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June 17, 2024 40 mins

Talkin' Jake & BBD break down Jim Bowden's article in The Athletic on trades he'd like to see and try to open their minds to some players they haven't thought of for certain teams.

You can read Jim Bowden's full article HERE:

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0:00 Yankees Lose an Ugly one to Boston
4:30 Red Sox are INTERESTING 
8:25 Luis Severino 
14:55 Erick Fedde
15:55 What Will the Cardinals Do?
19:50 Ryan McMahon
27:55 Pete Alonso 
33:45 Luis Robert to the Dodgers?


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to Waken Jake Myself, Jake's story, Ellie
at talking Jake, Big Baby David on the Wheels of Steel.
As it is June seventeenth. What that's like a middle
of summer day along the Northeast. It feels like summer
just started. I guess we're a little biased. Just went
to the Joysey Shore this weekend. We had a live event.

Thank you to everyone who came out. A couple couple
of bakers there so appreciate all that. And we had
a good time. Except for the New York Yankees getting embarrassed,
which I'll talk about a little bit. We got a
we got a fun one. Right before the buzzer, every
America's GM. Jim Bowden came out on the Athletic with

his five trades he'd like to see, and we're gonna
dive into him and rip them apart. No, I uh.
With articles like this, you gotta find the find the
actual takeaways you can grab, whether that's a certain player's
value or if there's a landing destination that you're like,
oh that A I like that and I've got something

off the rip there. I guess I should. I don't know.
We can address the Yankees, who just had an embarrassing
loss on national television. Nine stolen bases. That's the final number. Nine.
I had ten in my head nine times nine nine
times the Yankees got stolen on by the bast in
Red Sox. It was one of those things. There was
almost a little John Boy media pat ourselves on the

back because early on this year there was a lot
of conversations about Jose Travino's throwing in Austin Wells and yeah,
it's one of those Yankees hold your butt moments because
they are playing the Orioles and then the Braves right
goes back to back, So that's a that's a chunky

part of the schedule. Huh. First Red Sox series Royals,
who I should give more credit to, although the Yankees
bullyball them, Royals Socks Orioles Braves where it seemed like
the Red Sox just gave a pretty good formula on
how to beat the Yankees. If you want, put some

athletes out there, swipe some bags, see what happens. Uh,
pretty embarrassing. They were doing little league plays like if
there was a runner on third, the runner on second
would just take second and the Yankees wouldn't even think
about throwing down. It was a It's a tough thing
to watch, especially when you're hosting a live event for
two hundred people. So sorry to all our Yankee friends

that are there the beauty of baseball. If the Yankees
beat the Orioles this week, kind of everything's good. But
this Yankees team is flawed. And I guess if you
have a Yankee fan in your life that's critical of
the team, hey draw some boundaries. If they're being critical
of Judge and Soto, you've already lost us. But be

this team. This team has some holes in it. First
base has been ugly. Anthony Rizzo just got hurt and
he has not been performing. DJ lem Mayhew is back
for first or third, has not been performing as well
to Cabrera since the first couple weeks of the season.
He could play anywhere, hasn't been performing. And Glaver Torres,

who let me start on the highest notes. If Glaver
Torres wins a ring with the Yankees, he falls into
such a weird category of like played six years, couple
time All Star World Series champ that I don't know.
Glaber Torres enters like a whole new happy world of Yankees.

If this is somehow how it ends with Glaber, whether
at the end of the season or people are on
the office are saying he might be out, might not
be the perfect fit for this team. They could use
speed and defense his game. He has a good power
bat for a second baseman. I'll get away from the Yankees,

but that was that was a tough watch as someone
hosting a watch party for other Yankee fans. I guess
some other Just MLB around the Horn real quick, the
baseball boogie, that's what we call it on Talking or
that's a song on Talking Baseball, And I've been looking
for a name for kind of the baseball around the

Horn segment. So let me see what else I can
boogie for you. How about those Red Socks plus thirty
eight run differential? Uh, that would be one, two, three, four, five,
six seven, So their eighth best run differential in baseball.

If you look at their numbers on paper, their offense,
starting pitching, and bullpen or all top ten. Their problem
is defense, and they've had a lot of injury in
the lineup, I suppose, but I don't know. Today I
landed on Talking Baseball that if you're the socks. I'm
not saying you have to move all the chips all in,
but you have some young, fun players. Let's get some

good reps in in Boston because it's sneaky. Been a
tough run the past couple of years. Trev hit it
on the nose. We gave him some time. He go
Craig Breslow season. Very interesting deadline for them. You'd love
to see them at a year and a half guy
or maybe a two and a half year guy. It
doesn't make sense for them to go all in on
a rental. But if they're trying to build something here,

they now have some pieces that they can build upon.
Interested to see their next steps. My Blue Jays are
still fighting the fight. They beat the guard dogs. They
stay alive. Keep your Boba Schet rumors out of here
for now. In the Central Twins won five in a row,
four of them against Oakland. I will tell you go

check what Correy is doing. Krey has been a loony
tune for the past couple weeks since I shook his
hand at Yankee Stadium. Watch out for that hitting five
over five hundred the past like two weeks. That's a
and there's power behind it now that him and Royce
lewis back. I mean, the Twins just got two plus

plus players. So I've been very hard on the Twins
because I think if you take out their White Sox games,
they are five hundred. But other teams got to play
the White Sox too, and they're getting better, but god,
they need a little more help. They really got hurt
by the TV deals. Any Tiger fans out there, three
games under five hundred that could fall apart pretty quickly.

That's not a team a lot of people thought was
going to be purged. But our guy, Jack Flaherty is
killing it. I think you're gonna start hearing a lot
more t Grays rumors in your west. Seattle is killing it.
They've been actually hot. Do they have the best home
record in baseball? They just might not as good as
a Philly sorry, but their run differentials starting to get there.

Eight and a half games up on Texas, nine on Houston.
The pitching is dominant. They are involved in the trade rumors,
and we teed that up last week. I think in
the National League only juicy detail for you is that
we're fully on the Nats bandwagon because screw everyone else,

Cardinals were supposed to have real expectations. Reds have hurt
me a little bit. The Cubs are now last place
in the Central Meanwhile, the Padres just dropped to under
five hundred Diamondbacks, which this was my date to see
if they'd be in the playoffs. They're technically a half
game back, so I was close. But no, cigar, we

don't take that. We don't take laps on those with
the same record as the Giants. The NL has been
fun for me. I hope it was just this weekend,
but I looked around the league and I was, what
are we doing? Fellas? Currently, an under five hundred team
would be in the postseason. Shout out to the Brewers

who have been sneaky, just killing it all year forty
two and twenty nine, they beat the Cincinnati Reds for
the eighth straight time in a series. Silly. Uh So, okay,
that was my mini baseball boogie. Let's get into the
five trades America's GM Jim Bowden would like to see.

And I have to reverse engineer this because if you
have seen the article number one, Uncle Jim rolled it out.
We'll get to number one. We'll start at number five.
Luis Severino. Hey, we know that guy. He's pitching for
the New York Mets, who, by the way, are a
game and a half out of the Wildcard. Very much

would love to sell and they should. But nobody knows
how this is going to sort out, because over the
last fifteen games or so, the Mets have been one
of the best teams in baseball, undefeated since Grimace throughout
the first pitch tweeted Jolly about that they have Luis
Everino going too the Baltimore Orioles about that for Trace

Bright and jud Fabian. I'll be honest, jud Fabian half
in my book Outfield Prospect, Trace Bright not so much.
Just goes to show how many prospects the Orioles have
that these guys. Trace Bright's a fifth round pick from
twenty two. Jud Fabian is playing okay at double A.

But the Orioles, they are one of the people that,
Oh my god, I just looked, how dent in my
hat is? Has it been like that all day? What's
that about? Oh think you're good? What is that? Okay?
Oh there we go, Now my head looks small. Uh.

Most importantly with this A, the Orioles control a chunk
of the trade market because they have all the capital,
so depending how much youth they are willing to move,
they can play whatever they want. Louis Severino uh three
to one two ERA this year, yo a one to
one seven nine whip in thirteen starts. Seve, he had

a brutal year with last year with the Yankees. I
think there was a little bit of bad luck and
I think there was just a little bit of the
ick like something was clearly a little off, but he
was still throwing ninety eight like the villa was there that.
I think he needed an off season. I think he
needed a build up. He had a lot of injuries
with the Yankees. Here's my Louis Severino thing that whatever

team gets him and that'll be well. If the Mets
cell which they should, Sorry, Met's Luis Severino with these
stats in his arm talent. Depending what team Luis Severno
goes to, I mean he could be looked at as
a guy for the postseason. Now, his postseason numbers with
the Yankees haven't been too great. Seve. To call it

a grab bag would be nice. He has the famous
Minnesota Twins start that the Yankees had the d D
homer in the first inning. There was a great electric
comeback his postseason starts. Ee, So it'd be interesting, like say,
I don't know if Severno got traded to the Saint
Louis Cardinals, He's probably in their playoff rotation, probably right.

You know, it's always interesting to see how a season
plays out down the stretch. I think a team is
gonna trade for Seve and where they are gonna have
their butts covered. Because a reminder, another friend of the program,
Jack Flaherty, he got traded to the Orioles last year,
really struggled, didn't have it. Basically got buried to the

depths of the bullpen. And there's the magic word because
BBD will tell you as well. Luis Severino as a
reliever has some very nice numbers at the major league level.
In his career sixteen games, opponents have a one forty
batting average off Sevy four to sixty seven ops UH

a career one four to four ERA in thirty one
point one innings. So if you trade for Louis Severino,
you've got the option he could come in if he
gets hot, he fits your rotation or what you need.
Sure having Sevy is a potential kick to the bullpen option.

I mean, my Yankee wheels are spinning right now to
bring back Sevy and have him be a six setup guy,
because that's what the Yankees need that. I think whatever
team gets Luis Severino, uh will be happy because even
if solution A does not work out, I think solution

B is a reliever, could be even more important because
that's also potential multi inning, playoff reliever. Like that's a
high leverage guy. So America's GM. Jim Bowden, I just
love that Seve made the list here because that was
a head tilt for me of if you bring this

guy in, there's almost a guaranteed win, which you can't
always say that when you're trading for someone. I know
that's not what Seve probably wants to hear, is he's
gonna hit free agency again. But he's actually he's already
had a great season as a starting pitcher, and I
guess I'm more so talking postseason October.

Speaker 2 (13:51):
He's those unfamiliar with Sevi's game. Just his stuff very
much is the kind that ticks up in a bullpen roll.
And like if you're not feeling him as a starter,
he like he just is a viable option there.

Speaker 1 (14:06):
Yeah, he I mean fastball, slider and change up. Everything
kind of ticks up. I'm trying to see, has he
He has won one point one innings of relief in
twenty twenty one, but that was the year he came
back only as a reliever, and he had like five
appearances before he came back. Fortunately that was every Yankee season.

So okay. Jim Bowden America's GM first stamp of approval
for me. And he mentioned with the Kyle Bradish News
that you know Sevey could come in. He's pitching the
Al East before. I think he grades out as a
flyball pitcher, So Camden probably a good spot for him
at this point. I like it. B plus jud Fabian

the Cardinals. He has them acquiring air fetti wop. Maybe
won't you come my way for two pictures? Cooper looks
like his last name is pronounced herpie hj e erpe.
You clip out like three clips there. And Gordon grosefo

Well I thought was a Cardinals prospect at one point. Yeah,
Cardinals fifth round pick. Look at that? Why do I
know something like that? Whoa that was off the top
of the dome.

Speaker 2 (15:28):
I'm seeing Cooper's last name pronounce Jerpy, which I don't
know if.

Speaker 1 (15:33):
That's better Cooper. I I apologize the bigger story here
is because you know, although I was familiar with my
guy Gordon, which was also a former roommate, Jeff's karaoke name.
The Cardinals, I think we need to start having more

serious conversations about what they're gonna do. Uh, because at
five hundred they are currently tied for the second wild card,
which is insane. But when you do zoom out, the
Cardinals have been a proud baseball town. They had one
of their worst seasons last year. It never really made

sense except momentum wise. It just never came together that
for the Cardinals being five hundred, that's whatever. But their
veteran picture ads have gone generally well. Sonny Gray has
been electric. Kyle Gibson our guy, we just got into

his stats. He's been really good lately. Michaels, who's already there.
He's kicked in the gear. But you're also gonna want
insurance for these elder statesmen and Eric Fetti, like we've
now seen. Has that been a jolly olive video? Yet?
Like guys that were bad went to Korea have come
back and been good. Merril Kelly like, when when's that

video coming? John? Send him a text BBD say, oh dude, Dunkshorty, idea,
you gotta have jolly on soon. It's been a minute.
Eric Fetti will be traded. I don't think you need
to give up your top prospects. The Cardinals, or excuse me,
the White Sox will be looking for bodies and help. Uh.

Fetti fifteen starts a three h nine era almost to
strikeout per inning. Uh. Instant reaction is love this for
the Cardinals, Like, hey, worst case you're getting innings here,
You've got insurance policies. Maybe he can be great for you.

Maybe the light bulb has gone off. And let's see.
I think he has one and a half years left,
so that could actually be an ad for next year
two if you're the White Sox. Yeah, he's on the
book for seven and a half mil next year. So
if Eric Fetty is anything even around this guy for

the value you have him on next year's contract, that's
a good body to have on your team. I guess
my note for Eric Fetti would be any team that's
that's not looking pure rental that might be in the
year and a half Boat seems like this guy makes sense.
He also seems like a value play seven and a

half mil. Like, I don't know. The Twins just came
to mind. I don't know where they're starting pitching's at,
but you know they're not going to put all their
chips on the table. So I guess if if you're
a value value beIN team, I think Eric Fetty price tag,
year and a half of control, you know the cost

you're not gonna go on the free agent market? What's Jack?
If Jack Flaherty keeps it up and hits free agency
next year, it's over twenty mil. And then it's how
many years of it? Giolito got that off of a
bad season and okay season, Sorry Gilido, you've got second half.

So who are there?

Speaker 2 (19:11):

Speaker 1 (19:12):
Who are I don't want to say value teams, but
who are value teams? Who cares about the dollar that's
in the mix? The Reds in the mix still Twins, Reds.
I lose track of the l standings everything. Yeah, the
NL everyone's kind of in the mix, And I guess
all the central teams are kind of bargain teams. Pirates
make your strength to strength uh, Twins and Cardinals. How

about that? See you there, Eric Fetti, Jim Bowden, America's
GM does it again. As we go up from number four,
a Ryan McMahon, who's been a popular name. We've rumored
him for our Yankees. I was first driving that bush

because I am very much an anti Corsfield ops plus.
Ryan McMahon every season previous to this year has had
an ops plus below one hundred. That being said, another
way to phrase that is for the past one, two,

three four, For the last four full seasons, Ryan McMahon
has had twenty plus home runs. He's also never won
a Gold Glove, which is surprising, but he's rated out
well defensively at third base. He can also play second
base in first base, Hello, the three position the Yankees
are currently worried about. Unfortunately, jb Agm he has Ryan

McMahon going to the Seattle Mariners for Emerson Hancock pitching
prospect Michael Arroyo. Not in my book, because he's nineteen
years old. So one the first caveat you have to
throw out here, which is my least favorite caveat sports,
is that Ryan McMahon is on the Colorado Rockies, which
means we cannot predict what they will do, and if

they do it, it'll probably be the wrong direction. Like
there's a chance they extend Ryan McMahon, who's already under
contract through twenty twenty seven. I would love too. I
think these would be some of my favorite If I
had a card that was like, please let me into
the GM room for actual trade talks, I would love

to see the actual trade talks for Ryan McMahon because
you could drop that ops plus stat that we talked about, Like,
technically sub league average ops plus does taken into account
the stadium. He's a very different hitter than DJ lem Mayhew. Uh,
But when dj lem Mayhew his twenty seventeen twenty eighteen

at Corsfield, he was technically seven percent and then twelve
percent below average. He climb over to the Yankees the
next year and was one thirty six ops plus one
seventy eight ops plus. Maybe I'm blinded by some DJ
Lemayhew's stuff there. Who the short porch actually benefit him
more than Corsefield. I always enthuse anyone to google some

stuff about the course field effect. Sure it can help
you at home, but it absolutely kills you on the road.

Speaker 2 (22:28):

Speaker 1 (22:28):
I think if Ryan McMahon played in a controlled environment,
I think he'd be a plus I think he'd be
a plus hitter. I think he'd be a plus defender
left handed. You could use that on any team. Now,
the Seattle Mariners is where I'm getting thrown off just
a little bit, because if I look at the Mariners lineup,

JP Crawford, he's there, Bong, Josh Rojas has been playing
third base and second base. He's a flexible player, so
I guess in this theory, he would kick to second
base and McMahon would play third. I think you have
an option either way there, Rockies or Mariners fans. Please
don't get too loud about that, but I think McMahon would.

I'm sure they can do whatever.

Speaker 2 (23:16):
I have not personally read any quotes from him, but
the fact that McMahon's only played third this year, I
am assuming he'd like put.

Speaker 1 (23:25):
His foot down. He was like, I'd love to just
play third, hey, but I don't know. I don't know
what happened there. He's done the others before, though. Right
now at second base they've kind of had well. They
traded for Jorge Planco, who strained his hamstring he's been out.
Haggard he was playing there a little bit. He's been out.
Dylan Moore has been playing there. Versatile hasn't been so
hot lately, I guess, And this is a dumb gripe

for me. Maybe I want the Mariners to get a righty.
You know, right now they've got Mitch Garver and Mitch
Hanneger hilarious, the Mitches figuring it out at DH. Maybe
some corner outfield for Hanniger, but I heard that's been
ugly this year with JP Crawford kind of becoming a

solid leadoff guy, slash. He's their shortstop, he's gonna get
on base whatever. Josh Rojas has been a breakout player
for them and a sneaky baseball cart. Like his numbers.
We did this one day, but his numbers are better
than what you think they would be. Julio Sure, we
like Julio cal rally switch hitter. So then the rest

of the line up here and one of the Mitches
will figure it out. So maybe there's your righty. Luke
Rayley has kind of been part of this can zone.
Ryan Bliss got called up. We'll see if Polanco and
ty Franz come back. I am a cal Rally Stan.

I think he's the heart and soul of that team.
I would love to see either Crawford or Rojas leadoff
Julio in the two hole. I think I like cal
Raley three and then give me another, give me another
righty four hole. And that's where the pet Alonzo dream

has come in. And maybe that's on the table, maybe
it's not. But Ryan McMahon the other thing that scares
me just a little bit, as I've been defending him
and how I've been saying if he plays in a
good environment or if he's not in cores, how that
could actually benefit him. The only thing that scares me,
does it not seem like every year a player goes

to Seattle and just cannot hit, Like we saw it,
who's our guy from the Scooter game, Jesse Winker? Like
every year we see someone go into Seattle and they
just can't hit anymore? That Ryan McMahon, I think, if
we're being straight up and honest about it, there's a

chance he could go to Seattle and not hit a
lot that if I'm how about this, I think Ryan McMahon,
the beauty of him is you can bank on his
defense if I'm Seattle, I'd rather have someone I can
bank on their offense because that's the part of the
team that's currently hurting me. So I don't love the fit.
I would love Ryan McMahon to get out of Colorado,

just like anyone kind of would. But I don't love
that fit. So, Jim Bowden, when you're ready to throw down,
I don't think we're gonna God, if he gets how
about this, here's some dumb Yankee stuff. If Ryan McMahon
gets traded and it's not to the Yankees, I'll probably
be banned because God, he's the perfect piece for them

if he's actually available. And yeah, that's where we talked
about this with Jeff Passon last week, and Jeff Passon
put in an article I think the Rockies owner likes
Ryan McMahon, which he's spoken rather openly, glowingly about him.
It's a little ridiculous, and I just think I think

the GM conversations with Ryan McMahon have to be absolutely brutal,
because you could view he signed an extension. He is
twelve mil next year, sixteen MILI of the year after that,
sixteen mili the year after that. Some teams could see
that as a good contract. Other teams could see that
as a bad contract. That I think teams are probably

throwing junk at the Rockies because they're also not the
most respected front office that I would I would love,
would love if I had that chip to cash in
to be in flying the wall for those trade talks.
Number two, let Gold Twins acquire Pete Alonso. Well hey

for Alex Kirilov, David Festa and Luke Keishaw. Okay, my
Minnesota Twins, me and my friend Trevor, Like I open
up with this, I'm gonna start respecting the Twins a
little bit more. Uh Correa, He's obviously not gonna keep

hitting how he is, but his numbers are back to
where a good Carlos Korea's numbers are, and it's a
reminder that doing that at shortstop makes him a thirty
mil plus player. So Carlos Korea is back. Royce Lewis
is awesome. Trev was right in my head. I want
to fight it. The kid hasn't played a lot, he's electric,

He's a one to one. Plays like it. I guess
my question marks here would be it's a rental of Alonso,
So what are you gonna really give up. And I
don't know if Twins fans be hurt by that package.
You know, Larnak and kirol Off have just been the

same player in my head for the past three years.
Now one gets called up, he has a hot two weeks, Hey,
you can play some corner outfield in first base. Right,
they go ice cold, they need room for another body,
they get sent down, and like they are just feels
like the same cycle. So if the Mets get a

chance to take a run a guy out like that
every day, maybe it clicks, Maybe they get that body
can be worthwhile. I guess the question for me is
lineup balance wise, and where's Minnesota's money at? Like, we
know that the Mets are willing to eat money. The
Mets or the Twins seem to not want to spend money.

So if the Mets are willing to eat it, well,
now a free ped Alonzo, Now you've got to pay
for that, because there's not gonna be a lot of
ped Alonzo type power on the market. And then I
guess it would just be Okay, let's say Correa and
Lewis they're locked in as some sort of good whatever

scale you want to put them on. If you think
Royce is amazing, maybe you're right. If you think he's okay,
maybe you're right. Correa is a level of good to great.
We're righty again that I don't know Correa, Lewis and
Pete Alonso, sure that's tough, but I don't know. Let's

say they got matched up against the Seattle Mariners like
I think Castillo, Gilbert Wu Miller Kirby. I think they're
all licking their chops like I after seeing and I
know Juan Soto shouldn't be all of it. But also
Alex Verdugo added to the Yankees balance matters that I

don't know what Willie Castro is gonna be by the
end of the season. I know he's been really solid
contributor for them, a great utility piece. Right now, it
is Trevor Larnak in their two hole. I just don't
know what you're getting out of him. I would like
it a lot more if the Twins lineup looks something
like Royce Lewis, impact lefty switch hitter, Carlos Correa, or

maybe you could slide that down and put a leadoff
hitter up there. But I don't know if you have Royce, Lewis,
Correa and Alonso. That feels like three guys that have
to hit back to back. Sure you can slide up
a Max Kepler, but who are you pushing down Pete
Alonso hitting sixth when he could be the best hitter

in your lineup. Petere Alonso fits everywhere. I got in
trouble on this on Twitter last week because I said
the Yankees didn't need Pete Alonso. They don't. They'd love
to have them. And so with the Minnesota Twins that
you figure it out, but I'd love to see them.
I guess these have been my last two trades. Now
get something a little more balanced, Thank God. I wonder

if and I don't. I don't think Ryan McMahon would
be a difference maker for them like Alonso could be.
So I'm not rolling it out and I'm just I'm
interested to see if the Mets will actually do it,
because that's a Lonso's been there guy.

Speaker 2 (32:20):
Yeah, there's weird value stuff for the Mets because it's
like rental first base, like first base DH only options rental?
Are you gonna really beat out what you're gonna get
from the qualifying offer?

Speaker 1 (32:36):
Were you to lose him, right, Are you really gonna.

Speaker 2 (32:39):
Beat that by enough for the optics of trading away
Alonso to be worth it? Are they themselves trying to
hold on to him? And if you even if you were, like, well,
I guess trade and go back. If you're traded, you're
not eligible for the qualifying offer, so.

Speaker 1 (32:55):
That's out of it.

Speaker 2 (32:56):
But like I I in my head, I don't have
them trading him. Yeah, it's weird, just value equations there.

Speaker 1 (33:05):
It's gonna be one of the biggest stories of the deadline.
It was half a story at last deadline, but now
it's actually happening and we will see. I they certainly could,
but they certainly could, and they'd have a great shot
at re signing him, Like you know, if they threw
the most money at Pete, I don't think he would
do like I'm not coming back. I think if I

think he really loves it there, any player would be
extremely open to it. It's Pelonzo, so I could see
him getting traded. I just feel like with the money involved,
which the Mets are willing to pick up the tab,
but then you got to pay more in capital. I
think there's gonna be other teams more in on Alonso
than the Twinkies. This all sets up where America's Jim Bowden.

You want to talk about writing an article, You want
to talk about getting the Wake and J crew to
talk about it. You open up your article with this
Dodgers click Don Acchoir click, Luis Robert Yes, Robert Garrett

Crochet click yes. And Michael fopex So that the two
talented lefty righty arms that we thought would become an
impact combo for the White Sox there and there along
with a guy that was tabbed the Cuban Mike Trout
for a little bit. That's a big package. So what

are the Dodgers throwing Nick Frosso, Justin, Rob Leeski, Kyle Hurt,
Peyton Martin Dalton Rushing, Andy Pahez, and Emil Morales. Seven
prospects for three ball players? Jim, I love it. Just

need the Dodgers to answer the phone. His first sentences.
This would be an industry shocker, A ten player trade,
sure would. So let's see, we're swapping out Pahez, who
replaced James Outman earlier this year as a young center fielder.
So okay, Lou Bob, you're in. Why not sure Garrett

Crochet has just been amazing this year that they would
probably throw him in the rotation. If you're the Dodgers,
you kind of have a valuable asset through twenty twenty six,
Copex through twenty twenty five, Robert through twenty twenty seven.
So you've bolstered your core with three pitchers. All you

have to do is give up the farm. Hey game
recognized game, Jim, I see you. No though, the Dodgers.
The Dodgers are gonna buy, and I could see them

getting one big piece. And maybe this is maybe I'm off,
because the Dodgers also did that the famous trade turner
Max Sure's are trade which man, they paid in some
capital for that, and it's not like they're getting killed
on the back end of that. I know they don't
have Trey or Max anymore. Our guy Josiah Grae had

been good, got hurt, Hebert Ruiz has hit a little bit.
Can't throw runners out that if you're trading seven prospects
to the White Sox. Some Kyle Hurt, Frasso Pahez have
some familiarity with these guys. Emil Morales, the seventeen year
old shortstop. I haven't scouted him yet. But that's what

these next sixty minutes are for. No, I don't know,
it's it's it's the easy answer to always turn down
the blockbuster. I just don't see the Dodgers thinking they
need to cash in this many chips for that many

Like we looked at their injured rotation and it was
still a big league rotation. And this is before Kershaw
comes back. I think they had someone else on the
wire to return. Jesus, they have so many pitchers hurt
so many. You don't know how long the Almamoto absence
will be. I'm sure they'll take their time.

Speaker 2 (37:34):
But this specific trade would be on mlb dot com
prospect rankings getting up there one, three, five, nine, fourteen,
and eighteenth prospects.

Speaker 1 (37:46):
Yeah, and I guess, And maybe this is me being
blinded by the new world of baseball, but doing that
trade doesn't promise the Dodgers anything. It's just kind of fun.
They're still good, Like, obviously you get better. You've just
added two talented pitchers and one of the most talented
outfielders in baseball, but you're already does change? Would that

change how you feel about the Dodgers? It has to,
because otherwise then nobody would trade. It has to So
I you know, Garek Crochet has been leading the ale
and strikeouts, he's relieved before. If they get to the post,
guess the bigger I guess you could talk me into
any one of those single players, Like if they want

to add Crochet for a couple of years, sure, if
they want to try to tap into Coopex, someone's going
to or Luis Robert, like Mookie just got hurt in
the hand. Their lineup's been thin. But I don't see
the Dodgers emptying out layers and layers of prospects first,
not essentially one year of run, but they also have

other bodies that are coming back next year, like Dustin
May at some point will pitch again. Em It shean.
Let's see Yamamoto's timeline, Gonsolin. So like, I don't know.
I maybe I'm just overwhelmed. Maybe it's soft, Maybe it's
why I'm not America's GM and Jim Bowden is. But

what a way to kick off that article that I
had to save it for the end here?

Speaker 2 (39:18):

Speaker 1 (39:19):
I guess if you again, I'll ask the comments and
I'll dig through. The next episode might be a foolish one.
We'll see, let me know, let me know where the
fits are. Fetti as the value pitcher. Is your team?
Your team begging for something like that? God, I please
know more White Sox blockbusters and look, if you're.

Speaker 2 (39:43):
White Sox. I feel like they would I see any
given combination of guys, But like, wouldn't they try to
get make this as many different trades as possible to
try to replenish.

Speaker 1 (39:53):
And all that.

Speaker 2 (39:54):
Now, maybe the White Sox just don't have the benefit
of the doubt as far as making the A plus
set of moves.

Speaker 1 (40:02):
But I'll tell you what's an A plus set of moves.
Waken Jake is a production of Dan Patrick Productions, John
Boy Median, Workhouse Media. We'll see you guys back Wednesday.
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