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June 18, 2024 41 mins

Dan imagines the Boston Celtics letting out a collective sigh of relief after winning the title last night considering the amount of criticism they would have faced if they hadn’t. And he wonders if all Canadians are automatically rooting for the Edmonton Oilers vs. the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox
Sports Radio Final Hour. In this Tuesday Dan and the
Dan Eds Dan Patrick Show, the area code six one
seven or June seventeenth, it's Boston either way winning the
NBA Championship. The numerology right on. The Boston Celtics with

a six one seven area code winning the title on
six seven.

Speaker 2 (00:24):
There's something to that stuff. I love the numbers.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
Yes, you do, Celtics from all the MAVs one six
to eighty eight, that's eighteen titles in franchise history. The
Mavericks had a great season, a good season, or got exposed?
Oh is it too soon to be asking this kind
of questions. That's what I'm thinking. I think Dallas had

a great season and got exposed. So if I took
number one and number three on those answers, well they
got exposed by a better team. Let's be fair, Boston's
a better team. You had to have thirty a night
from both Luca and Kyrie. If you were going to win.
You had to have that because I didn't think you

had the scoring with the other players. You had some bigs. PJ. Washington,
Tim Hardaway, Junior wasn't playing I didn't have that third
option where I can go, I can plug in maybe
sixteen to eighteen points. Boston had Tatum and Brown and
they didn't even have to play great because Drew Holliday

played great, Derek White played great, per Zingis contributed. They
had a total team effort there. But I would say
the Mavericks had a great season to get to the
NBA Finals, but I think they got exposed a little
bit that they do need that third score, and Kyrie
is thirty two and that feels like an older thirty
two Luca. Luca needs to come back, and I think

he needs to realize these opportunities don't happen very often.
Luca could be like Dan Marino, and Luca got exposed
a little bit. People wanted to christen him if he
won the title as the best player in the world.
Even if Dallas wins the title. Luca's not the best
player in the world. It's still the joker, it is.
But Luca got exposed, and I know he's banged up.

He said it doesn't matter, you know, you gotta play,
and he did, and he had a pretty good game
last night. But really I didn't think he was great
in the NBA Finals. But I'm going to get Boston
the credit with that. They had a lot of defenders,
a lot of different sizes there. When you have a
couple of guys that were six ' nine guarding you
Drew Holliday Al Horford like, they weren't afraid to switch off,

and you needed to do that. You need to give
him different looks. But will they get this chance again?
And I think, really that's the question you have. Boston
will get this chance again in my opinion, because I
don't look at the East as formidable the West is.
Can Dallas do this again? Boston, You're gonna fight the
hangover of winning a title. But am I worried about Philly? Nom?

I worried about the Knicks, No, the Heat, No, Milwaukee. No. Now,
it's up to you. If you play similarly to how
you did this year, you're going to be in the
Eastern Conference finals. You got everybody locked up. I believe
it's that right, Paul. Contract Wise, Jalen Brown's locked up
for four more years. Jason Tatum's about to get a

new deal, but he's under contract for next year. There's
a lot of speculation's going to get a new big extension.
Drew Holliday's under contract for at least three more years.
Derek White and Al Horford are under contract for next season,
so your core is definitely back next year. Yeah, and
you might have Al Horford one more year. But if
you look at the deals that were made, and I

think Brad Stevens did a wonderful job because like little things,
he brought in Jeff van Gundy when he got fired
by the Mothership to serve as an advisor, like a
front office and head coaching advisor. I mean, what a
luxury there. You make the trade you get porzingis get
him out of Washington, Drew Holliday. When the Bucks brought

in Dame Lillard. You make a trade, you bring him
in Derek White from San Antonio. You know, you piece
all this together and your two best players play the
same position. And I think we were ready to say
if they didn't win it this year, they needed to
blow it up. It was celebratory, but I also thought
that there was an exhale, certainly with the star players,

because you finally won. It's like when Clayton Kershaw finally
won a title for the Dodgers. It was like, now
I can celebrate. And that's what you had with Jason
Tatum and Jalen Brown last night. That great team, best
team this year in the NBA from start to finish,
and rightfully so as the champions. Here's Jason Tatum talking

about the critics.

Speaker 3 (04:51):
It's a real feeling. I still hasn't really kicked in yet.
Just try and I guess enjoyed a moment. I kept saying, Wow,
these last seven years, roller coaster up and down. I
had to listen on about me, and tonight it was
worth it.

Speaker 1 (05:07):
Oh my god, that's an exhale. That's relief. I know
it's celebration, but there's a part of you that goes thankfully.
Now they can move on and criticize somebody else because
now it's going to be on Luca This and Embiid
because we keep waiting Joe El Embiid.

Speaker 2 (05:25):
Has it won?

Speaker 1 (05:25):
Remember when it was a Joker and Embiid won the MVP,
because I think a lot of the voters said, well,
Joker hasn't won a title. Now he won a title,
we move on. Jannis won a title, then we move on.
Jason Tatum wins the title, now we move on. But
you still are going to have Joe ell Embiid in there,
and you're going to have Luca. Those are the next

two guys up. Yeah, Paul, So we were.

Speaker 4 (05:47):
Just discussing, are we playing the game? Who is the
next NBA star to be overly criticized for not doing
enough it Embiid alone.

Speaker 1 (05:56):
No, I think it's Luca.

Speaker 4 (05:58):
Yeah, but does he get a little bit of a at
Hall pass but by himself some time by getting to
the finals.

Speaker 1 (06:04):
Well, I think he got exposed. I don't think he
came off well in the NBA finals, you know, Embiid,
I think we're always looking at him. You know, he
suffered some bad injuries, serious injuries and to be able
to come back. I don't know if we're as hard
on Embiid as we're going to be on Luca, because

I think it's gonna be now people are gonna watch
Luca is a highlight guy. You know, sometimes you don't
watch games. It's like when people said, oh, Shay Gilgos Alexander, Well,
you're watching highlights. You're not watching Okay, see games, You're
just not. And he's a wonderful player, but he was
not the MVP. Like there's a difference Joker is the MVP,

and then there's everybody else in my opinion, but there's
some guys when they play at a really high level
and consistent level, in a healthy level, then they're right
there with him. So I think Luca's gonna get a
little bit more of the microscope here coming up. Yes,
and Luca he's twenty five. Yeah, he seems like an
older twenty five. Yes, he got watching him, especially this

last series, he looked like an old twenty five as
he did. But I do think he needs to get
in better shape. I think he needs to be dedicated
to Sometimes you can do it and then you have
to put in the effort to do it, even at
a higher level. And I think if he dedicates himself
and comes in ready to go and be a little
bit more mobile on the defensive end, because you know

what you can score at one end, but you're giving
up buckets at the other end. And if you're not
giving up buckets, you're giving up your guy is you know,
getting assists giving up buckets and they went after and
you got to get better at that. And I think
being in better shape, and they also need a third
option here, a consistent third option there or even if

you have three and four and they take turns being
you know, semi consistent for you. Dallas needs that, especially
in the West because you got teams that have dual
stars there, but they have it feels like a better
supporting cast than Dallas. And I like PJ. Washington, I
just don't know if that's my go to guy as
a third option. And they got some bigs, but you know,

is Dante ExHAM as a guard going to be a
difference maker And the answer is no, played nice, but
you need a little bit more Marv.

Speaker 2 (08:28):
Yeah, you saw the difference the Celtics.

Speaker 5 (08:29):
They had guys where you can give the ball to
Drew Holliday or Derek White and they can get you
off the dribble, you know, PJ. Washington and Dereck Jonales Junior,
those guys. It was I have to wait for Luca
or Kyrie to pass me the ball and be a
catch and shoot guy, you know. And I think that
was the big difference, especially on the offensive end.

Speaker 1 (08:44):
Yeah, yeah, pulling.

Speaker 4 (08:45):
I was looking at some other things with the NBA
NBA winners, like the Oklahoma City Thunder getting a one seed.
Anthe Edwards had a monster year perception wise, you know
what's the sneaky one. Zion Williamson played seventy games this year.
He averaged thirty two minutes a game. Remember at the
start of the season, where like, if this guy can
get sixty games, it'd be a win. And I know
he's not a superstar on the court, but he average

twenty three, six and six and most importantly played seventy
games thirty two minute the game.

Speaker 1 (09:12):
Yeah, I think playing seventy games, it's like Anthony Davis.
It's like a younger version of Anthony Davis. Of wow,
how many games did he play? But they're probably I
don't know if they're going to keep brandon Ingram Like
they have a nucleus there, but I don't know if
they're going to be formidable. So just trying to get
guys who are going to stay healthy. You know, does

Dame come back and is he different next year? What
did the Miami Heat do? Is Jimmy Butler staying there?
Did they trade any assets? Can they get a free
Agent's there a free agent there? Does somebody want to
play there? Would Kevin Durant be interested in playing for
the Heat? Could you trade for him? Like the free
agency will be interesting. I don't know if there'll be
a lot of moves Klay Thompson. Maybe, but Paul George,

Paul George, I mean it's from LA. You get more
money in LA. Why would you go to Philadelphia? Hey,
I get it, it gets played with embiat in MAXI
but I'd rather be in LA playing for the Clips
moving into a new arena. Kyle and san Antonio. Hi Kyle,
what's on your mind?

Speaker 6 (10:16):

Speaker 7 (10:16):

Speaker 8 (10:17):
I was just calling.

Speaker 9 (10:17):
You talked about Clyde Drexler.

Speaker 10 (10:19):
I'm a diehard Blazers fan, and I think people sometimes
forget how amazing he is. He took two teams to
the finals by himself with no other Hall of Famers
on there. Maybe if he had one other Hall of
Famer if they would have won. But secondly, I would
like to say that Derek White, had that game been
a little bit closer, that tooth would be invaluable.

Speaker 6 (10:38):
I'd want to.

Speaker 1 (10:39):
Go look for it on the court. Wait, what teams
did Clyde take without another Hall of Famer on his
team to the finals? I believe in.

Speaker 10 (10:48):
Nineteen ninety and ninety two when first lost of the Pistons,
then lost to Bulls, and I don't think that there
was another Hall of Famer on those teams.

Speaker 1 (10:57):
Okay, yeah, Clyde was a great player, But you don't
not take Michael Jordan because you have Clyde Drexler. You
try to figure out I mean, if the Celtics had
that philosophy, they never would have taken Jalen Brown. They'd
be like, no, we got our small forward. They took
the best guy available. And you go back to that
draft when Philadelphia trade it up to get Mark Kelfolt

and the Celtics dropped down to three and they end
up with Jason Tatum. Brian in Seattle, Hi, bry W,
what's on your mind today?

Speaker 7 (11:31):
Hey? Dan?

Speaker 8 (11:33):
Yeah, I'm gonna ask about Danny Hurley. Do you think
taxes have anything involved with him not taking that Lakers job?
When you got city, county, state, federal taxes, I mean,
does that factor in at all?

Speaker 1 (11:55):
Well? I think it comes down to a work decision,
not a financials decision. This is a basketball decision that
he made. Now, if you want to go, oh, okay,
is this going to bring it back to a similar
salary in Connecticut as a post la? I mean, you
can look at it that way. This was a basketball decision.
This was the decision of do we want to move

cross country? We're not LA people, and we're going to
be uprooting everybody. My wife's family's here, my family's here.
We're going to go to Los Angeles? Why what's the Lakers?

Speaker 2 (12:29):

Speaker 1 (12:31):
And I could coach Lebron? Okay, and I could make
three times or twice, as you know, much money with
the Lakers.

Speaker 2 (12:38):

Speaker 1 (12:39):
It comes back to take the money out of it.
Do you want to go to Los Angeles? Do you
want to coach the Lakers and Lebron? Or do you
want to stay at Connecticut. That's why I think it
was a basketball decision. It was a family decision more
than anything else. Rich in San Antonio, Hi, Rich, what's
on your mind?

Speaker 2 (12:56):

Speaker 3 (12:57):

Speaker 9 (12:57):
I appreciate you calling me for the first time. Yeah,
six ' five, three hundred. I just wanted to say
that I am all things Texas, but I was pulling
for the MAVs. But I really enjoyed watching guys like
Tatum Brown holiday especially Al Horford winning their championship, and

really I stayed up late watching them celebrate with their families,
and it was really nice to see. And I would
also like to ask you what would you think about
the Spurs with Wemby and they've got some young talent
like Missell and Johnson bringing in somebody like Klay Thompson
or Chris Paul to try to you know, tutor some

of the young guys.

Speaker 1 (13:46):
Well, I thought that Chris Paul could have ended up
there last year. He didn't fit with Golden State. You're
still paying him thirty million dollars. Do I want Chris
Paul with Wemba Yama? I don't know how much you
can play Chris Paul, Klay Thompson. I get that maybe,

but you need a point guard. They gotta have a
point guard. If you watch the Spurs play, which I did,
a point guard would have put Victor Winmbanyama in better positions.
He was always out of position first half of the season,
like you would see him do things that were amazing,
And I kept thinking, basketball is all about position. Where

are you? Where's your defender? Do I have an advantage?
How do I get an advantage? And that's where you
have a good point guard who will put you in position.
He'll find you, he'll get you the ball in the
right place. At the right time, and it didn't feel
like san Antonio had that. But Chris Paul, I mean,
I Kyle Lowry was somebody I thought would have made

sense for them, Like I think I need somebody a
little bit younger than Chris Paul.

Speaker 4 (14:56):
Is it everybody?

Speaker 1 (14:59):
Pretty much? Pretty much? Jake from State Farm could be
his son. I think, yes, Martin.

Speaker 5 (15:09):
Yeah, Chris Paul. People forget he's Lebron's age. They were
in the same high school class.

Speaker 4 (15:14):
Is he thirty nine, Yeah, he turned thirty nine a
month ago.

Speaker 5 (15:17):
Yeah, he went to college for a couple of years,
So yeah, it makes it seem like he's younger than
he actually is.

Speaker 1 (15:22):
No, no, no, he's he looks young.

Speaker 2 (15:25):
He does very much looks young.

Speaker 1 (15:27):

Speaker 4 (15:27):
Lebron turns forty December thirtieth.

Speaker 1 (15:30):
Yeah, yeah, same day as Tiger Woods.

Speaker 2 (15:34):
That's true, that same year though.

Speaker 1 (15:36):
Well, when you're looking at birthdays like of greatest player,
greatest athletes on a certain birthday, that would probably be
up there, Tiger and Lebron. Now I got Emmitt Smith,
George Brett, John Smoltz, Hall of Famers, Yeah, yeah, and
those guys too, Hall of Famers. Yeah, I wonder who

what what birthdate has had the most stars on it
all the time, great icons.

Speaker 4 (16:07):
Yes, I'm gonna throw this in for December thirtieth. You
got Lebron James, Yeah, Tiger Woods, Sandy Kofax, whole school.
I thought Bo Diddley, not sports but legend in his industry. Yeah,
Patty Smith, the singer.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
Because the night. I think we just have to keep
it to athletes, okay, athletic.

Speaker 4 (16:33):
I'll give you Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Sandy Cole.

Speaker 1 (16:35):
That's pretty good. Yeah, it's pretty good looking. Is that
better than me? George Brett, Emmett Smith, John Smalls.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
I have Karl Malone and Barry Bonds.

Speaker 1 (16:49):
Oh you do, okay, Todd has Brett far same Ejack Day, Yeah,
same year, same month, same day, same year. I have
Rick Fox online. All right, well, when he was married
to Vanessa Williams.

Speaker 2 (17:03):
That was a big deal.

Speaker 4 (17:04):
I think I have like Sam Cassell and uh okay,
I'm just kidding, Okay, j Lo.

Speaker 1 (17:09):
Yeah, you have Jane athlete of some of sorts. She's athletic,
he's athletic. Yes, yeah, yes, to Ray Lewis May fifteenth.
Oh that's right. Another Hall of Famer, Great Rose Byrne
ooh Man, a comedic athlete. I don't know what she was,
but when I saw her, it was like, Damn, you're
a beautiful woman. If you like beautiful woman, Rose Byrne

was a beautiful woman. Kyle Kuzma, I just keep getting
deeper and deeper. Greatness not better. Let me take a break.
Let me take a break. If you live in Canada
and you aren't an Edmonton fan, can you root for
Edmonton to win the Stanley Cup? We wondered about this.
If you're in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, let me hear you.

Canadians call in. Are you rooting for Edmonton to extend
the series to win the Cup? We'll get to your
phone coming up. Take a break back after this. Fox
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Speaker 1 (18:45):
If you live in Canada, are you rooting for the Oilers?
I don't know if it's the it's Canada versus the
United States? Do you feel the territorial poll here of
you're gonna root for a Canadian team to win for
the first time in thirty years against the Panthers aged
seven to seven to three DP show. Can you root
for the enemy?

Speaker 2 (19:04):

Speaker 1 (19:05):
If your team's not in it? Can you root for
you know? Sometimes when a team from your division ends
up eliminating you, do you want that team to then
go on and win a championship because that's the team
that beats you? Or can never root for that team.
A Canadian team hasn't won the Stanley Cup since nineteen
ninety three, So for love of the country or hatred

of the team, you want Canada win, but you don't
want Edmonton to win. Jacob and Calgary, Jacob, who you're
rooting for?

Speaker 12 (19:41):

Speaker 13 (19:42):
First time?

Speaker 14 (19:42):
Long time?

Speaker 15 (19:44):
I'm rooting for the Edmonton Oilers. Although it's painful to say,
I have to root for the Province of Alberta. Living
under the shadow of Wayne Gretzky, We've always kind of
just felt like under the shadow. But it's an abomination
to be to be rooting for a team out of
the boker a Tone Sunrise Florida. So gotta go with

the Canadian boys.

Speaker 1 (20:06):
All right, Thank you, Jacob, Good luck to your flames.
Bob in Colorado, Hey Bob, what's on your mind?

Speaker 8 (20:15):
Hey, what's going on?

Speaker 12 (20:16):

Speaker 6 (20:17):
First time long time? There's no way you're rooting for
a Canadian team, but you're not rooting for Florida. You
just have to watch out of mine. It's really sad actually,
because it is. I grew up in Colorado and I've
seen the teams rotate, leave, come back, and then you know,
the next thing, what do I do?

Speaker 9 (20:38):
Who do I root for?

Speaker 5 (20:40):

Speaker 6 (20:40):
To go to camp in Minnesota for the North Stars.
Somehow they're in Dallas.

Speaker 9 (20:45):
They're not in Minnesota.

Speaker 1 (20:47):
All right, Well, thank you, Bob. Ryan in Scottsdale, Hi, Ryan,
what's on your mind?

Speaker 8 (20:54):
Mooring, Dan?

Speaker 16 (20:56):
I just wanted to say that, Well, first off, I've
been listening to you since I was probably twelve and
I'm going to be forty two this year, so I
really respect you a lot, and I wanted to contribute
to the.

Speaker 14 (21:11):
Show and say that I think if you call in,
you should say who your share a birthday with, as
a famous athlete like Todd does same month, sad SIMI,
I share birthday with the Admiral David Robinson. And also
I thought it'd be cool to announce your favorite like
two sports teams. I like Notre Dame football and I

like the Arizona Diamonbacks.

Speaker 13 (21:36):
Thank you all right?

Speaker 14 (21:37):
With that?

Speaker 1 (21:37):
You Roy had some show suggestions. Matt in La. I Matt,
what's on your mind?

Speaker 17 (21:46):

Speaker 3 (21:46):

Speaker 18 (21:47):
For time, longtime? Six three? I saw too seventy five.
My parents are originally from Toronto, and their theory is
if you are a city that doesn't see any snow,
you do not deserve a Stanley cop.

Speaker 1 (22:10):
All right, Thank you Matt for that philosophy. Matt living
in La now by the way, Bobby and Huntington Beach,
Hey Bobby.

Speaker 7 (22:19):
Hey Dan, how's going? Good morning? But first of all,
thanks for all your years of radio TV. Love it
to the back row, guys, Love you guys too back there.
My wife is originally from Vancouver, then moved to Toronto
and does she still has two daughters that live in Toronto.
Huge Leaf fans. They are definitely rooting for Edmonton. I

think more or less that since the sport is so international,
they are truly rooting for Canada over Florida or US.
I wouldn't even root for Florida, say the truth. So
there you go, thank.

Speaker 19 (22:57):
You, Thank you, Bobby.

Speaker 1 (22:58):
I think people have a problem the fact of where
the Panthers are from. If this was the Rangers playing
against Edmonton, I think hockey fans would or Boston that
they might be a little bit more acceptable in Canada
because hey, you're, you know, the original six, like Chicago
Blackhawks like all right, or Detroit Red Wings all right.

But when you get the Florida Panthers and Sunrise Florida,
maybe you have a problem with that and that you
don't get any snow down there. How can you be
a hockey town?

Speaker 4 (23:29):
Yeah, Paul, I think that's a tough question because we
in America don't have a comparable situation like this rooting
for the enemy. But I think if I was a
Canadian hockey fan not a fan of the Oilers. I
think my nationalism would kick in pretty hard. Well, it
wouldn't be pleasant for the Oilers if I was a
Calgary Flames fan or like the Maple Least Canadians. That's hardcore.
I think I could put that aside. Back, like America

took our sport, I couldn't do that. I could because
America kind of took hockey a lot.

Speaker 1 (23:56):
I was a Toronto fan. I'm not rooting from Montreal.

Speaker 4 (24:00):
Outwardly, but I think you'd like to see a Canadian
franchise win the title for an America.

Speaker 1 (24:04):
But you have to if you're rooting, then you're rooting
for Canada to win. You'd have to root for Ontario
to win. It's a hard route and I can't imagine that,
like I would be like, I'm not rooting for anybody here. Yes,
it would have to be extreme circumstances, such as losing
to a team from Florida. Then I'm absolutely rooting for Canada.

We got to what we got Americans from, and Florida
a team in Florida, we're gonna lose to. Hell. No,
you you may be from the United States rooting for
a team from Canada because you don't like the fact
there's a hockey team in Sunrise, Florida, Florida, We're gonna
lose to a team from in Edmonton. This country invented

the damn sport, and we're gonna lose to a team
from Florida.

Speaker 2 (24:52):
I'm with you.

Speaker 1 (24:53):
Hell no, yeah, but if your team is not playing
for a championship, doesn't matter. There's no way Toronto is
rooting for Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. There's just no way.
No Camp Florida.

Speaker 19 (25:13):

Speaker 1 (25:14):
Those are my Panthers, by the way, my Panthers, Uh,
Adam and West Virginia. I'm a die hard Panther fan.
You guys know that dates back to when the playoffs started.
That's it. Hey Adam, what's on your mind?

Speaker 19 (25:32):
By Dan, I was thinking about the Rory situation and
it kind of reminds me of the Celtics. We waited
on them so long to win and now they, like
you said, before.

Speaker 2 (25:43):
They can exhale.

Speaker 19 (25:43):
I feel like Rory's at that stage. And I actually
feel like if Rory could win a major ticket exhale
and then you might, you know, throw off a couple more,
maybe three or four more. That's just how I feel
about it. But I think he's in his head.

Speaker 1 (25:57):
Oh yes, absolutely, yes, But that's but that's the difference.
That's the difference between being good, being great, being great,
and being an all timer. It's when you need to
make something two and a half three footer, just make it,
get up and down, just par out, don't have to

do anything crazy, nothing, and goes back to you can
hit it three hundred and forty, but can you make
it from three feet? And that's what the game is
all about. And you just see like he'll hit shots
and you go, oh my god, but you got to
be able to complete it, and he wasn't able to
do it, and he had it. You're up to what

five to go? Just par out, you win. You're gonna
win by two.

Speaker 13 (26:46):
That's it.

Speaker 1 (26:48):
I know that golf course is tough. It's tough for
everybody else too, And sometimes that's the worst enemy is yourself.
And I think he prove that. Martin In Eugene, Hi, Martin,
what's on your mind today?

Speaker 17 (27:06):
Hey? Dan? First time?

Speaker 8 (27:07):
Long time.

Speaker 17 (27:08):
I always hear it takes hours to get through on
the phone, so I never try. But bringing up the
oilers and being a Canadian rooting for a team not
from my hometown of Montreal. I was there in eighty
six and ninety three and living in Miami when they
won a bunch in a row in the seventies. So yeah,
I'm totally rooting for a Canadian team, even though technically

I'm not in Canada anymore. But hey whatever, I'm still Canadian.
So absolutely, oilers all the way.

Speaker 1 (27:35):
I think, thank you, Martin. I think if it's in
your province and if it's in your geographical neighborhood, are
they're your bitter rivals? You just can't I couldn't see rooting.

Speaker 4 (27:49):
Is there an American equivalent of this? Is there anything
like if we were in the Olympics, sto you.

Speaker 1 (27:54):
Hardinal fan is not going to root for the Cubs
to win the World Series in twenty sixteen.

Speaker 4 (27:59):
What if it was USA against the World and the
Cubs were representing America and we're playing a team in
whatever country, a country we're not fond of, fond of.

Speaker 1 (28:09):
I know, hypothetically here, I wouldn't care. I wouldn't care
if what if we lost to another country? I guess well,
I think in the Olympics we have that, you know,
when the United States is playing for a gold medal.
You want Team USA, rah rah rah. But I mean
this is different. The Olympics is different than the territorial

We're going against you, playing, you know whatever, how many
games against you each season, year after year. I mean,
this is unique. This is different. But I can't imagine
that the Cardinal fans go, you know, we've been great,
We've won. It'd be nice if the Cubs won. There
is no way in the world if I'm a Cardinal fan,
even though they're very nice people. Yeah, seen. I know,

like as a kid growing up as a Yankee fan,
I absolutely love the Yankees. The team I hated most
in the world was the Mets. It wasn't the Red Sox,
it was the Mets because all of my friends you're
either a Yankees fan or a Mets fan. So that
was where like the rivalry was where you were talking
trash to your friends that those teams. There are almost
no Red Sox fans in the area. And there's no
way in hell I would ever root for the Mets

in the World Series. And I don't think the Yankees
not even close. After they lost to the Red Sox
and the Alcs went Hey, you know, this might be
the year you finally break the curse. We're rooting for
you in the World Series. There's no way, no, no, no,
you don't root for them, but there is. You can
convince yourself like, well, at least we lost to the

people that won. But this is unique because it's Canada
versus the United States. It's this is our sport. And
now you may have a team in Florida who wins
the Stanley Cup. I could understand where you'd have a
problem with that, but I couldn't be rooting for Edmonton
if I'm Calgary, I just couldn't. Mike and Vermont. I Mike,

WIT's on your mind?

Speaker 9 (30:00):
Hey Dan?

Speaker 20 (30:01):
I know you guys aren't on this topic right now,
but I had a quick Caitlin Clark takes for you.
Oh so, seeing how she's trending right now and one
of the most popular athletes in the world, would you
green light a space jam movie with her? And what'd
you do it now that she's speaking or wait until
she's more established than won an MVP or a title
on the WF Well, she.

Speaker 1 (30:21):
Could further alienate herself from the other players in the
WNBA unless she brings in some of the veterans from
the WNBA ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. That'd be great.
First person you call is Diana Tarassi. Now do you

have Angel Reese in the movie. She could play the villain.
She's really good at that. Aaron in California, Aarin.

Speaker 17 (30:53):
Hey Dan Nipe six.

Speaker 21 (30:56):
Four and a gelatinous three seventy five driving driving cross
country moving to California from Florida on a trailer with
three massive Antonian Shepherds. First time I've ever been able
to tell you while you're five.

Speaker 19 (31:13):
I always listened on iHeart.

Speaker 21 (31:17):
Just wondering if you guys had any suggestions. We're gonna
try to take the family out for barbecue in Memphis.

Speaker 1 (31:23):
Uh, Paulie, do you have any suggestions? When we were
in Memphis, I don't remember.

Speaker 4 (31:29):
Is it Rendezvous in Memphis downtown there's a while back.
I think it's called Rendezvous.

Speaker 2 (31:35):
It was.

Speaker 4 (31:35):
It was legit. Now I'm not a local from Memphis.
Might be much better, but I remember Rendezvous was legit
years ago.

Speaker 1 (31:41):
That's where I saw Robert plant that the Peabody Hotel, Yes,
and you locked up body hotel is cool. You go
there fall fashions and watch the Ducks. Oh, we went
down there for something with AutoZone, and I remember I
came down the lobby and all of a sudden, I
really as Robert Plant, the former lead singer of Led Zeppelin,

was right there.

Speaker 4 (32:04):
He was in the lobby in a T shirt and jeans,
Seaton saying with a few people having a drink. It
was he's with his band, not that busy. He was
with his band.

Speaker 1 (32:12):
And then I kept thinking maybe somebody in the band
would recognize me, and then they'd say hello, and then
I would come over and then I'd go, oh, like, hey, Robert,
can you go say hi to Dan for us because
we want to get to meet him there. Yeah, we're
afraid to go over and say something too, And Robert,
could you go over there? And then I didn't do it.

I had the opportunity, but then I could. I didn't
know what I was going to say. You know, hey,
really happy for your success, congrats on everything.

Speaker 2 (32:43):
Yeah, is that one time you were in legs?

Speaker 14 (32:45):

Speaker 1 (32:46):
Do you know I saw you in nineteen seventy five?
And then do you remember and then you played and
then stair away to him and oh hang up and listen, yes, Tom, And.

Speaker 12 (32:59):
Is that a mister plant situation? Is that a Robert situation?

Speaker 16 (33:02):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (33:02):
It's not that much older than me. I'd say, Bobby,
it'd be awesome if you were like, hey, Bob and
actulate like you guys knew each other and he just forgot. Yeah,
if I saw de Niro, Hey, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

Speaker 2 (33:14):
Bobby d Hey, Hey you're a sports guy.

Speaker 1 (33:17):
Yeah, you're you're the sports center guy. Yeah? Yeah, all right,
let me take a break. Last call for phone calls.
What we learn, what's in store tomorrow, and we're trying
to accomplish that. After this, be sure to catch the
live edition of The Dan Patrick Show weekdays at nine
am Eastern, six am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio and
the iHeartRadio WAPP Close up shop. Here, last call for

phone calls, what we learn, what's in store tomorrow, this
day in sports history as well, try to get all
of that in here. Let me see. How about Tiffany
in Florida. Good morning, Tiffany, what's on your mind today?

Speaker 5 (33:54):

Speaker 22 (33:55):
It's Tiffany. It's my first time calling in five seven eighteen.
I am I am from Nova Scotia originally I now
live in Florida. I am going for Florida this year.
I live in Tampa Bay, but rooting for the Panthers.
They're just a way better hockey teams. And all these

Canadians that are saying, oh, because it's in Canada, we
have to root for Canadian teams, it's not true. All
the Canadians get exported to American teams, so we're already
already rooting for our home country.

Speaker 1 (34:28):
Do you still consider yourself Canadian?

Speaker 6 (34:32):

Speaker 1 (34:32):
Yeah, well, thank you Tiffany. By the way, Halifax, Nova Scotia,
if you get a chance, great place, beautiful, Nova Scotia's beautiful,
Peggy's Cove. Did a little bike trip there with the wife.
By the way, if you're going to do something like that,
make sure you really love the person you're with, because

there are moments when you might not like each other
very much.

Speaker 4 (34:55):
Don't you wish your electric bikes back then?

Speaker 1 (34:57):
Yes? Or motorcycles. We're having a great time, aren't we,
hun Yes, of course we are. Dear James in La Hi, James,
what's on your mind?

Speaker 13 (35:08):
How's it going?

Speaker 6 (35:09):

Speaker 2 (35:09):
How you doing?

Speaker 9 (35:09):

Speaker 23 (35:09):
Bud uh two hundred?

Speaker 9 (35:13):

Speaker 23 (35:14):
First time?

Speaker 18 (35:15):
Long time.

Speaker 13 (35:16):
It's gotta say Fritzy, I love.

Speaker 23 (35:17):
You man, don't stop being you. So I'm a diehard
Dodger fan and I don't care if the San Francisco
Giants and the San Diego Padres were in the World
Series against the Tampa Bay A right, sorry, the Toronto
Blue Jays. I'm rooting for the Blue Jays. My three
favorite teams in Major League Baseball are the Dodgers and

anybody playing the Giants or the Padres.

Speaker 1 (35:42):
Well said, there, James, this is a unique situation though.
This is all of Canada and you haven't won the
Stanley Cup Final since nineteen ninety three. This is the
country versus the Florida Panthers. Can you root for Edmonton
to win? Randy and Washington, Hey, Randy.

Speaker 13 (36:03):
Hey, good morning, Dan. Thanks for taking my call first time,
long time. As cliche as that sounds, I am a
proud Edmontonian currently living in Vancouver, Washington in the States,
and obviously I'm pulling for my home team, such a
heralded franchise. I grew up sitting on my father's lap

watching Gretzky, mess Yarry Curry, Paul Coffee, McSorley and the like.
Grant Fewer toss him and there Glenn Anderson. To see
them hoist the cup again for the sixth time would
just be absolutely incredible. Florida. All power to Florida for

making it to the finals. They do have a great club,
but come on, where's the history there? Edmonton deserves this
and I hope Connor McDavid can bring it home for us. Also,
I'd just like to quickly say, uh, suck it back
row and it unless you're Edmonton fans, and then suck
it front row.

Speaker 1 (37:08):
Okay, thank you, thank you. Randy's both row situation. I
think I ran into a guy and he had some
health issues and he said to me, look, you got
me through a really tough time. He said, but you
know what made it worse sometimes is Todd. He goes,
It's hard to say, boy, these guys make me laugh,

and I'm having a great day, a better day. I'm
going through chemo. And then Todd would talk and then
all of a sudden, chemo. Didn't you know? It sounded
like I'd rather do that than I would listen to
the show. And I went, so you would choose chemo
over listening to Todd? He goes, it sounds harsh, but yes,
And I said, all right, I'll pass that on to Ton.

Speaker 2 (37:48):
How awful.

Speaker 4 (37:49):
Yeah, I love that you have kept that story to yourself.

Speaker 1 (37:53):
Yes I could have. I could have, but just sharing
with the audience, just letting him know Todd and chemotherapy,
it's kind of you know, pick your boyse.

Speaker 2 (38:06):
Please don't listen.

Speaker 1 (38:09):
This day in sports history, Paul.

Speaker 4 (38:11):
I know if I could touch that. How about this?

Speaker 15 (38:14):

Speaker 4 (38:14):
Nineteen seventy five. Nineteen seventy five, Freddy Lynn of the
Boston Red Sox three home runs, a triple, and a
single in a single game. He had ten RBI in
the nineteen sixty Tom Sheen of the San Francisco Giants
the oldest first time manager at MLB history, sixty six
years old.

Speaker 1 (38:30):
What that uh? Tiger won his first US Open. He
won by a mere fifteen strokes. Who finished second, Ernie
Else and Miguel Heel Jimenez. How about this one? I
did not know this one? Nineteen fifty three, This player

became the only American League player to get three hits
in the same inning. Nineteen fifty three, Jeene Stevens of
the Red Sox Boston scored seventeen runs in the seventh inning.
He got up three times and had three hits. Good
old Gene, Yeah, Geno, come on, Gene, come on, maybe

here we go. Come on out, Mabee, come on out.
Walks as good as a hit. I always hated that,
walks as good as a hit. And you know, as
if to say, dude, don't swing your bat, Todd, you
never had that happen to you, did you.

Speaker 12 (39:29):
I was just told not to steal a base unless
the ball got like stuck in the fence and went
rolling into like a stream or something.

Speaker 1 (39:34):
Because normally if there's a wild pitch, then you're on
your own.

Speaker 12 (39:37):
And there was a real heavy set kid that could
not have been faster than me. I was very offended.
And even he got the green light to golfer, got
by the captain, but the manager said, look at me
before you go.

Speaker 1 (39:48):
He doesn't trust you getting from first to second on
a wild pitch that gets by.

Speaker 2 (39:52):
Everybody, go Todd, look at me first.

Speaker 1 (39:57):
I could just imagine you dancing off first base back,
you know, like like you're Ricky Henderson. You're gonna try
to get a throw over here.

Speaker 12 (40:04):
Yeah, less it goes over the fence, stay with you.

Speaker 1 (40:07):
Let's go around the room. What we learned on this
program today, Todd, would you learn today.

Speaker 12 (40:12):
If you're factoring Kriss salary two rings of Florida now
one with the subtex, you might pick Al Horford's career
over Reggie Miller's.

Speaker 1 (40:17):
Okay, seat O'Connor like Brin is killing it, absolutely killing it. Yeah,
but he didn't spill, he didn't give us the tea,
he didn't JJ Redder, he didn't. That'd have been nice,
been nice. Exclusive Marvin, would you learn today.

Speaker 2 (40:30):
You're a diehard Panthers fan?

Speaker 1 (40:32):
Yeah, it's my Panthers secondes. I started rooting for them
a couple of well, what a six weeks ago?

Speaker 2 (40:40):

Speaker 1 (40:41):
Yeah, something like that, seven weeks, seven weeks, let's be
fair here, longtime fan. I would assume I'm going to
get an autograph jersey of the Stanley Cup champion Florida
Panthers like I did the La Kings when I correctly
predicted they would win the Stanley Cup? Was that twenty thirteen?
Does that sound right? Paulie?

Speaker 4 (40:58):
Would you learn to I'm learning that we're big and Calgary.

Speaker 1 (41:01):
Calgary tired of feeling alone in your job search? With
one connection, you can find endless job opportunities. That connection
is the express employment professionals, no fees for job seekers.
Visit expresspros dot com to find the location nearest to you.
That's expresspros dot com. Tell them we sent you. Thank
you for calling us or letting me call you, Emails,

tweets all around, support for Todd, Seaton, Marv, Paulie, yours
truly have a great day, everybody. We'll talk to you tomorrow.
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