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June 21, 2024 47 mins

On today's Dan Patrick Show, DP reacts to the Lakers hiring JJ Redick as their Head Coach. Dan Woike of the LA times breaks down Los Angeles came to the decision of hiring Redick.

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Well, we did it. We made it to a Friday.
It's a Meet Friday at that In case you're wondering,
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That's expresspros dot com. The big headline is the Lakers
finally hired Jjreddick. It's a four year deal. We'll talk
about that also. The assistant coaches that fascinates me a

whole lot more. We'll talk about that strategy coming up
Celtics Parade later today and tonight it's the Panthers at
the Oilers Gain six. I want to go back to
May twenty fifth of twenty twenty three, had JJ Reddick
on and we were talking about a variety of things,
and I ask him this question, where did this come

from wanting to maybe be a head coach?

Speaker 3 (01:38):
Well, I mean you certainly, you certainly missed the competitive
side of professional basketball when you retire, and that's probably
the biggest hitch. I'm loving what I'm doing right now,
and I'm in a very fortunate situation that I can

kind of wait and just see if there's anything that materializes'
that's sort of a perfect fit. But you know, I've
talked with teams now going on a year about assistant jobs,
and I'm interested in being a head coach. I don't
have to start as the head coach. I don't have
to start a new assistant. It doesn't matter to me.
It's more just about the fit and the people that

are you know, at the organization.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
So that's May twenty fifth of twenty twenty three, so
a little more than a year ago. He started flirting
with teams and vice versa. Then he had a podcast.
Then he became the lead analyst for the Mothership with
their coverage of the NBA. Jeff Van Gundy got kicked
to the curb, Mark Jackson got kicked to the curb.
Doris Burke and JJ came in. Then all of a sudden,

there was an exchange on First Take between JJ Reddick
and steven A. Smith where JJ Reddick pointed out, do
people really want to be taught basketball? And he gave
a couple things. He had a couple of references. One
was Zion Williamson and what he's doing with the Pelicans
the last twenty games playing point forward, and he said

he got twenty thousand views. And then there was another
part where he criticized Doc Rivers with the Milwaukee Bucks
and that got millions of views. So his point was
with steven A, does anybody really care about being taught basketball?
And maybe maybe Lebron is listening to that and going, wow, okay,

that guy is he knows basketball he's sharp and he's
telling us things, and then all of a sudden they
start to do a podcast. Now, is it a coincidence
that they started to do a podcast after that? The
fact that he'd be then became a candidate for the
Lakers job was supposed to be his job, and then
all of a sudden, wait a minute, Dan Hurley could

be interested in the Lakers. Okay, forget about JJ Reddick.
Let's go all in on Dan Hurley. Then all of
a sudden, Dan Hurley said, no, I'm staying at Connecticut.
Let's go back in on JJ Reddick. And it felt
like it was always his job to lose, and then
he lost it and then he got it back. But
I'm curious who JJ Reddick is going to surround himself
with because when we talk about experience, we use that

a lot, and it's prevalent throughout the interviewing process. When
you're going to hire a head coach. Dan Campbell, Lions
head coach, had never even been a coordinator, and he
got the job as the Lions head coach. Now, they
hired a lot of veteran coordinators to help him. Now,
that's what you need to do, Dean Sanders had never

been a coach at a Power five school before going
to Colorado. They had great recruiting, also a veteran coaching staff.
He got somebody from the Alabama coaching staff and prime
term turned one of the worst teams in college football
into a respectable team in one season. So the Lakers
are looking for that similar leap, that similar amount of

success first year with JJ Redick. It's a four year deal,
which means if he survives the four years, he's probably
going to be coaching Anthony Davis and not lebron James.
What are they going to do with Bronnie? I was
told yesterday, now it's more likely that they're taking Bronnie James,
as if there was much doubt there, but now it

looks like you're going to be taking Bronnie James, and
you're going to surround yourself with maybe Sam Cassell, who
was a head coaching candidate here. Maybe Stan Van Gundy
would be a guy you add to your roster. I
also thought it was interesting ironic that the reason why
Jeff Van Gundy, at least one of the reasons why
he was let go by ESPN as their analyst, was

they were worried he was going to take another head
coaching job. Yeah, he didn't take one, and he was
an assistant coach or he was a consultant with the Celtics.
Now he's an assistant coach with the Clippers. But here's
JJ Reddick taking the job less than a year later.
He's a head coach in the NBA. But I want

to know who he surrounds himself with because JJ feels
like the CEO. He's very knowledgeable. Everybody can talk about that.
He walks in. He looks like he's playing the role
in a movie of you're the Lakers head coach. Now
you have somebody you can put out in front of
the media. It goes back to what I said yesterday
that job is sort of the cowboys job of the NBA.

Everything is under the microscope everything, and you got Lebron
in there as well. So JJ has to be able
to filter out all of the naysayers, the criticism. It's
gonna be there's gonna be so much gossip here. There's
gonna be like I'm here, Oh what about the other players?
Oh is he showing up? You know, preferential treatment to Lebron?

Do you continue your podcast with Lebron Like, that's a
big question mark. Can you continue a podcast with Lebron
while coaching the Lakers? Now? While it would be great TV,
great podcast, great content, if I'm the Lakers, I don't
want my head coach with his hat backwards talking to Lebron. James,

you got a job to do. Entertain people by putting
an entertaining product out on the floor, not with your
podcast now. I don't know what's in the language of
the contract, but that's what I would say. No, we
want you to be the head coach of the Lakers.
I don't need you to do a coach It's like
Doug Gottlieb is coaching Wisconsin Green Bay Stevens Point while

doing his radio show. That's different. He can use that
for publicity for his program. He'll need that publicity for
his program, you know, putting them on the map, He's
already gotten publicity. The Lakers don't need publicity. They don't
need to have him do this so they can have
more people interested in the Lakers. JJ Reddicks, who just

coach the Lakers, be the CEO of the Lakers. Now
you bring in some really good assistant coaches. Jared Dudley
who's with the MAVs. He's somebody that they're going to
try to bring in. Sam Cassell with the Celtics, they're
going to try to bring him in. That's the important
part of all of this to me, because I need

somebody who can coach or at least direct, And then
I had the underlings, the assistant coaches, who are going
to be able to do this day to day. They're
going to be doing the day to day process here.
So and if I'm JJ Reddick, I'm not threatened by
these guys who might be there waiting to take my job.
If we win, then if I'm JJ Reddick, I win.

If we don't win, then I'm going to be vulnerable
no matter what. But if you bring in good assistant
coaches and you surround him, then I think you got
at least a head start here. It doesn't mean they're
going to be good. I mean, if you said what
job would you take, Cleveland, Detroit or the Lakers. If
I'm JJ Reddick, I would have taken Detroit or Cleveland.

But it's because I have a chance to just be
a coach, not a thing like he's got to go
in there. He's got to be something like Cleveland. You
just coach Detroit, You just coach and you know his
former teammate, Tradjan Langdon, former dukie, is now running the Pistons.
You fire Monti Williams. I sent a note to the

dan Etz yesterday saying, how is this possible? You got
a guy who has five more years, sixty five million dollars,
and you surprise him, blindside him, you rush in and
fire him. And it's a fellow Dukie. And here's JJ Reddick.
And we keep waiting for the Lakers. Are they going
to sign this guy? And then all of a sudden,
I'm thinking, is JJ Reddick got cold feet?

Speaker 3 (09:35):

Speaker 2 (09:36):
Going? Well, I don't know, wait a minute here, maybe
maybe the Pistons, you know, a terrible team. I can
go in and I can learn how to coach. He
has to be ready to coach when you coach the Lakers.
Now I get it. You win. Then all of a sudden,
you know your legacy is firmly cemented. Well, not necessarily
because you know Frank Vogel won a title for him.

I don't think there's any statue. Is there statue for
Frank Vogel? Yeah, checking it's probably in Orlando that they
build it right outside the bubble. But this is a
legacy play as well. You're coaching the Lakers. This is
why Dan Hurley was interested, because JJ Reddick gave up
a job that he could do for the next ten years,

be the analyst and all the NBA. It's a great gig,
but it's not as exciting as being on the floor
being the head coach, being the Laker head coach coaching Lebron.
Yes see.

Speaker 4 (10:33):
I sometimes I think like for us sitting here, you're like, man,
you're calling all the games. Is a great gig, like
sitting on this side of things. But if you're a
former player, you're like, well, I'll do that. I guess, yeah,
I'll do that, But I'd rather be coaching.

Speaker 2 (10:50):
It's exciting when I would go, you know, we take
the NBA show to the Western Conference finals of the
NBA Finals, and like, you're on the floor. Well, if
I'm a former player, I'm on the floor. But I
don't like just being on the floor. I want to
be on the floor doing something like coaching. And JJ
had a long, long career and played for a lot

of different teams, a lot of different coaches, and you know,
obviously has coach k on speed dial if he wants
to talk to his former coach. There, Duke gets some ideas, thoughts,
and it's and it's winning the locker room too. It's
not just hey, you got a coach and you got
to win. Got to make sure everybody's happy as well. Wait,

is he given preferential treatment to Lebron? You know, how's
AD feel about this? What about the other player? He's
got to develop the roster. That's the key, Like you
can plug in Lebron, you know, twenty seven, seven and seven,
Ad is gonna if he plays, you know, more than
seventy five games again, and he gives you whatever, twenty six,

twelve and you know, four three blocks. Okay, Now, it's
the other guys that I'm worried about, because that's where
you're sackings or your failure is going to be a
lot of teams that have two really good players, it's
the players around them that make them a playoff team,
make them a title threat. And that's I think that's
the biggest thing that JJ Reddick's going to have to do.

Win the locker room. And also, you know, in game changes,
you know, that that that they didn't they weren't able
to adapt in game. That was the big knock on Darbenham.
You know, can you can you change something? What are
you doing? What's different here? Now he has to do
that as well. That's where you get people's attention, like, hey,

they're doing this, we're going to do this. Then all
of a sudden it's successful and you're going, all right,
I'm gonna listen to that guy. Yes, Marv, what.

Speaker 5 (12:40):
Should be the Lakers realistic goal for next season?

Speaker 2 (12:43):
Not to play in the play in game? How about
we solidify a playoff spot? How about your the fifth seed?
Fourth seed? I think that would be a fair goal.

Speaker 5 (12:55):
Second round of the playoffs.

Speaker 2 (12:57):
Yes, yes, Now that's not going to be the expectations.
It's going to be greater than that, because you're going
to go, all right, are we last year's team or
we the team the previous year when we went to
the Western Conference finals. You've got to figure out how
good you are and be realistic with that. And if
this is a four year deal, what is the plan?

Because you got to have a Lebron plan and then
a post Lebron plan, and I think that will be
interesting and it feels like, you know, these coaches only
last two years there. If JJ Reddick lasts three years
or more, then he solved lebron ad and he's built
something there and there's a culture that's there. But this

isn't easy. This isn't easy at all. And I know
it sounds crazy to say I'd rather coach Cleveland or Detroit.
It's because it allows me to kind of go in
and learn on the job with a younger roster. Now
Cleveland is a playoff team. Detroit is a bad team,
but you get to go in and now we're together.
We're gonna figure this out together, and we're gonna become something.

And it's not like Detroit's not a legacy program. I mean,
they've had great teams. But that's what I thought that
maybe he would go to Detroit or maybe he was
having second thoughts. But as soon as I said that,
I think PAULI sent me an oue. Yeah, WOJ just
said that DJ Reddick has signed a four year deal
with the Lakers. I'm like, I'm so fired up. I'm like,
I'm so ahead of this. He's gonna go to Detroit

and then heading going to the Lakers. All right. We'll
get phone calls coming up. We will settle on a
poll question as well. Just getting underway on this Meet Friday.
We're back after this on the Dan Patrick Show.

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Speaker 2 (15:19):
Final hour and it's a Meet Friday. Just went out
and inspected the Traeger grills. They look good. Steak fajitas,
chicken fajitas. Nobody, absolutely, nobody has it better than we do. Right,
No muchy, alrighty. Stat of the Day brought to you
by Panini America, the official trading cards of The Dan

Patrick Show. More phone calls coming up. We've touched on
a variety of topics, certainly the Lakers with JJ Reddick.
We will check in with the Lakers, and the writer
for the La Times, Dan Wiki, covers the Lakers. We'll
ask him if this is the right hire here, because
we can point out a couple things. Oh, there have
been guys who don't have experience and they've been very successful,

and I would encourage you to look at the rosters
that they inherited. Therefore it pretty much ensured that they
were going to be successful. But then you also have
Steve Nash and Brooklyn, Derek Fisher with the Knicks, Jason
Kidd with Brooklyn, Darvin Ham with the Lakers. Although I
would probably argue that Darvinham was successful. He got his
team to the Western Conference finals. But then when things

started to fall off a little bit, or maybe maybe
the team started to notice that Darvinham wasn't making in
game adjustments that needed to be made and therefore the
strategy behind everything that it felt like they were getting
out coached in games, and Darvinham got fired after two years.
These coaches, after Phil Jackson, everybody lasted about two years.

JJ Reddick got four. I'll take you back to a
little over a year ago when JJ was on the
program and I asked him the following question, I'm from
wanting to maybe be a head coach.

Speaker 3 (16:58):
Well, I mean you certainly, uh, you certainly missed the
competitive side of professional basketball when you retire, and that's
probably the biggest hitch. I'm loving what I'm doing right now,
and I'm in a very fortunate situation that i can

kind of wait and just see if there's anything that
materializes that's that's that's sort of a perfect fit. But
you know, I've talked with teams now going on a
year about assistant jobs, and I'm interested in being a
head coach. I don't I don't have to start as
a head coach. I don't have to start as an assistant.
It doesn't matter to me. It's more just about the

fit and the people that are, you know, at the organization.

Speaker 2 (17:43):
Okay, so he got four years here, Lebron, what's the
over under two and a half years that he continues
to play and maybe longer. He certainly hasn't had that
much of a drop off here, And then you factor
in his son, how long you know, does that reinvigor
rate him. Does he want to play longer or is
it a hey, I got the opportunity to play with

my son. Not everybody's all in on JJ Reddick becoming
the head coach of the Lakers. Bill Plashk, the columnist
for the La Times, didn't mince words last week.

Speaker 7 (18:15):
And I hope it's not JJ Redick, And I've written
about that as he's not. He's not a coach, he's
never coached before. I'm worried they're going to go back
to JJ jj Reddick. If not, I know they got this.
James brego is on the A list. Why not Sam Caseel?

Speaker 2 (18:30):
Why not?

Speaker 7 (18:31):
In my opinion, why not go go get Becky Hammond?
I'm serious? Why not to go completely outside the box?

Speaker 3 (18:37):
Is there?

Speaker 7 (18:37):
Because there where's going to coach her?

Speaker 8 (18:39):

Speaker 7 (18:39):
Is that a coaching for two years and get fired?

Speaker 2 (18:40):
Probably anyway?

Speaker 7 (18:42):
So that's it's so, it's so bad, it's so since
since since such disarray. Hell, why not draft Bronnie mcbrownie
the player coach?

Speaker 2 (18:49):
I don't know. So that's a Bill Plashke. Now he
said that last week before realizing who JJ Reddick may
add to his bench. And he's gonna he's going to
be adding some experience here. And really, you're hiring a team.
It's not a head coach. You're hiring a team, and
it's a team of coaches. If Sam Cassel's coming over
from Boston, if you're gonna have Scotty Brooks come in

from Portland, maybe Jared Dudley from Dallas's bench, maybe stan
Van Gundy might be somebody. So you're hiring a group
of people to help you coach and run the Lakers.
And I like that. I like, you know the infrastructure
that he has here JJ Reddick on his own. And
I go back to what I said yesterday. It is

so difficult to be coaching a team like this that
is analyzed constantly. It's like Mike McCarthy with the Cowboys.
No matter what he does, it's not good enough, never
going to be good enough unless you win a title. Well,
here's the situation where JJ Reddick, who might not take
criticism too well, might have rabbit ears hearing everything reacting

to that, you're gonna be analyzed, scrutinized everything you do,
every game, every moment, lebron ad all of this, Bronni,
are you ready for that? When you get in front
of the media, it's not like you're coaching in San Antonio.

But I will say understanding Reddick, he is media savvy,
but you also can't take everything personally to heart. People
are going to be looking for story. There's so many
members of the media who cover the Lakers. You have
writers who have left other parts of the country to
cover the Lakers. With Lebron the importance, and you're the

Dallas Cowboys of the NBA. We're waiting for whatever it
might be positive or negative, and it's going to be
discussed every one of these shows, ESPN, Fox, They're all
going to discuss you every day. They discuss Aaron Rodgers
every day, the Cowboys' salary cap every day, and they
will cover you every single day because that's what the

research says. Play the Hits, cover these teams, cover these
stories every single day. He's going to be asked about
this or people are going to scrutinize what he's doing. Now,
he might do a great job, and then they're talking
about you in a positive way. But Dan wik is
the LA Lakers beat reporter for the LA Times, And
then I wonder, if you're JJ Reddick, you can't continue,

Well you can't, you can, I would say you shouldn't
continue to do a podcast with Lebron. Now. I get it,
big business. Focus on the main business, because if you're
successful with that, that sets you up for other things
if you want to. Now you just beca't you were
a broadcaster. I still love that. They part of the

reason wink wink that ESPN fired Jeff Van Gundy as
they were worried he was going to take another job,
a head coaching job. So you bring in JJ Reddick
and what's he do he takes a head coaching job.
Give me Jeffvan Gundy got let go him and Mark
Jackson because they were not afraid to be critical of
the NBA and officiating. Why is it you're going to

fire those guys, but you love the TNT guys who
criticize you far more than Jeff Van Gundy and Mark
Jackson did. It's like, we can't take that you're criticizing
the officials. Meanwhile, hey, do you hear what Jack and
Charles had to say? But that's a side topic there.
And Jeff Van Gundy going to the Clippers now after

being with the Celtics. Good for him, all right eight
seven seven three DP show MeMail address Dpadanpatrick dot com
Twitter handle the TP show Seaton. We have a new
poll question for the final hour of this meet Friday.

Speaker 4 (22:40):
Let me update you real quick on some pressing matters here.
Who lasts longer with the Lakers? JJ Reddick or Lebron James?
JJ Reddick has two thirds of that vote? Okay, all right,
it's nice to see the confidence there. Yeah, who has
a better first season? This is so JJ Reddick and
the Lakers or Doug gottlieb At You dub green Bay

right now?

Speaker 2 (23:02):
Got leave holding on at fifty six percent. Wait, do
I have Doug? Have I had Doug going to University
of Wisconsin Green Bay Stevens Point?

Speaker 7 (23:12):

Speaker 2 (23:13):
I think I got him coaching two teams. Oh that's okay,
I'm so sorry. It's it's you, Dub green Bay, our friends,
you dub Stevens Point. They offered me an opportunity to
go in there and play for the team. They did, Yeah,
they did. But Doug said too, if I donated one
hundred thousand dollars, he'd put me in a starting lineup.

Speaker 4 (23:33):
That's not bad.

Speaker 2 (23:35):
He's got to open up with his alma mater. Right,
Doug has got to face Oklahoma State to start his career.

Speaker 3 (23:41):

Speaker 2 (23:43):
Or is that a bad thing if you did a
How about a home and home with Oklaoma State? Because
he wanted that opportunity, didn't get that opportunity. Now, maybe
a home and home that'd be good. All right? What
else do we have? We have?

Speaker 4 (23:59):
We got two more for you. Who has the best
championship parade? NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL.

Speaker 2 (24:08):
I'm not really uh an analyst. When it comes to
a parade, you're not, no, because they always they look silly.

Speaker 4 (24:17):
Have you ever been asked to host a parade on TV?

Speaker 2 (24:20):
No? But I would. I would do like, uh, you know,
maybe the Thanksgiving Day parade. It's a big deal. Yeah,
I would do that. But that's fun and nobody's you know,
hammered in the parade. Well people watching You don't know that,
you know, but yeah, I to me, it's it's kind
of embarrassing. How you know, you get these guys hammered

jumping off the bus and then you got throwing a
trophy over here, Brady needs help walking off a boat.
It's uh, I don't know, kind of sad, you know,
it's not it's not fun. I mean, I think for
those in the moment, but if I'm watching it, I'm
not entertained by it. Yeah, Paul, there's almost injuries.

Speaker 9 (25:06):
I remember a couple years ago there was like an
athlete I think it's I don't know the Chiefs who
was running and he fell with the trophy the Washington
Capitals maybe five years ago when he won the Cup.

Speaker 2 (25:14):
That was a very boozy parade.

Speaker 9 (25:16):
I remember Ovechkin was in a fountain.

Speaker 2 (25:19):
Yeah. It was wild. Yeah, but it's not I couldn't
care less watching a parade. I mean, Celtics won, they
got a parade today, but I couldn't care less. It's
not something I'm interested in. But you know, if your
team wins, you want to celebrate with them. Great, and
if you get to be along the parade route, have
fun with them. Good. Knock yourself out, by the way.

Speaking of Bronnie lebron James, Paul George Podcast p with
Paul George had this to say with Ronnie James and
the comparison to an NBA player.

Speaker 8 (25:53):
What's most impressive is just his his basketball sappiness, like
his basketball, like you like he can do it all.

Speaker 5 (26:01):
Like I don't.

Speaker 8 (26:01):
I feel like he hasn't shown that he can really
be elite at a lot of things. But I think
he can be elite at a lot of things. Like
I feel like he's like in that Derek White, and
it was interesting that that's his comparisons that he wants
to be like or coming out look like. But I
compare him to like the Drew Holliday, the Derek White's
like guys that are glue, guys that can go through

everything on the floor and help you win.

Speaker 2 (26:26):
Okay, pretty high praise there. If Ronnie James is Derek White,
all right, I'm taking him with the seventeenth overall pick.
I'm not waiting until the second round here.

Speaker 5 (26:37):
Yes, yes, but a lot of this is best case
scenario because earlier in that clip, Paul George said he
hasn't put it all together yet, so this is best
case scenario. He could be Derek White.

Speaker 2 (26:47):
Okay, all right, I mean, how many draft picks in
this year's draft can you say, all right, he's gonna
be as good as Derek White, like Reed Shepherd of Kentucky.
Is he gonna to be as good as Derek White?
I don't know. He might be a top five pick.

Speaker 5 (27:05):
It could be Alice Caruso.

Speaker 2 (27:07):
Alex Caruso just got traded OKAC. Yeah, Josh Giddy going
to the Bulls getting a young point guard, Alex Caruso.
It's a nice pickup for ok C.

Speaker 5 (27:18):
White guy for white guys.

Speaker 2 (27:19):
WHOA, I didn't, I didn't see it that way. But later, Yeah,
well Derek White would be the white guy to be
named later. I guess.

Speaker 9 (27:32):
Alice CRUs a good fender, right, Yeah, Papa shot once
in a while.

Speaker 2 (27:35):
No, he's very very valuable, Yeah, very valuable, held in
held in high regard. He is a lot of teams
like Caruso Lake, he would probably like to have him back. Uh,
I'm looking. So we got the parade today. You have
hockey coming up tonight, Game six. You have Edmonton hosting
the Panthers. You have the Travelers, it's the Pride of Connecticut.

M some of the backroom guys that are going by
the way, hot dog eating contest on the Gambling podcast.
So Dylan the graphics guy was in there with Shaye
and Irving h and also bad Larry was there with
the Gambling podcast. We set the over under I think
at what ten and a half hot dogs in ten minutes,
and uh, if you guys would like to guess how

many hot dogs Dylan had during a ten minute period
while he still had to give us who he was
going to be placing money on in sporting events, Todd,
how many hot dogs do you think Dylan had yesterday
in ten minutes?

Speaker 5 (28:34):
I'm gonna say he came up just short, but by
a little.

Speaker 2 (28:37):
I'm to say you got ten in ten in couldn't
get art seeing what about you.

Speaker 4 (28:41):
I'm pretty sure yesterday we had the over under at
eleven and a half, and Todd took the over by
the way. Okay, that's okay, okay, I'm gonna say he
had nine and a half. All right, Marvin, see he
had seven, Paulie, I'll go eight. I think he had
six and a half. Wow, Marvin, you nail that one.

Speaker 2 (29:02):
Yeah, only because you were in the room with me.

Speaker 5 (29:05):
That's crazy. I didn't even know that.

Speaker 2 (29:07):
I don't.

Speaker 5 (29:08):
I didn't want to say six and a bite.

Speaker 2 (29:10):
Yeah, that's true. He had six and a bite. Very
very disappointed.

Speaker 5 (29:14):
He started slowing down, maybe around like four and some change.

Speaker 2 (29:17):
Well, the next time I think we're going to have
who can eat the most tacos, oysters or oysters, yeah,
oh boy, or dumplings. So we're gonna do that, you know,
I think Shyan Irving's going to be involved with that.
But yeah six and a half Dylan wants to be
a competitive eater. Then yeah, yeah, no, it could be
not very good. So some of the backroom guys are

going to go to the Travelers the golf tournament.

Speaker 4 (29:42):
There, Ay a Scheffler, isn't it? Zender Shoffley, Colin Marka.
That's yeah, solid field right there.

Speaker 2 (29:49):
No rory, but yeah, maybe somebody will match Jim Furrik's
fifty eight that he had on that golf course. Game
one of the College World Series Tennessee the number one
pick here, number one seed Texas A and M Tennessee
roughed up Florida State and so they're in the final.
That'll be fun. That'll be on the mother Ship COPA America.

Christian politics here Captain Amara ac Milan's Christian polisic. Right, yeah,
he bawled this year. Yeah well yeah, twelve goals, eight assists.
How about the Fever in the Sky. It's Caitlin Clark
and Angel Reese. Here we go again. Sunday, four pm. Eastern,
So Monday, everybody will have an agenda to talk about

with jealousy and hatred and racism and whatever whatever is
going to be attached to this. Maybe maybe we'll just
talk about how great the players are. Relax, No, it's
not gonna happen. Yeah, why did it text a long
to have them played? They're like the Celtics in the
seventies six ers that they played every Sunday back in

the seventies, Braves at the Yankees and you could put
this in parentheses a potential World Series matchup. That's true,
it is so the Yaki's playing great. So that's just
some of the things. As you slide into your Slider Sunday,
our good friends at King Zawaian they want to let
you have your weekend your way, and that's what kings

Hawaiian does. You get together with family and friends and
enjoy the weekend together. Make every Sunday a slider Sunday.
When we return, we'll check in with the Lakers. Did
they make the right choice here? Back after this.

Speaker 1 (31:28):
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Speaker 2 (31:41):
Slide into the weekend with our partners King Sawaiian. They
want you to get together with family and friends and
enjoy the weekend, making every Sunday a slider Sunday. More
phone calls coming up. He's Dan Woiki, he covers the
Lakers for the La Times and kind enough to join
us this morning. Here, All right, how's in Lakerland?

Speaker 10 (32:02):
I think people are excited to reach the finish line
on this dand you know, it is one of these
types of things like once you once you get to
the destination, you know, people are excited. There's a general
sense of excitement once you once you get your guy,
even if the path may have taken you in different

directions right away. I think that they are at least presenting,
you know, a fully excited, I'm optimistic sort of view.
They know there's rits, they know there's tremendous risk in this,
but I think that they feel like they've hired a
forward thinking coaching prospect and they think it will pay

off in the short term and they think it'll pay
up in the long term.

Speaker 2 (32:51):
But when you look at this, it almost feels like
it'll be two different coaching careers. You're going to have
the Lebron coaching career and then post Lebron coaching career.
How does he navigate that?

Speaker 3 (33:02):

Speaker 10 (33:02):
That always works, right Dan, when you have to do
two things at once, and I think it is you.
I have not heard anybody use the phrase two timelines, right,
which was sort of made famous by the Golden State Warriors.
And yes they won a championship, but two timelines were
the real issue for Steve Kerr and Bob Meyer's in

that office where at one time you're trying to maximize
the time you have with your veteran while off developing.
You know, the Jonathan Wiseman the kaminga. I'm trying to
James Wiseman and John the caveinga is the most MOOTI
for the world, et cetera. The Lakers don't have that
level of young player on their roster, but there is.

They are trying to maximize the Lebron years, right provided
he resigns, which I think is the expectation mostly around
the Leak is that he will. But they're they're trying
to maximize whether that's one year or two year, three years, whatever.
But they also need while that's happening to be building
for tomorrow. And so that means, you know, Austin Reeves

taking another step forwards. That means, you know, really tapping
into the physical potential of early Hachimura. Looking at young
players like Max Christy last year's first round draftic Jalen Hoodschapino.
They picked seventeen in this draft, you know, the player
that they could take there and really not just say like,
we're going to develop these guys. I think you know,

what I'm hearing is that there's going to be an
increased sort of infrastructure investment in development, right, better tack better,
better strategies on that front end. And I think the
thought is that JJ Redick is going to be more
open minded to that stuff. He doesn't really have any
of the scars of coaching in the NBA, right, so

you could put whatever in front of him, he should
give it a good look. And then I think the
other part of it is roster building, Dan. You have
to create pathways for these young players that you draft
to play. And that's where it gets really tricky because
you are trying when you have Lebron James and the
way that they've gone about roster building and free agency
is like they just grab the best available veterans you

can get on minimum deals. You know, we would do
the show probably in July tenth. We talked about what
a great job roplink it did because you got Carmelo
Anthony on a minimum. You know, he got those kinds
of guys on minimum deals, touring princes last year on
the cheap stuff like that. Well, as they move forwards
into this new sort of CBA landscape where you know,

drafting and developing is going to matter so much. Not
only do you have to draft and developing could play,
then you have to give them runways to play and
runways to actually learn and do it on the court.
And that's where keet tricky because your clock is also
picking with Lebron James, the Western Conference, the margins are
so slim, So it's it's the small needle that's going

to need to be threaded by Digiretic but.

Speaker 2 (35:52):
Also his assistance. You know, you're hiring a CEO and
you have that infrastructure and these if you're going to
bring in Scotti Brooks who's been a head coach Sam
Cassel with the Celtics, Jared Dudley with the MAVs. I mean,
you're gonna uh Rajon Rondo, So you're getting some younger,
I guess voices in there to be able to mess
with these players and help develop them. Do we know

what's official as far as assistant coaches?

Speaker 10 (36:18):
Nothing is official at this point. I think you know
that that list is a list I reported a few
weeks ago. It's been re reported here. I think it's
like it was like a target pool.

Speaker 3 (36:29):
You know.

Speaker 10 (36:31):
Jared Dudley I think is going to stay Dallas. You know,
we'll see what happens in terms of the type of
job he gets. Dam Castell I think is going to
stay in Bustin that, you know, charls Lee moving through Charlotte,
there's an opportunity there for him to slide up the
bench of the number two spot. I mean those two,
you know, those are the two final teams, right like,
those are pretty good situations.

Speaker 3 (36:51):
You know.

Speaker 10 (36:51):
Scott brook is a name that I've heard a lot.
I think the most interesting thing I've learned in is
that the planet to not have just one former head
coach on the pro row, to have at least two,
which would sort of mirror what the Lakers did in
twenty nineteen with Frank Logel when they put him around Jason, well,
they didn't put him around. They added Jason cad and
Lionel Hollins to that staff, and they really had sort

of balance in terms of the voice. And I think,
you know, for a first time head coach, that's so
critical to have to sort of know what you don't know,
right And I don't doubt that that will occur with JJ,
to know what you don't know, and then to also
be able to say, like you know, to delegate responsibility
and to build a staff that both balanced experience but

also willing to work with the guy who's going to
be learning on the job.

Speaker 2 (37:39):
Dan Whitki covers the Lakers is the beat reporter for
the La Times. What about the lebron JJ podcast? A
great question.

Speaker 10 (37:48):
I can't imagine it's going to continue, sad right, like
we might get a season finale episode, maybe the helicopter
or you know, like like who knows what's going to
happen here? I think though, this is knowing JJ a
little bit, and he is interested in a lot of things, right, Like,
this is the guy who is interested in broadcasting, He's
interested in wine, he's interested in golf, he's interested in

very fancy suits. He's gonna have to adjump. You're gonna
have to learn how to didn't quarter them like all
the rest of these guys in the NBA on the sidelines. Now,
he's gonna have to learn how to focus in that energy.
And I think I think that's what the Lakers think
they're getting, right. They're not hiring a podcaster. I think
they they view it as that they are hiring somebody
who is a bright basketball mind, who is serious about this.

I think that's one of the things and sort of
the discussion throughout this process, right is I reported this today,
you know, but product JJ obviously have a good relationship.
You can see it on camera. It's hard to think
that type of stuff, right, They've got good rapport. Their
before the podcast end didn't really exist, Like this isn't

still a relatively new relationship, Like you know, I've even
been told this much that, like they didn't really hang
out ever before this. I mean, there are competitors in
the NBA kind of an anomaly even though they're around
the same age, Like Lebron had been in the league
for four years. The first time a rookie JJ Reddick
played against the James. But I think interesting enough to

to coaches in Corona that Lebron James has played with
or against that will be coaching him in the NBA.
But but I think their relationship to me is it's
critical to what's going on. But but like you said,
there's an expiration date to it and whether or not
they I just don't think they can really continue the show.
I guess that's my long winded way of thing. It

just seems like an unnecessary distracting they're paying him to coote,
they're not paying in the podcast. His divestment from his
podcast Empire is sort of an interesting media side note
to this to see kind of how much he stepped
back and kind of what happened to because it's been
really successful for him.

Speaker 2 (39:59):
If he does gonna have the podcast podcast with Lebron
finished that sentence.

Speaker 10 (40:07):
If he doesn't have the podcast with Lebron James, Lakers
have more questions I think about his ability to coach.

Speaker 2 (40:13):
Would he still be the guy that they would hire.

Speaker 10 (40:15):
I think it's possible. You know, is a key figure
Dan and all of this, someone that Rob Polake has
a lot of respect for someone who Robbed Plink is
known for a very long time his life, attended Duke University,
but Rob you know through Kobe Bryant in tm USA basketball,
And look, I think there's a very real way that

even without the podcast, Mike you know, would have said,
you know who's thinking about coaching and would be really
good at JJ Redding and and I think the questions
though Dan would be like, well, how Lebron has pulled
himself back from this process that you know he doesn't
want to be as involved in it. How do how
do we gauge whether or not Lebron would even be
able to do this? I think what the podcast can

show you and if you want certain clips, there was
a clip that I tweated the other day that really
stuck out to me was they were talking about analytics
and three point shooting right and Lebron James at a
certain point most players will push back on analytics and
said like, well, what happened when you know a team
missed twenty eighth straight like the Houston Rockets did in

the finals or in the Western Conference finals, And JJ
Reddick like like rais or Quick was like, because it happens,
then and Lebron kind of chuckled tipped to you know,
knighte Bordeaux or whatever he was drinking, was like, all right,
you're right, And it was like it was an example
of like watching JJ like this s arm and you know,
win an argument really quickly on the spot. Now, how

that plays in the locker room at halftime when you're
down seventeen to the Charlotte Hornets and everybody's tired. Who
knows like that that that was a huge question, But
I think, you know, to be quite fair, like there
was going to be elements of question with that with
Dan Hurley too. I think they wanted Dan Hurley Hurst
because generally had the experience he's been in deposition. But

I think if we look at things like track records
and stuff like that, I mean, the transition for college
book in the NBA is really rough. Transition per a
guy doing it from behind the microphone dnbad be really rough.
It's all projection.

Speaker 2 (42:14):
Can the Lakers at the introductory press conference say this
is the guy we wanted all along, ladies and gentlemen,
JJ Reddick.

Speaker 10 (42:22):
I think I think it'll be more so some version
of we were blessed to have found multiple candidates that
that we thought were incredible. I think would be I'm
stealing from my own wedding bows. I remember when I said,
I said, honey, you are the right person at the
right time, and then after the three hour break we

were able to calm her down and were able to
finish off. I think I'll be some version of that, right,
it's a fair question.

Speaker 2 (42:51):
So Bronnie uh is going to be a Laker? That
more likely now with JJ there foregone conclusion.

Speaker 10 (42:58):
You know, it's interesting. I don't know if I some
more or less likely. I think that, you know, fifty
five does feel like this floor, right that, provided that's
when the Lakers picking the second round, currently they could
move up, but provided that nothing, they don't have to
go up and get him. I think it's yeah, I
think it's possible. But look, I think that there's also

dan right, Like, we know there's gonna be a lot
of questions about sort of JJ and Lebron relationship and
stuff like that, and if the Lakers care about things
like optics and they feel like optics would get in
the way of a players development, which potentially it could,
you know, maybe in that way it makes it less
likely it's I can tell you that they have tried
their best. The people that I talked to in like

their scouting departments, right and now, granted they're not the
ones to ULTI point making the decisions, but the people
who are actually scouting the players have tried their best
to remove Lebron from the equation when it comes to
Browny James, and there are things that they like about
the player that would make them comfortable drafting him at
fifty five in a way that quite frankly, like a
lot of different people. If you look at the track

record of players drafted at fifty five, they hit rates
are really low, to everything like that. But the Lakers
are seemingly comfortable not only drafting brownie games, but they
take them at fifty five, not signing into a two
way deal. But Rich Paul has been very open and
adamant that he won't take So the Lakers caem comfortable
with that part of it. But they also know that
that it would have to be a big, long developmental process.

So maybe maybe that's where you know JJ's ability and
they think he'll be a good developmental coach, you know,
in that way, maybe it doesn't make more likely Dan,
I have no idea on this one. There's been a
ton of smoke. It is unprecedented territory where a top
sixty player is sort of the story of the draft.

Speaker 2 (44:43):
Yeah, but here we are. Thank you, Bud. Great to
talk to you again. That's Dan Woyd the La Times. Yep.
There's a lot of moving parts here and taking Brownie James.
I'm going to take four pie to the face apparently
because I had Bronnie James going in the first round. God,

if he goes in the first round, it might be
one of the great days of my life. Four pies instead,
I'm going to take four pies from the Dan ask
because nobody, nobody believed in me. It's sorry, it's called content, Todd,
It's content. Yeah, you should try all different kinds of pies.

Speaker 5 (45:19):
We're gonna mix it up forty different times.

Speaker 2 (45:21):
It's all right. I mean, if you want to present
me with an out, you can, but I'm not asking
for one. It's just been suggested because Paulie said, do
you want an out or would you would you entertain it? Yeah,
paul you could keep.

Speaker 9 (45:35):
The bet you have first round for Bronnie James, or
you could wipe that away and you say he's drafted
by the Lakers or the field.

Speaker 5 (45:43):
M Is that more or less interesting?

Speaker 2 (45:48):
Uh? Well, I just I just made the first round
interesting by saying Bronnie is going to go in the
first round. But then most people probably only watch the
second round, like the second night. I can't believe they're
having two nights. It's like, get it over with. Now,
this isn't the NFL. Let's just get this draft over
with because nobody knows anybody in this draft.

Speaker 5 (46:11):
Yes, Todd, what if you head your bets and go
the other way and have a bet to where if
he doesn't get drafted at all, we each get two
pies to the face.

Speaker 2 (46:19):
I would do it where I got the Lakers of
the field, But would anybody take the field with Brownie James?
Because that I mean, you got to have somebody to
take the opposite. I can do it, but then if
nobody's taken the opposite, then I have to stick with
my original bet. I mean, I'll take it. In fact,
you know what, I don't even want an ount. You

take it like a man. This is content, and that's
what I stand. I've got Princeville. Thank you. I appreciate
that thank you, and I'll go down to they're still applauding. Yes,
thank you, you know what again, thank you forget That's
what it's all about. That's what a host does. Live

up to your word, live up to your promise, live
up to the bet Todd. Thank you.
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