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September 20, 2018 61 mins

Bobby hints of a new girl in his life. Old Dominion stops by the studio. Show members compete in the easy citizenship test.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
I hope your buddy and missed the Bobby. That's right now. Alright, alright,
welcome to Thursday's show. I am mostly here about in voice,
but a hundred percent in spirit. How do you feel

about that? Amy? Yeah, martin Studio. I have a bit
of laryngitis and I had a bug when I was
in Nashville and I didn't properly smush the bug. And
then I got out to California, was dancing work and
I feel like the buck I took me over got
into my tonsil chords. And yesterday it was a replay

show because of that. So but today is live as
long as I can go, you know. Yeah, I mean
I was trying as hard as I could. And Amy
actually sent me a message yesterday and was saying, hey,
stop it. I don't think she wanted to come in today.
As a matter of fact. Well, I was just like,
you need to let us handle whatever we can handle
to help you for once, like you're not I mean,

you're not a machine. So sometimes, especially when laryngitis comes
into play, you just gotta rest it up and know
that we've got your back and we can help you
and whatever we can. No time for the rest. You know,
I mean, I gotta work. I gotta get in here.
Don't pay me to have laryngitis. I know, we're just
trying to have your back. You know. Well, how are you, Amy?

You good today? Yeah? I'm doing good. Amy over there
to the left, lunch box over the right. Hey, but man,
I'm feeling great, looking good, glad to be here. Welcome
back bones. What on earth? I actually came in for
a bit yesterday. I just wasn't able to go on
the air for a long time. So we talked yesterday
to Yeah. Kind of weird that he would say, well, yeah,
the whole thing is weird, but you know what, it's Thursday.

Let's get rolling. Old Dominion's gonna stop by later on
and talk because they got Hotel Key about to be
a number one song, and you know, we're rocking and rolling.
Appreciate everybody being here. It's produce a remode. If you
want to help out those affected by Hurricane Florence, just
text red Cross to nine zero. Outside of Madison, Wisconsin,

a shooter open fire inside a software company Injuring three
before officers shot to suspect. A lot of workers were
able to run from the building and others hid to
be safe, and finally in Las Vegas the I Heart
Radio Music Festival. It all starts tomorrow night. Hey, you
know what they call me, Eddie? Right of course country
Music's youngest historian. That's right on this day, Country music

he on this day and Garth Brooks had the number
one country song with Ain't Going Down until the Sun
Comes Up. Here's a clip of that jam the Sun
until they get in and going down when the Sun

comes out. Twenty five years ago today. Garth co wrote
that song with two other tiers. He said he was
looking at the first single for his album, so they wrote,
recorded it in one day and so bam, two weeks
later it was on the radio. It became his twelfth number.
One years ago today, police are looking for a man

they say used a toddler to steal prizes out of
a vending machine game. You know what he did, lunchbox. Yeah,
he put the kid up in the thing like he
took the kid and stuck him in the little slot
you know where the game the prizes come out, and
he stuck them up in there so he could grab
all the prizes. Several witnesses recorded video of the crime

by crime seems like a big word for this. Huh yeah,
I mean, what are the fifty cents stuffed animals not
getting it's? It's it is? Police say the man had
a small girl climbing at the bottom of the key
master where prizes are dropped off, you know where the
claud drops into that hole. But instead he had a
young boy with him and let the kid crawl up

in there and get all the toys. I mean, he
beat the system. Is it really stealing? He beat the game?
It is stealing stealing? Just so okay, if your doors
unlocked and you just, oh, well I beat the system, Look,
I can just go rob everybody. You win that argument.
So but again, what kind of dad does this with

their kids? Like the kid gets stuck in that thing too. Yeah,
I don't know. It does seem a little risky. And
then like your kid that now forever is like yeah,
when I was a little my dad used to have
me steal stuffed animals, Like I see that showing up
in therapy somewhere. It is kind of bonding though, and
hold on, hold on, they worked as a team and

as well. Let me just say this that if I
were watching this happen. I don't think I would tell.
I would just film and send it to my buddies.
I know it's petty, but it's funny. We all laughed,
and you're laughing even though we think it's stealing. Yes, yeah,
it's stealing. But and also yeah, I mean it starts
with this. The next thing you know, he has his

kid and holding up a bank. Oh come on, maybe
are you good at these games or now with the
claw games? Yeah, I mean probably, I'm back in the day,
probably forever. But I don't think I've ever wont to
prize with the claw game of my life. I have

for sure. Then you, yeah, you're not good, lunchbox. Are
you good? I dominate at the claw game. When I
used to go to the grocery shore with my mom,
We'll be walking out. There'd be a quarter to plane.
I mike, Mom, give me a dollar. She's like, no
one would win, No one wins. She'd give me a dollar.
I'd win four stuffed animals. You're that good at the
clow game. I was that good at the claw game.
I am telling you my whole house had stuffed animals

because I would win them all the time. The claw
game so if we send you to a claw game
with like ten bucks, you could come back with a
bunch of stuff. Oh absolutely, you give me ten dollars.
I can crush a claw game. I need to go
and scout them out, because you got to find a
good claw. Some of those claws they make really weak,
so they don't grab as well. But if I find,
if I go and investigate, I'll find you a claw
and I'll get you surprises. What's the secret to finding

a good claw? You just look at it and you
just test it out. Do one run and put fifty
cents in or however much it costs, and watch the
claw and if it's really the little lever things. The
claw grabbers are weak. You can tell the weakness and
they won't grab a stuffed animal. I can. I can
spot a weak claw when I see one. I think
fifty cents is from back in the day path more
so than now. Yeah, I didn't play. I take a

nickel and I go to the claw machine. Gatest from
Nashville Hoywood Brothers Osborne announced their next single, I Don't
Remember Me Before You. Here's a clip of it. I

love that song, I love that record. I think it's
my favorite song on the album. It's even got a parentheses.
It's like I didn't used to me parentheses. Whatever it is,
it's a good one. What else? Number two? Jason Aldane
is bringing his concert for the Cure to Nashville. It's
set for October three, and all the money is going
to fight breast cancer. Where's he playing that show? Do
we know where that is? Because that's a that would

be a big one that guy like he does that
is other one in Georgia, like his home state. Wises
a bunch of money. Yeah. What else? And Carrie Underwood
was announced as a performer at the American Music Awards,
which will be airing on October six. That's full. When
is she having her baby? Not yet? Not? Yeah, she
got a little bit. She can still be out doing
things performing. I think it's several months away. Is it

like a handful? Maybe? About that? All right? Moran number
two and Morgan number two. That's the skinny show. It's
time for the good news. I saw this on Reddit
the website. So Paul Creek and Bald Mountain both had

fires in Utah and firefighters have been working around the
clock to contain it to protect homes in the area.
Six thousand people have been evacuated. And the picture that
I saw the firefighters that went into a house and
one of the families left to notice that, hey, we
have evacuated. Hey firefighters, there are drinks and food, there's

fridge in the other porch. Eat, take care of yourself.
Thank you. Not awesome. Yeah I love that too, and
not firefighters out there saving lives and protecting people's stuff
and people left but are still looking out for them.
Let's tell me something that I like that. The day
this story comes up from saying Cloud, Minnesota, two guys

were arrested after they broke into a farm and they
were breaking into the shed, stole a bunch of lumber,
and they're trying to drive off the farm. Only problem
is they got their trucks stuck in a manure pit
full of stolen lumber. They're stuck in the manure pit
and they had to call the police say we're stuck.
You're gonna have to come get us out. Yeah, that stinks.
I was like when criminals have to call on themselves

because they like when people get stuck in chimneys. My
favorite criminal stories, like someone's trying to climb into a
house and they get stuck. That Those are my favorite,
Like you guys trying to rob a house and he's like, huh,
not the one. It's Chuck stuck in the chimney again.
Or Hey, I'm in the truck chucking the poop pile,
still the lumber. There was a stinky situation, Bobby. Did

you even catch on too? How right? Every said that?
You God, that stinks. I said that, Yeah, I don't
even think you realized And I was like I did not. No,
all right, thank you, n lunchbox. That's your bone head
story of the day. Did your buddy and missed the
bobbing balls? Right? Hey, we have a drink of water.

My voice is still a little crummy as you can hear,
but I'm here. How do you feel about that? Amy?
What's the line I need to walk? Um? I don't
feel like we're tiptoeing right now. We're tiptoeing because if
we start to hear it crack or do anything, then
it starts to fade. Like I feel like there's moments
where I'm like, oh, wow, he sounds really good, and
then I hear the crack and I'm like, oh, it

just makes me nervous that you know that means five
minutes from now you may not be able to talk. Well,
let's see how we do. Let's let's play Amy versus lunchbox.
Lunchboxes up to zero. He give me that music, please, Raymond.
I will ask Amy three questions and lunch box will know.
I last lunchbox is three questions that Amy will know.
We'll see who scores the best. Amy, You're up first.

Here we go. What baseball team plays at Wrigley Filled? Um,
I'm gonna answer this slowly because sports are the ones
that really messed me up. But it's the Chicago Cubs,
same field that I threw the first pitch out a
few weeks ago. It is the Chicago Cubs. Are you

going one point? Framing? Amy? What's the difference in cars
between a coupe and a sedan? Coupe has two doors
and a sedan has four? Correct? How many total balls

are there in a game of pool? Total balls on
the table? Um? Um? One, two, three, four or five?
N five? Okay? Hold on, I know this, I know this,
I know this, and just three, four or five eight?

And like, yeah, is that right? Incorrect? Lunch Box? You
can steal sixteen the que ball sixteen. I forgot the
cue ball. Are you read white ball that you hit

it with? That? Right? No? Well I don't know like that,
but you didn't get it. Not lunch box over to you.
Are you ready? I'm ready? Here we go. Garter seed
and herring bone are types of what? Garter seed and

herring bone? Yea types of what? Leg ware? Leg ware?
That is incorrect? Amy, You can steal patterns correct? Knitting
patterns are stitches? Wow, I was thinking garter belt. You
know you go get the garter lunchbox. The TV show Desperate?

How's what you watch? That? Right? Took place? On? What? There?
You go? Got it? Come on? Now? Who I know
that the score is now three to two? Lunch box,
you need this to tie September's berth stone is sapphire?
What colors is sapphire? Pink? Oh? We said pink and

that's right? Dan is incorrect? Amy, Would you have known
that I do know it? What is it? I do
know it? Because and if my husband's listening, f I
I he knows that I want a ring with some
sapphires in it. And it's a blue dark That is correct.

Basically a dude, that's what you said when I got cold. Yeah,
he got Yeah. They're playing to ten lunchboxes now two
to one. Amy gets our first victory of the season.
Congratulations to you, Amy, good lunch boxes. Telling me about
Sarah Highland and Wells Adams. Now, Sarah Highland is from

Modern Family. Wells Adams was a radio DJ. I guess
he still has a radio DG here. Huh, Well, he
lives in California, but yes, he still is on the
air here. So then he went on the Bachelor at
didn't win. But now he's on Bachelor in Paradise as
the bartender. Is that right? Yes, he serves everyone's drinks
and he gets all the gossip and he gets everybody

gives them advice also on how to handle the relationships.
So they've celebrated one year. But why is this so
fascinating to you? Well, because this is Will's Adams. He
was a nobody, really nobody, just a regular old dude.
That's rude. He was not a nobody somebody. Well, I
like Wills, I'm saying, compared to Sarah Highland, he was

a nobody. He went on the Bachelorette, didn't win, which
is okay, and he part laid that into this girl
who is a superstar in the acting world. And so
I'm all I can see is they've been together a year,
and I think this could be Bobby's story. You are
in l a for dancing with the stars, You're out there,

you're a radio guy, just like Well, you could be
following the same path as well as Adams Amy. Your thoughts, Well,
I mean everyone has a different path. I mean, I
guess in lunch boxes mind, you need to be meeting
an actress that's making a ton of money per episodes,
episodes what she makes. I knew he would know exactly

what she made. That's so funny that he knew that though.
So I mean, you know, I don't think you need
to follow in Wells footsteps like you're You're fine. No,
he needs to find an actress. This is his chance.
I'm not trying to find an act Let me say this.
Let me say this. I have a little something going
on right now, not even just the dancing with the

star stuff, like in my personal life. There's a little
something going on famous. I mean, at this point, I'm
just going to say there's just a little something going
on right but like actress singer famous, I mean, what

what level? Like Instagram followers? Are we talking millions? I'm
not worried, I don't. I'm not worried about that. I'm
just worried about somebody that I can talk to. Somebody
is strong, independent, that's all. Go ahead, aim over under
Who has more Instagram follower? Who are the who are
the me? Or her? Well? Whatever is going on in
your life? I don't know. Like, no, I'm not gonna

answer that, but I just don't think right now. I'm
trying to learn how to dance obviously, as you can
tell my voice, and not all the way there. I
love puppies, you know. I well that trying to avoid
what is she like? Um, it's not even a thing yet,
a thing thing she's like to dance. It's what do

you mean when you say it's not a thing thing yet?
Does that mean it's like on your vision board or no,
it's more than on a vision board, but it's not
the thing thing. Okay, That's why I don't feel comfortable
saying anything. Mike and Mike d and I are you know,
living together in a two bedroom apartment, I mean living
together and listen I'm here till it kicked off this
show that starts Monday, and I can kicked off Monday.

But yeah, we're basically living together right now, so he
knows what's up pretty much, just him. Do you know
what's up, Amy or not? I mean, yeah, yeah, pretty sure.
I know it's up kind of, but I don't you know,
I'm just trying to when you have to talk after
after the show. Yeah, we do. I sort of know
what's up. I'm just trying to keep it a thing
and not a thing thing our buddies from Old Dominion

to here but cans far but coming on, Hello fellas. Hey,
I know a couple of nights ago, you guys did
a show out the Rhyman and you didn't know Kenny
I was gonna come out, n Chess, come out surprise
you guys are no, no, we had no clue, no
clue really though we were. We were about to play
the next hung and Terminator tore me and that jor

Tommy came on the top back was like, do not
start the next song? Can chis here? He's about to
come on stage? Yeah? Okay, so he just shows up
and then and then what you play for any day
we played Safer for any day. I mean we spent
you know, summers playing that song with him. And so
at the end of the tour this year, I texted
him and said, hey, man, we're doing this thing at
the Rhyme and uh, it'd be cool if you came down.

I didn't expect him to, but and he was like, man,
I'm gonna be out of the country, probably on a
boat somewhere, but it texts me closer to it. And
so I texted him like three days before and didn't
He didn't response, So I figured he was probably where
he said he was going to be and yeah, on
a boat. And then turns out he just decided to
show up. The guys from Old Dominion are here. Now.

Last year you won the a c M War for
Vocal Group of the Year. Now you're nominated this year
at the c m AS. Now since you've won, I mean,
is there a better pressure now that you feel like
you're you're in the mix, And is there gonna be
real disappointment if you don't win. They're gonna throw a
tantrum if we don't win. But I know it's a
real thing now, like that you won that award, like
really a little bit, you've got to kind of be

up a bit for sure. Yeah, I think, yeah, we
have some some like pressure on us a little bit,
and you should that's a good thing, but I don't know. Yeah,
it feels good to have the We work well under pressure,
so you know, we feel good about what we're doing.
So if we don't win, of course, I think we'll
be bummed a little bit. But if we do, man,
that's that's just another thing that's happening to us. That's

kind of hard to believe, but it feels. It feels
amazing already to just be there. Well, if you don't win,
you can lay back on your five number one single
and be like, I guess we're doing all right exactly exactly. Hey,
let me, uh play me a little clip of Written
in the Sand Raimondo, please trying to get it. Tell

me about this song, boys, give me a little back
story on this one. About that one. Yeah, that was
that was actually one of the last songs that we
recorded right before we went in uh and when finished
finished our album really and uh Me and Brad and
Trevor and Shane mcinally wrote that song. I had this
line written down Stars of the Sand, and uh, it

was just that kind of idea. And then we sat
in the room and as as we do as songwriters,
and you know, Shane started doing his thing where he's like,
are we a backseat? And we're like, oh, that's cool,
and it was just it wasn't a hard ride. It
was it happened pretty quick and and then uh we
turned it into an old man jam and then we
took it in the studio and hipped it up a
little bit. That is a good one. You made have

the clip right window from these guys, like there's no
shut thing as a broke har tell me about this
a boys here. Yeah, this one we wrote Brad and
Matt and I wrote it with Jesse. Fraser came out
on the road with us one time and we were
all crammed in the back lounge of our bus and
we had no idea that day. You know, I think
Jesse just had a little track and uh, Matt just

started saying whatever that came, you know, first thing that
came to his mind. He said that I wonder if
Jack and Diane ever made it. And we all went, oh,
that's really cool. What's that? So we didn't really have
a hook or any idea. We just started kind of
chasing that down the road. And at some point, like
I don't know, maybe an hour or two into it,
I think I said you gotta love like there's no
such thing as a broken heart, and we were like, oh,
that's the whole song, Like that's it. It was weird

because that normally doesn't happen where you find the hook
halfway through? Right right, all dominions here, Let me ask
you this because you come up and you do our show,
I don't know it's early, but when you go do
the Today Show, for example, Like what is that like
to get there and have to sound check? Like what's
the morning wake up routine? Like, it's pretty strange because
you wind up like we usually stay somewhere, you know,

close to Tom Square when we do those shows, and
you go walking through Tom Square at like three thirty
four in the morning and there's nobody out there, So
it is pretty eerie and it is pretty cool though,
and but it is it makes for a long day
for sure. Does it feel super artificial, meaning there really
aren't a lot of people around and you're playing for million?
It just does it feel like you're in a bubble. Yeah.

I feel like at this point we've done we've played
everywhere any kind of venue that we could, so it's
just like, okay, put us here and now we play
this song here. It's so it's really it's not that bad,
you know. And those people, it's like it's like here,
you know, you guys are in the room and and
we play for you, and it's just kind of the
same things as there. Well, to be fair, I'm not
actually in the room right now. Feels like before we

went on, they were like, hey, can you dance? And
I was like can you? So I'm struggling a little
bit over here. Boys, I'm sure you're doing fine. You
guys ever think about busting out like a routine in
the middle of a show. Is always trying to get
us to do that, but we're like, you know, a boy,
a legit situation. Well, it's funny, like my kids dance competitively,

and like I'll goof around with my son and I'll
start doing moves. I'd be like, come on on, freestyle
bad to you. He just looks at me and rolls
his eyes. He's like, I would absolutely crush you. And
old dominion they got all the hits five in a
row about to play the next number one Hotel Key,
which listen. I love the song, but if I'm being
super honest, I think guys, before it was top thirty,

Amy was like, this is my favorite song. Before it
was even like really played on the radio. Amy came
and said this is my favorite song. And I was like, look,
because you know, I love Stars in the City. I'm
a big fan of the record. And Amy's like, this
is the song. And then we've we've we've watched a
climb and Amy has been the biggest advocate for the
sucker man your way, right, I mean, I don't want

to get I think some somebody maybe I could say
I was a little obsessive, so I don't want to
I gotta play it cool right now in the room.
But yeah, yeah, we're gonna play it now. I'm glad
you gotta stop by and said hello, you know to
much success and check out Happy Endings and check out

just check it all out and just just quality quality stuff. Man.
So congratulations to you guys. Thank you here this week, really,
thank you for having us in. We love being here. Hey,
they banned a triathlete from an All you can eat
sushi restaurant because he ate about a hundred plates of fish.
Isn't that so funny? He's training and it's an all

you can eat buffet. He's calories. Don't say it's all
you can need if it's not all you can eat.
He didn't do anything illegal, so he goes in. He's
an iron Man competitor. He goes in. Eighteen dollars and
forty nine cents. He sat down the table and he
did not stop until he had put down a hundred
plates of sushi. Isn't that so funny? Bobby? I feel

like you need to start hitting up all you can
eat buffets. I'm telling you, it's like you're basically an
iron Man athlete at the moment. But dancing I don't know,
but iron Man, Well, you're burning probably iron Man status
type calories. I've lost all muscle tone in my body
because I don't have any time to lift weights because

I'm working radio, or I'm dancing, or I'm eating, I'm
doing interviews. So how much weight have you lost? I
don't know, but I won't weigh myself. But oh, you're
not weighing, Okay, I've lost a lot of muscle tone,
and like it's all skinny except for like my belly,
because I'm just eating anything I can get around. So
it's like, so your bellies, like your acts look like

when you post videos dancing, they look not Yeah that's
an old one, but yeah, I've I've probably lost some weight.
I need to go do what this guy does though. Yeah.
I hit up those buffets and my people, some of
my friends are like, oh, man, what's Bobby's life like
right now? He's getting there. Like, first of all, you're
getting it's like your job right now to block out
this time to work out and dance, and it's still

something that's super fun. I know it's grueling and hard
and difficult, but like you're making all these fun memories.
So you're getting to dance and burn calories and eat
whatever you want, like and you're like, you're like living
a girl's dream right now. I am. I am. Listen.
It's hard for me. It's not hard for everybody else
because they kind of know what they're doing. I think
I came in at such a level of being behind

all the other people who know how to dance a
little bit that when I go, man, it's grueling it's
not groeling for everybody, not as grueling. Some of these
people dance for fifteen years, and so they come in,
they learn their dance, they go home. Me lights, come on,
I'm there, let's go out. I don't want to leave.
But I have both of my dances for the first week.
They've never made people learn to dances the first week

before ever. Have you already done a fitting for your outfit?
I do that today actually, because my first outfit. Wondering, like,
if you keep losing weight, you're gonna have to keep
getting more fittings and more fittings so your clothes don't
fall off when you get all on stage. I know,
and I hope people listening will vote for me Monday
night because and Tuesday night. But that's the only way

I'm gonna stay. Yeah, I mean, for sure, we've got
to anybody listening that's gonna watch and vote. Got to
vote on all the platforms, online, phones, at your window,
all things. Whatever you do. Don't knock on your neighbor's door.
I am getting to the point now where I'm a
little exhausted of just training all the time. Like I'm ready,
Do you want to come and you can come this week.

What how would I come? Well, so I found out
that I have only they just told me I have
eight tickets. Oh wow, And so I think like five
of them are already taken by people that are already here.
And so I was like, well, if I mean and
her husband want to come out, you're welcome to come
to the first episode. Okay, Well I'll talk to you.

I mean, I'll be super close to there because I'm
Avie in Las Vegas. But oh that's true. You can
just come after her festival. I'd be super close, but
I'll yeah, I'll talk to you offline. Offline, I'm gonna
be It's I told you if when anyone just comes
in to watch me dance in practice, I get a

little tight, little nervous. When there's a whole room full
of people and cameras and I'm on now TV dancing alive,
I'm going to be going out of my skull. I
can't even imagine. I can't even imagine, and it's gonna
be so crazy. And I have terrible days to where
I'm just like, I'm never gonna be able to do it.
And then I have days like I trained yesterday and
I finished and I thought, well, it wasn't a good day,

but I made some progress because I have to dances whatever.
It's crazy fun, meaning I like a challenge. So Monday
Night Dance with the Stars. They've had twenty seven seasons.
But so I was doing the math, so I'm like
that three hundred biggest celebrity. Well, I mean like a
people this season. For twenty seven years, there's been a

lot of people on this show. So I'm excited. I'm excited.
It's time for the good news. So Mrs Denise a
school bus driver. She hadn't been feeling well, but she
thought she could make it through her shift, but then
her vision got blurry. So she's driving a bus full
of kids and she's like, okay, I gotta pull over.

And she doesn't remember what happened next, but she was
told that four of the teens on the bus came
to her aid and rescue. They lifted her from her
seat later down on her back. Someone called nine on one.
They followed instructions from the nine on one operator on
how to best help her, and they kept her you know,
safe until E. M. S could get there and police

arrived and then took her to the hospital for treatment
and Ms Denise is like, I wouldn't be live if
it wasn't for those awesome students on my bus that
helped me. That's crazy. I know, like teenagers normally to
be like, oh, what's wrong with you? I'm on my phone?
Is that what they doing? Bunny? All right? That was
tell me something good. Hey, what's happening? Guys? You know

he's on your phone. You always taking around trying to
find stuff to do. There's a lot of games, a
lot of apps out there, but I'll say this, there's
only one, Best Fiends. And if you're like me, yeah,
tired of the same old apps on your phone, and
let me recommend to you the puzzle game Best Fiends.
There's a ton, they've been saying, infinite amount of challenging puzzles,

thousands of levels to play, and tons of characters to collect.
It's the perfect game to play whenever you want. You
can play Family Friends by yourself. Either way, you won't
get bored and you won't be using your thumb going ah,
there's nothing to do on my phone. The best part,
you can even play without internet connection, so you can
play literally anytime, anywhere. Morgan Number two plays it before
the show starts. I catch myself playing Best Fiends just

all the time, sitting somewhere, play some Best Fiends. Give
it a try and you can tell me where you
catch yourself playing Best Fiends. Download Best Fiends for free
on the App Store or Google Play today. That's friends
without They are Best Fiends and you can be part
of the club. Did your buddy and miss the boy

is right now? I gotta tell you, Amy, I ordered
some food the other night. I get Uber eats, where
you get on this sap and you order your food
and then uber driver picks it up and drives it
over to you. And it was from an Asian restaurant.
And I like those shashido peppers. Are you familiar with those? Yes?

I am? And like one out of eight or something's hot.
I'm not sure what the mathematical equation is. It was
the hottest thing I've had in my life. It was
a hot There was nothing I could It felt like
there was fire sitting on my tongue and I could
not get at all put. I turned the water on
my tongues underneath it. I'm drinking coconut water. I'm spitting
it out. I'm brushing my tongue. I'm doing ever, I

could not get the heat off my tongue and this
is still there. No, but it was there for like
two hours. Oh yeah, that's not good. I don't understand
people eat hot stuff like that. Yeah, I don't know.
I know that what you're supposed to do and which
I don't really do dairy milk, But dairy milk is
supposed to be the cure for hot stuff in your mouth.

Do people who like hot things like that feeling? Or
do those hot things not affect them like that? I
think it's that everyone's affected differently. Because my husband can
handle way more hot things than I can. Like, he'll
eat it and love it and does not affect him.
And I'll eat something and I'll be like, WHOA too much?
Can handle it? I've never had something? I mean what

thirty minutes later, might d I was in our little
apartment just gonna dude, I can't. I can't do anything.
It was so hot. Do you guys like hot things
are now around the room lunch box? Yeah? I like
hot things. Hallepeeno chips? Oh, who love them? Our Hallepeeno chips? Hot? Yeah?
I mean mild I felt like at a ghost pepper.

That's what I felt like. I ate, Eddie. You have
to like the hot stuff, right I do? I do,
and the older I get my taste buds, I guess
are numbed things now, so nothing's really hot to me anymore.
Why are you jumping on Eddie KOs Mexican? Yeah, Eddie
r video guy. Amy assumed he liked hot things. She
was right, though, I was right. Actually he happens to
be Mexican, but it's because he's from South Texas. Like

most people, even if they're I don't care their ethnicity.
If you're from South Texas, you like hot things. Well,
lunch Box likes pepper chips, so like haalepeno powder, hold on,
hold on, hold on. When I eat blue apron, it says,
make it as spicy as you want. Add as much
as the spice. We always add all the spice because
we like spicy things. So, okay, you know what, you're hardcore.

They just prove you guys from Okay, Well, it's also
what kind of halopinia to execitt halipinia? Yeah, let's do
this time for the morning, Corny over to Amy the
morning Corny, what's the medical term for owning too many dogs?
What's the medical term for owning too many dogs? A
rover dose? Clap it out there, come on, thank you?

That was the morning corny. So Morgan number two runs
all of our social media and our website. She's also
the youngest on the show, and we often wonder what
did twenty year olds care about? Here we go, what
year olds? We have officially gotten? The first full trailer

for Mary Poppins returns and it shows Emily Blunt as
Mary Poppins, as well as Lynn Manuel, Miranda and Meryl
Street in their roles. Hey, so, but what's the purpose
of this show? This movie? It's basically a sequel and
it's set twenty five years after the original. Okay, that's cool.
I thought it was the remake of Mary Poppins. So

she's older and wiser now and they got from Hamilton's
in it. Yeah, and it's basically a modern Mary Poppins.
Love it. Well, that's what twenty year olds care about,
Thank you very much, Morgan, U two. Yeah, what year olds?
So I guess Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin got married
for real? Huh? Oh it happened. Happened? Well, the headline

I have your says, Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin are
officially husband and wife. No dang, we missed the whole wedding.
People magazine reports the exchange vows in the New York
City courthouse. Okay, sources saying Justin did not demand a
pre nup. Whoa whoa aby, aren't you so anti prenup?

I am, I'm I'm. I think it's cool, but I'm
shocked that he didn't. But love his love, his love,
his love, his love. My theory is, I'm never getting
divorced anyway, So what's the difference if we sign an
insurance paper? I never I'm not trying to get in
a car reg but haven't. But okay, this is not that, right,
this is not that, This is not that. But she
maybe she does. I mean, she's a Baldwin. She maybe

has a lot going on. Doesn't matter. It's not about
what you had. She has a lot going on moving forward.
He's deeply in love. Justin honestly believes that Haley is
his soul mate. She's worth about two million. Justin's worth
about two hundred and fifty million. Oh that hurts you,

lunch box. Yeah, he needs to get a better business
manager because he made a terrible decision not signing a prenup. No,
he didn't love. His love is love. I mean I
understand love is love. His love and I love a
prenup and most of these Hollywood relationships and work out
all the time. Did you get a prenup, lunch box, No,
I didn't get a prenup. I don't have anything. Man, Well,

but you should you you could? You aspire to get
things like you have big dreams. Yeah, I do have
big dreams and when those come, we'll sign a contract.
They're shooting. You have a baby. Now you're done, dude,
I'm in trouble. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ. Justin
has applied for dual citizenship. He will retain his Canadian
citizenhip citizenship. He will also become an American citizen as well.

Justin was born in Ontario, Canada. So I'm gonna give
you guys an easy US citizenship test. Okay, yeah, write
your answer down here. Yeah, ramondo, if you have the
that that that American music can play, that please. The
idea of self government is in the first three words
of the Constitution. What are these three words, the first
three words of the Constitution. Away. Oh that's easy. M

I'm in for the wind. Amy, We the people, launch box,
the preamble, We the people. Wait what what? Yeah, that's
what it's called. It's called the preamble. And ask him
for the first three words. Only we the people. Okay, correct.
I had to memorize that in fourth grade. What do
we call the first ten amendments of the Constitution? Huh

m hm? What do we call the first ten amendments
to the Constitution? Oh that's that. Oh my gosh, it's uh,
Thou shall not kill me? Those are the tink of
aments and Moses. Amy. Let him, Okay, Now I can't

I don't know. I know I know this, but I
can't think of it. Thank you, Amy. Shoot, I'm in
for the wind, Amy, I don't know. Lunch Box, I
have now I have changed it to Bill of Rights. Yes, Amy,
he was going to take amandments until you said, well,

I know he was joking. I don't think he was.
What are the three branches of the U. S. Government?
I'm in hold on, I'm in for the wind. Lunch box,
checks balances and Vito. Okay, this is gonna make up

for my dumb Bill of rights. Brain. Hey, lunch box,
I'd like to hear that again, please, the three branch
of the government, checks, balances and vito, because you have
to have veto power to make sure they don't get
out of control. Just missed it, Amy, Judicial, executive, and legislative.
Correcting your tie, tiebreaker? Okay, are we in America yet? No,

I'm not right. How many U. S. Senators are there?
What um? I mean for the wind? How many U. S.
Senators are there? Lunchbox? I mean there's fifty two states,
So fifty two people? You're joking? What was that? What

was that fifty second state of the Union. Well, I
think it was either Hawaii or Alaska were the last one.
Who is fifty two? Though Hawaii? I think I'd go Hawaii.
Hawaii was the fiftieth state, Okay, something Alaska was fifty two.
There's not fifty two states unless you're counting Pluto, and
that's you know, it's a dwarf state. They've now said

Pluto as a planet again, but can we stop with that?
It's either a plant or not planet. But I did
not know that, Okay, So I'm gonna say we got
two extra for Washington, d C. Because it's not a state,
and Puerto Rico, so fifty two amy hundred senators is
correct too for each state. Well, I was on to
someone with the two amy. Who's the father of our country?

Father Abraham had many sons. That's the Bible. We're going
to the mean, the father, the founder, who's known as
the father of our country, George Washington. Correct, there you go.
She's the win who hit that song. There, there you go,

except for the obilla. Right, you did pretty good. I
know things. I just was my brain wasn't I knew.
I wasn't going to think of it. Just was having
a little moment. Well, you want passage to the country.
Lunchbox did not. Lunchbox is still in Where are LaunchBox
they I'm in the fifty second state. I'm waiting first
to get admitted Bohemia. I am part Bohemia. My grandma
is Oh my goodness, you guys. A California town appoints

max the Golden Retriever as a mayor for the fifth term. Wow.
The people of idle Wild, California, elected a dog as
the mayor of their town. The Golden Retriever Maximus Mighty Dog,
Mueller the second, also known as Mayor Max, has been

the incumbent for five years, preceded by his uncle, who
was also named Max. Wait, how does that work? How
do you have a dog for mayor? I don't know,
but cats get elected to Wait, what kind of what
is what's happening in this town? I don't know. My
uncle was mayor of a really small town once, and
we were I know, but we were still shocked because

like of his personality. We were like, and he was
mayor for like eighteen years. So I mean it happens. Well,
I guess the dog appoints a chief of staff, it
actually does all the work. Well, I mean, yeah, you
have to have somebody that can like communicate and sign things.
But well, I mean I just wonder, like if this

offers you any hope for being governor of Arkansas, because
I mean, if a dog can become mayor, then what
then I can become Governor's what you're saying. Maybe, yeah,
I do feel like I'll be governor of Arkansas one
day on running? Oh absolutely, not even a second thought. Okay,
I mean no, I mean I just wonder I feel

like we need updates on that from time to time,
Like if you're still considering it and I feel like
there's certain things in your life, like dancing with the
Stars is going to make you more of a household name.
So when people go to that voting booth, they're gonna
be like, remember that guy, he can dance. Yeah. I
don't know by that part of it, but I do plan. Listen,
I thought about running this year. I ended up not

because of Dancing with the Stars priorities. Yeah, that's why. Yeah,
I do believe in my heart that I will be
the governor of Arkansas probably eight years okay, when I'm
forty six. That way, I can still run for president
at like fifty four. It's a good age for president. Yeah,

like not too old but not too young experience. Yeah, listen,
that politics is going to aide you, though. You need
to be prepared for that. Whenever people enter a term
when you're voting for them, and then four years later
they have aged, hardcore, a lot of stress. It's like
me on this show, it's so much whatever you're like,
Benjamin Button's here, It's time for the good news. Back

in Wesley, Ryan had a wife, two kids, and he
found out his wife has cancer. She needed surgery, and
he said, man, I don't have enough money for the surgery.
So he sold his ideal car, his favorite car of
all time, a nineteen Ford Mustang, to get the money
for the cancer surgery. While his kids are adults. Now
mom is cancer free. They went down, tracked the Mustang

down and rebought it for their dad. That's one that
was tell me something good, it's your buddy, And he
missed the bobbing ball across. This is right up. I
have a story here about high school doing away with

homecoming King and Queen. Come on, they say, it's the
greater good. Chelsea High School is bidding farewell to the
ever controversial homecoming Queen contest, just in time for the
new school year. The student Council board of Chelsea High
School has parted ways amid bullying issues. Quote, we don't

want one of the biggest awards at our school to
be associated with pretty or popular stereotypes. Lunch, you don't
like this. This is so annoying. Why can we not
have people win things. It's okay to have votes. You
have student council where they vote for president. That could
be a popularity vote. Just because someone doesn't win doesn't
mean it's bullying. I was prom king people like me, Sorry,

don't take away my glory, don't take away their glory.
What is the harm in having that? I just do
not understand taking it away? This is we are turning
into a bunch of sissies. Amy your thoughts on them
removing the homecoming King and Queen and replacing with Excellence Awards.
I mean, I don't have a problem with King and Queen.

Maybe I'm just not I'm not immersed in the school
system and seeing what kids are going through, but I'm
fine with keeping King and Queen. I I leaned towards
traditional things at times. I know that things change, and
if it really is an issue amongst the students and
the faculty, and then maybe it does need to be reevaluated.
What do you think, Well, I think the fact that
there's still an Excellence Awards. Still there's a winner, so

it's not there's no winner or a loser. But what
about those people that don't win the excellence along? We
should ban that because that's bullying, but they're not though
you're just now you're just projecting that onto that because
but they're still as a competition. How did you feel
as a person in your school, your peers like you
weren't the popular one for reminded me because I just
thought I was pretty Popularly, come on Dancing with the Stars.

I'm like, hey, I've got a popular Thank you for
taking me back down to earth. No, I think this
is an important thing to consider because I feel like
you're one of the You're you're a good sample of
like what it feels like to be I mean, we've
got lunch box over here, who was Mr Awesome prom king?
But then you were part of a you know, I
was a poor kid. There was probably no way you
were ever gonna be prom Did those type of awards

bother you? Did? You still vote and participate and feel
happy for whomever one or what? Well? I was happy
for whom one. I just never thought I would win.
I did. I wasn't cool or the best athlete or
Here's my thing about specifically, is that as long as
every situation is dealt with individually, Like, if there's a
real problem at the school, they need to address it.

I'm time talking about this problem or this school. It
doesn't matter where the problem is. If there's something that's
really bad happening, should always be able to go in
and and tinker with things. And so they didn't go,
We're not having an award. They went instead of King
and Queen, And basically on just looks, we're gonna do
an excellence award that also factors in grades, that also
factors and participation in school. All of these are new

voting requirements. Things change, things morph, and if we're not
moving forward, we're going backward. So in years people would
say I I was prom excellence, I was Excellence Award
winner or problem. Yeah, listen, I don't have a problem
with if there was a if there's a real issue
with that school, then they should fix it the end.
And so if I don't think every school should go,

we're limiting King and Queen because some schools maybe happening
just wonderfully. But I'm okay with them changing it's excellence award,
you have no problem with. I wish that the Excellence
war would have been when I was in school. I
would have a shot at it. Shout out to my
niece who's probably listening right now in West Texas. That
legit just one homecoming Queen. What up, Hey, Brooke? She
really did. I just good for her. It's awesome. I'll

stay with you the rest of your life. You'll feel
proud of it twenty years down the road. Just ask
you should you should? You should? I'm proud for you, Lunchbox,
Thank you. That's probably your biggest achievement. That or your baby,
um prom King for sure. A lot of people have babies,
not as many people are named prom King. That's a
good point there. How do you feel about Maroon five
being the super Bowl halftime act? Amy? I like it.

I'm a little like shocked by it because I'm like, oh,
room five. They don't seem big enough. But I think
once they get out there and they start playing all
their hits, it's gonna be awesome. Yeah, they have a
ton of hits. Yes, the ones we don't think about.
And they've been around forever. They were around, we were
doing pop rock. Maybe before you, Amy, before you ever
joined the show, you were probably still selling granted, probably

probably just listening to him on the radio. Probably just
listen to the Bobby Bone Show, calling in like you
used to loser, No callers are good, You're a loser. No.
I mean I just felt like I got lay too
excited about calling in, which I guess we should say
it's not a loser thing because we do, like you

co host of the show. I'm judging myself because I
remember getting to work that day because I got through.
I was in traffic for forty five minutes and you
did a segment and you took callers and I got
through and I got to be on the radio, and
I was so excited, and I walked into work and
I was so pumped, and I was like, y'all, I
thinking that everyone's gonna be like, we heard you on
the radio. And then nobody heard me first of all,
and then they're like, what are you talking about? And

I was like, I was on the Bobby Bone Show
and they were like what. I was like, never mind,
you didn't even know what's up. And I didn't even know,
you know. And the way became friends, I know, and
then you became a coast lunchbox. When they get five,
I didn't realize they were still big. I knew they
were big back in the day. I went to their
concert back in the day, and there was a song
and it was like standing there in the pool, we're
in rain and I was making up to a chicken

the poor and rain at their concerts. So that's the
only thing I remember about in my room five you
know what he's talking about him? Because my voice. I
don't have a full voice. I'm fine, laryngitis, but it's
a she whip, that's it. Yeah, out of mind when
every day in the pouring rain better? That sound better?
Like that? That was pretty good, raspy and well, my

company is mad at me. They don't want me on
the air today because our company. I alread you, okay, Well,
I don't know if Dancy with the Star Oh no, no, Well,
everybody's mad at me because I'm sick. What am I
gonna do? But I have to sing Saturday Festival and
I like, stop, you're hurting your voice. I'm like the
radio show and the people that listener are more important
to me. What will you do? Say you have to

get out there and sing? You just be I mean
you just you give everybody all you've got. Anyways, what
if you have to get up there and you have
to be like, what the ridging it is? What's that voice?
That's your voice? Good? Eddie and I Eddie are video
producer and iron a band called The Raging Idiots and
we're playing the outdoor stage at our I Heart Radio
Music Festival. It is gonna be amazing. Yeah, it's been good.

I gotta get my voice back. Um, you know what
song I love from around five is this this and
right here? And then Cardi beat comes in, Cardi everybody,
come on, let me get decided, come over about Yeah
it's good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's a simple a halftime show.
So what happened, Amy, Well, someone's doing a parking lesson

and somehow they wound up with their car in the
middle of the community swimming pool. You know how. You
know there's like public pools with like ropes and lanes
and people go swim laps and do whatever. We'll imagine
you're there chilling at the pool and a car just
comes driving right in and sinks to the bottom. Nobody
was hurt. Everyone's able to get out of the car,
but it was just definitely, uh, you know, a little

parking lesson incident gone wrong. I can't park either though,
Oh but yeah, but you can avoid probably driving into
a community swimming pool. I don't know, my jeep is
so big. Yeah, you have trouble parking straight within the lines.
That's that's called bad parking. Yeah, yeah, I have a

terrible parker. I'm a great driver. Terrible parker. R. I,
on the other hand, am an okay driver, but an
excellent parker. You're not a good driver, but I'm a
good parker. Yeah, I nail. I can park, I can parallel,
I can do it all. That poor kid, no, no, no, no,
it was It wasn't a kid. I assumed it was

a kid too, but it was it was older people
like fifties. Is an old older than a kid. I
didn't say old, I said older because we we assumed
a teenager. I yeah, I assume teenager. YEA. A man
was billboard shamed for not paying his bills. Morgan number
two or twenty four year old Digital was telling me

about this. What happened Morgan number two. Yeah, so a
contractor took to the billboards because he hadn't been paid
for his work, and that was his revenge. That's that's humiliating.
That's tough because you gotta pay for that too, though,
as someone who's had a by billboards before. But also
I got shamed in the newspaper once because I didn't
pay when I bought my mom a couple of acres.

You didn't pay taxes. I didn't. I didn't know. I'm
an idiot. So I bought her a couple of acres
of land and a trailer. That's when I was like, oh,
I can finally take care of my mom. And then um,
I didn't pay taxes on it, and all of a sudden,
there's a big article in paper about how I don't
pay my taxes. It was so embarrassing. Yea to jail.
No you didn't because you went and made it right. Yeah,

I just sent a check and then it eventually got cash.
I hope those taxes. I sold the land since then,
so I'm clear. But yeah, so once you paid off,
did they go in the newspaper and say, hey, Bobby
Bones is all clear. He's awesome. Now I forgot to
put that in the news. They like to call you
out for, you know, but it worked. It worked because
I was I was humiliated. A listener found it and said, hey,

you didn't pay your taxes. It's that's hasn't a good one.
Your Amy's pile of stories. Okay, So, Bobby, I mean,
you've witnessed me being a mom for about eight or
nine months. Now would you defy me as like a
helicopter parent or situation is different though, Like you adopted

two children from another country, so I think you are
fairly helicopter at first, but at a necessity, And I
think at times, I don't know, I kind of like
your style, like you're you border on between cool mom
but still somewhat disciplinary. And I think you got a
good balance with the you had tough hand dealt to you.

Well yeah, I mean and I but we chose it,
and I mean I'm thankful for it. But so there's
helicopter parenting. We hear all about that, and I definitely
try not to hover over my kids, that's for sure.
But now there's lawnmower parenting. Have you heard of it? No?
What's that? Okay? It's when parents mow down on any
obstacle that might keep their kids from having like the

best life possible. And it made me think of you,
because teachers are now noticing these lawnmower parents because parents
protect them from any sort of adversity, struggle, or failure
because they feel like failure is going to like ruin
their lives, so they like, you know, mow over it,
they like step in front of it. They're like, no, no, no, no, no,
I got you. But really, kids need to fail, right, well,

I fertilize their parents. They made problems for me like crazy,
They group problems in front of me, made the grasp
what I mean the way you're saying it is funny,
but it's not funny. Yeah, I listen. I think that
we get too two wrapped up and not letting our
kids struggle with adversity because we don't want them to

feel bad. We like to protect things that we love.
But tough love is also love to and teaching is
a very valuable part of love, and not all teaching
it's fun. So it's a fine line. I don't think
anyone gets right. But I'm just gonna kind of whenever.
You know, unless I'm an expert parent, what can I say?
I have no kids, so uh yeah, what else you

have over there? Okay? So this is a movement that's
on social media right now by teenagers to get their
schools to stop making them give presentations in front of
front of their classes or something we probably all had
to do. But they're protesting because they say public speaking
makes them anxious and gives them anxiety, and teachers need
to recognize that it's real. And if they don't want

to speak in front of the class, they shouldn't have to.
Thoughts that government okay with that though, I mean, listen,
if you don't like speaking, and it's not like you're
gonna go do a big math presentation, if you don't
want to be someone who does math the rest of
their life, may have to do a little bit of math.
I'm okay with that. I think school sometimes we get
focused on all this crap we're never gonna do. So

they don't want to speak, don't speak, you know, I
don't know. I don't have a problem with that. I know,
but public speaking that was part of our like I remember,
being a mandatory thing. So now people can just get
out of it. It's like foreign language that was a
mandatory thing too. What am I speaking French? Boo? You know?
How many years of French did you take? Four in college?

How much? I know? Well, I took eight years of Spanish.
How is that working out? Yeah? I listen, I'm fine,
But what do I care? All right? What else that's about? All?
I know? Well, we haven't talked about this yet, so
I thought i'd bring it up because my sister is
in some family betting game where for the football season,
and I saw that this gambler one four thousand dollars

on a five dollar bet from many games that he
parley there does it say? What does mean? He did? Fifteen?
He bet every NFL game. All you had to do
is pick the winner this past Sunday and Monday night,
and he picked all fifteen And there's five dollar bet dollars.
Yeah he went sixteen and O yeah, parlay amy means
he has to get every single bet right to win anything,

and he wanted all so crazy. Well, my sister and
I were just talking about this story last night, and
she found it interesting because she's learning how they have
this family betting game and they look at the Vegas
odds and this like her sister in law as the commissioner,
and my sister is like, we could win a lot
of money if we do good at it. My sister
has never cared about football in her life, and I'm like,
maybe this is something I need to get in to
to start caring about football. Well, let us not forget hashtag.

Never forget that I was when Vegas opened up the
lines for Dancing with the Stars. I was picked last
the worst odds now hashtag never forget hashtag motivated all
right editing, Uh yeah, congrats to that dude on his
big win. All right, there you go. Hey, let's go
catch up with Morgan number two. What's happened to Morgan

uber two? In the world of country music? Well, Dustin
Lynch's favorite female singer, Reba McIntyre was the one who
inducted him into the Grand ol Opry. I saw that. Yeah,
good for Ustin. Love that he's in the opera. He
loves the opery. Dustin's a buddy of mine. The day
after he was invited, him and I had a good
conversation about it and he was so pumped and so yeah,

good for him on that. What else? Brothers Osborne posted
on Instagram they were celebrating a young fan who had
a sign at their concert that read It's all my fault.
Now I saw that picture, I said, it ain't my fault,
it's all my fault. Yeah, what else you got? More?
Nuber two? Garth Brooks wrote a song for the contestant
from America's Got Talent. His Name's Michael, And not only
did he write him a song, but now Michael gets

to sing the song during Garth Show at Notre Dame.
Oh wow, that's a big old Garth Brooks sold eighty
five thousand tickets and I think three hours and Notre Dame.
I think that guy's got a future. I'm just guessing.
You know. I'm known as that the guy who can
guess things sometimes. Yeah, I feel good about that Garth guy.
Anything else morean number two before we go? Yeah, Kelly

Clarkson is about to get her own talk show and
it's going to be airing right before Ellen Show. What
I saw that? Did he get picked up? I know
they would a pilot did Did the show get picked up? Yes?
And it's gonna also include a live component from her
tour next year. Wow. If listen, I'm gonna tell you
if I go find Dancing with the Stars, They're gonna
offer me the Bachelor. I can already tell you. How

do you WHOA? Hey, it's confident. Are you sure you
better take it? I don't think. I don't think I
would take it, So doesn't winning than you. If I'm
still single and I go top three on Dancing with
the Stars, I believe in the ABC family I would
be offered the Bachelor. Oh yeah, because Abc, ABC. I

get it. I get what you're saying now. Uh yeah,
Grocery John Joe is on from this on this season,
grocery store Joe. Yeah, that's what I said. Yeah, actually
got grocery right. I like that guy? Is that it?
Morgan ever two? Yeah, that's it? All right? Shows over today, Amy,
get your thoughts on today. Oh man, I just need
you to rest your voice for the rest of the talking.

I know, me too, me too, me too, Thank you
for listening. You go. I'm great, man, I have a
great day. I hope you get better. I mean, we
need you. I know. I gotta go train though, I
got again, so dancing in Hey, don't see what you Okay? Okay?
Do you think it's a big joke. Yes, I think
it's a big joke. He Can you hear my voice

breaking down again a little? Yeah? Because because I'm a
freaking iron man. I want to work yesterday with no voice,
but they wouldn't let me. I want to let my
people down. They come every morning and they dedicate their
morning drive to us. You know what I mean, No,
I totally I hate it. I hate not being here
for our people. And then they yell at me on Twitter,

and I'm like, don't you know that would be there.
I would want to be there. Hey, hey, you're very great.
If you're not able to be here tomorrow, because of that,
I know there's a chance it won't be able to
be here. All right, Thank you guys here tomorrow by
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