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June 15, 2024 75 mins

This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that Morgan counts down from 7 to 1. You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
It's the Best Bits of the week with Morgan. I
just the bits.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
What's up, y'all, Welcome to the Best Bits. Thanks for
hanging out with me this weekend. It's Morgan here. Before
we get into it, I hope you go check out
Part one, Part three this weekend with Scuba Steve. Not
only is it a personal favorite for him to come
on and we catch up on life, but I know
it's also a lot of listeners favorite. So if you
haven't given it a chance before, go into it. This
weekend is short and sweet. We really did good at

wrapping it up. And that's kind of an inside joke
if you've listened to our interviews before this weekend. On
part one, we talked about the major celebrity I saw
at CMA Fest. It was scub of Steve's first CMA Fest,
and we did a little let me turn you on
to something and you're just gonna have to go listen
to find out what I mean by that, and we
talked to ubers and then part three get a listener

question and answers. We found out how Dad life is going,
his preferences between Disneyland, disney World, and that new Universal
park that's going in and a psychedelic story. But now
the reason you are here to catch up on the
Bobby Bone Show. So here we go. We all shared
a new movie recommendation. Some movies weren't quite new, most

of them were, and some movies were not well received
amongst the entire show. But you guys are always asking
me to make sure to share all the recommendations, and
we haven't done any for a while. But this is
a whole segment of movies that you can watch with
the family without and maybe you.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
Shouldn't watch number seven.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
Let's review some new movies. I lost a bet and
had to watch Godzilla minus one. It's in Japanese. I
did not want to watch Godzilla minus one because it
was in Japanese. It got ninety eight percent positive and
rott Tomatoes.

Speaker 4 (01:43):
It's pretty good, pretty good.

Speaker 5 (01:46):
I just the Japanese part.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
It's hard.

Speaker 4 (01:48):
Oh yeah, But don't you watch movies with subtitles on anyway?

Speaker 5 (01:51):
Like that's guy's the kate here. So you're reading the
same thing, you know, but you.

Speaker 6 (01:55):
Have both, you have it both coming in the same time.
You have no idea what's happening if you don't read.

Speaker 3 (02:00):
I struggle because the Godzilla story for all the time.

Speaker 5 (02:04):
Sometimes he's good, sometimes he's bad.

Speaker 3 (02:05):
So I never know. So I'm always like doing my
post Root four against Godzilla, and in this one, you're
not rooting for Godzilla.

Speaker 5 (02:11):
But I didn't even get that till like halfway through.
I was torn.

Speaker 3 (02:14):
I didn't know what to feel, what to root. And
it feels like they made this movie thirty years ago.
It's even shot old, right is that part of the mystique? Mike?
It looks old. It's fine. I give it three and
a half out of five. It's on Netflix though Godzilla
minus one. People loved it. Did you watch it?

Speaker 4 (02:29):
I did, dude. I watched it because, like I was like,
I wouldn't mind getting it on the wheel, but I didn't.
My name wasn't picked. I loved it. I thought I
was like I with Mike. I thought the story was great,
good storyline. But uh, I've never watched Godzilla, so I
have nothing to compare it to.

Speaker 3 (02:42):
You just knew he's a bad guy.

Speaker 4 (02:43):
Yeah, I know.

Speaker 3 (02:44):
I just finished watching Godzilla from another Amazon series where
he's got a good guy.

Speaker 4 (02:48):
It was a good I liked it.

Speaker 5 (02:49):
Okay, who else has seen a movie?

Speaker 3 (02:51):
Morgan yeah.

Speaker 2 (02:51):
I watched the new hit Man movie on Netflix with.

Speaker 5 (02:54):
Glenn Powell see the Guy with All the Abs?

Speaker 2 (02:56):
Yeah, the one and anyone but you and talk about
Maverick I never saw.

Speaker 6 (03:00):
Yeah, Oh you need to see that.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
I promise it's really good.

Speaker 3 (03:04):
I just got told Godzilla was good to I haven't
watching Japanese. It's not in jeopany So Hitman is on Netflix.

Speaker 6 (03:09):
Yeah, and it was.

Speaker 2 (03:10):
It was super slow to start. I was like, oh,
maybe I'm not gonna like this, but then it's got
really twisted and it picked up really good and he
plays multiple characters in the movie.

Speaker 5 (03:18):
And it was just really good.

Speaker 3 (03:19):
What do you read it?

Speaker 2 (03:20):
I would give it four out of five. H what's
the name when you have a bunch of different costumes,
more drobe changes, no disguises, Yeah, out of five disguises.

Speaker 3 (03:33):
Mike, did you watch Hitman on Netflix? Yeah? I think
it's the best movie that Netflix has done all year,
probably in a couple of years. They really don't have
like big hits anymore.

Speaker 5 (03:41):
Anybody else watching movies?

Speaker 6 (03:42):
I watched McFarland.

Speaker 3 (03:44):
What's that?

Speaker 6 (03:44):
Okay? So it came out probably like eight years ago
or something. But my niece is like, Oh, it's such
a feel good movie. It's great to watch with the kids.
So we put it on. Disney did it and it's
a true story about a cross country team that there
was no team, but a football coach like had a
really bad temper. He kept getting fired, so we got
sent to this McFarlane. California was like one of the
poorest places in America, and he tried to be the

football assistant coach. There wasn't cutting it. So he realized.
I think he saw how they were having to run
a lot when they work in these fields, and he
was like, I think we got some runners. So we
took seven kids that actually were getting in trouble a lot,
and he formed a cross country team and they never
had one and they.

Speaker 3 (04:24):
You just run a risk. I just want to make
sure you protect yourself from yourself.

Speaker 4 (04:26):
It's a good movie.

Speaker 1 (04:27):
It's a really good good way too much.

Speaker 6 (04:29):
Y'all seen it? Yeah, yeah, Kevin Costner's yeah yeah, and
they're all but they're a bunch of Hispanic kids.

Speaker 4 (04:35):
So I love that one.

Speaker 6 (04:36):
You're going to tell Mike d and Eddie it's like
they're like you, I give it, especially for a family film.

Speaker 1 (04:43):
Five out of five.

Speaker 6 (04:44):
Wow, cross Country runners.

Speaker 3 (04:47):
Do you watch the Frosted movie?

Speaker 4 (04:48):
Yeah, Unfrosted on Netflix was terrible. It was so funny,
We're overdue for it.

Speaker 2 (04:54):
Was horrible movie I've ever seen.

Speaker 4 (04:57):
Dide, you know, like Airplane, Naked Gun, those funny movies, Like,
they haven't made movies like that in a long time.

Speaker 5 (05:01):
This is exactly what that is. Dude, I lo o
led for most of the movie.

Speaker 4 (05:05):
Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, Dude, everybody in that
movie is super famous.

Speaker 3 (05:12):
What did you rate it? I'd say four out of
five Dumpsters Morgan, what did you write it?

Speaker 2 (05:16):
I would give it zero point five out of five
lame jokes.

Speaker 3 (05:20):
I was repulsed by this movie.

Speaker 5 (05:21):
I gave it one out of five.

Speaker 4 (05:22):
Pop Tarts, Oh, you guys are crazy.

Speaker 1 (05:25):
I think Eddie just loves Seinfeld.

Speaker 4 (05:28):
It's the deal with the pop Tart and he's like that.
He's an exec for Kellogg's.

Speaker 3 (05:32):
I can't believe they paid her to make this movie. Okay,
so let's go to our list here. Godzilla minus one.
I give it three and a half. Amy gives McFarland
five and a little too much of the plot, but it's.

Speaker 6 (05:43):
True true story. It's out there. But watch ja then
because they do something really really cool at the end.

Speaker 3 (05:48):
Eddie gives Unfrosted the story of the pop tart. Yeah,
what'd you give it? Four out of five dumpsters and
it was met with terrible even the reviews like the
rotten tomatoes like temper Enter.

Speaker 5 (06:00):
And Lunchbox anything. Have you seen any movie at all?

Speaker 7 (06:02):
I have not seen a movie in a long time
except for usual Suspects.

Speaker 1 (06:06):
That's it.

Speaker 3 (06:06):
Oh yeah, yeah, and I finally know Sosey Kaiser is
finally Okay, thank you guys. We'll put all these reviews
up if you want to see him a Bobby Bones
dot com.

Speaker 1 (06:15):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
Number two, Lunchbox got an exclusive interview with the Thomas
Rhett while we were at Cumafest, and you made a
whole big deal about it, and you know, I don't
know why I'm including this bit in here because it
turned into him then insulting me, and I don't appreciate that,
and I don't stand by anything that he said, which
is why I'm not helping him. After he got hacked

on Twitter, which is another piece of all this. But
even the hack on Twitter. Didn't make it in the
top seven this weekend, but this exclusive interview did for
the simple fact of how ridiculous Lunchbox is and we
love Thomas Rhett number six.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
Lunchbox said he brought it an exclusive one on one
interview with an Alas star that no one else had
access to. I'm ready to hear it.

Speaker 5 (06:59):
Was it post Malone? Nope, machine Gun, Kelly Nope?

Speaker 3 (07:03):
Okay? Who was it?

Speaker 7 (07:04):
Thomas Rhett?

Speaker 5 (07:06):
Okay, okay, love love Thomas htt But.

Speaker 7 (07:09):
I found out information that no one has ever asked
him in an interview that no one.

Speaker 3 (07:13):
Has how'd you get the interview?

Speaker 7 (07:16):
I saw him backstage and I saw him go in
the bathroom, so I waited outside the bathroom.

Speaker 3 (07:19):
Boy, and I shouldn't laugh, because all it doesn't encourage
him to do this stuff. How long is the interview?

Speaker 7 (07:25):
It is like one minute. It's maybe less than a minute,
and it's three questions You didn't know about Thomas Rhett
out of the bathroom out, Well, you don't have to
say that.

Speaker 3 (07:34):
You just said that.

Speaker 7 (07:35):
But yes, when he came out of the bathroom, I
got him three hard hitting questions and I said, hey, man,
go ahead and go to the stage. Oh there, he
has two reds in the building.

Speaker 8 (07:42):
He's ready to rock with him.

Speaker 7 (07:44):
How are you doing, buddy, I got a session. Do
you know those bugs that light up at night?

Speaker 3 (07:48):

Speaker 7 (07:50):
He calls him firefly.

Speaker 9 (07:51):
I saw them lightning bugs.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
But you know, okay?

Speaker 7 (07:53):
And how do you do you when you go camping?
Do you make some'mores? Do you put the marshmallow?

Speaker 3 (07:57):
How do you do it? Do you do?

Speaker 9 (07:58):
Tell me how you make your small First comes the graham, okay,
then comes the mallow.

Speaker 7 (08:03):
Okay, you know maybe I'm referencing right now.

Speaker 1 (08:05):
No, the sandlot.

Speaker 7 (08:06):
I was gonna say that, but I didn't want to
be wrong.

Speaker 3 (08:09):
I'll be out of two Hershe's in between the graham,
mallow and the bottom way all right.

Speaker 7 (08:14):
That saw was Rhett and having his summers.

Speaker 2 (08:16):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 7 (08:17):
You're going on family vacations going to Africa.

Speaker 1 (08:20):
Oh that's cool.

Speaker 8 (08:21):
What are you gonna do, man?

Speaker 1 (08:22):
Taking the whole family.

Speaker 7 (08:23):
We're gonna go to.

Speaker 3 (08:25):
Safari a little bit.

Speaker 1 (08:27):
Yeah, I don't really think.

Speaker 9 (08:29):
I'm gonna go to the lake.

Speaker 1 (08:30):
Industry were lifestyle?

Speaker 5 (08:33):
Okay, So have a couple of questions. Great job, heck
of an interview.

Speaker 7 (08:36):
Yeah, man, if you know he was going to Africa
on safari this summer.

Speaker 4 (08:40):
Nope, nope, I didn't know that.

Speaker 3 (08:41):
Nobody knew that.

Speaker 6 (08:43):
Okay, Well I talked to him backstage. You said that
they were really excited. I was talking to his wife
that this is gonna be the first time that their
adopted daughter is going back home.

Speaker 3 (08:50):
You didn't record this for the show.

Speaker 7 (08:51):
Really, it's a really specials on video.

Speaker 3 (08:55):
Did Okay? My thing is you were waiting for him
when he came out of the bathroom, like, he's so
nice to just stop and humor whatever you're doing, which
I agree.

Speaker 7 (09:03):
He was very nice, very friendly, and he enjoyed the interview.
He enjoyed that it wasn't too long. He enjoyed the questions.
It wasn't like, oh, tell me about your music, Like
we got down to like nitty gritty life stuff.

Speaker 5 (09:14):
Yeah, like how do you do your smores?

Speaker 7 (09:17):
Because it's summer. I figure that's a good thing that
people are going to be sitting by campfire. So if
you want to make your smore like Thomas Rhett, now
you know how.

Speaker 3 (09:24):
Hey Scuba Steve, we come up to the microphone. I
wasn't going to go to this now but I think
I will. Scubas sent me a note about Lunchbox at
CMA fest.

Speaker 7 (09:31):
Oh yeah, we don't have to go to it now
we can go to tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (09:35):
No, it just was Lunchbox. At times gets upset that
he's not invited by the company, the executives that don't
live here to do certain privileged things like Amy.

Speaker 5 (09:48):
Will host a national album release.

Speaker 7 (09:50):
Yeah that's true. I've never done one of those. Now
I'm still flabbergasted.

Speaker 3 (09:54):
Scuba. Will you read? Because Scuba sent me a couple
of notes about Lunchbox weekend, and he's like, this is
why go at number one? Play?

Speaker 10 (10:00):
I got four things here about Lunchbox. The first one
I'll at ray play the audio. This is his first
stage hit in front of thousands of people at Nissan Stadium.

Speaker 3 (10:07):
Okay, you me up for time. Oh we haven't fun.
Oh we haven't fun. He shout out the show she's
here tonight, go over.

Speaker 4 (10:30):
He starts with Happy New Year.

Speaker 5 (10:31):
It's June like ninth. Why did you say Happy New Year.

Speaker 7 (10:35):
I haven't seen most of those people this year, so
it's the first time I seeing him in the New year.
So Happy New Year, and.

Speaker 6 (10:40):
He shouted out his cousin.

Speaker 4 (10:41):
You mean the crowd, Yeah, the crowd.

Speaker 5 (10:43):
You've never seen him in your life, so Happy New Life.

Speaker 10 (10:46):
And then his cousin that he references, he asked me like,
almost like an hour before the show, any think you
can give me some free tickets. I'm like, yeah, if
you would have asked me to be a week or
so ago, not right before the show starts. But so
I had to make all his phone calls to get
his cousin set up for tickets.

Speaker 3 (10:58):
So number one, he goes out and neils Happy Year,
which apparently some inside joked that the crowd didn't know about.

Speaker 5 (11:02):
And two demanded his cousin, Okay, what's the next thing.

Speaker 10 (11:05):
Second thing is so during a break we go to
see that cousin in section one thirty four. We say hi,
we talked for a little bit, and like, hey, we
gotta go back up there. We gotta do another stage.

Speaker 3 (11:12):
Shit. He's like all right.

Speaker 10 (11:13):
So we're walking out, he goes he sees these two
girls that are coming into their seats. Both of them
are holding a basket of fries and chicken fingers.

Speaker 3 (11:20):
You know them? Do you know them?

Speaker 10 (11:21):
I've never seen in my life, and he's never seen
him in his life, and he goes he grabs a
French fry and says, can I get one? After he
already has the French fry in his hand and he's
eating it, and he goes to the next girl. He goes,
these are good and grabs another French fry and the
girls just stand there awkwardly, like, uh, didn't they offer
me one?

Speaker 7 (11:36):
I'm like no, but then they offered scuba fries, so
obviously they're friendly people. It's well, I get token like,
oh to good bye, you gotta give me a fry
sort of like a gruff.

Speaker 4 (11:45):
What do you call him?

Speaker 5 (11:46):
A toll road?

Speaker 6 (11:47):
If that have been some man or you have taken
his fry?

Speaker 3 (11:50):
Okay, next one, scuba. The next one.

Speaker 10 (11:52):
We heard that interview that he did with Thomas Rhet,
but what he felled and mentioned was to get that.
They were in the middle of a prayer circle. It
was quiet and they're praying, and lunchbox Walk said.

Speaker 9 (12:01):
Ah bah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and everyone.

Speaker 10 (12:04):
Said, hey, quiet down the praying. He's like, ah, interrupts
the prayer circle and then notices it's Thomas Raett and
then he's he literally is in the corner like a
like a fiend, waiting for him to come out of
the bathroom and has that camera ready to then throw
right into his face and ask him these questions.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
You busted up a prayer?

Speaker 7 (12:19):
Uh, well, I didn't know they were praying, like they
were all circled up, and I came walking in. I
was I came from another room, you know, and walked
in in the middle of the prayer. No one said
outside that, hey, wait or doing a prayer. That's not
my fault.

Speaker 5 (12:30):
But whenever you went in and they were like, hey,
did you did you hate?

Speaker 6 (12:33):

Speaker 3 (12:33):
I hate it.

Speaker 7 (12:34):
I calmed it down. Then I saw him go to
the bathroom and I was like, got him another one.

Speaker 10 (12:38):
And then the final one is as we're leaving, so
he sees Post Malone side stage, there's Post Malone, Blake Sheldon,
Gwen Stefani, MGK, Johnny Van Zant, and Lunchbox goes to
pull out his phone and rise.

Speaker 3 (12:49):
He's about to yell post Malone.

Speaker 10 (12:51):
This guy taps him on the shoulder and goes, hey, man,
what are you doing? And he's like oh. He goes
how long have you been recording that for? And he
makes him take his phone and put it in his pocket,
and then he went noodle.

Speaker 7 (13:05):
You think I went wet noodle?

Speaker 1 (13:06):

Speaker 4 (13:07):
You think I went wet Okay, we heard he did
into your normal life.

Speaker 7 (13:11):
Do you want to see the video and see if
I went wet noodle or if I kept recording?

Speaker 3 (13:15):
Well, I don't know. Did you like fake the recording?
He's saying, you were what then you held it out? No?

Speaker 7 (13:20):
I what I did is I What I do is
capture content because like I, I mean, I have issue
with Morgan being called head of digital, but that's okay,
well that's.

Speaker 3 (13:29):
For another time.

Speaker 7 (13:30):
I get the best content. And so Gwynn Stefanie, Blake Shelton,
Post Malone, machine Gun Kelly all back like side stage.
No one's got all of them in one video one time.
So I rolled, I said, what's up. There's gwyn there's
I had Blake Shelton's back and then I turned around like, oh,
machine gun Kelly, and I got DAPs from machine Gun
Kelly and some guy. That's when he goes, hey, are

you recording that? I was like, yeah, I'm recording it.
He goes, how long you've been recording? I was like
nine seconds. He goes okay, and then I walked over
and I was like, oh look Post Malone and Blake Shelton.
I caught them giving a toast and then taking a
drink together. Boom, all in one video called great content.
That guy tried to stop me, but I stopped recording.

Speaker 5 (14:10):
Absolutely not Scooba. He says he didn't go wet noodle.

Speaker 4 (14:12):

Speaker 10 (14:13):
I mean I saw a different version, but I guess
the video would like to see it video. It was
a normal video where he holds it up and you
can visibly see it. He's probably like, got it down
because he's trying to hide.

Speaker 5 (14:24):
I'm I don't care that much about it. Yes, that
video doesn't even sound that exciting.

Speaker 10 (14:27):
I guess my point is that those are four great
examples as to why he doesn't get jobs. He doesn't
get these hosting dates and stuff like that.

Speaker 6 (14:35):
Whoever he Lunchbox.

Speaker 5 (14:39):
That we turned the mics off, Okay, so here's stop.

Speaker 6 (14:42):
Post Malone's security person definitely had his eye on Lunchbox
because we were just walking down the stairs like as
we do, because we had to go back and forth,
and I don't even think Lunchbooks is going to do
anything to Post Malone or say anything, but the security
guys still grabbed Lunchbox's shoulder and pushed him to the side,
like here comes this guy. It's almost like he's on
like they have a list of face like.

Speaker 3 (15:01):
Don't take a check on this person.

Speaker 6 (15:03):
Yes the gas station if this person comes near. And
so then at one point I I was I want
I wanted to get a picture with post Malone, and
he was so kind and he was taking pictures of
people and lunch was like, Amy, I'll take you, and
I was like, no, no, because I feel like if
you take me, I'm going to get asked to leave,
Like because that's just the reputation he builds backstage.

Speaker 7 (15:22):
Now can you ask Gtty if I he watched ones?

Speaker 4 (15:25):
You know, I never want to agree with Lunchbox, but
he didn't go wet noodle on this. This video is
pretty awesome. Well, like you you can see the guy
come up and be like hey, turn that off, and
he's like okay, and he keeps rolling.

Speaker 3 (15:35):
There's no wet noodle. There's no no what noodle? Okay, Well,
then maybe I ever tracked my wet noodle. I just
went off scuba Steve, who gave me his recollection.

Speaker 4 (15:43):
Is there any way we can make lunchbox the head
of digital? I mean this video.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
He has a wrong idea. What head of digital is.
It's not him, just who records the best video?

Speaker 4 (15:49):

Speaker 3 (15:50):
Orgon does the website, the social media. She manages all
the digital properties. It's not a video shooting contests.

Speaker 7 (15:58):
I didn't know if it was like, hey, we need
to get content for the website.

Speaker 3 (16:01):
So that's why she's had digital job. No, that's all right.

Speaker 4 (16:04):
I just didn't know.

Speaker 3 (16:05):
Okay, so but we understand your point though, Yes, thank you,
all right, thank you. Hey, hard hitting interview. We'll post
this on our instagram. How about that?

Speaker 7 (16:12):
You want to see the interview?

Speaker 3 (16:13):
No, no, I'm good, we'll post it on our Instagram.
I'll post you can be vice president of digital this week?

Speaker 4 (16:18):
Thank you?

Speaker 3 (16:18):
Wow, vp of Digital this week.

Speaker 1 (16:22):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan.

Speaker 2 (16:26):
Number two, Amy Son wants something really expensive, but Amy
was like, no, I'm not just going to pay for this.

Speaker 6 (16:33):
You gotta work for it.

Speaker 2 (16:34):
You gotta make some money on your own. So Bobby
is going to hire him, and they debated on what
all his tasks should be, and one of them, I
am still not sure if it's approved or not.

Speaker 1 (16:46):
Number five, Amy.

Speaker 5 (16:47):
Whence you get your first job? When do you start working?

Speaker 6 (16:49):
My first official job?

Speaker 3 (16:51):
You made any money? Like working?

Speaker 6 (16:52):
Yeah, besides babysitting. It was I was sixteen, I could
finally drive and I was a hostess at a restaurant.

Speaker 3 (16:57):
So Amy's son, Steve and Soon wanted to get a
PlayStation five PS five from his mom and they were
going to work out a deal where he was like
going to have manners.

Speaker 5 (17:06):
And stuff, and I was like, well more than that.

Speaker 3 (17:09):
But yeah, what if I just bought it and actually
made him work, because he'll it'll be more important, and
it'll be I think he'll respect the work he has
to do more if he has to come work.

Speaker 5 (17:20):
For me, that's not his mom.

Speaker 6 (17:21):
I agree.

Speaker 3 (17:21):
So I have it here. I bought it. It is here,
and so I'm going to pass it over to Amy.
I did talk to Stevenson. He text me and he
said he's going to wait, like to camp or something.

Speaker 6 (17:31):
Oh good, okay, yeah, he was supposed to text you,
and that was I've been waiting. I was like, okay,
I'm going to see And he did have to leave
his phone behind for camp. He couldn't take it with him,
and I was like, I'll just find out from Bobby
if Bobby says because I told him if I knew,
if he didn't text you, then he's not taking this seriously.

Speaker 3 (17:48):
So can I read his message?

Speaker 11 (17:50):

Speaker 3 (17:52):
Yeah, he says, here's my mom self security number. Now,
he says, this is Stevenson. Mom told me about the
PlayStation five. I appreciate it. I'll leave for camp in
the morning. I'm excited to start working it off when
I'm back from camp. And also when I am with
my mom, I can come and you can put me
to work. Thank you. So I took a picture of
the box that it's in that box. And then so
I have some stuff that I'm gonna have him do.
I'm gonna have him organize sports cards. Oh but already

the ones that are in cases, so he doesn't have been.

Speaker 4 (18:15):
In the corners.

Speaker 6 (18:17):
What's the method of organization basketball, football, baseball?

Speaker 3 (18:21):

Speaker 5 (18:21):
He can do that perfect.

Speaker 3 (18:23):
He's going to clean the pickleball court Eddie and I
built pickleball court, wink wink, and then that it should
be fully ready to play on this week or next week,
like fully done. I'm gonna have him do some voiceover
work for the show.

Speaker 4 (18:35):
Okay, well it's real work.

Speaker 3 (18:38):
Yeah, Okay, anything else you want me to have him do?

Speaker 6 (18:40):
Is there anything a little more taxing?

Speaker 4 (18:44):

Speaker 6 (18:44):

Speaker 3 (18:44):
I could have them go because we have woods in
our yard. I could have him cut a trail on
the ground. Oh my god, Like, can you have a machete?
I'm not sure you have a machete.

Speaker 7 (18:52):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (18:54):
I want him to trail player. I've been looking for
somebody to do it, and I might have him go
and cut a trail back there.

Speaker 6 (19:00):
Okay, I need to see if he can operate that.

Speaker 5 (19:04):
No, there's no operating. It's a big machee.

Speaker 6 (19:05):
I know what a machete is, but I don't know
if he knows how to properly, like without hurting himself.

Speaker 3 (19:11):
Do we feel like that's my question for you guys.
Do we feel like the machete is too much?

Speaker 4 (19:14):

Speaker 6 (19:15):
How old is he?

Speaker 7 (19:16):
He's going to be fourteen and fourteen year old machete?
I mean, I know at fourteen we would have been
doing let's see if you can cut me.

Speaker 4 (19:24):
Sword fights for sure. Yeah, but he has nobody to
fight with, right, just trees.

Speaker 5 (19:29):
You're probably gonna say no hard works.

Speaker 3 (19:32):
I want him to cut a trail in my backyard.

Speaker 6 (19:34):
Well, then give him my pair of scissors.

Speaker 3 (19:37):
Now I'm torturing it. Okay, So you're taking this home though.

Speaker 6 (19:40):
Today, right, okay if you say so so? Yeah, so
I take that home and he can You're okay with
him using it or does he have to do the work?

Speaker 4 (19:49):
Use it?

Speaker 5 (19:49):
But I will repoet. I know where you live, Okay,
I will come and get this.

Speaker 6 (19:52):
So the minute I say something he can't have it,
you'll come, repoet.

Speaker 3 (19:57):
And I know how much it costs, so I know
how many hours I'm expecting him, how much you're paying
him an hour, So it's not that I need twenty
five hours of solid work from him. Wow, a high
it's a high hourly rate.

Speaker 6 (20:07):
I'm glad, thank you. I thought you were going to
be like, uh, you know, he can work it off
in four hours, and that's just not going to cut it.

Speaker 3 (20:13):
He got a lot of machete into do. Okay, what
if it's a small knife. What if it's a shovel
or like a pick.

Speaker 6 (20:20):
He can have a shovel or a pick like a
pick ax a machee. Different.

Speaker 3 (20:24):
I'm gonna haven't built a trail. No, for sure, that's
what we're gonna do here. Okay, look we're here. We're
ready to start the show. Thank you guys for being
a part of the show.

Speaker 1 (20:31):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan.

Speaker 2 (20:35):
Number two, for the first time in seven years, we
had the entire show together for an official photo shoot
and stuff we'll use for social media and marketing and
fun posters and stuff that we give to listeners when
they call in. So these photos were desperately needed. But
there was also some drama, because inevitably, whenever the show

is all together, there's always drama because it doesn't happen
all that often that all of us, every single one
of us, is in the same room. That's what happened
with this photo shoot.

Speaker 1 (21:06):
Number four.

Speaker 5 (21:07):
We had a photo shoot yesterday.

Speaker 3 (21:08):
We haven't had a staff photo shoot in like five years,
and so basically it's for like sales. They come in,
they took all these pictures of us, and then they
go for the next five years. Do you want to
buy this show, here's a picture of them, or they'll
use it for press stuff. Here's a picture of them.
So everybody's there. We had like two outfits we had
where they say, okay to me, it's like gonna be

like ninety minutes. I got there early. You know, By
the way, why are you guys so weird about makeup? Morgan?
Who are the weird guys about makeup?

Speaker 2 (21:36):
Scuba and RAYMONDO?

Speaker 3 (21:38):
It doesn't mean that you're a woman, not that it's
not at all.

Speaker 10 (21:43):
I've done a photo shoot with makeup and it looks
like I have makeup on, and I'm like, I don't know,
look like I have makeup on.

Speaker 5 (21:47):
Well, then that was bad makeup or bad photography.

Speaker 3 (21:49):
Well, I'm not looking to take that chance again.

Speaker 4 (21:51):
It's more of two of the glare, like they don't
want to shine it off your heads what it looked
like though, I.

Speaker 6 (21:56):
Ever heard ray just say to the person, No, it's good.
I got a spray tan on. I don't know.

Speaker 5 (22:02):
So these two guys like I want to think up fine, okay,
all good.

Speaker 3 (22:07):
But we were taking these pictures and I go and
I do some alone, and then Amy and I do
something together, and we do some with the four of us,
like the four main MIC's me, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, and
then the whole group gets in, which is everybody you
know from the show, they're also important, but maybe just
not on the air as much.

Speaker 5 (22:24):
We're all sitting around a couch and.

Speaker 3 (22:26):
Then Scuba goes, Okay, we're gonna cut me and Abby
and then we take a picture without Scuba and Abbey,
and I was like, what, why would you Why did
you guys leave for that picture? Do you feel like
you're the two that could be fired first, the most vulnerable.

Speaker 10 (22:40):
I mean, these pictures get used for like ten years,
so you don't have faith that I'm just thinking about
when we look at and this is just business, When
we look at who is the most important. We have
the solo with you, we have you and Amy, then
we have the core for and this is again just business.
And I come into this understanding that it doesn't bother me.
I think we shall all look at that. And then
the next layer than is everyone in that classroom, which

is you, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Morgan, Mike and Ray, the
ones that have been around for the longest, the ogs.
So that's why I cut myself an Abbey out of it.

Speaker 3 (23:11):
And I would get if you were cutting yourself, You're like, hey,
but you you cut somebody else. It wasn't even like
it's the main group. I thought it was weirdy cut Abby.

Speaker 7 (23:19):
Can I say, well, I think what he was doing
is he was using Abby as a smoke screen. He
has his he has his like, uh path charted out,
and so he knows what he's going to be doing.
But he used Abby as a oh, take us both
out of the picture. So it's not obvious that he
is saying he has an exit plan.

Speaker 4 (23:39):
You think leaving me.

Speaker 3 (23:40):
No, I disagree with that because I know Scuba's plan,
because him and I have had long talks at my
house about how he wants to do other things. So
that is there's no smoke screen, like I know exactly
and what he's already been doing, like Scoob has been
killing it in other ways just on the show. So no,
that's not it because I already know Scuba's plan. I'm
helping him actually achieve it if I can. But I
thought him cutting Abby was weird, which.

Speaker 6 (24:02):
Would include him leaving possibly, But either way, Scoop is
talking about roles that are important. He's executive producer and
I would say that's a vital role.

Speaker 3 (24:09):
But I would say he knows what his goals are.
But cutting Abby was weird.

Speaker 4 (24:14):
That's my point.

Speaker 3 (24:15):
A photoshopper back in.

Speaker 6 (24:17):
Could he whatever his goals are, does he plan on
taking Abby with it?

Speaker 3 (24:20):
That's maybe that would be funny. What a twist that
would be. I just thought it was weird.

Speaker 1 (24:26):
Poacher Abby, how did you feel about that?

Speaker 3 (24:28):
Because I would like to say, for the record, I
know we have some with you, but I felt like
it was weird that he made you get out of
the picture.

Speaker 1 (24:33):
I mean, I thought it was odd.

Speaker 6 (24:34):
I was like, is there something I don't know exactly?
Like am I about to be a canned or something?

Speaker 3 (24:40):
This is my last? Oh?

Speaker 7 (24:42):
Abby upstairs was even shocked she was invited to the
photo shoot, she said, or not.

Speaker 3 (24:49):
Some people didn't get invited, like if they're new, new
and they you know, Abby, I don't think you should
make out from any picture. For the record, you are
very important to me and this show, and I don't
want you to feel like you're vulnerable in any way
because you are not. Thank you, Scuba. Yes, she's not.
It's just business.

Speaker 10 (25:08):
What business like just thinking about like, I mean, it's
just too much to get into, but I have to
think about what makes the most sense for what we're
gonna put out there for the public, and I had
those dial down to what groups we should take photos of.
And then they also did singles, so if they need to,
let's say, Lunchbox leaves, they can remove him and do
a shot without Lunchbox.

Speaker 3 (25:26):
Abby. Did you take singles? She did. Yeah, she's a
whole boom, let's go. Was the film in the camera
or they just like scubas like, hey, you can take them,
but don't take No need to use film on her
because you never know what's gonna happen. Making a joke,
I'm making a joke because you're very important. I promise you.

Speaker 5 (25:44):
You are very important to me, and that's what That's
what matters around here.

Speaker 3 (25:48):
It's important everybody, but for really you you add so
much to this job and you make my life easier
working here.

Speaker 4 (25:56):
I didn't mean to cut her to be like you're out,
you suck.

Speaker 3 (25:58):
It was just just business.

Speaker 5 (25:59):
It's gonna take out the picture is busy.

Speaker 6 (26:02):
Gosh. If if I'm ever having a day and someone
just tells me it's business, I.

Speaker 4 (26:07):
Just that's how you get fired.

Speaker 10 (26:09):
You just took your last picture with with Morgan in it,
and two weeks later she's gone and then you're stuck
with a picture of Morgan in it.

Speaker 3 (26:14):
So I'm just thinking a year or so. But I
hear you, but that happens.

Speaker 4 (26:17):
But I'm just thinking about and what makes sense bones
Did you have somewhere to be like because you kind
of just left them right in the middle of the shoot.

Speaker 11 (26:28):
That one.

Speaker 6 (26:33):
The guy the photographers like they were like following you
out to the car.

Speaker 4 (26:37):
Dude, we're all.

Speaker 6 (26:40):
There and just stands up and he's like, okay, I'm done.

Speaker 7 (26:43):
And then you there was there was like there was
they were done pictures taking pictures. Bob was just like,
I'm done taking pics.

Speaker 3 (26:50):
I don't think it was that dramatic. It's funny to
hear it like that. What had happened was Scuba said,
can you take pictures on this day? I said I
absolutely can. He said it'll be ninety minutes. I said, great,
I have exactly ninety minutes.

Speaker 4 (27:05):

Speaker 3 (27:05):
What I believe in my life is I have if
I have something set at what we do when we
start that noon. Yeah, yeah, eleven eleven, so eleven to
twelve thirty is what I had. And I had a
call with our CFO at twelve thirty. But don't matter
who had the call with. I'm not going to be
late to that because somebody else has extended their time.
So I said to everybody, I have ninety minutes. At
ten minutes, I said ten minute warning. At five minutes

that I have five minutes left. Then I said I
have one minute.

Speaker 6 (27:31):
No, no, you were checking your watch like the whole thing.
You're like, okay, I've heard under your breath. I think
you said like thirty seconds.

Speaker 7 (27:36):
Yeah, you know.

Speaker 3 (27:36):
And then at the time, I said, that'll be it
for me, and I walked to my next meeting. But
I told everybody I did not want to disrespect the
person that I had the meeting set with. So I
did that meeting, and then I got to therapy right
after that, thirty minutes after the call, and then I
went right to an interview with Cooper Allen right after that.
So everything is on a schedule, and nobody should serve

punishment because somebody early was holding me late. So I've
got to keep people accountable. So yes, I might have
walked off while they were taking pictures, but I did
say one minute warning, okay, thank you, I walked off.
I shook his hands, said thank you very much really
appreciate it went to my next thing. Yeah, it was
not as dramatic as you may make it out to me.
I don't know.

Speaker 6 (28:18):
Later I walked by Eddie and said something because well anyway,
Eddie just walked by, and I thought, Eddie, like, knew
you had to go or I probably heard more of
your comments under your breath, so I expected that it
was coming. Then Eddie's like, god, I've never seen anything
like that.

Speaker 5 (28:31):
I was like, that was baller.

Speaker 3 (28:32):
Eddie was at the house. Now it wasn't baller. It
wasn't baller.

Speaker 4 (28:35):
That's the coolest thing.

Speaker 1 (28:37):
No, No, that was not the reason I sit on
the couch and Barber just get something and let them
on the couch.

Speaker 6 (28:41):
I guarantee you there's got to be a shot where
we're all sitting on the couch, pose like perfectly, and
then Bobby's just standing up walking off and we're like
what what.

Speaker 4 (28:49):
To your point, I bet there's a lot of pictures
that you look at your watching me like ten minutes.

Speaker 3 (28:53):
No, I wanted to five metto what time we had left.

Speaker 6 (28:56):
Yeah, there's for sure, Picks, I you looking at you, I.

Speaker 3 (28:58):
Said, ninety minutes. I gave him a heart. I gave it.
I got it early. I gave him as good as
a ninety minutes as don't give anybody.

Speaker 4 (29:05):
Here's such a pro at that too. Like all the
variations of poses that you give him was pretty abasy.

Speaker 5 (29:10):
I hate doing it and I have to do all
the time for different stuff. So I just like, okay,
let's go.

Speaker 4 (29:14):
Yeah, like we just smile at one smile No not you.
You give him mad, you give him pensive, and you
give him doing it.

Speaker 5 (29:20):
I do urinating, I do all. But hopefully they weren't offended.

Speaker 6 (29:24):
I did leave. No, I was off I think you
had set that upitation. I guess yeah, we just I
was like, dang, I wish you would have gotten everything done.
I just feel like we had more to do and
it's just a bummer.

Speaker 11 (29:36):

Speaker 4 (29:37):
It was so cool that I thought, when I was
doing my picture, I'm like, should I give him like
thirty seconds?

Speaker 3 (29:41):
No, because I like a week before I said I
have this ninety no.

Speaker 5 (29:45):
No, no, just to kind of get the feeling of it.

Speaker 7 (29:48):
Well, I let him know how it feels. He took
the cateringe to go set in his carnade.

Speaker 3 (29:51):
And like there's mayonnaise on it. I know I'm not
eating it. I hate mayonnaise.

Speaker 5 (29:54):
I had no lunch and they promised her to be
lunch and I had no lunch.

Speaker 7 (30:00):
In one there was one with no mayonnaise. That's the
one I had to I had to pick the tomatoes.

Speaker 3 (30:04):
They so a little lesson from something I learned the
hard way, but that I do now. If you just
tell people respectfully what you want, you meet their needs,
you give them your expectations, you can say no one
yes to lots of things. For example, they were like,
Bobby Amy, do back to back. Nope, Okay, we'll do
the next one. They were telling us to do poses
and I was like, no, we don't do that one.

They're like, turn the chair backward and said in it Nope.
It wasn't mean. I just know that I'm not gonna
like that picture. So let's not waste anybody's time. Direct
communication saves everybody time and it's professional. Turn the chair around,
do that, Nope, it's business.

Speaker 4 (30:38):
That's interesting. They told Lunchbox to jump in, like he
can't jump, said he was trying hard.

Speaker 7 (30:43):
I didn't understand what they were saying. They were like
trying to do like toe tap, so I'm like, who jumps.

Speaker 4 (30:48):
Like they told him at one point, like can you
do the Jordan logo? And they're like no.

Speaker 7 (30:51):
I said, I do the Jordan logo and they said no,
tap your heels together. I'm like, who jumps to tap
their heels together?

Speaker 3 (30:58):
They asked me to jump? I said no, nope.

Speaker 7 (31:00):
I was very confused by that one.

Speaker 3 (31:02):
I don't real understand. I don't want that picture existing
anywhere when it looks stupid, even if we don't use it.

Speaker 6 (31:07):
I was glad you said no to the back to back,
thank you, because I've probably been like, okay, they.

Speaker 3 (31:12):
Said, Amy Bobby back to back I said, I said, nope,
we're not doing a buddy cop picture. What a buddy cop?
That's what it looks like.

Speaker 4 (31:20):
Yeah or whatever it Darsky and Hutch, Yeah, that's what
that'd be good.

Speaker 3 (31:24):
But yeah, it was good. We have pictures. Abby.

Speaker 5 (31:25):
I'm sorry, I don't feel I got It's fine.

Speaker 3 (31:31):
I'm good. It was not Baller it was although Eddie
did say Eddie was the house yester, and he goes,
if they make a movie about you, when you die
or something or whatever, I'm gonna be sure to put
that scene in there.

Speaker 4 (31:39):
I'll be like, guys, you got to do the photo
shoot scene, like that's got to be part of the movie.

Speaker 6 (31:43):
It does represent a lot about how you manage your time.
Like in a nutshell, it sums up like how you operate.

Speaker 4 (31:49):
I have to, right, we all have to.

Speaker 3 (31:51):
We all we can set our boundaries and live within them.
And I said one minute, yeah, yeah, okay, thank you.

Speaker 4 (31:59):

Speaker 1 (32:00):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan number two.

Speaker 2 (32:05):
For the eighth year, we are building a home for
a hero. This is super exciting. We have a new
patriotic pimp and joy line that's out now. I'm not
sure what is all currently up on the website and available,
but you can go to Bobby Bones dot com and
get your own. It's going to the hero and his family.
USAF Technical Sergeant Daniel Bestein he called them with his

wife to share his story and talk about his time
serving and the things that have happened over the course
of the last several years and why it's so important
that we build this home for him and his family.
So I hope you get inspired in multiple ways, but
even more inspired that you go to Bobby Bones dot
com and get yourself a new Patriotic Pimpinjoy T shirt,
which we're designed by Bobby's wife, Caitlin, and they're so fun,

so beautiful and you'll get them in time to wear
and rock on fourth of July. But this is who
it's going to, one hundred percent of the proceeds. So
here's that interview, and then maybe pause best fits for
hop second, go buy them and then come right back.

Speaker 3 (33:03):
Number three with US now US Air Force Technical Sergeant
Daniel Beasting.

Speaker 5 (33:09):
How's it going, guys? I see your wife's there too.
How are you guys?

Speaker 6 (33:11):

Speaker 3 (33:12):
How about you? This is my wife Alicia.

Speaker 5 (33:13):
Hey, Lisia, good to see you. I And where do
you guys live?

Speaker 8 (33:16):
We live in Rotunda West Down in Florida.

Speaker 3 (33:18):
You have gators down there? Oh yeah?

Speaker 6 (33:21):

Speaker 3 (33:21):
You ever see gators walking around in the York? Oh yeah,
I'm out no chance. So here's here's the deal. Every
year what we do is we work with our listeners
and we try to help out a hero and we've
teamed up with building Homes for Heroes to actually help
you guys. So I do want to know what's what's
happened with you guys, because I know that after you

had served building Homes for Heroes. They had built you
a home initially, Daniel's that true.

Speaker 8 (33:48):
They had They had gifted us a mortgage free home.
It had been a foreclosure that a bank had donated
to them.

Speaker 3 (33:54):
And so then what happened to the home.

Speaker 8 (33:56):
So we lived in the home and for years, and
then we got hit with Hurricane Ian. It kind of
perched right off the coast there and we sat in
the in the eyewall for about ten hours and it
really just did a number.

Speaker 12 (34:13):
On our house.

Speaker 4 (34:14):
Yeah, we can't live in it.

Speaker 8 (34:15):
We try to figure out what we're going to do.

Speaker 3 (34:17):
Well, that's why that's why I'm with you guys right now.
What we want to do is we want to let's
do it again. We want to team up with Building
Homes for Heroes and we want to build you a
new house. So wow, that's why we're here right now
because we just appreciate your service. Can you tell me
a little bit about your service, Like where you went,
what you did, what happened to.

Speaker 4 (34:35):
You, that kind of stuff.

Speaker 8 (34:36):
I got to go visit in Iraq and we were
just under constant rocket fire at least every other day.

Speaker 5 (34:44):
When you return home from something like that, Like how
do you get through that?

Speaker 3 (34:47):
Did you have some crazy PTSD?

Speaker 8 (34:50):
Yes, The PTSD actually didn't start showing its head till
a few years later after I started doing the sensor
operators stuff on The Reaper, and I got back into that.

Speaker 13 (35:03):
Every day being in the being at war mindset, when
when you first come home, it's everybody's still in that mindset,
and it's it doesn't become PTSD until it doesn't go away.

Speaker 3 (35:17):
As his wife, how difficult was that when he came
home and he's trying to adjust back to a civilian life.

Speaker 12 (35:23):
The first time when he went, our daughter was about
eight months old, and so that was definitely a struggle
because she didn't know her dad. She thought he was
a TV remote that she got stopped to. So, yeah,
there's plenty of times when he came home that a
car would backfire or the alarm. We live on base
and so they were to have like sirens go off

every so often for trainings that he would grab us
and throw us under the table, thinking it was a
missile alarm going off. You kind of dealt with it
and just constantly said it's okay, you're home physically.

Speaker 5 (36:00):
Did you did anything happen to you while you're overseas.

Speaker 8 (36:03):
I broke my spine while I was in Alaska. I
had to have multiple foot surgeries from my feet got
deformed from all the running on concrete having to do Wow.

Speaker 3 (36:14):
And so yeah, I've got.

Speaker 8 (36:18):
Nine pieces of metal in my right foot, six pieces
of metal in my left foot. I have part of
my left calf ripped off, and I've had twenty something
tendon surgeries.

Speaker 3 (36:31):

Speaker 5 (36:32):
Yes, So how long did you serve overall?

Speaker 8 (36:37):
I was nine and a half years. I joined in
February of two thousand and five and it was August
of twenty eleven.

Speaker 3 (36:45):
Like of the metal accommodations metals, I mean, it sounds
like you've been through the ring or surely I have some.

Speaker 8 (36:52):
I have an aerial achievement metal, I have quite a few.

Speaker 3 (36:57):
I have quite a large ribbon rack. Yeah, I bet
THEYD it's not. They should give you morey to give
you ever ribbon. They should go to hobby lobby and
give you every ribbon. They should cut every ribbon hobby
lobby and give it to you.

Speaker 8 (37:07):
I appreciate that, but there's a lot of ribbons that
I definitely did not earn and I would not wear.

Speaker 3 (37:13):
We're on now with US Air Force Technical Sergeant Daniel Beasting,
and so what we want to do is we in essence,
just want to build you a home. We know that
you move back, you've had difficulty, and then a freaking
hurricane comes and kills your house. It's like, what else
can happen to you, guys, So hopefully we can counterbalance
that a little bit. And what we want to do

is put us on this show and our listeners and
we want to raise as absolute much money as we
can and hopefully help you in this situation to get you,
guys at home so that you can live the life
that you deserve to live for all that you've done
for us. So we just wanted to come on and
hear your story and tell you we're going to put
ourselves to work now and hopefully very soon in the

coming weeks, we'll be able to call you back and
let you go. All right, meaning this show, our listeners,
the B team like we got you, Like that's the goal,
and it is a real pleasure to get to talk
with you and thank you for for everything that you've
done and everything you're still going through, because that's that's
that sounds hard I don't even understand. That sounds hard,
so so thanks, I don't I don't even know what

to say.

Speaker 4 (38:18):
Thank you, thank you so much.

Speaker 3 (38:20):
Well, I think our next call will be very happy,
and we want to make your life a little easier.

Speaker 5 (38:26):
So let us get to work and we will talk
to you very very soon. Thank you for spending time
with us.

Speaker 8 (38:31):
Thank you, thank you very much, and thank you for
your for the work you do with building homes for
heroes because they have really been such a great help
to us and they've really stepped up when they didn't
have to.

Speaker 3 (38:41):
And thank you for all the work you guys do
with them. I don't have the courage to serve. I'm
actually a huge whimp. So this is, you know, as
close as I can get it, and even close and
be honest with you. So thankfully people like you have
the courage to do it, because yeah, I sit behind
a microphone, so let me do the microphone stuff and
hopefully we'll talk again very very soon.

Speaker 5 (38:59):
Thank you, guys, and I'll see it. I'll see you soon, Okay,
thank you, thank you.

Speaker 3 (39:03):
All right, and so what we're going to do everybody
that's listening right now, are limited edition patriotic Pip and
Joy line. Is it up now?

Speaker 5 (39:12):
Yes, it is up now, it is up.

Speaker 3 (39:14):
Okay, we have a whole new line and what we
want you to do is go check it out and
we don't keep any of the money. We have built
seven homes.

Speaker 6 (39:22):
Might be eight might be coming up. But it is something, yes,
that we've done every year around fourth of July, so
that you have something patriotic to wear.

Speaker 3 (39:30):
A whole new line too. Yeah, it's a whole it
looks different, it's super cool.

Speaker 6 (39:33):
We're I'm actually obsessed with all of it. And you
just wear it and you have something you could wear
it you're around, but with Fourth July coming up, it's
an excuse to purchase something patriotic. But then also it's
a conversation starter. Maybe when you wear it out at
the barbecue or whatever you're doing and say, yoh this
this shirt helped build a home for a veteran that
has been through a lot, and then it's special.

Speaker 3 (39:55):
Yeah, go to Bobbybones dot com now right now in
ow now and get a shirt, get a hat, get
us a hoodie. There's like statue of liberty ones it's America.
I mean, it's America. We're helping Americans that actually allow
us to live in this America. So we encourage you
to go to Bobbybones dot com now now, now.

Speaker 6 (40:14):
Now, and then if you maybe you're seeing Pip and Joy,
just know that that represents spreading joy, which is what
we're doing for veterans when we do this, and we've
been able to help countless organizations. But it's fourth of
July every year that we do this, and if you
order now, you will get it in time for fourth July.

Speaker 3 (40:30):
And we don't keep any of the money, zero percent,
never no money. Okay, thank you, and yeah, let's get
to work. Appreciate you guys.

Speaker 1 (40:37):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan. Number two.

Speaker 2 (40:47):
These next two segments are insane. We had some big
moments on the show this week, well, segments that have
been talked about for months and months and months that
have finally come to fruition. And I know a lot
of you guys are like, I'm so tired all the bits.

Speaker 3 (41:00):
Not paying off.

Speaker 2 (41:00):
Well, we had two that finally did so. Coming in
at this number two spot. Raymundo finally got his truck
back from artist Chase Matthew. So you may recall a
couple months ago, Raymundo was talking all about how his
truck is broken and he's had it. She's with this car,
but he's also had it forever. Chase Matthew came in
the studio and he works on cars. He's very knowledgeable

and just has a passion for this, and so he
took Raymondo's truck and was like, yeah, I'll fix it up.
I'll make sure it runs good, and we'll even add
some special things to it. And so the truck is
back into Raymundo's hands. Chase Matthew stopped by the studio,
he performed, We talked to him for a bit, and
then he's surprised Ray with this brand new truck and
it was so epic. I don't even feel like the

audio is going to do it justice. So go to
our social media or YouTube to watch the whole video.
But Chase and his team did incredible with Raymundo's.

Speaker 1 (41:52):
Truck number two on the Bobby Bones Show.

Speaker 3 (41:56):
Now, Chase Matthew, Chase, what's up, buddy? Go to see again.

Speaker 5 (42:00):
What's up?

Speaker 3 (42:00):
We're here, He's here, and we got a whole thing
we're gonna do. Because he took raised truck away, remember everybody, Yeah,
raising trucks his Ray, what do you have? You have
a Chevy trail blazer. They don't even make him anymore.
Here's a trailblazer and it's pretty beat up. And Chase
was his He served his first life as a mechanic,
which is and we don't know what he did to it.
But at one point Chase Ray got a call going, hey,

is your blazer and an alley?

Speaker 9 (42:25):
It was in an alley yet I don't know what happened,
some miscommunication between me and some people, but yeah, shout
out Brian's Motorsports for getting it put together and getting.

Speaker 3 (42:40):
It out of the alley. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we wondered
about that alley. But it's all good and Ray doesn't
know what's going on. By the way, chasing Gratz on
the song is killing it even from when we saw
you last time, Like it's flying up the charts.

Speaker 5 (42:51):
Are more people like singing it louder, like are you
feeling that more?

Speaker 3 (42:54):

Speaker 9 (42:54):
Yeah, it's definitely like it's crazy because you know, understanding
like radio it's on a new song, so like me,
this is being my first song radio like understanding that
it almost feels like a re release, Like it almost
feels like it's because people come up to us all
the time.

Speaker 4 (43:09):
They're like, yo, I love your new song. We're like,
what what new song? Love you get?

Speaker 9 (43:12):
Oh that's been out like a year and a half. Like,
but we're finding new fans every day, you know, through radio.
So it's really cool. It's like a rerelease and makes
me more excited for the song.

Speaker 5 (43:21):
It's like exposure to people who may not have found you,
but now they have, they kind of love it.

Speaker 3 (43:25):
I love you do you want to? Because he's never
played in here, so I thought Chase coming to play,
we could talk a little bit and then we could
do the reveal with Ray because I don't know what
happened to Racetrack either. It may not even be a
truck anymore. Yeah, maybe a convertible, maybe alchemy. No, we
don't know what's happening out. It came back with a
seven cylinder.

Speaker 5 (43:43):
Chase Matthew is here.

Speaker 3 (43:45):
You want to introduce your partner up here? Yeah, so
this is Connor Feeler.

Speaker 5 (43:48):
He's an awesome artist as well.

Speaker 9 (43:49):
He's an artist before he's anything here man and uh,
well graduated from Belmont.

Speaker 3 (43:53):
I guess you're still in Belmont.

Speaker 5 (43:54):
They told me dropped out, and I'm being honest. Yeah, yeah,
you dropped out? Wow can we what can the team
buddy the dropouts?

Speaker 3 (44:01):
That's us? All right, here's Chase Matthew. We're gonna do
the song first. Here is love you again? That what
you're doing?

Speaker 4 (44:07):
You got it?

Speaker 5 (44:07):
All right here, Bobby bon Chow, go ahead, Chase.

Speaker 4 (44:09):
Oh I'm sorry we can't post a live performance on
the podcast, but if you go to our YouTube page
you can watch it there or.

Speaker 10 (44:18):
Maybe listen live.

Speaker 5 (44:19):
Okay, all right, now back to the podcast and you.

Speaker 3 (44:23):
Guys can watch that on our YouTube as well. So
go watch Chase Matthew and studio. When did you start
playing guitar? How old?

Speaker 9 (44:29):
Oh dude, I've had a guitar on my hand for
as long as I can remember. I got my first
guitar and I was like two, I think, no kid,
And there's a video of it on a camcorder and
it's in one of my music videos born for this
but uh yeah, like I got it like a little
white acoustic or no, it was an electric actually and
I still have it till this day.

Speaker 4 (44:45):
Yeah, it's like two years old.

Speaker 5 (44:46):
Did you get a new truck?

Speaker 9 (44:48):
I maybe like a big jacked up Oh yeah, well
not new, but it has a ton of new stuff
done to it.

Speaker 5 (44:54):
So I've had it for a while.

Speaker 3 (44:54):
Yeah, I saw the picture of it. Are you not
worried that people are gonna see it? Got like spikes
come off the wheels and stuff?

Speaker 4 (44:59):

Speaker 3 (45:00):
Are people going to see that and be like it's
freaking chase Matthew? Would you worried about that at all?
They could they chase you home?

Speaker 4 (45:06):
Oh that's why you got spikes on the tires, you.

Speaker 3 (45:08):
Know, so you can like run them off the road.
James Bond, I actually had to.

Speaker 9 (45:12):
Get like a new gate put in my house because
my truck wouldn't fit through my old one. So I
didn't have a fourteen foot gate put in because the
twelve foot it wouldn't clear it. So yeah, I mean
it definitely doesn't stay in a lane on its own.

Speaker 3 (45:23):
So where did this.

Speaker 5 (45:23):
Truck love come from?

Speaker 3 (45:24):
Because I know you're a mechanic, but when did it
turn into like, yeah, like me, the love of like
having big ones.

Speaker 9 (45:30):
Well, so I think my love for like just building
cool stuff just came from coming from nothing, because like
I like, my first car I ever had was like
a nineteen ninety six or ninety five. I can't remember
what year it was. I don't think I never well,
I don't think we ever figured out what year was
because it didn't have a title. So, yeah, my dad
bought it from a car lot and like paid it

off and they never gave him the title, like some
little hole in the wall car lot, and he ended
up passing it down to me. But yeah, I mean
I remember wanting to lift that thing and like just
build something cool out of it, build a cool you know,
woods jeep, and uh, we ended up doing that. And
that's where I just started doing custom stuff to cars
and ended up doing it for a job.

Speaker 3 (46:10):
So and then that's just it's still fundy. He spiraled
into an addiction, It's still fun. It's still fun cars.

Speaker 9 (46:15):
Yeah, wait till you wait till you see Ray Mundoz.

Speaker 3 (46:17):
Well, then why don't we do this? So what we're
gonna do is we're gonna do the reveal. Ray hasn't
seen his trailblazer. He told us they don't even make
this trail blazer anymore. I believe that will be called discontinued.
What will be have not that it's like, you know,
an old like model Tea and it's like it's discontinued.
Why read do you think it was discontinued? I think
honestly the cars fall apart, they have faulty wipers. They

needed to because the next generation of people they don't
need to deal with what I've had to deal with. Yeah,
you've really been through a lot money. Yeah, So Chase
took the car. It's been gone for a month. We
have no idea what he's done with it. Oh, if
it has spikes on the tire, I'm come on, hilarious.
It's got guns and on the side.

Speaker 9 (46:56):
It has been disassembled and put back together like four times.
It's it's it's been a it's been a party.

Speaker 2 (47:01):

Speaker 3 (47:02):
Well then why don't we take a break and we'll
go out and do the reveal?

Speaker 5 (47:05):
Are you ready for this?

Speaker 3 (47:06):
Are you gonna cry? We want you to cry, buddy.
I just I don't even know if I'm gonna recognize
my vehicle that I've been with for fifteen years.

Speaker 4 (47:12):
It's crazy.

Speaker 3 (47:13):
I have so many emotions right now, and my wife
at the same time, tell me, where's your vehicle? So
a country artist is fixing it? Is that a true story? Yeah?

Speaker 8 (47:19):
It is.

Speaker 4 (47:20):
Yeah, it is.

Speaker 5 (47:21):
That kind of sounds like a lie. So I took
your truck.

Speaker 3 (47:24):
Okay, we're gonna come back with Ray and Chase Matthew
and we will hear and see all about the truck
in just a second. Ray, what was wrong with it?
Wipers didn't work? Yeah, wipers was a little oil issue.
And then on the side it was it was scraped up.
But I mean that was just like cosmetics. I didn't
care that much about that. And how long has it
been gone?

Speaker 4 (47:41):
Ray? Month?

Speaker 3 (47:42):
Right? Yeah, and he's been working on the wipers. It's
been a month long. New wippers, that's what it is.

Speaker 4 (47:47):
New wipers.

Speaker 5 (47:48):
Chase, how do you are you nervous about the reveal?
Do you feel good about it?

Speaker 3 (47:50):

Speaker 4 (47:50):
Because I didn't put new wipers.

Speaker 3 (47:52):
Oh no, Okay, I'm gonna be honest.

Speaker 9 (47:55):
So the what's missing one of the wiper arms, and
the wipe arms, like you, they're hard to find. And
so I was gonna go to the junk yard and
just grab and they want to repaint it and just
make it look new.

Speaker 3 (48:06):
But like his truck is missing a wipe arm.

Speaker 9 (48:08):
It's missing a white p arm. Oh boy, yeah, but
the one white arm works, and it works. It works,
so yeah, he could drive it in the rain until
it comes in the mail. I got one on the
way though.

Speaker 3 (48:19):
Okay, so we don't know what it is, Chase, if
you and Ray want to walk out, let's go, ready,
going out to the garage. His trailblazer is covered with
a sheet, and we're gonna do the reveal. We got
cameras out there. You guys go scuba. Okay, they're walking out. Yeah,
here we go walking out to the garage. Now. Yeah,
I think we have a microphone all the way down.
That's why we're hearing that.

Speaker 4 (48:39):
His Oh yeah, yeah, I saw Scuba like connecting a
bunch of wires together.

Speaker 6 (48:44):
Yeah, they're going out the door.

Speaker 1 (48:46):
Ray, where are you?

Speaker 3 (48:47):
Yeah, it's me and Chase. We're chilling right here by
the door. They're not letting me turn around. The car,
I guess is under a sheet or something. It's behind me.
So I'm like walking backwards.

Speaker 7 (48:56):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (48:57):
I'm about to leave the door right now. Okay, right,
he's walking into the garage. Go ahead, yet, head is down.
Chase is leading me there. I'm in the parking garage
right now. You have got Oh my god, it's like
Matt Black. Oh my god, it's got like a rack
on top. It's got green lights. Oh, this is the

coolest thing I've ever seen. It's murdered out like you
likes to say. I can't believe this right now, Ray,
describe the car. Okay, so the car is just pimped
out black. There's green lights. It says my name where
it used to say Chevy, it now says Ray moond.
What you gotta go look at this? Anyone fours? Oh

my god, yeah, I mean the tires before I had
had been worn for like three years. This one can
like climb a mountain. I don't think there's any damage
on this right side.

Speaker 5 (49:50):
Dude, this is the coolest thing. This is one of
the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Speaker 4 (49:52):

Speaker 3 (49:53):
Yeah, the brand new door. I can't even recognize that
whole side of the vehicles. You used to not be
able to open those doors. Hey, the get Amy's coming
out there. Give Amy the mic for a second. Here
comes Amy. She's she's screaming, here's Amy.

Speaker 6 (50:06):
This looks so good. Oh oh, I love a Matte Black. Actually,
can y'all that's I don't even know how to describe
what is happening. This looks like a brand new color.

Speaker 5 (50:17):
We all and now he's turning all his lights different
colors on his truck lights changed color.

Speaker 3 (50:21):
Yeah, yeah, this is the sick that's just straight up
blacked out turquoise. I got a little remote control whatever
color I want to roll down the interset in I
just turned to that. You see it, Eddie, No, this
looks like I mean, I don't even know. This is
almost like it's not my vehicle. No, it's it. I'm
gonna show Eddie what it looks like. I can tell
it's my vehicles when I open the door and then
I see it's the old trailblazer your interiors.

Speaker 5 (50:43):
Dude, this is nuts.

Speaker 3 (50:44):
This is nuts. Bro right, Hey, ray you got new rims. Broight,
here we go. We're walking a little bit and then
look the RAYMONDO.

Speaker 9 (50:53):
So we did started off with the bodywork, getting all
the bodywork stuff done and getting all the dents and
the door fixed. This thing has been like completely wrapped
by our boys over at Cops print shop. We got
all the custom offsets, upgrades, Wills tires, you got twenty
inch wheels, you got thirty one inch Alter rain mud tires.

Speaker 4 (51:11):
What if if you want to go.

Speaker 9 (51:13):
If you had had Brian's Motorsports go over all the
front end components, you got all new struts and shocks
all the way around, ty Rod's ball joints, wheel bearings, everything.
I did a little little something something on the inside
for you. I mean, you're here in the industry or
part of it. I think you should hop in and
let me show you how how good this thing hold?

Speaker 3 (51:30):
Oh, we're gonna gun it. Yeah, No, we're gonna We're
gonna just start it up.

Speaker 5 (51:33):
He wants to wreck it. He's like, let's gun it
all right.

Speaker 3 (51:35):
So apparently there's like an l e ed screen in here.

Speaker 4 (51:41):
What was it before?

Speaker 3 (51:41):

Speaker 4 (51:42):
We're good.

Speaker 3 (51:42):
You got a two thousand and six with car play, buddy, dude,
we got the iPhone now connects to the car.

Speaker 4 (51:50):
Look at hell.

Speaker 3 (51:52):
Yeah, horn work.

Speaker 9 (51:54):
I got a system installed by Brian's Motorsports, kicker L
seven ten inch up from the back. You've got a
base knob here so you can control how much you want.
That was only half. So if you want to you
want to get in the vibe, bro play some crazy
music right before, get hyped up before the show. You've
got the opportunity to dude.

Speaker 5 (52:11):
So that was only half as loud.

Speaker 3 (52:12):
Apparently can go louder.

Speaker 5 (52:13):
It's got the tweeter speakers.

Speaker 3 (52:15):
What's his little red button right here?

Speaker 4 (52:16):
Is that thing?

Speaker 6 (52:17):

Speaker 3 (52:18):
Okay, we go.

Speaker 5 (52:21):
Hitting the light bar and what does that do?

Speaker 3 (52:23):
It changes color or something?

Speaker 11 (52:24):

Speaker 4 (52:24):
There we go like flash.

Speaker 5 (52:26):
So with the light it looks like it's a that
light on top, he could turn blue.

Speaker 4 (52:29):
It looks like.

Speaker 9 (52:34):
Undercover card and you can see everything at night time.

Speaker 4 (52:37):
I wouldn't.

Speaker 3 (52:37):
I would highly encourage you though. If someone bright light,
you hit him back. Yeah. So with this light bar,
if I got to see deer or anything, I just
hit the light bar. There's somebody in the in the
garage right now, I'm just gonna turn on the light
bar just so they know I'm here. Wow, immediately, Wow,
the respect is already there. Ray, what do you want
to say to Chase, dude, Chase real talk. Thank you

very much. This has been my baby. I mean, at
one point I was in college here. I would nights
after the bars, I'd stay in here, and then I
drove from Austin to Nashville. I got married, I dated
my wife in this I did everything in this car.
And the fact I've I've even had an uber job
and I used to use this car. The fact it's
still rolling and we're gonna rock another one hundred thousand

thanks to Chase Matthew. All right, well, Ray, you guys
come back. That's that's awesome. Ay, No, I mean it's
it's unbelievable. It looks like a new car.

Speaker 6 (53:34):
It looks so good. I can't. I mean, it looks
like you would be at a car lot and you
would see that car for sale like new. You would
have no because we all know what Rays looked like before.
Trust it does not look like that at all. And
then the speaker system, it's like, that's the kind of
stuff that you know, my friends in high school would
have reached out over it.

Speaker 3 (53:53):
Okay, look, I will put it all off on bobyall
dot com on our YouTube page. Chase Matthew he is.
He is the dude.

Speaker 5 (54:01):
He built Rays. It's legit, Chase.

Speaker 3 (54:03):
We appreciate you, buddy, Ray have fun. Let's go home, dude.

Speaker 5 (54:07):
Oh he's gone here.

Speaker 1 (54:10):
It's the best.

Speaker 2 (54:11):
Bits of the week with Morgan number two and another
bit that got paid off. This is coming in at
the number one spot because it was so wild is
Eddie now has hair on his head. So we had
Nashville Hair Replacement come in and they gave him what
we would used to refer to this as a two pay,

but is not a two pay, we learned is a
hair system. So Eddie now has a hair system on
his head, and he looks so different in a good way,
and everybody's super excited for him. Eddie is still getting
used to it himself, and so it's his wife, but
that's okay. Eddie looks great, he feels confident, and we'll
see if he decides to keep it. But you're going
to hear the whole process of him getting this hair

and all the questions we have for this hair and
what all Eddie can do with it now, and yeah,
it's pretty exciting. So once you listen to this again,
go check out our social media. A lot of content
up this week, and I don't ever want to hear
Lunchbox say I don't create content as I do. And
all of these were planned before Lunchbox ever said anything.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, make sure
to check up on the post shows. It's a little
dicey over there some days, and this week it kind
of did for Lunchbox and I. But for now, you're
about to hear Eddie get his brand news stinking hair.

Speaker 1 (55:31):
Number one in studio right now.

Speaker 3 (55:32):
Julie Taylor, owner of Jbanks Salon and Nashville hair Replacement.
Am I saying that?

Speaker 4 (55:37):

Speaker 5 (55:38):
Okay, So Julie, we're here because Eddie is.

Speaker 11 (55:41):
I'm here to make Eddie look ten years younger?

Speaker 3 (55:43):
Yeah? Can we do fifteen?

Speaker 11 (55:45):
I can do fifteen? Is that what you typically see
with it's a hair amazing and the confidence that they
shine through after they get hair, they feel like themselves again.

Speaker 3 (55:58):
I have so many questions, and so let's roll through
some questions because what's gonna happen is we're gonna let
Eddie and Julie go off, and she's gonna because.

Speaker 5 (56:05):
I don't let's talk about the process.

Speaker 3 (56:06):
But Eddie's gonna have a new head of hair today.

Speaker 4 (56:08):
It's amazing.

Speaker 5 (56:09):
So what is the process?

Speaker 3 (56:10):
You'll leave this room with Eddie and what do you do?

Speaker 11 (56:13):
It's a pretty simple process. I mean, it's non surgical
hair replacements.

Speaker 3 (56:17):
Is that his hair you're gonna put on his head?

Speaker 9 (56:24):

Speaker 11 (56:24):
Like now, but you guys, it will look natural when
I get.

Speaker 3 (56:28):
It on you.

Speaker 5 (56:28):
Okay, so you will that won't be my hairstyle.

Speaker 11 (56:31):
No, that's not going to be your hairstyle. I mean
unless you want.

Speaker 3 (56:33):
That's pretty coolch shaggy dog.

Speaker 6 (56:35):
You're gonna cut it.

Speaker 11 (56:36):
I'm gonna cut the heck out of it. Okay, it
will look like a natural. It's gonna look like his
hair will.

Speaker 3 (56:41):
Not know, So what do you do? So you will say,
walk out with Eddie when you guys do your thing.
You he takes his hat off, do you like shave
part of his head?

Speaker 11 (56:49):
I Am going to shave you a grandpa haircut today?

Speaker 5 (56:52):
So he looked like doctor Phil and it is the
top of his head.

Speaker 11 (56:54):
He will for a minute.

Speaker 5 (56:55):
And how long will this thing stay on his head
before like it starts.

Speaker 11 (56:59):
To like fall monthly maintenance. Once a month you come
to the salon, I take it off.

Speaker 3 (57:04):
So your haircut it is?

Speaker 11 (57:06):
Yeah, I mean, that's that's all it takes to wear
a system.

Speaker 5 (57:08):
So once that thing is on my head, is that's
that's my wig?

Speaker 11 (57:12):
It's yours?

Speaker 4 (57:13):
Do you call it?

Speaker 5 (57:13):
Feels like it's wig?

Speaker 11 (57:14):
Insulting a wig and two pay are insulting.

Speaker 6 (57:17):
I hear you're calling it a system.

Speaker 11 (57:19):
The technology in this it's a it's a modern men's
hair system.

Speaker 4 (57:23):
I'm not worried though if I do a little dive
off the diving board that's going to fall off at
the pool.

Speaker 11 (57:27):
It will never fly off like you see in the movie.

Speaker 3 (57:29):

Speaker 4 (57:30):
Ever, I'm so excited about this, and I do drive
a jeep and I love the hair in my wind idea,
like I've been dreaming about that.

Speaker 11 (57:37):
Oh, my clients live their best life with the wind
in their hair.

Speaker 6 (57:40):
Yes, wouldn't you say, my clients? Do you have to
book them like with a buffer in between or do
they mind if clients see clients you know, because I
feel like, oh, they might not want to know.

Speaker 3 (57:51):
That's a good point, like like they don't want to
run into somebody else who's giving it.

Speaker 11 (57:54):
You have a thirty minute buffer. So we don't have
that yet we do have private rooms. I would say
fifty percent of the clients that wear these, they they
want to flaw it. They don't care that people know
that they're wearing it.

Speaker 7 (58:07):
Like yeah, what.

Speaker 3 (58:10):
My boob joby okay? Right right?

Speaker 11 (58:13):
You know other clients that the high profiles, I can
do them, you know, on a day off, for certain
hours of the salon are closed and stuff like that.

Speaker 3 (58:21):
How long have you been doing this version of your work?

Speaker 11 (58:24):
This version about five years?

Speaker 3 (58:26):
And what's the difference, because again, we've only seen movies
where the people's like fall off, where you're like, they're
like pointing and they have no idea.

Speaker 5 (58:32):
But this is so far past that, right, so far
past it.

Speaker 11 (58:36):
There's so many tape and glue options. We're going to
go in and go with the basic option for you, Eddie,
just with with glue, and like I said, you won't
even feel it.

Speaker 6 (58:45):
You're going to be surprised.

Speaker 3 (58:46):
Okay, So we're going to keep her on here for
a second, where with Julie Taylor. She is the owner
of Jabank Salon and Nashville Hair Replacement. Are you Are
you training to cut hair as well?

Speaker 11 (58:54):
Oh? Yeah, I do it all really, but mainly this
is all I do.

Speaker 3 (58:58):
But did you learn to cut hair though? Before you did?

Speaker 6 (59:00):

Speaker 3 (59:00):
Yeah, so you were a hairsty stylus. That's cool. So
we're also gonna link her and we're gonna put her
in the podcast show notes, so you can find that
the Instagram and stuff. But the website is Nashville Hair
Replacement dot com. Do you have clients all over the
country because our show is all over the country. So
Nashville Hair Replacement dot Com. What do we call it, Julie,
Because we don't say to Pey.

Speaker 11 (59:19):
What do we say modern men's hair system?

Speaker 5 (59:21):
But if we're saying Eddie's about to get new hair,
what's going to be on his head?

Speaker 6 (59:25):
A hair system?

Speaker 4 (59:26):
My system? Man, it alone.

Speaker 3 (59:29):
Julie's hair and Eddi's gonna have new hair with a
new hair system in the next hour. So we'll do
we'll do the reveal on the air, and Eddie, what
are your thoughts? You're about to get a new hair system?

Speaker 4 (59:41):
I have questions?

Speaker 3 (59:41):
Go ahead?

Speaker 5 (59:42):
Is that real hair?

Speaker 6 (59:43):
It's human hair?

Speaker 3 (59:46):
My gosh, what do we get the hair?

Speaker 11 (59:48):
I have a US manufacturer that does this, and distributor
and stuff. I keep most of the hair systems in
stock at the salon.

Speaker 4 (59:55):
One on Earth. I'm wearing somebody else's But it's not
somebody who died and like gave you their hair maybe
like organ.

Speaker 5 (01:00:00):
It's like somebody who just donated.

Speaker 3 (01:00:03):

Speaker 7 (01:00:04):
Like so when I donated my hair, I could have
been a system on someone else.

Speaker 3 (01:00:07):
You could, but they said your hair was too gross.

Speaker 5 (01:00:09):
They used it for the oil spill, pick up the
oil it was needed.

Speaker 3 (01:00:13):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. And can people donate their
hair to you or they have to go through a process,
through a whole process, dude, you can be one of something.

Speaker 4 (01:00:21):
Else's that's crazy. That's crazy to think about it. It's
real though, No, I know, I know, it's it's okay.
So the styles can I put like gel in it,
a little bit of a palmade, but.

Speaker 11 (01:00:29):
They style really easily. They've got just enough texture in them.
The haircut is going to just style itself. So you know,
my goal is you just run your hands through your
hair and that's it.

Speaker 3 (01:00:40):
Let's just say it's a really windy day, exceptionally, Wendy,
any chance when we flies off.

Speaker 11 (01:00:45):
No, it's not going to fly off. Had people tested,
I've had people surf in it and you're all kind
of crazy roller coasters and stuff, and it has not
been Wow.

Speaker 5 (01:00:54):
Okay, okay, you're good. Out of your thoughts, your emotions.

Speaker 4 (01:00:57):
Right now, I'm super excited, Like the fact that I'm
going to have hair in the next few minutes is amazing.

Speaker 11 (01:01:03):
Good hair.

Speaker 3 (01:01:04):
Hair. Will you sure your head yea, because we're gonna
have to see it before now the pictures she's seen it.

Speaker 5 (01:01:09):
How so what do you think about that head?

Speaker 4 (01:01:12):
I mean, that's the top.

Speaker 11 (01:01:12):
He's the perfect candidate. Wow, going to have a good hairline?

Speaker 3 (01:01:16):
Is he so good looking?

Speaker 6 (01:01:17):
Two hours?

Speaker 3 (01:01:17):

Speaker 7 (01:01:18):
Dang, Eddy, do you have a haircut in mind?

Speaker 3 (01:01:21):
Because you've been dreaming about this boy.

Speaker 4 (01:01:23):
Years just so much? Like, I mean, I've always liked
the high and tipe, but I don't know if that's
still in.

Speaker 5 (01:01:27):
That's still in the high and tight.

Speaker 3 (01:01:29):
Dude, I'd have a little I have like some extra
it's mine's not long, but there's a little like fluffy,
you know.

Speaker 4 (01:01:35):
Like so once I decide the style, though, can I
choose a different one? Like if I go a little
long at the beginning, can I come in and be like,
I need to cut this off all away?

Speaker 11 (01:01:43):
But you can't go to the opposite right because it
doesn't grow?

Speaker 3 (01:01:46):
Yes, okay, so that's why she goes a little shaggier.

Speaker 4 (01:01:49):
What about BedHead? Am I going to have bed head?

Speaker 3 (01:01:51):
And congratulations?

Speaker 11 (01:01:53):

Speaker 4 (01:01:54):
Yeah, but I've never had bed head? Like what in
a long time?

Speaker 3 (01:01:57):
Are you nervous about shaving your head?

Speaker 13 (01:01:58):

Speaker 9 (01:01:59):

Speaker 4 (01:02:00):
Because once if I don't like it, I'll just shave
my whole head again. You know, true exactly, I'll just
start from zero.

Speaker 11 (01:02:06):

Speaker 3 (01:02:08):
But you'll like it.

Speaker 4 (01:02:08):
But you think I'm gonna love it?

Speaker 6 (01:02:09):

Speaker 3 (01:02:10):
Okay, is there a way, because we'll check in, we're
going to send you guys off to do your work.
But is there a way that he can't see what's
happening until the very end?

Speaker 11 (01:02:16):
Yeah, there's not a mirror in your office.

Speaker 3 (01:02:18):
Whoa, whoa. You know we want to reveal to you
to also be That's like when someone puts on those
colorblinde glasses and they start crying because I'm like, oh
see color.

Speaker 5 (01:02:26):
Oh yeah, But you can't go to the You can't
go to the hair salon and not look in the mirror.

Speaker 3 (01:02:31):
You can.

Speaker 6 (01:02:31):
They turn you around like I got my hair chopped
off recently and I didn't see a thing until she
was done styling in. It was so fun when she
spun me around, like it's fun Eddie.

Speaker 7 (01:02:40):
Ok So do you think we know a lot of
people with these on and we just don't know it?

Speaker 11 (01:02:44):

Speaker 5 (01:02:44):
Yeah, right now, I got extra vulnert while I went look.

Speaker 6 (01:02:47):
Guy, Yeah, that would be. Have you ever had to
sign like an NDA? No? Not yet, but they just
trust you.

Speaker 4 (01:02:56):
Yeah, okay, you know what, I didn't tell my wife
I'm doing this today, but she doesn't know at all.
I mean, she knows that I'm I was thinking about
doing it, she doesn't know it's today.

Speaker 5 (01:03:04):
Then don't say anything about it. Go home so she notices.

Speaker 4 (01:03:07):
Yeah, no one's gonna notice.

Speaker 3 (01:03:08):
Okay, we're gonna let let you guys go do your work.
But okay, Julie Taylor is here, which, by the way,
you guys go to Nashville hair Replacement dot Com.

Speaker 5 (01:03:16):
She has clients all over the country. You know, do
you travel like?

Speaker 3 (01:03:20):
Do you do?

Speaker 6 (01:03:21):
I travel some?

Speaker 5 (01:03:21):
Yeah, Okay, let's see how.

Speaker 3 (01:03:23):
It goes, all right, Julie, Eddie, Julie do it. You
guys go do your thing. When Eddie comes back, he'll
be a new man.

Speaker 2 (01:03:29):

Speaker 4 (01:03:29):
Hey, watch the.

Speaker 11 (01:03:30):
Confidence level fifteen years younger.

Speaker 3 (01:03:32):
I might be.

Speaker 5 (01:03:33):
I'm gonna be honest, a dude has never really turned
me on, but I'm worried.

Speaker 3 (01:03:37):
I'm worried that you walk in and I'm turned on
by it. But you know what, it's a risk I'm
willing to take. All Right, Eddie and Julie are hopping
out checking back with Eddie. Right now, he is back
in my office. He has no mirror. He is getting andy.
What do you call it?

Speaker 6 (01:03:50):
A hair system?

Speaker 5 (01:03:51):
A hair system put on.

Speaker 3 (01:03:52):
Eddie has been bald and he's worn a hat for
years and years, and he didn't want to have surgery,
even though we offered him up.

Speaker 6 (01:03:58):
I really like hair transplant.

Speaker 3 (01:04:00):
Yeah, I have a great option with a wonderful doctor.

Speaker 5 (01:04:04):
So I said, what about one of these?

Speaker 3 (01:04:05):
We called it a wig or two pay. That's not
what it's called. It's a system, we're told. And so
Julie Taylor's back with Eddie. It's it's gonna take about
it an hour or so. Eddie, what's happened so far?

Speaker 4 (01:04:16):
Oh dude, I don't know. Like I've had I can't
see anything. So I've heard a razor go on the
top of my head. Oh she or.

Speaker 5 (01:04:25):
Wow, you got the doctor phil treatment straight up, bold.

Speaker 4 (01:04:29):
Dude, so much that it's like she was rubbing her
hands on there, like putting glue up there, and it
sounded like sandpaper and like, oh my goodness, do.

Speaker 3 (01:04:37):
You have hair on your head as of right now?

Speaker 6 (01:04:38):

Speaker 4 (01:04:39):
Yeah, I mean I think I can't again. So for
the last like five minutes, I've had my eyes closed
because there's a mirror that she's holding and I don't
want to see it. So I don't really know other
than I did get my system put on. There's it's
glued on right now.

Speaker 3 (01:04:55):
And it's human hair, right, it's human hair that's been donated,
and so it's a head of hair.

Speaker 5 (01:05:01):
Is she like cutting around your already hair.

Speaker 4 (01:05:05):
On your head now? It's almost like I'm just getting
a haircut. Bones, Like I am just at the salon
right now getting my haircut. I hear Sprain a little
scissoring there and then putting some product in there. Like
it's just like I'm getting my haircut. How does that feel?
I mean, do it? It feels awesome? Like it does
feel though that I have something on my head, like

like a beanbag maybe, or that's what we.

Speaker 3 (01:05:26):
Feel every day of our lives.

Speaker 5 (01:05:27):
Welcome to the party, man, Yeah, oh that's what it is.
It's called hair.

Speaker 3 (01:05:31):
Yeah. Yeah, Eddie is getting his hair system put on
right now. Which, by the way, social media influencers made
Julie Taylor like a big deal because people were getting
it done and then posting it and she blew up nationally.
Oh wow, Okay, and her website is Nashville Hair Replacement
dot com. In mere minutes, what's up, Eddie?

Speaker 4 (01:05:49):
This is amazing, dude.

Speaker 5 (01:05:50):
In mere minutes, Eddie's gonna walk in and he hasn't
even seen it yet.

Speaker 6 (01:05:54):
This is like that TV show, remember, I mean it
was that well, yeah, that or what this was all?
I didn't like the show, but yeah, they were like
they called him like the little duckling and then they
emerged and they were a swan in front of the mirror, and.

Speaker 5 (01:06:05):
The well that too, they did like teeth and plastic surg.

Speaker 6 (01:06:09):
Yeah, no, I mean it was extreme.

Speaker 5 (01:06:11):
You're gonna be our swan, Eddie.

Speaker 3 (01:06:12):
You're about to be a swan. You haven't told your wife?

Speaker 4 (01:06:17):
No, I didn't tell him that I was doing this today.

Speaker 3 (01:06:20):
Okay, we'll check back with Eddie. Eddie able to do
tell me something good from back there? Yeah, dude, okay,
of course, we'll check with Eddie. In just a few minutes.
It's that time.

Speaker 5 (01:06:28):
Eddi's about to walk in. He has not seen his
hair yet.

Speaker 3 (01:06:31):
The thing is, Lunchbox is gonna laugh regardless.

Speaker 7 (01:06:33):
Of This is gonna be incredible, just because I'm used
a bald boode.

Speaker 3 (01:06:38):
So Eddie has a new hair system. Right, Julie said that, right,
Julie Taylor's been here for over an hour working with Eddie.
You shaved his head completely bald with a razor or clippers, with.

Speaker 11 (01:06:48):
Clippers, Okay, just the grandpa haircut right in the middle.

Speaker 3 (01:06:52):
That's you know, I guess that's a grandpoint. I think
it was like a bowl, the bowl on his head
like the ring. So Eddie's gonna come any has not
seen his hair. How do you feel about Eddie's work?
Do you feel like it looks good?

Speaker 11 (01:07:04):

Speaker 5 (01:07:04):
Oh, yeah, does he look does he look natural in?

Speaker 11 (01:07:06):
It looks fifteen years younger.

Speaker 5 (01:07:08):
Does he think he's going to look good?

Speaker 8 (01:07:10):
I think so.

Speaker 11 (01:07:11):
He's just, you know, it's funny because he hasn't seen
it yet, so he doesn't really know how it's supposed
to feel.

Speaker 5 (01:07:15):
Was he awkward in there, like didn't know what to say?

Speaker 11 (01:07:17):
He's not awkward. He was very calm and kept his
eyes closed and yeah.

Speaker 5 (01:07:22):
Okay, well did you laugh at all?

Speaker 6 (01:07:24):
There was no laughing.

Speaker 3 (01:07:25):
Okay, it's just our friend, Yeah it is, and it is.

Speaker 5 (01:07:29):
However, it's I get it, Yeah, I get it.

Speaker 6 (01:07:33):
You've got to roast him a little bit, But do
you feel like this is one of your most like
successful cases. Yeah, a model after this, he really was
the perfect candidate for transformation.

Speaker 7 (01:07:43):
Okay, billboards.

Speaker 3 (01:07:44):
So at Nashville Hair Replacement dot Com, this is Julie
Taylor and Eddie has not seen his own hair, nor
is he going to see it when he walks in.
So he's going to sit with us first. We're going
to see it.

Speaker 8 (01:07:53):

Speaker 7 (01:07:54):
Do we want us to hur and tell us what
kind of haircutching game?

Speaker 3 (01:07:56):
Or are we just going to see it? Like what
style to prepare?

Speaker 6 (01:07:59):
You allow for it? Y'all?

Speaker 3 (01:08:02):
I just through the glasses in, bringing in, bringing in.
Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh.

Speaker 6 (01:08:11):
Wow it's so good. Wow, that looks so real.

Speaker 3 (01:08:16):
Wow, I hear it looks so good and I hear
it lad, No, no, no, I wouldn't have known that
was you, bro.

Speaker 5 (01:08:23):
Okay, what are you talking about?

Speaker 3 (01:08:25):
Hold on, I'm telling you what fresh So this is
not cool.

Speaker 4 (01:08:30):
Let me tell you.

Speaker 3 (01:08:30):
Let me you haven't seen it.

Speaker 5 (01:08:31):
You look like you look like your son. Yeah, that's crazy.

Speaker 3 (01:08:36):
More than ever, it's like your.

Speaker 7 (01:08:40):
Sixteen year old son.

Speaker 3 (01:08:41):
You do look like your oldest son when you walked
in and was like, oh my wow.

Speaker 6 (01:08:46):
Oh I put money on the fact that he's keeping
this look for the rest of his life. Like, yes,
you're going to do the maintenance. There's no way you're
getting rid of this.

Speaker 3 (01:08:53):
Seriously, you're going to see it. Dude.

Speaker 5 (01:08:57):
Hold on, Hey, what kind of haircut do I have?
Like what's my style?

Speaker 6 (01:08:59):
And tell him?

Speaker 3 (01:09:00):
Okay, So I would say it's kind of like so
I mine naturally goes forward, but sometimes on screen on camera,
I'll have to like like put it back just a
little bit, and it's just.

Speaker 5 (01:09:09):
Got like a little cool that's what that is.

Speaker 4 (01:09:12):
But it's long.

Speaker 5 (01:09:12):
I can like it's styled and stuff like I haven't
touched your hand.

Speaker 4 (01:09:15):
No, I haven't touched it. I honestly I was. I
walked to the bathroom and I walked like my my
neck was stiff because I didn't want to like move it,
and for the first time in my life, well not
first time, but in a while, I'm like, what, Like,
it's my hair in place?

Speaker 3 (01:09:27):
Like I look good, dude, it looks real and it
looks good and no one has ever if they don't
know you, no one's gonna say.

Speaker 5 (01:09:35):
I wonder if that dude has anything on his head.

Speaker 4 (01:09:37):
Really legit, legit, legit.

Speaker 3 (01:09:40):
He wants to make fun of you if he wants,
go ahead, dude.

Speaker 7 (01:09:44):
It's hilarious because you have hair.

Speaker 4 (01:09:47):
But literally, like Bobby said, if.

Speaker 5 (01:09:49):
You're a stranger, you would have no idea you were
a bold fool.

Speaker 1 (01:09:54):
They would have no idea that you.

Speaker 4 (01:09:56):
Have a system in your hair. That's my system.

Speaker 3 (01:09:59):
You have like a side fade a bit. So if
I get a hair cut, it's like shorter hair and
it fades up a little bit, like it's purposefully that way.

Speaker 4 (01:10:06):
I mean, I thought about telling her to do the
skin tight like Lunchbox does, but that's too much.

Speaker 7 (01:10:10):
I'm serious, though.

Speaker 3 (01:10:12):
It's hard. It's why it's well, no, it's because we
only know you as one one and now a little
bit I'm attracted to you, so that's difficult. I know,
here we go. Edie's not gonna look at his new
hair already and go.

Speaker 4 (01:10:26):
Whoa, whoa, dang, I have hair, dude, you know who?

Speaker 5 (01:10:34):
I kind of look like the dude from Ted Lasso.

Speaker 3 (01:10:38):
A little bit.

Speaker 5 (01:10:40):
Yeah, you do not look like your son, I mean, yeah,
I mean I see it.

Speaker 3 (01:10:45):
It makes sense.

Speaker 4 (01:10:46):
This is unbelievable.

Speaker 3 (01:10:48):
Isn't that crazy?

Speaker 4 (01:10:49):
What the crap?

Speaker 3 (01:10:50):
I have hair.

Speaker 4 (01:10:51):
I have hair and it looks real. This is crazy, dude.
I don't know what to say do. My wife's gonna
flip when I get home. I haven't told her, and
you're not gonna tell her, right, No, I'm just gonna
I'm just gonna show up.

Speaker 5 (01:11:03):
Hey, Hey, make sure the kids are out of the house.

Speaker 3 (01:11:05):
You know what I'm saying. Yeah, hopefully, Wow, Julie question,
can he touch it?

Speaker 11 (01:11:13):
Oh? Yeah, you can burn your hands through it.

Speaker 5 (01:11:14):
I don't know if it's like a dry like a
dry I don't know what like when you can touch it?

Speaker 7 (01:11:18):

Speaker 5 (01:11:19):
Yeah, gonna take a shower, Like, oh my, but I
don't have a bald spot on the back of my head.

Speaker 6 (01:11:25):
This is.

Speaker 1 (01:11:27):
Turn around.

Speaker 7 (01:11:27):
Le's see the back check it out, dude.

Speaker 5 (01:11:29):
Look wow, oh my god?

Speaker 3 (01:11:32):
Can I touch it?

Speaker 7 (01:11:33):
That fades in?

Speaker 3 (01:11:34):
Like I'll just like a faded She also did a
great job with the hair cut, That's what I'm saying.
Like the looks like legit, Eddie hasn't Eddie has new hair?

Speaker 13 (01:11:43):

Speaker 6 (01:11:43):
Are there even little gray hairs? I gave.

Speaker 11 (01:11:49):
A little bit.

Speaker 3 (01:11:50):
You can't. You can't even tell am I going too
hard on it? You can't even tell by the line.
There's no like line.

Speaker 6 (01:11:57):
But Bobby, do you see that gray hair?

Speaker 3 (01:12:01):
Oh yeah, this looks like it looks like all of
his hair.

Speaker 6 (01:12:03):
Yeah, no, it's that's so okay.

Speaker 5 (01:12:05):
So Eddie has new Julie, you're the Picasso of heads.

Speaker 3 (01:12:08):
Thank you, thank you.

Speaker 7 (01:12:10):
Hey, you do look like Nate, dude, you do.

Speaker 4 (01:12:12):
Look I just phoned out the pictures I might.

Speaker 3 (01:12:14):

Speaker 7 (01:12:15):
They both got the big nose in they.

Speaker 3 (01:12:18):
So you had to cut his hair that he had.
He's not gonna go anywhere any This is so what.

Speaker 11 (01:12:28):
You can give it a tug what?

Speaker 3 (01:12:31):
No, tuget? No, do not let him talget because he'll no, no, no,
it's it's not I hear you.

Speaker 6 (01:12:37):
But this.

Speaker 4 (01:12:39):
Eddie, Okay, I gotta look at this again.

Speaker 6 (01:12:42):
He's gonna keep looking at him.

Speaker 4 (01:12:44):

Speaker 5 (01:12:45):
I look at myself for the rest of the day.

Speaker 3 (01:12:47):
It Phiel's like those videos where people that are color
blind put on the color blind glasses.

Speaker 5 (01:12:50):
I can see the colors for the first time.

Speaker 4 (01:12:53):
It's pretty cool.

Speaker 3 (01:12:54):
It's really cool.

Speaker 4 (01:12:55):
Dude. I'm afraid I'm gonna get into a car wreck
on the way home looking.

Speaker 3 (01:12:58):
In the mirror too much.

Speaker 4 (01:12:59):
Yeah, all the time. Holy c this is amazing.

Speaker 7 (01:13:02):
No, I need you to not keep this because I
got to be able to make funny for being bald man.

Speaker 3 (01:13:06):
I think that's I think that might be done. So
here's what we're gonna do. First of all, Hey, your
Instagram is it?

Speaker 8 (01:13:12):
Just no?

Speaker 6 (01:13:13):
Not you?

Speaker 3 (01:13:14):
There's is it? Nashville hair Replacement? Okay, at Nashville Okay,
at Nashville hair Replacement. The website is Nashville hair Replacement
dot com. This is so good, Eddie. I want to
take a picture.

Speaker 4 (01:13:24):
From my wife. This is magic.

Speaker 3 (01:13:26):
Come over here, Yeah, because she is going. I know
she's gonna say that looks freaking awesome. Hold on, wow,
that is a glamour shot and you don't even do anything.

Speaker 5 (01:13:37):
Tell me what she says. I will and tell her
not to text my wife.

Speaker 3 (01:13:41):
Oh good point. Oh wait, yeah, because she will Julie.
Any final thoughts on Eddie, And if if people want
what to call you and she could do you do
a consultation.

Speaker 11 (01:13:49):
She do free consultations in this one and even phone
consultations for people that live out of state. And yeah,
it's an easy process and.

Speaker 3 (01:13:56):
People people can fly in and get it done.

Speaker 5 (01:13:59):
She's she's the best. Holy crap, I cannot believe how
real it looks.

Speaker 4 (01:14:03):
You don't have a system on my head.

Speaker 5 (01:14:05):
And he can work out in sweat and not worry
about it.

Speaker 11 (01:14:07):
Yes, push it to the limits. I mean they are
very active.

Speaker 4 (01:14:10):
She said. I can live a normal life, just a
normal life, do my everyday stuff, and you.

Speaker 6 (01:14:15):
Are on and off of his head.

Speaker 9 (01:14:17):

Speaker 3 (01:14:17):
The picture of you looks awesome. And she's like, a
normal dude.

Speaker 5 (01:14:21):
Don't look like myself. That is unbelievable.

Speaker 3 (01:14:24):
Okay, we're gonna put all the stuff on the website too,
up on our podcasts at Nashville Hair Replacement on Instagram,
Nashville hair Replacement dot com. Julie, thank you for your time. Eddie,
you look great. Help you feel good about it?

Speaker 4 (01:14:35):
Thank you, Julie, thank you so much. Might you may
have changed my life? Listen, dude. She says that when
people walk out of her salon, she notices they walk taller.
I'm already feeling that instant. I think I've gained an
inch just alone on my hair. Yeah, oh that's true.
I am now six foot maybe six to one.

Speaker 1 (01:14:56):
It's the best Bits of the Week with Morgan. Number two.

Speaker 2 (01:15:01):
Y'all. That's it for me this weekend. Thank you for
hanging out and catching up with the show again. Check
out Part one, Part three this weekend with Scuba Steve,
or as I call him Scoobs. I think you'll really
like it. Or you can come hang out with me
on social media at web girl Morgan. You can hang
out with the show at Bobby Bone Show. That's all
I'm getting out of here. Everyone, have a great weekend.

Speaker 1 (01:15:21):
Be safe bye. That's the best bits of the week
with Morgan. Thanks for listening. Be sure to check out
the other two parts this weekend. Go follow the show
on all social platforms. Show and follow at web girl
Morgan to submit your listener questions for next week's episode.
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