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March 21, 2024 26 mins

Jeff and Susie discuss *Beloved Aunt* from season 1.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You can watch the original episode we'll be discussing in
every other episode of HBO's Curby Your Enthusiasm, including the
new and final season, on Max.

Speaker 2 (00:09):
You can also watch the.

Speaker 1 (00:10):
Video version of the history of Curb Your Enthusiasm podcast
on Max and YouTube, as well. Links available in the
episode description. Here we are Jeff and Susie.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
Yes, Jeff, it's your enthusiasm.

Speaker 3 (00:32):
We're doing episode.

Speaker 2 (00:33):
Eight, Episode eight, beloved ant.

Speaker 3 (00:35):

Speaker 1 (00:36):
Now, what's interesting is my opinion. I mean, yes, the
wire you saw things. Now open the door for what Yes,
we are now, episode is kurb.

Speaker 3 (00:46):
This is yes. And also this is of the first season,
the one the class that people talked about for a
long time.

Speaker 1 (00:53):
And what's interesting is this was my third episode that
I did, and I hadn't seen the special, the pilot.
I hadn't seen any outlines or anything. So I was
just showing up and you know, Larry would tell me
this is what the scene is about, and I would
do it. For some reason, I saw the outline for
this episode. Oh okay, And I read the outline and

I remember, you know, twenty two years ago, I remember
thinking to myself, oh my god, this is fucking brilliant.

Speaker 2 (01:22):
Yeah, oh yeah. I read this outline.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
I was like, this shit is amazing how he put
this stuff together. And this episode, more than any that
we've discussed thus far, is really the jigsaw puzzle, the
crossword puzzle, however you want to put it of how
he puts the episodes together, more than any.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
That was one of the worst.

Speaker 3 (01:41):
Classic mentioned that Hiken before. Who did Bill Cohen car
fifty four where it's like if you've ever seen someone
touch the domino and it goes up and down, it
all over and it ends up in.

Speaker 1 (01:53):
The same which Larry has become a master of, and
to me, this is the beginning of that. So the
episode begins with a cross, you know, it begins with
the picture of a cross, and they're at a funeral
and it's such a guyish funeral. It's Cheryl's family, it's
Cheryl's aunt. They flew in from Florida and Craig Anton

this is the first time we meet Cheryl's family. Yes,
so Becky, who was Caitlyn Olson?

Speaker 3 (02:19):
Yep, Kaitlyn Olson. That was her first episode and I
think it was her first big.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
Gig and she's gone on to well.

Speaker 3 (02:26):
She worked a lot after Curb and what a delight
to work with.

Speaker 2 (02:30):
You know, I never actually worked with her. I love
to watch her because.

Speaker 3 (02:33):
I think she's a lovely person.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
And she went on to always Sonny in Philadelphia and
that that other I'm blocking.

Speaker 2 (02:41):
She's that brain fog amazing work.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
And of course she comes back to Curb for many
years after, including more recently.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
And Paul Dooley, who was Erl's father, Oh my god.

Speaker 3 (02:53):
I guess most people know him as the father in
sixteen Candles.

Speaker 2 (02:56):
And also the what was the one, the bicycling one,
breaking away.

Speaker 3 (03:00):
Away fund refund That's what he would.

Speaker 2 (03:03):
Say to He was also an improv actor.

Speaker 3 (03:05):
Yeah, yeah, no, he's very much. He was also one
of my heroes. And to be in a scene with
Paul Dooley, to hang out with Paul Dooley, you know,
I was see Mike Haggerty was a contemporary of mine
who we talked about in the last year. Was a

hero of mine because for me, the improvisational, comedic character
actors who can sometimes star in movies.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
But man, that guy was he a second city guy?

Speaker 3 (03:36):
You know, I don't believe. I don't think he was.

Speaker 2 (03:38):
You know, his wife Winnie Yeah, wrote Wicked.

Speaker 3 (03:43):
That she created that TV show.

Speaker 2 (03:45):
She created Wicked, and she was also on Curb.

Speaker 3 (03:47):
She was on Curb.

Speaker 2 (03:48):
I will get to her mini TV.

Speaker 3 (03:50):
Show she did with Claire Danes.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
I don't know, okay. Craig Anton plays Becky's.

Speaker 1 (03:56):
Boyfriend who was a stand up I knew him stand
up for many.

Speaker 3 (03:59):
Great stand up Yeah. And do you know a story
because he looks like Andy Kaufman so much?

Speaker 2 (04:04):
Yeah, a little bit. Yeah, you say a.

Speaker 3 (04:06):
Little bit, I say a lot. Together were cops. But
he auditioned for Man on the Moon for Milos Foreman,
who directed it. Yea, And he was going to get
it until the studio said we want Jim Carrey. And
Jim Carrey was great, So don't get me wrong, I
think Jim Carrey is remarkable, But until that moment, he

was going to be.

Speaker 2 (04:29):
Playing And you know, there's a million stories like.

Speaker 3 (04:33):
But I know, but that's really heartbreaking to get that
close to something, being.

Speaker 2 (04:37):
A star in a movie.

Speaker 1 (04:39):
And as we say, a really kind sweet man who
was so experimental as a comedian.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
Always and very funny, very very funny.

Speaker 1 (04:49):
Yeah yeah, I remember working with him in New York
and he and Larry start talking at the funeral you know,
thank you for the hotel room, is the mini bar included,
and Larry's being in tobly generous and gracious, and it's
the first time we meet Cheryl's family, and we get
the whole sense of this, right this, you know, Cheryl's
is really from Tallahassee, Florida, yes, and you know, not

Jewish and marries this super jew and there's that juxtaposition.
And then Craig starts to confide in Larry that he
wants to break up with Becky because Becky wants to
get married and he doesn't want to get married, and
he was going to break up with her on the
day her aunt died, but then of course he couldn't.

Speaker 3 (05:29):
Okay, this to me is a complete page of Larry David. Yes, absolutely,
the can I break up now? Oh this happened. I
can't do it now, I can do it next Tuesday.
By the way, Craig Anton's character could not be talking
to a better person than Larry Larry David in that moment.
But that's Larry. I was going to break up with her,
but then you know, aunt died, And.

Speaker 1 (05:52):
We've had so many scenarios like that that come up
where it's you know, and Larry says, you know, if
it was her mother, you could wait six days after
you get back to Florida. But with an aunt, you
could do it when you get home.

Speaker 3 (06:05):
As you get home.

Speaker 2 (06:05):
Yeah, yeah, And what should I say to tell her
you're unhappy?

Speaker 1 (06:08):
That works every time, Larry is the worst one relationship
to tell her you're unhappy?

Speaker 3 (06:14):
It works every time. And then he follows that with
I've never done that, yes, but I know it works everything.

Speaker 1 (06:19):
He's a totally wrong person to get relationship advice from. Yes, completely,
And then he says, and we never had this conversation.

Speaker 3 (06:27):

Speaker 1 (06:27):
So, and then they go back to the house and
they're all sitting around with the other relatives, I assume
from Aunt Louise.

Speaker 2 (06:36):
Was it yes, well, well I.

Speaker 3 (06:37):
Wrote down after we had intercourse.

Speaker 1 (06:40):
Oh that was because he said, how long did it
take you to get married? And he said, very soon
after we had intercourse, but we were friends first.

Speaker 3 (06:48):
Yeah, okay, got it.

Speaker 2 (06:49):
That's a Larry thing.

Speaker 1 (06:50):
I mean, Larry's being incredibly gracious and you could see
how bored he is sitting with the family and talking
about their gaysious stuff.

Speaker 3 (06:58):
It's an Unjewish ship.

Speaker 2 (07:00):
Right, there's no rug anything.

Speaker 3 (07:03):
And Paul, by the way, I want to also because
I love you, you always ask me a shiva is
what Jews do you do? You visit the home of
the relatives of whoever passed away, and it's chock.

Speaker 2 (07:17):
Full of food and great food, great food.

Speaker 1 (07:22):
And remember there's usually a deli spread and a lot
of always and then there's a lot of fruits.

Speaker 3 (07:29):
Yes, a lot of Yeah. So as you can see
from the one on TV, there's nothing.

Speaker 2 (07:35):
To eat, right, it's a it's you know, people just
like this studio.

Speaker 3 (07:39):
They got nothing to eat.

Speaker 1 (07:41):
People a shiva non Jews, And I say it's it's
awake with.

Speaker 3 (07:47):
It's like Halloween, except with three characters.

Speaker 2 (07:52):
Will be right back, Stay tuned and we're back.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
So Paul's character, I forgot his name in the show.
They never say it. Ryl's father cock Magic, that's not it,
but anyway we'll call it. He brings up that he
wishes that there was an obituary, and Larry volunteers it.
He'll take care of it because my manager being Jeff,
he has a friend that works for the newspaper and
it'll be very tasteful and appropriate.

Speaker 2 (08:28):
Larry says, and then he meets.

Speaker 1 (08:29):
You at the restaurant and talks about maintaining the outfit.
He's in a suit. Larry always looks very handsome in
a suit. He's got that long, lanky look, and just
says he's gonna take care of the obituary. And we
find out that Aunt Louise actually killed herself and didn't
leave a note, so rude, that's what.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
Larry and Lar are saying that we're getting angry about
who would do that?

Speaker 2 (08:50):
And you tell Larry, my mom's in town with my dad.

Speaker 3 (08:53):
It's her birthday. It'd be great, considering all that's gone
down between you and my parents, if for my mom's
birthday you got our a little gift, a little something,
it doesn't matter what it is.

Speaker 1 (09:02):
And so you start to write the obituary. Louise Hoenig
whatever her name was, devoted sister, beloved Aunt. Cut to
now they're at the house at the Shiva slash wake
whatever it is, and and Paul's talking about traffic, and
that we find out Craig broke up with Becky, and
Larry's non plus by this just in his face because

he told him to wait till they got back Craig
clearly could not contain himself.

Speaker 3 (09:29):
Wait wait, wait, wait wait doesn't he go out to
get the newspapers yet?

Speaker 2 (09:32):
Oh not yet.

Speaker 1 (09:34):
Yeah, Larry wants to play golf and Cheryl says, you
can't play golf, and then Paul starts talking about how
funny carra Top is, which you know, for comedians, it's
like put a gun to my fucking head, right, And
Paul goes to get the obituary right because I remember
Julie saying it always cracked me up.

Speaker 2 (09:51):
It gives him pleasure to use the rental car.

Speaker 3 (09:53):
Yes, when he got up and said that he hadn't
you use his mileage on the car? That was also fun.

Speaker 1 (10:03):
Yeah, those are the things that a great improviser just
comes up with. And then Paul gets up and leaves,
and Julie will not move over. Larry has to move over.
She's like it's okay, and she pats hissney. No boundaries whatsoever,
no sense of personal space, and Larry starts doing Don
Corleone and being generally charming and doing impressions. And then

Becky comes in hysterical crying that Craig says something.

Speaker 2 (10:29):
About not being happy. What does that even mean.

Speaker 1 (10:33):
There was a little moment that when she lies down
on Cheryl's lap and Larry goes to pet her hair.

Speaker 3 (10:38):
Oh so funny.

Speaker 2 (10:39):
Those awkward moments, those little moments are so beautiful. And
then Larry decides he has to leave to go get
your mother a gift.

Speaker 3 (10:45):
And as he's leaving, he's saying goodbye to the whole
circle of family members, and he remembered all their names.

Speaker 2 (10:53):
He did, Fred didn't.

Speaker 1 (10:56):

Speaker 3 (10:56):
We loved the minute we heard it. One of the
guys in that scene, his name was Brass.

Speaker 2 (11:02):

Speaker 3 (11:02):
Yeah, okay, Brass, you're here.

Speaker 2 (11:05):
Okay, Barbara George right here, Glass.

Speaker 3 (11:09):
You know, Yeah, that was delightful. Larry loves a good
name too, he does.

Speaker 2 (11:13):
He does, We all do. We're comics.

Speaker 1 (11:15):
So he goes to go get a gift for your mother,
and this is a typical Larry thing as in real life.
He's fucking clueless how to buy a gift, how to
wrap a gift, how to present a gift. He doesn't
know the general niceties of the world and how to behave.
So he goes shopping and he goes to get her
some sunglasses that Liz Taylor apparently has the same ones,

and I believe that was his.

Speaker 2 (11:40):
Niece Julie, who was playing the y. Yeah, she did great.

Speaker 1 (11:44):
She's been in other times as well, who was playing
the salesperson. And then he asked her to wrap it.
He has no idea how to wrap What do you
get a scissor? What do you get a tape? What
do he get wrapping paper? And it's very complicated. He's flummocks.
He leaves with the sunglasses just in the glass case,
and he returns home and they're all up in arms

because they got the O bit.

Speaker 2 (12:05):
And what happens Jeff.

Speaker 3 (12:07):
Well, he h Paul Dooley says, why don't you read it?
Larry starts reading it, and the second Larry gets in
the key moment, Paul Dewley screams, beloved kunt, beloved kunt.
Is that how she's supposed to be remembered? Beloved cunt?
He timed it perfect, yes.

Speaker 1 (12:25):
Because he's brilliant, and there was a typo and instead
of devoted sister, beloved ant, it's a beloved cunt.

Speaker 3 (12:31):
By the way, it is repeated so many times.

Speaker 1 (12:34):
Yes, so many times, and it's not a word that
we really use in this show at all.

Speaker 2 (12:40):
Whilf used it once.

Speaker 3 (12:42):
The first improvised shows that came after Curb that I
watch in one still then comics, different people trying to
copy Curb. They seem to think that just by saying
swear words and being dirty, that they're doing the same
thing work.

Speaker 1 (12:57):
And they think that about me. They think that that's
what I'm doing when it's not right. You know, let's
just take this opportunity to say that. You know, people
have tried to imitate Curb, but they can't because they
don't have Larry's story brain. That's right, That's what's the
glue that holds the whole show together. It's not just
some random Hey.

Speaker 3 (13:18):
I'm developing an improvised show right now. I don't know
if I'm going to be on camera or not it,
but I know it won't be as good as Curb.
You know what that feels like to go, I'm creating
this new show. I'm excited about it. It's not going
to be as well.

Speaker 2 (13:30):
That's well.

Speaker 1 (13:31):
Larry has a lot of geniuses, but I think his
main genius is his story brain, his sense of story.

Speaker 2 (13:36):
And I think you saw that on Seinfeld as well.

Speaker 1 (13:38):
Becky comes in and confronts him that she just got
off the phone with Craig and you know, all this
kind of stuff that he told Craig say to her.

Speaker 3 (13:47):
I'm surprised that she's called Becky because every other human being,
I know, it's the first season, it's their real first name.

Speaker 2 (13:54):
That's true.

Speaker 3 (13:54):
Yeah, I know, Solia. I'm just thinking that now because
we go ahead.

Speaker 1 (13:57):
But she's called Becky and she you know, she just
confronts Larry and it's just a pylon on Larry and
then Cheryl kicks him out. Before he leaves, he says
to Shoe, how do I get this gift wrapped? About
the glasses? He's at a gas station. He asked the
guy how to get a gift? And there was that
producer with the blonde hair. Was the name Scott, Yes, Scott,
Scott Butler.

Speaker 2 (14:17):
I think Scott Butler.

Speaker 3 (14:20):
Yeah, he did a great job in there.

Speaker 2 (14:22):
A Hallmark store, party store.

Speaker 3 (14:26):
The gas attendant was played by a guy I know, Paul,
I can't remember, but anyhow, it was perfect the way
they played it, like, I don't know where would it
be and how do you do that?

Speaker 2 (14:38):
And it's one of these things. I mean, it never
occurred to me.

Speaker 1 (14:40):
But I've noticed in LA it's harder to do those
little kinds of things than it is in New York. Yeah, Like,
for example, I need to get a key made. In
New York, there's a locksmith around the corner from me.
I just go, yeah, Jim, but I just Jim, Phil,
I just go to him and whatever. It's just, you know,
I need to buy a flashlight. I can't find a
freaking hardware store here. Whatever, it's different here. So I

understand his confusion that you can't get the scissors and
the tape and the gift right go to.

Speaker 3 (15:09):
North Hollywood Hardware. You can't giving them a plug.

Speaker 1 (15:12):
Then Larry comes to Airhouse, and this was a moment
that I noticed. I don't know if you noticed it.
There was something when he walks in. Something happens between
Larry and I that again at a character, never happened
again for the next twenty two years. We kiss each
other hello. We have never kissed each other hello since then.
But at this point we didn't know what the relationship was.

Speaker 3 (15:35):
And you even a little later on, I'll mention it now,
tell Mana after she's had a moment with Larry that wasn't.

Speaker 2 (15:41):
Pleasant, that he's not such a bad guy.

Speaker 3 (15:43):
He's got a sweet size.

Speaker 2 (15:44):
He's got a sweet size.

Speaker 1 (15:45):
Yes, so all of this is just I mean, I
think that relationship really developed in the next season, right,
you know, but right now in this season, we're just
finding it.

Speaker 2 (15:56):
We'll be right back. Stay tuned. Okay, we're back.

Speaker 1 (16:08):
So he gives your mother the glasses and she's, you know,
they're not good enough because I have a prescription.

Speaker 2 (16:15):
They don't really work for me.

Speaker 3 (16:17):
And by the way, Louis always said, what is this
thing not wrapped?

Speaker 2 (16:20):
Yeah? Exactly, you know, I guess Louie and I were
talking hero hero here.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
And then Larry offers he's going to take care of
the prescription. He's so he's so Eddie haskelling right now
with your mother. And then we get the O bit
and we read the oh bit, and again we say
cunt many many times, beloved, cunt, beloved, cunt, horrified.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
And then my character says that we'll get a attraction, yes, attraction,
And you have the line, aren't you the one who says,
who's gonna you can't retract a maybe a thing? What
can you do? It's just so funny.

Speaker 1 (16:55):
So then you go off with your dad to watch
the rest of the movie, right, and Mina, your mother
decides that she wants to again see what the glasses
look like. So she gets the glasses and there's a toaster,
a shiny stainless steel toaster that she could see her reflection.
And Larry lifts the toaster up to look in it,
and he inadvertently grazes her breast. He goes against it,

goes against it, and he stands there.

Speaker 3 (17:22):
Yeah, and here's the thing. So Mina Colb, who was
in the original company of Second City, the very first one,
played my mother in my movie I want someone toea
cheese with one of the kindest and funny, so funny.
But you know what, her natural pacing, which is very
slow and nuanced, is so perfect in that scene. I

think love when it happens, the look and the thing.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
He doesn't push anything.

Speaker 3 (17:48):
Zero push, And that's been like I talked about Mike Haggerty,
that's her. Great improvisers do what they do in their
own time, you.

Speaker 2 (17:57):
Know, rhythms they trust.

Speaker 3 (17:59):
Yeah, and she was so great. But the look on
her face when they look at each other.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
Yeah, yeah, fantastic.

Speaker 1 (18:07):
She sees the reflection in the toaster, and then she
gives Larry that look, and then everybody goes to bed,
and Larry's lying in bed in our house because kicked.

Speaker 2 (18:18):
Yes, that's right, that's right. I insist that he stays.

Speaker 3 (18:21):
I have a.

Speaker 1 (18:22):
Completely different relationship. But it's fine, you know, and we
have plenty of food, we have plenty of space. Stay stay, stay,
And then you come and tell him he's got to
leave because he copped a feel from you, mom.

Speaker 3 (18:35):
That's the first thing I say. The second thing I say,
and this is the first time I ever remembering this happened.
Larry loses his ship and the crew lost their ship.
Back then, they didn't know like I should keep my
mouth shut. Everyone burst out laughing when I said. The
second thing I said, is you gotta go. You touch
my mom's bosom. Yeah, and for whatever reason, that's what

fine funny, I know, But everybody broke and Larry had
trouble getting back into it from bosom.

Speaker 1 (19:04):
You know, And then of course the whole interaction. He
didn't want to make her feel bad.

Speaker 3 (19:09):
Plussed by that story, I tell you.

Speaker 2 (19:13):
To break out into laft no.

Speaker 3 (19:14):
But you really had really very little response to that.
Here I am injecting something that's not a non sequitary.
I don't feel it all.

Speaker 1 (19:24):
I keep going, this is our relationship, and you know,
you have the whole interaction. You know, he's I don't
go around filling up old ladies, and you were like
you were understanding because of course he didn't want to
just pull away as though it was you know, bad bosom.

Speaker 2 (19:38):
You know.

Speaker 3 (19:38):
And by the way, this is also the very first
time and actually it happened in the pilot a few times,
but this is the first time in the season where
we're screaming at each other.

Speaker 2 (19:47):
Yeah, but you're on the same page basically, Yes, you're
not adding a.

Speaker 3 (19:51):
Fun No, he's not mad at me. He's frustrated with
the situation, as am I. But Larry is actually like
really yelling and he hadn't done that.

Speaker 2 (20:01):
Is that's true. I didn't notice that. Yeah, that was
the first time he's yelling. He yelled. He's yelled plenty
since then, and used tell him to go to sleep
dreaming about sucking your mother.

Speaker 1 (20:10):
Yeah, and he's got to get up early at seven
o'clock and leave before she sees him. So he's digging
a hole. So now your family hates him. Cheryl's family
hates him, and then he gets up in the middle
of the night.

Speaker 3 (20:22):
To go to But also my good feeling is he
hasn't even been to sleep yet, like it's just been restless.

Speaker 2 (20:29):
And could be could be.

Speaker 1 (20:31):
Yeah, and your mother's coming out of the bathroom and
there's a confrontation. You think I enjoyed that kind of thing,
She says to him, Remember, yeah, yeah, And Louis, Louis
comes running out, how dare you? And you know, we
come running out and you kick him out and you
apologize and I'm shushing Sam, He's going to wake up
who was still a boy at that point. And you

escort Larry out, and he says, even when I was dating,
I would wait four months before a breast move.

Speaker 3 (20:58):
Okay, So before that, I want to point out something
that I noticed and I watched it a few times.
So as Larry's going out, I'm going out, and the
family is moving down the hallway to go back to
their rooms.

Speaker 2 (21:11):
Louis goes the other way.

Speaker 3 (21:13):
No, no, no, no, Louie says to Mina in the
middle of this stand up straight, which is like what what?
And I went back, Did I see that? Yes, Louis
came up with, Yeah, stand up straight. He tells her,
Oh god, he was funny.

Speaker 1 (21:32):
Oh he was funny though anything out of his mouth
was so funny. So then you ask him for the
glasses back. You say, I'll take care of the prescription.
You're standing on the steps of our first house and
you say I'll take care of the prescription. He said,
she's not getting the glasses now, and he leaves and
he has nowhere to go.

Speaker 2 (21:51):
So where does he go.

Speaker 1 (21:51):
He goes to the Roosevelt Hotel, where he already has
a room book that he gave to Becky and Craig,
and there are no rooms whatsoever, and he has a
whole thing with the desk clerk and he says to her,
Frank Sinatra Junior walks in here, and you're not gonna.

Speaker 2 (22:05):
Get all the people by that.

Speaker 1 (22:07):
Correct me, up, it's not Frank Sinatra. You say, Frank
Sinatra walks in here, You're not gonna be room. Okay,
that makes sense, but Junior.

Speaker 3 (22:14):
Yeah, but you know, also the premise of I want
you to kick them out of the room because I'm
paying for it and set.

Speaker 2 (22:21):
It up for me is such a you know, he
tries to bribe her with the sunglasses.

Speaker 3 (22:26):
Oh but there's a key moment here that is so beautiful,
and that is he says, and she says, yeah, yeah,
of course, and then he can't bring him telling you
telling people who you are in order to get something
is such a difficult thing to do.

Speaker 2 (22:44):
Some people have no problem with it, no problem, but
I have a problem.

Speaker 3 (22:49):
I totally have a problem with it. But Larry gets
the point where he's going to say I created that show,
but he can't.

Speaker 2 (22:57):
He can't just checking he can't. He can't do that.

Speaker 1 (23:01):
And as a matter of fact, that was in an
earlier scene I think episode one, when Cheryl goes over
to the matre d and says he created Seinfeld and
he's just horrified.

Speaker 3 (23:12):
That she did. Think I was the one who went
to the matro d.

Speaker 2 (23:15):
Cheryl did first, and then you went after her. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (23:18):
So Frank Sinatra Junior, the Pope, he wants Craig's room
and he tries to bribe her with the sunglass ever
watched on Hill And then he runs into Craig with
a woman, a fluzy Craig with a fluzy and he
confronts him, thanks for riding me out with Becky because
he's in hot water.

Speaker 2 (23:34):
And then the security guy they started with.

Speaker 3 (23:36):
Security guy comes though. I love how Craig rolls up
his sleeve like he's going to get into a fight
with Larry, and Larry says, what are we gonna fight now?
You know? And it's really funny the.

Speaker 1 (23:46):
Way Security confronts Larry and says that you're guest. Well
he's not, and Craig has a room key. Yeah, so
Security says to Craig, go up to your room, and
Larry is kicked out.

Speaker 2 (23:58):
The indignity, oh the indeed.

Speaker 1 (24:01):
Yeah, he paid for the fucking room, He paid for
the obituary, he paid for the sunglasses. The guy can't
catch a break. No, that's the episode. He goes home,
he parks in front of the house and he sleeps
in the car. The sun comes up, takes the sunglasses out,
puts them in.

Speaker 3 (24:18):
Its beautiful.

Speaker 2 (24:19):
It is the perfect half hour.

Speaker 3 (24:22):
It goes Yeah, that's the first great show we ever die.
I think so an episode. Other episodes had moments of greatness.

Speaker 1 (24:29):
But this episode, I really, I think we agree is
a classic and it really solidified what Curve was going
to become in the future.

Speaker 2 (24:41):
And it was a brilliant bant episode.

Speaker 3 (24:43):
When we were filming it, I was like, this is different.

Speaker 1 (24:46):
I didn't because until, as I said in the beginning,
I read the outline. It's the first outline I read,
and even though I wasn't allowed, that was normal.

Speaker 3 (24:55):
The only people that really read the outline prior to
us shooting was Larry myself and whoever the director was,
and probably the line producer to know what to do.
It wasn't given out, and.

Speaker 2 (25:08):
It wasn't given out. It was a big secret.

Speaker 3 (25:10):
Now a lot of people are able to read this.

Speaker 2 (25:12):
That's only in the past couple of seasons.

Speaker 3 (25:14):

Speaker 1 (25:14):
No, I mean up until maybe last season, nobody read
the outline and we did.

Speaker 3 (25:18):
But you know, I once did a movie that way,
and anyone who wasn't like a real improviser was very
unhappy about I mean, they were happy, we had a
good time, but they were they were like, I can't.

Speaker 1 (25:30):
I think this was episode eight, and I think that
we see up until this point how almost everybody who's
hired has improv background, yes, or stand up background, which
is similar. Yeah, it's different, but it carries over lotion.
Lotion's over, So that's the beloved aunt one of my
favorites of all times.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
It's in a top ten classic. It's a classic. Yeah,
and we'll be back next week.

Speaker 3 (25:57):
We will, or or later this week or this week,
and we don't know what it's going to be, but
we'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Speaker 2 (26:07):
The History of carb Your Enthusiasm is a production of
iHeart Radio.

Speaker 1 (26:10):
For more podcasts from iHeart Radio, visit the iHeart Radio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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