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June 18, 2024 41 mins

Dan reacts to the Boston Celtics winning their NBA record 18th Championship. Plus, he and the Danettes wonder if this is the start of a new dynasty and who will ultimately benefit most from this title.

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All righty, come on in, stay a while. It's our
one on this Tuesday, Dan and the Dan Nets. Dan
Patrick Show no longer in a tie with the Lakers
for most titles in NBA history. The Celtics roll the
Mavericks one oh six to eighty eight, while the Lakers
are awaiting their next head coach, maybe as early as today. Tonight,

Oilers and the Panthers Game five. Panthers trying to close
it out. Your phone calls always welcome eight seven to
seven three DP Show email address, Dpadanpatrick dot Com, Twitter,

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Good morning.

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Buying should be as all stat of the day brought
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phone calls, pull question, play of the day, and stats
of the day coming up. Jalen Brown wins the finals MVP,
which is kind of sneaky. I know there was a
lot of talk about this, where who's the leader, who's

the best player on the team. Jason Tatum is still
the best player on the team. He's always going to
get your best defender. And as a result, I thought
Jalen Brown stepped up, and by stepping up, it felt
like he stood out and therefore he won the MVP.
The team still revolves around Jason Tatum. It's rare to
have a championship team when your two best players play

the same position. It doesn't happen Normally. You have your
guard and your big man.

Speaker 3 (01:51):
Maybe you have the guard and.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
A small forward, but you don't have two threes there
to all forwards. But Boston was able to do it
and go back a couple of years when they weren't
winning the title. They were getting there, they weren't winning it. Oh,
you got to blow it up. You're gonna have to
get rid of Jalen Brown. What could you get for
Jalen Brown. But Jalen Brown played great. It feels like

he played above what people thought. Therefore he was more valuable.
Jason Tatum was wonderful last night. And if you look
at the numbers, I mean, those are impressive numbers. Those
are historical numbers when you're looking at the Boston Celtics.
But Jalen Brown the Finals MVP. Tatum at thirty one,
eleven and eight the first Celtic to have those numbers

in an NBA Finals game since Larry Bird in nineteen
eighty six, and he averaged twenty five, ten and six
for the postseason.

Speaker 3 (02:48):
No, not yet.

Speaker 2 (02:50):
Paul Pierce and Larry Bird are the only other players
who have done that for the Celtics.

Speaker 4 (02:56):
Who day Stannaaday, This is the Stanle of the day.

Speaker 2 (03:12):
I was waiting for something with the MAVs last night,
and I think that they basically gave you everything they
had in Game four. Boston's the better team, deeper team,
and really, if you look at how it's constructed, you
have to go back with some moves that were made.
And the most valuable player for the Celtics might have
been Dame Lillard because Dame Lillard goes to the Bucks

the Bucks make Drew holiday expendable holiday fills in whatever
the gray area was for Boston this year, ye had
Al Horford in there. They picked up christ tops Porzingis.
You know Washington didn't want him. They had to pay
part of his salary to send him to Boston. I mean,
there's so many things that happened. Derek White, Derek White

trade with San Antonio. There's a Division two player. You
pick him up and you're.

Speaker 3 (03:59):
Like that guy.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
This guy's pretty good. That guy may plays hard. So
you have to have those players. It's just like Denver
last year. I can have Joker and Jamal, I gotta
have the other players. You can't win a championship with
just two players, two stars. You must have those guys
who are B players or C plus players. What do

you need me to do, I'll do it. How long
do you need me to do it. I'll be in there,
I'll hustle. And that's what Boston had this year. It
just it worked. And I know that we want to
label was this a dynasty? I think they had the
chance to be a dynasty the last five years, six years.
Winning a title doesn't mean you're going to be a dynasty.

I think we thought Milwaukee could be a dynasty. I
think we thought Denver could be a dynasty. Man, it's
tough and it's going to be tough for Boston. Again,
you can't get greedy, but we do get greedy as
fans because you got to go back to eight, the
last time they won a title, and that's a long
time ago. But they've had their opportunities and it's almost

like they had like the Buffalo Bills, like they had
their opportunity, their window, and then they didn't capitalize on it.
Now with Boston, are they going to be a dynasty?
Wether two players are young, their two stars are young,
and because of that, you know, you give them a chance,
they're going to be the favorite. You know coming up
next year DraftKings already has them as the favorites. Then

it's Denver, the Thunder, Timberwolves, Bucks in the maps. So
let's just look at the East. The only other competition
right now is the Bucks. Now you're almost guaranteed you're
going to be in the Eastern Conference finals again if
you just play relatively you know, consistent basketball. But for
Jason Tatum and we were wondering who benefited the most

from winning a title. Well, certainly this guy, Jason Tatum.

Speaker 5 (05:52):
It's a real feeling. I still hasn't really kicked in yet,
just trying, and I guess enjoyed a moment. I kept saying, Wow,
these last seven here's been a roller coaster up and down.
I had to listen on it about me and tonight
it was worth it.

Speaker 2 (06:08):
Oh my god, good for him, Good for him, Yes,
he did have to hear it. You get a max contract,
you're the best player on your team. We keep waiting
for you to win a title. First Team All NBA. Yes,
that goes along with the territory here. Now you're okay. Now,
Jason Chatum's on scholarship for a little while, Jalen Brown

on scholarship, The Celtics on scholarship. Here, Brad Stevens take
a victory lap. And you did a wonderful job.

Speaker 6 (06:38):
You know.

Speaker 2 (06:38):
You go from coaching, go into the front office, and
you brought in in a sneaky way, Jeff Van Gundy
to help Joe Missoula as the head coach. Now Van
Gundy's going to go to the Clippers to be their
top assistant. I think he gets a ring for being
a consultant slash coach for the Celtics. I hope he does.

And now he's going to go to the Clippers. The
Celtics gave him a lifeline because ESPN fired him and
all of a sudden he had to go back into coaching.
And now he's back in coaching and he'll go with
ty Loo and be the first assistant for the Clippers.
There a lot of people Joe Mizzoula benefited. We talked
about this when the playoffs started. If they don't win,

they may make a change with their head coach. It's
like when Mike Budenholzer won a title with the Bucks,
he was going to get fired and eventually got fired,
But Joe Missoula was on the hot seat and he
was going to get the blame. He was going to
be the fall guy. It felt like Jalen Brown, your MVP,
talking about his teammate Jason Tatum.

Speaker 6 (07:45):

Speaker 7 (07:45):
We just take it one game at a time. You know,
we started this journey together. We both drafted here and
we both you know, have mate boss in our home.

Speaker 3 (07:54):

Speaker 7 (07:54):
We just love getting after it, loved growing, love getting better,
tasting greatness. So I can't say enough about Jason Tatum, Man,
it sacrificed this year. His ability to just be selfless,
you know, really really showed in the finals, really showed
all playoffs. And I'm grateful, man, But I couldn't do
it without any of my teammates and JT How's my
brother for life?

Speaker 2 (08:14):
Yes, but it was a total team effort. If I said,
you know that Derek White and Drew Holliday, would they
have twenty rebounds?

Speaker 8 (08:22):

Speaker 2 (08:22):
Combined. See your guards are getting twenty rebounds. And if
you watched the game last night, I kept saying, where's
Dallas's big men? Can you guys get some rebounds? Can
you keep some offensive rebounds? Can you keep it alive?
How about defensive rebounds? Boston is a better team. But
I don't know if I can go boy lack of

effort on Dallas's part. I just think when you're third
best players PJ. Washington, you know you got to strengthen
the roster here. I don't know if Dallas is going
to get back. I think we saw some great things
from them. I think they would consider this a good season,
maybe great season that they got to the finals. But
if I'm looking at the West, you know this next season,

you're not gonna get back, I think playing that kind
of basketball because Denver got it just so that it
matched up. Minnesota was geared to beat Denver, but Minnesota
wasn't geared to beat Dallas. So you you know, matchups
are everything, you know. Meanwhile, Boston was geared up to
beat anybody. I kept thinking last night if Denver was

in the finals, it'd be a whole lot more entertaining.

Speaker 9 (09:31):
Watching this fire. That's I missed the Denver Nuggets so
much this series.

Speaker 3 (09:36):
Never more so than last night when I'm going.

Speaker 9 (09:40):
Like, I wanted to apologize that I've been taking you
guys for granted. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong.

Speaker 2 (09:46):
I'm sorry. Joker's not around, he's not even in the
United States. Probably we get at Jamal Murray highlights something.

Speaker 3 (09:52):
Yeah, yeah, can we do something here?

Speaker 6 (09:54):
All right?

Speaker 3 (09:54):
What's poll question we're gonna go with.

Speaker 9 (09:56):
You know, I don't know that the Mavericks made many
adjustments either. I don't know that if Jason Kidd had
a great series or not, but they seem to stick
to this one game plan.

Speaker 3 (10:06):
How many adjustments can you make?

Speaker 9 (10:08):
There has to be something more you can do than
like either all right, Kyrie, one of you, two guys
bring the ball up, will set a high screen for you,
do your best to get a shot off. There has
to be more of a game play. Everybody else stands
clear out. But they did what they did to get here.
And now you're saying, hey, you got to adjust. I
don't think they had. I mean it was checkers and

chess here. There's gotta be something else you can do
other than well, we don't have the lob right now, Kyrie.

Speaker 3 (10:36):
Just do you figure something out, Luca.

Speaker 9 (10:40):
You just if Kyrie's not going to do it, then
you do it. There's got to be saying and if
you're like right like you said with the big man, like, hey,
could somebody just get a rebound? Just get one rebound?
Just one we'll score. But you guys just help us
out on the boards.

Speaker 3 (10:54):
Please. What's the poll question we're going to go with
first out?

Speaker 9 (10:56):
I think we're going to go with this is a
bit of a bigger topic. But who will this title
the most for it?

Speaker 3 (11:00):
Okay? Okay.

Speaker 2 (11:01):
Oh, by the way, we just heard from Mike Breen
who was on the call. Brinievil jonas coming up in
an hour from now, he was working for the Mothership
in ABC.

Speaker 9 (11:10):
All right, see, we have to narrow this down to
four though, Okay, Okay, Jason Tatum obviously, Jylen Brown, same category, obviously, right,
Derek White, Okay. Al Horford. Horford's interesting.

Speaker 2 (11:32):
We's got two NBA titles and he's got two NCAA titles.

Speaker 3 (11:37):
Is that right, Mark, He's got one NBA title.

Speaker 9 (11:40):
Oh, that was the one. That was the one last night.
That's why it was a big deal for We did
it for Al.

Speaker 3 (11:47):
Yeah, this one's for Hour.

Speaker 10 (11:50):
Thirty seven years old. He's been in fifteen playoff series
in his career and this is his first title for
big Al Horford.

Speaker 2 (11:58):
Okay, Drew Holliday, that's his second second, right, he went
win with Milwaukes that.

Speaker 9 (12:05):
He's now gone into key piece territory. If you, if
you want to that's gonna get him another five five
checks easily, another five contracts. Okay, if you want to win,
you bring a guy like me in off the bench,
No problem, I got you.

Speaker 2 (12:19):
So, Joe Missoula, Tatum, basically Stevens. That's there's a lot
of people benefiting. Who do I think benefited the most?

Speaker 9 (12:28):
I feel like it's between Tatum, Brown, Missoula and Stevens.

Speaker 3 (12:33):
But that's just me.

Speaker 2 (12:34):
I would say Tatum because if you're going to be
labeled as one of the five to seven best players
in the game, you got to win a title here. Eventually,
you got to win a title. And you've gone to
the Eastern Conference finals, you've gone to the NBA Finals.
You haven't done well on the big stage in big games,
and now you finally did. I would say Jason Tatum,
and probably not a close second.

Speaker 10 (12:56):
Yes, paulis a little bit a light dissensione Mizzoula can
get a new contract off this. He's established now, but
he has two off seasons and he's fired. They clearly
there's there's no longevity to winning a title. True, ask
Nick Nurse. He'll be out here. Joe Mizula will not
be the coach there in three years for whatever reason.

Speaker 3 (13:14):
Okay, and.

Speaker 9 (13:18):
Maybe our very last pie.

Speaker 10 (13:19):
And Jason Tatum did a clean up on Aisle five.
You know, he's uncritiquable until they don't advance to the
finals next year. I look at guys like Holiday and
Horford that these are kind of like on the cusp
of being in the Hall of Fame someday. Guys who
are really borderline, it's not an offensive statement to say
they're borderline. But Drew Holliday two All Star appearances, you know,

career average of sixteen points. He may have snuck a
ticket to the Hall of Fame. Yeah, that that that's
for the life.

Speaker 2 (13:48):
I mean, it's easier to get into the basketball Hall
of Fame than it is like the football Hall of Fame,
certainly the Baseball Hall of Fame. They're they're more lenient
and they're inclusive of what you did with them or
international play. I would say Tatum though, because now you
can validate, you can put that, you can rubber stamp.

Now you're one of the great Celtics of all time.
Gotta win titles. Gotta win titles, at least a title
like Paul Pierce. If he doesn't win a title, then
Paul Pierce is just a great score. He won a title,
then all of a sudden, it's different, Yes, Marv, Yeah.

Speaker 11 (14:23):
I'm also go with Tatum. He's now in that Giannis
in Joker category where he won a title with the
team he was drafted by, which means a whole lot,
and now he's kind of on scholarship for a while
because look this whole dynasty talk. Relax because now we're
on year seven of Tatum and Brown. Told you they're
life young. They are like midlife crisis NBA, NBA.

Speaker 3 (14:47):
I don't know if it's that.

Speaker 9 (14:48):
They definitely were at the you guys better do this quick.

Speaker 3 (14:51):
This year.

Speaker 9 (14:52):
Yeah, this year was a pivotal year for that.

Speaker 2 (14:55):
Kyrie is the one who is relatively young in life
but old in basketball because he came in at what nineteen,
Now he's thirty two. Now he's you know, he's mister Miyagi.
You know he's got all this wisdom. Yeah, whish I
had a jumper. Yeah, oh mister Miyagi could play. Yeah,
good handle, great hands. Wax On, wax off. Absolutely. But Kyrie,

you know, Kyrie, I think has got perspective now of
what happened and his role in that. He said, look,
he didn't embrace the Celtics. He didn't embrace Lebron Brooklyn
was terrible. He knows that. You know, the days are
running out. He had this to say about Luca after
the game. Did JB win finals?

Speaker 3 (15:40):

Speaker 12 (15:41):
Yeah that was that was big time to see that
trophy in his hands I think him and JT should
have split it. But you know, those two guys in particular,
have you know, almost been like students and as well
now becoming teachers in their own rights. So to see
them and accomplish that, I'm really proud, you know, and
also extremely motivated to get back to this position in
the next few years.

Speaker 3 (15:59):
Yeah, my bad.

Speaker 2 (15:59):
He was talking about Tatum and Brown is former teammates
there and these guys, you know, six seven years into
their career and they're twenty six, twenty seven years of age.
You still got a window of opportunity here. And I
don't think the.

Speaker 3 (16:13):
East is great.

Speaker 2 (16:14):
Let's say Paul George goes to the Sixers, all right, now,
you got my attention. Are the Knicks going to be
able to be the Knicks that we saw in the postseason,
just healthier? What about the Bucks? What about the heat?
Is there an outlier there? But if I'm Boston, I'm like,
I'm good. Nobody scares me here, at least not yet.

Now you've got a chance to be in the Eastern
Conference finals, maybe another NBA finals, And I don't know
if you can pencil in Denver because of what happened.
Can I pencil in Dallas, Can I pencil in Oklahoma City?
Houston's going to be, you know, a team on the climb.
So you probably got five or six teams that are

legitimately title contenders or at least they can get to
the NBA Finals in the West. In the East, it
feels like it's Boston, and then we take a step back.
I don't even know if there's a second team. I
think you got to go down to number three before
you go. Okay, they got a chance, but you do
have the hangover all the time, and then you're gonna
get players who want to get paid. Maybe they end
up with other teams, you know, because Denver had that problem.

They lost some players, and to me, that was a
big difference. You know, when you lose Bruce Brown, like
you lost a really valuable player, and that happens sometimes.
But I think what we saw very impressive with Dallas.
They were the best team during the regular season and
they showed that during the postseason.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
All right, well, take a break.

Speaker 2 (17:38):
Well, set up our poll question and Mike Breen will
join us at the top of the hour. Your phone
call is always welcome. Take a break back after this.

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Speaker 2 (18:28):
I mentioned it's rare to have a championship team when
your two best players play the same position. Brown and
Tatum third set of teammates in the last four years
to average at least twenty five and five. In the
NBA Finals, you had Joker and Jamal Murray, Jannis and
Chris Middleton with the Milwaukee Bucks. But it wasn't that

long ago when we thought maybe they needed to ship
Jalen Brown out because Tatum and Brown same position, getting
each other's way, and then all of a sudden, you
win a championship. It's weird how that works. We're like, yeah,
they gotta they gotta break those two up. To man,
good thing they didn't break those two up, Yes, Marvin.

Speaker 11 (19:09):
What I love about the Celtics title is that there's
a lot of wood as shit of COODI is uh.
Jalen Brown and Jayson Tatum were a part of the
Kevin Garnet Paul Pierce trade. When they got traded, it
was for the twenty sixteen twenty seventeen first round draft picks,
and it ended up becoming Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum,
and then the seventy six ers could have had Jason

Tatum to pick Markel Foults.

Speaker 3 (19:31):
Oh. And I remember coming in that mill.

Speaker 9 (19:36):
I'm not even a Sixer fan.

Speaker 2 (19:39):
I came in I think it was a Monday, and
I just remember I had talked to an NBA executive
and I said, Folts is gonna go one? He goes yes,
but the best player is Jason Tatum. I said, well,
why is he not going to go number one? He goes, hey,
that that's Philadelphia and uh, and I was like, oh, okay,

so the best player is Jason Tatum and Lonzo Ball
went second, and I remember when Jason Tatum, what do
you go forth to the Celtics.

Speaker 10 (20:14):
Folts, the Sixers, Lonzo Ball. This is the twenty seventeen draft.
Jason Tatum to the Celtics, okay, and then Josh Jackson,
Dear and Fox the Sacramento Okay, et cetera, et cetera.

Speaker 2 (20:25):
Yeah, but markl Folds And I said, well, he didn't
even get his team to the NCAA tournament. Like it's
Ben Simmons, like where you go, you know, and markl
Folds has been through an awful lot and he's still playing,
uh you know, unlike Ben Simmons. You know, he's still
trying to play in the NBA. But yeah, the Jason
Tatum thing. And I go and I said to this

executive and I said, why why didn't Philadelphia seeing this?

Speaker 3 (20:51):
And they're like, uh whatever.

Speaker 2 (20:53):
Sometimes you draft for position on your team, on your roster,
and getting MARKL Folds, who who was a very good
player at Washington, but I think they won nine games, Yes, Marv.

Speaker 11 (21:05):
I live by the Bobby Knight quote where Portland says, oh,
we need a center, play.

Speaker 3 (21:11):
Michael Jordan at center? What are you talking about?

Speaker 11 (21:13):
Always pick the best player. I'm always flabbergasted. That's why
I'm so happy for the Celtics, even though I'm not
a Celtics fan. Look, you just draft the best players available,
even though they played the same position.

Speaker 2 (21:24):
But then they had Clyde Drexler, i think at the time,
and that's why they didn't want to take Michael Jordan.
And you take Sam Bowie, and you know Sam was
injury prone, and of course his career cut short because
of those injuries. But you're right, who's the best player.
And sometimes you'll hear this with the NFL draft. You know,
we're just going to take the best player available, which

you know, let's say it's a quarterback and you've got
a quarterback doesn't make sense, or you got a running back.
But you know, we see this with basketball too often,
not as much anymore because it's become positionless, like Greg
Odin where you got to have a big man.

Speaker 3 (22:00):
We don't have to have a big man.

Speaker 2 (22:03):
It helps to have a big man, but sometimes you
can work around that. But you go back to that
draft and it's like Markel Fults. A lot of times,
you know, we're going to base your success or lack
thereof on what happened with other players in the draft.

Speaker 3 (22:20):
I mean we did that with Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning.
We still do that. It's like, yeah, you could have
you could have added Peyton Manning.

Speaker 9 (22:26):
Could add Justin Jefferson.

Speaker 10 (22:27):
Yeah, yeah, yes, Paulie, I've got all the draft grades.
The day after the twenty seventeen draft, and people loved
markel Foltz to the sixers, you know, they thought it
paired so well with Embiid and Ben Simmons. There's the
Tatum reviews are not great. They say he's a good
all around player, but is he great at anything? There's
it's mild reviews.

Speaker 9 (22:46):
And Donovan Mitchell in that draft.

Speaker 2 (22:48):
Yeah yeah, but you know, the executive said, you know
sometimes when you play with coach k you know, it's
like Dean Smith that you become better when you leave
the system. And I said, yeah, but Duke players, it's
not a great list of great players in the NBA.
It's like they're they're better when they're at Duke than

when they leave. But this executive is like, trust me,
Tatum is a great going to be a great player.

Speaker 3 (23:14):
Yeah. See this's funny.

Speaker 9 (23:16):
Josh Hart in that same draft, But so is Derek White.
They actually got where it was Derek White, Colorado? Yeah,
is that where he's from.

Speaker 3 (23:26):

Speaker 2 (23:27):
I don't remember him at all, even with the Spurs,
you know, because you're like, I got to go out
of my way to watch the Spurs. I just remember
when they the Celtics got Derek White, and I'm like, okay,
and all of.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
A sudden, you watch him, you go, all right, got
a little spunk there.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
Not afraid, I mean he's not Marcus Smatt, Marcus Smatt,
Marcus Smartt. A couple of phone calls here, How about
Paul and Iowa leads us off. Good morning, Paul. How
are you today?

Speaker 3 (23:54):

Speaker 6 (23:56):

Speaker 14 (23:56):

Speaker 6 (23:57):

Speaker 15 (23:57):
What fact?

Speaker 14 (23:58):

Speaker 16 (23:59):
The last time is so just won a championship. Al
Horford finished his rookie year in the NBA and Joe
Mizula was a sophomore at West Virginia. M My main
point today, Happy late Father's day question for all the
fathers in the room. My favorite NBA team just won
a title, and my wife is eight months pregnant. We're
not set on a name yet, and there's a star

on this team that has a really good first name
for a girl has anyone tried to convince their wife
to name a child after a sports player.

Speaker 3 (24:27):
Wait, what name are you looking at?

Speaker 6 (24:30):

Speaker 16 (24:31):
It's not porzingis Dan?

Speaker 3 (24:32):
Okay? Well, Chris tops Oh you're gonna go Tatum, aren't you? Paul?

Speaker 16 (24:40):
Tatum is a beautiful little girl's name, and I love it.

Speaker 3 (24:43):
Tatum O'Neil, great actress. Sure, I'm fine with that.

Speaker 16 (24:49):
Well, Okay, have any of you guys tried it? Did
that pass the wife?

Speaker 3 (24:54):
No? I didn't. Uh, Pauli's daughter is did?

Speaker 2 (24:59):
Yeah, but did your wife say you can name her
after Walter pag.

Speaker 10 (25:03):
I never considered naming my first child, my daughter after
an athlete. My wife walked into the room a month
before birth, saw one of my many Walter Payton posters
on my office because it's a maniac, and she goes,
what about Peyton for a girl's name? And I turned,
I go, don't kid me. She goes, I'm not kidding,
And that was the entire conversation.

Speaker 3 (25:20):
It was her call, Okay, Fritz, of your son's name? Jordan?

Speaker 8 (25:23):
Yeah, we went with Jordan Drew. Although if Ryan might
have been something for Nolan Ryan, I don't think Elway
would have passed the Goalie might have been a little
odd for a middle name, but Ryan, I thought it
would have been nice.

Speaker 3 (25:34):
What was Jordan after Jordan?

Speaker 8 (25:36):
No, we just liked that name and it just happened
to be the greatest basketball player ever.

Speaker 3 (25:40):
Okay, yeah I didn't.

Speaker 2 (25:42):
I didn't then name my son after my dad, and
then family names with my daughters. So no, although somebody
said I named my daughter Grace and they goes that
after Mark Grace and I go no, yeah.

Speaker 3 (25:56):
No, no.

Speaker 2 (25:58):
Spent a lot of time in Chicago with the Cubs,
but no, yeah, no Mark Grace. Uh dog in North Carolina. Hi, Doug,
what's on your mind today?

Speaker 6 (26:10):
Well, Ben, I am so excited to talk to you.
I've been waiting to share this with you for a week.
I've been waiting for a day when both you and
Seaton were there. I have this bizarre talent where I
can look at a stranger and quickly figure out what
famous person we most resemble. A year ago, I sent
in a picture of the drummer for r EM because
he's Todd's identical Flynn. I have now found seat and

celebrity look alike. I sent in two pictures to the back.
You're going to think this is crazy, but when you
see it, you'll see that. I'm right, Ben Woke of
the La Times and Seat and O'Connor are separated at birth. Yeah,
see him side by side.

Speaker 2 (26:45):
Okay, that's Rando but uh yeah we can do that.
Put him side by side. Uh woiky covers the Lakers.

Speaker 9 (26:52):
Let's see what he's going for there.

Speaker 3 (26:54):

Speaker 2 (26:55):
Yeah, but you're more James Corden. I mean definitely, you know,
like a enter James Corden.

Speaker 9 (27:02):
Yeah, you are, same attitude though, oh just kidding.

Speaker 2 (27:06):
Yeah, j jk yeah, yeah, you don't like the comparison
to James Cordon because.

Speaker 9 (27:11):
I've every comparison is almost ninety nine point nine percent
of the time they're terrible. So yeah, but don't you
think you look like James Cordon? I definitely see what Okay, okay, yeah, yeah,
I see why people say that quite a bit.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
Andrew and Washington, I Andrew, what's on your mind to think?

Speaker 14 (27:31):
Good morning, Dan, Dannet, thanks for taking my call. You
got touched on this earlier. The MVP of the Celtics,
and I think the MVP of the Celtics is Brad
Stevens coming in. That's young head coach from uh Butler
and coaching Jalen Brown and Jason Catuman going into the
front office and making moves to get rid of Marcus
Smart and bring in Derek White's and bring back Al Horford's.

I think he's a real MVP. And by the way,
this is kind of a full circle moment. The last
time there was this young of a head coach win
a championhip, Jill Mizula's thirty five years old was a
thirty five year old Bill Russell in nineteen sixty nine
for the Celtics. So I think that's a pretty good moment.
But I'm surprised that Marvin has not brought back his

favorite poll question for right now?

Speaker 3 (28:15):
Whose career would.

Speaker 14 (28:16):
You rather have?

Speaker 3 (28:16):

Speaker 14 (28:17):
Al Horford or Reggie Miller?

Speaker 2 (28:20):
Okay, thank you, Andrew. No one's asking this question today?
Whose career would you rather have? Marvin? Al Horford? He's
won two titles in college, he won a title last night.
He's been around for what fourteen years? Fifteen years? Whose career?

Speaker 11 (28:41):
I'm gonna go with Reggie because Reggie's had iconic moments?

Speaker 3 (28:44):
Okay, but he didn't win a title.

Speaker 6 (28:48):
He did.

Speaker 2 (28:48):
What if I took away the Knicks series.

Speaker 3 (28:53):
What if I just took that away?

Speaker 2 (28:54):
He still got the Bulls. Yeah, but did he didn't
do well? He did well against the Knicks Bulls. He
lost to Mike, Yeah, but he took them the seven games. Okay,
I'll take that. I think i'd take Al Horford's career
with that. Wait if I, oh, well, curse, so, I
don't know. I was still, you know, cashing in there, Todd,

what about you?

Speaker 3 (29:17):
I think I would go Reggie.

Speaker 8 (29:18):
And I know, if you're just in sport.

Speaker 2 (29:19):
He's got a gold medal too. Whatever value you put
on that.

Speaker 3 (29:23):
I know, if you say the name Reggie, may think
Reggie Jackson.

Speaker 8 (29:25):
But as far as greatest sports figures, when you say Reggie,
especially if you know, if you're having a basketball conversation,
you immediately think Reggie Miller. That's what rings true to me.

Speaker 6 (29:33):
And if you.

Speaker 3 (29:34):
Say rings true but no, ring, no Rag.

Speaker 9 (29:37):
Did you say what about Al or what about Horford?

Speaker 8 (29:40):
There's a big difference between saying Reggie among the greats
of the.

Speaker 2 (29:43):
Sport ced O'Connor, Al Horford or Reggie Miller.

Speaker 9 (29:47):
I'm just checking career earnings.

Speaker 3 (29:49):
All supper factoring Al Al's gotten paid.

Speaker 9 (29:53):
Al sitting on a solid two seventy six. Oh my gosh, sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm taking.

Speaker 3 (30:01):
Out What did Reggie make in his career?

Speaker 9 (30:03):
I got Reggie just under one hundred million, right around
on hundred.

Speaker 3 (30:06):
Oh you got to take Al Horford.

Speaker 9 (30:08):
That's pretty good money.

Speaker 2 (30:09):
Yeah, he's not done yet. He might get to three
hundred million dollars, that's all said and done.

Speaker 3 (30:17):
Cheers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Paul.

Speaker 10 (30:19):
Reggie's got a gold medal and on the seventy fifth
anniversary team, right.

Speaker 3 (30:23):

Speaker 9 (30:25):
And you know what the thing about Al is too,
It's not like he was like a guy at the
end of the bench this year and it's just collecting
the ring like he contributed it in big way. He
hit some massive shots in the finals.

Speaker 3 (30:36):
He could. Yeah, he was guarding Luca. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (30:39):
I mean he's still an integral part of that team there.
He had moments that you were like, hell yeah Al Yeah,
Chris and Syracuse, So I Chris, what's on your mind?

Speaker 16 (30:47):

Speaker 17 (30:47):
Thank you?

Speaker 14 (30:48):

Speaker 17 (30:48):
Hey, I'd like to comment on the poll and just
a comment on Sunday's golfb Yeah, I'm going with Brad
Steven as well. As you pointed out in the open,
it's the moves he made were great, but the one
big move that people were clamoring for it breakup Brown
and Tatum. He didn't do, and his value had a skyrocket.
And I wonder he's young. I wonder if down the road,
if you want to or if he's even feasible, if
you think that he might be a coach and GM

or at least help out with the GM. And on
the golf Sunday, you know Rory missing those pots. God,
it brought me back the years years years ago. Seahawks
are playing the Vikings. It was ten to nine, last
play of the game. Blair walf signs up for lines
up for a twenty six yard field goal something like that,
and he misses it. And Chris Collinsworth gave a great pause.

He was on NBC Sports doing the game, and all
he said was there is no way to practice a
four foot pot to win the Masters, And boy, he's.

Speaker 3 (31:38):
Right, thank you, Chris.

Speaker 2 (31:41):
And Rory did release his statement and he's not going
to be playing in the Travelers. That's in Hartford and
there's a big billboard on the highway that it's Rory
is going to be playing. And then Rory decided that
he's going to take some time off here. There's only
one Rory, yes, and he will not be playing in
the Travelers Home.

Speaker 3 (32:00):

Speaker 2 (32:00):
But we'll have that statement that he had. And you know,
there was some mixed reaction to my comments that I
thought he should have done an interview with NBC, maybe
two or three questions. Maybe you let the tournament know
US Open. No, Look, I just I can't do it.
I can't go in there and torture myself. But you
do something, You get in your car and you fly home.

I thought that he owed that to the US Open.
You know, they paid you over two million dollars runner up. Yes,
it is painful. And I've always said he's one of
my favorite interviews because he makes himself available and he
does think about the questions that you're asking him. I
just wish he would have led us in a little
bit there, just to understand it, instead of the reaction that,

oh my gosh, you know what, you just bolts out
of there. You don't say congratulations to you know, Bryce,
and to shamble all of those things that were said
yesterday by people playing on Sunday. But I'll have that
statement for you coming up. We'll take a break. We
got our Play the day up now.

Speaker 1 (33:00):
Be sure to catch the live edition of The Dan
Patrick Show weekdays at nine am Eastern six am Pacific
on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio.

Speaker 10 (33:09):
Wapp Oh my God.

Speaker 3 (33:12):
Play of the Day. This is the play of the day.

Speaker 14 (33:20):
Shuck this out.

Speaker 3 (33:21):
He's gonna miss it. Rebound Celtics half a Horford outlet.

Speaker 1 (33:24):
It's Pretcher it again, Prescher half court. It's in the air.

Speaker 15 (33:28):
He did it again, Peyton Pretchard get it again. With
the world watching, he knocks down at half court three.
That will send the Boston Celtics.

Speaker 1 (33:41):
Into the locker room.

Speaker 3 (33:42):
We're a twenty one point lead.

Speaker 2 (33:45):
That's courtesy of the Sports Hub Celtics radio network. We
found Peyton Pritchard's range. It's forty eight feet. Now, if
you can set up some plays there and just let
him shoot from forty eight feet. I think he only
made three baskets three threes in the series, but there
were some big ones there. That's your Player of the Day,
brought to you by the Hottest Rookiees' biggest superstars, the

all time greats. The only place to collect them all,
Panini Trading Cards, the official trading cards of the program,
instant classics, autograph cards, memorabilia cards, rare inserts, and more.
Starter Continued collection now at Panini America dot net. Update
the poll results if you can, Seaton, Yeah, we got
up there.

Speaker 9 (34:24):
Who did last night's ring? Do more for Okay, Jason Tatum,
Jaylen Brown, Joe Missoula, Brad Stevens right now, Jason Tatum
running away with them? Yes, yes, absolutely running away.

Speaker 2 (34:37):
Yes, but here's something now, you would think just one
championship he wasn't the Finals MVP. Odds to win the
MVP next season according to DraftKings Marvin Finals MVP No,
NBA regular season MVP, Anthony Edwards no, Paul.

Speaker 9 (35:00):
Man Uh, Shay Gildess.

Speaker 3 (35:06):
No, Todd, Jason Tatum, no.

Speaker 2 (35:11):
Seaton, Nikola Jokic, yes, Joker, Joker and then Luca.

Speaker 9 (35:15):
Way, you sold that. I thought it was a different person.

Speaker 3 (35:17):
Yeah, well a little bait and switched there.

Speaker 2 (35:20):
Yeah forget Yeah, so Joker, Luca, Joel Embiid, Shay Gilgis,
Alexander Jannis, Anthony Edwards, Jason Tatum is not in the
top five for MVP coming up next season. Also odds
to win the title next season Marvin the Celtics. Yes,

overwhelming favorites to win the title next year.

Speaker 3 (35:47):
Bias of course in last case. Okay, second best.

Speaker 2 (35:52):
Odds, uh, okay, second best odds to win the title
next year.

Speaker 3 (35:58):
Paul Denver nugget. No, oh what thunder? Thunder? And then
it's the Timberwolves and the Nuggets, then the Bucks, then
the MAVs. What yeah yeah, Paul.

Speaker 10 (36:13):
Okay, I'm gonna throw this out there. If you ran
the Mavericks, would you consider trading Kyrie Irving now? Because
he still has value and you may see that this
team as is probably can't win it. I don't think
they can win it right, So then even more so,
I need see.

Speaker 2 (36:32):
Tim Hardaway Junior is a scorer. He didn't play much
and I didn't I don't know if he was injured.
But they need that third guy, PJ. Washington and Lively,
I mean Jones, like they have some players they just need.
They need a little bit more offensive boost there. I
just can't be dependent on Luca just pounding the ball constantly,

Kyrie waiting to react to whatever Luca's doing, and then
you don't have anybody.

Speaker 3 (37:01):
But what am I getting for Kyrie?

Speaker 6 (37:04):
You know?

Speaker 2 (37:04):
I could trade him to the Lakers and then I
could get you know, a few first round draft picks,
you can get younger. I just I think Kyrie was
really good for Luca this year. I thought it worked.
Here's Luca talking about playing with Kyrie.

Speaker 9 (37:22):
I saw you and Kyrie had a moment of embrace
there at the end of the game.

Speaker 3 (37:26):
Just interested.

Speaker 9 (37:27):
What can you share about the conversation that you guys had.

Speaker 18 (37:30):
Just stay together? Man, I think just having Kyle on
my team, I mean, on our team is unbelovo you know,
just helping. You know, we said we'll fight together next
season and we're just gonna believe.

Speaker 6 (37:47):

Speaker 2 (37:48):
I think there's a lot of things at play with
the MAVs. Do you get that third guy? Is Luca
going to be different? You know, he said he needed
to play and have fun after he was pouting in
the previous game when he fouled out.

Speaker 3 (38:03):
He needs get in shape. I think he needs to
be dedicated. Now.

Speaker 2 (38:07):
He's obviously a great player, leads the league in scoring.
You know, he's a bucket, but he's got to be
a better all around player from the standpoint of at
the other end of the floor, because they went after
him and he's a real liability. You might get your
thirty three, but if you're giving up twenty or more
than that, you know you need to have more of
a separation between your best player their best player, or

I score this. You gotta be a little bit more
mobile there. Kyrie, you know we're getting into a tricky
area there with him, with his age, with what you're
asking him to do. He didn't play well in the finals. Now,
Boston had defenders. They have a variety of sizes, and
that pros problems for both Kyrie and Luca.

Speaker 3 (38:52):
Not everybody has that.

Speaker 2 (38:54):
Can they get through the regular season, yes, but it's
the postseason.

Speaker 3 (38:59):
How you match up these teams? And are they better
than Denver?

Speaker 7 (39:03):

Speaker 3 (39:03):
In my opinion? Are they better than Minnesota? Right now?
They are?

Speaker 2 (39:07):
But if I give Minnesota, you know what they learned
this year going into next season, you know it might
be a lot more even and I might even lean
towards Minnesota. Yeah, you get the.

Speaker 9 (39:17):
Sense from listening to Kyrie talk, or at least reading
into what he says, that he could see the windows closing. Yes,
he doesn't know how many times he's going to get
back to the finals. Yeah, I wonder how that impacts
whatever future decisions he makes.

Speaker 2 (39:30):
Well, I don't know if it's what he makes or
what Dallas makes, but it feels like I thought he
and Luca did a good job. Luca's tough to play
with because it's ball dominant, like James Harden. There's certain
players where you're like, uh, what am I supposed to
do here?

Speaker 15 (39:46):

Speaker 2 (39:46):
You got the ball for eighteen seconds, then all of
a sudden somebody double teams you, and then I got
to get a shot off or you know that that happens.
Sometimes you have to be reactionary where they're constantly banging
the pounding the ball.

Speaker 11 (39:57):
Yes, Marv, did you ever run into players when they
or older and they said to themselves or they said
to you maybe I always thought it was going to
be this easy getting to the championship or the finals,
almost like Kyrie, because Kyrie got there so young. He's like,
I can go anywhere and be the guy.

Speaker 3 (40:14):

Speaker 2 (40:15):
I don't remember somebody ever saying that they thought. I
mean Marino, I've talked to him about that. He doesn't
like talking about it, but I did say, man, you
got to the super Bowl, you know, did you think, well,
this is easier than I thought, and you know, Marino's
a tough guy, and he said, you know, I didn't
think that. You know, I look back now and I go, gosh,

I probably did think that at the time. Like I
got here in my second year, I'm going against Joe
Montana and then they didn't get close after that. I
think when you're in the moment, you're always thinking like,
I can do this again, We'll get back, yeah, and
then you don't. A lot of things have to go
your way. You know, Joker may only win one title,

Luca may not get back to the NBA Finals. I mean,
it happens because the game is so quick with change
and players getting better, your team not getting any better,
losing players, jealousies, that factor in there. I mean, there's
a lot of things that go into it. It's just
difficult to put it all in the blunder and it

comes out tasting good. Mike Breen was on the call
for the NBA Finals. Brenie will join us coming up
here in about ten minutes. More of your phone calls
as well. Hockey tonight, the Oilers at the Panthers, Florida
trying to close out the Oilers in the Stanley Cup.

Speaker 3 (41:34):
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