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June 22, 2022 32 mins

Have you ever wondered if Martha and Snoop are really friends? What do they talk about when they’re not on camera? Martha sits down with business partner and longtime friend, Snoop Dogg, to talk family, friendship, the cannabis industry, and how to be the GOAT.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You have the vault to anything you want to know. Martha.
How nice. So listen, Snoop. I have a lot of questions,
and I just want to tell our audience that I
am right now speaking to Snoop Dog. He is my

friend and a business partner and a famous, famous performer
and an entrepreneur. He lives in California and usually that's
where I see him, but right now I'm seeing him
on Zoom. So it's really great to have captured your
attention Snoop for our very first podcast. And when I

say captured, Snoop is one of the busiest people I know.
You're so busy. I mean when I first met you,
you were busy, but not like you are now. You
just got off the stage of the biggest stage in America.
That was the halftime at the Super Bowl. That was
quite an amazing feat to get that group of talent

on the stage at one time and create such a
beautiful show. How did it feel to be there? You
know what? I was kind of shocked when Dr dre
called me and said that he had it, And as
it got closer and closer to the date, it became
a reality. You know, I wasn't nervous, but I felt
like I was kind of like anxious. I say anxious.
I was a little bit more anxious, And once it started,

I was so in the moment. I couldn't really feel
it until I got home and watched it over again
about like five or six times. I was like, Wow,
this is amazing. It was amazing. It was amazing. I
got to go to the Super Bowl this year, and
it was just incredible to see you and Dre and
my M and M performing on that biggest stage and

with the biggest audience. Do you know how many people
actually watched it that day? Did they tell you? They
said it was over a hundred million. Wow, that is incredible.
How do you capture the world like that? Now? It's insane.
And you have a vast number of people following you
on social media? So many people know who you are.
I've told Snoop before, but I'll tell them again every

time I go anywhere. All they want to know is
how Snoop and how did Martha and Snoop get to
work together and become friends? And it's such a pleasure.
I My demographic has broadened so greatly because of my
association with you, Snoop, you don't think Mines asked Martha.
You don't think I could approached all the time. But

people that I would not expect to come say hi
to me, and they say, I love with you and
Martha are doing. Do you think you can get me
a picture of Martha? You thy can get an autograph?
Are you the one who's giving out all those at
my address to everybody? I get about ten requests a
day for pictures. That's a lot. And I signed them
all and they're all usually pictures of you and me.

We have such great pictures together. Now, not only did
you do this halftime, but you are also making wine.
The same Treasury Wines has asked me nineteen Crimes has
asked me, as a result of your amazing success, to
do my Martha's shard. That's my shard done. And so

Snoop and I are going to have two bottles in
a package. I call it a Tupac but just in
your honor, by the way, because you were friends with
Tupac early on, great friends and colleagues. Really, But we
have this fantastic wine. Mine's taken off like a shot
out of a canon, just like yours did. I think

people are really realizing that you can drink really good
wine and not spend a fortune. That's what our wines
are teaching them. Now. You also have diamond rimmed octagonal
sunglasses or glasses. Where are they? You don't have them on? Ye? Here,
he's going to get them. These are very special glasses. Yeah,
those are cool. Wow. These look better on you do

they do on me? I love glasses. I look good
in glasses. And you also are making more songs. You
have a new group. What's your new group? Consists of
oh Me, ice Cube, Too Short, and E forty. We
are called Mount Westmore. These are the guys that were
making records before I was able to get into the industry,

and I was lucky enough to be in a group
with them because we all love each other, we're all successful,
we've toured together, and now we just decided to make
a super group of four guys that generally love each
other and make music together. And you have n f
t s non fungible tokens. You just dropped You told
me you dropped a beat a couple of weeks ago

for six hundred thousand dollars. Yes. Wow. The community over there,
Martha is so into music, art and creativity, and it's
like trading stocks and bonds or whatnot, because once you
put it on the blockchain, they get a chance to
make money for you for themselves, and it feels good
that the fair can finally have a piece of something

that they've been with for so long and then have
some ownership to it. Well, I thought I was an
early adopter of stuff, but boy did I miss the
beginning of cryptocurrency. I'm in it now, but I missed
the very beginning when it was five dollars, ten dollars
and now it's in the many, many hundreds of thousands
of dollars per unit. Anyway, you got in early. Who

introduces you to all this new technology that you are
so involved in. I have a guy named Nick Adler,
and then I have the SGS, which is Snoops Geek Squad,
which consists of my son Cordell. I'm adore and shift
those three guys right there. They go to work. They
keep me hands on, they put me in the mix.

They always make sure that I'm you know, interactive revenue,
just put my name and likeness, but to actually physically
go into the web. Three going to the n f
T space, go into the metaverse and get information, so
when I come out, I can help people understand what
this process is like, translating from transitional traditional to over
here to in convention. Well, you have become very influential

in the in the cryptocurrency space and in the n
f T space. People really look to you. And you
had something called Cosimo de Medici. Did you have that, yeah,
Cosmo Demici So so what that was? It was art
collector who was collecting a lot of art and he
had about fifty million n f T s and nobody
knew who that art collector was. And then one day

a tweet came out and said that Snoop Dogg is Cosmo.
So I guess they added up one plus three and
added and came up with two. I don't know. I
give you a lot of credit for getting out there
and doing it. A lot of you performers are becoming
really great entrepreneurs, and I really admire that. I think
it is fantastic that your talents can still be shown

in movies on TV. My favorite things that you're doing
right now are the Corona beer commercials. I love you
in those commercials. All I do all the time now,
when I pick up a phone is a shell phone shelfon.
Snoop picks up a big conk shell on the beach
and he says, don't call me on my shell phone,

and I just thought it was so cute. Did you
write that? Was that your idea or did somebody else
come up with that. Corona got some of the greatest
writers of all time. I can't even from one to eight.
That's why I love doing business with them because they
always got something real, creative, that feels good, that feels
like me. You don't feel like I'm trying to do
different things. It's like when I'm with you. When we
shoot our commercials, it always feels organic to who we

are because we never allowed them to take us out
of who we're supposed to be. Right. I still remember
our beautiful commercials that we did for our v H
one show. Those were the best. I like the one
we did with the movies. Yes, yes, yes, So if
you listeners haven't seen Martha and Snoop in the Ghost commercial,
you really should take a gander. The other one was

the Titanic that was so fantastic. Also, I'm saving those
for Posteria. They're you know, they're really they're really unique
and beautifully written and beautifully made. So um, people know

a little bit about you, and when I first met you,
I didn't know much. All I knew was that you
were an emerging, really great rapper. And I love rap poetry.
I don't know why, but I can sort of understand it.
A lot of people don't understand what rap is all about.
But it's the poetry that I like. I mean, I
like Emily Dickinson also, and your friend Wiz Khalifa playing

death in that fantastic Did you see him? Did you
watch Emily Dickinson? He is so great in that, And
that's that's American poetry. But rap is also really American poetry. Oh,
there you go. It's I was gonna ask Snoop if
he was smoking? You are smoking? Right? This just for

your face out there. That was gonna act sooner or later, like, okay,
the question you're gonna ask just Snoop smoke. Snoop does
smoke quite a bit? Can you tell me how many
of those special cigarettes you smoke a day? Do you think?
It depends when I'm shooting television, maybe about fifteen a day.
But when I'm making music probably about And the thing is,
when I'm with Martha, she just she the second hand queen.

I make sure she gets all the second hand smoke,
and that is the only time I get that fabulous.
I can had smoke, and I must tell you it
makes me feel really good and it does not It
does not disturb my concentration. In fact, I think it
makes it even better. And it doesn't make me tired
or any of the things that people say marijuana does

to you. It's fantastic. I think it's great. Although I
haven't taken up the habit yet. I got you. You've
been smoking for how many years? I started when was
eighteen and now fifty? So what's that thirty two years?
And uh, can you live without it? Yes? Yeah? When
I sleep? Oh yeah, well that's good. But you were

also an early adopter of cannabis as a business, Yes,
as a business. Tell me about that. Are you still involved? Yes,
I was earlier on in the venture side as far
as the business with cannabis, not just the flower, but
the mechanisms and the things behind the scenes, the ecosystem.
And then I'm in the process now of dealing with
the medical side of marijuana because there's so many people

that I've lost to cancer and they need medical marijuana
for their you know, relief, that I'm going to start
pushing that and promoting that as opposed to always making
it feel like it's a drug or something to get
you high. No, it's actually medicine and it's medicated, and
I'm going to promote that side of it, especially for
the older people like down South that needed they can't

get it. We want to be able to have a
delivery service for them. I want to be able to
help out the patients that need to CBD two creams
because it's not it's not strong enough, So I want
to make it to way stronger is better and it's
more medically induced. What I'm speaking about marijuana weather than
having a good time. Yeah, and Snoop actually influenced me
to get into the CBD business, introducing me to Canopy

Group up in Canada, and we're now making very fine
gummies and even the gummies at ten milligrams per gummy
are probably they could be bigger. I think they could
be bigger. I've been doing a lot of research too, Snoop,
and we should share our research. But doctors are finding
out amazing things about the different forms of CBD and

the different forms of THHC and and what effects they
have on autoimmune and anti inflammatory all of that. It
does have some really great quality. I wish you luck
with that because I think it is sorely needed and
should be accept more acceptable than it is right now.
So I wanted to ask you about your family. At

fifty years old, you are husband, you are a father.
How many kids do you have? I have four kids
and their names Corday, Cordale, Corey, and Julian. And you
have how many grandchildren? I have six grandkids? Wow, at
fifty years old? Is a grandfather? Yes, with three boys

and three girls, Martha, and they keep me young. Every
time they have birthday parties, I put on a costume
and I come out as their favorite. Whoever it is.
If it's toy story, if it's a giraffe, it's a
baby shark, whatever it is, I come out and I
play my part. Well, it's always charming. And I do
follow Snoop Dogg on Instagram and you're doing TikTok's now
too right. Yeah, I'm trying to get involved. Yeah you should.

They just passed the one billion mark, and in terms
of followers in the States, it's a big audience. Who
does all those crazy videos that you have on your Instagram?
You know what? A lot of times it's me. And
then a lot of times people send me crazy stuff
because they know that I got like the biggest eyes
on it on the prize and they know when I
put it up, it's gonna be seen. And I love it.

I laughed so hard before I put this stuff up. Sometimes, Martha,
I just be in the room just crying, laughing. Those
skits are hysterical. So if you listeners haven't looked at
Snoops Instagram, you really should. Yes, they just sent them
to me. That's like a lot of talented people in
the world that really don't get a shot in the
opportunity to become famous, and they know when they give

it to me, I give them a shot, and then
eventually they get people to follow them and then they begin,
you know, their careers and their business are further their business.
You've already answered my first question that you are smoking,
and what does strain of marijuana do you smoke? I know,
people really like to know stuff like that. That's the
doggy bag, right there that I deal with burners collaboration,

but I'm in the process of working on my own.
I got my own coming out. It's called Uncle Snoops.
It should be out in the next two months, so
be on the look out for Uncle Snops. But right
now I'm just helping everybody else out that's in the industry,
and you know, using my name and likeness to partner.
Where does one buy on Snoops? Oh, you'll be able
to buy it in every dispension around the whole world,
especially in the cookie stores. Okay, do you still need

to have prescriptions for it? Yes, you do, that's why
it's medically inclined. Okay, again, we have to know these things. Snoops. Yes,
thank you for asking. And we've talked about how we
met on my show. That was Oh I don't even
remember what year that was, but you were one of
the first rappers that I had on my show and

you were so much fun. But people really want to
know are we friends? And I always say, yes, what
do you say? I say, we're best friends. It's a
big excellent I like to hear that. That is great.
Snoop and I collaborate on things for Big Lighters, Snoops
lighters have pictures of Snoop on every single one of them,

and yours looks like beautiful marble and just stuff that
you would walk on stuff in a museum, like, oh
my god, this is a light. Yeah, so I have
I have fox finishes on my lighters. So I collect
Snoop lighters. I hope you collect my lighters. Snoop. I
got all I got. I'm in a special placed in
the bathroom right what I need to be I have
to send you some yes, other things that people ask

me about you all the time. It is your clothing.
You were the best dressed at the halftime show, the
best by far and colorful. Where do you get these
amazing afficts? And your body, your long lane body? How
tall are you six? Oh? It see to me, I
thought you were six seven. You seem always so tall

and gorgeous, but six four and very thin. You're thinner
than you've ever been. Yes? Are you working out? Yes?
They too it? And do it? Make sure I'm physically fit,
because you know I'm getting up there in a So
I don't want to get no beer, gut, beer gut.
I want to try to stake You're never You're never
gonna have it. You would look so stupid with no
right one. I could just see me like math, I'm

coming over. Nobody wants to hang out with me. It's
just me and my beer. Good. No, you're not what
You're not welcome, do not gonna be but my outfits
with my style. I have a stylist named tell you
Cole who Rick Ross remember Rick Ross from the show,
was trying to feed you. Oh gosh. He introduced me

to her because she was his stylist and I was
wondering how he was looking so fly. So once he
introduced me to her, she started doing my outfits and
then she eventually became the one who did all my
outfice from Othene Snow. She did all the costumes that
we wore for everything that we did. Every time that
you see me, she does all of my outfits to
make sure that it's a picture of what I want,
and then she know how to make it look classy.

Remember the gift that I gave you, She got that too.
I love. I have several gifts from you that I
love and I just worked. Soup gave me some fur
punch shows, which I love. Yes, they're so cozy and warm,
and you wear them, it pull them over your head,
you know where. I wear them when I'm snowplowing my
roads here in Bedford. I love it because they're they're

so cozy. I always have to wear my tallest shoes
when I'm standing next to Snoop because I don't want
to feel like a little short person. And I'm not
a short person, but you feel Snoop has has this
way of kind of enveloping you when you're standing next
to him. He's so majestic and you really you really
sort of like everybody looks up at you and up
to you. So you have the little grandchildren. Do they

get clothing from you and bling and stuff? Yes, they do.
They are my bride and Joel, my oldest grandson. He's
not really into fashion, but when we dressed him up,
he looks like the best kid model you could imagine.
And then my baby girls, my granddaughters, they're so lovable
and cute. And I got grandkids that just started walking.
And then the ones that talk. They call me Papa

nopea papa papa nope because he can't say S, so
he say Papa. Where do you learn everything? Do you
listen to the news. Do you watch the news? To you,
you seem to be so absolute up to the minute
in the understanding of what's going on in the world,
in politics and everything. How do you get your information?

A lot of times it's just like you said. I'm
a very you know, insightful person. So I do watch
the news. I do watch MSNBC, I watch sports, I
watch lifestyle, I watch anything that I feel that's relevant
to the world. I try to have my hands on
it early and try to get involved. I don't want
to be late to the party. I like being on
the train when it takes off, so I keep my

eyes and ears wide open. I like to be a
breast on what's happening, what is and what ain't, so
if I'm ever questioned about it, I'm right in the moment.
You seem to remember everything. Every song. When there's a
piece of music on the set playing, stup knows the words,
he knows the date it was written, who's performing it.
Is that something that's just part of you? How do

you know all that? I think I studied a lot.
We had components, sets and record players. In the seventies.
My mother had eight track of sets and I would
look at the records. I wouldn't just play them. I
would look at the album covers, the backside of it,
who did what, who produced it. Then I would listen
to it over and over again, and I would hear
it out in the public and learn it. Even when

I heard the sugar Hill Gang with the first rap
that was put on record, I learned that rapping about
two weeks and it wasn't even like hard. It was
like I knew every word to it. It was like
it didn't even bother me to my mind, Like why
am I learning this song? I don't even know my
school work, but I know this song. I can learn
songs faster than I can learn my lessons in school.

Did you play an instrument? I used to play like
piano when I was a kid, and then flute, a
couple of instruments that you play as a youngster. But
I never really got serious about it. But I understand
the dynamics of knowing how to bring in people that
know how to play it to make it sound good.
When it's trying to make them records, do they write
down the music like you're what you did at the
super Bowl? Is that song just recorded or is it

written down? Well, it's different sometimes, Marthe's that we can
hear the music and the music will inspire you and
then something you have words in your head that need
to get out, and then you put music around that.
In a different situation, like I could be watching TV
and I can get an idea based off of something
that I've seen on the television screen, and I convert
that into a song and make it make sense and

make it about the moment. So a lot of times
we draw our instances and our information from what's actually
happening at the moment, so we can convert that into
a song. Is that what most rappers do? Yeah? I
think so. I think it's something that's a trait that
we have to be able to. Like the poetry that
we write is in the moment. To be able to
write those words that rhyme and rhythm and cadence and

then they also have a meaning behind it, and to
have a voice that represents you. That's what it's all about.
Do you remember the words to every rap you ever did?
Most of them? If I don't, I gotta teleprompter to
help me out, Like like if I was on the news,
that's just my little secret. I gotta add at the
teleprompters are good. I like teleprompters, to the big type teleprompters,

but I always vie for the largest type in the
the closest distance, right, especially if I ain't got my
reading glasses on. They gotta make them letters a little
bit bigger. Well, we didn't talk about Boss Lady. Yes,

how is boss Lady? She is doing amazing. That's my
lovely wife, my friend and wife, grandmother, mother, daughter, sister,
all of the above. She's been with me since Jael's
was a goldfish. So in other words, she'd been with
me when I was small as I could be, too
big as I'm gonna be. And she's always been there
from the true definition of a wife, a woman, a

leader of queen. Raised my kids because I was always
on the road, you know, providing. So she instilled the
great things and my kids that you see if you
ever come across my kids, you see that mannerism, their respect,
how they look you in an eye, and just you know,
respect their elders. That's Mama. Did that. I just came
through and did that, you know, put the candles on
the cake, made everything right for bad time. But she

deserves a lot of the credit for the structure of
my house and the structure of the way that I
am as a person in public and in private. How
nice to hear that in those words. Is she involved
in the business a lot? Oh? Yeah? So what I
did was I involved her as my manager so that
way she could be head owned with my business and
then at the same time my records that I'm putting out.

She's the executive producer on a couple of these records.
So involving her in every element as opposed to waiting
until something happens to me where I can't speak or
I can't move. That's a long way away, snoop, That's
not gonna happen anytime soon. Are you fearful of something
like that? Never? I just want to make sure that
I've watched so many people, you know, go through this

position where when something went wrong, their family didn't know
what to do, and then they lost the estate and
then it's just downhill from there. So I just want
to protect me and my family's the state and show
people how to do it the right way and to
think about these things when you're in your prime, not
when you're down, but think about it early, so when
you do get to that stage, or if it ever happens,
you're prepared. What about sports, I love listening to you

comments on sports events. You are so funny. I mean,
you seem to know a lot about every sport that
you talk about. I do. Month I'm like, I've been
that way since a kid, even before Sports Center, I
was watched the news and highlights and Monday night football, basketball,
whatever it was. And I'm just this is something that
I love. So when I love doing something, it's easy.

It's not even a job, it's not even a task.
It's like, I love to acquire information. I love to
watch sports like hockey and and golf. Sports. You didn't
think that I would know about it and then give
you some information on it, and then naturally basketball and football,
I'm supposed to know about those, but the information that
I give you is more in depth rather than just
the basically one to one two and then the way

I talk it's different than anybody here on the broadcast
system anyway. So are you gonna conte you? I love that, Martha.
I loved to be able to call the game the
way I see and I think people are enjoying it
because they feel like it's a good twist compared to
the broadcasters. I love all the ones that's out there.
I can't I can't even lie, like how Michael's Bob costs.

All those guys are amazing. Mike Terrico, I loved him.
They off the chain. I just want to be able
to bring my flavor to the table. You know what
I'm saying. They get that back. Do you do such
a good job? It's so amusing too. Your Olympic coverage
was just incredible. Did enough people get to see your
Olympic coverage? Yes? With me and Kevin Hard, Me and
Kevin Hard, we worked very well together. In case you

guys don't know, his first movie was so playing Where
are co starting? It would him and Kevin doesn't looked
back ever since then, he's been rocking and rolling. He's
a treat to work with. He's funny, guys professional, he's
very business and he makes my job easy. I did
a little skin in the movie with him. He was hysterical,
so much fun. But what about hanging out with people
like Jamie Fox? Jamie Fox when he was on our show. Remember,

he's such a fine musician playing keys and everything right.
He is so talented. He is so talented and so knowledgeable.
He was talking about classical music and baroque music. He
was just incredible. But he really knows right if you
read his book. He has a book out right now
called Act Like You Got Some Sense, and it's about

his grandmother and the way she raised him and how
she put him in music, and how he came up
in a city where it was a lot of racism,
and how she sent him to the best piano school
to become a classical piano player and that went a
long way. As you can see now that he can
play any style of music, and he's got a great voice,
and he's got a great personality. So he's fun to
be around, and he can play pretty much any part two. Yes,

Snoop and I did a roast once that was about
about six years ago, justin Bieber's twenties first birthday party
roast and we and for Comedy Central. I just saw
him last week in l A. I bumped into him
in a restaurant. He was he's We were celebrating his
twenty eight birthdays and I couldn't believe seven years went

by so fast, but he was charming, and he was
with his wife and a bunch of nice friends, and
we reminisced a little bit about the roast, and he
said he actually enjoyed it getting turned on that spit slowly.
You had the best performance that night, hands. Oh my gosh,
it was so much fun. It reminds me you're talking

about the show that we did, our wonderful potluck dinner party.
Your mom came and your mom meant so much to you,
and she was such an elegant lady. And but she
came with some friends to the show and said at
one of the cocktail tables, tell me a little bit
about her, because I know she passed away this year,
and I read your posts and it seemed to really

affect you. You were very close. Yeah, we were very close.
She had the time in her life when she came
on the show that my mom was always a star,
and to put her own television, you know, gave it
that moment that she always wanted. She loved you, she
loved everything that you still for everything that she was about.
And to see me be able to be in a transition,
to be able to be on television with somebody as

prestigious as you, and to hold my home and a
lot to her. And when she passed away, it didn't
make me weak, it made me strong. I probably was
weak probably two or three days after, but after I
had to understand I had fifty years with Angel. She
taught me everything I know. She showed me how to
be who I am, and she prepared me for this

day by raising me the way she raised me. So
it's don't need to be sad. It's the joy that
I had with her. And for anybody else that's going
to go through this, I'm here for you and I'll
help you understand the dynamics of what you had as
opposed to what you lost. Do your siblings, your brothers, sisters? Yes,
I have two brothers, one older brother, one younger brother,

and we, like I said, we went through this together
because it was a different experience because my older brother
was with my mother before I got here, and then
my younger brother. There was the reason my mother went
and started getting involved in church again in her life right.
So it was just the dynamics of all of that
and us reminiscent and sad in the beginning, but happy
that we had a mother that was an angel that

raised us to be who we are. She was a
lovely woman, the woman I bet. I'm glad you met
m Martha. That made my life. When you did that,
that just you just don't understand what it means to
to make your mama proud, right, you know you try
to do all sorts of things too to make mama proud.
And when you do that one thing and you know
that you made her smile and you could say you
did your job well, people ask me what you're really like.

I think it's coming across here. As a sensitive, intelligent,
creative human being. What do you want people to think
about you at this present moment? What do you want
people to think about Snoop dogg M that I'm for
the people. I'm the people's champ, you know, I'm for
the people. Like I had a chance to have a
relationship with Muhammad Ali, you know, before he lost his speech,

and then I had to relate ship with him after
he lost his speech because his grandson and my son
went to the same high school together. So we would
sit down with each other during the games and I
would put a blanket around him and just sitting next
to him and talked to him, and one thing I
noticed was the reason why I'm around so much greatness,
because it's meant for me to be great. And when
I'm around these great people, I learned how to conduct myself,

how to be in the moment, and how to be
a goat the greatest of all time. So the experiences
that I've had with these people gives me the knowledge
to know how to move. And that's why I'm respected,
And that's why I respected people. And I want you
guys to love me like I love you, and that's
how I want to be remembered, how nice and with
a good way to live. I met Muhammad Ali. He

did products for Kmart. When I was doing products for Kmart.
He had a line of shoe polish with his face
on the little can like Esquire shoe polish, but it
was Muhammad Ali. And we went and we did a
big pr thing together. He was utterly charming, and that
that's at the time he was the most famous man

in the world. Remember when he see see the resemblance
of him and me more that, like you just said, charming,
most famous, Like it just feels like I'm sbolutely you are.
He was just perfection in a package. You know, he was.
Everybody loved him. So it's been really great talking to you, Snoop,
and I think that people will know a little bit

more about the tall, elegant performer that we see on
Instagram and we see on TV. Oh, by the way,
I love how you comment on people's creativity. You were
on the Voice. Yes, I watched you. I couldn't believe
what great advice you gave to those contestants. You were

the best of the best. Well, I think they're saying
that I can work very well with the talent as
far as expressing myself to them and helping them feel
comfortable in the moment, whether they did something wrong or right,
and that that's what those shows are about. The confidence
not to beat somebody up and then to knock them
down with to build them up if they make a mistake,
and then let them know that this industry is full

of criticism, so be prepared to take it and prepare
yourself to you know, better yourself every time. Stup, thank
you very much for taking time out of your extremely
busy day. I hope to see you soon. We have
other things cooking, like some more wine. Okay, literally and
what what's my baby? That made me that bomb ass salad?
Is that just oh just damak? Yeah, did you get

her book yet? Oh? She gave me the book and
then she babies. I gotta give her a shout out.
I'm looking at man, the best salad ever created, ever ever,
every damach and it's called salad freak. Yes, boy, she
is a salad freak. She is great. Well, thank you
for remembering her. She's gonna be so excited. Thanks a lot, snow.

Thank you, morth. I love you more today than idea yesterday.
Thank you in the same here, bye bye and love
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