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March 27, 2023 47 mins

Welcome back to our show! Lamorne's flying solo as host, but long-time New Girl writer Berkley Johnson joins him to recap Neighbors. Together they discuss the inception of prankster Winston. And how Casserole Shanty went from a clever w-fi name to a nautical-themed restaurant. Plus, that one time Berkley set himself on fire and was totally cool about it. Follow us on Instagram @welcometoourshowpod.


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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Ring ring ring ring man. Please speak with Zoey. Oh, Hello,
lamar Let's Patch and Hannah God, I forgot what it
was like working with you, guys. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome back

to Welcome to our show. How have you all been
out there? I hope you're doing well. I hope all
of your hopes and dreams have come true. I hope
you get the job that you want. I hope you
start that company that you have been dying to start.
I hope you slept with that person that you've been
dreaming go sleeping with. And I hope that person is
laying next to you right now. And I hope you
guys are perfect harmony, in sync and madly in love

with each other, which is a perfect segue of to
who our guest is. On today's show, Folks, we're recapping
episode four of season two Neighbors with a very special guest.
For nearly a decade, he wrote for Conan O'Brien scratch
that I'm gonna say he wrote with Conan O'Brien. Conan
O'Brien could be so lucky to have known this person

did all that before writing on the hit series Single
Parents and New Girl that Recently, he wrote a hilarious
episode of the Sarah Borealis and Busy Philips show Girls
five ever fantastic show. This man is one of the
coolest and funniest people that I've ever had the pleasure
of knowing and working with. I've always said that this
man is someone who has and will help me hide

the body. So please welcome Berkeley Johnson to the show. Berkeley,
what's up? Man? Not thank you? It's a real treat
to be here. Thank you for thank you for being here. Man.
We've been doing this show for a season and you
are you are someone who has the inside scoop on
this show because for a long time you've been a

creator of this show. Uh, tell me, man, what's going
on with you? What's going on? We talked a little
bit about your your your your writing credits and such.
You know what what what are you working on? What
you got going on? You know? Um, very little right now? Um,
but uh, you know, just this hasn't been my favorite

three years in the history of time, but it's been
you know, it is what it is. And uh yeah,
just um, I don't know. I gotta say, none of
that matters because you worked on one of the greatest
shows of all time. Oh yeah, no, I'm done. I'm yeah.
Why are even why you even't try to uh to

to top you running around with a ski want to
wanting to hit people with it? Jesus that I gotta
say that was one of the more um interesting things
about my character development. Uh and I was. It's curious
what some of those I don't know, those discussions in

the writer's room looked like, because you know, for so long,
coming on as a new character on the show, you
have to piece certain things together and figure out storylines,
and you've lived with other storylines for other characters and
character traits for so long. But then you have this
guy who just pops up in episode two? Like, what
was that like in the writer's room? Was it hectic?
Was it kind of loose? I mean, I think has

has been well documented both in speaking Foreman by just
watching the show. We had took us a little while
to figure your character out because through no fault of
your own and entirely our own thing, and we were

very sleep deprived just in general. It was a long
couple of seasons. But um, anyway, and then when we
kind of just figured I don't even know what the
what the like figuring out moment was, But then I
think it really unlocked a lot of stuff and it
really like you were always great, we just weren't giving
you like enough to do. I think it was. I'm
sure you. I'm sure you humbly didn't feel that way.

You're like, no, no, I'm just here to support, but
no you Uh yeah, no, I'm dog shit. I'm dog shit.
I need to figure out. That's what I know. I
said support, but I meant dog shit. You didn't know.
I appreciate that. Man, you're being kind, You're definitely being kind.
But um, like with this episode, I vividly remember I

mean his vivid is again, you can remember anything when
you've been sleeping eight minutes a night, like on the
couch in someone else's office. But uh, we were beating
out the story and Nick was gonna be pranking Schmidt
and it was like he's really good at and I
was pitching out for Liz and she's and I was like,
Nick's really good at pranks, and she's like, what's Winston

And what's Winston's take on the pranks? And I had enough.
I'm like, well, he's really bad at pranks and she
like gave me like a Liz eye roll. Um. And
yet that became I feel like one of the most
through no credits to myself, just to you, one of
the most like few through lines of like seven seasons.
Was it like Winston's bad at Pranks? Yeah? Um, and

and it was? It was very fun. You know what,
I want you to hold that thought. Well, here's what
I'm gonna do for the folks at home, who if
you're just tuning in, I'm gonna give you a quick
recap of this episode, and then I do want to
dive right back into what you're talking about, because I
don't think I don't think a lot of people know
the origin of that. And you feel like people when
I just start talking about pranks in an episode from

eleven years ago, you don't think people immediately know what
I'm referring to that it needs a recap. I don't
think they do. I'll run this no, no, no, no,
I I love it, Please do, But I do want
to jump into this recap. So neighbors, we're talking neighbors.

Jess has reverted to a pre professional life. You know,
she used to be a respected teacher, and educator of
the youth. But now she just SLINKs casse rolls during
a day and watches TGIF every night. That Jess. Unfortunately,
some millennials they moved down the hall right. They embraced
Jess's regression, which causes Schmidt to lose his mind a
little bit. Now why would they love the casserole over

the successful and handsome Schmidt. Meanwhile, Winston, he reconsiders his
path after a test tells him that he will live
to be sixty seven years old. He at least wants
a job that means something, you know. He whips out
this amazing speech and demands his own show and the
title of producer. Now our man has his own two
a show which is fantastic. It's prime time for truckers.

Schmidt perceives a neighbor's rejection as an indication that he
is an old person. Nick exacerbates this fear by pulling
insane pranks on Schmidt. He removes a small portion of
his shoes, He steals the stuffing out of his favorite
chair and pretends schmidt tearing is gone. A Jess tries
to warn Schmidt that the kids they don't like him,

but he's persistent when he's trying to gain their respect
and actually begs just for help. Then he ignores all
of her suggestions at the party, just this cool low
budget web series Family Matters wins over the neighbors, but
when she learns that their parents still do their laundry
and they're all still aimless, she comes to her senses
and decides to grow up. Schmidt learns the kids don't

think he's old, they just think he's an ass hat,
which I'm still trying to figure out what that is,
but that title is perfectly acceptable or Schmidt, And that's
what happened on episode two or four Neighbors Boom. Now
let's jump right back into it. Let's start from the begetting.
I do want to talk about the idea of the
writer's room in the age gap between all the folks.

We're in the same age, so I'm imagining folks were
in their you know, early mid twenties, you know, maybe
early thirties writing on the show, and then there are
some folks you know who are a little older. Was
there ever that argument or was there ever that discussion
about millennials versus you know, you and me, and in

all that bs that goes on in society. Sure, yeah,
I mean I was on the older side, I suppose,
and I like was kind of um, but I had
spent so much of my life doing basically what the
neighbors across the hall we're doing, not like you know,
hula hooping and Indian artist chokes, but just kind of drifting,

drifting through life, and you know, just a staggering amount
of my like you know, twenties unemployed. So I like, really,
even though I'm unbelievably old and don't know what's going
on in the world, in the world in that sense
I did, there is like a fundamental truth to like,
oh yeah, when you're that age, you kind of just

hang out. I don't remember getting into a lot of
like fights about like no, it would be this way,
because I think once we decided like, oh, they're gonna
be fooled by Jess's like pretending TV show catchphrases are
her like sort of all realism goes out the window
and it's kind of just like, well, here's what we're doing, right,

because I love these I love I you know, I
remember watching that episode and kind of going back into
my own TV vault in my head, going damn alf Strangers, bro. Like,
these shows were these shows were what we grew up on.
That's that's all that we had, you know what I mean.
T g IF was our shit. So yeah, I feel

like and I feel like watch if someone were to
watch it now, they would probably it would be as
if we're like, you know, she's quoting like the Ed
Sullivan Show or like a radio show from nineteen twenty,
They're like, what are you talking about? Who? Like, it
just feels like it must feel so like archaeological, yeah

to today's even even when you look at just the
allity of it, it was it was dog hit. It
was bad. Yeah, it was not great, but we love
it just the same. Um it was on and we
loved it. That's all it's. That's all it took. Back
then you're like, it's there's a box in my house

and there's people on it, and I get that, I
get to watch it. Some of my parents say go
to bed, and that's like, really all it took. So
we are let's let's let's plow through this episode for
a second. That's the best way to get through this one.
It's flowing, no, because you know on normally, so what
happens on these you know, we're doing these. We're doing
this season a little bit different than we did the

first season. First season, you know, we would just do
a Q and A and just you know, talk about
stuff with your fans, and this one we want you,
you know, as a creator, to kind of help us
break down this episode a little bit um and when
we walk through it, who came up? We just talk about,
you know, some of the specific minutia and the details
of the show. So we've got we start with just

sitting under the couch, she can't find a job, and
then we go into you know, you know the pranks
you were talking about this earlier. Winston is someone who
and even till this day, people walk up to me
all the time and talk about fucking pranks. But I'm

watching this and I'm reminded that I'm not one hundred
percent sure I was the og prank Sinatra because it
was a it was a duo. It was it was
Nick and Winston when they were kids, and Winston was
actually really bad at it. But it feels like Nick
is like he's fucking fantastic at it. When you watch

this episode, it feels like this was unintentionally. It was
as if we decided we can only have one prank
person on this show, and this was sort of like
a like backdoor audition to like, who is more enjoyable
to watch pranking? Nick taking it really seriously, I'd be like,
sort of diabolically good at it, or is it Winston

also taking it very seriously but being completely yeah, completely
on mars Um and clearly it was the latter. There
was so much you know, it's way, it's almost always
more fun to see someone be bad at something than
good at something. I think that's sort of the one
of the basic tenets of New Girl and all television
I enjoy and life really absolutely Yeah. You know what

I found to be funny is that the the tag
on this when Winston and we we allude to it
when they're kids. When are you talking about hitting to
teat you with a ski? Again? The moment I'm like
watching it going like that'sh it's funny, It's really funny,
And then now like as I watch it again, I go,
did I hit my roommate with a ski? What is

cup of this? Crazy? Crazy? This is this loft? Uh? Yeah?
I think you know? Um, similar to like how we
don't really know, you know, was Tay Diggs. Okay, they
left them unconscious in that elevator and that coming to
he said, it's like everyone's fine. Yeah, you know, it's
just it's like a it's got kind of a you know,

Looney Tuns quality where fall off a cliff and with
a rocket up your butt and you're fine. Next the
next cartoon. Absolutely, Um so uh, we're sitting down at
the table and um, Winston is reading it with an
actuary is an actuary table? Yet an actuarial table? Actuarial table?

Are those real stats? It's you know, Winston African? What
does this African American men live? They have a life
of expectancy? Was sixty seventy years old? Was that a
real thing? I having not watched the show and this
episode and quite some time, and I rewatched it, like,
you know, so I could stumble through a few words
for this podcast, I like let out like an audible

gasp where I'm like Jesus, that's not very like I'm
I'm like sixty seven next year. But but I have
to believe that that. I don't know why we would
have done that if it wasn't like true true, at
least for a certain you know, slice of that demographic.
But yeah, because that freaked me out. That yeah, same

back then. I think when we filmed this episode, I
was twenty seven, twenty eight, I think I was twenty maybe,
And so now now being almost forty year old, man,
I'm like looking at that clock. You know, have these
stats changed? What am I? What am I doing? You know?
Am I drinking too much coffee? Am I drinking too much?

In general? You know, to try to out Um. So
when we when we moved through this episode, we also, um,
we realized that Schmidt. Uh actually, let's go back. Let's
just talk about the neighbors. That's the name of this episode.
Let's talk about the neighbors. Um, Chaz, Fife, Sutton and Brewery. Um.

I know, in life, I think I know a Fife. Really,
I don't know personally five dogs, you know, tribical questions.
Oh sure, I think that Chazz. I don't I see
those chats Dean. Yeah, but I don't know a Sutton
or a Brewery. Are these personal names that you guys knew?

I just I think this was this was the episode
where I, yeah, this was a delightful job. Really loved it.
There's also was a lot you're just we're just there
a lot, and you kind of started doing things to
sort of make it a little more like a game
for you. And this is kind of when I was like,

I'm gonna try to just sneak as many insane names
onto this show as possible. Yeah, um and like sort
of low level in furiate liz um. So it's kind
of I think I was sort of easy into it
with these four names. Um. Also, any turds. I really
started wanting to the word any turds into episodes, and
then this was the first one of those, I think,

and it shows up a few times. Um, And what
does that mean? No, like any turds? Like anyway, it's
you know, hilarious. Important. The important thing isn't in uh
true nouvial fashion your story where you're truly worried about
something very serious, which is like your mortality and uh

and then and and how you can you know, find
uh peace and joy in life and live longer. It's
like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it works. But here's what
that we'll do with that in the scene. So we'll
cut some scenes and then you'll be that'll be great.
But what's important is, uh is the names of these fuckers. No,

it works because it definitely plays it to who these
characters are for sure, and the idea that Schmidt wants
to to be friends with them and uh and can't
be you know. Yeah, so they go over there just
decides to bring a casserole um, which I which which

I think is stupid. You don't somebody's party. Well he
works in the episode, you know. Well, I gotta say, like,
this is really making me sound like I put no
work in on this episode, which is which in some
ways it is true. In some ways, no one's ever
were talking on anything then we did on these episodes. Um,

not to like great effect frequently, but um, the name
of my WiFi network was the Casserole Shanty at Home
because I just thought that would be quote funny. Uh
if like my neighbors in my building were like, is
there a casserole restaurant? Like like really just so that

had just been then, So that's pretty good. So they
like Jess needs a job, and I'm like, well, this
seems like a shitty place to work. What if she
worked at this this like nautical theme to castleball places,
that's pretty good. That's a pretty good one. But I
agree bringing it to the party, um was you know,
but what would you bring? What would you bring to
a stranger's house for a party. I mean I would

just bring whiskey, which is yeah, or I just would
not go. I think what you and Nick did? What? What? What?
What you and Jake do? Would you guys show up?
It's about I'd be like, all right, I get you,
this is crazy. Um, but uh yeah, I would bring
you know, yeah booze, a really elaborate flower arrangement. Would

you really no, Like it's like a maybe it's a
funeral to a funeral house party? Sure, some sort of
some some sort of you know, incredibly delicate pet that
they would have to like take care of for years
and years. I knew a guy who did that. He
up his dog off once and never came back. And
I would hear the stories about it all the time,

like because I knew the guy and he literally asked
him one the house sit and and then I heard
years later, you know he never picked that dog up.
I was like, what anyway, I digress, that's uh, well,
did did they learned to love the dogs they're up? Yeah? Yeah, yeah,
fell in love with that dog and hit my train.

He didn't that that story was entirely made up. My
mom used to always tell me, Um, my mom would
come to my house and she would visit me, and
my house is filled with alcohol. But it's not that
I drink a lot. It's just that I would have
parties and people would, you know, or even just invite
people that people just come by and they always bring something,
and it was always alcohol. Or every time you would

get a gift bag, it was always alcohol and so
and I would always bring alcohol. So my mom would
be over, Hey, I gotta go to this thing, and
I've gotta go stop good bottle of something and then
and then I'll take a small house. And for the
longest time, my mom was concerned that I had a
drinking problem, sure, because of all the alcohol that riddled
my apartment. In my house. Well, I mean, I know

you're in you're you're out of town right now, but
I've not seen any alcohol behind you anyway. Look you
look around that corner right there, right okay, and then
the little dugout. I can't get my hair in that
little corner right there, tons of bullet bourbon all right,
you're ready. Here, you're ready, You're ready to go. What.

Another thing I found interesting about this was that as
much as they hate Schmidt, they definitely spent the night
at their apartment. And I didn't realize that until they
walked back in wearing the same clothes, and until now
I was like, what did they did? They spend the
night across the hall? Well, just party tool that early
in the morning. I think they were supposed to be partying.

But yeah, it is a weird because there's one place
you're the least likely to stay over, it's probably across
the hall from your own apartment because there's like no
the barrier to entry of getting home is couldn't be easier.
You're like, I have to get up and walk eight feet.
But yeah, I don't know. It's not an airtight story.
I'll just get that out right now. There maybe some

holes here and there. One of the as many, especially
earlier episodes of New Girl, we had a real just
opus of a story that, once filmed, was an hour
and a half long and then had to be cut
down to twenty minutes. So there's like, you know, massive
kind of like holes where if I'm there to watch

it with you. I can be like, well, see, this
would make more sense if you knew that blah blah
blah happened, if we had to cut it for time.
But since I can only do that, you know, a
couple thousand times a year where I watched this episode
with people, there's a lot of people out there who
just aren't you know, probably getting it, but you know
it's been nice. Well you know, I didn't. I didn't
notice any holes. I thought that. I just thought that
was a very interesting fact. Yes, you know one thing

that I thought was cool about it, Um were the
the I guess, the the parallels between Winston being inspired
by Nick's drive, which is very random and his ambition,
and then Schmidt needing help from Jess to be cool.
That's kind of like a complete swap. Yeah, of that
was that intentional or we just happened to find ourselves

in this place. I think so because we'd sort of
done um, the opposite of fair amount. It seemed well
that you know that where Jess is the is the
like motivator and the like come on, guys, let's do this,
and that like Nick is the the anchor, and that

Winston is generally like very enthusiastic and kind of the initiator,
and so I think it was kind of like a um, again,
this is all the fog of insomnia has robbed me
of a lot of these uh details. But oh yeah,
but I definitely I'm just gonna say, sure, that's where
we're totally intentional and a plus execution. I thought it

really worked. I thought it definitely worked, especially when you
watched the show. When you when you watched the show,
there's a lot of things that happened in the show
which sometimes I'll watch later, And our goal was that intentional?
Was that not intentional? If we find ourselves with Jess
not having a job, but that's usually my thing, uh,
you know, and I, um, the character swaps a lot
of times. I think is pretty cool, especially when you

go back and you watch it. Yeah, and when you
go back and you go, oh my god, I didn't realize,
for example, pranks was a nick thing, you know, And
it's interesting to hear how we how we come to
it being a Winston thing. Um, let's talk about let's
go back a little bit. I do want to talk
about um. You mentioned you mentioned your Wi Fi password

being the cash one to me that is a fantastic prank. Yeahs,
are you yourself prankster? Is that something that you that
you do? I aspire to be, Like I think if
I could change, Like I think I have the brain

of a prankster, but not the like, uh, the um
follow through of it. Like I think I think if
there was if there was some sort of like service
where I could just think of franks and then just
then like hand them out to people who add the
like follow through to go do them and to like
and the sort of I'm very conflict a verse of

the idea of like doing something that someone maybe gets
mad about is horrifying to me, or I can't keep
a straight face so I'd be like laughing at me.
Like so there's a lot of I have a lot
of qualities that would make be a bad pranker. But
um yeah, so I think I think I could. I
could maybe conceive of a few. But like that's you know,

that's the easiest part. It's it's the going in doing
that really matters. I'm not I'm not That's no one
spending twelve hundred bucks on pranks. I'm not sawing down
someone's shoe And yes, yes, yes, Um, we're gonna go
and sell some diapers. But when we come back, we
are with Berkeley Johnson, and we are back Berkeley. There's

something that there's a segment on our show that Hannah
simone Um is usually in charge of. And I'm not
sure if you've noticed. It's just you and I here today.
Let's just watch. It's just bros. Would our dicks out,
just talking and drinking, right. I just assumed Zoe and
Hannah we're gonna jump in when they had anything to add,

and we weren't saying the perfect things, so that we
just can't say the perfect things. So there's no there's
you know, they're just applying with the with their computers muted. Yeah,
they usually hold it together. Zoe is off on her
private jet sow where I think Hannah's got a joy
riding and cruising the friendly skies with her. So it's
you and I today. But the segment that Hannah usually

tackles is called where's the Bear? Yes, And we talked
about that on this show all the time, in fact
every episode. We don't know if that's a real thing.
I don't think it's a real thing. Hannah swears it's
a real thing? Is there a bear in every episode?
Was there a bear reference? Not talking about the bear
that's on the refrigerator, jure, not talking about that one.

But what do you think is that a real thing?
I would I don't know, but I would think um.
And I say this with like true like love for
the entire all the riders, everyone involved the show. I
have like the fine memories of everyone. But the thought

that we could for one hundred and forty whatever episodes,
like do something as consistent as like, oh, there needs
to be a bear in every episode is like should
also be like oh there's you know, like we go
to the moon in every episode. Like there's just no
way that there's no way that a detail like that

was paid attention to it followed through unconsistently. I mean,
we couldn't get much more important things than that, right,
So I can't believe we were like at least the
bears in there. But yeah, I would also love to
be wrong. I would say there's probably more bears in
more scenes of Noodle than there are in most shows
that take place in a non bear environment. I do

think I think at some point it would just happened
to happen happened to have happened. There's photos of bears
in the refrigerated there's one in Winston's room. Nick likes
the Chicago Bears. I don't. I mean, Liz has is
well documented loves bears, and I get it. Bears were
very funny. There was someone in a the guy and
I'm gonna say a guy. I could have been, a lady,

could have been, could have been or non non gendered.
I don't know there was there was, Maybe it wasn't
even a person. I assume it was a person in
a bear costume at Liz and Alex's wedding, just wandering around.
So that's the really Yeah, I was there. I don't
remember that, yeah, or was it you? And you're just um,

So there's a real love of bears there, so um
it would make sense that there's I would love for
them to be one in every episode and to be
proven wrong. I just having been there and having been
like a huge culprit of this myself. The idea that
we had any sort of system in place to get everything,
to get anything like right with any consistency is yeah,

not how it felt. Yeah, I didn't. I never thought
it was a real thing, but for a long time
you would. I mean, there are quite a few. There
are quite a few bear references. I just didn't know
if it were every single episode. But I'm glad to
hear from you that you felt that you guys couldn't
have pulled it together. And maybe I'm drinking and partying

and you were doing in the writer's room. If only
the drinking party A lot of like two am like, uh,
what if Winston got a ceiling fan? Have we done that? Stuff?
Like that? Um? Which is it's it's it's a type
of party and musing on you know, appliances you might

acquire in a b story. Yeah. My storyline is the
idea that I feel like I'm gonna die, um early,
and I want to have a job that I can
feel good about. And so him working I think at
the time he's like an assistant or something at the
at the at the radio station, and he wants to
get his own show. And he goes in and he

gives this very impassion to please this beach. Which is
one of my favorite things about the show was whenever
I like a and enraged or in passioned monologue was
written for me. They had so much fun doing it
was this based on anything is as it happened to
you before? Where you have to walk into a room
and just let everybody know what time it was the

ever happened? Have you seen it happen? I'm sure that
it has, but I can certainly say it didn't like
end with a good result. It wasn't like. And then
cut to me telling my roommates guess what they loved it?
I got the job, but no, you I think you
know you really sell it though, Yeah, you've got some

great uh no, there's some great monologues throughout a later
episode of mine. You have one of my favorite things
that I can only take partial credit for it because
I remember Joe Wanger was helping me with it. But
it's about when you look in the suggestion box of

my life. You know what it says in there? It
says good job and like and you know who put
it there me? You know how I know because I
recognize my hand right. But again it sounded quite right
but so funny. Well still, I mean you so you're
you're responsible for and I'm not sure if you knew this.
I'm quite sure you knew this. The quotes that come

out of this show, the things that fans post, the
TikTok's about our show. Um, is there anything that stands out?
Is there any line that you're most proud of or
you could always say, yeah, I wrote I wrote that shit,
you know when you see fans blasting it all over
the place, or is there anything that sticks out to you?
It's hard. I mean, you'll be shocked to learn. I'm

I'm a pretty light footprint on TikTok, so I'm not
exactly sure what's you know, what's lightened up the boards
out there? There are and in coming on this podcast.
I was like, I should probably think of one fricking
memory to just be like, here's the one. I really
there's so many, and it's kind of like I was
there for like all seven seasons, which though it felt

much longer. So it's kind of like, you know, what's
your favorite memory from like college and your master's program
or whatever. It's like there's just like so many, like
so many, so much it's hard to like isolate one. Well,
I could tell you from you tell me what it is,
and I'll agree with you. Well, I'm not going to
tell you specifically, but I will tell you if you

get on TikTok, they are everywhere. I can't. I'm tagged
in all these things. And what's interesting about it is
that the fans when they tag you in it, they
the question is always the same, did you improvise that?
Or did someone write that? And I could tell you
a majority of the time it's written. Really improvise a

lot on the show, but majority of time the silliness
and the madness. And I've always said this comes from
which I think the greatest writers ever assembled, and I
genuinely mean that, um, and and you are one of them.
And you know, I just like extremely like extremely like

its like happy to have been a part of something
like that with people who isn't. You're part of certain
things where it doesn't go quite the way you thought
it was gonna go, but you guys together, it's like
it's it was brilliant, man. We got we got away
with some really cool shit on this show. And you know,
and you're a reason for that. Well thanks, I mean,

I am reading you're obviously a much bigger reason. Um
not to get into a reason measuring contest, but no,
I um, it was an amazing group I mean of
writers and there were a lot because people came. I
mean we were on for a long time. We made
a lot of episodes that people came and went, and
like every incarnation of the writers was a really good

group of people and and you guys were great. The
cast was amazing, and like it was a very bumpy
ride at times, but like so much of the end
as all it was, I think really like and it's
so much the process to was it was a lot
of fun. But uh yeah, it definitely like it was
a really special to be a part of. And I
also like it was funny because when I was there,

I was just like just enraged all the time about
all the things we couldn't do, like and then when
I you know, that was Fox. Then my next thing
I worked on was at ABC, and I was like,
I think I need to write the execsit Fox, like
an apology letter for a bunch of things. I never
said to them, but thought, because like we were doing
whatever we wanted as long as we couldn't we couldn't

mention like a name brand and you know whatever. But
like otherwise they're like, we don't understand what you're doing.
But like all right, sure we got to do some
really for a network sitcoms, like really really really weird
stuff that that I found quite enjoyable, and that is
not the case many places. Yeah, so yeah it was.

It was did you have as much freedom, um on
on any show after that? Where do you did you
compare it and go, man, we got away with murder
on New Girl? Yeah, it was a little bit. I
mean my next job was after that was Single Parents,
which was kind of like a um uh New Girl
extension and there like so many of the same writers

and stuff were involved, um and that was great, but
it and also there were kids in it, like was
it was obviously a much more like family Yeah, sort
of like uh angled show. But but yeah, the exacts
on that were much like more interested in stuff that
I'm less interested in as opposed to like the stuff

that um which and listen, i mean they're you know,
they're running the world and I'm not, so I don't
I'm not saying they're wrong. Um. And then yeah, girls
I've ever was very um. I mean that was because
that was like over Zoom, which is a whole different
because it was you know, pandemic era and that was

you know, a little that was cookiere but it's also
hard to get a feel for something not hard, but
when you're used to doing twenty two episodes for like
years and years, it's just like such a you know,
there's it's just you know what the thing is in
a way that's like sometimes helpful sometimes kind of like

soul crushing, but you you and compared to like with
so much of TV now, which is you know, eight
episodes and you may not even be on set for
the which shoots, you're just less kind of like, um,
I guess well, I guess you're You're less, you're less
invested and less it's harder for you to get angry
at the exacts for sae notice stuff because you don't

even really sure what's happening. You're kind of just like,
well here you go, blast, good luck maybe. Whereas like
when it's when you're like, you know, on set, you're editing,
you're you know, sitting in and editing and you're right,
you kind of just so much of your of your
time and blood and sweat and stomach lining goes into
something that then when they're like, I act I had

ulcers on the show. Yeah, well that was one of
the again I said, we don't. I said. We were
good about like setting goals and then like following through,
like with the Bears. But with that, we did get
together and we were like, let's really make sure we
every day we asked ourselves, are we giving them more ulcers?
Three of them? Three? Oh three? Wow? See we were
We were just trying for two. So that's really Yeah.

I've got to make some calls after this and let
everyone know what a great job we did. We really
fucked him up. Yeah. I do have a question for
you that is a fan question, okay um from Samantha Ship.

Samantha's ship. She she asks, was Adam Brodie's character on
New Girl named after Berkeley Johnson. He played role of
Berkeley just as boyfriend season three episode execs h was
I mean it wasn't named after me. I'm involved, like
through no involvement of my own in a sense, where

like as I said earlier, I was getting real into
the like entertaining myself by just like giving characters like
crazy names and trying to, you know, just sort of
sneak them out of the show. And sometimes if you're
if your episode is next to is near another episode,
you're kind of not involved with the other episode because
you're so busy with your own stuff and they're so like,
you know, they're going on production one after each other.

I had very little to do with that episode, and um,
I think they were like, oh, we'll call this guy
Berkeley because that'll piss Liz off because blah blah, you
know whatever. And then Liz, in a very shrewd move,
she saw it. She's like, oh no, this is great.
Leave this in. Fuck him le Berkeley, and so I
gotta call um or I talked about from not on

the like so, sorry, but your name and we didn't
think she was gonna keep it, and she's keeping it.
And then next thing I knew it was it was in.
But what is fun is like on the call ship
and it's and my name is spelled strangely because my
parents decided to make it hard for me, but they
spelled it like that. So then on the call sheet,
which I still have, it's like it says like jess

tells Berkeley she doesn't love him, and then it's like
and then the next one was like Berkeley cries and
begs for Jessica. I felt very involved. So they were
working with you, So tell is it Samantha. Samantha Ship.
That sounds like a name you made up because you
wanted to ask this question, but I didn't. I didn't
make that up. Samantha Ship is my assistant. Oh there

you go, Okay, she wanted to know. She's a huge fan.
It is like I wonder it is? Uh it is?
Um I am. I guess I was involved and I remember. Um,
this tells you like one zone kind of where like
then I was on Single Parents and I was like, oh,

is it gonna be weird again? Is it gonna be
weird to be like, hey, I'm Berkeley's. He'd be like, wait,
I played Berkeley And was like then, I'm like, this
guy has no fucking memory that he like ever played somebody,
Like who care? He doesn't care. I wonder if he did. Yeah,
I I could have. You know, I could be like

my name is your name from the OC and he'd
be like, I don't really remember doing that. It's like
where's my check? Yeah trail exactly. If you know Adam Brody,
you know that's how he gets down. Actually I don't
know that. Yeah, Um, he loves checks. He's a well
I would imagine, so yeah, no credit cards, checks, only checks,

some money orders. We're gonna have into a segment in
this show called Nick's Box. Okay, Nick's Box is brought
to you by Hyundai. When it comes to your journey,
Hyundai is thinking of every mile. Welcome back to this
segment where we crawl in the back of Nick's closet.
We put out the memories that the cast and croved
New Girl have kept hidden for years. So let me

ask you a question, Berkeley m who was sleeping with
who in the writer's room? You know, I'm still kidding, um,
unless you want to answer that bred day of du
Bret Dave a regular old burden Ernie, you know, shout
out to Breton Dave. Um, what are some of you know,

we talked about this a little bit ago, fond memories
of the show. Is there anything that sticks out? Any story,
anything that you always wanted to get off your chest,
anybody that you wanted to heap praise on or heap
you know, non praise on, anything you want to say
about your time at New Girl. I mean there's so

many that are of course, um totally leaving my Swiss
cheese brain as we speak. Just something I thought of
the other day because amazingly it almost happened to me again,
was that when this was an episode from season one,

we were outside it was freezing and there were all
these heaters around. One of this was the one where
like it was Martin Starr was in it and Dermott.
It doesn't matter, but basically one of the actors had
like asked me for some sort of thing and I'd
given a note and what I don't know. Something had
happened and then it was a guest cast member and

she came up to me afterwards, well we'd moved on
to a different scene and the cameras rolling, and she
was like, she was like, excuse me, excuse me, And
I was like, I was like, no, it was great.
You could great, like just assumeing in my own like
again sleep deprive, but just eager. I was like, well,

clearly she wants to tell me, like, hey, that was
a great note. Thank you so much. I really felt
good or even being like I didn't know, but I
certainly thought it was going to be about like this
note I'd just given that it unlocked her and it
was like, you know, I'm gonna thank you when I
when I went an oscar and ten dures or whatever.
But I was like, also, there's an other take going
and she's like I'm just sorry. I'm like, can we
talk to And she's like, I just want to let

you know your entire arm is on fire. And I
looked down in my jacket. Was because I've been standing
close to like one of these heaters, my like jacket
had caught on fire, and whoa. And then in a
rare moment of coolness, I was like I was not
not coolness, Like I was like I know, and it
just like sat it out kind of like like like

like this happens all the time in Hollywood. Your arm
catch on fire, you just be cool about. I don't
know why you're making a big ruckus. But then as
soon as it was like cut, I like ran to
the part we're shooting like outside of Dodger Stadium, like
ran to the bathroom, like took off my jacket. Was
like okay, I'm okay. So that's not really like a

Knicks by memory so much. It's just something it came
to me the other day. Um, that is definitely a
Knicks box memory. Yeah. In fact, it might be, it
might be the greatest one. It might this, we may
have ended the Knicks Box segments that might have been
the greatest one. Thanks for bringing out Nick's Box. Hunda

remember from shopping to buying to owning. Hunday has your back.
Like our favorite memories, taking a Hyundai on your journey
will keep you feeling safe and warm. Learn more at
Hyundai USA dot com. I had to drop a deuce
really bad in an episode and I was begging, like
begging someone to like call cut so I can go

to the bathroom to do so. It was bad. It
was yeah, I forget what I had, salsa or something else.
And people remind me of that often. Yeah, you almost
you almost burned like Michael Jackson did in that Pepsi video. Yeah,
and no one talked about this. That's that's the double
edged sort of like you know, being a writer versus

being talent, like everyone knows what you're up to, what
you're up to it and bad because we just kind
of like, you know, slip slip quietly through the night,
like you know, doing great stuff, and people like or
like almost you know, burning alive and be like, ah,
it's it's uh. Well I can say, uh, I can

say and I can speak for myself, the rest of
the cast, and all the fans of New Girl out there.
We are very, very appreciative of all the great stuff
that you have brought to television. My friend into Um,
I think the greatest show of all time New Girl.
I'm not just saying that because I'm on it. Well
mainly i am, but but I do want to say

thank you man, Thank you for being on the show.
Thank you for humoring me even though my co hosts
bailed on me and ditched me. Um, but thank you,
thank you for being a part of this. Man. Yeah,
you tell them that if if I'm not big enough draw, Yeah,

you have to do before you will not tell them
that you had this ship story and they wouldn't look
because that was just for you and me because they're
not here and they missed it. They definitely missed it. Yeah,
they definitely missed it. Yeah. I love you, man, I
love you so much. Thank you for being here. Love
you man. It's great to see you. Have fun it.
You're in Calgary. Correct, I'm in Calgary. Yeah, all right,

that's why I have this weird mustache. Ye I like it.
Thank you, man, Thank you very much. Okay, folks, thank
you thank you, thank you, thank you. Let's give a
big round of applause to Berkeley Johnson for joining us
today to help break down this episode. We truly do
appreciate it. Now, make sure to go like and subscribe,
and also turn on your notifications and all that fun stuff.
Sending your questions, comments and concerns go by our merchant.

As always, make sure to treat each other with kindness
and love. Peace. You've been listening to Welcome to Our Show,
a New Girl recap podcast. Welcome to Our Show is
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