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June 19, 2024 48 mins

Talkin' Jake is comparing the current MLB standings to this date last year... and the results may shock you. Jake's also looking into the Grimace Mets' hot streak, Playoff Odds, and the Boston Celtics winning the NBA Finals

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Marlins & Rockies lol
3:30 AL on This Day Last Year
5:35 NL on This Day Last Year
6:25 Cubs are Concerning
19:05 Mets are HOT
20:15 MLB Playoff Odds are Fascinating
30:05 Back to the Grimace Mets
33:05 Leave More Comments! 
34:45 Boston Celtics Win the NBA Championship
46:25 Bad Story to Wrap This Thing Up


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to Waken Jake, myself, Jake's story, Ellie
at Talking Jake, Big Baby David producing his butt off.
June nineteenth kind of like a newer holiday in the US.
ME and BBD are here grinding, partially because I was
gonna come in yesterday did not. I am under the weather,

but I had to talk about the people, about some sports,
and we've got a big tournament at the warehouse this weekend.
You can hear in my voice a little bit. If
I pass out by the end of this, it's because
I like haven't spoken in four to eight hours, which
is very rare for a guy going by the name
Talking Jake. Want a deep dive on some baseball topics

because the NL roller coaster of being boring and exciting
is at a fun spot right now. Partially because if
you look at the standings today, my Arizona Diamondbacks found
their way into the playoff picture. On Talking Baseball, I
predicted by Monday they would be in the Wildcard because
they had a kind of easier schedule getting some bodies back,

which I want to I want to focus on that
a little bit, and uh, well, I guess a little
shrapnel early if you go upwards in the standings, upwards
in the standings, if you look at the bottom of
the National League, Marlins and Rockies have been dueling fun
one in Colorado last night. If you didn't see that

check swing should have been called. I mean it was close,
but I think that gets called. A decent amount would
have ended the game. Two strikes, two outs, ninth inning,
one more pitch. Ta Oscar hits a grouchy home run,
really good Jake Jake Cave reaction, shout out to Luis Heel.
Jake Cave watches the ball go over the fence and

just starts screaming at the first base umpire. Why I'm
talking Marlinsies because it's Marlins and Rockies, and then the
team above them right now is the Chicago Cubs. Like
I feel like we've talked about how bad the Cubbies
have been. Is it a little unfair because they are
a half game back of the Pirates, Reds, and Padres. Yes,

so with one day's worth of action, they're right back
in the mix. And that's been the whole National League topic.
But I think I am gonna grow the Cubbies a
little bit. The New York Metropolitans are back in the mix.
I did my jaky little previous year research just to
see where we are and where we're at, and a

couple other things from around the league, while also circling
on the Boston Celtics. My Boston Celtics that won it all.
Congrats to them. Cool some funny Tatum memes on the
memes on the internet. Not that I'm going to bring
those to your attention, but whatever Internet you may use,
you may have seen them. Let's dive into the world

the baseball. We also make it a live USA cricket
reaction as they're battling South Africa right now. It's looking
not so good as possible, but anything's possible. Let's get
a couple more sixes on the board.

Speaker 2 (03:14):
And they just sit one seventy eight meters. Ooh, they
just need the need for fifteen.

Speaker 1 (03:20):
Boom, get hot swing, big lou, there's a wide I guess.
Let me do my NL thing a little bit. I
did my I want to do my Yankee standings check
in uh, I'll be honest, not a huge chunk of
data that can be transferred over slash. It doesn't fit
whatever narratives I'm pushing right now because in the al

coming from last year, at least, we were still waiting
for the Yankees collapse, which happened right around this time.
Aaron Judge broke his toe, he missed the chunk of
the season, Rizzo hurt his head, and the Yankees didn't
realize it yet. What else we wrong for the Yankees
last year? I guess their pitching got thin, like it

was kind of a survival mode and then it fell.

Speaker 2 (04:09):
Apart, especially just like statistically it was like, oh Cole
and statistically nobody else was good. The vibe around anyone
individually wasn't that bad, but probably got a round of
injuries around here to that group.

Speaker 1 (04:24):
The other thing that jumped out, which again I don't
ask me what to do with this one, but the
Anaheim Angels were your fourth best team in the American
League on this day last year, at forty one and
thirty three. Uh my goodness, how how quickly that changed

from Otani's the best. The Angels have some juice, Let's
get trout a playoff game they bought then sold in
what will be a jolly olavideo in a couple of years.
Maybe foolish Bailey, who we were trying to link up.
He was busy, so he'll probably be on next week.
Sorry for the fake advertising. He's got some thoughts. What

a tease? Yeah, I guess the only other thing I'd
say Currently at this point, the weakest team to make
the playoffs were the Twins, who were around five hundred
and they won a week central, so that's a little
bit of an outlier. Otherwise, in the AL last year,
the last team in was Toronto. They were thirty nine

and thirty five last year in the National League. Something
wrong with the Bay Area. I'd said I wasn't gonna
do this, but I guess I'll tell you why I
chose not to. The San Francisco Giants were also fourth
best record in the National League at forty and thirty two.
They ended up missing the dance, but no no teams

with an under five hundred record, So maybe that's why
you could put in your pipe and smoke. Although I
feel like the National League is going to ruin that
this year seeing as current playoff team. Technically someone would
have to. They don't have enough playoff teams above five
hundred right now. Someone under five hundred will make the dance,

so that is fantastic news. I do want to talk
about the Cubbies a little bit in a negative light,
and I'm sorry Chicago, but you guys are probably willing
to talk about Chicago and a negative light because as
I mentioned, as of today, they are the third worst
team in the National League, and as I looked at

last year's standings, they were the fourth worst. They were
just covered up by Saint Louis's stink. If you remember
correctly from last season, the Nats, Colorado and Saint Louis
the only teams before Chicage Man, I think a yellow

flag has already been up in Chico Chicago, so I'm
not going to raise a red flag or I don't
think this is a new piece of news. But Chicago's
been thirsty for a few years now. I mean, when
have we Okay, when was the last time the Cubs
were in the playoffs? Pobe ding m.

Speaker 2 (07:15):
I think they were in the twenty twenty expanded playoffs.

Speaker 1 (07:21):
So the Cubs were in the twenty twenty expanded playoffs
thirty four and twenty six. Happy for them. The best
war on their team was you Darvish baseball moves quick.

Speaker 2 (07:33):
Good there.

Speaker 1 (07:36):
They have not played a complete playoff series if you
take out twenty twenty since twenty seventeen. In twenty eighteen,
they lost the one game NL wild Card play into
the Colorado Rockies. So think about that. Chicago Cubs Wrigley,

they beat the curse, they won a World's Series. They
had this core of guys. You know, although I guess
I shouldn't be penalizing the Cubs too much because out
of that core, Rizzo has been really struggling. And he
just went down for like eight weeks if not more.

Speaker 2 (08:13):
Yankees like immediately said eight, So.

Speaker 1 (08:17):
Let's see what's going on with him, And he was
not killing it this year either way. Hobby Bias has
just gone straight into oblivion. Chris Bryant has been an
oblivion and seems happy there, and that seems like the problem.

Speaker 2 (08:31):

Speaker 1 (08:32):
I mean, the only guy that you can say is
like killing it, killing it Schwarves, which I think, who
is the one the Cubs like, right, the one the
Cubs fully gave up on. If you were if you
were a betting person, Schwarves' lack of position, body type
would have seemed to run out first love baseball, that's

baseball a little bit. Uh. That the Cubbies. Man, they're
in a tight spot, and we were so quick when
they got out of the gates playing well, let me
see what's their best butterknife seventeen to nine. Again, that's
very early that they were twenty three and sixteen. That
starts to get a little uglier. They're finishing a series

with the Giants right now, which again, like I don't
want to depict like the Giants are this god sent franchise.
With a win today, they'd be a half game back
of the Giants. The Cubbies, man, they hmm showed him.
An Auga signing has looked like one of the best

signings of free agency. They looked like they had a
plan to rebuild till right now. They still have a
top juicy pharm system that they haven't really tapped into.
So let's see the next steps. And as I talk
about how wide opened this National League, genuinely, if the
Cubs went on a six game win streak, they'd be
in the playoffs. So I do want to be careful

with how much I drive the stake into them right now.
But it's been a while in Wrigley, Like I've been
tough on the Red Sox because Heim some time they've
got a similar thing, except with a fantastic run in
twenty twenty one to the CS. Outside of that, there's

some parallels, but that's a pretty big notch to have
in the belt. The Cubs have nothing close to that that.
I don't know. I guess what I did want to
compare it to. He's talking about the Yankees again. Last
year when things fell apart with the Yankees, we do
talking Yanks. It's kind of what started this company. And

there's been a couple of things that haven't passed our
sniff test, and the Yankees have more or less adjusted.
I mean, even the fact they called up a rookie
to play first base yesterday who hadn't had a lot
of minor league experience, he wasn't a top prospect. He's
a guy that's been killing it at every level that

on a lot of other teams, you'd look at it
and you'd be like, well, it's kind of a no brainer,
Like this kid's been killing it quick.

Speaker 2 (11:12):
The team's just like depth at that position isn't in
some like crazy deep spot. The other options aren't there.

Speaker 1 (11:18):
This kid seems like he's next. He's checking a lot
he's checked every box at the minor league level that
he would be the guy that be called up. Yanks
don't do a lot of that. Like someone was texting
me who went to the game last night, and I
was like, yeah, I mean Yankees Orioles first and second,
that's kind of cool, but you don't. Not a lot
of Yankee position players make debuts. It's kind of it's

a little bit of an obnoxious thing, or at least
when they do. I don't know it's a bigger thing
because it's the Yankees. I think other teams get a
lot more opportunities because other teams don't do most of
their bidding in free agency or shopping, Like Trent Grisham
isn't a bench player on a lot of teams. Trent
Grisham would have been a player that a lot of
teams would have probably got as a dump in a trade.

But they said, well, Trent Grishiam's gonna play for us
this year, Like that's the Yankees bench outfielder. We want Soto.

Speaker 2 (12:11):
Yeah, the Yankees typically, like you're saying, not a lot
of position player debuts like like that, unless their hand
is like absolutely forced. They there were other moves they
could have done to replace Rizer on the active roster
Oswald Perraz at least, you know, has a bench there's

some bench utility in his tool chest and and has
been in the big league locker room before. Like they
could have called him up and done some shuffling and
sure he'll get some days versus lefties at third and
DJ can just be your first baseman and all that.
They could have made a waiver claim or an actual
trade for JD. Davis who was dfade.

Speaker 1 (12:54):
Still might and.

Speaker 2 (12:55):
There's an argument he'd be an upgrade on the roster spot,
but uh, it felt different to call the kid who's
been very exciting at the minor league level and has
checked every box so far and really came on last
couple of years without that super highly regarded pedigree.

Speaker 1 (13:14):
Our whole talking yank scroup chat was surprised. We didn't
think they would do that. And so that's one of
the things, I mean, the thing that has been a
joke and we still get hot about was the Yankees
didn't have lefties for a few years. A franchise literally
built on lefties. You know, I think one of the
things that we think they've stumbled into now is that

their whole bullpend bullpen bullpend has gone sink or slider,
which is nice, and they get a lot of effective innings,
but they don't have the strikeout guys when they need it.
That that's probably going to be next evolution for the
Yankees lineup balance. Not only did they not have lefties,
but then when they only had a couple guys, they
try to slide them up the lineup, which kind of

major whole teamers. I don't know. We've had a couple
of these Yankee moments that from the fans zoomed out
lens seemed off and then they had to make that correction.
I'm interested to see. And if there's Cubs fans listening,
I guess, let me know what I'm missing from the outside.
This may be obnoxious, this may be nothing. This could
be something that again with a six game winner, can

be ruled out. And like the Minnesota Twins just reeled
off another six games. Although that left side of the
infield that's not only has that gone from meh to
like special? Well, Korean Royce Lewis are doing yo. The
Yankees were very hmm. And we see this all over baseball.

When the front office has too much power. The Yankees
had a little bit of that. Like end of the day,
the game is played with ballplayers and a chunk of
the reason the Yankees are better they have one Sodo.
It was one of the best ball players ever. They
traded for Alex Verdugo, really solid, plus player Luis Heals breakout.

A lot of the pitchers are performing better Cubs thing
that just irked me a little bit this morning, especially
when I was looking at the standings. Do you guys
remember they did Cubs Day or the Cubs fan Fest,
Cubs Winterfest. The graphic came out and they tried to
copy Lallapalooza, the big music festival in Chicago. Know who

their headliners were? It was Jed Hoyer, the GM or
president or whatever he runs the team, and Craig Council,
the manager. They plundered from the Brewers Division rivals. How
could Craig do it? Probably all the money team Craig

on that part, but I don't know. I think it's
one of those things. In hindsight, it rubbed me the
wrong way. In the offseason. It always felt like they
should have kept one of those guys from those Cubs
teams like you had the Cubs team that broke the curse,
and you didn't bank on any of them. And I

don't know, hopefully for Cubs fans, I'm misreading it, and
the Cubbies are about to get hot, hot, hot after
they've been cold cold, cold. But I don't know. It
feels like a team that's leaned a little too much
into we can out coach baseball when at the end
of the day, you need guys on the field. That's

the difference. Go look at the Phillies roster. Go look
at the Yankees roster. Go look at the Orioles roster.
Go look at the Dodgers roster. Those teams all did
it in very different ways, but they accumulated a lot
of talent that I don't know. I think the Cubs
on paper this year my whole thing, that part of

it I've been wrong on. It was replacing Stroman, who
was so good for them, and they did that with
im and Aga, who's been better, and then Cody Bellinger.
It was getting the lineup back to neutral and they
did that, but it hasn't been enough in an NL
Central That probably what it is. There are a couple

teams that can tip their hat and say that as
a franchise, we operate a little better. It isn't was
the Rays, although they're pretty dearth of talent right now
and they're heading the wrong direction. The Milwaukee Brewers as
a franchise, they're kind of running laps around the Cubbies
right now. Sure, take our manager. We've got all these

kids who are going to start performing because everyone we
have plays defense, so when they hit, that's a plus,
and they've been hitting a lot. And then the other
turned out to be one of our favorite signings of
the offseason, Rhys Hoskins. Haven't the Cubs had a coal
at first base for a while? Could that have not

been a great landing spot for Reye Hoskins. I don't
know if that's the difference between the Cubbies in Milwaukee
right now, but looking at those standings, because I don't know,
if you look at the bottom of the American League
right now, White Sox A's Angels, I think everyone would

have been pretty close on that. Maybe the Royals, who
still in the playoff picture, and I want to do
some playoff percentages in a second, but those bottom three
seem to add up Marlin's Rockies. Cubbies tough can flip
in a moment of hours because the Pirates and Reds

are right there. But I don't know which flavor of
ice cream do you like more between the Cubbies, Pirates,
and Reds right now. I mean that's before you get
to the Cardinals, who are five hundred the second team
in the NL wild Card. Right now, National League is
still a mess. You could overanalyze it for hours. The
hottest team in the National League is a team that

has linked themselves to Grimace. That's right, the Purple Blob
character from McDonald's a W seven for the New York Mets,
a team that I was riding often was willing to
sell because I think they want to sell. Thirty five
and thirty seven has them a half game out of

the wildcard, eight and two in their last ten, winners
of seven in a row. They faced Texas again today.
Who you know, everyone's had a lot of eyes on Houston.
Go check in on your Texas Rangers. They have the
same record as of today, thirty three and forty for
Houston and the Rangers defending the World Series champs. The

team that's been to the ALCS pretty much every year.
Houston playing the White Sox lost last night. It's pretty insane,
pretty insane. I guess the other thing just looking around baseball,
not a ton of commentary on the good teams. I
guess this. I can segue into playoff percentages a little bit.

Our friends over at Baseball Reference they have a playoff
odds page which you can click and say. There's a
button that says, learn more about our methodology. The main
thing that I take away from it is they basically
sim the seasons a thousand times over and that's how

they get their results. So are their variables involved? Sure?
And I think what I want to point to, especially
in the National League Wildcard, where literally anything can happen.
Those cubs that I just ripped into could be the
second wildcard team in a matter of a week. Health
you obviously can't prepare for that. Uh And and they

were saying in their simulations, you know, they take into
factor this season a lot, and they kind of can't
take into factor previous injuries a little bit. I don't know,
if you want to go click on it, it's their
playoff odds page and there's a learn more about their methodology.
But I think there's there's some good that we can
take on it. And these a thousand simulate simulizations. He

says he died. He died at the desk that day. Teams.
There are four teams with ninety nine point nine percent
postseason odds. What are those teams? Staven?

Speaker 2 (21:38):
I would guess I would start with Dodgers and Phillies. Yes,
the Braves, not the Braves. Not the Breves. Well, I'll
say Yankees. Yankees, I'm believing in funny business. But they're
in Okay.

Speaker 1 (21:55):
And this is the only team that I would consider
funny business. But it's not funny business. Brewers, it is not.
The Brewers are at ninety nine point six, so you
get partial.

Speaker 2 (22:05):
Credit upside down. It's a nine.

Speaker 1 (22:07):
Now it's true, it's the Baltimore Orioles. Oh yes, hey,
you know wild Cardwithstanding, the Yankees and Orioles are ninety
nine point nine percent of the time, they're going to
make the playoffs in these thousand simulations. So you know,
if I was sucks that this show's popular, now, thanks everyone,

I was gonna say something like over the top if
blank happened to this team, that's the one simulation I
won't even make that joke. It has the worst case records.
I don't know if I believe it. This for the
Orioles and the Yankees. Ninety five wins for the Yankees,
ninety three for the Orioles. Their best case at one, ten, one, eight, respectively.

Speaker 2 (22:51):
So that's just a tight window.

Speaker 1 (22:53):
They've the simulations have both those teams doing very well.
I don't know about the bottoms there. I think a
ninety one could still happen anyways, Yankees, Orioles, Phillies, Dodgers
ninety nine point nine, Brewers ninety nine point six to
make the postseason again. They're sitting at forty three and
thirty when I just told you five hundred currently gets

you in the playoffs in the NL. No real arguments there.
You could put a baby asterisk that if things really
fell apart for the Brewers and they get caught up
in the slog I'm not gonna do that. They deserve
compliments as a franchise. Three teams in the eighties Seattle Mariners.

Sure they are forty four and thirty one. They have
no competition in the division right now? That yeah, there,
that sounds right. They're cruising the Cleveland Guardians. Again, they've
got a lot of wins in the bank forty four
and twenty six that the wheels would just have to
completely fall off, and in that division, I don't see

a way that happens. Then, the Atlanta Braves eighty three
point three percent. I think the best thing they have
going for them is the National League at forty and
thirty one. They're not positioned two differently than the Yankees
from last year. Huh gosp The National League is on

the struggle bus. The Braves haven't clicked, and like Austin,
Riley matt Ols and those guys are still there and
they're gonna click. Eighty three point three is still a
high number. There's only two other teams above fifty percent
chance to make the playoffs, so everything else is lower
than a coin flip. And they play in the same division,

the Kansas City Royals and the Minnesota Twins. So this
is where I would argue with the simulation just a
little bit. The Twins have been awfully streaky. I was
tough on them because they only had their wins basically
over the White Sox and the Angels. That's the only
reason they're above five hundred. That being said, all the

other American League teams get to play those teams, and
I think the biggest thing for me seeing Correa and
royce Lewis actually do it. Obviously Correa is playing over
his skis right now, but his numbers are back to
where Carlos Corea's numbers are and he's still under thirty.

Like we've just seen that guy for so long, it
makes sense that he's playing well. And as mentioned on
Talking Baseball, it does correlate with him shaking my hand.
Royce Lewis, he's also a guy guy. So this segues
into two parts of the speeches. The Twins are very
different than the Twins team you may have seen in

that left side of the infield. That just makes it
so much if they get anything from Santana Polonco Jeffers Buxton,
like with those two guys, then when one or two
other guys on the team they're clicking, they have a team.
It is kind of a bummer. And thank you guys
for your comments on last episode that Twins. Few Twins

fans chimed in on the pee Alonzo and they're like,
the Twins aren't gonna do that, Like pay for a rental.

Speaker 2 (26:18):
We talked about it a little bit on Talking Baseball,
and Trevor's like the win Alonzo, No.

Speaker 1 (26:25):
Right, they it'll be on the margins. I think they'll
add and they'll play in player capital, but they don't
have actual capital.

Speaker 2 (26:35):
Yeah jolly, you know, because we linked those two up yesterday,
he was sad at that reaction from trev because he
has a lot of Twins prospects.

Speaker 1 (26:44):
He likes, Oh, get out of here, jolly, and thank
you for filling in. The one team that looks a
little sus to me is the Kansas City Royals at
seventy seven point six percent the Twins. They have a
track record. You know, there's an argument they underachieved up
until this point. Slash health and players available. Royals a

little bit of the opposite. I think they they've played
above their skis pitching wise. I think you could argue
Bobby wit Junior is that guy, so no knock on him.
Love Vinnie Pasquatch, mikeel Garcia, Salvi Perez has been bawling.
We love that, and I do think they're gonna add.

I guess I would just say in the American League,
the Red Sox have a little bit of juice. Now
they are thirty nine and thirty five. I think they're
interested in being invited to the party table this year.
And then the other thing that's rude to the Royals,
because maybe I shouldn't be saying this, because it's it's

both sides. It's there's a lot of teams we wanted
to believe in, but it's how much longer can we
believe in them? And the next WHOA, just pump my
mic the next real check in point and I think
I bit my tongue. Oh my god. The next real
check in point is the All Star Game, which is

under a month away. I'm guessing off the top of
my head, teams probably have twenty one games or so
until the All Star Break. You kill those twenty one games,
I'm looking at you, Texas and Houston. Seven games below
five hundred. I mean, you gotta get hot in a hurry.

Will the Tampa Bay Rays or the Blue Jays join
the party? It's doubtful. But that's a crew of four
teams in the American League that we've wanted or expected
to have the good juice, and they've got to tell
the break to do it. So if you have twenty
one games, can you put up a fifteen and six
and rejoin the party? Would love to have you. And

then I think it turns into a big chase of
the Twins or the Royals, which both have some collapsibility.
Not sure if that's a word, but it'll be interesting
to track as we as we move forward. And I
thought it was funny as I told you, no teams, Uh,
those are the last teams one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,

eight nine ten. So ten teams have above a seventy
five percent chance of making the playoffs. That's pretty good.
I could see one of them dropping out. Why not?
It's baseball? No other teams above fifty percent. The team
with the next highest playoff percentage beabs in a rude way.

I will give you a guess, but I do have
it in front of them. Okay, now, well, if I
had given you a guess, though I don't think you're
getting that.

Speaker 2 (29:50):
I only think I would have said that team.

Speaker 1 (29:52):
I probably would have guessed the Padres, who are the
second best one I think they are who I have
guessed percentage points ahead of them Grimace's New York Mets.
So hey, maybe this formula likes a wind streak a
little more because that has some correlation to having a
winning season. But the New York Mets are back at

the party, happy for them, happy for Mets fans. I
saw Jolly was tweet out stats how June has historically
always been their worst month and they're having a great June.
So who knows? Who knows what's in that recipe in
that pot of coffee, But I don't know. Then NL
is going to be a disaster, and it's going to

be interesting to see which gms push the trigger in
any direction, because it should be. If you're a seller,
feels like a year you could clean up, but you
better have some really good job security to do that
because otherwise it can happen fast in baseball, and if
you sell this here and your team struggles next, you

could be out, Hey, let's go snakes. I guess that's
a clothing clothing. He's losing it. The closing thing I
want to talk about with Royce Lewis and Kray and
the twins, a lot of this is gonna be dictated
by health. And I know that's such a cop out answer,

but the two biggest things coming up are health in
the trade deadline with how tight things are if you
add the right piece, and a couple pieces are healthy.
Like the Twins without Royce Lewis at this point, count
me out. And I know baseball is not a sport
that's supposed to be treated that way, but I am
like Royce Lewis is currently a different maker on that

team and in that division. The Mets, like Jade Martinez
balling out has been pretty helpful for them. That was
a nice little ad, So let's see. Let's see. Health unfortunately,
is going to dictate this. Like the Arizona Diamondbacks, they've
been play and a better brand of baseball. They got

their short stop back Perdomo, They've gotten some pitching out.
Monty has started to pitch better. Like circling all the
way back to the Cubbies and by the way, at
that Cubs fest, they had their star players there. Dansby
was there, Happer was there, I think Ryan Sandberg, like
they had Hall of Famers there. Fergy Jenkins is everywhere.

John's Fergy Jenkins take paper out of baseball. That yeah. Uh,
having the guys, the Jimmies and Joe's still matter a
lot in this sport. Uh, and that's gonna dictate it
the rest of the way. So excited to see as
we've talked about the gms that make the moves at
the deadline and your team's health needs. I guess, hey,

if if you've got some some health concerns or guys
coming back on your team that you think are gonna
be significant, comment below because I'd love to hear and
speaking to comment below. A couple from last episode. I meant,
we talked about Josh Rojas potential Ryan McMahon trade. Apparently
he's been killing it at third base h third best

for MLB third baseman in OAA, and our guy Ryan
Battis said it past the eye test. He keeps saying
how do you do that? Some good baseball jargon, and
a lot of Mariners fans chimed in and said that
they have a lot of needs before you get to
Ryan McMahon, who again might not be on the trade

block that they pointed to like Taylor Ward, Brent Rooker.
That was my guy Podunk Party who commented that as
long with along with Jess Lyons. So hey Mariners fans,
I see you, And then I mentioned a couple of
the twins fans that were like a lonso's not gonna happen,
and everyone poop pooed the Dodgers ten person trade because

I don't know. Gotta be honest, think my guy Bowed
in America's GM was trying to just get a couple
clicks and it worked. He got a whole podcast on it.

Speaker 2 (34:05):
Yeah kind of too.

Speaker 1 (34:07):
Yeah yeah, overpay for severareen great Brandon leading this one live.
Oh he's saying that everything's an overpay or a bad fit.
So just one last trash on the article on the
way out. But thank you guys for getting involved and subscribing,
sneaking up on twenty k subs on the YouTube channel.

So if you guys haven't checked us out there, please
go do that. We would appreciate it. Subscribe like button
all that good stuff. Bake the algorithm real ones. No,
let's finish up you team USA lost the cricket match, sorry,
but we're building on it. Let's finish up with some

NBA as the finals concluded in your Boston Celtics after
getting blown out and Game four is this wait did
they figure it out? They put the business down on
the Mavericks in good Celtics style. I mean the game
was tight in the first quarter. They finished that with

a nine to zero run, which made it feel not tight.
They kept it going on and on, stretching the lead
to about the twenty range fifteen to twenty Peyton Pritchard
with the half court shot, which makes you believe like
they're just gonna burn down the city and this is
how it has to end, and it did. The Celtics

win a couple things. As I've mentioned, I'm a bit
of a Boston hater. I am a Yankees fan. I'm
here wearing my Yukon National champ shirt and my Juega
House hat that Jake Cronenworth convinced me to buy. If
you know, you know the Celtics for me, and I

went on this final rant couple episodes ago where I
was like, hey, I I want to see them get
tested and I want to see them pass the test,
because people have talked a lot of junk on Boston,
and they passed the test with flying colors that they
didn't have to do the two to two home court
season on the line game, they didn't have to go
back to Dallas three to two, potentially a game seven,

a historic game seven, they didn't have to do that,
and that's because they were the better team. Sure was
the East thin this year? Yeah? Were people expecting the
Nuggets to come out of the West and were they
a worse matchup for Boston? Probably, but they didn't. And
in the words of the great Jose McFly, that's none

of their business and it really isn't. They had a
great season, historic wind total, historic playoff run, doesn't matter
who's in front of you. Take care of it. And
they're hoisting the trophy in their back. And you heard
me doing a little bit of this. I'll never be
the biggest Tatum guy and maybe that's a flaw of

for myself and I you know, Zoe from We Got
Ice is our biggest public facing Celtics fan in the office,
and Tatum's his favorite player ever and he's already there's
some funny things about it, and it's new age athletes
and it's new age fans that, like Zoe has said

multiple times and he'll say it on here, He's like,
I know that Tatum's gonna end up being a Laker
again for fans from the past, that is that is blasphemous,
That is anarchy. You can't do that. And again I
mentioned some of the Tatum internet memes of you know,
everyone was saying he was recreating everyone else's championship celebrations.

Hey whatever, whatever, man, he's twenty six years old. That's
before a lot of really good players have won their title.
And yeah, the Tatum Brown thing, I want to see
the next steps. Like the Jason Kidd quote that Brown
is the better player. There was some more rooted stuff
on that. Callen Jalen Brown are both or excuse me,

Kid and Jalen Brown are both col guys, both went
to University of California, and I don't know. I think
Jalen Brown's skill set and again I don't know Batman,
Robin Batman, Batman, whatever it is. Jalen Brown had some
moments in this playoffs and he wins finals MVP, which
again I think for us Tatum outsiders can be tough

because the guy idolizes Kobe. He's a Celtic wearing Kobe's
Lakers purple. Like Celtics and Lakers are never supposed to overlap.
The Celtics did get penalized and this isn't my take,
it's Forscillos that this whole process got started early, Like
they made the twenty eighteen finals I think it was,
which was a finals they weren't supposed to make, so

they were like ahead of schedule there where then people
have you on a certain timeline that they weren't supposed
to be on that timeline. So am I probably one
of those people? Yeah? I mean yes, And I admit
there's a biased New York side to it. Here's what
I will say, And I said this, I forget if

it was after the first game of the series or
before the series because I mentioned a naturally born a
not Boston cat fan. Media. That's what we're doing here.
When I went through the roster Jalen Brown, I like, man,
he's got a turbo busting button, busting, busting, busting. He's

got a turbo button that not a lot of players have.
There's a couple times he just took the lane and
we remember the dunks, but there's a couple others that
were just like wow, like he it almost looked like
he moved superhuman on the court, uh and was pretty electric.
He made a bunch of big shots for them. He
wins the finals, MVP. That guy plays defense, That guy's

a dog. And maybe it's my speech about expectations in life.
If you go to the movie theater and you go
to see a movie and you're not really sure it is,
your buddy wants to see it, and you love the movie,
you go, oh my god, that was the best movie ever. Bro.
That movie was awesome. I didn't even know what I
was expecting to see. That movie was crazy. You going

to see a movie that people tell you is the
best movie you've ever seen. I've got two examples. One
that lived up to it, The Hangover. When I went
to see The Hangover, I went to see it a
little late. A lot of people had already seen it
heard it was hilarious. I came in the first couple
of minutes of the movie. I was sitting there kind
of angry. Old man arms crossed. Spoiler when they're on

the rooftop in Vegas and he slices his hand open
to do blood Brothers. I had spit out my drink
and then my guard was down and I was able
to enjoy the rest of the movie, Like I just
thought that was so perfect. Other side of that tropic thunder.
I am like such a big Jack Black fan I

love all the characters in that movie, Robert Downey, Junior Stiller,
the guy from the Baseball HBO show, blanking on his
name right now. But it had all the funny like
it had all the funny people I was into at
the time that I went in hoping to see like
my favorite movie ever, and it's not like it's funny.
I deserve myself a rewatch because I remember rewatching it

once and I was like, Okay, this was better than
I remember. But Tatum had the expectations Brown hasn't. So again,
where on that scope do my true opinions lie. My
heart's open to it. The rest of the way, I'm
interested to find out, because I think the Brown over
Tatum argument has a little more juice then people are

are saying Zoe keeps comparing Tatum to Tim Duncan, which
breaks my brain. I don't see that at all. I
see more of like maybe like a Tracy McGrady with
a winning team environment around him, I don't know. And
then the other thing when you go through the roster,
and this is what I did that I was referencing
before Drew Holliday, you have to love like all time guy,

and we mentioned Iguadala. There's a few other guys on
that team, David West. I don't know, maybe not. I
mean the guy who's probably now chasing chasing Drew Holliday.

Who's my guy that got his teeth knocked out? Gabe?
I'm lost?

Speaker 2 (42:47):

Speaker 1 (42:49):
Oh, I can't believe I'm blaming everyone. Everyone else underestimates him,
and now I've forgotten his name, which makes it even
more perfect. Derek White. Oh, I was gonna call him
Gabe White. I was thinking of Gabe Pruett Old Celtics roster.
Go check that out. Uh, Derek White is like Drew Holliday. Like.
I don't know if that comparison gets made. I'm assuming

it has, but I think they're the same height. Like,
they can both get buckets, they can both pass, they
both rebounds, they both play defense, like I think Gabe
White is currently entering the all Guy team draft. What
you just laugh at?

Speaker 2 (43:26):
Call them Gabe again?

Speaker 1 (43:28):
Did I call him Gabe White? Why do I have
Gabe on the mind? I'll tell everyone why I have
Gabe on the mind. It's a really bad story, and
I'll tell it at the end of this. I like
Derek White, even though I just accidentally insulted him this
whole segment. I mean, how could you know he wants
to be Gabe? No, no, no, no, Gabe's a bad name.
Derek's a great name, Derek White. His games really nice,

like Prichard and Howser. That's South Boston. Al Horford a
historical good basketball player. He might be the center on
that all good guy team. Like is he the center
with Drew Holliday and Igwadala? Maybe, Like it's crazy him

doing what he did in these playoffs at age one hundred.
It's thirty eight. Sorry, Al, But also I'm a college
basketball fan. I'm wearing my Yukon shirt. Al Horford was
on the arguably one of the best college basketball teams ever.
He was on the Florida back to back champs. Like
that guy's basketball pedigree is all time, all time him

Noah Brewer, Like everyone was looking at that team like,
who is gonna come out? I mean, Horford wins. Horford wins.
Noah's peak an interesting argument.

Speaker 2 (44:52):
He got at least one defensive Player of the Year.

Speaker 1 (44:54):
But yeah, the career is unmatched that. I guess there's
a little bit of Tatum that I'm gonna leave my
heart open for the rest of his career. Some of
the step back threes are bad whatever. I've taken bad shots.
Too interested to see the next steps for him. But

you kind of have to give You have to give
love to the Celtics team. Brad Stevens, who's got one
of the craziest basketball careers ever. He's like the final
Architect Missoula full blown, kind of weird guy, but gets
it done and he's seemingly one of the best coaches
in the league. Hearing him talk about how they were

gonna use Chris STAPs in Game four was pretty cool
if they needed him that. Yeah, I respect what the
Celtics did this year, he said through grided teeth, And
like a lot of the players, even Chris STAPs, I mean,
you know, there's some good Knicks memories in there with
some of the bad ones that they they deserved it.

They crushed the e and they crushed in the finals.
No playoff series went to six games. It's impressive stuff
from the Celts. Interested to see where the offseason goes
In the NBA, there's always some of the best drama.
That's where the NBA wins. Here's the bad story to
finish it before we think Dan Patrick, I went to

a diner in Boston. God, what year is it. It
might be twenty fifteen, twenty fourteen, and we went to
a diner outside of Boston. You know, the boys are bopping,
probably had a couple drinks the night before. H you know,
we're loading up eggs, pancakes for the table, all of it,

and I think we're talking some hoops at the time.
I should probably see when gay Prue was on the
Celtics because that helps a story. But our waitress, Gay
Prue was on seven oh eight. Okay, so this story
goes back a couple more moons than I expected. This
is when I'm in college. My god.

Speaker 2 (47:06):
Nicknamed Smiling Gabe.

Speaker 1 (47:10):
The uh, the waitress and again, you know when you're
when you're a little hungover and the vibes are high,
things hit a little differently. Uh. The waitress said, we're
talking Celtics, and she goes, I saw gay Prude at
the club last night, and it just hit us really

hard because we were like, there's one place gave Proot
should not have been last night. It was at the club.
So sorry for comparing Derek White to gay Pruit. Who
gave Pruitt had a lackluster NBA career. Uh and Derek
White lost his teeth lost one of his teeth in
the final game. Has gone full beard bald guy look,

which is always crazy when you when someone really leans
into that. But he's an absolute baller, so I disrespected
him even more by trying to represent him. Good Colorado boy.
We like that. So that's the episode today. Congrats to
the Celtics. I guess we'll see I mean, no football
updates soon. NBA free agency kicks off pretty quick, right

The NBA draftis this year? Yeah? Thanks, not as exciting.

Speaker 2 (48:26):
See if they'll have free agency.

Speaker 1 (48:28):
Coming upham extension. We uh, thank you guys. We will
see you guys on Monday. Send them babes, go baseball.

Speaker 2 (48:37):
Lake and Jake is a production of Dan Patrick Productions,
John By Media, and Workhouse Media.
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