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April 24, 2024 41 mins

Dan is talking about tomorrow’s NFL Draft and wonders if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones truly understands how it all works. And NFL insider Steve Palazzolo stops by to share the latest news and rumors surrounding the Draft.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You are listening to The Dan Patrick Show on Fox
Sports Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
Final Hour on this Wednesday. It's been busy, been following
the Reggie Bush story. If you're waking up. Reggie Bush
got his Heisman Trophy back this morning. We were three
minutes into the show. Report for the Mothership came over
at Reggie was in Florida with some other Heisman Trophy

winners and they gave him his Heisman back. And yes,
I had a lot of questions too. Does USC get
their national title back? Does the NCAA have an opinion
on this? Were they involved in this? Does Reggie drop
his defamation lawsuit? So a lot of different things floating
about here, but Reggie Bush gets his Heisman back. Eight

seven seven to three DP show email address dpat Danpatrick
dot com, Twitter handle a DP show Sunday on NBC
in Peacock. The IndyCar Series continues a stop at the
Barber Motorsports Park Sunday at one thirty Eastern on NBC
and Peacock. Poll Question Seaton final hour of the program.
If you want to recap what we've already glossed over

a little bit.

Speaker 3 (01:09):
Yeah, I'd love to day. All right, Quarterback with the
most question marks. H Williams, Daniels, May McCarthy, Knicks, Pennix,
et cetera. Right now, JJ McCarthy forty percent of the vote.
What are your thoughts on that?

Speaker 2 (01:21):
I get it because we haven't seen what we've seen
from the other quarterbacks. That you had a quarterback who
plays in an old school system where he won an
entire half without throwing the football against Penn State. I
saw him a couple of times where he didn't look
like he should be the starter, and then other times
where you go, he seemed to have command of the game.

He would be what I would label a game manager.
I don't think he's athletically dynamic, but I think that
he is a He's a good quarterback. Now, when you win,
it certainly elevates you. You're a leader, you're a winner,
all of those things. But I don't know if he's
a franchise quarterback. I mean, he can play quarterback for

a team, but is he going to be the focal
point of that team? I don't get that.

Speaker 4 (02:13):
What was it?

Speaker 2 (02:13):
The first pass in the national title game nearly got
picked off. It would have been maybe a pick six,
but the defensive back was out of bounds. So I
don't know. It's like Drake May. I didn't see him
perform in big games. Yeah, you know, when you're beating
Syracuse or you know, Campbellville College or Campbell College. You know,

that's different than if you're playing against some marquee teams.
And so I'm not quite sure. I think you have
the potential for maybe two great quarterbacks, and maybe you
have some good quarterbacks. Maybe you have starting quarterbacks. Maybe
that's what BOWNECKX or Michael Pennox junior. They're good quarterbacks,

and there's something to be said for that. There's a
lot of quarterbacks where you go. Man, I would just
settle for a good quarterback. The Patriots would settle for
a good quarterback. Right now, there's a few teams the
Raiders give us a good quarterback. You've got quarterbacks, but
there's a difference than a good quarterback. All right, we'll

get phone calls coming up, Say good morning if you're
watching on Peacock. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, was chatting
a little bit yesterday and once again he's all in.
We still don't know if he knows exactly what all
in means to us. We know what it means to him,
and that is we're all in. And he was talking
about the draft that he's all in on the draft,

even though in the off season they were all in
with free agency and they didn't do anything in free agency.
He also not quite sure how the draft works. Here's
Jerry Jones.

Speaker 5 (03:51):
There's a very reason why we're twenty fourth out of
thirty two teams draft that we get to pick a
player this time, as we were the twenty fourth best
in the NFL according to the rules, and so we
get to pick. Everybody gets picked before us up to
twenty four.

Speaker 2 (04:10):
Okay, the further away from the number one pick usually
the better season you had. So that I'm going to
give him a mulligan on that. He's getting up there
in age and what he said is not factually correct.
You're picking, so you're saying that the Chiefs are worse
than you because they're gonna pick thirty second. Doesn't make sense. Also,

he keeps talking about Dak Prescott, and I just think
he's totally screwed up these negotiations. Instead of signing somebody earlier,
It's almost as if Dak Prescott's got to prove himself
like year to year basis, and then are you going
to sign ceed Lamb? And what are you gonna do
with Mi Caparsons?

Speaker 4 (04:51):
Like it?

Speaker 2 (04:52):
You can't have three players one making sixty, one making
thirty and one making twenty five and try to a
massive team that's going to be able to, uh, you know,
challenge some of the other great teams in the NFC.
So here's Jerry talking about Dak Prescott.

Speaker 5 (05:10):
I'll start it. Uh, we want dark Prescott. So that's it.
And there's no question for how he improved last year.
That improvement demonstrated to me there's more. So we won't
act and we think that there's room for growth.

Speaker 2 (05:32):
Okay, Uh, it's gonna cost him more than it should,
just like last time when I said sign him up
because you're gonna let him better on himself than he
played well and then it cost you more money.

Speaker 6 (05:44):
You know it.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
Just there are times when these businessmen can be great
businessmen and then you go what are you doing? You
know they did this with Zeke Elliott where I said
what do you do on bringing him back? And now
with Michael Parsons, he's gonna he's gonna want with you know, TJ.
Watts getting you're gonna want thirty million dollars, and then
Cede Lamb's gonna want what Justin Jefferson's getting, you're gonna

want twenty five to thirty. I mean, you're not gonna
be able to afford all of these players or are
you gonna be able to keep those three and still
put a competitive team around them? And that's what Jerry's
hinting at with Dak, Like Dak won't have the weapons
around him, we won't be able to afford them. So

he's sort of saying to Dak, you know what, you
wanna give a team friendly? We could probably keep some
of these players.

Speaker 7 (06:37):
Yeah, Mark, if you're an agent, what's your advice to
maybe a Dak or any of these guys that have
an upcoming contract coming up? Do you just tell them
a bet on yourself or take the best offer that
the team gives you.

Speaker 2 (06:50):
If I'm Dak, I would say, all right, I'll go
out and prove myself again, because if he doesn't stay
with the Cowboys, somebody else is gonna sign him on.
I don't want him at that, but you know the
agent wants you to get the most money you can get.
I still think that there has to be a happy medium.
There has to be like that sweet spot like Baker Mayfield.

I you have to understand you're not the highest paid quarterback.
I mean, Jordan Love is going to be the highest
paid quarterback.

Speaker 4 (07:18):

Speaker 2 (07:20):
Let that sink in. It gave you one great year.
Now it's his turn. You're gonna want to spend that
kind of money you got to. But I do believe
there has to be that twenty five to thirty five
million dollar range, and you could call it the Baker
Mayfield you know window where you go, Okay, I can

get a really good salary, I don't kill the team.
I get a chance to be a starter. We have
some talent, the money's guaranteed. Instead of no, I want
ten million more. Okay, Well, then you're expendable. And we've
seen these quarterbacks. They're expendable. Where you go. I can't

afford that. Not everybody is Patrick Mahomes. We all know that.
But if he's kind of setting the market, then all
of a sudden, it's going to be like when do
we get to one hundred million dollars a year? How
many years down the road does somebody make one hundred
million dollars a year as a quarterback in the NFL.

Are we a decade away because we're we're getting up
to sixty million. Steph Curry's at sixty million coming up baseball?
Whyse oh, Tawny, It's hard to tell, like what he
makes per year because spread out for whatever, twenty years

down the road. But we're getting there. We're getting there.
There's also another story. Oh, we've talked about this with
why can't you just say, if you're Bears, we're taking
Caleb Williams? And I said, because the NFL probably encourages
you to not spoil the surprise even though we know

you're taking Caleb Williams. Everybody does. Don't tell anybody here
is that question to Ryan Poles the Bears GM.

Speaker 7 (09:18):
This pick is not contingent on what anyone else does.
You've talked throughout publicly as though Caleb is the plan.
Are you set on making him your quarterback now?

Speaker 2 (09:28):
Unfortunately, it's one of those things I think everyone's got
to tune in on Thursday to watch and figure out.
But I feel really good about our.

Speaker 8 (09:36):
Process and where we are and where we're headed.

Speaker 2 (09:39):
So we know what we're going to do, but everyone's
going to have to wait till Thursday. Okay. I would
have raised my hand to say, what role is the
NFL playing in this decision to not tell us, because
then you would find out if he's actually going to say, well,
we were told not to buy the NFL, which is true.
I believe that one hundred percent. That would just say

we were not going to announce this. We have a
TV show coming up on Thursday night. Remember that it's
a TV show. We don't have to announce it, even
though your fan base would probably love it. And you know,
he's probably going to say, yeah, Caleb was our guy
all along, which is probably true, but they can't announce
that to their fan base to say we got our guy,

and the NFL is probably saying no, no, yes time.
I would have jumped on the word as you would have.

Speaker 4 (10:29):
Unfortunately, unfortunately, because what.

Speaker 7 (10:32):
What's the unfortunate part, Jeff.

Speaker 2 (10:34):
There's also this story about Tyrese Halliburton the Pacers gard
and apparently his voice changes mid sentence. Now, it happened
last night, and I think it happened before with was
he on the Pat McAfee show and it did that too.

So here is here is Tyrese Halliburton of the Pacers.

Speaker 9 (11:00):
I'm expecting to be unbelievable, you know, not, no doubt
about that. I Mean, we've had regular season crowds better
than what we've played in these last two games, you know,
so we expect a great crowd. A lot of people
are excited about what's to come, you know, in the series,
and you know, just the energy in the city right
now with everything that's going on, but especially with us,
so you know, we're excited to uh, you know.

Speaker 3 (11:23):
To go.

Speaker 2 (11:25):
Okay, at the very end, his voice got a little
quicker and got a little higher. Yes, just you don't
think we doctored that.

Speaker 10 (11:31):
That is a in context cut on the same microphone.
That was not a technical issue in any way. That
is a real cut from last night. A lot of
people heard it in the post game on NBA TV.

Speaker 2 (11:41):
Okay, Uh, well, what is this with the Pat McAfee show.

Speaker 10 (11:48):
He was on the Pat McAfee show and it happened
in real time and Pat asked him about it.

Speaker 2 (11:52):
Okay, so that was that cut right there? No, oh,
we have one. Okay, all right, So here's Pat McAfee
with Tyree Helper for us.

Speaker 9 (12:02):
I think that for so long after Pee and those
guys left, and the Bonus is a great player, and
they had other guys. But like I think, for the
more casual basketball fan, it wasn't necessarily appealing, you know, like, yeah,
post basketball is not appealing unless it's your kids or
Joel or Shack, you know what I mean, Like you
have two different voices.

Speaker 2 (12:20):
I do people say that all the coin did you
hear I didn't know if it was our microphone I.

Speaker 9 (12:25):
Ever catch it, you know, Like I watched podcasts after
and I'm like, dang, my voice changed.

Speaker 2 (12:30):
A credit to McAfee for hearing it and saying something.
His voice didn't change like that on our show what
his I don't remember any of that variation there. Play
the McAfee sound bite again for us.

Speaker 9 (12:46):
I think that for so long after Pee and those
guys left, and the Bonus is a great player, and
they had other guys. But like I think, for the
more casual basketball fan, it wasn't.

Speaker 11 (12:55):
Necessarily appealing, you know, like.

Speaker 4 (12:57):
Yeah, post basketball is not appealing unless.

Speaker 2 (12:59):
It's yo kids or Joel or Shack, you know what
I mean.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
But you have two different voices.

Speaker 2 (13:04):
I do people say that all the did you hear.
I mean, I didn't.

Speaker 4 (13:08):
Know if it was our microphone or whatever. Catch it.

Speaker 9 (13:10):
You know, Like I watched podcasts after and I'm like, dang,
my voice changed.

Speaker 2 (13:13):
They did. It's like there are a couple of voices
in there.

Speaker 3 (13:17):
Yeah, like one of them is kind of in the
back of his throat and then the other one is
sort of like almost out of his nose.

Speaker 2 (13:24):
Yeah. Then he went back to the deep voice.

Speaker 3 (13:26):
And then he went back again like a third or
fourth time. I don't even know.

Speaker 2 (13:29):
That's crazy, PAULI. Did you reach on to a voice expert?
Of course we did.

Speaker 10 (13:33):
The doctor did not want to go on record with
his name, but he was not on a story this
hot from an Ivy League medical school.

Speaker 4 (13:40):

Speaker 10 (13:40):
Voice changes related to the brain and nervous system are
called spasmodic dysphonia, and it could be either a mental
thing where your voice does it, which is rare, they said,
or polyp's nodules or cysts on the throat that have
to be dealt with that caused your voice to change moment.

Speaker 4 (14:01):
They said.

Speaker 10 (14:02):
It's it's uncommon but happens to people, and usually something
on your throat that causes It's like going from he says,
like going from this if you play guitar key of
C to the key of F with not having control
of it.

Speaker 2 (14:16):
What I not heard that before? That was wild because
I would.

Speaker 3 (14:23):
Understand the whole vocal fry thing if it's a polyps issue,
and then like, yeah, okay, that makes sense. But to
completely change to go from those two different sounds, it's wild.

Speaker 4 (14:37):
It's scary you're possessed or something.

Speaker 2 (14:38):
Yes, yes, they're like an exorcist type feel there. But
he didn't do that when he was on our show.

Speaker 4 (14:47):
I don't think he did. Are we sure that he didn't.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
Do we have Tyrese Haliburton when he was on our show.

Speaker 11 (14:54):
I did not realize that there was anything with the
ball until Jannis was running to our locker room. I
had no idea that anything was.

Speaker 4 (15:02):
They were.

Speaker 11 (15:03):
It was a problem that guys did not shake We
didn't shake hands after the game. Uh, but that's normal.
That happens in the NBA all the time.

Speaker 8 (15:12):
Okay, that's voice two. Okay, does he have three or four?
We booked Voice two. It's definitely got two voices. The
other one, this was the first one that we heard.

Speaker 2 (15:23):
We had that was chasing after the basketball.

Speaker 4 (15:27):
Please help me, please help me. Thank you to.

Speaker 3 (15:34):
Any weight One was like, this is my offense voice?

Speaker 2 (15:36):
Is my defense voice? Yes?

Speaker 7 (15:39):
The best part is his voice changing takes away from
the fact that he called Milwaukee's crowd garbage.

Speaker 2 (15:44):
Oh yeah, I didn't even hear what he was saying.
It was just listening to how he was saying. I'm him.

Speaker 10 (15:48):
I blame it on the other voice.

Speaker 2 (15:49):
Yeah, I didn't say other voice say sorry, it was
it was Jimmy Haliburton who did that, and then Tommy Halliburton.
But when Tyresee was talking, he didn't say anything negative.
And yeah, and Tommy all right, Oh my gosh, dude,
the player who is falling. We'll find out. Steve Pomozolo

Pro Football Focus will join us, coming up more of
your phone calls as well as Reggie Bush got his heisman.
You know what's interesting, All the sources we have, all
the contacts we have. Everybody's quiet. Ooh, PAULI just got something.
Pauly just got a phone call. Okay, that's what I need.
I need some information here for my audience. We'll take

a break. We're back after this.

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Speaker 2 (17:24):
Top story of today. Reggie Bush got his Heisman trophy
back earlier this morning in Florida. Some other Heisman Trophy
winners were attending. It was a summit. They were surprised.
We talked to correspondent with Eric Crouch, the Nebraska quarterback
who won the Heisman, said they were all surprised Reggie
got it back. Talked to somebody with the Heisman Trust Committee.

They said the NCAA had nothing to do with this,
that this had been in the works for the last
couple of years. Now, there's one thing that does stand
out here. The Heisman Trust is changing their own polye
of only considering eligible players for the Heisman because according
to the NC DOUBLEA, Reggie Bush was still ineligible to

play in those games. Haven't heard anything from the NC
Double A and the Heisman Trust committee said they acted alone,
not in conjunction, even though there is a defamation lawsuit
pending against the NC DOUBLEA. Chris in La, Good morning, Chris,
what's on your mind?

Speaker 13 (18:27):
Good morning Dan. I just wanted to give you a
little context. I'm a lawyer here in LA and sc guys,
so I was following the Todd McNair, who was his
Reggie's running back coach. He thought of deformation lawsuit and
forced the NCAA to settle because the judge actually ruled
that the investigation investigators were malicious in their investigation of him.

And I believe that's why Reggie was so confident in
his interview with you that everything was going to be fine,
because all of that information was going to come out
in his lawsuit and there was some incredible emails between
the investigators of how you could tell they were specifically
going after McNair and Reggie, and so I think with

the new NCAA regime, I think they may say, you know,
that was the old regime and we're going to try
to move forward, and they may actually reinstate his yards
and maybe allow the school to have the national championship.
But there's a lot of litigation and deposition evidence that
came out that I think is why Reggie was confident

that everything was going to be fine.

Speaker 2 (19:36):
All right, well, thank you, Chris. I haven't heard anything
from the NCAA. But if this doesn't help them with
the defamation lawsuit, you know, that's the interesting part. Yes, PAULI.

Speaker 10 (19:46):
Amongst the luminaries at the Heisman summit that when Reggie
Bush walked in were Earl Campbell, Air Crouch, Archie Griffin,
George Rogers, Steve Spurrier, Ricky Williams, Tim Cheebow.

Speaker 14 (19:57):
Was there.

Speaker 10 (19:58):
None of the high former heightsman winners at the breakfast
or whatever was going on knew Reggie Bush was even
there until he walked in and got it. So it
was a surprise to everybody.

Speaker 2 (20:08):
All Right, we still have about a half hour left.
If we get any more information, we'll let you know.
Steve Pomozzolo or good buddy with a Pro Football Focus
and you can check it out at PFF dot com.
They have their mock draft there and Steve the Pro
Football Focus analyst and head of football product, co host

of the Pro Football Focus NFL show and a friend
of this show. Give me the player who's dropping right now, Steve.

Speaker 15 (20:35):
Well, everybody's talking about Drake May, you know, the quarterback
from UNC. I really thought at the beginning of this
draft cycle he was going to be locked in at
number two. But you're talking about Jadeen Daniels of LSU
maybe being that guy. I think the more people watch,
they really love Jayden Daniels, and I think they've been
a little disappointed with Drake May, some of his mechanics
missing some of the easy stuff.

Speaker 4 (20:55):
But I'm still a Drake May fan.

Speaker 15 (20:57):
So if he does fall, or a team like the
Vikings package those picks to come up and get him
at say three or four, I think Drake May has
a chance to really be a good player, and so
I'm a big Drake May fan.

Speaker 4 (21:09):

Speaker 15 (21:10):
I'm just I'm a little surprised that people have soured
on him as much as they have during the.

Speaker 2 (21:13):
Draft projec yeh, but you use the word good. If
I'm taking a quarterback in the top five, I want
him to be great.

Speaker 15 (21:20):
Yeah, Dan, I don't know how many of those guys exist.
There's only a handful, so you know, it's it's a challenge, man.
I mean the last few years hitting on quarterbacks, I
think it's because that standard. What you're saying, it looks
like we miss on quarterbacks more, but it's because we
put this standard of they have to be great, they
have to be the next fifty million dollars quarterback, and
there's only one starter.

Speaker 4 (21:39):
You don't get time to develop.

Speaker 15 (21:41):
You know, what Green Bay did with Jordan Love is
rare and may have really paid off of them. So look,
I think there's still value in having a good first
contract quarterback, but choosing the next superstar, good luck if
you could, if you could really do that very well
going forward.

Speaker 2 (21:55):
How many quarterbacks does Pro Football Focus have graded as
first round draft?

Speaker 15 (22:01):
I think we feel good about the top three, which is,
you know, Caleb Williams, Jaden Daniels, and Drake May. I
think as far as who we expect, I think JJ
McCarthy being there I see him as more of a
fringe first who I think has been bumped up a
little bit this offseason. And then you know Michael Pennix
Junior and bow Knicks again, I think is more of
those fringe first type of guys. So it depends on

the view. Obviously, the quarterbacks tend to go higher because
of the value of the position, but I think there's
three those top three I think are the surefire should
be in the top ten type of guys.

Speaker 2 (22:31):
This always amazes people when I asked this question because
the answer is not always as obvious as you would think.
But if I said the best player in the draft
is who.

Speaker 15 (22:45):
So yeah, obviously we're taking positional value out of it.
I think Marvin Harrison Junior is the guy at Ohio State.
I think the subtleties to his game as a receiver.
The big question is going to be, well, he didn't
work out and we don't know how fast he is,
and the guy that he's competing with for the top
receiver spot, Leak Neighbors, went out there and tested and
looked explosive.

Speaker 4 (23:02):
But I think Marvin Harrison Junior just.

Speaker 15 (23:04):
Outstanding as a just all around receiver, body control, route running.

Speaker 2 (23:08):
But you're not big on a wide receiver top five
pick right.

Speaker 4 (23:13):
I'm fine. I'm fine with that top five.

Speaker 15 (23:15):
I think receiver is right up there as the most
valuable non QB position in the NFL.

Speaker 4 (23:19):
Now there are they are.

Speaker 15 (23:21):
Easier to find in rounds two and three, but I
think there's three blue chip receivers in this draft. It's
Marvin Harrison Junior, It's Malik Neighbors, it's Roma Dunes from Washington.
I'd be fine with any of those top three receivers
go in top five, top ten, because I think the
value is absolutely there at the position.

Speaker 2 (23:37):
Have teams ever reached down to Pro Football Focus privately
asking questions or could you do research on this or
what do you have on this player?

Speaker 15 (23:48):
Yeah, there's been a lot of stories throughout the years.
I can't really divault most of them, but look, every
team has PFF data, They all have our data and
other data sources, and they all have some level of
analytic team or department or football research department that's doing
work with our data. And I think that's the interesting
thing when you hear Dan, when you hear these other
analysts say, well, the analytics would say, you know, that

there's no such thing. Right, it's the same data that's
being used a plethora of different ways. Right, you change
one variable, it changes the outcome. But I'll tell you this,
every NFL team is using the data and information to
try to make the best decision. They just all sometimes
come do to different conclusions.

Speaker 2 (24:27):
Help me understand what the Broncos are doing at the
quarterbacking position.

Speaker 15 (24:31):
I can't wait to see what they do. Right, You've
got the Sean Payton factor, is he going to be impatient?
And the fact that the Broncos are now sitting on
the massive dead cap of Russell Wilson, and because of
the Sean Payton trade, they don't have a second round pick.
So if all the QB desperate teams, the Broncos are
probably in the worst position to go make a move.
They're sitting there at twelve. Overall, they have five or

six teams ahead of them who also need quarterbacks. So
I think it's one of the biggest stories of the draft.
Will the Broncos mortgage even more of the few they
have to give up future draft capital if they're going
to go get a guy, or they're going to sit
there at twelve take a non quarterback and get like
a bow Knicks in the second round.

Speaker 4 (25:09):
So I think it's probably the bon Nicks move.

Speaker 15 (25:12):
I think it's going to be tough for the Broncos
to move up and compete with teams like the Vikings,
who just have so much more to offer those top teams.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
He's Steve Powlozzolo, Pro Football Focus NFL analyst and a
head of Football product, also co host of the Pro
Football Focus NFL Show. I don't know if New England's
doing this. If they are, I applaud them because I
don't want to draft a quarterback and not have the
infrastructure to help him succeed. They learn from Mac Jones,

at least I think they would that if you draft
Drake may or JJ McCarthy, you're going to go back
to what you had before, and that is you don't
have a good team around him. It feels like maybe
they're going to build a team and then they're going
to try to get their quarterback, maybe next year or
the year after that.

Speaker 15 (25:58):
Your thoughts, I'm using of the minds that you draft
the quarterback. But I think in this situation, you're right.
I mean, not only are they completely rebuilding, I think
the offensive line needs work. The playmakers absolutely need help.
You know, they're in an AFC East where you're trying
to compete with the Buffalo Bills who are still really good,
and the Jets who are going for it these next
couple of years, and the Dolphins, who are good. You're

not going to put a dent in that. I don't
think in the next year or two. The human dynamic
here though, is the Robert craft factor, right, I mean,
coming off of four loss you know, basically disappointing seasons,
post Tom Brady getting older in age, how much does
that you know, become a factor. But on paper, New
England should be a trade down candidate, should be a
build the infrastructure first, then get the quarterback type of team,

new head coach, new regime, k new everything. They should
be saying, hey, let's compete in twenty twenty five and
twenty six instead of just you know, looking to this year.
But I don't know how that's going to work with
Robert Crafts as the owner.

Speaker 2 (26:54):
Also, do we look at the Dolphins blueprint and our
team's going to try to emulate the blueprint with their
wide receivers, with that offense, with what you know Mike
McDaniel is doing.

Speaker 15 (27:05):
I mean, it's tough to emulate the fastest team in
the league. I do love the speed though. I think
it's been a perfect blend in marriage though of Mike McDaniel,
who's an outstanding play caller, comes from the Shanahan tree.
They're awesome at getting guys into space, and then hey,
let's put the fastest players in the NFL into space.
I think the tough thing to replicate is, you know,
Tyreek Hill is one of one when it comes to speed,
and they and they did happen to find that, you know,

one of the guys that's close in Jalen Waddle. So
I think it's tough to replicate. But what I would
replicate is loading up at playmaker at receiver because I
think that's what made Tua take that big step in
year three of his career, and I think that's how
you support your first contract quarterbacks. Goes back to what
you said about receiver value. I think receiver value is
absolutely massive and through the roof in the NFL, because

that's how you make your quarterbacks better.

Speaker 2 (27:52):
What teams are bad at drafting.

Speaker 15 (27:55):
Oh man, I mean, look, a lot of people have
been fired, so you can't you can't say they're still bad.
But you know, look, a team like the Raiders over
the last ten years has certainly missed on a lot
of first round picks. Remember they had the Khalil Mack trade,
which I thought had a chance to really reset that organization,
and they come away with Cleveland Ferrell, who was a
bit of a stretch at number four. They came up

with a running back in Josh Jacobs, a safety in
Jonathan Abram. So the Raiders have done a poor job
I think historically with their first round picks over the
last ten years. Again, we've got a whole new regime there,
and I think teams that overall generally just that pick
needs more than just literally taking the best players. You know,
relative to positional value. There's a few adjustments and tweaks

that you would make. But when you go into the
draft and you say I have to have a tackle,
I have to have a corner, I have to have
a safety, that's when mistakes are made. So I think
the teams that really are true to their board evaluate
the players, take the best players.

Speaker 4 (28:49):
Over time, they're going to build the strongest rosters.

Speaker 2 (28:51):
More likely to draft a quarterback. The Rams are the Cowboys.

Speaker 4 (28:56):
Oh Man, I think the Rams.

Speaker 15 (28:58):
I'm still I'm not sol that the Cowboys are ready
to move on from DAK yet, despite all the noise
and the fact that they're pushing themselves up against the wall.
I think the Rams just because I think it's in
their nature less need. They drafted a quarterback last year,
and Stetson Bennett less Need loved Stetson Ben. And I
think there's a little bit of an eye to the
future for the Rams because Matthew Stafford getting little bit older,

battled so many injuries the last few years. I'll say
the Rams more likely, and I still believe the Cowboys
will come back to DAK and figure things out going forward.

Speaker 2 (29:26):
Best defensive player in the draft.

Speaker 4 (29:27):
Is Latu Lato from UCLA, the edge defender.

Speaker 15 (29:32):
If he did not have the next fusion a couple
of years ago, the injury concerns, the medical retirement at Washington,
I think this was clear as day. Lat two is
one of the best pass rushers we've seen since collecting
data on college football since twenty fourteen.

Speaker 4 (29:47):
I think he should be the pick at eight.

Speaker 15 (29:48):
If Atlanta's going edge rusher over a Dallas Turner from Alabama.

Speaker 4 (29:52):
So if lat too, it's another story.

Speaker 15 (29:54):
I'll be keeping an eye on if he falls to
the mid teens or even into the twenties because of
the injury. It reminds me of when James a few
years ago fell to seventeen to the Chargers and they
got a top five player in the draft. That's what
a team's getting top five player in the draft if
LAT two falls to the team, So it could be
a massive steal if the injury does pop up in
the first round.

Speaker 2 (30:13):
Who did Pro Football Focus have as the number one
quarterback last year?

Speaker 4 (30:18):
I think we had Bryce Young just ahead of c J. Stroud.

Speaker 15 (30:21):
I don't think we were different from a lot of
other outlets, but yeah, it was Bryce Young than c J.

Speaker 4 (30:27):

Speaker 2 (30:27):
No, no, no, you're supposed to be different than other or
don't do that. Hey, yeah, we weren't the only ones
that may have missed on this.

Speaker 4 (30:35):

Speaker 15 (30:35):
I mean we were completely different in twenty eighteen and
wrong when we had Baker Mayfield. We felt great about
Baker Mayfield over Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. I'll happily
admit that one. But yeah, the data said Bryce Young
slightly over CJ. Stroud last year.

Speaker 2 (30:49):
Great to talk to you. Have fun tomorrow. Thank you,
Steve Yep, Thanks Dan, appreciate it. Steve Palozzolo Pro Football Focus.
While I was doing the interview, so Red J. Bush
got his Heisman Trophy, and I had somebody say the
following to me in an email. What if the Heisman
Trophy Committee decided to be the good guys and get

out in front of this, and you know, a lawsuit's
already happening with the NC double A, and maybe there's
a lawsuit headed towards the Heisman because you want your
Heisman back, and the Heisman Committee all of a sudden
says we've decided to give him his Heisman back. How
about the public sentiment. Everybody's going, Hey, the Heisman Trust Committee, Yeah,

the good guys. I still have an issue. The Heisman
Trust changed their own policy of only considering eligible players
for the Heisman. According to the NC DOUBLEA, Reggie Bush
was still ineligible to play in those games. NC DOUBLEA
hadn't changed anything. And I guess there's still the defamation lawsuit.

But the Heisman try us does come out as the
good guys. Hey, Now we were told by the Heisman
Trust the NCAA was not involved in any of this,
and they were very very adamant about that. So, okay,
we'll take a break. We'll get to more phone calls,
what we learn, what's in store tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (32:17):
Right after this, be sure to catch the live edition
of The Dan Patrick Show weekdays at nine am Eastern
six am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio WAPP.

Speaker 2 (32:29):
I forget where I saw the report Bleach Report, CBS Sports.
A anonymous GM or former GM said Caleb Williams reminds
him of Prince and that would make him nervous if
he's going to draft him. I would think that would
be a good thing. I mean, now you can say, well,

he's a solo artist and you need a team player.
But I'm Prince pretty talent, So I'm not sure where
that comes from. That, you know, the paint your fingernails
or your pink cell phone or whatever it is. I
just want to know when if you can play, that's it,

because once you step on the field, the other stuff
doesn't matter. Can you play, that's it. By the way,
that moment where Anthony Edwards is trash talking Kevin Durant
during Game one was awesome because Katie, his place in
history is firm, it's in cement. But Anthony Edwards is

establishing himself. And you can tell that when Anthony Edwards
starts trash talking Kevin Durant. Durant knows that he's right
in what he's saying. He can't do anything about it,
but he does smile as if to say, I respect you,
young pup. I love that about Kevin Durant.

Speaker 3 (33:55):
It's like being he is such a like school ground
or schoolyard at the park kind of basketball player. Still yeah,
and that the just the art of trash talk is
so important to the game. And gosh does he just
seem to revel in it. Whether he's dishing it out
or taking it in. It's all good.

Speaker 2 (34:14):
Because he had to eat it in the moment.

Speaker 4 (34:16):

Speaker 2 (34:17):
And Man's going like, man, we are killing you. We're
bringing it man. And you could see where Durant kind
of bum seeming, is like all right, you know you're right.
And they won again, so they're up two.

Speaker 4 (34:29):

Speaker 2 (34:30):
Does Phoenix do anything drastic? Let's say they bow out
in five games? Can you do anything? I don't know,
feels like this is how they're riding, you know, like
Bradley beal. Okay, it just wasn't healthy enough this year.
KD still can be KD. And then you got Booker,

his Booker untouchable, I guess, but yeah, I wonder what
will happen there. The Pacers beat the Bucks, they rough
them up, Timberwolves up two to oh and let me see,
we've got games coming up tonight. The Heater getting fourteen
and a half against Boston. Pelicans are getting seven and

a half against Okay, see a couple other phone calls here,
Reggie Bush related zoo in Oakland. If I got that right.

Speaker 16 (35:26):
You got to write DT first time, long time, five six,
one sixty three A's Warriors, diners, Calberts fan. I was
gonna talk about Reggie real quick. He just heisman the
Kardashian curse. And secondly, I just want to say Mason
Miller from the Oakland A's one hundred and three gas

gas gas last week, Marvin Mama, we made it, thank you.

Speaker 2 (35:50):
D all right, yeah yeah, this Miller kid bringing cheese.
We don't follow Oakland because there's really no reason. Uh
you know, we're waiting for them to relocate but yeah, yes, Paul, Yeah.

Speaker 10 (36:04):
He's sixty five two hundred Mason Miller for the athletics
Wines Protection protection playing out there, he had an ending
where he had more pitches above one hundred than below.

Speaker 2 (36:14):
Scares me. Well, I'm talking to a physical therapist. I'm
going through some physical therapy and he has dealt with,
you know, Tommy John surgery and players coming back from
Tommy John. And he said, it's frightening. You actually have
parents now who are asking doctors to do Tommy John

before they need Tommy John elective surgery for somebody who's
thirteen or fourteen years of age. He said, it's it's
out of control. Hey, we know he's gonna need it eventually.
Let's get it now. I go wow. And I don't
know if you know any kind of medical studies show that,

you know, prevent you from getting it again. I have
no idea, but you got some, you know, pictures getting
it twice Wild Mow in Arizona, MO. Good to have
you back.

Speaker 14 (37:12):
More Dan, Dan.

Speaker 13 (37:17):
As far as as far as the Pold question goes,
who cares?

Speaker 6 (37:21):
We all know none of that really matters until they
get on the field, and that will having made them whatever.
But as far as the Heisman goes, I grew up
at UCLA boys.

Speaker 4 (37:29):
I don't really care for Reggie Bush.

Speaker 6 (37:31):
But in his defense, California a few years back did
go back for a lot of fellow marijuana chargers and
released them a whole bunch of prisoners because they dropped
them all down to mister Meetah.

Speaker 2 (37:43):
Yeah, yeah, you're right, Thank you, Moe. He's right, John
and Oregon. Hey John, what's on your mind today? Hey?

Speaker 4 (37:52):
Hey Dan?

Speaker 17 (37:52):
Nice long first time, long time, pretty excited just going
to Reggie Bush. H you mentioned earlier, you know, writing history,
that's what the NCAA is doing effectively with this. Well,
I agree, it's a slippery slope. I will say, just
as Devil's Advocate wasn't going back in vacating those wins,
say the Fat five USC, isn't it technically rewriting, So

we're basically re rewriting or bringing back history.

Speaker 2 (38:20):
Yeah, I guess you could say we're re rewriting. But
this is in the NC double A. This is the
Heisman trust that did this, not the NC double A.
He's technically still ineligible.

Speaker 4 (38:30):
Yeah. See right.

Speaker 3 (38:31):
If this was a back to the future movie, which
part of history would we currently be in? Oh, something happened,
then you erased it, then you bring it back. Is
this the part where Biff is the millionaire? Or are
we back in the fifties?

Speaker 16 (38:47):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (38:48):
Charlie, Charlie and Tampa. Hey, Charlie, what's on your mind?

Speaker 8 (38:54):

Speaker 14 (38:54):
Hey, Dan, Dennett's I love you. I've waited over two hours.

Speaker 4 (38:58):
To make this call.

Speaker 14 (38:59):
Or am I a part call? I'll make it quick. First,
I hope my Jets don't pass up Michael Pennix or
Bo Nix with the ten pick in the draft. I
do not trust Aaron Rodgers' help, nor do I trust
his Ohiahuasca addiction. And the second half of my call,
I would like you Dan, as uncomfortable as this may be,
in light of the draft scheme, I would like you

to draft the Danettes knowing them now, where would you
draft them?

Speaker 5 (39:27):

Speaker 2 (39:27):
So, if I was drafting the dan Nets, hmm, yeah,
I'd have to I'd have to get pro football focused
to help me a little bit. Mel kiper, I'd have
to get the analytics here. They're all first round picks.
In my book, they're all lottery picks. It's too late

in the show to do this and then all of
a sudden, you know, or you could do it and
get out of here. No, because you know, Todd always
complains that he's got a long run home, and whenever
it's a bad day, pick is in. I'll take Todd
number one.

Speaker 7 (40:07):
That's only because I would cry all the way.

Speaker 2 (40:08):
Yeah, that was true.

Speaker 4 (40:10):
That is true.

Speaker 2 (40:11):
I would take you numero uno. This day in sports history, Paulie.

Speaker 10 (40:15):
Nineteen ninety four, David Robinson of the Spurs scored seventy
one points against the La Clippers. And nineteen sixty three,
the Boston Celtics won their fifth straight NBA title.

Speaker 2 (40:24):
Two thousand and four. On this day, this team selected
a quarterback who didn't want to play for him, Eli
Manning and the Chargers the then San Diego Chargers. This
day in two thousand and four, just go around the room.
What we learned, Todd? What'd you learn today?

Speaker 10 (40:40):
Steve Palzolo Pro Football Focus belaves Marvin Harrison Junior are
the best overall player in this.

Speaker 3 (40:44):
Draft, Satan, I don't know how I'll do at the
next level, but Drake May a nice kid.

Speaker 7 (40:48):
Marvin Timmy and Tyre's Halliburton.

Speaker 2 (40:51):
Yeah, and Tommy with his different voice.

Speaker 10 (40:53):
Is Paulie Halliburton fascinating?

Speaker 2 (40:56):
Todd? What did I learn?

Speaker 7 (40:57):
Yes, Miss Matt Miller says, if you're an aspiring GM,
don't follow the blueprint for the Cowboys or Saints.

Speaker 2 (41:01):
If you are ready for a new job, let Express
Employment Professionals help. Express is hiring for jobs in a
variety of industries. Job Seekers never pay a fee at Express.
Check out expresspros dot com. Find the location nearest to
you expresspros dot com. Thanks for joining us. We look
forward to talking to you tomorrow.
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