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June 11, 2024 55 mins

Find out if Lunchbox's 2005 Altima has finally kicked the bucket for good. Plus, Bobby surprises a listener with a gift after her husband had a mishap with tickets to a show and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:03):

Speaker 2 (00:05):
The pants that Tom Brady wore his last ever NFL
game went up for auction eighty nine thousand dollars.

Speaker 3 (00:13):
That's what it's being auctioned off for.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
Someone paid that sold. Wow, dang, wow, that's crazy, Like
why CMZ sports has learned the unique piece of sports
memorabilia went to the highest bidder. They thought it would
go for like ten grand and went for eighty nine thousand.

Speaker 4 (00:30):
The pants are the football pants.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
I don't know what pewter is, but it's the Buck's
dark color that's kind of like a gray, yeah, like goldish.

Speaker 5 (00:39):

Speaker 2 (00:40):
If you said what's pewter, I wouldn't know pewter was.
So it's like Pewter and red. And the Bucks lost
to the Cowboys NFC Wildcard Game twenty twenty three and
uh eighty nine dollars. So it's bizarre. That's crazy. Who
gets that money The person who owns them, so somebody
probably saved them, grabbed them like equipment guy. Could have

been could have been somebody who bought him in an auction previously,
and then they sell him for more.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
Okay, I was just picturing Tom being like, well, here's
these pants.

Speaker 6 (01:09):
He means, let me make some money. Put him on
his eBay.

Speaker 4 (01:12):
That's a wild eighty nine thousand dollars.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
You didn't see that up for auction, how about it.
I've been buying all the Kaitlin Clark stuff. I worried
about Tom Brady stuff right now. But all the Tom
Brady stuff is really expensive because he's kind of peaked.
There's the goat U until he dies and it goes
up again, which I hope he doesn't die.

Speaker 4 (01:29):
Well, he will eventually reverse rest in peace.

Speaker 2 (01:31):
That means something.

Speaker 4 (01:33):
We have Kim back on the phone from earlier in
the show.

Speaker 5 (01:36):
Hey Kim, good morning, good morning.

Speaker 2 (01:39):
Okay. So Kim said her husband bought tickets for them
to go to Chris Stapleton, and he bought them not
sitting by each.

Speaker 3 (01:45):
Other, because that was all that was available.

Speaker 2 (01:48):
And so we talked about that and I mentioned to Kim,
I have a connection Chris Stapleton and I.

Speaker 4 (01:53):
We have the same manager.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
And so Kim, this is what I can do if
you wouldn't like it, and I would be happy to
do it. So don't go, No, don't do it. I
know it's sold out and the show is in Kansas City.
What in two days tomorrow?

Speaker 3 (02:03):
When is it yes tomorrow night? Uh huh.

Speaker 2 (02:06):
I can buy you two tickets together. They may not
be as good because it sounds like yours are good,
but I can buy them and like they're already sold out,
but we still have some that we hold back section
and gift them to you just for being awesome being
a listener. If you would like to sit by your husband,
I have no problem with that. I can even buy
them for you. And you say you're going to go
and then get there and be like nah, and then

go sit in your other ones and you can then sell.
It's up to you, but I would like to do
that for you. If you would like to sit by
your husband, well.

Speaker 3 (02:36):
I don't really know what to say. I would love
to sit by my husband.

Speaker 4 (02:40):
But done, Okay, not easy.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
No, I want to do it for you. So that's
not a big deal. So don't let you not wanting
me to pay for them keep you from doing it.
Only if you don't want to sit by your husband
or if you're worried. Okay, they want to sit by
my husband. So did you tell him you were on
the radio talking about this? Did I holding yesterday? I
had talked to you? So what we're gonna do. I'm

going to fill this out. We're gonna save your information,
we're gonna get you the tickets. We're gonna have them
at will call. We'll tell you everything on the phone, okay, okay,
So don't be hard to find in the next hour
or so. Okay, and then call me back, like if
the show's tomorrow, right, okay, then call me back Thursday

morning and tell me how it went, and have the seats.

Speaker 5 (03:29):
For any good okay, I will, Oh my gosh, thank
you so much.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
You're welcome, Raymundo. If you'll put her on hold and
then let's do this and then let's get her some
tickets and hopefully it goes well. And also if you
get there and you're like I don't get there early
and be like I don't like these seats and sell
them and keep your other ones, then sell the ones
up front. I'm not gonna hate on making a good business.

So yeah, sold out. But I got her, and they
got to be pretty good because I'm actually paying for them.
They're not like free comps. You know, free comps I
put in the bathroom, they put you in the bathroom.
You listen to the event, you know, what I mean. Okay,
so we'll handle that if you guys want to call us.
I'm dealing with free stuff today though, so no more
for I'm done with that. So but if you want
to call us, you have a question or a comment,

give us a call. Eight seven seven seventy seven, Bobby.
That's our phone number, eight seven seven seventy seven, Bobby.
This mom was talking about how certain things that our
kids do counts as a bath. That's not a bath.
We'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes.
And then also, you know, we're talking about Tom Brady
and those pantsies sold. I guess he didn't sell them,

but they were his share sold her nineteen seventy two Ferrari,
which I guess that's cool because it was shares. Yeah,
that's cool for five hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars. Oh, like,
memorabilia is the thing and you're in on it kind
of like I like it, I do it, but I
will do stuff like that.

Speaker 4 (04:58):
I can't imagine there.

Speaker 2 (05:02):
I cannot imagine buying Tom Brady's pants his last game
for they thought it was gonna go for ten thousand dollars.
Do you think two dudes just looked at each other
and like, oh, you think you're better than me, And
they just kept raising the price. Right in an auction, Yeah, that's.

Speaker 3 (05:16):
What I was thinking.

Speaker 1 (05:17):
I picture those paddles going up, and they're like, what
in the paddle?

Speaker 2 (05:20):
It had to be online though, right when I want eBay, though,
I want like I hate the people I'm bidding against,
and I have no idea who they are. Just to you,
I hate their guts, I hate everything about them, but
I don't know who they are. And I'll do the
thing I've been trying to get, like Kaitlin Clark signed stuff,
and I'll do the thing where I jump in like
with four seconds left and try to hijack the auction,
but everybody does it at once, and I think, I'm like, oh,

for eleven.

Speaker 3 (05:43):
You got to figure out a new strategy.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
Maybe I need to go for like bigger things like
Tom Brady pants or Shares Ferrari. This before looks awesome
and I know nothing about cars, all right, call us
back in a second.

Speaker 6 (05:55):
Wake up, wake up the.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
Radio and the doves, the lunch box. More game to
sabred out of trying to put you through the fog.
He's running there's wigs next the Bobby's on the box,
so you know what this is.

Speaker 5 (06:21):

Speaker 2 (06:21):
It balls, So let's do the news, Bobby Man.

Speaker 4 (06:28):
They were on a flight.

Speaker 2 (06:30):
I don't know the difference in these big airplanes that
fly people around Airbus eight three twenty. And it was
like a big like a big commercial flight, and it
started hailing so bad it started damaging the nose of
the plane that cockpit windows. I didn't know what hailed
up there. Yeah, I don't know, went up their hells

And when it does right right, like at what level
can you not get held upon?

Speaker 7 (06:55):
I just always thought it started with water and then
slowly freeze croises on the way down or what.

Speaker 2 (06:59):
Made call was made as the plane was traveling through
a severe weather patch. I guess it could have been
on the way down. Plane crew said they did not
see any indication of stormy weather on the path. Emily Oakley,
a passenger aboard the chaotic flight, told ABC News are
about twenty minutes from landing, so they had to be
on the descent, as they say, and they entered a.

Speaker 4 (07:18):
Cloud of hail.

Speaker 2 (07:19):
Oh gosh, that sounds like the plane took about two
minutes or less to fly through the hell storm. But
phones and cups flew all around the plane. People are
screaming it didn't land safely. When they landed, part of
the nose was missing. The pilots did an excellent job
keeping things a smooth. No passengers were injured.

Speaker 6 (07:42):
New York Posts.

Speaker 2 (07:44):
You don't want the like microphone to actually be on
into the plane. You hear the pilots like, oh f oh,
oh god, oh oh crap, I never had that. You
want to make sure that thing is not on. All
that's scared me today. I don't even like flying down
in rain. I don't even like flying. Let's just be honest.
I don't know how they get that big heavy thing
up so high and now it just stays and it

doesn't just fall and crash. Sometimes it's crazy science man,
whether you want to help the planet or it's just easy.
They say it's good to pee in the shower. Every
time you pee in the shower is the time when
you don't have to flux the toilet, so you're saving
gallons of water, which long term is helping the planet.
The more you pee in the shower, the more water
you save. Urin is non toxic, so it's totally fine

health wise to pee in the shower from Prevention magazine,
and you're saving water. I mean, I do it.

Speaker 1 (08:30):
Urine is non toxic. I know, we hear it sterile
like it's okay, but so hmm, yeah.

Speaker 4 (08:36):
I read some mores on a peace paper. I have
no idea, I know, but.

Speaker 1 (08:38):
Like I still I just don't want to touch urine
call that anywhere. Like and then if y'all are going
to take onto this, y'all have to like pee right
into the drain. You can't be like throwing it around
all of the shower. So when someone steps in there,
like I don't want to step.

Speaker 3 (08:53):
On it, make it in the toilet.

Speaker 4 (08:59):
But we have a pointer I know.

Speaker 3 (09:02):
And still doesn't make it.

Speaker 2 (09:04):
And it's a game to us every single time. Okay, Yeah,
if you put like a little basketball hoop in the toilet,
a guy would never miss because we're just like lazy
or it's lowered half asleep. But if you put like
a little a goal in there, okay, then we had
to we would never miss.

Speaker 3 (09:19):
It's a good idea. Maybe that's ooh new business plan.

Speaker 2 (09:22):
A little gal like that or like a golf like
a golf flag stick. Yeah, because we are just idiots
and we need a reason to actually commit to making
the p otherwise we're not going if it goes and
it goes in next up, if you're having a hard
time waking up in the morning, they say it's good
to swear to yourself. Cursing activates part of the brain
that's vital to the fight or flight response. Other words,

won't have the dramatic effect on you. Hearing yourself swear
gives you a jolt of energy because you associate that
with when you need a jolt of energy or when
something has so much energy. It makes you say that, right.

Speaker 1 (09:55):
But when I say that, like please, Like I'm normally
like yes, in a stress mode, So why would I
want to do something to put myself in fight or fly?

Speaker 4 (10:05):
Yeah, you can't wake up.

Speaker 2 (10:07):
That's what it. Are you insulting yourself or are you
just saying it depends why you're cursing yourself. Like, if
you're so blank and good looking, loser, that's different. I
think about that. If you're a blank and loser, it's
I again, it's different. That is from Cyblog, an online
psychological research site. Experts say knitting is great for your
mind Researchers found that knitting provides a sense of calm.
Twenty to thirty minutes a day of knitting leads to

better social interaction with peers and increased feelings of well being.
This is from the Journal of Occupational Science. I would
say it's based on focus. Anything you can focus on
that removes and sometimes we don't. We're not able to
focus because there's so much stimuli happening. I would say
it presents a focus. We have got to be focused.
Therefore we're not overrun with all the good, the bad,

that just stuff.

Speaker 1 (10:53):
That's why I tend to puzzle way more when life
is really complicated.

Speaker 4 (10:57):
Well puzzle, Yeah, Like.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
When I was when life was really crazy, I was
puzzling all the time, like doing puzzles, and I felt
it was odd because I never liked to do puzzles before,
but it was actually very therapeutic for me.

Speaker 3 (11:09):
Just focus right, similar to knitting.

Speaker 2 (11:12):
I like to play Madden on PlayStation because I play
like two games Madden or Basketball, football or basketball, and
it's the only time I really can just like relax.
If I could do that in a bubble bat, oh
my god, I'm gonna to drop the control but are
you really relaxing. You're stressed out about the game, right, stressed,
But I'm focused only on that because I've got to

control everything.

Speaker 4 (11:33):
It's pretty cool. Like it's I promise you.

Speaker 2 (11:36):
I'm not just saying this because I like to play,
but it is the only thing that I can do
to kind of just relax and stop thinking about the world.

Speaker 3 (11:44):
It's a good narrative for you to keep up.

Speaker 2 (11:45):
It's not a narrative. It's not a narrative. All you
guys can shut up, Okay, Moving on. An organ man
was stranded after he plummeted off an embankment. His dog
ran four miles to get help. An organ man and
his four dogs drove off an embankment and stranded him
in the woods, and police said one of his dogs
stepped into help by running four miles to alert people
that something was wrong. Garrett had been traveling north and

his dogs weren't all in the car, and he didn't they.

Speaker 4 (12:10):
Say, negotiate the curve properly.

Speaker 2 (12:12):
One of the dogs just took off and the other
three dogs are alive. That's a crash scene. So I
wonder if the guy starts looking at him going I
wonder which one Are you gonna eat first? The dogs? Yeah? Yeah,
like an animal. I know, but I'm just saying maybe
he's not, because again, they'll go back to flying as
soon as we hit that hill, the turbulence.

Speaker 4 (12:32):
I'm looking around. Who am I gonna eat first? Humans?

Speaker 2 (12:35):
Yeah? I'd rather eat a dog than a human.

Speaker 6 (12:36):
Yeah, but the dog, the dog, and the dog runs somewhere.
Then how does he tell people, Hey, we need to
go this way four miles back?

Speaker 2 (12:42):
Yeah, I have no idea. It doesn't even say that.

Speaker 6 (12:46):
But he ran four miles to find someone and then then.

Speaker 2 (12:48):
What Yeah, my dogs were just found a new home,
they say, lived with whomever they found there.

Speaker 4 (12:55):
Teen Mom star amberport Wood is engaged.

Speaker 2 (12:58):
I don't know how big of a story this is,
but a lot of unchboxing because you love teen Mom.

Speaker 6 (13:01):
Wow, you didn't know that. No, I didn't know that.

Speaker 3 (13:03):
I thought you. He got like alerts on his WHOA alerts.

Speaker 2 (13:08):
The source reportedly close to poort Wood says that she
said yes your proposal from Gary within the last two weeks.

Speaker 6 (13:14):
Do you know Gary, don't tell me that she's getting
back with her dude that from the original Baby Daddy.

Speaker 2 (13:19):
The ring port Wood has given He was reported to
have been crafted from a family stone that was reset
into a new ring. From US Weekly, I've never.

Speaker 6 (13:26):
Seen this dude. Different Gary different, Gary boy, that's weird.
That is so weird doing that. You have a kid
with Gary. You can't marry Gary.

Speaker 2 (13:33):
That's tough, guy. Gotta change the name Gary has too. Yeah,
I think you got to. Yeah, God, I think he
changes it. What's his middle name? Lucas? Okay, you're now Lucas.

Speaker 6 (13:47):
Yeah, that's weird. Congrats. You only have bepoort Wood in
our studio, you know that, right?

Speaker 2 (13:52):

Speaker 6 (13:52):
We had her in our studio.

Speaker 2 (13:53):
We did, ye? Did we know?

Speaker 6 (13:56):
Yeah? You guys surprised me with her?

Speaker 2 (13:58):
We did?

Speaker 6 (13:59):

Speaker 2 (14:00):

Speaker 6 (14:00):
I don't know when I say it. Surprised me with her,
Like she didn't come out of a cake or anything.
But right, she gave to the studio. No, I think
she was. She had written a book, and you guys
brought her and Kaylin in here. I'm looking at pictures.
This is from twenty fourteen. Yeah, ten years ago.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
Who do we just talk to on the phone. Who's
building like a business?

Speaker 6 (14:21):
Chelsea hos Okay, she's very successful.

Speaker 7 (14:25):
Very And then there's a macy mate book out when
she's out in chatting.

Speaker 3 (14:29):
New which one was in jail and report would okay, yeah.

Speaker 6 (14:33):
Do you know.

Speaker 4 (14:37):
Bobby's stories? How do you feel about this mom saying
that going to the pool counts as a bad.

Speaker 3 (14:46):
Not in my opinion.

Speaker 1 (14:47):
No, I mean, but I get it, like you just
want your kids to get sort of brinsed off a
little bit. But other kids are in the pool. There's
all kinds of germs, and there's the chlorine.

Speaker 4 (14:55):
It's chlorine bad for me.

Speaker 1 (14:59):
If I'm in it to much, my skin gets irritated,
like I'll get little bumps, so I want to wash
it off.

Speaker 4 (15:04):
Would you let your kids skip a bath if they've
gone to the pool.

Speaker 3 (15:08):
I prefer they shower, but I'm sure they have done that.

Speaker 4 (15:10):
Thoughts on pool as bath watchbox, I do.

Speaker 6 (15:12):
It all done. That's what That's what I did growing up.
If you went to the pool, it was a bath
because chlorine kills germs. That's why they put chlorine in
the pool. Was wondering, is to kill germs. So why
does he know that?

Speaker 3 (15:23):
For sure?

Speaker 6 (15:23):
Yeah, one hundred percent. That's why they put chlorine in
the pool. And so you have chlorine to kill the germs.
So if the kids are swimming in the pool, the
germs are killed, they're getting out they're clean. I mean,
we went to the pool yesterday. Kids had cheetos and
peanut butter and jelly all over their face. Jump in
the pool. Guess what they got out?

Speaker 4 (15:38):
They were cleaning their bath all right, go ahead.

Speaker 1 (15:41):
According to the Google lingering chlorinated water on the skin
surface can cause allergic reactions and make existing skin conditions worse.
So taking a quick shower after swimming is definitely affective
to get these chemicals off your body.

Speaker 4 (15:55):
But you can't.

Speaker 6 (15:55):
Doesn't mean they will, yeah, or you can just wipe
it off with a towel when they get out, you
dry them.

Speaker 3 (16:00):
Thinking about that white chemicals off.

Speaker 6 (16:03):
So, yes, a shower and pool or the same thing in.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
Your house, It is the same. Yeah, I don't know,
I am. I guess I'm not shocked that he would
say that. I didn't think anybody would jump in with it. Yes,
but I guess I'm not that shocked. Eddie.

Speaker 7 (16:16):
No, No, I mean have my kids done it, yes,
but no, if we get a chance, we rinse off
after we get to the pool.

Speaker 4 (16:22):
If you get a chance, so there might not be
a chance.

Speaker 2 (16:24):
Hey, who knows, man, Maybe it's a busy day. Exactly
what can you do? So sometimes the pool does count fast.
Sometimes I want to go talk to John in North Carolina.
He's got an interesting question. Hey, John, you're on the show.
What's up, buddy?

Speaker 5 (16:36):
Hey, how are you all doing with that?

Speaker 2 (16:37):
We're doing pretty good?

Speaker 4 (16:38):
What's your question? Thank you, buddy.

Speaker 5 (16:41):
Well, my thing is, I've been even North Carolina. I
was trying to a washman and uh, we got a
bunch of senor at our local high school. One evidently
his daddy used to be a assistant coach at school,
but he got a key andildren or young adults went

into the school on a senior prank and they went
into the cafeteria and ran that cafeteria. They tore up
a bunch of chapter of tables and uh, they sat
at the tables passingwhere from a thousand to three thousand
dollars of table fort chairs. They took rode on the
mirrors and walls and windows with markers. They put rubber

ducks and balloons all over the floor. The egg your
troopy cause and damage did severely. And they board all
and stuff on the floor and assist coach went into
I guess look at the damage and he stood down
and injured hisself and not little bath. The thing is
the wine system wasn't working and working Boosh of the year,

and the cameras were working. So they identified forty seven students.
Oh my god, it's seventeen eight. It's a seventeen to
eighteen year old students. They were doing a school frank, Yeah,
we'll start with school and weren't supposed to. That's breaking
any trespassing. But the thing that gives me is the community.

It's just community doesn't think that they.

Speaker 6 (18:12):
To them.

Speaker 5 (18:13):
Maybe they shift the community.

Speaker 2 (18:15):
Well, what happened is when you damage stuff, it's a
whole new ballgame with what a prank is allowed to be.
If you break stuff, If you damage stuff, that's when
it becomes problematic.

Speaker 4 (18:25):
If you go on, you put all.

Speaker 2 (18:26):
The ducks and you maybe throw a few eggs on stuff. Okay,
it can be annoying, but that's not let's get the
legal system involved. But when you start breaking stuff, it's
for sure. And they broke in the school. Yeah, they
don't break anything if they get in the school. But
they didn't break in that a key if you don't
break anything, you don't hurt anybody. I'm pretty okay with

school pranks, but there's a fine line because as.

Speaker 4 (18:53):
Soon as you do what they did, then it's trouble.

Speaker 2 (18:55):
Then it's somebody's got to pay for this financially, and
then you have literally broken the law. You don't get
carte blanche to run around and do whatever you want
because you're graduating. So yeah, John, I'd be ticked ify
with you. And how to forty seven kids not blab
that they're gonna go into a school? Yeah, that's impressive.
That right, they're still in president. It's almost like you
let them do it. No you don't though, but you don't. Yeah, No,

I would be mad because you can't do that. You
can't tear stuff up. So what's the consequence They have
to pay for everybody that's in has been identified, They
have to do community service, They got to pay for it.
You need to do a freaking car wash or something. Losers, Okay, okay,
so go what you did. That's loser. Now, if you
prank and you do little flags and ducks and eggs,
that's not loser, but it's annoying.

Speaker 4 (19:36):
But what you did is loser. So yeah, you can't
go breaking stuff.

Speaker 2 (19:40):
What about holding them back a year?

Speaker 4 (19:43):
Two years? You gotta sept the president.

Speaker 2 (19:46):
Let's go.

Speaker 4 (19:46):
Nobody goes to college. I mean that'll that'll get the
job done, right, Nobody goes to college. I don't know,
start out for kindergarten.

Speaker 8 (19:53):
Oh oh all the way back, Yes.

Speaker 2 (19:55):
Go full Billy Madison. You gotta pass every grade. Now,
if I were the judge, I'd be creative of my sentencing.
And they need to pay for it, and that sucks
and you need to set an example.

Speaker 1 (20:05):
Absolutely, but having something on their record that's could double
crazy for their.

Speaker 4 (20:10):
They get no record anymore.

Speaker 2 (20:11):
They have to start over with a new name, start
over reset yep, John, I'll be madifiing you because I'm
kind of mad right now.

Speaker 5 (20:19):
Well, they will with the rest of the school and
one of them. There's a battle of victorian that was
involved in. It was high Steel and schools, and.

Speaker 4 (20:33):
That's my graduating class.

Speaker 2 (20:34):

Speaker 6 (20:34):
I can't believe they don't let them walk the stage.
That's a little stupid.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
I understand that.

Speaker 2 (20:38):
I get it. It's a real punishment.

Speaker 3 (20:42):
Anything more, not but the valedictorian.

Speaker 1 (20:44):
You think they would know the definition of vandalism and
versus prank.

Speaker 4 (20:47):
Yeah, but maybe some of the kids and it doesn't matter.

Speaker 2 (20:50):
But some of the kids could have could have gone
in with no intent of breaking stuff, and there's always
a couple of idio.

Speaker 8 (20:55):
It's like, oh.

Speaker 2 (20:55):
No now, but yeah, you're involved in that. So now
every everybody must suffer the consequences. That judge needs some ideas.
Call me because I got a lot of them. Yeah,
that sucks, Jean. I hate that for you guys. Your
community doesn't deserve that. Those kids are really stupid. This
will be a learning experience.

Speaker 4 (21:13):
I agree.

Speaker 2 (21:14):
Nothing should probably be on the public record or whatever
they call it. Is there even a record, let's be honest,
record criminal, Yes, but there's no record record. But there's
a lot of file. Cabinet in the council is like ooh,
there's a black mark. We probably shouldn't let that really
isn't a thing. Well, when people say like this is
off the record, permanent record, that's not even a.

Speaker 1 (21:31):
Thing, right, permanent record is a thing. It may be
in a database simwhere yes you have a criminal record, yes,
but not permanent No, it's like your rap sheet.

Speaker 4 (21:40):
That's a criminal record. It's a criminal record.

Speaker 6 (21:42):

Speaker 1 (21:43):
He was saying that some people in the community were like, no,
they don't need any kind of because he was saying,
they're seventeen, eighteen years old. So some of these kids,
if they're eighteen, they're going to be tried as an adult.

Speaker 2 (21:53):
Well, I don't think they're going to sing sing whatever
that is Fulsome permanent records don't really exist as far
as they would always tell us criminal records do. But
they need they need to be punished. They need to
be put on one of those things that we have here.
Uh well, no, the gut chomps off the head guys,
the one that the pillar the town. They put their

arms and head through and everybody throws eggs of them.

Speaker 6 (22:20):
Oh man, that's actually not bad.

Speaker 4 (22:22):
They need to be punished. What's the name of your town?
What's the name of your school?

Speaker 2 (22:25):

Speaker 5 (22:27):
They one thing?

Speaker 2 (22:31):
What is it called?

Speaker 5 (22:31):
And one of the thanks the school superintendent, people in
charge of school are still trying to side if they
want to turn to enforcement.

Speaker 2 (22:42):
I'm okay with them doing that, but I don't know
that they need to have it on their criminal record
because of it. If they meet whatever the judge say
they need to meet.

Speaker 1 (22:49):
From There's been stories of times where law enforcement has
taken punishment into their own hands, like when.

Speaker 4 (22:56):
They've seen vigilanty justice. I'm up for that too, Yeah,
to beat them with a night stick.

Speaker 1 (23:01):
We talked about some kids did some stuff wrong and
the police were like, hey, we could arrest these kids
and it could be a whole thing. Or we could
have them come and clean all of the cop cars
at the station and they had to like work off.
They did special circumstances that made the kids work it
often where they didn't have a record.

Speaker 2 (23:15):
They got to pay for all the stuff they broke dout.

Speaker 4 (23:17):
Yeah, it feels kind of lame.

Speaker 2 (23:18):
Maybe do a lottery and whomever loses the lottery of
all the kids that broke in, they don't get to
go to college. They lose all their scholarship.

Speaker 4 (23:26):
That one kid, it's one. It's like when you have
played credit card roulette.

Speaker 2 (23:28):
You don't want to draw your credit card. I hated
that game. That mean five or six people at dinner
and you all put your credit cards in a hat
and the way to withdraw one had to pay for
it all. Super game. But you just pray to God
you have a police guy, don't let me be the
one that's drawn, and then it's strong. You're like, no,
we pay for everybody. That's what you do. You're like
a five person lottery system with all forty seven of them.
The five to get drawn have to take their scholarship
money and donate it to charity.

Speaker 4 (23:49):
And they don't go to college.

Speaker 3 (23:51):
That seems I don't like that.

Speaker 4 (23:53):
But does the next class do they react different because
of this?

Speaker 6 (23:55):
Oh yeah, they will not be breaking in and doing
this they do in Washington, North Carolina, guys, and the
stuff by the district is being withhell. They're not showing
anybody because they're deciding what to do with it. According
to the news, that's w I t N.

Speaker 2 (24:10):
What's the school uh for Washington High in Beauford County.
All right, John, appreciate that we've given you guys a
lot of ideas. I hope you guys run with them.
I like the lottery one the best.

Speaker 5 (24:20):
Okay, don't have a good day, take care.

Speaker 2 (24:22):
All right, see you, buddy. I think we just solved
a small town's problem. This is one kid in trouble
boom lottery system. You're the one that has to die.

Speaker 1 (24:32):
No, no, you're the one that has to die.

Speaker 2 (24:37):
That's it.

Speaker 4 (24:40):
Zack Brown came over to the house. We talked for
an hour.

Speaker 2 (24:42):
It's on the Bobby Cast up today, but he talked
about why he sleeps with a pea bottle like a
bucket by his bed. Here you go.

Speaker 9 (24:48):
I use a pea bottle through the night because I
got used to doing that when I'm touring, because you're riding.
You know, we played three four shows in a row.
So I'm sleeping on my bus. The bus is going
down the road during that day. For my voice, I
drank two gallons of water, so through the night I'm
gonna pee that two or three times. So I have
to get my pea bottle right by the bed.

Speaker 2 (25:04):
And you peeing it.

Speaker 9 (25:06):
Yeah, if you get up on a moving bus, and
I have an overactive brain, anyway, you get up, you
stub your toe, you bash your head in the wall,
you're awake, and then it throws you off. So for
people to have to do that, they make nice big
ones with lids, so it's not it doesn't stink, it
doesn't spill.

Speaker 2 (25:18):
It's like, you know the deal. That's my kind of
guy right there, because he's like, if I just pee
in the bucket, I don't wake up. Really, I just
pee right there and go back to sleep. So do
you hit your head every time you go to the bathroom? Well,
that bus is like like I felt that more than anything. Ever,
He's like kind of roade in mine his whole life.
My wife would hate though, Yeah, because the problem is

I don't always do like normal things when I sleep.
Like she'd wake up and be dumped over the bed.
But yeah, okay, I wouldn't get the lid back on.
I'd be having a dream that I was like drinking. No,
like something would go on. But no, you doesn't want
to wake up, and he has to worry about his voice.
So he gets a pea bucket with them.

Speaker 1 (25:57):
Apparently this is the thing, because he talks about how
they may keelman. I just never have heard of this,
which is genius for men. I mean, the women can't
really have a pea bottle.

Speaker 2 (26:06):
Why not you do one of those funnels? Yeah? Pants one?

Speaker 3 (26:13):
Okay, might as well get up.

Speaker 4 (26:14):
Check out the zag Brown interview.

Speaker 2 (26:16):
It's an hour of Zach and I just hanging out,
chopping it up, talking about pea bottles. Two neurotic dudes. Wow,
just layered in neurosis for an hour. Yeah, check it out.
Elephants call each other by names, which is a crazy story.
And I read into this one, and so the headline

was these people at Colorado State they were just basically
recording everything that an elephant does, recording, recording, recording all
the noises elephants in Kenya in their natural habitat, and
they started to reveal that certain specific tones, certain rumbles,
were exactly as they were before, and that they were
towards specific elephants, and that they could record that and

play and that same elephant will look back.

Speaker 4 (26:58):
That was basically the name of the elephant.

Speaker 3 (27:01):
That's fascinating.

Speaker 4 (27:01):
That's why I love it.

Speaker 2 (27:03):
Scientists play the sound of the herds, and the elephant
being called responded every time to the sound, which that
sound is that elephant's name or call.

Speaker 7 (27:12):
So I wonder if when they're like having the baby,
are they like all right, do we call it?

Speaker 2 (27:18):
That's a good point. I think someday we're gonna hear
this about plants.

Speaker 3 (27:26):
Plants no, but I mean like real they scream.

Speaker 2 (27:28):
We're gonna have some sort of machine that actually hears them,
like no English or whatever language they're in plant language.
Because they grow, they need sun, They have friends, They
watch football.

Speaker 4 (27:40):
That's all the things that the plants do.

Speaker 2 (27:42):
They don't eat, they die.

Speaker 6 (27:44):
But that doesn't mean they talk.

Speaker 2 (27:46):
Yes it does. They'll have to communicate using is different.
Elephants don't talk, but they're communicating with sound. But there
are some sounds we don't even hear exactly because they're
off the plants. There's some things we can't even see.
We can't see right now, all the from cell phones
in front of us. We can't see it. They're all
over in front of us. That's weird. We can't see

because our eyes don't have certain amount of cones. Some
colors that even animals can see. So to think that
we can hear and see everything like that would just
be ignorant. We cannot. But plants do have a form
of communicating. I'm all, I'm pro plant. Give him a hug.
You might tash it too hard though and break it. Hey,
give him a little pet telling me you love them. Yeah,

I saw that they send tiny mist like messages to
each other for close enough to the air. That's amazing
their communication. That's crazy. What about that one that went
that little horse that that's a good one. So lunchbox
is car. He has an Ultima and it is has
been on his last leg for a long time. It's

a two thousand and five Ultimate how many miles?

Speaker 6 (28:54):
Two hundred and seventeen thousand?

Speaker 4 (28:56):
What's wrong now? It's I think it's dead dead? What happened?

Speaker 6 (29:01):
Oh man?

Speaker 2 (29:04):
He keeps saying.

Speaker 6 (29:05):
It's the last time evern Me and the four year
old went to go pick up groceries and he's like, Dad,
can we go on the highway? I was like, yeah,
we can go on the highway and take a little
lap on the highway.

Speaker 4 (29:15):
In the car that you want this car?

Speaker 2 (29:17):

Speaker 6 (29:17):
She didn't really like the kids going in the car.
And we came up to the top of.

Speaker 2 (29:21):
A like and it is it died right there, died
like going up there.

Speaker 6 (29:26):
You know. We got to the top and it was
just like and so we were going like sixty and
so I was like, well, it lost all power, everything, nothing,
So I just coasted it. I was like, might as
well see how far we can get. And I was
able to make it to an exit, take a right,
take a left into some a neighborhood and just roll

and then stopped.

Speaker 2 (29:48):
Here. He is trying to start his car.

Speaker 6 (29:50):
This is yeah, when it came to a stop, that's it, man.

Speaker 3 (30:02):
Okay, so is it still there?

Speaker 6 (30:04):
It's still there?

Speaker 2 (30:06):
Latchbox breaking the news to his wife.

Speaker 6 (30:07):
I drove a mile walk home carrying the groceries with
my four year old.

Speaker 10 (30:12):
Go ahead, well that's a wrap one Ultimore. She died
on me. She said bad words about it. Now she's dead.

Speaker 2 (30:29):
Is a dead? Are you done with it?

Speaker 6 (30:32):

Speaker 4 (30:33):
You're not going to come back again and be like
I'm getting another run?

Speaker 6 (30:37):
I mean I can't. It doesn't start, it doesn't do anything.

Speaker 3 (30:40):
But can't you take it somewhere to No?

Speaker 6 (30:43):
No, no, I can't take it anywhere. It's on the
side of the road. I gotta go. I gotta get
a tow truck's house in front of someone's house.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
If you leave it there with someone, just pick it
up and take it the trash. He left it in
front eventually someone's house and put it in the back
of a truck.

Speaker 4 (31:02):
And that's and they took it all.

Speaker 2 (31:05):
And that's the day. They we're singing, what are you
gonna get?

Speaker 5 (31:13):

Speaker 6 (31:14):
I don't know right now. My wife's driving a rental?
What she driving a rental? Because you know, if you
let me finish my sentence. I would tell you when
we went to the when we get a rental, they
only had bigger vehicles, and so she has to be
able to fit the kids in the.

Speaker 4 (31:32):
Driving hers and she having a rental, Yeah, singing.

Speaker 2 (31:39):
Lunchboxes what like. It's just it's crazy, Like, Okay, I'm
not going to this is the final time. Remember when
we got in trouble because he was like on the
air asking for deals at car dealerships, random car dealership
of offering him deals and then our legal call to like,
you can't do that.

Speaker 6 (31:57):
Yeah, but so what I'm just, I'm I don't know
what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna have to get it to.
What you're gonna do, You're gonna have to get it
towed to the house. But for what reason get it
towed to? Like just we just leave the leave it there.

Speaker 2 (32:13):
No, you can't.

Speaker 4 (32:13):
You don't want to leave it there.

Speaker 2 (32:14):
They'll take it.

Speaker 4 (32:14):
It's been number.

Speaker 6 (32:17):
Well you can. What I've thought about is you can
leave it there. They'll put a sticker on it. Then
they'll come toe it and they'll send you in the
mail that you have sixty days to claim it. And
then if you don't claim it sixty days.

Speaker 2 (32:27):
You're gonna leave in front of someone's house for three
months the goday. Yeah, we're never talking about that car again.
That's not true unless he buys a new one. We're
never doing this bit again.

Speaker 6 (32:41):
What if we have a funeral for it? Can we
guys come.

Speaker 2 (32:43):
Over and we can we guys come over now just
say goodbye to it. You're not saying goodbye to it.
We can't wait for that then to be going, Wait,
can't we burn it? Can? I?

Speaker 4 (32:49):
We beat it with baseball bat?

Speaker 2 (32:50):
Yeah? We do all that I used to do, like
in the high school, like fair get money. Yeah, well
I can run over it with my jeet. Now we're
talking and do that.

Speaker 6 (32:59):
Man, I don't know if I can witness that.

Speaker 2 (33:00):
You guys, we're done, all right, We're done. What I'm
excited about is we have confirmed the two pay lady.

Speaker 3 (33:08):
Now two pay oh yeah ye yeah.

Speaker 2 (33:11):
Eddie has agreed to wear a too pay. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (33:14):
But there's work involved in it.

Speaker 2 (33:16):
What do you mean?

Speaker 4 (33:17):
What kind of work that we contacted her?

Speaker 2 (33:20):
This is her job, like she is literally someone who
fits dudes for two pay.

Speaker 4 (33:26):
It's called jybang salon.

Speaker 2 (33:29):
So what's going to happen is she has to come
in hey Scuba, and she has to like shave part
of his head to put the two pay on, right, Yes,
you ah.

Speaker 11 (33:36):
The top part of his head in order to get
the glue on there to stick with the shad that
little there's really not really nothing out there, dude.

Speaker 2 (33:42):
Keep you can't put hair on hair bro Yeah.

Speaker 11 (33:45):
But the result is going to be beautiful. She puts
it in the middle part, not your whole head. Yeah, yeah,
she wants to side. I actually sent you sent me
pictures the other day. She likes what she's working with,
so she's able to make it look pretty good.

Speaker 7 (33:57):
So I'm going to have a George Jefferson cut like
onnerneath the two page what the George Jefferson worried like
grows on the side in the back but not on
the top.

Speaker 2 (34:05):
Are read from that seventy show, And you know what
if you're not comfortable with it, because I think it
takes a while to actually do the two pay right.

Speaker 11 (34:12):
Yeah, it's a solid hour, so it's going to cover
stretch of our show.

Speaker 7 (34:15):
Okay, okay, what's my hairstyle? Do we know my hairstyle?
Am I getting high praise?

Speaker 2 (34:19):
Like eight of them that would be hilarious. Different colors,
probably something with bangs.

Speaker 6 (34:24):
Like one day he wants to be mohawk, one day
he wants to be.

Speaker 2 (34:27):
I don't think it's one day. You can change it
out because there is glue involved.

Speaker 3 (34:30):
How long is the blue said?

Speaker 2 (34:31):
I don't know all questions for her, okay, but she
is coming in. You do have to shave this part
so they can glue it to your head.

Speaker 6 (34:37):
Look like an idiot.

Speaker 8 (34:39):
Shave all the way to the skin the top part.

Speaker 2 (34:41):
Ye's got a stick. Yeah, my gosh.

Speaker 7 (34:43):
So after what you have, after the week's over, then
I'm going to have a shaved head.

Speaker 2 (34:47):
No, you're gonna be wearing a two pey a minute
for how long a month or something?

Speaker 6 (34:52):

Speaker 2 (34:53):
Wait, I can shower with a two pain Oh of course.
You have you seen the commercials? No, the guy gets
out of the water and he's like, man, I live
my life normally just like that.

Speaker 7 (35:01):
No, but I've seen those movies where like people getting
a little fight in the two pay falls off.

Speaker 2 (35:05):
I don't fly across the room that. I think. What's
gonna happen is they are now so technologically advanced that
it's gonna look really good. It's gonna look a little
weird at first, but I think you're gonna like it.
And because we're doing it out in the open, I
think that you're not gonna have to like hide from
it or anything. And after a few days it's all good.

My kids are gonna hate this.

Speaker 8 (35:28):
They're gonna laugh at me so hard.

Speaker 2 (35:30):
It's gonna be funny. But if we didn't know you,
I bet we would see you and not think anything
of it, and it would look good.

Speaker 6 (35:37):
Will his kids be able to pull on it and
it'll be okay.

Speaker 2 (35:39):
We don't want that because it's an expensive thing, wrestling.

Speaker 4 (35:42):
You don't want me to pull it off.

Speaker 2 (35:43):
No bits with the hair because it is an expensive
like they have to do an install. Oh, there's no
surgery done. It's just glue. Correct. But you should look
at these guys. Come look at my screen. These guys
look great.

Speaker 8 (35:58):
Hey, do you see the kind of hairstyle.

Speaker 2 (36:00):
Dude, you canna have any hairstyle you want within within reason.

Speaker 6 (36:02):
Oh wow, they have like real legit hair, like.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
See like they shaved his head. Wow, that's cool, that's cool.

Speaker 4 (36:09):
Scroll Look at this guy.

Speaker 2 (36:12):
That's not no, but that's not you, but it looks real.

Speaker 8 (36:15):
That's kind of a little faux hawk.

Speaker 2 (36:17):
I like that. That's good.

Speaker 8 (36:19):
Dang, dude, I'm gonna have cool hair.

Speaker 2 (36:21):
And here's the thing, you don't have no hair, so
it's not gonna look totally totally different.

Speaker 6 (36:28):
But how is she going to match the hair on.

Speaker 2 (36:30):
The side of the head that I think she's an expert.

Speaker 7 (36:33):
Take a bunch of pictures the other day and she
did scuba Yeah. Yeah, like side of the head, top
of the head, close up to the head. So so question,
I'm so excited. If I like this, do I get
to keep it? Probably the hair and the glue and everything, Like, dude.

Speaker 2 (36:47):
I don't, I don't.

Speaker 6 (36:48):
I wonder how often you have to reapply?

Speaker 8 (36:50):
Because bones if.

Speaker 2 (36:50):
This is all the questions for her tomorrow here.

Speaker 6 (36:53):
I know, I'm just saying sunscreen, you have to reapply
every few hours.

Speaker 2 (36:56):
So like all questions for her tomorrow. Dude, I'm actually excited.
Once I saw those picture, gonna be right. I'm telling you,
you're gonna look good. It's gonna be funny because it
was a bit, but it's gonna look good. It's the
same person that Cody Alla went to when he did
his hair hair, and it looks so good.

Speaker 7 (37:08):
People are gonna be like, wait a second, yesterday I
saw you were bald, and now you have a.

Speaker 2 (37:12):
Full head of hair. It's a hiding anything, but like
if I shut to my kids basketball games, like there's
a yellow full hot going. No. No, but again, you
never show your head, so people probably won't think that
much about it. As long as it's not like dreads.
Dreads would be cool. I've always wanted dreads. No, no, I
wouldn't get big eyes about what you can get. I
would just get like a good solid style. Dude, it

looks I'm looking at the I hope.

Speaker 6 (37:37):
It's like a buffet where there's a lot of things
you just getna pick one.

Speaker 8 (37:39):
I'm actually really excited about that.

Speaker 2 (37:41):
Yes, I would be too, dude. I haven't had hair
like that since I was in high school. If you
were bald bald, I would say it would look sig
sig sig significantly different. But because one you had a lot,
and two you just have you're missing something up front
and a little and back you still have some hair,
it's not going It's gonna look different, but it's not
gonna be like wow, let's call him Freddy.

Speaker 4 (37:58):
Now he's such a different person.

Speaker 6 (38:01):
I love how you are selling this that he has
a lot of hair on top.

Speaker 2 (38:04):
Like I didn't say a lot.

Speaker 8 (38:05):
I have hair, dude, I'm not completely bald like hair.

Speaker 3 (38:09):
You're gonna shave that. To shave that the most difficult part.

Speaker 2 (38:15):
But if it's awesome, you just keep rolling two pay
your whole life.

Speaker 8 (38:21):
Why not?

Speaker 6 (38:22):
Why not?

Speaker 8 (38:23):
But Amy?

Speaker 2 (38:24):
But but I'm gonna have to move with the styles. Bones
like every five years, the style go get you knowing.
I mean you probably just pick it up.

Speaker 6 (38:31):
I wonder if you had to get a special shi
is it like real hair? Is it someone's hair?

Speaker 2 (38:35):

Speaker 4 (38:35):
Another question for her.

Speaker 7 (38:36):
I was completely thinking, like it's gonna be a side part.
It's gonna be all like you know, falling off.

Speaker 2 (38:41):
Oh no, no, that's like the eighties, bro, That's what
I was picturing. Yeah, that's like Leslie Nielsen. Yeah, naked
gun that kind of stuff, that stuff like that. But yeah,
so that's next week. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (38:51):
Do you know anybody with a two pay?

Speaker 7 (38:53):
But it doesn't Maybe I do, Maybe I don't. Right,
it's a great Maybe I met them and had no
idea they have a two pays.

Speaker 2 (38:59):
Here's the weird if you want the real inside juice,
which I feel like we can do here because people
listening right now, listening to the podcast, I feel like
we can tell the podcasters a little more than we can.
You're just the people to listen on the radio. Too
good to be true? No, not at all. But what's
happening is we're recording it tomorrow after the show because
it takes a little bit of time to air at
the end of this week early next week. But it's

not like you then you have to avoid being in
every video. You're not going to be.

Speaker 8 (39:23):
What do you mean, I can just put a hat on,
maybe it's going to be.

Speaker 2 (39:27):
Flowing out, but you don't want to the last thing,
the last thing you want to do is wear a hat.
And you got new hair, right right right, so once
it's there, it's there. But like even people with good hair,
they wear hats too.

Speaker 3 (39:38):
Bobby, you wear a hat, but do.

Speaker 2 (39:39):
You want to kill good hair? You're gonna be so
excited about that new really excited as soon as I
leave the studio, coming in front of your face. Gosh,
I can't wait. So we have to think about that
with the videos.

Speaker 8 (39:47):
Oh my gosh, I'm gonna drive in the jeep do
with the top down.

Speaker 2 (39:50):
Oh no, it's a new life.

Speaker 8 (39:52):
I like the.

Speaker 2 (39:54):
Guys look so happy with their new hair. Yeah they do.
I'm looking at.

Speaker 4 (39:57):
Them on their Instagram. I've never seen a happy group
of guys.

Speaker 2 (40:00):
I'm really excited about this.

Speaker 7 (40:02):
I was not excited about shaving my head, but I'm
excited about this.

Speaker 2 (40:06):
So then if we do it, if we tape it
tomorrow after the show, do we just do it Thursday
or Friday? Yeah, instead of holding it for next I
mean because Friday we're pretty packed.

Speaker 8 (40:20):
I mean.

Speaker 11 (40:20):
The best thing really is he just wears his hat.

Speaker 2 (40:22):
It's just for a couple of days.

Speaker 4 (40:23):
Okay, So we'll just play by your tomorrow.

Speaker 7 (40:24):
Let me wear the hat, and then I'll throw nuggets
out like during the segment, I'll just take my.

Speaker 2 (40:28):
Hat off a little bit. No nuggets now, and then
somebody be like, what do you have hair there? We're
not a nugget show, dud. Okay, we probably wouldn't be
good at nuggets. Yeah, man market and genius over here. Yeah,
I hear you, but that that's gonna be cool. I'm excited.

Speaker 4 (40:42):
Yeah, I kinda want to get one more sham.

Speaker 8 (40:43):
I had to get what is this?

Speaker 2 (40:44):
What is this cost? Probably like a thousand bucks or
so for right, well more than that. New hair system
and install is one thousand dollars. This is from Nashville
Hair Replacement dot com. Purchase of new hair system including
hair install. New hair systems last an average of six
months before needing replaced. Our new system install includes making

a custom template, creating a natural looking hairline, and a
precision haircut. And then there is new hair system only,
no install. There's new system install only. So it's not
thousand bucks every time, but it's thousand bucks for the
first time and then a few hundred bucks I think.
But you're not paid for it.

Speaker 6 (41:24):
When you go get a haircut, you gotta be careful
that they don't actually cut that hair. You gotta see wait,
stop right here, like that's that's where the two pets storm.

Speaker 2 (41:30):
Yeah, I'll ask you, just say, just get the sides.
Just get the sides, because this isn't real. It's fake.
Do you think.

Speaker 3 (41:36):
Shampoo your hair?

Speaker 2 (41:38):
Right? You're going to test them. Let's see how real
this looks.

Speaker 8 (41:41):
Hey is scuba like at all? Like interested too?

Speaker 5 (41:44):

Speaker 7 (41:44):
It's we're doing you no I'm saying, just like secretly
and so.

Speaker 2 (41:47):
Well scubac or a whole wig. He has no hair
hair at all. He can just go to like party
city and get away. Yeah, just get a freaking ceddie
lapper wig man, go town.

Speaker 3 (41:57):
She liked what she's working with with you, because you
have the side.

Speaker 2 (42:00):
She'll match it up. Is so cool? Hey do they
have We'll ask her this.

Speaker 3 (42:05):
Yeah, we'll.

Speaker 2 (42:07):
Just save your questions, you guys, like what.

Speaker 7 (42:08):
If I just want I just wonder if they have
like a flat flat top with bangs like tomorrow.

Speaker 2 (42:14):
Hey, thank god he didn't go full butt shave. Whatever
he's gonna do on his haircut right as a good move.
But did you do anything?

Speaker 8 (42:20):

Speaker 2 (42:21):
His neck, that's I think it looks great. He left
the banks, that's cool he did. It's not even about
the bangs. But when he gets it cut way way short,
it looks like one of those hairless cats.

Speaker 8 (42:30):
What you call it skin and trim.

Speaker 3 (42:32):
I think it's called like the scrow them the high skin.

Speaker 2 (42:35):

Speaker 6 (42:36):
You guys said look good at our heart.

Speaker 2 (42:38):
I never said that.

Speaker 1 (42:41):
We said you look good, you look nice? Can you
best have heard what looks good?

Speaker 4 (42:45):

Speaker 2 (42:46):
Your walker?

Speaker 6 (42:47):
Your I don't know who to trust. Man, you guys
tell me one thing I.

Speaker 2 (42:51):
Got people looks good. Now, that's why we said, don't
get it cut. There's no knee because you would have
got the scrote and then you have seen like skin.

Speaker 6 (42:59):

Speaker 3 (43:01):
We don't want to see it.

Speaker 4 (43:02):
Yeah, you're not getting basic training.

Speaker 6 (43:05):
Well yeah, but it looks good. A lot of people
with the skin type. Faith.

Speaker 2 (43:11):
I hear you.

Speaker 6 (43:12):
It's the new end haircut.

Speaker 2 (43:17):
Should I ask the two pay people about that one?
If he had that? They come in. You want us
to do your side, sir? Skin tight? Okay, so everybody,
we'll get photos today.

Speaker 4 (43:26):
And he's been in and out to get her hair
down all morning.

Speaker 2 (43:28):
Looks good.

Speaker 6 (43:29):
In here, it looks exactly like I did yesterday. Come in,
looks the same.

Speaker 2 (43:33):
See how you like, let me just stop, Let me
just stop. Everybody you are like trying to help him,
and you're like, oh, this looks good, and he takes
he takes the first shot at you.

Speaker 6 (43:44):
No, no, no, she said, my hair. When I get
the skin type, it looks like crap.

Speaker 2 (43:49):
She said, yesterday was don't get it cut. It looks
better like this.

Speaker 6 (43:52):
And then right now she goes, yeah, we don't want
to see that, and so she took a shot first,
so I took a shot back.

Speaker 3 (43:56):
It's all listen, it's fine.

Speaker 6 (43:59):
But honest, honestly, what is different from your hair yesterday? Today?

Speaker 3 (44:03):
I didn't have to do it. She did it, which
is great.

Speaker 8 (44:05):
You normally do that every day.

Speaker 2 (44:07):
What she did not the whole.

Speaker 1 (44:08):
I'm not as good as her. She's still, honestly not done.
So there's a few more pieces. But she did makeup too,
so I got here.

Speaker 6 (44:14):
Really, can you tell me the difference?

Speaker 2 (44:17):
Makeup different lunchbox?

Speaker 3 (44:18):
Yes, it must be.

Speaker 6 (44:20):
Oh yeah, she looks like she's about to get married.

Speaker 2 (44:23):
That's cool.

Speaker 6 (44:24):
Like she went.

Speaker 1 (44:24):
Full like but are you being sarcastic?

Speaker 3 (44:26):
Or does my makeup look different?

Speaker 2 (44:28):

Speaker 6 (44:28):
No, really, like you put like makeup like it's a
wedding day, like you went full everything.

Speaker 1 (44:32):
No, I put it on for photos because you photographed differently.

Speaker 6 (44:35):
I have nothing, That's what I'm saying. Your God, can
you be honest with me? Do you her hair?

Speaker 3 (44:41):
I'm sure talking?

Speaker 2 (44:42):
Hey is Lauren coming Scuba? See Lauren? Is she coming here?
My person? Yeah, she'll be there. Yeah, nice boom with
my wedding day? Can I can I borrow her too. No,
you have your own person. Oh, I got my own person.

Speaker 3 (44:55):
Does Lunchbox have someone?

Speaker 2 (44:57):
Yeah, well they're sharing the same person. What we're sharing
the same and all and all the same sponges and stuff.

Speaker 6 (45:03):
Question like are we doing how long? Is this gonna take?
Like three hours? Good question because I mean, I mean.

Speaker 2 (45:09):
I know it can't because I have therapy.

Speaker 8 (45:11):
Well, Bobby's part is ninety minutes or less.

Speaker 2 (45:13):
It's about by two hours, ninety minutes. Just on you.
We have stuff to do together. I have individual I
have Amy, and I I have one with Amy and
Lunchbox and Eddie, and then we have a group one.

Speaker 6 (45:28):
So so do I was just wondering, Yeah, I just
was wondering, like food, why is they going to be catered?

Speaker 2 (45:35):
We have lunch provided. So I'm talking, oh we do
because I got to go right to therapy and then
I go right from therapy.

Speaker 3 (45:41):
You don't want to be hungry at therapy.

Speaker 2 (45:43):
I don't be. Yeah, And I go right from therapy
to a Bobby cast with Cooper Allen, then right to
a workout. Yeah. Yeah, my day's pretty dreadful today.

Speaker 1 (45:52):

Speaker 3 (45:52):
We're also taking Pimp and joy pictures. So Oh my god,
just be efficient, that's all I'm asking.

Speaker 2 (45:58):
I got like fifteen minutes.

Speaker 6 (45:59):
How many outfits did you guys bring?

Speaker 3 (46:00):
Be joyful?

Speaker 2 (46:03):
So I picked a few outfits and then I woke
up and mysterious and my wife had put a couple
of because I think she saw the ones I picked.

Speaker 3 (46:08):
Well, I texted her my color palette.

Speaker 2 (46:09):
Oh that doesn't matter.

Speaker 1 (46:11):
It does matter if we're taking if we have some
whorf to take together. I just was making sure, it
doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you're it doesn't matter.

Speaker 8 (46:20):
It doesn't matter how much photoshopping.

Speaker 2 (46:22):
And then do like on my face?

Speaker 8 (46:23):
Can they do whatever?

Speaker 2 (46:25):
But if you have like logos, I'll photoshop them out. Yeah,
but there we say if we got your hair done
before the freaking photo, Oh my god.

Speaker 6 (46:31):
Didn't even stuck with it. Remember that's I might with it.

Speaker 2 (46:35):
We photoshop hair on you? Sure? Or do you wearing
a hat?

Speaker 7 (46:38):
I was gonna do both, because really in pictures they
can make it look like I have hair.

Speaker 2 (46:42):
Yeah, you can also wear a hat, and we just
blamee blew it out the logo too, Like Ray's got
a Nike shirt. I don't have to get rid of them.

Speaker 3 (46:48):
You have your hips or hat.

Speaker 7 (46:49):
I have that too, but Mike brought me back, so
he brought me some generic hats with no logos on her.

Speaker 2 (46:54):
Okay, what are you guys laughing about in there? If
I can, if I can roll in in a Nike shirt,
my sweatpans. I love this photo shoot already. I don't
know you like changed shirts? I figured you changed into
that one? Did you wear that one today?

Speaker 6 (47:05):
Wearing this?

Speaker 2 (47:05):
Since I woke up at one? Oh, I never seen
him more of collared than you shirt. I thought he
was running for the big day. It's nice man, you
like I go to get married?

Speaker 8 (47:14):
He does?

Speaker 6 (47:14):
Got the spray tan?

Speaker 2 (47:15):
I mean, wait, who got a spray tan for this?
I did?

Speaker 3 (47:18):
I did.

Speaker 4 (47:18):
I wish I would have, but I didn't.

Speaker 1 (47:20):
But also I got mine for I have a work
event this week too, So I'd rather have a spray
tan because then getting dressed is just easier.

Speaker 6 (47:27):
I'm just gonna need them to pick out the clothes
and put them out. There's a pick, right can. I
brought about fifteen shirts, four pairs of pants, two pairs
of shoes.

Speaker 3 (47:34):
It's eating at me that color palettes do matter, because what.

Speaker 2 (47:37):
Only brought certain clothes.

Speaker 1 (47:38):
I know you did, but I'm just saying that, what
what if you show up with red and I show
up with green, and then we have our shots together
and it.

Speaker 2 (47:46):
Looks like Christmas photo my Yeluigi. I do it all
the time. Yeah, that's our thing. We have photo shit today.
If you heard the post show yesterday, Race, it's our
last one ever because we're probably getting fired next years
or someone's quitting. Yeah, so big day today, photo shoot,
Eddie gets new hair.

Speaker 1 (48:02):
You's got a lot of stuff, all options where everybody
at some point is at the end of the photos,
so we like we rotate so they're easy.

Speaker 3 (48:08):
To cut out.

Speaker 2 (48:09):
Babolical. I like it. Oh, another question about the photoshow.
Everybody feels one specific person starts to feel weird because
they're always asked you from the edge on the edge picture?

Speaker 6 (48:20):
Do you know what? I found out that Abby is
going to be in the picture.

Speaker 2 (48:25):
I was shot, she's on the air, she's on I
didn't know where you go.

Speaker 6 (48:28):
He started talking about her outfit. I was like, wait,
you're coming for the group shot.

Speaker 7 (48:32):
Didn't know that in the group shot, we're gonna do
two versions, one with all of us and one without
me and Abby.

Speaker 2 (48:37):
Just so it's you guys, okay, in the event something
happens or whatever.

Speaker 4 (48:41):
Something happens, talking about what's happening right now.

Speaker 8 (48:46):
Well, also like the main show in general, if.

Speaker 6 (48:49):
You think about it, just just dropped a Hintuba just
dropped a hint of where he's headed.

Speaker 8 (48:55):
I think we found the guy that's quitting.

Speaker 2 (48:58):
I'm just these.

Speaker 8 (48:59):
Things for seven years, so I want to make sure
we have every option.

Speaker 2 (49:03):
As long as you have one.

Speaker 4 (49:04):
Let's be honest.

Speaker 6 (49:05):
That was the truth.

Speaker 2 (49:06):
I just stand there and put both arms out by
myself to be real, and then everybody else just stand
do a solo. We can always just cut and place
you guys in my arms.

Speaker 6 (49:16):
Good point.

Speaker 2 (49:16):
You know you're probably right.

Speaker 4 (49:18):
We're all good.

Speaker 8 (49:19):
So, hey, the boot? Did you let the photographer know
that I'm wearing a boon?

Speaker 3 (49:23):
No, you need to take the boot off off. Surely
you brought the other shoe.

Speaker 2 (49:28):
You can't wear a boot and pictures are lasting forever.

Speaker 8 (49:32):
No one, No one thought about telling the photographer I'm.

Speaker 2 (49:36):
Brought a shoe. You're not just bid, you're messing on.
That's hilarious. Everybody reacted like what the.

Speaker 6 (49:44):
That was great?

Speaker 8 (49:45):
Thank you Okay, what an idiot.

Speaker 2 (49:48):
Thank you all. We have a big day today, big
day tomorrow.

Speaker 6 (49:51):
We gotta go man, big day.

Speaker 2 (49:53):
Yeah, we have more show.

Speaker 6 (49:53):
I gotta get my hair to do.

Speaker 2 (49:54):
All right, get your hair to do. Okay, let's do
this showd today.

Speaker 6 (50:01):
This story comes to us from Maryland. Two eighteen year
olds were busted with a stolen car, get arrested, taking
down to police headquarters and they call the parents say hey,
come get your kids. Guardian shows up in a stolen vehicle.

Speaker 7 (50:16):
Oh gosh, hey, that's it.

Speaker 2 (50:20):
No from the tree. Yeah, probably didn't live in the
greatest environment, didn't have much of a chance. That sucks.
That that sucks.

Speaker 6 (50:29):
Okay, I'm lunchbox. That's your bonehead story of the day.

Speaker 4 (50:34):
You serve as your kids.

Speaker 2 (50:35):

Speaker 7 (50:35):
I saw a post on Instagram and it said ask
your kids what you can do better as a dad,
And I was like, I've never asked them this.

Speaker 2 (50:44):
Well, that's kind of hilarious. Yeah, so did you ask
them together separately?

Speaker 7 (50:49):
Together? Okay, yes, it's four of them. I didn't want
to do it separately.

Speaker 2 (50:52):
Well maybe you got different answers though for them. I
kind of wanted like one unanimous answer. Okay, and so
you said how did you say it?

Speaker 7 (50:59):
I said, hey, guys, let me ask you this if
I can do something different as a dad, like what
would you say that I don't do this?

Speaker 2 (51:06):
Like what would it be? And their answer was they.

Speaker 8 (51:09):
Thought about it.

Speaker 7 (51:10):
They talked amongst themselves and they said, you know, Dad,
like you can be a little more patient with us.

Speaker 8 (51:16):
I said, okay, well, give me an example.

Speaker 4 (51:17):
I love was a mature answer.

Speaker 8 (51:19):
Yeah, like what do you.

Speaker 7 (51:19):
Mean, Well, sometimes you lose your patience and you like
get mad at us and you start yelling. And I
was like, so you're talking about like when I asked
you to do something like a hundred times and then
you listen the hundred times and then I yell.

Speaker 8 (51:31):
And they're like, well, well I.

Speaker 2 (51:32):
Kind of like that. Yeah yeah, So I mean you
start yelling at them, then.

Speaker 8 (51:37):
No, but it doesn't make any sense.

Speaker 7 (51:39):
Like they want me to be more patient, but I
want them to do what I asked them to do immediately.

Speaker 2 (51:44):
I can tell me to act better, That's what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (51:46):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and say, hey guys, yeah, I hear you,
and that you're right. I absolutely do need to be
more patient. Something that would be helpful in that is,
when I ask you to do something, you try doing
it on the first try. And I'm going to work
on being patient and now we're working as a team.

Speaker 2 (52:03):
To say all that to four boys, I feel like
they'd have farted on them. They walked away. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I think it's I mean, it's four boys.

Speaker 3 (52:13):
Well, they want to be heard, so he has to
acknowledge I hear you.

Speaker 4 (52:15):
I think they want to get away with stuff.

Speaker 2 (52:17):
Yeah, oh, I know, they hear me. They just don't
want to do it. Okay, who does know? What would
your kids say? Do you think?

Speaker 3 (52:24):

Speaker 1 (52:25):
Probably the Yeah? Why do you have to say things
over and over and over? But also it's at Eddie's point,
it's like I say it over and over because you're
not able to hear me. I try to say, I
know this is parenting. This is like a literal example
of what it's like because you try not to use
the negative words because I want to be like, you're
not listening, and then they'll keep not listening. So I
want to be like, I know you're a good listener,

so it would be helpful if you listened on the
first time.

Speaker 4 (52:50):
Does that ever work?

Speaker 3 (52:52):
I am in the.

Speaker 1 (52:53):
Process of hoping the last year implementing that type of encouragement,
and I think I've seen, especially with my son, removing
the negative words of like, you know, instead of saying
you can't throw the ball in the house, I just say, hey,
love that you're throwing the ball, go throw it outside.

Speaker 3 (53:09):
So then there's no negative attached to us.

Speaker 2 (53:11):
Good, that's really good, that's pretty good. That one like
rope me, you walk up me like I am pretty good.

Speaker 1 (53:18):
Yeah. Yeah, So it's stuff like that.

Speaker 3 (53:22):
My son's therapist like, but.

Speaker 7 (53:25):
Is it line if I say they're good listeners when
they're not really good listeners.

Speaker 1 (53:29):
They give them the opportunity to be, and then when
they do actually listen on the first time, be like,
this is so great. I can tell you're listening to
me on the first time, and then.

Speaker 2 (53:40):
You feel so I think with you kids, it might.

Speaker 1 (53:43):
I think it takes repetition, just like you're building those
neuropathways similar to your therapy, Bobby, you're like learning new ways,
like you have to just do things over and over
and over, and reputation is key. And then mixed in
with that sometimes you have the screaming, the yelling, the nagging,
by me.

Speaker 2 (53:58):
Now, Bobby, you're a good listener man.

Speaker 3 (54:00):

Speaker 2 (54:01):
Thanks. One day you're going to be the best listener.

Speaker 5 (54:03):
I think.

Speaker 2 (54:04):
But a group mentality with four boys, yeah, I mean
that's that's the one or two boys, one or two kids,
I think, but four boys, like they just gang up
on you.

Speaker 8 (54:13):
They do they jump you.

Speaker 2 (54:14):
They're like a big gang.

Speaker 1 (54:16):
Yeah, each and probably each of the four they're very different.
So you may have to even do one thing different
with another one that you don't. Because my kids, I pinched.

Speaker 2 (54:25):
I thought it was interesting that they all thought the
same thing, be patient or did somebody lead them to that?

Speaker 8 (54:30):

Speaker 4 (54:31):
Was there a leader of the group and they're like
and they're like yeah, yeah.

Speaker 7 (54:34):
Hey, I think the oldest is the leader because obviously
the youngest is five years old.

Speaker 2 (54:37):
He wasn't the leader. He's like, give me more candy.
That's it for the show today. Thank you for being here,
thank you for checking us out. There's a new episode
of the Bobbycast with Zach Brown. We did an hour together.
Zach Brown White p he's in a jar at night.

Speaker 3 (54:49):
What like for real every night.

Speaker 2 (54:53):
Whenever he needs to because it's in the Bobby Cast. Yeah,
good bye, everybody, Oh, get your Bobby balls home.
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