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October 23, 2019 49 secs

When an oil executive goes missing aboard the deep-sea Atlas Station, the company sends agent Synøve Pan down for answers — and she’s just the woman to get them. Welcome to the Second Oil Age: a sci-fi podcast that transports listeners to a post–energy-crisis world in which humanity’s thirst for oil is satisfied through a bargain with a mysterious deep-sea species. The first three episodes drop October 31st.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
And I stood upon the sands of the sea and
saw beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads.
What continues to divide us in a time when connection
might just be in a favor to the last You're
incapable of seeing beyond your horizon. Take a lifetime of

tension between landsfolke and recombined, and seal it all up
in the depths, Crush it beneath three hundred atmospheres worth
of pressure. See what happens. Welcome to the Second oil Age.
The Second oil Age premiers October. Listen on the I

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