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February 3, 2020 33 mins

Performing a seance for a suspicious widow (Kelly O’Neal), Pearl (Elizabeth Hunter) is expected to conjure spirits and otherworldly substances while confined within a curtained booth, under Albert’s (Tim McDonough) watchful gaze.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The Seventh Daughter contains scenes of realistic violence and graphic sexuality.
It is intended for mature listeners. Have you come seeking knowledge?
Do you wish to know the truth? Allow me to

show you. Close your eyes and follow the sound of
my voice. Allow it to lead you further into the past.
When I remove my blindfold, you may look into my eyes.
Don't just look at them, look through them, and you

will see what they have seen, and all my secrets
will be revealed. The Seventh Daughter M M, this place

is huge. Yes, well, don't be intimidated. The more dollars
a person has, the less sense. Well, so your mother
used to say. My mother, she carried a healthy resentment
for the ruling class. I wish she could see you
right now, knowing what you're about to do. She would
be so proud. Do you think so? I know? So

before we ring the bell, doone, I just want to
tell you that that I am proud of you too.
I know it hasn't been easy for you, but you've
accomplished more than I ever hoped or expected. Thank you.
Once we ring that bell, there is no turning back.
If we fail, they will destroy us. There will be

no second chances. But if we succeed, it will bring
us one step closer to Cobo. Yes, ring the bell.
I have no fear. Then, if you'll allow me a
small indulgence, I want to deliver a message to the
good doctor. Open your mouth. Swallow this is it just

a piece of parchment, nothing more. Swallow it without chewing.
Go down, all right, Yes, I have the capsule. I'll
be ready. Good, So let's go to work. Hello, my name,

what are you doing here? Call me Rose. I've come
for an appointment with the mistress of the house. These
If it's money you want, I don't want nothing from you, olive,
except silence. In exchange for your silence, I shall give
you mine, agreed, I promise. Ah here, come inside. Please

give your coats to the girl of whatever you fish
to leave with her. I trust you found your favor
with no problems. No problems. Good if you just step
into the parlor here this is your home. No, this
is the home of the person who has graciously consented

to host the demonstration as a test of Pandora's vision.
The owner shall remain nameless. Is that why you've covered
all the pictures on the walls. Yes, good evening, Pandora,
how are you feeling? She is feeling well well, Ross,

If you care to wait here, I'll take the girl
into the study. I look chairman her and sow her
into her gown. There's no need for an examination, and
the gown she's wearing should be quite sufficient. I'm afraid
I must insisbsolutely not. She's a child, ms Ross. This

is not a performance. I am not here for my
own amusement. I am conducting a scientific examination, A thorough
scientific examination. Pandora. Perhaps you can help her understand? Oh,
I understand. You may have the medical degrees, but I

know exactly what your motives are. Please don't cause a scene. Ah,
don't you dare open your mouth to me, you ungrateful rat. Sorry,
that's enough. I won't have the child spoken to in
this venge, and I won't have the child stripped, naked
and prodded by the likes of you, your bloody assurances.

Do you wish to see the girl perform miracles? She
will perform miracles? Is that not enough? Must you violate
her as well? Not? It seem that Madame has something
to hide. I'm hiding nothing. I should have known better
than to having I'm protecting the girl. You are going

to lecture me on the exploration of this orphan. She
is not an orphan. Her father is so recoil on
a street corner. Yes, with her clothes on, reading minds
in a music have her treated as a common whore.
She is a virgin after all. Well, so you say

you've never been slapped by a black woman before her
Von Shrink. I can see by your expression that you haven't,
and you don't quite know how to react. I apologize
if I have confused you, but you really left me
no choice. I will permit no one to mark Pandora

or question her purity. That was my left hand. Make
another vulgar insinuation and you'll feel the sting of the
right as well. I'm afraid I have no choice. But
she is the seventh daughter. The other six all died
in childbirth or shortly thereafter, and each took a devastating

toll on her mother's health. It was foolish for her
to try and have another child, but she was determined
to fulfill the legacy she'd inherited from her mother and
her mother before her. But she dutifully persisted. By the
time she had Pandora, she was little more than a wraith.
The moment they severed her cord, she just let out

her breath and was gone. Pandora herself is quite frail,
and I doubt she will have the strength to bear
so many children, which means she is not only the
seventh daughter, but she is quite possibly the last of
her bloodline. I must protect her and her gift with

my life. Miss Pandora, I wish to offer you my
apologies for the thoughtless remark I just made. I do
hope you can forgive me by all means. Let's speak

no more of it. Step into the study. I'll bring
the girl as you wish, very well. I'll speak to
you both in a moment. Why did you do that?
Slap him? Yes, punctuation. Help me on to stand. Talk

to me as if I were an enemy's Mrs Davenport.

May I introduce Pandora, the seventh Daughter. I've heard wonderful things, Pandora.
Thank you for sharing your time with us. I'm honored
to be here. And this is China Ross, the girl's caretaker.

Good evening. I hope we will not disappoint you. Madam.
Pandora is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, and
is just beginning to realize her spiritual potential. I look
forward to demonstration, Albert. Yes, madam, you've examined the girl

and you're satisfied as to her integrity thus far, Madame,
very much so. Will the girl remain clothed? Due to
her age and the fact that it is our first
sitting with her. I decided to allow the girl to
retain her modesty. If you think it wise, I won't object.

Would you show them the cabinet please? Of course? Right
this way. As you can see, the cabinet is surrounded
with black curtains on all four sides. The panels are
sewn together so that there are no gaps in the corners.
The only opening is here on the front side. Pandora

may open and close the curtains in front so that
we may see her. We do require that her hands
gripped the edges of the fabric here in the front
at all times. She may open and close these cottons
like soul, but her hands must remain visible throughout. Is

that understood, understood, Pandora? She understands We've placed a chair
in the cabinet for her. The observers will sit around
this table facing the cabinet. Very good music, Yes, a
music box? Is that acceptable? That will be fine. The

lights are too bright. If we can extinguish most of
the lights. There is a lamp in the far corner,
if we can see if there was enough candles on
the table here, three or four tapers, and we will
allow you to control the light by the number of
candles that are lit. I'm sure we can arrange that.

I will stand and walk about the room to help
summon the site. You must not approach the cabinet once
the sitting has begun. There must be no physical contact
between you and Pandora. Of course, Pandora, would you, Pandora,

she's here, Rose just admiring my tree. Do you have
a Christmas tree? Pandora, No man. One of my favorite
times of year is come now, Pandora, We have no
time for that. If we're to be home by midnight,
we need afraid. I must insist. I tend to forget

that she is, after all, but a child. Have you
never had a Christmas tree? Pandora, No man. If there
is an event or some decoration that you fancy, perhaps
you would accept it as a gift. Yes, ma'am Mrs Davenport, Yes,

my dear, Why are there no presents under the tree?
It's okay, I understand you do. Oh, yes, So if
there are no further questions, I will light the candles

while Pandora takes her seat. Shall I address you Rose
or should I speak directly to Pandora. She may not
be able to hear you once she is in a trance,
but she is attuned to my voice. So you should
speak to her through me and the spirit will respond

through her. Are you comfortable, Pandora? And will hold ron
curtain in each hand just like this, you see, yes,
thank you. So, if there are no further questions, if

I may be permitted to kiss the girl before we begin?
It is our tradition of course, Mrs Straton Albert. In
this light, in that gown and veil, you look exactly

like your mother. I do, yes, good luck? You may
begin the music just a moment. Open your mouth, I
beg your pardon. Open your mouth, no, lift your tongue,

tuft your head back. Did I do something wrong? Don't
let his suspicions be a distraction, Pandora. An hour from
now he will be a true believer. Mrs Davenport, would
you care to tell us the name of a person
to whom you wish to speak? I would rather not. Then,

let us begin Pandora. Close the curtains, and the next
time we see your face, may it be radiant with
the light of another dimension. Let it be so, if

it be the will of the Lord and the congregation
of spirits, allow a wandering soul to find? Are you
able to open? Yes? Lord, for only through a woman
without sin, can the spirits of the tell me when
you're ready to the realm of the living? I hear

and I obey. Oh Lord, do you sense the presence
of spirit? Yes, many voices from another time, friends and lovers,
all but forgotten, except for one, A friend and lover
that has not been forgotten, A friend and lover that

has been kept alive in the breast of this strong,
caring woman. He invite this particular spirit to come forth
and be introduced to us. I'm trying, but he is

wary of approaching. He has been warned to stay away.
A promise has been made, and he refuses to violate
his word. Someone wishes to come to us, but has
promised to stay away. Does this sound familiar to you,
Mrs Davenport. Mrs Davenport, no, I don't know what she needs.

Mrs Davenport is warding off the spirit. She is wearing
ah some sort of amulet to keep the spirit away.
As long as she wears the charm, he will not come.
Mrs Davenport. No, I'm sorry, but I'm wearing no charm.
I have no idea to what she may be referring, Andora.

Someone has placed a shackle upon Mrs Davenport's hand. If
she wishes to receive the uninvited guest, she must make
a sacrifice of gold and lay it upon the table,
gold already asking for money. She's just like the rest
of them. If she would to excuse me, I believe

madam misunderstands. Permit me to clarify. Pandora, what is the
meaning of the gold you require? To some, it means eternity,
To some it means an unbreakable bond, and as some
it means slavery ownership? Who placed the shackle upon her?

Someone benevolent, but who nevertheless stands in the way. I'm sorry,
she's speaking in riddles, and I honestly don't understand. Will Wilfred,
my husband, your tha. I beg your pardon. Pandora, must

be referring to your wedding band. Uh. The wedding ring
is warding off the spirit that wishes to speak to us.
Mrs Davenport, you may decide whether to remove the ring
and allow this spirit to gain entry to our little gathering.
I'm sorry, it's out of the question. I have not

removed this ring since my late husband placed it on
my finger thirty six years ago. Pandora. The curtains, Oh,
they appeared to be moving, as if the cabinet itself.
We're breathing, Pandora. Pandora, can you hear me? One of

the candles just rend out? Oh my god? Don't touch her.
What's happened to her? What is that coming out of
her mouth? Don't touch her. It's still the plash um
your spirit, subspecill just be still? How can she breathe?

We've got to help her. She it's only visible, right, Pandora.
Can you hear us? Yes, child, something is what is it? Pandora?

Something is trying to get out from inside me. It's okay, Pandora,
can you show us. I'm scared. Don't be frightened. We're here.
Just open the curtains. Rose. Rose is on the chair

whichwe Openora, No oh, don't touch her, don't get near her.
If you want to help the girl, pray who art
in heaven, hallow Kingdom? I will be done on earth

as it is, and have gives us to say and
forgive us our trespasses, and as we've transtas against us,
and you should can you hear me? He is the king.
That's it. I'm stopping this. I won't allow the child
to be harmed because you are unwilling to cooperate me. Yes,

you what have I done? You know what? You know
what I'll do? And he's ripping the girl to pieces
because of your foolish pride. You don't understand. I can't
you can if you want to see him, it's the
price you must pay. Allow him to come in. Don't
be frightened. Allow him to enter. That's it. That's it

now lay it on the table. That's it, a Pandora,
Do you feel it? Some seekers here with us? And door?
Can you speak to us? Yes, I'm better now? Who

was that? Pandora? Can you tell us anything about the
identity of the spirit at one time he was a man,
a man of great sensitivity, an artist, the gentleman, but
no gentleman, a man who once held the heart of

miss Brewster in the palm of his hand. But he
was forbidden to do so. He was sent away. He
was asked to disappear. He chose to leave her a
world to cross into the spirit room. He is greatly

disturbed in the beyond. He cannot find peace because he
discovered a secret, her secret. Oh, he found another spirit,
ah that Missus Davenport had sent away. Please no more.

He was quite surprised to discover this other being, But
he isn't angry. That's what he has come to tell you.
This is the reason you have been troubled, Miss Davenport.
There is something that he has been trying to tell you,
but has had no way of crossing over from the beyond.

He wants to tell you he has encountered this other spirit,
the secret you kept from him, the secret you kept
from everyone. He is with that spirit. Now. It is
not even a complete entity. It is not fully realized.

It has no name, not in their world, not in ours.
It is, but it fled along spirit, floating lust and alone.
The spirit of a child. Who a child? Mrs Davenport,
his child? How could it be? What is it? Pandora?

She's he's brought her here, brought home little spirit. The
baby's bright, she's she's an absolute angel. She tiniest little fingers,
eyes like glow, hair of gold, so fragile, she is

too beautiful V see her. Her light is very dim.
You will not be able to see her. Oh, I understand. Well,
Perhaps if you dust the candles, make the rim absolutely dark,

it may be possible. Yes, yes, I seek the shall
say it is completely dark. But is it there's something
something touching my face? Light? Oh no, no, don't be frightened.

Don't say away, a little one. I don't let her go.
Put out the light. There there is she still here.
Come back, a little one. Don't be shy. The nice
lady only way to see you. You needn't be afraid.

I'm sure the nice lady. Given the opportunity, I would
love you and protect you. Oh that's it. I'm opening
the curtains. Now. Can you see her? I can't see anything. No,
it's impossible, Rose, Yes, child, take Mrs Davenport by the hand,

lead her to the cabinet. Place her hands on the
curtains and step back and allow her to open the
curtains to part the veil and look upon the face
of her child. I'll lead you up very slowly. Oh, watch,

step there, hold one curtain in this hand and the other.
She's here, Pandora, it's the spirit. Oh no, no, I
don't think I can. Yes, slowly open the curtains and
look at her. Oh, oh, my baby, my baby. I'm

not frightened. I'm happy, happy to see my baby. I
must she for myself. M h oh feet crost. Watch

the way she dances in the air. See how she glows.
Can you feel her her warmth? I feel her. I
can barely see her. Now she's fading. Oh, I need
to close the curtain now, No, I can't. She's growing tired.

Her little spark is starting to fade. We mustn't let
it go out. You must close the curtain very well.
She has very little strength. You want to go back
inside me. It's fine. I'll keep you warm and take

you back to your father before she goes. Yes, tell
her I'm sorry for everything that I love her. She knows,
Mrs Davenport. Now she understands you may light the candles.

Mrs Davenport, you may return the ring to your finger
if you wish, Yes, of course. Pandora, Pandora, she fainted,
can you hear me? She must slide down, and Mrs

Davenport bring her to the guest. I'll carry her. I've
got her. Show me the room, right through that door.
I'll be right there. Oh, blessed Jesus, protect the heart
and soul of this precious child you have sent to me.

I thank you for your tender mercies and allowing her
to heal the wound scart my heart, and I asked
that someday I may repay her for the gift she
has bestowed upon me. My true bibical has occurred tonight,
and for that I will be eternally grateful. This I

pray at Christ and Pandora's holy name. M Colther say

it is atherhipful. Good for having faith. Oh do that's
very pretty pearl. Thank you, Sister Teres. Is there some

reason you're not playing with the other girls, Yes, Sister Teres.
Why is that because I am not like them and
it is better for them, But there's distance between us.
Perhaps it is for the best, because you will be
leaving us today, Pearl, your mother has come for you.

She has, Yes, isn't it wonderful? Come take my hand.
I can't wait for you to meet her. Smile girl.
Happiest girls are the prettiest girls. How's this there? That's better?

I would like you to meet your mother mother. No,
I can't, no dying please. That was a most convincing performance.
I meant no disrespect. It was only ducker and walls,

little mischief and nothing. Every how much longer? Will squan
do your give ger? And it's all I know true.
Just don't confuse what you're doing now with what is
to come sooner or later. All this child's play must end,

and a woman's work must be in I don't know
if I can. You can? May I pour my spirits
into it? Yes? Will you allow me to guide your hand? Yes?
Then you can't and you can't. I must now replace

my blindfold. As my vision begins to fade, your own
senses will gradually return, Return to the warmth and the
light of your own reality. The Seventh Daughter is a

production of I Heart Radio, written and directed by Brett Wood,
recorded and mixed by Rob Gal, featuring Minca Wilkes. As
Rose and Elizabeth Hunter as Pearl. There you may now

open your eyes
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