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June 18, 2024 40 mins

Dan talks to NBA broadcaster Mike Breen about the Celtics winning their 18th NBA title. And Dan and the Danettes wonder when, or if Dan Hurley would ever take an NBA job after declining the Lakers offer.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox
Sports Radio Hour.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
Two on this Tuesday. Congratulations to the Boston Celtics winning
their eighteenth title in franchise history, breaking a tie with
the Lakers. Maybe the Lakers find their head coach as
early as today with JJ Reddick's responsibilities with the NBA
Finals done. Haven't heard anything to the contrary, at least
for a week or so, but JJ Reddick already had

his interview in person with the Lakers. Seems to be
their guy. You don't need him for the draft. You'd
like to have him for the draft, but you do
need your head coach for free agency because if I'm
a free agent and I'm going to go to the
Lakers or thinking about the Lakers, I want to know
who my head coach is. I want to be able
to talk to him. What kind of philosophy do you

have here?

Speaker 3 (00:48):

Speaker 2 (00:49):
One of the great scores in college history and one
of the great shooters in NBA history. All right, what
are we doing here? You have to have your coach
in place, and they will before free agency at the
end of the month. But as far as your draft, well,
they got a first round pick and they got a
big second round pick as well. What role will he
play in that eight seven to seven three DP Show

email Addressdpat Danpatrick dot com, Twitter handle at DP show.

Speaker 3 (01:14):
Good morning.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
If you're watching on Peacock, our streaming partner, thank you
for downloading the app. You get to watch the sausage
be made, Sausage off right, Todd exactly, Thank you, Tod.
Stat of the Day brought to you by PENAI America,
the official trading cards of the program. Mike Breen was
on the call for The Mothership ABC last night. He
will join us coming up here in a moment. Let's

clean up our ones poll, question their seat and move
ahead to our two.

Speaker 4 (01:42):
Yeah, we have who will this title do the most for?
Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown, Joe Mizzula or Brad Stevens. Right now,
Jason Tatum has about half the vote, but with a
quarter of the vote, Brad Stevens.

Speaker 2 (01:53):
Okay, yeah, I mean Brad Stevens out of nowhere with
what he did when he was at Butler and then
getting the Celtics job, and then when he stepped down
went into the front office. Remember im Aodoka. They had
him and you know, mysteriously was kicked to the curb,
was going to go to Brooklyn, they didn't hire him.

Now with Houston, and you have Joe Missoula stepping in
and winning an NBA title. Pretty amazing. And you look
at some of the storylines. You know, Porzingis was with
the Wizards and I think the Wizards had to pay
part of his salary to get rid of him. Drew Holliday,
he's with Milwaukee. They bring in Dame Lillard. All of

a sudden, Drew Holliday is in Portland for a day
and then Brad Stevens brings him into Boston. Derek White
was with San Antonio Division two player. All of a sudden,
here you go, he's winning an NBA title. So you
have Tatum and you have Brown. Go back to the
draft when the Sixers traded up to get the number

one pick so they could take Markel Foltz. The Celtics
had the number one pick, but they knew that they
were getting the better player at number three with Jason
Tatum Jalen Brown a curiosity out of cow And then
you're going, oh, yeah, they play the same position. You
might have to blow this up. You can't have two
players playing the same position, and if you think about it,

you know Shaq and Kobe, Dwayne Wade, Shack. I mean,
go down through history of great teams, you've always felt like,
you know, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry great shooters, but
not necessarily similar because Clay was pretty much a catch
and shoot where Curry was off the dribble. But you

have these players these teams, and they're usually playing a
different position, but it all fell into place. Great offensive
team this year, certainly great defense as well. Mike Breen ESPN,
ABC play by play voice of course play by play
voice for the Knicks as well.

Speaker 3 (03:53):
Brini, thanks for joining us.

Speaker 2 (03:55):
How would you sum up the NBA Finals?

Speaker 5 (04:00):
You know what, Daniel, I think it was satisfying to
watch a team like this that had been through, especially
the two players you're talking about, had been through, you know,
the highs and certainly the lows, to be able to
finally get it together and have a season the way
they finished up. I mean, those two guys, they're wonderful

young men, they're terrific players, and they sacrifice to get
what everybody wanted them to get and what they wanted
more than anything. So it was satisfying to see these
two guys figure it out and finally get the job done.

Speaker 2 (04:39):
I'm not sure if it was an exhale, Mike or
I mean, it was a celebration, but also just more
of a thank god we got an NBA title. Did
you get any of any sense of that during the
finals or certainly last night.

Speaker 3 (04:52):
Was it relief or was it celebration?

Speaker 5 (04:57):
No, it was definitely celebration, jubilation almost for ecstasy. It's
my favorite part every year is to see the joy
in the faces of these guys. They become little kids,
and you know they'll wait a couple of days before
somebody starts to say, well can they win two in
a row so they can enjoy it at least for

they can enjoy it at least fan now. But it
was absolutely a celebration their one goal from the start
of the season. They really didn't care who did the scoring.
They really didn't care who won the conference finals MVP
or finals MVP. They just wanted to get a ring
and it was a great group that was put together.
The additions helped, but those two who you know, they

understand the pressure of playing in that city. For those
fans to be able to come through like that was
really nice to see.

Speaker 2 (05:50):
And I know that Jalen Brown wins the MVP, and
I think like Jason Tatum played like Jason Tatum supposed
to play. It felt like Jalen Brown played a little
bit better than what we thought. Therefore, it felt like
we were equating that with more valuable to the team.
How do you differentiate or validate who's the MVP?

Speaker 5 (06:12):
You know, to me, it's not even just the two
of them. This team is the epitome of five guys
and you know, and a couple of the extras too,
in terms of the supporting cast. Just all season long,
they played for each other all season long. It was
about sacrifice all season long. They didn't care who who

was getting the accolades. And it seemed every night there
were three or four four of the players who seemed
to do something special, not necessarily score twenty five to thirty,
but have three steals or get a big block at
the most critical moment. And that's what was so special
about the team. You could after every playoff game it

was like, all right, who do we talk about because
we can talk about six different guys who contributed and
that's for me. It's always that's basketball at its finest.

Speaker 3 (07:02):
We're talking to Mike Breen and the Mothership on the call.
Last night.

Speaker 2 (07:05):
There was a play in the second quarter where Kyrie
kind of tumbled near you, guys, and then you admonished.
You know, a fan said something to Kyrie, what did
you see?

Speaker 5 (07:16):
And hear, well, I mean he came crashing in. First off,
he just completely barreled over our statistician, Dave Freed. And
when he bounced off him, and he was on his
back and there's like a two tier area behind our
behind our table, and he said, having trouble get up.

It's so tight right there, and he couldn't get up,
and you know, we're trying to help him up, and
he just he was at such an anger. We couldn't
get up. And then all of a sudden, I didn't
hear the specific words, but somebody, you know, yelled something
disparaging to him, and as he's getting up, he stopped
and he looked back at the person and he's like really,
and then he didn't use those words, and he said,

what's wrong with you? And it's just it was so distasteful.
Here's the guy he could be really hurt, he's trying
to get up, and that's what somebody takes the opportunity
to say. The fans there by the way, are fantastic.
It's one of my favorite readers, and the fans are
a big part of it. But you know, there's always
somebody that's willing to do something like that.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
What's the loudest stadium that you've ever been in Chicago?

Speaker 5 (08:26):
The old Chicago Stadium? I mean, by far, there's been
some great ones. Madison Square Gardens is unbelievable in big moments.
I think Oracle Arena when the Warriors played in Oakland unbelievable,
the Arco Arena and Sacramento. The OKC Arena has gone

through various various name changes, but Chicago Stadium was the
most incredible noise I've ever heard. You could be sitting
next to me and screaming at me and I had
no idea what you're saying when it was love like that.
So that's number one for me.

Speaker 3 (09:03):
Is JJ Redick still on the payroll to ESPN.

Speaker 5 (09:09):
We're trying to confirm that right now. So I answer
you a question, I say no, Like I said, you know,
I've become like you know, those coaches that have coaching trees.
I'm in the broadcast now as coaching trees.

Speaker 2 (09:27):
It's not you, Mike, Okay, it's not you. I don't
I don't want you to feel like that they're leaving
because of you. They're they're going to someplace. They're not
leaving someplace.

Speaker 5 (09:36):
Well, there's some there's some doubt to that.

Speaker 2 (09:38):
You know.

Speaker 5 (09:38):
I've gotten some dirty looks from my partners over the years,
and they're leaving at a pretty rapid pace lately. So
I'm okay.

Speaker 3 (09:46):
Down time.

Speaker 2 (09:47):
When you go to dinner with JJ Reddick, can you
bring up the Lakers job?

Speaker 3 (09:54):
Have you brought up the Lakers job?

Speaker 5 (09:57):
Yes, just to ask them what's going on on? What
can he tell us? You know I've done that over
the years.

Speaker 2 (10:05):
And so what's going on? What can you tell us?
Is he taking the Lakers job?

Speaker 5 (10:13):
To be determined, he hasn't been offered the Lakers job yet.

Speaker 3 (10:16):
Do you think he'll be your broadcast partner?

Speaker 2 (10:18):
Are you planning on JJ being your broadcast partner next year?

Speaker 5 (10:25):

Speaker 3 (10:27):
That was a pause. That was a nice pause.

Speaker 5 (10:31):
What are you doing it? I'm tired. I stayed out.

Speaker 1 (10:34):
You're right.

Speaker 5 (10:39):
Shame on you, Dan Patrick.

Speaker 3 (10:40):
Wait, did you go out and party last night?

Speaker 5 (10:44):
Well, we had our celebratory post finals dinner of.

Speaker 2 (10:47):
Course, Okay, dinner at midnight.

Speaker 5 (10:54):
No, it's more like one o'clock. All right.

Speaker 2 (11:00):
Well, I'll take it easy on you until you get
some more rest, and then i'll ask you JJ taking
the Lakers job?

Speaker 3 (11:07):
Hey, thanks for joining us. I'm sure you will. You
know what, Just text me bang bang and.

Speaker 5 (11:17):
Then I'll know that's a that's a deal.

Speaker 3 (11:20):
There you Breen, great job. Uh, Mike Breen, come on, yes.

Speaker 6 (11:29):
Great run.

Speaker 2 (11:30):
He's having came on the show. I got to ask you.
You want soft questions? There's other shows you can go on, said,
he hadn't been off for the job yet, Like, what
are you doing to me?

Speaker 3 (11:45):
Just asking you some tough questions? That's all. A couple
of phone calls here? Oh, what's poll question for hour
or two? See?

Speaker 2 (11:52):

Speaker 3 (11:52):
Well, I was.

Speaker 4 (11:53):
Kicking around a best duo in sports currently. I don't
come up with a lot of them, though it might
not be a good poll question. Then Mahomes and Kelsey
immediately jumps to the two. That's the one right there. Okay,
I don't know if you do like see this is
where we're already again, maybe it's just these two that
we could say it's just Tatum and Brown, Mahomes and Kelsey.

Speaker 3 (12:15):
Who's the better duo?

Speaker 2 (12:17):
Well, I know that those two in Kansas City are
going to the Hall of Fame.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
They've already done it a bunch.

Speaker 2 (12:23):
One might be the greatest at his position and one
is en route to being one of the greatest at
his position. They've won one, what three titles. So I
would say, those guys, even though you got time on
your side with you know, Tatum and Brown. Yeah, I

think we'd need a couple other you'd almost have to
do it historically. But you can't even do that to
Tatum and Brown because that's not sail. No, they don't,
they don't.

Speaker 6 (12:55):
Yes, Paul I would throw out right now, even though
he's hurt. Mookie Bets and Shoyo Tani.

Speaker 3 (13:00):
Rarely do you.

Speaker 6 (13:01):
Have two of the four best players and I'm stretching
it in the sport on the same line.

Speaker 2 (13:06):
Yeah, yeah, show hand hadn't won yet.

Speaker 6 (13:11):
No, I guess what I'm saying, just you know, greatness,
current greatness.

Speaker 3 (13:14):
Yeah, but greatness is winning titles. Like if we're saying best,
do it to.

Speaker 6 (13:19):
Be fair to him. He was on the Angels for
a long time.

Speaker 3 (13:20):
Yeah, and whose false that he didn't have to sign
with them.

Speaker 2 (13:24):
I should have told him, Yeah, don't go there, and
don't bring that interpreter either. He's trouble. Anybody with a
haircut like that you can't trust. That's why he had
a haircut like that. He spent all his money gambling.
Oh yeah, No, I'm talking about the interpreter.

Speaker 5 (13:40):
Not not a time.

Speaker 2 (13:41):
All right, let me take a break. Care we'll get
to more phone calls. You know, Tony's got great hair.
He does, got nice moms with the interpreter.

Speaker 6 (13:50):
Come on, would you rather lose your hair or sixteen
million dollars for the guy you're supposed to be protecting.

Speaker 3 (13:56):
I'd rather lose my hair.

Speaker 6 (13:58):
No, that's actually not true.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
All right, let me take a break. We'll get some
more phone calls coming up. And Rory McElroy released a
statement yesterday. We'll talk about that as well. Back after this.

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Speaker 2 (14:52):
Here's how it sounded last night, the Boston Celtics version
of the Celtics winning their eighteenth NBA championship.

Speaker 8 (15:00):
The twenty twenty four Boston Celtics are one of the
greatest teams in NBA history.

Speaker 3 (15:05):
They were told they had to win. There's only one
thing you could.

Speaker 8 (15:09):
Do when expectations are that high, to meet them. And
there's only one way to stop being hacked by the
coasts and the legends and the champions at Techlas Building,
to join them together.

Speaker 1 (15:21):
They haven't together.

Speaker 3 (15:23):
They stand alone on top of the mountain.

Speaker 8 (15:25):
For now, and once again, the Boston Celtics stand alone.

Speaker 1 (15:30):
For all time.

Speaker 3 (15:32):
It is been or eighteen.

Speaker 8 (15:34):
The mission demanded, his mission accomplished.

Speaker 2 (15:38):
He's nice, well done, Sports Hubs Celtics Radio Network the
Final Call as the Boston Celtics. They're eighteenth NBA championship
and they're certainly a lot closer to another NBA title
than the Lakers are. JJ Reddick expected to be named
the head coach now I've seen there's no reports yet,
but it feels like either today or tomorrow that the

Lakers would be announcing their new head coach. I don't
know if there's any other candidate here. I'm assuming JJ
Reddick wants the job, but you want to get your
coach in there. By the time you have free agency,
you got a lot of decisions to make. Can you
trade first round picks? Can you bring somebody in? Who
are you bringing in? You know Lebron's role in all
of this. You know, Lebron goes from wanting Dan Hurley

for the job to then now you have to turn
your attention back to your podcast co host JJ Reddick
to say no, no, I really wanted you, and then
are you taking Bronnie James? What is your system? What
is your style that you're going to run? Dan Hurley
was bringing in a college philosophy here to the NBA.

Speaker 3 (16:43):
That's really, really rare.

Speaker 2 (16:45):
He was bringing what Yukon has been successful doing to
the Lakers, and Lebron was going to buy into that.
I don't know if JJ Reddick is going to go, hey,
let's sort of run things the way we've run things
here with the Lakers and Lebron and AD. I would
have been fascinated to see what Dan Hurley could do
with the college philosophy offensively and defensively with the Lakers.

And I don't know if it would have been successful.
It would have been awkward, I think at times. But
how many times have you had somebody who has a
coaching philosophy and they take that style into the NBA.

Speaker 3 (17:23):
It's really rare.

Speaker 2 (17:24):
I mean, I could go back to Loyal and Merrymount
was running a style of offense that you now see
in the NBA, which is basically, we're going to shoot threes.
Rick Patino was running that at Providence. We're going to
shoot threes. Now everybody's shooting threes. But what Dan Dan
Hurley is, you know, he doesn't favor the three point shot,

or he's not dependent on the three point shot. Most
of these teams are, and that would have been interesting
to see that combination First of all, his temperament, no nonsense,
take no prisoners, play hard, both ends of the floor.
Can't take a night off. You imagine going to Dan

Hurley for load management.

Speaker 3 (18:10):
Coach? Yeah?

Speaker 5 (18:12):

Speaker 3 (18:13):
Uh ah?

Speaker 2 (18:17):
Just feeling a little wait, you want the night off?
I don't know, between you and me, I'm not really injured.
I'd like to have a night off. I could, Yes,
so would I. Okay, let's go. Let's suit up here.

Speaker 3 (18:29):
Yeah, Marv.

Speaker 9 (18:30):
Do you know the argument that would have ensued when
Dan Hurley asked Anthony Davis to, Hey, set the screen
right here and cut? What do you mean cut? How
about you just pass me the ball and I go
to work in the post?

Speaker 5 (18:41):
Shut up?

Speaker 9 (18:42):

Speaker 3 (18:42):
Yeah, I would have loved to have seen it.

Speaker 9 (18:45):
Oh and Dan would have been like, who we tell
a ship then in a fistfight.

Speaker 2 (18:49):
And it still goes back to and I talked about this.
It's like a gravitational pull with Dan Hurley. Because Dan
Hurley didn't want to turn down the Lakers job. I
don't think because it's the Lakers and it's Lebron and
you're gonna get paid an awful lot of money, but
you have to leave your comfort zone.

Speaker 3 (19:06):
You have to leave this area that you love.

Speaker 2 (19:09):
Your family's there, your wife's family's there, she loves it there.

Speaker 3 (19:14):
But we gotta take it. It's the Lakers. We can't
take it. We can't leave. No, we have to. It's
the Lakers.

Speaker 2 (19:21):
It's a Lebron like that emotional tug of war that
you would have, and then going back to Connecticut where
he can cement his legacy if he hasn't already done
so of one of the great coaches in modern history.

Speaker 9 (19:35):
Yes, if your team gets relatively close to the NBA
team Nicks and Nets, Celtics, whoever, I'm not saying anything,
but if they get rid of their coach, is Dan
Hurley the first person you call save tips retires after
next year?

Speaker 2 (19:50):
No, No, I don't see that happening. I mean, maybe
Dan Hurley says the only job I'd ever want to
go to is the Knicks because of the location.

Speaker 3 (20:02):
Okay, I don't.

Speaker 2 (20:06):
I still think he has to coach in college a
little bit longer and get that college feel out of
his system, because I don't think you could have that
every single night, you'd have that emotion, that passion. It's
really really and that's why I think Coach K looked
at you. I couldn't imagine Coach K with the Lakers
every single night. You have to act this way. Every

loss hurts. I mean, look at Jerry West. He couldn't
even watch the Lakers when he was the GM. It
hurts so much whenever they would lose, and they were
winning championships. I just don't know. And he said he
had to mature a little bit too. I just don't
see him coaching the NBA the next five years. And maybe,
let's say he wins another national title and then maybe

makes a promise to his family and says, hey, if
I win another one, I would like to try the NBA.
I could understand that, but I wouldn't walk into the Knicks,
John seventy six ers, John, the Hawks. I gets the Lakers,
you had a chance, if not the Celtics, the Lakers, Lebron,

I get it, but you your lifestyle is nowhere near
what it is or what it needs to be or
will be in Los Angeles. And that's why I kept
coming back to he when he came back home, didn't
agree to anything, and I said, he's staying because once
you get back home, you're.

Speaker 3 (21:29):
Like, oh man, I got it made here. Yeah, seen
a right.

Speaker 4 (21:33):
I mean, if you're talking about lifestyle though, in that poll,
to stay home, Nicks, Nets, Sixers, Celtics is all they
all fit the bill.

Speaker 5 (21:42):

Speaker 2 (21:42):
If Joe Mizzoula didn't win the title, yeah, it felt like,
let's say he didn't get to the NBA Finals, maybe
Boston would have reached out to Dan Hurley. But then
I think it surprised us that Dan Hurley would have
been interested in that. And look, in fairness, I thought
it was a leverage play because the contract at Yukon

was not being taken care of as quickly as he
had thought it was going to be. And then that's
when I thought, Okay, let me just put some feelers
out and all of a sudden, the Lakers go, wait,
would you be interested? Now the Lakers aren't going to
be hey, we'll give you an offer so you can
go back to Yukon. I mean, they're not in the
game of, you know, helping him get a new contract there.
But by talking to the Lakers, that contract got done

pretty quickly. When he came back to Yukon. Maybe he
didn't plan it for a leverage play, but it turned
out to be a leverage play or it benefited him
in the long run, yes, or a pully.

Speaker 6 (22:37):
But I think hurly. Two months ago on our show,
he said the NBA is something for a long, long
time down the road. He's a long time twice and
two months later he's interviewing I know it's a Lakers,
which is but.

Speaker 3 (22:47):
He's not going to tell me no, Well, I saw
what a job comes up.

Speaker 6 (22:50):
No, But what I'm saying now is he's basically announced
that I'm open for business with NBA teams going forward,
and I'm still going to be a hot candidate. If
he somehow gets a three. He could do no more
in college basketball.

Speaker 3 (23:02):
But it doesn't mean you have to go to the end.

Speaker 6 (23:04):
I have to. I think there's more upside for him
as a Knixt coach than the Lakers coach. The Lakers
have had success in the past forty years, a lot
of it, a ton of it. He would be another
head coach to bring them a title.

Speaker 2 (23:14):
But they're gonna sign TIBs to a new contract where
he's gonna make ten million dollars a year.

Speaker 6 (23:20):
Tibbs is doing well and it's pretty well liked in
New York. But if they regress and Dan Hurley wins
a title next year, he could walk into that job
with them.

Speaker 3 (23:27):
Then you're gonna pay TIBs.

Speaker 2 (23:29):
You're gonna have to pay him forty fifty million dollars
to go away.

Speaker 8 (23:32):

Speaker 6 (23:32):
They're good at that. The next they pay lots of
players to go away.

Speaker 2 (23:35):
No, they they they end up retiring or they're broken down.
But I can't imagine that owner going, you know what,
We're gonna take TIBs, sign them up, and then we'll
bring in Dan Hurley.

Speaker 6 (23:46):
I think it makes a ton of sense like it.
It's it's unlikely.

Speaker 2 (23:49):
I would never do it with that owner in that building.
First of all, players nowadays don't value that building the
way we did. They don't and that franchise, they don't
see it the way we see it.

Speaker 3 (24:04):
It's like, oh my god, you get to play for
the Knicks.

Speaker 2 (24:06):
Yeah, I mean Kevin Durant didn't even think about going
to the Knicks. He was going to Brooklyn. And nobody
cares about the Nets even in Brooklyn. It's a New
York nick town, and when it's alive, it's awesome. But
these players nowadays, they don't know that. They don't care
about that and they might look at the garden go

I don't know, kind of dumpy man. It's the world's
greatest arena.

Speaker 4 (24:32):
Okay, yeah, right, and it doesn't no matter who you
get in there, and like you're having some success, it's
still the same owners, feels like the same culture, feels
like the same environment that's been happening forever.

Speaker 3 (24:45):
You know, Yeah, like that that stuff hasn't changed.

Speaker 2 (24:49):
I just I love when somebody stays in a place
and then you just keep reinventing yourself. But look, I
understand everybody who jumps around, you know, position to position,
school to school, all of those things. But those who
have stayed, I mean, you create something and it's magical
like that. You're part of the fabric of that community.

They're paying him really well. He's the face of college basketball.
He's broken the code on how to bring in players
to his system. I don't know, do I care about
coaching Lebron? Do I care about coaching the Lakers? You're
not a Laker fan. Lebron's going to be there two years.

Speaker 3 (25:32):
I don't know. You got to look.

Speaker 2 (25:35):
I applaud the Lakers because they looked at a bigger
picture here of this isn't Lebron's era. This is Dan
Hurley's era, And the fact that Lebron was buying into
Dan Hurley says a lot. Because he wants to win
another title or two. Who gives you a better chance,
Probably Dan Hurley than JJ Reddick does, because we haven't

even seen any results of JJ Reddick other than arguing
with Steve A. Smith or doing the NBA Finals, which
doesn't qualify you to be a great coach. I think
he's a great basketball mind, but you got to put
this stuff into play. They're going to analyze every single
thing he does. And if you're Dan Hurley, I can't

imagine that he would want to. I wouldn't say embrace it,
put up with that every move? Hey, Lebron's playing thirty
eight minutes? Should he be playing that much?

Speaker 5 (26:30):

Speaker 2 (26:31):
Ad sitting out a couple of games? Now, why Austin
Reeves didn't getting many shots?

Speaker 3 (26:37):
Here? Like everything?

Speaker 2 (26:40):
There's no other team in the NBA where how many
teams other than the Cowboys where every move is questioned, examined,
re examined, more questions And that's got to take a toll.
And I just don't think Dan Hurley at this stage
in his life. Want that even though it's the Lakers,

it's money, la Lebron. He made the right choice by
staying at Connecticut for right now, made the right choice.
Alrighty up take the pole results if you can there,
Seeton O'Connor.

Speaker 4 (27:17):
Yeah, we got up there. Who did the title? Do
more for? Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown, Joe Missoula, Brad Stevens,
Jason Tatum with half the vote, Joe Mozoula in last
place there, which I guess we sort of figured on.
I thought Pauli made a pretty good case about you know,
two years he might be out of a job, which
is kind of the way that modern NBA coaching is working.

He's got to get another one because he's got a ring.
But that doesn't mean.

Speaker 2 (27:43):
It's well, look at recent memory here, Mike Budenholzer Vogel
was out of a job. You know, Malone is still
there with Denver. Who am I missing here? Any other
coaches that after they won a title? D shuffling around though,
Nick Nurse in Toronto. But when you win the title,

now you set the bar pretty high. It's like, uh,
we didn't win the title this year? Yeah, I know,
but we won it last year, Well we better win
it next year. And then when you don't, it's like
see you yes, boum.

Speaker 6 (28:18):
You know anyone could get fired in sports. When Joe
Madden can get a title for the Cubs and a
couple of years later he's out of a job, I
don't care. I mean, that's like one hundred plus years
historical accomplishment that he was under his watch, and even
he gets fired.

Speaker 3 (28:32):
Eddie and Atlanta, Hi, Eddie, what's on your mind?

Speaker 5 (28:37):
But I mean huge Rex Miller fan from Indiana originally.
But don't forget Al Horford married Miss Universe.

Speaker 2 (28:46):
Oh well, we didn't factor that into the Al Horford
Hall of Fame resume, didn't JJ Berea Mary miss Miss
Puerto Rico.

Speaker 9 (28:57):
Oh it was just Miss Puerto Rico's Maybe Miss Universe fied,
but I know for a fact she was Miss Puerto Rico.

Speaker 6 (29:01):
I think I think she was Miss Universe. Is it
Miss Universe? Assuming a lot because we don't know what
else is out there talent wise.

Speaker 3 (29:07):
I'm going to take their word for it.

Speaker 6 (29:09):

Speaker 3 (29:09):
Yeah, Sometimes when I see them, I go ah, And
I'm fair with that.

Speaker 6 (29:11):
But the rest of the rest of the stratosphere hotter women.

Speaker 2 (29:15):
There could be, but are they more talented? And you
know the bathing suit competition, and you know.

Speaker 6 (29:21):
They may not have bathing suits at a different planet
if there.

Speaker 3 (29:23):
Was, you know one question that you know, how would
you solve world peace? You know those kind of things.
I always look forward to those answers.

Speaker 6 (29:30):
I personally believe not everyone has maps like such. Ass
Do you have Al Horford's wife? Yeah, I beat Fritzy
to looking that one up. Emelia Vega twenty eleven, they got.

Speaker 3 (29:41):
Married, okay, and she's Miss Universe.

Speaker 6 (29:45):
Yeah, former Miss Universe to me always, you never give
up that title.

Speaker 2 (29:49):
JJ Burrea missus Universe correct, Okay, yes, Don.

Speaker 6 (29:54):
Alexy's best of all the women. That's pretty amazing.

Speaker 9 (29:56):
If you're a factor in the Milky Way and the planets,
that's something.

Speaker 3 (30:00):
Thank you to David Hartford. Hi, Dave, what's on your mind?

Speaker 5 (30:05):
Good Martin day and hootball? Well with you in the
absolute to y'all.

Speaker 2 (30:11):
We got a bad connection there, Dave, call me back,
call me back. We'll take a break. I want to
read Rory's statement he released yesterday and he is not
going to be playing in any golf tournaments. He'll be
playing probably in the Scottish Open and then the British Open,
but he's going to take a couple of weeks off
after the runner up finish at the US Open, so
we'll come back with that more phone calls as well.

Speaker 1 (30:33):
Be sure to catch the live edition of The Dan
Patrick Show weekdays at nine am Eastern six am Pacific
on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio w APP.

Speaker 2 (30:42):
Marvin just told me that we sold out of these shirts,
these T shirts that I have here the kid and
I didn't realize that, But we'll see if we can
restock that. A lot of great T shirts, a lot
of great items there Danpatrick dot com, and you don't
have to wait for a holiday to order something.

Speaker 3 (31:01):
You got the Daddy bathrobe.

Speaker 2 (31:03):
It is available in case you would like to have
a bathrobe that my wife got me a few Christmases ago,
and much to the chagrin of my children when they
I pulled out the bathrobe and it said Daddy on it,
and then I think my oldest daughter goes, oh my,

and she goes, what, don't ever say that again. It
was like, yeah, you can, huh daddy, So.

Speaker 6 (31:31):
Yes, Paul, I also got reaction to one of our
fine shirts that you could purchase on our site. It's
the Sea's get Degree shirt. That's one of my favorites.
And I wore it to one of my daughter's events
at school because I was in a rush and I
was late, and I didn't notice what I was wearing,
and I started getting a couple negative side eyes, I
think to be the fair way to say it. And
I looked down on my shirt and some of the

I think some of the moms were not pleased with me.

Speaker 3 (31:54):
Yes, but they do get degrees.

Speaker 6 (31:56):
We're in the same room.

Speaker 3 (31:57):
Yeah, Yeah, that's why.

Speaker 2 (31:59):
When mclove and we'll always talk about he went to
an Ivy League school and then we go McLevin. We're
still in the same room here. Just to let you know,
Todd went to NYU, which is really hard to get into.
We're all in the same room here.

Speaker 6 (32:11):
We are.

Speaker 3 (32:12):
Yes, Just remember that sees get degrees.

Speaker 6 (32:16):
The kids out there.

Speaker 3 (32:16):
Yeah all right.

Speaker 2 (32:20):
Rory McElroy released a statement yesterday and he said, yesterday
was a tough day, probably the toughest I've had in
my nearly seventeen years as a professional golfer. Firstly, I'd
like to congratulate Bryson. He is a worthy champion, exactly
what professional golf needs right now.

Speaker 3 (32:37):
I think we can all agree on that.

Speaker 2 (32:39):
As I reflect on my week, I rew a few
things over the course of the tournament, mostly the two
miss putts on sixteen and eighteen on the final day.
But as I always try to do, I look at
the positives of the week that far outweigh the negatives.
As I said at the start of the tournament, I
feel closer to winning my next major championship than I
ever have. The one word that I would describe my

career is resilient. I've shown my resilience over and over
again in the last seventeen years, and I will again.
I'm going to take a few weeks away from the
game to process everything and build myself back up for
my defense of the Genesis Scottish Open and the Open
at Royal True. Okay, he said see you in Scotland.

First of all, nice that he got in the sponsorship
plug for the Scottish Open. The Genesis Scottish Open also rue.
I haven't had that in a sports statement. I don't
think in a while. I rue a few things over
the course of the tournament. Yeah, I just wish that
maybe he did a two or three question interview with

NBC and then you go, I understand and maybe this
because I was worried. Also if he did maybe two
or three questions right after he lost, then the next
tournament he's not going to be answering questions because he'll say, hey,
I answered those with NBC after the loss. I'm guessing

the Scottish Open is going to be pretty interesting with
his press conference because I mean, he wears his emotions
on his sleeve. I think he has carried the weight
of the PGA Tour and like willingly carried the weight
against the Live Tour being the face of the PGA Tour.
Tiger's too old, you know, and he's not playing every

day every week, big tournaments. He only plays a couple
of the majors. So Rory has to be front and center.

Speaker 5 (34:37):
You know.

Speaker 2 (34:38):
It's not Justin Thomas or Jordan Spieth. It's Rory, and
I think it took a toll on him. I think
there are golf fans that looked at the final round
of PGA Tour versus Live, Good versus Evil, it was Rory.
It was Bryson and Bryson shined. Personality came through, He
embraced the crowd, he had fun with it. He ended

up winning, didn't want to leave, signing autographs, doing interviews,
all of that. Meanwhile, that's Rory. But Rory got in
his car, left gotten his plane and flew home. I
would like to have seen him do a little bit
of an interview there. That's all because we're in the
content business. That's content. It's tough. You got paid two

million dollars. I need you there. I needed to say
something there. And I think because the media likes him,
I think he's generally well liked that maybe getting a
hall pass on this. And look, I know it's not
the end of the world, but I just start to finish.

You know, it didn't finish the way you wanted it.
It's heartbreaking. You give me two answers on that. Just
let us know, now what was it like? And the
scorer's tent as you watch Bryson with that last putt,
I mean, you're paid to be a professional. You've had
a lot of lows, not as many highs since you
won your last major, and that's been a decade ago.

But I think you gotta I think you got to
be front and center, at least with NBC broadcast partner,
and you have to you have to give us something
that closes up your round, and it might not be great,
might just be kind of a perfunctory uh you know, look,
congratulations to bryceon like he didn't stay around to congratulate him.

Speaker 3 (36:28):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (36:28):
They're just little things that I and I do like him.
I think he's a great interview.

Speaker 5 (36:34):
I just.

Speaker 3 (36:36):
Getting in your car and leaving. I don't know.

Speaker 2 (36:40):
I think most most of the time we ask our
athletes and they do, you know, acquiesce to it and
they answer those questions.

Speaker 3 (36:49):
It's not easy.

Speaker 6 (36:51):
I you know, I.

Speaker 2 (36:52):
Felt I felt bad for him, but then I just
I wondered, could you have done something? Then people are
going to be even more sympathetic to you. And then
it felt like there were some people like me who said,
well wait a minute, here, come on, answer your question
and answer a couple of questions here. So he releases
his statement. I'm guessing the Scottish Open he'll have a
lot of things to say about it, and maybe needed time.

Speaker 3 (37:15):
We have coaches that go and players go right into a.

Speaker 2 (37:18):
Press conference after a tough loss, emotional loss, and they
sometimes regret what they say in those moments, you know,
that cooling off period, And maybe that's what he needed,
because he might have said something might have been really emotional,
emotionally fragile. No, he was getting a divorce, now, reconciling
with his wife. It's Father's day, you got your daughter

at home. I understand all of these things, and I
factored all of those things in. I just think Rory,
being the professional that he is, should have done that
interview Let's see and not the end of the world,
and it shouldn't take away from what Bryson did, and
hopefully it doesn't. But I look forward to hearing his
thoughts about that, because we invest in you. When you win,

we win. When you lose, we lose. I mean, that's
what fans do if that's your team or that's your guy.
The highest of highs, lowest of lows. It's painful, and
as I said yesterday, I felt horrible asking Bill Buckner
questions about the ball going through his legs. Eighty six

World Series terrible and I felt like I was piling on.
But you know what, I had so much more respect
for him and stayed in touch with him until he died,
Like I really really respected him. Even when they won
the World Series. We had him on afterwards, he said, hey,

this isn't you know I'm coming on.

Speaker 3 (38:51):
I'm not doing any interviews. I didn't win the World Series.

Speaker 2 (38:54):
I said, I wanted you to celebrate this, or I
wanted people to move on from you. Because people were
brutal to him. He moved to Star Idaho. He said
he had to get away because what kids were saying.
To his son, Mitch Williams going in there in the
locker room, he gave up the home run to Joe

Carter and he's, you know, they're all there, everybody's there
and you could see. I mean, it's crushing, crushing, but
they answer the questions. Dennis Eckersley gave up the home
run to Kirk Gibson. Crushing, But that's that goes along

with the territory. I'm not asking this of a high
school player, even college players.

Speaker 3 (39:40):
But when you get to the pros.

Speaker 2 (39:42):
You get paid. You get paid to answer questions. Everybody
loves it when you win. I'll sit here and talk forever.
When you lose, like Phil Nicholson lost the US Open
in dramatic fashion. You got to answer the questions, which
he did. It's tough stuff, but that's part of being
a professional, Yes, Marv.

Speaker 9 (40:03):
Chris Weber even talked after calling the time out against
North Carolina. He went up there and that's got to
be tough, Like you just said, a college kid going
up there and talking after that type of loss.

Speaker 3 (40:11):

Speaker 6 (40:12):
Yeah, Pulling and Chris Weber let down a team. It
was a terrible mistake, but he let down a group
of people. And you always always say, I know there's
a team around golfers, but you are on an island.
You're an individual.

Speaker 3 (40:24):
Yeah, well, you know.

Speaker 2 (40:26):
I hope that he gets a chance to be in
position to win another major, but we're all going to
feel the same way. I don't know how he can't
feel the same way. Final Day, Final round, back nine, lead,
two shots, five to play par out. I win the
US Open Father's Day.

Speaker 3 (40:45):
Yeah, Pulling.

Speaker 6 (40:46):
People are making the joke to lighthearted. It's classic. It's
the Irish goodbye R mackarel.

Speaker 3 (40:51):
Yeah, I'm well well versed in that. Nailed it, nailed it. Yeah,
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