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June 12, 2024 42 mins

We play the Bobby Feud: Top Restaurant Chains in the Country, can you guess them correctly? Plus, find out how Scuba Steve pulled one over on Lunchbox about Ashley McBryde while they were backstage at CMA Fest and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Transmitting welcome to Wednesday show more than studio money. Sometimes
I think I take for granted that, you know, we
live in Nashville and we know a lot of these
country artists. They come in the studio, so we you know,
we see them in our head when we say their names.

Maybe our audience doesn't know they are sometimes, And I
think sometimes I just gloss over and I'm like Laney
Wilson or Jordan Davis without reminding people like what songs
they have, et cetera. And I think the same holds
true to U some of the like history of country
music and lunchboks just learned this, but I think it's
fun to kind of reset it up for people who
didn't know. So you saw Ashley mcbridem, which, by the way,

she's awesome, Like, what's Ashley bride socks? I may say one,
I know all of them. Okay, good job guys, Okay,
it's hard on music, I know, all right, go ahead.

Speaker 2 (00:58):
And so I saw her backstage with her mom and
I was like, oh, that's cool, and I got a
little video I posted it and then she brings her
mom out on stage. I was like what, and they
go welcome Gretchen Wilson. I was like, I had no
idea that was her mom, and SCHOOL was like, yeah, dude,
you didn't know that. It's all over the country, you

know news like people talk about.

Speaker 3 (01:20):
It all the time.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
And I was like, I have no idea why we've
never brought it up, and like in interviews, I would
have been something to talk about her, like when I
do those interviews at like CMA Fest or CMA Week
or ACMs.

Speaker 3 (01:32):
I never knew that was.

Speaker 4 (01:34):
Her mom, Gretchen Wilson.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
According to scubasteve to Lunchblox, this Ashleybride's mom, which is
not true at all. True.

Speaker 4 (01:42):
That's not true.

Speaker 1 (01:43):
That's hilarious. Yeah, it's not a scuba.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
I mean we're sitting there in the stands.

Speaker 4 (01:49):
Did he eat it up?

Speaker 1 (01:50):

Speaker 4 (01:51):
I was being gold. I guess he's just super gullible.
I doesn't know.

Speaker 1 (01:54):
Yeah, man, look, I mean they not.

Speaker 5 (01:55):
It looks similar, but like it could be like an
older sister. So I just played into it and he's
like really, and I was like then, I was like,
I got him. I'm just gonna keep rolling with this
until he says something, and he never did, so I
just left it alone, and.

Speaker 2 (02:05):
Then I thought, oh, maybe she doesn't want to use
her mom as a step like to help her getting
country music.

Speaker 3 (02:11):
She wanted to do it on her own. And I
was like, that is respect.

Speaker 1 (02:15):
Wilson got to respect it. So I went home and
told my wife.

Speaker 3 (02:20):
I was like, oh my gosh, did you know this?
She goes, no, I didn't know that.

Speaker 1 (02:25):
I was thinking the same, didn't know that.

Speaker 4 (02:27):
Isn't that crazy? How like things that just aren't true spread?

Speaker 6 (02:31):
Yeah, like if we wanted to, we can probably spread
that rumor.

Speaker 7 (02:35):
I don't know how far it goes.

Speaker 1 (02:38):
Yeah, you're right, fine, not very far. For the record, everybody,
Gretcha Wilson is not Ashley Wright's mom.

Speaker 7 (02:45):
She went on stage to perform.

Speaker 4 (02:46):
They probably did some songs.

Speaker 1 (02:48):
Yeah, Rookki, you ain't got a lot to me. That's
that song I was thinking of, not standard. Yeah it's
just a rookie. Yeah what Well?

Speaker 8 (03:03):
Something interesting I saw speaking of Gretchen Wilson is to
a side stage dancing with Post Malone.

Speaker 7 (03:09):
But like dancing was.

Speaker 4 (03:11):
Her mom like you need not dance so close to him?

Speaker 8 (03:14):
Not like but Gresham and Posts were just like, you know,
acting like.

Speaker 4 (03:19):
They Weregrention, not Ashley.

Speaker 8 (03:20):
Yeah, Wilson and Postlone. We're just dancing side stage.

Speaker 1 (03:24):
I don't know a redneck woman. That's Gretchen Wilson. By
the way, I'm a rip neck woman. Ain't got no huh.
Day zoom, day zoom.

Speaker 4 (03:35):
Yeah, going there.

Speaker 3 (03:36):
I am so glad on my Instagram story. I took
a video of them and.

Speaker 2 (03:40):
I almost put all pretty cool to see their like daughter, Yeah,
hanging out.

Speaker 4 (03:45):
All right, we're gonna start the show.

Speaker 1 (03:47):
Let's do.

Speaker 4 (03:49):
Let's open up the mail bag.

Speaker 9 (03:52):
Alien read all the air.

Speaker 1 (03:54):
It's something we call Bobby's mail bag. Yeah, hello, Bobby Bones.
My work puts out snacks in our break room every
day for the employees. Usually only about half the snacks
will be eaten by the day's end. This one coworker
will go in there at fivesh and fill his backpack
with everything that's still left. There's no written rule. It
seems wrong, and mostly it just irritates me. Should I
say something to him or the management?

Speaker 9 (04:15):

Speaker 4 (04:15):
Signed snacks sergeant?

Speaker 1 (04:16):
Who would do this?

Speaker 4 (04:17):
So a couple of things.

Speaker 1 (04:18):
This is not an email from inside the building. Lunchbox
does this. He takes everything, Amy, but you weren't here,
But we learned that they stopped the free snacks that
the building we're moving to because of us.

Speaker 7 (04:30):
We never even got to experience.

Speaker 8 (04:31):
We did exactly, So how did they stop it because
of us if we're not even there.

Speaker 4 (04:34):
They knew what was coming.

Speaker 1 (04:36):
It's like when they canceled school and it hasn't rained yet,
but they know a storm's coming.

Speaker 3 (04:40):
We're on the radar.

Speaker 1 (04:41):
That's what they knew, so they canceled all the free snacks.
Don't see we Lunchbox. It's because he gets on the
air and goes, I'm taking everything. He said that before
we've moved over there. He's like, I'm taking if it's free,
I'm put in the bag and taking it out home.

Speaker 3 (04:52):
So we are.

Speaker 1 (04:52):
That's why they're No, we're not. We're moving. But that's
why they took the snacks away. Everybody should be mad
at Lunchbox because he got the free snacks taken. Heck,
we don't have snacks in here anymore, or where are they?

Speaker 4 (05:00):
You tell them?

Speaker 7 (05:02):
Goodness, that's such a bummer. Anyway, look forward to the
snacks exactly. I mean, I get it.

Speaker 8 (05:08):
It seems a little ridiculous, but hey, every little perk
helps it, Like just you know, creating an environment that's fun.

Speaker 1 (05:16):
And you couldn't even do that, you couldn't bring to go.
I want to help the environment and bring stuff for
us because he'd take them boost morale.

Speaker 3 (05:22):
You look forward to coming to work. Everybody's gonna be grumpy.

Speaker 8 (05:26):
Everybody would talk about those snacks like they were the
most amazing.

Speaker 1 (05:28):
Thing at lunchbox because him saying he was going to
steal them all is what kept them from what they're
not allowing anymore because they knew what we were going
to do. That's crazy anyway to this person.

Speaker 4 (05:39):
Get over it.

Speaker 1 (05:40):
Yeah, and it's lunchbox still still to our stuff. We
have this part of our work environment. That's what you
deal with. He goes out in the backpack and then
fills it. You're not losing any money or anything. As
long as the snacks continue and he's taking it all,
that's fine. If the snacks do stop because somebody keeps
stealing them, then I said a note.

Speaker 7 (06:00):
From your anonymous account.

Speaker 1 (06:02):
Nope, nope, I say it straight up. You know you
can't tell the boss or anyone about this. Why no
one's breaking a rule? Why do it's irritating but no
one's breaking a rule. But if they change the rules
because of this person, then I would have to say something.
I mean, the rules are going to be changed.

Speaker 8 (06:18):
This is like sometimes I sit here and I'm like, oh,
we're in our forties now, I know, and.

Speaker 1 (06:23):
This is him. He's stealing.

Speaker 10 (06:25):
I know.

Speaker 8 (06:26):
But it's just if you're younger listening to this and
you think, god, man, people grow up.

Speaker 7 (06:30):
People are so mature at you know, at certain age.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
Don't decide that he's stunned at twelve, Like, we can.

Speaker 3 (06:35):
Change it, but it's not stealing.

Speaker 1 (06:37):
But we're all talking about it, saying it stealing. You
get saying steal everything, okay, will you take everything without
people knowing?

Speaker 8 (06:44):
Right? And we're we're but Eddie, my point too about
that is, yes, he's the one stealing, but we're also
the adults that are excited about snacks.

Speaker 4 (06:51):
Yeah, the whole life, right, but taken away from.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
This and we never got home, like because he said
he was going to steal them us anyway, just mind
your own business, bro, let them take the snacks. But
if they take your snacks because of that person, then
I think it's okay to say something, hey, but you
know what we feel you right to feel you. We
do feel you, and we're upset we're not getting free
snacks at all because somebody on the show so that
we're going to steal everything that was free.

Speaker 2 (07:17):
I was looking forward to that. And then they better
still be doing those catered lunches. They do that twice
a week.

Speaker 4 (07:22):
I can guarantee you that's not gonna happen with us
coming to the building.

Speaker 2 (07:24):
But I mean, I went in that kitchen and they're
running a single snack man, and I asked the sales lady.
She goes, no, they don't, we're not doing that anymore.

Speaker 1 (07:31):
Maybe I've heard of something they're going to do that
not everybody knows about what, nor will they know about it.
What were you talking about. Let's just say there may
be some secret snacks that not.

Speaker 4 (07:38):
Everybody has access to, lock and key that not everybody
has access to. That's all I'm gonna say. All right,
close up the mail bag.

Speaker 9 (07:45):
We got your.

Speaker 3 (07:46):
Game mail and read it on you.

Speaker 11 (07:49):
Now find the clothes Bobby fail bag. Yeah, it's time
for the good news.

Speaker 1 (07:54):
Bobby trying to get her a graduation. But traffic not
only was bad, but there was like an incident that happened,
so it was locked up. The teen's mom posted a
video and it was all happening on ninety one Freeway
in Anaheim. There was a police standoff. So nobody's getting
by because I didn't want to be driving by getting shot,

and so she can't make it to her graduation ceremony.
The dad was like, now, we're not going to do this.
So they got out of the car and they're just
running across the highway. They're running in between cars, but
luckily yeah, well the cars aren't moving. The cars aren't moving,
but they're running around cars and it takes them a
while and they get their off sweaty, and just minutes
to spare they arrived. She got there, walked across stage

and it was such a big story that Seacrest interviewed her.

Speaker 4 (08:41):
Wow, that's also where his radio show is.

Speaker 1 (08:44):
And then she said a lot of the motorists because
she had her cap and gown like in her arm,
and they were like, oh hah, like.

Speaker 4 (08:50):
Letting her go. That's fine.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
That's from People magazine. Good job, glad you got to
the graduation. And see how she got there in time,
even though she was little, even though something happened, she
still got there.

Speaker 4 (08:59):
On time.

Speaker 7 (09:00):
The car just sit there.

Speaker 4 (09:02):
Know her mom's with them.

Speaker 1 (09:03):
Yeah, the dad went with the daughter, but the mom
stayed and the mom didn't even get too graduation.

Speaker 4 (09:08):

Speaker 1 (09:08):
All right, there you go. That's what it's all about.

Speaker 11 (09:10):
That was telling me something good.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
I don't have any kids at some point. I planned
to have kids, just prefacing everything. My wife's not pregnant,
so but we do plan to have kids at some point.
I might be ninety, but we're gonna have kids at
some point. But I bring that up because now, this
is from a research journal that just came out called
Human Reproduction. Men are waiting longer now to become fathers
than ever before. What do you think the average age?

And it's gone up a few years, but the average
age of a dad is the first time dad thirty eight.

Speaker 4 (09:41):
Wow that's really old. Wow, Yeah, that's really old. Yeah
it's thirty.

Speaker 9 (09:47):

Speaker 4 (09:47):
It's like it's like how much ten million?

Speaker 8 (09:49):
Now almost the game, I almost said forty five.

Speaker 7 (09:53):
We're glad I did.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
At nine percent of first time newborn fathers are at
least forty years old. Something that won that ten percent.
I don't think they're experts say it's good for fathers
away and get their career in finances in order before
they start a family. Yeah, it provides a more secure
and stable home. I agree with that. I have to
hold on something like that. But I think you're seeing
a lot of women wait a bit too. I think

as time goes on. Also, we're also not fifteen having kids,
which is what was happening one hundred years ago. Then
it was seventeen eighteen, it was twenty five. Yeah, that's
the deal. I'm in that ten percent.

Speaker 6 (10:27):
See, But I kind of liked the whole idea of
getting them done early and then that way you can.

Speaker 1 (10:31):
Retire and still be like, understand, you know what, you
can still move around and not be like ninety years old. Okay,
my kid just graduated.

Speaker 4 (10:38):
Or what if that's true?

Speaker 1 (10:39):
What if you're older and you have the money to
hire nannies that's legit? Like that's probably I don't know.
I mean, my wife doesn't want nanny, but I'm like,
are you kidding? I want the nanny. Oh, I think
we'd all like I want a night nurse for me
any years.

Speaker 7 (10:53):
Yeah, you should look into.

Speaker 1 (10:54):
That, Like I'm thirsty. So but like, now you know,
I've got a pretty good career, you can actually afford it,
don't have to worry about put them in school all
that type stuff. So there are there are definitely benefits.
But I'm also going to be the kid's graduation on
a walker. Right.

Speaker 8 (11:14):
My dad was probably mid forties forties when he had me.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
Yeah, weren't you the last one?

Speaker 9 (11:19):

Speaker 7 (11:19):
It was the last one. Yeah, this is the daughter
of his third wife.

Speaker 4 (11:24):
Yes, your dad was a player, I know, I know.
Do you think you would have.

Speaker 8 (11:29):
Fallen for your dad to think about back in Yeah,
because he was pretty smooth.

Speaker 1 (11:33):
Yeah, oh, yes, Amy would have fallen. Yeah, it's a
weird question to ask, but my gosh, her dad was
like he was smooth.

Speaker 4 (11:41):
He's old, but he was smooth.

Speaker 1 (11:42):
And that's why he had like three or four wives.
How many wives you have?

Speaker 7 (11:45):

Speaker 8 (11:46):
And then and then a girlfriend after that, because I
think it's just a marriage got a little Is.

Speaker 1 (11:50):
That the last one? They didn't never got married.

Speaker 8 (11:52):
No, they both fest away his old age away like yes,
So going through his college yearbook and seeing him and
he was, you know, like class president and you know
he was like on in a little singing trio. I
can't remember the name of it now, but like cookie

and the something, and I think he was the.

Speaker 7 (12:14):
Cookie, you know. I mean, he just definitely was sharp.

Speaker 8 (12:19):
Like in his fraternity pictures, like every if I go
to look through all of them, I'm like, Okay, I
wonder who the cutest guy is. And I go through
and I'm like, well, that's the cutest guy. And I
go look at the name, and I'm like, and that's
my dad.

Speaker 4 (12:29):
And he was singing.

Speaker 1 (12:30):
He's fluent in Spanish. Yeah, he was. He would talk
to me in Spanish. Served time in a Middle Eastern prison.

Speaker 7 (12:36):
Well you went to Saudi jail.

Speaker 1 (12:41):
Just right, Hey, that's legit. He wrote a book Four
Wives and a Girlfriend. Yeah, how many kids total that
you know?

Speaker 7 (12:50):
Of four kids that we know?

Speaker 4 (12:54):
Have you done one of those tests?

Speaker 7 (12:55):

Speaker 8 (12:57):
So the funny thing is he gifted into all of
us and with the tests. Yeah, and I still have
my box, So you haven't done it. I need to
do it. I need to check with my other siblings,
like I don't know if they have actually did it.

Speaker 1 (13:10):
I take it from somebody who has like random half
siblings out there. But the thing is here you might
learn stuff you don't want to learn.

Speaker 8 (13:16):
Right, But whoever, whoever could be a potential brother or
sister out there.

Speaker 7 (13:19):
That means they would have had to have done it too, right, But.

Speaker 1 (13:22):
They don't know they have other brothers and sisters until
both of you do it.

Speaker 7 (13:25):
Yeah, so I don't know.

Speaker 8 (13:27):
I mean, he had definitely lived an interesting life, and
I wish I would have asked more questions. Now that
he's passed away, I can't so ask your parents away.
I mean about his whole personality and like, what.

Speaker 7 (13:37):
Was up with that?

Speaker 1 (13:38):
Oh, we know it was up with that.

Speaker 4 (13:40):
We know what was up with that. All right, talk
ten restaurants.

Speaker 1 (13:45):
We're gonna play the Bobby feud the annual top five
hundred reporters out top restaurant Chaine's in the country based
on sales. So this is not people's opinion, Shane restaurants
in the country based on sale and actually have how.

Speaker 4 (14:01):
Much they sold. We rolled the dice out of your
first Uh.

Speaker 1 (14:05):
This is tough.

Speaker 3 (14:06):
This is really hard.

Speaker 1 (14:07):
But I mean I think the og of them all
is Chili's. So just go with that.

Speaker 4 (14:11):
Show me Chili's.

Speaker 1 (14:17):
That's pretty empty when we go.

Speaker 8 (14:18):
When you say restaurants are you're saying like, does that
include change?

Speaker 11 (14:21):

Speaker 1 (14:22):
All I say is restaurant chains, so like you're up
fast food. I don't know why you'd give them hints
because I'm not going to answer any question.

Speaker 8 (14:29):
Well, my first guess is going to be a hint
for them, America. I gotta do it.

Speaker 1 (14:33):
Go ahead, McDonald's, McDonald's.

Speaker 4 (14:40):
Number one answer, Thanks.

Speaker 12 (14:41):
Amy, No problem, Taco bell, show me.

Speaker 1 (14:48):
Number four? Answer by the way, McDonald's fifty three billion.
Whoa Taco Bell? Fifteen billion? That's crazy?

Speaker 12 (14:56):
Okay, See all right, h KMC Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chicken
in the bucket.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
Lunchbox, Chicken fil Egg. Yeah, I get you a number three.
Good job, twenty one billion.

Speaker 3 (15:15):
Yeah, I'm in trouble.

Speaker 1 (15:17):
Yeah. Well, looking at the top restaurant chads, everybody, there
are still seven answers on the board. Give me burger king,
show me barger cake wow, number seven? Answer your ways.

Speaker 4 (15:42):
Next up?

Speaker 3 (15:43):

Speaker 1 (15:44):

Speaker 2 (15:45):
Are these huge still? I mean I still go to these.
They're all over the place. Give me it's like a train, subway.

Speaker 4 (15:56):
Subway, Yeah, show me that.

Speaker 1 (15:58):
What the it's a five answers off the board? One
McDonald's fifty three billion, at three Chick fil A twenty
one billion, I talk about fifteen billion, Burger King eleven billion,
Subway at number eight with ten billion, okay, most sales
chain restaurants, Lunchbox, you have eighteen points.

Speaker 3 (16:16):
Yeah, give me Pizza Hut.

Speaker 1 (16:21):
Show me the hut point You're doubled in round two.
We have three rounds ed of your up. Give me
chiep Pontlet, bullet breath, nine answers, eighteen Eddie Lushboxing ties
stupid and I think lunch Boss is honest.

Speaker 6 (16:39):
Something with a pizza to day, but it wasn't Pizza Hut,
So give me Papa John.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
Papa John's, Oh Wow, change bullet was named all right,
aim which got over there? You got six answers off
the board for still left points are double.

Speaker 7 (16:57):
Oh nice, little Let's go to Wendy's.

Speaker 1 (17:02):
Everybody, is that your answer? Yeah, Wendy's number five.

Speaker 7 (17:10):
Fine, there's got to be a pizza on there.

Speaker 4 (17:14):
Right is still on board.

Speaker 1 (17:16):
I know restaurant chains in the country based on twenty
twenty three cells.

Speaker 7 (17:22):
God, does everywhere have this? I feel like, does.

Speaker 11 (17:25):
Everywhere have this place?

Speaker 8 (17:28):
Fine? We love it? I love it, kids love it.

Speaker 11 (17:33):
Sonic show me sonic.

Speaker 1 (17:36):
Wow. Last year points are doubled. Three answers left on
the board. Two, six and ten.

Speaker 2 (17:45):
Yeah, trying to dig deep in the crany, going deep
that cranium.

Speaker 3 (17:50):
Your mind is really deep. You know that I got
a lot of stores stuff up there. Where do we
eat all the time.

Speaker 2 (18:01):
I'm gonna go with Dominoes, Jimmy Dominoes.

Speaker 4 (18:11):
Number ten.

Speaker 1 (18:14):
Points, lunch box with thirty eight points, you guys can
Eddie can still catch it? Yeah, if he gets another one,
he's gonna win it. Lunchbox two hours left, really good?

Speaker 2 (18:29):
Give me Gosh black m.

Speaker 1 (18:35):
Give me.

Speaker 2 (18:37):
Carls Junior, Carls Jr.

Speaker 1 (18:42):
Points are tripled, Eddie. We got to have a little
faster here. There are two answers left on the board.
Points are tripled. You must have one to stay in.

Speaker 6 (18:49):
I mean, I got nothing and it's so regional. Give
me water, Burger.

Speaker 4 (18:53):
Water, barget.

Speaker 8 (18:57):
Amy day, Queen darry Quay.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
I thought I was lunchbox before you celebrate? Would you
like to guess again?

Speaker 3 (19:04):
Yeah, I'd like to guess again. Ahead, mean, where else
can you go?

Speaker 1 (19:08):
You have anything?

Speaker 2 (19:08):
You can go to Jersey Mikes, Jersey Mikes.

Speaker 3 (19:11):
It's only you like Jersey Mike, Like Jersey Mike, Jersey
so good.

Speaker 1 (19:17):
Yeah, she go to Jersey Mikes moore By like Jersey Mike,
Jimmy John's No. Number two Starbucks Starbucks, that's a rest. Yeah,
number six somebody on the show used to work there.

Speaker 11 (19:30):
Don't get.

Speaker 3 (19:35):
Our winter is lunchbo.

Speaker 1 (19:38):
She Kill O'Neil teamed up with the Broward County Sheriff's
Office and bought one hundred and twenty five middle school
students sneakers. And I think it's cool because Shak does
a lot of stuff and it gives back a lot.

Speaker 4 (19:49):
This is from U t SP.

Speaker 1 (19:50):
But anytime Shack does something to give back, I always
think about how mad it makes Lunchbox My shacks on
the deuce for no reason. I think just because Lunchbox
wishes you were in the news. But it doesn't matter
what Shaq does. Lunchbox brings up the fact that he
could do it without being in the news. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (20:05):
I just feel like it's a lot for publicity and
a lot of it is rigged, sort of like I'm rigged.
Like a couple of years ago, he happened to be
in a jewelry store and someone happened to film him.
I'm like, there's no way he's gonna go into a
jewelry store and not get it filmed by he was like, hey,
make sure you have the camera roll.

Speaker 1 (20:21):
And when I think he's filmed everywhere he goes because
he's so big, Like, don't you say wherever Shaq goes
in public phones are out everywhere? Oh yeah, because he
is first of all a monster dude, huge, and then
it's Shaquille O'Neal, one of the most famous people in America.
So I think he's probably filmed everywhere he goes. And
let me just pitch this before we get to the
pile here. What if all of it was set up

but everybody's still benefited, Meaning what if Shaq's like, yeah,
put this in the news of me donating to one
hundred and twenty five students.

Speaker 4 (20:50):
I definitely think it's worth it.

Speaker 1 (20:52):
Yeah, I would trade that for him giving one hundred
twenty five kids who needs shoes shoes. It's definitely worth it.
But we wouldn't say, like, Wow, he's such a nice guy,
who cares, he's nice, I'm doing something. Yeah, it's great
for the kids getting shoes and everything, But what do
you lose in it? What do you lose? What about
this hurts you in any way? Nothing?

Speaker 4 (21:09):

Speaker 1 (21:09):
Nothing? And I'm not saying it is. Shack probably does
a lot. We don't even know about it.

Speaker 8 (21:12):
That's what that was about to come out of my mouth.
I think there is so much that he does that
is not filmed.

Speaker 4 (21:17):
Big shout out to Shacks. What I say, go out
much box you can. You can end this.

Speaker 2 (21:19):
Yeah, It's like I mean when I donate two dollars
at pets More and every time I buy dog food,
I it doesn't make the news.

Speaker 4 (21:25):
Why because you're not famous?

Speaker 3 (21:27):
I am famous.

Speaker 2 (21:28):
What about when I give shoes away and no one
does the story on that?

Speaker 4 (21:31):
What parish? Okay? What one hundred and twenty five middles not?

Speaker 2 (21:33):
I didn't know one hundred and twenty five. But what
is Amy's little starfish story?

Speaker 3 (21:36):
You help one? It should be good It's.

Speaker 4 (21:39):
Not news what the story is.

Speaker 1 (21:41):
And that's how you help one.

Speaker 4 (21:43):
That's good enough.

Speaker 3 (21:44):
It should be good enough.

Speaker 11 (21:48):
As pile of stories.

Speaker 8 (21:49):
So the Wall Street Journal had this whole article about
how phone meetings are back because of zoom fatigue and
young people like they don't know what to do because
they don't know how to have phone calls and they're
you to seeing people's face and the expressions they're making
and then they react, and then they don't even know
how to hang up for a phone call.

Speaker 1 (22:05):
So I back to like young people are aliens or
like cavemen. Well this is just not I think everybody
knows how to talk on a phone.

Speaker 8 (22:10):
Well, no, it's called telephone obia. Tell a phone a phobia.

Speaker 4 (22:14):
Yeah, I think I have that, but I know how
to do it.

Speaker 1 (22:17):
I don't think there's anybody who's even like twenty two
is like I own I hang out now they said bye.

Speaker 4 (22:22):
Do I just yeah.

Speaker 1 (22:23):
I feel like a lot of these stories they just
say this stuff for headlines.

Speaker 4 (22:27):
I don't like being on the phone.

Speaker 1 (22:28):
I feel like I don't pay attention as much if
I'm just talking, and I feel like people aren't paying
attention to me as much if they're not just talking.
But I feel like a twenty five year old's just
fine on the phone. I think they're kind of making
a mountain.

Speaker 4 (22:39):
Out of a mole.

Speaker 1 (22:40):

Speaker 8 (22:40):
Well, there's some woman, Mary Jane Copps, and she calls
herself the phone Lady, and companies hire her as a
consultant to come in and teach young people how to
do work calls.

Speaker 1 (22:50):
Okay, that's easy of dial the number, you say, uh, Bobby, here,
you wait for baking on the call, you say your stuff,
and when it's over, you hang up that easy. That's it. Yeah,
that's all you got to do.

Speaker 4 (23:01):
Okay, what else?

Speaker 8 (23:02):
Well, speaking of young people, the New York Posts had
a whole story about how Facebook is trying to win
over gen z users. So they're switching up some stuff
on the platform, and one of their ad campaigns is
We're not your Mom's Facebook.

Speaker 1 (23:15):
Yeah, I'm hearing a bit of that, like a different
podcasts that I listen to their buying advertising going hey,
we're now cool and young and anybody has to say
that isn't like they have other platforms that are cooler
and younger. But yeah, I know, it's a weird thing.
It's like going, hey, we're the typewriter. We don't just
slap letters on paper. It's like, you know, what are

we going to do with you?

Speaker 8 (23:37):
The three areas that they're working on to lure the
younger people in the feed. They're going to like hit
on with dating stuff, groups, events, and marketplace, and then
there's also the real section. They're going to focus on
those short form videos, and then they want to make
it very welcoming for creators and make it very, very
very creator friendly, so people will want to go over
there and share their work.

Speaker 4 (23:58):
I hear you.

Speaker 1 (23:58):
Facebook it just it's just kind of passed right, like
we all have it. I don't.

Speaker 4 (24:04):
I rarely get online.

Speaker 1 (24:05):
I will check in with my sister just see p
I have like seventeen people that I that I follow.
I don't even know half of them. It's from forever ago.
But yeah, Facebook itself is not going to be new
and young, would we agree?

Speaker 3 (24:18):
Yes, I'm a chat feature is so good though.

Speaker 1 (24:21):
The chat, but that's the people you've known since Yeah,
it's the live chat, man. I bet you don't talk
with anyone in your live chat that you've meant the
last five years.

Speaker 3 (24:29):
Oh, you're probably right, Yeah, you're probably right in old school.

Speaker 4 (24:32):
Yeah, what else.

Speaker 7 (24:33):
Jennifer Anderson, we've talked about this.

Speaker 8 (24:34):
She's producing the new remake of nine to five, which
was an original from the eighties. Dolly Parton's in it,
and Dolly was talking about how she would love to
be in it, especially if Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin
have some cameos as well. She'd love for them to
use her song and then when she was asked, well,
who should play you, She's like, oh, my god, daughter,
Miley Cyrus.

Speaker 7 (24:53):
She knows me well, so maybe be Miley.

Speaker 1 (24:55):
I think Miley Cyrus maybe the most talented all around,
like top three American entertainers in the past fifty years.

Speaker 4 (25:07):
Like she can sing.

Speaker 1 (25:07):
She's a good I mean, do you ever watched you
ever seen a TikTok where she just like she was.
She can sing anything, country stuff, rock stuff. She'll do like, uh,
led Zeppelin and then she'll do that. I mean she's
really I mean, Miley's awesome. And she was an actress.

Speaker 6 (25:20):
I mean she did, but she hadn't watch No, I
really did, did you know?

Speaker 9 (25:31):

Speaker 1 (25:31):
I was no, Like, why would I watch that?

Speaker 4 (25:33):
It's crazy?

Speaker 3 (25:34):
Well you go, I haven't seen the other stuff.

Speaker 1 (25:36):
Yeah, I haven't seen her really act What movies is
she in? I don't know, dude, saying she was in
The Last.

Speaker 7 (25:43):
Song, which is a really big movie.

Speaker 13 (25:45):
That's how she met her ex husband Liam Himsworth.

Speaker 7 (25:48):
She was really good at that.

Speaker 1 (25:50):
Yeah, dude, I don't know that she's had a bunch
of I'm looking at her movie list now. Anyway, she's
one of America's jewels. That's what I'm saying it want
American jewels, entertainment jewels, all right, Amy is that it made.

Speaker 7 (25:59):
That's my pile.

Speaker 11 (26:00):
That was Amy's pile of stories. It's time for the
good news, unbox.

Speaker 2 (26:09):
Yys of Texas are upon you. I don't know the
rest of the song, but but Jean Robinson played at
the University of Texas. He plays for the Atlanta Falcons now,
and he remembers his days in Austin as the good
old times.

Speaker 3 (26:23):
He wanted to give back.

Speaker 4 (26:24):
Two years ago, good old times, a year and.

Speaker 3 (26:26):
Half ago, a year and alf ago.

Speaker 2 (26:28):
So he's going into his second year in the NFL,
and he wanted to give back to Austin in the community.
So he donated three hundred thousand dollars to help the homeless.

Speaker 4 (26:36):
That's cool.

Speaker 1 (26:37):
How do you not know the eyes of Texas? You
grew up in Texas. He loved your whole life in Texas. Yeah, yeah,
but that's the ut song. I don't know their whole
song there in Austin, and you grew up in Austin.

Speaker 3 (26:46):
I know, but I wasn't a youth.

Speaker 4 (26:47):
Like it was.

Speaker 1 (26:47):
Yeah, Texas are upon I think that's the mixing it
too songs. I've been working on the railroad. Dang, you're right, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I feel like that's the same melody of it.

Speaker 7 (26:58):
Lunchime. Don't feels too bad. I grew around it too,
and I guess I don't have it right.

Speaker 1 (27:02):
You went to I did, but I mean purposelly blocked it.

Speaker 7 (27:05):
Good point, that's exactly what happened.

Speaker 2 (27:07):
Yeah, but this is he donated to the Mobile Loaves
and Fishes and they're going to go to a special
project that's going to give affordable housing to people that
have been homeless for a long time.

Speaker 7 (27:16):
That's a great organization, a right good deal.

Speaker 4 (27:18):
That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good.

Speaker 1 (27:23):
A voicemail from Riley in Missouri.

Speaker 10 (27:25):
Why did the man who lost his dog out of
the dentist because he had a loose canine?

Speaker 1 (27:31):
Bye, he had a loose canine. It's also a K
nine too, oh canine?

Speaker 4 (27:37):

Speaker 1 (27:37):
Yeah, I forget you guys. Don't like those stinkers. I
don't like those thinkers at all. Right, let's go to
Amy hit it.

Speaker 11 (27:45):
The morning, Corny.

Speaker 8 (27:47):
What's a bacon lover's favorite musical?

Speaker 4 (27:50):
It's a bacon lover's favorite musical.

Speaker 1 (27:52):
Grease pretty fine. That was the morning I was reading
this study on women and how they find guys more attractive,
and I think this is different with women and dudes.
Studies show that women find guys ten percent more attractive
when they've had a few drinks. Oh, I thought for dudes,

it's more than ten percent. It's got to be. I
don't drink, Yeah, but I have friends that drink and
they have one, okay, two, about three or four in
everything is a lot hotter. They call those beer goggles.

Speaker 8 (28:26):
Yeah, and it needs to be more than three or
four well, depending on how much you weigh or.

Speaker 1 (28:31):
Depending how much how much as much you needed to
be hot. That's true. But I thought ten percent for
a few drinks was pretty low. Like you guys can
three drinks.

Speaker 7 (28:38):
Yeah, I'm lucky for y'all.

Speaker 4 (28:39):
You don't have girls on beer goggles.

Speaker 7 (28:41):
No, I mean I think that we probably have.

Speaker 8 (28:43):
What if we have line goggles, beer personality goggles.

Speaker 7 (28:47):
You maybe think someone's a little more interesting than they are.

Speaker 4 (28:50):
It's interesting, Morgan, you think about this.

Speaker 13 (28:53):
Yeah, I mean I've had beer goggles maybe once or twice,
and once you have it the first or second time,
you're kind of like Okay, I'm not doing that again.

Speaker 7 (29:01):
So we learn from the guys learn.

Speaker 3 (29:03):
Oh no, we don't learn.

Speaker 2 (29:04):
We I mean we just keep going back down that road,
keep saying how do we end up here?

Speaker 8 (29:08):
Maybe we're than to be ever had where they Maybe
they're drinking too, and you've had drinks and you think
they're more interesting than they it's the whole thing.

Speaker 13 (29:14):
They're more interesting, they're hotter. But I'm telling you, once
you've had that one moment and it's like two days later,
you're like what.

Speaker 1 (29:21):
You're like, smooch and then you're like, what the crap
when you see them?

Speaker 7 (29:24):

Speaker 11 (29:24):
Yeah, yeah, That's what I'm saying.

Speaker 7 (29:25):
But we learn from it.

Speaker 4 (29:28):
What do you call it?

Speaker 1 (29:28):
Whenever you're you still have to cut off your arm
in order to get out of the bedroom.

Speaker 4 (29:33):
It's the term. So if I got you're willing to
chew your arm off?

Speaker 1 (29:36):
Oh yeah, if you have, like if you like get
much a drink and you like with somebody and you
wake up and they're all like, you know, they chew
your arm off and get out of there, then stay there.

Speaker 3 (29:46):
Yeah. I mean, you try to slide it.

Speaker 11 (29:48):
But it does have a name, does have a name.

Speaker 3 (29:50):
I can think of that I.

Speaker 1 (29:51):
Need to drink so it could be in these stories. This
is from Jennifer and Fresno, California.

Speaker 10 (29:57):
I was calling because recently I went to go see
a Brooks and dun concert and kicks. Brooks threw out
his pick into the crowd. My brother bent over to
pick it up, and the lady in the front of
him started hitting him on the arm and screaming at
him that that pick was thrown out specifically for him.
So I just wanted your opinion. When you're entertaining and

you throw something out to the crowd, are you throwing
it to one specific person or are you just throwing
it out to the crowd and whoever gets it.

Speaker 1 (30:25):
Well, we don't throw stuff in the crowd anymore because
people fight over stuff, the dumbest stuff. Imagine you're in
a ball game when they're shooting the T shirt cannon.
You're never going to wear that sand paper T shirt
because it hurts, but dang it, you fight for it
because it is a thrill. Now, this is what I'll
say about when artists are flicking picks, or ball players
or throwing balls like foul balls.

Speaker 4 (30:44):
If they caught it. The end of the crowd.

Speaker 1 (30:46):
If there's a kid nearby, they get it every time.
If there's a kid nearby, they should, especially the ball.
They're probably not going to be up close to concert,
but if they are, the kids should get it. Unless
you have seen with your own eyes the artist go
hey this with a full point. Hey, this is for you,
And then if that happens, you have to make sure
it gets to them. Even if it doesn't get to

them on the throw. It sounds to me like that
didn't happen here. There was no kid and there was
no point, and this is for you. This woman is psychotic, yeah,
because I think it. Kick just flicks these picks into
the crowd. Every man for himself for the pick. It's
not that woman's unless he went it's for her. Make

sure she gets it.

Speaker 7 (31:29):
The problem is in her mind. He might have like
pointed out, I think.

Speaker 4 (31:33):
She's just insane.

Speaker 7 (31:33):

Speaker 1 (31:34):
And also what is she gonna do with the pick?
So she's a too out? Yeah for sure, she was
hitting him on the arm. Weird crazy weirdness. Also, if
there's a T shirt from a cannon, you get out
of my way the extra large, Yeah, get out of
my way.

Speaker 4 (31:46):
Yeah, go ahead.

Speaker 8 (31:47):
I mean, I'm probably gonna pick it up and if
she's acting the way and be like, okay, fine, here's
your pick.

Speaker 1 (31:51):
Like I mean, if she's hitting.

Speaker 8 (31:52):
You, yeah, because I just don't want to deal with
But you don't know it to her. I don't want
to get jumped on my way to the car.

Speaker 1 (31:56):
He doesn't know it to her.

Speaker 4 (31:57):
Keep the pick. If you want to keep the pick. Uh,
let's do another voicemail right here.

Speaker 9 (32:01):
I got a question for you guys. There's this one girl.
I tried talking to her for a while. She had
a boy tramp at time. And this is analogy I'm
gonna use. I mean, he's a soccer player and the goalie.
I got the ball passing me, and then I kicked
the ball going for the shot, hit the goal in
multi times. You block my shot a couple of times,
and I kicked it. I hit the guy in the face,
that goalie out fall on somewhere else, and then somebody

else scored. So in other words, I believe I talked
to the girl, she broke up with her boyfriend, and
then somebody else start talking to her. Do I keep
trying to go after the new goalies that come until
I score or do I back.

Speaker 4 (32:33):
Away the analogy?

Speaker 3 (32:38):
So wow, got real confused?

Speaker 4 (32:40):

Speaker 7 (32:41):
Wait, so they don't I have no idea.

Speaker 1 (32:43):
Here's what I say. She doesn't like you. She just
doesn't like you. If it's this much work, she's not
interested in you. If it's like you're gonna go fight
the other goalie or the other dudes. No, no, you
should make a play toward her, and if she responds
and reacts, then good. But you don't go and kill
the other people. So you're the only one left. Okay,
she's the goalie, the gold I don't know, I quit No, no, no,

the goal is her.

Speaker 2 (33:05):
He wants to get with her, so he's shooting. He's
shooting his shot with her, but there's a she's dating
a guy, so he keeps blocking the shot. He finally
she convinces the girl to get rid of that dude. This,
so the goalie leaves, but then another dude.

Speaker 1 (33:17):
Slid in another goalie.

Speaker 9 (33:18):

Speaker 1 (33:18):
Yeah, So so basically, she doesn't see you as a
dude thing.

Speaker 4 (33:22):
It's there.

Speaker 1 (33:22):
There will always be dudes for available attractive women. Always
will be dudes. OK, so it's not the dudes. You're
fighting a lot of them.

Speaker 8 (33:30):
What I'm just saying I haven't experienced there to be
a lot of dudes, but.

Speaker 1 (33:36):
There will always be dudes in the way. If you're
a dude and you want.

Speaker 4 (33:38):
A girl, that's that's desirable.

Speaker 1 (33:40):
Okay, Like there's never going to be a single desirable
female if you're single, that's just chilling by herself, and
other guys aren't trying to get to her.

Speaker 4 (33:47):
That's always going to be a thing.

Speaker 1 (33:48):
There's always gonna be guys trying to get to any
single desirable female. Now it's her you have to get,
not killing the other guys. If she likes you, she
will kill the guys for you. M h, shoot a
better shot. Sometimes you worry about Sometimes you have to
outcompete the guys and then she picks you.

Speaker 4 (34:05):
But you don't kill them.

Speaker 1 (34:07):
Right, Never kill them.

Speaker 4 (34:09):
Never kill as a weird one though.

Speaker 1 (34:13):
I think we got there though eventually.

Speaker 7 (34:15):
We got a soccer expert on the inside.

Speaker 1 (34:18):
That's what we needed. Lunch Box. No, I don't care
about the analogy. I'm just saying, you're not competing with dudes.
You're competing to get her.

Speaker 4 (34:24):
That's it.

Speaker 1 (34:25):
She doesn't like you, though, I'm gonna go and break
it to you she's not.

Speaker 8 (34:27):
Indeed, Bro, what if she doesn't know that he's into her?

Speaker 1 (34:30):
That sounds like all that soccer has been playing. She
probably has an idea.

Speaker 4 (34:34):
Thank you for the voicemail.

Speaker 1 (34:35):
I appreciate that these are the things you should never
keep in your wallet.

Speaker 4 (34:39):
Man or woman.

Speaker 1 (34:40):
We probably do keep a lot of these in our wallet.
We should never keep them in your wallet, and we
probably only do because of like old school methodology of
like our parents kept in the wallet, we keep in
a wallet ready. Which, by the way, my buddy Reid,
who is my video guy and is on our sports show,
he left his wallet at a gas station, driving like
six hours back.

Speaker 4 (34:59):
To Nashville, and he left like four hours back.

Speaker 1 (35:02):
I was like, oh no, I left my wallet at
the gas station, and so there it is, just chilling
at the gas station with some of this stuff in it.
Number One your sole security card.

Speaker 7 (35:10):
Oh yeah, no, never my freezer.

Speaker 1 (35:14):
I don't think you have one. I don't think I'm
a real citizen.

Speaker 7 (35:16):
Yes you do.

Speaker 4 (35:17):
I've decided I'm a citizen on Earth.

Speaker 1 (35:19):
Okay, But if you've lost it, you can get.

Speaker 4 (35:21):
A new one, probably, I'm not sure.

Speaker 1 (35:22):
Yeah, yeah, I think I think so too.

Speaker 4 (35:25):
I'm sure I have mine somewhere.

Speaker 8 (35:26):
It's not my wallet, but you have your number memorized right,
Oh yeah six nine?

Speaker 1 (35:32):
Uh your Medicare card, I don't. We don't have that
insurance I have. I have my insurance card because I'm like,
but it's always at a date. I'm be honest with
you every time they're like, you have insurance, sure do
here you go start this from twenty seventeen.

Speaker 7 (35:45):
I think Medicaid was more elderly.

Speaker 1 (35:49):
Maybe I don't know what song is that.

Speaker 4 (35:51):
I don't need your medic now it's George Jones.

Speaker 1 (35:54):
I don't need your rocking chair, you jair it tall,
or your Medicare that's still got me on in my
vein the right head. Don't mean the thing, Oh man,
I do that whole song. Membership cards, I know nobody
will have me as a member, So.

Speaker 2 (36:10):
I don't have a membership and anything. Oh no Costco.
But I don't have that my wallet. My wife does that.

Speaker 1 (36:16):
So yeah, most of my memberships are on an app
now and it's automatically logged in on my phone.

Speaker 4 (36:22):
So I think those cards gift cards A couple.

Speaker 1 (36:25):
Yeah, I got.

Speaker 3 (36:26):
A dunkin Donuts one right there, in my car.

Speaker 7 (36:28):
If you don't keep them in your wallet, then you.

Speaker 3 (36:30):
How do you spend them?

Speaker 7 (36:31):
You forget to use them?

Speaker 1 (36:33):
I keep them to have two in my car right now.
One's like a Juice Juice Land card they got for
my birthday, and so I keep it right in the
middle that way, if I go to Juice Land, I
can swipe it, but otherwise I kind of keep it
in my card. But it's also not any of them
aren't big, like so big that if I lost it,
I'd be like, my life's over.

Speaker 4 (36:52):
Do you ever find my Uber Eats card if somebody
stole that?

Speaker 1 (36:54):
I don't care, Okay, I don't.

Speaker 7 (36:56):
I don't understand that one. I don't know why you
would't keep your gift cards in your wallet.

Speaker 1 (36:59):
But more than a few credit cards, Oh yeah, I
keep two, but I only have two, so keep all
of them. But I don't think I would keep them all?

Speaker 3 (37:08):
Well, why wouldn't you?

Speaker 1 (37:09):
Like Mike D has a credit card of mine, not
of mine, Mike D has the ability to spend whatever
he wants on my credit card. He has a credit
card in his name on my account. WHOA you keep
that in your wallet?

Speaker 3 (37:19):
Right, Mike?

Speaker 6 (37:20):
You should?

Speaker 8 (37:20):

Speaker 1 (37:20):
Because I'm always like, Mike, can you help me? Like,
because I get I need snacks sometimes during the.

Speaker 4 (37:24):
Show classic right, relatable.

Speaker 1 (37:28):
And I'm like, Mike, can you grab some snacks today?
So Mike writes a bunch of stuff for the show,
but also like he is has the foresight to know
that if my blood sugar drops, he's got to feed
the monster. But he has a credit card for whatever.
But if he bought like a sixer on the way home,
he probably needed it, And would I notice it?

Speaker 8 (37:45):
No, if it was a sixer or anything, and be like, Okay,
it's yes, it's like you said, he needed it's work related.

Speaker 1 (37:54):
Stressed out, He's like, hey, I want to buy some
new clothes. You probably needed that, considering the show. I'm
telling you, I trust my d with my life. I
hand him a box of nudes right now, say just
reguard these. Well, never think they'd get out.

Speaker 8 (38:07):
A box of nudes of you, like your own, your
person naked or takes his wife out to dinner.

Speaker 1 (38:13):
Probably needed, no problem. Oh my goodness, I trust Mikey
in my life. Yeah, yo, he would never do that
until he needs it.

Speaker 7 (38:22):
And then I'm like, if you also just said you
wouldn't notice.

Speaker 1 (38:24):
So not that I don't look at that. I don't
look at Mike's credit card. I pay it, but I
don't look at it. Yeah, your work ID. We don't
have work IDE's a paper of your passwords all written down.
No does that.

Speaker 4 (38:40):
But here's what you can do.

Speaker 1 (38:42):
We had the white hat hacker on and he's like,
phones are almost impenetrable, Like they're not hacking into your
phone for the most part. So, but now Apple, one
of you guys taught the lesson that Notes now has
the face I D so you can keep your path.
I'm not saying you should, but you can now keep
your passwords on in your notes app without someone just

getting your phone and looking at it because they also
have to use the face to get in that or
the code it's good yeah, or your Twitter. But you're
you're still hacked. You're never getting it back, are you.

Speaker 3 (39:12):
I haven't heard anything.

Speaker 4 (39:14):
I'm sure you want to hear from the scammer.

Speaker 2 (39:19):
I filled out an online form says, hey, are you
having trouble getting into your account? And I said yeah,
and I sent in all my information, pictures of what
my account used to look like, and crickets.

Speaker 1 (39:29):
Well, if you said, dear Twitter, well it's not what
they called that anymore that I don't think I've ever ca.

Speaker 7 (39:37):
What do you I mean? You change a name and
like nobody calls it what you changed it?

Speaker 4 (39:40):
Blank checks? Don't keep those in your wallet?

Speaker 7 (39:42):
No, no, never.

Speaker 1 (39:44):
No, do you guys stop checks?

Speaker 3 (39:46):

Speaker 1 (39:46):
Oh, my lunchbox, you've been posting on your on your Twitter.
What someone took?

Speaker 4 (39:54):
What's up?

Speaker 9 (39:58):

Speaker 1 (39:58):
So you think someone else has your handle? He has
your Twitter?

Speaker 4 (40:03):
Now that's not the scammer Radio Lunchbox.

Speaker 7 (40:05):
Is yeah, well what are they saying?

Speaker 1 (40:07):
Okay, let me read you a couple. I hooked up
a stereo to my recliner. Now it's a rocking chair.
See he'd never write stuff like that. That's funny, funny,
The new funny Lunchbox is awesome, he said, Oh, it's
a listener because the second one is Bobby Bone show
is the best I listen every morning.

Speaker 4 (40:23):
Love you guys.

Speaker 3 (40:23):
See, someone that listens to the show has hacked me.

Speaker 1 (40:27):
Wrote pull anyone, Lunchbox you play pull it all?

Speaker 4 (40:31):
This is not cool, that's hilarious.

Speaker 7 (40:34):
So where did all my followers go on that other account?

Speaker 1 (40:37):
No, there's only yeah yeah, so at radio Lunchbox. Once
they took it and changed the name, Radio Lunchbox started
to exist again because they didn't have it, because they
hijacked yours, changed the name, had all your followers.

Speaker 4 (40:51):
This person then took your name and now owns it.

Speaker 3 (40:56):
Yeah, and this one says, where in the world is lunchbox?

Speaker 1 (40:59):

Speaker 4 (41:00):
Got them?

Speaker 2 (41:01):
So when I get this back, I'm not gonna get
my followers back.

Speaker 4 (41:03):
You got to get your other account back, ma'am. Then
you got to buy the account from this guy.

Speaker 3 (41:06):
I'm head of the Calie blank checks.

Speaker 4 (41:09):
Don't keep those in your wallet, they say, Yeah, who
would do that?

Speaker 1 (41:13):
Spare keys too much cash?

Speaker 3 (41:18):
I make that mistake.

Speaker 4 (41:19):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (41:19):
I make the mistake of having very little cash, just
enough to tip. I just need tip money. It's the
only reason I have cash at all. Where's cash really
used except tip money? And you know, greasing a few palms.

Speaker 8 (41:30):
You see, they're starting to make like reverse ATMs where
you put cash in and it'll spit out.

Speaker 7 (41:34):
Card like if you don't want to carry around it
a card like a gift card, like a your.

Speaker 8 (41:41):
Wallet exactly like a gift card that's unique one use time.

Speaker 7 (41:45):
But if you pop in one hundred dollars. It'll give you.

Speaker 1 (41:47):
A plastic passport and birth certificate. Okay, yeah, now we're good.
In case anyone's like, I need to see where you
were born hospital, hand it over with a little seal
on it.

Speaker 4 (41:56):
Dude, that sucks talking about your Twitter.

Speaker 1 (41:58):
Not only did you get a stolen someone then took
your name once it was free again.

Speaker 2 (42:03):
Yeah, but once I get this also figured out they're
gonna kick this person off.

Speaker 3 (42:06):
They're gonna give you mine back.

Speaker 4 (42:08):

Speaker 3 (42:08):
Keeps faith, buddy, that's what I'm praying for.

Speaker 4 (42:11):
Man, keep praying for that. Who do you pray to?

Speaker 3 (42:13):
The social media gods?

Speaker 4 (42:15):
Got it all right, There you go,
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