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July 24, 2023 46 mins

Welcome back to our show! Hannah and Zooey want to know what's got people so afraid to talk about menstruation. Zooey shares a small part of New Girl with her kids - it involves tiny puppies in cups. Hannah wants to know what Tran's one piece of dialogue says about the character. And they both question the validity of sympathy pain. Follow us on Instagram @welcometoourshowpod. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, guys, Zoe here. If you're watching along with us,
you may have noticed the show isn't available on Netflix anymore.
Don't fear. Starting April seventeenth, every episode of New Girl
will be available on Peacock and Hulu. So get your
cookies and give a cookie to your bestiet by continuing
to watch along as we recap the series we all
love so much. Okay, let's get into the show.

Speaker 2 (00:27):
Ring ring, ring ring.

Speaker 1 (00:29):
May I please speak with Zoe? Oh, hello, Lamurn, let's
patch in, Hannah.

Speaker 2 (00:34):
God, I forgot what it was like working with you guys.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
All right, hello and welcome to Welcome to our show.
How is that? Was it sexy enough?

Speaker 2 (01:02):
Or too? Very sexy? Very sexy?

Speaker 1 (01:07):
So today we're talking about episode two O seven.

Speaker 2 (01:11):
Menzies, mensies.

Speaker 3 (01:13):
I've never heard that shortened term for menstruation, by the way,
I have my mensies?

Speaker 2 (01:18):
Have you ever heard that before?

Speaker 1 (01:19):
I had heard it, but it's not something I had
heard regularly. I'll admit to that. I definitely heard it,
but it yeah, wasn't It wasn't commonly commonly used. Can
I just say first of all that I happened to
have the only scene I've ever shown my kids from

New Girl is this puppy and a cup scene? And
it happened to be like a few days ago before
I even realized this is the episode we were doing today.
And I showed it to them because they had found
a picture of a Pomeranian and a cup and they
were freaking out over how cut it was. And I
was like, wait just a second, let me show you something.

And it was really funny to watch them because they
like got the comedy of the scene even though they're little,
you know, it was kind of it was it was
cool to.

Speaker 3 (02:09):
Say, you know, did they get sad when they realized
that the puppy is dead?

Speaker 1 (02:14):

Speaker 2 (02:15):
I was just about to say, Charlie so little.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
His eyes were watering. Yeah, it was. It was really.
I was like it and they were like, but it's fake, right,
it's fake, right, that dog's totally alive. I mean in theory,
we're just gonna say and it was just pretend and
not real, and but yeah, it was. It was cute, Yeah,

it was. It was cute. Yeah. So I love this episode,
such a fun episode, and you know what, like it's
probably going to be banned in Florida soon, so like,
let's chat about it. Did you hear about this?

Speaker 2 (02:53):
What? Why?

Speaker 1 (02:54):
Guys? Apparently girls aren't allowed to talk about menstruation in
school in Florida, like or this is this is like
something that's being proposed right now. It's something that's being
proposed that girls should not be allowed to talk about

menstruation except in sex ad from like six to twelfth grade.
But like say a girl starts menstruating before the age
of eleven or twelve than their sol so because they're
not allowed to talk about it. Not sure what harm

can come from talking about menstruation, but.

Speaker 3 (03:42):
You know, I don't really I've never understood it at all.
It's how we all are here on the planet because
of this absolutely normal human bodily functioned Yeah, helps us
create life period. Yeah, you know what I mean, Like,

it's so bizarre to ban what what? Yeah again, Oh
my head hurts, it's bananas to me, But I digress. Well,
I'm glad they we're gonna talk about mensies loudly than today.

Speaker 1 (04:18):
We're going to talk about loudly and hope everyone in
Florida is listening and hopefully this, uh, this proposed bill
does not come to fruition. Yeah, but yeah, I really
enjoyed getting to revisit this episode. It was written by
Kim Rosenstock, directed by Jason Walliner. What do you remember

about about this episode, Hannah?

Speaker 3 (04:47):
Honestly, when I rewatched it, I think so far in
our podcast, this is the one that made me laugh
out loud multiple times and caught me off guard because
I had I had forgotten that all three of you

and up in the water massage. Oh yeah, yeah, it
just I started out like I died laughing with Jake,
but when you're in there, I don't know. The way
he was handling you was so funny. And then to
put Lamarn in there in the tag, I just lost it.
It was just such a funny running thing to squeeze

in in twenty one minutes because.

Speaker 1 (05:34):
I was it was a random like. You know what's
funny is it was kind of a random like. It
feels kind of out of left field, but then it
really works. But I guess, you know, now looking at
it again, I'm just I'm kind of recalling that. I
don't know if you remember this, maybe because you weren't
in this part so you might not remember, but that

the it had a different ending in the in the
original table read, and they were trying to figure out
the ending, and they added this whole Tran piece with
the like water massage. At like part way through the week,
they were like, Okay, we figured it out. It's a
water massage. And I remember Jake was like, wait what

because it does feel out of left field, but then
you know what, it totally works and it introduces one
of our favorite characters, Tran, and it's really a funny bit.
So and you know what, I really enjoyed this episode
because it's kind of an exploration of sensitivity and you know,

like all of our emotional lives.

Speaker 3 (06:43):
Yeah, it was just there's a line that Jake says,
we're he's has to take off his clothes, and then
all of a sudden you cut to him in the
water and he goes, this is a moment that cut
away from me. And then you can see that on
your face when it's happening, and then on the mourns
when it's happening.

Speaker 2 (07:01):
Man, and we've all had those things. We're like, you
know what, I'm gonna surrender to the thing.

Speaker 3 (07:04):
I'm gonna do it, especially while all this like New
age wou stuff that happens now and then sometimes you're
just like, wait, what's happening here?

Speaker 2 (07:11):
I don't, I can't what's going on?

Speaker 1 (07:12):
Yeah, I think there's a point at which you decide
you're going with it or not. That's like I'm going
with it, I'm going with it, and going I'm not
going with it.

Speaker 2 (07:22):
I gotta get out of here.

Speaker 1 (07:23):
I got I mean, obviously Nick is like fully you know,
buying you know fully fully buying into it.

Speaker 3 (07:32):
You know.

Speaker 1 (07:33):
Yeah, oh sorry, go ahead.

Speaker 3 (07:37):
Should we just start to go through this episode like
a little bet because there's so many parts of it
that I was like, they're just so smart how they
put this one together. And that's so much credit to
Kim because she's super brilliant.

Speaker 2 (07:52):
Yeah, one of the writers. She's the map.

Speaker 3 (07:54):
I also like went back and paused to see who
wrote it because I was like, this better be a
woman because there's a lot of like deep specifics about
having your period.

Speaker 2 (08:08):
And yes, it was one of the best female writers.

Speaker 1 (08:11):

Speaker 3 (08:11):
So it starts off that you're broker, that Ess is
broker than Schmidt, which is an all time loan Schmidt's.

Speaker 1 (08:19):
You mean broker than Nick?

Speaker 2 (08:21):
Oh, broker than Nick.

Speaker 1 (08:23):
Yeah, I'm broker. Yeah, Jess is broker than Nick, which
is like an all time low, and she can't pay
the back gas bill, right.

Speaker 3 (08:31):
Yeah, And it's funny where he what does? He says, like,
you're basically trying to use your period card to get
out of, uh, stepping up to your responsibilities.

Speaker 1 (08:43):
Well, first they're asking her to pay money that she
doesn't have, and then she's like kind of putting off
getting a job a little bit, and then they kind
of push her too far, and she admits, like, it's
that time of the month and I'm not like feeling
like you guys pushing me this hard. You know.

Speaker 3 (09:05):
One of my favorite lines in all of that is
when Nick is going like, I don't think it's fair
that women have an excuse once a month to act
irrationally angry when the rest of us have to take
it together all the time. Like I nearroly needed to
go out and buy a fainting couch because I was
because I forgot I don't have this, you know, episode
memorized I don't know, and I was short of like,
excuse me, if we're talking about anger issues. I don't

think that the female of the species is the ones
that people look at and think of that for and
then Jess goes on a rant right back at him
and says exactly that.

Speaker 2 (09:37):
So I come you act.

Speaker 1 (09:38):
Irrationally angry three hundred and sixty five days. Yeah, all
the time, all the damn time. Nick calls Jess a
ninny in this episode. Do you know what a ninny is?

Speaker 2 (09:52):
I don't know, like the word origin of ninny.

Speaker 1 (09:55):
I do. It's short for nincome poop?

Speaker 2 (09:57):
Is it really? Yeah? Nincompoops such a g It's a
great word.

Speaker 1 (10:01):
You don't hear it very much. It's like a very
old fashioned word.

Speaker 2 (10:04):
I like them.

Speaker 1 (10:05):
But what is an income poop?

Speaker 3 (10:08):

Speaker 1 (10:08):
What is it? Is it like a stick in the mud? Like?
Is it a complainer? What is it like somebody who
whinds a lot?

Speaker 3 (10:15):
I feel like if someone's an income poop, they're just
being like a bit of a dummy. You're such an
income poop.

Speaker 1 (10:20):
Let's see should I look it up?

Speaker 2 (10:22):
Look it up.

Speaker 1 (10:23):
I'm gonna look it up.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
Hang on, we're gonna bring it back.

Speaker 1 (10:27):
We're gonna bring it back. Let's find the exact say keep.

Speaker 3 (10:30):
It in my back pocket. And the next one we
do with lemourn if he says something crazy.

Speaker 1 (10:36):
Oh you're right, it's a foolish or a stupid person.
There you go, yeah right, yeah, but I know ninny
is short for an income poop.

Speaker 2 (10:43):
Yeah, great word, great word, great word.

Speaker 1 (10:47):
So Jess says the nick needs to be nice to
her because she's pmssaying, and then she sort of describes
what it feels like to be pmssaying. She feels like
she's laid a mill eggs and they're all hatchets. She
wants to murder someone and also eat a soft pretzel.
That feels really accurate.

Speaker 3 (11:07):
Ye, you know, it was very accurate When she's like, yeah,
Devil's in my belly. I was just and to be
honest with you, I feel like, I mean, I don't
know if you felt like this from a young age,
but women have been taught to kind of now talk
about it, hide it away, pretend it's never happening. It's
not like girls are volunteering to talk about it.

Speaker 1 (11:26):
But it's okay. But it's not. It's not. It's so
insane that you're not you're not supposed to talk about No.

Speaker 3 (11:37):
I remember being like pe in middle school and they're
just like run a lap and I'm like I and
you do yeah, or we have to get the nurse's
office since yeah, all of it was just it's so
bizarre that the world hasn't made any like adjustments for
people that are just standing there bleeding once about that

happens rarely, it happens often.

Speaker 1 (12:03):
Support somebody at all times, at.

Speaker 2 (12:05):
All times, at all times. I was really happy.

Speaker 3 (12:09):
I remember when we read the did the table read
for this episode that I was like, Yeah, we should
normalize this.

Speaker 2 (12:14):
Let's talk about it.

Speaker 3 (12:15):
Let this incredible woman who lives with three men say,
let me paint a picture and.

Speaker 1 (12:22):
Let her inspire one of them to have his period too. Yeah, okay,
let him be inspired.

Speaker 3 (12:32):
He's like, like, the worst pain I've ever felt, it
must be a period.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
Yeah yeah, I mean, listen, not it's not childbirth, but
it's not pleasant.

Speaker 2 (12:42):
It's not as bad as childbirth.

Speaker 1 (12:44):
But it's not pleasant. Okay, Okay. So after this beginning scene,
so basically Schmidt turns the gas off, and so they
have no hot water, and so Jazz basically need to
get a job so that she can get the money
to get the gas turned back on and take a shower.

I mean, that's that feels like very base level, like,
I mean, that's very motivating, like I'd be like, absolutely
need to get a job.

Speaker 3 (13:15):
It's very motivating, but it's one of those moments where
you're like, I don't know a world where Schmidt wouldn't
have a hot shower.

Speaker 1 (13:25):
I think he's saying a shower at the gym, right, maybe,
I mean that's what he's saying, A shower at the
gym for sure, or his work, you know what.

Speaker 2 (13:31):
I mean, He's got to be doing something. Yeah, he's not.

Speaker 1 (13:35):
He's not missing out on on a on a hygiene.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
And basically for sure, there's no way, no, no.

Speaker 3 (13:41):
There's also that great storyline that goes on with him
and the incredibly talented, wonderful car.

Speaker 1 (13:51):
Yes, yeah, he has a great storyline with her, and
she's like another awesome boss lady in the in the
pray in the amazing uh new Girald tradition of Schmidt's bosses.

Speaker 3 (14:09):
Yeah, that's right, right, forgot about that. You're right, there's
more to come. Yes, that felt like such like a
left field thing, but I guess that was in the
are you are you a good person or a bad
person storyline that they're trying to figure out with Schmidt
and CC even trying to shut it out.

Speaker 1 (14:28):
I like that kind of you know that when when
you're like, am I I'm not. Like, it's like that
CEC so identifies with being a bad girl, that she's
like both of them. Do you know that that that
CC kind of has to make peace with it to
be with Robbie.

Speaker 2 (14:48):

Speaker 3 (14:49):
I remember shooting that scene with Max on the edge
of the bed, and the reason I remember it is.

Speaker 2 (14:57):
I sneezed.

Speaker 3 (15:04):
In the middle of this scene that we both struggled
to take seriously because it's just like a weird thing
to do, you know, to be like I'm bad, You're bad.
It just like felt so weird to be like trying
to really sell it or just like trying not to laugh.
And then out of nowhere, he sneezed and it blew
my bangs fully back and caught me so off guard,

and I remember saying, oh my god, I just got
a glaucoma test because it felt like it was just
air like blew my eye open. It was the most
aggressive sneeze, and I like, I still remember it to
this day. And I watched that scene and I could
see it be like it's either the beginning of whatever
part of my coverage of some part of the scene,
you could see like this weird smile in my face.
I'm like, oh, that must have been just after the sneeze.

My eyes look like they're watering.

Speaker 1 (15:48):
It's funny, like a behind the scene thing I remember
from this episode was that the day I shot that
puppy in a Cup scene, I think it was the
day after the Emmys and that I had gone and
it's like they always have them on a Sunday, and
I'm like, this is the punishment for actors, because if

you're working, you have to go to work at like
five am on a Monday, and if you want to
like go and celebrate like at an award show, you're
going to be out like lead than you should be
to wake up at five am. And I was so
tired that it like made it really easy to be

emotional about the puppy in a cup. It was actually perfect.
I was like, I was like, oh my god, how
am I going to go to work today? I'm really tired.
And then I was like, this is perfect. Use it.

Speaker 3 (16:45):
It was a great cry, Like you do sell that
cry you feel.

Speaker 2 (16:52):
I was sad about the puppy in the cup.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
You can tell you can I know how much you
love dogs, so it was you can really tell. And
then when she says yes, she was, you just see
this look in your eyes where you almost draw back
like it's the best.

Speaker 2 (17:08):
So I understand why it lives in the meme world.
It's so good memorable moments.

Speaker 1 (17:15):
I really liked that scene on the page was just
really funny. It was just a really funny scene, such
a well written scene. Anyway, I digress. I just figured
I would I would share another memory. Okay, So in
the park, Nick meets Tran played by ralph On Rip.

We lost ralph On last year, I believe, and he
was such a great addition to our New Girl extended
cast members and we remember him fondly. I think this
was one of my favorite guest stars we ever had.

Speaker 3 (18:00):
Yeah, it's really interesting because as you watched that scene
where they're just well or Nick is just chatting at
Tran on the on the bench, you can I feel
like I could pick out moments that it was Jake
improvising because there's one line where he looks and goes
and you can just hear Jake's like voice because he's like, Uh,

are you just gonna nod and laugh at everything I say.

Speaker 2 (18:27):
He just said it in a way. Now, look, it
may have been written on the PAE.

Speaker 3 (18:30):
I'd have to go back and look at the script
that was written or if it was an alt or something.
But the way he said it was like he was
clocking how Ralph was going to do the scene, you
know what I mean, Like where he's like, this is
the character I'm created, and this is how I'm going
to handle it, and Jake like clocks it as he's
been doing Alt after Alton, line after line going on.

Speaker 1 (18:46):
I really that improvise a lot that at least like
the episodes going forward with Tran, Like I'm pretty sure
there was a lot of improvisation because it's just like
just because Trey and doesn't really talk, it kind of
gives like this blank slate to Jake, And you know

that's what's fun about it.

Speaker 3 (19:09):
I Mean it's interesting too because we say Tran, but
he never confirms that's his name. Oh yeah, I guess
just a look.

Speaker 1 (19:19):
And then next like that it's the fourth name he
guesses too. He's like, is your name like Jim uh
Scott John Tran. I'm like, wait a second, you you
only went there, like four names that you came up with.

Speaker 3 (19:38):
Tran, Yeah, he never gave me some like audible confirmation
or a high five. I wonder how many times Tran
speaks a new girl, because he does say a line
when a couple of.

Speaker 1 (19:48):
Lines, but I don't think I think they he says lines.
But then I don't think they had him speak a
lot later because I think they hit on what was
really funny about that relationship. And it's just like Nick
talking non stop and try and like just being silent
is very like a fundy combination.

Speaker 2 (20:10):
It's such a funny bit.

Speaker 3 (20:11):
Like it's the only thing he says in this episode
is you're a huge baby. I was like, if that's
the only thing he says in this series, that's the
funniest shit ever. If that's the only time we hear
him speak, I feel like he says one thing at
some point later in episodes. I guess we'll find out
as we watch, but yeah, whack me up. I'm like,

if that was your one line of this series.

Speaker 1 (20:34):
It was a huge baby, and it was one point, Yeah, you.

Speaker 2 (20:38):
Have diagnosed this man.

Speaker 1 (20:48):
Welcome sho Okay, So Schmidt is falling for the vice
president of his company, please buy Carla Gagino. But what's funny?
I think in this scene with Schmidt, she makes him

sign like a crazy contract so that they can have
like a sexual relationship, I think. But let's see, here
are some things involved in the contract. Party A absolves
Party B of any psychological trauma, whether temporary, permanent, future,

or imagined. Possible exposure to lead. Pete, do you have
a latex allergy? Guaranteed mercury poison.

Speaker 2 (21:39):
That's what made me laugh.

Speaker 1 (21:40):
Guaranteed. Yeah, some really funny stuff with Schmidt and Emma
in this episode.

Speaker 3 (21:52):
There's like such a new girl thing of like character
writing that happens in this episode that I love is
that this could have so easily just been like a
one dimensional, you know, sex dominate trix boss and that
could have been it for this storyline. But at the end,
when she's like tying him up, he sees that she's

struggling and then calls her out on it being her
first time, and you just watch Carla like have this
real moment of vulnerability and it's to save herself in it,
And I feel like that's why this show people responded
to it. With this there's always just like this little
bit of heart. There's always like this little bit of

just being a real person who doesn't have it all together,
as opposed to making her this flat character.

Speaker 2 (22:42):
Yeah, they could have ended like that, and I loved it.
I loved it.

Speaker 3 (22:46):
Yeah, then he kin it was her text her in
the moment. It's a sweet, tiny thing. But I don't know,
I thought it was really sweet in the writing.

Speaker 1 (22:54):
It's funny because you Anne Schmidt are going through like
opposite things, Like he's being pushed to like the like
like edgy or side of himself and you're being pushed
to the more like wholesome side of yourself.

Speaker 3 (23:10):
Right, And I think what eventually happens is we realize
we can't live in either of those extremes. Just being
seen as like the good girl and just being good
that's hard. Yeah, that's actually hard thing to live up to.
And then he discovers you know that for himself eventually too,
that just being like the bad boy doing the crazy things,
that's a hard world to just stay in all the time.

Speaker 1 (23:33):
Yes, yeah, So speaking of bad, Schmidt turns the gas
off in the apartment, and what's funny is that he
just like, look, I should know this, but like at
the it's like he just turns the gas off and
then at the end he just turns it back on.
Is that like even a thing like very weird?

Speaker 2 (23:56):
Somebody have to do that?

Speaker 3 (23:57):
Like he makes the phone call. Remember when he's calling
and he's like thanks Denise, Thanks Denise, And he's getting
it turned off, so he makes a phone call to
get it turned away.

Speaker 1 (24:06):
Turn it back, turning it back on. Isn't he like
turning some kind of a switch or something. I'm like,
does Schmidt like work for the gas company?

Speaker 3 (24:14):
Now? Like I think he's just turning the faucet, right,
I think that's what was happening, Like he's got to
turn back on. They're doing a ceremonial thing and he
turns the facet and then they have to wait whenever
it was six to ten minutes for the water to
kick in.

Speaker 1 (24:30):
Did we did we jump around? To jump around? Like
more than once on New Girl? I have multiple memories
I feel like of jumping like that that song it.

Speaker 3 (24:41):
Did feel familiar, but I didn't know if it was
from this. But I don't feel like I've watched the
ending of this episode more than like when it first
came out and then.

Speaker 1 (24:49):
I was jumping around with Damon at some point and
I'm like, was that just like like so, I'm like
that had to have been like later, because like Damon
wasn't in the episode, and like he wasn't in the bathroom,
Like I remember being in the bathroom with Damon like
jumping around, and I'm like, what is that a creative memory?
Did somebody just like play that on set and we

were just being stupid jumping around, you know what?

Speaker 2 (25:15):
I do think that happened for sure.

Speaker 1 (25:17):
Yeah, Well sometimes people would play like music on set, Yeah,
you would get Yeah, we definitely got late night zoomi'es
a lot because we were there all the time. Okay,
so Schmid turns off the gas, which means no one
can take a shower, and everyone is mad. Everyone has

their periods now, and now Jess has to go to
a meeting, you know, and then Nick is mad, and
then Winston gets his period, right.

Speaker 2 (25:52):
Yeah, and he calls it a sympathy period.

Speaker 3 (25:54):
I feel like, you know, they talk about it with
pregnancy that oh, you know, you're partner can get like
sympathy pains yea, And that to me is totally insane.

Speaker 1 (26:07):
Well, I think usually it's like the partner can gain
weight with the because there's more food being consumed.

Speaker 3 (26:16):
I've had friends tell me that they're like, he's complaining
to me that his like lower back hurts like sympathy
pains in the pregnancy, which I'm like, it feels like
that should be on that show, like The Hundred Dumbest
Ways to Die, Like, don't tell a pregnant one that
you're yeah, you're fine. So when he talks about having

a sympathy period and you're actually having your period, I
feel like Jess's response was very tempered and ballid.

Speaker 1 (26:49):
What what did I say? I said something like, don't
steal my menzies. Yeah, I said, like, don't don't steal
my shit or something.

Speaker 2 (26:58):
Right though, Right, it's like, you're men, you have all
these other things. Don't take you don't take my one thing.

Speaker 1 (27:07):
But then it feels like at a certain point then
they're like experiencing things together.

Speaker 3 (27:12):
Well, then they bond over it because that is the
one thing when you're feeling emotional and hormonal, it's nice
to have.

Speaker 1 (27:19):
Someone else who feel the same way.

Speaker 2 (27:21):
That's right.

Speaker 3 (27:21):
She's like, all right, I'll take it if you're gonna
sit here and open up and be a real human
with me.

Speaker 2 (27:26):
Fine, call it what you want, let's do it together.

Speaker 1 (27:29):
Yeah. So Jazz goes to the meeting, uh the job
interview after not getting a shower, and then has the
be mimable puppy and a cup moment. Have you ever
had a dog in it or just cats?

Speaker 3 (27:48):
We rescued a dog when we lived in Cyprus once,
a little German shepherd and I named her Zipper, and
that's cute.

Speaker 2 (27:57):
She was very cute.

Speaker 3 (27:58):
And we had three rescue stray cats at the time
that were like old street alley cats and they were
so mean, and so the poor Zipper because we were scared.

Speaker 2 (28:11):
The Zipper was a German shepherd.

Speaker 3 (28:13):
So we're like, oh gosh, you have three cats at home,
and we got it backwards. Those cats were like terrorized
this little puppy.

Speaker 2 (28:20):
Uh oh.

Speaker 3 (28:21):
But thankfully I think Mike, my uncle, ended up. I'm
taking Zipper and it was all fine. But that's the
that's the only dog. My family moved countries.

Speaker 1 (28:28):
You hate dogs, what's your deal?

Speaker 3 (28:30):
No, we just moved countries all the time, and so
we just never had hang But dogs can't. Like, well,
we had the cats and I feel like I don't
cats in Cyprus, but I didn't have them in like
India or in Saudi Arabia.

Speaker 2 (28:44):
We didn't have them.

Speaker 1 (28:46):
Grown up, you have cats.

Speaker 3 (28:48):
I lived in apartment buildings where you could have a
small cat, right. I love the three, so I know
I won't tell I.

Speaker 2 (28:58):
Stuck them in. I was like, is anyone counting bodies
up here?

Speaker 1 (29:01):
It's like it just anybody, and like this is a
really small cat who hides all the time, and it's mean.

Speaker 3 (29:07):
I mean the apartment that we lived in in Cyprus
where we had the three alley cats and we had
Zipper the dog. We also at one point it had
like guinea pigs in the bathtub.

Speaker 2 (29:15):
We had Bunny.

Speaker 3 (29:16):
Like I love animals, Like I could live on a
farm with a thousand animals.

Speaker 2 (29:20):
I would be so happy bring them all.

Speaker 1 (29:22):
I don't want to take care of a thousand animals.
But it's funny because I actually I really want a cat,
but I've never had a cat. I love.

Speaker 2 (29:31):
We have been talking about this since I met you.
Could you want it? Astonish Folds?

Speaker 1 (29:36):
Yeah, I know. Now I love cats.

Speaker 2 (29:38):
I like it.

Speaker 1 (29:39):
I think they're so cute and they're so like I
like their personalities that they just don't care what you
think of them.

Speaker 3 (29:46):
Yeah, they're pretty easy going little kiddies. Yeah, well maybe
you never know, could be in your future.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
No, no, well yeah, my kids want a cat, so
I think I think we'll get one. They started asking
for another dog, but we already have a dog, and
you know, dogs are a lot more work than cats.
So I'm like, how about a cat?

Speaker 2 (30:04):

Speaker 1 (30:06):
How about a cat? Yeah? Well no, not no goldfish
because they're like they just there's a lot of turnover
life turn swing dying and it's very disappointing. Every fish
I ever had died like in a week, and I'd
be like, what did I do?

Speaker 2 (30:25):
True, that's true. Let's reduce the trauma. Get a cat.

Speaker 1 (30:28):
Yeah, get a cat. Cats. Cats want to live.

Speaker 2 (30:34):
Speaking of swimming around in a very small.

Speaker 3 (30:38):
Uh huh water space, yeah, I wasn't there when you
guys did this crazy water massage thing.

Speaker 2 (30:44):
What do you remember of it? Where was it? How
weird did it get?

Speaker 1 (30:49):
I want to say, where were we? Was like one
of these places? Like because we shot on the Fox
lot in La. So whenever we had we shot on
a location, it was like some where close by. I
think we were shooting like maybe in a you know,
a hotel like chacuzi or something like something like that

indoor thing that was close by their a bunch of
hotels near Fox. I can't remember exactly where it was.
I just know it was like an indoor chacuzzi, you know,
hot tub thing. I still have the swimsuit that was
my own personaluit. Oh do you It's a really flattering swimsuit.

That's why I'm like, I still have it. And it's
funny because I even weren't when I was pregnant because
I could put it on like underneath my giant pregnant belly.
So yeah, I still I mean, I I look, that's
a great swimsuit, great swimsuit, and uh yeah, so yeah,
that's what I remember. I remember that my they had

a couple of things where my stunt double was being
like flipped really hard. They were like wanted him to
flip me really hard. So my awesome stunt double came
and and Monica Broninger, she came in and doubled me
for those more violent moments, and she was always an

incredible addition to my character, helping me make those moments funny.
And yeah, I mean I do remember. It was like
one of those things we were having. We were like
kind of figuring stuff out in the moment, though, you know,
there was like it was a little bit because that

kind of part was written very last minute. There was
a little bit of like on the day figuring, you know,
like where we were figuring stuff out on the day,
and that was like one of the most fun things
about the show I think was like you know that
we had those opportunities.

Speaker 2 (32:57):
Yeah, there's a moment I think with you where he's like,
I'm sorry I touch a boob.

Speaker 4 (33:01):
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to touch the boob because
he's grabbing and moving you around, and you have that
you could feel it when you're watching it where you're
like nobody really knows really what they're doing in this scene,
which is why it's so funny, Like how far do
you go?

Speaker 3 (33:15):
How hard is he going to try to really move her?
And how much is she going to resist and go
like stap like we're not.

Speaker 1 (33:21):
When Tran does it with him, he's like super gentle,
and then when Nick does, he's just like a total maniac,
like that's not that's not water massage that's like that's
like forced like water acrobatics.

Speaker 3 (33:35):
You know, there's a moment when it's when Winston is
doing it in the tag where because I know our
show well enough to know it probably it was probably
going on for a little longer than it needed to go.

Speaker 2 (33:50):
And it's often the actors who would.

Speaker 3 (33:52):
Go like, I think I think we're being you know,
dunked in the water a million times.

Speaker 2 (33:58):
But they end the episode with like some.

Speaker 3 (34:02):
Really crazy movie move happening on Lamar and then you
like just like swimming off to the ladder, like walking
off to the ladder, And I was like, I feel
like that might have been Zoe being like, I think
we're you guys, I'm pretty sure.

Speaker 1 (34:16):
Well, also, I feel like we're just like running out
of ideas. That's how many funny things left to do here. Also,
I don't feel that Lamarn loves the water. Is that right?
He's not into Like he's not not that's not his
happy place. I don't think.

Speaker 3 (34:33):
No, I'm curious when he's gonna drop is this voice
note to talk about his take on the episode. I
think that there were things that were challenging. I think,
and wait, wan was the water and the other was
having your period.

Speaker 1 (34:44):
It's like water and cats or his like water Cats
not happy Place, and being.

Speaker 2 (34:49):
A man with a period.

Speaker 3 (34:50):
It was yeah, it was yeah, yeeah, it's a I
think that was tricky because there's a moment in the
beginning of the episode where Winston tells Schmidt, I have
you can't laugh, I'm gonna tell you have my period.
And there are moments where I see Max trying to
Max's face not Schmidt. It's like we're trying to hold

it together but enjoying the fact that Lamourn is to
give this speech about why he thinks he has a.

Speaker 1 (35:16):
Period, and lamar like, really, I was actually like looking
for like in Winston, I was like looking for the
break of like Lamarne like being annoyed that he had
to pretend to have his period. But I didn't see
it at all. So like, that's off to Lamar and
yeah for keeping it professional. But I don't think this.
I don't think like, I don't know that any guy

really likes to pretend to have their period. But you
know what, sorry, we uh we all have to deal
with it, us ladies, you know. So uh, it's just
like I don't feel so bad for you guys, like
having to deal with it for like a few I.

Speaker 3 (35:59):
Mean, yeah, I do think it's a nice moment at
the end though, when he basically says like, oh, I
just like I miss Shelby and you realize like, oh,
this pain in him hurt so bad and is making
him feel angry and emotional and he's starting to relate
to all the things that just the same. He deils
that he thinks that that you know, I don't know

he can relate.

Speaker 2 (36:21):
To it so deeply. Yeah, he just needed a word
for all the feelings. And it was the.

Speaker 1 (36:27):
Period and now did you find a bear? Here?

Speaker 2 (36:35):
Now it's time for Where's the Bear?

Speaker 1 (36:38):
Where's the Bear?

Speaker 2 (36:40):
Where's the Bear is brought to you by Hyundai. When
it comes to your journey, Hyundai is thinking of every mile. Uh.

Speaker 3 (36:46):
Season two has been a bit of a challenge, but
thanks to my friends who are on the same bear
quest as me, Oh there is a framed a Teddy
Bear in your interview scene, Thank you, smash.

Speaker 2 (37:03):
So I felt very relieved.

Speaker 1 (37:06):
Where's the Bear?

Speaker 2 (37:07):
We found it.

Speaker 3 (37:09):
It's gonna be a fun thing to continue to do
this for the series because I'm that kind of person
where I'm watching something and my mind can go on
little tangentile you know, yeah tracks, and it keeps me
focused because I'm trying to solve a mystery the entire
time I'm watching.

Speaker 1 (37:26):
Yeah, I just don't remember anytime I'm rewatching any of
these episodes until we're talking about it, and to ask
Cana about the bear, I'm just glad it's not me
that has to look for it.

Speaker 3 (37:41):
I enjoy it so much man, being a virtual bear hunter,
I dig it. Thanks for helping us with our bear hunt.

Speaker 2 (37:48):

Speaker 3 (37:48):
Remember with Hyundai, it's all about the journey. Whatever your destination,
They've got the latest tech to get you there safe
and keep your passengers entertained along the way, from shopping
to buying to owning Hyundai as your back. Learn more
at Hyundai USA dot com.

Speaker 1 (38:03):
Do you have any other special memories shooting this episode,
any like Robbie memories or right.

Speaker 2 (38:11):
The scene that we do in the bar.

Speaker 3 (38:14):
With Nelson and Max and myself, it was just Nelson
Franklin is as everybody knows. I mean, he's been on
the podcast now and they know him from all of
this his wonderful work.

Speaker 2 (38:27):
But he's just like the most lovely person and.

Speaker 3 (38:32):
Not a better feeling than when you look at the
call sheet and see who's coming into work that day
and it's just someone who's just gonna make.

Speaker 2 (38:41):
The day better.

Speaker 3 (38:44):
And the moments in between takes and in between scenes,
you know you're gonna have like a good chat and
catch up and they just make you feel really good.
So I just I can see, I can I know
myself well enough to see this like an ease in
my body, you know, to be like my friend Nelson's here.

Speaker 2 (39:02):
So that was so nice.

Speaker 3 (39:04):
And it's just amazing how those people that we like
connected with and became such good friends with are the
ones I feel like that stayed in the series and
just kind of got woven into the New Girl world. Yeah,
and he's you know, one of the first of those,
and which is great. And then yeah, and then trans

in this too, that character. Yeah, there's a like introduction
right here in the beginning I feel like of our
show where so many people stuck around and it was
the good ones.

Speaker 1 (39:34):
Yeah, it was. It was an introduction of a lot
of good characters. I mean, he was Nelson wasn't introduced,
but in this episode that was nice to have him yeah.

Speaker 2 (39:46):
Season two, they kind of fit. They started to build
the world.

Speaker 1 (39:48):
Out season Yeah yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (39:51):
Yeah, which was awesome.

Speaker 1 (39:54):
Okay, well we're gonna take a break, and after we
take a break, we're gonna do True American.

Speaker 3 (39:59):
Guys as well.

Speaker 1 (40:13):
Okay, we're back and it's time for True Americans. Regular
listeners know that we've switched up the game a little
bit when we have a guest on the show, so
now we try to get the truth of their experience
on the show. We don't have a guest, but we

have Hannah and me. In this episode, Nick visits a
spa for what is likely to be the first time
in his life. He enjoyed the soaking tub. What's the
best spa treatment for beginners? What do you think?

Speaker 2 (40:54):
Here's what I will say. I don't know. I'm not
a regular spa goer, but I have had I had.

Speaker 3 (41:02):
A couple awkward incidents and have taught me that when
you go to a spa to be really specific.

Speaker 2 (41:13):
Yeah, because you want to be able to relax.

Speaker 3 (41:16):
Yeah. I remember someone got me a massage one of
my first ones or whatever, and I went and they
were like, would you.

Speaker 2 (41:23):
Like a male or a female?

Speaker 1 (41:25):
You know, and you're like, I don't care.

Speaker 3 (41:29):
I don't care, Zoe is what I said. I said,
I don't care, and in walked. And I can say
this because it's all the men in my family are
like this.

Speaker 2 (41:39):
A very.

Speaker 3 (41:42):
Uh hairy all the way down to the knuckles man,
and all I could feel on my body the entire
time was just a bear rug being rugged all over.

Speaker 2 (41:56):
And I did not enjoy it.

Speaker 3 (42:00):
It wasn't for me for a lot of people, but
I think need to be exfoliated by my body hair.
Then I never turned to sit up really quickly to
be like I forgot. I had a meeting though, and
I did it in a way where I turned my
head out of the thing that you would rest your
face in and cricked my next heart that I need

a massage.

Speaker 2 (42:27):
So you learn your lasson just what will feel good
to you. Be specific.

Speaker 1 (42:34):
I think a good like first spaw treatment is a manicure.
Nice a manicure, And the first thing like because pedicure,
it's ticulary.

Speaker 2 (42:46):
That's right, that's true.

Speaker 1 (42:47):
The first time I had a pedicure, I couldn't stop laughing.
I was like laughing hysterically and it was really embarrassing
and I'm like and and uh so, so you need
to ease into and massage that. Sometimes they get up
in your bits and it's a little bit You're like, whoa,
that's good, a bit familiar, you know. So uh you know,

I think first start with the manicure. It's pretty safe.
It's not tickling, they're not getting up in your bits,
and and uh you know. The only advice I have
is make sure you're going to a place that's like
extremely like clean and sanitary. That's right, because I was

like one time I was like at a at a
place and I watched the person like put like a
tool like for a manicure on the floor, and I
was like no, no, no uh floor no no no
no uh uh.

Speaker 2 (43:44):
No thank you.

Speaker 1 (43:45):
Yeah. I was like no thanks. Luckily they weren't doing me.
But then I was like, I won't be going back
to this place because like no. Yeah. So anyway, go
to a super clean place for a manicure and you
will hopefully and it.

Speaker 3 (44:01):
And bring bring company if you go for a manager break,
someone you want to have a good old chat with,
that's nice.

Speaker 1 (44:07):
I totally agree, because like you can't it's like you
can't use your hands to like, you know, scroll through
your emails or whatever and so, or if you don't
have someone to chit chat, listen to this podcast.

Speaker 2 (44:22):
That's right, let us be.

Speaker 1 (44:24):
Let us be your butt. Bring your earphones and catch
up on Welcome to Our Show.

Speaker 2 (44:31):
Yeah, we won't get up in your bits.

Speaker 1 (44:33):
And once you're done, maybe buy some merch so that
you can represent.

Speaker 2 (44:38):
That'd be great. Well, we solve the world's problems in
the world.

Speaker 1 (44:43):
That's right.

Speaker 3 (44:43):
We've put front and center. You should be talking about it.

Speaker 1 (44:49):
I hope you guys play it super loud in Florida. Uh,
this is the this is the episode to to cure
all the ills of the world.

Speaker 2 (44:59):
Yeah, well, this is fun hanging out at girls episode.

Speaker 1 (45:02):
I know this was fun. Thanks for hanging out and
we hope you guys enjoyed it. We'll get you next
on it. I love you so fine you've been listening
to Welcome to Our Show, a New Girl recap podcast.
Welcome to Our Show is a production of iHeartRadio, hosted

by Zoe Deschanel, Lamurn Morris, and Hannah Simone. Our executive
producer is Joel Monique. Our engineer and editor is Daniel Goodman.
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We'll hear you next week.

Speaker 3 (46:00):
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