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May 23, 2023 17 mins

Terry Porter, John Lucas II, Devin Brown, George Karl, Mario Elle, Malik Rose, Paul Griffin, Jaren Jackson, Tom Copa, Vinny Del Negro, R.C. Buford and Peter J. Holt all weigh in on what the legacy of the San Antonio Spurs means to them.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
What would you say legacy the Spurs has well champions.
I mean, I think, you know, even for the earlier days,
they had unbelievable players. Think about the iceman and the
ABA days more you think about guys who were just
game changes. Are guildmore artists guildmore. I mean, so you
go from ABA days to obviously the into the Merge,

into the NBA and the standard they set and their
ability to really become a golden standard. A lot of
teams tried.

Speaker 2 (00:29):
To copy catch as the copycat league, as you know,
a lot of tried to complicate their culture and just
how Pop and Peter Holt really allowed to mend the
team and bring in the type of players that fit
this community and fit that organization.

Speaker 3 (00:45):
I think that it is one of the more elite franchisees.
Always has been well run, always had high attendance, not
only because it was the only game in town, just
because they were always a step ahead of the cutting
edge from the business side with the tickets and promotion

to game day operations all the way. And I think
that when Bopass left and Great Poppa Bitch came in,
one of my biggest mistakes was leaving and not giving
Poper chance to help me grow as a coach. I
left to become general manager and the head coach of
the Sixers, but I wish I'd have stayed and got

some better quality advice from him instead of looking where
it came from except looking at what I could gather.
So that was a mistake on my part. But he
did a great job. He looked what he has obviously
done with the franchise and where it is, and he's
been a cornerstone in basketball the last twenty five years.

Speaker 4 (01:49):
In high school, you know, you never, you know, really
heard about any negative things about the Spurs when it
came to off the court stuff and what they brought
to the city of San Antonio as far as basketball.
It gave us pride, and it gives me pride now
because I'll tell you what when I walk into the

gym for you know, some of these tournaments that we
go to and let's say they're in Dallas, let's say
they're in Houston.

Speaker 5 (02:18):
I'm a Spur.

Speaker 4 (02:19):
It's the Spurs versus Rockets, right, And I might have
these sixteen year olds, but they will tell you I
walk in there and I'm like, we don't lose to them.

Speaker 5 (02:28):
We don't lose to them, all right, That's what it was.
That's what it is for me. Now. You know, in
college the same thing.

Speaker 4 (02:36):
Those guys would come out and and play pick up
with this, and they just had this deal about them where,
you know what, we're gonna come in here and we're
gonna show you why we're the Spurs and you guys
are road runners, right, the little game within the game.
And then to be a part of it, to see

it every day, to walk in to see Pop and
the passion that he had a guy like myself, and
I say it all the time, Man, whatever Pop wanted
me to do, I would do. And whether it was
running through a wall, are are guarding you know somebody
I had no business guarding as far as you know,

Shack or whoever.

Speaker 5 (03:21):
I'm like, yes, sir, I got it. I'll go do it.

Speaker 4 (03:24):
So when you wrap this thing up in fifty years,
it's just the pride that we have being a native
of San Antonio and the fact that it just to me,
it's excellence and the Spurs have done a great job,
not only on the floor but off of the floor.

And you know, it's something that it's a pride that
I carry with me now. So very happy to see
all the different phases of it, you know, just real quick.
In ninety nine when they won, I was downtown walking
the Commerce Street and it was a lot of people

down there, and to see that, you know, it just
feels that fire in you. And so some of those
dark days I had when I was in the G
League and things like that, I remember those nights. I
remember the night of five, you know, driving in the
hummer down what was that thirty five and I'm high

five and out the window, driving on the shoulder. Now
nobody tell the police that, but anyway, that was a
long time ago, but I'm high fiving people on.

Speaker 5 (04:42):
The highway, you know.

Speaker 4 (04:44):
And that's the passion that san Antonio has about, you know,
their San Antonio Spurs Bill. I remember being hurt and
Tim invited me to his house to watch the game,
and I turned him down because I always wanted to

know what it felt like to watch it at one
of your local sports bars, a road game when you
were actually on the current roster.

Speaker 5 (05:13):
And when I got hurt, I did that. Wow.

Speaker 4 (05:16):
And it is not only not only is it like one,
but around the city when the Spurs were going really good.
I mean, I know they have an idea because you know,
you know how it is you come back from the
airport after a huge win, there's a thousand people out there.
But around town, the passion that there is for the

San Antonio Spurs at all these different bars, the watching
parties that are all around the city, it's amazing. So
you know, from from someone that's been on both sides
of it, you know, I personally I'm saying thank you,
you know, to the organization, and then you know, with
me being a part of it, yeah, man I I

it's a lot of passion that comes with being, you know,
a San Antonio Spur and a San Antonio Spurs fan.

Speaker 6 (06:11):
Class tradition of playing the game the right way. I mean,
if I had to, I don't know this for a fact,
there might be an organization. But I think in a
lot of ways, I'm proud of my Carolina roots, but
the Spurs are the Carolina in a lot of ways
of the NBA, and they do it the right way.

They've done it the right way for a long long time.
The city is in love with it. There's a spirit
to the Spur nation that is different than most most
all of the NBA, and it's always fun coming back
here hanging out with the guys. And you know, I

saw Terry Stembers last night, and Doug Moo and Kobe
diets Rick and Gervin, and you know, it's just good memories.

Speaker 5 (06:58):
Nothing quite like this old friendship, son, George.

Speaker 6 (07:01):
It's great to have. You know, as we get older,
all stories get more embellished, but the friendships get deeper
and stronger too along the way.

Speaker 7 (07:12):
Well, as a young man growing up, Seanes, I gotta
tell you I'm the biggest, biggest George Gervin fan. That
was my first poster as a young man growing up,
once I started liking basketball. My man with his legs
crossed with the two Q balls. When not see him,
I tell him that all the time. Great great Spur.
Then you go Doctor k the Whopper, James Silas. Then

you go recent Spurs, Elliott, you know, Robinson, Duncan, Jannobley Parker.
I mean, just great lineage here, especially as far as
the big man. How lucky is pop to get to
have David Robinson and Tim Duncan and maybe get this
big boy and in this upcoming draft in Victor. But

just when I put on a silver, silver and black.
It's just class. Got a chance to play with a
Hall of fame coach and coach with a hall of
fame coach. Just a great coach, but even better, youman
mean than Greg Popovich. Really learned a lot about the
game of basketball in life being part of this organization
and still communicate with Spurs people to this day. So

I'm just happy these guys asked me to come by
here for fifty If I know, I was on the
here two years, but it was two great fun years,
and to being part of being the bringing the first
championship here meant a lot to me. I remember that night,
like yesterday, I wore my uniform that night shines. I
did not take my uniform all night. I remember getting

back to the hotel at nine am the next morning.
I think our bost was at tenth, so I spent
I got an hour to spare. But just seeing the
joy and pop Dave and Sean and bracing all they've
been through with the Spurs. I remember my battles when
I was the Rockets and us being them. I thought
that sixty five win team should have won it that year,

the championship, but they ran into a butt so unfortunately.
But now, I mean five championships later, I mean, you
gotta say dynasty for sure. This franchise is definitely part
of NBA dynasty.

Speaker 8 (09:22):
I mean, there's so many things to think about, but
I think, I guess some of the things that popped
in my mind when I think about the Spurs over
the years, over the decades, just class, personified, special, just love, commitment,
just all kinds of you know, just community, community for sure,

those words ring, you know, pop into my head. And
I just when I think of San Antonio over the
years I played here, lived here and before, think of
those things, just like just real good character, morals, values, family,
love like that.

Speaker 1 (10:00):
Before we let you go, I wanted to give it
an update or get an update from you on what.

Speaker 9 (10:03):
You're doing now, because you're very involved with the NBA
basketball operations.

Speaker 3 (10:07):

Speaker 8 (10:07):
Yeah, man, my life is kind of like you know,
the microcosmo or I guess, the epitome of just being
in the right place at the right time. You said,
you know, a big part of you know, thank you,
You're very kind to being a big part of any team.
But uh, you know, the championships, getting drafted, my college career,
meeting my wife, my family league, Philly is famous, famous.

It's just like being in the right place at the
right time.

Speaker 7 (10:31):

Speaker 8 (10:31):
So I really truly thank God for you know, him
putting me here for as long as he did, allowing
me to be you know, just mentored by great people,
coached by great people, and you know, create the lifelong
friendships that I have with you know, certain people. Like
I said, I wasn't traded for the world. I'm really
going to enjoy tonight because my part of it is

a small part of the fifty year celebration and just
being in you know, Tom James, you know, telling me, Malik,
you gotta do it, like I didn't want to do
it at first.

Speaker 7 (10:59):
He's you got to do your part of it. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (11:02):
It's just a special and I'm really really thankful.

Speaker 10 (11:05):
It's an unbelievable legacy that they they've especially the you
know from the David Robinson are on. Uh, I mean
with the five championships and you know, it's it's it
was the only game in town.

Speaker 5 (11:17):
And uh, you know, back back.

Speaker 10 (11:20):
When I was playing, I think there we only televised
fourteen away games and all the home games, none of
them were televised, so if you want to see the game,
you had to be in the arena. And it was
a big social event. I mean, you say, you see
a lot of the same people in the same seats
every night, and you got to know them. I mean,
you know, that's that was That was the interesting part

of it. Because now there's a lot of corporate uh
stuff going on and you don't know who's going to
be in the seats from one one.

Speaker 5 (11:48):
Game to the next.

Speaker 10 (11:48):
But the legacy with the championships and the and uh,
you know, just the just the first class, the way
that the Spurs always do things, it's uh, it's uh,
you know, you know, a lot of franchises have tried
to emulate it, but a few.

Speaker 5 (12:04):
Have come on.

Speaker 11 (12:06):
Man, coach Pop he is the reason there is why
there's such a thing as the Spurs way. He resonates
in the NBA, in the game of basketball. So many
people follow him, follow his philosophy. He's taught so many
different coaches that are in the game. Now you see
it throughout the NBA, even in college. It resonates, and

it resonates with me as well as as I continue
to move on in my own coaching, aspirations as a
pro coach, and my time coaching my son in high
school and my time now coaching in the G League.
So I'm looking forward to more opportunities to continue that
message as a coach. The Spurs way, like coach Pop

is continuing to do man. So it's he has been
an amazing ambassador to the game and it's going to
be highlighted even more once he's done and coaching.

Speaker 5 (12:56):
But I don't see that.

Speaker 11 (12:57):
I think he's gonna be coaching unless you guys tell
me something, Man, Coach Bob, keep coaching, Man.

Speaker 12 (13:04):
I think the Spurs legacy is is really something special.
They they deliver a product that built on character and
teamwork and uh and execution and and it's it's unlike
any other team. And if you watch, not that the

other teams don't work hard, and not that the teams
other teams don't have character, but the Spurs. When watching
the Spurs play basketball is like watching a European soccer
team play soccer. They drive, they dish, they drive, they penetrate,
they pass around it, they skip past, and they're not
always just looking for the immediate shot. They're looking to
set somebody else up for an easier shot, and it's fantastic,

and and they make the game look so easy, but
of course it's not. But they just wear you down,
and and they do it with with guys of high
moral character, and it's it's awesome, and it's it's really
really good to see people do things the right way
and also, by the way win this season notwithstanding. So

it's they, to me, are are the right shining star
of how professional team should be run. And all credit
to them for that.

Speaker 5 (14:23):
Wow, that's that's tough.

Speaker 9 (14:24):
I would have to say professionalism, consistency, a standard of excellence,
incredible fans. I mean, there's so many, I mean, but really,
to me, I would think that the high character of
people and the level of players that have come through

San Antonio throughout the years is remarkable. But also, you know,
you're not going to have the success without the players,
without the commitment, without the guidance of having great coaches.
Obviously Pop is at the top of that list, and
all the great players, but all the great support systems,
all the great assistant coaches. I mean, there's hard to

say one word. I mean, you could have so many
things that I think of, but I would think, you know,
commitment to excellence and kind of doing it the right
way with high character people over a long period of time,
with Pop being the catalyst of all that. But even
before Pop, there's been some great players and great coaches.

But we look at the last twenty or so years,
I think you'd be high pressed to find any organization
or there's probably just a few that have had that
type of success with that level of high character player
in person, and the Spurs have done that as well
as anybody.

Speaker 5 (15:44):
Our legacy is one that's living. It's bigger than any one.

Speaker 6 (15:47):
Individual, yet it's rooted in some really special people bringing
into life.

Speaker 10 (15:54):
You know, I think leadership has been an incredible part
of our legacy and it's based on values that that
we've identified more definition to when the Holts, when Peter's
father became the chairman of our organization. Having said that,

the leadership before with with Red and Angelo, with Bob
Bass with and then as we've carried forward, not only
with players Avery and Ice and and James Sivas and
and you know, then David and Tim Manu Tony and

then the ultimate leader throughout the consistency of a coach
more than twenty five years leaders you know, he led
the program.

Speaker 12 (16:50):
It's it'll be thirty years next year, and

Speaker 5 (16:56):
That leadership is has challenged us all to raise our
standards because they held themselves accountable to such high standards.
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