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May 28, 2024 36 mins
Trump trial closing arguments. What will jury decide? Trump speaks before trial, says it's a sad and dangerous day for America. Biden campaign sends crazy Robert De Niro to rant outside Trump trial. Clay and Buck disagree on the influence of celebrities.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome back from the holiday weekend. Everybody. Tuesday edition of
The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show kicks off.

Speaker 2 (00:06):

Speaker 1 (00:07):
A lot of news first day back, so there's always
many things to discuss. We have the Trump trial resuming
once again, so we will talk about what the latest
is with that. We also have oh my, I see
here Pete Buddha Judge making a fool of himself on

the Sunday Shows. Democrats in full blown freak out. That
was the headline over Politico over Biden, So we'll get
into what that means. Trump at the Libertarian presidential convention.
I think we might be antagonizing some libertarians today depending

with our discussion of how all that went. It was
not a good look for the Libertarian Party. While I
like some of the ideal or ideas of libertarianism, I
gotta say the party did not pull it together with
Trump weekend. They even boot him at one point. Trump
turned it around on them. We'll discuss because I know

with such a narrow election, there cannot be anything taken
for granted, and whether Donald Trump is going to get
a majority of the Libertarian votes or not could be
a significant a significant difference maker in some of the
key states will break all of that down for you.

Also over the weekend, you shall Biden with tweets about
or posts on x about George Floyd that I would
like to speak about. They really have elevated George Floyd
to a hero and a martyr for the Democrat BLM

Marxist racial Marxist movement. It is really stunning. As you
see this playoff, we will make some sense of that.
But first up, we have the closing arguments underway at
the Trump trial in New York City. So you know,
we've been discussing this trial well in theory four months

and been covering it for weeks, and now we'll be
having a discussion about what the final verdict is in
just a matter of days. I think it's likely this
is going to come down with a verdict for us.
Here very quickly, we had Joe Biden and his political operation,

This is from Politico have largely ignored Donald Trump's trial
for months. With just days to go before a verdict
is released, It's dispatched Robert de Niro and other campaign
surrogates to the New York City courtroom to draw attention
to the threat. They say Trump posted to the country. Yeah,

that's right. Robert de Niro, who is not a smart man.
I know he's been in some movies that we've all
seen many times, and some of you probably think he's
a very fine actor, and I think he plays more
or less the same role in almost every movie. But
put that aside, he's been in some very good movies.
I can't quibble with that, but I think it's fair

to say that cognitively he's a moron. He's out there
making the case for how Trump is a unique threat
to democracy. We'll get into that in just a moment.
You know, why are actors being deployed by the Biden campaign,
Biden Harris campaign to make a case about Donald Trump

that in and of itself should make you feel very uneasy.
So they're they're seeing the trial as an opportunity to
hit Trump even more. The trial is all politics, and
now they want further politics outside of it to attack him.
But let's jump into this. This is what Donald Trump
was saying this morning before the trial began, and he

is making the case quite clearly. This is just because
Joe Biden needs the help, so they have to fight dirty.
This is all political play. One. Well, I didn't hear it. Team,

I also don't think I can hear you. Have I
lost you? Somehow? Have I lost you? I'm still on
the radio, that's the good news. Somehow there's no playing
of clips going on.

Speaker 2 (04:43):

Speaker 1 (04:43):
That's always a fun moment in live radio. I tee
it up. We want to hear from Trump, and the
machines in New York City all froze. So I'm sorry
for the delay there. I know we had a moment.
We're all ready for launch, and then there was no launch.
We'll get back into what Trump says. I can tell
you the basics of what Trump says, because I think
it's really straightforward. He says, this is all about crooked

Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country.
He's destroying our country. That the trial in New York
City is honestly as hard to look like a smart
person when you say that the trial in New York
is in any way fair or just. It's like the
people who can't define what a woman is but think
they're still clever in that process. Like, I don't know,

it's really complicated. What is a woman?

Speaker 3 (05:30):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (05:31):
No, you sound like you sound like an idiot when
you do that, And anybody who says the New York
City trial is a serious exercise in criminal justice, fair
minded and a political automatically sounds like an imbecile when
they do that. It is impossible to make that case.
It is impossible to be telling everybody that what's going

on in New York makes sense and not sound like
you are completely either an imbecile or a total hack.
Because this case in the election, remember held I would
have a problem with this just based on the timing
of it. They brought this specifically so that it could
hurt Donald Trump in the election. You're not supposed to

play those kinds of games as a prosecutor. But Alvin
Bragg has no integrity to protect. We all know that.
And what's particularly troubling is that no matter how much
abuse he engages in while he's in office, Alvin Bragg
is going to be lionized. He's going to be a
hero to the Democrats just for bringing this prosecution unless,

and this is possible, after the verdict. Whatever the verdict is,
you see a further bounce in the polls for Donald Trump.
And I think that that is distinctly possible. I have
said before it is my belief that there will be
a guilty verdict here. That is a prediction that I
hope is incorrect. But I also, oh fantastic. Let's hear

from mister Trump this morning before the trial. The machines
have gotten the cobwebs gone play it.

Speaker 3 (07:11):
Make no mistake about it right here because of Crooked
Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our
country is destroying our country.

Speaker 4 (07:21):
This country is being destroyed.

Speaker 3 (07:22):
Rapidly, not slowly, rapidly on the borders, on energy, on inflation,
on everything you can name, Afghanistan, removal, everything about what
he's done.

Speaker 4 (07:34):
He's destroying our country. And he's also destroying it with weaponization.
And this is purely his weaponization. See who's in the courtorate,
you go, just see who's in the court room. You'll
see and you'll see where they come from. And you
reported accurately. A lot of people are going to be
very upset.

Speaker 1 (07:54):
Clay, what do you think.

Speaker 2 (07:56):
I think that this is a really dangerous time for Democrats.
There's a big piece in Politico this morning where everybody
is everybody's discussing the panic that is setting in right now.
Inside of the Democrat Party, there is right now, as

you break all this down, I think around a fifty
to fifty chance that they don't get a conviction. Remember,
next week, Hunter Biden's trial starts, and there is a
very strong likelihood that he's going to be convicted. So
all of the law, fair, all of the work, everything
that they have put in place that they thought was

going to move things in their direction hasn't happened. In
that Politico piece, twenty five million dollars has been spent
in all the battleground states, Joe Biden's number hasn't moved
at all. Trump is now out raising him in the
most recent month. And on top of all that, Trump's
numbers have gone up since this trial started. So it

seems to me that the grand design of we're going
to keep Trump in the courtroom, we're going to brand
him a felon that will make him unelectable, is collapsing
around Democrats. And that's even if they get a conviction,
If they don't get a conviction, if there's a mistrial,
if there's a hung jury, because I think it's going
to be reversed on appeal, but that might take a

year two years before all that happens. I think there's
sort of a panic setting in that everything has gone
awry that they thought would go well, and Trump has
never been stronger.

Speaker 1 (09:36):
I mean, just imagine for a second, I know what
they will do because they have no choice. But if
there's a hung jury, which you are, you still you
still think that's the likeliest.

Speaker 2 (09:46):
I think it's I think it's fifty to fifty at
this point that there is going to be a hung
jury any anywhere other than a eighty five or ninety
or ninety five percent anti Trump voting base. I think
there not only would be a hung jury, I think
there would be a chance of a not guilty verdict.
I don't think there's a chance of the not guilty verdict.
Remember I bet our buddy in Kansas who called in

and said there was going to be a not guilty
I've got to travel by a stake. I don't think
that's going to happen. But I do think there's a
decent chance that we get a hung jury here.

Speaker 1 (10:18):
And so let's just say for a second, if the
hung jury happens, the pivot is going to be too well.
There are other trials, and you know, this doesn't mean anything.
They're going to just try to play Kate the New
York Times MSNBC audience. But it's clearly a big stumble
for them if that happens. But I think we're seeing
even if you get a conviction, a conviction for what. Yeah,

that's the question that everybody ends up asking themselves. Okay,
Donald Trump is being theoretically, in this scenario, convicted for
writing up something that he paid that was internal that
was different from because it should have been a campaign expense.
But it can't be a campaign expense because a campaign
expense you could use campaign funds for it. We know

that they would definitely prosecute him for So how exactly
does this work? Like what is the crime? And I
think that you you can see that people who have
been paying attention to this, and honestly, I wonder how
much of the country is really even particularly aware of
what's going on. I would guess the number is pretty low.

I think they know there's a trial in New York,
but that are following it pretty closely. I mean, everyone
listening right now, you all know what's going on with this,
but a lot of people don't. But if you can't
explain what the crime is in you know, ten words
or less. How bad can it really be?

Speaker 2 (11:43):
Do you know what I mean?

Speaker 1 (11:44):
Or if you can't understand it, even forget ten words
or less. You could explain this to me for ten hours,
I'd still look at you, like, what that's not a crime.

Speaker 2 (11:52):
And remember it all deals with the twenty sixteen case.
And if we haven't seen any movement on the egene
Care case because they wanted to brand Trump a rapist,
they can't because that civil trial said, no, he didn't
commit rape. There's some form of sexual assault, maybe that
occurred according to the standard in a civil trial. I

just I think they have totally missed everything when it
comes to the impact of these trials. I think they
thought they were going to bankrupt Trump. I think they
thought that they were going to humiliate, drag him across,
keep him in courtrooms May June, July, August, September, October. Instead,
he's managed to potentially put New York in play. Biden's

now having to spend money in New York, which I
don't imagine anywhere inside of the Democrat playbook. They thought, Hey,
in the early summer, late spring of an election year,
We're going to be spending money to try to solidify
our standing in New York, because whatever you think about
whether New York's in play or some of the other

Blue states are in play, Trump is going to massively
outperform in New York what he did in twenty twenty,
and that ain't good for Biden. We talked about this
on Friday. If that translates to other states where the
race was closer. If Trump wins in New York, this
is going to be a landslide the likes of which

we haven't seen, honestly since maybe nineteen eighty four. And
I don't think that's going to happen, But if that's
the kind of thing that would be the case. If
Trump won in New York, I mean, this thing's over
by ten pm on election night. Take your calls on
this one if you have thoughts about where this is
going to New York or also what the implications of
it one way or the other. Hung jury, I guess

there are three options, right, There's conviction, hung jury, not guilty.
Not guilty would be that would be aid on the spot.
If Trump got not guilty, I mean that would really
start the drum beat up how if Trump gets a
not guilty verdict, I will be silent when you start
talking about how they're going to replace Biden with Michelle Obama,

because the all then all bets are off and anything's
in play. I mean, if he gets not guilty and
maybe maybe so we'll continue to follow this one eight hundred.

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Speaker 3 (15:04):
You know.

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Speaker 2 (15:28):
Together they're breathing sanity into an insane world. Welcome back
in Clay Travis Buck Sexton show. The arguments underway for
the Trump trial, both the prosecution and the defense expected
to go today, and in theory, if they could get

them all completed today, which I think there's a strong
likelihood that they would be able to do, the jury
would have this case starting on Wednesday. Usually they don't
meet on Wednesday during the course of the criminal trial,
but I think they would presumably allow the jury to
begin deliberations that still to be determined. It would be
going on this week. I think the question is how

much time is the jury going to need and how
much movement is there actually going to be because they
had essentially a full week off. Yes, the closing arguments
I'm sure will be sound, But is anything in those
closing arguments going to change the trajectory of what was
already occurring in the minds of the jurors. That seems

unlikely to me. Buck And ultimately it comes down to
is there going to be any or more than one
of these jurors that really is going to be willing
to battle or are they so rigged against Trump that
they're basically just going to say guilty and this thing's
going to be over really quickly. I would not be
surprised if we got a verdict in some way this week.

Speaker 1 (16:56):
Yes, because I don't think that it really comes down
to what the belief is about the veracity of the evidence.
I think this just turns into a referendum on how
people feel about Trump. That's really what pushes this more
than anything else. I also think if you're going to
look at this based on the facts, as much as
I can be objective about this, you know, obviously I

think this is a farce, and I like Trump and
the whole thing. They haven't proven the case. Yeah, of
course they haven't proven the case. And even what I'm
saying is, even in this funhouse mirror absurd trial, you
should say not guilty just because they haven't proven beyond
the reasonable reasonable doubt he did the thing that they
say that he did. So there you go. I think

that's true.

Speaker 2 (17:42):
And not only for that. There's basically two parts of
this crime, right, because I think you can have reasonable
doubt about the bookkeeping, but definitely on the intent of
the second part, which raises it to a felony.

Speaker 1 (17:55):
When you can get smarter for free, you want to
take advantage of it.

Speaker 3 (17:58):

Speaker 1 (17:58):
A good friend of mine, Porter Stan is one of
the smartest economists and market forecasters I know, and he's
offering a big info download on what's happening to our
economy now and even more importantly, what's going to be
happening in the months ahead. I've known Porter for a decade.
In fact, I co hosted a podcast with him many
years ago. And when I tell you this guy knows

his stuff, I mean it, particularly when it comes to
our nation's economic future. He's put together a documentary it's
just been released America's Last election. Yeah, you know, like
the election we're going into America's last election. You can
see this documentary online for free. It has much more
to do with your money than it does with politics,
but he does make connections between the two. Porters predicted

almost every major economic and financial move for twenty five years.
Now go watch this for free. Last Election Plot dot com.
That's last Election Plot dot com paid for by Porter
and Company.

Speaker 4 (18:55):
This is a dark day in America. We have a
reached good day. It should have never been brought and
it should have been brought in another jurisdiction. As you know,
we asked for that, and the judge never allows us anything.
And just to end, we had an election expert was
going to.

Speaker 1 (19:13):
Say everything was perfect.

Speaker 4 (19:16):
When the FEC did nothing, it was fine. And we
had a lot of other people. I could give you
a list of forty people. They would say the exact
same thing as these people said.

Speaker 5 (19:28):
So thank you very much.

Speaker 4 (19:30):
Well, we'll see how it goes. This is a very
dangerous day for America. It's a very sad today.

Speaker 3 (19:34):
Taking year.

Speaker 1 (19:35):
What he is saying there at the end, that's obviously
President or Trump. What are you saying is important for
everyone to hear over and over again. It is a
dangerous day in America. This is you know, usually Clay.
When someone says this is about more than me, they
actually just want to focus more attention on themselves. This
is about more than Trump. Actually, you cannot have a
free country with free elections where one side will ring

obviously trumped up and absurd political prosecutions against people and
use the justice system to do it. That effectively can
end the process of elections as we've come to know it.
So it is really important. It is more than Trump.
But I think he also makes another critical point here.
This is him speaking this morning before he went into

the trial, and that is not only did they delay this,
not only is the whole charge preposterous. Not only is
it all sort of stuck together with you know, scotch
tape and bubblegum. As a prosecutorial view of the case
and view of the crime, Clay, the judge has even

tried to I think, skew it towards the prosecution in
very clear and obvious ways. And we still now wonder
whether there'll be one person on that jury, maybe more,
maybe a couple, you know, hung jury one It could
be a few, yeah, but whether one person will see
through all of this. But the whole thing has been
truly rigged, truly rigged.

Speaker 2 (21:05):
And again, I think it's so important to strip away
everything that you believe about Trump, everything that you believe
about Biden, everything that you believe about Judge Marchan or
Alvin Bragg. We all have strong opinions there. If these
twelve jurors just focus on what will eventually be they're

trying to finish the closing arguments today, what will eventually
be the jury instructions that they get, which will be
a story in and of itself, because I'm intrigued to
see exactly what the jury instructions look like. But there
is no way possible that you could say beyond a
reasonable doubt that there has been a crime committed here.

I think on two levels. I think there is an
argument that Trump was not involved in these business transactions
in the way that they were booked on the documents,
which by the way, is a misdemeanor. But I think
one hundred percent certainty there is no proving of any
kind of intent on his part, which would be part

of the second crime that would elevate this to a felony.
I think there's a strong and I've hammered this for
a while every man out there, I really do believe
that Trump was worried about Milania hearing these accusations, whether
they were true or not, inside of his marriage, as

much or more than he was concerned about the political
implications of this. And I think most every man out
there listening can imagine. Let presume that Trump didn't do this.
We know that he bought off one allegation about him
having a child out of marriage, which was one hundred

percent not true, and I think that's a big part
of this story. There was a doorman who was telling
a story that Trump had an illegitimate child, and he
paid for that story not to go public, and we
know it's one hundred percent false because he didn't want
the story out there and it was otherwise going to
be Why couldn't the same thing be for his own family.

Speaker 1 (23:10):
So here here's a perfect example of why this whole
thing is insane. Go to the Federal Election Commission website
and look up the personal use differentiation for campaign and
personal use funds, and they have something clay, It's very straightforward,
called the and I spoke about this recently. I said,

you know, people think like, oh, I got a nice suit,
I wear it to my office. I can write that
off of my taxes. No, if you you know, have
to dress like you know, if you have to wear
like a uniform or something, you know, you have to
dress like you're from a different century or something from
some kind of a historical society, you know, something like that.
But there's something called the irrespective test here for the FEC.

Same thing would apply for your taxes. Commission regulations provide
a test called the irrespective test to differentiate legitimate versus
campaign expense. Is Personal use is any use of funds
in a campaign account of a candidate to fulfilly commitment,
obligation or expense that would exist irrespective of the candidate's
campaign or responsibilities as a federal office holder. So you're

not allowed to just be like, I have campaign funds,
I'm going to be talking about the campaign in this
new home. I'm going to buy this new home for
myself with campaign funds. Like this is pretty straightforward, right,
I mean, it's it's a pretty straightforward rule. Paying somebody
to shut up about an affair you had a long
time ago is clearly dual use, right, I mean, it's

clearly a thing that you would have done I'm sorry,
personal use, pardon me, Clearly a thing you would have
done on a personal basis, which is what you're talking
about with the alleged a doorman affair thing, whatever that was.
And the even more clear way to look at this
is if this is a campaign expense, they rather if
he had treated this as a campaign expense, they absolutely

would prosecute Jean Edwards, right, they absolutely would prosecute him
for this.

Speaker 2 (25:00):
So there's no way that that's what you're getting at,
which is important, There's no way that under this version
of the law, Trump could have been able to legally
pay these funds for a non disclosure agreement. Remember they
keep calling this a hush money tribal. We tried to
avoid using that terminology here because that's not a crime.

Paying hush money.

Speaker 1 (25:24):
Is not a crime. It's a business For a long time,
this is a business records trial, which I've been saying
all along. We even talked to one of Trump's attorneys.
I said, isn't this a business record The answer is yes.
I'd also know with John Edwards because I think there's
a tendency for people to say, oh, well, they prosecuted
they tried to prosecute John Edwards for having a campaign
like you know, funder basically pay this woman and take

care of her, and that they were unsuccessful in the prosecution.
But remember John Edwards was done at that point. He
was humiliated, and he had humiliated the Democrat Party as well.
He was no longer politically useful, so he was fair
game for any headhunting prosecutor that wanted to make a
name for himself. By the way, who was the prosecutor
who brought that charge or brought that case. You start

to look into this and you see there are some
people for whom public corruption cases are an opportunity to
make their own name. And it's really not about what's
what's fair and what's right. I think in this instance,
Trump was damned if he did damned if he didn't.
And that's that is, on its face, an unfair position
to put someone in. Legally, you can't say I'd prosecute

you if you did A, and I'd prosecute you, prosecute
you if you did B and those are your only choices, right,
You can't put someone in that situation, and that is
what they have done to Donald Trump. You want to
just get into the de Niro thing here for a second.
You saw they deployed de Niro. I can't believe this
is real. They Biden campaigns like, yeah, let's go have
Robert de Niro make our case for us. Uh, this

is him play three.

Speaker 6 (26:51):
The Twin Towers fell just over here, just over there.
This part of the city was like a ghost town.
But we vowed we would not allowed terrorists to change
our way of life, and we started with the Tribeca
Festival to bring people back.

Speaker 5 (27:09):
I love this city. I love this city. I don't
want to destroy it. Donald Trump wants to destroy not
only the city but the country and eventually he could
destroy the world.

Speaker 6 (27:26):
But we vowed we not allowed terrorists.

Speaker 1 (27:31):
They're yelling fjb for in case anyone doesn't couldn't hear
with what have gone on that we had to bleep
that out obviously, yeah, bleep Joe Biden. But Clay, Donald
Trump wants to destroy New York City and the country
and the world. I mean people, people who say this
discredit themselves just with that one with that one sentence,

or with that one paragraph of idiocy.

Speaker 2 (27:56):
I just cannot imagine that you would think, Hey, the
guy that we need to bring this all home for
us as the trial is completed is Robert de Niro.
I mean, it's just such a weird thing to do.
De Niro has totally lost his mind over Trump. But

even if you were breaking this down, does anybody out
there really trust I mean, Robert DeNiro made a career
playing gangsters in movies. I mean, it's not like this
is Tom Hanks, right, I mean, somebody who was really
beloved for the characters that he played. I also think
most people realized actors weighing in on politics is really

just annoying and kind of sad.

Speaker 1 (28:45):
Because they're mostly idiots who haven't had to deal in
the real world in any meaningful way, and they've really
just won the lottery.

Speaker 2 (28:51):
Well that was the general perspective when the whole era
that we grew up. Everybody, whether you're a Democrat, Republican,
or independent, would roll your eyes when somebody won an
oscar and they got up and they tried to lecture
the American public. And then in a social media age,
suddenly these people started being taken way more seriously. Maybe
it's I think it's the reverse celebrity culture. I think

it's the reverse. I think that they were far more
revered for their ideas and politics because we were limited
in our exposure to them. Now we see these morons
on Twitter and Facebook and whatever, unscripted, unfiltered, and we're like,
this person knows nothing. I mean, you know, this is
like Leonardo DiCaprio flying around in a private jets to

his climate change conferences and then tweeting about the threat
of climate change. Like, we see who these people are
now in a way that before you might have bought
into the mystique a little bit.

Speaker 1 (29:43):
So I just I see it differently. I think that
now we got there. I think actors have never been
more more undermined in the public mind by their own stupidity.
I think that they're at the absolute peak of it now.

Speaker 3 (29:55):

Speaker 2 (29:56):
I think that social media has made this whole idea
that everybody needs to use their platform and that we
should be I've seen it with athletics to such a
degree where it used to be everybody rolled their eyes,
and then suddenly people are like, you know, Lebron James
really does have really important things to say about the world.
I mean, this is the argument that people make. You're like,

I'm not sure Lebron James has read a book in
his life. There are a lot of idiot actors. I
remember back in the eighties and nineties, everybody would kind
of roll their eyes and then it's like social media
suddenly tried to convince these people that everybody desperately was
concerned about what they say. But I mean, I don't
remember this, like Robertson, like, who why is there a

press conference for Robert de Niro outside of the outside
of the tribe. That's crazy, right, I mean, the.

Speaker 1 (30:45):
Idea that this would occur. I think they realized that
Trump has been able to use what's going on to
some degree to his advantage, which is to sadly.

Speaker 2 (30:55):
But Robert de Niro is your is your is your
is your counterweight?

Speaker 1 (31:00):
I don't know. Some people still think there's something that
you need to hear from roberts and rom My understanding is,
by the way, if he doesn't have a script, he's
one of these people that has nothing to say.

Speaker 2 (31:08):
But I don't know, well, I mean, he's eighty almost,
he's on like his eighth wife or whatever the heck
it is. I think he just had a nasty divorce.
I think, doesn't he have a baby? Doesn't he have
like a one year old?

Speaker 1 (31:19):

Speaker 2 (31:20):
I mean, if you're over seventy and you have a baby,
I think in many ways you probably should have your
I'm probably gonna have eight kids after I'm seventy now,
and somebody's gonna clip this. But if you're over seventy
and you have a baby, I think your general decision
making should be questioned, right in general, And you think.
I think people have never thought that celebrities were dumber

than they are now. I think our knowledge of celebrity
stupidity is higher now than it has ever been. I'm
concerned that we give way more credence to celebrity opinions
than we ever have. We have the exact opposite.

Speaker 1 (31:53):
Take on this interesting Yeah, I don't know. I mean
I see these people now and I'm like everyone because
they always I'm impressed by him. I'm just saying I
think that they have more of an influence now with
the rise of social media than they ever did back
in the day. See, I think they just have influence
on social media among their followers. And I think that
most people who pay attention to politics in any meaningful way,

realize that these these celebrities are ignoramuses and it's not
you know, they don't have the same like, oh, let's
trot them. They'll raise money with them. I mean they'll
they'll use them in certain ways, but the notion that
you're going to have, I don't know. Maybe I'm seeing
it differently as somebody who was in New York all
those years, but I think people realize that these celebrities

are because remember it's happened with journalists for sure. By
the way, you know, you see Peoples is somebody who
can he can make you think that he's a knowledgeable
guy based on the columns he rights. You hear him speaking,
and you see the way, and the same thing with
Paul Krugman. These people are not very bright. Actually they're
not wise, they're not knowledgeable, but they can cut away

with pretending. And because of Twitter and because of the
more exposure you see, you know that they're not impressive.
I think that that stretches to celebrities too, but I
don't know. I mean, I don't think anyone Clay reads
Lebron James's tweets and goes this guy has important things
to say about the world. Nobody who knows anything about
the world.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
At least the media does. But we do agree the
media has destroyed itself as a collective whole with social media.
It's just really kind of exposed them. Robert de Niro
just had his seventh child at eighty last to April.
I mean, if you are eighty years old and you
have a child, what in the world can you possibly

be thinking. I mean, to me, that's tangible evidence that
your brain doesn't work. I mean, best case scenario, you
die at what when your kid's ten twelve years old?
I mean, are you expecting to live to be one
hundred and ten? The whole thing's pretty crazy, I want
to tell you. By the way, speaking of crazy, it's
Tuesday evening in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Every day and night,

is ray residents contend with the threat of missile attacks.
It happened again over the weekend, which is why the
majority of residents live with bomb shelters in their residences
so they have protection. Lately, even more attacks have been
coming on Israeli citizens. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,
that's the IFCJ is on location in Israel, addressing all

the urgent needs and offering help. IFCJ is preparing for
the worst by packing emergency bomb shelter kits that can
be delivered immediately to those in needs. Your donation to
the IFCJ will help assembol and place those kits with
enough food and life saving emergency supplies for twenty people

huddled in a bomb shelter. The cost to put this
together and distribute the kits is just under three hundred
bucks each. Donate to this worthy cause, and thanks to
a matching challenge gift from a generous IFCJ supporter, your
gift will double an impact. The number to call to
make the gift eight eight eight four eight eight IFCJ

listen carefully eight eight eight four eight eight IFCJ. You
can go online to support IFCJ dot org to give
one word support IFCJ dot org. From the front lines
of Truth, Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Welcome Back in
Clay Travis, Buck Sexton Show, Robert de Niro making the

closing argument, I bet a lot of you out there
on a Tuesday coming out of Memorial Day, and thanks
to everyone who made Memorial Day possible with their sacrifices.
You may well need coffee to get you through that Tuesday.
I bet there was a decent amount of alcohol consumed.

I bet there were a decent amount of barbecues out there.
A lot of people around the pool, the lake, the beach.
Crocketcoffee dot Com get hooked up today, subscribe. It's the
coffee that loves America, that believes in an innate American
goodness and believes in our American historical figures. Crockettcoffee dot

dot com. Don't let some purple haired loon be the
person that you're giving your coffee money too, So Crocketcffee
dot Com. We come back more on the Trump trial
and how exactly it is being set up. But I
want to dive into this Politico piece that to me
is echoing around our nation's capital and the American body.

Politic they really went after Biden. There seems to be
a growing palpable fear inside of the Democrat Party over
how the Biden campaign is going. We'll break all that
down for you, and by the way, our good friend
Alex Berenson going to join us in the third hour
of this show. Appreciate you guys hanging out with us
here on clay Box,

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