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March 15, 2023 37 mins
Senior Adviser to President Trump Stephen Miller joins Buck to discuss the chaos at the border, which threatens the safety of all Americans. Stop calling history nerds nerds. Vermont women's HS basketball team forfeits game because opposing team had transgender player. Lindsey Graham wants to start shooting down Russian planes.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to today's edition of the Clay Travis and Buck
Sexton Show podcast. Come back to Clay Anne Buck. We
have Stephen Miller with us, now former senior White House
Advisor and a man who knows policy both legal and
border and everything in between like the back of his hand. Stephen,
thanks for joining us. Thank you so much. Great to

be here today. So we've got Homeland Security Committee field
hearing today going on down in Texas. Democrats, as I
understand it, have pulled out of this at the last minute,
and they're saying, for example, this is Representative Mark Greene
who talked about how there's an app where you, if

you're an illegal who comes into America right now, you
fill out the app and you get parole as soon
as you fill it out. Play it. Why would Secretary
myarchus want to do away with the judiciary, Why would
you want to subvert law written by this body, the Congress.
It's because they want more people to come into the country.

And now their solution is an app where whomever fills
it out just automatically gets parole when they show up
at the crossing site. That is in total contravention to
what the laws passed by Congress about how people are
to enter this country. I can see it now, some
drug cartel coyote. Hey, for an additional fee, we'll fill

the app out for you. Is there really an app
for that, Stephen, There most certainly is. And Chairman Green
explained it correctly when you said, this whole administration is
objective is to get as many people into the country
as possible. It is that simple as that straightforward. Anybody
who's been fallowing this for two years understands that in
twenty twenty is the policy of the Trump administration. And

I know because I implemented that policy to detain and
deport all illegal border crossers. So we would meet on
a regular basis with the whole management structure of CBP
Border Patrol and ICE to reiterate this over and over
and over again. If you apprehending legal immigrant, you use

every single available policy tool at your disposal. Under no
circumstances are they allowed to leave a detained setting to
be able to walk freely on US soil. And so
we saw as a result, record low numbers in twenty twenty.
Biden comes in in twenty twenty one and he changes
the policy from detaining the port to catch and release.

And it's not even just released, it's recubtled. I mean,
you see people, as we all know, particularly on accompany
of minors, being flown to the destination of their choice
in the United States. So the government is resettling legal
immigrants in the country. This new application is a way
of expanding that process. So you can be an intending
legal immigrant. You can go onto the smartphone application. By

the way, the fact that you have a smartphone also
demonstrates that you're definitely not in the kinds of dire
straits that are off and for trade. You fill out
the application and you show up at a port of
entry and you get admitted into the United States of
America to live the rest of your life here. And
these are overwhelmingly going to be individuals who do not

have a high school education or the equivalent of one
of the United States. They do not have the kinds
of professional skills that are going to make them financially
self sufficient. So it's going to be an incredible burden
on the US tax payer who's gonna have to to subsidize
free housing, free education, free welfare, free food, and so

on and so forth for decades to come, Stephen. You
know the latest from Border Patrol Chief Raoul or Tease
earlier this morning and his testimony is that there have
been approximately three hundred and eighty five thousand known gotaways,
not to include unknown goataways. There's a lot of those
two since the fiscal year in October of twenty twenty three,

so we're looking at approximately this is according to Border
Biden's Border Patrol Chief says that there are one point
four million goataways since the start of fiscal year twenty one.
One point four million. That's not including as we know,
the whatever it is now six or seven million who
have just come into the country and gained the system.

Who's who are choosing to just let everyone know in
this audience, because you know these numbers, you know this reality.
Who are the people who are choosing to be goataways
when they could just otherwise surrender? Right, I mean there's
something going on here? Yes, well, very much so. And
so the hearing had a lot of explosive revelations and
I did watch the hearing in this entirety today and

that was indeed one of them. So the number of goataways,
of course, can we only measure what we call known godaways,
and as you mentioned, almost four hundred thousand just in
this fiscal year alone. And there's this other number that
I would estimate personally is at least as many as
the known number of goataways. And these are the ones
that you don't even know that escaped versus the ones

that you can ectimate escaped because of drone footage and
censored technology, footpaths, visual observation, things of that nature. And
so who are these people? Why are they evading? So,
as you mentioned, there are an enormous number of people
who are turnins or surrenders. This would include almost all

family units are going to be turn ins. All miners
in most cases are going to be turnins because they
get automatic or settlement. So people seventeen and younger, and
then many nationalities that no, there's no deportation to their
home country are going to be turning in as well too.
So the gataways are going to have among them two

groups primarily one which is pretty straightforward, are going to
be Mexican nationals, just because for them, it's a zero
cost proposition. You know, you run away, you get caught,
you get them back, you try again, so you just
you keep trying till you get in. And then the
other group, though, is going to be, which of course
include some Mexican nationals, are going to be people who

have criminal records, whether in their home countries or in
the United States, who have multiple previous deportations, which although
I don't think this administration would apply it, which can
trigger a felony prosecution, are going to be of course
a huge category here are going to be actively smuggling
or transporting narcotics or contrabant into the United States. And

then of course sex trafficking and labor trafficking and things
of that nature. So you have within that group an
enormous amount of criminal activity, and that now is all
inside of the United States and every state and every
city all throughout the country. There's being a Stephen Miller,
former senior adviser to President Donald Trump. Stephen, you may

have seen this as well, that the DA now, according
to reporting by Fox News, DA is aware that there
are Mexican pharmacies that are selling pills that are laced
with fentanyl. So now it's we've known for a while
that the cartels will try to press pills to look

like pharmaceutical grade pills. And then people overdose and there's
no quality control and the whole thing is a disaster
for the American people. But Mexican pharmacies are selling this stuff,
and of course it's getting across the border to us.
What can we do about this? Well, and of course
they are, because the cartels have operational control of vast

loss of territory and if you don't go along with
their program, you're going to be killed. So if they
want pharmacies to manufacture this drug and just shoubting denied states,
and that's exactly what's going to happen. What you do,
of course, is exactly what we did to in twenty twenty.
And then what President Trump is further proposed to, and

which obviously is you need to treat the cartels as
a as an unlawful enemy combatant with all that that entails.
And then you also need the United States Navy to
blockade the seas where the drugs are being transported into
Mexico from areas further to the south, including of course
South America, and the United States Border Patrol needs to

have a policy of one hundred percent deportation, and we're
applicable one hundred percent prosecution, and so you have the
place completely sealed up between ports of entry, and then
you have the military engaging with the cartels to do
what we need to be done in terms of kinetic activity.
And at the end of the day, we just have
to realize that there's not a single foreign threat on

the face of the earth that comes even close to
these cartels in terms of the loss of American life.
No one, no one even approaches that, no one even
gets close. And yet the United States military is engaged
in nation building activities and purportedly peacekeeping activities all throughout
the planet, and our southern border is where the greatest

threat m and as some lies that it is untouched,
in fact it is actively aided by this administration. Stephen,
how can we address the issue of the asylum claims
that are being made and the open door that that
has created. What would be you know, what is within
statute or within the executive branches discretion. We know Biden's

not going to do this right. This is more of
a look toward twenty twenty four when maybe there'll be
an administration hopefully that will decide to do something about this.
But how can the false asylum loophole be closed. It's
actually a very straightforward to do so. One of the
common misconceptions that people have, and that is repeated out

of an item by many, is that anyone who enters
the country illegally has a quote right to make an
asylum claim and then to be released if that claim
is deemed to be plausible or credible. And way that
is not true. In fact, there are multiple tools that
already exist in federal law that would invalidate those claims.

The one of those, of course, is Title forty two,
which was pioneered and implemented by the Trump administration and
invalidated hundreds of thousands of asylum claims. Right, that's a
pandemic authority, right, that's the CDC pandemic you can't come
in here authority, right, And so that authority is a
is a particularly broad grant of executive authority. Then, so

we use that, for example, Title forty two, we use
that to solve the problem of unaccompanied minors. So when
we would get a minor from say or say fifteen
or sixteen minor sixteen seventeen years old from Haiti that
under the current administration would be sent to HHS helping
human services and then relocated wherever they want to go,
be it, you know, New York, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, what

have you. We would call the local government in Haiti
and would say, get social workers ready, we've got a
plane coming in tomorrow. We seventeen minors and we would
use Titli forty two to do that, and it would
work quite seamlessly, and the numbers dropped almost nothing. Then
you have what's called safe third agreements, which in statute

it says, and it's there in black and white that
one of the categorical bars to asylum eligibility is if
another country is willing to take you. So you could
even be eligible for asylum, like fully eligible, and even
then by any definition, so you could be somebody who

has a rock solid claim which of course you basically
never see you on the southern border, but just hypothetically,
and you still wouldn't be able to get asylum in
the United States because another countries agreed to take you.
So when we left the White House in twenty twenty,
we had safe third agreements with all three Northern Triangle
countries sell Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. And so anyone who

applied for asylum, we could just say to them, your
claim is not receivable in the United States. You can
choose to withdraw it and go home, or you can
choose to be flown to Honduras or Guatemala or El Salvador,
and you can apply for asylum in one of those countries.
Because I think to remember about asylum is that the

whole premise of it that you're being politically persecuted in
your home country. It's not an escape hatch from violence
or from poverty. If half the world is living in
one of those two conditions or both at a given
moment in time. So if you are asking for asylum,
all that means is you want to go somewhere where
you're not going to be politically persecuted. So if you've

invented some fantastical pale of political persecution in Haiti, but
it's okay, great, Well, however it's persecuting you in Haiti,
I'm sure doesn't live in Guatemala, so by all means,
go there. And that is a complete solution to the
asylum frauda issue. So I would just say that in
twenty twenty five, number one, you put in place a
robust network of safe third or rooms all over the country.

And then you get Congress to a men Title forty
two to be a catchall authority for bordom management and
not just tied to public health. Stephen Miller, everybody, the
guy knows the border backwards and forwards and something we
need to fix. Steven, thanks so much for being with us.
Thank you. Born from the tragedy of nine to eleven.

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Inspiring you to seek out the truth. The Clay Travis said,
Buck Sexton shows so important that ever understands what's going
on at the border. I thought of it's fascinating. Talked
to Stephen Miller about that, just because of the all
the interlocking layers, and you have to understand both the

depth of the failure of the Biden administration on this
issue and the desire for that failure from the Biden administration.
So it's going terror This is an unusual thing when
it is going terribly by all measures, by all indicators,
and the people in charge are happy about it. That's

en Now. I know some of you are saying Oh,
they want to collapse the economy and everything else. I'm
Nancy Pelosi likes being rich. She wants to They want
to collapse the economy for you, but they want to
make sure they don't, you know, they destroy the entire
US currency. I got news for you. We've all got
a lot of problems. It reminds me um for the
ancient the ancient history folks out there, we have to

come up a better term than calling people who like
history nerds. We're not nerds. We're history athletes, you know,
history cool people. But the coinage of the this is famous.
And if you go to uh in you know, lectures
from the you know, the Meses Institute, and you go
about Milton Friedman fans and everything else. Ancient Rome at

its absolute height of power would have been Now some
people are going to argue with me about this, but
essentially the ray of the Emperor Caesar Augustus. That would
be when you reach its absolute peak, and that's when
you had or around then roughly you had the coinage
of the denarius or denie. I guess is what the

eplura would be, which was the Roman silver coin. Actually,
I think the coinage of the Denarius started well before that,
but it reached its you know, the Roman Empire reached
its total peak, and they were having these they minted
these silver coins, the Denarius, and it went from being
I think one hundred percent pure silver over the course

of a couple of hundred years, to you know, seventy
percent silver, fifty percent silver, and then by the end
it was like five history aficionados. Producer Ali says, I
don't know that it makes us sound fancy, like we're
lighting one hundred dollar bills on fire where their fancy
cigars talking about history. Although maybe that's cool if you
were starting a history club, that might be a good
way to go. But the the Denarius was debased as

a precious metal coin over the course. This is the
bottom line. Okay, I'm just going from memory here, so
pardon me if I'm getting some of the dates. I
think they might have even started coinage of the Denarius
during the Second Punic War, one of the most fascinating
military historical periods you could ever find. Hannibal crossing the Alps.
People always talk about all the elephants he crossed with.

Actually didn't cross it very many because the elephants died.
It turns out they didn't really want to be in
the European Alps for very long anyway. But the coinage
was destroyed and the Roman Empire essentially collapsed along with it.
But you know what they made sure to do the
whole time, to pay the bureaucrats and to pay the military.

That was the one thing that they knew they had
to keep doing and raise their pay and raise their pays.
The bureaucrats and the people work for the state that
kept getting and the military, because you need to control
the population, they kept getting their pay raised over time.
There are lessons from history about inflation. My friends, the
US dollar, if it were backed by silver, I could
tell you it will not be a pretty situation. I've

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dot com. Always be wary when the left is making
an argument along the lines of why are you making

such a big deal of it, Why are you so
focused on this? You're obsessed with this? It doesn't happen
that often. We're not pushing this. This tells us more
about you than it does about our agenda. I think
any version of that it's just gaslighting, which is very
common these days, and they're doing it on a range

of issues. But the place where you'll see it. I
think in the most obvious the most obvious cases would
be on issues of gender, where they're now calling gender
equality or the transgender agenda. Right. So we have up

in Vermont, and I always say this Vermont is for
me a place that we should have seen this coming
and should have done something to keep well, to prevent
Vermont from becoming the left wing haven in New England.
That it is a lot of people from New York,
New Jersey and Connecticut who had very leftist tendencies figured well,

you know, I can get more land and cheaper, cheaper
cost of living, etc. Moved to Vermont. So you know
Bernie Sanders for example, like Brooklyn New Yorker who moved
to and now as a senator from Vermont. It's a
beautiful state. I love it. I used to spend summers there.
I used to go to camp in Vermont, so I
think Vermont's lovely. Well in the summers, at least, I've

never been in the winter. I'm not a skier, so
it's not as appealing to me. But Vermont has a
situation unfolding the mid Vermont Christian School. A few weeks ago,
it's high school basketball team forfeited a playoff game. You
all know where this is going. The Christian School mid

Vermont Christian School forfeited the playoff game because the opposing
team had a transgender player. As in a teenage you know,
an adolescent male who wants to play against women's basketball
players or you know, teenage girl basketball players. I'm not

sure if they're if they could be eighteen, they could
be sixteen. I think it's their varsity they're probably older anyway,
So we'll say roughly sixteen to eighteen years of age
is what we're talking about here. And and by the way,
any of you who have who well I was gonna
say who have kids, but just anybody who has has
eyes knows that by the time boys get to thirteen

fourteen years old and puberty hits, their strength, speed, musculature,
everything is very different from girls. Right, So it's you know,
at earlier ages the differences are still pronounced, but are not,
you know, super pronounced, and then they get into their

teenage years and all of a sudden it's quite different.
I mean, as any guy who played high school sports knows,
if you then went to college and you know, scrimmaged
on like a co ed team and you came up
against you know, all American women in your sport. You
realize men have a huge advantage over women, right even now,
I just mean in a recreational setting. So here's where

we are. The mid Vermont Christian School said they would
not participate in this game, and now they have to
be punished. You see, this is heresy in the Democrats
stronghold of Vermont. You're not allowed, and this is they're saying,
this is a violation of a gender discrimination So the school,

this Christian School, has had its affiliation in the Athletic
League that it is canceled. They say that the mid
Vermont Christian School violated the organization's policies against gender discrimination,
and they say they're no longer able to be members

in this league. So this just goes to show you
how committed the left is to this. It's not enough. Remember,
they just forfeited. So they're not even taking action beyond saying, look,
we're just not going to play against a trends. We're
not going to play against the team that as a
transgender student. Look, i'm a forty one year old man.

If I decided that I was actually an eighth grader
and that I wanted to play eighth grade basketball. I
would hope, I would hope that all of the parents
on that eighth grade basketball team that I was going
to play against would say, this is not fair, this
is crazy, and we're not going to allow it. We're
not going to allow it. I mean, I remember I

used to make the argument many years ago that and
I'm talking about two thousand when I first started in radio,
so twelve gosh, twelve years ago now maybe ten eleven
years ago, I said, what about transgender because this is
when the beginnings of the transgender athlete thing was becoming
really really a debate. I said, what about combative sports?

What about MMA? And sure enough, within a short period
after having these discussions, and by the way the left
then they're gas letting. Then was that'll never happen, Nobody
will want to do that. There's no transgender man who
wants to fight against women the MMA. Actually there are,

and in one case, the individual just just watching the
fight between the biological man and the women in the cave.
I mean, it's horrific, it's wrong, it's unethical, it's gross,
and yet the left they won't budge on this stuff.
Their argument is crazy, so they're going to keep making

crazy arguments. In fact, they don't even really have an argument.
What is the argument here that there's genderscription, you have
gender segregated sports, but it's gender discrimination to insist that
the gender segregated sports are actually segregated by gender. That
is what is happening in Vermont right now. The Vermont

you know, Athletic Association, involved the State of Vermont, the
Democrat apparatus there, they're all in favor of punishing this
team this. Of course it's a Christian school too, which
is great. That gets extra extra points for slapping down
a Christian school, you know, that gets the left really excited,
godless commies. So you look at this and you say,

what exactly are the rules? I mean, I'm just wondering.
And the state of Vermont right now, and the you know,
looking at that, the Vermont I'm trying to find the
name of this this entity that is banning them whatever.
But the VPA, Vermont Public Athletic Association, I guess I

don't know, something like that. The Vermont Principles Association, the
Vermont Principles Association, their official policy is that if you
live in the state of Vermont, and and an eighteen
year old boy wants to play basketball against your eighteen
year old daughter. If she has a problem with that,

she better shut up. And if she gets an elbow
into the face from this, you know, from this guy
and his you know, swinging his elbows around, he's got it,
you know, the probably a little bit of a beard growing.
That's her problem. You notice they always try to make
this about kindness, but actually what they're doing is trying
to rely on the desire that people who who are

traditional in their view of gender to be kind so
that the people on the left can do vicious things.
This is wrong, this is absurd. It's also a slap
in the face to women's athletics. What is the point
of this, right, What is the rationale behind it? Exactly
as you know, it's the eradication of gender. And even

more than that, it is to force you to bend
the knee to insanity. If they can make you affirm
obvious lies, they can make you believe and affirm anything
they own you psychologically, if they can make you say, hey,
there's no problem here. So it's an eighteen year old
guy that decided he was a woman I don't know
a few months ago, and he wants to play against

women's basketball. This is great, this is progress. And by
the way, there are a lot of Democrat parents who
go along with this, a lot of Biden voters go
along with this because that is what the herd demands
of them. But yeah, up in Vermont right now, that's
what you're up against. We're also going to talk in
the third hour, by the way, about Wellesley College. It's

a women's college, but is it though? Is there a
women's because the students there wanted to be open to
not only transgender women, but non binary individuals, which I
feel like that leaves a lot of it's a lot
of open territories. And we'll talk we'll talk about this.

We'll talk about this. Oh yes, Oh, and also Lindsay
Graham had some thoughts on what we should do about
Russian planes South Carolina. I love South Carolina. It's one
of my favorite states to visit. South Carolina. Republican voters,
we got to have a talk about Lindsay Graham. Okay,
we gotta have a discussion about this. March fifteenth today,

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or wherever you get your podcasts for Lindsay Graham had

some thoughts on the collision of a Russian fighter jet.
Saw something decided like dumped oiler. I don't know anyway,
messed with a Reaper drone, brought down the drone, and
we have Lindsay Graham wighing in on this situation. Can

we play mister Senator Graham's comments on this one? They
shot down our drone. What should our answer be, Well,
we should hold him accountable and say that if you
ever get near another US set flying in international waters,
your airplane would be shot down. What would Ronald Reagan
do right now? He would start shooting Russian planes down

if they were threatening our assets. American foreign policies in freefall?
Oh boy, if you start shooting Russian planes down to
see how that ghosts just start shooting those planes out
of the sky. Look, I get it right, there is
a provocation here the Russians, but it is a drone.

We did not have loss of life, and we have
to be very very serious about how we view the
long term consequences of these things. I just think the
problem with trying to prevent a slide into massive conflict
in a situation like Ukraine is that there's an inherent

incrementalism on the other side. The people that want more
and more involvement use that to their advantage. It's, Oh,
what's the big deal. We're just gonna do a little more.
We're just gonna send a little bit more, more advanced
weapon systems, more of those systems, more intelligent support, more,
you name it. We're not gonna We're not gonna get
to this point that you're worried about. But the problem

is you have a momentum to these conflicts, and once
you start getting too far involved in the first place,
it is the unexpected. It's kind of like how the
economy can just all of a sudden almost fall off
a cliff. Right. Well, there are the systemic issues that
you talk about, Hey, guys, the debt, inflation, we're spending
too much. We have too much inflation, or rather we

have too much debt, and the inflation problem is going
to get worse. But you hear that every day and
people go, ah, you know, they'll figure it out, I guess,
and you know, tune it out. You get used to paying,
you know, higher prices for all these different things in
the stores, and you figure it will eventually it'll go away.
But so people tune it out. I think that there's
a lot of tuning out of the voices that are

saying what are we doing in Ukraine? Exactly? There is
no chance this conflict is going to end on its
own because of a Russian battlefield defeat before the next election.
I mean, in my mind it is it is a
fantasy to think that that's going to happen, And in fact,
we could see, depending on how the next six months ago,

you could see some pretty substantial territorial losses by the
Ukrainian defenders. I don't know. I don't pretend to be
able to assess the battlefield moves that are going on here.
This is not a conflict that I've seen up close
and personal myself, as other conflicts I have certainly from
a strategic analyst level. And so I look at this

and I say, well, when are we going to say
that there are some things right now? The red line
seems to be that we won't put US troops in
harm's way. Is that the only thing that we won't do,
because if we're going to keep sending one hundred billion
dollars a year and if we're going to have senators,

remember Lizzie Graham also said maybe somebody could just take
Putin out. I don't understand. I don't understand why Republicans
listen to this man on foreign policy issues. I've never
heard him say anything that wasn't yeah, hold them accountable
and do something aggressive. All right, Well, one is is
it actually going to result in accountability? Other way? The

answers no, Putin doesn't care. But two, the notion that
we would start shooting Russian planes and pilots out of
the sky over an incident like this is reckless. It's
a reckless thing to say. It's it's a it's a
foolish thing to say. And I watch some of the

Republican voices on this on this issue, and you heard you,
or I should say, you saw what Trump put out
and what Desantists put out on Ukraine, which I think
we're even handed and nuance on both counts. I think
that there was a sensibility Trump is like, we gotta
negotiate this thing. We got to get it done as

as quickly as we can. We got to stop the
bullets from flying, the missiles from flying over there. Desantist's
position in summary is more, we just got to make
sure that this doesn't become a huge problem for America.
We gotta folk us on our own issues here in
the southern border and limit our involvement in what's going
on in Ukraine. But I hear other Republicans say, if
if Russia loses in I'm sorry, if Ukraine loses and

Russia were to take i don't know, half the country
or maybe all the country under into its domain, that
the next step would be a Russian invasion of Poland
and trigger Article five of NATO. And I hear this,
and I say, how look at the trouble that Russia
is having in Ukraine, which I would note is a

territorial and strategic interest of the Russian Federation in a
very real way. This is not made. But they didn't
just decide this recently, that that's been the case for
a long time, not saying the invasion is anything other
than wrong morally and belligerent, but it matters to Russia,
and has mattered to Russia every single day since the

collapse of the Soviet Union. This has never Oh, it's
not a big deal for us thing the future of
Ukraine and this idea that they would go and invade
Poland next, how is that? I mean, if you're if
you're having trouble winning the high school JV basketball game,

but maybe you're able to sort of squeak it out
in the end, then you're gonna take on an NBA
team next. I mean, I just I don't understand the
logic of this position at all, other than it tries
to silence people who say we should be very cautious
about getting too into this conflict in Europe. That isn't
they keep saying there's a core American interest at stake here?

What exactly is that the future of Ukrainian regime, the
future of the Ukrainian regime is a core American interest.
I'm not saying I'm not open to hearing about this
stuff from the other side of the debate. But let's
not just throw around. We're gonna shoot Russian planes out
of the sky. I am asking that

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