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July 31, 2023 47 mins

Welcome back to our show. The guest stars are overflowing on this week's episode. Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner arrive as Joan and Bob, Jess's parents. Plus, Rob Riggle is here as Big Schmidt. Lamorne talks not locking lips with Riggle. Hannah tells us what it was like to work with Jamie Lee Curtis. And Lamorne talks about when he tried to use an old punchline on Rob Reiner. Follow us on Instagram @welcometoourshowpod.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Ring Ring, Ring Ring. May I please speak with Zoe.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Oh hello, Lamarn, let's patch on.

Speaker 3 (00:09):

Speaker 1 (00:10):
God, I forgot what it was like working with you, guys.
Hey boo, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah.

Speaker 2 (00:31):
Hannah, good morning.

Speaker 1 (00:34):
Good morning. Indeed, folks, if you're just tuning in, it
is three thirty in the morning where I am in
la Uh. Hannah is in somewhere in bumpfuck Africa on
a little vacation.

Speaker 4 (00:49):
Okay, folks, you are just tuning in, It's seven am
in Los Angeles, and my dear friend Lamourn agreed to
get up early to record our podcast because I I'm
on a little Greek island and there is a ridiculous
time difference, and he's a very good friend.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
Oh wow, you're in a Greek island, does.

Speaker 2 (01:12):
Yeah? Living.

Speaker 4 (01:15):
You know what is actually kind of interesting is like
I had a real moment. I was with some friends
yesterday and they very fancy I have friends, and I
was like, uh, sorry, guys, I gotta go home and work,
and they were like, oh, like what do you What
are you working on?

Speaker 2 (01:36):
And I realized My.

Speaker 4 (01:37):
Answer was I have to go home and watch New Girl,
which sounded crazy, but then I realized I had this
moment as I was walking home, I'm like, how lucky
are we? We got to make this incredible show that
got that stayed on the air because well, listeners like

you loved the show and watched it, so we got
to keep making it. And now I get to go
and like, watch this great show again because of listeners
like you. It's like, it's no work at all. It's
just like the greatest thing in the world. And to
call it a job that I had to go home

and work, I realized how ludicrous it was because I
just got to go home and watch an awesome TV show.
And then the next part of my work was hanging
out with my bud the next day to.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
Talk about it.

Speaker 1 (02:33):
You know, it's interesting you and I see things totally different,
you see. Okay, you're right, the show was fun and
it was well, you're right, it didn't feel like work
at the moment. But let me tell you something, folks.
Right now, it was three thirty in the morning.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
It's seven am. It's actually almost seven thirty.

Speaker 1 (02:53):
Oh yeah. When you do it mathematically, of course.

Speaker 2 (02:56):
Yeah, when you look at a watch, at a watch.

Speaker 1 (02:59):
You're numerically then yeah, I guess you're right.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
If you're looking at a clock.

Speaker 4 (03:04):
Okay, we should dive into this week's episode because it's
by far one of my favorites.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
It's called Parents.

Speaker 1 (03:10):
Oh, this one was great. This was great. This one
we have, you know, it's interesting. I as I was
rewatching it, I realized, my goodness, we had Jamie Lee Curtis,
we had Rob Reiner, we had Rob wriggle h and
we had love More and Morris.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
The Humble there and Morris.

Speaker 1 (03:35):
That's what they say? Am I missing? Am I missing? Anybody?

Speaker 4 (03:39):
Can I just say, do you remember the moment that
you found out that it was Jamie Lee Curtis and
Rob Reiner playing Jess's parents?

Speaker 2 (03:48):
Because I do.

Speaker 1 (03:50):
I don't. I can't tell you exactly where I was
in that moment, but I could tell you I was
freaking out. That was I was so nervous. I was
excited at the idea, but I was more so nervous
because I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of
these two Hall of famers.

Speaker 4 (04:06):
Yeah, I remember exactly where it was. We were in
a we're shooting models at the big what do you.

Speaker 2 (04:15):
What's the word? Where we where? We built the club
set in a big what's the word studio, yes, warehouse
and a big warehouse and a big warehouse downtown. It
was grimy and.

Speaker 4 (04:33):
I walked over to Video Village in between setups and
I just heard Liz chatting with I think Breton Dave
and they were so casual about it, and I was like,
what's going on and they were like, oh, we just uh,
we just got confirmed who as soon as she next
week as Jess's parents, and I was Jamie Curtis and

Rob Erinder and they were so casual about it. I
thought it was a bit like I thought, you know
what I mean, Like they were just they were making
it up.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
And I looked and I was like, are you serious?

Speaker 4 (05:05):
And I had to walk away because that's when I realized, like,
this show is a powerhouse. Oh yeah, they're gonna come
and just like hang out and do these these.

Speaker 1 (05:17):
Bit what weird ridiculous bits on our show.

Speaker 4 (05:21):
Yeah, so so crazy, and they were so incredible and
cool and kind, and it was like taking a masterclass
every day with the stories they would share.

Speaker 1 (05:35):
Oh well, so speaking of stories they would share, Rob
Reiner was back, you know, back in the day he
was on a little show called all in the family
m HM, and he played the son of Archie Bunker
and his dad. Archie Bunker used to always call Rob
Reiner a meathead. That was like the thing. Every episode

he would call him a meathead. I I would get
the brilliant idea to in a scene with Rob Breiner,
improvise and call him a meathead, thinking it would get
a laugh out of him, thinking that he would chuckle
in his belly and think, man, this young actor is
on his way. He's genius with this remark that I've

never heard before the first time, first time. So I
did it. Man. This man stared a hole through me.
This man stared a hole through me. And the look
on his face was if you don't sit your punk ass.

Speaker 2 (06:34):
Down, no, there's no way.

Speaker 1 (06:36):
Yes, Rob is so nice.

Speaker 2 (06:38):
I'm sure. He looked at you like he's not going
to make the show nice strike you.

Speaker 1 (06:44):
No, he looked at me like he had heard that
for thirty forty years, said, you are not reinventing the
real young man. I was. I was hurt. I was hurt.

Speaker 2 (06:56):
I'm sorry. He's so sweet. I've bumped into him a
couple of times now and he always treats.

Speaker 4 (07:02):
Me like I'm like a long lost daughter and and he's.

Speaker 2 (07:06):
Just always so like.

Speaker 4 (07:09):
Doing it's so sweet and genuine. What if I am
what a dream that would be Jamie Lee Curtis And
when she won that oscar, didn't you just feel like
some sort of weird, like deep like it's just it's weird.

Speaker 2 (07:22):
When it's someone you know. I was just like some
proud like she was.

Speaker 1 (07:27):
I know. That was one of the coolest moments, you know,
seeing seeing that her own stage, was seeing that squad
on stage for that film. Yeah, well shout out to
Harry Shume Jr. A former Fox Family Harry, But yeah, anyway,
he was on that stage. I sent the video to

him and record the whole thing. He didn't respond.

Speaker 4 (07:51):
It's a big time time because we had to just
dive into like talking littlebout Jamie Lee and Rob because
Rob Ryder, it's not your homie because it was such
a huge moment for a show to get them. But
now we're gonna get into the episode.

Speaker 2 (08:07):
You want to talk about it a.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
Little more, Let's talk about it a little bit. So
here's the deal. It's our traditional Thanksgiving episode in the
Loft and divorced parents mean two separate thanksgivings, unless, of course,
you're trying to parent trap your folks back into a
loving relationship. Joan, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Bob rob Reiner
are polar opposites, and as an audience, we have a

hard time envisioning them ever being together. But Jessica day
she will stop at nothing to get her parents back together.
She reveals her father was dumped, knowing her mom will
try to comfort him, and then Jess plays an old
standard song that they love and sparks start to flying.
CC tries to remind Jess of all her previous attempts,

but when Jess sees the beginning of a spark, she
ropes Nick into honey potting her mother. They sing romantic songs,
they flirt over the turkey, but Nick forgets he's playing
the game and develops feelings for Joan, who everybody loves
Jimmy d Curtisy. Sorry I said it in such a
deep voice, y'all, but you get my point. Meanwhile, Winston

decides to have a little fun with the two Schmidts.
Loft Schmidt's cousin, Big Schmidt, arrives in town, recently divorced
and is ready to prove there's only one true Schmidt.
Winston encourages the men to wheelbarrow, burp and Donkey raise
their way to a champion. But when Ottawa's phyxiation enters

the picture, lof Schmidt claims a new kind of man,
the post Clinton man who enjoys a cheese played, likes
to exfoliate and expertly cut vegetables. Unfortunately for Loft Schmidt,
Big Schmidt was the Marines Chef of the Year in
two thousand and three. He will do anything to prove
he's the manliest, so CC jumps in and claims the

manliest thing a man can do is be confident in
his manhood. So whoever can kiss a guy wins the competition.
CC offers up Winston this tribute without him knowing what
was coming. Big Schmid really needs a win, and he well.
He attacks Winston's face. He attacked it, y'all, He attacked it.

Though he wins, he realizes after kissing Winston's lips that
he really just misses his wife. Bob misses his wife too.
Jealous of Nick's flirting and court and raw turkey juice,
Bob and Joan head to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
They share a spicy, spicy kiss, A spicy kiss some
would consider more than that. Unfortunately, Jess sees and convinces

herself that they are getting back together. Over dinner, just
reveals she saw them in the bathroom doing dirty stuff,
and Bob and John make it clear that they're never
getting back together. Despondent just dumps the turkey in the sink,
which my mama would have slapped the dog pis out
of me if ifor done something stupid like that. She
brewin Thanksgiving for everybody, damn it now. Later, she tells

her mother that she's scarce she'll end up alone because
both of her parents are single. JOm reminds her divorce
is a part of life and her life is not predetermined.
She could have a great love or do a Gray Gardens. Comforted,
Jess says goodbye to her parents. As they leave the loft,

we see that Jess's parent trap wasn't completely ineffectual. In fact,
it might have been sexual because they look up in
the elevator and promise not to tell Jess. And that's
what happened on episode two, Await Parents.

Speaker 4 (11:41):
Let's dive into this episode because I have been really
excited to talk about the idea of split holidays.

Speaker 1 (11:48):
Oh my gosh, going through that now, I.

Speaker 2 (11:52):
Don't want to get emotional. I don't want to get emotion.

Speaker 1 (11:55):
Christmas away from my baby.

Speaker 2 (12:00):

Speaker 4 (12:00):
I grew up having split holidays, and I remember I'm
having conversations with kids at school who were so jealous,
so jealous because my parents were divorced that I would
have two Christmases. And it was like I was the
cool girl because of it. Because the two Christmases. I

remember being like, Wow, that was actually a very nice gift.
I realized from like the kids at my school, I
don't think a gift, but psychologically at the time, I
was just like, I guess I'm winning.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
Well, technically technically you were. I mean double gifts. That
doesn't it's like double vacations. Yeah, wow, that's interesting. That's
interesting because as I'm co parenting, you know, it's a
it is a strange thing. My daughter definitely gets multiple holidays.
That because I also I feel like like when she's

at her her mom's side of the family, let's say
on Christmas that she would spend it with both, I
would feel this urge to buy her two presents as well.
She's over there with them that I don't want them
to think I didn't get her a gifts. I want
to send a gift.

Speaker 2 (13:16):
Yes, you got to represent over there too.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
Yeah, I won't keep my foot down in their household.
And then I have presents here. You know, what a
what a trick, what a scam this little girl did.
She thinks she's.

Speaker 2 (13:30):
Slicked, Well, Jess does not feel that way.

Speaker 4 (13:34):
Jess wants her parents back together, and it's been scheming
about making this happen for.

Speaker 2 (13:40):
Years and years and years.

Speaker 4 (13:41):
We get a great flashback scene of a young Jamie
Lee Curtis and a young Rob Reiner, which made my heart,
saying because they looked amazing, and I feel like there's
a story. Jamie Lee Curtis told him on set that
they're like they are truly, Jamie Curtis and Rob ran
are like the oldest of friends, right, And didn't Rob

Ryan or Mary Jamieie.

Speaker 2 (14:05):
Curtis and Christopher Guest he married. Yeah, she hated the ceremony.
I should say, I don't.

Speaker 1 (14:16):
I was like, whoa progressive.

Speaker 2 (14:20):

Speaker 1 (14:22):
I'm gonna marry you?

Speaker 2 (14:23):
You're like legit besties.

Speaker 1 (14:26):
I didn't know that.

Speaker 2 (14:27):
I wonder it was like a package deal thing.

Speaker 4 (14:29):
We should ask Liz if like when she called and
asked and Jamie Curtis was like, I'll do it, and
robbed Rob like if I get to hang out with
Jami Lee Curtis all day, she's my best friend.

Speaker 1 (14:40):
If it was what they called Rob Wriggle and he's like,
I'll do it only if you get Jamie Lee Curtis.
And this is a question for you. Have you have
you ever been in this situation before.

Speaker 4 (14:54):
What trying to parent tat my parents. I do feel
like there were moments where I felt like.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
It'd be so great they were back together.

Speaker 4 (15:13):
I think every kid kind of has the thought and
there needs to be like a big conversation from the
parents to explain the reasons why that's not going to
ever work and why that's in the best interests of everyone.
And then I think that's like the big moment at
the end where she kind of gets it, when they

kind of go like, this is it's better for everybody.
We're all happy. If you're worried about our happiness. If
you think that we're unhappy apart, we're happier apart which
I thought was like really beautifully woven into you know,
a comedy that's great lesson.

Speaker 1 (15:51):
Well that great lesson which we knew was BS because
you know, we didn't find out that they are still
slapping below the belt.

Speaker 4 (16:01):
You know what's funny, but that too. I was thinking
about it. They do this thing, and I'm you know,
it's not like they were writing later seasons at the time.
They're writing episode to episode to episode with like season
arcs in mind. But they make a real pointed, you know,
moment of showing that Nick Miller and.

Speaker 2 (16:23):
Bob are the same person.

Speaker 4 (16:25):
They even use the same like terminology of like you know,
you ruin everything, you ruin everything. They shout out the
hallway at Bob and that's exactly what Jess says to
Nick is what Jones says to Bob separately. They do that,
and then I was thinking about, like the elevator hookup
is like the big Nick.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
Jefs moment hookup.

Speaker 4 (16:50):
Big elevator hookup where they like declare their love and
decide they want to be together, just like her mom
and dad look at life.

Speaker 1 (17:01):
It's almost like expected, yo, It's almost like we had
brilliant writers put in.

Speaker 2 (17:06):
This wrote it.

Speaker 4 (17:09):
No, but I don't think that they were thinking. I
just wonder that's a good question to go back. I
guess I'm when the text is an ask her because
I'm like, did you when you thought about where are
they going to have this iconic kiss? Was it that
in mind? That that was like, you know, the relationships
you'd also been hoping and dreaming for was her parents
and they had iconic kissing.

Speaker 1 (17:29):
It's interesting, you know, being on the show, you're in
it for so long, you don't realize some of the
themes they're putting together. I mean, sometimes you do. When
you can sit back and read an episode, a theme
will just pop out with you know, on you and
sometimes the theme is you know, somewhat in the title.
But in this one, it was interesting. I had no
idea that that was one of that that was a

situation they were going for, that that was something they
were trying to connect until just now, until you mentioned it.

Speaker 4 (17:58):
And that's what this podcast is important, the epiphanies you
have a decade later when you rewatch it, you're like,
hold up. They also, I feel like if I caught
it this time watching it, I've never caught it before.
Where I feel like they planted the seed for the
first Winston cc aha, because there's like this under the

breath muttering that really made me laugh.

Speaker 2 (18:27):
Of what are you doing? I'm bored?

Speaker 4 (18:29):
Yeah, worth it, let's go for it, and then it's
thread runs until.

Speaker 1 (18:36):
It all Winston.

Speaker 4 (18:39):
Yeah, backfires on you, which we have to get to
because I mean, I've always wanted to know what it's
like to kiss a large, strapping man like Rob Wriggle
and you have the experience.

Speaker 1 (18:52):
Well, I could tell you it wasn't like the other times.
This one was unique.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
You know.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
It was so funny in that moment because Rob was
trying to like map out how he was gonna kiss
but not kiss me. So fun fact, folks, we never
touched lips. So if you're wondering, if you're thinking about
asking Rob how soft my lips are, he can't tell you.
He gotta come to the source. But he did this

thing where he took his thumbs and he put his
thumbs over my lips and then he grabs the side
of my face with the rest of his fingers and
then kisses his own thumbs. So Rob, if he were
to assume what my lips would feel like he'd probably
say thumbs. He is kissing his own fingers, so yeah.

In fact, it's a.

Speaker 2 (19:51):
Very very funny moment.

Speaker 4 (19:52):
I was like, I forgot, I was like, who ends
up kissing made out?

Speaker 1 (19:58):
That's right, that was his first kiss on the show.

Speaker 2 (20:04):
I feel like there was also like a sweet C. C.

Speaker 4 (20:07):
Schmidt moment where she kind of helped Schmidt out because
he can't figure his way out of this situation with
his cousin. This is also a very great episode for
lots of people breaking, which always makes me laugh because
that means there wasn't one single take where the person
could keep it together.

Speaker 2 (20:26):
And the all day, all day, all day Max is
a mess.

Speaker 1 (20:30):
Max is you could clearly see him visibly laughing. He's
just like, screw it, I'm gonna laugh. I it was
it was I think in that moment, I want to
say I had either pitched the all day thing no way, Yeah,

I'm almost positive I did.

Speaker 2 (20:57):
It wasn't on the page. There was no all day
ever written down.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
You know, I can like I can do this all
day yeah. But then I think I screamed like oh.

Speaker 2 (21:05):
D and then it became.

Speaker 1 (21:08):
An yeah, and they just kept going back and forth
with each other. Hucle I want to say that was me,
and I want and you know, and I would love
your thanks and your praise. If you're out there, I'm.

Speaker 2 (21:21):
Given to you. It's an iconic moment. I mean, I
feel like the other big breaking moment that made me
or I.

Speaker 1 (21:28):
Didn't or I think or I completely made that up sorry,
or I just did not.

Speaker 2 (21:32):
There's no way to fact check. There's no way to
fact check it.

Speaker 1 (21:35):
We'll go with I did.

Speaker 2 (21:36):
We're gonna go with it. We're just gonna save here.
That was you. I didn't turn a line into a moment.

Speaker 4 (21:46):
The other favorite breaking moment that had me laughing and
caught me off guard was Rob Reiner.

Speaker 1 (21:53):
Mm hm.

Speaker 4 (21:54):
It's when it's when the two Schmidts are showing how
they would grind on Joan Oh yeahs, and they obviously
could not get a reaction shot a Rob not just
laughing at how committed and dumb those boys, and it

made me laugh so hard.

Speaker 2 (22:17):
I love it because it's so funny.

Speaker 4 (22:19):
Because you think as an actor, like, oh, and you're laughing,
you're laughing, You're not laughing like in character or whatever.
But when you know people so intimately, you can actually
tell when their smile is like a choice in a
scene or it's their real smile.

Speaker 2 (22:37):
And it's so subtle, and I couldn't if you gave
me ten.

Speaker 4 (22:41):
Hours and the full dictionary to go through to describe
with the differences, I couldn't do it.

Speaker 2 (22:48):
It's just something, you know.

Speaker 1 (22:51):
Oh yeah, but I love if you ever see me
in a scene that doesn't call doesn't call for it,
And it's a lot if you pay attention to this
episod So actually, this this entire series, there's sometimes I'm
delivering a line with a smirk on my face, Like
if me and you know, Winston and Nick are getting
into a slab fight and Winston has a bit of

a smirk on his face, That's not how my character
is supposed to be doing it. I'm laughing. I'm laughing,
and I'm trying not to be laughing. I laughed so
much on this show, and I think they capture a
lot of it too, not to me. I think that
I think Liz found that to be funny when people
were breaking character and laughing, and we'll keep it in
the show often first.

Speaker 4 (23:33):
I mean for me also, like I used to say,
it was like the Queen of eyeball acting, because I
feel like in season one they didn't give me a
lot of dialogue.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
There was so much going on.

Speaker 1 (23:44):
You start, you start saying, hey, guys, gotta get more lines,
and they go, holy shit, you speak English.

Speaker 4 (23:48):
Yeah, we didn't know what, but I do remember when I,
you know, was in scenes, it was always something like
cutting someone was like saying to me or about Jess
or whatever the thing was, and it was my natural
reaction to roll my eyes right or to give like
a death stare. That is just my natural resting face

and my natural reactions, which then became such a part
of CC because I'd be just sitting there for hours
and then I would just watch, you know, Jake make
the dumbest, funniest choice ab how to like, you know,
shove a turkey into something, and I would just like
roll my eyes. That's the way I respond if I

find something funny. That's what my face does.

Speaker 2 (24:35):
The show. And then it was like, that's that's a
CC thing, and it's like, no, that's just me.

Speaker 1 (24:44):
Oh my gosh, oh okay.

Speaker 4 (24:46):
Here, here's actually the big question about this this Parent's episode.

Speaker 2 (24:53):
Have you ever watched Parent Trap?

Speaker 1 (24:56):
I have watched it. Oh I haven't. Oh my god,
Lindsay Lohan.

Speaker 4 (25:04):
No, I mean I know of it because it's such
an iconic movie. I know of it so intimately. I
thought i'd watched it, and then I went and like
read the synopsis and I'm like, oh, no.

Speaker 2 (25:13):
I just think I know it.

Speaker 1 (25:15):
We'll never watch Parent Trap. Well, it's an iconic tale
about a young girl who will stop at nothing to
get her parents back together. I think that's what it is.
Or she could have a twin. I don't remember.

Speaker 2 (25:26):
There's definitely a.

Speaker 4 (25:27):
Twin, because that's what CC says to her. She right,
She says, oh, it's parent Trap. Oh no, Nick says it.
It's parent Trap, but without the twins or the mistaken identity.
It's just a makeover you're doing right now to see
if you can get your parents to go.

Speaker 2 (25:43):
There's no parent trapping that really is happening. She just
likes the movie and then tries.

Speaker 4 (25:47):
To get her parents together, which also makes it so funny,
because I feel like little kids do that where we
think we're doing something but it's in no way actually related.

Speaker 1 (26:01):
Oh my gosh, there's a fun fact about me, and
it's going to get very very dark. In a second,
I did not care. I did not care to get
my parents back together. Let's go to commercial. Wolcome shoes,

and we're back from commercial for just tuning in. I
had no cares to get my parents back together, as
they did in the classic film Parent Trap.

Speaker 2 (26:39):
Sorry you're just coming back. My computer is garbage and
we're started out.

Speaker 1 (26:48):
She got this so much. Also, a fun fact about today,
two things. One is that it is now three fifty
seven in the morning. And also, Hannah, for the longest time,
she's had the exact same laptop that she did when
we started a New Girl.

Speaker 2 (27:05):
That's true.

Speaker 1 (27:05):
Actually it's you had to dial up laptop.

Speaker 2 (27:11):
The modem connects.

Speaker 1 (27:15):
Oh my gosh. Okay, So we were talking a little
bit about, you know, Jamie Lee Curtis and the effect
that she had on us on the show. That moment,
that moment she's in the kitchen cooking, you know, or
basing that turkey with Jake Johnson. That that was powerful.

That was a sexy moment.

Speaker 4 (27:37):
It was a very sexy moment, and it was one
that I could believe that, you know, It's like those
moments were the character and then the actor, like the
Venn diagram. Those are moments of crossover. I feel like
that could have happened to Jake Johnson.

Speaker 1 (27:56):
You think Jake Johnson, not Nick Miller. You think Jake Johnson. Yeah,
could have made love to Jamie Lee Curtis.

Speaker 2 (28:05):
No, but I feel like you could have got a
little lost in the sauce in a sexy moment where
you go like, what am I doing? I think I'm
feeling somethings. It can happen to any of us. It
can happen to any of us.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
One minute you're based in the Turkey. Next next minute
you're based in that ass.

Speaker 4 (28:21):
Definitely now and I'm trying to think I will saying
it's the holidays, having a few drinks.

Speaker 2 (28:30):
Things could happen, That's all.

Speaker 4 (28:32):
I just thought it was believable. But Zoe's reaction like
that she makes as just in that scene is so funny,
where she's like grabs him, snatches him away. She's like,
you ain't about to become my stepfather.

Speaker 2 (28:47):
Let's move something. What's happening today?

Speaker 1 (28:52):
He did become daddy though.

Speaker 4 (28:53):
Okay, oh, this was my other thing I noticed during
the episode. Okay, when when Nick and Boba on the
couch talking and they're talking about ze for Zombie. Am
I right on this right? And he says that the

hold and I have to call up my notes. My
nose is jumped. He says, Carol the zombie and Carol.
Do you think they chose a name Carol to be
short for Caroline, Like he's like kind of like thinking
about his acts.

Speaker 1 (29:35):
I think so. I think one hundred, because you know,
we find out in the later episode that he can't
spell rhythm, right, which is alluding to the fact that
Nick Miller has no rhythm.

Speaker 2 (29:49):
No rhythm. That's not a shock.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
I think it's all connected.

Speaker 2 (29:52):
It's all connected.

Speaker 4 (29:54):
I feel like the true like easter eggs of this
whole show all lie with it and Zeus.

Speaker 1 (30:00):
For Zombie, probably probably because I feel like I feel like,
for some reason, I only remember the Zeus for Zombie
in later seasons. I didn't realize that this was a
thing from the beginning. Like again, going back and doing
this podcast, I was like, my god, zombie has been
around for a long time.

Speaker 2 (30:20):
M h, it's been around from the beginning. They really did.

Speaker 4 (30:25):
That's like, when we get Liz back on this show,
maybe at the end of the season, I.

Speaker 2 (30:29):
Want to be like, how much did you arc out
the series?

Speaker 1 (30:34):

Speaker 2 (30:35):
Do you know what I mean? Like that elevator kiss, Like,
how much did you arc out this series? Or is
it one of those things that when you look back
you can find connection points that make it make sense.

Speaker 1 (30:46):
Well, when you're doing imagine, you're dealing with the same, uh,
the same core group of writers, you know what I mean?
And sometimes your brain, when it's active to tell a joke,
you go in a certain direction, and so they probably
when you're writing a certain style or techn you're probably
tapping back into very similar thoughts that you had along
the journey, and you probably don't remember. So you're right,
you probably go back and you can connect them and

they probably weren't done intentionally, but because it's coming from
the same brain, you know that maybe that's it.

Speaker 2 (31:17):
M I like the theory.

Speaker 1 (31:22):
You like the the theory, and I gotta tell you
it's not a theory.

Speaker 2 (31:30):
You're like, this is far science, it's a fact.

Speaker 1 (31:34):
This is a fact. There's nothing theoretical about what I said.

Speaker 4 (31:36):
I'm talking about the theory of like figuring out what's
going on a New Girl. Whether these things that kind
of all come back together.

Speaker 2 (31:43):
Mmm, this Parent's episode. We're going deep, you guys, We're
going deep.

Speaker 1 (31:50):
Yeah, sorry, because you know I had a rough relationship
growing up, So we gotta tap in because right now
I think we're gonna get a breakthrough in my emotional state.

Speaker 2 (31:59):
There is no part of you ever thought your parents
should get back together, even when you were little.

Speaker 4 (32:05):
We're not going to go there, going to take all
of that in the back of the closet.

Speaker 2 (32:11):
We're going to close the door. We're not going to
go there.

Speaker 1 (32:15):
We don't have to go there.

Speaker 2 (32:18):
That's not go there.

Speaker 4 (32:20):
Oh okay, here's I just want to talk about one
of my favorite quotes is in this episode. I didn't
really realize it came from this episode, which is from
Nick Miller, who I feel like I could have said
this a thousand times in my life.

Speaker 2 (32:35):
Do I regret it? Yes? Would I do it again? Probably?

Speaker 1 (32:40):

Speaker 2 (32:43):
I feel like that's a lot of LFE though.

Speaker 1 (32:46):
Yeah, yeah, we listen they say you learn from your mistakes.
No we don't. We don't. We love the way that
mistake felt and so ourselves back there.

Speaker 2 (32:57):
That's right, the happy mistakes.

Speaker 1 (33:00):
Yeah, because what we think, we trick ourselves to think
that the outcome will be different. You know, the quote
should be you should be learning from your mistakes because
we should, but we don't because we stupid.

Speaker 2 (33:14):
It is you, It is you.

Speaker 1 (33:16):
Yeah. You know. One thing that I found interesting about
this episode is the idea of of and this is
because of our mess around the idea of what being
manly is. You know that. I thought that was a
very interesting thing to go through to talk about in

the show. And it was almost like they were like
bordering some lines a little bit whatever. I was everything
a comment easy now. I know this is twenty twelve.
There's a different back then, like easy now. You know
some of the things that felt like were happening in
this episode. And I'm gonna I'm gonna say something that

we could probably cut it just because this is a
story that I needed to tell about. This moment. This
my friend, uh, some friends from high school who hit
me up. They sent me a text and they were like, dude.
It was kind of like kind of like a congratulations slash.
We never knew message it was man. We just it's

been going around that that you know, you're you're bisexual,
not not gay, but bisexual, very very It was I
was like wait what okay? I was like, well, what
are you talking about?

Speaker 4 (34:39):

Speaker 1 (34:39):
And are you being serious? It's a joke because it's
a bit. I was like, you know, I'm not have
my I got my ladies. I was in a relationship
at the time, and they go uh. I was like,
what will make you say that? And he goes, well,
everybody's been talking. You know we watched the that last
episode of your show and you know you kissed.

Speaker 2 (35:04):
Get out of town.

Speaker 1 (35:06):
I started crying loud, like.

Speaker 2 (35:09):
Do you understand how fictional stories work?

Speaker 1 (35:16):
I was like, wait, what, Oh my god?

Speaker 2 (35:21):
I was in tears.

Speaker 1 (35:25):
I was in tears where that's that's I remember. That's
the one thing I took away from this episode is
that but it's like, there's a rumor about you based
on this episode of television. And I was like, you
gotta be kidding me. Where by going home to every
summer you know what's funny?

Speaker 4 (35:44):
Though there's a lot of we shouldn't get that it's
so funny. I feel like there's been like so many
like moments where you realize what people are watching. There's
there's difficulty in separating it from reality. Because I remember
when there was like the big C. C. Schmidt breakup
like people would like run to like shove themselves into

an elevator with me and be like out of breako
and like please please take Schmidt back.

Speaker 2 (36:12):
Oh wow, And I'd.

Speaker 4 (36:14):
Be like, I Wow, Okay, how do I explain this
to you? Because you're very distressed. I'm I'm not CC,
Max is not Schmidt. It's a story, and I don't
even write the story.

Speaker 2 (36:31):
So I can't. I can't even in this story make
it happen for you.

Speaker 4 (36:36):
On multiple levels, on so many levels, I cannot help you.

Speaker 2 (36:40):
Right now, I'm getting off on this floor. I feel
like I've left you worse than I found you. I'm
so sorry. Thank you for watching closing the pressing the
close the door. Bu. But it's true. There's moments where
people blur it.

Speaker 4 (36:56):
So I'm sure seeing Robrick will kiss you there was like,
well against.

Speaker 1 (37:02):
Yeah, I was like, that's an interesting thought, you guys,
Harry Stute. This is also something interesting about this episode.
I do believe this was the episode where so Rob
Wriggle big Schmidt is showing that he can he can,
he can he can do his thing in the in
the kitchen right, and he's got this knife and he's

just chopping and he's just going ba man, man, man man.
Fun fact, I believe that the person there was a
stunt person doing the chopping there was. It wasn't Rob
doing a lot of the hand to knife stuff. For
safety reasons, he could do it, but for safety reasons,
they had a stunt person do it. This stunt person, Damnar,

chopped his whole finger off and was bleeding all over
the place in this episode, and I just thought to myself, man,
they hired you to do this, and low and behold anyway,
I don't know why that. I hope he's okay. I
do hope he's okay, But if not, I hope they
give him a cyboard hand.

Speaker 4 (38:04):
I will say there's a couple of things I just
would like to share as we kind of wrap up
this episode about Jamie Lee Curtis, just because I was
such a huge, huge fan of hers, not just because
of the work that she had done shout out to

true Lies love that movie, but because she had many
years before, had a photo published of her in her
like braun underwear where she said, I'll do this photo shoot,
but you can't retouch my body.

Speaker 2 (38:43):
I just wanted to look like.

Speaker 4 (38:46):
My body, and it was like it was like disruptive
to the whole game because everything had been retouched and
people posed in certain ways and certain angles.

Speaker 2 (38:58):
And did the thing.

Speaker 4 (38:59):
And it it was as a young girl seeing that
image something I can I can see it now.

Speaker 2 (39:06):
It just was so important to see what a real
woman's body looked like. She was. It was just so powerful.

Speaker 4 (39:20):
And so when I found out that she was coming
on said because she was also this role model to
me for doing that, I was so nervous. And she was,
by far, in my life, one of the most down
to earth kind and fully like in herself, knowing herself,

kind of humans I've ever met. I remember, because she was.

Speaker 2 (39:47):
She was talking to me about so we're talking about
like philosophy and life, and I told her that, you know,
I'm from half Indian and had she ever been to India?
It just felt like she'd been to India. I remember
she looked at me and she was like.

Speaker 4 (40:01):
No, and I have no wanderlust, no wonderlust at all,
no desire, you know. And I remember just being so
taken aback because how most people speak. If you say like, oh,
have you ever been to wherever, India, China and whatever.

Speaker 2 (40:18):
People go like no, but like maybe one day or
I'd like to. It's just like a natural reflex we
have as humans.

Speaker 4 (40:25):
And for her to be able to lovingly but knowing
herself and going nope, and I have no interests because
I don't have wanderlust was another huge lesson from like
the Jamie Lee Curtis Book of Life.

Speaker 2 (40:38):
I feel like where I was like, oh, yeah, you
don't have to think that someone's going to take offense
by your own truth. Just say it. That's fine.

Speaker 1 (40:47):
I don't want to go.

Speaker 2 (40:51):
I love her.

Speaker 1 (40:52):
Yeah, I didn't see that. That photo that just you
know that you said was retouched over and over and over.
I hadn't seen that.

Speaker 2 (40:59):
Fun never been retouched, That's what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (41:02):
Yeah, right, yeah, I have never seen that photo. But
I can tell you I personally know what it's like
to be retouched over and over and over again. Okay, alright,
I am in the streets again, y'all. I'm a single
ready to be touched and then retouched.

Speaker 2 (41:21):
This is what happens.

Speaker 4 (41:22):
Okay, this is why this podcast has just become a
mess around. I'm talking about body positivity. Female empowerment about it,
touch about it.

Speaker 1 (41:33):
Listen, I'm all about it. Feel empowered to retouch. I'm lonely,
is what I'm trying to tell everybody out there.

Speaker 5 (41:42):
Oh my gosh, episode it's getting emotional for you. It
is extremely lonely, Hannah.

Speaker 1 (42:05):
Often on this show we talk about a certain we
have a certain topic on the show that we dive into,
and oftentimes you deliver, but oftentimes you fail.

Speaker 4 (42:13):
Oh Hannah, Okay, Hannah, Okay, Yes, I know what you're
gonna say. I know what you're gonna say, and listen,
hold up, because I know the bear the bear.

Speaker 2 (42:25):
Now it's time for Where's the Bear?

Speaker 1 (42:29):
Where's the Bear?

Speaker 2 (42:30):
Where's the Bear? Is brought to you by Hyundai.

Speaker 4 (42:32):
When it comes to your journey, Hyundai is thinking of
every mile.

Speaker 2 (42:36):
I got the greatest.

Speaker 1 (42:39):
DM Okay from Yogi.

Speaker 4 (42:42):
It's from the handle is the Disney Mermaid. Shout out
to the Disney Mermaid because she wrote caps important bear
hunt Hannah parentheses Also La morning Zoe.

Speaker 2 (42:56):

Speaker 4 (42:57):
So every time, every every single time you're doing Where's
the Bear, all I can think about is Sein filled.
There was purposefully a superman in every single episode.

Speaker 2 (43:09):
This is confirmed. It was on Jeopardy. But the thing is,
in so many episodes it was just the same Superman
statue on Jerry's bookshelf. Justice for Fridge Bear. Okay, he's there.

Speaker 4 (43:22):
He's not appearing in every single episode, but he is
in episodes with no other Bears. Coincidence, I think not
it sho didn't have to be a different bear in
every episode. Anyway, Girls, my favorite show of all time.
I watch it over and over and over. My husband
and I quote it all the time.

Speaker 2 (43:37):
So grateful for the comfort that brings me. And I
love you all. I love the podcast. Love Rebecca Hines
from West Virginia. Thank you. Okay, because yes, in this
episode it is the fridge Bear.

Speaker 4 (43:47):
But now I'm saying a lot of people are telling
me cluting, Rebecca, that's ballid, So Fridge Bear this episode appears.

Speaker 1 (43:55):
Are you Are you retroactively going back to all the
times you let the fans down, all the times you
left your co stars hanging in anticipation to find this
damn bear. A you mean to tell me, to tell
me that you're retroactively going back to place the bear
in the moments you failed us, so you can have failed.

Speaker 4 (44:16):
Us from the Jamie Lee Curtis Book of Life. Okay,
I stand in my truth. I've always said fridge Fair
when there was no other bear to be found, and
I've always said it's a valid bear.

Speaker 2 (44:28):
I'm just saying that a lot of other people are
echoing back that.

Speaker 4 (44:31):
That is valid and truthful and has been used in
different ways on other shows that are iconic.

Speaker 2 (44:39):
So it counts bear.

Speaker 1 (44:41):
Make sure you go out and get our merchant. The
new one is going to say the bear is on
the refrigerator. That's what it's going to say.

Speaker 2 (44:47):

Speaker 4 (44:48):
We're gonna drop some new merch where it's just the
fridge with fridge Bear on it. If you wear it,
I will love you because I believe in fridge Fair.

Speaker 1 (44:57):
Oh my gosh, I you know fine, I'll let you
have that one because you're not you're not lying, you're
not lying. But also, but also besides the pilot, there
was a big strapping you know, brolic young man on
the show with Harry chest I'm not talking about Jake
Johnson talking about me. So hey, hey y'all out.

Speaker 2 (45:17):
There, slow down.

Speaker 1 (45:19):
I'm jus so parents, ladies wrong, I'm strong.

Speaker 4 (45:26):
This whole episode is like really like tapping the parents.
It's the masculinity, emotional honesty. We're doing it all today,
you guys, thanks for helping us with our bear hunt Hundai. Remember,
with Hyundai, it's all about the journey, whatever your destination,
They've got the latest tech to get you there safe
and keep your passengers entertained along the way. From shopping

to buying to owning. Hyundai has your back. Learn more
at Hyundai USA dot com. All Right, everyone, thank you
so much for listening to this episode.

Speaker 2 (45:58):
One of my all time favorites. It's a great one.
Go kiss your.

Speaker 4 (46:03):
Mom, kiss your dad, get a good old hugball going,
get up together, break them up. Do you think, do
whatever you gotta do, Do whatever you gotta do, do what.

Speaker 2 (46:11):
Works for them for you.

Speaker 1 (46:13):
Shout out Lindsay lohand love you girl. I'll be home soon, okay,
all right, I won't be coming.

Speaker 2 (46:22):
Back just having a baby.

Speaker 1 (46:27):
Yes, the boy ain't mine.

Speaker 4 (46:31):
Okay, well, gold, we've cleared that up. You've heard it
your first folks. All right, we're gonna drop some new merch.
We're gonna start working on it.

Speaker 1 (46:39):
Fridge Bear, Yes, Fridge Bear and the Lindsay Lohan boy
ain't mine. We love y'all give us five stars. Write
a good comment, write a good remark piece.

Speaker 3 (46:50):
Hie, You've been listening to Welcome to Our Show, a
New Girl recap podcast. Welcome to Our Show is a
production of iHeartRadio, hosted by Zoey Deschanel, Lamurne Morris, and
Hannah Simon. Our executive producer is Joel Monique. Our engineer
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