The Professional Homegirl Podcast

The Professional Homegirl Podcast

The Professional Homegirl Podcast, hosted by Eboné, is an inspiring and informative platform dedicated to showcasing the powerful and diverse stories of women of color who have triumphed over a myriad of obstacles in their lives. Our mission is to provide these women with a platform to openly share their experiences while also offering valuable insights and advice to listeners navigating similar issues. A distinctive feature of The Professional Homegirl Podcast is the anonymity of our interviews, allowing our guests to share their stories without fear of judgment or retaliation. This fosters a safe and supportive environment where guests can share their experiences candidly and honestly, safeguarding their privacy throughout. Our guests hail from diverse backgrounds and possess unique life experiences, yet they all share a common resilience: Tough Times Don't Last, But Professional Homegirls Do. For all things PHG:


April 9, 2024 47 mins

In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné's guest recounted her path to becoming an Autopsy Technician. She elaborated on her inspiration drawn from the TV show X-Files, reflected on whether she has become desensitized to death, and shared the most extraordinary experience she's encountered during an autopsy. Furthermore, she addressed a listener's inquiry regarding her ability to discern a perm on the skul...

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In this week's episode, I had the opportunity to converse with my psychic guest. Eboné's guests dove into her perspective on psychics emerging as modern wellness coaches, her areas of expertise, and her insights into why spiritual therapists often face criticism. Moreover, she dispels common misconceptions about psychics and offers her perspective on tarot card reading.

Throughout our discussion, Eboné's guest recounts her journey...

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March 26, 2024 63 mins

From Episode 165, we welcome back our guest to delve into her experiences working in a sex brothel. She candidly discusses her journey into the sex work industry, the intricacies of working in such an environment, and recounts her first night at the brothel.

Additionally, she sheds light on the financial aspect, her preferred clientele, and the personal revelations she gained from this chapter of her life.

Connect with Eboné:

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In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné and her guest embark on an extraordinary journey of reunion, resilience, and rediscovery.

Amidst a life marked by adversity, Eboné's guest courageously shares her remarkable story of reconnecting with her father after an astonishing 40 years apart. Raised in the foster care system following her separation from her mentally challenged mother, she yearned to rediscov...

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March 12, 2024 44 mins

In this captivating episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné's guest unveils how her husband's support led her to embrace a fresh outlook on intimacy, empowering her to find pleasure amidst past trauma.

Delving deeper, she opens up about her intricate relationship with her parents, shedding light on the complexities of familial dynamics, forgiveness, and redemption. Plus, don't miss out on her invaluable advice for thos...

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March 5, 2024 42 mins

Welcome to this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, where Eboné invites you to explore the unsettling realm of online dating. In Part 1, Eboné's guest bravely unveils her own harrowing experience, exposing the dark underbelly of dating apps. Together, Eboné and her guest delve into her tumultuous journey, from the initial thoughts and emotions preceding their meeting to the shocking events that followed.


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February 27, 2024 57 mins

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussions about sensitive subjects that may be difficult for some listeners, including topics such as violence and abuse. We want to ensure our audience is aware of the nature of these discussions and encourages you to prioritize your well-being. Listener discretion is advised.

In this compelling episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, host Eboné extends a warm invitation to listeners...

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In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné engages in a candid conversation with her guest, delving deep into the sobering realities of drunk driving. The episode unfolds as Eboné's guest bravely shares the profound impact of what initially seemed like an ordinary girls' night out. Little did they know that this night would set in motion a series of events leading to life-altering consequences, ultimately re...

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February 13, 2024 49 mins

In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné sat down with a remarkable guest whose life took an unexpected turn when she found herself at the mercy of a stranger's rage. While driving home one evening, she became the target of a senseless act of violence, enduring seven gunshot wounds inflicted by a complete stranger consumed by road rage.

Join us as she recounts the harrowing moments of that fateful encount...

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February 6, 2024 40 mins

In Part 2 of this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné's guest dives even deeper into the profound insights gained from her near-death experience. Exploring themes of mortality, fate versus determination, and the delicate balance of free will, she offers a unique perspective on life's mysteries.

Throughout the conversation, Eboné's guest vividly recounts the visions and sensations she encountered during her n...

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January 30, 2024 48 mins

In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné's special guest shares her deeply personal and transformative near-death experience. In Part 1, she vividly recounts the harrowing incident triggered by a hospital staff mistake, offering an intimate look into the profound impact it had on her life.

Eboné's guest delves into the reasons behind her initial hesitation to share her NDE story, shedding light on the ins...

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Embark on a transformative journey with Eboné in this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast as she welcomes a special guest. Together, they unravel the evolution from ordained minister to spiritual guide, exploring the intricate tapestry of spirituality and the profound insights gained along the way.

In this enlightening conversation, Eboné and her guest navigate the intricacies of religion and spirituality uncoverin...

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January 16, 2024 133 mins

Get ready for the electrifying Part 2 of The Professional Homegirl Podcast's 5th-anniversary celebration! Hosted by Eboné, she is joined by some amazing Professional Homegirls who delve into intriguing questions, share personal stories, and unveil what it truly means to be a "Professional Homegirl."

From heartwarming laughter to poignant moments and unexpected surprises, this celebration promises a rich spectrum of emotions. Join ...

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January 9, 2024 118 mins

Get ready to join the celebration of The Professional Homegirl turning 5 with a birthday episode like no other! Hosted by Eboné, the creator and heart behind The Professional Homegirl Podcast, this episode promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, heartfelt moments, and a whole lot of surprises.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as guests ask Eboné intriguing questions, reminisce about favorite ...

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The Black Effect Presents... The Professional Homegirl Podcast!

Trigger Warning: This content discusses sensitive topics that may be distressing or triggering to some individuals. The following conversation includes discussions of sexual abuse, painful experiences, and traumatic events. Please prioritize your well-being and exercise self-care while engaging with this content. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, we encourage...

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January 2, 2024 46 mins

In the gripping continuation of "I Was A Ride Or Die Chick Part 2," Eboné's guest courageously shares the intense circumstances that prompted her to testify against her former boyfriend. As legal proceedings unfolded, she felt compelled to disclose the truth to her boyfriend before he discovered it during the legal discovery process, unraveling a complex web of secrets. Confronted with the looming consequences for her ex, she makes...

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December 26, 2023 56 mins

In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné's guest steps into the spotlight, revealing the gripping journey of her unknowingly ride-or-die commitment to a former boyfriend. In Part 1, Eboné and her guest delve into the concept of being a ride-or-die chick, exploring the sparks of their initial connection, the profound lessons discovered through deep investment, and the unique dynamics that unfolded.

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December 19, 2023 33 mins

In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné explores the intimate world of egg donation with a guest who openly shares her personal journey. Together, they unravel the decision-making process that led Eboné's guest to become an egg donor, shedding light on a topic often considered taboo within the Black community.

Throughout the episode, Eboné's guest addresses the significance of breaking the stigma associa...

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December 12, 2023 69 mins

This week on The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné reunites with a favorite guest from Episode 89, "I'm A High Paid Escort," diving into the shifts in post-pandemic clientele and the persistent stigmas surrounding sex work.

In a candid and insightful discussion, Eboné and her guest navigate the intricacies of honest communication with family, particularly delving into conversations with her mom. The duo explores the multi...

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December 5, 2023 61 mins

In this week's episode of The Professional Homegirl Podcast, Eboné engages in a profound conversation with a courageous guest who opens up about the challenging events leading up to a harrowing assault by her ex-fiancé. Together, they navigate through the intricate details of the relationship, examining the moments that preceded the assault and exploring whether any red flags were noticed during the early stages.

The discussion fu...

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