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June 12, 2024 42 mins

The show did their first photoshoot in 7 years and some drama happened behind the scenes...Plus, Amy shared her thoughts about her father when he was younger, and we talk about the average age men on starting families now and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wake up, Wake up in the mall. It's on the
radio and the Dodgers gets on tread his lunchbox. Mor
get through the febite and it's trying to put you
through the fog. He's running his wigs.

Speaker 2 (00:19):
Next minute, the.

Speaker 3 (00:20):
Bobby's on the box.

Speaker 4 (00:21):
So you know what this this.

Speaker 3 (00:27):
The Bobby balls, So let's do the new Bobby's. This
guy had to get rescued.

Speaker 5 (00:36):
He's a surfer in northern California, and I don't know.
I guess he surfing too far as one of those
kite surfboards with the wind can blow you, and he
ended up on this remote stretch of beach, couldn't get
hold of anybody, and so he wrote help with rocks.

Speaker 3 (00:52):
Somebody's flying over and saw it.

Speaker 1 (00:53):

Speaker 5 (00:54):
Yeah that castaway stuff right there now. Yeah, I wonder
how long until you write help? Because me five minutes.

Speaker 6 (01:00):
Yeah, I mean it might as well just do it
right away.

Speaker 3 (01:01):
I want to do it.

Speaker 5 (01:02):
Sometimes my phone just doesn't work in my house, like
they're dead sections in my yard, and I just want
to write help and have somebody stop. His rescue plea
made from Davenport Beach, about twenty five miles southwest of
San Jose was spotted by a passenger in a passing
private helicopter who called nine to one One. Dramatic video
posted Sunday shows the unnamed surfer being hoisted to safety

by a helicopter. The helicopter was unable to land safely
on the beach, maybe because it was so wind.

Speaker 3 (01:29):
I don't know.

Speaker 6 (01:30):
Maybe you're just a room trees. I don't know.

Speaker 5 (01:34):
Yeah, no real trees on the beach. Are the trees
not here? Oh okay, yeah, I'm looking at it. And
also it's small, like you really had to be looking
down to see something. It's I mean, it's not like boulders.

Speaker 7 (01:45):
If you were like on a commercial flight, like a
Southwest flight and you saw that, like look at that guy,
that's funny, that's a joke, I would think, you do.
I would think somebody's playing like button and be like
I saw a help sign down there.

Speaker 6 (01:58):
Yeah, and now I think, based on this story, that's
what we should do.

Speaker 3 (02:02):
I'd be like, that's.

Speaker 5 (02:02):
Funny, somebody's paying a prank. That's a good one. I
would just yeah, unless it was like a place where
people couldn't get out of, like this is a remote beach, right,
just mess around with some crops and someone has written, help,
I don't I.

Speaker 3 (02:20):
Don't know what I would do. Joey Chestnuts out of
the hot dog eating competition. I thought he quit.

Speaker 6 (02:26):
What do you mean he was retired?

Speaker 3 (02:28):
He retired.

Speaker 5 (02:29):
I think he's retiring from like eating generally as a
competitive eater, but this is like his main event. So
I think he had plans to go back, but he's
won it, and so he's like, all right, I'm going back.
But the impossible foods is the vegan. They launched a
vegan deal, and so that's what the beef is. The

beef haha. But that's what the deal is about because
he made a deal to represent that brand, and that
brand is not doing those hot dogs. And those hot
dogs Nathan's will not let him do the brand he represents.

Speaker 8 (03:02):
H and Kobeyashi's the one that retired.

Speaker 3 (03:05):
Oh that's right, Okay, not Chestnut.

Speaker 8 (03:07):
Yeah, so Chestnut can't go because Nathan said, hey, you
do endorsements for this other hot dog, you can't be
in our contest. Well guess what, Nathan's you just lost
the star of the show.

Speaker 3 (03:17):
That's true.

Speaker 5 (03:18):
Yeah, why don't you guys also eliminate Kaitlyn Clark while
you had it, make that bad as here. That's what
they should do too, say, you know what, We're not
a lot of Caitlin Clark to be here either, dummies.

Speaker 8 (03:27):
Is she going to be there?

Speaker 5 (03:28):
No, but they probably kicked her out too, like the
rest of the world is dummies. Friends social media post
leads I got to buy a lottery ticket and win
four hundred thousand dollars. A North Carolina man's at a
friends social media post led him to win four hundred
thousand dollars. He said he was inspired to try because
he saw a friends post on social media. So he
goes and he buys one ticket from Circle a food

store scratch four.

Speaker 3 (03:53):
Hundred thousand dollars.

Speaker 5 (03:55):
That's nice. That is from UPI. Billy Ray Cyrus files
for divorce from us. Why Fire Rose seven months after
getting married? I like Billy, I don't know Fire Rose,
but I'm gonna imagine anybody that you marry with the
name Fire in their name is probably gonna be a
little dicey.

Speaker 3 (04:11):
For a bit.

Speaker 6 (04:11):
What about the rose part?

Speaker 5 (04:13):
Rose sounds sweet like there are roses, there are rose well,
golden girls home I think of now the Titanic Jack
and Rose. But how many women would have fire in
their name? Not many exactly, And that's what you have
to look out for. The ink is barely dry, they
say at TMZ on Billy Ray Cyrus's marriage to sing
Her Fire Rose. They filed for divorce seven months, So

that means some people, though, don't buy them a gift
because they're probably waiting. It's one year. They're like, oh,
I was just gonna send him a toaster. I guess
it's not working out. You call him Billy or Billy Ray,
like when you talked to him Billy. I've never been
told what to call him.

Speaker 3 (04:53):
I just say Billy. Interesting. I don't know.

Speaker 5 (04:56):
Two syllables tough syllable even if you have to syble as,
you can fit them together, like for example, Amy, that's
one satable anyway, but Eddie could be two.

Speaker 6 (05:04):
But Eddie Amy is two Amy Amy Amy.

Speaker 3 (05:09):
If you do Amy, yes, But if you do Amy,
it's one. We don't call you Amy. We don't call you.

Speaker 6 (05:15):
Am I, but I marry Amy.

Speaker 3 (05:18):
And lunchbox is one lunchbox kid.

Speaker 5 (05:22):
Weight loss surgery is more effective than obesity drugs or
diet changes. I feel about this but it says that
these surgeries lead to more weight loss and it's longer
lasting compared to things like ozempic and we go vy.
Is that one like ozimpic, we gov and behavioral changes

such as diet and exercise.

Speaker 3 (05:44):
So basically, go get go, cut it off.

Speaker 6 (05:46):
So, yes, it's broad to is by the Surgery Council.

Speaker 5 (05:49):
You know, it doesn't say it says New York Post,
but it says two popular surgical procedures produced a weight
loss around thirty percent one year after the operation. It's
maintained in the twenty five percent way loss up to
ten years after the surgery. But people that get on
ozepic or we go v tend to fall back once
they stopped taking it.

Speaker 3 (06:10):
The surgery.

Speaker 5 (06:10):
Man, Kanye's mom died like that. And I'm sure she
might have been having a lot of stuff done it once,
but she died on the table. Didn't she go to
another Yeah, another country?

Speaker 7 (06:17):
Okay, she still died from that, just the one where
they stayple your stomach make it smaller.

Speaker 5 (06:21):
Oh, this could be anything. I mean, still my aunt
got But there's no specific surgery they're mentioning. They're just
saying that as compared to those drugs he had. Donda West,
she died at fifty eight. She died in Los Angeles.

Speaker 6 (06:34):
I thought it was somewhere else. Are you sure?

Speaker 5 (06:37):
November tenth, two thousand and seven, Cedar Sign. I'm Marina
del Ray Hospital Emergency Room, Los Angeles, Kelise, youre Sini.

Speaker 3 (06:42):
That's America.

Speaker 6 (06:43):
That's where all the celebrities go. Who's mom died overseas?

Speaker 5 (06:48):
Died from corner cornary artery disease and multiple post operation
factors from cosmetic surgery. I don't know the specifics to that,
if she had some some factors underlying factors, but do
I know she was in California.

Speaker 3 (07:02):
And Amy that's a broad question. What who died died
over correct question?

Speaker 6 (07:07):
He research what I was talking about, right, Like a
rapper singer's mom went overseas for some sort of surgery
and died.

Speaker 3 (07:18):
Thanks for that.

Speaker 5 (07:19):
That was like last night my wife and I were
talking about music and she was like, who is that
solo artist?

Speaker 3 (07:25):
It's from?

Speaker 5 (07:25):
Because I'm almost twelve years older than my wife, She's like, she,
he's from your time.

Speaker 3 (07:29):
He's really famous.

Speaker 5 (07:31):
And you know, if he walked in the room, sas,
I won't even know who he was, And I said,
but you're not really telling me anything. She goes, you
know that solo artist plays a guitar, and if you
walked in the room, I wouldn't know who he is
from your time from my time.

Speaker 3 (07:44):
And I'm going Jason.

Speaker 5 (07:47):
Moras, ooh, that's gotta be here, and she goes, no,
but I thought about that. She but he's more famous
than that Jack Jack Johnson, not Jack Johnson, not a
famous Jason marats right. I did figure it out, or
she figured it out, but it's not John Mayor.

Speaker 3 (08:03):
She knows. Yeh, she knows John Mayr.

Speaker 5 (08:04):
It's somebody's name, but his name is in the band's
Dave Matthews.

Speaker 6 (08:09):
Dave Matthew's man.

Speaker 3 (08:10):
And this she'll showing me what he looks like. I did.

Speaker 5 (08:12):
She goes, huh, now what I expected, and then I
played her a bunch. Oh there's so and she was like, oh,
this is totally your vibe. I was like, yeah, subtlight,
I love Dave Matthews is awesome. Yeah, she I think
she just missed him. And she was like, he's so
famous and I wouldn't know him. But we were talking
about fractioned fame and somebody can be so famous to
somebody and not famous at all to somebody six feet

away from them. Because now there's so many platforms for
people to exist, there's no real universal fame. Almost nobody
has universal fame now unless they got it before all
of these elements of fame, all of these platforms started
to exist.

Speaker 7 (08:48):
Like somebody saying the national anthem at the NBA Finals
and they were like, she's so famous home.

Speaker 3 (08:53):
I never don't know who that was, Dave Matthews, Nope, nope, no,
who was it? Some girl?

Speaker 7 (08:58):
Don't know who it was? But I mean everyone who
she was there? Yeah, like that's crazy.

Speaker 3 (09:03):
Well that's the news. Bobby's bee.

Speaker 5 (09:09):
I want to talk about Quicksand in a second, because
I didn't think Quicksand was real. I thought Quicksand was
only a cartoons. This one we got trapped in Quicksand
And also, how can't you just get out?

Speaker 3 (09:17):
It's slow?

Speaker 5 (09:18):
And I was always slow in the cartoons or in
the TV shows, like it's very slow. That's coming up.

Speaker 3 (09:23):
Help me with beer, meaning I don't drink, never had
a beer. You want one?

Speaker 5 (09:28):
Sometimes I feel like I should have one, But one
hundred and eighty that's a lot right. Yeah, So PAP's
Blue Ribbon has one hundred and eighty pack. What what
So it's one hundred and eighty years old and they
have one hundred and eighty pack.

Speaker 3 (09:44):
What's up with that?

Speaker 7 (09:46):
Like, Okay, I get it. You're having a party. Yeah,
you can buy one hundred and eighty beers. Okay, So
will a party drink one hundred eighty beers? Yes, depends
what kind of party. Dude, like some of the parties
I went to in college.

Speaker 3 (09:57):
Okay, he's the lead. Fine, those are big ones.

Speaker 5 (09:59):
What about like a like a barbecue, Like, how many
beers do you have a day if.

Speaker 3 (10:03):
It's like a Saturday in a bar I just one
hundred and eighty.

Speaker 8 (10:06):
Or maybe fifty fifty you have? No, not mean I'm
saying that the whole barbecue got it? Okay, he was saying,
like at a barbeque. I thought you meant, like how
many beers would be drink at the barber But like.

Speaker 7 (10:18):
Just to say a person, I would say six, six
to seven beers because and I say seven, I say
seven because when you get the six pack, you're like, gosh,
I wish I had one more, you know what I mean?

Speaker 5 (10:30):
So if it was a five pack, would it be
that I wish I had one more, but it was six?

Speaker 3 (10:33):
Just maybe I did so one hundred and eighty.

Speaker 5 (10:35):
A lot, yes, but hard to fit your car, no,
like to pack.

Speaker 6 (10:41):
So it'd be fifteen cases. So like there's twelve in
a case, and so if you look at it that way,
that equals one eighty. And I'm thinking back to like
if we were ever throwing a big party, going to
buy you know, ten to fifteen cases. That's not doesn't
seem that crazy.

Speaker 7 (10:54):
You called you go you can go hard, And me
and my buddy Todd, we would start Fridays with a thirty.

Speaker 5 (10:58):
Talking about guys, about talking about twenty two. I'm talking
about you, and I'm talking about adults. Like how much
beer Raymundo, one hundred and eighty How long would take
you to put that away?

Speaker 3 (11:08):
A month? Okay?

Speaker 5 (11:11):
I mean that's like six racks you're put in the
back of your truck. Maybe you and your buddy would
finish maybe one and a half. That's a ton of beer,
that's some food beets. So it takes you a month
if you were to buy it for your house to
put this away. Yeah, I'd leftover from CMA Fest. There's
two racks in my fridge. It'll take me easily two
to three months to finish that. And that's six Paps

Blue Ribbon.

Speaker 3 (11:32):

Speaker 7 (11:32):
No cheap, cheap, but for a moment it was like
cool with the hipsters, like that was their brand of beer.

Speaker 5 (11:38):
Is it good for cheap though, meaning there's cheap that
tastes bad, there's it doesn't taste good, but for.

Speaker 3 (11:44):
The cheap is pretty good. I mean cheap is cheap.
Cheap is cheap.

Speaker 7 (11:47):
Man Like when you go to the store, it starts
with Paps Blue Ribbon and then it gets more expensive
as you go down the aisle.

Speaker 6 (11:53):
But I think there's an emotional connection to cheap beer.
I feel like it's like a nostalgic Like you're either
like love Miller Lie or you love cors Light or
you like and it's like some of the cheaper stuff.
It's just like what you grew up with. Like my
dad would I liked Miller Light better. I don't even
know why, but that's just what I But my dad
always he Core's light. That's the only thing he would
choose if it was.

Speaker 3 (12:11):
My dad was a Miller guy.

Speaker 6 (12:13):
Yeah, But I think it's just what they were accustomed
to drinking when they.

Speaker 3 (12:16):
Were Were they're nicer beers when they were younger? Or
was that the nice beer?

Speaker 5 (12:20):
Because like, I have blondey sandwiches for the rest of
my life, Like it's all it's a novel, and hey,
how about that history. I ain't going back to eet
bloody sandwiches right now.

Speaker 6 (12:28):
Yeah, but once they graduated and they could maybe buy
a nicer beer, My dad wasn't you know, cheap.

Speaker 3 (12:34):
Beer, dude. I'll never forget.

Speaker 7 (12:35):
Me and my brother went to the store and we
were looking for beer and we only have like six bucks,
and we're like, we got to get paps blue ribbon.
And there was a male man who was watching a
struggle with like, oh this cheap beer. That cheap beer,
and he goes, guys, guys, guys, don't don't just pick
whatever you want.

Speaker 3 (12:48):
I'll buy it for you. What a man.

Speaker 7 (12:50):
I'll never forget that. He did not want us to
have the cheap beer. He wants to have a good beer.
You have no beer culture, So I appreciate you, guys.
His patience.

Speaker 8 (12:57):
Yeah, it's like, buddy, when I worked to the grocery
wore I told him how he could steal the beer,
Like there's a side door he could go out.

Speaker 5 (13:02):
So you worked at the grocery store and told your
buddy how to steal beer from the grocery store.

Speaker 3 (13:05):
Yeah, got it.

Speaker 8 (13:06):
And so my buddy Josh went in and he stole
the beer and we meet up at the party and
he had Milwaukee's Best to.

Speaker 3 (13:14):
The Beast beer. Don't steal that.

Speaker 8 (13:17):
I'm like, why did you steal that? And goes it
was cheap?

Speaker 3 (13:19):

Speaker 8 (13:20):
I'm like, you idiot, it was free, and he was like,
oh yeah, good point, he goes, All I saw was
it was one of the cheaper beers and that's what
I grabbed. You got like three cases and right of the store.
And I'm like, you idiot, what about like.

Speaker 5 (13:32):
A craft beer? Are those good tasting? Are they just
like cool because they're local?

Speaker 3 (13:36):
Now they're good tasting? Yeah, the taste. They put a
lot of work into those.

Speaker 5 (13:40):
A woman swallowed by quicksand which is crazy. I thought
quick Sand was slow, didn't you guys? And first of all,
I think it was real. It's called quick Exactly where
do you find it? So they were in Maine too,
not in Oh. I thought it was like in Australia.

Speaker 6 (13:53):
And by swallow do you mean she died?

Speaker 3 (13:55):
Jamie A.

Speaker 5 (13:55):
Corda's walking along the water's edge at Popham Beach State Park,
located Portland, Maine metro area. She dropped like a rock.
She sunk to her hips. Oh no, split second. Isn't
that like a big pothole? Oh no, she said, I
can't get out. But within seconds he came to a rescue,
pulling her from the In the day, you can pull
people out of it, out of it. They were trapped

like Gilligan's Island. If they got caught in quicksand, they're done,
good luck. The couple watch as a whole filled back
up with sand.

Speaker 3 (14:26):
That's crazy.

Speaker 5 (14:28):
How does that work? What's down there? And what's the sign?
You gotta put a sign around it? I don't think
they make quick sand signs.

Speaker 6 (14:34):
Sink just like the sink holes that happen. Sometimes there's
no warning, those.

Speaker 3 (14:40):
Sink holes that just like fallen. You just go to
the bottom. Yeah, that's from the Daily Mail.

Speaker 5 (14:47):
Yeah, I no idea that quicksand was actually a thing,
especially here in America. Usually it's like Guatemalamala, never been
just sounds like a place they have quicksand that Kevin
Costner movie. It's always again when when they do these
eight and nine minutes standing ovations, which he got at
the end of this An American Saga, they set up

in claptformer for eight minutes.

Speaker 3 (15:12):
I don't do anything for eight minutes.

Speaker 5 (15:15):
And I don't know if that's because it was so
so so good or if it was just good and
you get that long if it's good. But he has
this movie coming out called An American Saga, Chapter one,
and he's gonna be on our show next week, which
is amazing.

Speaker 3 (15:25):
Have you seen him? He looks good gray.

Speaker 5 (15:28):
Yeah, like not Yellowstone. He wasn't gray and Yellowstone. He's
like salt and pepper. But he like, he's like gray gray.
Now it looks good like it because he is, I guess,
an older guy.

Speaker 6 (15:38):
Yeah, but very handsome.

Speaker 8 (15:39):
Okay, okay, and we can figure out how to say
his name.

Speaker 7 (15:42):
Finally, Kevin Cosner, Dude, what if he comes on and
says it's Costner. Guys, the tea silent You just said
it right for the times Costner said it.

Speaker 3 (15:53):
It's not causing I've never said this Costner Costner. Okay, Uh.

Speaker 5 (15:57):
Anyways, he's got this movie coming out. People are going
crazy for He's paid for all himself too.

Speaker 3 (16:02):

Speaker 5 (16:02):
Wild tickets for Horizon and American Saga Chapter one or
on till now at Horizonamericansaga dot com Horizon Americansaga dot com.

Speaker 3 (16:11):
He'll be on the show.

Speaker 5 (16:12):
I don't miss it Horizon at American Saga Chapter one
Experienced The Journey that Made America in theaters June twenty eighth,
rated R under seventeen, not admitted without parent.

Speaker 6 (16:20):
Did Mike, do you get an early screening of that?

Speaker 3 (16:22):
Have you seen it?

Speaker 2 (16:23):

Speaker 7 (16:24):
If we go to the movies, you got to do
a stand ovasion at the end, right for eight minutes,
even if he's not there.

Speaker 6 (16:29):
What about when he comes on the show him, we
say hi, just clap agings.

Speaker 3 (16:36):
That's funny.

Speaker 5 (16:37):
Look at this guy and he's celebrating because he spent
his own money on it. My comedy special, I paid
for myself.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
Nobody gave me an eight minute standing over as I
haven't even well, I haven't shown anybody yet. Hey, hey,
thank you Mike stopping. That was like eight seconds. Guys,
come on, Yeah, so he'll be on. That's pretty cool.

Speaker 5 (16:54):
You guys can call us if you want eight seven,
seven seventy seven, Bobby, that's our phone number.

Speaker 3 (16:59):
We love here from you guys.

Speaker 5 (17:00):
Questions comments eight seven seven seventy seven, Bobby, I do
have coming up a couple of things. We had a
photo shoot yesterday, which we haven't had one in Year's
a controversial photo shoot. I've got questions. I've got big questions.
I noticed something and I was like, why is this happening?
I don't feel good about it, But because I did
not know the answer to it, I did not raise

a hand, mostly.

Speaker 3 (17:22):
Because I was trying to get in and get out. Interesting.

Speaker 5 (17:24):
But I want to bring it up with the group.
We'll get to that. We'll take your calls. We're back
in a second. We had a photo shoot yesterday. We
haven't had a staff photo shoot in like five years,
and so basically it's for like sales. They come in,
they took all these pictures of us, and then they
go for the next five years. Do you want to
buy this show, here's a picture of them, or they'll
use it for press stuff. Here's a picture of them,

So everybody's there. We had like two outfits we had
where they say okay to me, it's like gonna be
like ninety minutes. I got there early. You know, By
the way, why are you guys so weird about makeup? Morgan,
who are the weird guys about makeup?

Speaker 6 (17:59):
Scuba and Raymondo.

Speaker 5 (18:03):
It doesn't mean that you're a woman's that, it's not
at all.

Speaker 4 (18:07):
I've done a photo shoot with makeup and it looks
like I have makeup on, and I'm like, I don't know,
look like I have makeup on.

Speaker 3 (18:11):
Well, then that was bad makeup or bad photography. Well
I'm not looking to take that chance again.

Speaker 7 (18:15):
It's more of two of the glare, like they don't
want to shine off your head.

Speaker 3 (18:19):
I ever heard.

Speaker 6 (18:20):
Rayou say to the person, no, it's good. I got
a spray tand I don't know.

Speaker 3 (18:26):
So these two guys like make up fine, okay, all good.

Speaker 5 (18:30):
But we were taking these pictures and I go and
I do some alone, and then Amy and I do
something together, and we do some with the four of us,
like the four main MIC's me, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, and
then the whole group gets in, which is everybody you
know from the show. They're also important, but maybe just
not on the air as much. We're all sitting on
a couch and then Scuba goes, Okay, we're gonna cut

me and Abby, and then we take a picture without
Scuba and Abby, and I was.

Speaker 3 (18:55):
Like, what why would you? Why do why did you
guys leave for that picture?

Speaker 5 (19:00):
Do you feel like you're the two that could be
fired first, the most vulnerable.

Speaker 4 (19:04):
I mean, these pictures get used for like ten years,
so you don't have faith that I'm just thinking about
when we look at and this is just business, when
we look at who is the most important. We have
the solo with you, we have you and Amy, then
we have the core for and this is again just business.
And I come into this understanding that it doesn't bother me.
I think we shall all look at that. And then
the next layer then is everyone in that classroom, which

is you, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Morgan, Mike and Ray, the
ones that have been around for the longest, the ogs.
So that's why I cut myself an Abbey out of it.

Speaker 5 (19:35):
And I would get if you were cutting yourself, you're like, hey,
but you you cut somebody else.

Speaker 3 (19:39):
It wasn't even like it's the main group. I thought
it was weirdly cut Abby.

Speaker 8 (19:42):
Can I say, well, I think what he was doing
is he was using Abby as a smoke screen. He
has his he has his like path charted out and
so he knows what he's going to be doing. But
he used Abby as a oh, take us both out
of the picture. So it's not obvious that he is
saying he has an exit plan.

Speaker 3 (20:02):
You think Scooba is leaving.

Speaker 5 (20:03):
No, I disagree with that because I know Scuba's planing
because him and I have had long talks at my
house about how he wants to do other things. So
that is there's no smoke screen, like I know exactly
and what he's already been doing, like Scooba has been
killing it in other ways just on the show. So no,
that's not it because I already know Scuba's plan. I'm
helping him actually achieve it if I can. But I
thought him cutting Abbey was weird, which.

Speaker 6 (20:25):
Would include him leaving possibly either way. Scoob is talking
about roles that are important. He's executive producer, and I
would say that's a vital role.

Speaker 5 (20:32):
But I would say he knows what his goals are. Okay,
but cutting Abby was weird.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
That's my point. Having a photoshopper back in.

Speaker 6 (20:40):
Could he whatever his goals are does he plan on
taking Abby with it?

Speaker 3 (20:44):
That's maybe that would be funny, What a twist that
would be. I just thought it was weird. Poacher Abby,
how did you feel about that?

Speaker 5 (20:51):
Because I would like to say, for the record, I
know we have some with you, but I felt like
it was weird that he made you get out of
the picture.

Speaker 6 (20:57):
I mean I thought it was odd. I was like,
is there something I don't know exactly? Like am I
about to be a canned or something? This is my last?

Speaker 8 (21:06):
Aby upstairs was even shocked she was invited to the
photo shoot.

Speaker 3 (21:09):
She should.

Speaker 6 (21:11):
Or not.

Speaker 5 (21:12):
Some people didn't get invited, like if they're new new
and they you know, Abby, I don't think you should
be encount from any picture. For the record, you are
very important to me in this show, and I don't
want you to feel like you're vulnerable in any way
because you are not.

Speaker 3 (21:28):
Thank you Scuba. Yes, she's not. It's just business like.

Speaker 4 (21:33):
Just thinking about like I mean, it's just too much
to get into, but I have to think about what
makes the most sense for what we're gonna put out
there for the public.

Speaker 3 (21:40):
And I had those dialed down to what groups.

Speaker 4 (21:42):
We should take photos of, and then they also did singles,
so if they need to, let's say Lunchbox leaves, they
can remove him and do a shot without Lunchbox.

Speaker 3 (21:50):
Abby. Did you take singles? She did? Yeah, boom, let's go.
Was the film in the camera or they.

Speaker 5 (21:55):
Just like, like, you can take, but don't take.

Speaker 3 (22:01):
No need to use film on her because you never
know what's gonna happen.

Speaker 5 (22:04):
Making a joke, I'm making a joke. You're very important.
I promise you are very important to me, And that's
what that's what matters around here. It's important to everybody.
But first, really, you add so much to this job
and you make my life easier working here.

Speaker 3 (22:19):
I didn't mean cutter like you're out, you suck. It
was just just business. It's gonna get out of the
picture business.

Speaker 6 (22:25):
Like gosh, if if I'm ever having a day and
someone just tells me his business, well.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
That's how you get fired.

Speaker 4 (22:33):
You just took your last picture with with Morgan in it,
and two weeks later she's gone and you're stuck with
a picture of Morgan in it.

Speaker 3 (22:38):
So I'm just saying for a year or so, but
I hear you, but that happens.

Speaker 4 (22:41):
But I'm just thinking about and what makes sense?

Speaker 7 (22:44):
So bones, did you have somewhere to be like, because
you kind of just left them right in the middle
of the sheet.

Speaker 6 (22:52):
That one the guy the photographers like they.

Speaker 3 (22:59):
Were following you out to the car. Dude, we're all.

Speaker 6 (23:03):
There, and Bobby just stands up and he's like, okay,
I'm done, and then.

Speaker 8 (23:07):
You all there was there wasn't It was like there
was done. They were done pictures taking pictures. Bob was
just like, I'm done taking picture. I guess I don't
think it was that dramatic. It's funny to hear it
like that.

Speaker 5 (23:19):
Well, what had happened was Scuba said, can you take
pictures on this day? I said I absolutely can. He
said it'll be ninety minutes. I say, great, I have
exactly ninety minutes. Now, what I believe in my life
is I have if I have something set at when
I start that noon. Yeah, yeah, eleven sort eleven, so
eleven to twelve thirty is would have had. And I

had a call with our CFO at twelve thirty. But
do no matter who had the call with, I'm not
going to be late to that because somebody else has
extended their time. So I said to everybody, I have
ninety minutes. At ten minutes, I said ten minute warning
at five minutes that I have five minutes left.

Speaker 3 (23:53):
Then I said I have one minute.

Speaker 6 (23:54):
No, no, you were checking your watch like the whole thing.
You're like, okay, I've heard under your breath. I think
you said like thirty seconds.

Speaker 8 (23:59):
Yeah, I know.

Speaker 5 (24:00):
And then at the time I said, that'll be it
for me, and I walked my next meeting. But I
told everybody I did not want to disrespect the person
that I had the meeting set up with. So I
did that meeting, and then I got to therapy right
after that, thirty minutes after the call, and then I
went right to an interview with Cooper Allen right after that.
So everything is on a schedule, and nobody should serve

punishment because somebody early was holding me late.

Speaker 3 (24:24):
So I've got to keep people accountable.

Speaker 5 (24:26):
So yes, I might have walked off while they were
taking pictures, but I did say one minute warning, okay,
thank you. I walked up, I shook his hands, said
thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Went to
my next thing. Yeah, it was not as dramatic as you.

Speaker 3 (24:41):
I don't know.

Speaker 6 (24:41):
Later I walked by Eddie and said something because well anyway,
Eddie just walked by it, and I thought, Eddie, like
knew you had to go, or I probably heard more
of your comments under your breath, so I expected that
it was coming. Then Eddie's like, god, I've never seen
anything like that.

Speaker 3 (24:54):
I was like, that was baller. Eddie was at the house. No,
it wasn't baller. It wasn't baller. That's the coolest thing.

Speaker 8 (25:00):
No, No, that was not the reason I didn't sit
on the couch and Bobby just get something on the couch.

Speaker 6 (25:05):
I guarantee you there's got to be a shot where
we're all sitting on the couch pose like perfectly, and
then Bobby's just standing up walking off.

Speaker 7 (25:11):
And we're like what what to your point, I bet
there's a lot of pictures if you look at you're
watching me like ten minutes.

Speaker 3 (25:16):
No, I wanted to five meto what time we had left.

Speaker 6 (25:20):
Yeah, there's for sure you looking at it, they.

Speaker 3 (25:21):
Said ninety minutes. I gave him a heart. I gave it.

Speaker 5 (25:24):
I gotch it early. I gave him as good a
niney minutes as didn't give anybody.

Speaker 7 (25:28):
Here's such a pro at that too, Like all the
variations of poses that you give him is pretty abazy.

Speaker 5 (25:33):
I hate doing it and I have to do it
all the time for different stuff. So I just like, okay,
let's go.

Speaker 7 (25:38):
Yeah, Like we just smile at one smile No, I
you you give them mad, you give them pensive.

Speaker 3 (25:43):
And you give I do urinating. I do all. But
hopefully they weren't offended. I did leave. No.

Speaker 6 (25:49):
If you had set that flotation, I guess yeah, we
just I was like, dang, I wish you would have
gotten everything done. I just feel like we had more
to do and it's just a bummer.

Speaker 3 (26:00):

Speaker 7 (26:00):
It was so cool that I thought, when I was
doing my picture, I'm like, should I give him like
thirty seconds?

Speaker 5 (26:04):
No, because I like a week before I said I
have this ninety no, no, no, just.

Speaker 8 (26:10):
To kind of get the feeling of it. Well, I
let him know how it feels. He took the catering
to go set in his carnade and.

Speaker 3 (26:15):
There's mayonnaise on it. I know I'm not eating it.
I had mayonnaise.

Speaker 5 (26:18):
I had no lunch, and they promised there'd be lunch,
and I had no lunch.

Speaker 8 (26:22):
There sure had the Italian one. There was one with
no mayonnaise. That's the one I had to. I had
to pick the tomatoes.

Speaker 5 (26:28):
They so a little lesson from something I learned the
hard way, but that I do now. If you just
tell people respectfully what you want, you meet their needs,
you give them your expectations, you can say no one
yes to lots of things. For example, they were like,
Bobby Amy, do back to back. Nope, Okay, we'll do
the next one. They were telling us to do poses
and I was like, no, we don't do that one.

They were like, turn the chair backward and said in
it Nope, it wasn't mean. I just know that I'm
not going to like that picture. So let's not waste
anybody's time. Direct communication saves everybody time and it's professional.

Speaker 3 (26:59):
Turn the chair around, do that.

Speaker 6 (27:00):
Nope, it's business.

Speaker 3 (27:02):
That's interesting.

Speaker 7 (27:02):
They told Lunchbox to jump and like he can't jump.

Speaker 3 (27:06):
He was trying hard.

Speaker 8 (27:07):
I didn't understand what they were in. They were like
trying to do like toe taps. I'm like, who jumps like.

Speaker 7 (27:11):
They told him at one point like can you do
the Jordan logo and they're like no, I said, I
do the Jordan logo and they said no, tap your
heels together.

Speaker 8 (27:18):
I'm like, who jumps to tap their heels together?

Speaker 3 (27:21):
They asked me to jump, I said, nope. I was
very confused by that one. I don't really understand. I
don't want that picture existing anywhere when it looks stupid,
even if we don't use it.

Speaker 6 (27:31):
I was glad you said no to the back to
back thank you, because I probably don't like.

Speaker 5 (27:35):
Okay, they said Amy, Bobby back to back said, I said, nope,
we're not doing a buddy cop picture.

Speaker 3 (27:41):
What a buddy cop that's what it looks like. Yeah,
or whatever.

Speaker 5 (27:45):
Darsky and Hutch, Yeah, that's what that'd be good. But yeah,
it was good. I have pictures Abby. I'm sorry, I.

Speaker 3 (27:51):
Don't feel I got it. It's fine, I'm good. It
was not Baller it was though.

Speaker 5 (27:56):
Eddie did say Eddie was at the house Yesterda and
he goes, if they make a move about you when
you die or something or whatever, I'm gonna be sure
to put that scene in there.

Speaker 7 (28:03):
I'll be like, guys, you got to do the photo
shoot scene, like that's got to be part of the movie.

Speaker 6 (28:07):
It does represent a lot about how you manage your time,
like in a nutshell. It sums up like how you operate.

Speaker 5 (28:12):
I have to, right, we all have to. We all
we can set our boundaries and live within them. And
I said one minute, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
Here's Kayla from Washington.

Speaker 6 (28:25):
I listen to you.

Speaker 2 (28:26):
Guys all the time, and I just wanted to let
you know or lunchbox that my partner got me one
hundred dollars scratch tickets and on a ten dollars scratch ticket,
I want five hundred dollars. And that's my biggest whim
so far.

Speaker 8 (28:42):
Is this no thing?

Speaker 3 (28:43):
Yeah? I think I like it. I like when people
call us and tell us they're wins.

Speaker 8 (28:47):
I mean, it's like rubbing my face in the dirt.
It's like when you have a cut and they pour
salt in it.

Speaker 6 (28:53):
Or it's hope it could happen to you.

Speaker 8 (28:55):
I should think of expecting.

Speaker 5 (28:57):
It's wild to me just based on the numbers, you've
never won more than two hundred fifty bucks for as
much as you've played.

Speaker 8 (29:02):
Hey, I don't really understand how that happens.

Speaker 5 (29:05):
Look, I mean, either I would think at some point
you'd a bouy a scratch off that would have won
you a thousand something at least three hundred as much
as you play. So yeah, we appreciate that.

Speaker 3 (29:15):
Hey. By the way, we were talking about Amber Portwood.

Speaker 8 (29:18):
Oh man, mom is crazy.

Speaker 3 (29:20):
She just got married engaged. Okay, so but it was.
And the guy's name is Gary again.

Speaker 8 (29:24):
Yeah, Gary is her baby daddy and now her fiance.

Speaker 3 (29:27):
And now he's missing or something.

Speaker 8 (29:29):
He's missing what I haven't heard from him in days?

Speaker 5 (29:33):
So yesterday we come on and I have to be
reminded who the teen moms are. They get all mixed
up to me. But Lunchbucks said we had her on
the show once.

Speaker 8 (29:42):
Yeah, she was in the studio. She's been to jail.
I wrote her letters in jail asking to come visit,
got no response.

Speaker 3 (29:48):
So what's the story.

Speaker 8 (29:49):
She met this dude on a dating app. He had
never heard of the show. Allegedly they got engaged.

Speaker 3 (29:54):
I never believe that.

Speaker 8 (29:55):
I I'm not sure I believe it either. But they
he got engaged and now he is missing in North Carolina.
They haven't heard from him in two or three days.
Your theory, I don't know because I don't know anything
about this guy, Like I don't know his past, Like
maybe he got engaged. He's like, well, maybe this is

not what I want to do, and he's in a
cabin in the woods or did he go for a
hike and get I have no idea what he was
doing in North Carolina because he lives in Indiana. Does
he have family in North Carolina? Not sure, but hasn't
talked to his parents, haven't talked to Amber and the
police are investigating.

Speaker 5 (30:33):
From TMZ, the timing here is interesting. Amber just introduced
Gary for the first time on teen Mom the next
chapter in Thursday's episode on MTV, and seventy two hours
later she reported him missing. Amber and Gary got engaged
within the last three weeks and first got together in
twenty twenty three after matching on a dating app.

Speaker 8 (30:51):
He was overwhelmed with the spotlight with all the people
talking about it because of how famous she is.

Speaker 3 (30:59):
Is she chaots chaotic energy?

Speaker 8 (31:01):
Oh yeah, okay's.

Speaker 3 (31:02):
So she probably attracts chaotic energy.

Speaker 5 (31:05):

Speaker 8 (31:05):

Speaker 5 (31:06):
Chaotic energy is often involved with other things that are chaotic.
You don't just have a simple chaotic energy that exists
in one place for the most part.

Speaker 8 (31:13):
I could see that. Yeah, yeah, because like she went
to jail for beating her old dude, Gary.

Speaker 3 (31:19):
Oh, that's what it was. Yeah, she went to prison
for that.

Speaker 6 (31:22):
Oh yeah, so yeah, wow.

Speaker 3 (31:25):
I thought it had to be something like financial.

Speaker 8 (31:28):
No, no, no, no, they did.

Speaker 3 (31:30):
Find a missing person. That'side of twenty foot python a
whole person.

Speaker 8 (31:33):
What, like, I'll is what I'm talking about?

Speaker 6 (31:36):
Normal size?

Speaker 8 (31:37):
Like he's dead.

Speaker 3 (31:38):
What are you talking? What are you saying?

Speaker 8 (31:39):

Speaker 3 (31:40):
His wife?

Speaker 8 (31:40):
Snakes? Man, they can eat you and you don't mess
with them.

Speaker 5 (31:43):
So again FORMC. Last week, a forty five year old
mom of four went missing. No, her husband got worried,
gathered a group to search for her. They found a
twenty foot python with a protruding stomach and so they
took machetes to it, and the snake had bitten her leg.

Then when she went down, constricted around.

Speaker 3 (32:07):
Her then ate her. What obviously this is not in Arkansas.

Speaker 8 (32:10):
Oh my gosh, this.

Speaker 3 (32:13):
Is in Indonesia.

Speaker 8 (32:15):
Oka, Oh it does, don't care where it is, guy,
I know.

Speaker 3 (32:17):
I'm just saying, this is the thing swallowed a human.

Speaker 8 (32:21):
Like. Also you guys are like, oh yeah, they're scared
to go.

Speaker 5 (32:24):
Huh bit to limit the ability to move around, then grabbed,
strangled and ate.

Speaker 6 (32:32):
Wild Like where do you start? Like I get that
you said something about the leg. But like you know,
when a baby comes out, it has to come out
head first or it's difficult.

Speaker 3 (32:43):
You probably eat head first because then the body kind
of I would think you swallow head first.

Speaker 6 (32:50):
The snake knows that. The snake's like, I'm going to
start here because if I start with this leg, that'll
be difficult.

Speaker 5 (32:55):
I would also bet the snake didn't have in mind
he was out looking for a human to cripple and
then eat. She probably stumbled up bottom. The snake got
scared or was hungry and went boomed, Well, it's here now,
might as well eat it.

Speaker 6 (33:10):
Oh, please, let that never happen to me.

Speaker 8 (33:12):
Yeah, please. They will find let me never see a
twenty foot python.

Speaker 3 (33:16):
Oh my gosh.

Speaker 5 (33:17):
At times they will find parts of people in gaiters,
like if they kill a gater and going to the stomach,
they'll find people are things inside of gators.

Speaker 3 (33:28):
See, I don't see what you keep saying. See, but
there's a lot of things that kill and eat people.

Speaker 5 (33:34):
Like what even if you did sharks, even if you
did Jeffrey Dahmer, Right, bad, bad dude.

Speaker 3 (33:40):
You can't go mop See every human does that, even
though there are some that do.

Speaker 6 (33:44):
Right, But most animals are.

Speaker 5 (33:47):
Yeah, I would say around a lot of animals eating
full humans, it's got to be very, very very rare.

Speaker 8 (33:54):
I mean, which one eats the most sharks?

Speaker 3 (33:58):
I don't think sharks as much eat full people.

Speaker 8 (34:00):
I think sharuks a just say glimbs like, yeah, see,
I mess with that.

Speaker 5 (34:05):
Guy was arrested for driving one hundred and forty three
miles an hour in a sixty five mile per hour zone.
Woo one forty three. You can't accidentally go right like
I can understand going ninety one in a seventy five
on one of those interstates. It's seventy five, and all
of a sudden you're like, oh man, I'm going a
little too fast.

Speaker 6 (34:21):
You get it, like, yeah, but that's about it. I
think once you cross like the ninety something like, you
know you're going really fast.

Speaker 5 (34:28):
Officer spotted a twenty twenty three Catallac CT five V
traveling one hundred and forty three miles an hour in
a sixty five. The driver, whose age and identity were
not released, was charged with super speeder and reckless driving.
Super Speeder is a identification.

Speaker 6 (34:42):
I wonder what speed that starts, because it is completely
reckless like you're there's no way if some one minor
thing happens, you're totally lost control and you're putting other
people in danger.

Speaker 5 (34:52):
The Georgia Department of Driver Service estates that super speeders
are drivers ticketed for traveling seventy five miles per hour
or fast on a two lane road. So two lane
roads are yeah, one going one at max a two
lane road would be what fifty five?

Speaker 3 (35:08):
I would assume, right, fifty five?

Speaker 5 (35:11):
I don't know there's last sixty five two laners or
eighty five mile per hour. In fact, well, now you
go eighty five, that's not superspeeder on a highway.

Speaker 8 (35:18):
Yeah, I don't feel like that's super speeder, Rebels.

Speaker 3 (35:21):
I would say ninety five would be super speeder. Yeah,
I agree.

Speaker 8 (35:24):
And if you're going one forty three, you know you're
going that fast because everything's passing in a blink.

Speaker 3 (35:28):
And you're doing it on purpose, like you want to
go that fast.

Speaker 8 (35:30):

Speaker 5 (35:31):
We want to remind everybody that speeding and reckless driving
will not be tolerated from WSBTV.

Speaker 3 (35:36):
I agree.

Speaker 5 (35:36):
I don't have the desire to go that fast, Like
nothing about me wants to go fast in a car.

Speaker 8 (35:42):
Yeah, I mean not, I mean on a racetrack, yes,
but man, if.

Speaker 3 (35:47):
You have on a racetrack. I drove a race car once.

Speaker 8 (35:50):
Right when we watched you drive.

Speaker 3 (35:51):
I didn't like it. That was fun. I don't like
it one bit.

Speaker 6 (35:54):
When I was test driving some cars, it felt good.
I never I never was into accelerating and like getting
on the highway and going really fast, but I don't know,
I did and it felt good. Maybe it was just
my season of life. It felt real good.

Speaker 3 (36:07):
Yeah, is that when you were like going into the
pool fully clothed.

Speaker 6 (36:10):
Yeah, it was a little bit after that, but I
mean the season lasted, you know, two years or so,
so I just know that somewhere in there. I've never
had the need for that type of speed. But then
when I was test driving cars, was like, why not,
might as well see what this thing can do. And
when I would do it, it was exhilarating. But I
don't I'm not really going to do it right now.

Speaker 5 (36:28):
I feel like test drives when you buy a car
are overrated because if you like a car, and by
the way, they don't want to let you test drive
that far anymore.

Speaker 8 (36:36):
I don't really understand what a test drive does well.

Speaker 3 (36:37):
Back in the day. You can even take it home
for a night.

Speaker 8 (36:40):
Yeah, that's cool.

Speaker 6 (36:41):
I think a test drive does a lot. You see
how you feel driving it.

Speaker 5 (36:45):
Yeah, but I've never I've never known a single person
that liked a car by seeing it and got in
the test drive.

Speaker 3 (36:49):
I was like, you know what, I loved it. But
after the test drive, not for me.

Speaker 8 (36:52):
I didn't feel right.

Speaker 3 (36:53):
Because I think all.

Speaker 5 (36:54):
New cars or newer cars, even if you're buying it
somewhat pre owned, they feel like a newish car is
going to.

Speaker 3 (37:04):
Feel you know what I mean.

Speaker 8 (37:05):
I guess maybe you're getting a Camaro back in the
day and you see all the blind spots. Okay, maybe
that's not blind spots and a cameo.

Speaker 3 (37:12):
Very it's so many, it's so bad. Why wouldn't know this,
but they're known for blind spots.

Speaker 6 (37:16):
Yes, former, Well, my mother in law, I feel like
she'll always be a part of it. She's a part
of my life. But she has the Camaro, and anytime
we'd go to Austin and I would borrow it and
drive it, I was always so nervous I was gonna
hit something because it was so difficult to see. You're
so low to the ground.

Speaker 8 (37:32):
Why would they allow you're like an inch off the ground.

Speaker 6 (37:34):
It's just I mean, she's obviously used to it, and
you adjust everything for you, but it just takes a
lot of getting used to when you're not used to it.
And I would say a Camaro is the one car
I've experienced that in.

Speaker 8 (37:45):
Yeah, it's wow. Oh wow, I can't see there, can't well,
can't see that, Okay, really weird.

Speaker 5 (37:50):
A fifty seven year old Northern California teacher made the
news after being accused of teaching her second grade class
while drunk. She will not be facing any charges in
connection with the incident.

Speaker 6 (38:00):
Why not? I mean, that's not that's reckless.

Speaker 3 (38:03):
Did anything happen?

Speaker 6 (38:05):
No, but.

Speaker 5 (38:07):
I don't think it's illegal though, to be drunk and teach,
especially here right.

Speaker 3 (38:11):

Speaker 5 (38:12):
Last year, a fifty seven year old Northern California teacher
made the news after being accused of teaching her second
grade class while drunk. After a month's long investigation, prosecutors
say no charges. The investigation couldn't prove that the unnamed
teacher drove to the school drunk, and say she may
have started drinking only after arriving. There was also not
enough evidence to prove that the children she was teaching

were in actual danger. It's also determined that it's highly
inappropriate to teach while intoxicated, but it's not illegal.

Speaker 6 (38:40):
Okay, so maybe she lost her teacher's license or certificate
or why.

Speaker 5 (38:47):
Reports say that the name of the teacher in question
is no longer in the school staff directory.

Speaker 3 (38:53):
However, it doesn't say she lost her license.

Speaker 6 (38:55):
Okay, Well, I mean, yeah, I get that there's no
legal charges, but aren't there still like, hey, you're probably
gonna take a step back from teaching or.

Speaker 8 (39:03):
Yeah, probably frowned upon. I agree with you.

Speaker 3 (39:06):
I do understand. I'm drowning right now about it.

Speaker 8 (39:08):
But that's crazy that you can say, you know what,
nothing illegal. Now, she was doing science. Science experiments probably
would have been bad.

Speaker 5 (39:16):
Like for fire and stuff. Yeah, that's from Yahoo News.

Speaker 3 (39:20):
Lobbied bones show up today.

Speaker 8 (39:24):
This story comes those from month Sya, Indiana. A thirty
nine year old man owed his dealer some money because
he hadn't been paying off his debts. He's like, I
don't have cash, and then he was outside a bar
and he saw the beer delivery truck pull up. He's like,
that's it. That's my answer. So the guy got out
of the truck to bring some beer inside. He jumped

in the beer truck, tried to drive it to the
dealer's house, but.

Speaker 3 (39:50):
Just to drop it off, like I have, I have,
here's all the beer. Anything you want.

Speaker 5 (39:55):
I thought he had maybe robbed the guy for cash
or steal beer.

Speaker 3 (39:59):
I didn't.

Speaker 5 (40:00):
I was just going to take the truck like a
dowry to interesting. The dad back in the day would
give that to the husband from Aria.

Speaker 8 (40:06):
Oh yeah, that's like uh yeah. When he got busted,
he said, yeah, I owed a debt and I was
trying to deliver the beer.

Speaker 3 (40:14):

Speaker 6 (40:15):
You got to get creative.

Speaker 3 (40:16):
Okay, I'm lunchbox.

Speaker 8 (40:17):
That's your bonehead story of the day.

Speaker 5 (40:20):
Father's Day Sunday, Yep, his Father's Day and Mother's Day
always on Sundays.

Speaker 3 (40:24):
Always, Yeah, I think so.

Speaker 6 (40:26):

Speaker 5 (40:27):
Do men like being fathers? That's the general question. Do
men like being fathers? Like they anonymously talked to like
two hundred and fifty men, do they like being fathers?

Speaker 3 (40:36):
It's a yes or no Eddie, Yes, Lunchbox. Yes, what
you didn't ask this? What's your percentage on like versus
don't like lunchbox verse.

Speaker 8 (40:49):
Oo, seventy pretty high. Not like there's some there's some bad, annoying, frustrating,
drive you up a wall moments, Eddie.

Speaker 7 (41:01):
Yeah, I go around seventy five. Okay, that's that's pretty solid.

Speaker 3 (41:07):

Speaker 5 (41:08):
Uh do men like being father's? Answer is yes. In
a study, a majority of men find being a parent
enjoyable and rewarding, and about seventy eight seventy nine percent.
And they say all or most of the time. But
there's no chances all the time. There's no chance, no change, nothing.

Speaker 3 (41:23):
Is all the time. I don't like steak all the time.
I don't like massages all the time. Most of the time,
you do, Yeah, most I do.

Speaker 5 (41:30):
It's pretty good. Yeah, yeah, you guys do anything. We
talked about this, but any plans yet.

Speaker 7 (41:35):
I tell my wife, I just want to watch golf,
you know, Like that's kind of that. The US Open
is on this week, so they do that for Father's Day.
By the way, that's pretty cool. I like that, do
they or is that all?

Speaker 3 (41:44):
I think it works out?

Speaker 6 (41:45):
I think it works out because they plan that way
in events. I think before it fluctuates when.

Speaker 7 (41:51):
Fathers I think it's every Father's Day. Maybe but okay,
and that's what I want to do, dude, drink. I
think they four years prior when they plan out where
it's going to be. They're like, let's find the f
they have four years? Yeah, okay, yeah, I don't know
what's wrong, lunchbox?

Speaker 8 (42:03):
Yeah, uh nothing. May I go to the pool?

Speaker 3 (42:07):
You know, it doesn't sound like a you thing, but
it sounds like a them thing.

Speaker 6 (42:10):
Do you want to come to my pool?

Speaker 3 (42:11):
No? I just like to well live your pool.

Speaker 6 (42:13):
I only have it for not much longer, so come
use it.

Speaker 3 (42:16):
And a dumpster okay By the Bobby boom So
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