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April 24, 2023 16 mins

Welcome back to our show! The women are at work, which means Winnie the Bish is taking over the microphone to answer the fan letters and questions. Is Theodore K. Mulligans connected to Schitt's Creek? What is Aly short for? And what's going on with the alien sex mural in Winston's room? 

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Ring ring ring, ring, man, I please speak with Zoe.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Oh, Hello, Lamarne, let's patch and Hannah.

Speaker 3 (00:10):
God, I forgot what it was like working with you guys.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
Hello there, folks, this is Lamarne aka your dad. Now
as your father, I'm speaking to you from a place
of love, speaking to you from a place of comfort,
and dare I say a place of peace now today
as I rub my very pronounced mustache while I battle

these seasonal allergies. And let me tell you something, he
seasonal allergies can really kiss my ass, because I'm feeling
some type of way about it right now. This week,
I've been known as a mouth breather. I've been doing
a lot of heavy breathing through the mouth hoole, and
that's due to the pollen in the air. I think,

I think, but I digress. I wanted to take the
time tonight to answer a few questions from the fans.
You know, read some comments, read some remarks, really get
into the grid of it all, really dig in there
and dive into some of the questions you all have
been sending in, you know, the hard hitting stuff. Now. Obviously,

if you want your questions answered, all you got to
do is email us at Welcome to our show podcast
at gmail dot com. That's welcome to our show podcast
at gmail dot com. So let's get into it. First
question comes from Sarah H. I'm not sure what the
H stands for. It could be anything. It could be Highland,
it could be Sarah Hyland. Let's just say this. First

question comes from Sarah Hyland. Hi, my friends, and I
love your show, both the podcast and the show, and
I was listening to the Bully podcast episode and I
have a question, Winston says, Theodore K. Mullins, which is
the same name as one of the main characters in

the show, Shit's Creek, Ted Theodore. I assume Mullins shits Creek. Okay, well,
okay here shits Creak came out after this episode. But
does anyone know if that's just a coincidence. Thank you
you are the best and keep up the great work.

We appreciate you well. Thank you. Sarah Hyland. I don't
know if it's actually Highland. It could be anything else.
It could be Sarah something. I don't think Sarah Howard.
Could just be Sarah H. I don't know if anybody whatever.
I digress again, but to answer your question, Theodore K. Mullins.
Is it as that the show Shit's Creek uses or

has a character named Ted Mullins. No, it's not a coincidence.
They stole it from us. Everybody knows HiT's Creek has
been a show that admired New Girl. They really, they really,
they they in order to get that show off the ground,
they kind of had to dig deep into what we
were doing on New Girl in order to create their show.

They talk about it in interviews. Go back and do
and just listen, just listen, especially Theodore K. Mullins. That
was a character that they really also admired. I think
everybody out there knows that Shit's Creek is just a
knockoff New Girl. It's been talked about, it's been widely expressed. No,
I'm kidding. I do believe it could just be a coincidence.

Ted Mullins. I'm sure there's a bunch of Ted Mullins
out there. We don't know if it's a Theodore. We
don't know if on Shit's Creek Ted is short for Theodore.
It could be short for Teddy. You know, I knew
it's Eddie Teddy Ruxman. Teddy Ruxman was a good Homi
of mine. So sorry, Sarah to answer your question, I
don't think it's related. I would love to say that

it was. That's just the ego in me. Welcome question
number two. Question number two. Actually it's not a question,
it's an overcomment. It says, Hey, Zoey, Hannah and La Morn,

my roommates and I are all huge New Girl fans.
We're constantly watching and quoting the show and have all
taken on respective roles as each of the characters. I'm Jess,
Madeline is Schmidt, and Maya is Winston. I'm assuming Maya
is the cool one. I'm assuming Maya is the dope one,
the one with that extra Oh, that's something that gravitas.

I'm sure she's the leader. I'm sure Maya is your hero.
I'm sure you are. I look up to Maya and
respect her. Now. The show has been a way for
us to connect and distress after long days of work
and school, and we are super grateful to have it.
We made our very own douchebag jar, and we wanted
to show you the form doesn't exactly equal the function.

We're thinking of using it as a gratitude jar, but
you know, and then they have a lovely photo of
all three of them with the douchebag jar, and I
gotta say it, it's all lovely, it's all great. They
end by saying, anyway, thank you for spreading joy with
the show and the podcast. Smiley Face, Well, Maya, Madeline

and Christy. I gotta say I think y'all did a
fantastic job on this douchebag jar. I used to have
a douchebag jar in my house. I tried to make
what I put it. I put it in my living
room and it was getting filled with money. It wasn't
it wasn't for like. It wasn't a douchebag jar. It
wasn't a gratitude jar. It was a leftover change jar.
You know, when you come home at the end of
the night, you got those loose ones, got a couple

ones in there, loose quarters, a couple two dollars bills,
a couple of Canadian loonies and tunies from your travels abroad,
and then you sit him in that jar. And then
and then I had a friend, Yeah, I had a friend.
I had a friend who decided, you know what, let

me let me borrow from that jar. Not only did
he borrow from that jar, he never replaced it, which
means he took from the jar he took from the cup.
If you don't replace that is theft. He took it
and never replaced it. At least, I don't think I'd
come home sometimes and be a little light and I

was like, I know I had more loonies and tunies
than this. You know, but I think Maya, Madeline and Christie,
I think you've done an excellent job. I think I'm
gonna post this photo on my story so one of
the episode comes out, you guys can see it. One
think it's fantastic. Question number three. In the episode, the

Landlord Winston paints over the alien sex mural Schmidt left
in the closet. A few episodes later, the mural is
suddenly across an entire wall of Winston's room with no explanation,
and remains there for the rest of the show. I
always feel like I miss something, but after a rewatch
it really is never explained. Was there maybe a deleted
scene that explained it? What happened? How did the paint

it over mule return bigger than ever? Please explore I
need to know more. Thank you? Shawna or Channa or
Chauna is spelled c chana, however you spell your name.
Excellent question. So yes, I do know what you're referring to.
I remember. I remember it vividly actually, because fun fact,

I have that mural at my house. I have that
big space or g Tex mural or whatever it's called.
Please forgive me. You can hear that beeping in the background.
I am doing this podcast from the middle of the street.
I'm sitting on a curb, drinking beer from a bucket.
So effet, let's go. Yes, I do believe it was

explained but later cut. So there's a couple of things. One,
in television, sometimes, especially in a comedy like this, we
just do dumb shit and then don't really explain it,
which can explain a lot if something ever looks weird
or strange to you. The odds are we just did
it for laugh purposes, for laugh value, and never really

gave the audience an explanation. Now that's one. Now two,
I do believe there was something where Schmidt hired the
same artist to paint that over the one because he
only turns the light off, it says, Winston sucks. It's
glowing a dark Winston sucks. So I do believe it

was another commissioned piece on the wall. So to answer
your question, maybe a scene was deleted. But I do
but but I I gotta say, I think, I gotta say.
I do think it was something in the line on
the lines of it's just television and they just did
it for laugh purposes. So number four, if Ali wasn't

short for Allison, wasn't short for anything? Love you and
the podcast from Adriana, I thought Ali was short for Alison.
Did I miss something? Oh my god, dare I say
I'm lost? I we even have the song Allison listen.

You know, So I thought Ali was short for Alison.
Maybe I missed something. So I'm gonna have to go
back and check on that one. Allie is short for Alison.
It is upon further review. I went back and I
did my research. I went to season five. The episode

is I think episode seventeen. It is called road Trip. Yeah,
season five, episode seventeen. Winston says, Now, not many people
know this, but you know Ali's full name is Alison.
So it is So to answer your question, you were wrong, Adriana.

Speaker 2 (10:26):
You were wrong.

Speaker 1 (10:27):
Now I don't want to gloat because that's not the
guy I am. But Adriana, you were wrong. And I
also want to double back on question the third question
from Shauna Channa Chaina. You know it's TV. I think
that he is deleted a scene. I'm not gonna lie
to you. I don't know. That one's hard. That one's
a hard one to explain. Either way, we got our

intergalactic space sex mural, and I think it was fun.
I think it was fun for everybody. I think everyone
now knows exactly what intergalactic space orgy looks like, because
if you've ever been space, that's the last thing you
expect to see is an intergalactic space orgy going on.
You know what I mean? So many different angles, so

much space, Why would you be so close? And never mind?
Welcome question number five. Hello, Zoe, Lamarn and Hannah. I'm

Tigan a fan since day one of the TV show.
I've been loving the podcast. Your show has been a
constant source of enjoyment for me. I admire your work
as people and actors. My question for you is what
were your favorite things about performing with each of the
main cast members. Did you have a favorite person to

work side by side with thanks for all that you do,
Hegan Costelnack. He him Let's see, let's go down the line.
Favorite part about working with Zoe is how great of
a performer she is. She's super nice. First of all,
she's super kind and I'm I'm a huge fan, you know,

of hers when I got on the show, So it
was once the nerves go away, you realize you're just
working with a dope person. She's super thoughtful, checks in
all the time, so that's like, that's that's a bonus.
It makes it makes you feel really comfortable when you're
at work, you know what I mean. And like I said,
she just elevates you because she's so good at what

she does. Let's see, Hannah. Hannah has got to be
the sweetest person on planet Earth. And when you're performing
with her, she's also very generous in that. So that's
the one thing I like about Hannah is that she's
very generous with like egging you on for jokes, you know,
really setting you up to score. So you know, that's

what I love about about working with her. And obviously
she's she's just like you know, she's one of the homies,
you know, so it's always cool. In between takes, we're
talking about how much wine she drinks. I'm kidding, she's
not on She's not an alcoholic Max Greenfield. Working with Max,

I gotta say he is one hell of a performer.
He's sometimes you get caught up and watching him and
you check out of the scene because what he's doing
is so funny. And again, he's one of those people
that always sets you up for jokes. He's constantly like
egging you on. He'll write, Max will like pitch you jokes.

But just as a performer that is fantastic, like to
get pitched the joke, Are you kidding me? Like he's
and he's super funny and he's the hell of a writer.
So that's always that was always, uh, you know, he's
definitely one of my favorite people that I've ever worked with.
And like I said, the same for Jake John's and
as well, you get caught up and watching the show. Uh,
Jake goes full crazy in certain moments, Like he's just like,

you know, improvising, you know, going way off script and
and it's usually in reaction to what you're doing. I'll
try to improvise with Jake and I'll do something and
he will completely go so far, it goes so far left.
It's just really it's just really fun to work with
and Daymon Damon is just oh my gosh, working with

Damon has just been like a joy of my life. Obviously,
you're working with one of the greats. Super funny, super cute.
You know, Damon's cute. And I think that's the main
reason why I like where. I like working with Daimon.
He's cute, you know what I'm saying. Yeah, do you
have a favorite person to work side by side with.

I'd probably say Ferguson. It's just better than all the
actors on our show. This is better. He is better.
So thank you, Thank you, Tigan, Thank you Tigan for
that question. So that's it for our Q and A
this week. Folks, Please remember send your questions to us.

Email them at Welcome to Our Show podcast at gmail
dot com. Please link in our bio. Please go get
the merch. The merch is selling like hotcakes, which are
also like pancakes. Please like and subscribe. I love you.

Speaker 2 (15:36):
You've been listening to Welcome to Our Show, a New
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