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June 12, 2023 54 mins

Welcome back to our show! It's a classic Cece and Winston mess around. With Zooey out on assignment, Hannah and Lamorne relive the hilarious antics of Josh Gad and recount the way Max liked to push his cast members to take a joke to its highest level. Plus, learn how a fourteen-year-old Hannah tried to seduce a radio DJ and why Lamorne prefers to be cheated on. Follow us on Instagram @welcometoourshowpod.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Ring ring ring ring, May I please speak with Zoe?

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Oh, hello, Lamar, let's patch in, Hannah.

Speaker 3 (00:10):
God, I forgot what it was like working with you guys, Hannah, Hey,
just you and me?

Speaker 1 (00:31):
Is this is this what people talk about when they
say it's when they say Winston and CC mess around.

Speaker 4 (00:38):
Yes, let's mess around. Let's talk about an episode that
we're barely in but is one of my absolute favorites
all the season two. It's a mess around. Well, one
of the storylines. I'll just say that there is a
storyline in here that is one of my favorites. But yes,

let's jump all right in you and me. Yes, this
is very excited. Yes, they want to know in real
life if we do the mess around, and we do,
and you're about to see it in our real friendship.
So we're doing episode two oh two, which is Katie.
It has got three storylines. It's got the very funny

old Nick time traveler storyline, which, by the way, the
reason why that felt so funny to me, like specifically
so funny, is because it's something I feel like Jake
Johnson would fully fall for. Like I feel like there
was a little, only a tiny bit of acting like
he would he would fall for this in real life.
I feel like the second one is also something I

can relate to, and maybe I'll share that story about
a little bit of mistaken identity of that. But you
might have also been kind of encouraging. Yes I did.
I was very young, okay. With the Katie storyline, which
is also very funny, also felt very Elizabeth Merriweather that

she would go through with it if the guy was
hot enough, and she wrote this episode. And then we
have our third storyline, which is about Winston's family, and
I just want to say this to our listeners. That
storyline is very problematic. It was very problematic then. It
hurt a lot of people then and even in the

rewatch hurts people now, and it didn't deserve any air then,
and on this podcast, we're not really going to give
it any air now because it hurts to revisit it.
So we are just going to put that to the side.

Speaker 1 (02:41):
Yeah, not my favorite, not my favorite storyline on this
show by any stretch of the imagination.

Speaker 4 (02:46):
No, No, And you just have to watch it to
get it, so we don't need to kind of dive
into it. You watch it, you see it. It sucks.

Speaker 1 (02:56):
Yeah, it's not great. We have great there's a thing.
Great writers on our show. I think the best writers
in the business. I think Liz Meriweather is one of
the greatest of all time in my opinion. But that
that that episode, I thought it was like that storyline
in particular, I thought was like, yeah, so uh yeah,

so let's so, let's so, let's let's dive right in. Yeah.
This episode written by Liz Mayweather, directed by Larry Charles
So also starring. So we had some cool guest stars
in this episode. I was excited about, super excited about
Anna Marie Horsford, who played my mom. And I mean,
I grew up watching this woman do her thing on television.

She is iconic. I know her from I used to
watch a show called Amen growing up and she was
on that, So, I mean, she's one on a bunch
of stuff, but Amen was one of my favorite shows
growing up, and she was on that show. We got
Josh Braydon plays Andy Kenya Hill, Raymond j Berry, Josh
Kad obviously, and we had David Walton, very unattractive, the

most unattractive man in television history. Was this the intro
to his character on the show I'm assuming so right.

Speaker 4 (04:19):
Yeah, huge guest stars and also guest stars that in
this episode when they were introduced, people just fell in
love with so instantly that they just kept bringing him
back love.

Speaker 1 (04:31):
Yeah, so let's dive right into this episode. Unemployment made
Jes stir crazy, cleaning, cooking, and weird felt art that
was one of the weirdest.

Speaker 4 (04:45):
Do you remember right quick? I mean, Doby didn't dr
up the recap, but I just had to say this
really quickly. Is that when we wrapped the series, they
kind of said like, hey, you guys can all take
one or two things. It really meant something to you.
And then as things got picked over, they're like, oh,
still things here that are available felt art just like
this ugly thing.

Speaker 1 (05:06):
I wonder who has that felt art? I wonder who
has that.

Speaker 4 (05:09):
I think the Trash does.

Speaker 1 (05:10):
Okay, Trash probably definitely has that. I'm not sure if
you guys, just just if you guys don't know what
we're talking about. The artwork that Jess gave the guys
as a gift, and it's the photo that it's the
it's the photo that I personally, my character looked like
if you would have told a child to draw what

they think a black person looks like if they'd never
seen a black person before. That's what that That's what
that was.

Speaker 5 (05:38):

Speaker 1 (05:38):
The guys go crazy when she gives it to them. Okay,
so schmid Winston. They elected Nick to get Jess under control. Now,
Nick takes her to a bar where old time travel
Nick he waits to stir up some trouble. Also at
the bar are Sam, Bearclaw, and Alan, three men who
fall for Jess within minutes of meeting her. If you

know Zoe, this happens to her all the time. Dudes
are lining up to meet her and fall in love
with her. Now Ess, she asks for Allen's number and
Nick agrees, but she goes home with super hoty Sam,
the guy who looks good anyway. While Sam is the
greatest sex of her life, you know, probably in that moment,
because later on when they start dating, you know which

starts dating Nick, I'm assuming that's probably the greatest of
her life.

Speaker 4 (06:24):
That's a street of you, by the way, right there.
That was just you just being like a friend in
that moment, YEA being like no, but the boy she marries,
don't worry, homie. Yeah, he puts you the best, You
the best.

Speaker 1 (06:34):
Trust me. I know he puts it down, so Jess.
She quickly realizes lying and pretending to be Katie Sam's
date from an app could blow up in her face.
But she's living off the grid, so fuck Caution just
decides she will be a juggler of filling the blank Hannah,

what is she doing? Man me? Meanwhile, Schmidt he develops
a crush on Winston's w NBA playing sister Alisha. Now
this pisses off Winston's mom, obviously, but Schmidt refuses to
take the hint and challenges Alisha to a love and
basketball style game. Now he can beat her in a

game of basketball, she has to go on a date
with him. Now, Alisha, she shows up for one on one,
but she checks the ball directly in Schmid's face before
walking off the court. That my Friends is called justice.

Speaker 4 (07:28):
It was one of the best endings to an episode.
It's so funny. It's one of the funniest things ever
because for a second you go like, Okay, they're gonna
at least like dribble, you know, like something's gonna happen.
I'm gonna see a shot.

Speaker 1 (07:40):
No, yeah, nothing, okay, Now back at the loft Nickxon's
bear Clauda Just instead of Alan. That's a rookie move
right there. So Just she flees to hook up with
Sam at the bar. Now old Nick he tells current
Nick to apologize to Just before traveling to the past
via his time travel machine aka is Cardboard Box. Now

all the men interested in just end up in the
bathroom together, which is a very very weird scene.

Speaker 4 (08:10):
There's no way out, there's no way out. You've been
lying and you get caught and there's nowhere to hide anymore.

Speaker 1 (08:17):
It did not look okay. Now all the dirty laundry
is let out and the air in the miraculously Sam
he isn't put off by the Shenanigans because that's a
dirty dude, and they start up a friends with benefits
kind of situation. And that's what happened in this episode.
Tuo to Katie and lyrics.

Speaker 4 (08:35):
Katie, all right, let's mess around.

Speaker 1 (08:38):
Let's mess around, let's mess around.

Speaker 4 (08:40):
Let's mess around, Okay, because this is where I get
like so excited about this confusion with the Katie situation.
So basically, what's happening with Justice. She's lost her job
and she doesn't know what to do with herself, which
I think a lot of people struggle with. Right where
used to being busy all the time, be busy, fill

your day, do something, be productive, and then all of
a sudden you get given me either. By the way,
by the way, I'm like, I am definitely more nick
than i am any other character on this show.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
I'm chilling.

Speaker 4 (09:16):
That's right with that. That's right. So's she's chilling at
the bar trying to do the thing, and the very
handsome David Walton walks in playing Sam and mistakes her
for a girl he's been chatting with online. This, by
the ways, why you got to send photos? Like what

are you doing?

Speaker 1 (09:37):
You gotta send the picks, gotta send.

Speaker 4 (09:39):
A pick because this you got catfished in real life,
which is pretty phenomenal.

Speaker 1 (09:45):
Which is strange, which happens all the time now because
of all these filters and you know the photoshop, you
know what I mean. Like I was going on a date.
I was supposed to go on a date with this
Jamaican woman one time, you know, Korean woman showed up.
I said, what face? But I identify online there's a
Jamaican woman named Cleo. I said, okay, all.

Speaker 4 (10:07):
Right, if you were in the same situation, if you
were sitting in a bar and the hottest woman showed
up and was like, Okay, Stephen, Oh my gosh, I've
been waiting to meet you. This is amazing, let's go.
Would you be like, I guess I'm Stephen to night.

Speaker 1 (10:25):
Well, here's what I would do. I would charmer with
a couple jokes right at the top, you know what
I mean. I would do that. I would break the
ice a little bit. Then once she's like into it,
I would look around and I would go, I'd be
honest with you, Stephen, stood you up, She stood you up.
He's not here, but I'm here. Daddy's home and yeah,

you know. And I'd whisper that ever so gently right
by the side of her face so she could feel
the presence of me. And then maybe she wanted wants
to ditch this guy, you know what I'm saying. But
I wouldn't lie about it.

Speaker 4 (10:56):
You wouldn't lie.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
There's no way. There's no way.

Speaker 4 (11:00):
Yeah, i'd be a little weird if you were kicking
it later and she was just like, oh, Stephen, and
you'd be like, no, I can't do it. I gotta go.

Speaker 1 (11:07):
I'm a jealous guy. I'd be like, who the hell
is Stephen, Well.

Speaker 4 (11:09):
It's me, it's never you go.

Speaker 1 (11:13):
I'm also a very vain guy, so when she came
back to my house, she would see my name everywhere,
warning that my servant. I don't know. It works for me.

Speaker 4 (11:24):
You know what's funny. When I first moved to When
I first moved to La, I got invited. Uh, I
didn't get invited. My friend was a makeup artist. She
did make up on a movie, and she brought me
as a plus one to the director's house. He was
having like the rap party at his house. And I'd
never been to anybody famouse's house before, and I uh

famoose and I uh, I remember we walked in the
front door, and I kid you not because he had
a spiral staircase like and I don't know, like one
hundred foot sealing or something crazy, because I went all
the way up like the three fours and there was
a no joke, it must have been thirty foot tall

portrait of him hanging in the entry anyway, So he
could definitely never catfish anybody because that's his house, you know,
it's his house.

Speaker 1 (12:19):
Name names, I.

Speaker 4 (12:20):
Can't name his name. I feel Charles. He was not
like Charles, not Larry Charles. But I was a big
I am a big fan of his work. But I
remember being like, wow, I guess this is how famous
people live. You get that portrait done and you slap
it up and say I bought this house.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
Yeah, I'm telling Michael Bay you said that. I'm telling
Michael Bay you said that.

Speaker 4 (12:43):
Damn all right, So she commits to it and goes
down Michael, No, it's not Michael.

Speaker 1 (12:49):
Sorry, show subject so quick. I thought it was Michael Bay. No.

Speaker 4 (12:53):
I just don't trust myself to not slip the name out.
I can't keep it, but go ahead. Sorry, no, so here,
I Well, my situation's worse because I kind of like
trick someone. The reason why this episode kind of triggered
that memory and me is there. Nick says to Jess

something like there will enjoy it now because there's no
coming back from oh heay, actually my name is Jess. Like,
you will terrify a man if you hold on to that,
Like you have to either own it in the moment
like you're saying you would do right, or you just
got to be Katie that that's it. That's who you
are now, that's your life. And I I I there

was a radio DJ in Cyprus when I lived there.
And here's also the joke, because there was no like internet.
It's not like I can even google what this guy
look like. But his voice was fine, okay, And it
was a Collin show, but he had mentioned it, and
I never called in. I was like young, I was
like a teenager and I'd never called in show. Yeah,

like you play music, but then like people could call
in and be like, I'm.

Speaker 1 (14:04):
Only saying I'm only questioning that because our listeners are
some of them are don't know what that is.

Speaker 4 (14:11):
So you're the radio DJ. We're playing all the songs
on the radio. And then you could call and be like,
I want you to play a baby, Baby Baby by TLC.

Speaker 1 (14:19):
Right okay, right, okay.

Speaker 4 (14:20):
And I never called in, but he mentioned at some
point that he was single and that he loved everything French.
So I called. I called in the Collins show the
next day and I.

Speaker 6 (14:36):
Was like, hello, I was just wondering if you could
play that song by a d.

Speaker 4 (14:46):
L what uh huh? And he was like oh, so
he puts like the song on but kept me on
the line and we now. But now I'm deep because
at what point do you now the super guy you
had this weird crush on the radio. At what point
do you go like, so I don't talk like this,
I talk like this.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
Now what do I do?

Speaker 4 (15:09):
What do I do? So here's the thing. Here was
the problem because he says, at some point, hey, uh,
he speaks me in French. I didn't know that. I
didn't know the man actually spoke French. So he speaks
to me in French, and I choot, I don't know
what the what he said? And I go, Okay, I am, I.

Speaker 6 (15:30):
Am actually uh, I'm trying to practice my English. So
do you mind just speak in English just to help
me anyway?

Speaker 4 (15:42):
I mean, I was fourteen year old girls. Man, you
gotta watch out. They're so smart, they're so fast.

Speaker 1 (15:47):
What are you talking about? You'll be watching out with
a fourteen year old girl.

Speaker 4 (15:52):
I'm just saying, Man, you have a daughter. I'm just saying,
when she's a teenager, you better, like you know, triple
check all the things that she's said, because she got
doors longer than you.

Speaker 1 (16:02):
Oh yeah, the door is a lot. She ain't going nowhere.

Speaker 4 (16:04):
So there came a point in my situation with the
radio DJ where because he wanted to meet me, because uh,
he was calling and I had to tell him, one
I'm not French and two my voice helds like this.
My voice is actually quite deep for a woman. So
I'm sure he was like, I don't believe anything about you.
And I never heard from him again. You guys, So

here's the thing, well More's approaches right, just own it
in the moment, because what happens in this episode is
that doctor Sam comes back at the end and is
just like, I don't mind, it's cool. It's cool that
J'REI Katie. I'm a bit of a liar to everything
is cool. I just want to say I tried it
out in real life, the Katie situation, and it did

not work. The man was scared and he was gone.
He probably also was like twenty five, to be honest
with you, who knows. I didn't see sure to know
his age, and I was fourteen, and he was probably like, uh,
what is.

Speaker 1 (16:58):
Happening trying to set this man up for five to
ten in prison? What are you talking about? You put
this man on the rot street.

Speaker 4 (17:06):
This was pre Google man. We were calling radio lines.
This could be nineteen twenty two cut.

Speaker 1 (17:12):
To You're getting a knock on your door by this
man who has to now go a door to do
in the neighborhood and let everybody know he's a predator?
Is he is an offender? What you have done to
this man?

Speaker 4 (17:24):
That's why these are Collin shows. This became an urban
legend of that little French girl who is no longer French. Ooh,
can I just say one of the other? The other
thing in this episode, by the way, that my favorite
thing that happens when we watch this show is when
I can see somebody break and they have to use
the take because they obviously broke in every single take.

And there is the two shot of Zoe and Max
when when Jake is leaping oh yes, and you can
tell that Jake is like gonna over commit to the
bit so it's funny, right other, but he doesn't want
to do it. And then he does like the weird
overbite to like really get some like leverage to jump

in the air, and they just got to Max and
it's definitely not Schmid, it's just Max. It's Max laughing
his ass off because he knows how uncomfortable Jake is.
And then when Jake sits down and goes like that's enough,
I'm done. That's also Jake, not Nick.

Speaker 1 (18:24):
Yes, I'm almost you know, I'd be curious to go
back and look at this and look at the pages
to see if Jake actually does that dance in the script,
because Max was notorious for egging you want to go
and go the extra bit like he I'm almost positive
Max was whispering to Jake like do it to the dance?

Speaker 4 (18:46):
Well, he says it in the scene, and I was
I was like, was that scripted or not? Because he
goes like, let's see it, let's see you do it,
Let's see you leap, and you can see him go like, oh.

Speaker 1 (18:56):
Yeah, I think if you push Jake enough, he will
do the bit. But then there it's where he's just
not He's like, no, I'm not doing it. But if
it's funny, if it's funny, he will. He will definitely
go for it. And that dance is a very memorable,
memorable thing, like I see that, I see that dance
all over the place, memorable moments.

Speaker 4 (19:17):
I'm surprised that's not like a TikTok dance. Now, like
the recreation. Yeah, the recreation, the recreation, the recreation of
of the of the Jake or the Nick Miller leaping dance.
If you recreate that dance, please please please tag me.
I want to split screen. I want to see him
do it and you do it. I bet you guys

will just say it.

Speaker 1 (19:39):
Oh, absolutely, and we will be right back. Yes, welcome.

Speaker 4 (19:55):
Okay. The other thing I want to talk about too.
In this episode that I was like, had me in tears,
was just describing what great sex is. She left her body,
went to heaven, she saw her grandparents. She thought it
was weird, she saw her grandparent. She came back to earth,
became a werewolf, scared some teenagers, and they came back
and you her body one of them. I was like, that's.

Speaker 1 (20:21):
You know what's funny about that? You know what's funny
about that? Not only is it's funny, it's funny. Her
delivery was really funny. And even the writing of those
jokes were really really funny. But they were so accurate
to what women tell me after we lay together. It's
crazy because I'm always just like, you know, that was cool,

you know, where's my money?

Speaker 4 (20:44):
But then they and then you say could you read
this the words on this flash card to me? It
just makes me feel good.

Speaker 1 (20:52):
Could you feel it's so much better about my performance,
which is less instellar just putting that out there. Uh No,
but that was that? That that right there? You know.
Another another part of this episode that I've also found
very funny we're going off talking about listing things, was
when I know we're jumping around a little bit, but

the hypothetical time travel when Schmidt has a list of
the people that he wants to do things too, and
you know, it's a typical Schmidt list, Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra
Young and Margaret Old and market if you if you

had an opportunity to go back in time and there
was and there were, there were one or two people
that you could or list your mount rushmore people that
you're like that, that's someone I could I would have
loved to have. I know you kind of can't say
that now because you're married.

Speaker 4 (21:52):
And it's it's not even that I just I can't.
There's my brain and body don't work that way. There's
nobody even now walking down the street where I'm like
I want to That's just not how I work. That's
I need to know you for like thirty years, and
I need.

Speaker 1 (22:09):
To walk don't see walk down the street. Damn, man,
you ain't living.

Speaker 4 (22:17):
Look, I could give you a list of billion people
along of all the people that I wouldn't let even
be in the same room with me, Like I know
what I don't like. No, I don't have a list
of historical people that I would want to sleep with.
I would have a list of historical people that i'd
want to like like a binge like Netflix for like

three days with That's what I don't That to me
is intimacy. Do you want to sit on my couch
and eat coin and make some bed? Just pull up
a piece of this sofa, get cozy, mosy, and let's
watch them TV together. Let's go out close. Mean, it's

a brand for me. You got to say that's on
brand for me.

Speaker 1 (23:01):
That is on brand for you. A nice bottle of wine.
Your idea good evening is off a bottle of wine.

Speaker 4 (23:08):
Yes, order some pizza. Let's make bad decisions in the
culinary world.

Speaker 1 (23:13):
Come on, now, well I got my list. I just
just pop popped up in my head.

Speaker 4 (23:17):
Just now, okay, just.

Speaker 1 (23:19):
Now, all the all the all the ladies from the
movie set it off. All of them, all of them,
all of them, all of them. That's that's just my
that's my fantasy right there. Queen Lentiva gotta have her
corn roads too, that's gotta be it, you know what.

Speaker 4 (23:37):
The queen's on my list too though, on my pull
up a pieza the couch and let's like watch some
TV queens on my list too.

Speaker 1 (23:43):
Oh yeah, she on my list and on my bed.
Just just you know, that's uh, that's that's my that's
it right there. The guests to set it off, and
then maybe Pam Grea, we throw Pam Grea in there. No,
you know Pam Grea, old Pamgrea and new paper.

Speaker 4 (24:03):
You basically have a very schmidty list.

Speaker 1 (24:07):
I know we're not going to talk about this storyline.
I don't want to talk about the storyline, but there
is I do want to talk about just Anna Maria Horsford,
iconic legendary. She plays my mom on the show that
she is so exciting to me as I grew up,
I grew up watching this woman, so I I just

I was just honored to have her play my mom.
And Kenya Hill model, extraordinary actor, extraordinaire. She plays my
sister on the show, and and you know, just very
very grateful that they were on the show. There's an
interesting question that Joel posed in our notes here, which
was Winston Linden and Alicia. Are they Reggie and Cheryl Miller? Now,

for those who aren't familiar, Reggie Miller, NBA legend, his sister,
Cheryl Miller, her iconic basketball legend. Some would say even
better than Reggie. You know, so she's an olympian, she's
a world class athlete. I would probably say it's I
don't think it's based on that, but I but I,

but it's so much it's right there, it's right there
on the nose because she's just flat out better than him,
like she's you know, typically you would say, oh, that's
a it's a he's a he's a guy, she's a girl,
like he's got to be better. Now, not in this dynamic,
not in Reggie and Cheryl's case, and not in Winston

and Alicia's case. Winston is a failed basketball player. This
woman is pro straight and so so to answer that question, Joelle,
I would say, it's close, it's very much, so close.
If we had a writer from Indiana.

Speaker 4 (25:54):
Then maybe, yeah, maybe I would see it's in the wheelhouse.
I mean one scene of this episode, in one scene
coaching Jess on how to sext, and I will say this,
that is in my my real life, not sext but text.

That is my real life. Best friend. Superpower is if
you I've just met a boy and you like him
too much for a girl, just seen a man across
the room, and now you're about to lose your whole
man and like mind and plan a wedding and you're
getting crazy. I will say, give me your phone. Just

give me your phone. I will. I will take the
nutsoe out of you as you're about to text this man.

Speaker 1 (26:48):
Walk me through this, Walk me through this. Hannah, you know.

Speaker 4 (26:51):
What the you know what the key is. Say less,
Just say less, which is what CC tries to tell
just in it. Say lahs. Don't send two texts, three texts,
four texts back to back, send one. Wait, put your
phone in a drawer, walk away. If he doesn't text
you back till tomorrow, it's okay. That's not a reflection

of you, or you're worth or all the things. Don't
send him ninety texts. Don't worry I promised you he
was on a car accident, but something males have happened
to him where he just didn't get back to till tomorrow.
He's not a rash human for not texting you back.
Just calm down.

Speaker 1 (27:31):
But let's be clear, though, I just want the listeners
out there. I don't want them to misconstrue anything that
you're saying. You're saying if that, if you are having
a text exchange, just say less. But what I think
she means is, unless you're sending erotic photos of yourself,
send more of those, but less so you guys can
go back and forth with those photos. Just don't send

too many words. Is that what you mean?

Speaker 4 (27:56):
No, myoid advice to every woman is don't send any
of those photos. Don't see that man wants to see it.
Let him come in person. Let him come in person,
and when you're ready, you can show him all your
beautiful body in person when you're ready, But don't send
that man up picture.

Speaker 1 (28:11):
You're right, you're right. I agree. I was just trying
to get what I was just trying to let them.
I didn't know what you admit, So yeah, yeah, hey, listen,
don't send those photos videos, are okay, but photos is
what you're saying, Hannah. I love your advice, Hannah, and
I think the listeners out there will really take this
to her.

Speaker 4 (28:29):
You are being By the way, the jests of this
conversation of what happens in that scene where she's like,
I want you to touch my meat bar or whatever,
That's what happened. So that's one of the funniest, funniest
deliveries of lines is when Josh Gad is like, and
I can't wait to see your meat bar. I was
on the floor. I was like, Josh when he does

the bear claw retract control.

Speaker 1 (28:54):
We've all been there, his little back tto. Yeah. I
have a tramp stamp and I show and when I
show people, it's over the years, is it has become this,
you know, faded and distorted. I don't want to get
it touched up.

Speaker 4 (29:08):
But whenever I have many tattoos. By the way, I
have a tramp stamp. Are you calling on a sharpie
this morning? Does not qualify as a stamp.

Speaker 1 (29:20):
It's a bull. I have a Brahma bull.

Speaker 7 (29:24):

Speaker 1 (29:25):
No, no tattoos. Do you have any tattoos?

Speaker 4 (29:27):

Speaker 1 (29:28):
Man, I don't know what it is. I just don't.
I don't think I I don't think I want anything
permanently on my body.

Speaker 4 (29:35):
That's my problem. I'm look, I love tattoos. I'm just
too wishy washy. I would go into a tattoo parlor
and walk around and look at all the photos and
get down to like three, and I would go back
and forth around the three and then it's way too permanent,
and then I'd walk out.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
I mean, I've been to a million tattoo parlors and
it kind of went like that. You know. I have
friends who are tattoo artists that are always like, when
you're ready, it's on the how else? And I'm always like, ah,
I see you next week. That turns into ten years ago.

Speaker 4 (30:05):
You know what I realized. I don't think anyone on
our cast has a tattoo.

Speaker 1 (30:10):
Some of Max's moles are tattoos.

Speaker 4 (30:12):
He put them on for a character and development. He's like,
just tattoo I'm on.

Speaker 1 (30:16):
And Jake's chest hair a lot of that tattooed on,
a lot of that tattooed off, for sure.

Speaker 4 (30:23):
I mean, I wouldn't be surprised also by the way,
so that we just have to dive into it for
a second, because I think it's like one of the
fun things about this episode of who is everybody really?
And the old Nick thing, right, because at the end
he goes into a cardboard box and puts on a
tin foil hat and goes poo poo, poo, poo poo poop. Right,
But he says so many things like is he just

like an observant guy who just like has been sitting
at the bar and realizes he heard, like overheard Nick
say something about writing, or overheard Nick call someone a clown,
or can just see that that girl likes him and
he can tell that Nick kind of dominant, is gonna
do something dumb, so he's saying things that sound smart
and he really is a crazy man? Or is he

from the future? And then that's the big distract at
the end.

Speaker 1 (31:13):
Yeah, I'm gonna go with the latter. I'm gonna go
I'm gonna go with he's from the future. But I
like that too, but maybe not from the future. I mean,
it depends on how you look at the future, you
know what I mean. I think this. I think there's
some sort of inner dimensional travel going on here, different timelines,
you know what I'm saying. That information could be you know,

it could be encoded into this Perton. He he just knows.
He's just from a different timeline, that's all.

Speaker 4 (31:41):
He's just intuitive. Maybe he's just really intuitive.

Speaker 1 (31:44):
You know sometimes you just know a person, you just do. Yeah,
you're you're you're another timeline, that's all. That's all it is.
And you're connecting your you're crossing paths. Sorry to go
this deep Uh, welcome to our show listeners, but you
know we're going there this episode.

Speaker 4 (32:02):
I really wonder though, like why it didn't come back.
I feel like like tran like that was kind of
like in the same wheelhouse right of It's like he's
it's like a daddy issue with the Nick Miller character,
Like he wants someone to guide him. He wants someone
to say, look, you should say sorry, Hey, look you

know you're gonna make mistakes. I think that's what he's
looking for, like deep down, I think because you see
who he's really drawn to that and what he wants
to believe.

Speaker 1 (32:35):
Or also, people aren't that complicated when you really think
about it. There are simple solutions to a lot of problems.
I think sometimes we overcomplicate them. So when he's at
the end. You know, he's like, what should I do?
He just says, make her an old fashion. He could
have said anything in that moment. He could have said anything,
make her an old fashion. You could have said talk

to her. He could have said, you'll know what to do,
you know what I mean. It's just sometimes you just
need to hear something or or just a suggestion. He
just said, makeing no fashion, and it happened to work,
you know what.

Speaker 4 (33:08):
It's also a super sweet ending to this episode, and
I and I really like like the tenderness of it
because there's no like joke in that moment where she goes,
what are you gonna do to me? And he looks
at her and you see in his eyes, I couldn't
do anything. And so when she goes like no, like

really and the worst thing that he could come up
with that he would ever do, right is he's gonna
get drunk and be in her closet, which is really sweet.
Like it's one of those moments. It's the finny little
foundational blocks of like Bill Well, it's not like saying
like I'm gonna cheat on you, I'm gonna you know
what I mean, because that's what every girl is going like,

what do you mean you're gonna hurt me? What are
you gonna do that could hurt me? And it's like, oh,
you're gonna be just like a dumb boy.

Speaker 1 (33:55):
Say something. Let me tell you something, Hannah, she know me.
Don't pee on my clothes, cheat on me. I don't
want to. I don't because here's the thing that you
gets dried up. You don't know they did it. You.
You put your favorite you put your favorite jeans on,
you walk outside, and everybody's calling your piss pants because
you just smell, you stink and you don't know who
did it. You don't know who the culprit is. Now
you have this reputation going on and on. Oh that's

the man who smells like urine and you don't know
where it's coming from. And you when you wash those
pants and then you're gonna put on a different pair
of sweatpants the next day, those smell like urine. Now
you start questioning to yourself, do I piss myself? And
I don't know do I dry piss? Because you would
know if it was moist, but it's dried up. Do
I dry piss?

Speaker 4 (34:33):
It's just vapor and steam at this point exactly.

Speaker 1 (34:36):
It's cheat on me and know and I know then
I know, cheat on me. Please, I'm begging you to
do it. Don't be shit. There you go.

Speaker 4 (34:46):
Ladies, if you're in a situation where you're just like
you're you're dating Lamarn and you're mad at him and
you gotta do something, cheat on him, but don't don't
put don't put any urine anywhere near his clothes.

Speaker 1 (34:57):
I'm not about the piss play.

Speaker 4 (34:58):
That's not It's not for me. I don't think that
that's where Nick was going with it. I like how
I said, this is like the sweetest part of the episode,
the sweetest part of the episode.

Speaker 5 (35:11):
And I'm saying I'll just be on your clothes.

Speaker 1 (35:29):
Also, I will say this in this episode. I think
it's strange that we normalize and it happens in movies
all the time, it happens in TV, it happens in
movies often. In this show, we did it. We normalize
have it sex in a public bathroom. But whenever I
do it, the cops are called. Okay, whenever I do it,
I got some explaining to do, I got some bribes

to you know what I'm saying. I gotta put a
little dollar in the pocket. Hey, don't let don't tell TMZ.

Speaker 4 (35:55):
You know, here's the thing. If you heard a woman
in the men's bathroom, would you just would you assume
that she's being harmed and kick in the tall door.
I was like, what a reaction from the claw? Yes,
what I mean? And his By the way, this is

why Josh Kad is an incredible, like dramatic performer. Is
the pain in that scene where he drops to his
knees and screams, what is happening? And I loved you?
And you believe it so deeply? Oh, like so deeply. Yeah,

He's it's so funny.

Speaker 1 (36:42):
That came from somewhere.

Speaker 4 (36:43):
It came from somewhere.

Speaker 1 (36:44):
It came from somewhere. I could tell you if I've
I've walked in on weird situations before in my past,
and I know the feeling. Oh it hurts.

Speaker 4 (36:56):
Oh that would be my nightmare, my absolute nightmare.

Speaker 1 (37:00):
Oh yeah, that's one nightmare. I may have had nightmares
about this.

Speaker 4 (37:04):
I just I just saw like a TikTok video of
it's very cruel prank. I would never play it, but
it's of a wife when the husband like you're like
by honey, love you, and it got off to work.
You wait a minute and these end at text and
be like, Okay, he's gone, come over, and then you
watch the car reverse all the way back off and

that man run up the stairs coming over.

Speaker 1 (37:32):
Yo. I that that one one. It's a very good one.
That's a very good prank. But it's also like, it's
very it's very what do you call it? It's uh,
you're you're you're you're towing the line there because.

Speaker 4 (37:49):
I know you're going a real reaction right now.

Speaker 1 (37:51):
Well, because here's the thing. What if you let's say,
let's say I were a cheater. Let's say I was
married and I was a cheater, and I I was
texting my side, you know, my side, bay, Hey come
oh she's gone come over, and then my wife came
back in. I would That's what I would do. I
would say, oh, I was just joking. Hai, it's a prank.

You've been punked. That's what I would do.

Speaker 4 (38:17):
So can I tell you what I would do?

Speaker 1 (38:18):

Speaker 4 (38:19):
Okay if my husband text like she's gone, you can
come over. This is why. That's what I'm telling you.
A fourteen year old girl that was like hello, okay,
let me tell you. I would go around the block,
park at the end of the block, out of side
of my house and my car and not.

Speaker 1 (38:35):
Why you're whispering, and I would wait.

Speaker 4 (38:39):
And that's when then I would know my husband probably
sweating because it goes like she didn't run back. She
run back, so she's just sitting somewhere mad.

Speaker 1 (38:49):
Oh yeah. I would block up.

Speaker 4 (38:53):
And I would probably sit there for hours because I'd
be like, she's running late, but maybe she's coming.

Speaker 1 (38:58):
But then jokes on you, jokes, but.

Speaker 4 (39:01):
Now it's real because then the anger gets Oh my good.
That's a dangerous game. You never know how someone's gonna react.
I'd be sitting there on the block being like, when
this car and then he probably ordered in breakfast and
that boar Postmates guy, he's gonna get it the pores
mads delivery woman. I'll be like, oh, you brought coffee too.
I just got to never please give me five stars.

Speaker 1 (39:26):
No, yeah, that would be a terrible one.

Speaker 4 (39:27):
For terrible one. Okay, before we jump into a true
American I just want to say one thing. When I
heard the description of just describing great sex, which is
one of the funniest things I've ever heard. It reminded
me of watching Blackadder. Did you ever watch black Adder?

Speaker 1 (39:49):
I've seen black at him.

Speaker 4 (39:52):
Johnson slightly different. It was Rowan Atkinson's incredible series and
each season was a different era in history and it's
really funny and really weird, and so it's old, but
I will never forget. There was a guy called Lord

Flashart and he's just this very like alpha guy that
always has women and is the complete opposite of a
Ron Atkinson's character. And he's always like comes in and
he always hays like a woman that he's just like,
you know, kind of like grabbed his notes hip and
he uh, I'll just never forget. I mean, I probably

haven't watched the show in like twenty years, but I'll
never forget. He goes, Lord Flashart says he's a pilot.
He said, uh, you gotta treat your uh women like
you treat your the plane. You gotta get inside her
seven times a day and take her to heaven and back.

Speaker 6 (40:54):
What he woofs at the end, what he got inside
and seven times I take it to heaven and back wolf.

Speaker 4 (41:02):
And I was like, I don't know how old I
was when I heard that, but I was just like,
wait a minute. I was like, this is happening to
someone seven times a day and they're trying to take
it to heaven and back. And then the woof. I
was like, yes, exhausting, seven times a day.

Speaker 1 (41:25):
That used to be. That used to be the number.
Right there, I remember those days seven times.

Speaker 4 (41:31):
Okay, Oh, where's the bear? Now it's time for where's
the bear?

Speaker 1 (41:37):
Where's the bear?

Speaker 4 (41:39):
Where's the bear? Is brought to you by Hyundai. When
it comes to your journey, Hyundai is thinking of every mile.

Speaker 1 (41:45):
I saw it, Well, go ahead, I don't even need.

Speaker 4 (41:49):
To go ahead. Hello, bear claw comes what silver platter?
Not only do we have bear claw, we had the
bear claw tattoo. Okay, so there's the bears everywhere. I
think there's like a bear in Winston's room. Of course,
I got the bear on the fridge, YadA, YadA, YadA.
But this there's a whole character called bear Claw. And

then they showed the bear claw. John Proven, thank you
so much, thanks for helping us with our bear hunt. Hyundai.
Remember with Hyundai, it's all about the journey. Whatever your destination,
they've got the latest tech to get you there safe
and keep your passengers entertained along the way from shopping
to buying to owning. Hyundai has your back. Learn more

at Hyundai USA dot com.

Speaker 1 (42:34):
You know, you know, sometimes when the truth is right
in front of you, the answer is right there in
front of your face. I didn't even realize that.

Speaker 4 (42:44):
That's why I'm the one on the bear hunt.

Speaker 1 (42:47):
That's true. I'm gonna let you keep hunting bears on
one bear's gonna turn around and get you.

Speaker 4 (42:52):
That's what I'm hoping, go get me. That's fine, dark shit,
I know, I know. True American, all right, True American folks.

Speaker 1 (43:12):
It's about that time. You want it, I want it.
We all want it at the same time. It's true,
American folks. We are back. Yes. Indeed, the regular listeners
they know what time it is. If you're just catching up,
it's when we dig deep and we ask each other questions.
It's that simple, now, Hannah, A question for you. If

I had a terrible day, yes, and came to you
for a drink, what would you make for me?

Speaker 4 (43:41):
Okay, all right, So it depends. It depends. If you
are having a rough day, you do not you want
a non alcoholic beverage, You want something new, delicious, filling,
tantalizing on the taste buds, kind of comforting. I would
make you a mango lussy.

Speaker 1 (44:05):
What the hell is that?

Speaker 4 (44:07):
It's like an Indian milkshake. So I would put fresh
mangoes into my blender. I would put milk and I'd
put a little like cardamom and blended up super frothy,
so delicious, so good for you, so yummy. Now, if

you came over and you were like, no, I want
like an adult beverage, thank you so much, Here's what
I would make for you. I would make my twist
on a Tom Collins. Because I remember we were shooting
New Girl. I had a day off. I had a
lot of days off on this episode. I had almost
all the days off, and I was watching Chinatown. I'd

never seen that movie before, and Faye Dunaway is sitting
in a bar and I paused the thing and I
was like, I know this bar, and it's the bar
we shot at the Prince What yes? And I was like,
oh my gosh. I was like, this like iconic movie,
an incredible action. I mean, that's the bar we all
do dumb stuff and that's so weird. And she says

I'll have Tom Collins. So I pause it and I
was like, what's that? So I google it and I'm like,
that actually sounds quite refreshing.

Speaker 1 (45:19):
What's in it?

Speaker 4 (45:20):
It's gin, tonic, lime and sugar, sugar cue. Yes, it's
really refreshing, really delicious. So I was like, all right,
So I went for a little walk, went and bought
all the stuff, came back, made a couple of Tom
Collins and then continue watching the movie. And it is

delicious and it's still my favorite drink. I just don't
put the sugar, and I put in about three times
the amount of lime to make it a little more
tarch than sweet. That's what I would make for you. You
would have options.

Speaker 1 (45:52):
That would That's that's more. I do love a gin drink.
I'm a the grony, the grony guy. I definitely love
a good.

Speaker 4 (46:00):
I would give you Hendrix and like fever tree and
then fresh limes off. I have a tree that grows
lines in my backyard, so that's that's what you'd be getting.
Like right, fancy the business that's.

Speaker 1 (46:11):
Fair from my neighbor's tree.

Speaker 4 (46:14):
You can steal from my tree anytime.

Speaker 5 (46:16):
Do we go?

Speaker 4 (46:16):
Lemons here too?

Speaker 1 (46:18):
Listen, I love your I love I love the Tom Collins.
That that's a very accurate one. That would make me
feel better. If you want to see my bad day
get worse, give me that mango smoothie thing because I'm
lactose intolerant and.

Speaker 4 (46:32):
Can make it a coconut milk.

Speaker 1 (46:34):
Well, it's too late. You already said milk.

Speaker 4 (46:37):
I should I should have asked if there is any
restrictions in your diet for play play.

Speaker 1 (46:41):
Yeah, that'd be that would throw off my whole pH
balance will be off so bad in my stomach. Now,
if I were to make you a drink, if you
already know you just said it one, you know, a Tom,
a Tom Collins with a bunch of lime, no sugar.

Speaker 4 (46:59):
That's right.

Speaker 1 (46:59):
But if you know Hannah, old school Hannah, Hannah could
out drink anybody.

Speaker 4 (47:06):
That's true.

Speaker 1 (47:07):
I we and I'm not calling her an alcoholic, but.

Speaker 4 (47:13):
You know I have a tolerance in me. That must
be something that's just bizarrely genetic.

Speaker 1 (47:19):
Yeah, I you you drink like a Viking mm hmm.

Speaker 4 (47:24):
And yeah, we all go to the bar and everybody's
having some drinks. You're never gonna see me like the
stumble or fall or get messy or whatever. It just
doesn't have like an impact on me. I don't feel crazy.

Speaker 1 (47:37):
She hops in a car and she drives home. It's
always it's all I'm kidding everybody.

Speaker 4 (47:43):
I do not do that.

Speaker 1 (47:44):
Hannah usually so funny. She drinks. Hannah usually would drink,
and I didn't realize this, Like she would always say, hey,
let's go grab a drink. Meeting with different people. We
hung out a few times, but it was always like
around the corner from where you live, so you'd walk.

Speaker 4 (47:59):
That's right.

Speaker 1 (48:00):
I feel like, oh, this is why she's suggesting to
drink it.

Speaker 4 (48:03):
Elk Carmen, you love El Carmen. Is that still there
on Third Street? Yeah, that's about the business. Little door
has a great bar next to it El Carmen, and
then some and then Goal opened up, and then that
was on third Street. Live off a third. Yeah, it
was a really fun neighborhood to live in. Great bartenders,

like super sweet guys that a lot of them are
still there.

Speaker 1 (48:27):
Yeah, really really nice. I live in that neighborhood now,
but I would I would give you a nice bottle
of red wine. I don't know what. I don't know
what kind you drink.

Speaker 4 (48:39):
But here's the thing, this is the same thing like
with your lactose. I don't dig red wine.

Speaker 1 (48:44):
Really, is it just white wine?

Speaker 4 (48:46):
I like a like a really dry white or like
a rose or anything with bubbles.

Speaker 1 (48:51):
Oh, I thought you for some reason. Whenever, So all
those times you would say to me, you'd come to
Hannah would come to work, and she would go, guys,
I had the craziest night, me and my man Jesse,
we just we just sat back.

Speaker 7 (49:07):
We put on a drunk here men iry and we
cracked up in a nice bottle of what we might
have gone through a bottle and a half. I don't
know how I'm standing right now. It was white wine.

Speaker 4 (49:23):
Yeah, yeah, it's even it's everything is It's always the
tamest version of everything you've envisioned. Because then you would
share your evenings and I'm not going to repeat it.
I won't do that to you. I love you too much.
I'm not going to repeat it. And I was like, wow,
how are we so similar and so close as friends?
And we together we're having the whole human experience of

life because we are not crossing over in any of
our choices. Once we leave the set that's true. We're
the spectrum, the full spectrum of living.

Speaker 1 (49:55):
It's good to know that is good to know that
it's just white wine with ice cubes in it.

Speaker 4 (49:59):
And that's I do put ice cubes in it.

Speaker 1 (50:02):
I could tell I'm chitty.

Speaker 4 (50:06):
I'm like a chili. I like a chili. You can
put a little water down a little chili. Sometimes I
have it with a straw. Oh, I know, it's like
a sippy cup. I'm just I'm just a big baby.
You guys, that's it.

Speaker 1 (50:18):
Uh, indeed you are. Indeed you are.

Speaker 4 (50:22):
Now it's time to open up Schmidt's sex email Bag,
a segment brought to you by Hulu where I answer
a fan question. My favorite thing to do. I love
answering fan questions. Please keep sending them. I love it.
So this week's question is, Hi, Hannah and New Girl.
You got to wear two wedding dresses, one with Chivrange
and one with Schmidt. I was wondering if you had

a favorite, and if so, what did you love most
about that dress? Thanks? That's from Carrie p in New Jersey.
They were such different experiences. The one with Shivrang. We
actually went down to Artisia, which is basically a little India,
and I got to look through all of these incredible
Indian wedding dresses and they were gorgeous and try them

on and the jewelry and it was such a completely
different vibe, something I've never experienced before. It was really beautiful.
I've actually never been to an Indian wedding, so we
got to do a lot of fun research and I
really loved that dress and it was wonderful. And of

course Taylor Swift then shows up while I'm in that dress.
We I'll never forget it. And then the other dress,
h the one with Schmidt. We actually tried to have
some nods I remember to Indian culture and like there's
like a I feel like a Paisley print in it,
if I'm correct, And that was really cool. We actually
really worked on like designing it and making it feel

super special because we knew that was going to be
a huge moment on our show. And so I love
them both for very different reason. Yeah, it was really fun.
I never thought I would do a show where we
would have two weddings for one character. This was, by

the way, the most fun mess around we've had in
a while.

Speaker 1 (52:14):
Yes, indeed, Yes, indeed it was. I enjoyed this mess around.
Hope the fans out there enjoyed this mess around. If
you if you did enjoy this mess around, please even
if you didn't, just like this episode, subscribe button.

Speaker 4 (52:29):
Lie to us. It's fun. You can lie to us.
Please tag is in any videos of you side by
side doing the Jake Johnson slash Nick Miller leaping. Recreate
it for us. Please. The world needs it. It's so funny.

Speaker 1 (52:44):
The world needs it, like the world needs our merch.
So please make sure you go ahead and.

Speaker 7 (52:48):
Cop a mug.

Speaker 4 (52:49):
I was running the hoodie by the way walking down
the street the other day, and there I've never ever
worn something like with my own face on it, like
oh my back eyes all my hoodie, and so many
people liked it. They were just like, oh my gosh.
And then I would turn around they'd be like, oh nice,
tell you. I turn around and this to me, I'm.

Speaker 1 (53:06):
Like, hi, it's listen. It's great material. It's the best material.
It's the highest quality material. I don't think you find
any other material.

Speaker 4 (53:15):
Outa I love this material. Yes, and Queen, let's if
babe listening, you want both our listens.

Speaker 1 (53:22):
I'm Colin rolls to the band love You Love, mm hmmm,
love your Head.

Speaker 2 (53:32):
You've been listening to Welcome to Our Show, a New
Girl recap podcast. Welcome to Our Show is a production
of iHeart Radio, hosted by Zoe de Chanel, Lamur and
Morris and Hannah Simon. Our executive producer is Joel Monique.
Our engineer and editor is Daniel Goodman. But Welcome to
Our Show theme song was written by Zoe de Channel,
performed and produced by Zoe d Chanel and Pierre de Reader.

Follow us on Instagram at Welcome to Our Show Pop.
If you have a question you'd like us to answer,
you can email us at Welcome to Our Show Podcast
at gmail dot com. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and
share far and wide.

Speaker 4 (54:05):
Thanks for listening. We'll hear you next week.
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