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May 26, 2024 55 mins
Trump knocks it out of the park in the Bronx. Julie Kelly on Trump lawfare. Bernie Moreno, OH GOP Senate nominee. OH Rep. Jim Jordan on three key election issues. WI Sen. Ron Johnson on RNC security.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is twenty four, a weekly highlight reel from the Clay,
Travis and Buck Sexton Show featuring all things election coverage.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
Let's get started. Here are Clay and Buck. Buck, I
want to hit you with some data here. You said
you think Trump is going to be in the single
digits in New York. We had Mark Simone who came
on and made the boldest proclamation and I said it
at the time.

Speaker 3 (00:28):
He said Trump was going to win New York.

Speaker 4 (00:30):
But if I tried, I tried to amend it for him,
Clay and say, you mean he's gonna make it at
least super close? Right, And Mark Simone, our friend, said
Trump will win. Don't amend anything.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
He will win, which would be a huge, unbelievable win
if that were to happen. But I went just in
the context of the math. Right, the math is Trump
lost according to the twenty twenty outcome by twenty three points.
He's now down nine in this state of New York

according to the most recent SIENA poll. I went and looked,
and let's just say that Trump doesn't win New York,
but he is a single digit loser. That would not
only require Democrats to probably end up spending a lot
of money in New York. It would also mean that

Trump would, if we had a similar voting pattern nationwide,
win the following states, certainly all the battleground states. If
Trump loses New York by single digits.

Speaker 3 (01:33):
He's gonna win.

Speaker 2 (01:35):
He's gonna win Georgia, He's gonna win Nevada, He's gonna
win Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That's going to happen.
That's in North Carolina, if you want to toss it in.
Those would be states that Trump would win. He would
win the presidency. But if he lost New York by
single digits, it would also mean he is likely to

win Minnesota, Virginia, New Mexico, and New Hampshire. Those are
four states right now at a minimum that almost no
one is talking about that Trump lost by roughly ten
or less in twenty twenty four, because when we would
see according to those New York numbers, if they were accurate,

New York would move in the direction of at least
Trump plus fourteen. That would put a state like Virginia,
which Trump lost by ten squarely in the mix to
be a flippable state that a lot of people are
not talking about.

Speaker 4 (02:35):
But is New York a little different though? I mean,
I don't think you can look at every state and say, well,
if new York, you know, if he closes the gap
a lot in New York. There are a few things
Trump has going for him. He is a native son
of New York, right, I mean, never really gets talked about.
Everyone there knows him, the people that I think there
are some people who have been turned against him in
New York who now have seen that they were lied to.

And beyond that, Clay the governor in New York is
and I say this with I try to be kind
on this show. I try to be fair. She is
a moron, Like, she's really not a smart person, and
she shouldn't have the job that she does.

Speaker 3 (03:12):
And she was.

Speaker 4 (03:13):
Horrible and tyrannical during COVID and has never apologized. And
she thought that putting the National Guard in the subway
for like five days to just harass people or do
nothing was somehow going to stop the crime.

Speaker 3 (03:24):
I mean, she's not smart.

Speaker 4 (03:26):
So what I'm saying is I think New Yorkers there's
a cohort. I don't think it's you know, I have
no illusions as a born and raised New York City kid,
you know, New York City's gonna go eighty percent plus
for Biden.

Speaker 3 (03:38):
It's just that's just what's going to happen.

Speaker 4 (03:40):
But I think you get outside of you know, you
get outside the city, and you get some other parts
of the state, and you get a little bit out
into the suburbs, and you might have more people who
are saying, you know what, this is just madness. I
just I can't do this anymore. Yeah, no, I mean
I want to know. Is that the case in New Mexico? Maybe,
But I feel like it's a different it's different terrain.

Speaker 3 (04:00):
Well, yes, I think there is a difference in the terrain.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
But the reason why I flagged all four of those
states which Biden won is if we saw a fourteen
points because nine is fourteen points, right, you lose by
twenty three. Let's say he lost by nine, that's single digits.
That's the bare minimum of making it a single digit campaign.
That's a Trump plus fourteen move in New York. And

I agree there are some unique aspects to New York
that may make it more likely to move as we
saw in twenty twenty two than other parts of the country.
But the margin. Just listen, the margin in Minnesota was seven.
If New York swings plus fourteen to Trump, I don't
think it's crazy at all to believe that Minnesota could

swing plus eight, that's still not as much as New York.
Virginia was ten. I'm giving four points to New York
moving more. Virginia would still be in play. New Mexico
was eleven. Remember, the Hispanic move is big. We're talking
about Nevada and Arizona coming back into the Trump camp. Again,
it's less than New York would be moving. And New

Hampshire was seven, also up somewhat in the northeast. My
point on that is, if Trump comes up fourteen in
New York, I don't think it's crazy for him to
come up eight in New Hampshire, eleven or twelve in
New Mexico, ten in Virginia, and seven or eight in Minnesota.
They're moving less. It puts them in play. If that happened.

Speaker 4 (05:35):
Talking about the biggest ass kicking since Jimmy Carter, basically,
my friend, I mean, you're talking about getting absolutely annihilated.

Speaker 2 (05:41):
If that happens, then you would have in the electoral
College a potential night where Rachel Maddow is starting to
cry by ten Eastern, and I also think let's go
to this caller. I also think a big part about
this is it really fight puts the Democrats in a

football context. They're in a goal line situation where they're
defending a lot of territory to try to avoid getting
totally crushed. In terms of how that could break out.
Ramone in Virginia is Hispanic. Grew up in the Bronx.
What did you think about this rally?

Speaker 5 (06:21):
Oh, it was great. I grew up in that area.
I actually played baseball there in Krotona Park, and I
was there when Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan went to
the Bronx when the Bronx was really falling apart. Well,
the Bronx is falling apart now, and like Trump says,
the Bronx needs Donald Trump, so does New York and

so does the United States. I came here legally in
nineteen seventy two from the Dominican Republic, and I had
dreams of being a baseball player. Well I was too slow,
No arm, couldn't hit.

Speaker 3 (06:54):
So it became hey, that makes a couple of us.
By the way, Ramone.

Speaker 2 (06:57):
A lot of people out there listening with those same dreams.

Speaker 5 (07:01):
I became an engineer, and I thank this country for
all the opportunity that I had given me, given me
and all the Hispanic we have very hard workers. It
gives that opportunity, an opportunity that is being taken for
granted by the Democratic Party and especially as president. The
rally guests to day was great, twenty five thousand people

that saw a lot more than I thought were going
to show up, but it was great, and I do
hope that come November we have a new president.

Speaker 3 (07:32):
Do you see in your life, Ramone? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (07:34):
Do you see in your life, Ramone people who are Hispanic?

Speaker 3 (07:38):
You said you live in Virginia now who maybe.

Speaker 2 (07:40):
In twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen, were not even willing
to consider Trump that now looking around as we sit
five and a half months out, are way more open
to the idea of voting for Trump.

Speaker 5 (07:52):
Oh. Yes. I actually work for a ship builder where
I say about sixty percent of the workers are black,
and I talk to them every day day, and every
day every day I hear more people saying that they
worry for Trump and his Panics too. So yes, it
I can see Trump winning Virginia, not just picking up.

I could see him winning it outright.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
Yeah, look at that, thank you for the call. Thank you.

Speaker 4 (08:18):
Look, I know you know in Virginia you also have
I think you've had You've had a good a good
run here by Youngkin and his yes, his team. I mean,
the people that are running the state win some sears,
the attorney general, you know, I think.

Speaker 2 (08:33):
That you've Jason me Are is the attorney win governor.

Speaker 4 (08:38):
But they're doing well. Yeah, I think they're I think
they're doing well for the state. And you know, the
the problem. The problem with Virginia is the extension of
d C into Virginia, that is, northern Virginia, which is
basically like DC has invaded Virginia, and that makes it
harder to win elections there. But the rest of the
state feels a lot more sane. So look, Clay, I

I hope Clay just gave it before you get to
the holiday weekend, before we're talking about all these fun things.
A lot of optimism for mister Clay, and I'm just
going to let it, let it, let it out there
for a second. I'm not even I'm not trying to
not trying to reign on any parades today.

Speaker 2 (09:14):
I just I want you, if you live in Minnesota, Virginia,
New Mexico, in New Hampshire, and certainly all the battleground states,
I want you to be doing what Ramon just called
and said he's doing. He works on I think he
said a shipbuilding location. I believe he said he was
an engineer in Virginia and he's talking to a lot
of the people that he works with. I'm not saying

you need to break people, but just have natural conversations,
like you what about sports teams about politics? And I
think you are going to find that there are a
lot of people out there, particularly men. I mean, if
you're if you are a man at in America today,
you are I think absolutely aghast at what Democrat Orthodo

he is, particularly on issues of gender sports. I mean,
it's just broken. Men don't agree with this stuff. And
I think if you have those conversations black, white, Asian, Hispanic,
I think a lot of men are moving now. We
got a lot of women out there listening to you.
Guys have conversations all the time as well. I'm just
telling you, I am seeing a lot of people who

were maybe not traditional supporters of Trump open to the idea.
That's what grocery prices soaring, fast food prices soaring have
done for many people out there. And so we understand
and we talk about the battleground states, but I just
I want all of you out there in Minnesota, Virginia,
New Mexico, New Hampshire. Remember what did Trump lose Minnesota

by in twenty sixteen? Like a point and a half, right,
It looked like Minnesota might flip red in twenty sixteen,
and he still won forty five percent, I believe of
the overall vote even in that crazy twenty twenty election
in Minnesota. Given what has happened there, I think there
are a lot of people that are open to making

that move. Virginia too. They just elected a demo, a
Republican governor New Mexico with the Hispanic move. New Hampshire
obviously has a long history of voting and almost Trump
one in twenty sixteen.

Speaker 3 (11:16):
It was close. In twenty twenty.

Speaker 6 (11:20):
You're listening to twenty four the Year of Impact with
Clay and Buck.

Speaker 4 (11:27):
Our friend Julie Kelly joins us. She is the author
of the Declassified sub Stack and had quite a firestorm
started a firestorm online yesterday with her latest findings with
regard to the mar Lago Document raid. Julie, I know

you've it's probably been a very busy twenty four hours
or so for you after deciding to just light the
internet on fire with some of your some of your
findings me. First off, we mentioned the top of the show,
where did you How were you able to get this
information about the use of deadly force authorization in the

warrant for the Trump raid and give us any backstory
you have on it, any context for it, because people
see that and there's their reaction is not stuff I
can say on radio, but they're very upset.

Speaker 7 (12:23):
They are so, as you guys know. And I'm outside
the Florida courthouse right now. I tended hearing this morning.
There's another one this afternoon in the class By Document's case.
But I knew that Judge Aileen Cannon had unsealed these
two Trump motions, and I was just watching the docket
really all day for them, and they were posted. And

one of them is this motion to suppress evidence from
the mar Lago raid, claiming that the raid was unlawful.
The affidavit the search warrant, all were unlawful, et cetera.
So I just started reading through the motion and came
across the passage in the mot that his defense lawyers
wrote that said that a use of deadly force policy

was part of the instructions related to the Marrow Lago raid.
So I had to read that a few times. Anyway,
it was attached there was an exhibit attached to it,
which is what I started posting, and that is this
twenty sum odd page what they call an operation order.
So it's kind of a standard form apparently that you know,
you've just fill out any random time you're going to

send thirty armed agents into the residents and offices and
bedrooms of the former presidents. And so I noted that
the policy use of deadly force policy, So I posted that,
and then of course some other interesting hobbyasts that were
in that document talking about how agents should conduct themselves

if Donald Trump showed up at marro A Lago, of
course he wasn't there at the time, how to deal
with Secret Service agents if there was any resistance, as
they noted that in the document. Also a medica was
embedded in the team, and instructions on how to get
to a trauma center if anyone was injured during this raid.

Because of course these agents were armed with what they
said weapons AMMO, handcuffed, they had bolt cutters. They were
also advised if they needed to pick locks to get
into different areas of the entire resort, the entire estates,
and if mar Lago's stiff did not turn over keys

to rooms that guest rooms at mar A Lago, that
they would be going door to door like the estapple.
I don't know for what. So that's how I knew
these motions were coming. I've been waiting for them, and
that's how I just.

Speaker 4 (14:50):
Truly the immediate follow up, I just I need to
know this. We know are they now? Is the response
that this is all quote standard operating procedure. Is that
what they're going with or what are they going with?

Speaker 7 (15:02):
They are going with that? And I'll tell you I
was shocked yesterday, and I know you guys saw this too.
We had former federal prosecutors FBI whistleblowers who we've all
interviewed and suddenly saying this is no big deal, this
is a nothing burger. One of them posted this is
included in every armed raid. You know, instructions or a manual.

This is following standard operating procedure. I was shocked to
see that, because there's no way to justify. First of all,
this has never happened before, as we all know, so
it shouldn't be standard operating procedure. And also, you guys,
they're calling him f COTUS in this order, so it's

not like a normal suspect, right suspect one, or you know,
mister drug dealer or mister embezzler. They were referring to
him as the former president. So in no way is
this a usual situation, a usual search worm being executed.
Nothing is usual about this, and it's really shameful to
see people in any regard defending this, and even the

FBI is had to come out last night and defend
themselves and say this is normal. This is how we
handle these raids. You know, this is part of our
policy and has been for YadA, YadA. Just pretty pretty
shocking response.

Speaker 2 (16:23):
To Yeah, to your point, Julie, this there is no
precedent for this. Merrick Garland said he personally made these decisions,
and I just want to hammer this home. I don't
know if you've been to mar a lago before, Julie,
I would bet that you have, Buck and I have
been there several times. It's Secret Service protected. You get
wanded when you go in. There are arms security that

are already there, charged with protecting the president from any threat.
So the idea that there would be any deadly force
necessary inside of a secret Service protected venue is that.
This is part where I look at it and say,
if Merrick Garland truly did as he said, go ahead

and sign off on all these details, how did no
one come to him and say, hey, maybe we want
to change up some of the language in this warrant
that we're putting out because this is an unprecedented situation
and there should be a zero percent chance of violence
given this as already Secret Service protected.

Speaker 8 (17:23):

Speaker 7 (17:24):
And to your point, that's another unusual, rare circumstance is
that the Attorney General came out and said he personal,
personally signed off on this search warrant. Well, the Attorney
General of the United States does not sit there all
day personally signing off on search warrants. Okay, so that's
not normal at all. But yes, I think there was

a little pushback. We got some interviews transcripts ahead of
the Washington Field Office at the time. He pushed back
about the need for really even his office to be involved,
but the use of potentially use of force or having
armed agents there. But to your point, what was going
to happen is secret service, as you guys know, also

mar A Lago private security there, so there was no
need for them to come in guns blazing. Also in cognito,
they did not have their standard law enforcement gear. They
were instructed to wear regular street clothes so they couldn't
be identified. Again, another unusual aspect of how these raids

are typically conducted. So you know, I see a lot
of lawmakers, the few senators who are really outraged about this,
and I suspect you guys that we're going to be
learning more about the details of the planning ahead of time,
how this was executed. We already know the FBI agents
brought fully cover sheets to put on documents and take

a picture and make it look like they found it
that way. My suspicion is we are going to find
out in some of these court proceedings and maybe other
investigations just how dirty and really potentially dangerous this wave was.

Speaker 4 (19:07):
Yeah, I mean, the problem with the and This is
why I asked you about right away. The stranderd protocol
line is there's nothing standard about a raid on a
former president, right, So I know that's what they're going
to say, and that is what they're saying. But the
moment that you start to unpack that or peel away
the layers, it makes absolutely no sense. I think it's
also worth noting, and our friend Molly Hemingway pointed this

out that there were people within the FBI, and this
has already been reported on, who were like, what are
you doing? Why are we having a raid like this?
This is insane. I mean that there were voices even
within the FBI who have been reported on an honestly
anonymously saying that this is unnecessary and could cause huge problems.

Speaker 7 (19:54):
Exactly. And there were transcripts released by the House who
had interviewed the Stephen dantwano and others who were sort
of pushing back on how this went down. But eventually,
you know, Stephen d'antoina is how to the Washington Field
office they signed off on this, And it's so I
do think again, we're going to find out more information.

Was there pre planning, where was the training? You know,
and now we know that the evidence that they collected
is not in its original form. It has been spoiled
in many aspects. So this was not even a successful rate.
This was a bungled rate.

Speaker 4 (20:31):
And what do they do, Julie, because this has already
come out. They they've they've messed with the evidence they collected.
I mean you mentioned the cover sheets. Is there anything else?

Speaker 8 (20:40):

Speaker 7 (20:40):
Yes, Now, Jack Smith had to admit in a filing
a few weeks ago that the boxes they took out
I think they took like thirty some odd boxes out
of mar A Lago, but the files the evidence inside
is not in the same sequence that it was when
they took it from mar A Lago. This is very
important because you're allegedly they were supposed to demonstrate that

there's classified files mixed in with you know, newspapers, et cetera. Well,
they had to admit that it's not in the same sequence. Furthermore,
and even more suspicious here is they also had to
admit to Judge Cannon that these placeholder sheets that they
brought us props which we talked about, attaching them to files,
taking a picture making it look like that's how they

were filed that's how they were found, these placeholder sheets
where they put in they took out alleged classified document,
put a placeholder in. Jack Smith just had to admit
they can't match up in every instance the placeholder sheet
with the classified document that was taken out of the box.
So this is a bungled investigation, a dangerous investigation, unprecedented,

and things could have gotten a lot worse than they
actually did. And you actually sort of have to credit
Donald Trump for not to lying down there and you know,
doing protecting his property and certainly the bedrooms of his
wife and sun which also were ransacked, and we have
evidence of that yesterday as well.

Speaker 3 (22:04):
We're talking to Julie Kelly.

Speaker 2 (22:06):
Eileen Cannon, the judge in South Florida, seems to be
doing a really incredible job unveiling all of this. I
know that you have been covering more than almost anyone,
all of these documents that are being filed. And as
the story has grown, unless it's gotten classified, where is
this case going now? In your mind? Where is Judge

Cannon headed? What should we expect as it pertains to
the classified documents case in.

Speaker 7 (22:31):
Particular, Well, what I've written is that she has now
turned the tables and she is putting Jack Smith in
the doj on trial. And today I'm here. There's two
hearings today, a motion to dismiss for selective, vindictive prosecution
filed by Trump longtime Aid Personal Aid while Tin Nada,
who is a co defendant. So there was a few
hour hearing on that this morning. This afternoon there's another

hearing for emotion to dismiss based on falsehoods contained in
the forty eight page indictment against Donald Tumpt his two
co defendists. But I'll tell you guys, there is no
love lost between Judge Cannon and the prosecution team. They
got into it a couple times this morning. At one

point Judge Cannon had to tell David Harbach, one of
Jackson's prosecutors, to calm down. He is disrespectful, he is condescending.
At one point she asked him a question and he
said to her, that's not the right question.

Speaker 2 (23:28):
Holy I again, they ain't good to say to any woman,
by the way, Julie, much less the judge who was
in charge of your trial. That ain't the right question.
Doesn't go well with Laura Travis. And she's not sitting
at the top of the bench either.

Speaker 7 (23:43):
There were gaps in the media room when he said
that he's trying to school now she is extremely meticulous,
extremely informed, extremely well prepared when she comes to these hearings,
and he does his best to try to school her
on things that he already knows because he's putting on
a performance. He knows this case is imploding. So what

he has to do is act indignant. But you know
when he's doing his rebuttal to this motion, and you know,
you can just see the tension there between the judge
and Jetsmith. But how this is going forward is she
is entertaining. Not only is she unseiling and posting all
of this information that the government for the most part

doesn't want us to see, she is now holding all
of these hearings where then it will be publicly vetted,
including hearings next month which I'll be covering this bombshell
motion that accuses of Biden, White House, the General Counsel
of the White House, and National Archives BOJ and SBI
of colluding together as basically right after Donald Trump left

the Oval Office to concut some sort of documents crime
against Donald Trumps. So she's really turning the tables and
that's why you could see this frustration from the prosecution
side today and I expect more fireworks to staff than you.

Speaker 4 (25:07):
Real quick, Julie, before we got to go, do you
think that the is there any real legal legal jeopardy
in your mind from the Florida k still for Donald Trump? No, yeah,
sounds like it. I mean that's and Clay and I
haven't seen it that way for a while. So if
you're on that on that train too, I think it's
a very very high probability. Check out Declassified with Julie Kelly. Julie,

let us know the next time you want to blow
up the Internet with findings and will definitely have you
back on.

Speaker 8 (25:35):
I definitely will.

Speaker 1 (25:36):
Thanks guys, you're listening to twenty four The Most Important
Tier in Politics with Clay Travis and Bock Sexton.

Speaker 3 (25:48):
Bernie Marino joins us. Now, Bernie appreciates you.

Speaker 2 (25:52):
We're rooting for you to flip Ohio back to a
full red state. But I'm curious what do you think
of all this controversy about whether Joe Biden should be
on the ballot or not in Ohio and the scramble
that Democrat failure in terms of the timing of their

Democrat National Convention has put in place with Ohio law.
How do you break all this down?

Speaker 8 (26:18):
Yeah, I mean, obviously, if the tables are turned, Let's
be honest, they would never lift a finger to President
Trump on the ballot that they would do the exact opposite.
My perspective is, let's not be like them. And number
one number two, let's show America that Ohio's Trump countries.
So let's put Biden on the ballot so that we
can absolutely beat him by fifteen plus points and humiliate

his give him a humiliating loss here in Ohio. He
deserves that after everything he's done to this century of
the last three and a half years, I'd like to
see him soundly defeated here in Ohio.

Speaker 3 (26:52):
How is it looking right now?

Speaker 4 (26:54):
What are the latest numbers telling you about how Biden's
going to fare? And is the Ohio GOP ready for
the challenge?

Speaker 5 (27:01):

Speaker 8 (27:01):
Absolutely. We have a great state party. We have a
great county party system. We have eighty eight very healthy
county parties. If the election were today, President Trump would
probably be win by twenty points.

Speaker 2 (27:16):
Twenty point win. Is there any way you don't win.
If Trump wins by twenty how connected do you think
the vote is going to be in Ohio when it
comes to presidential ticket and Senate ticket.

Speaker 8 (27:28):
I think it'll be very connected. I think there's not
a lot of crossover anymore. But I'll caution this. You
know there's today the election is a twenty point victory.
But let's not discount the creativity of the radical left
to cause god knows what grief, and also the entirety
of the mainstream media is going to do the bidding

of Sheriff Brown and Joe Biden. Let's not discount that.

Speaker 3 (27:55):
I actually saw that.

Speaker 2 (27:56):
I know your campaign's going well, Bernie, because I saw
the New York York Times came after you and your
entire life history.

Speaker 3 (28:04):
In a bio piece.

Speaker 2 (28:05):
And I always think when I read those, man, Bernie
must be running a good campaign. When the New York
Times dedicates three thousand words to saying, Oh, Bernie's actually
a really bad guy. What'd you think of that profile?
What did it tell you about the campaign?

Speaker 8 (28:20):
Well that they obviously can't talk about Sharon Brown's accomplishments,
so they have to debase me and my family. You know,
the tadab moment in that article is well, Bernie said
it was a two bedroom apartment. Turns out there was
three bedrooms. It's two bedrooms in a data We really
arguing about this, and by the way, it had two bathrooms.
And it was five brothers, myself, my sister, my mom,

my dad, my grandfather, and my grandmother. So it was
definitely the lap of luxury according to the New York Times,
you know, and my dad was making five dollars and
twenty five cents an hour raising seven kids. But of
course it's just ridiculous, but there is no separation between
the New York Times and the Democrat Party. That's that's
what I learned in my brief time in politics and kind.

Speaker 4 (29:05):
Of Bernie, do you remember, do you remember when they
went after Marco Rubio when Hillary Clinton was giving speeches
for two hundred fifty thousand dollars a pop, and they
found out that Marco, hopefully soon to be your centate
Republican colleague, had like a family fishing boat that was
worth like sixty grand or something. In The New York
Times tried to hit him on that one, and then
everyone was talking about how many how many Marco boats.

Hillary gets paid for.

Speaker 8 (29:27):
Speech Marco Rubio's luxury yacht.

Speaker 4 (29:32):
Yeah, that's no, That's how they were positioning in like, oh,
the spendthrift Rubio. Anyway, you know, you know what you're
up against with the New York Times. They're completely an
utterly in the tank. For the other side, what do
you I mean for the people who are wondering, you know,
how how this is going to shape up, you know,
against Biden, what's your expectation.

Speaker 3 (29:50):
For what they're going to try to hammer in your state?

Speaker 4 (29:54):
Like what is the because Biden can't be the tip
of the spear of their attack, right because it's and
we all know this. Are they just going to go
on on abortion stuff and threats to democracy? Like how
are they going to try to position themselves.

Speaker 8 (30:09):
In the you can't make this up department? Sharret Brown
is trying to position himself are you ready for this one?
As a Trump guy? So he's aligning himself saying I'm
with Trump on trade, I'm with Trump on taxes, I'm
with Trump on immigration, I'm with Trump on stoppying fentanyl.
That is his current theme, which is again you know,
you have to suspend the sality to think that, Oh,

it's totally wild. But and I you know, listen, let's
not be surprised when in October Sharon Brown endorses President
Trump and so Joe Biden, I see that as plausible.

Speaker 3 (30:42):
That would be wild.

Speaker 2 (30:43):
So you think it's possible the sitting Democrat senator is
going to be floundering and trying to win to such
a degree that he might endorse Donald Trump as President
of the United States in Ohio.

Speaker 8 (30:55):
Oh, absolutely, I mean, his ads are basically heading that
direction anyway. I mean, when if you have Air Force
one that comes anywhere near Ohio airspace, you can hear
Share Brown running to a bunker.

Speaker 2 (31:12):
That is pretty incredible to think about. So when you're
on the road for people out there who pay a
lot of attention to the presidential race, that obviously matters
a great deal. But if you beat Shared Brown, given
what's going on in West Virginia, Republicans take control of
the Senate. Obviously, there are a lot of other races
that are of high significance. But how much do you

think about that impact in terms of what it could
do for the nation to take back control of the Senate,
not to mention take back control of Ohio completely well.

Speaker 8 (31:45):
I think we have to paint that picture for voters.
It means a safe and secure border. It means zero
legal immigration. It means we have safety and security. It
means we have a stronger country because we have a
stronger economy. We make things here in America again, we
restore a growing and thriving middle class. We have energy dominance,
we don't need any energy from any other country on Earth,

and we have piece of stability around the world. That
is what we will deliver for the American people if
they give us the opportunity of the White House and
the Senate in the House again.

Speaker 4 (32:16):
Bernie Marino, Bernie, worship folks go especially. We got a
lot of Ohio listeners. They want to get involved in help.

Speaker 8 (32:23):
I need to help from your listeners. They can go
on the website, Bernie MARINOMRMO dot com. Sarah Brown is
going to have every horrible dark organization around the country
supporting him. I need the grassroots supporters, the conseratives that
love this country and want to get our country back.

Speaker 4 (32:40):
There we go, Bernie Marino. Everybody go check it out. Bernie,
thanks for being.

Speaker 8 (32:43):
With us, of course, thank you guys.

Speaker 6 (32:47):
You're listening to twenty four The Year of Impact with
Clay and Buck.

Speaker 2 (32:53):
I told you guys yesterday as we finished the Tuesday
edition of the program that he had walked into studio
here in DC, and so we are taping this on Tuesday,
but we're playing it for you now on Wednesday. Congressman
Jim Jordan, who the heck knows what might happen in
the next twenty four hours. Let's be honest, but I
want to start here with you, no kidding, even for

crazy American politics standards, Thanks for being here. I want
to start with our good friend. I call her Fanny
because I think she's shown her ass a lot. Fanny
Willis down in Atlanta was on Rachel Maddow Show, I believe,
and she decided that she wanted to weigh in on you.

Speaker 3 (33:35):
We've got the audio here is cut six.

Speaker 9 (33:38):
Jim Jordan has time after time after time attacked my
office with no legitimate purpose. Anyone who knows Jim Jordan's
history knows that he only has the purpose of trying
to interfere in a criminal investigation. He has now turned
his tricks to He's going to look at grant programs,
which I invite him to do, and we have complied
with his subpoenas, but yet he continues his attacks to

try to interfere in a criminal investigation. All wow, his
jurisdiction has one of the worst crime rates, has poverty issues,
and not one time has he used his position to
try to investigate people who are attacking me and attacking
others legitimately doing their jobs, making him illegitimate in his position.

Speaker 10 (34:20):
And it's disgusting.

Speaker 9 (34:21):
And so I bring that up at the federal level
because now at the state level, they've decided to follow
this clown's lead.

Speaker 2 (34:29):
Okay, she called you a clown, I would think, just
to refresh for everybody out there. She hired her lover,
She paid him seven hundred thousand dollars in state funds.

Speaker 3 (34:39):
She may well.

Speaker 2 (34:39):
Get removed by the Georgia Court of Appeals before all
is said and done. When she decides to go after
you in that manner, is it a badge of honor?
What do you think when things like that, when attacks
like that are made against you and their case is
falling apart. I mean, she paid Nathan Wade, as you said,
seven hundred thousand dollars.

Speaker 10 (34:59):
He came to DC.

Speaker 11 (35:00):
He met with the Justice Department of the January sixth Committee,
meet with folks at the White House, all part of
this coordinated effort to go to President Trump. And oh,
by the way, there's a whistleblower down there who's talked
to us, Miss Timpson, who's come forward and said she
did it. She alleged she misspent federal fund. So you know,
like I said, I've been called a lot worse than
clown by folks, So I just try to stick to

the facts. In fact, Clay, every one of these cases
is falling apart. The immunity thing in DC is on hold.
Two weeks ago, Jack Smith got caught altering the sequence
of the documents he sees the physical documents don't match
up with the scan documents. Some people might call that
tampering with the evidence, something you're not allowed to do.

And of course the irony is not lost on anyone.
Jack Smith mishandled documents while he's charging President Trump with
mishandling documents. So that case has fallen apart. And of
course we know what's going on in New York, which
is a complete, complete joke. We saw that when Michael
Alvin Bragg said he could not. And this is like

two years ago. Could not envision a bringing a prosecution
against President Trump and calling Michael Cohen as a prosecution witness.

Speaker 10 (36:13):
That's what he said, but.

Speaker 11 (36:15):
Then in fact did just that after Trump announces he's
running for president. So these cases are all about politics,
and when you're all about politics, you can see why
there's a good chance they all fall apart like the art.

Speaker 4 (36:27):
Congress and Jordan appreciate you being with us. What do
you think happens if? I mean, Clay and I talked
about this a bit yesterday on the show. Let's say,
and I unfortunately predictar that there'll be a conviction in
New York. Not because I disagree in any way that
it's a sham. I think it's an outrageous sham. It's
an absurdity, but not a funny one really when you
think about.

Speaker 3 (36:46):
What's at stake. But I think the jury's biased. Maybe
I'm wrong.

Speaker 4 (36:49):
We'll see if there is a hung jury, which I
think Clay is more inclined to think that's a possibility.
What does it mean for the rest of these cases?
I mean, do they just then act like nothing, really,
no big deal. J six, We're gonna get them on that,
or maybe we'll get them in Florida or something else.
Is that just where this goes, because it feels like
it's all such clear election interference at this point, and

they're gonna double down on it no matter what is that?

Speaker 3 (37:13):
Is that your read?

Speaker 8 (37:15):

Speaker 10 (37:15):
I think so, because again, you know, you go through
the history.

Speaker 11 (37:18):
We've talked about this before, but you know, they spout
his campaign in sixteen, then it's Muller. Then it's then it's, uh,
you know, Muller, what nineteen lawyers, thirty million dollars, forty
one agents, they go into that, they find nothing, then
it's impeachment.

Speaker 10 (37:29):
Then they raid his home. Then it's you know, all
four of these cases.

Speaker 11 (37:32):
Then it's the fourteenth in them, everything they try doesn't
seem to work, but they're not gonna stop trying because
they're determined to keep President Trump from being the next
president of the United States. So yeah, I think they
just just keep plowing ahead. Now, as I said before,
the good news is all these all these cases are
falling apart because they never should have been brought in
the first place. But I do not see democrats letting up.

One thing about democrats, particularly the left which now controls
their party. They are committed to getting to the objective,
come heck high water, That's just how they operate.

Speaker 2 (38:02):
Unfortunately, do you since that they're starting to be a
little bit of a panic inside of the Biden campaign,
The decision to debate on June twenty seventh and September tenth,
the lawfare collapsing. Regardless of what happens in New York City,
we're five and a half months out. You've known Trump
for a long time. I'm not sure he's ever been

at a stronger political position in his career than he
is as we're talking today. Do you get the sense
that they're starting they spent tens of millions of dollars
already their game plan, as it were, kind of getting
its ass kicked.

Speaker 3 (38:37):

Speaker 4 (38:39):
Do you since that they're starting to panic a little bit?

Speaker 11 (38:41):
Yeah, particularly when the polling in the states to count
the seven states and now determine the presidency of the
United States. What there was I saw one pole of
Georgia they were down like twelve points. Yeah, Arizona They're
down like ten points. And you know, the only stay
to think of this of the seven where they're like
dead even is Wisconsin, which was consin's always dead even
you know this way, it was concent and is right now.

But they're winning the other six, including the VATA up
substantially in the polls I saw like a week and
a half ago, I think. So I do think that's,
you know, because we're not We're used to the polls
being kind of close and the polls being a little off,
and some of our voters like get nervous about even
saying anything. You know, I'm just I'm not gonna I'm
not going to weigh in. And yet now with them
showing Trump in the lead and by substantial margins in

some of these key states, I do think, you know,
why else would they out of the blue just well,
shuzzamne we're gonna we need a debate in June? Well
whoever heard of that? Yeah, you know, it's like, of
course we're going to have debate. We have them every
four years in the presidential race. But we never had
him in June. And it came from Biden, who we
thought was not going to debate. So I think that
does indicate, you know, your your question is is on target.

Speaker 4 (39:43):
Speaking of Congress and Jim Jordan of Ohio congressman. Obviously
some very important races, including Bernie Marino, who is running
for a critical Senate seat. As you're seeing it on
the House side and the Senate side. What are the
what are the issues that are going to be the
determining factors in the important close races, right, I mean

where it really counts, where we need to win in
order to have control of the House and control of
the Senate. What would you say are the top three issues?

Speaker 10 (40:14):
Yeah, secure border to no boarder.

Speaker 11 (40:16):
That's the biggest change in three years and one hundred
and twenty days ever long with Joe Biden's been president,
safe streets to record crime. And you can you can
measure the inflation both in the cost of gas and
everything else. So it's you know, from two dollar gas
to four dollar gas, from stable prices to record record inflation.
Those are the issues that are gonna drive you take
your family out to dinner. Our our youngest son and

daughter in law and their little one over in Indianapolis.

Speaker 10 (40:39):
We took them out the dinner.

Speaker 11 (40:40):
It was like a month or so ago, and we
didn't go to the fancy, but it was a nice
restaurant and you get the bill for just like the
five of four of us, that's a different like Holy cow,
how to middle class families, like it's crazy, what just
to go to a pretty nice restaurant with your family?
So I think all those things, and then you add
in this attack on Trump, this weaponization of government, these

agencies being turned against we the people, and then the
final straw is some people are going to step back
and look, you know, with President Trump, we didn't have
Russia going into Ukraine. We didn't have Hamas a terrorist
organization attacking our best friend, the state of Israel. None
of that garbage was going on, and I kind of
liked it when it wasn't going on. People are going
to say, so, I think those kind of those three

key issues, the weaponization of government and then this foreign
policy to something that is in the back of people's
minds as well, and they're going to say, like, let's
go back to Trump.

Speaker 10 (41:34):
Things were so much better.

Speaker 2 (41:36):
You listen to the show, so you're aware that Buck
and I have been on opposite sides of whether Biden's
going to be the guy.

Speaker 11 (41:41):
Yeah, and I know you have seen it the size
of another ah yeah, the ice cream debate and who's
going to be the Democrats.

Speaker 10 (41:48):
All those are.

Speaker 2 (41:49):
Important, So it's important answer here for you to see
whether you're on the side of truth, justice and Clay
or evil and uh and and and awful things and Buck.
But to set that up, it feels like every day
now there is a new viral Biden clip where he's
just not able to read the teleprompter or he's not
able to get off the stage. June twenty seventh, you

mentioned is now the CNN debate. Do you think they're
really gonna roll with this guy? Or do you think
as the lawfare is crumbling and as Biden's essential argument
for why he deserves the second term, it feels like
every day takes a new.

Speaker 3 (42:26):
Punch to the gut. What are they thinking?

Speaker 10 (42:30):
I don't know, but I do.

Speaker 11 (42:32):
I hate to say, since I'm sitting with you and
was watching Buck on the screen I'm with I'm.

Speaker 3 (42:36):
Oh, no, let's cut the interview now.

Speaker 4 (42:38):
I can't hear he doesn't want to wait a second congressation.
You don't want to join Clay on his rapidly sinking ship.

Speaker 3 (42:44):
What a shock?

Speaker 11 (42:46):
I think this far and I mean if they change now,
like what's the country say?

Speaker 10 (42:51):
Like what we're now we gotta.

Speaker 11 (42:53):
We were we were kind of sizing them up, you know,
because I mean it's always about the choice. We're sizing
them up. And now it's like somebody completely new. We
got five months to figure this out. I mean maybe,
but my gut tells me. And and look, I wasn't
necessarily there a few months ago. I thought, you know,
will they will they bump him out for someone else
and put someone else in there. But now I think
it's gonna be I think it's gonna be Biden. I

just think it is. It's it's Scranton Joe. They'll still
try to play that game, and they'll still aside from
these two baits, probably keeping keeping them away from the
crowds as much as possible. That's my gut. And I
don't I don't know they have anything else. But the
scary thing is is what are they planning for September
in October?

Speaker 3 (43:31):
What do you think?

Speaker 4 (43:31):
That's I don't know.

Speaker 11 (43:32):
I keep coming I keep coming back to, like, you know,
there's something else, because if they don't get a conviction,
and these like they don't get a conviction in New York,
these other three cases are following apart, what are they
gonna do. And I keep kind of racking my brain, like,
what what is it?

Speaker 4 (43:45):
I'm with you, Jim, see see, I see this as
first of all, you know you're right because you're.

Speaker 3 (43:49):
Agreeing with me.

Speaker 4 (43:50):
And I've been right all along, which is that Biden's
going to be the nominee.

Speaker 3 (43:53):
And everyone says, oh, no.

Speaker 4 (43:54):
It's gonna be some other person. I'm like, no, it's
gonna be Biden, and sure enough it will be. But
I I also agree with you that they're not just
gonna go off to the election as things stand now,
because I think even if they got a conviction in
New York, I think the numbers might go even deeper
in the positive column for Trump. I mean, I think
it could blow up even more in their face. So

they're gonna pull something else. And I can't think of
what it is off that out of my head. But
you know, I'm certainly not not celebrating early. Just before
we let you go, Congressman, we'll run up against the clock.
You know, do you have much of a sense of
does the VP really matter? And and do you have
a VP that you think is the right choice for
the Trump ticket.

Speaker 10 (44:34):
I like all the people he's talking to you.

Speaker 11 (44:36):
I mean, I really like Sarah Huckaby saying I don't
know if she's on the kind of the list, but
I like a lease, he's a colleague of ours. She's
been tremendous. Tim Scott Mark, I ask your question.

Speaker 4 (44:44):
I actually I want to jump in. Really, is alas
a conservative? Is alsa?

Speaker 3 (44:48):
She's been.

Speaker 10 (44:49):
She's been solid. She's been really solid.

Speaker 11 (44:51):
I mean, we worked well together back in twenty nineteen
on defending President Trump during impeachment when they did the
crazy impeachment thing on the Intel Committee and because then
then Leader McCarthy put me on the Intel Committee for
two months during during the impeaching process. So, uh, yeah,
she's been she's been tremendous. So but I think this
is all about President Trump.

Speaker 3 (45:10):
I really do.

Speaker 10 (45:11):
I think our team is coming. You saw that one
hundred thousand people wild Wood, New Jersey.

Speaker 11 (45:16):
Like our folks are fired up, and I think it's
all about him. Uh And that comparison between him and
Joe Biden, and what a what a contrast, Holy cow,
what a contrast.

Speaker 4 (45:28):
So I think ever it's been Jim Jordan always appreciated
you get to hang out with Clay in DC. I'll
be there next time. I actually don't take any excuse
to hang out in the swamp going on like a
swamp tour.

Speaker 10 (45:37):
I really enjoy you guys show. You do a great job.

Speaker 3 (45:39):
Appreciate Thank you so much. You appreciate it. Thank you, Clay.
I do love AUMs.

Speaker 4 (45:43):
When we talked to Jim, he can reference other shows
we've done when he wasn't a guest. That's always what
if you want to ingratiate yourself to radio hosts, it's
referenced the show when you weren't a guest because you
were actually listening. Then we're like, oh, true, that's it's
totally true. By the way, it's you know, it's fantastic anyway.

Speaker 6 (45:59):
You're listening to twenty four the year of impact with
Clay and Boch.

Speaker 4 (46:07):
Could determine the well future of the Senate and maybe
even the future of the presidency in some way. Wisconsin
is a top battleground state, and we have the Senator
from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson with us now to talk about
that and more. Senator, thanks for staying with us through
the break. Appreciate you. Let's actually start if I can

with this. The White House is pressing Senate Democrats to
support border security bill. I'm looking at this and I'm saying,
hold on, this is news from today, from now. I
thought this went away a few weeks ago. Why is
Biden trying to beat this drum once again on the
border when we know his border is a disaster.

Speaker 12 (46:49):
Well, that's why. Because the border is a disaster. And
unfortunately McConnell in negotiating that awful, awful bill did give
Democrats fairmount cover and they're using it. So I personally
think it's a strategic err in their part, because if
they do bring the bill back up for the Senate,
we're going to have a lot more time this time
round to just describe exactly how awful that bill was,

particularly using Chuck Schumer's quote, you know when that all collapsed.
You know, he was quoted in political saying we were
playing chess, they're playing checkers, and we got a Ukraine bill.
Then he went on to say, and we're in a
lot better shape on the border than we were three
months ago. So, first of all, if you're actually negotiating
good shape, would you rub your negotiating partner's nose and

the fact that they failed. And secondly, if you really
want to secure the border. Suppose you're doing this bill
to do so, you don't get the bill, and now
you're claiming you're better off on the border. It just
proves all Schumer, all the Democrats were looking for was
political cover. Unfortunately McConnell gave them some. But the American
people realize this is a disaster. Hopefully they realize that

Biden has all the authority he needs to secure the border.
Republics have been happy to strengthen that authority. What we
were looking for in the Republican conference, and this was
the breach of McConnell's leadership, is all we were looking
for was an enforcement mechanism to force Biden to use
the authority he had. Again, we just strengthened it, but
we weren't looking for an immigration build. Were certainly looking

to codify four or five thousand people a day and
weaken a president's authority. That that's the one part that
has not talked about enough, that four thousand discretionary threshold.
You know, four thousand migrants today the president had discretion
It implies the president didn't have the authority. So you're
basically codifying the fact that Congress didn't think he had

that authority, and then even worse, they take that discretion
away after three years. So you would have dramatically weakened
a president who wants to cure the board his authority
to do so.

Speaker 2 (48:45):
You know Wisconsin, and we've got Senator Ron Johnson with
us here in the DC studio for Clay and Buck.
You know Wisconsin better than anybody. You've won a lot
of tough races. We're going to be up for the
Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. We'll talk a little bit
more about that here with you in a moment. What
are you seeing on the ground big Senate race, obviously
the presidential race. Trump won Wisconsin by a fingernail in

twenty sixteen, He lost to Wisconsin by a fingernail in
twenty twenty. What makes the difference to you to putting
Wisconsin into the Republican camp? Because if that happens, Trump's
going to be the president in twenty twenty four, You're
going to be in the majority in the Senate.

Speaker 3 (49:25):
What needs to happen? What are you telling the team?
What are you seeing?

Speaker 12 (49:28):
Well, what I'm seeing is that Democrats know that it's
going to be a tough race for them. Which is
why Biden and Harris have been in the state a lot,
primarily talking about abortion. So they are desperate to turn
the election Wisconsin all about the abortion issue, which they've
done very effectively. I think it's private coross Us the
governor's race in twenty twenty two, the Wisconsin's Supreme Court.

Speaker 3 (49:48):
They're very effective.

Speaker 12 (49:50):
It's scaring Wisconsin nice that the Republem's going to take
away their abortion rights. And what is amazing to me
is to cover the mainstream media gives them the refuse
to report on the fact that its Democrats that have
the extreme position on abortion abortion up to the moment
of birth, whereas Republicans Assembly passed a bill that would

have sent it to the voters a referendum on protecting
life after fourteen weeks, which is where most of the
American public truly is. I mean, they most Americans do
want a woman to be able to make that decision
up to a point, and the point is generally about
fourteen weeks. About ninety percent of abortions occurred before that.
So you know, the press always reports that Republems want

to ban abortion. Now, listen, there's part of our party
that wants to absolutely ban I think most of us
would like to not ever see abortions, but that's not
the ree houry situation. So in supporting like a twenty
week or fifteen week or fourteen or six week, I
mean you can seeing the fact that it's some up
to some point that's going to be a woman to
sign that make that decision. But at some point society

has responsibility to protect life. And so from my standpoint,
it's not a banning abortions, about protecting life after a
certain point and speaking down to me. The media reports
though it's Republicans want to ban abortion, and they are
completely signed on the fact that Democrats would allow infanticide,
which is basically what happens. So, I mean, I point
this out all the time in presconsasines in Wisconsin. The

will never point out, They'll never mention that when I
say it's Democrats have extreme position on abortion because they
want to cover for him.

Speaker 4 (51:27):
Speaking of Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Senator you're
hopefully soon to be colleague, Eric Huvedy has been on
with us a number of times against Senator Tammy Baldwin. Right,
he's the one who is trying to try to defeat
her for that seat. She has held it for a
few decades now, right, I mean she has been in

politics her entire life. What is this state of the
Wisconsin Democrat Party machinery? I mean, how can they keep
some pretty unimpressive people. I mean, look at look at
senator the senator they have on the Democrats side. Look
at the who's your governor right now? I assume he's
a Democrat leads.

Speaker 3 (52:07):

Speaker 4 (52:08):
How are they able to get these kinds of uh A,
very unimpressive people in these positions in Wisconsin? I mean,
what what is it that the Democrats are doing well?
I'm just wondering, you know, how what do you have
to know to be able to beat this machine they
have in the state of Wisconsin.

Speaker 12 (52:24):
Again, they have the media in their back pocket. Okay,
but I remember Senator to me always used to describe
Pennsylvania as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between. And
you know, I think a lot of states are like that.
They've got we've got our metropolitan areas that are heavily blue,
and you've got you know, red counties, red cities throughout
the states. So it's just a lot easier for Democrats

to go mind votes in Madison Milwaukee based on a
ginda issue like abortion. That's what they did during the
Supreme Court race.

Speaker 3 (52:52):
For sure. We've got to go into every.

Speaker 12 (52:55):
Little small town throughout Wisconsin and get every possible. It's
a much more difficul task. So you know, the way
I did it is I just traveled tirelessly all of
the state. You know, bus tours, that type of thing
every linking day, dinner, dairy breakfast, which is something unique
and wonderful about Wisconsin, these dairy breakfast in June. You
just got to work the state really hard and go everywhere,

go absolutely everywhere.

Speaker 2 (53:20):
We're gonna get a bunch of beers with you in
Milwaukee during the course of the Republican National Convention, hopefully.
How concerned are you about Democrat left wing activists coming in.
We feel like it's going to happen in Chicago, but
that's a negative for them if they could somehow disrupt
the Republican National Convention and so chaos turned that into

the story as opposed to what's actually taking place there.
How concerned are you about it? How well do you
think Milwaukee will be able to handle some of those
protesters should they come.

Speaker 12 (53:53):
Well, I'm highly concerned now that I've seen the security
plan which was developed for the DNC convention that was
going to take place in the twenty So they developed
this plan, you know, based on seeking services criteria before
the summer of twenty twenty riots, okay, BLM, Antifa riots.
So they're coming up with the exact same plan. We

have this park a block away from the convention site.
The initial plan showed the entrance for the convention two entrances,
one north, one south on the streets adjacent to this park.
There won't be fences around this park. This'll be just
a gathering spot for mayhem. Yeah, completely uncontrolled. So when
I saw that, I know the R and C was

concerned about that. They'd raise the issue. They weren't getting
any traction. So I met with the director of the
Secret Service last week. What's bizarre about that meeting is
again they set the plan. They had the authority to
create this plan, but now she says she doesn't have
the authority to change it.

Speaker 3 (54:47):
Who does have the authority? I would think she well
President Biden.

Speaker 12 (54:51):
Certainly President Biden would have the authority to tell his
you know, Secretary of may Archus of DHS Hotel, Director
of the Secret Service. Let's make sure we don't have
problems in Milwaukee. We don't have problems in Chicago either.
The difference is in Chicago you have the United Center.
It's completely surrounded by private parking lots, so you won't
be able to get a protest zone close to that site.

We got one to block away right now, and that's
got to change.

Speaker 4 (55:17):
Senator Ron Johnson, everybody, Senator, always appreciate you, sir, thanks
for being here with us.

Speaker 12 (55:21):
Appreciate what you guys do.

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