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May 29, 2024 36 mins
Trump trial goes to jury, judge gives them ludicrous instructions designed to produce guilty verdict. Dems and media will dox any juror who hangs the jury. Poll shows race tied in Virginia. Trump says Mother Teresa couldn't beat these charges. CNN admits trial has had no impact on polls. Mika confronts Biden spokesman on De Niro presser. Caller ends the hour.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Welcome in the Wednesday edition, Clay Travis buck Sexton show.
Appreciate all of you hanging out with us. Jury Watch
is officially underway. What I would say to all of
you is, you never know when the verdict is now
going to come. The charge has been given by the judge.

The jury now is in the deliberation phase of the
New York City case. We have told you for some
time that we think the best case scenario is a
hung jury. There was a big piece written about how
anyone on the jury who is willing to not vote
to convict will become I saw an analogy made. I

don't know if you even get this analogy, Buck, but
you probably are familiar at least with the pop culture reference.

Speaker 2 (00:52):
Do you remember Steve.

Speaker 1 (00:53):
Bartman, the Chicago Cubs fan who reached out and accidentally
a foul ball. The Cubs then went on to lose
to the Marlins, And that was before the Cubs had
ever won a World Series, and Bartman became just an
absolute scapegoat for decades of Chicago Cubs failures, and he

couldn't even have a normal life in the Chicago area anymore.
He had to basically go into hiding I mean, it's crazy.
He was just a fan in these stands who touched
a foul ball that otherwise would have been potentially caught,
and then the Marlins go on to win the game,
win the series. So I saw an analogy already being
made that if there is one juror, or maybe multiple

jurors that refuse to convict, that they will immediately become
New York City's part man. That they will be they
will be sought after, they will be ridiculed, they will
be attacked, they will become persona non grada throughout the
whole city. You pointed this out as a New York
City guy that inevitably any juror who has the stone

to actually apply the law here and say there should
be a not guilty verdict and refuses to relent that
that would be something that might happen to them, so
that we will see, now, is there a juror who
will actually apply the law? Is there a juror who
is willing to stand up to the rig job the
kangaroo court that has been in effect. That clock is

now ticking, and Trump just came out of the courtroom
and addressed the assembled media and said a couple of
different things. We've got cuts for you. Here's the first.
He says, Mother Teresa couldn't beat these charges. Cut one,
I would.

Speaker 3 (02:39):
Say, and listening to the charges from the judges, as
you know, very conflicted and corrus because of the confliction,
Very very correct. Mother Teresa could not beat these judges.
These charges are rigged. The whole thing is rigged, the
whole country's mess between the boarders and fake elections. And

you have a trial like this where the judge is
so conflicted he can't breathe.

Speaker 2 (03:10):
He's got to do his job. And it's not for
me that I can tell you.

Speaker 3 (03:14):
It's a disgrace, and I mean that Mother Dusa could
not be disjudge. But we'll see, we'll see how we do.

Speaker 4 (03:22):
I think he's trying to manage expectations here a bit
that does not sound like a guy who believes that
there will be justice here, at least with a not
guilty verdict, which should be the outcome. Although it's almost
hard to say that because the outcome is actually or
should have been, that the judge threw it out. No, actually,

the outcome should have been that no prosecutor would ever
bring this. I mean you can just keep walking this back.
The whole thing is such an abuse, such a miscarriage
of justice. The fact that Trump has had to go
through this mental energy, the physical presence in the courtroom
in an election year is election interference. They have already

interfered illicitly in this election just by bringing this prosecution,
and now we await an outcome here and all of
the legal analysts, it's funny, you're actually not seeing that
many left wing legal analysts play who are out there
saying that this is a great prosecution or this is

they're really commenting. They're almost doing play by play. And
this is what the Libs will do when they know
that they can't make a real case about something. They're
kind of just telling people what's going on. Meanwhile, on
the right or anyone who's honest, because there are people
like Dershowitz who's not on the right, but who is
honest about this case. Everyone is just pulling their out
because it's so outrageous, and you're seeing merchand the judge

here is opening this up so that you can have
the members of the jury picking what they think would
be different crime praise. You don't have to agree on
what crime was committed the second.

Speaker 1 (05:05):
Crime that there's the they can you can have a
fluctuating decision on what the second crime is in terms
of guilt or And it's crazy.

Speaker 2 (05:12):
I've never heard.

Speaker 4 (05:13):
That the judge is trying to give the widest possible
justification to these jurors or for these jurors to come
to a guilty verdict. It's it couldn't be more clear
what's going on here. And I think that I'm still hopeful,
as I've said, I've I've predicted I'm not going to
change it now. I've predicted they're going to find him guilty,

although I think that will actually work the Trump's political benefit,
and I think a hung jury would work to Trump's
political benefit. But my concern here always has been if
you are a member of it. It was nice when
we had people call in like wait, but don't isn't
the judge going to be able to keep the names
of the jury secret? If this is a hung jury,

just mark my words, everyone, you will know the.

Speaker 2 (05:58):
Name eob high school baseball position.

Speaker 4 (06:05):
First name of his first hurry, I mean you will
know everything from the media within twenty four to forty
eight hours. Everything will come out right away about this person,
despite the judge's order, because the media will do everything
that they can to leverage the sources that they have
to get that information out there.

Speaker 2 (06:24):
So just remember that I said that.

Speaker 4 (06:27):
And the fact that we're even having to have this conversation, unfortunately,
is a failure. That's the part of this that I
find so depressing, Clay. It's a failure of the justice
system at this point, no matter what, and the people
there's such a shortsightedness in this from people on the
left who think that they're doing some sort of a

service here for democracy or however they justify to themselves
at night. They have set a precedent that can never
be undone which is not just bringing a case again,
holding and then bringing a case against a presidential candidate,
but bringing the flimsiest, most absurd, most rigged case I've
ever heard, thirty four felonies, Clay. I mean, the fact

that a prosecutor can look this courtroom in New York
City in the eye in a sense and say we're
charging this guy with thirty four felonies is is this
is like Kafka esque. I mean, this is Kessler's darkness
at noon this is some kind of of a horrifying
chapter you can't get out of your head from soul

Zanietzen and the Gulag Archipelago, Like, what are they doing here?

Speaker 2 (07:36):
It's crazy?

Speaker 1 (07:37):
And I would also point out that it's not benefiting
right now Biden politically. And they, I think scored a
devastating own goal on themselves yesterday, after not deciding to
have public availability press conferences outside of the courtroom on

the day when the true is finishing, they decided to
roll out Robert de Niro for one of the most
ridiculous press conferences I have seen in a very long time.
It directly connected the Biden Harris campaign to this case.
And Trump talked about de Niro just now out on
the front steps. Do you want an eighty year old

guy who is clearly suffering from Trump derangement syndrome to
become the face of the Biden Harris campaign. They made
that calculated choice. Here is Trump responding to De Niro
outside at the press conference.

Speaker 3 (08:32):
And then they have a protest of Robert de Niro yesterday.
He's a fool, he said, broken down, fool standing out there.
He got Magganier, he got Maggot yesterday got a big
do oven.

Speaker 1 (08:45):
That is you imagine this is so embarrassing to them,
who ever made the calculation to do that. We'll play
some of these cuts a little bit later for you,
because again, I think it's emblematic of a form of
desperation that's setting in their game plan. I think it's
fair for everybody out there to understand what their game

plan was. It was, we're going to make Trump the nominee.
They got exactly what they wanted. They wanted to knock
out DeSantis, they wanted to knock out Nikki Haley. Biden
and his team selected Trump as their opponent, and they
thought all this lawfair was going to guarantee that people

would not vote for Trump. They knew that it would.
I really think I'm curious if you would sign on
to this. They knew it would rally Republicans and likely
get Trump the nomination. But I think where this is
blowing up in their faces, it's actually rallied independence and
middle of the road voters at least so far to
be more likely to support Trump. And there are polls

that just keep coming out. One came out this morning
that had Virginia in a dead tie Biden won. This
is Roanoke College, usually one of the most reliable Virginia pollsters.
They had Biden one by ten in Virginia and twenty twenty.
Right now it's an absolute dead heat, which is what
the Trump campaign has been saying about their polling. And

I think this is all blown up in the Biden
team's face. And I felt like the DeNiro press conference
was evidence that they really don't know what to do
and that they're floundering.

Speaker 4 (10:23):
I mean, I always have to remind people I think,
or I remind myself by saying it. It's hard to
sometimes let yourself believe that the Democrats could miscalculate in
this way because we have a there's a standard, almost
reflexive Oh they're playing four D chess. Oh they're so,
Yes they're nefarious, Yes they're unprincipled. Yes they will cheat,

but that doesn't mean that their genius is right. I mean,
this is actually something we used to have to think
about when I was dealing with terrorists and the CIA
back in the day. I'm not saying the Democrats are terrorists,
but you get what I mean. Sometimes they're just idiots
that do an own goal. Sometimes they actually just make
huge blunders. Twenty sixteen, it was the It was the
Democrat media and party consensus that putting Donald Trump on

TV was laughable, got great ratings, and Hillary was going
to walk away with the whole thing. It was an
enormous miscalculation, right, and they learned a bit. I think
for twenty twenty. This time around, the consensus opinion was
We're just going to defeat him with the system that
he tried to overturn. That's how they say it. And

I think that there's the possibility. We don't know yet,
we won't know until the election day, but there is
the possibility, and I do believe it is creeping up
in the minds of these Democrats Clay that this might
have been an enormous blunder, an enormous miscalculation, meaning the
law fair against Trump. Yes, it's great for the MSNBC audience,

although I think they may be disappointed when they see
what ends up happening in the polls too. But for
people that are not completletly diluted and brainwashed, no, this
is too much. This is wrong, and I.

Speaker 1 (12:06):
Would argue it hasn't even been great for CNN and MSNBC.
It's not as if their ratings on television have skyrocketed
during this trial. I think so much of this information
was already out there. The lack of video of the
trial diluted the drama in a substantial way, and they've
been relegated on CNN to doing dramatic readings of the

testimony for substantial periods of time, which has not redounded
to CNN's benefit. They had the lowest ratings they've had
in over thirty years. I think the problem they're running
into is it's the same story and people have already
bought into what they believe one way or the other.

Speaker 4 (12:46):
I think they also stepped into the Trump bear trap.
Remember those old cartoon characters that stepped on the bear trap.
Oh yeah, I think they stepped into the Trump bear
trap again insofar as they thought that the trial was
going to be an opportunity to malign and mock Trump.
But by far the most interesting and memorable thing about

this trial has been one that they're actually doing this
because it looks crazy, and two Trump press conferences impromptu
effectively every day at the courthouse and telling the American people, Hey,
this is what's going on. Isn't this nuts. No one
is seeing this who is a Biden voter before? And
I think this is where they really have a problem.

If you are a Biden voter before, you see this
and you think this is justice, democracy, whatever. But if
you are not somebody who was arnadying the tank for
Joe Biden, there is zero chance you have watched these
proceedings in New York City with any focus or attention
whatsoever and come away saying, yeah, now I'm a Biden
p litter.

Speaker 2 (13:45):
Do you know what I mean?

Speaker 4 (13:46):
No one's switching there, no one's changing their mind based
on this one.

Speaker 1 (13:49):
And in fact, we'll play some of this data for you.
But even CNN is having to acknowledge what the polls
have shown, which is, since they started this trial, Trump
has actually increased his lead over Joe Biden in the
national poll sample and in it, far from like it
tearing him down, it's actually ended up elevating him, which
makes sense.

Speaker 4 (14:10):
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Speaker 5 (15:36):
Scheek out with the guys on the Sunday Hang with
Clay and Buck podcast, a new episode every Sunday. Find
it on the iHeart app or wherever you get your podcasts.

Speaker 4 (15:46):
So how's it going for the communists these days? Well,
let's check check it in on the communists. These networks,
CNN and their data guy crunching the numbers on what
this trial has done for Trump's support, and it's.

Speaker 2 (15:58):
Not what the comedies we're hoping for.

Speaker 6 (15:59):
Play preopening statements, think Trump did something illegal forty six
percent after the direct examination of Michael Combe by the prosecution.
Look at where we are now forty six percent. Most
Americans don't really care that much so closely following news
about economy inflation, that's number one. It's sixty five percent.
Look at immigration fifty two percent. Election legitimacy forty nine percent,

abortion forty seven percent.

Speaker 2 (16:25):
All the way.

Speaker 6 (16:25):
Down on this list of issues tested by the IPSOS
Knowledge Panel is Trump's court cases at forty two percent,
significantly less than economy inflation. The fact is, when we're
looking at these numbers, what we see as Americans minds
aren't changing. And a big reason why Americans minds aren't
changing is at this particular point, they are tuned out

of the conversation. The Biden vers Trump marchin perhaps not
a big surprise. Donald Trump had a slight lead before
the trial began.

Speaker 2 (16:56):
Now he continues to have a.

Speaker 4 (16:57):
Slight lead, so no surprise there. The trial is both
boring and absurd, and that's not a good look if
you're hoping that it's going to damage President Trump in
the eyes of voters.

Speaker 1 (17:10):
Also, they if they come out with a verdict and
they have the case right now, it's going to arrive
in Memorial Day week, which is probably one of the
least news paying attention two weeks of the year. It
already hasn't cut through and made a big impact. And
now you're telling me when many people are on vacation

and when many people have taken time off of work
and they aren't dialed in. This to me is also
the worst possible timing for Joe Biden to even get
a conviction against Trump. If it happens and again the
jury has the case, we will update you the minute
that we hear that they have reached a verdict. They
are going to be deliberating until four point thirty Eastern today,

and then we'll start back up tomorrow as needed. Look,
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in Clay, Travis buck Sexton Show. Appreciate all of you
hanging out with us. We were just talking about off air.

I still cannot believe that the Biden administration spent this
entire trial trying to pretend they had absolutely nothing to
do with it, didn't care at all about the results,
weren't involved. And then yesterday, on the day that the
closing arguments are being made by the prosecution and by

the defense, and the day that effectively the trial moves
from the courtroom to the jury's deliberations, they decided they
suddenly needed to have a press conference. And they didn't
just have a press conference. They brought in Robert de Niro,
eighty year old actor wearing a mask outdoors in late

May when it's eighty degrees in New York City. They
get completely drown out by MAGA counter protesters. De Niro
gets angry and is screaming threats. It's so incompetent that
even morning Joe which is the default Pravda of the

Democrat Party. Mika Brazenski comes out and confronts the Biden
Harris spokesperson on MSNBC and says, Hey, this didn't feel
right to me. Listen to this cut that happened on
that show that Biden starts every morning watching.

Speaker 7 (20:26):
Joining us now. Communications director for the Biden Harris campaign
Michael Tyler, who, as we mentioned, also spoke at the
news conference outside the courthouse. I guess I have to
ask you why you decided to speak there and to
have the campaign show up at the courthouse.

Speaker 2 (20:42):
I don't know.

Speaker 7 (20:42):
It doesn't feel right to me at all.

Speaker 8 (20:45):
Well, good morning, and thank you for having me. We
showed up there because the news media has been incessantly
posted up there day in and day out for weeks,
and so, as we said last week, we are going
to use the next month to talk about the upcoming
presidential debate in Atlanta, of things that Donald Trump is
going to have to answer for.

Speaker 4 (21:03):
This is an admission. What they did is an admission
that their strategy of ignoring the trial failed. It looks pathetic,
It looks desperate at the very end to have spokespersons
deployed to this trial who are supposed to be what
adding to the already obvious law fair narrative that Donald

Trump has done something terrible. I don't think that anybody
buys it. I don't think that anybody thinks that.

Speaker 2 (21:32):
This is effective.

Speaker 4 (21:34):
I mean even Democrats recognize, but there's not much I
think that they're able to do here at this stage
because it hasn't worked, right. I mean, that's the other
part of this. We just talked about the data. People
are not looking at this trial going, oh my gosh,
President Trump is going to be a felon because this
is absurd.

Speaker 2 (21:53):
You know.

Speaker 4 (21:53):
One thing, Clay I also wanted to point out, and
this is getting a lot of attention, like any McCarthy's
been on TV talking about it. We'll talk to him
later this week, probably Jonathan Turley, a bunch of others,
and they're all I mentioned this, how they don't have
to agree on It's crazy what the crime is they
are instructed by, They are instructed by the judge here

merchand that they can disagree about the crime committed for
this secondary crime, right, what the federal crime is, and
they can still be treated as a unanimous verdict. I mean,
this is what Turley said. He said merchand delivered the
coupdi grass instruction. He said that there's no need to

agree on what occurred. They can disagree on what the
crime was among the three choices. Thus, this means they
could split four four four and he will still treat
them as unanimous. Now, let's just be clear. That's insane.
That's a rigged instruction. And then on top of it,
and this is almost I've said this before, but it's

really I don't know why this hasn't gotten more attention, Clay.
This is the prosecutors are required to prove that honor
about February fourteenth, twenty seventeen, President Trump made or caused
to be made a false entry in a business enterprise.
How can he be part of a conspiracy to affect

an election in twenty sixteen with a business entry in
February of twenty seventeen the election is over? Yeah, how
can you commit and after the fact election crime of
influencing an election? This would be like saying the referee

was paid off for the super Bowl weeks after the
super Bowl happened, and there was no contact before that.

Speaker 2 (23:51):
Like, it makes no sense like the Super Bowl is
already over. How can they do this?

Speaker 1 (23:56):
Well, they're trying to argue that the October agreement was
when there was one hundred and thirty thousand dollars agreed
to be paid, represented the UH represented the agreement that Trump,
and then it wasn't papered until February. The problem is,
as I see it twofold one, it has to be

beyond a reasonable doubt. And the entire case effectively relies
on Michael Cohen's testimony that Trump knew what the payment
was for and that he specifically authorized it with the
almost sole intent to avoid this story coming out and
therefore have an impact on the twenty sixteen election.

Speaker 4 (24:42):
But the Clay then they should be charged. Why is
the charge not conspiracy because the conspiracy would have begun
with the agreement before the election.

Speaker 2 (24:54):
You see what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (24:55):
The time, I think the answer were I think the
answer from their is they don't want to rely on
a crime that Michael Cohen was directly involved in, because
then the conspiracy is entirely related to Cohen. I think, look,
this is but it's still entirely related to Cohen without

the phone call and him explaining what Trump's instructions were.

Speaker 2 (25:20):
They got nothing.

Speaker 1 (25:21):
I don't disagree, which is why I think it's beyond
a reasonable doubt. But what they're trying to argue is
the business records are the reflection of the agreement entered
into inuntil late October. Yeah, they're arguing the business records
are effectively a codification of an illegal conspiracy.

Speaker 4 (25:38):
But my point is they're not charging the conspiracy. I
get it, which is I guess which is which is why?
But and so that's point one. I think that there
is reasonable doubt. And also I think you could argue
that it can't be a conspiracy because if the illegal
act was only the registering of those, they could have decided.
You see what I'm saying, they could have decided after election.
You know what, we should put this down as a

campaign expense.

Speaker 1 (26:01):
Well, I think to your point, the biggest issue is
the payment's not illegal, like you can pay hushing. I
get it. Well, technically, technically the business records and the
way they are recorded could be a misdemeanor. The problem
is that statute of limitations passed. The craziest thing to

me about this entire case, and there are many things
clearly there's reasonable doubt. But the fact that they have
never been required to definitively say what the second crime
is is unbelievable to me, because you can't defend yourself adequately.
They allowed, my understanding, and one of you lawyers out

there that's listening, I've never even heard of this happening.
They allowed the government to plead three potential second crimes,
which justified the elevation of the misdemeanor to a fell,
but they did it require them to specify which of
the three was. Meaning now, in the jury instructions, he's saying,

each juror can believe that there was a violation of
one of three different crimes.

Speaker 4 (27:14):
You don't have to be a lawyer to know that
the entire house of cards falls down based on none
of those other crimes have been Not only have they
been failed to be proven, they haven't even been charged.
You can't suffer legal consequences of a you know, you
can't extend a statute of limitations. You can't send someone

to prison longer on the theory that they did some
other crime in addition to the crime that you're saying, right,
this would be no different. Then I'm being charged with murder,
and they say, well, you could get ten years, but
we're gonna give you twenty years because of that robbery
we say you did ten years ago. You say, well,
hold on, you haven't even charged me with robbery. Yeah,
we're extending your sentence anyway.

Speaker 2 (27:56):
You can't do that. I think that's crazy.

Speaker 1 (27:59):
Also, there is I think no intent proven on the
second crime. This is where I come in on. I
think that they made a pretty good argument. I think
there should be a juror two that's persuaded by this.
Even if you believe everything, even if you believe Cohen,
even if you focus on the fraudulent business records and

you believe all of that, this case, I think it's
very legit to say that Trump paid the money entirely
for his own private relationship because he didn't want Milania
to hear that he might have slept with a porn star.
Is there listen to me right now, everybody out there,

Is there a single married man listening to us right
now in the entire country that whether it was true or.

Speaker 2 (28:48):
False, this is you're purpose to wake up tomorrow and read.

Speaker 9 (28:53):
This, even beyond the the personal purpose of this, that
this could be for the business record again, going on this,
I think the fact that they're charging something, they're they're
basically charging somebody with trying to fix the election after
the election happened, because there was an agreement that later
on they would write down and it's insane.

Speaker 4 (29:13):
Okay, this is crazy people talk. Nobody would do this.
It makes no sense. Put that aside for a second.
If they wanted to, Let's say they wanted to avoid
that charge. Let's say that they had this big conspiracy
and they're gonna lie about a Stormy Daniel's NDA payment
situation and they didn't want to they didn't want to
face the big, bad, scary situation they're in right now,

and they use so they listed it as a campaign expenditure.
Then they would have been in a position where they
should have paid this with campaign funds, which would clearly
be treated as a violation of campaign finance laws. They
have created an out of the frying pan, into the fryer,
into the fire, sorry situation. And and that's also inherently

to say it's unconstant tuistole is actually to get too
deep into it. It's just clearly unjust. I mean, this
is this is immoral what they're doing. It falls apart
on every level. This is the most absurd criminal case
I have ever heard of in my life. I've never
heard of any and I've heard some you know, some
guys federal law they were prosecuting so many years ago.

He was fishing and I think he wrapped up the
lobster and paper instead of plastic, and like that's a
violation of some federal trade law.

Speaker 2 (30:25):
Like you know, there are little rinky ding things.

Speaker 4 (30:28):
But this is the most obvious abuse of statutory interpretation
for political purposes I've ever seen with anything in my life.

Speaker 2 (30:35):
And nothing else is even close, which is.

Speaker 1 (30:37):
Why I am. I would be stunned. Now it's going
to take a couple of years. I think it's all
going to get tossed. This entire case is going to
go in the dumpster fire. But that's why you know
it's one hundred percent political related, because when that ultimate
vindication comes, it might be twenty twenty six, it might
be twenty twenty seven, and the Biiden team will have

gotten the bite at the felony apple that they wanted. Now,
as we go to break just I want everybody to
think about this. The numbers are not reflecting that this
is working in Biden's favor. I actually think buck that
this has destroyed his preserved democracy argument, which was, for
better or worse, one of the reasons the hooks that

so many people were willing to bite to vote for
him in twenty twenty.

Speaker 4 (31:25):
And I also say this again to anybody of normal
emotional stability and intelligence and above, it looks cowardly for
Biden because all of this can be solved. If Trump
is a threat to democracy, if Trump is the end
of the republic, if he's such a monster and all
these bad things, let the American people decide.

Speaker 2 (31:46):
Beat him, beat him.

Speaker 4 (31:48):
Yeah, if Joe Biden was a real man, you know
what he'd say, guys, none of this legal stuff. He
should have pardoned Trump. We talked about it. I've said
for a hard number of the federal crimes and said,
I'm going to beat that punk Manda man at the pole,
because that's how we do it in America. Instead, he's
the sniveling, shriveled up old coward that he is, and
we can all see it. And that's why, by the way,

I'm losing folks think about this.

Speaker 1 (32:11):
I think there's a possibility he's getting so desperate that
he might pardon Trump when he pardons his son.

Speaker 2 (32:17):
If he stays in the race in the fall.

Speaker 1 (32:19):
You want an October surprise, it's that Biden desperation, says,
I'm gonna do for the betterment of the country. This
is too nasty, going after kids, going after former president.
I'm telling you not because it's right, but because he's
got a hail Mary and he's trying to figure out
a way. They're desperate. This de Niro thing, if you
wondered who was leading the de Niro press conference, should

eliminate all doubt.

Speaker 2 (32:43):
They're flailing.

Speaker 4 (32:45):
Yeah, I got to tell you it looked to me
like Robert de Niro could use a little extra sleep.
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Speaker 5 (34:25):
Deals, learn laugh and join us on the weekend on
our Sunday Hang with Clay and Buck podcast. Find it
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Speaker 2 (34:36):
Welcome back in tea to Clay and Buck.

Speaker 4 (34:38):
Just a reminder that I'm actually wearing a T shirt
right now Crocket Coffee. I don't know if you're hearing
me in the micro Cracket Coffee.

Speaker 2 (34:45):
The T shirt looks awesome.

Speaker 4 (34:46):
We're going to be selling them soon, but it's the
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Speaker 2 (34:58):
Please subscribe. More and more.

Speaker 4 (35:01):
Products will be available and more fun stuff coming to
our subscribers. Building out a great American company. Coffee just
the beginning, many many other things coming down the line
as well. Also The New York Times trying really hard
to go after justice Alito. We're gonna dive into this.
Why are they making such a big deal about flags

at his property at two of his properties from years ago?
Right now, we'll answer that question. But we have Brian
in Ohio.

Speaker 2 (35:32):
What's up? Brian?

Speaker 10 (35:34):
Hey, guys, got a quick question for you, just get
your opinion on this. I'm wondering, how is history going
to record all this that's happening. There's been so much
going on here.

Speaker 2 (35:53):
I mean, well, the history can I tell you?

Speaker 4 (35:55):
Can I jump in, Brian, because I think it's a
very a very good question. But depends who I think.
That's going to be a big part of how history
is going to record this trial. Depends on who win.

Speaker 1 (36:06):
I also think, and this is why I've been so
disappointed by a lot of modern day historians. John Meetchim,
Michael Beschlos, the guys who go on to MSNBC on
a day to day basis. Historians are typically good at
telling you why something matters one hundred years after it matters,
because you can see the larger picture and see the
overall impact of a presidency or an event. I think

it depends on when you're asking. I think twenty years
from now it'll still be a fifty to fifty issue.
I think one hundred years from now, if Trump gets
re elected and has a successful second term, Biden will
look like he was on the wrong side of history.
But the problem is most of us will be dead
before right and wrong of much of history is ever determined.
That's what history teaches me.

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