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June 19, 2023 49 mins

Welcome back to our show! Hannah and Lamorne are holding down the fort while Zooey is out making another amazing movie. Hear about the time Hannah was mistaken for Kim Kardashian by the paparazzi, how Lamorne reacted to his ex being an extra on New Girl, and Hannah's unrequited friend love.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Ring, ring ring, ring, Man, I please speak with Zoe.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Oh hello, Lamar, let's patch in Hannah.

Speaker 3 (00:10):
God, I forgot what it was like working with you guys.
I really love I wish this was the podcast. Let's

just talk about Eric under his deck and the myth
of the Big Deck.

Speaker 1 (00:35):
I could call him. I could call him right now.
Do you want to call him and ask him? You
want to call him? Hey, Eric, we're doing a podcast
right now. What's going on?

Speaker 4 (00:43):

Speaker 1 (00:43):
You got you got you gotta you got a solid.

Speaker 3 (00:45):
Ten Hey am Rada.

Speaker 1 (00:48):
I was just holdo. I'm not I'm a FaceTime Eric
right now. And this is gonna be part of the part.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
Does record? I gotta go? We got?

Speaker 1 (00:57):
I hate I hate record already. I hate record right
and I.

Speaker 3 (01:01):
Just gotta know, try recording again? Why?

Speaker 1 (01:04):
I just gotta know?

Speaker 3 (01:06):
But why?

Speaker 1 (01:07):
I just gotta know. Oh, it's Valentine's Day. There's no
way he's gonna answer this. So it's good Valentine's Day.

Speaker 3 (01:12):
Busy he has I know.

Speaker 1 (01:16):
I'm stuck with Hannah.

Speaker 3 (01:19):
I'm so sorry. No, that's okay, that is a fact.
That's what. No, that's an appropriate response.

Speaker 1 (01:24):
I'm over here with I don't want.

Speaker 3 (01:26):
To be stuck with me either. If I could have,
I would too.

Speaker 1 (01:31):
I'm gonna leave a message, a bellive a message. I'm
leaving very very and Hannah, you're gonna leave my message too.
Although he can't hear you right now because you're in
my ear.

Speaker 3 (01:41):
You know, this is part of I say Hey, I
love Eric.

Speaker 1 (01:45):
This is part of the podcast. Hey Eric Man, me
and Hannah are doing this podcast right now, and you know,
we just do this new Go recap and and we
have we start the podcast off with, you know, something
that's kind of clouding our day or whatever's been going on.
And the thing that we're curious about is how do
you do it?

Speaker 2 (02:02):

Speaker 1 (02:03):
Are you walking around here with a solid ten? Huh?
Are you walking around here with a soft eight that
moves up to a strapping Well, what's going on? Man?
You know, Hannah and I were just curious about it.
And you know, get back to us. Man, We love
you and we want to hear. We want to hear
more from you. Look at look at the look on
that his face is.

Speaker 3 (02:26):
How many times have you left a message like this
for a friend? I need the inches. I need to
know your inches.

Speaker 1 (02:37):
I gotta listen. I gotta know, only because you know,
she's someone who I've been after for a while. She
doesn't respond to any of my showing up at her
house unannounced.

Speaker 3 (02:45):
She did a movie with Jake Johnson.

Speaker 1 (02:49):
Yeah, I know she She was a new Girl. You
know girl, she was a new girl. Fun fact, she
was an episode of New Girl.

Speaker 3 (02:58):
Was Eric was Eric? Every new girl?

Speaker 1 (03:00):
Eric was never a new Girl.

Speaker 3 (03:01):
I don't think I did a movie with Eric called
Flock of Dudes.

Speaker 1 (03:06):
That's right, fantastic.

Speaker 3 (03:10):
But anyway, the randomness of today, talking about friends and
talking about love, talking about sex, that's all in this
episode two oh three of Fluffer. Give us the Recapitla mourn.

Speaker 1 (03:26):
Let's go for luffer. Yes, okay, so here's the deal.
Just needs to be mentally stimulated before she can get physical. Now,
if you guys don't know what a fluffer is, google it.
Just don't google fluffer with xxx afterwards, that's strange.

Speaker 3 (03:40):
Just don't go to Google images. Just google and do
the words the words page.

Speaker 1 (03:44):
The Wikipedia page for fluffer. Now you enter the new
bestie Nick. Right. He makes her laugh, He makes her,
He makes her dinner. He makes her laugh at dinner sometimes,
you know he takes trips to the second closet ikea,
you know what I mean, and then he even builds
her dressers. That's his thing. He does all that type

of stuff with Jess before she goes off and bones Sam.
That's strange. Now Winston feels like Jess is taking advantage
of Nick by having him fluff her for Sam, and
encourages Nick to set healthier boundaries with Jess. We've all
been there now. Meanwhile, Schmid is still spiraling from his

breakup with Ceci. Okay. He pretends to go to a
club and he wants to run into Kanye, but he's
really lightly stalking his ex. We've all been I've never
done that. I'm gone. I've never done that. I've felt
urged to do something like that, never done it. Okay.
I don't go to the coffee shop on Ventura that
she sometimes goes to. I've never done that. Okay. Now,

Winston's tag Romney maneuver gets them past the club security.
Schmid becomes Romney bait for some sorority girls. Now he
dubs himself Tug Tug Romney and he goes on to Day,
which is a very strange game. Unfortunately, these Romney super fans.
They sniff out Schmidt's lies quickly, and luckily Cec comes
over and helps soothe him with her dare I say,

her memories, her memories, her food, satchels for babies. Okay, Now,
Winston and Shelby, they're struggling like they always are, the
dry spell. You know, they're going through a bit of
a dry spell, and it causes Winston to cheat on Shelby,

but in his mind, which is something I think most
people do. Now, when he reveals his infidelity to Shelby,
she tells him that, you know, he could think about
whatever he wants and declares their fight over. Winston doesn't
think the fight is over because he doesn't think it
ever started. He's frustrated by this. Okay, they have no
action going on. There's nothing going on between these two,
and Jess decides to open up a dialogue with Sam. However,

things become awkward when he tells her the only reason
he would build furniture for a woman as if they
were married. Jess rethinks the way she's been treating Nick. Together,
they say healthy boundaries and settle on being friends who
are sometimes attracted to each other, and that's What Happens
two or three Fluffer directed by Fred Goss, written by
A JJ. Philbin.

Speaker 3 (06:19):
Oh, there's so much to dive into on this episode.

Speaker 1 (06:24):
Let's before we dive in. I got a response from Eric.
Before we dive in, I got a response from Eric.
He says, I never kiss and tell happy black his
three months.

Speaker 3 (06:36):

Speaker 1 (06:37):
He won't tell us but his black castrey months. So
I know he you know, he got that third good
Marshall going on. Okay, he got that.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
Okay, all right, Oh my gosh.

Speaker 1 (06:49):
Got that third good? All right, keep going.

Speaker 3 (06:51):
I also feel like we're probably the one million uh
text voicemail that Eric has gotten today. I think that yeah,
that was a and paste.

Speaker 1 (07:01):
Oh yeah, absolutely, yeah, Yeah, that's it. Yeah, he said
that to a lot of people.

Speaker 3 (07:09):
All Right, let's dive in. I mean, this is what
this whole episode's about. Relationships, boundaries, What makes a relationship
a relationship?

Speaker 1 (07:18):
Exactly? Exactly. I personally, I haven't gone through anything well,
I mean it's it's I've never been called out for
going going through something like this. But I do have
friends that you know, you do everything with, you know,
you you go shopping with them, You're there, You're the
shoulder for them to lean on, to cry on, you

give them dating advice. But I don't look at them
that way. I don't look at them the way they
look at you that way. They don't because I I
shait with the door open. Sometimes it's disgusting.

Speaker 3 (07:51):
Well, that's like true intimacy.

Speaker 1 (07:55):
They don't. Nobody wants that from me.

Speaker 3 (07:57):
Nobody intimates I mean to be honest with you. I
don't want to jump to the end, but I do
feel like the way this episode ends, where Nick basically says,
look exactly what you just said. We're friends, and yeah,
sometimes I build your dresser and sometimes, you know, I'll
make you a cup of tea and bring it to you.

And our friendship doesn't look like most male female friendships.
But we just have to accept that we are friends
that are sometimes attracted to each other.

Speaker 1 (08:31):
Yeah, have you ever been anything like that? You know,
I know right now you probably can't talk about it because.

Speaker 3 (08:36):
No, you know, what's interesting It made me think. What
made me think of is that? And it was about
a piece of Ikea furniture and I had a very
one of my best friends was a guy friend and
who was so sweet and so lovely and my like
our families knew each other, and it was so it
was just he was my best friend, and I knew

like girls he had crushes on, and I would try
to be like a wing woman. But yeah, we were
like in our sweatpants, watching you know, like a movie
three times a week and hanging out and getting food.
And to me, my brother wasn't living here at the time,
and so I was like, he's like my brother. This
is awesome like to have. I just know that companionship

my whole life of having a brother, and I love it.
But I remember we went to Ikea to get something
and there was this really it was like the higher
end Ikea, this kind of like cubby kind of thing
you put by the front door, and it was really
expensive and I couldn't afford to buy it, but I
was like, man, it's so great. And then he bought

it for me and then like built it and it
was in my house. And then I was like, oh,
I think my best friend really really like like likes me.
And I had to do a friendship breakup because I
loved him so much as my friend, and I realized
as long as we were making it and he was

such a catch and such a wonderful person. He was
actually like, never going to put himself out there because
he'd much rather hang out with me. And I think
his feelings were deeper and break.

Speaker 1 (10:08):
He wasn't going to put himself out there. He wasn't
going to put himself out there. You weren't going to
put out That was.

Speaker 3 (10:15):
I didn't have the feelings. I'm the jests. I was like,
I just I don't have the feelings. I don't feel
that way about you. I see you as my brother,
which is probably the worst thing that any man could
ever hear. Okay, we're driving back into the episode.

Speaker 1 (10:25):
Let's go Wow, can I just ask where is he now?

Speaker 3 (10:28):
I know we had a friendship breakup and then he
could go find someone else.

Speaker 1 (10:33):
And that man was none other than near Sorry, oh,
circle was up, Eric. So let's so let's dive back
into the beginning of this episode. You know a strange
thing happened in the beginning. Well, she leaves Sam in
her room with crayons.

Speaker 3 (10:56):
You know, he can't have casual sex. She realized it's
not working for her anymore. It's she thought she could
and she can't just go from do you walking down
the Street to like jump in someone's bones. It just
doesn't write to her. She can't do it.

Speaker 1 (11:13):
Yeah, so the the But in that moment, there are
little There was a little back and forth between her
and and and Nick, which I thought was funny. She says,
what did she say by shorty on the side? Why
can't I have a shorty on the side? Is that
what she said?

Speaker 3 (11:27):

Speaker 1 (11:28):
Uh she did, Nick said. Nick said, you know, you
didn't use that term correctly. I think she did.

Speaker 3 (11:35):
I think she did lose it correctly too. I just
think that tells more about Nick than it does her.

Speaker 1 (11:39):
Yeah, I was confused, but He's like, now, you can't
say it that way. It's like, actually funny enough, she
got it. She got it right. I got a lot
of I got a lot of shorties, you know, so
I get it. Also, something I thought that was very
interesting about and kind of timely, was you know, during
this time. I mean, obviously Kanye has been a huge

figure I think for a very very long time now.
But this obsession that this Jewish man as West I
thought it was that was very very funny.

Speaker 3 (12:14):
Oh if they could see into the future.

Speaker 1 (12:17):
Oh my gosh.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
One other thing I love in this episode, because there's
so many really teeny tiny nods to like series what
happens during the series, and they just give us like
little tastes. Is that they inadvertently put Nick and Jess
on their first like romantic date together, and as an audience,
you get to see what a perfect match they are,

that he can be like a bit of like an oddball,
goofy silly weirdo with her and she can do something
like smuggle booze into the fancy restaurant, which you would
think is such like a Nick character trait. Like it's
it makes you as an audience root for them, and
and it so early on because they don't get together

till way later. But it was such like a nice
little like gift that Liz kind of gave us of
seeing them be romantic and then seeing like the heartbreak
of the whole thing where it's him loving her so
much as a friend to do that for her so
she could be with someone else.

Speaker 1 (13:22):
And I like it because it was even set up
that everything surrounding it was set up as a date.
I mean they lived together, however they arrived they arrived separately. Yeah,
and then when I found to be also interesting when
and also telling a bit foreshadowing is when she gets

that message from Sam to leave. You could tell right
away Nick is like, internally, you know he's jealous. Yeah,
he's jealous.

Speaker 3 (13:52):
Yeah, it's sweet. It's like those old kind of rom
com moments. It felt this was another one of those
episodes that kind of just felt like a bit like
a movie because it had those kind of those these
moments that feel bigger than usually just like than a
twenty two minute episode of TV.

Speaker 1 (14:08):
It's hard for me to think of it as a
sweet moment. It's beautiful, for sure, and I get it,
you know. However, it's hard for me to be like,
oh man, that's such a sweet moment because we see
how they do it. We see how Sam and just
do it. It's aggressive. It's aggressive. Just imagine being Nick
on that date, knowing like, oh man, I just paid
for half a soup and shared this love and laugh

at her. Now she's about to just get tossed the
rout up room.

Speaker 3 (14:33):
Yeah, I know, I hate that for him, and I do.
I hate that for him too, But that's those moments
where you kind of really like root for them together.
Because Nick kind of comes off often as a bit, uh,
I don't know. On the the with some weird life
things that he likes to do that you don't automatically

think that Jess would be a really good pairing for him.
But then you see how far he's willing to go
to like support her, and then you all of a
sudden go like no, no, no, They've got the things
that matter, they got that foundation. Yeah, want them to
be together here. I think because we know it like
works out. That's why I think it's sweet. I guess, oh.

Speaker 1 (15:11):
Yeah, especially when you go back and rewatch it in
the moment, when you're watching it, as in twenty twelve
or whenever this episode came out. You know, when you're
watching it in the moment, it is a bit gut
wrenching for you because you're like, as an audience member,
you're like, man, this better payoff is better payoff.

Speaker 3 (15:29):
It's also one of those moments like this episode where
Winston like tells like this gives some really good advice.
He gives some really good advice, and like it's really
good for just to be called out. It's like that
moment with my friend who built the Ikea furniture, Yeah,
where I had to be like, Yeah, this person is
trying to play a long game. Yeah, and it's not

gonna happen, and so I have to like let him
go because it's he's not going to change what he
wants and I'm not going to change what I want.
And if I really care about you as a friend,
I gotta let you go. And it's hard, it's hard
to be grown up in the moment, and it's interesting
to watch Nick and Jess kind of navigate that. But
that's all Winston calling it out and naming it.

Speaker 1 (16:13):
Oh yeah, absolutely, my question for you. Yeah, moving moving
on to the Schmid storyline. Obviously, he goes on a
date with one of these super fans that they're Romney
super fans, you know in those in that in that moment,
you know what is what is going on inside a
CC's skull. You know when she obviously she's moving.

Speaker 3 (16:35):
At the club. Here's the thing that's so funny when
she sees him at the club. The thing it made
me think of instantly, and I'm sure you didn't notice this,
but it reminded me of it because it was a
big chat on set, is that Nikki al Care Nikki
Chestnut now married, who did my hair for many, many,

many many years on New Girl. She still cuts my
bangs to this day. She's the back. But we decided
she's like, oh cee, she's out of the club and
she's a models. You know, she likes to kind of
play with her look, and we pulled my bangs back. Okay,
I was wearing a red leather dress and we pulled
my bangs back, and there was an uproar on set.

I walked onto sets because it's not like our looks
got preapproved what we did with hair and makeup, because
there's it's a network sitcom, so there's you know, you
really only can kind of move on the scale between
like a four and a six. You kind of always
have to look the same for a decade, and you can't.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
Scale right there between a four and a six. That's
that's my playing area right there.

Speaker 3 (17:42):
That's right. You can't just show up and be like
I have a huge beard and massive hair now and
just make it work with a character. Network sitcoms don't
work like that. It's a very odd thing, especially when
you do it for a decade, to be like, oh,
sale bangs and long hair, got I got it, which
I find some comfort in it was great. But we
just decided like, oh, let's pull the banks back. And

I show up on set to shoot this scene and
it was just an and it's not so easy because
we had to really they're short, my banks. We had
to really HAIRSPRAYM she'll lack them back. It wasn't like
you could just drop them down and they would look
the same.

Speaker 1 (18:15):
I need yes, stressing me out ahead.

Speaker 3 (18:21):
So I just remember it was like this huge uproar,
and Nikki got pulled aside and she got spoken to
and it was and I was like, no, no, no,
this is me. I I wanted to do this and
I love this look and it's me. And they were like, okay, fine,
well this one time because there was nothing they could
do to fix it, and the scene was about to

shoot and they're like, but never again. And it was
so I still don't fully understand it to this day.
I don't know they thought I would be so unrecognizable
that people wouldn't know it's not CC or something. I
don't know. Yeah, I guess I just remember I'd forgotten
all about it, and then I watched me walk up
in the scene that I just remember them having to

like delay camera for ten minutes, so there could be
this big conversation about my bangs sticking up versus sticking.

Speaker 1 (19:12):
But well, I tell you this, I got face bangs
right now, I got mouth bangs. I got this, uh
these this hand of our mustache situation going on. And
when I walk down the street, this is not this
is not an exaggeration. People will see me, people who
I know, and ask me if I'm okay because I
just like to take walks, and they'll go, you good, bro,
like everything everything, okay, what are you talking about? And

they'll just the way they the way they describe my
look is that of a person who's destituting down on
his luck. And I'm like, my gosh.

Speaker 3 (19:45):
That's what the mustache does to your whole vibe.

Speaker 1 (19:48):
I guess. So you look like, you know, under a bridge,
you know. And you know me personally, I'm a beard guy.
I like my beard.

Speaker 3 (19:56):
I like my.

Speaker 1 (19:58):
Thank you. But this mustache, you know, it's it's been
really unsettling. So maybe I see what the network was
trying to do. They were like, we don't know, we
don't know.

Speaker 3 (20:09):
Well, they make that joke during this episode about like
the loft she looks like a loft troll usually, and
maybe that's what it was. They were like, usually you
look like a model on the show, but you look
like a troll with those bangs. beIN back. Don't do it.
Don't show your forehead. It's been to around. Nobody wants
to look at you.

Speaker 1 (20:27):
Is that the same club that you guys shot the
Models episode in?

Speaker 3 (20:30):
No, this was some weird little spot that they did
it in and was being doubled for something else of
the time, I feel like and I was like, how
are they going to make this work? And they're like,
we're just shooting in this one tiny corner to sell it.
So No, it wasn't. That downtown club is like day
own town, and I think the only ever booked it.
If you're going to be there like for like a
whole day.

Speaker 1 (20:51):
Well, I got a funny story about that particular scene,
us being outside in Winston having to cheat in his
mind the weird stare. We personally were not cheating in
my mind. I don't do weird stairs, you know what
I'm saying. I like kind, I'll put shades on. I
I like to put a nice pair of shades on.

I like to walk down the street. I like to
check out what's happening on each side of the boulevard,
you know, and I don't, And they don't know. I'm creepy.
They can't tell, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (21:21):
Here's the thing. Is that true? Do you think there's
truth in it that everybody thinks things about other people
that they wouldn't want their spouse to know.

Speaker 1 (21:30):
I don't think it's about everyone, but I think you know,
there's a statistic that says people think about sex every
sixteen seconds or something crazy like that. Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe that's just perverts. Think about.

Speaker 3 (21:48):
Perverts of America.

Speaker 1 (21:55):
They're all perverts, mind you. They pulled from the registry,
they bulked. They pulled one hundred people on the registry anyway. No,
So my point is about this particular location, right They
they they had a bunch of background actors there and
I see this one person in particular. They said, hey,

La Warren, you have to you have to look at
this particularly. This is going to be the girl that
you that you look at beautiful girl, dropped at gorgeous.
The reason why I could the reason why I could say.

Speaker 3 (22:27):
That, No, the scene where you look at me is later.

Speaker 1 (22:31):
No, no, no, no, no, no, you didn't have you didn't
have the banks. You didn't have the bank.

Speaker 4 (22:36):
Know how.

Speaker 3 (22:38):
Banks are up? Give me another one. Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Speaker 1 (22:42):
But the person that I was that I was assigned
to look at was the next girlfriend of mine. No,
and it ended terribly Yeah, it did terribly weirdly, but
they had said, oh man, this is the person you
have to look at, and I was so uncomfortable. I
was so off the by the end of it, though

they I didn't see her in the I didn't see
her in the cut. I didn't see her the cut,
So I was like, okay, have felt like, Yo, how
awkward was that? It was very awkward for me, very
very awkward for me. You know, go to our patreon
and I'll tell you the full story. But I can't
tell you.

Speaker 3 (23:22):
That's like my living nightmare.

Speaker 1 (23:25):
Yeah. Yeah, it was bad.

Speaker 3 (23:26):
Wow, and you survived to tell the tale I did.

Speaker 1 (23:30):
I did.

Speaker 3 (23:30):
That's some good tea. Piping that's hot and pipe in.

Speaker 1 (23:35):
Stop talking about it.

Speaker 5 (23:36):
I got right, wolcome shoes.

Speaker 1 (23:53):
Okay, So schmid Is is pretending to.

Speaker 3 (23:57):
Be by the way, One of the laugh out loud
lines of this episode is when he said you don't
want to say yeah, Solo Tug Time truly one of
the funniest that I should text JJ and be like
who came up with that joke? Because honestly, I was like,
I laughed out loud.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
Solo tug Time is so funny.

Speaker 3 (24:19):
I could have given him any name, and I'm like,
did you guys name him tug just for that joke,
because it's so worth it a thousand percent fully respected.

Speaker 1 (24:31):
Have you ever Have you ever been mistaken for someone?
You know what?

Speaker 3 (24:36):
Only once I was mistaken for someone and it was
the most surreal thing. I had just moved to La
I didn't know anybody.

Speaker 1 (24:44):
Oh my god, Walter.

Speaker 3 (24:47):
Babs is that you no? I remember? And a friend
of mine had also moved down here and he was
working for like a big record company and so he
had a little bit of income and a bunch of
them were going to NOBU and I was like, oh
my gosh, it's so fancy. I couldn't no boo and

I it was just really He's like, I'll pick you up.
And he had like whatever artists that you know he
was working with at the time, and picked me up
and in a limo, because that's back in the day
where that was like a flex like a prom limo. Yeah, well,
there's a bunch of us they're picking up. This is
like pre uber, so we all kind of loaded it.

I don't remember. There's definitely some shamps.

Speaker 1 (25:33):
I love some shamps and snacks.

Speaker 3 (25:35):
I love some shamps. So we pull up at Nobu
and get out and I had bangs that I had
pulled my hair in a ponytail, and all of a sudden,
I get out of this limo and a thousand like
flash bulbs go off, and I was like what. I
was like, who's here? So I'm like looking around and
they're screaming Kim Kim Kim, and they're like Kim Kardashian

and I'm looking for Kim Kardashian and I'm like, I
wonder where she is. I don't know where she is.
Is she over here? I don't know where she And
then I realized that they're taking pictures of me, and
my friend just grabs my hand and like yanks me
inside of Noboo to eat. I remember sitting there being like, oh,
she's gonna be so mad because I Am not trying

to be you. I don't know why. Maybe she was
coming there the same night and they got tipped off
and I just happened to get out of a limo
and they're like, close enough, take the picture, it's gotta
be here. Uh when she had bangs at the time,
she had bangs, and yeah, I guess it was like
a close enough situation that they were like, uh, that's fine.

And you know what years later, I would in those
first few years when I started a New Girl, I
would often get tagged in Geddy as Kim Kardashian.

Speaker 1 (26:56):
Oh wow.

Speaker 3 (26:57):
So yeah, so there was a moment where we had
a weird crossover. I've never been tagged in her bank
account though, so that's a bit of a shame.

Speaker 1 (27:04):
Well, we gotta do something about that. Yeah, Eric, Eric,
I know you know her damn. On multiple occasions, I've
I've you know, been this is a real thing. I've
been mistaken as that that dude from New Girl, and
I just let them.

Speaker 3 (27:25):
Are you that guy?

Speaker 1 (27:26):
You get there? Are you that guy? I oftentimes say no.
I say no a lot, but no, there's a I
once let maybe about I want to say, maybe about
ten minutes into a situation, met a girl at a bar.
She kept she thought that I was Jay Farrow from
not I get mistaken for people a lot. This is
the only time I've taken it far. We're at Roger Room,

maybe I forget some bar, and she thought that I
was Jay Farrow, and she was talking to me as
if I was on Saturday Night Live, and I just
let her do it for a long time. We're having
we're having conversation. I'm talking about Lauren Michaels. I'm talking
about like how the writer's room goes, and going on
and on, and finally I was just like, nah, no,
I've never been on Sadel I'm not Jay Pharah. It

didn't end well. She was very disappointed that I was
in Jay Ferrell. But that's okay, that's okay, that's okay.
But that's the only time.

Speaker 3 (28:22):
Just to take a pause from the episode, just for
one second, how do you answer this question when someone
goes like, oh my gosh, you look exactly look like
that guy from New Girl, like Winston, you look exactly
like him.

Speaker 1 (28:34):
He depends on my mood. I'll get it all the time.

Speaker 3 (28:37):
What do you say back, you say I am him?
Or do you say yeah, I do get that A lot,
what do you.

Speaker 1 (28:43):
Sometimes if I if I if I'm like not in
a very talkative mood, or if I'm like if I'm
in a rush, or whatever the case may be, I'll
be like, I'll be like, oh, yeah, I get that
all the time. And then I'll just like smile, laugh
it off and keep walking. And then it's like are
you wait? Are you him? And I'll just keep I'll
just keep going. But a lot of times I'll start
the bit by saying, really, I go, yeah, I get

the all the time. People always like that handsome dude
or that guy who's just so charismatic and charming, and
you know, I think he's the greatest, one of the
greatest actors. Yeah, one of the greast actors of all time. Actually,
I'll do that bit and then they catch on that
I am him, right.

Speaker 3 (29:19):
Because it's a hard one to get out of without
making them feel you know what I mean, I feel embarrassed.
I would be like, oh gosh, you wait a minute,
you are the person. What have I just said?

Speaker 1 (29:29):
I got annoyed the other day though someone did it,
Someone did that, and they wouldn't stop though telling me
that I wasn't him. After I tried to go, yeah,
it's really nice to meet you, and it was like, no,
you're not. And then they would they kept coming back
up to me and my friends to like complain that
I'm not him, and I was like, all right, this
is getting old now.

Speaker 3 (29:49):
Like I was sorry to disappoint you.

Speaker 1 (29:53):
Yeah, oh she said that on TV, he's he's she thought,
She's like, I'm shorter, you know, then I should be.
I'm not as charming as I should be. Yeah, I
look similar but much better looking on TV. She was
going in and I was like, you go sit your

ass down, get the hell out of my face. Is
starting to get weird now, So if you're feeling.

Speaker 3 (30:20):
Weird, we got to jump back in because I feel
like every single time we do a Hannah Lamore and
mess Around podcast episode, we should just call it like
the Hannah Lamore in Tangentle mess Around episode. There's no
way to say on track, there's too much to talk about.

We're two close friends where we just like we pop up,
that's just how we are. You're really getting insight not
only our friendship, but how we were for like a decade,
so that we could cover ninety topics in sixty seconds,
and it was like perfect conversation. Go bye, Okay, here's
the thing, the thing that I really got thinking about
with the Winston Shelby storyline. Does sex define a romantic relationship?

Speaker 1 (31:05):
I meet personally, I don't think it defines it, but
it is part of the definition, right, you know, I
think there are multiple things that that that you have
to take into consideration. However, if you are you are,
you know, young, but it doesn't matter. You know, you
don't have to be young. If you're physically attracted to

people and you have working tools, you know, every once
in a while, you should put those tools to use
and fulfill some of it, you know, you know, scratch
some of those itches. And if you're not, it causes
a person to wonder why not if you're not open
and communicative about it, about about the why not? That
where that's where it could become a problem. Now, there

are some people who who who aren't necessarily that sexually
motivated in relationship. That's truly is not part of the definition.
It's a bonus, it's a plug. But they both have
that understanding of that's what it is, Schmidt. I mean,
Winston and Shelby, they're on two different pages. I don't

think it's the sex. I think it's the communication. That's
what's going.

Speaker 3 (32:11):
Yeah, that's the thing too. I was watching because you're
just watching, You're like, well, this is not about the sex.
Like there's a reason why because if you were having
it before and then all of a sudden, you haven't
for close to a month right.

Speaker 1 (32:25):
Then, and he was tour.

Speaker 3 (32:27):
You know what I'm saying, He was on tour. You know,
it's you want to be like, well, what's changed and
why don't you And it seems like they had like
they were just incompatible and like their sense of humor
they were incompatible, and how they dealt with conflict, they
were like all of that stuff. You're just like, oh,
that's the thing. So that's just the one thing I

love about this show is that they present things and
they deal with it on the surface like we most
of us, especially in our twenties, when you're dating, do
like they don't have I don't want to be with
them right right, But then it's what they do. It's
so smart with the writing and this is JJ's episode,
who's so talented and so wonderful, but they they show

you those little insights to root causes of the relationships,
of of what's making it work or or what's breaking
it apart. But they let the characters deal with it
like you really would, right, But they let the audience
see these two aren't a really good fit.

Speaker 1 (33:30):
Well it's yeah, it's foreshadowing. No, you know, we'll talk
about that in another time. But what's really under the surface,
you know what I mean? Like, what's you know, And
it goes back to even in the beginning, why they
broke up, why they end up getting back together. Do
they actually know each other a lot? There's a lot
to impact there with their relationship. And I think obviously

if you're a fan of New Girl, you know how
it ends. But you know, communication is at its core. Yeah,
I think if you're not communicating, then who cares if
you're having section or not? Like that's you know what
I mean.

Speaker 3 (34:08):
There's so many like big meme moments that happened in
this episode that I didn't realize they all came from
this episode, right Like with Nick banging his head against
the pillow, like lying like a little toothpick and he's
banging his head against the pillow. I've seen that a
million times. The CC line about the Taylor Swift range

of emotions means I should come over. I've seen that
a million times. I didn't realize it was all in
this episode.

Speaker 1 (34:36):
Oh yeah, oh yeah. It's a lot of memorable moments
on this this show memorable moments shows. Was one of
the more memorable shows. I think.

Speaker 3 (34:47):
Yeah, And I didn't realize that. It's not like Fluffer
isn't one that I like think about a lot when
I think back of like, you know, my favorite New
Girl episodes. But I was like, oh wow, there's a
lot of things that the fans really like latched on
and have made like these big iconic moments coming off
of New Girl.

Speaker 1 (35:05):
Another thing. Yes, And people ask all the time, you know,
because Nick Nick, I don't know if this is just
a Jake Johnson thing. He loves getting into slap fights.
I've been in multiple He's been in a lot with Schmidt.
It's just and what's interesting, I think the script will say,
the script will say one person slaps Nick and that's it,

just to keep them in line. But Jake always goes
back and it becomes a whole thing where you're like,
you got heavy knuckles, bro, Like you can't your palms.
Your palms are very very rigid and dry, like you
can't you can't slap my face like that. And Jake
loves to and he's not and he and he's not.

He's not careful, you know what I mean. I'm very delicate.
Jake is not careful. We get into a slap fight,
and yet again I have a headache because he's clocking
like like aggressively, you know what I mean. So for
those out there who are probably wondering, yeah, that shit
was real. Yeah, that shit hurt.

Speaker 3 (36:09):
Here's what's interesting though, because there's a little bit of
what goes around comes around and what you're saying. Because
later in the series, and we'll get to that episode,
but it was in I think the last season, right,
maybe Jake did that with another actor, right, oh, yes,

and he got really really hurt because it went a
step too far yep. And it was bad. It was
bad for everybody all around, and it was an accident
and everyone felt super terrible. But that's that thing where
you're doing physical contact and when you haven't communicated and
been clear up front about how light we're gonna go yeah,
or how heavy we're gonna go yes, somebody's gonna get hurt,

and it's in our show. In our series, the one
person that actually got hurt and had to go see
a doctor because of a fight that happens in the show.

Speaker 1 (37:05):
Was exactly And we'll tell you more about that later.

Speaker 3 (37:09):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it was a crazy episode and
you know, it's really nuts. And when we finally do
that episode. I found this recently. I have a video
because I was for that episode. I was standing behind
the fake hallway door that's supposed to be like the
stairs of the building, so across from the elevator, in

that hallway, waiting for my cue to come out because
I joined the scene at a certain point, and I
took a little video through the window because I was like, oh,
this is funny. And it didn't catch the hit, but
it caught a lot of other stuff. So I'll drop
it when we do that. Yeah, I know, I've never
shared it. I should texted you. I've never shared it
with anybody before, kind.

Speaker 1 (37:51):
To turn it into an NFTE.

Speaker 3 (37:56):
WORLDSG. I was like, oh my gosh, yeah, you got
slapped a lot. You got slapped a lot that was
not scripted.

Speaker 1 (38:04):
I'm not okay with that. I still, I still, I
still have a problem sleeping at night. Overall with this episode,
you know what we learn about relationships, friendships? You know,
did you did you watch this episode? Take anything away
from it or these lessons that you've already because it

sounds like you know with your ikea friend, these are
some life lessons that you already know.

Speaker 3 (38:31):
Yeah, I mean, I think that that, which is funny
because that was pre New Girl, that wonderful friendship that
I had. But this, this episode reminded me so much
of that stage in your life where you can't ignore
certain signs right and you have to kind of do
the hard thing. And I just thought they wrote that

scene so beautiful of confrontation between Nick and Jess right
where she's like, I'm not that, you know, and then
he's kind of breaking open too and talking about, well,
I am attracted to you sometimes, and I'm okay with
that actually because I don't actually like have sex with you,
the intimate with you, but I can accept that. And
then realizing that every relationship looks different, friendship, intimate relationships,

all of them look different, and as long as you
can both set the boundaries and respect them, then that's
what works for you, right, I think that. I don't know.
It was really interesting because I know that so many
of us have friends of the opposite sex and you
kind of just have to you do have to figure

out where the line is.

Speaker 1 (39:44):
Yeah, I think so. My takeaway from this thing from
this episode was that you're okay to cheat.

Speaker 3 (39:52):
I know, cheat in your mind. I really was like
a big thing for Winston to say, to be like, well,
everybody or who says it to him Max Schmid says it.
He's like everybody does it. That's just normal, like a
human instinct to like fantasize and think about other people.
And it's okay.

Speaker 1 (40:11):
Yeah, I think that really.

Speaker 3 (40:13):
I mean, my brain does not work like that at all.
It just doesn't. It doesn't do. You know me well
enough to know it does.

Speaker 1 (40:20):
Sure, when the transport guys show up on a new
girl wearing those tight jeans, no, wearing those Confederate flags
of the shirts, you show.

Speaker 3 (40:30):
No thank you, no thank you to everybody, just no
thank you. Oh my gosh. That is Honestly, if you
see me looking at you and my eyes kind of
glaze over, it's because like I'm hungry and I'm thinking
about like can I pick up my phone and look
at the postmades app or something like it's there's no.
That's not where my mind goes to. There's no. Yeah,

it's all you know, I'm a child of like the nineties,
it's all like stranger danger. I'm not interested in the
stranger danger. I don't know you. I don't know where
you've been.

Speaker 4 (40:58):
Everybody thinking about you're doing. Everybody's terrifying, everybodys terrifying. Hannah,
I got a question for you. Yeah, it's a very
serious questions. I'm not sure if you've not sure, if
you've taken a dive into this episode to find the bear.

Speaker 3 (41:17):
Now it's time for where's the Bear?

Speaker 1 (41:21):
Where's the Bear?

Speaker 3 (41:23):
Where's the Bear? Is brought to you by Hyundai. When
it comes to your journey, Hyundai is thinking of every.

Speaker 1 (41:28):
Mile Anna, where's the bear?

Speaker 3 (41:30):
Where's the bear? Where is the bear? You guys know
I hunt high and low every single episode. I will
say this season, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need help
from a lot of you listening. Okay, because it's hard
for me to admit this. You guys know that. But
so far in this episode, I have not been able

to find a bear other than the bear on the refrigerator,
which I know Zoe thinks is a cop out, so
I don't like going there. Please DM me, email us,
go on our Instagram, tell me if you find it,
and then I can update everybody. Where's the bear? Thanks
for helping us with our bear hunt? Hundai. Remember with Hyundai,

it's all about the journey. Whatever your destination, They've got
the latest tech to get you there safe and keep
your passengers entertained along the way. From shopping to buying
to owning. Hyundai has your back. Learn more at HYUNDAIUSA
dot com. I like this. By the way, I'm googling
like bear fluffer New Girl, and a Reddit thread comes

up episode New Girl, Season two, Episode three review Fluffer.
There's only one sentence. I'm gonna show two. Thought Winston
was great. That's the whole That's the whole thing.

Speaker 1 (42:54):
Glad to see my reviews are getting posted. You know,
finally people are sharing.

Speaker 5 (42:59):
My sh.

Speaker 3 (43:01):
Now it's time to open up. Schmidt's sex email Bag,
a segment brought to you by Hulu where I answer
a fan question.

Speaker 1 (43:08):
My favorite thing to do.

Speaker 3 (43:09):
I love answering fan questions. Please keep sending them. I
love it. Hey, Hannah, we never get to see Ceci's
room when she's single, and I always wondered what that
room would look like. What posters would you have on
the wall, Would it be clean or messy? What do
you think CEC's room looked like? Jeremy L. Kentucky, Huh.
I do remember we shot inside Ceci's room a couple times.

One was when she's super hungover and Jess comes to
get her and like a brush is like stuck in
my hair or something, and she has to I have
to go model, like on a car show. We peeked
in there once and I do remember there was another
one where I just remember turbin on or turban off.
I just remember that line, and it was in the room.

And the room always was really small because it was
to be a model's apartment. We're all sharing. It was
a small apartment, small rooms, and it was relatively clean.
I think she was relatively clean because I think she
didn't spend a lot of time there. I think she
was kind of out and about with her friends and
over at the loft.

Speaker 6 (44:17):
So yeah, I wonder what posters she would have had.
That's interesting. I never really thought about that. What posters
would CEC have on the wall. All I think about
when you when you ask me that question, is that
black and white picture that Schmidt had in his room.
I always thought that was like a really curious piece
of proper art.

Speaker 3 (44:37):
I don't know, maybe none, Maybe she's a minimalist. Welcome,
We're back and it's time for true American. A big question,

big game here. It is what songs would be on
your sexy mix?

Speaker 1 (45:18):
Triumph A Wlue, tank clamped. Hmmm, I can tell you
right now. There's a few pony A Genuine, Oh my gosh,
Oh my gosh.

Speaker 3 (45:31):
So I looked at this list right that Joel had sent,
like of all of the questions and the recap and
everything before I came on, and I was like, I
don't know what's song gonna be on my sexy I
guess pony by Genuine.

Speaker 1 (45:42):
Yeah, yeah, you gotta do it. You gotta have that
on there.

Speaker 3 (45:48):
But how weird that our brains went into the same
thing and that song came on. I would be like
I would feel like I was like in a full
music video. I feel like if a boy played that song,
I'd be like, oh, and like I feel like those
like automatic candles will just go and they'll like and
they like to go, and then they'll be like black
satin sheets or something, and I'd be like, not one one.

Speaker 1 (46:12):
That's all cups. I'm breaking out the baby oil and
I'm humping something. There's an ottoman, a couch.

Speaker 3 (46:19):
Like Johnson and Johnson's Baby. You'll be okay, gosh, I'm dying.

Speaker 1 (46:28):
I could think of g yeah, but also I would
be because sometimes you gotta slow it down, because that's
a bit aggressive. Sometimes you want to romance. Sometimes you
want to lay a person down on that ottoman that
you might have been using yourself. I don't know when
you were alone. You know, you find, you find a way.
So if you.

Speaker 3 (46:49):
Okay, wait, what's your slow romantic song?

Speaker 1 (46:52):
A Woman's Worth genuine Woman's Word by Max? Oh it
right now?

Speaker 2 (47:00):

Speaker 1 (47:03):
Did you do you hear all the panties melting across America?

Speaker 3 (47:06):
I just heard a bunch of dolphins lose their mind.
The dogs are howling.

Speaker 1 (47:11):
Dolphins communicate very well, and I'm a communicator. Ladies.

Speaker 3 (47:15):
Oh my god, I literally realized that you and I
are so simpatico and like romantic sexy music. That's right,
that's right, I never knew that in our whole friendship.

Speaker 1 (47:27):
We'll swap playlists. We will swap playlists.

Speaker 3 (47:31):
Well, we swapped sexy playlist. It would just be the same.

Speaker 1 (47:34):
Same songs. You stole my ship, that would be it.

Speaker 3 (47:39):
I forgot to give it to you. I still have
it in my hand. It's all the songs. So that's
that's the one.

Speaker 1 (47:42):
I gave you.

Speaker 3 (47:43):
What did we just become best friends? All Right, you guys,
we love you. Thanks for tuning in for this very
fun episode. Fluffer learned a lot. Can't believe an X
of yours was in this episode.

Speaker 1 (47:58):
Tea, oh tea one hundred percent. All right, folks, make
sure you go ahead and like this, Make sure you
subscribe to us. Make sure you go ahead and check
out our merch You know link is in the bio.
How fun would each other? To make sure you look
to your neighbor, whether it's your friend or not, make
love to that person with your permission, of course consent.

I think that's less of course.

Speaker 5 (48:20):

Speaker 2 (48:25):
You've been listening to Welcome to Our Show, a New
Girl recap podcast. Welcome to Our Show is a production
of iHeartRadio hosted by Zoe Deschanel. Lamur And Morris and
Hannah Simon. Our executive producer is Joel Mooney. Our engineer
and editor is Daniel Goodman. The Welcome to Our Show
theme song was written by Zoe de Chanel, performed and
produced by Zoe da Chanel and Pierre to Reader. Follow

us on Instagram at Welcome to Our Show Pod. If
you have a question you'd like us to answer, you
can email us at Welcome to Our Show Podcast at
gmail dot com. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and share
far and wide.

Speaker 3 (48:59):
Thanks for listening. We'll hear you next week. H
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