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June 23, 2021 37 mins

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Parents across America rebel against CRT. Clay and Buck disagree on whether NYC election is death knell for defunding the police. Rush's Timeless Wisdom: Liberals are serious about defunding the police movement. DeSantis stands up for freedom against totalitarianism. Which GOP governor did the best job during the pandemic?

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to today's edition of The Clay Travis and Buck
Sexton Show podcast. Welcome back to The Clay Travis and
Buck Sexton Show. I'm Buck Sexton, my may man, Clay
Travis right here with the in studio in Nashville, Tennesseee
Clay and Buck dot Com the website for news stories

that we are talking about all day to day. Plussington
call them. We'll take some calls. End of this hour
on Critical Race, eerie and the school board uprising, so
to speak in Virginia eight hundred two eight two to
eight A two. Make sure you follow Clay Travis and
Buck Sexton on Facebook, Twitter, and Parlor if you're on Parlor.

And now we get into the rebellion of parents in
Loudon County, Virginia, a place I know pretty well from
time that I've worked in northern Virginia for the federal government. Langley,
Loudon County pretty close by, and you had well, I
think one of the best ways to explain what's going on,
there's a rebellion against CRT. There are people who are

greatly upset at both the transgender policies as well as
some of the critical race theory instruction. Here's a sense
of what's going on, what's being said. Let's play cut ten.
Everything I thought about how I existed in my white
body in the world was very wrong. We're unpacking wrong

things that we've been taught in history class. There's a
period of deep shame for being white and for acknowledging
the harm that our ancestors have caused. White accountability groups
are really helpful in terms of having a place to process,
having a group of people whose responsibility it is to

call me on things or to challenge me. The more
you kind of dive into that, the more I'm really
realizing how deeply rooted racism is. Until like my everyday
thought process, no matter how much you work at that,
there's still even almost more work to be done. So
this is some of the of the left wing theory
around CRT. We'll get into the parents and the Loudon

County rebellion Clay, but this is actually from the Washington
Post had a video out that was talking about white
accountability groups. I so we talked about the fact that
over half of Americans have been born since nineteen eighty one.

I went buck to public school in Nashville, Tennessee K
through twelve integrated public schools. And I'm wondering as I
sit and I listened to these kind of clips, what
am I accountable for and for a grand scheme of

things here? What am I supposed to be apologetic for? Moreover,
I'm at least forty two. I was born around nineteen
eighty nineteen seventy nine, to be exact. But what are
my kids accountable for? And that's what these parents that
we're going to hear from in Virginia are talking about

right now, Buck. They're raising I think, legitimate questions about
young kids being instructed that because they happen to be
born white they are racist, or because they happen to
be born black, they are victims, long before they even
have come to understand very much about themselves at all.

And ultimately, what this critical race theory is designed to
do is destroy the basis for American exceptionalism. That's really
what it is, right, because if America is not an exceptional,
exceptional democratic country which people are dying in to get
to every day, Buck, then all of our institution can

be torn down and destroyed because at their root, as
critical race theory would argue, they are not worthy of
protection because all of our founding documents, the Constitution, the
Declaration of Independence, according to critical race theory, and according
to this ridiculous sixteen nineteen project, all of it is

rooted so despicably in racism that none of it can
be supported any longer. Undermining key documents foundational concepts of America.
If you were a radical revolutionary leftist, that would be
a really useful thing to do. If you wanted the
r i say, fundamental transformation of this republic, it would
be very helpful to get rid of not just are

the shared bonds of our history, but also some of
the institutions, namely the Constitution and others that keep us
on the same bunch of old white guys were involved
in Buck. That's what the critical race theorists would tell us,
and therefore we don't need to care with those. So
the White Accountability Groups video was put out that we
played for you just a moment ago from the Washington

Post on Friday as part of its series The New Normal.
And those are some of the basic critical race theory
concepts in action, which is that you have to confront
your whiteness. You have to essentially to your point about
what's the responsibility here? Embrace intersectionality. This is the left
wing framework for an interlocking oppression all throughout our society.

It's there is a hierarchy. Some people are oppressed, some
people are victimizers, and we have to always take that
into account. And it doesn't matter what your individual actions are.
In a sense, this eradicates individual morality and actually agency,
because if you are, to your point about your kids,
if you're responsible for something you did not do, have

no hand in, and they can't even point to an
action that contributes to that you have done as a person,
what are you If we're all collectively guilty, No one's
really guilty. Is how this all starts to break down.
And what it is is so myopic in many ways, however,
because it only focuses on a relatively small part of
human history. Because if you are actually interested in world history,

what is fascinating to me about American life in existence
is what a tiny pin prick we are of the
overall world history. And ironically, with the whole sixteen nineteen project,
I know you're a history guy. To Buck sixteen nineteen,
we were British colonies. If you're really fired up about reparations,

and no one ever makes us argument, but I do
think it's a fascinating one. From a historical and logic perspective.
The United States as an independent nation only had slavery
for eighty years seventeen eighty three when we won our
independence from England to eighteen sixty three, when the Emancipation
Proclamation was officially taking effect. Eighty years, so sixteen nineteen

up to seventeen eighty three. If you're angry about that, hey,
that's Britain, Go get reparations from them. You got an
eighty year window. But since eighteen sixty three, pretty long window. Now,
there has been no slavery in the United States. So
we're talking from sixteen nineteen all the way up to
the present day, about eighty years when the United States
of America had slavery, and even then it wasn't in

every state. To give you a sense of how radical
the left wing argument on this can become, they'll even
start to say that because it's more that oppression is
more invisible and more passive, and you have more subconscious racism,
we have to work even harder to eradicate it because

it's everywhere and it's omnipresent, don't you see it? Maybe
at a low level, it's almost like a virus that's
freely floating in the air. But somehow they can't tell
us who's actually getting sick or who's responsible for it.
This is the way that they get they are able
to continue with the cirec rhetoric. I did want to
have of Rachel Pezzani, who was on Fox and Friends

in the morning, who's one of the parents at Loudon County,
to bring us back to the Loudon County CRT rebellion.
Here is how she describes what her kids actually get
taught in school. At the school board meeting that had
a big fight about it. We'll get into it. Here's
what she says. The parent protests won't stop. I mean,
we are an army of moms and parents that will

not stop until we're heard. So they commute our mics,
they can arrest us, they can kick us off of
public property. We're not going to stop. They will fire
any teacher that is not culturally in agreement with the
school board and their tactics. This is insanity in America.
This isn't freedom of speech, not freedom of religion, it's
racism and it's cloaked in socialism, well said. And I

would point out this as well, Buck, in what you
were just talking about and what she is talking about
in Virginia and what is going on all over this country.
There has been a big shift, and you're seeing it
in the talking points, which is very Orwellian. I had
a good friend of mine from law school recently. She said,
you know, you really need to go back and read

nineteen eighty four again, because a lot of people talk Orwellian.
They use that adjective Buck to kind of describe what
things are going on, but most of us are thinking
about what we may recall from reading that book in
high school or when we were younger. And so I
recently went back and started to read that book. Same
thing with Fahrenheit four fifty one. So much of it,

and frankly, if you want to read Animal Farm as well,
so much of it is about changing what basic words mean.
And the one that goes to the essence of this
with critical race theory, and you're seeing it happen. Pay
attention to how often you're seeing this now. For most
of my life, Buck, we talked about equality in America.
What we sought was equality. Now, equality is a difficult

goal to reach because we're all fundamentally different in many
different ways. We all have different attribute we all have
different flaws. So equality is an aspirational goal. So what
we are seeking is equality from the government. In other words,
the government treats everyone equal. Now what you're seeing, and
it's only happened in like the last year. Everybody's seeking equity,

which is something that is vastly different than equality. Equity
is about charging people and making them pay a price
for something they may have nothing to do with at all.
And I want all of you out there with us
talking about this conversation, start to pay us in buck.
Have you noticed that, of course it's changed from equality

to equity. I think it's so seductive in the way
that the talking points changed, and I think those words
are similar enough that people don't focus on it as much.
But CRT is about equity, not equality. Even the expansion
of what we were talking about yesterday, white supremacy everything
everything it used to be. White supress emacy as a

term was universally understood in America as hateful, neo Nazi,
active racist, bad people who ta KK burning the cross
in people's yards. That was white supremacy. They were on
the fringes, rightly so, of society, a tiny, tiny percentage
overall of the American people. And yet now because of

the association of white supremacy and rightfully so very bad
now they've said, well, college admissions can be white supremacy
and these other and and that then forces in the
same Orwellian word game fashion, it forces people to defend
what the left has now decided falls under this umbrella
of white supremacy. What do you mean that you don't

want there to be equity in hiring? Don't you want
to don't you want to dismantle structures of white supremacy.
It's it's a trick, but it's a very effectible and
just one more very clear example of this Clay. We've gone,
because we talked about immigration today, we've gone from illegal alien,
the official federal government term in the US legal code,

to then it became more illegal immigrant, to then it
became undocumented. Right, that's an important shift as well, because
they don't want to, they don't want the term to
actually reflect illegality, even though that's what we're talking about.
All you got to do with the undocumented is give
them documents. That's all that it has. Amnesty is the solution.

You see, there's no problem anymore. It's downright terrifying when
you think about it, and I know that many of
our listeners are out there thinking about it on a
daily basis. And I think about this from the perspective
of a parent because I've already been through school. I
went to public school K through twelve, for better or worse.
But I think a lot about what my kids are

being taught and what they are being taught about American history,
and to me, as a nation, we have to ensure
that we have a universal narrative that we can all
believe in in America as the Shining City on the
Hill was what I grew up in my multi racial
school studying. And now we're hearing a pressor victimization equity.

The Loudon County School superintendent declared a meeting, this was
just in the last twenty four hours, declared a meeting,
an unlawful assembly. They were Actually we're getting the point now, Claire.
This is why I'm using the term rebellion. But parents
are getting arrested over this because they insist on having
their voices heard, and education bureaucrats don't want to hear it.

They prefer the situation of the right just being silent
and allowing this to happen. It's insane, it's ridiculous. So
we're gonna continue to break it down. But in the meantime,
I want you guys to know the tunnel the Towers
Foundation helps us keep our commitment to never forget. This year,
the foundation's honoring GoldStar and fallen first responder families with
young children and catastrophically injured veterans and first bonders with

two hundred mortgage free homes. Chairman and CEO Frank Siller
is paying tribute to the fallen by walking from the
Pentagon to Shanksville and on to Ground zero, more than
five hundred miles through six states and forty two days
the month of August through nine to eleven. And again,
I know for a lot of you out there, it's
hard to believe it has been twenty years, come nine

to eleven, since that awful day in New York City.
Twenty years. A generation towers of light are to shine
at the Pentagon and Shanksville Memorials in remembrance. The names
of those we lost to nine to eleven related illnesses
are also being read aloud at a ceremony on September twelfth,
and on Veterans Day, the names of those we lost

in the War on Terror will also be set out loud.
Do good and help ensure that America never forgets. Donate
eleven dollars a month. It's just eleven dollars to tunnel
to towers at t twot dot org. That's t the
number two t dot org. You are antidotes to the

canceled culture. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton on the ei
V Network, Walking Back In Clay Travis buck Sexton show
rolling through the Wednesday edition of the program loaded lines.

As typically the case, we want to get a couple
of year calls in here. We appreciate all the support.
Eight hundred two eight two two eight A two. Let's
go to Travis and Sarasota. What you got for us? Hey, Buck,
Hey Travis, Um, longtime Rush the listener. I miss him
like you wouldn't believe um. But I also think you
guys should include and Coulter on the show a little

bit AND's a good friend of mine, so that's no problem.
Actually told me that we were going to do that
at some point, So she will be a she'll be
on the show and we start having guess, we're not
gonna have guests this week, We're just gonna hang out
with you guys, but we will have guests going forward. Awesome, Awesome,
She's great. Um No, I just want to call I
think our obsession with critical race theory um is a

little silly because I'm a teacher here at Saraso, Florida,
and the curriculum is already talks full of what's called
post colonialism, subaltern theory in Marxhism and all of it.
What do you teach, Travis, I teach world history. And
so you're saying the structure of the of the what

you are teaching in Florida has already been dictated to
uh to basically be getting to many of the things
that are driving people crazy about critical race there. And yeah, Travis,
just so I'm clear, are you saying that we're we're
too ups It seems like you're telling us to be
more obsessed with it. So why why as conservatives? What
what are you? What's your what's your beast we're targeting

the trendy critical race theory when it's just critical race.
There is just a combination already. So you're you're saying
CRT is that is the shine, the object of the
left wing indoctrination that's occurring in the school curriculum, and
a much more I'm not gonna keep using word systematic today,
I hope, but a much more top to bottom fashion. Right.

So that's that's what you're telling us basically, Travis, you're
here to say we're all screwing. Oh yeah, it's even
worse than we thought. Well for years, I mean for
thirty years. Yes, Okay, right now, Travis, what would happen?
What would happen if you push back? Just give it.
As a teacher, what would happen if you push back
on some of that? I'm totally in the closet as

a teacher. We have an underground, We have an underground,
you know, Trump supporters and Republicans around campus, but we
don't we don't let that that out to awful. Well,
that's the good news is you can hang out with
with with fucking Clay here every day in our in
our cave, so to speak, our our freedom, freedom, bunker
or cave. So you're you're good to go with us
right here, man, And you know we should, Clay, We'll

take some more folks on this because I know it's
a it's a topic that gets a lot of people
fired up. But also we got the big Rhonda sentist
thing you're gonna tell everybody about in just a few moments.
Here he's taken action. Yeah, we're gonna play a clip
from Ron de Santis fighting a battle. But first we
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Welcome back in Clay Travis Buck Sexton Show. Appreciade all

of you hanging out with us. Want to let you
know you can always find the show at Clay and
Buck dot com all the different segments. Make sure that
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at Clay and Buck on Twitter, and we're all over
Facebook as well, all of those places, even Instagram, which
I barely understand. My kids tell me I should spend
more time there. We've been talking a lot about the
defund the police movement. I have made the maybe two
optimistic r Buck that you don't necessarily buy into that.
I think the new York City may oral race killed

the defund the police argument. You think it might be zombified.
It's a it's a shot in the bow, so to speak.
It's not really even across the bow. But I don't
know if I look, I would I did even place
a bed. It's not gone forever. I'm not even sure
it's gone for now, but it's hurting right now. It
is on the ropes. Taking some body blows. Might be
getting a standing eight count if you're a boxing fan.

And Rush Limbaugh talked a lot about defunding the police.
I think he would agree with much of what we
have said. But let's go ahead and let you hear
from him about the absurdity of this decision. OK. I
gotta tell you, the level of incompetence and some of
the formerly most trustworthy, reliable institutions is one of the

greatest elements of this Country's used to be able to
count on things. There used to be institutions that were reliable.
You trusted the people in them, You trusted when they
came out and said something, especially if they were focused
on public safety. And now that trust it just isn't there.
And the answer, the reason why is not that complicated.

It is liberal political corruption of these institutions that has
led to all this. Now you've got people questioning what
they hear about any like. For example, the left is
serious about defunding police departments, but yet there's a poll
out that shows most people don't think that's what they
really mean. They do mean it. People don't believe that

the left is serious about defunding the cops, Well, they
are terribly mistaken. The anti police are not shy about it.
Black Lives Matter says on its website it wants to
defund the police to invest in communities. They're dead serious
about defunding the police and replacing the police with themselves,

social workers or what have you. We've talked about how
many cities and towns or to send social workers to
respond to nonviolent emergency calls instead of the cops. And
I have told you, I have warned everybody that this
is a way for the left to infiltrate normally conservative

police departments with progressives, social workers, left wing sandal wearing,
birkenstock clad, long haired maggot infested no under armed order.
It it'll socialist daycare workers running into your house pretending
to be cops. I mean, who's more progressive than social workers?
Never mind that it means social worker is going to

have to deal with drug addicts and the mentally ill,
and believe me, those kinds of people can become violent
without warning at any time. This is going to lead
to the death of social workers. It's going to lead
to massive lawsuits against the cities and towns. I think

that the key here that Rush is getting at Clay
is that we should take the left at their word
and then understand that once enough people figure out what
their real plan is, what the left's actual planment it
comes to police, then they start to play these games,
and we should make sure we understand that there's dishonesty

going on. Defund the police a perfect example. They say
they want to defund the police. It starts to happen,
and then when when the backlash, the counter revolution in
a sense, gets under way, they start to say, well,
we don't really mean defund police, we mean imagine police.
They have these different terms that all of a sudden

come out, and that's just meant to deal with the
news cycle and the public's attention and try to make
it so it's not as clear as it should be
in the public's mind generally speaking, that in places like
Minneapolis and Austin and New York and you know, name
a city, there are a lot of them out there

where there was at least east a consideration of defunding,
if not an actual removal of dollars from the budget.
And we need to see right now, we need to
make sure that everyone sees that this resulted in really
you know, sometimes we talk about politics and you know, Clay,
it's the marginal tax rate, or it's foreign policy that

doesn't really affect anybody here, but we'd like there to
be some agreement somewhere between third parties whatever. This matters
to all of us, to everyone that your streets are safe,
that law enforcement is supported, that people know that the
police are essential to their safety. And you know, especially
state and local law enforcement. They come from the communities

they serve, they're your neighbors. They want the streets, they
want the neighborhoods to be as safe as anybody else,
and it's their job to do so. Undermining them, it's
what always say about the BLM movement, just makes everything
worse for everyone. Actually, it creates more tension and more
distrust on both sides, and the result of tension and
distrust is more issues. Remember if everyone in every viral

police interaction video had immediately complied with the police, they
don't get escalated to the next level. And that's what
so fires me up about so many different athletes. If
they would encourage compliance with police, then we would have
less violence in the streets period. But the idea that
police are creating violence, what you're seeing is they're preventing

it because as they're retiring, as they're being defunded, as
they are being disrespected, the crime rates are skyrocketing all
over the country and even Joe Biden is acknowledging it now.
And we'll talk about that some with you guys tomorrow.
But when we come back in a moment, we're going
to talk about Ronda Santis and the punches that he
is throwing in the state of Florida. But first, Buck,
what you got for me? We love the family dog, Tellula.

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Welcome back to the Clay Travis and Buck Saxton Show.
I am Buck Sex and mister Clay Travis here right
with me, and we are I cannot believe at the

latter part already of the show. We usually try to
do something that's a little bit too positive, uplifting, you know,
get let's give us all hope, especially these days. You
got this crazy Democrat administration. A lot of things. You
could complain about it, and I will, by the way,
sometimes be complaining about how bad Joe Biden's policies are.
But I also want to point to the good stuff,

as does Clay. Governor Rhonda Santis. He he is at
this point it's like he just keeps doing not just
victory laps, but he's spike in the football, running up
into the stands and kissing the opposing quarterbacks girlfriend. That'd
be a hell of a play. I'd be next level,
you know, I love I'm ready for football season by

the way, to be back. But if we had a
celebration of we're scoring the winning game, the winning games,
the winning touchdown, and then sprinting into the crowd to
make out with the opposing quarterbacks girlfriend, that would be
a next level brawl that I would love to see.
That's what we need in Alabama, Auburn, Ohio, State, Michigan.
That level of anger and discord I would really embrace.

So here's what Rhonda Santis is doing in Florida. He
is pushing assigned now a bill that would teach kids
about the evils of authoritarian, totalitarian commist ideology. Play it.
I put in a civics requirement in twenty nineteen for
high schools. We're expanding that to include discussions of the

evils of communism and totalitarianism. And then also we're creating
a Patriot Museum Patriot Library where we have stories of
Floridians who fled from communist regimes, from Cuba, from Nicaragua,
from Venezuela and beyond, and so this will show the
effect that these bad policies had on people's freedoms and

livelihoods and their families. Many of them in South Florida,
for example, lost family members to communism. I think it's
important that we get this in the classroom and provide
an honest assessment of what this totalitarian ideology has done
for the last hundred plus years. I love this, and
I love that he also ties it into the He's

referring to the Cuban community, primarily in South Florida play
and what they had to flee. I have friends, I
even have a friend who was at the Bay of
Pigs who really understand in very visceral, very clear terms,
what totalitarianism does to people, what it means. And I
will say, some of the most patriotic Americans I've ever

met are people who fled totalitarian governments, came here and
joined our American family. They love this place. Well, what's funny.
First of all, Ronda Santis continues to win. I was
texting during the show with one of my friends from
law school whose family is Cuban and lives in South Florida,
and we texted a lot during the course of the

twenty twenty presidential campaign. And one of the storylines that
does not get enough attention is the massive amount of
support in the Hispanic community that Donald Trump got Cuban
Venezuelan people who have fled socialist governments and know what
socialism actually represents. And so I give credit to Ron

de Santis, because again there's lots of people, lots of
Americans who take for granted what democracy and freedom truly represents.
And this is why so many people who come to
this country are dying to get here, because they know
what it's like not to have freedom of speech, not
to have the ability to say what they really believe,

and also to trust the institutions of government to protect
them from that government. And so if we don't allow
the evils of communism and socialism, if we don't allow
those stories to be told, then we are failing the
younger generation. We just had that caller from Sara So
to Travis who said, you got to be careful and

you guys don't have any clue what's actually being taught
to our kids. We gotta punch back. And this to
me is just indicative of what Ron de Santis is
doing in Florida, which is a larger microcosm of the
world as a whole in the United States. The reason
why he's having such success there is because he's touching
on a variety of these different subjects, not just in
a symbolic way, but in a substantive way. And I

would say my friend, author and political consultant Ryan Gurdusky
had had a great tweet where he said, Governor Santists
and I'm paraphrasing here, but it was governor to Santists,
makes you wonder what all the other Republican governors have
been doing all this time, and he's taking action instead
of just I think there was a lot of Republicans

for a while here got used to one Trump carrying
a lot of the load in the media for them,
but also that they could just say, well, I would
do all these great things if only when the Santist
is showing that if you're the governor of a state,
there's even when the federal government's in Democrat hands, there's
a lot you can do to make some of these

things better. And then one other thought I have about
this Clay is that there's a recognition now on the right,
and this is why Rhonda Santist this fills a number
of important holes what he's doing. There's a recognition on
the right that when you're talking about school curriculum, there
is no vacuum. This is not this is not creating
a free speech playing field of these concepts of a

neutrality that can never really exist. What should we be
teaching kids in school? We've largely and that caller, great
caller we had from Florida actually was saying, it's not
even just CRT, it's all across the curriculum. Why should
we see that they're going to be taught something right?
There's there's no vacuum situation here, So why shouldn't the
right say we have things that we would like to

be taught in schools? Well, and I think this goes
to a lot of parents recognizing what their kids are
being taught because of COVID, where suddenly you're more privy
to what's going on because of the remote learning, and
you're more involved in your kids instruction. What I would
also point out about you're talking about the state governors.
Thank God for federalism as it pertains to COVID, and

you talk about Greg Abbott in Texas and Ron de
Sant to me in Florida, both of those guys. If
you compare what they did in Texas and Florida with
what Cuomo did in New York and what Gavin Newsom
did in California, if we didn't have federalism in place,
I think we might all still be locked down. Because

DeSantis and Abbott looked at the data and said, we're
going to open up our states. And that's why I
like both of these guys, because despite all of the attacks,
Cuomo and Newsom never looked at the data. They curled
up in the fetal position and they listened to the
faucis of the world. And what I believe these astute
Republican governors are recognizing is there's a lot of fluff

that happens every day on social media. Donald Trump, I
think a lot of times got caught up in that fluff.
I think a lot of people would have said, hey,
tweet less, I love what your policies are, but we
don't need all the distractions every day. To me, what
some of these Republican governors are taking a lesson from
Trump on is we need to fight, but we need
to fight strategically, and the clip we just played at
Ron de Santis is very strong evidence of that. I

hope other governors and I think they are. I would
note Governor Abbott of Texas, who was I give him
on the pandemic? Uh, well, what do you give Abbott
on the for pandemic response? So I would give De
Santis an a right of course, be best of any
best in the country I would give. I would give
Greg Abbott a solid A minus. Like I don't think

that he was an A plus, but I think look,
and I'm using for instance, he was the first guy
who had a full stadium. They opened up seventy thousand people.
I'm looking at it a lot from the sports perspective,
getting back to normalcy the Texas Rangers. He drove a
lot of that, but he did a lot of extra
credit homework at the end, Clay, because if you go
earlier there, Texas was pretty locked down for a while.

Some of this some of the cities of of the
state of Texas lockdown. And I bring this up not
just because I want to give Governor Abbott au I'd
give him a B minus anus maybe it'd be well
relative as a Republican governor. I'm judging. I'm judging across
the Okay, there's fifty governors. To me, DeSantis is one
of all fifty governors, and I think certainly you'd have

to put Greg Abbott, given the size of the state,
in the top five or six. I would even I
would even be I would even say top three. I'm
just being a harsh greater here because I feel like
we have to have some that is a B minus,
is a brutal brain. I want him to do a
little more, you know, a little more homework. I want
him to do a little bit better going forward. But look,
it was it was because of Desantists that Abbott realized

we got to start thinking for ourselves and actually looking
at the data as a state, which had, to your point,
an enormous positive effect other other states. We're still locked down.
I mean, this is in a sense a preview of
what we can talk about a little bit tomorrow. Clay
Fouci's not done, Faucism is not gone. He's still as
of today. Maybe we'll play some of this for folks tomorrow,
talking about variants, talking about the lack of full vaccination,

all this stuff, so we're not we're not out of
the woods on that. We should also talk about vaccines tomorrow.
We didn't get to that today, but there's some new
information that's interesting. Clay and Buck dot Com is the website. Folks,
follow Clay Travis on Twitter and Facebook. Follow Buck Sexton
as well. Always an honor of privilege and a pleasure
to be here with you. Will be back tomorrow well
eastern coast to coast on the Clay Travis and Buck

Sexton Show. Send us your thoughts. Also, please tell us
what you think about the show, what you want to hear, Twitter, Facebook,
wherever you do it. You're listening to Clay Travis send
Buck Sexton on the EIB Network

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