Booms and Palace even on
this show.

Speaker 4 (25:49):
So y'all should totally do pyro in here.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
Yeah, this place would last about one minute, I think,
or what's that at spestal ceilings the best ceilings would.

Speaker 3 (25:57):
Go up immediately.

Speaker 4 (25:58):
Can they still use this stuff?

Speaker 3 (25:59):
I know that's but that's that's a you know, they've
been upgraded, this.

Speaker 4 (26:02):
Place grandfathered in. Yeah, I love it.

Speaker 2 (26:05):
Brandley, good to see you, buddy. Congrats on the new song,
a new record. Are you working on a bunch of stuff?

Speaker 10 (26:10):
Absolutely, brother, we're excited. They won't let me tell the
name of it yet or when it's coming out.

Speaker 2 (26:15):
Booms and pals there you go, yeah, booms and this
year or next year.

Speaker 4 (26:21):
It could be this year. We're exciting.

Speaker 10 (26:23):
It's been a minute, you know, we're ready to fire
the jet back up and get back after it.

Speaker 2 (26:28):
So we're excited. And when you put it out, you
always got a seat in here, So come see this again.
Absolutely and great to see you, man. Congrats on the
baby on the gator.

Speaker 3 (26:40):
That's great the pictures on. I just would want to
have the picture.

Speaker 2 (26:44):
I mean, you want to that, you want it to
be your gator, obviously, but like I want to be
above borrowing his gater and wearing it. I'm not going, yeah,
you'd be. I have no interest be there.

Speaker 4 (26:55):
You know, interest that gator ain't got a thing on you. Man,
I promise interest.

Speaker 3 (27:00):
At all, zero, But I'm interested. I'm glad that you're here.

Speaker 4 (27:04):
Appreciate it.

Speaker 2 (27:04):
Fraindly go where everybody there is ooh this boys, mail
is not going to be pleasant for one of you.
This is Stephanie from Sacramento.

Speaker 11 (27:14):
Amy definitely spoiled Suits. My boyfriend and I are on
season two working our way through, and that is something
that I wish I didn't know since we are still
in the beginning. I think she should go on the
wheel of punishment. I'm sorry, Amy, I do love you,
but that was a total spoiler and I think she
should be punished.

Speaker 2 (27:34):
Last week on the podcast, Amy's like there's a new
episode of Suits coming out, and we're like this season. Yeah, yeah,
and we're like, I don't think so. She go no,
there is on Netflix and Morgan goes, no, it's from
twenty nineteen. They're just loading it on Netflix. And then
I bring up Megan Markle and Amy like reveals her
storyline seasons and I'm like, I think that was a spoiler.
You shouldn't have said that. She's like, no, everybody knows
they did.

Speaker 3 (27:54):
Sure, So what do you think your punishment should be?

Speaker 7 (27:57):

Speaker 2 (27:57):
Well, maybe none? If you say none, I no, I.

Speaker 7 (27:59):
Mean I get it if.

Speaker 6 (28:00):
I I hate that I ruined that for her, especially
if they're on season two and it's something they're watching.

Speaker 7 (28:04):
Together, I get it. I don't know.

Speaker 6 (28:06):
I gotta something's got to happen. I was thinking about
it this morning when I was getting ready. For some reason,
it popped in my head and I was like, I
just need a standard response when we're talking about a
movie a show, and I'm like, you know, I give up.

Speaker 2 (28:18):
I liked it. I didn't like it. That's what we
do period.

Speaker 3 (28:21):
Yeah, we don't talk much about it.

Speaker 2 (28:23):
I liked it.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
Here's why I like the ending, and here's what the
ending was like.

Speaker 6 (28:26):
No, I mean, I just got to be just very direct,
like allow myself three words.

Speaker 3 (28:31):
I like, think about it.

Speaker 2 (28:33):
And if you think maybe you just got a learning
lesson here and no punishments needed, I'm okay with that
if you think you need it.

Speaker 3 (28:39):
But you're okay with that, Let's let it. Let's see
what she says.

Speaker 2 (28:42):
What is going on?

Speaker 3 (28:42):
Especially, is this like a plea like you plead guilty.
You know, we're just saying what she says.

Speaker 6 (28:47):
I'll take the grace, the mercy, whatever on your honor
you're getting me like, I'll take it because I get
that I deserve something.

Speaker 7 (28:54):
I do think that I will have a new plan.

Speaker 2 (28:56):
The panel of Lunchbox Eddie and Ray will also give
us the feedback on what they do pusis should and
then I'll decide from the two yours versus theirs. Boom,
all right, next boye mail, Good morning, Bobby Bone show Amy,
this for you.

Speaker 11 (29:09):
What do you call a frenchman that wears sandals?

Speaker 9 (29:14):

Speaker 11 (29:17):
Thank you for everything you guys do.

Speaker 2 (29:19):
I appreciate y'all.

Speaker 3 (29:19):
Y'all have a good day.

Speaker 2 (29:21):
That's awesome, pile of stories.

Speaker 7 (29:26):
It's time to catch up on the top slang words
of the year. Now that we're halfway through it.

Speaker 2 (29:30):
Nice, give me one to use.

Speaker 7 (29:32):
All right? A fail marriage?

Speaker 3 (29:34):
Is that just a marriage didn't work?

Speaker 6 (29:35):
It's all one word, you just say fail marriage. No,
it's a marriage that's in total free fall, but.

Speaker 7 (29:39):
The couple chooses to stay together anyway.

Speaker 3 (29:41):
Oh, got it? A fail marriage?

Speaker 2 (29:44):
Okay, that is feel healthy? But got it? Yeah?

Speaker 7 (29:47):

Speaker 3 (29:48):
Oh I glaze people all time. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (29:51):
No, no, like I've been glazing on your hair for
like days. It looks awesome.

Speaker 7 (29:55):
It's over hyping something.

Speaker 2 (29:56):
Yeah, I don't think I'm hyping it a lot. Ye'ah
ill give you glazed all day.

Speaker 3 (30:00):
I appreciate that. You welcome.

Speaker 2 (30:01):
Yeah. That one I kind of already use a bit,
and I feel like it was that cool though, But
maybe I'm cool to that, I think. Okay, go ahead,
poky uh it's it's what I again, what I call
eddie warre alone.

Speaker 3 (30:12):
I thought that was prison.

Speaker 7 (30:13):
Especially now Yeah, okay. And then the final one is
yep is.

Speaker 3 (30:19):
That just yes? Differently?

Speaker 2 (30:20):
Yeap oh?

Speaker 7 (30:22):
Talk talking excessively at links.

Speaker 4 (30:24):

Speaker 3 (30:25):
I feel like that's not a new one though. People
just straight yep, straight yep.

Speaker 2 (30:29):
Hey, those are.

Speaker 7 (30:31):
The words if you want to, you know, talk to
your kids, be cool?

Speaker 2 (30:34):
Why have you not to do that? Actually, that's just
so you can know what they are. If they're saying it,
you probably shouldn't use them with your kids. I'll think
you're lame.

Speaker 6 (30:40):
What I'll be like if, oh no, I'll be something
like like she likes my outfit, I'll be.

Speaker 2 (30:47):
Like, she's glazing your outfit, glazing me. You never used
I don't yet, but I've go now.

Speaker 7 (30:53):
I never knew until I saw this article.

Speaker 6 (30:55):
Okay, I have an easy tweak that can help cut
down screen time because the average phone time for users
like you're playing there on your phone is six hours
and thirty seven minutes per day.

Speaker 2 (31:07):
Oh that's good.

Speaker 6 (31:08):
Yeah, and everyone is looking for ways to cut back
like they really want to. But it's just so satisfying sometimes.
I mean sometimes I don't even realize. I pick up
my phone and I just start doing things with my
thumb and swiping it and doing and I'm like, what,
how am I on my phone again?

Speaker 7 (31:21):
I throw it down? You know, it just habit.

Speaker 6 (31:24):
So there's this app it's called Interact Out, and it'll
limit your screen time because it makes your phone operate
in a really slow way, like when you swipe, it's
like this delayed response and then you get annoyed with
it and you put your phone down, so you do
end up you don't get that instant gratification.

Speaker 3 (31:39):
That would make me so mad. Yeah, that would be annoying.

Speaker 2 (31:41):
There's another thing that you can do is it's something
you probably can do a lot easier. You can do
your screen time and have it on your screen as
like a widget so you can always see so you
always see where you are on screen time. That way,
you're just you just know and if we know a
lot of times it's like I when I I was
training or getting ready to do a TV show and

I was like, I need to lose a little bit
of wait for camera. If I kept like a journal
of food and why it made it wasn't so much
that the writing down did anything. I just had to
acknowledge and keep it in front of me that I
would see it and go like, oh, yeah, there was
seven bowlsl herea all that day.

Speaker 3 (32:16):
Maybe I should cut a three. So but you can
put it on your.

Speaker 7 (32:20):
Your your account accountability.

Speaker 3 (32:22):
Yeah, my daily average seven hours and forty one minutes.

Speaker 6 (32:25):
Wow, when you see that, does that make you be
like Okay, I wish I had eight.

Speaker 2 (32:30):
I like round numbers my mem for eight. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (32:35):
Luke Bryan was talking about sad songs and how a
lot of times they are too sad to even put
on an album. Artists think about that like even having
to perform it. And there was one song in particular
that he.

Speaker 7 (32:46):
Almost didn't put on his last album called build Me
a Daddy, but then he saw a reaction and how
it was striking a chord with some of his fans,
so he's like, Okay, I've got to include it.

Speaker 3 (32:56):
Build Me a Daddy.

Speaker 9 (32:56):
I mean, it'll catch me from time to time in
different aspects of the lyric, will really hit me hard.
I mean, it was a beautifully written song, and my
first worry was is this song too sad to put
on my album? But then as I started watching people
react to the song, then it felt like it felt
like a song that the world needs to hear.

Speaker 7 (33:19):
Which I'm glad you put it on there.

Speaker 6 (33:20):
I mean, and Father's Day was this last weekend. I
feel like it's probably something a lot of people can
resonate with, like sad music, because Father's Day could be
sad for a lot of people.

Speaker 2 (33:28):
I love sad songs in general. That's only kind of
music I like. So it's not happy. It feels good,
and I don't feel that often, but sad songs, not
even sad emotional songs to me. Sampleton has a song
called Maggie's Song on his last record, and it's about
a dog they found. Dog stuff gets me every time,
and I pulled up the lyrics just so I could
read them. Let me tell you a story about an

old friend of mine. Somebody left her in a shopping
cart and a parking lot for us to find, just
a fuzzy black pup.

Speaker 3 (33:55):
She was hungry and feeling alone.

Speaker 2 (33:56):
We put her in the back seat, told her we
were taking her home, and then it's like Maggie run
and so it's like the happiness of the dogs, and
she'll like playing with squirrels. And then it's a real
story about Christmas dog. And then it's like it was
right now on a Monday, the day that Maggie died.
She woke up. I couldn't use her legs, so I
laid down by her side, and it's like like that
dog stuff. That's tough for me because I was.

Speaker 3 (34:20):
A dog in my old life. No, I have dogs.
I love dogs. Yeah, and so that one is one
that I struggle with.

Speaker 2 (34:25):
I heard it playing at a grocery store once, that song,
and I'm like crying over my toteenoes.

Speaker 3 (34:29):
Oh maybe I don't go to the grocery store.

Speaker 2 (34:32):
I must have been at like I was playing it somewhere,
maybe a Walgreens or something. I won't go to Walgreens
or CBS, so Walgreens mostly, I think I heard it
there and I was like, whirred song for here.

Speaker 3 (34:43):

Speaker 2 (34:44):
And then songs that really aren't emotional and meaning but
feel emotional because of what it's associated with, like John
Anderson Swinging, because it was like my grandma's favorite song
An times on from Port They Ain't Talking to Pie
Dane Chicken up to Fry.

Speaker 3 (35:03):
My grandma listened to that song all the time. And yeah,
my grandma raised me.

Speaker 2 (35:07):
So that song if I ever heard that one, just
to swing and swing?

Speaker 3 (35:11):
Yeah, yeah, that Maggie song, that's tough. What's that Jake
Going song we All Want We Ain't Got?

Speaker 4 (35:17):

Speaker 2 (35:18):

Speaker 3 (35:18):
I heard that just came out.

Speaker 5 (35:19):
I guess I have it on my playlist or something,
and it just showed up and I started crying I
don't know why I.

Speaker 3 (35:24):
Cry, no idea, man, I got tears in my eyes.
What about that made emotional? Don't know. Maybe just like
the slowness of the song we all want we got that. Yeah,
our favorite doors are always locked.

Speaker 2 (35:35):
Did you have hair when you heard it?

Speaker 6 (35:36):

Speaker 3 (35:37):
That could have been it.

Speaker 2 (35:39):
That song is more of like, hey, let's remember who
we are? Yeah, more than like a dog dying.

Speaker 6 (35:44):
Maybe there's something like deep within Eddie where he's trying
to find himself a little bit.

Speaker 3 (35:49):
Oh and think about all that.

Speaker 7 (35:51):
I mean, you spend so much time like with like
you have four kids, yeah, and you work a lot,
like a lot of your time is dedicated to.

Speaker 2 (35:57):
And you want more things outside of you and we
won't find.

Speaker 3 (36:00):
Maybe you won't find kids. Broh. Yeah, that's a good story.

Speaker 2 (36:03):
I like it.

Speaker 7 (36:04):
I'm Amy. That's my patle.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
That was Amy's pile of story. It's time for the
good news, Bobby. This kid named Jake TikTok kid, he
gets on and he's like, hey, I have student loans.
And he's not asking for people to give him money,
although I've seen some people pay off full bills by going, hey,
whe everybody send me five bucks and then they do.
It's it doesn't always worry, but when it does, it's

pretty cool. But he's like, hey, look, I don't want
anything from you, but there is this creator rewards program,
which is basically how TikTok pays their the people that
make content.

Speaker 3 (36:38):
It's not a whole lot. I was in it for
a bit.

Speaker 2 (36:40):
I feel like sometimes they suppres some of those videos
so they don't have to pay as much.

Speaker 3 (36:43):
But whatever.

Speaker 2 (36:45):
And so he said, hey, if you'll just watch this
for six seconds, I'll make a few cents. And if
so many people watch this thing, I'll be able to
pay off my student loans. And so he needed two
hundred and forty seven million people to watch five seconds video.
Oh my gosh, so he said it, and then he
spent fifty sixty seconds eating cereal after that. Right now,
it's been viewed over twenty six million times. Wow, it

has over five million likes. It has helped Jake pay
off over four thousand dollars with a student loan debt
so far. Wow. Funny, that's crazy because he's not asking
for money. He's just like, Hey, if you guys just
watch this for a few seconds, that'll help me. I thought,
that was a really fun idea. That's from Newsweek. So
shout out to Jake Heisenberg, who is creating cool ways.

Speaker 3 (37:26):
I mean, you can probably do this with some charity
stuff too. Heisenberg.

Speaker 2 (37:29):
Did you say heisenberten Jake.

Speaker 3 (37:30):
Heisenberg breaking the Heisenberg Yeah, no relation. Okay, that's what
it's all about.

Speaker 2 (37:36):
That was telling me something good. We have ninety seconds
to try to figure out as many of Amy's Morning
Corny's as possible. Clock Ready to go, ninety seconds Amy,
Ready to go, Ready, team, ready to go? Read Ready,
All right, let's go the mourning Corny.

Speaker 7 (37:55):
What do you call a dinosaur wrapped in bacon?

Speaker 2 (37:59):

Speaker 3 (37:59):
A saurus? Some befas porcosaurus wrapped in bacon? Who makes
Tyrannosaurus bacon? Jimmy dean ursaurus?

Speaker 2 (38:10):
A dinosaur a stagan tyrannosaurs wrex bacon rep What do
you call.

Speaker 7 (38:15):
A dinosaur wrapped in bacon?

Speaker 8 (38:18):
Pigs in a blanket or dinosaurs bacon bacon?

Speaker 3 (38:21):
What's vacon?

Speaker 2 (38:22):
A pig? Pig, pork missile? Oh dude, don't know you
can like that one. Okay, dinosaur p.

Speaker 7 (38:33):
What do you call a dinosaur wrapped in bacon?

Speaker 3 (38:36):
Pork sizzling.

Speaker 2 (38:38):
I don't know breakfast stagosaurus pork, porkosaurus, rhino a saurce
Dinosaurs run a bacon? What are the different dinosaurs Stegosaurus
bacon run baronosaurus?

Speaker 7 (38:53):
What do you call a dinosaur bacon is in a
blanket that's wrapped?

Speaker 2 (38:58):
What is the dinosaur p pork belly? Pork opinion popper? Okay,
jurassic pork, jurassic pork Okay.

Speaker 7 (39:08):
What's the best vehicle for delivering bacon?

Speaker 2 (39:12):
Point taxi? Porky uh, pork missile, the pig mobile? No
oscar myer? What bacon? What crispy? A maserati crispy? What's
the apple oven?

Speaker 3 (39:31):
These bacon jokes are hard.

Speaker 2 (39:32):
I don't know about who knew there was such a
hard category of jokes.

Speaker 7 (39:35):
Yeah, what a pig up truck?

Speaker 3 (39:38):
No, that' never gonna get that.

Speaker 2 (39:39):
No way, that's funny. That one's funny, though, But we
were like a pig up truck, Yeah, pick up truck?
Or like, what do you call a laundro mat for pigs? What? Hogwash?
A lot of good those are funny, just hard, I
know that. So I'll just wow on for bacon Part
two when I'm doing bring back Meagan McGill's give us, Yeah,

give us the next week, give us some more port.
Next week we're gonna play what year was it?

Speaker 3 (40:10):
I'll give you three things. Tell me the year it
all happened, Reddy? What year was it?

Speaker 2 (40:16):
What year? What? What? What? What year?

Speaker 11 (40:18):

Speaker 2 (40:18):
You here? We go the first clue and you can
buzz in at any time. Oh and take it from
the person clue number one, in Sync has a number
one song.

Speaker 3 (40:30):
With It's gonna be me, Eddie.

Speaker 2 (40:33):
You're already in go ahead two thousand and two thousand
three incorrect, See you sucker, you can't be doing that
fiddling with the words. Yeah, Stalin, what.

Speaker 3 (40:42):
Did you say is your answer? Two thousand and three? Okay?

Speaker 2 (40:44):
Correct. I'm like, I don't even know what you hear.
Number two, It's a great day to be Alive by
Travis Tritt was released. Number three. Gladiator is released and
makes four hundred and sixty five million dollars at the
box office. What your what year? What year? What year
was it? I know you're all in now, so you

get to guess. In Sync It's gonna be me Gladiator
Travis Tritt. It's a great day to beat, Eddie, you're
not in Yeah, I'm just still trying to play in
my head though. Okay, I see you right over there,
No need, I got it. Gladiator. You can't do that
though you're already out. You don't do a lunchbot for
my own head. Okay, then just do it quietly. Gladiators released.

It makes four hundred and sixty five million bucks. I'm
in for the wind Amy two thousand, Lunchbox ninety eight.
The year is two thousand, Amy one point shout out
your what your Gladiator is so good? By the way,
it's so good, and I'm making a new one. There
are a prequel, I think, and Russell Crowe was like,

they didn't even ask me, Well you're not.

Speaker 3 (41:50):
In it, bro, And I think he looks real different now, and.

Speaker 2 (41:52):
Also you don't own it. Yeah, he's put on a
few now.

Speaker 8 (41:55):
He's older though, that know what I'm saying, Like he
doesn't look like Gladiator.

Speaker 2 (41:58):
Right, but he would he Okay, didn't there? Next up
Clue number one, the TV series Friday Night Lights debuted
on NBC. That's a good show. Clue number two. Daniel
Poucher has a number one song with because You had
a bad day, taking one time same, It's something just

singing around. Had a bad day, Gosh, I'm close, I'm
close to I got after I start the third clue,
you can't buzz in anymorey Clue number three. Pirates of
the Caribbean dead Man's Chest was the biggest movie of
the year. Never watched that for me either, So your
clues are Friday Night Lights debuts on NBC. Because I

had a bad day, that song is a number one song,
and Pirates of the Caribbean dead Man's Chest, I'm in
for the I'm in and You're in the Legia go
First two thousand and five, Lunchbox two thousand and six,
Eddie two thousand and six. The answer is two thousand

and six, tied up next one Clue number one, Well,
year was it. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a
five week number one with It's Your Love. It just
the something to Me Clue number two. South Park debut

on Comedy Central, oh Man, Clue number three, No More
buzzing in. George Clooney was the star of Er. He
played Batman and Batman and Robin, and he was also
named People's Sexiest man Alive.

Speaker 3 (43:48):
It's Your Love from Tim and Faith Comedy Central debut.

Speaker 2 (43:52):
South Park.

Speaker 3 (43:53):
I got it.

Speaker 2 (43:54):
George Clooney was er Batman and People's Sexiest Man Alive.
Got it in for the.

Speaker 7 (44:01):
Wind, Yeah, we got nineteen ninety seven lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (44:05):
You're close, Amy, it's ninety six, Eddie.

Speaker 3 (44:07):
Your close, lunchboxes nineteen ninety five.

Speaker 2 (44:09):
It's not ninety six. I got it, Eddie. You're wrong, Amy,
it's ninety seven. Yeah, what's nineteen ninety seven? It's your love, man?
I had the wrong semester of school.

Speaker 3 (44:22):
We're all tied up. No, Amy's got two now, oh
dang two more left?

Speaker 7 (44:27):
Daniel Potter two thousand and six?

Speaker 3 (44:28):
What year was it?

Speaker 2 (44:30):
Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise was the top song of the year. Okay,
hold on, I'm not holding some click Yeah Clue number two.

Speaker 3 (44:42):
Brave Heart wins Best Picture The Oscars Last Chance Nah.

Speaker 2 (44:51):
Clue number three. The OJ Simpson Trial captivates audiences. Okay, trial,
Coolio's Gangster's Paradise Top Song of the year. Brave Heart
wins Best Picture O J. Simpson The trial is just
captivating audiences. I'm in What year was it? Man? How

long after the chase was the trial? I'm this is
killing me.

Speaker 7 (45:23):
I'm doing a last minute SWITCHERISKI are you?

Speaker 3 (45:26):
She never said she was in, so switcher did in?

Speaker 2 (45:28):
Yeah, I know, I'm in.

Speaker 3 (45:29):
Now let's box you then not yet three seconds.

Speaker 2 (45:34):
I'll be in for the Eddie nineteen and ninety six Lunchbox.

Speaker 8 (45:40):
Well, I went to see Gangster's Paradise, that movie Dangerous
Minds with Lauren, Kathleen and Forrest the night it came out,
and it was in ninety.

Speaker 2 (45:48):
Five, Amy, nineteen ninety five.

Speaker 3 (45:51):
The answer is nineteen ninety five.

Speaker 2 (45:53):
Yeah, yes, Eddie's eliminated. You can't win. You can't win anymore,
but you get cut off lunchbox by getting it early.

Speaker 3 (46:03):
Oh okay, okay, Amy, you're in the lead.

Speaker 2 (46:05):
You want to do that last one?

Speaker 3 (46:07):
We'll see last one.

Speaker 2 (46:09):
Empire State of Mind in New York, Jungle Wed Dreams
made with Jay Z and Alicia Keys. It's released, it
goes number one in this year. Michael Jackson dies on
June twenty fifth of this year.

Speaker 3 (46:24):
Eddie, Oh gosh, shoot thousand and eight.

Speaker 7 (46:28):
Oh day, Oh that honestly incorrect.

Speaker 2 (46:32):
Oh and the final clue, I know what house I
lived in when Michael Jackson died in two thousand names.
The final clue band Slam, starring Vanessa Hudgens and myself
Bobby bones Man was released in theaters. The movie band Slam,
How would We Know That, starring Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Kudro

and myself Bobby bones is released in theaters.

Speaker 5 (46:58):
I only remember the production true, not the release true.

Speaker 3 (47:03):
What year was it?

Speaker 2 (47:07):
There's two choices, yeah, two choices, Amy, you don't have
to get it right to win.

Speaker 3 (47:11):
If he misses it, you win.

Speaker 7 (47:13):
I know what I just want to win.

Speaker 2 (47:14):
I hear you.

Speaker 3 (47:16):
Dang three seconds?

Speaker 7 (47:19):
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, all right.

Speaker 2 (47:22):
Circled my answer Lunchbox two thousand and nine. Lunchbox is correct? Yes, yes, Amy.
If you're correct, you win. But if you're not, it
goes to sudden death. Amy, what year do you have? So?

Speaker 7 (47:36):
I wrote down to and circled one.

Speaker 3 (47:38):
Just give me the answer you wrote you circled.

Speaker 7 (47:40):
Circled twenty ten, Yes, and I had nine.

Speaker 2 (47:46):
Sudden death. Wow, sudden That was great, man, that was
so cool.

Speaker 7 (47:51):
Why do I do that?

Speaker 2 (47:52):
But this is sudden death? So buzz in at any time,
even after the third only person gets a Kiss, What
year was it? Paul Abdul has a number one song
with straight Up Now tell Me Do You Really want
to Love Me? Forever? With No Hope? Number two Spider
Man starring Toby Maguire is released Wrong one Hold on

Second one.

Speaker 3 (48:18):
Number two.

Speaker 2 (48:19):
Seinfeld debuted on NBC on July fifth of this year.
She has straight Up Now, tell Me, What's the New
with TV's and finally buzz In When you Know It.

Speaker 3 (48:34):
Taylor Swift was born lunch lunchbox nine nine right, she.

Speaker 2 (48:43):
Said no, And that is the end of the first
half of the podcast. That is the end of the
first half of the podcast.

Speaker 3 (48:52):
That is the end of the first half of the podcast.

Speaker 2 (48:55):
You can go to a podcast to or you can
wait till podcasts.

Speaker 3 (48:58):
Who comes out.

Speaker 2 (48:59):
Thank you all This is me letting you know because
of all the messages that this is the end of
the first half of the podcast.

Speaker 3 (49:06):
Thank you all right.

Speaker 2 (49:07):
This is the end of the first half of the podcast.
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