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June 21, 2024 41 mins

Dan Patrick reacts to the Lakers hiring JJ Redick as their new head coach. He discusses the expectations Redick will face and the pressure he and his team will be under during his first season in Los Angeles. Dan looks at past instances of hiring former players with no coaching experience in the NBA and gives insight on what Redick will face from the media after spending the last few years working alongside them.

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Well, we did it. We made it to a Friday.
It's a Meet Friday at that In case you're wondering,
and I know you are, Hey, what's on the menu
for Meet Friday? Steak fahitas, chicken fajitas? Who has it
better than we do?

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Body, come on in, stay a while. You can dial
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headline is the Lakers finally hired Jjreddick. It's a four
year deal. We'll talk about that also. The assistant coaches
that fascinates me a whole lot more. We'll talk about
that strategy coming up Celtics Parade later today and tonight
it's the Panthers at the Oilers Gain six. I want
to go back to May twenty fifth of twenty twenty three,

had JJ Reddick on and we were talking about a
variety of things, and I ask him this question, where
did this come from wanting to maybe be a head coach?

Speaker 4 (01:38):
Well, I mean you certainly, you certainly missed the competitive
side of professional basketball when you retire, and that's probably
the biggest itch. I'm loving what I'm doing right now,
and I'm in a very fortunate situation that I can

kind of wait and just see if there's anything that
materializes that that's sort of a perfect fit. But you know,
I've talked with teams now going on a year about
assistant jobs, and I'm interested in being a head coach.
I don't have to start as the head coach. I
don't have to start a new assistant. It doesn't matter
to me.

Speaker 5 (02:18):
It's more just.

Speaker 4 (02:19):
About the fit and the people that are, you know,
at the organization.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
So that's May twenty fifth of twenty twenty three, so
a little more than a year ago. He started flirting
with teams and vice versa. Then he had a podcast.
Then he became the lead analyst for the Mothership with
their coverage of the NBA. Jeff Van Gundy got kicked
to the curb, Mark Jackson got kicked to the curb.
Doris Burke and JJ came in. Then all of a sudden,

there was an exchange on first Take between JJ Reddick
and steven A. Smith where JJ Reddick pointed out, do
people really want to be taught basketball? And he gave
a couple things. He had a couple of references. One
was Zion Williamson and what he's doing with the Pelicans
the last twenty games playing point forward, and he said

he got twenty thousand views. And then there was another
part where he criticized Doc Rivers with the Milwaukee Bucks
and that got millions of views. So his point was
with steven A, does anybody really care about being taught basketball?
And maybe maybe Lebron is listening to that and going, wow, okay,

that guy is he knows basketball. He's sharp and he's
telling us things and then all of a sudden they
start to do a podcast. Now, is it a coincidence
that they started to do a podcast after that? The
fact that he then became a candidate for the Lakers
job was supposed to be his job, and then all
of a sudden, wait a minute, Dan Hurley could be

interested in the Lakers. Okay, forget about JJ Reddick. Let's
go all in on Dan Hurley. Then all of a sudden,
Dan Hurley said, no, I'm staying at Connecticut. Let's go
back in on JJ Reddick. And it felt like it
was always his job to lose, and then he lost
it and then he got it back. But I'm curious
who JJ Reddick is going to surround himself with because
when we talk about experience, we use that a lot,

and it's prevalent throughout the interviewing process. When you're going
to hire a head coach. Dan Campbell, Lions head coach,
had never even been a coordinator, and he got the
job as the Lions head coach. Now, they hired a
lot of veteran coordinators to help him. Now, that's what
you need to do. Dean Sanders had never been a

coach at a Power five school before going to Colorado.
They had great recruiting, also a veteran coaching staff. He
got somebody from the Alabama coaching staff and prime term
turned one of the worst teams in college football into
a respectable team in one season. So the Lakers are
looking for that similar leap, that similar amount of success

first year with JJ Redick. It's a four year deal,
which means if he survives the four years, he's probably
going to be coaching Anthony Davis and not lebron James.
What are they going to do with Brownie? I was
told yesterday, now it's more likely that they're taking Bronnie James,
as if there was much doubt there, but now it

looks like you're going to be taking Bronnie James, and
you're going to surround yourself with maybe Sam Cassell, who
was a head coaching candidate here. Maybe Stan Van Gundy
would be a guy you add to your roster. I
also thought it was interesting, ironic that the reason why
Jeff Van Gundy, at least one of the reasons why
he was let go by ESPN as their analyst, was

they were worried he was going to take another head
coaching job. Yeah, he didn't take one, and he was
an assistant coach or he was a consultant with the Celtics.
Now he's an assistant coach with the Clippers. But here's
JJ Reddick taking the job. Less than a year later,
he's a head coach in the NBA. But I want

to know who he surrounds himself with because JJ feels
like the CEO. He's very knowledgeable. Everybody can talk about that.
He walks in. He looks like he's playing the role
in a movie of you're the Lakers head coach. Now
you have somebody you can put out in front of
the media. It goes back to what I said yesterday
that job is sort of the cowboys job of the NBA.

Everything is under the microscope everything, and you got Lebron
in there as well. So JJ has to be able
to filter out all of the naysayers, the criticism. It's
gonna be there's gonna be so much gossip here. There's
gonna be like I'm here, Oh what about the other players?

Speaker 5 (06:41):

Speaker 2 (06:42):
Is he showing up?

Speaker 3 (06:43):
You know?

Speaker 2 (06:44):
Preferential treatment to Lebron? Do you continue your podcast with
Lebron like that's a big question. Mark, can you continue
a podcast with Lebron while coaching the Lakers? Now? While
it would be great TV, great podcast, great content, if
I'm the Lakers, I don't want my head coach with

his hat backwards talking to Lebron. James, you got a
job to do. Entertain people by putting an entertaining product
out on the floor, not with your podcast now. I
don't know what's in the language of the contract, but
that's what I would say. No, we want you to
be the head coach of the Lakers. I don't need
you to do a coach. It's like Doug Gottlieb is

coaching Wisconsin Green Bay Stevens Point while doing his radio show.
That's different. He can use that for publicity for his program.
He'll need that publicity for his program, you know, putting
them on the map, he's already gotten publicity. The Lakers
don't need publicity. They don't need to have him do
this so they can have more people interested in the Lakers.

JJ Reddicks, who just coach the Lakers, be the CEO
of the Lakers. Now, you bring in some really good
assistant coaches. Jared Dudley, who's with the MAVs. He's somebody
that they're going to try to bring in. Sam Cassell
with the Celtics, they're going to try to bring him in.
That's the important part of all of this to me,

because I need somebody who can coach or at least direct,
And then I had the underlings, the assistant coaches, who
are going to be able to do this day to day.
They're going to be doing the day to day process here.
So and if I'm JJ Reddick, I'm not threatened by
these guys who might be there waiting to take my job.
If we win, then if I'm JJ Reddick, I win.

If we don't win, then I'm going to be vulnerable
no matter what. But if you bring in good assistant
coaches and you surround him, then I think you got
at least a head start here. It doesn't mean they're
going to be good. I mean, if you said what
job would you take, Cleveland, Detroit or the Lakers. If
I'm JJ Reddick, I would have taken Detroit or Cleveland.

But it's because I have a chance to just be
a coach, not a thing like he's got to go
in there, he's got to be something like Cleveland. You
just coach Detroit. You just coach and you know his
former teammate, Tradjan Langdon, former Dukie, is now running the Pistons.
You fire Monti Williams. I sent a note to the

dan Tz yesterday saying, how is this possible? You got
a guy who has five more years, sixty five million dollars,
and you surprise him, blindside him, you rush in and
fire him. And it's a fellow Dukie. And here's JJ Reddick,
And we keep waiting for the Lakers. Are they going
to sign this guy? And then all of a sudden,
I'm thinking, is JJ Reddick got cold feet?

Speaker 4 (09:35):

Speaker 2 (09:36):
Going well, I don't know, wait a minute here, maybe
maybe the Pistons, you know, a terrible team. I can
go in and I can learn how to coach. He
has to be ready to coach when you coach the Lakers.
Now I get it. You win. Then all of a sudden,
you know your legacy is firmly cemented. Well, not necessarily,
because you know Frank Vogel won a title for him.

I don't think there's any statue. Is there statue for
Frank Vogel? Yeah, checking it's probably in Orlando that they
build it right outside the bubble. But this is a
legacy play as well. You're coaching the Lakers. This is
why Dan Hurley was interested, because JJ Reddick gave up
a job that he could do for the next ten years,

be the analyst and all the NBA. It's a great gig,
but it's not as exciting as being on the floor
being the head coach, being the Laker head coach, coaching Lebron.
Yes see.

Speaker 6 (10:33):
I know sometimes I think like for us sitting here,
you're like, man, you're calling all the games. Is a
great gig, like sitting on this side of things. But
if you're a former player, you're like, well, I'll do that.
I guess, yeah, I'll do that.

Speaker 2 (10:47):
But I'd rather be coaching. It's exciting when I would go,
you know, we take the NBA show to the Western
Conference finals of the NBA Finals, and like, you're on
the floor. Well, if I'm a former player, I'm on
the floor. But I don't like just being on the floor.
I want to be on the floor doing something like coaching.
And JJ had a long, long career and played for

a lot of different teams, a lot of different coaches,
and you know, obviously has coach k on speed dial
if he wants to talk to his former coach. There,
Duke gets some ideas, thoughts, and it's and it's winning
the locker room too. It's not just hey, you got
a coach and you got to win. Got to make
sure everybody's happy as well. Wait, is he given preferential

treatment to Lebron? You know, how's AD feel about this?
What about the other player? He's got to develop the roster.
That's the key, Like you can plug in Lebron, you know,
twenty seven, seven and seven. Ad is gonna if he plays,
you know, more than seventy five games again and he
gives you whatever, twenty six twelve and you know, four

three blocks. Okay, Now, it's the other guys that I'm
worried about, because that's where you're sackings or your failure.
Is going to be a lot of teams that have
two really good players, it's the players around them that
make them a playoff team, make them a title threat.
And that's I think that's the biggest thing that JJ
Reddick's going to have to do. Win the locker room.

And also, you know, in game changes, you know that
that that they didn't. They weren't able to adapt in game.
That was the big knock on Darbnham. You know, can
you can you change something? What are you doing? What's
different here? Now he has to do that as well.
That's where you get people's attention, like, hey, they're doing this,
we're going to do this. Then all of a sudden

it's successful and you're going, all right, I'm gonna listen
to that guy. Yes, Marv, what.

Speaker 5 (12:40):
Should be the Lakers realistic goal for next season?

Speaker 2 (12:43):
Not to play in the play in game? How about
we solidify a playoff spot? How about your the fifth seed?
Fourth seed? I think that would be a fair goal
second round of the playoffs. Yes, yes, Now that's not
going to be the expectations. It's going to be greater
than that, because you're going to go, all right, are

we last year's team or we the team the previous
year when we went to the Western Conference finals. You've
got to figure out how good you are and be
realistic with that. And if this is a four year deal,
what is the plan? Because you got to have a
Lebron plan and then a post Lebron plan, And I

think that will be interesting and it feels like, you know,
these coaches only last two years there. If JJ Reddick
lasts three years or more, then he solved lebron ad
and he's built something there and there's a culture that's there.
But this isn't easy. This isn't easy at all. And
I know it sounds crazy to say I'd rather coach

Cleveland or Detroit. It's because it allows me to kind
of go in and learn on the job with a
younger roster. Now Cleveland is a playoff team. Detroit is
a bad team. But you get to go in and
now we're together. We're gonna figure this out together and
we're gonna become something. And it's not like Detroit's not
a legacy program. I mean, they've had great teams. But

that's what I thought that maybe he would go to
Detroit or maybe he was having second thoughts. But as
soon as I said that, I think PAULI sent me
an oue. Yeah, WOJ just said that DJ Reddick has
signed a four year deal with the Lakers. I'm like,
I'm so fired up. I'm like, I'm so ahead of this.
He's gonna go to Detroit and then heading going to
the Lakers. All Right, we'll get phone calls coming up.

We will settle on a poll question as well. Just
getting underway on this Meet Friday. We're back after this
on the Dan Patrick Show.

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Speaker 2 (15:19):
The Lakers are plus three thousand to win the NBA title,
the same odds as the Warriors and the Suns. We'll
get phone calls coming up, poll questions. What do we
have seating for the first hour? By the way, it'll
be Game six, It'll be the Panthers and the Oilers
in Edmonton coming up tonight. All right, what do we have.

Speaker 6 (15:39):
Well, I'll get the obvious one out of the way.
Who has a better season the LA Lakers or University
of Wisconsin Green Bay men's basketball.

Speaker 2 (15:46):
Oh that old poll. We're gonna keep that one up
all show. Okay, So who is who has a better
first season? Doug Gottlieb at Wisconsin Green Bay Stevens Point
or JJ Reddick with the Lakers. That is correct, I'm
gonna lean towards JJ. Yeah, I am, yeah, Yeah, I'm not.
I'm not totally confident in the Dug or knot in

his debut season. That is just I know, I know,
I have to put friendship beside. I am a journalist here,
and I'm gonna say JJ probably is gonna have a
little better season. What else do we have?

Speaker 6 (16:21):
This is a funny one from Facebook. Who lasts longer
with the Lakers, Lebron James or JJ Reddick.

Speaker 2 (16:34):
I think it's a I think it's a fair question
to ask. I'm gonna say JJ. I'm gonna say, I'm
gonna I'm gonna be positive here because the over under
would probably be two and a half. Yeah, yeah, two
and a half. I'm gonna take JJ over. I'm gonna

say he lasts longer than Lebron.

Speaker 6 (16:56):
And so Lebron is you're taking the under two and
a half years.

Speaker 2 (17:01):
I'm guessing two more years with Lebron. He gets to
play with his son. I think the direction of the
team are they gonna be What are you doing with
your first round draft pick? It feels like now there's
always names that are attached to the Knicks and the Lakers.
Always there's a free agent, maybe a potential free agent.
I could see him with the Lakers. Oh, I could

like Trey Young with the Hawks. There's been a lot
of talk. It feels like, and this is a guy
who like quietly put up twenty seven to ten, and
all of a sudden he's expendable. I don't know if
the Lakers are, you know, in the running to get him.
I don't know if he's available, But it feels like
every off season there's somebody that the Lakers are targeting. Here,

you got to get somebody. What are you doing with
the first round draft pick? They're not going to probably
help you. Are you going to package that You're gonna
bring in Bronnie? So he's gonna be probably on the
roster or at least, you know, up and down with
the G League? What are you doing? What can you do? Now?
What's Lebron costing you? As he opts out and then
comes back in. Uh so, there's there's a lot of

question marks here. What else do you have? We've got
one more for you. Okay?

Speaker 6 (18:14):
Does JJ Reddick spell his name wrong?

Speaker 2 (18:17):
R E, D I C K Okay?

Speaker 6 (18:19):
So I'm of the contingent that insists there should be
two d's in the name I R E, D D
I C K.

Speaker 2 (18:27):
I agree. But if you saw JJ Reddick play, there
was no D Y should J right ck R E
I C K, J J rip.

Speaker 8 (18:40):
There's no D D whatsoever. Yeah, Paul, it's actually worse
than that. JJ Redick spell spells his last name wrong clearly,
and he also spells his first name wrong. If you
notice when you see him up on the screen, the
JJ has no periods next to them, as any like J. J.
Watt would be period period after each name. His middle
name doesn't start with the J. Who wants to guess

JJ redicks mill name. It's not a J, right, Yeah,
and he has a J, but he doesn't have it.
I'm going to say, Thomas Jonathan Clay Reddick Clay. He
should not be JJ.

Speaker 6 (19:14):
He didn't want to be j C.

Speaker 2 (19:15):
J c Reddick.

Speaker 6 (19:16):
Okay, I get that he made the right decision there.

Speaker 8 (19:18):
JC can shoot even better from the outside. It's still
no d oh no really no those robes getting away
no no d no. All right, So those are the
questions that we're considering.

Speaker 6 (19:30):
We're going with all three of those are okay, yeah,
oh yeah, definitely are too important. So you're gonna bring
in Scott Brooks from the Portland Trailblazers. Rajon Rondo might
come in. Former Laker guard Jared Dudley who played for
the Lakers. Now he's with the Mavericks. Sam Cassell he
could be leaving the Celtics to go there. So now
you've got a good young staff and hopefully everybody plays

nice there. But if you know, you start to look
at this, they have rtable picks twenty twenty four, twenty
twenty nine, twenty thirty one. What can you get for
those draft picks that can help a thirty nine year
old aging superstar here who's has to decide if he's
going to exercise his fifty one million dollar player option

for this season.

Speaker 2 (20:18):
He has until June twenty ninth. I'm guessing he's opting
out and then coming back yet. But you know, you
have the framework here of a guy who knows basketball.
It's a bigger picture with this as far as forward
thinking with your this out of the box higher for them,
and I'm all for that, but you also and I

was listening to ESPN in the morning show with Evan
Cohen and he brought up a great point. He said
that the Lakers haven't earned our trust when it comes
to hiring somebody. That if Greg Popovich would bring in
JJ Reddick, we'd go, oh my gosh, man, he's going
to be great because it's Greg Popovich and you know

everything he touches is magic here. Or if pat Riley
brought him in, as you know, Eric Spolstra is an assistant,
Oh well boy, they scooped everybody. The Lakers haven't earned
that because they haven't done anything really since Phil Jackson
left with continuity at that position. Now they want a title.
They haven't had continuity, and I think that's what you're
looking for. Can that guy stay there and do they prosper?

Do they stay the same? Are they stagnant? You know?
So this first year leap. I don't know if there's
a first year leap, depending on what they do with
the draft picks and the roster that they have in place,
and can you make them better. That's another thing. It's
really underrated in developing a player. Usually, when you get
a player, you know, Victor Winbanyama is eighteen years of age,

you can develop him. But when you have guys who
are twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, might be a
little tougher to develop them. Now you can have somebody
develop a different skilled you know, Jason Kidd became a
good three point shooter, Vince Carter became a really good
three point shooter, Chris Bosh became a really good third person,

third wheel for the Miami Heat. You can do that,
but those are Hall of Fame players. I'm asking some
of these other role players, can you be more than
what you were? And how does JJ Reddick and his
staff help implement that? Expedite that Buddha in San Francisco,
Good morning, Buddha, what's on your mind today?

Speaker 9 (22:31):
No buddy, Happy Friday boys DP. As I said a
couple of weeks ago, being a Lakers fan is absolutely
exhausting these days I mean, I know, ain't nobody gonna
feel bad for us, but I mean, just to submit
the following, Dan, we got played by Dan Hurley and

we end up with baby pat Riley Junior. The third
is the consolation coach. I mean, I know Lebron is
in born and bred l a like Magic and Kobe where,
but I mean we've had to deal with the Lebron
effect and the looming Broni effect on the horizon as well.
I mean, we just lost the logo, Dan, I mean,
forever part of Lakers lore rip. I mean, the Celtics

winning another championship is certainly timely and more salt in
the wound. And Deepe just to point out, Jason Tatum
not being a Laker is solely on the shoulders of
Magic Johnson. He drafted Lonzo Ball. I mean, and Jerry
Buss isn't rolling in his grave, Dan, he might pop
out of that thing.

Speaker 5 (23:37):
I mean, it's wild times right now in La.

Speaker 2 (23:40):
Thank you, Budha, have a great weekend. Didn't sound like
he was all in on the JJ Reddick higher. But
can you make Max Crosby better? Can you make Ruy
Hanschamura better? Like that's you got to be able to
develop these players. So Max Christy, what did I say?
What do I call him? Max Crosby'd be great with
pod You know what, I might rather have Max Crosby

than Max Christie defensively, Yeah, for sure. Yeah, he's going
to set a pick. Yeah, and it's going to hurt
Andrew and Washington. Good morning and Max Crosby for the Lakers,
Thank you, Mark, good morning, Good morning Dan.

Speaker 10 (24:16):
Then it's happy to meet Friday.

Speaker 5 (24:18):

Speaker 10 (24:18):
I do like Max Crosby's upside. He has a high
motor and he'll he definitely will be an enforcer down
load for the Lakers. But I, on the other hand
of the Lakers fan and the Duke fan, I love
this marriage with JJ Reddick. I think that if he
hadn't just been doing podcasts and been on the NBA
Finals analyst on the mother Ship, we would look at
this hire as something different, and because we don't know

much about us coaching, we'd go, Wow, what's the potential there,
just like we do for NFL quarterbacks that we don't
know a lot about. But if you look back and
you say, okay, what are some former players that didn't
have any coaching experience? And how do they do in
the NBA. Larry Bird got the Pacers to the two
thousand NBA Finals, Doc Rivers won a two thousand and
eight championship, Jason Kidd just got his team to twenty

twenty four NBA Finals, and Mark Jackson handed over a
dynasty in Golden State. So I think JJ Reddick with
a short contract there to prove himself is good. I
think the worst pick for the Lakers is Browny James
as they take him in the NBA draft, because that's
like wasting a couple of years there where at least
JJ Reddick should have the possibility of picking who he

wants for his type of system, and he will surround
himself with the good staff. So I think it's a
great pick.

Speaker 2 (25:26):
Well, you brought up all these coaches and look at
the rosters that they were part of. Doc Rivers had
a Celtic roster that had what four Hall of Famers
on it. Jason Kidd has a Maverick team that has
a couple of Hall of Famers on it as well,
Steve Kerr taking over from Mark Jackson. You got a
couple of Hall of famers there. Who is the other

pick that the other coach that he had. But all
these coaches of Larry Bird with the Pacers, he had
a veteran team that had had success in the playoffs.
Before you're walking into teams that they're ready to go
to the next level. I don't know if the Lakers
are ready to go to the next level. That's the
difference with JJ Reddick as opposed to these other coaches.

Golden State was ready to go. They just needed to
be freed up from Mark Jackson defensive heavy philosophy, and
Steve Kerr turned on the light switch and said, go
get him. We're going to outscore, We're going to dominate
people offensively. Larry Bird with Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson
had a veteran team. Doc Rivers with Boston there's an

unbelievable roster that he had there. And Jay Kidd in Dallas.
That's a good team that you walk into. That's different
with JJ Reddick. He's not walking into a team where
you go, hey, the right coach, now you are going
They went to the Western Conference finals two years ago
and Darvin Ham didn't even keep his job, and yes
he didn't make adjustments in game. That's a big deal.

That's been pointed out, and you could tell where there
was frustration with the players. You go into a huddle
and you could look at body language, which I'm big on.
You look at body language and it's almost as if
they're going, is anybody going to say anything? What are
we doing here? Are we doing anything different? Wait? Ready? Break? Wait?
Why do we call a time out? That's what you're

not going to have with JJ Reddick. JJ Reddick will
be overly prepared. He will probably drive them crazy. You know,
pat Riley drove the Lakers crazy, but he drove them
towards championships as well. He wore out his welcome. It
took a while, and he's being called, you know, the
baby pat Riley. Okay, let me see what you do
the first couple of years before we put you into

that category. And that's where Jerry West realized pat Riley
was going to be a better head coach than Jerry
West was, and Jerry put him in there. So he
saw something competitive personality, and he was doing Laker games.
He was a broadcaster, and all of a sudden, you're like, Pat,
go lead us, and he did. But this is different.

This is not a young roster you know, because Lebron
turns forty in December? You know, ad can I get
seventy five games? Like, let's just you know, add question
marks here. I got a forty year old. At what point,
because even Jordan, all the greats eventually act old. When
does Lebron not act like Lebron? When is Lebron clearly

not the best player on the team. This is something
that we've just taken for granted for twenty years and
at some point it falls off. Ad can I count
on you? Can you get back up to where you
should be and that is you were Yannis before Jannis
was That's what I need from you. Now Lebron can
be the second the you know, he doesn't have to

be the go to guy. But I don't know if
you get there, are you gonna have a point guard?
Are you you got outside shooters? Like there, it's not
just hey, you walked in, you got your coach, and
you got a good group of assistants here, and I
think there's a lot of questions here. They didn't have
a lot of coaching candidates here. Felt like they tried

Dan Hurley Forrego and JJ Reddick. That was kind of
it Jeff and San Antonio. Hi Jeff, what's on your mind? Dan?

Speaker 5 (29:17):
Thanks for the callbody, yep, I had a quick question
for you, and then a short comment for my man Fitzy.
You guys were talking about recently how the Cowboys they
weren't necessarily trying to win, just trying to stay relevant.
As long as they're relevant making money, they're content with that.
Are the Lakers the new Cowboys of the NFNBA. And
then quick comment for Fritzy, Let him know, I totally

played whiffletball. Grew up in California, and my best friend
turned his backyard into a whiffotball field and it was
totally awesome.

Speaker 2 (29:47):
All right, thank you, Jeff. Yeah, yesterday, yesterday Fritzy thought
that anybody in Laguna Beach, anybody in southern California serves
they don't play whiffleball and made an over generalization and
it upset some people. Yes, let me have it on
social media, and they should have. You were profiling there
that everybody's a surfer, that nobody would think about playing wiffleball.
No info, researcher stats that would support anything I said yesterday,

but the lack of football playing well well that's our
philosophy here. You know, there's no research here done on
this program, and you proved that yesterday Edward in Syracuse,
Hi ed what's on your mind today?

Speaker 3 (30:21):
Yeah? Hi, Dan, a long time listener five ten, two fifteen.
So my thinking maybe was like Lebron Okay's JJ Reddick
were hiring being the coach, then Lakers draft Ronnie to
come in and JJ helps him learn the game, and

then Lebron of seasons Reddick to help help him coach,
and then they retires and the coaches his son.

Speaker 2 (30:53):
No, Lebron's going to be an owner, He's not going
to be a coach. His next job will be owner
of an NBA team, not a coach. And you can't
ask JJ Reddick to develop Bronnie James. That's why you
have your assistance there, and as long as you're comfortable
with them, I mean that's the important part. Are you

able to develop all of these younger players there? How
much talent do you have because they might have already peaked,
So you're not sure what you have on this roster.
There's glimpses like there'll be a night when Ruey Hatchamurra
goes for twenty eight and you'll go all right, you know,
and then all of a sudden it's like, okay, maybe not. Yeah. Seen.

Speaker 6 (31:34):
That's part of the problem with the with the NBA, though,
is that the teams don't have more of a role
in developing players. They just kind of either you're ready
or you're not. Either you fit or you don't, and
then somebody else could take you. If they took a
younger kid who was like eighteen and worked with them
for three years, then he would be ready. He would
be way more valuable. He would be a much better prospect.

Speaker 8 (31:55):
Yeah, Paul, how about this the NBA Institute's JV games.
So the Lakers have a game at seven thirty LA time,
five o'clock. There's the nice JV game. Parents and friends
show up. Tickets are free, you sell some concessions, and
the guys who are in the last five spots on
the bench face the guys in the last five spots
of the bench of the other team.

Speaker 2 (32:14):
Well, you have a G league, which is your junior
varsity called the JVG league. Yeah, JV NBA JV. Yeah,
the G League should be the B team, but you
could have they could be the warm up game. Yeah,
five o'clock that JV game. Get a little run there.
You know, maybe some you know, people are coming in
to see the varsity game, might see ce us out there.

Speaker 6 (32:36):
You get to see the third rounder they picked last year.
Let's see skip hands and doing. I like that pick right,
a little skippy Hanson and hetson out there, firing from
all over there.

Speaker 2 (32:47):
Yeah, I like it. He's got a handle there.

Speaker 8 (32:48):
Everyone could sit court side, No one's there.

Speaker 2 (32:50):
He's got a little rent. Yeah, but you have to
clear out though, once the game's over, right, you don't
get to stay, not with those prices. No, no, buddy,
all right, play the day is up next.

Speaker 1 (33:01):
Be sure to catch the live edition of The Dan
Patrick Show weekdays at nine am Eastern six am Pacific
on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio wapp.

Speaker 8 (33:11):
Oh my God.

Speaker 2 (33:12):
The play of the day, God play. This is the
play of the day.

Speaker 4 (33:21):
Check this out.

Speaker 2 (33:22):
It's number seven on the way and Corona Whortz thrings
hits it in the air to deep right field, way back.

Speaker 1 (33:28):
Got a go.

Speaker 2 (33:32):
For the third consecutive game. You're at Petgill Park. The
Padres in a walk off home run. That's courtesy of
the Padres radio network Padres have won three straight home
games on walk off home runs, first time in franchise history.
That's your play of the day, brought to you by
tire rack dot com The Way Tire Buying Should Be

the official tire expert of the program. Go to tyrac
dot com, slash Dan, try the Tire Decision Guy and
see the full lineup of Kumo Tires special offers, free
road hazard protection, mobile tire installation. Tyre reck dot Com
The Way Tire Buying Should Be Also tuned into the
Dodgers sho Heyo Tani let off the game with a
home run. Dodgers beat the Rocky. So he's eight for

eighteen with a pair of home runs, three double six
RBIs in the four games since he became the leadoff
hitter in place of Mookie Betts. All right, seating Update
the poll results if you can, got more phone calls
coming up, We got a.

Speaker 6 (34:29):
Bunch of them to start here. Let's see who lasts
longer with the Lakers, Lebron James or JJ Reddick. Right now,
JJ Reddick has sixty six percent of the vote. Also,
who has a better first season? JJ Reddick and the
Lakers or Doug Gottlieb in Green Bay. Right now, the
Duggernut got fifty four percent.

Speaker 2 (34:44):
Of the vote. Let's go. Okay, alrighty, let's go. Let's
w Bill Plashki, la a Times columnist, was on the
program June twelfth, and this is after the Lakers missed
out on Dan Hurley. And I asked Plashki who the
Lake Makers are going to turn to next?

Speaker 11 (35:03):
And I hope it's not JJ Redick.

Speaker 6 (35:04):

Speaker 11 (35:05):
I've written about that. He's he's not he's not a coach,
he's never coached before. I'm worried they're going to go
back to JJ JJ Reddick. If not, I know they
got this James Barregos on the A list. Why not
Sam Casel?

Speaker 1 (35:19):
Why not?

Speaker 11 (35:19):
In my opinion, why not go go get Becky Hammond.
I'm serious. Why not go completely outside the boxes there?
Because they're where's going to coach her?

Speaker 3 (35:27):

Speaker 11 (35:27):
Is that coach for two years to get fired?

Speaker 2 (35:29):
Probably? Anyway?

Speaker 11 (35:30):
I mean, it's so, it's so bad, it's so since
it's in such disarray, Hell, why not draft Bronnie mc
bronnie the player coach?

Speaker 2 (35:38):
I don't know, that's Bill Plashkin.

Speaker 9 (35:42):

Speaker 2 (35:43):
If you look at these coaches who haven't had experience.
Now I know we can look and go, well, that guy,
look at what he did without experience. There are some
instances where you've had coaches who had a lot of
success but they didn't have coaching experience. But you also
have to factor in some recent examples Steve Nang, Derek
Fisher with the Knicks, Jason Kidd with Brooklyn, Darvin Ham.

Although I would say that Ham had success because they
went to Western Conference finals, it's just it felt like
they realized that he wasn't bigger picture type coach there.
And I don't think you can underestimate the role that
Mike Shushevski played in this job search here because he
was sort of an unofficial resource for the Lakers, And

of course he's probably going to say a lot of
nice things about JJ Reddick's former player. Factor that in,
and I think that's where JJ Reddick playing for Duke
and coach k obviously understanding his basketball knowledge. So you know,
pat Riley spent two years as a Laker assistant before
taking the job, so he was a broadcaster and then

they realized that he was going to be, or could
be or will be a great coach. So he goes
from broadcasting with Chick Hern then all of a sudden
an assistant and then becomes the head coach there.

Speaker 8 (37:02):
Yeah, there's only two coaches all time without coaching experience,
foreign players who won two or more playoff series. Larry
Bird he won seven playoff series in his three years
at Indiana. He was really successful. I still don't know
why I gave that up. And then, of course Steve
Kerr won eighteen playoff series.

Speaker 2 (37:17):
This might be an.

Speaker 8 (37:18):
Obvious or dumb question, but why has this never happened
or and maybe never will happen with the NFL? Like
could Michael Strahan go be the head coach of the
New York Giants?

Speaker 2 (37:29):
But Dan Campbell did it? Yeah, but he was Yeah,
well he had no experience.

Speaker 8 (37:33):
He was not an assistant anywhere, I.

Speaker 2 (37:35):
Don't think unless he was like a tight ends coach
or something. But he had no you know, prior real
coaching experience.

Speaker 8 (37:42):
It kind of happened with Jeff Saturday taking over the Colts.
Well that was a huge mistake and that felt like
an interim type thing.

Speaker 2 (37:48):
But well that's an owner who had a friend he
was bringing in Jeff Saturday, who played for him, and
he brought him in and he was a friend.

Speaker 8 (37:57):
Like a figure.

Speaker 2 (37:58):
Had keep the He's a good guy. I mean, Jeff
Saturday is a great guy. But he just it wasn't
going to work out as a head coach. Dan Campbell,
like you, I wondered at the time, like he sounds like,
you know, you want to play for him and you're
gonna he's gonna be there with you in the trenches
and he'd suit up if he could. But I just

don't know if that raw ross stuff works. But it has,
you know, it has worked. But he didn't have any
head coaching experience prior to that anywhere. I think, you know,
an assistant coach might have been a position coach and
uh former tight end in the NFL. But he's done
a great job, great job. But yeah, with the NFL,

it feels like with the NFL, you need to find
somebody who can truly be a CEO because you're going
to have your coordinators. They do, you know, a lot
of the heavy lifting. You've got to be able to
run a team, draft, free agency, salary, cap, press conference,
and then you get in the game and then you
got to be able to coach. So That's what makes
what Belichick did, or Andy Reid or you know, go

down the list of great coaches. Got to run a team,
get a good staff, and then once the game starts,
now what do you do? What adjustments do you make?
And that's where Belichick. I don't care what sport. I
don't think there's ever been somebody who adjusted in the
moment better than Bill Belichick in his prime. Nobody did that.

And he would be like, you know, we're going to
run the ball fifty times against the Colts, Okay, why
and then come back and we're gonna throw it forty
five times. Like he just had this ability to go,
I know what your weakness is, and it might not
be our strength, but I know it's your weakness and
we'll take advantage of that. So I always had great
respect for what he did in the moment, and you know,

the ability to be able to make a change here.

Speaker 6 (39:50):
Yeah, speaking of adjustments by Billick Belichick late in the
third quarter of life.

Speaker 2 (39:57):
I think he's in the fourth quarter. I think he's
in the fourth quarter right now. Could you imagine Okay,
my daughter Molly turns twenty six today. Oh no, could
you imagine if Bill Belichick came over to my house
and went, uh, is Molly there, Hey, coach Belichick, how
are you. Hey, you guys go have a good time.

I'd be like, hey, dude, get the hell out of here. Yeah,
date somebody your own age. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (40:23):
Reportedly, Bill Belichick's new girlfriend is twenty four or twenty five,
depending on reports.

Speaker 2 (40:27):
He is, Oh, we if she's twenty five, then that's okay.
I want to twenty four, fair to the story as
a journalist. Journalist, I think he's seventy two. He should not.

Speaker 8 (40:39):
She's on a rookie contract five year, but she could.

Speaker 2 (40:43):
Be mac Jones. Oh, I mean she might have a
good first year and then all of a sudden trail off.

Speaker 4 (40:48):

Speaker 6 (40:49):
See, it's gonna say if he came to your house
and so your twenty six year old daughter, then she's a.

Speaker 2 (40:53):
Little old for me. Yeah, I like him a little younger. Now.
That would be one way we would get Bill on
the show. Is that you know he's dating my daughter.
Could you imagine coming over to your house, dad, he's
a little older, Yeah, a little older. Uh, we'll be back.

I'll have her home by eleven o'clock.

Speaker 8 (41:16):
Yes, Paul, I'm so sorry. This thing with Belchicking's new
girlfriend didn't happen a week before.

Speaker 2 (41:21):
The Roast oh Oh hour two on this meet Friday,
after this
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